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 Post subject: A Day Full of Surprises
PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2003 11:21 am 
Disclaimer: The characters of Willow and Tara are sole property of Mutant Enemy, Joss Wheden, and the rest of the crew. I take no ownership of them other than the intimate ways I can think of to get these two in the sack. Any similarities between fact and fiction is completely coincidental as I’ve drawn upon *some* of these examples from…um… personal experiences. I know, TMI...but sexual capades in public is nothing new, I suppose...heh?

Feedback: Very welcome and thank you for reading the world of Tara/Willow smut in my head.

A Day Full of Surprises

“Can you tie it in a knot?”

“I dunno…never tried it. Why, can you?”

“Watch…” she said with a seductive grin. A few moments later a perfect knot had been tied.

“So, how many years of practice did that trick take?” The honey-haired vixen’s voice lured with equal seductive flair.

“Since I met you…”

Tara smiled and blushed faintly, which did not go unnoticed by the redhead sitting next to her. “That would explain some things…”

Willow admired how the blonde’s full lips pouted slightly whenever she was embarrassed. “You give me plenty of reasons to be creative, you know.” Willow drawled out the last words, a slight husk to her voice.

Tara took the cherry stem and popped it in her mouth. “Mmmmm….Willow taste.” A few moments later she took the stem back out of her mouth, the knot undone.

The redhead watched, purely fascinated, imagining that tongue doing an overhaul on her various 2000 plus parts. “Heh, I guess that would explain some things, too.”

“I have to keep up with you, Sweetie.” Smiling she thought she’d add more to this little game. She dropped her head a bit and then gazed her blue eyes forward, directly into the eyes which held her soul. “Would you like to, um, taste my cream?” ?” She dropped her head back down slightly and formed a half-smile.

Bright green eyes opened wide in delight. She loved it when Tara talked dirty. “Oh, baby, I’ve tasted it. You know it’s my favorite!”

“Yeah.” Tara took the plastic pink spoon and licked it clean, her full lips bringing soft closure to the task at hand. “I love strawberry, too.” She winked as she dipped the spoon back into her bowl, swirled a nice strawberry heap onto it, and offered it to the slightly parted lips on the other side. Willow ran her tongue out over the edge of the spoon, savoring each tiny flick of sweetness with the tip, and enclosed the contents inside her mouth. She ran the length of her fingers up and down Tara’s arm then took a firm hold of her wrist and gently retracted the spoon that held Tara-hand. “Mmmmm….very good cream.”

Both gals giggled and finished up their desserts. There was much work to be done later that night and the quicker they finished with their shopping, the sooner they could end up in their favorite place. Each other!


Shopping for Two

“Honey, this would look so adorable on you!” Willow flipped through the racks until she came across a lacey, low cut number.

“I thought I looked adorable with nothing on.” Tara brushed her breasts against Willow’s back, sending shivers through them both, and bent forward to finger the blouse with one hand, while Willow held it out in front of her. She dipped her other hand in Willow's back pocket, feeling the firm buttocks in her grasp.

Willow jumped just a bit. “Well, yes, that’s very true…but only in the privacy of my own viewing. Certainly not in front of the entire Sunnydale Mall.” She turned and caught her eyes. Those penetrating blue eyes could melt her in a hot second.

“Want me to try this on?” The blonde took the shirt from the other set of hands, touching fingertips in the process. The electric charge between them was undeniable and Willow felt the warm surge through her loins.

“Uh, of course!”

“I might…um…need some assistance though.”

Willow thought about it and checked her surroundings, nervously looking around. “Here?”

Tara grabbed Willow’s hand and headed back to the dressing room. Along the way, she gathered various frocks and garments, not caring what they were.

A curt voice stopped them both. “Ladies? How many items please?” A slight woman, into her 50’s, with thin lips and narrowed eyes looked them both over thoroughly.

“W..w..we’re just trying these on…um…for me, that is. Um…I have…um…” It was Tara’s turn to get nervous. She fumbled through the clothing, losing count each time.

