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 Post subject: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 5:52 am 
A word about the general content. There are 'sex scenes' in this fic. However, there will also be an undercurrent of sex, sexuality and sensuality of the Willow/Tara sweetness we know and love. There is also leather but in an erotic sense because this was meant to be an erotic fic.

Most of this fic is NC17, but it also delves into the emotional aspect of the Willow/Tara relationship which earns an PG-13 or R rating.

I've recieved a ton of email on my prior Willow/Tara fic commenting on the wonderful and erotic scenes as well as the leather content. Leather seems to be in demand, so I decided to write an erotic smut fic that included leather, vocarious smoochies and some other things that I won't mention here and spoil the surprise(s).

This story is pretty much complete, so I anticipate posting every 2-3 days, depending on my beta reader's schedule as she's pretty busy writing her own amazing fic.

Title: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty

Author: Allyson Heisey,

Feedback: Yes, please! Constructive criticism always welcome.

Spoiler Warning: None.

Summary: Willow receives a comic book created by an ambiguous fan that illustrates in detail an erotic Willow and Tara relationship.

Angst: None. Zero. Zilch, unless you want to include the uh, sexual tension, then there’s plenty of it.

Pairings: None other than Willow & Tara.

Rating: NC-17, for nudity, sexual situations, and mild violence. There’s leather, there’s smut, humor, romance and heart to heart talks.

DISCLAIMER: WILLOW AND TARA from BUFFY: THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and the scenes depicted here are REGISTERED TRADEMARKS of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy, Inc., WB, UPN, Fox, and all that jazz. *NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED*

Aknowlegements: Katharyn Rosser. She's been so sweet to take the time and beta this thing for me.

'R' Rating for the first two chapters posted below.

Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty

Chapter 1

Tara lay comfortably in the bed, reading one of her books on witchcraft. Absently, she hooked a finger under the fallen spaghetti strap of her nightgown and pushed it back up to her shoulder. Beside her, Willow lay on her side skimming through a substantially smaller book with one hand while the other rested on Tara’s hip under the covers.

"Hey, have you seen this comic book?" Willow asked, looking up at her love.

"Umm, no." The blonde said, setting her book down and glancing over at it. "Where did you get it?"

"A fan sent it to me." Willow met Tara's gaze and the blonde raised her brows.

“We have fans?” Tara’s eyes shone with curiosity.

“Yes, baby, we do.” Willow smiled. “Lots.”

Willow looked back down at the book, flipping some pages. "She created and illustrated it."

"She?" Tara's brows rose even further.

"Aw, baby, you know I only have eyes for you." Willow glanced up at Tara with doe eyes and the blonde narrowed her own.

"Uh huh." Tara said in mock disbelief and then her eyes softened.

The look, now, in Tara’s eyes reminded Willow of the night she and Tara were together after Oz had left. It was soft, warm and loving, but there was also humility in them, which was a part of who Tara was. Tara had just made love to her and Willow was looking down into those blue eyes savoring every expression, every breath, every touch – every moment. She was aware of Tara’s soft body beneath hers, the fingers that withdrew from her and circled lazily over her fleshy folds. Sweat had bathed their skin and she felt her breasts rising and falling against Tara’s as they gasped for breath. Tara had nice boobs. They were full and round and well, she could feel them sliding back and forth, underneath her smaller ones. If they both breathed in then they were moving together. If they both exhaled then they moved apart. If they weren’t together in the breathing thing… then they just had to rub. Tara’s eyes had shimmered then and tears formed at the corners. Willow watched as those eyes softened and then shone with pure love. Willow returned the look and as Tara had told her later she’d seen the love reflected in the eyes staring down at her.

It was a very emotional and intense time. She’d changed from who she had been… or maybe she’d just found out who she had been. She had met someone else. She and Tara were just beginning to form a romantic relationship when he’d come back.

Tara had felt that she was riding on an emotional rollercoaster and Willow had been so confused. Right back then, Willow knew she loved Tara, but that she still loved Oz too. She didn’t know what to do, she didn’t want to have to choose between them. But deep down she knew who’s heart she held, for it was given to her freely, without revocation or trepidation and in her own heart she knew what made her happy, and whom she truly loved.

After Oz left, Willow had returned to Tara with a flaming candle as an offering of her love. A tiny, but important, offering. She was offering more than that… she was offering herself completely and without any more hesitation. When Tara realized that Willow chose to be with just her, those blue eyes had shone with tears of relief and joy. But she hadn’t cried.

Willow saw the uncertainty in those blue eyes that night as well. In those last moments before it was all made clear and the candle was blown out. Tara had been uncertain if Willow would love her the way that she loved her. Willow had always known that she loved Tara, and at that point she had chosen the woman she loved too. Then she had spent the entire night trying to prove this to her. She made love to Tara, kissing her deeply and exploring her body in a way she had never done before. Her movements then were slow, almost languid, taking her time and just enjoying the feel and sight of Tara. The alarm clock on the nightstand ticked the minutes away, but to Willow time, at that time, didn’t exist, only Tara, herself, and the two of them were the only things she was aware of. There was nothing and no one else.

