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 Post subject: Re: New Fiction: Meeting Expectations (updated 5/18/19
PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2019 11:30 pm 
6. Sassy Eggs

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At first I want to apologize for not giving feedback until now. I always read your story and I love it. The struggle of abused/neglected children on their way into adulthood is a very difficult topic and you manage to capture it very well in your story and to let us really feel with the two girls we all love so much that we still frequent the board after all these years.

Now to the last two chapters:

That was documented. Her brother had told them that their mother would put the baby in the closet if she cried too much.

The authorotives must have told Sheila and Ira about it then before the adoption. Thinking that despite this knowledge they locked their daughter in her room to punish her for showing "negative" emotions like fear and rage really makes me hate those two! :fit

I'm sad that - unlike Tara - Willow still seems to perceive her therapist as an enemy who wants to break her defences and make her feel bad. I'm glad that she did manage to open up towards Tara and Joyce.

You are one of the only people I feel like I can almost trust.

This sentence broke my heart because of the "almost" but also gave me hope for Willow.

It’s ok. I’ve got you. I can help you handle these feelings. I’ve been there. I’ve done it.

Willow Danielle Rosenberg, there is nothing that you could ever do that would make me stop loving you. I am sure that there will be times that I don’t like you as much as I do now, but I will always love you. I plan to always be there for you…for as long as you want me to… but even if we aren’t together, and I hope we are, I will always love you. I’m scared of the same thing, that I will come to rely on you, I will come to need you, I will give…honestly… I already gave you my heart, and now you could stomp all over it if you wanted… I am not going to abandon you. I don’t think Joyce is either. I think you’re stuck with us.”

Yay Tara for saying these things, Willow really needed to hear them. It will probably take years for her to really, truly believe them though.

You said your story is almost done. Could you please give us an epilogue with them in the future (like the epilogue of Harry Potter book 7: "18 years later…"), hopefully married, mothers of kids, their inner demons exorcized? It would help me (and probably the other readers too) to let go of those two if I knew they'll be happy in the future. :wtkiss

 Post subject: Re: New Fiction: Meeting Expectations (updated 5/24/19)
PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 6:01 pm 
8. Vixen

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Liester: Sent you the Word Files. Looking forward to how you like it in chapters.

Will's Redemption: Great to see that you are reading. I guess I can create an epilogue. Thanks for commenting. It makes me feel like I am sharing this story with people rather than just doing it for my own entertainment.

I am thinking that I will most likely finish this story this weekend. It is a bittersweet experience. I have been writing, and thinking about writing this story for 10 years. Many nights I have put myself to sleep trying to figure how I am going to get to the ending that I've had planned for probably most of those 10 years. I think that I am going to miss this story when it is done. However, I've already got another story in me, so it may be an easier transition. People who can feedback, do you want the story in one big "plop", or do you like the cliffhangers and every other day posts? Thanks to all of you for reading.

Title: Meeting Expectations
Author: TaranWillow4Ever
Rating: PG-R
Disclaimer: Josh owns all of the characters, I just imagine other lives for them.
Spoilers: None
Feedback: Please
Thoughts in italics.

Note: This story contains elements of abuse - physical and emotional, that are either eluded to if not outright described. If anything of this sort bothers you, then please do not read this story. This chapter does have a paragraph that might be triggering. Warnings are present.

Rubber Hits the Road (continued)


Willow saw that Joyce and Tara were sitting on the porch as she walked home from the bus stop. She walked up to them and commented, “You guys look beat. What were you doing this morning. If I’d know that there was work that needed to be done, I could have helped you instead of going to school.”

“It wasn’t really a planned activity. I woke up and saw what a nice day it was, so I decided to get some yard work done. Tara must have heard me rummaging around the garage because she came down and offered to help.”

“You got your lesson plans done that quick?” asked Willow.

“I really didn’t have any that had to be done, I was just going to work ahead while you were at school. But then I heard Joyce and volunteered to help.”

“One of the reasons that I was doing it is I’d like the backyard to be pretty for your graduation. Do you think you’d like to have a graduation party?”

“I hadn’t really thought about it. I wasn’t even sure I was going to go to the ceremony. It’s not like I really went to Stanford that much. I feel like this is just a pause on the way to my Ph.D.; it’s really not that important.”

“Any graduation is important. You worked hard at all of the different colleges to make sure that you got this degree. You persevered; you met your goal of a BA by 18. That is something to celebrate,” asserted Joyce.

“I just can’t stop thinking about my high school graduation and how my parents took it over and made it all about them rather than me. I know that it can’t happen again. They don’t even know where I am. But the idea of graduation has been tarnished by that memory.”

“It doesn’t have to be a big deal. It could just be a few friends.”

“You could invite Nate and Jody. I really liked when we hung with them a few weeks ago, and they aren’t graduating right?

“Yeah, they are taking summer classes so they will still be around. I guess I could invite the people from my lab too. It’s a good excuse for a party I guess.”

“Tara and I were talking about what to plant. We were talking about doing some of it with flowers, definitely California poppies and other native plants, but Tara thought that maybe we should do some herbs too. She suggested lavender, mint, and thyme.”

“Maybe some oregano, rosemary, and definitely basil. It would be so cool to make homemade pesto. Maybe some salad greens too.” Willow got excited. “It would be so neat to have a pretty, useful garden. Might give me an excuse to spend time outdoors.” Willow looked down at herself, “I’ve seen corpse that were less white. Tara did you use sunscreen, your face looks kind of red?”

“Joyce made me put some on, I guess I am just flushed from the work and seeing my favorite girl…I mean woman.”

“You can call me your girl if you want. I am only 18.”

“Speaking of spending time outside. I thought we could go on an adventure to San Francisco tomorrow?” stated Tara.

“Where?” asked Willow squealing a little bit, “Tara Willow adventures.”

“It will be a surprise. But we can’t forget sunscreen. We might be outside a bunch.”

“Sunscreen and a hat. What else do we need?”

“I’ll take care of it.”

“Is there more work that needs to be done? I could go put on some work clothes,” asked Willow.

“We thought that we’d go to the store and buy some of the flowers and herbs. You want to come along?” stated Joyce.

“Sure, just let me go change out of these clothes. I’ll be down in a few.” Willow got up and walked into the house.”

After Willow was out of earshot. Joyce asked, “So what do you have planned? Do you want to borrow the car? I don’t have any plans.”

“I don’t want to put you out. We can take the bus.”

“I wouldn’t be put out. Doesn’t the bus take twice the amount of time that driving does?”

“I guess. After you were telling me about the stuff that you and Willow liked to do, I thought about taking her to the aquarium and to look at the sea lions.”

“She will love it.”

“So where we going, where we going?” said Willow as she bounced on the couch. “Tell me, Please.” Willow gave Tara her best puppy dog face.

“It’s more fun if it is a secret. Just trust me. You will like it.”

“I’d like anything we did together, so I know that I will like it. Willow and Tara adventure time. We haven’t been able to have many adventures have we?”

“I think just being together is an adventure. Sometimes It amazes me that we kept in touch; that we found each other again. I am so glad that you thought about those email accounts. I was surprised to find all of those emails in my box. The last one made me sad though, I was almost positive that I had lost you.”

“Your email came at the totally perfect time. Actually, the day before would have been better, but still its timing made me know that you and I were destined to be together. It had to be a goddess thing.”


“Yup.” Willow looked away, feeling guilty about what she’d almost done that night.

“What is the matter?” asked Tara noticing the change in her girlfriend’s demeanor.

“We, we never talked about some of the stuff that went on during that period of time that I was sure that you moved on.”

“Yeah, it’s kind of that time that is not to be spoken of. Do you want to speak of it?”

“Not really, do you want to speak of it? I’ll tell you, but if you’d like for it to be not spoken of, I’m all in for it.”

“Well, now that it is brought up, I can’t not hear about it, I can’t not wonder. I think that my imagination might make it worse than it actually is…”

“Did you date anyone when we were apart?” asked Willow.

“I don’t think that answer is going to make you feel better,” confessed Tara.

“You did.” Willow blanched. “I opened the can of worms, it’s my fault. What was she or he like.”

“If it had happened, it would definitely have been a she, totally gay, always been gay, always will be gay. However, nobody could stand up to the memory of you. So, no dating. I never had a period of time that I thought you were gone. I emailed you and within 24 hours I got a response. Sure there was that brief time before you figured out to use the campus computers, but no I knew that you still cared.”

“I am sure you had opportunities, beautiful goddess that you are…”

“Thanks, I think you are biased, but I don’t think I gave out that available vibe. Now hit on by guys, a good number of them, especially when I was working. But I don’t remember being hit on by any women. I’ve only had eyes for one woman. The one in front of me.”

Willow gulped, “You are so much better than me, so much stronger than me…”

“I don’t really want to hear it, but I think you want to get it off your chest. Did you have sex with someone else.”

“No.” said Willow much louder than she meant to. “No sex, Willow has not had consensual sex with anyone, you know my past, confusing as it is, but no.”

“So, what do you feel guilty about?”

“I didn’t think that I would ever see you again. I was lonely, I was yielding to peer pressure. Everyone around me had a boyfriend. I dated Jaye.

Tara gulped, “You dated a guy?”

“No, no, Jaye with a “e”, totally girl. I am as gay as you, always have been, always will be, 100% lesbian, 6 on the Kinsey Scale. Breast gal, that’s me.”

“You are saying that you’ve been feeling guilty because you dated someone when you were 15, after not hearing from me for a year and a half?”


“Do I want to know what dating was?” inquired Tara.

“Mostly kissing, a little fooling around. But when she got kind of persistent, after I agreed to go to her house, I realized that you were the one and only for me and I bolted.”

“Um, Willow she had a house?”

“Yeah, it was her parent’s house, but she was kinda older than me. I met her in my college class. She didn’t really know how old I was.”

“What is it with you and lying about your age?”

“I’ve been WAY younger than everyone in my class since middle school. It got worse as I accelerated and was in college classes at 15. Not an excuse, I know. I guess I have a thing for older women?” she poked her foot at Tara. “Honestly, it was really similar to the Carly stuff, Jaye really went off on me when I called a halt to it. I rushed home and there was your email…and then, stupid exuberance, my house mother got wind of our emails and had to ask my parents, and they said ‘no’, so no more getting to email Tara.”

“I remember, I thought that I had said something wrong in my email.”

“That was hell, knowing that I could email you and not being able to do it. I don’t know why it took me so long to think about using the library.” Willow knocked on her head, “really smart, but not always the best common sense.”

“Well, it all worked out. The past is the past, can’t do anything about it. We are here now, and we are together, and we will eventually…” Tara raised her eyebrows.

Willow yawned, “When do we have to get up, when does the adventure start?”

“When we wake up sweetie, it is not a time sensitive adventure.”

“Ok, so snuggle time?”

“Definitely snuggle time.” Tara and Willow went into the bedroom and assumed their usual spooning positions. Tara snaked her hand under Willow’s tee-shirt. That feels so good. I want to be touched by Tara, I like how it feels, I want to be close, I want to be intimate, why do I feel so anxious when she touches me. Why did I panic when we went to sleep without our shirts on. Why am I so uncomfortable? Willow blurted out “I need to get more comfortable in my body.”

Tara pulled away a little, “That felt totally random, but tell me more…”

“Sorry, there is a lot of Willowbabble going on inside my head.”

“I could tell, you were really tensed up. I was hoping some of my chill would rub off on you. This is my favorite part of the day. I like our cuddle time. I like being in bed with you.”

“I like being in bed with you too.” Willow moved closer and gave Tara a kiss.

After a few minutes of kissing, Tara pulled away. “I think that what you said a few minutes is important.”

“That there is a lot of Willowbabble going on in my head?”

“No, the other thing. Your realization that you need to be more comfortable with your body.”

“I hoped you forgot.”

“Willow, I may not be as smart as you, but I can remember five minutes ago. Your kisses are great, but they don’t totally take my memory away.”

“You’re smart.”

“Willow,” said Tara somewhat sternly.

“I just blurted it out, I don’t know what I meant. It feels relevant, but I don’t know what exactly it meant.”

“Ok, let’s look at it. What were you thinking about when the thought came into your mind?”

“I was thinking that I liked how your hand felt on my stomach, but then I started thinking about how panicked I felt last night when I didn’t have a shirt on, how vulnerable I felt. I don’t really like not having clothes on. I don’t like being naked, that’s why I shower really quickly, I feel exposed, like something bad is going to happen and I’ll be hurt…But I liked feeling your body against my body, skin to skin last night. You are so soft and warm. Ugh. What is wrong with me Tara?”

“Nothing is wrong with you sweetie, I liked how it felt too, all soft and cozy; but if you are uncomfortable, you shouldn’t do it.”

“I think it might have something to do with when I wake up. I feel fine as I fall asleep, but when I wake up, I panic.”

“It sounds like something trauma related. I for a long time needed to wear lots of clothes to bed. I used to think that maybe the clothes would deter my father or brother. It didn’t, but I felt safer. Before you came here, I had even gotten comfortable enough to sometimes sleep without clothes. It can be a really sensual experience.”

Willow gulped, the vision of a naked Tara experiencing a ‘sensual experience’ going through her head. she just talked about her trauma, focus Rosenberg, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring up your trauma stuff.”

“Sweetie, my trauma stuff is going to periodically come up, probably for the rest of my life. But it is losing some of its power. I don’t have nightmares the way I used to. Especially since we started sleeping together. I think when I with you I feel the safest I ever have. I would like to help you feel that way too.”

“I feel safe almost all the time with you. It’s just the waking up thing.” Willow started to think. A memory flashed into her mind; it is like a scene from a movie and she is outside herself. She sees 12 year-old Willow, in a hotel room. She wakes up and sees that she is naked. Her clothes flung beside the bed. “I…I…I think I remember…you’re right. Willow stood up and started pacing in the bedroom. “12 year old Willow, waking up in a hotel room, naked and alone. I didn’t remember what happened. I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t have any clothes on. I felt scared. I didn’t know what happened. I didn’t remember anything… I put my pajama’s back on. I fell back to sleep; it was a weird sleep. When I woke up in the morning, I didn’t have my pajamas on again. I looked over in the other bed. Carly was asleep, she didn’t have any clothes on either...I don’t think that the last time was the only time she drugged me. She must have done it another time… I was so stupid. How could I not have known. How could I have let that happen.”

Tara got up and stood next to Willow. “You didn’t let it happen. You didn’t have control of it. She took advantage of you. It’s ok. You’re not there anymore.”

“I still feel so stupid.”

“You are the smartest person I know Willow. You were a kid. She was an adult. It was her fault. I will tell you this 10,000 times if you need me to. It was not your fault.”

“Why is all this stuff coming up again?”

“I don’t know. Maybe your therapist triggered something, maybe it is because we are getting closer, trusting each other more. Maybe it was going to the funeral. I don’t know. I know that you don’t think this is a good thing. But I do. I think you are dealing with some of your trauma so you can move on.”

“I don’t like it.”

“I know, sweetie, I know. It’s sort of like taking bitter medicine. It tastes yucky, but eventually you feel better.”

“When am I going to feel better?”

“I don’t know, soon… hopefully soon.” Tara enveloped her in a hug. Willow melted into it, but after a minute, Willow asked, “So where are we going tomorrow?”


“When am I going to feel better?” asked Willow.