“She has 5 items and I’m just going in to be…helpful.” Under her breath, next to her ear, Willow sensually added, “Very... helpful.” She pinched Tara's ass and gleefully watched her squirm with the unexpected touch.

The woman eyed them both again, turning up her nose slightly to look down at each girl.

“Fine, here’s your number. Please return the clothing to the racks when you’re finished, if you’re not purchasing them.” She turned away, her attentions focused on a pregnant woman in plus sized section.

Willow turned to her lover, splayed her fingers along her back and quickly moved forward into an awaiting dressing room.

As soon as the door was shut, Tara moved against the wall of the small cubicle to hang the clothes on a hook. In her haste to get intimate with Willow, she had picked up an orange and yellow polka-dotted granny top. "That is definitely not my color. I think I'm more of a plaid kinda girl..." She trailed off, feeling a warm breath on her neck and probing hands on the outside of her thighs. She turned her head to allow the right angle for a certain set of lips. “Baby…kiss me…please.”

The blonde moved her body around to allow Willow access to strategize those expert hands in very convenient places. She devoured the taste of Willow lips upon her own mouth, swirling her tongue within the recess of the warmth inside. Willow moved her hands downward on Tara’s full breasts…carefully undoing the buttons on the front of her shirt. Warm hands snaked inside the blouse, over top of the lacy black bra she was wearing. Tara let out a gasp as electric fingers found the erect nubs. “Oh God…” she panted.

She, in turn, placed her knee between Willow’s legs and pushed up slightly, desiring the contact of Willow’s center. She could feel the redhead’s passionate heat, her want, her desire vibrating to the tops of her thighs to her own moistening crotch. Kissing down the center of her collarbone, Willow made a right turn and found an engorged nipple. She took it between her teeth, very slightly, and suckled. Another gasp from the blonde witch and her hands slapped the wall behind her.

“Excuse me, ladies? Is everything all right? Have you found what you needed or can I be of assistance?” It was the voice of the sales woman. Tara momentarily froze.

“Y..y..yes, we’ve found what we’re l..l…looking for, thank…thank…!!” Again, another desperate heave of the chest as Willow found the other nipple, teasing it erect and sending waves of pleasure to Tara’s core.

“Well, ah, just give a holler if you need…anything.”

“Oh! Yes! I...oh...Will!” Tara was on the verge of climaxing.

The woman turned to leave, not sure what to make of the gasps and grunts emanating from the small room. She figured it must be a stuck zipper.

A few moments later, Willow had her sweetheart in a very compromising position, with fingers working their way down to her zipper indeed. It didn’t take a minute and Tara was clutching at the red mane in front of her, looking deeply in those green orbs, managing to whisper between ragged breaths, “I..I..I’m coming for you, Willow.”

Green eyes grew wide with passion and desire as she watched her lover’s blue eyes fix upon her own. Her expressions of blatant sexual release was unbearable and Willow, with a few short strokes against Tara’s thigh, came with her. The highly charged atmosphere smelled of their love…the scent permeated the air. Gasping for breaths, they clung to each other tightly, allowing the sweet release to take control of their minds, their bodies, and their hearts.

Needless to say, the clothing remained untouched, but the redhead did insist Tara get that one lacy low-cut blouse.

“Better to see you with, my dear...” Willow intoned with her best vixen allure.

“You and everyone else. Look how this makes my chest look!”

“Oh, I’m looking," nodding her head approvingly, "and I’m not complainin’!”

“Will…” Tara meekly objected but if her lover found arousal in her cleavage, then who was she to deny her.

She went to the register to pay for the shirt. Fetching her wallet from her purse she looked up awkwardly into familiar narrow eyes.

“I assume you got everything you needed, Miss?” Again, it was the same sales lady, and the tone of sarcasm came with the unappealing package.

Tara looked over shyly at her lover, squeezed her hand, and replied, “Oh yes…I got everything I needed.”


