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 Post subject: This Little Wiccan...(Revised and Completed version!)
PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2004 9:28 am 
I want to thank all the Kittens who have asked about this fic. I finnally got off my heiny and finished it. I also made some changes that I think helped the story. I hope you enjoy reading.:flower




PAIRING: W/T RATING: NC-17 to R for sexually explicit situations











Thank you to: Tommo,Wiccie,Wiccachica,Mariacomet,Lisa,Katharyn and Rane for being sources of fan-fic joy and inspiration. I’d like to add Washi, Artemis and Darkwiccan to the list.




Both Willow and Tara were excited about being at the supermarket on a Saturday morning.

Usually picking out brands of tooth paste and sorting out big questions like fabric softener or detergent with softener included was not a get nervous type of experience. Yet they were both fidgety and looked sort of out of place in between the endless aisles of food amongst all the middle aged house wives struggling here and there with their boisterous kids.

But this was after all their first shopping experience as sort of adults and sort of surrogate parents. After the slayer’s untimely demise the couple had moved into the Summer’s home to look after a grief-stricken Dawn.

The transition had not been an easy one. So much had happened in the last few months it was difficult to just keep up with the day-to-day events. First finding out that Dawn was a dimensional key, then Joyce passing away, Tara’s temporary insanity and the final straw that broke the camel’s back, Buffy Summer’s death. The Scooby gang had faced difficult times before, but this was different; maybe Buffy had managed to save the world yet again, but not herself, not this time. That one horrible fact did bring to pass another type of Apocalypse; it was the end of days for a younger, happier, more innocent Scooby gang.

They were all growing up the hard way.

They all felt the change, the weight of a time hellishly lived upon their shoulders. They all felt older, at least older than their I.D years. Dawn had stayed with Giles for the first few days, but she soon grew home sick. She needed some sort of connection to her vanished family. The house full of memories was all she really had left of her mother and sister.

The former watcher couldn’t just move out of his mortgaged house and into the Summer’s home and as much as he loved Dawn, he now had to give serious thought about his future after the Slayer. He would stay for as long as he was needed. The rest of the kids were like his family too, but he also had unfinished business in England and that was something he couldn’t deny or ignore any longer. He also couldn’t help feeling that he hadn’t been the best choice of a watcher for Buffy. At some point he had crossed a line that was not meant to be crossed in his line of work, he felt he had lost his place as a guide and mentor. There were many things on the Englishman’s mind and they all pointed to the same conclusion: he would leave Sunnydale as soon as it was possible.

Xander and Anya were concentrating on making a life with each other and amongst all the pain the wedding plans were a welcome distraction for the couple and a good excuse to feel renewed hope and some sense of happiness. Even if for the time being those plans were kept a secret. Xander believed it was too soon after Buffy’s death to make the announcement; it didn’t feel like it was a time for a party yet.

The whole group pulled together to talk about Dawn’s future, Dawn included. They all agreed that the best possible solution was for Willow and Tara to move into the house with her. Her father wasn’t an option he was practically a stranger and she loved being with the two Wiccans. She adored Willow like a second sister and she felt a special connection with Tara that she didn’t share with anyone else. The teen promised she would try to be on her best conduct and that she would stay in school, keeping her grades on track so they wouldn’t try to take her away.

Willow repaired the Buffy-bot to keep up the façade of the Slayer being alive.

The gang knew that if word got out that the Slayer was dead all Hell might break loose

-literally- speaking. The bot functioned fine for their purposes; it helped with the slaying and made needed public appearances at Dawn’s school activities and such.

The Scoobies still couldn’t completely trust or accept Spike as a part of their group, but they tried their best to at least be civil. They had to admit he was a big help patrolling and at times taking care of Dawn.

Spike had made a promise to Buffy and so far he was keeping his word. Nothing bad was going to happen to the ‘niblet’ if he could help it. Vampires shed few tears in their undead lives and Spike had spilled many when Buffy had died. Even he didn’t know how many he still had left, until they flowed freely at seeing the slayers prone, shattered body on top of the rubble. At that moment he could have sworn he had a heart and soul, because at that moment he felt both of them breaking.

This death was a part of their lives, part of growing up. That’s what they were all doing, moving forward one day at a time. Getting up, going to school, working, patrolling, loving, crying and this morning shopping.

Tara eyed the brand names thoughtfully asking Willow, “So Colgate or Aqua-fresh?”

“Well the stripy one is prettier.” Willow answered, absently taking the box from Tara’s hand.

The blonde rolled her eyes taking the product back from Willow’s hand. “Shouldn’t we be thinking more along the lines of which one has more fluoride or which is better for our budget?”

Willow pouted and scuffed her feet on the floor looking at Tara with a forlorn expression.

“ Yes, but the stripy one makes the mouth all tingly like.”

Tara put on her resolve face and tried her best to chastise Willow. “You’re incorrigible…don’t give me that puppy eyed look… Colgate is cheaper…” The blonde sighed in defeat. “ O.k, I give. Here take the stripy one.”

Willow smiled brightly putting the tube of Aqua-fresh in their cart. “You’re too easy. I so have your number.” She noticed Tara giving her a look and took a step back looking sheepish. “And I just said that out loud huh?”

Tara gave Willow another dirty look. “Uh-huh…but that’s O.k I have quite a bit of your numbers as well, one of them happens to be 69 and I don’t think you’ll be seeing it any time soon.” She punctuated her sentence by smiling evilly and turning her back to the redhead.

Willow blushed looking rattled like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar. “Awww, honey you don’t mean that. No seriously, you don’t mean that right?” She said, now looking seriously worried.

Tara kept up her serious façade trying not to laugh at her girlfriend’s panicked expression. “You have my number, you tell me…wait is that ringing I hear? She asked mimicking holding a phone. “Must be Willow dialing my number. Sorry to inform this line has been disconnected.” She hung up the pretend phone in the air stating with ease, “Well that’s that. Now where’s the Charmin?”

Willow pouted again. “My girlfriend the comedian, hardy-har-har. Alright I repent. What’s it going to take? Flowers, candy, he-he-he leather?”

Tara rolled her eyes and shook her head in disbelief. Willow really had a one-track mind sometimes. Not that the blonde minded of course, just as long as she was the only who had a permanent ticket to ride the Red-express.

Willow smiled, trying to look as innocent as possible shrugging her shoulders. “Can’t blame a girl for trying…Ragu or Prego?”

“I’d prefer neither, they’re so full of preservatives.” Tara answered picking one of jars and scrunching her nose in a sign of distaste. “I’d like to make some from scratch.”

“ I know that sauce you made the other day was yummy, but it’s not so practical. You spent a good part of the morning making it and we don’t always have that kind of time.” Willow replied and then looked suddenly worried as she continued nervously, “And I’m not saying this to get further on your bad side…not that you really have one cause I love all your sides… your sides are great…what I mean is sometimes we have to hurry and make something before Dawn gets home from school and…”

Tara smiled and patted Willow’s arm affectionately. “Honey, calm down. It’s o.k. I know what you mean, you’re right. We do have to be practical. Take either they taste the same to me. And get that look off your face Goddess, I’m not going to send you to the couch just for making a suggestion and a good one at that.”

Willow took a breath of relief and relaxed. “ Good, I need my nightly quota of snuggles or else I just can’t sleep properly.”

Tara arched an eyebrow and leaned in closer and nudged the redhead playfully with her elbow. “Changing strategies now? You know I’m a sucker for sweet talk”

“Then may I say: chocolate, candy canes, marshmallows, ice cream?” Willow said smiling goofily and making bedroom eyes at the blonde.

Tara giggled and answered dramatically, “Oh please stop. I may just faint dead at your feet.”

Willow pinched the bridge of her nose, making a face. “Then I’d better get some foot powder. And have you been sneaking peeks at my drama class notes?”

Tara shook her head in wonder as she stared at Willow’s antics. “Silly girl.”

“You’re silly girl’s girlfriend so that would make you silly girl two, silly’s silly girl or Mrs. Silly if you prefer.” Willow quickly retorted.

Tara looked amazed that Willow could say all that in one breath without physically fainting. “What? Could you repeat that 3 times really fast without stopping, please?” She asked in a teasing tone.

Willow took a breath. “Erm…I don’t think so. You know what I mean.”

“Yes, fortunately for you I have become an expert at Willow speak.” Tara said in an academic tone.

“Ah yes! My beautiful and talented girlfriend, gifted in all oral abilities, by that I mean language of course.” Willow said giving Tara the once over and winking. “ Cause you know I love it when you get all lingual, bilingual and most of all when you get cunnilingual with me.” She said in a flirty manner.

Tara laughed lightly and flirted back, flicking her hair to one side and also giving Willow a little wink. “Mmhhmm, flattery- flattery, it will get you everywhere.”

Willow lowered her voice and leaned in closer to the blonde’s ear “Will it get me number 69 back on the speed dial?” She asked wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Tara pushed the redhead away lightly and threw her a stern look “Don’t push your luck. We’ll see…”

Willow puffed out her cheeks and looked at Tara through shifty eyes. “I wonder…whose got whose number here? You know exactly how to make me crazy and you enjoy it too. Tara you’re playing me.” The redhead said pointing an accusing finger at the blonde.

‘Like a guitar darling and you love it.’ Tara thought to herself, but she wasn’t about to admit it, so, instead she looked indignant and answered, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Oh look the sugary cereal you like is on sale two for one.”

“Sure like I’m going to fall for the ol’ changing the subject tri…oooh…Count Chokula two for one? Yummy, chocolate and teeny-weeny marshmallows, those cereal guys are geniuses for thinking of that, only not, cause the Frankenberry is kind of yucky and….” The redhead went on to list and almost endless array of cereal formulas that worked and cereal formulas that didn’t.

Tara smiled yet again and looked lovingly at her girl, “Goddess you gotta love her. Note to self: get decaf.” She said to no one in particular putting two boxes of the chocolaty cereal in the cart.

Willow paused in her speech “Did you say something baby?”

“Nothing…you were saying something about the cereal leprechaun and the keebler elves?” Tara replied still amazed by Willow’s wondering mind.

Willow shuddered and continued, “Oh yeah, talk about nightmares…”

*( More or less an undecipherable amount of Willow speak on different food groups and childhood trauma.)*

*( Note from author: I would never finish this story if I got on the subject of brussel sprouts, turnips, beef jerky and the very feared Jolly green giant. Thank you for your understanding, we will now return to our story.)*

They lay there intertwined their naked, sweating, writhing bodies. She begged her mistress for satisfaction as….oooops! (author blushing profusely) Sorry, that’s a whole different story. Ahem! Back to our girls in the market place:

Tara took Willow by the arm and made her stop before the green leafed vegetables “Honey, you’ve just cruised by most of the vegetable stands. Don’t you think we should at least get some broccoli?”

Willow looked horrified for a moment and took a step back, as if the lettuce was going to rise and attack her “Broccoli? I don’t know…I don’t want to come off as a parental tyrant. I still remember seeing my mother looking like a General when she said (Making a stern voice, with a German accent which is kind of funny cause her mother isn’t German.) ‘You must eat your vegetables or no dessert!’ I mean, that should qualify as psychological abuse of power or something.”

Tara smiled and proceeded to put a head of broccoli into their cart “Darling, I don’t think Dawn will run away from home or report us to children services if we get some vegetables. She’s a growing girl, she needs some greens in her diet.”

Willow paled at the sight and deadpanned, “Greens? Couldn’t we just color dye some pop-tarts?”

Tara shook her head no as she picked out some tomatoes “I don’t think so. I’ll tell you what, we’ll get some mushrooms too and when we serve them, I’ll make them with cheese or sneak them in a yummy vegetable lasagna or home made pizza, how’s that?”

“Home made pizza? O.K!” Willow answered enthusiastically.

Tara looked at her girl suspiciously “So was that whole tyranny speech for Dawn’s benefit or yours?”

Willow looked guilty as she tried to answer. “ Well I, uhmmm…look there’s a special on fruits” she said making a run for the peach stand.

“Fruity special, that’s my baby.” Tara said to herself in a soft voice.

“Hey Tara, wanna squeeze my melons and see if they’re ripe?” Willow yelled, raising her eyebrows suggestively at Tara.

Tara turned around nearly dropping her oranges. “What the…?” she asked upon seeing Willow holding two melons in front of her chest. “What are you doing, you nut?”

Willow looked down at her chest “Some wishful thinking I guess.” She said, before adding an after thought with a saucy smile covering her face “…or my impression of you.”

Tara put her hands on her hips and chuckled lightly. “Is that supposed to be a compliment?”

“No, this is.” Willow answered leaning in for a quick stolen kiss.

Tara blushed, surprised by her girlfriend’s actions. “You madam are a vixen and a fiend.”

Willow giggled, looking very pleased with her self. “Why thank you dear lady.” She said bowing before her lover.

“Mhhphh, you would take that as a compliment, wouldn’t you? Seriously sweetie let’s stop fooling around, this shopping is taking us forever and we have to take Dawn to the mall later.” Tara said looking slightly annoyed.

“Alright-alright, I’ll try to be good. I promise.” Willow answered raising her hands in the air in a sign of defeat.

A look of pure evil crossed Tara’s face as she leaned in close to Willow and took a small nibble on her lobe before whispering, “Oh but you’re always good, sooo very-very good.”

It was Willow’s turn to blush and look pleasantly surprised by her girlfriend’s actions. “Who’s the vixen now? That just reminded me, did we get the whipped cream?” the redhead asked in a hushed tone.

“Two cans.” The blonde answered with a wink. “ Now let’s get back to shopping.”

“Yes ma’am.” The redhead absently answered while looking through some cucumbers, weighing them in her hand looking at the differences in length and width. “Well this brings back memories.” She said off handedly, suddenly realizing that Tara was sending her another dirty look “Uh-oh and I just said that one out loud too, huh?” The redhead shut her eyes when she saw Tara’s ears turning red around the edges. “I’m getting sent to the couch tonight, aren’t I?” She asked in a small voice.

Tara glared at Willow and crossed her arms across her chest “What do you think?” she asked flippantly.

“ I think you’ll find me in the pet section shopping for a nice dog house.” Willow answered trying her best to look contrite.

“Better make it a roomy one, you might be there for a while and while you’re at it you might want to return one of the cans of whipped cream, I don’t think we’ll be needing it.” Tara said sounding thoroughly pissed off.

Willow pouted and put on her best ‘apology’ face “Awww, honey…baby doll…sweetheart…don’t be like that. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean anything by it really…it was just, you know…like a random memory…it didn’t mean anything really…truly baby you know you’re the one I love and want that way don’t you? Tara looked away hiding her face behind a curtain of hair and Willow began to really worry. “ Honey, don’t you?” she asked again, desperate for Tara to look at her.

Tara looked at the floor, avoiding Willow’s gaze. “I-I don’t know…it’s just that…”

Willow took the blonde’s hand and tried searching her eyes. “Honey, look at me. Come on…that’s better. Listen to me, you’re all that I want and need. You’re the best I’ve ever had, all I will ever need for the rest of my life. When I’m with you I feel beyond complete no one, no one could ever top that. I love you, understand?”

“Really?” Tara asked still a bit unsure of her self.

Willow answered with a smile. “Really-truly-absolutely.”