Tara hugged her. She could feel Willow melting into her. But just as quickly as the melting occurred, Tara could feel Willow wrapping herself up again. Pushing her feelings down and bringing her brain back on-line. I wish she could just stay in the feeling, experience it, get through it. Not that I want her to feel bad, I just want these demons to go away. I want her to be happy.

“So where are we going tomorrow.”

“You will see tomorrow. Let’s go to bed and tomorrow will come.


“How did you know that this was something I liked?” Tara and Willow were sitting on a bench watching the sea lions on the docks.

“Joyce and I were talking about some of the places she used to take you, and she mentioned that you could spend hours watching the sea lions.

I remember, and she had the patience to just sit and let me watch. My parents never were patient. Everything was hurry, hurry, hurry.

Willow began narrating what she thought the sea lions were saying to each other. “Hey Mo, what do you think about the people watching us?” “I’m not sure, there is a beautiful blond on one of the benches. Let’s show her what we can do.” “Hey Mo, can you watch the baby a bit. I want to get a fish.” Sure Shirley, I’ll try to keep the little tyke from following you. You’re a good mother Shirley.” “Thanks Mo.” Willow paused her running commentary. “Tare, you ever wonder why most animals are good mothers? But humans sometimes suck at it.”

“I haven’t really thought about it…but thinking of mothers makes me really miss my mom. It’s almost Mother’s Day, I’ve hated Mother’s Day since she died. I usually just want to stay in bed all day. But Mother’s Day crafts are a big deal at work of course. I need to remember that Spencer has two moms. He will need to make two crafts. I’ll have to give him some extra time. I don’t want the poor kid to have to choose which mom to give a present to.”

“You are such a good teacher. I’m really sorry that my graduation is on Mother’s Day. You don’t have to come if you don’t want. I can just stay home with you.”

“Willow Rosenberg, you are going to your graduation. I am going to your graduation. Joyce and I are going to clap the loudest of anyone. You’ve done it.”

“It really isn’t that big of a deal.”

They sat watching the people and the sea lions. After a bit, Willow asked, “Tare, can I ask you a question based on something you said a while ago?”

“I guess so” what is she going to ask?

“You said that a lot of feelings about your Mom have been coming up since your father’s death. Like what. I realize that we’ve been talking a lot about my feelings, but not a lot about yours.”

“Just the sadness about her death and illness. It was really hard watching her health decline and my father not even seeming to care. He expected her to keep up the house and take care of him when she could barely take care of herself. I would try so hard to help her, but I was only 8, and I had to go to school.”

“I am sure that you did the best that you could… It must have been really hard…”

“She was the most important person to me. She was my anchor. I loved her so much, and it was so hard to watch her die.”

“Were you there when it happened?”

“No, Daddy took Donny and I to visit when the end was getting near, but it was just him and Mama when she passed.”

“Who was taking care of you?” Willow took Tara’s hand.

“Some women from the church. They kept talking about Mama going to heaven. Mama didn’t really believe in heaven, so it was really confusing. Mama had told me that she believed that we went back to the earth from which we were created, that death was just part of life. I didn’t argue with the ladies, I just kept to myself. I knew that she was dead when Daddy came home. He looked so broken. I guess that he did love her in his own way. I figure now, that he just didn’t know how to deal with his own grief, so of course he couldn’t deal with mine or Donny’s . If I’d try to talk about it, he’d get mad. It didn’t take too many incidents for me to just stop. I’d learned to stop my feelings already. It was good practice to learn to go to leave my body.”

“Does that still happen a lot?”


“Do you still leave your body a lot? There was a girl in my treatment program that would talk about her disassociation. She said that she’d ‘lose time’. I kind of seemed like a useful skill to have, but she always said that it wasn’t as good as it seemed.”

“No, it usually isn’t. I never ‘lost time’, it usually was just feeling like I was hovering over, like I was watching things happen to someone else; but I knew it was me. I don’t do it close to as much as I used to. My therapist from my program taught me grounding exercises and I try to use them when I feel like I am trying to ‘check out’. It only really happens when I get really stressed out.”

“Do I make you need to leave your body?” asked Willow.

“It’s happened a few times, but I remind myself that I WANT to feel my feelings when I am with you, so I try to concentrate on something and anchor myself in the present. I was in the disassociation zone during most of the funeral, and some of the trip to Bishop.”

“I could tell, you get sort of a far away look on in your eyes and you are even quieter than usual. What can I do in those situations? Is there something I can do to help?”

“I guess just point it out to me, like I point out when you are ‘going into your head’, or just be there for when I come back.”

“Have I told you today that I love you?”

Tara smiled, “Yup, a few times. I love you too.”

After spending a good amount of time watching the sea lions. Tara and Willow walked around the wharf and window shopped. After sharing a bread bowl and some Ghirardelli chocolate, they went into a little bath and body shop.

“Do any of these smell good to you?” asked Tara pointing to a rack of bath salts and lotions. This could be a way for you to take care of yourself, work on your sensuality. Take some nice smelling baths, pamper yourself.”

Willow whispered into Tara’s ear, “Oh, you want me to work on my sensuality do ya.” Tara blushed.

“I think it is a good way to work on feeling better about yourself. I always feel better after taking a nice relaxing bath.”

“I’ve never really been into baths.”

“You should try it. Pick one or two bath bombs or salts. Give it a try. If you don’t like it after trying it a few times, then at least you’ll know.

“What smells good to you? It can’t be too flowery, my allergies won’t be able to take it.”

Tara walked over to a table with different types of lavender. “Lavender is supposed to help you be calm. It smells nice too.”

“If my girl likes the smell of lavender, this is definitely a good choice.” Willow picked up some of the bath salts.

“You should get some body lotion too. It’s another good experience.”

“Will you help me put it on?” whispered Willow suggestively.

Tara looked around to see if anyone was paying attention. Two could play this game. “Oh, yeah. I’d love to…” Tara whispered back.

Tara could tell that Willow was getting ‘hot and bothered’, her face was beginning to match the shade of her hair. She picked up the bath salts that Willow had chosen and went to the counter.

“I can get that,” said Willow reaching into her pocket.

“I want to get it for you.”

“Ok. Is there anything that you want?”

“Nah, I’m good sweetie.”

“Yes, Yes you are,” replied Willow.

The semester was drawing to a close and Willow was getting ready for graduation. They had decided that they’d have a late lunch/early dinner party hopefully outside if the weather was nice. Willow was finishing up something in the lab when her advisor, Dr. Giles came by.

“I was given this by the Chemistry chair to give to you.” He handed Willow an ornate envelope. “They didn’t know your address, so I said that I’d just give it to you.”

“Do you know what it is?”

“I think so, but I am not sure.”

Willow opened the envelope. It was an invitation to the initiation ceremony for Phi Beta Kappa.

“That is what I thought, our Summa Cum Laude graduate is nominated for Phi Beta Kappa. How very Greek of her. Not to mention the youngest Physical Chemistry Mathematics Double major in the history of the department. You’ve done really well Willow. We are all very proud of you. Looking forward to meeting your girlfriend and your aunt. After all the pomp and circumstance of the graduation, it will be nice to go to a small party. It is going to be small, right?

“Yes sir.10-15 people.”

“That is a good size.”

“Well, I am looking forward to seeing you then. Congratulations again. Looking forward to you starting your graduate work in June. Don’t forget to enjoy the two week break. You’ve worked hard.”

“Thanks. See you Sunday.”

Willow left the lab and walked to the bus stop.

It was the day before Willow’s graduation, Willow was at the rehearsal for graduation. Tara and Joyce were prepping things for the party, before they were going to drive to campus for the ceremony. Joyce was doing the dishes and Tara was stuffing eggs when the phone rang.

“Let’s just have the answering machine get it. It can’t be anything important.”

The phone rang, the machine’s message played, then, “Hi Joyce, this is Sheila and Ira. Interesting enough, we just got into town. Did you know that Willow came back to Stanford? We got an invitation to the Phi Beta Kappa ceremony. Who would have known, well of course Willow had the grades for Phi Beta Kappa…This was so last minute, we were hoping that we could crash at your place. It doesn’t seem that there are any hotel rooms around, graduation and Mother’s Day you know. Well, see you later.

Tara and Joyce looked at each other, “Oh Shit,” they said simultaneously.

Atlantic Antics Meeting Expectations
Learning to Laugh What I Discovered at Band Camp

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:whip Dibs!

“I just can’t stop thinking about my high school graduation and how my parents took it over and made it all about them rather than me. I know that it can’t happen again. They don’t even know where I am. But the idea of graduation has been tarnished by that memory.”

“Hi Joyce, this is Sheila and Ira. Interesting enough, we just got into town. Did you know that Willow came back to Stanford? We got an invitation to the Phi Beta Kappa ceremony. Who would have known, well of course Willow had the grades for Phi Beta Kappa…This was so last minute, we were hoping that we could crash at your place. It doesn’t seem that there are any hotel rooms around, graduation and Mother’s Day you know. Well, see you later.

Oh no, red alert!!! I fervently hope Willow's parents won't just pop up at the graduation ceremony, I fear that could lead to a breakdown for Willow.

I'm glad that both Willow and Tara revealed more about their painful past to each other, showing their ever growing trust in one another.

To answer the question regarding your new story: I would like the suspense if you posted it chapter by chapter with a few days in between.

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Will's Redemption: Your vote counts pieces it will be. I finished the story today. So, I will post a new piece every few days. Hint Feedback makes me want to post :flirt. I can't believe that this story is finished. I am going to miss them. As requested I have and Epilogue to indicate that the girls are happily ever after. My next question is whether I should write an alternate ending that is on the smutty side. I've been reading a lot of fan fiction and I remember now why I started writing 'smut'.

Title: Meeting Expectations
Author: TaranWillow4Ever
Rating: PG-R
Disclaimer: Josh owns all of the characters, I just imagine other lives for them.
Spoilers: None
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Thoughts in italics.

Note: This story contains elements of abuse - physical and emotional, that are either eluded to if not outright described. If anything of this sort bothers you, then please do not read this story. There is no detailed description of abuse in this piece of the chapter, but Willow does outline a lot of the abuse that she experienced.


Willow came back from the rehearsal to find Joyce and Tara in the kitchen preparing food for the party. As she walked in, she saw the two of them look at each other, and wondered why.

“Hey Will, you never told us that you were going to be inducted into Phi Beta Kappa.”

“Yeah, it’s not a big deal. Just some silly ceremony that I gotta go to. Wait, how did you find out?”

“Someone left a message on my machine.”

“Huh? How did someone from Phi Beta Kappa know your number?” Willow sat down and looked perplexed.

Tara and Joyce sat down at the table too.

Tara and Joyce looked at each other, neither knowing how to or wanting to give the news to Willow. Tara sent a silent plea to the older woman to do the honors.

“Um…Umm Willow…” the older woman began.

This cannot be good. Are they upset that I didn’t tell them about the initiation, I didn’t want to make a big deal about it.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about it. It just isn’t a big deal. I knew you were busy with all the party planning. I didn’t want to make you have to go out and do anything else today. I’m just going to run to school, do the thing, and then I’ll be back to help you.”

“Um Willow…we got some sort of shocking information today.”

“Is everyone ok?”

“Yes, not that kind of information. Everyone is fine…”

Willow looked at Joyce and then Tara and back to Joyce.

“Willow, there is no good way of saying this. We found out about the ceremony from your parents. They left a message on my machine asking if they could stay here. Well, really inviting themselves to stay here," said Joyce.

“How did they find out?” yelled Willow.

“I’m guessing the school had your parent’s address from when you first registered?”

“I’m not going. I’m not going to any of it. I will call everyone and cancel the party. Sorry that you’re out the money. I’ll pay you back. I’ll just stay in Tara’s apartment until they go away.” Willow stood up and started pacing around the kitchen.

“Sweetie, I don’t think that will work. For one, they know you are here now,” commented Tara. Tara got up and went to where Willow was standing.

“You told them I was here?” Willow’s voice became shrill.

“No, I’ve not talked to them. They left a message asking to stay here because they had just found out that you were back here and graduating. But I’m pretty sure that they are going to show up here, even if you are not at the ceremonies.”

“I am not going. I will just pick up my diploma later. I don’t need to go to ceremony. Who cares about Phi Beta Kappa.”

“You can’t let them hijack your graduation sweetie. This time you’ve got Joyce and me in your corner. We will help you stand up to them. Maybe this is good. It will give you an opportunity to clear the air, get some closure.”

“You’ve not been listening to me have you.” Willow yelled. “I am NOT going to see them. I DO NOT WANT THEM HERE. If they are here, I won’t be here. I won’t”

Tara moved away from Willow. Shit I am scaring Tara. Calm down Rosenberg. Don’t scare your girlfriend.

Joyce stood up and walked over to where they were standing. She took Willow’s hand and brought her back to the table. She went and got a glass of water and gave it to Willow.

Tara sat back down next to her and put her hand on her leg. “Willow, we can deal with this, but you’ve got to try to be calm. Think about how calm and comfortable you were after that lavender bath. You felt happy and confident. You said it made you feel like you could handle anything.”

“Wow, that must have been some bath,” commented Joyce.

Tara and Willow looked at each other, thinking that they didn’t need to need be sharing their experiment to help Willow get more comfortable with herself.

“What is the worst thing that can happen?” asked Joyce.

“I could lose it and go postal at them in front of all the people who are being initiated into Phi Beta Kappa.”

“Probably not the best choice, but you could. You probably wouldn’t be able to go to the graduation ceremony and you’d miss the party if you went postal. I suspect you’d end up in the hospital or in jail.”

“Ok, no postal” Breathe Willow, you knew that this day was going to come eventually. You hoped you’d have longer. but…It could have been worse. They could have just shown up at the ceremony and I wouldn’t have been prepared to see them. Now at least I have a few hours to get ready, put my battle gear on so to speak.

“It’s going to get really awkward when they figure out that you’ve been living here for the last five months and I haven’t told them,” said Joyce.

“I will take total responsibility for that. You can always just confront my mom on her lie that I was in Boston. ‘Oh Sheila, I thought Willow was in Boston’” Willow said with a falsetto voice.

“I am sure that they are going to be so thrilled to see me too,” commented Tara. “I bet you a bunch that she’ll call me Terry or some other variation of name with the “Ta” sound.”

“This could get really ugly.”

“I am pretty sure that it will.”


Joyce and Tara dropped Willow off at the auditorium and then looked for somewhere to park. “We’ll be there for you kiddo, we just might be sitting further back that we’d of if they were not here” said Joyce.

As Willow was walking away, Joyce asked Tara “Is it chicken of us to wait until the ceremony starts and then go in, so Ira and Sheila will already be there?”

“Maybe a little, but I think that Willow will understand. We don’t want the confrontation to happen here. Better at your house,” stated Tara.

“Our house, it’s our house Tara. It is mine, yours and Willow’s home.”

There were not a lot of people at the ceremony, however, Tara and Joyce were able to enter without being noticed and choose seats that were close to the door so they could make a quick exit if needed. Joyce could see Ira and Sheila sitting practically in the front row. Everything would have probably gone according to plan, if it were not for Willow’s eyes.

Willow spent much of the time on stage looking at Tara. Sheila must have seen Willow’s gaze go over them and toward the back of the room. As soon as the ceremony was over, she jumped out of her seat and went to where Joyce and Tara were sitting.

“What are you doing here?”

“Same thing you are. Watching Willow get initiated into Phi Beta Kappa.”