The Afternoon “Show”

“Hey, look what’s playing!” Willow frolicked up to the marquise.

“Yeah, and I’ve heard some decent reviews on that one in particular…wanna go check it out? We can catch the 4:30 show still.”

Willow looked at her watch. “Sure, let’s go check it out. And I tell ya what, the movie? It’s is on me!” She radiated happiness.

“Hmmm. Think I’d rather be on you. ” Tara rested her hand on her lover’s hip. “I’ll make exceptions, though, for a good movie.”

“Oh, you’re so cheeky today, baby. Was it that little pick-me-up earlier in the dressing room?” Willow stood intimately close to her voluptuous girlfriend, unable to draw herself away, sporting a huge goofy grin.

Tara attempted to suppress a giggle, without much success. “I’m thinking, for your incredible act of kindness, I should treat you to the movie instead.” She dropped her head before looking up with a lop-sided smile, her eyes dancing alight.

Willow stood breathless for a moment, lost in the bubble world of she and Tara. Nothing else existed. She didn’t care if the world ended this very absolute second. She was where she wanted to be. Nothing nor anyone could tear her away....

“Are you two in line?” A man cleared his throat and tapped Tara’s shoulder. “Hey, excuse me? Are you two in line?”

Startled, Tara shook herself from her reverie and pleasantly told the man they were, indeed, in line.

“Could you please move it along then?” He pointed his finger to the space created between them and the patrons in front.

Willow snorted with disapproval at the man’s impatience. “Everybody is in a hurry flurry these days, “ she grumbled, quite forgetting that not all the population of Sunnydale was madly in love with someone, and especially if that someone was Tara Maclay. Not wanting a few spoiled eggs to taint their joyous mood, she went on with the happies, pivoting to meet bedroom blue eyes as she spoke. “So, baby…ya have any idea what this movie is about?”

“Well, I read from this online message board, The Kittens, I think, with great spelling skills by the way, that it’s basically about a young woman, in her 20’s, exploring her path in life and trying to find what it means to love and be loved beyond the sexual realm.”

“I think it sounds up to snuff but I never heard of the actress…no, wait! Wasn’t she in “Don’s Plum”?

“And don’t forget the forgettable 'Taboo'", Tara added. "But I hear she's hot!"

Willow piped up again, her chattiness taking the better of her. “We’ll just have to take a 'chance' that “Chance” is a fantabulous movie,” she paused for effect…” and per 'chance', I bet it is...hey, wait a sec. You think she's hot? As in, hotter than me?" She placed the tip of her tongue between her front teeth, compelling Tara to kiss it, and anxiously awaited the verdict.

Her blonde companion rolled her eyes and headed for the concession stand, dragging a bubbly Willow with her. "Nobody is hotter than you, Sweetie..."

Once inside the theatre, they waited for their eyes to adjust to the dim lighting before setting out to find a great pair of seats. They took a side isle, wanting some privacy to hold hands, among other novel ideas Tara was scheming. So far, a slow but steady stream of people had trickled in, but it appeared they’d have this small row to themselves. There were only three seats to this aisle and Tara couldn’t imagine anyone sitting next to them when there were others to choose from.

“Here, baby, take this one, if you don’t mind.” She pointed to an empty seat against the wall of the theatre. She took the center one. Before sitting down, Tara removed her sweater coat and placed it on top of her lap. ‘This will come in handy,’ she thought.

“Mmmm, popcorn in the bellies! Better have some before it does a disappearing act.” Willow shoved the large bucket of buttery popcorn in front of the bemused blonde. She took a few on the top and turned in her seat to face her voraciously munching girlfriend. Unabashed, Willow proclaimed, “I’m hungry…gotta keep up the energy reserves to please my very pleasing lover!”

“Then let me help…” Tara picked up an extra fluffed, popped piece and held it in her fingertips. She leaned over towards Willow’s mouth, watching her lick her lips in anticipation. The redhead’s tongue gingerly snaked out, tasting the saltiness of the popcorn, before taking it and some of Tara-fingers into her watering mouth. She licked the butter from the pads of those delicious fingers, relishing each moment as if it were her last meal. “Mmmmmm…Tara taste.”