They’d talked for a bit afterwards and as much as she was sure Tara had been hurting, she wasn’t angry. If anything she’d been sad. Tara understood that Oz was Willow’s first love and for many, the hardest one to let go. Tara also knew that even though Willow was happy being with her, the loss of Oz hurt. Perhaps not as bad as the first time, but it hurt none the less. Willow would have to be inhuman not to feel the loss for she still loved him, perhaps not the same way as before, but she did love him. That was why her own sacrifice had been so difficult for her… and so special. Tara was special.

Willow pulled herself back to the present and looked down at the comic in her hands.

"Tara, you should see this!" she smoothed down the pages and set it over Tara's book resting in her lap.

“Will, what…” Tara uttered a tiny protest until she saw the caricatures of them on the page. "Is that us?" She asked, raising a hand to her mouth to stifle a laugh.

“The graphics are really good.” Willow commented tilting her head.

“Yes. Very good likeness, don’t you think?” Tara asked, analyzing the drawings.

“Uh huh.” Willow paused. “But my boobs aren’t really that small, are they?”

“Willow, your boobs are perfect.” Tara said and Willow flashed her a smile.

Willow gazed at one of the frames and pointed to a likeness of Tara. “I like your boobs. They’re nice and… roundish.” She bit her bottom lip before looking up at Tara. “I like it when they’re sassy too.”

“Thank you, sweetie,” Tara grinned.

"And look what else..." Willow turned the page. "We're..."

"...all in leather." Tara finished. “What ARE we doing?” Her eyes widened. She picked up the comic and began reading.

"Hey!" Willow put her hand on the thin magazine, but Tara teasingly pulled away. "I was reading that, you know." Willow protested.

"Wanna share?" Tara said, one side of her mouth lifting into a sexy smile and Willow couldn’t help but smile back. “Lets start at the beginning.” Tara thumbed the pages back.

“Okay, here we are, page one.” Willow said and snuggled closer, her hand sliding down Tara’s hip to the inside of her thigh, just under the silk nightgown. It was good to be prepared.

The first several frames of the comic showed Willow and Tara walking up to the Bronze. You really couldn’t see what they were wearing as their backs were to the reader. One could make out that Willow wore pants and a long dark coat while Tara wore a skirt under a shorter jacket.

Tara chuckled and Willow looked up from the comic to gaze at her curiously.

“What?” she asked and Tara bit her lip.

“You are so butch.”

“Not so much. That is, according to our fan fiction writers.” Willow hid a smug smile.

“What are they saying?” Tara wanted to know. “Please, Will, tell me.” She pleaded.

“Nuh, uh.” Willow replied and pretended to ignore her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Tara pout and then bat her eyes. She laughed and gave in.

“Well, let’s just say that some of our fans find you…um, not shy.” Willow waggled her brows.

“Really?” Tara looked puzzled and then it dawned on her. “Oh! That kind of not shy. Will, I would never…”

“Baby, it’s okay. I know you wouldn’t do ‘That’, but they pretty much know you have a… um, aggressive side.”

“And you like it.” Tara stated matter of factly.

“Oh, absolutely. No complaints here. Nope. None.” Willow stammered and could feel heat flushing over her body from just thinking about it. She quickly averted her gaze and looked back at the comic. “You know, you look ravishing. The short leather skirt, the stockings, those heels…”

“Willow, I’d probably break my neck trying to wear a pair.” She paused when she saw how much Willow liked the picture. “But I could try it sometime. Just for you.”

Willow grinned up at her and they turned their attention back to the comic…

There was a conversation going on between Willow and Tara as they approached the club.

“Buffy said she’d meet us inside.” Willow said and turned her head to look at her lover.

“I’ve never worn a skirt this short before. Are you sure this looks okay?” Tara asked quietly, sliding her hands down the skirt inside the coat, smoothing it, before turning to Willow with a hint of a smile.

“Oh, you look fine, believe me.” Willow assured her with an appraising glance.

“Good. Just wanted to be sure.” Tara slid her a smile that made Willow’s heart skip a beat and her skin flush.

“You’re teasing me, aren’t you?” Willow said in mock accusation and Tara’s smile widened.

“No, sweetie. You’re teasing me.” Tara spoke softly gazing at Willow with half lidded eyes.

Their conversation stopped when they approached the bouncer standing outside the door of the club. He waved them along and they stepped inside. The club was almost at full capacity, as expected for a Friday. The loud music thrummed and vibrated in the floor beneath their feet. Willow and Tara looked around for their friend, Buffy, and finally spotted her at the railing up on the balcony. Willow moved towards the stairs, making a path through the crowd so Tara could follow. At the stairs though she paused and then stepped aside so Tara could climb the steps ahead of her. Both of them knew why. Tara slid her a sly look and Willow smiled impishly. Tara placed her hand on the handrail and climbed the stairs. Willow could see the garter belt clips on the back of her thighs and a sliver of smooth creamy skin above the black stockings.

Tara smiled to herself; she knew why Willow wanted her to go up the stairs first. She wanted to be teased with the view up her skirt. Well, if that’s what Willow wanted, she’d get it. Tara glanced over her shoulder and caught Willow doing exactly that, looking up her skirt. Tara stopped and Willow nearly ran into her backside, so intent was she on the view.

When Willow looked up, Tara said, “Enjoying yourself, Sweetie?” She bit her lip in amusement when Willow’s face turned a deep crimson.

