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 Post subject: update....
PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2002 9:55 am 
Okay, guys.... Here it is! Finally, the last update of this fic. I was supposed to be more collaborative with the betaing, but, evidently, I'm no good at that. So, any glaring mistakes you see here are My Fault. All Mine. (feel free to inform me of them, and i'll try to give them the ol' fix when I chance across a computer again) All the brilliant bits of writing, of course, are Jomarch's.

I do, of course, also realize that I ought to have had this done much sooner, and I apologize for the long wait. I'm bad. A menace to society. Just steps away from being evil, in fact.

I am, in fact, so evil, that as of today I shall be running off to the land of unpredictable internet access, in hopes of finding an antidote so's I don't come on all full-blown demon and start terrorizing the kitten with incessant babbling and goofy antics. (to be sure, it's too late).

*sigh* Jomarch: Once again, and always, you rock!

Here, my friends, is your update:

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Tara heard the scrape of Willow's crutches against the carpet as she made her way

back to their room. The innocuous sound filled her with as much joy as seeing the redhead did. The doctor's visit that afternoon was filled with good news as the test results confirmed that Willow had regained limited use of her legs. She would never walk normally, but with the help of the crutches, and additional physiotherapy, as well as a huge dollop of 'Tara-love,’ she could be free of her wheelchair. She smiled as Willow appeared in the doorway wearing only her pajama top, looking quite delicious. She had a mischievous grin on her face, and slowly made her way to the middle of the room, her slight hips swaying seductively despite the crutches. Tara almost stopped breathing when she noticed the red curls peeking out as the material of the pajama top swayed open. She too, smiled as she figured out Willow's plan.

"You know, I love seeing that smile on your face. I mean that's the definitive

Tara-smile - all innocence and come-hither at the same time, I love that smile.

Heck, I love seeing your face, and your hands, and your scrumptious tummy, and..." but

Willow never got to finish her sentence as Tara got up from the bed and kissed her with

deep passion, her tongue brushing against her lips. Waiting for entry… Wanting to taste


Willow didn’t need her crutches then, and let them fall to the floor as her arms circled

Tara. Tara was there, and would always be there to support her. That was all she needed.

The redhead had already planned on seducing Tara tonight, but this was better. So very,

very much better. Their bodies molded to each other. Tara pushed her hips against

Willow, eliciting a low purr from the back of her throat. Lost in that moment, the

visceral feeling of needing Tara's lips on hers her only thought, Willow pulled at her body, one arm around Tara's warm neck. Her other hand drew small circles at the small

her back, causing Tara to thrust forward again.

Willow nearly stumbled back. Her knees had gone weak, but the feel of Tara’s hips moving against her own melded her in place. Heat radiated from the contact as Willow closed her eyes and felt her senses heighten, as the smell of Tara's hair and skin swirled around her. Bliss and longing fought for clarity in her mind at the feel of Tara's body touching hers, skin on skin. She nipped at Tara’s ear, then slowly descended, tasting and suckling at her throat. Tara held on more tightly, cradling Willow's head with one hand, while the other dexterously undid the buttons of the redhead's pajama top. 'Too much clothing on', was the only thought going through the blonde's mind - too much. The taste of Willow in her mouth was exquisite. She was sweet like honey, yet the underlying liquid heat of Willow's passion gave rise to a flavor so alluring, it made the tiny hairs on her arm stand on end. Her body craved as much contact as possible. She bent down and grasped Willow's thigh, urging the redhead to wrap her legs around her and supporting her when she did. Willow's top was undone, and Tara could feel her perfect breasts pressing against her own… Her wetness seeping through her negligee, searing her


Willow had planned for this ever since the doctor's visit, and had left her underwear on the bathroom floor. Her nipples strained against the material of Tara's negligee, each

tiny movement causing her lover to shudder. She was holding on to her life - her reason for being…and she never wanted to let go. "Bed," Willow whispered as she nipped again at Tara's ear. "Need you now. Inside. Everywhere." She gasped and tightened her legs around the blonde's waist. Goosebumps broke out on her back as Tara's palm flattened against it and pulled her closer. The blonde made her way over to their bed.

