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Willow and Tara shippers, welcome to the Nether Realms of the Kitten, the Witches and the Bad Wardrobe.

Hey check out our Kitty Listing. Find out more about the kitties, plus you can register and tell us all about you. If you have had a previous name and you want to change it, contact xita and I'll change your listing. A lot of people don't know you can have a picture go to along with your listing, you can email it to me or link it yourself. The list is being tricky, keep trying and it does load. The list is on a different server.

New Updates:

It's been a long time since I've udpated. I might have lost my last update page anyway. I had to scrounge my backups to come up with some version of the netherrealms, since suddenly disappeared on me. It's cool, we're on this server and it can hold more and I have more bandwidth. I'll be sharing video again with you soon. Meantime, check out the new menus, it's pretty much the same old stuff, with the exception of our new user friendly material:

Gallery! a cool gallery where users can upload things such as scans, pics, and artwork. It will all be functioning soon, by the end of the day I hope. I have lots to upload myself so that might take a few days for me to sort all of the w/t pics I've never been able to share. This program makes it easier for me to update as it does it all by itself practically.

Links! You can fill in the info and put your link up. All I have to do is approve it. Easy for me and you!

Previous Updates:

Check all the menus, updates everywhere.

Caps of Amber Benson's Chance.

All of w/t in Chaos Bleeds

Buy the infamous Got Tara? shirt!

Added the complete WannaBlessedBe comic by popular request!

The second W/T comic Wilderness is here. Written by Amber Benson herself!

Dark Horse Extra #47 and #48 featured a 2 part w/t comic. the Extra headline The First Part The Second Part 4-16-2002
Added Buffy Comic #43. 2-28-2002
Added Buffy Comic "Lost and Found" and a preview of the new w/t comic.

TV Guide article with mention of Willow and Tara is up.

Added Buffy Comic #41.

National Examiner bit about their gayness is up.

Updated the comics section with the addition of Buffy Comic #41.

The A&U magazine scans are up.

I have changed the look a bit and also updated all the kajun caps, all links should work and be off geoshities now. More caps from season 6 episodes 1-5 coming real soon, also scans from Amber's AU interview this week.

I have finally scanned Amber's story in Tales of The Slayer.

Comic #40 is late but here. Also W/T have won an award! Hit couple according to Soap Opera Weekly

Comic #39 now online. Also, I have the Amber stuff scans up.

Added the new Comics and updated Kajun's Caps.

I have added stuff that has appeared at the kitty in the past couple of months. Comics now updated as well as Merchandise, and Magazines.
KittyKo also has a new Kittyko section where you can find her calendars and Tara winamp skin.

So exciting. We now have a kitty listing. I feel this will give us a great sense of community. It's easy, it's automatic, Register Today. When you register you can include a picture by inserting the url of ONE picture in the form. If you don't have a picture up anywhere on the web but you want it up at the listing, send it to xita with your kitty name as you registered and I will put it up. I want to give a great big shout out to froggy for being so nice to do this for me as I can't code PERL at all. And he put up with me asking for little details. He da man!

I have added the Amber Kitten Interview courtesy of Ruth, Puff, Garfield and Halcyon. I also updated the Pictures section. It now has a Buttshot page, and a scans page full of w/t goodness from the multimedia section, magazines and books, plus merchandise and xita's personal buffy stuff. Also new is Amber's old post at the kitty.

We now have a multimedia section with Kajun's Cap. I will soon put up my scans of w/t goodness.

I have gone online! is now functional and I was able to upload this. I haven't added much yet but soon there will be more. Also I have started a listing to be an official kitten, details to follow soon. Also, I will be hosting pictures of kittens so send them my way at

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