Tara turned her attention back to the stairs and caught Buffy’s eye. The Slayer was watching them with a bemused expression on her face. When they reached the balcony Tara felt Willow slip a hand in hers and she sighed contentedly. Together they walked to where Buffy was standing and waiting patiently for them.

“Aren’t we supposed to be out there, you know, investigating?” Willow asked, glancing over the crowd.

“Actually, I found them.” Buffy replied.

“Really? Where?” Tara asked.

Buffy lifted her arm, rested it on the railing and pointed to the kitchen, which was closed. “They’re in there.” Two men were standing outside the door and observing the crowd like lookouts. She turned and looked down towards the entrance of the club where Xander was making his way to the door. “Okay.” Buffy said and Tara raised her brows. “I still need you guys to distract them so I can sneak into the kitchen.” She slid her glance from Tara to Willow and back again. “Dawn’s still the bait… as soon as she gets here.” Buffy glanced down at the club entrance just as Dawn walked in. The teenager exchanged a few words with Xander, who waved at them, before heading towards the stairs. “Never mind, change in plans. Here’s what we’re going to do…” Her voice trailed off when the music jumped up a notch.

Chapter 2

Willow and Tara paused their reading so Tara could flip the page. Tara bit her lower lip, distracted by the slow circling of Willow’s fingers on the inside of her thigh. The touch was light, the fingertips just grazing over her flesh.

Willow could be so distracting sometimes. The first time she saw Willow, at a Wicca meeting at the university that they both attended, she was rendered speechless. Perhaps it was the red hair and those penetrating green eyes. Maybe it was magic of Willow. But when Willow mentioned doing some spells, she knew she had found a kindred soul. And when those eyes roamed over the other women to rest on hers, her heart lurched and suddenly she found herself staring back. There was an immediate connection between them and she felt it, subtle as it was. They didn’t meet up with each other until later, when the town was under a deadly spell and Tara decided to find out if she and Willow could put a stop to it.

During that time of crisis was when they did their first spell together. The magical energy that flowed between them had been so incredibly powerful. Tara never expected to meet someone with so much power, nor someone who could stimulate her in such a way and least of all, fall in love.

Tara had never been in love before. She didn’t know what she was expecting it to be like, but this wasn’t it. Her heart had felt so full and she was amazed at how happy she felt. This kind of happiness was alien to her. When she woke the next morning in Willow’s arms, she stared at the still sleeping red head, awed and bewildered. When Willow woke and looked at her with those shining green eyes, somehow she just knew she was where she belonged.

Over a short period of time their friendship had evolved into a deeply romantic one. Willow encouraged her, nurtured her, and freed her from the shell that she hid under for so long. It was Willow who gently brought her out so everyone could see the hidden inner beauty she’d insisted was there. Looking back, Tara saw how much she had grown since she met Willow.

The fingers circled on her thigh again, distracting Tara from her thoughts and she smiled to herself. When she felt Willow’s eyes on her, she turned and met her lover’s gaze.

“What?” She asked and raised a brow when Willow’s eyes sparkled.

“Oh, just visualizing you in a short skirt. A short… black… leather… skirt.” Willow said and her gaze drifted off, visualizing the image.

“Uh huh, and…” Tara prompted.

“A garter belt and black silk stockings…ooh.” Willow shivered and Tara raised her brows, amused.

“Will, this is a comic book. Someone made all this up.” Tara couldn’t help but laugh. Her eyes were riveted on one frame that showed her full breasts straining against the material of the shirt she wore as she leaned against the balcony railing. Her eyes roamed down her caricature to rest on the garters peeking out from the back of her short black leather skirt that accentuated her curvaceous butt. She had to laugh again. “Where do they get this stuff from?”

“I know, baby, but the image that , uh…” Willow blew out a breath. “…she had there was quite alluring, you know.” She managed to finish and Tara nodded, shifting her eyes back to the comic.

“I thought you were a breast girl?” Tara said, lifting her eyes from the comic and looking at Willow out of the corner of her eye.

“Oh! I am! Totally!” Willow assured her. “But legs are nice too.” She added quickly with a lift of her brows. “Can’t I like both? Legs… thighs as well as breasts… Thighs?”

Willow loved the way Tara teased her with her words and returned the favor with her own touch. Thighs… She saw the quick intake of breath when she inched her fingers upwards along the silky skin on the inside of Tara’s thigh. She smiled inwardly and pretended not to notice, but was secretly pleased that she could arouse Tara with such a simple touch. When Tara looked back down at the comic Willow chose that moment to look over at her. The long blond hair slid forward over her shoulders, curtaining her face. She watched the long eyelashes when she blinked and then moved her gaze down to the full lips when a pink tongue peeked out to moisten them. She shook herself mentally and shifted her gaze back to the comic. But not the attention of her fingers. They read on…

Willow and Tara made their way to a secluded area near the kitchen where two vampires seemed to be standing guard.

“I know a better way to distract them.” Willow said and smiled at Tara mischievously.

“What?” Tara turned and Willow raked her fingers into the blonde hair, pulling Tara down for a kiss. Their lips brushed over one another softly and Willow traced the outline of Tara’s lips with her tongue. Tara’s arms wrapped around Willow’s neck and her fingers threaded through the long red hair.