Not wanting to give up any contact, Tara bent down, supporting herself with one hand on the bed, and slowly lowered Willow down. Her knees dipped the bed as she herself climbed on. She looked down at lover, and saw the light sheen of sweat forming. She could not resist a taste. Her tongue trailed down Willow's neck as the redhead swallowed convulsively and began to pull her negligee up past her thighs and to her waist. Willow's palms felt warm against her skin despite the ardent fervor in her blood. She sat astride Willow and swiftly pulled the garment over her head, her golden locks falling back around her shoulders, her curly gold hairs brushing at Willow's lower abdomen, tickling her lover as she shifted her position slightly.

Willow couldn't help but smile as she rasped out "I guess I wasn't the only one planning to get lucky tonight.” Tara answered her with another scorching kiss as she cupped Willow's breast in her hand, her thumb encircling her nipple, each whisper of touch causing Willow to arch her back. Languorously, Tara began to kiss downwards past her neck. Her tongue swirled at the dip in her throat. She trailed kisses between Willow's breasts, her teeth scraping against Willow's hardened nipples, not quite biting down, her tongue darting out to wet each tip. Each movement was small and none was wasted. Each kiss and caress was carried out with such reverence.

Willow was enraptured… Lost. Her body was heavy with desire, yet she felt each feather-like contact of skin and tongue. Each physical connection corresponded to another link between their souls. Even as she closed her eyes, she still saw the bond between them, felt the love and desire flow through and between their intertwined bodies, warm and slick. She basked in the beauty and strength of Tara. Always Tara. Only Tara. The hymn of her spirit. The fundamental core of her heart. She could not remember the time before Tara, before such bliss and love. There was only one truth now. Above all others, she lived because of Tara, now and always. She wanted more, and her physical yearning, the tender entreaty of her need spoke volumes to the blonde. Her body shuddered under the gratifying protectiveness of her love.

Tara knew that Willow wanted more, that she needed to let go and embrace her building orgasm. But she had wants and needs of her own. Her senses needed to be overwhelmed by the redhead. They needed that jolt of pure unadulterated ecstasy. Willow's lithe body was a feast before her. Every crevice and curve a new discovery of taste and texture, morsels of sweetness that to her tasted like manna and felt like passion. So many courses of action to take - to touch and caress, or to taste and savor. To hold tight and imprint her mark, or to enter and ignite all ardor. She did each one in turn, and felt Willow move with her, finding their rhythm, each moan or whimper rewarded with one more touch. Willow's blunt nails dug into her side, urging her on and reining her need. "Soon, love. Soon," she uttered as she reached for Willow's mouth, her fingers gently tracing the redhead's lips. Such a wondrous face, so exquisite and precious.

Willow reverently reached out for Tara's hand. She kissed the heel of Tara's palm and slowly guided it downwards. Tara's fingers left a trail desire that promised so much more. She looked at Tara, wanting to see into her eyes, needing to know that she was ready as well - ready for this and for whatever else that may occur in their future. …That their coming together was not only about physical need, but a promise of devotion, of growing old together but never growing apart. She could see all this and more in those blue eyes, such all-encompassing beauty, tempered by a fire that burned with devotion, love and truth.

Tara let Willow guide her. She could look into those green eyes forever. They were so expressive that she could hear Willow's thoughts. *Yes, love, always and forever - to love and to cherish*. She could feel the passion radiating from Willow, so she gently pressed the heel of her palm over Willow's clit as her fingers traced upwards. She could feel Willow raise her hips as her as two fingers entered the redhead. The wetness and heat surrounded her fingers as she moved in and out, feeling the building pressure inside, knowing that Willow needed the release. She measured her pace to the movement of the redhead’s hips. She felt Willow's aching pressure, her throbbing need, which was only matched by the intensity of Willow's eyes as she pulled her down and gave her a searing kiss, Willow's hand tangled in her hair.

The redhead was so close, but she wanted to prolong their contact. ‘Not yet,’ she thought as she again pushed her whole body upwards. Tara's fingers still stirred within her, and her mouth was firmly placed over her own. Willow's orgasm, when it came, rocked both of them. The intensity sent a shiver up Tara's supine form. Willow felt Tara by her side, her arm grasping at Willow's shoulder as waves of pleasure swept through her body, leaving her sated and gasping for breath. She felt Tara stroking her hair, brushing the strands away from her brow and whispering terms of endearment.