Casually lifting an arm and placing it behind Willow’s seat, Tara stroked the ends of the auburn hair. It was so soft to the touch. She loved the way it smelled…of chamomile and strawberries. Everything on Willow tasted of strawberries…and it wouldn’t take long before she had some cream of her own to go with her strawberry flavored girl.

She laid the sweater over her and Willow’s lap, looking straight ahead at the hotdog dance on the big screen. Willow inhaled deeply when she felt the familiar touch of those fingers walking their way to her inner thigh. “Whatcha doin’ hon?” She tried to ask that innocently but prayed Tara would work those magic fingers to her ‘this needs scratching’ spot.

“Shhhh. I’m trying to watch the hotdog.”

Tara continued her venturing fingers closer to the warmth of Willow’s center. With a graceful maneuver, she unsnapped the button to the snug jeans and slid the zipper down. At that exact moment, the theatre sound muted as the opening credits were starting. They both felt fairly certain the entire crowd heard the zipper being unleashed. She hesitated a moment, casually glancing at the slight woman beside her. Willow didn’t care. Willow wanted more. Without regard to possible voyeurs, Tara unsheathed the length of her fingers down the front of Willow’s satin underwear, pressing her palm flat on the smooth tummy. She felt the soft curls soak the release of Willow’s dewy wetness, and allowed her own desires to take control of her actions. Edging her fingers further down, she tentatively rubbed within the recesses of the slick folds, managing to produce a moan from the redhead’s other lips.

“Hot dog…done…now…” Willow murmured.

“Yes…but I’m not.” Tara’s words seduced, teased, tormented and pleasured in one, neatly wrapped up, ready to burst supernova of sexual energy. With knowing accuracy, she dipped her fingertips into the hot and pulsating opening, pushing slightly against the swollen nub. Willow threw her head back into the seat, trying not to make any guttural, animalistic groans. The heated flesh was engorged, producing satin liquid onto Tara’s fingers. She retracted, surprising her disgruntled lover, and sensuously brought them up to her own salivating mouth. “I’ve got butter…for my popcorn.” She rolled the words off her tongue, capturing each syllable like warm honey.

The succulent taste on her fingertips was overwhelming. She dipped back inside the wet pussy, past flaming red curls, and penetrated three fingers deep inside. The ring of muscles clamped down, tightening and tensing rigidly, and Tara instinctively curled her fingers towards Willow’s throbbing G-spot. She knew she had but a moment and the redhead would come long and hard for her, especially given the situation.

Willow felt herself coming so very quickly, the edge of release unbearable with the intensity of Tara’s skilled fingers dancing inside. She stiffened in her seat, her hands grasping either side of the armrests. Between gritted teeth, a hoarse and throaty cry welled deep inside her chest. Willow turned her eyes slightly towards the blonde, who continued to pinpoint pressure in all the right places, “I’m…” Liquid pools exploded into the palm of Tara’s hand as waves of pleasure surged throughout her body.

A gentleman tapped the blonde Wiccan on the shoulder. Tara’s knee-jerk reaction jettisoned the popcorn across the row of seats in front of her. Thank God nobody was directly in front. The crowd roared with laughter and the man paused. “Oh, sorry…thought you were somebody else.”

“Ohmigod!” She gasped in horror, between sharp intakes of breath, “Did…he? Did anyone see us??”

“I think they were laughing at the movie, Ms. Paranoia, “ Willow teasingly reproached. “But if they did, I’m sure they’ll give the movie a great review! I know I will…”


To be continued….as always…..

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 Post subject: Re: With Cherries and No Nuts
PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2003 1:26 pm 
Hi..oh, wow..this fic is amazing..Willow and Tara..yummyness..more soon please?:thud :applause ..thank you..much love sammi xxx

 Post subject: Re: With Cherries and No Nuts
PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2003 1:29 pm 
Good start, hee, those girls are very talented with their tongues :p

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 Post subject: Re: With Cherries and No Nuts
PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2003 4:11 am 
Wow! That was really, really good. I'm very glad Tara got what she needed ;) .