“I love you too. I’m sorry I let all those insecurities shine through. So you wouldn’t trade berries and cream for a cucumber salad with dressing? ” Tara asked only half-kidding.

About half a dozen disturbing images came into Willow’s mind featuring vegetables, but she figured it was best not to voice them. She settled for a more standard answer instead. “Never in a million years. As a matter of fact I’ll give up all kind of salads for good if you wanted me to. Hey, does that smile mean I don’t have to return the whipped cream?”

Tara turned her smile into a sexy grin. “Baby that means you can even get the Hersheys chocolate.”

Willow didn’t have to be told twice. She took off running, making a mad dash for the candy aisle. Tara stared after her with a silly grin on her face. Her grin soon turned into a sexy half smile as she spotted the ripe strawberries and got a terrific idea for a very special dessert.

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 Post subject: Re: This Little Wiccan...(Revised and Completed version!)
PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2004 9:34 am 
I apologize in advance for the double posting, but the board isn't letting me post in big sections. I think I'll have to post one by one or in pairs.



They tried accepting death and coping with loss like normal people did. Trouble was, none of them knew the meaning of the word ‘normal’. All of them carried some kind of extraordinary burden or another in their hearts. Life with the Slayer could be difficult, but life without the Slayer was becoming impossible. The grief they felt was overwhelming and overpowering. None of them could really let her be gone. Some days were better than others; there was some laughter amongst the tears. But then they would remember and weep in silence all over again. They felt like they needed their ‘hero’ back. None of them realized that they were heroes in their own right just because they refused to back down from the fight, just because they we’re always willing to stand up for those who didn’t know how to stand up for themselves.

When Willow had found the resurrection spell everyone had been struck silent, even Anya had nothing to say for a long while. When the meaning of Willow’s words finally sunk in they all felt a strange mixture of emotions coursing through them: Joy, fear, and apprehension, most of all ‘hope’.

Bringing the Slayer back was possible. Willow knew she had enough power in her to raise the dead. The Scoobies spoke in hushed tones and had secret meetings. Willow was obsessed with finding all the spell ingredients. She would spend hours on end surfing the net and she would swing by Willie’s bar almost every weekend searching for black market vendors. The redhead was going full speed ahead. She didn’t know any other way to go; even though secretly she worried that soon she wouldn’t know how to stop. But she stayed silent, in part because she didn’t want to further burden the overworked group of friends and in part because she was beginning to enjoy the power that she was harvesting and wielding. She had grown stronger and it never occurred to her that power really could corrupt you if you let it have free reign over your soul.

Tara was afraid of all the changes Willow had undergone in such a short time and she couldn’t help but feel that the pressure was going to break something inside the redhead.

Willow was on over-drive, she was the Scooby boss, the Buffy bot’s personal engineer, Dawn’s other surrogate parent, a top student at USDC and the Slayer’s only shot for a resurrection, a life.

Tara tried easing her burden by being supportive and sharing as many responsibilities as she could. She took care of running the household, cooking and taking care of Dawn.

She also patrolled with the gang and worked on strengthening her witchcraft skills. Even though she wasn’t anywhere near the level of power that Willow was reaching. Secretly this was what scared Tara the most. She was worried not only about the resurrection spell, but about all the time Willow was investing in working with the dark arts. She had heard stories with not too happy endings about the abuse of that kind of power.

In their room Tara opted for silence. For the time being she thought that what her girl needed the most was unconditional support. The blonde hoped that the redhead’s tinkering with black magic would end after they performed the Osiris crossing over spell, whatever the outcome. Everything would be done with once and for all after the rising.

Then it happened, the resurrection was completed. Buffy was back. None of them could really believe that they had actually pulled it off. Every one’s hopes came to life, except for Tara’s, her fondest hope soon began to fade. Willow didn’t reduce her magic use she increased it.

The redhead’s humor had also taken a turn for the worse. She was moody and irritable.

Their fights increased and Willow was going as far as becoming disrespectful to Tara.

A hard blow for the blonde to take was finding out that Willow had violated her mind.

Even then she had been willing to forgive the redhead, but Willow had done it again, nearly getting them all killed. Tara had cried until she felt dry inside and then she had just stopped feeling all together. She gathered her courage, her clothes and walked out of the Summer’s house and out of her life with Willow. It was done, one had risen and two were falling.


‘Just another Saturday, shopping day, boring, sad market day’ Willow thought as she looked at a can of peas.

"Even shopping was better when ‘she’ was here" The redhead said to her self, remembering her first Saturday with Tara as substitute parental units for Dawn.

Tara was the organizer, she had cut up coupons to get discounts, she had known which brand names were better for this or that, she had insisted on buying green leafy vegetably like things, even when Willow's idea of greens had been color dyed pop-tarts.

The redhead smiled at that last thought remembering Tara's rolling of the eyes and mock stern face, trying not to laugh, playing the more serious half of the couple.

The cucumber incident had been funny too, except for the hurt look Tara had gotten on her face for a few seconds.

‘I'm just glad I kept all the comments that came to mind when we passed the condoms aisle and the banana stands.’ Willow thought, smiling again for a nano-second before the usual somber gray tone returned to her face. Since Tara had gone most of her days went by in this manner, smiling when she remembered the good things and almost immediately falling into a pit of gloominess after remembering that the source of all that silly, wonderful joy had walked out the Summer's house and possibly out of her life forever.

Picking up some broccoli and setting it down again she kept debating whether to take it or not.

‘What the heck am I gonna do with this? Tara was the only one who knew how to disguise the yucky flavor of all things leafy and the only one worse than me at this wholesome cooking thing is Buffy, her idea of nutrition is a granola bar sprinkled on ice-cream.’ The redhead thought in a worried frenzy.

Just then Buffy appeared juggling 4 gallons of milk

Willow gave her a hand and a quizzical look "Uuumm Buffy I'm all for supporting the ‘got milk?’ campaign and all, but 4 jugs...isn't a bit much?"

Buffy let the jugs drop in the kart and twisted her mouth in an ‘I'm exasperated and pouty’ kind of way before answering, "I'm not taking all of them. I brought them so you'd help me decide. Look there's one with a yellow cap, one purple, one blue and one red...which one is like the best? I mean when did milk develop a fashion sense? Which would be better for Dawn the low fat, or the one with extra vitamin D or the whole milk? Or…"

Willow raised her eyebrows and shrugged in a ‘don't look at me I know nothin' about cows’ kind of way making Buffy pout again before saying, "Oh you're a big help. I think it would be easier to just buy a cow."

The redhead looked a little guilty for not being able to help with the vitamin D vs low fat dilemma and gave another little shrug. "Sorry Buffy. Cows are not my thing. Now if you want to know about chicken breasts or sassy eggs I’m your girl.”

Buffy raised her eyebrows up to her scalp." Sassy what? I’m so not going there with you and It's o.k Will. I'm sorry for being such an anxiety riddled Buffy today. It's just that I'm not really any good at this, first Mom did all the shopping, then I used to come with Giles and he was the one that picked everything. I wish I had paid more attention instead of lingering in the magazine section and after that it was you and...uuuhmmm"

The redhead frowned. "Buffy it's o.k, you can say her name. I'm o.k really. I don't want you guys to do what you did when Oz left. I mean, one minute to the next there was like this underlying silent agreement to vanish his name from our vocabulary. I don't want that to happen with Tara, besides the fact that I'm still hoping we can work things out."

"Yeah, I just didn't want to make you all sad and stuff. I know better than anybody the power of a name when you're trying to forget or at least not remember for a while. Any how...change of subject. So what are you up to?"

Willow held up the broccoli with two fingers like it was pair of dirty demon underwear. "Trying to talk myself into putting this in the cart."

Buffy scrunched up her nose. "What are we going to do with that? I mean it looks like part of something I slayed just last night"

"I know what you mean, but I'm thinking we have to for Dawnie and all. Like Tara said, she's a growing girl and needs some greens in her diet."

"Greens? Maybe we could find a bag of green gummy bears or buy m&m's and separate ? No. I guess that just wouldn't be same. I don't think I'm a very good parent. I don't enforce the eat your veggies law very well do I?" The slayer said a bit saddened.

Willow chuckled a little at the similarities she shared with her best friend in terms of food products. "Awww, poor Buffy feeling all maternally challenged like, don't worry melted butter and velveeta will make all things better. I learned that from Tara, well that and tying cherry stems into a knot with my tongue, but that story is for when we change the rating to Nc-17."

Buffy looked baffled at the cherry comment and looked far from being convinced at the making broccoli taste yummy statement. "You promise we can fix the big green yuck? Cause we have to set an example and that means we have to eat this stuff too."

Willow put on her best brave little soldier face and grabbed Buffy by the shoulders "I promise we'll get through it, been there and done will be o.k, it's the cheese man that makes it right."

"Please don't say cheese and man in the same sentence Will, it brings back bad-wacky dream memories " Buffy said shuddering.

"Oh sorry I forgot about that...what the heck do you think the ‘cheese man’ meant anyways? I've researched every dream book I have and even some Freudian texts and I've found nothing that can explain it."

It was Buffy's turn to shrug "I don't know maybe it was a weird form of prophecy that foretold that part of my destiny would involve masking the taste of leafy taste-less things with cheddar or maybe one day the world will be threatened by a brussel-sprout Demon that can only be defeated by way of limburger in a can."

Both girls shared a light laugh at this last thought, then Willow stopped abruptly upon getting a disturbing mental picture.

"Hey, maybe we shouldn't laugh. Anything is possible in Sunnyhell, brrrr. I shudder to think of the possibilities, an army of angry turnips and string beans commanded by the jolly green giant...oh, the nightmare!"

"Still afraid of the Jolly green giant huh?"

"Yeah, hey you would be too if...whoa what’s this in the cart?" Willow asked wide-eyed

"What? Just some cookies, we always have cookies in the house."

Willow pouted. "But those are keebler elves cookies..." Buffy just stared at her like ‘so what?’ Her friend just didn't get it and willow felt sad all over again. Tara would have gotten it. She would have taken the box for a second just to tease her, putting it menacingly in front of face going grrrr-arrrrgghh, before putting it back and taking the Oreos instead.

Buffy didn’t see the keebler elves potential for evil as she inspected the box. "Well what's wrong with my selection of cookies, don't you like these? You could pick something else if you want."

"No, that's o.k, those are's just...never mind...the cookies are fine." The redhead answered with a shrug.

"You sure? You got a weird look on your face." The Slayer asked still not understanding.

"Yeah I'm sure" Willow's voice cracked just a little as they went through the candy aisle. The chocolate syrup reminded her of one particularly yummy night she and Tara had shared when Dawn had left for a slumber party over at Melinda's, leaving them the house all to themselves. She looked over at Buffy and blushed thinking of what Buffy might say if she knew that she and her girlfriend had christened almost every room in the house. If it wasn't for the use of magic they would have never gotten the stains off the couch and the bed and the dining room chairs and the carpet and...

"Yoo-hoo earth to Willow, hey is my Wiccan buddy in there somewhere?" Buffy inquired waving her hand in front of the red head’s face.

The fact that someone was speaking to her finally registered somewhere in Willow's mind "Huh? What now?"

"Boy you were really out of it. I was asking, if you knew what tp is best? I got enough problems with being a slayer without having to worry about a sore tushy."

"Oh,Tara always took the Charmin, but I suspect she just liked squeezing it to see if the 'don't squeeze the Charmin’ guy would show up” Willow grinned at this, to her it was funny. Buffy just looked like ‘ooo.k whatever’.

"Ooook...if it's the one we have at home now it's fine. Now for the tooth paste, look there's a special on Colgate."

"Couldn't we take the stripy one?" Willow asked hopefully

"Why would we do that? This is way cheaper." Buffy said decisively as she put the Colgate in the cart. Oh, and I think I should go back to the veggie section I want to take some cucumbers. I just love cucumber salad.”

Willow smirked. “Frankly I prefer berries.”

“What do cherries have to do with cucumbers? Buffy asked, perplexed. I just don’t get your shopping logic Wills.” The Slayer said before heading off towards the green’s section.

Willow frowned and remained mostly silent for the rest of the shopping day. Everything just seemed different, everything was different. There wasn't anything that didn't remind her of Tara, her name didn't need to be spoken for her to remember. She thought how funny that it was the little things that she missed the most: The way the blonde pretended to be serious but always laughed and gave in to her whims, the way she picked out fruit, the way she worried about getting dolphin friendly tuna, the way she never got the jolly green giant peas, the way she always got jam tarts for their picnics and just about everything else.

Passing through the dairy section again to discard two of the milk jugs a single tear flowed down Willow's cheek as her gaze was drawn like a magnet to the whipped cream cans.


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Part 4: THE FLEA MARKET OR (who shops for fleas anyways?)

Tara’s absence and nearly getting Dawn killed finally shook some sense into the redhead and forced her to admit that she had a problem. The magic that she had used to help her loved ones had become a weapon against them and against her self. Willow had sworn off magic and was slowly walking down the road to recovery. That was good word in Willow’s book ‘recovery’ it meant to get something back. That’s what the redhead wanted most of all to get her life back, especially her life with Tara. Yup, Willow was walking, but the thing about walking is that it isn’t always easy on the feet.

She looked absent-mindedly through the various flea market stands and she really wasn't sure why she had bothered to come at all. She wasn't in much of a mood for bargain hunting. She wasn't in a mood for much of anything lately. It was Dawn's insistent prodding that had gotten her out of the house this sunny Saturday morning. Not that the weather mattered much now days, especially weekends, weekends were the worst. At least on regular weekdays she could keep her mind occupied with college assignments or Scooby research. Saturdays and Sundays were a different story all together, too many empty hours to fill, fill with what? More emptiness the redhead supposed.

It wasn't like she could do spells anymore, that was what had gotten her into so much trouble in the first place. Though it was a very tempting thought that popped into her mind once in a while, a still too often once in awhile. Besides, how many teen-humor movies could she see with Dawn before nothing seemed funny anymore? Though she had to admit that she had really enjoyed ‘American Pie’ for some strange reason.

Buffy still wasn't coping well with emotions and to say that their relationship had become strained would be the understatement of the year. Their friendship had hit a huge snag and they were really struggling through. Their conversations seemed hollow at times, each holding back, each lost in their own dilemmas. They offered as much support as either could afford to give, which probably wasn't nearly enough, but at least it was a start.

Willow knew she had hurt the people she loved the most and that reclaiming, no, earning their trust again would not be an easy task. She was trying, not only for them but also for herself. She still couldn't believe some of the things she'd done. Sometimes she would shower for hours on end thinking that she could never be clean enough to come out from under the water again.

A part of her had been lost forever when she had let Rack touch her. When she thought about it she wept, she wept for the girl that got lost that night and would never return.

There was no turning back time, all she could do was feel the impact of that loss and try to learn from it turning that past weakness into a present strength.

That was one of the biggest battles being fought in her mind and heart, she needed to forgive and accept herself wholly before really asking others to do the same.

She needed to rediscover who she was without the power, without the rush. She needed to learn again how to deal with pain, no denial, no easy way out, letting it come and go by its will, like every average person on the street.

Being completely human and dealing with things normally while being part of the Scoobies was a contradiction in terms. None of their lives could ever be labeled as average. That was really part of the problem for all of them not just Willow. They were so used to the extraordinary that something so common as growing up and dealing with it had become an Apocalyptic experience.