“Oh. This?” Tara whispered when they pulled apart and Willow nodded. “Okay.” Tara leaned in and captured Willow’s lips. Her tongue teased Willows open and slid inside. Willow met her questing tongue and swirled around it. Tara dove deep, searching for more and moaned softly into Willow’s mouth.

“Tell me, how is this supposed to lure them?” Tara asked pulling back slightly.

“They’re walking towards us now.” Willow answered without looking in the direction of the vampires. She could see them moving out of the corner of her eye and Buffy crept along the back wall, into the kitchen.

“Hello, ladies.” The taller one said and his friend smiled charmingly from over his shoulder.

Willow, her arms still wrapped around Tara’s waist inside the coat, glanced over at him with a slightly annoyed look. The two men stepped in closer, the taller one reaching out and caressing a lock of Willow’s hair before moving behind her.

“Pretty.” He said and Willow raised a brow. She pulled the stake that was nuzzled against her forearm inside the coat sleeve into the palm of her hand.

The second vampire moved behind Tara and she followed him with her eyes. She slipped her arms from Willow’s neck and fingered the stake she also had hidden in her coat sleeve.

“May we join you?” The taller one asked and within seconds, their faces underwent the transformation from human to vampire.

“No.” Willow replied, still slightly unnerved at the sight, even after years of seeing vampires up close and personal. Tara was much more affected, even though her facial expression didn’t change. Willow could tell from the way that her loves grip tightened on her. She moved closer to Willow until they where standing side by side, arms touching.

Willow and Tara pulled their weapons and in one swift motion, plunged the stakes behind them impaling demons in the chest. Shocked, the vampires looked down at the embedded stakes and dissolved into piles of ashes. Willow and Tara tucked the stakes back into the sleeves of their coats and looked about. It had happened so quickly that no one noticed the dusting of the demons. Moving quickly, they closed the kitchen door just as the noise of pots, pans and other kitchen items were heard crashing around.

“That worked out okay.” Willow said.

“Uh huh.” Tara agreed.

To be continued...

"After one take, Joss did say, 'Can we have one that's less like you're going to sleep together in about five minutes?'" - Alyson Hannigan

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 Post subject: Re: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 7:42 am 
I knew I shouldn't have read this before work..damnitt..LOL..

Very nicely done.

 Post subject: Re: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 7:50 am 
Oh my! You said the magic word! Leather! I really like the start and can't wait to see what you have in store for us. ;)

This is my first post to this board and I just had to say something after reading this fic. I liked the way you had Willow and Tara reviewing the past, their emotions, their thoughts and their dreams. Very well done.

I liked the way you wrote the romance and the humor. Can't wait for more.

Post soon!



 Post subject: Re: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 8:37 am 
This is sexy and cute, i can't wait to see what happens next!

 Post subject: Re: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 9:09 am 
It's kinda an archive fic -- very cool.

I wasn't expecting that. :)


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 Post subject: Re: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 12:17 pm 

Love the "subject to the beta reader" thing... yes guys any delays are my fault. In fact I have like the finished first draft on my hard drive. (I think??)

Aren't I lucky!

*Tease Tease Tease*

Ally, you know what I think of this. Apart from misgivings over your obvious infatutaion with all things leather *S* anyone who can find a way of getting Tara into garters and making that an satirical statement is doing more than good!


EDITED TO REMOVE ALL THAT SPACE and the humour that falls flat without the original typo*S*


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 Post subject: Re: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 1:32 pm 
Oh Ally! Another fic from ya, definitely something i needed :D I just know i'll love it, that is if what ya promised at the top is true - which i know it is coz you of all ppl don't break your promises! Therefore i'll wait as patiently as possible for more. :grin


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 Post subject: Re: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 1:49 pm 
Mmmmm......leather. :grin Great start, I love the fan fiction conversation. Now, where can I get a copy of that comic?

Thank You,


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 Post subject: re: Leath and Spice and all things Naughty...
PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 2:43 pm 
Loooove it. Leather? Loooove it. The story within a story? Loooove it. Tara in garters? Looooove it.

Did I mention I loooove it? I love the structure of your story and the sweet wink to the fans...if only. *sigh*

More, please, continue!!!

Did I mention I loooooove it?


 Post subject: Re: re: Leath and Spice and all things Naughty...
PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 3:46 pm 
Wow, you lured me into the fic just by the title alone. But I gotta say, I read the first two chapters and I'm dafinitely love it.

Common Willo and Tara + Leather!?!? H-O-T!!! Who in their right minds wouldn't want it?

Keep on going, you're doing a great jib.


 Post subject: Re: re: Leath and Spice and all things Naughty...
PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 3:55 pm 
Oh Wow Ally...lovin this! I enjoy your writing, and I'm glad you're starting another fic... YAY!! :grin

Leather and Spice and all things Naughty... :lol ...I love the title! Can't wait for the next update!

~Holly~ :heart

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 Post subject: Re: re: Leath and Spice and all things Naughty...
PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 4:06 pm 
Wonderful heavenly start! :clap :D

Can't wait for more!!

snuggle79 :wave


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 Post subject: Re: re: Leath and Spice and all things Naughty...
PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 8:14 pm 
heh, gosh, i haven't been to the Pens board in so long i almost forgot about how new fics seem to pop up like, almsot everyday! SO SO glad i read this one first! :D heh, leather! 'nuff said! :wink

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 Post subject: Re: re: Leath and Spice and all things Naughty...
PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 8:15 pm 
OMG ally, you are at it again!!(and of course kath is teasing us again also!)