Looking forward to more. :)

 Post subject: Re: With Cherries and No Nuts
PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2003 1:13 pm 
Oh my god...

Awesome doesnt begin to describe how much im loving this...


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 Post subject: Re: With Cherries and No Nuts
PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2003 2:48 pm 

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 Post subject: Re: With Cherries and No Nuts
PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2003 4:01 pm 
There best be more...or else...

:boot :smash :rage :mad :devil :angry

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 Post subject: Re: With Cherries and No Nuts
PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2003 9:42 pm 
Kudos for the great story! As for the first part...:thud

Looking forward to reading soon?:grin

 Post subject: cool
PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2003 12:31 am 
hey very cool fanfiction!

the both are so hot!! :heart

 Post subject: Re: The Afternoon "Show" part 2
PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2003 6:15 am 

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 Post subject: Re: cool
PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2003 8:14 am 
Oh nice parts and oh so lovely :grin

Want more smut!!!



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 Post subject: Re: cool
PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2003 11:14 am 
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clap

*falls out of chair* ouch

that was amazing, now i have to go take a very long cold, cold shower! keep it comin! no pun intended :flirt


 Post subject: hot
PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2003 11:48 am 
oh my god... that´s just

having sex in the theatre! :clap

 Post subject: incredible
PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2003 12:10 pm 

Oh My God........ that was hot, I loved

congratulations :applause :applause :applause !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want more smut, but before I will need a very cold bath LOL

Kisses and Good-bye :bigwave :bigkiss


 Post subject: Re: incredible
PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2003 12:35 pm 
:thud :drool

Need a cold

:shower now.


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 Post subject: Re: incredible
PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2003 1:40 pm 
OMG OMG OMG that was awesome! Hehe I'm sure Willow will repay Tara for that one soon enough...


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 Post subject: Re: incredible
PostPosted: Sun Jul 06, 2003 7:08 pm 
Fruity fun and naughty things in public places, hey this is my kind of fic!:glasses

 Post subject: Re: incredible
PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2003 7:23 am 
Hey..ooh, wow..i love this, so hot and willow and tara in the movie theatre..yummy :drool Thank you..more updates? :kiss , much love, sammi xxx

 Post subject: Re: incredible
PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2003 10:35 am 
Wow! I really liked that update!! :drool .

Like everyone else, I'd better have a cold shower now! ;)

 Post subject: Re: incredible
PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2003 2:49 pm 
Love it they're so loving and naughty. Lot's of vicarious smoochies from VicariousSmoochies. Lots of fun and :drool Can't wait for the next part.

ETA: Loved the part during the movie. Our girls are not only passionate but have great taste in film. Thanks for this fic!


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 Post subject: Re: incredible
PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2003 2:16 am 
Always knew clothes shopping could be fun :lol

Damn haven't been to the movies in ages :glasses

Great read :bow

 Post subject: Flattery?
PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2003 7:55 am 
They say 'imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery' so this would make a great take off of Coming Out of the Bedroom. :wink

CN Winters

 Post subject: Flattery
PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2003 1:39 pm 
I haven't read that one yet but I'll head on over and check it out! Great minds must think alike and I thank you for posting!


 Post subject: Re: Flattery
PostPosted: Wed Jul 09, 2003 7:26 pm 
I want to thank everybody who left feedback and giving me the encouragement to work my dirty mind into a frenzy. Thank you CN Winters for your encouragement and...well, you know the rest! :)

Disclaimers: Joss and his team own the entire gang. I just write what I'd like to see happen. If wishes were horses...well, I guess Willow wouldn't ride much and we don't want that to happen. Anyway, on to the next part!

Small Things Equals Big Surprises

Sometimes little things come in big and unexpected packages. Willow was determined for this to be a wonderful surprise for Tara.