Willow thought all this whilst looking through a box of vinyl records; thinking was something she did a lot of lately. Right then her thoughts shifted from introspective mode to goofy mode upon seeing an Abba album cover as she remembered her girlfriend or was that ex-girlfriend? No-no and no her mind screamed. ‘I'll get her back...if it takes me all my life...I'll get her back.’ She thought with determination, her mind jumped the little ‘gloomy-gus’ hurdle and went back to remembering an evening watching an Mtv special. Tara had suddenly stood up and burst into song doing a damn good impression of one the lead singers. Willow had joined the fun and they had a whole choreography going by the end of the video. They had laughed and discussed silly fashion fads of the past all night. Only Tara could make a night in front of the t.v with a slice of cold pizza seem like a sort of wacky Heaven.

So the redhead realized once again that what bothered her the most any day of the week was Tara's absence. It was palpable in anything that Willow did or didn't do. Last weekend it had been a trip to the market that had made her cry in the dairy section, this week it was a vinyl record that had the redhead in an emotional flux and she really didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Her vast array of thoughts was interrupted by an eager voice belonging to Dawn.

Dawn looked brimming with excitement as she asked as innocently as possible, "Hey guess who I just found?"

Willow looked up from the album that she had been clutching, hoping... "H-hi" she stammered out with her heart catching in her throat.

"Hey" A nervous Tara managed to get out without stammering. Which was really amazing given the fact that her stomach was turning like a Ferris wheel and her heart was running a marathon in her chest.

Dawn looked at them both to and fro smiling. "So there's this thing I saw it at another stand way over in the other extreme. I'll go get it now before somebody else gets it, bye now..." The teen said one breath before taking off.

"Dawn...!" Willow and Tara called out at the same time in one panicked voice.

They glanced at each other nervously not really making direct eye contact.

Tara broke the silence "So...can you say set up? No wonder She kept saying you just HAVE to go. I guess I wont be getting that antique lamp at half the price after all."

"I'm sorry.I hope you don't think that I had something to do with this, cause I didn't.

I know you said you needed some time and space. I wouldn't...I mean if you want me to leave I will." Willow answered with a worried expression on her face.

Tara quickly added, "N-no that's o.k.I know...I mean it 's obvious that this was Dawn's idea, plus it's not like I own the market. I don’t even own any fleas.” Tara cringed at her own bad pun and quickly continued, “What I mean is, you have every right to be here...if you want to stay that is..."

Willow looked up from the floor and searched Tara’s eyes. " Do you want me to stay?" Tara answered with silence and looked away. Willow apologized. "Sorry I shouldn't have asked that. It wasn’t fair to you. What I really want to ask is, would you mind if I helped you to look for that lamp?" The redhead said a silent prayer in her head, hoping that Tara would say yes.

Tara hesitated for a moment "I uumm...don't know if..." She wanted to spend time with Willow, but she was worried that it was to soon.

Willow pleaded her case, anxious to spend a few precious moments with her former lover. "It's just us walking together in public, since we're both here. No pressure it’s not like we’re shopping for a wedding dress or something."

Tara gave Willow a small smile, still a little uncertain, "O.k,sure. So what were you looking at before? You looked really engrossed."

Willow also smiled and held up the album cover.

"Oh..." Tara said chuckling lightly.

Willow kept smiling as they walked along side by side stopping at the stands they found interesting. In reality Willow stopped at every stand, even if she didn't find anything worth a second glance. What she really wanted was to stretch out this gift of time that she had been given by Tara's side. She reminded herself constantly to thank Dawn sometime in the near future. The redhead's mind was filled with images, memories and sensations of her companion; they overwhelmed her senses and made her fall in love with the blonde all over again.

‘God, she looks amazing, even more beautiful than I remembered. Is that even possible? How long has it been two months, two life times multiplied by infinite space?’ Willow thought in silence lost in everything that was Tara’s presence.

She could smell the blonde's scent from where she was standing, at a respectable-awful distance that she wanted to close so badly it hurt. She smelled so sweet the redhead wished she could bottle the fragrance and carry it with her where ever she went. Her heart sunk upon remembering that Tara’s scent had nearly faded from the pillow on their bed. Every night since the blonde had left Willow had taken to sleeping on the opposite side of the bed hugging Tara’s pillow for comfort and inhaling deeply, remembering her lover before facing the darkness alone.

Tara held up a battered lamp for Willow to see "So what do you think about this one? " When Willow stepped forward to take a closer look at the lamp Tara leaned in to covertly catch a whiff of the redhead’s perfume. The blonde breathed in the scent as she thought, ‘Goddess I’ve missed the smell of your hair.’

Willow looked pensive for a moment "I don't know, it says ‘Spike’s crypt’ too much for my liking." She said while thinking, ‘God Tara don't you miss me like I miss you? Keeping this distance between us is so hard. It’s only a few steps but it may as well be an ocean.’

Tara discarded the lamp. "Guess you're right. How is Spike? " ‘And how are you Willow? Are you really alright? I hate having this wide gap between us.’

"Oh you know the usual. I'm the big bad even though I'm riding with the good. He's all bark and no vampiry bite. Buffy's been acting kind of weird around him lately. I don't know what's up with those two and I'm not sure I want to know. How about this one?"

‘Who cares about Spike. I want to talk about you, talk to you like we used to for hours on end. I want to lie in your arms and make up funny names for stars. Most of all I want you to forgive me.’

Tara took the lamp and studied it with an amused expression "A lava lamp? I don't think so. It's not really what I had in mind when I said antique sweetie.” When the term of endearment slipped from her lips Tara backpedaled with a distressed look on her face. “I-I… m-mean Willow. I'm sorry."

‘Great mouth, way to go. I am so not ready to be this close to you Willow.’

Willow had to fight back the desire to smile "Hey it's O.K. force of habit I guess...right?"

‘Maybe there's hope. Maybe I still am your sweetie. Please Tara, let me prove to you that I am.’

Tara answered half-heartedly, "Yeah...force of habit."

‘There's so much more to it than that.’ Tara looked away, afraid of showing all the conflicting emotions that she was having, just by being near the redhead.

Willow decided it was best t change the subject. "How about we grab some lunch? It's late afternoon and my stomach is all grumbly." The redhead’s words sounded nonchalant but her eyes were full of silent pleading.

‘Please say yes. This is the first time in months I've been really hungry and I don't want you to go yet.’

"S-sure, I'm kind of hungry too." Tara answered with a small smile that seemed to convey what she was thinking.

‘ I know I shouldn't, but I want to spend more time with you.’

"So what's it going to be chili-dog? corn-dog? burger? What's your poison?" Willow asked making faces at the featured choices.

‘I hope these choices don't scare her off, I know I would run for the hills, well the nearest decent restaurant at least.’

Tara backed away from the stands with an ‘ugh’ "Poison is right and not the semi-rocker guys in lip-stick kind of poison either. No Cesar salad in my options?" The blonde asked knowing the answer.

‘Yuck, if I stay and eat any of this stuff I must still be really in love. Whoever said the way to girl’s heart was through her stomach never knew about the ‘double grease palace’ that is fast-food that’s for darned sure.’

Willow began to panic, thinking that was it, no more Tara for the day. She needed to stall. "Fraid not...Who do think thought of this? I mean it's weird, who looked at a giant wiener and said, Hey yummy, let's put it on a stick!"

Tara laughed thinking, ‘God I've missed her wacky worldly questions.’

Willow smiled thinking, ‘God I've missed her laughter.’

The blonde needed to extend her time with Willow as well and followed her up on the food for thought game. "Uuum, I don't know. Maybe the same guy who felt hot-dogs didn't have enough toppings and hot chili should be added to the list or the guy that put duck liver on a blender, smeared it on a cracker and called it a classy treat."

Willow was happy that she was getting Tara to loosen up a little around her and continued to say whatever popped into her head. “Oooh I know, the same guy who gave flea markets their name. I mean who wants to shop for fleas anyways?”

They both laughed and smiled at their own goofiness and looked into each other’s eyes with love before turning away not wanting to break the lightness of the moment.

Willow gulped. "These food stands are for stomachs that are feeling more than a bit suicidal. My belly is not that brave.” ‘Specially if you’re not around to give me tummy rubs.’ “ So what do you want to do?” Willow asked wide eyed.

‘Please don't say go.If you say stay it's cause you love me.’

Tara looked thoughtful for amoment. "Well the fish and chips seem safe enough, a little big maybe. How about we share? I mean it's better than playing Kamikaze-belly with a burrito

‘Yuck! Fish and chips? I really am still in love. Oh well...It's a few more minutes of Willowed bliss. Note to self: get Tums on the way home.’

Willow’s insides did a little happy dance. The Tara goodness wasn’t over yet. "Yes. I’m down with the sharing idea."

‘ Yay, she does love me! She has to if she’s willing to stay. Happy dance now! I want to share everything with you again, if I have to start with fish and chips then so be it. Note to self: get Pepto on the way home.’

They sat on the bench across from each other sharing small talk and tiny smiles, feeling more comfortable then when they first saw each other that day. Getting reacquainted as friends, avoiding issues and questions that could damage the moment. Each talking and thinking in between the lines hoping that this was the start of something that they both longed for more than anyone could imagine.

At one time they both reached for the chips basket at the same time. Their fingers lightly grazed each other and they felt the same current of electricity that always used to surge through them when they touched. The intensity didn't seem to surprise either girl, it was almost like they had expected it to happen. They smiled almost flirtatiously at each other, surely remembering the first or the last time they had felt a similar current from a mere touch of finger tips and then they simply went back to enjoying their food which suddenly seemed more delicious.

Willow sat entranced by the sight of Tara sipping her cola. The way her lips were closed around the straw, while the cool liquid was drawn upwards into her mouth seemed all of a sudden incredibly sensual to the redhead.

‘ Good lordy, what I wouldn't give for a taste of those lips again. How could I have been so stupid? No stupid magic high could ever top a Tara high.’

"Uuum...Tara?" Willow tentatively asked.

Tara pulled her lips away from her soda straw. " What?"

"Could I have a sip of your soda? I drank mine too quickly and last chip was super salty."

‘I'll give her my best puppy eyed look so she can't say no.’

‘She's giving me that look how can I say no?’ "Sure, just leave me a little bit, O.k?"

‘It's like indirect kissing. I wonder of she's thinking the same thing and that’s why she asked for my soda? Jeez we're acting like teens, no offense Dawn.’

Willow sipped the soda slowly. ‘Great, mhhmm... the straw has traces of her lipstick it's the one that tastes like bubble gum. This is almost like kissing her...oh, boy I'm acting like a love struck kid. You have it bad Rosenberg.’

" saved my life"

"Sure anytime, I am the keeper of the cola and I shall render my services whenever thou art in need. " Tara said in a playful heroic voice.

Willow suddenly blurted out, "How about tomorrow night? " ‘Did I just say that?’

"How about tomorrow night, what?" The blonde asked a bit confused.

Willow took a breath a let the words pour out somewhat shakily "How about if I need a sip of your soda tomorrow night? Oh, say around dinner time?" ‘God…stomach stop flipping!’

"Willow, I don't know if...I mean, I don't think I'm ready for a date just yet."

‘Oh boy, fish and chips was not a good choice. The fish is trying to swim up stream and the chips are rolling the hill.’

The redhead pressed on. "But, it's not like it would be our first date, cause today sort of was. You know, in a Dawn set it up and it was a surprise kind of way, but still, it hasn't been so bad has it?" Willow’s tone held a hint of near desperation

‘What can I say to convince you?’

Tara was uncertain "No, it hasn't been bad. That's not the point."

‘Why am I resisting so much? I do want to be with you Willow. But can I trust you?’

"What is the point Tara? O.k forget I asked that,what I mean is (sigh) I really want to see you again, talk to you, really talk. I know this is all my fault. I want a chance to start making things right between us.”

Tara is opening her mouth to interrupt Willow, but the redhead stops her with a gesture and a pleading look. “ Wait let me finish. I know there isn't really an‘US’ right now, but we have to talk about that sometime too. I don't expect anything from you Tara. I know I lost that right, along with many other things. So I don't expect, I do how ever HOPE, it's the only thing that keeps me going sometimes. Maybe I don't deserve another chance to be with you, but I want it. Please let me at least try to make things right, explain, apologize, grovel at your feet. I won't pressure you if you don't want to. I'll wait as long as I have to, but if you want to start we could try tomorrow, just dinner and talking things through.

"I really want to see you and talk to you again too, but I don't know if I'm ready to believe in you, in us again. You're right, we do need to figure this out and it's good that you don’t expect anything of me because I don't know what or how much I can give right now Willow. I have to be honest and say that I also Hope we can work through this, but I can't promise anything. And I don't want any groveling at my feet, I want change, real change."

Willow’s spirits lifted. "Good, that's good because I have changed. Give me a chance to prove it." Willow said decidedly.

Tara took a deep breath and followed her heart. "O.k. Dinner at eight?"

Willow smiled like a Cheshire cat "Dinner at eight."



Tara sat in front of the mirror looking at the image of herself reflected on the oval shaped glass. She stared as if trying to look beyond the crystal into the past and the future all at the same time. Her mind wouldn't - couldn't remain silent, there were too many things to think about before eight o'clock, too many questions that had no answers that could satisfy her need to know. How did it come to this? Could they ever go back to how they were before everything had gotten so wrecked? Were there even enough shattered pieces to make them whole again? Why had she said yes to this date? She had been strong enough to walk away and not be there to see Willow destroy herself, but could she be strong enough to not go back before either of them was really ready? She loved Willow, but she had to admit that right now she didn't completely trust her.

I'm not ready for this. Why did I say yes? It's like starting over instead of going forward. We've gone backwards. After all we've been through, we're going on a first date? If it wasn't so sad I would say it's downright funny. God Willow, saying no to you is like, like… saying no to breathing. I have to be strong. I have to be strong. I have to be strong.

Tara repeated those words like a mantra in an attempt to squelch the millions of butterfly-bats that had taken residency in her stomach.

Willow checked her reflection for the tenth time. She was nervous and fidgety, two sensations that she hadn't experienced in quite a while, two sensations that she hadn't let herself feel for a long time. She had gotten used to being Super-Willow, Scooby replacement boss- Mega witch. Before Buffy had come back, had been pulled out of Heaven by her best friend, by her, the ‘I am the lizard king I can do anything complex’ best friend.

How could I mess up everything so badly? It's like everything I touch lately I destroy or taint at the very least.

Maybe I'm even being selfish now. I don't think Tara is ready for this. I don't know if I'm ready. I mean I'm ready to be with her always, but am I ready not to mess up and hurt her again? It's not like my days are filled with flowers and puppies, I still have the urges, I'm still fighting with my worst enemy -me-. I still get the shakes some nights and then there are the nightmares, oh god, those are a barrel of monkeys. Monkeys with fangs and razor tails from hell that is. If she was in bed with me she would hold me making it better or I could thrash out so badly that I could end up breaking her nose. This is going to be tough, to see her and not touch her. What was that movie? Far away so close? Yeah this is exactly like that. I can watch her from a distance and imagine her touch. I can get close, achingly close and yet I can’t reach her. I know I don't have the right to have her again...not yet. But still I can’t help wanting to try. I need her. I also need enough strength to stand on my two feet and not fall again. I have to be strong. I have to be strong. I have to be strong.