“You’ve known that she was here all this time, and you didn’t tell me.”

“You never asked.”

“I shouldn’t have had to ask.”

The two women were at a standoff, Ira came by and was equally surprised to see Joyce. Tara tried to sink into the background and watched the two women staring at each other. It appeared that Sheila was at a loss for words and her face was as red as Willow’s hair. Tara could see Willow coming toward the group. Her face set for battle.

“Be calm, I love you.” Tara mouthed to Willow.

Willow stopped, took a breath and walked calmly to the group.

“Willow, why is Joyce and that girl here?”

“They are my family. Her name is Tara. I invited them.”

“We are your family. They are not.”

“Actually, they are. But I don’t want to talk about this here. There are a lot of other people and I don’t want you making a scene. Do you know how to get to Joyce’s or do you need to follow us?”

“You’ll drive with us.”

“Um, no I won’t. You can follow us, use a map, or go home. It is your choice. But you are not making a scene here.”

“I never make a scene “yelled Sheila. Several of the other families looked at Willow and she just shrugged.

“See you at Joyce’s if you are coming.” Willow turned, took Tara’s hand and walked out of the auditorium at a very quick pace. As soon as they got to the car, and were driving away, Willow said, “I feel like I am going to be sick.”

“Do I need to pull over,” asked Joyce.

“No. I’m ok. I just didn’t expect that she’d already be at top form. You did a good job standing up to her Aunt Joyce. Thanks.”

“I just channeled my auntie bear, it’s almost as ferocious as a mama bear.”

“You did a pretty good job too Wil,” commented Tara.

“The whole time I was up on the stage I was trying to think of what I was going to say to them. I figured that we wouldn’t be lucky enough to get away without them noticing. I saw my mom bee line straight to you, I bet I telegraphed where you were through my eyes. I always have to be looking at my girl.”

“Your girl just stood there, trying to be invisible.”

“It’s ok, you’re not used to Hurricane Sheila.”

“Do you think they will be coming to your…our house?”

“Oh, I am sure of it. If nothing else, your mom is going to want to get the last word. She’s not going to miss your graduation,” commented Joyce. “She needs to have something to brag about in her academic circles. ‘Oh, my daughter Willow, just graduated from Stanford with a double major in Physical Chemistry and Math. Did I mention she is only 18?’”

“I can hear that now. That is totally the script.” Willow laughed. She then got serious. “I am really not sure how this is all going to go. I am sorry that you guys have to witness all of this. If you want to just drop me off and go somewhere else for a while, I’ll understand.”

“It’s our house, we are not going to let them chase us out and we are not going to leave you Willow. We promised that we had your back, and we do. If anyone is leaving it will be them. We have the home court advantage and we will be using it,” stated Joyce.


It took Sheila and Ira an extra ten minutes to get to Joyce’s. By then, Willow had gone to her room and changed into sweats and a tee-shirt. Tara had gone to the apartment to do the same, and Joyce was setting out towels in the bathroom.

Willow and Joyce sat down in the living room and waited for the Rosenbergs to arrive.

“They will be staying in your room. I know it’s a hardship, but you’ll have to bunk with Tara.”

“I guess I can do that.” said Willow smiling.

Soon they heard a knock on the door, Joyce got up and ushered Willow’s parents into the house. “You can put your luggage in the bedroom at the top of the stairs. I just put out clean towels if you need to wash up,” commented Joyce in a somewhat sickly sweet voice.

“Willow, you look awful. Where did that nice dress go?” stated Sheila.

“Great to see you too mom,” replied Willow.

As Willow was saying this, Tara came in through the kitchen. She’d changed into a less formal, but still somewhat dressy outfit.

“What’s that girl doing here?” asked Sheila.

“That girl, Tara, my girlfriend lives here, actually she lives in the mother-in-law apartment over the garage.” Willow walked over and put her arm around Tara.

“Seriously Joyce,” chided Sheila.

“Tara and I moved here shortly after you took Willow to Boston. She’s the best tenant I could ever imagine, and you wouldn’t believe how happy she makes Willow.”

“I do not want to hear about Willow’s happiness.”

“That is great mom. Why don’t you repeat that again. There is the truth if I ever heard it.”

Ira looked from Willow to Sheila and back again. The truth of his wife’s comment and his daughter’s reaction hitting him hard. “Can I sit down,” asked Ira. “This is a lot to take in at once.”

“Certainly Ira, would you like a drink?” asked Joyce.

“Scotch neat, please, make it a double.”


“Water would be fine.”

Tara got up to get the water. Willow followed her into the kitchen and hugged her. “I gotta fill up my tank. My mom is really good at deflating it.”

“Yeah, I heard, ‘why aren’t you still in that nice dress?’. But seriously, I think you put on your sweats and a tee-shirt to push your mother’s buttons. I don’t blame you, but you are giving her amo. However, you’re going to be fine sweetheart. You can survive anything they throw at you. You are 18, you are independent, you are Willow.”

“Hear me roar.” Willow took a deep breath and went back into the living room.

“Dad, do you want me to take your bags up to the room you’ll be staying in?”

“Actually, honey, I can do it. I need to use the restroom anyway.” Ira picked up the bags and went up the stairs.

“I still can’t believe that you didn’t tell me. I thought you were my friend,” whined Sheila.

“I can’t believe that you told me that Willow was still studying in Boston,” countered Joyce.

“Well, what was I supposed to say. I have no idea where my daughter is, how would that sound?”

“Like the truth.”

Willow and Tara sat back down and watched this interaction, their heads going back and forth like they were experiencing a tennis game.

“You don’t understand what it is like to be a mother Joyce. It’s hard. Willow was always a difficult child.”

“Actually, Sheila, I have been basically parenting Willow since she was 15. She’s always been a joy for me.”

“You’ve had the easy time,” said Sheila in a self-righteous manner.

Ira came down the stairs and sat down next to his wife. He picked up his drink and took a large swallow, and inquired, “Joyce, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure Ira.”

“That room that we are staying in, whose is it?”

“Willow’s, and if you notice, the locks are on correctly.”

“Huh”, They could all see the words going through Ira’s brain until he realized what Joyce was referring to. “We were told to do that. We had to do it. You don’t understand what it was like Joyce.

“I actually think I do. Willow has shared in explicit detail what it was like to be locked in a room. Did you know that the babysitters locked her in too. Were you even aware of what was going on?”

“We did what we thought was best. Regardless, she lives here? How long has she lived here?” commented Sheila.

“A couple of days after my 18th birthday. I signed myself out of McLean’s and came straight here.”

“She has been living here for the past five months, and neither of you called to tell us”, snapped Ira.

“It’s not her fault Dad. I asked Aunt Joyce not to call you. She wanted to, she thought that you would be concerned about where I was, but then when she talked to Mom, Mom told her that I was in Boston studying, so she knew that you really didn’t care.”

“We cared; we just didn’t know where you were. You were 18, you were an adult. We knew that there was always the possibility that you would disappear when you turned 18. The adoption agency warned us of it happening.”

“It didn’t happen because I was 18 and adopted Mom.” Willow’s voice began to raise. “It happened because you kidnapped me and hospitalized me in Boston. That was the final straw.”

“Willow, we’re your parents. We couldn’t have kidnapped you,” exclaimed Sheila.

“I know.” Willow laughed, “I tried to convince the doctors that I was being held against my will, but they reminded me that until I was 18 it was YOUR will not mine.

“It is one of the best hospitals. You got fine treatment. You were sick.”

“I was sick because of you. I needed to be in cardiac rehab, not emotional rehab. I was sick because you wouldn’t sign the emancipation paperwork. I didn’t need to be 3000 miles away from all the people I cared about.”

“You were only several miles away from us.”

“I reiterate, I was 3000 miles from those who I really cared about.” Willow took Tara’s hand.

Sheila looked at Willow and Tara, a sneer formed on her face, it looked like she’d smelled something nasty. “Must you flaunt your deviant lifestyle in front of us. I thought that you would outgrow this immature, acting out behavior.”

“It is not deviant, it is not acting out, it is who I am.” said Willow, her voice getting high again.

“No, it is not, I’d know if you were gay. You’re not gay.”

“Seriously mom, do you need to see me make out with Tara here to see that I am gay.” Tara looked askance. please don’t do this. . “Do you need me to give you specific details about why I definitely like girls in more than a platonic way. Shall I outline all of my crushes since kindergarten. Should I share my fantasies?”

“I do not need to see or hear anything of the kind.”

The two Rosenberg women were glaring at each other and Ira was looking back and forth at them. He could tell that Tara was feeling very uncomfortable, so he decided to try to change the subject.

“Tara, your name is Tara right?” asked Ira.

“Y…Y…Yes s…s...sir” stuttered Tara. Willow squeezed her hand aware that this stutter indicated that she was upset.

“So, if you are dating my daughter, tell me about yourself.”

“We don’t need to know about her Ira.”

“Be quiet Sheila. This young lady has been in Willow’s life at least since she graduated from high school. We owe it to Willow to get to know her.”

“We don’t owe Willow anything.” Ira looked at Sheila as thought this was the first time that he’d seen her. He imagined how these comments would be perceived by people who didn’t understand Sheila.

“Tara, are you from this area?” asked Ira.

“N…n…no sir, I’m from a little town near the Nevada border, Bishop.”

“And you met Willow where?”

“The Maples, sir.”

“Relax Tara, you don’t have to call me sir. Ira is fine.”

“Yes, sir. I mean Mr. Rosenberg… Ira.”

“You can call me Dr. Rosenberg,” piped in Sheila.

“Yes, Ma’am…Dr. Rosenberg”.

“If I remember, you didn’t go to college. What do you do?” asked Sheila.

“Actually, I did go to college. I have my Day Care Certificate. I am a teacher at a day care center. I work with the two and three-year-old’s.”

“She’s great with little kids. I’ve gone there to pick her up, and they are all clamoring for her attention,” boasted Willow.

“So, if I heard this right, you and Joyce moved here shortly after Willow went to Boston. How did that happen,” asked Ira.

“That was my doing,” said Joyce. “I saw how Willow perked up in the hospital when Tara got there. It was really touch and go that first day. I called Tara immediately. I knew if anyone could convince Willow to stay around, it would be her. I already knew her from the holidays; I knew that Tara was going to be crucial to Willow’s recovery.”

“I don’t remember hearing anything about you being there,” commented Ira.

“That’s because your wife, Dr. Rosenberg wouldn’t allow Joyce or I to visit once she got there,” stated Tara loudly where did that come from? Try not to get defensive. They are you girlfriend’s parents.

“Seriously, Sheila. Our daughter was close to dying and you wouldn’t let her friend and your friend visit.”

“She didn’t need anyone else; she just needed her mother.”

“I didn’t need my mother. I needed my chosen family. I needed my support system. I needed to stay in school. I needed to be emancipated.” She paused, “Honestly, If I hadn’t seen Tara and known that she was around, I probably would have given up mom. I almost did at McLean’s. I got so depressed I wanted to kill myself.”

Tara, Joyce and Ira looked at Willow with surprised looks on their faces. Oh my goddess Willow.

“Don’t be dramatic Willow. You were always such a dramatic child. You wouldn’t have killed yourself.”

“Seriously Sheila,” said Ira and Joyce.

“You were always telling stories, Willow. We never knew what to believe. Remember what you did to that coach.”

Willow felt her blood boiling. Tara held hard to her hand trying to ground her.

“Listen mom, none of that was a lie. It really happened and it has caused me serious problems. She not only molested me, but she drugged me and did other awful things to me, and you didn’t believe me. You believed her over me. That’s when I started to get really sick. I had experienced unspeakable things before coming to you, you’d reinforced my trauma by doing the same thing as my abusive mother, however, being molested was better than living with you. I went back, I kept playing. Being molested, being “shared” was better than living with you.” Willow looked over at Ira, “and you just followed along. You just listened to mom and did what she suggested. You rarely stood up to her. Even when you knew that I was hurting. You wonder why I left Boston without telling you. You wonder why I threatened a lawsuit if McLean’s told you that I left. You wonder why I wanted to be emancipated. I just couldn’t take it anymore.”

There was a shocked silence. Willow stood up, “I am graduating tomorrow. I don’t want to look like shit when I do so. Therefore, I am going to bed. Goodnight.” Willow walked toward the kitchen.

“Wait, if we are sleeping in your room where will you sleep?”

“Sheila, don’t be daft. She’s going to sleep with Tara. Good night kiddo. See you in the morning,” commented Ira.

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:whip Dibs again! I would appreciate a smutty scene in the last chapter and/or in the epilogue. But my vote shouldn't be the only one, come on other readers, give some feedback too!

“I do not want to hear about Willow’s happiness.”

“We don’t owe Willow anything.”

Argh, I really hate Sheila! :gnome This woman should never have adopted a child, most certainly not a traumatized toddler like Willow.
I still have some hope that Ira might manage to be a better father to Willow in the future, but he has to actively work on it and not "delegate" everything to Sheila.

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Ugh, Sheila. I don't even know where to begin with this particular version. In canon, she was an unpleasant absentee parent, but here...she is horrendous. It's like canon Sheila's actions times a billion. Even after everything Willow said, she glosses right over it and zeros in on where Willow will be sleeping. Her behavior is egregious at best.

“Wait, if we are sleeping in your room where will you sleep?”

I'm still so worried about Willow not eating and the mechanical way she relates her feelings. I mean, I totally get why, it's just so unhealthy. You've done a great job writing this because sometimes, I can almost physically feel her closing the vault door.

Ira...while I too would like to see him be a better father, I have little hope. I'm afraid the man's head is too deep in the sand.

"Good night kiddo. See you in the morning."

Really Ira? Using a term of endearment as if you're a doting parent? This is not what Willow needs to hear after just confessing she seriously contemplated suicide. What a dumbass.

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Finey McFine: Thanks for the feedback. Sheila's lines came flowing out of me. I have tried to develop a parent that could be responsible for some of the trauma that Willow faced. I guess I never really liked the Sheila of Buffy, and I have made her into this character. I borrowed from my own life. My mother actually told me point blank that I was not gay, that she would have known if I was gay. I wish I had Willow's comeback, but at the time I hadn't even gotten involved with anyone, I just knew I was gay. You will see that I have more compassion for Ira. He comes out looking a little better, but still his head is very sandy.

Will's Redemption: I am working on the more "smutty scene". It is not going as smoothly as my other writing, but should be done by the time that it comes up in the story, or slightly after. I really am proud of my Epilogue, I hope you all like it as much as I do.

There are a total of six more posts (5 already written and the alternative smutty ending). Feedback makes me want to post. So those of you who are parts of the ticker tape of readers, thank Finey and Will's for this next section.

The S HITS THE FAN (continued)


Tara and Willow walked quickly to the apartment. It was clear to Tara that Willow was overwhelmed and over stimulated. “I know that there was a lot that was said today. I can’t imagine all the thoughts that are going through your head sweetie. But you are right, you are graduating tomorrow, and you do need to get a good night’s sleep. ‘How about you take a nice calming bath’ and we just go to bed. You’ll graduate tomorrow, and we’ll have Monday and Tuesday to process all of the things that happened. I didn’t tell you, I have Monday AND Tuesday off. I knew the weekend was going to be hectic, and I thought that a couple extra days would be good.