“I have something for you, “ she drawled out lazily, twirling a finger through the ends of her hair. “But first, you have to promise me a kiss…”

Tara easily complied. “You have something? For me?” She took a tiny step towards the woman who held her heart. “Is it what I’m… hoping it is?” Grinning, she hoped the inflection of her tone said more than just the words.

“Mmmm…I dunno yet! You’ll just have to wait and see!” The bouncy redhead turned on her heels, grabbed Tara’s hand, and led her into the kitchen. On top of the counter was a decent sized box, gift-wrapped in silver and black paper with a gorgeous shimmering bow placed neatly to one corner.

“T..t..this is for me?”

“Open it, baby,” purred the happy witch. Willow’s eyes grew large as she watched her beloved inch her way toward the present.

“Willow…r..r..really…you’ve done so much for me.” Her eyes misted at the mere idea of Willow’s gesture. She never failed to surprise her when she least expected it.

“Go on, baby…open it…please!” Willow squeaked the last word out, her own excitement and anticipation lending her voice to fail.

Tara began to unfold the corners of the wrapping, gently peeling the tape back. This just had to be done slowly and with perfection. She was compelled to agonize over the intricacies of unwrapping this gift, for her sake, and for Willow’s. This moment was just meant to last.


“Yes, Will?”

“Can you…you know…hurry?” Willow’s anticipation was getting in the way of her patience.

“No. No I can’t. Sorry.” Tara smiled, knowing her actions were torturous to the redhead standing so close…so close she could smell the perfume of her skin. “These things take time. You just can’t be rushed.”

She slid the bow off the box and laid it carefully on the counter. She locked eyes on her redhead, losing herself in waves of the wonderful memories of the day. Realizing the impending urgency on Willow’s face, Tara knew she had to focus on the unwrapping. Oh, but what sweet torture this was!

She finally worked open the lid to discover the box was overstuffed with Styrofoam peanuts. “You know! I sometimes lay awake at night wondering how will I ever get my hands on enough packing peanuts. Now, I don’t have to worry. ” Facing her lover, she put a hand on her hip and cocked her head to the side, charging the room with her bright smile. “Really, you shouldn’t have. And I mean it. You shouldn’t have.”

Willow tugged at Tara’s belt loops. “No silly…keep digging around!”

Tara reached deep into the box, peanuts spilling out everywhere. Near the bottom, off to the side of the box, she felt another smaller package. She pulled it out and studied what she held in her hands.

“A pair of socks? I mean, thank you, Sweetie…that’s very thoughtful of you.”

“Uh huh…look between the pairs.”

Tara did so and found a note, in Willow’s precious writing. ‘Go upstairs to the bedroom. Look under bed.’ She giggled nervously. “Oh, what have you done?”

“Well, you hafta go see for yourself!” Green eyes were smiling with joy with the utter pleasure of watching Tara’s expression, understanding her reaction to the socks was polite, at best, even if she wasn’t sure what to make of it. This was so totally Tara to be gracious in all things, no matter how insignificant, large or small.

Willow, again, took her lover by the hand and led the way upstairs into the bedroom. “Okay. Get to it!”

“Will…have you no patience?”


Obligingly, Tara bent down on her hands and knees to look under the bed they called home. She spied yet another box and pulled it out from underneath.

“Mmmm. Nice view.” Willow admired the fullness of the blonde’s buttocks.

“Glad you like, “ she flirted in return. “It’s a one woman show, you know.” Tara picked up the package and placed it on her lap. It was wrapped in the same silvery paper. She slowly and delicately undid the paper from its source. Opening the box, she found a pair of brand new tennis shoes.

“Oh my God, Willow!” Her jaw slackened at the surprise of such a present. She took out one of the sneakers and held it in her hand. “These are the same pair I liked so much at the mall! How did you know?”

“That’s for me to always know and for you to never, ever, as in forever, find out.”

“You’re teasing me....”