You do know how much Ashley and I enjoy da "leather" and Willow/Tara goodness! :bounce

We're waiting.....


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 Post subject: Re: re: Leath and Spice and all things Naughty...
PostPosted: Wed Nov 13, 2002 8:22 pm 
Leather, sexy, cute ... what's not to like? I think Willow and Tara need to use that vamp-baiting technique more often though.


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 Post subject: Re: re: Leath and Spice and all things Naughty...
PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2002 7:56 am 
**note to self: do not read stories that have leather in the title in the morning**

This is a great start Allyson. Love the concept. Are you selling that comic on the side :) I agree with DMV. They should use that technique more often.

Can't wait for the next update. I'm more than willing to blame the beta reader for all delays ;) We'll send a posse after her.



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 Post subject: Re: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2002 11:44 am 
ooh great start!

personal image favourites so far:

Tara in silk nightgown,

Willow in long dark coat, (love that one)

Tara in stockings... (ditto, but of course)

ok, now thats enough for me to go on thinking about for more than a while. thank you.... *exits with serine smile on face....*


 Post subject: Re: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Sat Nov 16, 2002 10:03 pm 
mmm...I like this very much....a story within a story. Please update this soon.


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 Post subject: Re: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Sun Nov 17, 2002 11:03 am 
Funny and naughty, can´t get any better than that.

 Post subject: Re: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2002 6:46 am 
Kittens thank you for your wonderful comments! I'm really glad that you all are enjoying the story so far.

WiccansIllusion - It's okay to read before work. It woke you up didn't it? ;)

WeepingWillow22 - Welcome to the board! Leather is indeed the magic word. More leather to come...

Hotfoot - More sexy and cute. Might get a bit steamy though...

jdcioffi - It never occured to archive fic.

Katharyn - Thank you sweetie! And, yes you have the first draft on your hard drive. I've been adding stuff as I move along though...good stuff...

MissQuirky - I always keep my promises ;)

aiscool - The comic is rare and hard to find. I have the only copy. ;)

Twisted Minstrel - Leather and more leather I promise...

PJFreak - Right minds want it and it's here.

Taras Shadow - It's spicy. It's naughty. It's...

snuggle79 - Thanks!

foreverpiper - Welcome back to the board. Thanks for reading!

barnabasvamp - Oh, I know all about you and Ashley. You and leather. Willow and Tara and leather. Gotta have it... It's sexy, it's what we all dream of...;)

darkmagicwillow - They were excellent bait, weren't they? I was afraid there for a minute that they might forget what they were out there to do...

tiredsoul - Why can't you read this in the morning? Woke you up didn't it?

samiamiguess - Silk, leather, stockings, short skirts. Just a few of my favorite things...

WbBuffyfan00 - Update coming up.

nika - It gets better ;)

"After one take, Joss did say, 'Can we have one that's less like you're going to sleep together in about five minutes?'" - Alyson Hannigan

 Post subject: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty Chapters 3 & 4
PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2002 6:51 am 
Chapter 3

Tara’s skin was warm under Willow’s palm and her fingers continued to lazily stroke the silky smooth skin on the inside of her thigh from underneath the covers.

“I’m liking this so far.” Willow commented even if she wasn’t sure just which bit she liked the most.

“Hmm.” Tara murmured and flipped to the next page of the comic. She was partially distracted by the swirling of Willow’s fingers on her thigh, which was both sensual and stimulating. She could feel the first stirrings of arousal and drew a deep breath, forcing herself to suppress a small shudder.

“What?” Willow looked up at her loves face, framed by a curtain of blonde hair.

“I was just wondering where this is going, you know, a plot?” Tara ran a finger along Willow’s jaw and smiled indulgently.

“I guess we’ll have to read on and find out won’t we?” Willow grinned and they both looked down at the comic…

After Buffy had dusted the remaining vampires in the kitchen she opened the door and their ashes fluttered back into the club as the wind blew through. Hair slightly disheveled, Buffy brushed the wayward strands from her face, stepped back and allowed Willow to go past her to follow Tara into the kitchen.

“Surprise!” Buffy said.

“What…” Willow looked from her to Tara in confusion.

“Happy birthday, sweetie.” Tara said and squeezed her hand gently before letting it go.

“Oh, I thought maybe you…” Willow started to say before Buffy hugged her and the red head’s face lit up.

“Later.” Tara answered with a sly smile and Willow raised her brows at the possible implication of what Tara meant.

“What, you thought we forgot about your special day?” Xander, holding several strings of colorful balloons, quipped from behind her and then pulled her into his beefy arms.

“Nope. We didn’t forget.” Dawn said and handed her a large rectangular gift-wrapped package, then hugged her.

“Just had to take care of some business first.” Buffy said and pulled a box from the refrigerator, setting it on the steel table. Xander tied the balloons to the leg of the table while Buffy slit the tape on the ends of the cake box, lifted the lid and pulled out the contents. Dawn stepped forward, put candles on it and Xander lit them from a book of matches that Dawn handed to him.