“Yay, extra time with Tara. Reward for surviving my parents. I hope they stay true to form and have to quickly leave tomorrow. If possible, I don’t want them at my party. But I suspect that they will want to be at some of it. I have so much rolling through my brain, maybe a bath would be a good idea. Willow walked into the bathroom, while Tara sat down on the couch and grabbed the book that she was currently reading.

A few minutes later, Tara remembered that she had left her purse at Joyce’s. She did not want to go back, but she needed her purse. Tara knocked on the door of the bathroom, “Sweetie, I forgot my purse. I am just going to run to Joyce’s and grab it. Ok? I’ll be back quickly. You ok?”

“I am fine. Enjoying this relaxing bath. Maybe you can help me hydrate when I am finished?” Willow said from the bathroom.

"Sounds like fun," replied Tara.

Tara walked to Joyce’s house. Entering through the kitchen. She could hear Sheila and Joyce talking.

“I still can’t believe that you have that girl living here. Don’t you want Willow to be normal?”

“Well, I don’t think I’d every want Willow to be normal, Willow is exceptional, and so is Tara. They love each other.”

“Willow can’t love anyone. She’s incapable of love. All of the therapist said that. They said that she can’t attach, she can’t love anyone.”

“Why do you put so much emphasis on what “they” said, I’m not even sure who “they” is. Willow is a really nice, smart, loving, caring kid/ young woman. But you’re not ever going to find out if you keep on talking to her the way you do. She had snappy come backs, but how would you like to be greeted with criticism about your clothing? To hear that you mother says that your happiness is unimportant, or to have your mother totally dismiss who you are, how you identify.”

“That is not what I meant; she knows what I mean. She looked so nice on stage, why did she have to change into those sloppy clothes?

“I don’t think that Willow always does know what you mean. I think she takes what you say literally sometimes, and when this happens it hurts her feelings. Willow is more comfortable in sweats and jeans and tee-shirts. She has told me that she doesn’t feel comfortable in dresses. She wore one for you. She was going to wear a pantsuit, but she knew that it would make you happy if she wore a dress, so she did. But once she got home, she wanted to be comfortable. She knew that things were not going to be pretty once you got here. She wanted to feel confident. She feels confident when she is dressed the way she likes.”

“Willow is confident. She has always been confident and self-assured. She has never really needed anyone, she certainly never needed me. You don’t know how hard it is to have a child who is so aloof and refuses to be nurtured. She didn’t seem to want to give me the time of day. If she got hurt, she never came to me for comfort. She made me feel like a complete failure as a mother. ”

“Willow acts confident and self-assured to keep from others knowing how vulnerable and scared she is feeling. She doesn’t want to need people, because then they can hurt her, especially abandon her.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because that is what she has told Tara and me. She’s been trying to deal with her trauma so that she can overcome it.”

“What trauma? She was a baby. She was taken out of her mother’s home before she could talk. She shouldn’t have any memories of what happened to her.”

“Sheila, it seems that you are arguing both sides of this coin. You are saying she can’t love anyone because of her early life, but now you are saying that she doesn’t remember it. Which is it?”

“You just don’t understand what it was like to parent Willow.

“Maybe I don’t, tell me about it?”

“She’d get so out of control, so upset and then she’d be so calm. It was weird. It was like there was two different kids. I could handle the calm kid, but the out of control was hard. You know how control has always been important to me. And the food, she wanted to keep food in her room. Food doesn’t belong in bedrooms; it belongs in the kitchen.”

“You know that she felt like she had to keep food in her room in case you locked her in there and she got hungry.”

“We never locked her in there very long. The therapist said that it was a good idea, that it would help her get some self-control.”

“Didn’t you ever think that it was terrifying for a kid to be locked in a room?”

“She never seemed terrified, it seemed that she didn’t really care.”

“Sheila, she cared. She has told me about the sheer terror that she felt, the lack of control, the worries that something would happen, and she’d be trapped. Also, why did you make such a big deal about food. I don’t remember Willow every seeming to be even chunky. She was always thin. Why did you get into power struggles with her over it.”

“Honestly, I don’t know. It just seemed that she was being defiant. I set the rules, she broke them. It seemed like she didn’t care. It seemed like she enjoyed making me mad. Being a parent was nothing like I expected it to be. It was like she enjoyed making me feel powerless. I think that is why she ran here. To make us feel powerless.”

“Sheila, I feel like you don’t even know who Willow is. And you are getting really close to never getting to know her. She is stubborn, that part of you has rubbed off. She doesn’t think she can ever be good enough for you, and she’s tired of trying. She knows that you value her intelligence, but do you value her as a person.”

Tara could tell that Sheila was getting flustered. “Joyce, you just don’t understand. You just know what Willow has told you. You can’t believe everything she says. She often doesn’t tell the truth.”

“What do you think Willow has told me that is not the truth? Did you lock her in a room?”

“Yes, but we were told to.”

“Did you punish her for taking food? Label it as stealing?”

“Yes, but it was a rule. Children need rules.”

“Children need to know that they are going to be taken care of, that they won’t be hungry. Did you force her to wear dresses?”

“She was a girl.”

“She is a girl, but girls can wear whatever they want. Willow wanted to wear shirts and jeans. It’s like if I told you that you had to start wearing long flowing skirts instead of the suits you like to wear.”

“That would be different. “

“No, Sheila that wouldn’t be different. You need to accept Willow for who she is?”

“I don’t have to accept her.”

“You are right, you don’t, but if you don’t, you will lose her. Maybe it is because of her past, maybe it is just part of her personality, but she has been fine not having contact with you. She has worked really hard to make sure that she is not dependent on you and Ira. She got herself a scholarship, she earned herself a fellowship. She is trying to figure out ways be totally independent of you. She will divorce herself from you, and you will be losing out at knowing a really fine young woman.”

“Isn’t it too late? She seemed to be emphasizing that she doesn’t need us, that you and that girl are all she needs.”

“Sheila, ‘that girl’s’ name is Tara, and she is the most important person to your daughter. If you refused to acknowledge and legitimize her relationship, she’ll cut you off.”

“I don’t want to legitimize it. I don’t want her to be gay.”

“Oh well, I don’t want you to be self-righteous, but you are.”

“Joyce, we used to be such good friends, what has happened to you?”

“I guess that I have started to see you through Willow’s eyes, and I don’t like what I see. Why did you lie to me about where Willow was? Why did you tell me she was in Boston?”

“I didn’t want to admit that she’d left; that I didn’t know where she was. I knew that you’d be furious.”

“You are right. I love Willow. I’d have been furious if you admitted that you didn’t know. But most likely, I would have told you if you’d sounded concerned. But you didn’t so, I didn’t.”

“You’ve really sided with Willow haven’t you. Our friendship will never be the same.”

“You are probably right Sheila. I can’t accept some of the things you did to Willow. I especially am upset that you didn’t do anything about that Carly woman.”

“We believed that Willow was lying.”

“Why would she have lied?”

“I don’t know. We thought it was her imagination.”

“Why would a twelve year-old have that kind of imagination.”

“She was precocious”

“Sheila. You’ve got to take a hard look at yourself. What is your plan. Tomorrow is Willow’s graduation. You took over her high school graduation, I will not let you take over her college one. It is her day. It is not about you. Are you going to be able to handle it? Or should you and Ira bow out like you usually do.

“We are very busy academics. Both of us are on the lecture circuit. I had to rearrange a symposium to be here.”

“So honestly, when were you planning to leave?”

“Right after lunch.”

“Ok, please tell Willow that, so she will know.”

“It’s ok. Sheila, I’ll tell her.” Commented Tara poking her head into the room.

“Tara, how long have you been listening?” asked Joyce.

“Long enough. I think I understand you better Dr. Rosenberg. One thing is not true that Joyce said, it has not been easy for Willow to cut the ties with you. I can tell that she wants to have a relationship with you. She wants to be loved by you. But Joyce is right, she only wants these things if you accept her for who she is. Goodnight” Tara left the kitchen.

Tara walked back to the apartment. Listening to this conversation was even more enlightening than the first. I am guessing that Ira already went upstairs. I am sure that he would have added his two cents if he was there. Ok, I need to put this stuff on hold. Willow needs to go to sleep.

Willow was still in the bathroom. Tara could smell the lavender essence. She sat back down and tried to read her book. This is intense. I sort of thought that sometimes Willow was overstating her mother’s dominance and her father’s passivity. But she was right on target. I am so grateful for having a mother that loved me unconditionally. Sure, I only had her for 8 years, but it was a great eight years. I guess this is one of the biggest differences between Willow and me. I know what it is to feel loved and accepted. It’s relatively new to Willow.

Atlantic Antics Meeting Expectations
Learning to Laugh What I Discovered at Band Camp

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Dibs again! :whip

Grrr, that conversation between Sheila and Joyce made me hate Sheila even more. :fit She really seems to have no clue what a bad mother she was and is to Willow. She only blames Willow for the lack of love in their relationship ("Willow can't love anyone", etc.). News flash Sheila, if a control freak constantly tries to bend a traumatized child to act like a well-trained dog or a perfect doll, it can't be a loving relationship!
I'm proud of Joyce for standing up for Willow against Sheila and making perfectly clear that her relationship with Willow is far more important to her than the old "friendship" with Sheila.

I am so grateful for having a mother that loved me unconditionally. Sure, I only had her for 8 years, but it was a great eight years. I guess this is one of the biggest differences between Willow and me. I know what it is to feel loved and accepted. It’s relatively new to Willow.

This is an essential realization for Tara that could be crucial for the relationship of our two girls.

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Wills redemption: Thanks for the Dibs and the feedback. I don't like to be repetitious, but your feedback makes me want to keep posting. I agree that Tara's realization of the unconditional love from herself and Joyce is a new experience for Willow and she is still very cautious.

Title: Meeting Expectations
Author: TaranWillow4Ever
Rating: PG-R
Disclaimer: Josh owns all of the characters, I just imagine other lives for them.
Spoilers: None
Feedback: Please
Thoughts in italics.

Note: This story contains elements of abuse - physical and emotional, that are either eluded to if not outright described. If anything of this sort bothers you, then please do not read this story. This chapter does have a paragraph that might be triggering. Warnings are present.

The S HITS THE FAN (continued)

Willow had run the bath, added the salts and had just lowered herself in, when she heard her girlfriend say, “Sweetie, I forgot my purse. I am just going to run to Joyce’s and grab it. Ok? I’ll be back quickly. You ok?”

“I am fine. Enjoying this relaxing bath salt. Maybe you can help me hydrate when I am finished?” Willow said from the bathroom. I’m not sure that she should go back to that zoo. I hope that she can do it quickly and unobtrusively.

Willow focused on the sensations she was experiencing. The light in the bathroom was just what was coming from a small window and the crack under the door. She could hear the sounds of spring outside, but otherwise it was quiet. The smell of the lavender was soothing and calming. She could still taste the toothpaste that she had used to wash away the taste of bile that she had come up after her last tirade. It tasted fresh and minty. Willow found herself thinking about toothpaste commercials. [i] stay present, stay here Rosenberg.
She admonished herself. Feeling. This was always the hardest. It involved Willow allowing her body to communicate with the brain translating, not leading. The water felt warm and soft. She could feel her muscles letting go of their tension; her body melting into the water. The tension dissipating into the warm liquid. However, a different tension became more noticeable. The line between sensuality and sexuality being blurred. Why do I become so aware of my arousal and yearning when I am in the bath. I feel wanton. I feel like I am doing something wrong. Willow could feel the tension beginning to return based on her critical thoughts. I am not doing anything wrong. I am an adult. I am a sexual being; I am a sensual being. It is ok, it is normal. This is what I am supposed to be doing to try to get more comfortable with my body.

Willow looked down at herself. Her pert breasts with what she knew were rose colored nipples. A flat belly with a triangle of red hair at the apex of two somewhat long legs. long legs, Tara legs, Tara ‘s body. Tara’s breasts. an urge began to form, and she realized that she wanted to share herself with Tara, she wanted Tara to be in the bath, she wanted to be with Tara totally. I think I am ready, but not today. Not with my parents in the house next door. Not with the stress of graduation and a party, the inevitable tension that will occur tomorrow when I interact with my parents. Soon... Ok, focus, back to the present, back to my sensation, back to calming down and getting ready for bed.

Willow closed her eyes, relaxed into the water and continued to take inventory of the sensations. She didn’t know how long she had been doing so, when she heard the front door open. was that long or short? How long have I been in here? Well, Tara’s back, I feel mellow. Guess it is time to get out. Willow unplugged the bathtub, stood up, wrapped her hair in a towel, dried off and put on the tank top and shorts that she had chosen for sleep attire. She exited the bathroom and saw her girlfriend sitting on the couch, looking at a book. She could tell the difference between when Tara was looking at a book and when she was reading.

“Well, that hit the spot. You know, I am pretty sure that bathtub is big enough for two,” Willow purred. '"We should try it out sometime.”

Tara gulped, “Yes, that would be nice.”

Willow looked at Tara with love in her expression and said, “I feel a lot more mellow. You sure you didn’t put some sort of relaxing spell in my bath salts?”

“No spell, not a witch. A Wiccan, but to my knowledge, no powers, just love.”

“A very powerful love. Thanks for sticking by me today. It made it a lot easier. I felt like she didn’t get my goat as much as she has before.”

“I am guessing you are maturing, and no longer tethered to them, so you feel more powerful. You don’t need them. I am guessing you might have to decide how much you want them. But that doesn’t have to be decided today.” Tara stood up and walked to the bedroom; a mellow Willow following close behind.

Willow quickly fell asleep and for the first time in weeks. She slept until the alarm went off. She had to be at the school earlier than the rest, so exited the bed placing her pillows against the sleeping Tara so she’d not feel her absence so acutely. She re-set the alarm, grabbed the clothes that she had was going to wear under her gown, and exited the room. She changed into her clothes in the bathroom and went to the place that she usually set down her backpack/purse.”

Shit, it is not here. I must have left my bag at Joyce’s too. But it must not have been the same place that Tara did, or she would have grabbed it for me. Well, I guess I have to go over to Joyce’s. Maybe they will all be asleep.

Willow quietly exited the apartment and went into the side door to Joyce’s kitchen. Luck was partially with her because only her father was there. He was drinking a cup of coffee and reading Joyce’s newspaper.

“Hey kiddo, did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, pretty good. You? That bed that Joyce bought me is really comfortable isn’t it.”

“You sleep in it?” asked her father.

Willow blushed, “Yeah, Dad. I do.”

Her father shrugged, “Oh, ok. I figured that most of your time was spent at Tara’s.”

“No, I spend time here too.”

“Good to know. Do you come into Joyce’s in the morning often?”

“Um… sometimes…” Why is he so interested in my daily rituals? “I left my bag here, and I need my wallet because it has my bus card in it. I’ve got to be at the auditorium early.” Willow went into the front hallway and saw where she had dropped her bag. I must have been discombobulated; I never leave it here.

“I could drive you to school. You don’t need to take the bus. That would even save time, maybe we could grab a quick breakfast. Remember when we used to do that on the weekends when your mom would sleep in.”

Willow weighed the pros and cons of accepting the proposal. It means taking the chance of being alone with him, who knows what he is going to say. But he’s usually not the one who triggers me. We usually are ok, especially when we are not with mom. “Ok.”

Willow waited as Ira went upstairs and got his wallet and keys. They walked to the car. Willow suggested a small diner that she didn’t figure would be too busy this morning. Even though it was Mother’s Day and graduation. They drove there in silence and Willow discovered that she was right. It was busier than usual, but they’d been able to get a table fairly quickly and Willow still had plenty of time before she was expected at school.