Both girls felt a whirlwind of emotions swirling within them. They were nervous, excited, scared, thrilled, happy, and sad al at once. There were so many questions, so many possibilities, the road ahead looked everything but smooth. They were still in love that much was certain, but sometimes love wasn’t enough. It's not like in fairy tales, happily ever after is just a myth. If they let anyone go forward a year or two from the ending of the tale they would see fights with the prince about leaving the toilet seat up or Snow white divorcing M.r Prince charming for hunting her little animal friends in the woods.

Love was always a start but never the end. There had to be respect and trust for a relationship to survive, both Willow and Tara knew this. Rebuilding something that had been so fractured was not going to be easy, they didn't even know if it was possible.

They both hoped they could make a new beginning. There wasn't much of a choice they had both changed in so many ways that getting to know each other again was they only possible place to start. Maybe having a ‘first date’ wasn’t such a bad idea after all, both girls thought at the same time in very different places.

Willow looked at herself in the rearview mirror to check her make-up for one last time. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She walked slowly, clutching the bouquet of sunflowers to her chest. She stepped up to the door and took a few seconds to collect herself before ringing the bell. When she did she realized her hand was shaking as she waited for her destiny to open the door.


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The door opened slowly and a blonde girl that wasn't Tara opened the door. Willow looked surprised for a moment blinking and letting out a breath she didn't know she had been holding.

"Hi, you must be Willow. Come in, Tara said she'll be right down." The blonde girl said cheerfully.

Willow smiled and went through the door both relieved and disappointed that Tara had not been the one to open the door. "Thank you"

"No problem you can wait in the living room, have a seat. I'm Julie by the way."

The friendly girl extended her hand and shook Willow's vigorously before letting go. "Wow, you're cute no wonder...”

“Uuhmmm, no wonder what?" Willow asked genuinely curious.

Julie let a grin spread through out her face and had a mischievous glint in her eyes before quickly answering "Oh nothing” She giggled, “Pay no mind to me. Sometimes I just say too much, want a soda or something?"

Willow just nodded a no and Julie took off before she could ask again what she had meant by that comment. She was so preoccupied with that thought that she didn't hear that some one was coming down the stairs, but suddenly she felt a rush of energy that made her look towards the staircase and what she saw took her breath away and put an overdue smile on her face.

Tara looked like a princess straight out of a fairy tale. Her hair was up showing every bit of her lovely facial features, which were accentuated by the light pastel make-up. Her luscious long neck was further flattered by a single silver pendant that hung just above her low cut blouse's line, that by the way left a very good view of what lay underneath. Willow's vision lingered there just a few more seconds than could be considered polite before continuing her trek down the blonde’s body. She was wearing jeans that really didn't do her legs justice, but that would surely be compensated by the back side view or so thought the mesmerized redhead. Just as her eyeballs were threatening to bulge out of her sockets Julie came in and whispered from behind, "Close your mouth dear or Tara might have to spend the night avoiding stepping on your tongue." She laughed lightly winking at Tara and giving her thumbs up before sprinting up the stairs giggling to herself."

Tara blushed a soft shade of pink and stood awkwardly before her ex-girlfriend not at all sure what she was supposed to say or do next. " Hi, sorry I made you wait..."

Willow willed her mouth to move “That’s o.k, you’re not late. I’m early. I guess I was in too much of a hurry to get here.” The redhead gave her self a mental slap in the forehead.

‘God I sounded like an anxious spaz’

She continued nervously, “Not that you know…I was driving irresponsibly or anything, cause now I’m responsible gal, right down to my driving skills. You betcha by golly! Plus you’re always worth the wait. you could go back up right now and make me wait some more of you wanted to or give me a driving test…”

Willow was beginning to have a panic party in her head ‘You betcha by golly???? Who the hell says that anymore? And driving test what am I saying? Warning-warning! Spaz attack-beep-beep-beep!-shutting up now. Yes shut-up now, that’s a good idea.’

Tara smiled, she couldn’t help finding Willow babble absolutely adorable.

‘God I’ve missed that’ “ No, no driving test. I’d like to believe that you are now a responsible driver and I’m ready so there’s no need for me to go back up stairs.”

Willow understood the double meaning of responsible driver and felt a pang of guilt. She wondered sometimes if that feeling would ever go away. She shook it off however; tonight was about reunion and hopefully the beginning of forgiveness and healing for her and Tara. If she dwelled only on guilt and the past they could never move on to the future. So she smiled and looked deeply into Tara’s soft blue eyes trying to convey everything that she was feeling hoping to get through to the woman she loved with something other than words.

“Good. Though I want you to know, I wouldn’t mind waiting for you, how ever long it took. Oh, I almost forgot, these are for you.” Willow said handing Tara the flowers while she thought, ‘I really hope you like them baby. They remind of you. I always keep a bouquet of them in the room. They brighten up my days just like you used to.’

Another involuntary smile lit up Tara’s face. She brought them up to her nose and inhaled deeply, very pleased both with the aroma and the fact that Willow had remembered her favorite flowers. “ Thank you Willow they’re beautiful. I’ll go put them in water and then we can go.”

‘She looks so cute when she’s nervous, all babbly and red-faced. Me on the other hand…God I probably just look like a big dork I hope I don’t spill anything at dinner.’

Willow’s heart did a little happy dance with Tara’s smile and it filled with the hope that things could be made better.

‘ Well…smiles are good start.Just focus on that Rosenberg, focus on making her smile for the rest of your life and everything else will just fall into place. I’m so nervous I hope I don’t end up barfing in her lap at dinner or something.

These butterflies are making me very un-hungry and barfing is a definite romantic no-no.’

Tara came back with her brown leather jacket in tow and forcing down the panic that was starting to weaken her knees she strode purposely through the living room and to the front door, pulling it open she took a breath. “Shall we?” She asked with a confidence she really didn’t feel. ‘O.k legs you made it this far now out the door on the count of three…’

Willow raised an eyebrow answering in a playful fashion, “Oh, we shall. Surely shall we.”

The ride was mostly silent but comfortable. Each girl was thinking of the other and hoping that the night would bring them a real opportunity to start along that road that would lead them towards finding each other again.

Tara was silently hoping that they weren’t heading for Gino’s, that was their special place and it would seem too strange to be there together with their situation so unresolved.

There were too many good memories in that place. Tara bit her lower lip to keep a tear from escaping. She wondered if they could ever get everything that had been lost back.

She was really afraid of being hurt by Willow. Sure she was doing better with the magic, but what if she relapsed? What if she chose magic over their relationship again? The joy of seeing Willow had over shadowed these thoughts back at the house, but now they had come back full force and she found herself wondering again if this date was really a good idea.

‘Are we ready for this? Are you ready for this Willow? There are no third chances and my heart can’t stand to be broken again.’

Willow sneaked covert peeks at the blonde who seemed engrossed with the landscape outside her window. The redhead could see the warring and conflicting emotions that crossed over Tara’s face. That saying, ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul.’

Tara was living proof. Her eyes were pure emotion and expression. She could say a million things without speaking a word, all she had to do was look at you and everything was as clear as spring water. Willow could see the longing, the pain and the doubt. She was well aware that she had put those emotions there in Tara’s eyes instead of love and trust.

‘God, I was so stupid and blind. I’m ready to love you for the rest of our lives if you let me Tara. I swear I’ll try to be the person who won’t ever let you down again. I promise to become that woman that you used to see when you looked at me.’

The redhead gathered her courage and outstretched her hand, she took Tara’s in her own and gave it a reassuring squeeze, letting her know it was o.k to doubt, but to keep in mind that she was there and they were going to try to fix everything that had been broken.

Tara felt the warmth of the gesture and saw the love that was shining through Willow’s eyes. Her mind still had questions, but her heart already knew the answers. She took the hand resting on her own and she didn’t let go for the rest of the ride.



They arrived at Wong’s Palace. Willow had thought it would be better if they didn’t go to Gino’s on this particular evening. It would take some time before they could go there again. The place was too special for both of them, it had seen some spectacular and important moments of their relationship. If things went well tonight and on other nights to hopefully come, Gino’s would be the witness to the most important moment of them all.

‘There you go getting ahead of yourself again Willow. That’s what got you in trouble in the first place. This is just one dinner. Take it slow and easy or you’ll scare the girl. Now go open the door for her dummy! You’re supposed to be all romanticky.’

With the remnants of those last thoughts still dancing through her head Willow stepped out of the car and practically raced to the other side to open the door for Tara.

Tara giggled at the unexpected gesture. ‘She’s really trying hard to woo me. Woo me? Who the heck says that anymore?’ Tara composed herself to give the moment the seriousness it deserved and she allowed the redhead to gallantly escort her out of the car.

Tara smiled from ear to ear and addressed Willow in a mock royal fashion almost curtsying “Why thank you dear lady.”

Willow smiled back and bowed reverently. “ Tis a pleasure to serve thee my ladyship”

Tara grinned at that. Willow was being just too cute. “Wow I’m a lady and a ‘ship’ at that.”

Willow wanted to say that yeah and she had a great hull and deck at that, but decided that that compliment wasn’t exactly in tone with the romance she was going for. She remained silent about Tara’s great looking ‘deck’ and offered the blonde an arm to loop through instead.

They headed arm in arm through the door, which Willow held open for Tara of course.

Once inside Willow’s chivalrous streak did not subside, she held out the chair for Tara almost knocking over the waiter who was in her eyes trying to deprive her of the honor.

The first shocked and then amused waiter, only smiled and stepped aside waiting for both of the women to settle into their chairs.

“Good evening my name is Lee I’ll be your waiter this evening, here are your menus I’ll be back shortly to take your order.”

Willow lightly blushed. He was so nice she was truly sorry for having practically shoved him out of the way when he was going for Tara’s chair and also for giving a ‘dirty look’ for his troubles. The redhead flashed him one of her friendlier smiles and hoped he would understand from her contrite look “Thank you Lee.”

Lee walked away thinking that the pair made quite a cute couple and that if he were the redhead he’d probably push and shove anyone he had to for the attention of the beautiful blonde. “Damn all the good ones are taken.” He muttered to himself before disappearing into the kitchen.

Tara bit the inside of her cheek trying not to laugh at the whole chair occurrence.

“ Well, that was interesting for a minute there I thought you were going to be starring in a ‘kung-fu tiger’ kind of scene.”

Willow shrugged and pouted. “Well how am I supposed to be all gallant and court you properly if someone else steps in to do all the gallanty-type stuff? I’ll have you know that if he didn’t step down I was fully prepared to use these chopsticks as deadly weapons. ”

Tara looked at the girl across from her warmly. “You are a nut…a very gallant nut.”

Willow’s brain started racing along with her heart and her mouth seemed to conspire. “Gallant nut? Which one would that be? The Macademia…no that would be more of a dancing nut cause it sounds like Macarena…or the Cashew…no that would be the nut for a cold cause of the atchoo…I’m babbling now aren’t I? ‘Smooth real smooth everything was cool until now, why am I such a dork?’

Tara laughed lightly and took one of Willow’s hands in her own “Don’t look so glum. I love Willow speak.” She said before casting her eyes down shyly and admitting, “ I’ve missed it.” She ducked her head down further to say, “Don’t tense up on me. You don’t have to try so hard Willow, it’s just me.”

Willow placed her finger tips softly under Tara’s chin making her look up and meet her gaze “That’s just it, it’s you and you’re the most important person in my life and this is my second chance to do things right and I want everything to be perfect. I guess I’m not that great as Prince Valiant or James Bond or whatever, I get nervous around you and I trip all over myself and my babble fest begins and…”

Tara tightened her grip on the hand she was still holding while bringing up two fingers on her free hand to Willow’s lips to silence her gently. “ And I love it all and it is perfect because it’s all so you. Don’t you get it even after all that’s happened? It’s you that I fell in love with. The smart girl with a head full of facts who got excited over term papers, the girl who babbles and talks in her sleep about chocolate covered frogs, the silly girl who likes to play dress up with miss kitty, that’s the girl I fell in love with. You don’t have to be Prince Valiant or James Bond, you just have to be you. Besides Valiant and Bond aren’t really my types anyways.”

Willow smiled brightly her heart bursting at Tara’s words, but her mind still not grasping them for the full truths they were. Somewhere in the back she still thought ‘ Yes, you love all those things, but you also fell for the cool monster fighter and the powerful witch, that’s why you thought I was special.’ “ Well o.k, no martini and tux guy. How about a Xena type then?” She joked to cover up her lingering insecurities.

Tara knew Willow was trying to lighten the mood but she still answered very seriously.

“No, no Xena either just you, Willow Rosenberg. Although I wouldn’t object to you in leather sometime.” Tara slightly blushed at her own comment. She hadn’t really though it out, it sort of slipped from her mouth. Willow raised her eyebrows and stored away the leather information for what could hopefully be future use.

Both girls laughed and really relaxed after having discarded some of what was weighing on their minds. There was a lot more to be said and discussed, but it could wait, all would come out at it’s own pace in it’s own time. Right now it was time to enjoy the night in the company of a special friend.

Lee had approached the table and hi-tailed out at least three times. He had been a waiter long enough to recognize when it wasn’t a good time to interrupt for the mere purpose of handing down a menu or a check. He felt relief after seeing the girls sharing a laugh. He thought ‘I’d better get in there quick or they’ll never order’ as he rushed in to the table and after seeing their first exchanges decided to help them along by suggesting they order some sake. He walked away with a full smile on his lips. ‘If that doesn’t help loosen them up nothing will. Hee-hee, Lee you’re just an old romantic softy at heart.’

They were both a lot more at ease and were now taking in their surroundings

While enjoying their food, Willow’s appetite had returned with a vengeance after seeing Tara dipping her finger in the sweet and sour sauce and then delicately putting it in between her lips for a taste. “This place is nice I’m glad we came here, is it just me or is the best Chinese ever?”

Tara licked her lips and answered, “I think it’s because it doesn’t come from a box. It really just dawned on me that I never had Chinese in an actual restaurant before.”

Willow was still transfixed staring at the exact spot where Tara had licked an errant droplet of hot sauce, but somehow she managed to swallow and answer, “Really, never?”

‘Tara you’re killing me. Is it hot in here or is it just this sauce? The sake maybe?’

Tara seemed oblivious to the effect she was having on Willow by the mere act of eating and she continued, “No, my town is pretty small only two restaurants and they’re more a meat and potatoes kind of place. Then there was the diner on the highway they were really original they sold burned meat patties and greasy fries as opposed to the other variety.”

While speaking Tara was attempting yet again to master the chopsticks, not being very handy with them a piece of chicken slipped from her grasp and fell into the inside of her low cut shirt. The poultry landed nicely right in the middle of her ample cleavage. The blonde looked down and apologized in embarrassment while removing the offending piece with her fingers. “Sorry I can’t seem to get the hang of these things. Do you think any body saw that?”

Willow’s mouth was getting watery from watching Tara so intently. ‘Oh, my God, Lucky chicken, nope it’s not the sauce, it’s not the sake, it’s Tara. Tara is hot and is making me hot and horny not the demony kind of horn either…is someone speaking to me?’

Tara was now smirking amusingly. “Ummm…Willow hello? Willow my eyes are up here in case you want to look at me when you finally answer.” The blonde said with a touch of mirth in her voice.