“Always!” An elfin grin spread across her beaming features.

“I c..c..can’t believe you knew I liked these! They’re perfect!” She dug further in the box, looking for something. “Um, honey? Where are the laces?”

“Oh, you mean these?” Willow pointed to what Tara thought was her crotch. What caught her eye were the brilliantly white ends of the shoe-laces, dangling from the front pocket of Willow’s jeans.

“What are they doing there? Oh, or should I…um…take a wild guess?” Tara could stop a clock with that smile…oh God, how Willow loved her smile!

“Come and find out,” the auburn vixen beckoned.

“Aren’t you full of mystery tonight!” Tara was having fun and loved the way Willow flirted with her. It was the sexiest thing she ever knew. She reached out, her hands launching for the pocket of those snug jeans, with the familiar zipper she loved so much, trying to tug the ends of the laces.


“W..w..what is it?” Concern quickly spread over Tara’s features.

“It’s just that…well…I’d like for you to give me something before you go for the pocket of mine.”

“O..o..of course, baby, anything…of course.”

Willow leaned into the blonde, staring into the full bottom lip that was moistened by Tara-tongue a few moments ago. She went past those lips and raised her head slightly upwards, placing a soft kiss upon her lover’s forehead. Turning her head back to the side of Tara’s face, she whispered huskily in her ear, “Be my always…please.”

Tara felt the heat flush between her thighs, fire licks of passion cindering from her loins to her heart. The reactions produced by Willow’s actions were beyond incredible and Willow words would always be Tara’s undoing. “Yes. Always. I am…I am your always.” She placed her hands, with fingertips arcing sparks of sexual desire, to the side of Willow’s head and pulled herself into tender lips.

Before the kiss could deepen to dizzying heights, Willow managed to speak. “Are you gonna get those laces?”

Tara pulled apart slightly. She gracefully pulled the length of one of the shoelaces from the depth of Willow’s pocket. She heard a slight ‘clink’ as something heavier seemed to have hit the floor beside her.

“Will? What’s this?” She stopped, silenced by what she saw lying at her feet. There, shining and brilliant, was a simple gold band. A stone was set inside the metal. She picked up the ring and held it in the palm of her hand. A diamond, flush set within the band, sparkled like a midnight star, and engraved inside were the words, “Be My Always”.

Blue spheres focused intensely into misty green ones. Fresh tears spilled down Tara’s cheeks, and she saw that Willow’s cheeks were trailed with tears of her own.

More soon!

 Post subject: Re: Flattery
PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2003 12:42 am 

This story is awesome and this day certainly is full of surprises isn't it?

Not much else to say but:clap :clap


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PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2003 1:47 am 
Great update :read

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 10, 2003 12:12 pm 
Great update. I loved the mention of the Kitten board in your last one. Nice to know that Tara likes our fav board. I love your Willow and Tara and I think you have alot of great ideas.


I see dead lesbian cliches

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2003 8:06 am 
Oh what a beautiful update!!!!

I get the idea that they like to tease each other:grin

Oh and that RING Yay:bounce :bounce

I love this story:heart



This is a duet, Amber! You need to sing!"- Tony

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2003 10:27 am 

This is an incredibly romantic story. I love where you've taken it.

Keep it coming!

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 12, 2003 5:05 pm 
Disclaimers: I do not own Willow and Tara, at least on paper, as they are both property of Joss and Incorporated. I am merely the owner of a few ways to get these two to entertain me with their love, foreplay and romantic notions, which do come from yours truly, and in the ways I would love to be loved, I thank you for reading!

Feedback very welcome, please!

I'd like to thank everybody who left me feedback so far and a warm thank you for CN Winters, again, and I'm glad all is straightened out!

Scooby Snacks

Willow grasped the ring from the palm of Tara’s hand, gingerly holding it between her thumb and forefinger.