“Um, Buffy?” Dawn turned to her sister. “What’s this?” She held up a black leather holster, that she found on the floor.

“Oh, I cut that off one of the vamps before dusting him.” She answered nonchalantly.

“Cut?” Xander asked, confused.

“Yeah, with a cleaver. He was reaching for the gun.” Buffy answered, plucking the holster from Dawn’s hands and dropping it on the table, the handcuffs attached to it clinking.

“Okay, Will, this is your day. Make a wish and blow.” Buffy pointed to the cake and Willow moved closer to the table. She exchanged a glance with Tara, who stood on the other side, before closing her eyes. An image of Tara, naked underneath the sheets, came into focus and she smiled.

“Boy, must be some wish.” Xander commented after Willow had paused for more than a few moments.

“You have no idea.” Willow replied and Tara raised a brow when she saw the flush in Willow’s cheeks. Taking a deep breath she blew at the candles and extinguished them.

“Here, sweetie.” Tara handed Willow a long slim knife and she cut the cake into nice uniform squares. She lifted the individual pieces, setting them on paper plates and everyone helped themselves.

As they ate their cake, Willow began opening her presents. One by one she carefully opened the wrapping paper and excitedly pulled the items from their boxes. From Buffy and Dawn she got several new sweaters, from Xander a book on Mysticism, and from Tara, several boxes of scented candles with pewter stands. When she thought she was done, Xander pulled a large wrapped item from inside the cooler and handed it to her.

“We didn’t know what to get a witch that has everything…” Xander said when she pulled the gift from its box. “But we know how much you love Maxfield Parish paintings…”

“Oh, Xander, it’s beautiful.” She said and turned the framed item around for everyone to see. “This one is called ‘Daybreak’.” She told everyone. It was a Maxfield Parish print of two women lounging with a mountainous "Parrishscape" in its background. “Thank you.” She reached an arm around his neck and hugged him, then Dawn, Buffy and Tara before turning back to the table.

“It’ll fit perfectly between the two that are already hanging in the bedroom.” Tara said when Willow handed the print to her. The scene that he painted was erotic and relaxing; portraying life as playful and beautiful. She had to admit that the painter had an uncanny way of catching every important detail, giving his paintings an essence of realism. And Willow had an eye for detail.

Willow came around the table and joined her, gazing at the painting for a moment before sliding a hand into hers. Slow music filtered into the kitchen and Tara lifted her head and met Willow’s eyes. Willow wanted to be close, she could see the silent request in her love’s green eyes.

With a gentle tug, Willow took the painting from Tara’s hands and set it down. Tara let Willow pull her into an embrace and her arms encircled Willow’s neck. Buffy, Dawn and Xander filed out of the kitchen and into the club. Willow and Tara moved closer together and the music flowed around, over and through them as they danced slowly in place.

Chapter 4

Tara lifted her eyes from the comic, sensing Willow looking at her. Slowly she turned her head and her heart skipped a beat, she loved looking into those eyes, seeing the warmth and love there. From past experience, she also knew that Willow would do whatever it took to protect her from harm. That’s how strong Willow’s love was for her. It felt so right and sometimes Tara had trouble getting used to the feeling.

At times it still surprised Tara that she had someone in her life who loved her, really loved her and it was hard to get used to. Magic had brought them together, its power had bonded them, connecting them in a way that neither of them had ever experienced before. They were made for each other, so she didn’t fight it. It was meant to be.

Willow was captivated by the large blue eyes looking at her. Finally she smiled and Tara responded with a slow smile of her own. Biting down gently on her lower lip, Tara shifted her gaze back to the comic…

The kitchen door was locked securely and the spicy scent from the gently flickering candles filled the air. Willow flicked the light switch and the lights went out sending them into semi-darkness. The candles flickered brightly though, the mellow light warming the impersonal, stoic kitchen. Willow walked back to Tara and pulled her into her arms again, wrapping them around the blonde’s waist.

“This is nice. Romantic even.” Willow commented.

“Yes. It is.” Tara agreed. She leaned in and kissed Willow before pulling back slightly, her eyes twinkling. “I think you deserve one more present.”

“I thought…” Willow stopped when she recognized the look in Tara’s eyes. “Oh. Here?” Her eyes widened and her heart picked up its pace when she realized what Tara’s intentions were.

“Why not.” Tara smiled and maneuvered Willow backwards to a chair. “The kitchen’s closed. The doors are locked, from the inside. There’s candles, and us.”

The back of Willow’s knees hit the seat of the chair and she stopped. Tara placed her hands on Willow’s shoulders and gently pushed her down into the seat. Willow sat, opened her legs and Tara stepped in between them. The blonde gazed down into the emerald eyes and saw curiosity burning behind them. She resisted the urge to smile and instead wove her fingers through the soft red hair, caressing the strands, feeling them fall through her fingers like grains of sand.

Willow’s hands trailed down from Tara’s shoulders to her sides, grazing over the edges of Tara’s breasts, and down her waist to the leather skirt as she lowered herself to the chair. Willow watched her hands slide over the smooth leather to the silk stockings below. She trailed her hands up and under the skirt, over the hem of the stockings to the inside of Tara’s thighs where she stroked the silky skin with her thumbs, brushing over the edges of the garter belt snaps. She heard Tara’s soft intake of breath and looked up into her face. It was a gentle face with soft lips and blue eyes the color and depth of the deepest ocean. A smile tugged at the corner of those soft lips and Willow smiled.