"Love you, always, sweetheart…..mine, forever….." All words…so inadequate to convey her love, but they were all she had. That, and the feeling of the redhead nestled so gently by her side. All days should end like this, both of them together, sated and at peace, in each other's arms. Tara reached for the covers and lovingly draped them over their bodies as Willow snuggled closer to her. The redhead's eyes closed, and a smile danced on her lips. She was surprised to hear Willow softly humming as her hands roamed across Tara's body. "Willow, you're tired," she whispered, but the redhead raised herself on her elbow and smiled.

"Not that tired. Not yet." Tara settled back then, and closed her eyes, safe in the knowledge that their love had been forged not only in words or acts of passion, but in every breath she took and everything she did. She felt her body responding to Willow's strong and supple hands…felt Willow's lips as she kissed her breasts…as her tongue flicked in and out. Tonight was going to be a long enchanted night, she sighed as Willow's cherished touches began to work their magic on her senses.

Willow couldn't believe that tomorrow was going to be Thanksgiving. The year had gone by so fast. So many things had again impacted their lives, but they were all still here and ready to give thanks. Buffy was organizing dinner again, and had given all of them lists the week before. For the life of her, she didn't know where to get paper turkey hats. She thought of asking the workers at the Double Meat Palace where they had their hats made, but decided on pasting turkey pictures on regular birthday hats instead, hoping that Buffy would accept that.

She was hoping not to wake Tara up as she slowly slid out of bed. It was such a new feeling for her. Well, a return of an old feeling, really. She reached for her crutches and slowly made her way out of the bedroom as silently as possible. She was surprised that Tara had not woken up, but they had been up quite late last night, and the blonde needed her sleep if they were to have a repeat performance tonight. Willow really wanted that, so she tried to make as little noise as possible as she maneuvered herself out of their room.

Tara sensed that Willow was awake. She knew that the redhead enjoyed the fact that she could now get out of bed of her own accord, and she was so proud of her. All of her hard work and effort were beginning to show…not to mention the added benefit of Willow’s improved stamina. Yes, Tara thought to herself, last night had been amazing but there was something else to be happy about today. Her attention once again focused on Willow’s progress - it was slow going, and the walk to the staircase would take at least ten minutes, but Willow was doing it by herself and she felt so proud.

Going down the stairs was the most difficult thing, and Willow had never really succeeded in accomplishing that by herself. She would either have to give up half way and call out for help, or turn back up to rest. But today would be different, she told herself. Today, she had a goal in mind. She was going to make it downstairs and out to the porch in the back of the house where she would sit and wait for Tara to join her. She knew that the sun would rise in about forty minutes and hoped that that would be enough time to accomplish the task at hand.

Tara could sense Willow's determination. She wanted to leap out of bed and help her or urge her on from the sidelines, but she knew Willow had wanted to do this on her own. Willow had planned last night's seduction to tire her out, and almost succeeded, but they belonged to each other, and Tara could always sense Willow’s presence or absence. She just waited and hoped and prayed. She knew Willow needed to do this by herself, but it was so hard not to be out there supporting her and showing her love. She could feel not only Willow's determination, but also her physical pain. She wanted to help share that burden, but knew Willow would never allow that. She waited patiently, her hands twisting at the covers, her brow furrowed as she pictured Willow slowly descending the staircase.

The first few steps were always the most difficult. Starting from the top and looking down, the task almost seemed insurmountable. But she would try. One leg, bent at the knee, slowly extended forward. Each step with a little more confidence, despite the pain and exertion. She wanted to do this, for herself and especially for Tara. She wanted to prove that they were equal in their relationship in soul as well as in body. She knew Tara had never thought of her as a burden. But this would allow her to prove that she could also physically support her love if necessary. So, despite the pain, she reminded herself that nothing good in this life should be easy. The only easy thing in her entire life was loving Tara. For that gift alone, she would endure anything. For each step she took, she gave thanks - thanks for big sister Buffy, and little sister Dawn. Thanks for Xander and Anya who were starting their own family, and had asked her to be godmother to their firstborn. Thanks for Giles who loved her enough to give her a wake-up call when she most needed one. Even thanks to Spike, who would always be there, would always help out, his Vampire instincts be damned. And most importantly, thanks for Tara who would always be in her life. Yes, so many things to give thanks for, and wonder of wonders, there were no more steps to conquer. She had made it, for the first time. She felt Tara beginning to stir, and knew that she had been awake but was waiting - waiting for the right time, their thoughts still in sync.