The redhead blushed furiously after realizing that she had been caught in a stare fest and desperately struggled to compose herself enough to at least answer. Finally she just said the first thing that popped into her mind “ Sorry you know I’m a breast gal. How could I resist breast on breasts?”

Tara tried to remain serious but with one look at Willow she broke down laughing and so did the redhead. In the middle of their laughter Willow suddenly turned serious and held Tara’s hands in her own, gazing intently into the pools of blue that held her heart a willing captive.

Tara was worried by the abrupt change and also stopped laughing. “What, w-what is it?”

Willow hesitated not at all sure it was time for it, but needing to know she continued, “ I’ve missed this…I’ve missed us…I thought I knew how much, but I see I had no idea.

Just being with you here again, I’m hit with the full impact of what I’ve done, what I’ve lost. I had this plan in my head where we take it really slow and I romance the heck out of you, like I didn’t get to the first time cause I was so confused and then a) You just can’t resist and we make up living happily ever after b) I screw it up and you say oh, we’ll be friends and I think o.k I can live with that as long as you’re in my life or c) I really screw up and you walk away forever. I just realized I can’t do this if it’s( b )or( c) I can only do this if it’s( a ), you know? I can’t be just your friend. I mean I can , but don’t want to if we can be more. I love you and want you so much. It’s like a fever running inside my skin and through my veins. I know this is just supposed to be our first date and it’s to see where we can go from here and you don’t need the pressure but I need to know, do we have a chance to be together like we were before?

Tara was stunned to hear Willow ask her this question, it was too soon there were so many things that needed to be said and sorted out. Many emotions were battling for control inside the blonde Wiccan, love for the woman in front of her but also fear and anger, uncertainty,

lack of trust, that last issue was of great importance. Tara took a moment to gather her thoughts and organize her words. She needed to answer Willow. She decided there was no soft easy way out of this so she stated simply and firmly “No”

Part 8: FOOT IN THE MOUTH (it’s a yucky taste.)

As soon as the flow of words left Willow’s mouth, she wished she hadn’t spoken them it was like a ‘this is not the time for this’ demon had taken over her speech patterns, this was one date their first real date in months she was supposed to be going slow. What had possessed her to say these things? The redhead was so engrossed in kicking herself she almost didn’t hear Tara answering her, but that word was echoing through her head “No” Tara was saying “No”

Willow couldn’t believe she was hearing this, how could one word and such a tiny word at that destroy her whole spirit in one second? The redhead looked like she was on the verge of tears as she asked shakily just to be sure she was hearing correctly “N-no?”

Tara wasn’t any better off; she was on the verge of tears herself and was finding it difficult to speak. She said a silent prayer to the Goddess to give he strength and to help her find the right words. To know your heart was one thing, to explain it with words was another.

The blonde took a deep breath and a sip of water in an attempt to calm down before continuing, “ We can’t go back to the way we were before…”

Willow felt like there was no air left to breathe, she swallowed her tears and interrupted what Tara was saying, she didn’t need to hear anymore, she had gotten what she asked for an honest answer ‘ It serves me right, well better to know now I suppose.’

“It’s o.k…you don’t have to say anymore, I-I understand….I caused this, how could I expect you to forgive me and go on if I don’t know how to do that myself? You don’t have to bother with the we’ll always be friends speech either cause…”

Now it was Tara’s turn to interrupt, she took her hand and placed gently over Willow’s mouth for the second time that night, sometimes it was the only effective way to shut the girl up.

“Willow…let me finish please or begin for that matter. What I mean is we can’t go back to how it was, ever again because we’ve changed, I’ve changed and I don’t want a relationship like we had. Well some parts I’d like to remain the same, but not the things that were happening for the last few months. What I mean is that no we can’t go back to how it was but we can try to start again. I’m a stronger person than I thought. Leaving you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life and I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, what I learned from it, is that I can live without you Willow. I can stand alone and it feels good to know that.”

Willow looks like she’s going to interrupt; Tara raises her hand in a motion to let her know not to

“ Wait I’m not finished and it’s better if I get it all out, you asked for it. I’m not saying that I’m happier without you, never that, but I can survive. I guess that part of what I’m really trying to say is that what I want for us is an equal partnership. The last few months you not only took on the role of Scooby boss, it’s like you took it

upon yourself to command our relationship as well and that won’t do anymore, do you understand?

Willow remained silent for a few seconds trying to process everything that Tara had told her “I do, I really do. I know I was wrong to think I could control everything.” She lowers her voice and hangs her head down in shame, “ Including you. Everything became about power. I’m so sorry. How can I make you see just how sorry I am?”

Tara sighed lightly and shook her head

“It’s not just about being sorry. That’s a beginning because at least you recognize that you have a problem and want to make things right, but it is just a start. You’re not big with patience Willow, you showed me that tonight and that scares me. Your healing and mine will take time. I can’t give you a definite answer tonight. Can you live with that?

I mean, how can you expect us to just pick it up where we left off after all that’s happened?”

Willow squared her shoulders in a defensive stance

“That’s not what I expect Tara. God I’m such a dummy! I knew the moment the question left mouth that I had made a mistake. I’m so not enjoying this brand of ‘sole’ food. I know it’s too soon. I mean my mind knows that totally, but being this near you caused me a sort of temporary insanity. My head was going one way and my body and heart decided to go another and I guess my mouth agreed with them. I was so nervous about meeting you and I had so many questions running around that…that I don’t know…I just…I… understand…everything…you’re right. I’ve done terrible things you have every right not to trust me. I should feel blessed that you’re even speaking to me. Could we just forget that I asked?

Tara looks somewhat upset. “Forget everything just like that? Amnesia was what caused this whole mess in the first place Willow.”

Willow looked like she was on the verge of a breakdown, burying her head in her hands.

“Oh God, that didn’t sound so bad in my head. It’s so not what I meant. I just can’t seem to say anything right to you tonight. I’m batting a thousand aren’t I ?

Tara took pity on Willow after seeing her mortified expression and lightened her tone.

“More like a million. Let’s page a doctor see if he can remove your foot from your mouth o.k? I’ll take your plea of temporary insanity under consideration, if you promise me that from now on we’ll really take it slow and you won’t ask me any more heavy questions until we’re both really ready…how’s that sound to you?”

Willow looked out from under her hands.

“If it means that you’re willing to try going forward and forgive my foot in the mouth-this sake now tastes like Nike and rushing in when I shouldn’t syndrome…then that sounds like angels singing in my ears. And when we page the Doc maybe we could ask him to also remove my head from my a…”

“Willow!” Tara yelped out, interrupting the redhead’s sentence just in time. The blonde snickered and shook her head again, this time in wonder. ‘ You have no idea how much I’m willing to forgive and forget for you Willow.’ “Behave and let’s get some dessert.”

Willow smiled upon seeing Tara smile and relaxed sensing that she had been given another chance to make the evening a special one. ‘ O.k Rosenberg, keep it in check an on track no more messing up. That’s one special girl-check that- “woman” you’ve got there, no letting her go and no sending her running for the hills.’

“That sounds great. How about some more sake?”

“I don’t know Will, it’s kind of strong. I’ve already got a small fire burning in my belly”

The redhead just replied flippantly “You could always give yourself a tummy rub, come on live a little.”

“Rosenberg are you trying to get me drunk, take unfair advantage perhaps?”

Willow looked alarmed thinking that Tara was serious she blushed and replied quickly.

“Oh Goddess Tara no, I wouldn’t do that…really…well o.k maybe I would, but not tonight, cause you know slow and easy I got it, really I did. I just liked the taste and no more slipping up tonight, no pushing, no pressure and no sake if you don’t want it.”

Tara looked at Willow taking in her nervous outburst with a mixture of amusement and love for the blushing babbling girl. ‘That’s it that’s the girl I fell in love with, welcome back I’ve missed you.’

“Willow, please I was just kidding. Take it easy and order more sake if you want, but if I get a tummy ache you’ll have to be the one to rub the pain away.”

The redhead lit up and almost instantly frowned at herself in her head because for a few seconds she found herself wishing that her girl would get a huge stomachache that only she could soothe away.

The rest of the evening was much more relaxed affair no more tricky subjects were touched. They both knew not all had been said but for the night it had been enough.

They both had things to think about, the most important being how to make things as right as possible for the rest of their lives.

The ride home was uneventful they weren’t silent like before, they chatted about silly things and sang along with the radio old 80’s classics.

They were still laughing when they reached Tara’s front door. They both stood face to face suddenly not knowing what else to say the butterflies had returned to both their bellies with a vengeance and speech had become a difficult thing for them both. So they didn’t speak, not with traditional words anyhow, they spoke the ancient language of soul mates and lovers all around the world. Their eyes and their hands, their very body heat said it all.

Willow’s eyes pleaded for a connection, a bonding that had been denied for far too long.

She prayed permission for it with her body and soul. Tara responded with understanding and an equal need to feel complete even if it was for only a few seconds of precious existence. Her eyes fluttered softly and granted her other half’s request and they joined together in a kiss that held unbound love and an unspoken sacred promise.

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Two months had passed since the night of their make up kiss and Willow was beside herself with excitement. Many more dates and kisses had come after that night, both girls were enjoying the reconnecting and re-exploring the possibilities that their relationship held.

They had kept busy erasing past pains with the making of new happy memories. Not everything had been easy, serious issues had been addressed over the course of these two months. Willow had finally voiced her worst fear to Tara only a week before over a cup of coffee at the Expresso Pump. She had poured her heart out, releasing at last that bit of doubt, that question that always tugged at back of her mind, could Tara- did Tara really love her without the magic? Tara took her time explaining to Willow in full detail how and why the true magic of their love had little or nothing to do with spell casting.

She had admitted that yes, that was big part of why they had initially connected, but that after a very-very short while a matter of hours really, it had gone beyond that. The spells had just been an excuse to spend time together. How it was ironic that other spells would later make them spend time apart. Tara had explained why the memory erasing had hurt her so much. It wasn’t only what Glory had done it was what had been done to her by her own family. They had played with her mind for years and after finally knowing the truth she had sworn that she would never let anyone make her doubt what she believed to be right in her heart. She never would have thought that she would have to uphold that promise to herself because of Willow.

But that was the past, in the present after much thought and many lengthy talks, they understood each other better, they never would have thought that was even possible. Before the breakup they had thought they knew each other completely, but with this new time they had discovered a lot of hidden truths, some good, some bad, in the end what really mattered is that they were now as close as two people could get and the trust that had been broken was built again over stronger foundations that would not be easily shaken ever again.

When they talked about all those demons that they carried inside and the betrayal that had torn them apart Willow had wept Tara had wept too. They hurt together and had shed those tears not for themselves but for the other’s pain.

It had been a long and rocky road to travel. Willow had even had a small relapse during a cemetery showdown, but this time Tara had been there to help her through it and everyone could see the big difference the blonde made just by standing by her girl’s side.

The Scoobies were more than happy to see their Willow return little by little everyday. She had gone back to her self-proclaimed “geek infested roots” resuming her role as top research and hacker gal within the group, while Tara was appointed the official magical consultant. Xander even made her a little plaque with sparkles that read “Top Witch”

Tara had also grown immensely with this experience. She was much more self confident, a lot of questions that had sometimes fueled silent insecurities had been answered. She had always wondered if for some reason or another she and Willow separated, would the Scoobies still consider her a friend? Would they still be her surrogate family? That had been fully settled, she wasn’t only Willow’s girlfriend, she was Anya’s confidant, Dawn’s honorary sister, Buffy’s friend and even a cool monster fighter in her own right.

It was good to know that there was a place where she belonged, a place she could call home. Now it was even better because there was also a person that she could call home too, Willow, her Willow. She really had fought and won one of the hardest battles of her life and Tara was proud. Slaying vampires was easy compared to facing all your own fears and that part inside each one of us that can drive us to self-destruction.

Both girls had basically found each other again and had again fallen completely in love with one another, with the added strength in the conviction that no matter what, they were truly meant to be.

Now if they could only get up the nerve to take that next step again everything would really be perfect. After Willow had almost mucked things up by rushing in head first on their first date, she had shown unprecedented patience and self-control around the blonde Wiccan.

Everything after that night had gone turtle pace slow. Willow had wined, dined, flowered and fine chocolated Tara for two months without so much as making an indecent proposal.

They shared some heated kisses and at times some light hand play had been involved inside the car or on the couch, but nothing too intimate had happened and both girls were really reaching a point of critical mass.

Which bring us to…

Halloween night

Inside the Summers home the redhead paced up and down the carpet wearing down the fabric with her frantic steps. She nervously fidgeted with the hem of her skirt “Buffy are you sure?”

Buffy rolled her eyes. “Will for the six thousand and fifty fourth time, you look great.

I mean hubba-bubba great. You’re gonna force me to say it, you look so good I don’t think I’ll have to wait up for you tonight.”

Willow smiled hopefully. “Really?”

Buffy smiled. “Yes really. Gosh I still can’t believe after two months you guys haven’t…I mean wow! That Tara sure knows how to hold out. ‘Mhhm…maybe I should ask her for some advice.’

Willow reddened a little behind the ears. “Buffy! Uuummm It’s not really fair to blame her. It’s just that we agreed on taking it slow and after I nearly screwed it up on the first night…well let’s say I’ve been the one to exercise most caution. I just don’t want to scare her off. I’d wait for her my whole life if I had to, I just hope it doesn’t come that.”

The redhead blushed. “Cause to be perfectly honest I’m about ready to burst.”

Buffy smiled wickedly “Well girlfriend if Tara has one warm blood cell in her body I can assure you that after taking one look at you in that outfit…well let’s just say you’ll probably be doin’ a whole different kind of bursting.”

Willow sent a silent prayer to the Goddess so that Buffy’s words proved to be prophetic. “Oh, Tara has plenty of warmth in her body, that’s not the problem. It’s these damn bats that won’t leave my stomach and by the way, this outfit is not a ploy to seduce her.

This outfit was your idea. Remember?

Buffy checked herself out in the mirror “Yes and you can and will thank me later. Plus it’s a great idea on many levels; just imagine if we get stuck in our costumes we could wipe out Sunnydale’s nest of evil in one night. I’m being a practical slayer.”

Willow gave her friend a more than skeptical look “Uh-huh and it has nothing to do with

the fact that that ‘Storm’ get-up is a pretty cool costume and you look really hot in it?”

‘Probably to tease Spike and drive him to a second death, But I cant say that cause I’m not supposed to know…yeah like it isn’t totally obvious.’

Buffy pouted, “What are you complaining about? You got the best of the super heroes costumes. Think of it ‘Super Girl’ is the ultimate in powers.”

Willow looked out the window expectantly. “ Like we’re ever lucky enough to encounter the same kind of evil that we know exactly how to fight twice. Besides, the only power I’d like to have now is the power to bend over without exposing my self to all of the campus partygoers.”

Buffy answered Willow in a teasing voice. “Picking up our previous subject, you could work that to your advantage. If I were you I’d bend over repeatedly tonight in the near vicinity of Tara.”

Willow nearly groaned out her answer. “Buffy pleeease don’t get my mind started cause my body will want to catch up and this taking it slow is killing me.

Buffy laughs highly amused by her friend’s pained expression.