Ira and Willow made small talk about the weather. He asked her questions about school and talked about his work. They were in the middle of eating when Ira said, “I like Tara. She seems sweet.”

“Yeah, she is.” Ok what is he going to say next. Other shoe, when is it going to fall.

“I can see what you see in her. She is nice, and it is clear that she cares a lot about you and Joyce, and she’s pretty easy on the eyes,” he smiled.

“DAD!” said Willow louder than she expected. Some of the other patrons stopped and looked at them. My father just made a comment about my girlfriend being hot. Ok, he’s a guy and old guy, but I guess I can’t argue with him. She is pretty on the eyes. She brought her voice down, blushed and said, “Yes, she is.”

“I’m glad you found someone who makes you happy. Unlike what your mother said, which you know she didn’t mean, your happiness is very important to us.

“Honestly Dad, I think that she does mean it on some level. You know it is Sheila’s way or the highway. If she’d not happy with what is going on, she doesn’t care if we are happy.”

“It’s not that she doesn’t care Wil. She just has strong opinions and beliefs and struggles when those are challenged.”

“You always stick up for her,” commented Willow.

“You know those feelings you have toward Tara, I have them toward your mother. Do you tend to stick up for Tara?”

Eww, I don’t want to think about my father having those feelings toward my mother “Yeah, but Tara doesn’t say mean things to people, Tara doesn’t try to micromanage me or anyone else.”

“Everything that your mother does, she believes is in your or our best interest. As I said before, strong beliefs. You are not aware of all the times I intervened on your behalf, but we were told over and over again that it was essential that we present a united front. I worked hard to back your mom up. We were supposed to be a unit.”

“Yeah, you were a unit. I always felt excluded, alone. Why did you always listen to ‘them’, some of ‘them’ didn’t know what the hell they were talking about.”

“All I can say is that we didn’t know what to do. “They” as you call them were the supposed experts. There are all these books about What to Expect when You are Expecting, but nothing about what to expect when you adopt a precocious toddler, who doesn’t talk, but clearly understands everything that is going on. How do you deal with the temper tantrums when they last for hours and there is no comforting the child. You know that neither your mother nor I are high in ‘expressed emotion’, while it seemed that you had periods where all you could do was express emotions.”

“Was I really that bad. I don’t remember being that bad.”

“You weren’t bad. You seemed unhappy and that there was nothing we could do about it. We…I’ve got to start talking for myself…I felt powerless. This was supposedly her area of expertise, so I followed along. I regret this now. I am really sorry Willow, and I hope you can forgive me. I really enjoyed, enjoy being a dad. I think you are a really cool kid. I don’t think I told you it often enough. It just seemed that you would be uncomfortable when I praised you, so I didn’t do it.”

“I needed it.” Willow looked down at her food, feeling like she was going to cry.

“I know now, and I’ll try to do better. Please don’t give up on us…me… I love you, and while I am baring my soul, I am sorry that I didn’t listen to my spider sense. I knew something was funky with that coach, I talked to the head of the traveling team, I said that it was weird that she was always bunking with you. But they just kept saying that because you were the youngest, they didn’t want the older kids influencing you, exposing you to stuff you were not old enough to know.”

“Little did they know… I really hope that she didn’t do anything to anyone else.”

“You were so sick when all the investigations were going on Willow. We couldn’t put you through it. I don’t think your mother could stand to believe what you were telling us, so it was easier to convince herself that you were lying. We got her fired from your team, but you were too sick to play. We couldn’t put you through the things that would have had to happen to get her charged. The league promised that they would make sure that she never coached people under the age of 18. That was the best we could do.”

“So, you sort of believed me?”

“As time went by, and I saw all of the pain you were in, the eating disorder, the anger, the rage. You were never the same after it, so I think I knew in my heart that you were telling the truth. I just didn’t want to admit that I’d let something like that happen to my kid. Denial was easier.”

“Denial is not just a river in Egypt.”

“Nope. Kiddo, it’s not. Are we better?”

“We never were that bad…It’s just that the two of you have always been a unit, I always felt like the “other”.

“I am sorry we made you feel that way. What time do you have to be at the school?” Ira looked at his watch.


“We better get the check, so you won’t be late. Do you know where we should sit?”

Willow’s eyes went wide, “Shit, there are only two tickets for the ‘family section’.”

“Don’t worry sweetheart, Joyce and your Mom can have those two tickets. Tara and I will sit among the general audience. I promise not to tell her any embarrassing stories about you or ask too personal of questions. I would say that your mom and Tara could have the tickets, but I can’t promise what she’d say to her. So, I think that I am the safer one.”

“That is true, that is true,” said Willow smiling.

Atlantic Antics Meeting Expectations
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:whip Dibs again (although not 100% because CopperAndGold kind of replied to your story on her own story-page).

I'm glad that Willow had that conversation with Ira and that he apologized for his neglective behaviour in the past and told her that he is proud of her. I have hope that those two might be able to form a real father-daughter-bond in the future.

“You were so sick when all the investigations were going on Willow. We couldn’t put you through it. I don’t think your mother could stand to believe what you were telling us, so it was easier to convince herself that you were lying. We got her fired from your team, but you were too sick to play. We couldn’t put you through the things that would have had to happen to get her charged. The league promised that they would make sure that she never coached people under the age of 18. That was the best we could do.”

I was glad to read this, I was afraid that the coach faced no consequences for her crimes against Willow and still had the chances to molest other children.

Now I'm looking forward to the graduation-ceremony and the party. Joyce and Giles will meet there, maybe there will be some sparks between them... :flirt

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Haven't logged in for a few weeks so it was fantastic to see several new postings. So much emotion, so much pain but so much love too. It feels like everything is coming together. Thanks for this amazing story and I'm so pleased to hear that the ending is written. This has been one of my favourite stories on the kitten board, standing out for it's epicness and complexity. It feels like an old friend. Thanks for writing and sharing.

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I started reading your fic and I have to be honest, it's so raw and real - the characters I love are going through so much, especially Willow... I have a hard time sitting down and reading for a long time. It makes me really sad, but I love the theme and what you did with the characters. Their initial personalities we met in the show (some more on the periphery like Willow's parents) were spot on, and fit well with your story's setting. I'm enjoying reading it, although it is taking me a while... need many breaks.
My next story is going to be pretty fluffy, so maybe it will be an easier read.

Thanks for reading it. I forget sometimes that my story is intense. I was not hinting for feedback, I just had a strong urge to not appear stalkerish.

But, seriously - stop making me notice my loneliness.
I am sorry that I am triggering the loneliness.

I've been hinting at stuff, here and there - is that type of info drip enough? Am I making the same mistake as the show? I require input please!

I think the hints and drip are sufficient. I don’t think you are making the same mistake as the show. I don’t feel that Tara and her demon were really fleshed out. In the scheme of things, she was still somewhat of a peripheral character at the time of Family. IMHO. Getting to hear some of her thoughts, might be nice. I kinda believe the same as genuinemoldedplastic.

I feel that deep down she doesn't believe it's true either and that's why it's easier for her to repress it. In 'Family', she says to her dad something like "It doesn't feel evil, it feels good", and that jumps out to me. We all know that Tara is very perceptive, and although there is an internal conflict with what she was brought up to believe, I think she can sense deep down that there is no evil in her.

Willsredemption: You got the dibs. But thanks for referring me back to CopperAndGold so I could comment. I can’t promise much details of the graduation, and right now I haven’t really detailed the party. I was being lazy and just had the girls recount their favorite parts. I wrote a little piece of the party just for you. :blush

Northernlass: Thanks so much for the feedback. As I’ve been editing the whole story, I realize that it is pretty long, and we won’t mention the fact that I am still writing the same story for almost 10 years. As I’ve mentioned too, finishing it is bittersweet. Hopefully you will like my new stories as well. I want to write and this board gives me an outlet. I believe that there are a good number of people who are reading these stories. The count has gone up over 700 since I started writing again. Even if I account for some people reading in dribbles, it can't just be 3 or 4 people reading the story.

To Everyone, I have been re-reading stories, and I realize that I was REALLY bad at responding to feedback over the course of the last (gulp) ten years. Shyness and low self-esteem made me feel inept at giving or responding to feedback. I didn’t really know how to respond; so I didn’t. To everyone who I did not respond to. I am VERY SORRY and am trying to make up for it now.

For the first time ever, I think I need to say: Update Following :geek

Atlantic Antics Meeting Expectations
Learning to Laugh What I Discovered at Band Camp

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Meeting Expectations
Rating: PG-R
Spoilers: None. Josh owns all the characters, I just imagine different lives for them

Chapter 13
Fanning Oneself

Tara woke up the buzzing of the alarm. She’d had trouble going to sleep, all of the things that she had heard echoing through her head. However, once she began focusing on her soft, serene girlfriend and allowed the lavender to work its magic, she’d drifted off to sleep, and had pleasant dreams about her love. I love Willow so much. It is time for me to show her how much

Tara and Joyce had planned to do a lot of the party prep the night before the graduation. However, Sheila and Ira’s arrival had interfered with this plan. Tara figured that Joyce would still need some help, so she decided to go to the kitchen and do some of prep work. Tara quickly got up, put on some clothes, and went to Joyce’s kitchen. When she entered, she was greeted by Willow’s mother who was seated at the table drinking a cup of coffee.

“Do you just walk into Joyce’s house whenever you want?” asked Sheila.

“Sheila, this is her house too. Why must you be so abrasive?” asked Joyce while entering the kitchen. “I think we’ve got most of the stuff ready for the party. We need to cut up the fruit and make a salad. We can put out the chips and dip as soon as we get home.”

“I’ll tackle the fruit,” volunteered Tara.

“So, the salad is mine,” said Joyce.

“What time is the graduation ceremony?” asked Sheila.

“Noon,” answered Ira entering the side door into the kitchen.

“Where did you go Ira? You didn’t even leave a note?” inquired Sheila.

“I took Willow out to breakfast and then dropped her off at the auditorium. She was going to take the bus, but I figured it was a perfect opportunity to have some 1:1 time with her. It was good.”

Ira poured herself another cup of coffee and sat down next to Sheila.

“Willow realized while we were eating, that she only has two ‘good’ tickets for the graduation. We decided that Joyce and you”, he turned to Sheila, “should have them, and Tara and I will sit in the nosebleed section. Ok?” He turned to Tara.

“S…s…sure.” I guess if I had to chose one of them, I’d chose Ira or Joyce, as long as it’s not Sheila. I think I will try to go a long time without ever having to be alone with her. .

“Should we take one car or two?” asked Ira. “When is the party supposed to start?”

“Three-thirty. We weren’t sure how long the graduation was going to go. But the graduate school has their ceremony at 3:30, so we figured the undergraduates would have to be done by then,” stated Joyce. “I guess we could all drive together. Can three fit comfortably in your car Ira? It is a tight fit in mine.”

“I am sure that you can all fit. So, when do we need to leave?”

“Probably in about 30 minutes.”

“Ok, I am going to take a quick shower. Will everyone be ready in 30?” said Ira.

Tara was just finishing the fruit salad. “I’ve got to go shower too. I will be outside in 30.”

“Me too,” responded Joyce.

“Are these seats ok?” asked Ira pointing to two unoccupied aisle seats.

“T…t…they are f…f…fine,” stuttered Tara. Tara hadn’t talked much on the ride to the university. Sheila, Joyce and Ira kept the conversation going about their own graduations. Tara did not have anything to add to the conversation, so she stayed quiet and looked out the window.

Ira sat down and began looking at the graduates on the floor of the auditorium. “There are a lot of graduates. Who knew that the Science and Engineering programs would graduate so many people every year. I can’t even see Willow with her cap on. There are a few redheads down there, but none that are clearly Willow.”

“Well, you gotta figure that she is about 2/3rds of the way back because they always do those things alphabetically. If it helps, she has a bright gold rope around her neck. She graduated Summa Cum Laude.”

“Of course, my daughter doesn’t every do anything half-way. She has always been so bright. Sheila always tries to take some of the responsibility for Willow’s intelligence. But I don’t think that we had much to do with it. I could tell she was brilliant the first time I saw her. Her eyes communicated a profound innate cognitive ability. I fell in love with her the moment I met her. Those green eyes met mine and I was hooked.”

“The same thing happened to me,” said Tara reflexively. Shit, did I just say that out loud? Tara blushed.

Ira recognizing that the girl hadn't meant to make that declaration commented, “It is clear that you love my daughter and my daughter loves you.

“Yes sir, I love her very much.”

“Where did you get such excellent manners.”

Tara blushed again, “My parents, I guess. They both were very clear that it was yes or no ma’am or sir. My father insisted on being called sir all the time. Let me just say that not saying it was not an option.”

“I am guessing that you’ve had a bit of a rough life.”

“No rougher than others, sir.”

“Do you see your parents often? Have they met Willow?”

“No sir, my mother died when I was eight and my father actually died about a month and a half ago. I hadn’t seen him for a while before he died.”

“Oh, sorry for your loss.”

What the hell do I say. I am not going to go into THAT right now. Thanks, my dad and I were having our problems, but I am sad that he died.”

There was a pregnant pause.

“You seem to be a good influence on Willow. She is much calmer and definitely happier than I have ever seen her in years, actually ever.”

“Thanks sir.”

“You know Tara, we really do love Willow. We really tried to do our best. It just seems that it wasn’t good enough. I am trying to stop referring to my wife and I in the plural. It seems that how I interacted with her wasn’t what she wanted or needed. I always wanted her to be happy and healthy. I wanted her to become the best person that she could be.”

“She is a really good person you know sir. She is incredibly considerate, she’s smart, she’s caring.”

“I know Tara. She has grown up to be a beautiful young woman. I just feel like I missed a lot of that growth.”

“That must be hard for you.”

I have never seen her look at anyone the way she looks at you. It’s hard when you have to realize that your child loves someone else more than she loves you.”

What the hell am I supposed to say, maybe Sheila and her snarky comments would have been easier to deal with. “I can imagine.”

“My wife loves her too Tara, she just sometimes has an odd way of showing it. She had her beliefs on how children should be raised. But it seemed that a lot of her beliefs just didn’t work for Willow. If I could do it all over again, I would make different decisions. I definitely would have listened to my gut more and been less dependent on what the “experts” suggested. Ira paused.

“It seems like you were trying to get her help”, commented Tara.

Ira began speaking again, “Willow and her mother are a lot alike. They know what they think is right and it is really hard to convince them otherwise. There were many times that it amazed me that she wasn’t our biological child. She was so like Sheila. I thought that some of the difficulties between the two of them was because they were alike or that they were just normal mother daughter issues. I wish that Willow had told me what was going on with her, how she was feeling.”

“She still has trouble doing that sir. Feelings are hard for her to express. There is this theory called DBT. In this theory, there are three types of ‘minds’” rational mind, which is logic, knowledge, and fact based, emotional mind which is as it sounds thinking with your emotions rather than your rational brain and wise mind, which is a balance of the two. Willow prefers to stay in rational mind as much as she can. When she gets into her emotional mind, she feels out of control, and she fights it hard. I am hoping that she will eventually learn to accept her feelings and develop a balance between the two, wise mind. It’s also hard to remember that she is only 18.”

“You sound very mature and knowledgeable.”