As Willow made her way through the kitchen, she heard Tara slowly coming down the stairs, her eyes still full of sleep, but with her beautiful smile ever-present. Her senses again came alive as they did whenever the blonde was near. It was a feeling of absolute joy and pure love.

Tara had caught up with her as she reached the back door and slowly accompanied her outside, both comfortable in their silence as they waited to greet another new day.

Willow used to count each of the days. She wrote them down in the journal she had started after Joyce's death. But recently, she had stopped doing that. She had decided not to count them anymore. She wanted to just savor each of them as they came, each bringing new experiences and promises. She understood now that she was truly blessed. She accepted that whole-heartedly now, not because she thought she deserved it but because Tara thought she did.

…So they sit together, Tara's arms around Willow's lithe body, and wait for the new day. Each lost in their individual thoughts, but coming to the same conclusion.

Even if they lose each other, even only for a moment due to fear, over-protectiveness, human idiosyncrasies, or demon foes, they will always be able to come together again - To find each other. They will never stop looking, no matter what. They belong to each other always - until the end of time.

*Infinity,* Tara agrees. "That sounds about right," as she moves in to kiss Willow just as the first rays of the sun make their appearance.

All their days would start like this.

 Post subject: Re: update....
PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2002 10:30 am 
*sigh* that was just beautiful, a lovely end to a wonderful story. Thanks Jomarch and Owl :)

You know, it's a real deal relationship and that's why people can relate to it
Amber Benson

 Post subject: Re: update....
PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2002 12:10 pm 
Aaaaahhhh, Jomarch, thank you!!! I knew it would be great!! Yes, you CAN write smut. And the end was lovely. I'm so glad you shared both of these stories with us. *Pixie soundly biffs you, and sends over many hugs and panties*

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 Post subject: Re: FIC - Left Of Center
PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2002 12:41 pm 
Very nice. Definetly can write the smuttage..phew...feels hotter then 85 out here..

'It's good to be a chicken casserole'-Sass, answering darkness

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 Post subject: Re: FIC - Left Of Center
PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2002 2:40 pm 
A great ending to a great story. All their days would start like this. love this last line.


Uh, um... various sounds of

 Post subject: Re: FIC - Left Of Center
PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2002 3:00 pm 
great ending to a wonderful story. it was a pleasure to read :grin

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 Post subject: Left of Center
PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2002 3:11 pm 
Dear lord, Jo, that was fantatic!!! *hugs you to the point where oxygen becomes a problem*!! I love it!! Incredible ending to an incredible fic!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

"In my world there are people in chains and we ride them like ponies."

 Post subject: Re: Left of Center
PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2002 4:06 pm 
This story couldn't end in any other way. This last part was as beautiful and well written as all previous ones.

The last paragraphs show such a magnificent picture of their love that there's simply no words to tell you how much it touched me.

Thank you so much.



“Come and put the ‘hot’ in my tub.” Tara winked as she whispered. ("Bookmarks & Broomsticks" by The Rainbow Writers)

 Post subject: Re: Left of Center
PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2002 4:20 pm 
See you can write smut :love :drool :love Remember always trust the kittens, we said you could write smut..... and oh boy did you :grin

Thanks for this great story and for such a awesome ending.

"This may be the Hellmouth, but it's our Hellmouth"

--------Tara in "Left of Center"
-------- by: Jomarch

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 Post subject: Re: Left of Center
PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2002 5:20 pm 
A beautiful ending that was definitely worth the wait. Thanks so much for this wonderful story. :)

 Post subject: Re: update....
PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2002 8:10 pm 
I loved the ending. It was beautiful.

"Chemistrys easy. Its a lot like witchcraft, except less newt."