The redhead sent the blonde a dirty look. “Sure chuckle it up now that I can’t use my powers to turn you into a frog or better yet a bunny, that would creep out Anya and I’d get two for the price of one.”

Buffy stopped laughing and actually looked worried. Willow ‘could’ turn her into a Bunny if she wanted to. Did Willow want to?

Willow smiled and waved her arm dismissively. “Geez, I’m kidding. Lighten up. I’m girl on the wagon. Change of subject, what are Xander and Anya wearing?”

Buffy looked pensive for a second. “I don’t know, I spoke to him yesterday and he told me he was still looking for something that didn’t involve putting his manly self parts in tights and who knows what Anya will show up in, her idea of a super hero might be different from ours. What about Tara?”

Willow turned to Buffy while walking to the window again. “I don’t know. She was going to the shop yesterday and she had a real busy schedule today so we haven’t spoken sin…”

Willow went silent after looking through the window, her mouth hung slightly open as she gazed at the vision walking towards the house.

Buffy noticed the change and worried. “Will what’s wrong, who or what is out there?”

Willow turned with a huge grin spread across her face. “It’s Bat girl”



Buffy rushed to the door nearly panicking “Bat girl? Is that our new code for female vampire? Where’s M.r Pointy?” She doubled back to the coffee table and swiftly swiped up the stake.

Willow raced from the couch to stop Buffy from opening the door with a deadly weapon in her hand. “Buffy hold it, it’s not a vampire it’s…”

Buffy not really listening pulled the door open and startled Tara who was just about to knock.

Buffy and Willow both scream “Tara!” when the door is abruptly opened.

“ Eeeeps! What?” The blonde wiccan gasped with utter surprise, Buffy stopping just inches from her chest.

Buffy let out a relieved breath and lowered her weapon “Thank goodness for Slayer reflexes I almost dusted you…well not dusted, since you’re not a vamp you just would’ve bled a lot and crumpled to the floor.

Both willow and Tara paled at the Slayers words.

Buffy realized what she had said and looks sheepishly at the two Wiccans.

“Uuuhmmm…not such a good image there , sorry, shutting up now come in please.” Smiling apologetically she excused herself to check on Dawn’s whereabouts and gave the two witches a little privacy. ‘Wow, that super hero look suits them big time and what is it about bats and leather…I so shouldn’t go there, it’s just wrong on so many levels.’

Willow finally reacted and pulled the blonde in for a hug “Hi baby, you o.k? Sassy eggs intact?” She asked taking a peek at the blonde’s chest.

Tara got some color back in her cheeks and responded just still a bit frazzled.

“S-sure…mind telling me what that was all about?”

Willow led her girl to the living room by the hand while explaining, “Oh I said ‘Bat girl’ and vampy style confusion and near death antics ensued, you know the usual.”

Tara was finally calm enough to notice Willow’s outfit and took an appraising look from her vantage point on the couch. Willow had also gone silent doing some appraising of her own from where she was standing. It wasn’t difficult to guess from the looks on their faces just exactly what they were thinking about.

‘Wow, Tara in a leather cat –erm- bat suit, those spiked heels are –oh- that low cut is

-aah- and her make up is sooo –uuhm.’

‘Wow, those red leather boots –hoo- and that mini-red skirt is sooo –hey,mmhmm-.’

Upon finishing their trek from the south side up their eyes finally met in an equal amount of amazement. They moved their lips as if to speak, neither being quite able to form a complete word just yet. As enough blood and oxygen finally reached their brains they spoke simultaneously in a flooding rush.

W/T : “You look beautiful…” W/ wow those boots T/ those red boots W/and that body suit T/that skirt… They smiled at each other with a mixture of love and sexiness that would make a t.v censor quit his job and change his religion. Again they spoke at the same time, with the same ageless sentiment. W/T : “You are beautiful”

Willow felt the need to be reverent before the beauty in front of her. She kneeled taking both of Tara’s hands in her own. She spoke softly, “May I kiss you?”

Tara looked down lovingly at her girlfriend and answered with a half smile. “I thought you’d never ask.”

Willow raised her body and the blonde tilted down to meet her. The kiss was soft and deep, a dance of shadows and whispers that electrified both of their bodies.

“Ahem!” A slightly embarrassed looking Buffy interrupted the moment. “Sorry to break up the smoochies girls, but Xander is honking away outside.”

Both Wiccans rose at the same time hands still intertwined, hearts still racing.

Tara only nodded and Willow answered. “It’s o.k Buffy let’s get partying”

Just as they were walking out a blur that sort of looked like Anya passed by them heading towards the bathroom, while a slightly annoyed looking Xander called after her “How many times am I going to have to tell you Ahn? Go before we leave the house. Don’t vengeance demons have peeing etiquette? Hey girls, wow you all look great.”

W/T/B “ Thanks Xander” They all take a look at their friend’s outfit and then at each other not sure as to what to say. He’s wearing boots, tan leather pants, an open chest vest that showed off his…oiled up chest?

After much mute staring Buffy decided to take the plunge. “Xander what are you wearing?”

Xander smiled and struck a muscle man pose. “Isn’t it obvious? I am Hercules!”

W/T/B “Oh…” All three looked at the sky, the car, the ground and anywhere else except at Xander to keep from laughing.”

Xander frowned and made another muscle. “What? Awww come on…Hercules is cool…he’s like a demi-God, I’m both manly and Godly like.”

Again all three girls brought up their hands to cover their mouths, muffled sounds of giggling coming from in between their fingers. Willow decided this was just to good to resist and poked some fun at her life long friend “Xander no offense to your manliness, but you add a head dress to that outfit and you’re one of the ‘Village People’.”

At this all the women broke down laughing a rattled Xander turned to his fiancée for some support. “Anya honey tell them what you told me about this costume…” he whined out.

The girls turned to see what Anya had to say and broke down laughing even harder.

Anya straightened her tails and smoothed out her handle bar mustache looking annoyed “What are you all laughing about?”

This time it was Tara who stopped laughing enough to ask “Anya who are you supposed to be?”

Buffy jumped in with a question of her own, wiping away a happy tear from her ‘Storm’ mask “Yeah…we’re supposed to be super heroes…I can understand ‘Hercules’ here, but who are you?”

Anya tilted her top hat and put her hands on her hips. “Isn’t it obvious? I’m M.r Monopoly.”

They all looked afraid to ask, but curiosity won out and Buffy bravely moved forward “And how is M.r Monopoly a super hero?”

Xander rolled his eyes and covered his face muttering from under his hands “You just had to ask…here it comes…economy 101…”

Anya squared her shoulders and smiled, more than happy to explain her way of thinking.

“M.r Monopoly is a hero because he stands for everything that makes this country great:

Capitalism and the pursuit of wealth. Under the guise of a board game he teaches both children and adults the fundamental basis of the economy, making them aware of the power of ownership and healthy competition. Now that is much more useful to society than a group of people running around in tights, masks and capes, now that may help some peoples sex lives but I don’t think it’s ever helped the economy…unless of course we’re talking about comics and merchandising, now there’s a business I’d like a piece of…”

Xander took Anya’s shoulders tenderly and interrupted her before all their heads exploded

from trying to understand the book of the world according to Anya.

“An…honey I think we got it. Let’s just get into the car and get to the party before they run of candy.”

Anya raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms over her chest “Are you trying to shut me up again? They asked and I was answering.”

Xander opened the car door for her and ushered her inside “Yes honey you were answering and answering and answering yet again. I’m not shutting you up, just momentarily asking for silence. You can tell me about Marvel comics evil empire at the party, o.k?”

Any pouted but gave in and sat quietly, all the other girls mouthed a silent thank you to Xander as they rode off to the campus.

The Omega house was filled to the rim with music, candy and people in costumes.

There was everything from the unoriginal surfer-dude who was too lazy to get a real costume to elaborate 18th century dresses.

The Scooby gang was having a blast. It had been awhile since they were all together in a relaxed atmosphere with no big bads or impending apocalypses to worry about.

They danced, drank spiked punch and poked fun at each other thoroughly enjoying the night.

Currently Buffy was dancing with a cute frat boy dressed as a vampire. She thought that irony was really ironic that way as she swayed with the music thinking about Spike and if he would show up to crash the party. What bothered her the most was not knowing what would upset her the most if he did or if he didn’t. She decided to shake it off for the moment and just get lost in the music.

Willow and Tara had just finished a lengthy dance session and were standing next to the punch bowl talking and forever smiling at each other.

Willow leaned closer to the blonde and whispered in her ear, “I’m going to have to keep extra close to you tonight.”

Tara raised her eyebrows. “Oh and why is that?”

The redhead played with the edge of Tara’s cape. “Like you didn’t see those frat boys tripping over themselves to get near you on the dance floor.”

Tara widened her eyes. “Me? I thought they were coming after you I practically had to elbow one of them away.”

“Nah, I still say they were after the hotness that is you” The redhead leaned in to give Tara a small peck on the lips.

Tara savored the taste of Willow’s red lipstick and purred. “Thank you, you’re pretty hot yourself and I think you know it.”

Willow played coy. “I’m sure I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Really? I haven’t failed to notice that you’ve bent over several times tonight just when I’m the near enough to see you.” Tara replied giving Willow’s butt a little pinch to make her point.

Willow blushed. ‘Damn that Buffy! Why do I listen to her, I guess I over did it and got caught. I’m not about to admit though.’

“I just happen to be a very clumsy girl, you know you drop something on the floor, you pick it up it’s a rule of life.” The redhead said, still playing coy.

Tara raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Sure-sure whatever you say darling. I’ll let you off the hook by changing the subject. Anya sitting on Xander’s lap looks…”

“Too disturbing for words?” Willow countered while sipping her drink.

Tara stole Willow’s cup and took a small sip. “I was going to say funny…since you made that comment about the Village People, I keep seeing her with that handle bar mustache, but not with the top hat I keep seeing that leather biker beanie that the other guy in the video has.”

Willow looked towards the couple and laughed. “ Oh, man that image is going to stick in my mind, whether I want it to or not. You are evil. I’ll never be able to look at Xander the same way again.”

“Don’t ever tell him that. You’ll hurt all his manly-maleness.” Tara said in a serious tone.

Willow wasn’t done teasing. “ I don’t know about that, I sometimes have my suspicions. Have you seen that far away look he gets in his eyes when he mentions Tito?”

Tara Laughed nearly spitting out her punch. “*cough-cough*”Willow patted her back.

“Willow! That is so not nice.” She said half-sternly and still half-laughing.

Willow smiled evilly. “Yes I know” She lowered her eyes in a seductive way. “Sometimes it’s good to be a little bad.”

Tara moved closer to the redhead. “Really?” Willow closed the rest of the distance that separated them and answered. “Yes”. They met in a deep and hungry kiss that turned more than one head in their direction.

Anya looked angry and banged her boyfriend on the shoulder. “Xander for the last time stop staring at them and pay attention to me!”

Xander protested. “Ouch, what? What?”

Anya was fuming. “I’ve been patient with you Harris but there’s only so much I can take. Now stop staring at Tara’s breasts, Willow’s legs and Buffy’s butt. I also have a composite of all these things and they’re all in pretty good shape too.” She pouted and got off Xander’s lap crossing her arms across the chest.

Xander tried to explain him self to the ex-demon. “Anya honey…your composite is just fine in fact you know I think it’s great. It’s just that right now it’s really hard to see cause you’re dressed like an old guy with a mustache. Have a heart and please recognize that I do have eyes. Why couldn’t you come as Wonder Woman or something?”

Anya pouted. “Cause I didn’t think she was that great. Plus all that spinning around and that golden lasso is just not cool at all and neither was your idea of me dressing as that 7 chick on Star Trek, who by the way isn’t considered a hero either.”

Xander gave up. “Fine honey, let’s just forget it and dance…”

Anya gave up too. “o.k but do try to keep your eyes in your head when Tara is around. I wouldn’t want Willow to get jealous and turn you into a bunny. I just know she would do that to get to me too.”

In the mean time Willow and Tara had made it up to the second floor where the dorm rooms were located. Their kisses were growing more desperate and heated.

Willow leaned Tara against a door that seemed closed but opened as soon as their combined weight was put on it. They stumbled in nearly losing their balance, faces flushed and breathing a little ragged.

Willow looked around the room and then at Tara feeling suddenly nervous. “Well how about that an open door, to a private room…uumm maybe we should leave?”

Tara gazed at Willow with a hungry expression on her face and spoke a low sultry tone

“Willow, lock the door.”


PART 11: WAITING FOR BAT GIRL (or punch-bowl for two please.)

Willow stood still not quite believing what she was hearing. ‘Are my senses deceiving me? Did Tara say lock the door?’ Then her body took on a life of it’s own and moved one foot in front of the other until she was posed with her back to the door, her hand numbly fidgeting with the knob until a sweet click was heard. There she was the woman of all her waking dreams standing in the middle of the room, waiting and wanting her to move forward. ‘What’s wrong with you? you dummy go get her. This is the moment you’ve waited months for…go!’ her mind screamed.

Willow felt light headed and her knees felt like they were made of a rubbery material instead of flesh and bone. She walked slowly towards her lover. She felt a red heat covering her face and spreading throughout the rest of her body. She swallowed the lump in her throat with some difficulty and inched closer to the other girl.

Her heart was hammering in her ears and she was painfully aware of every single pore in her body. She felt the hair in the back of her neck standing on end. With every step she took her pulse picked up an extra beat. The music outside had long since faded into nothingness. The only thing she could hear were the rhythmic sounds of thump-thump drumming contra-altos in her chest, throb-throb sopranos in between her legs and a roar-thump-roar sonata coursing through her veins making her blood boil hot.

Finally after what seemed an endless journey she reached her destination: The woman that embodied everything Willow had ever wanted out of life. Before they had ever met she had awaited Tara’s arrival. Without even knowing her name or where they were to meet she had known her heart and she had lived to embrace it and join with it. Amongst the pain and the horrors of daily life one thought of hope had kept her going. That dream of that someone out there made just for her.

They were one being split in two, always yearning to be reunited. Always meant to come together the when, the where, the how did not matter. This went beyond time, space, gender, what was meant to be could never be denied. Their lips joined softly and opening to grant access and they said it all with out uttering a word. One look and one kiss had answered the plea of times past, it was reaffirming the present and was foretelling the future: Yes, Tara was the one.

In the past before they were born into their skins, in the present standing in the middle of a stranger’s room and in the future that was unknown except for one undeniable fact: “They would always find each other.”

So perfect, so sweet and warm. Like tasting the Ambrosia of the elder Gods, like drinking from the wells of heaven. Were there really people that could consider this a sin?

Their tongues danced on a velvet carpet. The combined smell and taste of peaches and strawberries permeated the air around them. Everything moved in slow motion, black and white images splattered with sudden bursts of colors everywhere.

Their embrace tight not wanting to let go, never letting go.

Tara stood waiting for Willow to reach her. Was it possible for time to change it’s rhythm,

to stop all together even? The walls of reason seemed to be tumbling down at her feet.

It seemed as if everything except for her breathing and heartbeat had slowed down around them.

Why was Willow taking so long to come to her? Couldn’t she see that she had waited forever? In dreams and in waking life Tara had always known that she was incomplete and that her missing half was somewhere out there in the world yearning as she was to be found.