“I had to grow up fast, and I’ve had a lot of therapy sir. I don’t usually fight my therapists. I try to learn from them.”

“Are you implying that Willow fights her therapists?”

“That would be something that you would have to ask her, sir.”

“I don’t think that she ever had a therapist that she liked or trusted while she was living with us. They’d always tell us that she wouldn’t talk.. I think that is why several of them told us that she couldn’t attach to anyone. Maybe some of them got mad at her and suggested punitive things. I wish I had seen this clearly when she was younger. I wish that I’d just hung out with her more. We’d sometimes have so much fun going on walks and looking at nature. I hope that Willow remembers some of these good memories. It seems that she remembers so much of the bad stuff. We’re going to try to do better. I hope you put in a good word for keeping in touch with us. I don’t want to lose her. She’s my daughter. She will always be my little girl. “

What do I say to that. “Ok.”

The ceremony began and they listened through the short commencement address and all of the letters of the alphabet.”

“I hope Sheila remembers to take a picture”, commented Ira.

“Joyce will if she doesn’t. Plus, I am sure that there is some professional photographer who is taking pictures as well. They will try to charge you through the nose, but it will be a good picture.”

They listened until they heard, “Willow Rosenberg, Summa Cum Laude, Physical Chemistry and Mathematics.”

“That’s our girl.”

Tara busied herself in the kitchen. Despite it being a small gathering, Tara still did not feel like she fit into the graduation. Every moment that she was in the vicinity of Sheila, she prepared for some sort of snarky comment either about her lack of education or unsolicited opinions about Willow’s behavior. She was grabbing extra crackers to add to the cheese board, when a pair of arms surrounded her.

“Hey cutie. Why are you hiding in the kitchen?”

“I’m not hiding, I am just making sure that the food is out and everyone is able to get as much as they need. The crackers were running low.”

“Willow looked at the plate of crackers and saw that there were still plenty.”

“Yes, I am sure that we needed another 100 crackers, it is not like there are any other carbs.” Willow pointed to the table that was laden with food.

“You know that mingling is not my favorite activity.”

“I am not really asking you to mingle, but I want you to meet some of my co-workers. Jody and Nate want to see you too. They are over on the back porch. Hopefully not making out, my mother may have an aneurism.”

Willow took Tara by the hand and led her out into the yard. Tara could feel the death rays emanating off Sheila who was staring at their clasped hands.

It seemed that Willow was trying to steer clear of her mother. They walked over to a group of young men who were sitting on a blanket on the grass. “Guys, this is my girlfriend, Tara. Tara this is Jose, Shawn, Jake and Lewis.”

All four jumped up and shook her hand, introducing themselves and commenting that they were glad to finally meet her. Tara noted that all of these comments were addressed to her breasts. Hey guys, my eyes are up here, and I’ve got a pretty jealous and protective girlfriend right here. Tara wasn’t sure if Willow had noticed, but she Willow put her arm around protectively around her waist.

Sheila walked up to them, and Tara heard her whisper, “Must you flaunt yourself? You haven’t introduced me to your professor.”

Tara could tell that her girlfriend was tempted to engage in more PDA, but Tara looked at her, and Willow let go of her waist, and walked with her mother over to where Giles and Joyce were deep in conversation.

She could hear Willow introducing her mother to the professor and see that Willow was standing idly by as her mother pontificated about herself to Dr. Giles. Tara wasn’t sure if she imagined it, but it seemed that both Dr. Giles and Joyce rolled their eyes.

Tara walked over to where Jody and Nate were sitting and eating. “Hey, glad you could come. How are you doing? Willow told me that you are taking a few classes this summer?”

“Yeah, neither of us are really welcome at home, so we are trying to make the best of it and get ahead,” commented Jody.

“It can be really hard to keep up with my classes during the season. I would think that the schools would understand that college athletes are actually in college. The schedule is crazy and I feel like I miss a lot of classes. I am going to take some of my harder classes, now and a lighter load in the fall. “

“That makes sense,” commented Tara.

Tara could see that Willow was able to slowly remove herself from the conversation between her mother and Dr. Giles Ira was impatiently waiting as well for the conversation to end. She saw Willow's father whisper in her ear, and Willow walked over to where they was sitting.

“My dad wants to get going, but my mom is having her favorite conversations, about herself of course. I am supposed to come get you and we are all supposed to stare at her until she gets the hint that it is time to wrap up the conversation.”

“Can I pass?”

“Please, she’s nicer when you are around. I don’t want any snarky comments as her last words before she leaves.” Willow asked using her most plaintive voice.

“Seriously, she’s been being nice?”

“Yup. Come on.” Willow took her by the hand. “We’ll be right back in a few, ok?” she said to Jody and Chris.

“Good luck, they both said as the two girls walked toward Ira.

Tara and Willow stood in Sheila’s eye range, she had her usual knee jerk reaction to Willow holding her hand.

“Well, it was nice to meet you Dr. Giles. I am sure we will see you again as Willow works with you.”

“Yes, ma’am. You have a very gifted daughter.”

“We know,” responded Joyce.

“Thank you,” added Ira. “We think so too. Come on Sheila, we’ve got to get on the road. Willow and Tara want to walk us to the car.”

want? This family is something. Tara smiled and followed Ira and Sheila to their car.

“Well, girls it was nice seeing you. Hopefully you can come to visit us sometime soon.” Said Ira, giving both of them a hug.

“Yes, Willow , we’d love if you’d come to visit,” remarked Sheila. Sheila gave a quick stiff hug to Willow and got in the car.

“Sure, Mom, see you soon, Dad drive carefully. Call and leave a message at Joyce’s when you get home.”

Willow closed the door and waited until Ira backed out of the driveway. “She is a piece of work. But it could have been worse.”

“Yes, sweetie, it could have.” Tara kissed her on the forehead.

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Dibs I guess! Sheila is just dreadful isn't she? I'm glad she didn't ruin the graduation or party but I hate how snide she is to Tara. I also loved that you mentioned DBT. My partner works in a DBT home for adolescents so I understood your explanation about the three minds,and think this was a really good illustration of how Willow processes things. Looking forward to the next update.

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My next story is going to be pretty fluffy, so maybe it will be an easier read.

Thanks for reading it. I forget sometimes that my story is intense. I was not hinting for feedback, I just had a strong urge to not appear stalkerish.

I'm looking forward to reading it! I talked about this fic on mine because I'm not up to date with your updates, still quite early on in the fic - I didn't want to take over your thread with old feedback thus confusing your regular readers. Like I said, I require many breaks reading so I'm behind by a bit.

As for the feedback you had concerning the chronicles and Tara's demon, I'll be replying to you on my end along with genuinemoldedplastic! Please, keep writing! I'm really enjoying the story :grin


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I'm glad that Sheila is gone. It'll be probably better for Willow if she doesn't see her in the next years, at least as long as Sheila doesn't accept her relationship with Tara.
I liked that Ira spoke so openly with Tara. Although it felt kind of awkward for her, it showed he is aware of the fact that Willow and Tara come as a "package deal", that Tara will remain the most important person in Willow's life.

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Thanks for commenting, I look forward to reading your comments. Feel free to PM me if you want about your thoughts of earlier chapters. I love feedback.


I also loved that you mentioned DBT. My partner works in a DBT home for adolescents so I understood your explanation about the three minds, and think this was a really good illustration of how Willow processes things.

Thanks. I am working on getting a better understanding of DBT. Our DBT therapist has left and I was picked to take over. I want to show that Tara has really internalized a lot of her therapy and it just seemed to be such a great example of the different DBT minds. I feel like Tara does a good job being in Wise Mind. Willow, not so much. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Will's redemption

I liked that Ira spoke so openly with Tara. Although it felt kind of awkward for her, it showed he is aware of the fact that Willow and Tara come as a "package deal", that Tara will remain the most important person in Willow's life.

I guess I have more compassion for Ira. I am not sure why I have made Sheila into such a horrid person. But as I said before. Her comments just roll off my fingers. I don't think I am working out any issues... :blush Thanks for reading. This story is almost over...

Fanning oneself (continued)


“That was a nice party”, said Willow peeling off her “party clothes” and getting into her chosen uniform, boxers and a tank top. “Yeah, I think it was just the right amount of people. My parents stayed the perfect amount of time. It didn’t feel like they were running away from the party, but it didn’t seem that they overstayed their welcome. I was glad that Professor Giles and you got to meet. He was talking to Joyce a lot too. I wonder if my idea will come to fruition, maybe they will go on a date. “

Willow looked over at her girlfriend who had already gotten undressed and was laying on the bed in a similar get up to her own. [/i] MMM she does fill out that tank top really well. [/i] This made Willow think about the reaction of some of the male students on her team had toward Tara. It had taken all of her control to tell them to stop ogling her girlfriend.

“What are you thinking about?”

“Honestly? Why do you ask.” just got caught ogling my girlfriend

“I don’t know, you just have an interesting look on your face.”

“Well, at first I was thinking that you sure do fill out that tank top nicely, that led to my feelings about some of the guys let’s say not looking at your eyes, and finally to the fact that my father stated that you were pretty. Lots of people find it pleasurable to look at you.”

Tara blushed. “Why did I ask? I should have looked at your gaze and knew that you were looking at ‘the girls’.” She paused, “Your father said that it was pleasurable to look at me?”

“It wasn’t in an icky way, it was nice. Let me remember what he said.” Willow tried to go back to the conversation. “He said something along the lines of you were not hard to look at. Basically, that he could see why I was attracted to you; you are pretty.”

“Can I ask why this was a topic of conversation, and when?”

Willow walked over to the bed and lay her head on Tara’s lap. The object of her attention, right above her. Tara started playing with Willow’s hair. “When we went out to breakfast. He was just trying to tell me that he was glad I was happy, and I think that he ‘approved’ of you. It seemed that some of the stuff that I said the night before got to him. He had a lot to say, and I’ve got to admit that I was happy to hear it. I sort of feel like a ten pound weight got off my shoulders. I had never understood when someone said that it was a ‘load’ off their shoulder. Now I think I do.”

“You have been pretty calm today. I’m glad that you got to talk to your Dad. I think that he wanted to talk to both of us, that is why he let Joyce have the good ticket, and he sat with me.”

“What did he say to you? “

“Um… kinda the same. He wanted to make sure that I knew that he was happy that you were happy. I think he also wanted to put in a good word for himself and your mom. Have me encourage you not to just divorce them.”

“I was at the messy divorce stage last night. Tonight, we are still estranged, but I think that we’ll get back together. I feel like I understand my dad better. They mentioned coming to visit for Rosh Hashana. I’ll think about it.”

“I didn’t tell you last night, but I listened to a conversation between Joyce and your mom. It was sort of enlightening.”

“Really, do I want to hear about it? Do you want to tell me about it?” Willow looked up at Tara who was still gently messing with Willow’s hair.

“Your mom admitted that she felt inadequate. She seemed to think that a lot of your behaviors were volitional. Again, how did she get a Ph.D. in Psychology? She said that you never went to her for comfort, that you didn’t seem to need anyone or care about the consequences. It was clear that she felt powerless when you had your rages. She kept on saying to Joyce that she just didn’t understand what it was like to parent you. Joyce gave her opportunities to explain, but it didn’t seem like she could. Despite all my frustration with your mother, it seems that she was genuinely perplexed and upset. She also was sure that you understood the message of what she was saying, that the words were not important. Joyce really gave it to her. Telling her that you’re quick comebacks hid the fact that her words hurt.”
“My dad was kind of trying to give me the same message. He talked about how he sided with my mother to create a united front; but didn’t mean for me to feel excluded. He also made me realize that he loves my mother as much as I love you. I guess I never really thought that they loved each other like that. Little Ewwie to think about, but I guess I know that maybe I did have a pretty good relationship to model after. He also told me something that I definitely didn’t know and was probably eight of the ten pounds of the rocks that left my shoulders. He believes and believed me about Carly. He got her removed from the team. She can’t work with anyone under 18 anymore, and they didn’t pursue charges because they didn’t want to put me through the court stuff. He thinks that my mom just can’t handle the thought that she missed it, so she’s in denial.

“That must have felt good. As awful as the court stuff was, at least I knew that people believed me; my reality was affirmed.”

“That is a good way of putting it. My reality was affirmed. I feel kind of bad that I came between my mom and Joyce.”

“Yes, Joyce is all Auntie Bear and she was not letting up. She is proud that she’s been parenting you for the last few years. I think that their relationship won’t be the same. But Joyce was clear that if your mom had admitted that you were missing, and that she was ‘beside herself’, she would have found a way to tell her you were alright. But it pissed her off when your mom lied, so she didn’t tell her.”

“Go Aunt Joyce.”

“Willow?” asked Tara


“Can I ask you a question?”

“Other than that one?”

“Yes, smarty pants.”

“Did you really want to kill yourself when you were in Boston?”

“Yeah. It was a really bad time. I was having a lot of trouble getting along with the other kids on my unit. I was angry and I didn’t think that I would ever see you again. I got myself all convinced that you’d probably move on while I was gone or that I would not be able to find you. I was sure that you would find a girlfriend or a boyfriend. I was really depressed. I wanted to escape the feelings that I was having. My usual restricting wasn’t making me feel any better, and I felt hopeless. I didn’t see my life getting any better. I guess the staff noticed, because the staff started watching me more closely. I was put on what they called a higher level of observation. I did not like all this attention, so I brightened up. Also, my doctor tried me on a new medicine. I don’t like to admit it, the medicine did help. It made it easier to challenge those pesky irrational thoughts.”

“Ah, CBT at its finest.”

“Uh huh.”

“Will can I ask you two more questions?”

“Sure, that is one.

“Did you put on your grungiest sweats and tee-shirt just to piss your mom off?”

“Two. Uh huh.”


“Passive aggressive, I guess. I want her to just hold her tongue some time. Not comment, I give her all these opportunities and she blows it”

“I think you’d miss the argument. I think that there is a part of you that likes to get your mom going.”

“Maybe. Nevertheless, I have got to say that this graduation was a lot better than the last one. No kidnapping, I’m here. They know I’m here. I am pretty sure that my mother got the message that I am gay. She also got the message from my dad and Joyce, that she better work on accepting me if she really doesn’t want to lose me.” Willow paused, “I guess I need to work on accepting her too, eh?”

“It does go both ways.

Atlantic Antics Meeting Expectations
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Thank goodness the party went off ok. It was good that Willow was able to gain some reassurance that she was believed by Ira about Carly, and that by overhearing Joyce and Sheila' s conversation, Tara was able to give Willow a little insight about Sheila feeling inadequate as a mother. Despite it totally being Sheila's fault for the rift, Tara has given Willow some food for thought about her interactions with Sheila. Can't wait for the next instalment. Thanks.

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Northernlass: Thanks for the feedback. I wanted to make it clear that it takes two to have a troublesome relationship. It is probably not fair for her to bait her mother and then be upset because her mother takes the bait. I don't know why I am so focused on Sheila being the bad guy. But it seems fairly consistent across my stories.

Well, I am sad to say, the story has come to an end. I am going to miss these characters. This is the "clean version" remaining on my decision to change it from a PG-NC17 story to a PG-R. In the next post, will be the more smutty version, for those who would like to read my attempt. On Sunday, the epilogue will be posted and Meeting Expectations will officially be done.

Fanning oneself-Continued.

