Once upon a time, Amy aka WBBuffyfan00, was urged in chat to see if she could take a picture of Amber's butt. Well, she found the guts and went to bat for us. It turns out Amber had a great sense of humor about it. Well, then the kittens in the UK went all out and made sure Amber would never forget the kitten board and the butt shot. The evidence:

All pictures belong to the people who took them and the kitten board, dont' take without asking!

      Amy's Megacon buttshot - the first butt shot

    One more Amy butt shot

    And another butt shot from Amy

     Amber shows her butt in tribute to the kitties at Nocturnal, thanks K. Woods!

    Flip's butt shot

    Halcyon's butt shot

    James' butt shot

    Animanted Butt gif

    Signed butt pic for All kittens, thanks Ruth!

    Amber signed butt pic for xita, thanks Garfield!

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