As a young girl when she slept Morpheus had teased her soul, showing her glimpses of a smile or a flash of red running through a gray landscape. Her world was filled with bleak lie filled days and her nights were a black abyss that held little comfort. Except for one ray of hope that always managed to reach her amongst the despair.

Then the day came, one look into a deep green sea, one hand to hold onto in the middle of the tempest and that unmistakable smile that her dreams were made of. Here she was the secret of all lives past, the foundation of the present and the promise of an eternal future,

a return that never ceased to run its course, age after age, time after time.

This was a new religion that knew of no boundaries, no false idols and no devils. Its only requirement was faith, its only prayer the word love. She felt their mouths come together and it was like a universe being born.

Stars were exploding with each movement; suns were turning over with each bite from the ripe fruit of the other. The clock had vanished, it’s metallic arms rendered helpless. A new pallet of colors was invented to paint their embrace. It was the joining and amalgamation of two in to one. It was the finding of yourself in another’s arms forever. It was a both a reunion and the discovery of a new world.

They fell upon the bed entangled with each other. Lips meeting lips, fingers lacing with fingers, tongues swaying and swerving to an unheard symphony: thump-thump-throb-pulse-roar thump-roar their hands searched for each other, like a hungry man would search for a morsel to feed on thump-thump-thump-thump

The invisible drums keeping the beat in their bodies throb-ache-roar thump-thump-thump-thump

An exposed neck is a good place to begin a feast. Biting and sucking increases the tempo


Suddenly out the corner of her eye Willow’s consciousness catches a glimpse of something not quite in its place. Her mind has been awakened and her body is no longer the lone sovereign of all that is taking place. Even though her desire is still present and all over her body. Tara has just slipped her leather-covered thigh between the red heads legs. Willow groans and presses down increasing the pressure thump-throb-pulse-roar

But her thoughts won’t leave her alone, she shuts her eyes tight trying to shut out the whispers in her mind. Tara sighs in pleasure and moves against her throb-throb

Willow’s body wants this so much, but those annoying little inner voices won’t let her be completely in the moment. She is sure that if she was to open her eyes she would see a little devil version of herself sitting on the left shoulder urging her on “Come on you want this don’t stop. You can’t say that this doesn’t feel good can you?” pulse-pulse-pulse

She would also see a little angel version sitting on her right shoulder saying, “ It feels good, but not all together right. You know why.” The wetness between her legs increases, soaking the red panties that Tara is trying to pull down with one hand thump-thump-throb-ache-pulse-roar-thump-thump

Willow opened her eyes to gaze up at her lover, her everything and there it is again the awareness of their surroundings: The cheesy Pamela Anderson poster on the wall, the crumpled sheets of a stranger’s bed, the dirty socks on the floor…

Little devil Willow speaks again “None of that matters. You want her she wants you, never mind the rest. Listen to your body.” throb-thump-throb

Little angel Willow refuses to remain silent “It does matter. She deserves better than this. Listen to your heart.” thump-thump-thump-thump

Breathlessly she tried to speak, speech having become a difficult task to accomplish.

Tara’s hands were distracting her from what had to be said. “T-tara honey…”

The blonde Wiccan answered in a smoky tone “Mhhmm…what is it darling? Tell me what you want.”

Willow gathered her courage and willed her body to comply with her wishes “Baby…”

‘I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this’ throb-throb-throb ‘leave me alone hormones! I have to do this.’

“We have to stop.” She finally said forcefully.

Tara pulled back surprised, that wasn’t exactly the answer she was expecting to get.

“W-what? Why? Don’t you want me anymore?”

Willow grabbed Tara by the shoulders and kissed her lightly and lovingly on the lips before answering, “More than anything in or out of this world. But there’s something stronger than this desire Tara. My love for you is stronger; it goes beyond wanting your body. You deserve better than this. Look at where we are. I want something better for you, for us.

You’re worth more than some strange guy’s room and dirty gym socks on the floor. I want this to be right for the both of us. I want it to be perfect, because you deserve nothing less.

Am I making any sense at all or am I completely nuts? Frankly I can’t tell.”

Tara was moved by her girlfriend’s words, her eyes got misty threatening to spill a tear.

She couldn’t believe that her girlfriend loved her enough to want to wait after all the time that had passed. Willow was willing to put their passion on hold for the sake of romance and beauty. No one had ever loved her enough to do something like that before.

“Oh Willow…”She embraced her girl tightly. “I love you so much. If you are nuts, then can me and salt me up too…cause I’ve this sudden urge to wait too. Now if only certain parts of my body would cooperate with me, it would make things easier.”

At this they both laughed and held on to each other. Willow spoke from under the blonde’s shoulder “Cooperating body parts? I’m not the only one with the throb-pulse-throb

That just won’t go away then?”

Tara smiled a little saucily “Not by far. I suggest we get off this bed before we lose all our resolve there’s only so much throb-thump-throb I can ignore before giving in, you know?”

Willow raised an eyebrow and let out a breath “Oh, believe me I know. Let’s go back to the party before they think we’ve been kidnapped. Right now we need a public place, lot’s of people around diverting us from temptation and if at all possible a cold shower. Since we’re not likely to find that, I may have to settle for dunking my head in the punch bowl. ”

Tara smiled “Well let’s just hope it’s big enough to fit two.”

They shared a kiss and helped each other off the bed walking hand in hand to rejoin the ongoing party on the first floor whilst dreaming of the perfect night they would share in what was sure to be the near future.

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Two weeks had passed since Halloween. Willow still hadn’t taken that next step in her relationship with Tara. She wanted to do things right by the blonde. The redhead wanted what Tara deserved, absolute perfection. She couldn’t and wouldn’t settle for anything less.

They walked through the cleared path holding hands and taking in the beauty that surrounded them. Their pace was unhurried. They relished breathing in the cool and clean air. Fall was nearly over and brightly colored leaves seemed to weave a special tapestry of colors around and under them. The forest was not only green, there were bright tones of yellow, orange and red throughout their surroundings.

“This is all so beautiful” Tara commented, almost lost in wonder.

Willow turned to the blonde and looked her straight in the eyes, “Not as beautiful as you.”

Tara smiled as brightly as the sun.“ Flatterer.”

Willow raised a playful eyebrow. “Will flattery and sweet talk still get me anywhere with you?”

Tara nodded and answered half-seriously. “To the ends of the earth and back.”

Willow responded with a half smile, taking the Blonde’s hand in her own, “We won’t have to go as far as that. Come with me.”

The redhead led them off the main path towards the woods. They walked though an intricate maze of tall and aromatic pine trees. After fifteen minutes or so Tara gently let go of Willow’s hand and stopped their Trekking, needing to satisfy her curiosity. They were supposed to be heading towards the lake and picnic area and this path was leading them almost to the opposite direction.

“ Will, where are we going?”

Willow took a step forward and put the palm of her hand lovingly on Tara’s face. “Do you trust me?”

Tara’s expression softened at Willow’s tone of voice. It was soft and pleading, full of hope. This was an important question and Tara could tell that the redhead was anxious about the answer.

Sometimes after facing circumstances that put us at odds with what we feel and what we’ve believed in, it’s natural to have doubts about what is to come. But after accepting that perfection can be an imperfect thing, we make a choice to either stop believing or we go on to forgive completely and we love again without reserve, without letting fear overshadow what is in our hearts.

The answers are not always so easy to sort out within ourselves. But standing there in the middle of the forest looking into those green universes that contained Willow’s soul Tara did not hesitate to know the answer to that crucial question, did she trust Willow?

She took the redhead’s hand and kissed the palm lightly before answering truthfully from her soul,

“Yes I do.”

Willow’s face broke into an impossibly huge smile and her heart swelled with joy. She knew that the door that she had once closed had now been opened and she would do everything in her power to keep it from shutting her out ever again.

They walked for some time in comfortable silence enjoying the landscape and the company. Tara followed Willow’s lead through the colorful forest, more than a little curious as to what her girlfriend was up to. They stopped for some refreshments and talked about everything and nothing in

particular. They were content to feel the warmth of the sun on their faces and the cool comfort that the shade under the trees had to offer.

It was almost late afternoon when they started on their way again. Willow started leading them down the side of a grassy hill. The slope wasn’t that steep, but Willow kept a watchful eye on Tara and offered her hand in support all the way down to the beginning of the valley. Soon after, they came upon a clearing, a beautifully rich meadow colored by all kinds of wild flowers. Both girls smiled and silently thanked the Goddess for letting them witness such magnificence together.

Willow’s heart skipped a beat when she saw Tara’s happiness reflected in the wonder of her sky-blue eyes.

The redhead asked softly, “Do you like what you see?”

Tara turned to look at Willow up and down and answered with a coy smile, “Oh I like…very, very much.”

Willow blushed, thrown by the playful and flirty Answer. “I mean the landscape, you vixen.

Tara giggled lightly at her girlfriend’s response. “That’s exactly what I meant too. So is this the big mystery destination? It’s really nice.”

Willow rolled her eyes at Tara’s feigned innocence and answered with a touch of seriousness to her voice, “No this isn’t it. You said you trusted me right?”

Tara answered without hesitation, “Yes, of course”

Willow bent down and began to unlace her hiking boots. “O.k then. Take off your shoes, close your eyes and I’ll guide you the rest of the way.”

Tara was curious but she really did trust Willow so she followed her girl’s lead, obediently taking off

her shoes and closing her eyes waiting for Willow to make the next move.

They walked for about five minutes, the momentary lack of sight was allowing Tara’s other senses to be more aware of their surroundings. Her bare feet felt wonderful on the crisp grass. It tickled the inside of her toes in a relaxing way. Tara was glad that Willow had asked her to bare her feet.

She could smell pine trees nearby and other sweet aromas that permeated the air. Willow’s hand felt soft like the clouds and warm like a comforting fire. Tara felt safe even though she couldn’t see and she realized that she trusted Willow enough again to let her guide her. She let go of every doubt and fully enjoyed the moment.

Her ears perked up at every sound - the rustling of falling leaves, the birds singing merrily on the branches. Her senses were so alive she swore she could actually hear the fluttering of butterfly wings somewhere around them.

Then she heard the soft roaring and falling of water. She felt Willow gently squeeze her hand and then let go.

They came to a stop and Willow broke the silence. “We’re here, you can open your eyes now.”

Tara opened her eyes slowly letting them adjust to the light of day again. When she could focus her breath got caught in her throat. Right in front her were two magnificent sights; One was of a grand water fall that broke into white sheets of foam as it hit the jagged rocks at the sides and seemed to disappear into an almost-perfect circle of clear green water. The second thing to greet her eyes was by the edge of the lagoon under a spectacular tree. A table was set up with a white tablecloth and a centerpiece of yellow daisies. A bottle of wine lay in a silver cooler that glistened in the sunlight and a big picnic basket was hanging over from one of the branches. Two place settings and two fold-up chairs completed the very surreal image of an intimate meal set in the middle of a forest, with a cascade flowing in the background making the breaking waters sound like nature’s own symphony.

Tara was finding it difficult to believe her eyes, never mind speaking.

Willow asked nervously, “Well…do you like it?”

Tara was overwhelmed by emotion and almost didn’t find her voice. “I- I love it. Willow how did you? When did you?”

Willow looked to the ground and bit her lower lip. “I…It wasn’t all me…I sort of cheated. Buffy, Xander, Dawn and even Anya helped me out. They’re camping near by just in case and Buffy is

on perimeter check so a no –monster- getaway is guaranteed. I wanted to do something special for you.”

Tara threw herself into Willow’s arms, nearly knocking both of them over. “Willow, this is wonderful-special and wonderful- and having our friends help isn’t cheating. I’ll have to thank them sometime.”

Willow held her girl tight and tried out a fake pout while making puppy dog eyes at her. “Thank

them? What about me?”

Tara looked down, finding her girl’s eyes. And she felt like getting lost in them forever. “I think I’ll thank you first and best of all.” With that she leaned down to meet the pouty and enticing lips in a slow and deep kiss that left them both nearly swaying on their feet.

Willow broke away with a dreamy look in her eyes and a goofy grin on her face. “Mhhm…wow. You’re welcome.”

They kept their foreheads pressed together for a while, neither wanting to break away from the other. Willow remembered that the day was only beginning and she was the first to step away, taking Tara with her towards the table. She pulled out the chair for the blonde like she had on their first “on the way to reconciling” date, only this time there was no need to wrestle over-zealous waiters out of the way.

“This is really nice, Willow. I can’t believe you went through so much trouble.” Tara said as she

took in her surroundings again.

Willow reached for the basket and busily set out he numerous goodies she and her friends had packed for the occasion. “Nothing is trouble when it comes to you. If anything I wish it could be more. You know, like jet you off to Paris and some fabulous five star hotel suite.”

Tara smiled brightly, looking down at her plate of fruit and cheeses. “I think this is perfect.”

Willow opened the bottle of Chablis and poured them both some cool white wine. “You wouldn’t prefer Rome in June, lunch at the Piazza?”

Tara took Willow’s hand in her own and kissed the knuckles almost with reverence. “Here, Paris, the moon, Delaware or the army anywhere you’re with me is, I repeat, absolutely perfect.”

Willow gave a half smile as she leaned forward and kissed her girl soundly on the lips.

“I see someone has been practicing her sweet talk.”

Tara answered with giddiness in her voice, “Mhhhmm…yeah…gummy bears, chocolate shakes, candy canes…” She finished with a playful wagging of her eyebrows

They both giggled lightly, enjoying the banter. Willow shook her head. “Oh please stop.” Willow’s expression turned serious. “No actually don’t stop, your sweet talk is just one of the things I’ve missed and thought would never be able to get back.”

Tara was touched by her girlfriend’s words and answered her with emotion. “We’ll always find each other. No matter how upset I was with you, I always hoped and some small part of me just knew. Because no matter what, love is what I feel when I think of you.”

Willow’s eyes brimmed with happy tears and she reached over the small table to place a soft kiss on Tara’s lips. “You always know what to say. Oh, look I’m crying all over the strawberries, now they’ll be salty.” she said while wiping away the drops from her eyes.

Tara reached over and wiped the rest of them away. “Then no more crying, happy or otherwise.

I think we’ve cried enough.” Now let’s eat, I’m starving.”

Willow gave a little smile “Right no more tears. Food good.”

They took their time enjoying their lunch. The Scoobies had gone nuts in packing their basket. There was a vast selection of fruits, cheeses, cold cuts, sandwiches and sweets. They talked, smiled, flirted and fed each other, completely enjoying their time alone and away from the world and monster chases.

Before they knew it night had fallen and the sky was clear and star-filled.

Both girls lay on the blanket and gazed at the firmament. They spotted the big pineapple and the L’il pile of crackers. They also saw some new constellations and proceeded to give them proper names

like take-out box, Pillsbury dough-boy, hello-kitty head, cherry bomb and, their personal new favorite, chocolate sundae with nuts. This time was special and unique. It was something that they could only enjoy with each other.

It was another perfect example of one of the things that Willow had missed in Tara’s absence. When Tara had left, Willow had stopped looking up at the night skies.

The moon and stars made no sense to the redhead if she couldn’t share them with her love.

Willow gazed at the moon for a moment before propping herself on her elbow to contemplate Tara’s face, thinking just how beautiful the blonde looked just then, bathed in moonlight and with the soft

glow of the fire dancing on her face.