Willow & Tara

“What do you want to do today?” asked Willow. Willow had fallen asleep with her head on Tara’s lap and woken up to see that Tara has ended up laying across the bed widthwise rather than lengthwise. The two of them making a large T. Willow tried to stay still until she began to feel her girlfriend awaken.

“I don’t know, sweetie. I have to admit it was nice not having to get up at the crack of dawn. I woke up, panicked a bit and then reminded myself that I had two more days off. How did we end up falling asleep like this?”

“I think I fell asleep on you, and you just went with it.”

“Can we move now.”

Willow lifted her head, and Tara moved herself to laying parallel to her girlfriend rather than perpendicular. “I’d like to spend some time outside. It is supposed to be a beautiful day, but I also thought we could give that double bath a try.”

“Hmmm…I bet that could be arranged.” is she suggesting what I think she is suggesting? Tara’s heart started to race a bit.

“I thought that maybe we could walk down to that coffee shop. Get some breakfast. Walk to the park, look at the ducks, people watch some. Stop at the diner and get some lunch, and then come home and chill.”

“Why did you ask me what I wanted to do if you already had most of the day planned.”

“You might have had a better plan.”

“You are the planner in this relationship. I just follow along.” I like you plan. It fits with my plan. Tara had been thinking about how this little vacation was a great time to ‘move their relationship along’, but how to subtly suggest it had alluded her. chill is a good word for it. Not that I think it is going to be at all chilly. I suspect it will be hot

Tara knew that she wanted them to have privacy, and Joyce had told them that she was going out after work and not to worry if she wasn’t home until late. They had both of the houses to themselves, but Tara felt more comfortable in her own apartment. Unless Willow suggested something different, she was going with her place.

“Ok, so we’ll get up soon and get going?” Willow said, practically jumping the quicker we do these things, the quicker we get home, take a bath and...if I am going to do it, I should be able to ‘say it’ in my head, make love with my girlfriend. Willow was pretty sure that Tara was moving toward the same idea.

“You seem really eager to get going?”

“It looks like it’s really nice outside.”

“Ok, beautiful, I could stay in bed with you all day, did I just say that, forward much Maclay but let’s get up and go on another Willow/Tara adventure.”

“So that was fun,” commented Tara as they walked back into the apartment. Both them had realized that adding a mocha to Willow’s already anxious/excited/hyper body had probably not been the best choice. She’d had difficulties focusing on any of the activities that she had planned. Her frenetic energy seemed to scare the ducks, and she couldn’t sit still enough to people watch. After lunch, Tara decided that they’d been social long enough, she suggested that they go home and take a bath in order for Willow to mellow out. Willow had quickly agreed, she’d been trying to come up with a good reason to go home, but her quickly running mind wouldn’t accept any of her ideas.

“Sweetie, why don’t you go into the bathroom, get everything started and I’ll join you in a few minutes. I have a couple of things that I want to do.

“Ok, don’t take too long,” replied Willow, excited to get this activity started.

Tara went into her bedroom, drew the curtains so that it was less bright in the room, lit a few scented candles and made sure that the bed was neatly turned down. When everything was as good as it could get, Tara entered the bathroom to find her girlfriend in the bath quietly waiting. She’d chosen a bubble bath, so most of her body was covered with bubbles. Tara could see Willow’s shoulders and a hint of the top of her chest.

“Do you want me to close my eyes?” asked Willow. “I know that this will be the first time we are naked together. If you’re feeling shy, I can close my eyes, or I can leave and you can take the bath. Willow started to move.”

“Beautiful. I am planning to share my entire body with you today. I plan to look at yours and for you to look at mine. This is just the beginning of a new Willow/Tara experience. Willow watched as Tara took off her clothes in a slow manner. Tara relished every grin and look that Willow gave as her clothes peeled away. It seemed that Willow was feeling shy, while Tara was feeling somewhat wanton.

“Come on in, it’s really comfy and warm. I wanna feel Tara skin in this silky water

Tara stepped out of her underpants and into the bathtub. Tara entered the tub on the opposite side of the bathtub than Willow. The two lay in the warm water, looking at each other. Each imagining what would happen soon.

“Why don’t you turn around and sit on this side” said Tara in a sensual voice, as she moved her legs so Willow could sit there. Willow pivoted and snuggled into the open space, putting her head on Tara’s chest.

“M.mmm this feels better than being alone in here.” OMG, I am totally feeling all of Tara. Breathe don’t be a spaz.

Tara felt Willow’s heart racing and whispered in her ear, “Baths are supposed to be relaxing, your heart is racing, and your neck is getting red splotches. You ok.”

“Oh, more than OK. Great.”

Willow tried to slow down her heart and her breathing. She tried to relax into the soft warmth of the bath and her girlfriend’s body, but the sensations jumping through her body, the blood moving from familiar to not as familiar areas, made it hard to sit still. Willow moved her body around and looked at her girlfriend’s heavily lidded eyes and sensual mouth. She placed a kiss on her mouth. I need to be facing her. . Willow turned herself around and kneeled between Tara’s legs and began kissing Tara more ardently. Their mouths open, tongues dueling for control. The warmth of the bathwater added to the Willow’s rising temperature. I feel like I am going to spontaneously combust. It will be a fine way to die, but I really hoped that I’d get to make love with Tara before I die.

Tara raised up on her knees. Their bodies were so close that it felt and looked that they had melded into one. Their mouths, and arms intertwined, their torsos and upper legs pressed so close that not even a drop of water separated their skins.

“Out…of….tub…now…” groaned Tara.

“Ok,” murmured Willow.

Tara grabbed the two towels she had set out. She reached out to Willow, who dutifully rose and followed. Tara enveloped Willow in one of the fluffy towels, putting the second around herself. Tara took Willow by the hand and led her to the bedroom and encouraged her to sit down on the bed.

. We are in the bedroom, nothing between us but two towels. Tara lit candles. She turned down the bed. I think that Tara had the same idea as me. “It seems that both of us are on the same page.”

“And what page is that sweetie?” asked Tara enjoying the reaction of the redhead. Tara dropped her towel and looked at Willow. Willow’s upper chest above the towel was flushed, there were red patches on her neck. I hope those are good signs.

Willow blushed, if you are old enough to do it, you’re old enough to say it. Well, I had all of today’s plans set out so that we’d have an excuse to take a bath and I hoped to get right where we are here, and I would get the opportunity to make love with or to you. But I am fine if you don’t want to, totally open to not doing anything” Willow’s babbling began.

“Definitely with,”
“Wow” exclaimed Willow. “That was amazing. I had no idea that I could ever, ever, ever feel that way. I was totally present, I was totally there, no Willow babble, no observing ego critic. I was just there in my body, feeling what you were doing to my body and what I was doing to yours.”

“I know…” replied Tara. “Definitely worth waiting for. That was amazing. Thank you.”

“Thank you. So was it what you expected? Did it meet your expectations?”

“Uh, yes that and more. You?”

“Oh, it exceeded my expectations.


Atlantic Antics Meeting Expectations
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Bonus Chapter : Named TUMS in case my kids accidently started looking at the names of my chapters.

Meeting Expectations
Josh owns all the characters, I just imagine different lives for them. I love to write and it gives me a focus.


“Definitely with,” said Tara.

Willow looked at Tara, who was standing in front of her. “You are so beautiful.” She looked at Tara head to toe, lingering on the areas that she had not actually seen before.

Tara moved to her side of the bed, getting in and putting the covers over herself.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel self-conscious.”

“I wasn’t feeling self-conscious. I was feeling weak in the knees and I figured that it was better to get in bed than fall on you.”

“Oh, maybe the bath was too warm, did it mess up your circulation.”

“Willow,” Tara gestured to Willow to join her in the bed. “You make me weak in the knees. It had nothing to do with the temperature of the bath.

Willow shrugged off the towel and scooted up into the bed and lay beside Tara.

Tara looked at her soon to be lover. There were patches of red on her neck and chest, Tara took a finger and gently touched them spots. “Does this happen often?”

Willow looked down to see what Tara was referring to, “Um…it happens when I have really strong feelings. Um…up until now, these patches have only happened when I’ve been really angry or upset.”

“Are you upset now?”

“No, definitely not upset. I would guess that the right word for right now is excited not upset. Happy, excited, definitely not upset.” Willow began to babble.

Tara stopped the babbling with her tried and true manner. She pulled Willow toward her and they began to kiss. Their tongues began the dance that they had perfected over the course of the last five months. As she removed her mouth, it was clear that this had begun to quiet the busy mind of the red-head.

“Are you ok. I can still see the wheels in your head turning, we don’t have to be doing this if you don’t want to.”

“I want to, believe me, I want to,” answered Willow. “I’m just having a little bit of a brain overflow problem. I’ve fantasized about this day. I’ve dreamed about this happening, but now I am feeling a little nervous. The word that keeps on echoing in my brain is, performance anxiety. The critical voice inside my head is telling me I don’t know what I am doing, that you are not going to like how I make love with you. That it won’t be enjoyable. What if I do something that makes you feel yucky?”

Tara took Willow’s face into her hands. “Willow, don’t you think I’m a little worried too. This is a first for me too. If you do something that doesn’t make me feel good, or yucky. I’ll tell you. That doesn’t mean that what you are doing in general is bad, just that that particular sensation or activity was not pleasurable right now. However, I am pretty sure if we trust our bodies and give our minds a bit of a vacation, it will be great. People have been making love since the beginning of time. But if you are not ready, we can wait.”

“I don’t want to wait. I want to turn off my brain. I want to be with you.”

“I think I can help you with that, close your eyes and lay back.” Tara nudged Willow onto her back and joined her lips to Willow’s and kissed her deeply. She then began a slow exploration of Willow’s face with her fingers and mouth. Kissing her eye lids and cheeks, moving down to her neck. Nipping at the pulse point, and then taking one of the rose bud nipples into her mouth as she took the other between her fingers.

Willow was amazed at the feelings and sensations that were coursing though her body at Tara’s touch. She knew the basics of human sexual response, but the reality of how Tara’s lips on her breast made her feel sensations in her lower half was amazing. She could feel the sucking sensations all the way to her toes.

Willow felt Tara’s mouth moving from her breast. Tara placed a kiss on her head and said, “The wheels are still turning.”

“I’m sorry.”

“What is going on?”

“Um…honestly…um I was thinking about how amazing that what you were doing to my breast created sensations all the way to my toes.”

“Good sensations?”


“Ok.” Tara put one hand behind Willow’s head and brought her mouth to Willow’s and they began to continue their tongue tango.

Tara began exploring Willow’s torso with her hand. She made lazy circles on her stomach and moved her way to the copper curls at the apex of Willow’s legs. Tara put one of her legs over Willow’s and nudged Willow’s legs apart. She looked to see how the hamster’s in Willow’s mind were doing, and saw that her eyes were closed, a very serene look upon her face. Tara took Willow’s breast into her mouth and allowed her fingers to touch the curls which were already damp with Willow’s arousal.

Tara could feel the tension in Willow begin to relax. Her legs losing their rigidity, the knee not covered by Tara’s leg, fell open allowing Tara more access to the area she was exploring. She gently touched the soft skin of Willow’s outer lips and felt the wetness of her inner. She released Willow’s breast with a slight pop and moved her arm from beneath Willow’s head to prop herself up to watch her girl’s reaction to her movements.

Tara could see the muscles in Willow’s abdomen contract as her circles became closer and closer to her center. Tara kissed Willow’s abdomen and placed her head on Willow’s stomach. She could smell a sweet musky odor, that she identified as her lover’s essence. Willow’s hands were in her hair and touching her back, communicating her feelings and most likely thoughts about what Tara’s fingers were doing.

Tara looked up at Willow. Willow’s mouth was slightly parted, her eyes heavily lidded and a darker green than she had ever seen. Willow nodded her assent and Tara allowed her fingers to begin to explore the damp folds. Willow’s legs tensed up when Tara found the sensitive bundle of nerves. Tara drew the dew from her entrance and used it to moisten the bundle. Willow grunted.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes. I just can’t believe all the places I feel your fingers. It’s like your touching all of me at once. I need…I need…”

Tara moved her head to be near Willow’s mouth and whispered, “You need?”

“I need all of you.” Willow pulled the older girl on top of her, latching her mouth to Tara’s. Tara placed one of her thighs between Willow’s leg and could feel the wetness immediately. She had a moment of being self-conscious that Willow would feel how aroused she too was but let that thought go with the mental assertion that it was fine for Willow to know how she made her body react.

Mouth met mouth, chest to chest, and centers to leg and hip. Willow raked her nails down Tara’s back, grabbing her buttocks with a force and pushing Tara’s leg into her wetness. Tara reached down and found that her arm was the perfect length to reach Willow’s wetness. It was as though they were made for each other. Tara wasn’t consciously aware, but she was grinding herself into Willow’s hip as well. She snaked her fingers into the copper curls and found the bundle of nerves. She could tell that Willow could only take small moments of direct contact to the nerve center, so she dipped into the wetness, and explored the folds. She found the entrance and once again looked into the green eyes to make sure that this was ok. Willow murmured her affirmation. Tara moved to Willow’s side, took one breast into her mouth and slowly entered her with one finger. She moved the finger in an out slowly, each time making sure that the tension on Willow’s face was of joy not fear.

“You can put another one in.” groaned Willow.

Tara added a finger to join the first and moved them slowly around feeling the channel open to her. She felt the effects of her sucking on the channel. With each draw of her mouth, the draw of the walls convulsed.

Tara began to move her mouth, kissing Willow’s belly, playing with her bellybutton in a manner that she wanted to play with another indentation. Willow’s hands were intertwined in Tara’s hair. He breath becoming more labored, her mouth open, her skin flushed with patches from neck to chest. Tara sped up the in an out movement, taking each out stroke to touch the sensitive nub.

“I want to taste you.” Tara said.

“Not yet, I need to touch you. I need to have you feel the sensations that I am experiencing.”

Tara rolled onto her back, allowing Willow to lay beside her. Willow took one breast into her mouth and allowed her fingers to move slowly toward the wet brownish curls. Like Tara, she looked into the blue eyes for permission as she began to stroke the skin between Tara’s legs. The permission was quickly granted, and Willow explored the folds and wetness. She too found the bundle of nerves and determined Tara’s level of chosen pressure through watching her body tense and raise as preferred movements were discovered. Her fingers stopped at the entrance. Her mind still aware enough to know that this could be a trigger.


“Please what sweetie,” Willow whispered into Tara’s ear.

“Please put your fingers inside me.”

Willow quickly followed the direction, first using one and then adding a second as her channel opened up to her. Willow moved her fingers around, finding a spot that made Tara writhe and caused more fluid to coat her fingers. She could hear Tara’s breathing start to change, coming more rapidly and then her holding her breath, tensing up and then relaxing. This pattern was echoed in the moist chamber. Tara began making little squeaking noises. Willow looked up to make sure that this was good, and saw Tara eyes closed, gripping the sheets and moving in synchrony with Willow. Willow understood Tara’s urge to taste her. She could smell the sweet musk of her lover and wanted to experience it to the fullest. She moved herself closer to the object of her desire and continued the in an out movement with her hands while her mouth found the small bundle. She took it into her mouth, sucking and using her tongue in a way that she knew Tara liked on her other orifice. Tara’s hips moved to meet Willow’s mouth and Willow began sucking, and tasting, thrusting, and moving. Her brain had gone off-line, she was in the moment and just following along with what her urges suggested.