 Post subject: Re: update....
PostPosted: Wed Jun 19, 2002 8:54 pm 
*Infinity,* Tara agrees. "That sounds about right," as she moves in to kiss Willow just as the first rays of the sun make their appearance.

All their days would start like this.

Beautiful, jomarch...I loved the ending. Well, I loved the whole fic, but the ending really was touching. :)

Wonderful job...

Aimee :D

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 Post subject: Re: update....
PostPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2002 1:10 am 
Tara was there, and would always be there to support her. That was all she needed.

Truly beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story with us.

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Indigo Girls

 Post subject: A pleasure to write for all the kittens
PostPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2002 7:37 am 
Hi All, thank you so much for all you feedback and posts. You have no idea how much it helped and how much I have appreciated all of them. All the kittens definitely rock and it was a pleasure writing and sharing the stories with you.

*Drakkenfyre* - Sweetie, when you do think of something let me know ;) .

*BethanyB3* - Thanks for reading and liking both stories. A series, huh??? Well, if I do think of another idea, I may just do that.

*Owl* - I really hoped you aced all those exams. And if I do continue, will you still beta for me?

*Puff* ---- Jomarch waves to Puff--- welcome back. Its always nice to hear from you. I can't decide if I like the butch Tara more or the Tara that choked on her orange juice, thinking about melons....:D

*Puff* - Hi again and you're so welcome.

*Pixie Gismock* - aka, the one with the incredibly nice phone voice :) . Please note that if it wasn't for you and Owl and some biffing, this would not have been written or posted. Thank you so much for everything (especially the panties and hugs).

*WiccansIllusion* - You're too kind and trust me, I had so much problems trying to psyche myself up to write this and then post it. But in the end, I'm happy I did and I do hope the temperature there has returned to normal :)

*Thanatopsis* - Thanks for the 2 'greats'. And the last line will always be applicable in the Pens board.

*Grimaldi* - Well, it was a pleasure to write it for you :D

*Drakkenfyre* - Thanks for an incredible hug! And I believe I'm suppose to receive somethnig from you that has left me intrigued???? Don't keep me hanging.

*sheila wt* - I totally agree that I could not end the story any other way! Thank you for reading and the feedback and you are most definitely welcome.

*Karzia* - Well, I had to repeat 'I can write smut' a couple of thousand times before I started to write the last part. But I do believe and trust the kittens now :D . Glad you like the ending.

*Scout* - You're very welcome and I do hope that it wasn't too long a wait. It took time because for me, writing smut consisted of spending 80% of the time convincing myself it made sense and I should post it!.

*darkmagicwillow* - sigh! you have no idea how much it means to me when someone says that what I wrote is beautiful. Thank you :)

*ExtraFlameyWT* - Now, I'm getting all teary-eyed like Buffy. Thank you muchly.

*mollyig* - Despite my major trepidation at writing and posting the story, in the end I'm glad I did. And that is mainly due to all the feedback I got and the incredibly great people that I have met at the kitten. You are so welcome and thank you for always having an IG sig. I always start singing the song when I read it.


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 Post subject: Re: A pleasure to write for all the kittens
PostPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2002 7:51 am 
Finally got a chance to catch up with this fic, and I really enjoyed it. Thanks!

"Spatulas are for wimps!" -Dawn

 Post subject: Re: A pleasure to write for all the kittens
PostPosted: Thu Jun 20, 2002 8:27 am 
Heh, just when I think Jomarch couldn't be any more perfect I find out she sings Indigo Girls songs!

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 Post subject: Re: A pleasure to write for all the kittens
PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2002 7:23 am 
OMG... there are others with both an Indigo Girls AND a Buffy (Willow/Tara) addiction. I was beginning to think that I was some kind of freak, LOL. Nice to know I have company.

Lately I've been inspired to try and do a Willow/Tara music video to "Strange Fire". I'll post it if I ever get all the clips and get it done. If anyone has any recommendations for vid editing software (win platform) let me know. So far I've got clips in Real and Windows Media format that I want to use.

Now, having said that... AWESOME fic jomarch... I didn't stop till i read the whole thing in one sitting. Very beautiful and touching... it helped to ease the pain of anticipation of S7 angst. Thank you for doing this.