“My wants, my desires, and all that ever meant anything to me is here.” She paused, steadying her eyes into the blue mists before her. “It’s all right here in front of me so I’m asking and I’m hoping… “ Willow took another breath, glancing upward towards some invisible deity, trying to convey the meaning of her commitment to Tara. “I hope you want the same, to be mine…for the rest of our lives.”

Through gentle and happy tears, Tara extended her left hand towards her lover. Willow smiled, a tear of her own falling to her parted lips, and placed the ring on the blonde’s wedding finger to signify the depth of their love to others, as well as to themselves. A reminder that circles have no ends and no beginnings, but are a constant…and this ring was a representation of their love, of their unity. Always.

“It’s beautiful!” Tears traced an uneven path as Tara let herself be swallowed whole in the open expanse of Willow’s gaze, her face, and her smile. The redhead reclaimed her partner, the blonde’s chest welling with emotion of the symbolic gesture Willow just bestowed.

Tara searched Willow’s face again, wanting to capture the conviction in her soul-mate’s eyes. It was emblazoned across every feature and no further questioning was needed. She wrapped her hands around Willow’s neck and pulled herself upwards, into the warm softness of those lips.

They shared a passionate and deep kiss, their heated tongues swirling and dancing in unison, and in need of quenching a thirst only the other could provide. Relishing in the sweet tastes of each other, the honey-dew flavor of their love fragranced a familiar perfume in the air. Willow pulled herself to her feet, taking the blonde with her. She led them to the bed, laying down first and guiding Tara on top. They moaned together with pleasure…the feel of their bodies jolting with the longing spark of connection. The weight of Tara on top of Willow was a blanket of comfort and Willow, beneath Tara, was the scent of home.

The blonde moved upright, her legs still straddled across the slight frame below her. She pulled off her blouse, revealing full breasts cupped within a fitting bra, the straps falling slightly from her milky white shoulders. Her nipples defined their mark as Willow focused from enrapturing blue eyes to the hardened nubs pointed in her direction, begging to be taken. Her hands met Tara’s bosom. She loved the way they filled into her palms so perfectly. The redhead reached around to unhook the clasp, releasing those breasts from their stronghold, and pulled back from aching nipples to cast off the satin garment, admiring the voluptuous and womanly body before her. Willow raised herself forward again, her parted lips taking in the taut nipples, suckling and sampling each one as if they were butterscotch morsels.

‘She’s so beautiful…and she doesn’t even know it,’ Willow silently thought.

They lay back down, intertwined with the smell of each other’s hair and skin, the feel of each other quickening their pulses, and questing a need to be met. They began to make love as they would for the rest of their lives. They rocked into each other, bringing sensations of immense love into a physical manifestation. Willow wanted this moment to end in a blessing…a communion of their love. She slowly brought their movement to a halt and kissed her lover down the path to her womanhood. Tara clenched and seized, the sensations almost too much to bear. The love she felt was going to enter Willow’s mouth. She was determined to channel all of her essence and funnel it straight into Willow’s soul.

The redhead pulled herself into the blonde’s center, her slick tongue entering the deep, velvety folds. Swirling around the sensitive nub, she pressed inward, applying pressure just below the engorged organ, now pulsating with renewed life. Tara climaxed with fevered intensity, into the soul of her beloved, and Willow moaned deeply. She couldn’t get enough of Tara and those juices were flowing liquid sex into her mouth. She lapped up each release as they came, enveloping her senses, completing the anointment of Tara love over her cheeks, her chin, her nose…and lastly, her tongue. ‘She is mine’ Willow contentedly thought. ‘Always.’

Willow slowly kissed her way up Tara’s navel, and up to her breasts, before finally resting upon her lips. They kissed one another and the satiated blonde tasted herself on Willow’s skin. She reached for her lover's fingers, bringing their joined hands up to her mouth, where she placed a kiss upon the ring she wore on her finger.

‘I love you Willow’

The words didn’t need to be spoken. They both knew, as sure as they knew the taste of salt on their damp skin, their love was always and ever.

Tara: It's not really so much about hating the men

Willow: We're more centered around the girl on girl action

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