Willow felt the walls of Tara contract around her fingers and her hips thrust upward.

Tara took a deep breath and then began to pant, her hands gripping the sheets, her toes curling, a feeling like a wave building up everywhere. She felt like she was going to explode. She had never felt this way before. She was conscious of every nerve in her body. She had a brief thought that she might die, but pushed it away affirming that people don’t usually die during sex. She returned to trying to stay with the feelings and ignoring any fleeting thoughts. She could feel Willow sucking and thrusting. The last though she had was, “Oh, this must be what an orgasm feels like.” She allowed the feeling to rush through her, colors appearing before her eyes, she took one big breath and screamed “Oh Willow…”

The sensations exploded. Tara felt her hips release back onto the bed. She opened her eyes and saw and felt the red head, licking and sucking the juices and slowing down her ministrations. Soon a pair of dark green eyes appeared over her mound. A wet, proud smile underneath.

Tara pulled her toward her, not caring that the smaller girl was on top of her.

“You are so proud of yourself aren’t you?” she softly stated.

Willow just looked in her eyes and nodded affirmatively before relaxing her head onto Tara’s chest.

Tara put one hand on Willow’s shoulder, and the other on he back, holding the girl as close as possible. She felt spent, like her bones were made of jelly. However, she knew that she wanted to give the other girl the same experiences. Tara could feel that Willow seemed as relaxed as she was.

They lay there for a few minutes, until Willow rolled off her and said, “I know that I shouldn’t be tired, but I feel exhausted.”

“You did a lot of work, and how you feel is how you feel.” Tara extended her arm and had Willow move into the crook of it.

“It was not work. It was pleasure, total pleasure.”

Tara looked over at Willow, her eyes still heavily lidded, her face with a sheen that she could only imagine was her own liquids. This fact made her feel self-conscious. She asked, “Do you want to go wash your face.”

“No, why would I?” asked Willow.

“Never mind,” Tara responded, feeling slightly embarrassed.

It took Willow several moments to realize to what Tara was referring. She licked her lips, tasting her lover again.

“Oh, do you want me to? I can if you want.”

“Was it ok?”

“Was what ok?” asked Willow, her brain still half off -line.

“Are you really going to make me ask?”



It took a few more moments for Willow to realize what Tara was asking.

“Um, wonderful, better than I ever imagined.”


“Uh huh, really. Willow moved and gave Tara a kiss”

Tara tasted herself on her lover’s lips. It was not unpleasant, slightly musky, slightly salty and a little sweet. This caused her nerves to become re-energized and she pulled the younger girl on top of her, once again placing her thigh at the apex of Willow’s legs.

“I need to make love to you.”

“Ok,” responded Willow with a small smirk.

“I am going to wipe that smirk off your face.”

“Go for it. That is if you want. You don’t have to do anything that you don’t want to. I am fine just laying here.” Willow’s panic mode jumped in, pushing away the feeling of serenity.

“Willow relax. I am certainly not doing anything that I don’t want to. I’ve wanted to make love to you for a long time. I just wanted to wait until we are ready, and I think we are definitely ready. I know that your body is ready?” Tara moved her thigh, which slipped around between Willow’s legs. “I am going to try to take you back to that “present” feeling. Ok?”


“Just lay back and enjoy.”


Tara kissed Willow deeply again. She moved herself so that Willow was laying on her back, and she was on her side next to Willow’s body. Tara once again took one of Willow’s nipples into her mouth, already aware that there was a definite nerve that communicated between Willow’s breasts and center. Her fingers went back to the wet curls, touching the nub, and touching the lips and opening. Willow’s hand was cupping Tara’s buttocks; just inches away from her center which began to throb as if it was the one being touched. wow, it really is like we are one

Tara repositioned herself between Willow’s legs. Putting Willow’s knees on her shoulders and burrowing her face into the copper curls. She breathed in the heady aroma and used her nose to touch the wet lips. She found the nub with her nose and took it into her mouth, gently sucking it. Trying to remember what Willow had been doing. It really doesn’t matter what Willow did. I will do what feels good to Willow Willow’s movements and noises provided ample feedback to Tara about what felt good. Tara entered Willow with one finger, quickly adding a second as she licked and sucked above them. She moved her fingers around like she had felt Willow do to her and was quickly rewarded with a different milky fluid that provided even more lubrication. Tara could feel that Willow’s body was tensing up. She looked up to make sure that it was a good tense. Willow’s eyes were closed, her arms crossed over her own breasts. She looks fine smiling to herself about the double entendre.

Tara continued her attention to Willow as she heard her breath hitch, then begin to squirm and buck. Tara was glad that Willow’s legs were over her shoulders. She looked up again at Willow. Who opened her eyes and said “Please.”

Tara continued sucking and thrusting as Willow’s orgasm built and then she reached climax and her body relaxed, twitching a little. Tara decided to experiment and began sucking the bud again. Quickly another set of contractions took over Willow’s body and she quickly orgasmed again.

Tara looked up at Willow, who appeared drowsy, “Now who is the proud one?” She opened her arms so that Tara could join her back at the head of the bed.

“Wow” exclaimed Willow. “That was amazing. I had no idea that I could ever, ever, ever feel that way. I was totally present, I was totally there, no Willow babble, no observing ego critic. I was just there in my body, feeling what you were doing to my body and what I was doing to yours.”

“I know…” replied Tara. “Definitely worth waiting for. That was amazing. Thank you.”

“Thank you. So, was it what you expected? Did it meet your expectations?”

“Uh, yes that and more. You?”

“Oh, it exceeded my expectations.


Atlantic Antics Meeting Expectations
Learning to Laugh What I Discovered at Band Camp

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 8:46 am 
3. Flaming O

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Dibs, dibs,dibs! So excited to read the last two chapters. What an epic story. I can't tell you enough how thrilled I am that you picked this story up and did it justice. One of my all time favourites! Thank you.

 Post subject: Re: New Fiction: Meeting Expectations (updated 6/5/19)
PostPosted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 6:48 am 
8. Vixen

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Dibs, dibs,dibs! So excited to read the last two chapters. What an epic story. I can't tell you enough how thrilled I am that you picked this story up and did it justice. One of my all time favourites! Thank you.

Thank you so much for the nice words. I am glad that you appreciate my finishing the story. I will miss the give and take over it, and as I have said multiple times, it makes me sad to see this story end.

The promised epilogue: Hope you like it Will's Redemption.

June 26, 2015

“Hey, you all, Ima’s home. It is time for a family meeting. We have some decisions to make and some questions to ask,” yelled Tara up the stairs.

As she was yelling, Willow came through the door, “Hey Dr. Rosenberg, how was your day?” She kissed her red haired partner.

“Great, Ms. Maclay, therapist extraordinaire. How was your day? Everything good at the Center? Was there a lot of talk about the ruling?”

“Some. Yours?”

“Not really. It is a skeleton crew. Summer classes start July 5th, so lots of people have taken these weeks off. Chemistry and Math Departments are not the most politically aware. A few people asked what we were going to do.”

“And your answer?”

“That I was sure that we were going to do something, but the family hadn’t decided what.” Willow kissed Tara.

“Eww, can’t you guys do that somewhere else. You are always kissing,” said 13 year-old Lydia as she came down the stairs and walked into the kitchen.

Willow and Tara followed the girl into the kitchen. “Thanks for your feedback. Kiddo.” Willow went and patted her hair.” I’ll be right back. I want to change out of these clothes.” Willow went upstairs to change. As she was leaving, a black haired teen walked past her.

“Why is there talking about kissing. Are Willow and Tara making out again?” asked 15 year old Terry as she started to sit down beside Lydia.

“Aren’t they always,” responded Lydia.

“Terry, before you sit down, can you go over to the apartment and get Sophie and Ben? I told Sophie we were going to be meeting as soon as Ima got home. She said that Ben was stinky, so she needed to go home and change him.

“Sure”, “Terry exited the kitchen and went to the mother-in-law apartment to get Sophie and her son.

“Where is your sister, Lydia?” asked Tara.

“She was playing X-Box with Carson last time I checked. Want me to go up and see why they didn’t come down when you called.”

“Just go get them. No need to ask what happened. Either Ima or I can talk to them about responding to our summons. You just focus on being a kid, ok?”

“Got it. It is hard. I am so used to being responsible for her.”

“I know. You don’t have to do it anymore.”

Tara heard the side door open and in came Terry, Sophie and Ben. Terry returned to her seat, while Sophie strapped Ben into his highchair and sat beside him.

“What’s the issue Tara?” asked 17 year-old Sophie. “Who is in trouble? Why the family meeting?”

“No troubles. You’ll hear soon. As soon as Tracy, Willow and Lydia come down, we’ll start. Do you need some cereal for Ben to munch on. We’ve got pizzas coming for dinner, but it is going to be at least 30 more minutes.”

“You know he is always hungry.”

Tara went to the cupboard and grabbed some oat cereal and put it on the tray of Ben’s highchair.

Just then, Willow and the other children came downstairs.

“Hey Carson, good to see you” Tara said to a brown haired boy. “We’re having a family meeting. You are welcome to come back in an hour if you want,” commented Tara.

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll see you later.” He left the house.

Everyone sat down in their seats. Willow at one end and Tara at another.

“Ok, great to see you all. Let’s start with our usual check in, and then we’ll get to the meat of the meeting.”

“Great pun,” commented Terry.

“I work hard on them,” countered Willow. “I’ll start. Today was a good day. I got some work done and I have most of my lesson plans for the first week of class. I am feeling really happy.”

“I really enjoyed camp today,” said 7 year-old Tracy. “I got to do art and dance. I am feeling happy too. I was beating Carson in Plants vs. Zombies.”

“I liked being a CIT at Tracy’s camp today. I got to help with the kindergarten class and it was fun. I am feeling tired,” said Lydia.

“I wasn’t as excited about going to Summer School as you all were today, but it was ok. I want to pass English, so I keep reminding myself that Summer School is ok. I am feeling fine,” stated Terry

“Terry, you know what fine stands for, it’s not a feeling.”

“Oh my God, why do I have to have a Social Worker as a mother?” Terry said exasperated, “I am feeling content, is that good enough?”

“Yes, it is great sweetie.” Tara looked at the black haired girl. “I had a really good therapy session with one of my clients today. It made all the schooling I had to do to get my LCSW feel worth it. I am feeling happy.”

“I had a good day taking care of Ben today. He has been babbling up a storm, I think his first word other than ‘no’ going to happen soon. I am feeling content,” commented Sophie.

“Benny, how was your day?” asked Tara, Ben answered with a raspberry which made everyone laugh.

“Ok, as you all know, the Supreme Court made gay marriage legal yesterday,” said Willow.

All of the kids nodded affirmatively.

“So, Mama and I were talking about it and we decided that we are going to get married.”

“What a shocker,” quipped Lydia. “You made us all come down to state the obvious. You and Mama want to get married. I half expected you to both take the day off and run to the courthouse today.”

“I thought you might do that too. Is that what this meeting is about. Did you guys get married today,” asked Sophie.

“No, as tempting as it was. We want to do this right and first we wanted ask each one of you a question.”

“If it is whether you should get married, I say yes,” commented Tracy.

“We are not putting that up to a vote. We will be getting married. Our question is to each of you. As you know, when you all came to live with us, it was supposed to be a temporary thing, until they found you an adoptive home. Lydia, you and Tracy have been here what, two years?”

“It will be two years, next week. I was 11 and Tracy was 5. “

“Terry, you’ve been here since last October.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the dark haired girl responded.

“Sophie, you’ve been since you were four months pregnant, Ben’s 15 months, so that has been almost 18 months, right. “

“A little longer, but yes.”

“Ok, so we all know how long everyone has been here. To add, Mama you moved here with Aunt Joyce when you were 18, eleven years ago, and Ima joined you ten years ago when she was 18. We all know the story. We all are here because we’ve had experiences that you all can relate to and you were chosen as our foster parents,” commented Lydia. “Can we cut to the chase because if this is just about you getting married. All we care about is when and where and if there will be cake, right guys.” The red-headed child looked to the others.

“Cake? There will be cake?” commented golden haired Tracy.

“We are getting off topic. What Ima is trying to get to, is we, Ima and I want to know if you all would like to become permanent members of the Maclay household. We pondered the whole idea of Rosenburg-Maclay, but that just seemed so cumbersome, so we decided that we’d all be Maclays.”

“Are you asking what I think you are asking?” asked Terry.

“What do you think we are asking?”

“You two want to adopt ALL of us.”

“Even me?” asked Sophie.

“All of you.” Tara and Willow said together.

“You know that it’s going to make you a grandmother at 28, right Ima,” asked Terry.

“Yeah, I figured that out. People are going to be confused, and I can see them doing the mental math to see how we could have a 7 year-old, a 13 year-old, a 15 year-old and a 17 year-old, as well as a 1 year-old grandson. But it really is no one’s business but ours. Right?”

“Right” they all responded.

“So, who wants to be a Maclay?”

“Me.” stated Terry,

“Me too, if Lydia wants it too? I want to have the same last name as my sister.”

“Oh, Tracy I am totally in, Lydia Maclay, Yay.”

“Tracy Maclay, do I have to wait for the adoption to be finalized. Can I start calling myself that now?”


“So, we will be Sophia and Benjamin Maclay. That sounds good. What do you think sport. You like that name?”

“No.” said Ben shaking his head in the affirmative.

“When you only have one word, you’ve got to use it.”

“So once the paperwork is all done for the adoptions, we will have the ceremony and it will be the official start of the legal Maclay family.”

“You guys can wait to get married that long.”

“We’ve waited ten years, what’s a few more months. Your Ima has been the love of my life since I was 15. It’s not going to change.”

“Eww you guys are going to kiss again, aren’t you?” stated Lydia.

“Not only that, but we are going to kiss and hug all of you too.” Willow stood up, and the children and Tara surrounded her. Everyone hugging and kissing and welcoming the others to the Maclay family.

Atlantic Antics Meeting Expectations
Learning to Laugh What I Discovered at Band Camp

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8. Vixen

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Atlantic Antics Meeting Expectations
Learning to Laugh What I Discovered at Band Camp

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10. Troll Hammer

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10. Troll Hammer

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Ms. Moderator Fantastico
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Well done on completing this epic after so many years! I remember when you first started posting and I can't believe it's been so many years :o I think if some of us saw our end dates when we started we'd never pick up the pen again! But perseverance is awesome and rewarding, as I'm sure you know, having the satisfaction of completing a work!

You dealt with a really tough subject and brought them through to the other side! So much kudos for the dedication of coming back to finish. I'm so glad we still have you as a contributor on the board andI can't wait to see what you do next!


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10. Troll Hammer

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What she said! I just started reading it and it's pretty good!

 Post subject: Re: New Fiction: Meeting Expectations (FINISHED 6/9/19)
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6. Sassy Eggs

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I read the last 3 chapters today after returning from my summer vacation. I'm glad that the girls could fully enjoy their lovemaking and it didn't trigger terrible memories. The "lovescene" was beautifully written, you can write other NC17-stories anytime in my opinion.

I loved the epilogue, it's wonderful that Tara and Willow not only have found their place in life but also are loving parents to kids in need.
Reading the end of this story was bittersweet. Maybe you could write a short story about the new Maclay family every now and then, for example about the wedding… But no pressure, LOL!

Now I'm looking forward to reading your new story "Learning to Laugh".

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