TARA: Every time I... even when I'm at my worst ... you always make me feel special. How do you do that?

WILLOW: Magic.


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 Post subject: Re: FIC - Left Of Center
PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2002 8:08 am 
*zero* - I'm glad you're all caught up :D and you're welcome.

*mollyig* - me, perfect? I don't think so but Indigo Girls totally rock and I LOVE singing all their songs. I do it often and sometimes in public


You must think that something is happening with you, that life has not forgotten you, that it holds you in its hand; It will not let you fall

And Death shall have no Dominion

 Post subject: Re: FIC - Left Of Center
PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2002 10:25 am 
Oh, wow jomarch ... that was a beautiful ending to a really well-done story *G* I've been busy enough to not follow along like I wanted to, but sitting down and reading through this whole thing was a joy - so thank you for writing it!


 Post subject: Re: FIC - Left Of Center
PostPosted: Sat Jun 22, 2002 12:00 am 
half my responses got eaten by EZ board!

*TesniStryngefyre* - You mean there are people that do not like the Indigo Girls and W/T....Inconceivable :D . I am looking forward to your video. Strange Fire is a great song but I say that about all IG songs.

Thanks for reading the fic and I always though Season 7 ended halfway through Seeing Red ;)

*Sassette* - (Jomarch bows down to Sassette, fanfic/cheerleading/dancing queen goddess). You read it and liked it:) . Thanks so much. Its been an amazingly bad and surrealistic week for me and I have yet to read the newest vignettes and your first chapter of Lingering Darkness. But since I've had one of the worst weeks ever this year, I'm going to save it until things calm down so that I can enjoy and savor them. Your writing has always been a balm (even the angsty bits).


You must think that something is happening with you, that life has not forgotten you, that it holds you in its hand; It will not let you fall

And Death shall have no Dominion

Edited by: jomarch at: 6/22/02 10:24:13 am

 Post subject: Re: FIC - Left Of Center
PostPosted: Sat Jun 22, 2002 12:14 am 
All caught up, jomarch. And I'm so glad I did. This has been a lovely story to read, the underlying theme all along has expressed how much Willow and Tara love one another; and how important that love is in their lives. Not just as a relationship, but as something that is integrated into their existence each day. You manage to explore that beautifully. And the ending...well, it was perfect. :)


Squish. Squish. Squish.

 Post subject: Re: FIC - Left Of Center
PostPosted: Sat Jun 22, 2002 6:50 am 
Hey Jomarch,

Just finished your story, real life is so time consuming sometimes. Well I loved it. I actually felt some of the pain that Willow had when she was climbing down the stairs and thought her mantra of thanks was excellent. I truly hope this is not your last fiction.........just remember you hurt Willow, I pull out the Darkest Magic books. :wink

Well anyway, just wanted to say I have enjoyed your stories and I am looking forward to any future ones you may write.

:bounce :bounce :bounce :bounce :bounce :bounce

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 Post subject: Re: FIC - Left Of Center
PostPosted: Sat Jun 22, 2002 10:23 am 
*tommo* - Hi Ruth, its always nice to hear from you. It's so great to write about a love so real yet absolutely magical (but you know that already :D ). Thank you so much for your kind words. And I can't wait to start catching up on Final Exam and Touchstone. I have already started printing the stories out to read them when I can.

*wolflord* - real life is incredibly consuming! I think I am going to take a break from it and catch up on all the fic I should be reading :) . Anyway, I really hope you didn't hurt much. And yes, I do remember the dark magics that you possess :) so if I do write another fic, I promise not to hurt Willow (much :grin )


You must think that something is happening with you, that life has not forgotten you, that it holds you in its hand; It will not let you fall

And Death shall have no Dominion

 Post subject: Re: FIC - Left Of Center
PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2002 12:06 pm 
New to the archive, you can still give feedback if you haven't :)

- - - - - - - - - - - -

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 Post subject: Re: FIC - Left Of Center
PostPosted: Sat May 05, 2018 10:52 pm 
4. Extra Flamey
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Bumping this Fic. Because it is magical and amazing.

You ARE Magic ~ Tara

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