Willow was about to inch her fingers up further, but Tara took a step back and Willow’s hands slowly slid from under her skirt.

“What…” Willow started to say.

“Shh.” Tara placed her finger over Willow’s lips. “I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

Willow’s mouth fell open for an instant and then she smiled. “You planned this all along, didn’t you?” she said. “You did! This is entrapment.”

“I wanted to get you a present.” She paused and the corner of her mouth lifted. “But then I decided to surprise you.”

“Surprise? Oh, I’m surprised. Baby, this is one heck of a surprise. Wasn’t expecting a surprise.” Her voice was hoarse and her mouth suddenly went dry. “Definitely not.”

“I was thinking about it all day,” Tara confessed and sighed, her hands resting on Willow’s shoulders. “I’ve been having erotic daydreams about you all day.”

“I hope I can live up to them.” Willow said after she found her voice again.

“You will. I’ve no doubt about it.” Tara answered.

Tara moved over to the stainless steel table and unhooked the handcuffs from the belt. She searched for the key, smiling when she found it. She was planning on using the handcuffs anyway, key or no key. They could always use magic to unlock them if needed. Tara turned, dangling the cuffs on her index finger and Willow’s eyes went wide. Tara walked behind the chair and Willow didn’t resist when Tara grasped her arm and pulled it back behind the chair.

“Hmm.” Tara said and snapped one cuff swiftly over Willow’s wrist.

Willow’s mouth was suddenly dry. Her heart began hammering in her chest when the cold metal snapped over her wrist. A slow dull ache began between her legs and she groaned softly.

“May I have the other one, please.” She asked and Willow silently complied, bending her arm back behind the chair. Tara placed the other cuff on her wrist and checked to be sure they weren’t too tight.

Satisfied, Tara walked over to the stainless steel refrigerator and Willow’s eyes followed. Willow tested the cuffs by rotating her wrists and they jingled against the metal rod of the chair’s back. There was very little slack. She was completely at Tara’s mercy. Tara could do anything she wanted. She licked her dry lips and swallowed. The ache between her legs was intensifying, so she squeezed her legs together in an attempt to alleviate it but it wouldn’t abate. She clenched her hands and groaned. She knew she was in trouble. Big trouble.

Stopping at the refrigerator, Tara grasped the chrome handle and opened the door, the interior light cascading down over her form. She leaned in and Willow watched as the leather skirt rose up over the back of Tara’s legs, exposing the garter belt straps.

“Hmm. Lots of choices here.” Tara said and Willow’s pulse quickened in anticipation. She had a feeling this ‘present’ was going to involve food and hopefully some Tara too. Tara peered at her from around the door, smiling wickedly. “Lets start with desert.”

“Let’s try… applesauce.” Tara pulled out a large jar and closed the refrigerator door. She looked around and spotting a stack of bowls on one of the counters, went over and got one. She picked up a small spoon from a silverware tray on her way back, opened the jar and spooned a small amount of the sauce into the bowl. She dipped the spoon into it, brought a small portion to her mouth and tasted it, her lips closing over the metal utensil and pulling the sweet fruit into her mouth. Willow unconsciously licked her lips. Tara pulled the spoon from her mouth, looked over to the counter and spotted the spice rack.

“Needs a little spice.” She looked at Willow from beneath lidded eyes and Willow swallowed. She walked to the counter and selected a shaker.

Tara was smiling to herself. She was surprised at how easily she slipped into this role. At first she felt nervous, but when she saw the look of desire and passion in Willow’s eyes and the flush in her face after handcuffing her wrists behind the chair, Tara’s nervousness vanished and she suddenly felt bold. She could be anything she wanted. Willow was hers and she could do anything she wanted. Oh, my. The possibilities…

After sprinkling some of the spice on the sauce, she put the spice back and returned to Willow, who sat, waiting patiently and watching her lover approach. Willow loved this woman and everything about her. The soft light from the candles accentuated every curve on Tara’s body and Willow’s eyes roamed over them, noticing not for the first time though, how full Tara’s breasts were, the shadows outlining the roundness through the white silk shirt under her open coat. The short leather skirt fit snug over her hips and the black silk stockings on her legs shimmered slightly in the muted light. The black calf length leather boots with high heels clicked lightly across the linoleum floor as she made her way to Willow.

“Do you like applesauce, sweetie?” Tara asked and Willow just nodded, words having failed her for the moment.

Tara dipped the spoon back into the bowl and then brought it to Willow’s mouth, bending at the waist slightly. Tara inserted the tip of the spoon between Willow’s lips, watching as they parted. Willow moved her head forward and pressed her lips down onto the metal utensil, her eyes roaming from Tara’s full lips to the cleavage that was directly in front of her. Tara pulled out the spoon and Willow savored the fruity sauce, her eyes still riveted to the exposed flesh that was oh, so close to her face. Willow strained to get closer and the metal cuffs scraped against the narrow rung of the chair’s back. If it weren’t for the handcuffs, she would have fallen forward, nose first, which was fine by her.

“Good?” Tara asked and Willow mentally shook herself, mumbled around the spoonful of sauce and then finally swallowed.

“Those are really nice. I want to touch them. I want those.” Willow stared at Tara’s chest and then shifted her eyes to gaze hungrily into blue ones twinkling playfully.

“No, not yet.” Tara said softly and Willow whimpered in protest. She leaned down and kissed her lover, pressing gently with her tongue and diving inside when Willow’s lips parted. Their tongues swirled and she tasted the applesauce and the cinnamon spice. Their tongues probed, deepening the kiss and Tara almost lost her grip on the bowl. By sheer willpower she pulled away and they were both breathing hard.

“Okay, what shall we try next?” Tara stepped back and placed the empty bowl on the table. She went to the refrigerator and Willow heard her moving things around.

“Oh my. What shall I choose?” Tara asked into the refrigerator. She pulled back and peered around the door at Willow. “You like tangerines, don’t you, baby?” Willow nodded and swallowed, words failing her again.

Tara walked back to Willow, straddled her legs and then sat down in her lap. The leather skirt rode up Tara’s thighs and when Willow glanced down she saw the garter belt straps. The snaps were straining to hold the silk stockings in place. She wanted to run her hands up the smooth stockings, then under the skirt…

“Willow?” Tara said and Willow raised her head, shaking herself out of her fantasy. Tara was peeling the small orange fruit, the juices shining wetly on her fingers. The fragrant orange scent drifted in the air and mingled with the spice from the candles. She separated a sliver and brought it to Willow’s lips. Willow opened her mouth and her lips closed over Tara’s fingers, the tip of her tongue grazing over them. Willow’s teeth nibbled, pulling the succulent triangular shaped fruit from her grasp. When her mouth pulled away, Tara’s fingers glistened wetly. Willow chewed slowly, feeling the juices squirting in her mouth with each bite. Tara fed her another morsel and another and Willow took each one in a similar way. After chewing and swallowing the last morsel, Willow leaned forward, straining against the handcuffs and took Tara’s fingers into her mouth. Her tongue wrapped around each of the digits, licking up the sticky juices.

It was Tara’s turn to swallow and she did, hard. The ache between her legs intensified with each slow stroke Willow made with her tongue. She inhaled sharply when Willow took her fingers into her hot mouth and sucked on them. She watched Willow lick her lips when she was done. A small drop trickled down her chin and Tara leaned forward, her tongue darting out and catching it before it could roll down Willow’s neck. Her tongue moved upwards, licking up all traces of tangerine juices as it went. When she licked the edges of Willow’s lips, she heard Willow moan with pleasure and her body shivered in response.

So far this was the best present Willow had ever eaten. She couldn’t see Tara’s tongue, but rather felt it sliding wetly across her chin, licking and tasting. She moaned when Tara’s tongue licked her lips and then dove inside hungrily. Tara’s fingers raked into her hair and she could feel the heat from her lover’s body as it pressed into her. She whimpered when Tara broke the kiss and opened her eyes which were slightly unfocused. Tara was panting and so was she.

“There’s more.” Tara said between pants and a corner of her mouth lifted into a mischievous smile.

Willow moaned and whimpered at the same time. How long could she keep this up?

To be continued...

"After one take, Joss did say, 'Can we have one that's less like you're going to sleep together in about five minutes?'" - Alyson Hannigan

 Post subject: Re: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty Chapters 3 &am
PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2002 9:11 am 

OMG, please tell me you didn't do that to us and our silly imaginations!!

You do that soooo well ;) Trying to write the comic couple, and just what are the "real" girls up to?

This is great!(lovin da leather :grin )


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 Post subject: OH MY GOD
PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2002 9:19 am 
that was so good i like this story within a story its so much fun and godam is it ever sexy i like no love this

thank you

 Post subject: Re: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2002 11:02 am 
For the love of everything good and holy!! I can't believe you stopped there!! Maybe it was better that you did, give this poor asthmatic a chance to catch her breath. Whew...


 Post subject: Re: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2002 11:23 am 
Oh...*fans herself*'ve uh...mastered a teasing skill. Stopped in the most wrong place ever...! I love this's breath taking...literally.! ;)

*intakes deep breath* Update soon please?? :pray

~Holly~ :heart

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 Post subject: Re: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2002 1:03 pm 
This is the 1st fic i've replied to and may i say its very yummy... i'm going to try and catch up with your other! :)


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 Post subject: Re: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2002 2:28 pm 
Yay!! Brit posted! :bounce Ally u'll have to watch out for her, she also loves her leather! Which is definitely NOT a bad thing at all! :grin ;)

:thud Ya just had to go and leave it there didn'tcha!! But Golly that was really really gooood!! :grin Can't wait 4 more! :)


 Post subject: Re: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2002 3:13 pm 
I like your Tara in the last chapter a lot, but what a place to stop...

One would be nice to have some stylistic indication of when we're in the comic and when we're in RL, like italics or indentation.


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 Post subject: Re: FIC: Leather and Spice, and Everything Naughty
PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2002 3:26 pm 

Tara nodded in agreement "She has magic fingers." TheWisdom of War, Chris Golden

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 Post subject: you vixen!!
PostPosted: Tue Nov 19, 2002 5:41 pm 
How can you just leave us like that??? :jaw :p out

We MUST have an update soon!! With lots of Witchy Goodness...*hint hint*


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