“What?” Tara asked, curious about Willow’s intent stare-fest.

“You’re beautiful” The redhead responded.

Tara reached to touch a lock of Willow’s red tresses.

“No, you are. By this light it’s like your hair and the flames are one in the same.”

Willow leaned down to kiss Tara and gently coaxed her down to the blanket.

The redhead stretched out across the blonde’s waist while deepening the kiss.

Tara’s features glowed with passion, need, and most of all, love.

Deeply touched, Willow struggled to find words, but it was pointless.

The only thing she could do was love Tara and show her body and soul what their love was.

She traced Tara’s face lovingly with the tip of her fingers and drew a path from the neck to breast bone and back up to behind the ears. She lowered her head, directing her mouth to trace the path of her fingers. The blonde was aware of her lover’s every touch, of the fire that was coming from Willow’s finger tips as they skipped over the rise of her breasts and torso, of the lips as they sucked on her ears and teased her neck.

“God, Willow, you know just how to touch me."

Tara’s breathy words inflamed Willow’s passion even further. She moved to pull off Tara’s sweater and shirt, needing to see and feel the skin that she had wanted for so long.

“I love your body. It deserves to be worshipped.” The redhead punctuated her statement by dragging her fevered lips across the fabric of the blonde’s bra, feeling how the nipple hardened under the cloth. She then teased the hard crown, by sucking and gently biting the tip, leaving a dark circle in the cotton.

“I want you so much,” Tara said through a sudden groan

Willow’s soft hands again skimmed over Tara’s breasts and down her shoulders, leaving wakes of desire in their trail.

“Tell me what you want,” Willow encouraged maneuvering her mouth down the same path that her hands had traveled. “Tell me and I’ll do it.”

“Oh-Oh!…” Tara gasped, assaulted by waves of sensations, the curious blend of strength and tenderness of Willow’s touch filling her body with want. “Just don’t stop touching me…never stop.” She managed to stammer out, pulling Willow closer to her.

“I’ll never stop loving you, touching you. I want you to be mine, be mine Tara.” Willow softly pleaded as she stretched out full length beside the blonde, taking her mouth and plunging deep inside her lover with the same rocking motions she would use to enter her. Willow coaxed off Tara’s bra and raised herself off to pull down her jeans and panties. The sight of her lover’s naked form sent jolts of pleasure up and down her own body. She could feel her face turning as red as her hair.

Tara spoke in a husky commanding tone, “I want to see you.” She raised herself from the blanket and helped Willow undress. They were both naked and full of need for each other.

The night was cold but their bodies felt like they were on fire, a liquid fire that ran through their blood stream and burned their skin with molten heat.

They lay down again and Willow took Tara’s mouth with a ravenous hunger.

They explored each other’s bodies with their hands, fingers trailing and clutching backsides, torsos and breasts. Their eyes connected and the love and desire they both saw reflected back at them was immeasurable.

Nearly choking on a surge of emotion, Willow turned away from Tara’s eyes and laid her head in the crook of the blonde’s neck. Murmuring against the soft skin, she felt both their bodies shake with emotion. The redhead slowed the frantic pace by slowly retracing the route she had already traveled, kissing the blonde’s neck down to the shoulders and her breasts, stopping once again to tease the nipples into hard peaks, then sliding a wet trail down to the blonde’s trembling ribs to her navel where she hovered, teasing, tantalizing, driving in and out of the shallow opening with her tongue until her lover’s strangled sound of her own name being called nearly drove her insane.

“Willow! Oh, Willow…please…” Tara waited, biting and sucking on her pinky finger, watching through hooded eyes how Willow loved her. The redhead began a sensual journey up and down her legs with her lips and tongue. Willow nibbled and teased the blonde’s soft skin as she made her way to the source of her lover’s heat, her kisses and the maddening caresses of her tongue pausing right at mid-thigh.

“Touch me please…” The blonde pleaded.

Willow was having some wicked fun now, and though she wasn’t planning on stopping, she did want to make them both wait for the ultimate pleasure.

“Where would you like me to touch you?” The redhead asked coyly while tracing lazy circles over and over again in the same sensitive space on the inner thigh. She traced a crooked little path up to the navel and back down again, finally skittering across the golden patch of curls. She lingered there asking, “Is this a good spot?”

Tara’s breathing increased and her body jerked upwards in response. The blonde was beyond any thought of self-control. She was nearly incapable of speech as her hips writhed of their own accord in the air. She was on the edge and Willow hadn’t even entered her. She finally managed to gasp out “please…please…”

Tara’s begging broke Willow’s own sense of self-control. Her need grew and she scooted up to have better contact with her lover’s body. She slid her hand between Tara’s legs and Tara mirrored the action by bringing her hand into the redhead’s center. They both groaned as their agony was brought to an end and a new beginning.

With a sharp intake of breath, Willow rolled half on top of Tara. She spread the blonde’s legs further apart with her knee as she buried her fingers deep into her lover’s damp center. Tara’s writhing became more frantic; her eyes were half open and swimming in ecstasy. Willow fought the urge to go too fast wanting to draw out the pleasure as much as possible. Tara’s own movements inside her made the fight for control difficult. They were both on the brink and they both knew it. Willow slowed her pace as she thrust her fingers in and out in long rhythmic strokes.

“W-willow, oh God…please.” I-I’m…” Tara breathed out with difficulty.

“Tell me…” Willow responded in a lust-induced haze.

“Faster- harder…I’m…Oh…” The blonde said while pressing harder inside the redhead.

Willow cupped the blonde’s bottom with one hand as she strengthened her thrusts with the other.

When they both thought that it was impossible to feel anything more intense they both pressed their thumbs to the other’s most sensitive nub of nerves and the sensations grew, whetting their appetite for more.

Tara ground her hips against Willow’s hand. They were taking each other through the gates of a new, more agonizing pleasure. Their senses were drenched with one another, each nerve ending alive and begging for the slightest attention from the other. Their arousal was now stronger than ever, the demand for gratification, deeper, fuller somehow. Their time apart had made this need for one another grow and intensify.

Tara fell into the rocking motions, matching Willow’s movements, demanding as much as she gave.

Finally this was no fantasy, no dream, it was real. The culmination of their love would never be lost by opening their eyes or the coming of the morning light. They were one again. They made love with more than their bodies- it was a merging of souls. Each stroke felt exquisite they were as wild as their surroundings, sweating and writhing on the forest ground. They were both lost and found in each other. Faster and faster they rode, higher and higher with no one to temper their passion. They were consumed in each other their cries, moans and the erotic sounds of their bodies crashing together filled the night.

They both begged each other to end the sensual torment- to go on- to stop- to never stop.

They were incoherent and drowning in a river of sticky sweetness and still they went on.

Tara slid her fingers through the redhead’s locks and held on to them like reins while her body rode out the waves of pleasure, her body tightening from the inside. Willow recognized through the sexual fog that they were both close- so achingly close… Then with a few final movements against one another the spasms claimed both their bodies. They spiraled out of control and pierced the darkness with one synchronized scream.

“Willooooowww……….” “ Taraaaaaaaa……”

They were drained yet wonderfully fulfilled. Willow collapsed on top of Tara, a bit dazed and incoherent. Tara struggled for breath as Willow lay sprawled across her breast. Squirming, she wriggled her torso free and took a breath of the cool air. When her pulse finally slowed and some semblance of reason returned, she inclined her head and gazed lovingly at the still dazed redhead.

Willow’s eyes were closed and her breathing was coming in fast gulps. Tara smiled and ran her hand across her lover’s shoulders. Willow’s skin was slick and hot to the touch. She opened her eyes and smiled at Tara, having finally come down to earth.

“Hey there, beautiful, ” Willow said in a lazy tone.

“Hey there yourself, ” Tara said without stopping her light caresses on her girl’s skin.

They stayed in each other’s arms for a long while, only breaking the contact long enough to settle into their tent when the night air had become too cold to brave the outside. They made wordless promises to each other with each caress, with each breath they took together. They slept soundly, entangled in one another after a long night of lovemaking. They dreamt of magic, sunflowers, each other and of skinny-dipping the next day under that great big waterfall.


The two slumbering lovers didn’t stir until it was well past the sunrise. The sun was high in the sky waiting to greet the two reunited souls with all its shining splendor. Even the Gods and the guardians of nature agreed that these two women were a perfect match and were eager to welcome them back to the world.

Willow was the first to wake. She gazed down at her sleeping lover, seeing the blonde clearly and wonderfully as hers. Nothing would ever separate them again. Willow knew now more than ever just how precious Tara was to her. It had taken almost losing her to realize that her life could never be complete without the other girl by her side. Willow loved being the first to wake. Tara was usually the early riser. The redhead would always linger a little longer under the sheets. Willow’s thoughts drifted whilst contemplating the slumbering beauty.

Playing “hard to get out of bed” was one of Willow’s favorite daily games. Tara would always try rising her softly by kissing her forehead and whispering in her ear “ Will sweetie, time to get up.”

Then Willow would pout and scoot closer to Tara hanging on to her nightgown for dear life murmuring grumpily “Don’t wanna.” Tara would insist a bit more intently “Sweetie come on now. We have class.” Willow would answer by trying to tug Tara down to the bed “Willow wants Tara snugglies.” Tara would sigh and patiently try again with a soft smile on her lips “Honey, hurry up or you won’t have time to have breakfast. I’m making funny shaped pancakes and I’m brewing some coffee with a touch of cinnamon, just how you like it.” This would usually do the trick and Willow would relent opening her eyes and giving her girlfriend a kiss before jumping out of bed, although sometimes the redhead liked holding out just a bit longer. When bribery with food didn’t work, Tara would make more interesting promises ranging from extra cuddle time in the afternoon to more spicy suggestions. Of course Willow didn’t always play hard to get. Not because she didn’t want to.

more because Tara wasn’t always as patient. Sometimes the blonde would just pull the blankets off and smack Willow on the butt after a couple of tries urging the redhead in a non too gentle fashion to get a move on. So the redhead knew it wasn’t wise to always play the same hand of cards. In fact Tara didn’t always win. Willow surprised her girl more than once by convincing her to come back to bed. When Willow’s strategies worked both girls usually wound up being very late for class, if they made it at all.

When Tara awoke the first sight that greeted her was her girlfriend’s smiling face.

“Good morning beautiful” Both said in unison and kissed.

“What are you thinking about that put that big smile on your face?” Tara asked gazing up at her redheaded love.

“You of course. I was remembering all the ways you used to get me out of bed.” Willow said, still smiling.

Tara rolled her eyes and responded, “Ah yes…my daily next to impossible mission. That’s the tune I used to hear in my head whenever I went to wake you. I would hear the narrator saying “Agent Maclay your mission should you choose to accept it…”

Willow smacked Tara’s arm lightly and interrupted, “ I wasn’t that bad!”

Tara chuckled and raised her eyebrows in defiance. “ Yes you were. As a matter of fact I’m convinced it was a game to you. You liked seeing just how far I would go to get you out of bed. Plus on the few occasions that you did wake up first, you weren’t nearly as patient waking me.”

The blonde finished the sentence by making a fake pout.

Willow made an “I am shocked to hear this” face and spoke in an indignant tone. “ Officially I have to say I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Tara raised herself from the sleeping bag and looked at her lover straight in the eyes.

“Are you saying that you don’t remember the water and ice-cube incident?”

Willow scrunched up her nose and bit back a giggle answering seriously. “ I only did what I thought was in your best interest. You did have a test that morning. I had to make sure you got up on time, it’s in the “good girlfriend’s manual”. Yup, chapter 1, page 2, guideline 3, marked it down with my red pen and everything.” She finished by giving the universal “yes that’s a known fact” head nod.

Tara bit back a laugh and got a wicked gleam in her eyes when a ghost of an idea entered her mind. “ Good girlfriend’s manual, huh? I must have missed that chapter. However I did read a whole other one called “Pay-back every good girlfriend’s God given right.” The blonde smiled like the Devil, glaring right at Willow.

The redhead recognized the dangerous glint in Tara’s eyes and thought ‘uh-oh’ she gulped and laughed nervously before answering. “ Awww baby, I know you’re not one to hold a grudge. You’re not one to hold a grudge right? Cause you know, holding a grudge is like…like…holding ah-uh…a-a- fudge? Yeah…it’s all sticky and gooey and it might seem like it’s good with a nutty side order of revenge…but really all it does is make things messier. A fudge- grudge is never-ever a good idea.”

Willow babble. Who could keep a straight face with so much Willow babble? Tara laughed and let her girlfriend of the hook before she went on to list all of Baskin Robin’s ice-cream flavors.

“ The only nut around here is you. Come on, let’s get dressed and get some breakfast going.”

Willow sighed in relief and complied searching for her sweater. Although she had the sneaking suspicion that Tara had not let her off completely.

All through breakfast the redhead could swear she heard the wheels in the other girl’s head turning. She knew the blonde was up to something. The question was, what?

After they finished eating and cleaning their plates Tara smiled sweetly at Willow.

The redhead had been quiet and looked pensive. The blonde nearly laughed, guessing exactly what Willow was thinking about. ‘Well darling let me just put you out of misery then’

Tara sat next to her girl on the fallen log in front of the fire. The redhead was leaning forward warming her hands close to the flame. “Hey baby. Are you cold?”

Willow answered. “Yeah, a little. You know me I have no natural heating whatsoever.”

Tara scooted closer to her girlfriend. “You know Willow…that fateful morning in question…it was pretty cold. I was pretty cold too and then it got even colder.” The blonde narrowed her eyes dangerously.

Willow inched away getting nervous with Tara’s tone of voice. “Taaara…what are you saying?”

Tara looked at Willow and then looked towards the lagoon and then back to Willow again. She raised and eyebrow and again smiled like the Devil on judgment day “I’m saying…FUDGE!” At that last word she lunged her body towards Willow.

Willow shrieked and jumped out the way just in the nick of time. She looked down on the fallen blonde and then nervously towards the water. She had thought that a dip in the water would be nice, but not before the noon sun got a chance to heat it a little. ‘The water at this hour must be freezing’ The redhead mused miserably. “Tara honey you wouldn’t…”

The blonde began rising quickly with a grin. “ Oh, no?”

Willow realized that the answer was ‘oh yes she would’ and took off running with Tara hot on her heels. The blonde chased her redheaded lover relentlessly. She hadn’t grown up with only boys as friends for nothing. While other girls played tea party she was playing chase and climbing trees.

Of course Willow was no slouch in the running game either. For one she had also grown up with just Xander and Jesse as friends and then there was the always chasing and being chased by things that go bump in the night. Both girls were good with the speed and showed no signs of being tired any time soon. Tara realized she needed to change tactics if she was ever going to catch Willow. First she tricked the redhead into getting some where close to the water again and then she did a classic fake out maneuver that put Willow right where she wanted her.

When Willow realized she had fallen in to a trap it was too late. All she had time to do was see a Tara shaped blur that tackled her to the ground. The redhead let out a breath and opened her eyes to find Tara straddling her waist and pinning her hands above her. The blonde had a self-satisfied smirk on her face and a light sheen of sweat was running down her neck. Willow had to admit that the blonde wore success really, really well. It almost made her glad that she had been caught.

“All right, all right you got me. Now what?” Willow said in a defeated yet amused tone.

“Well since you seem to have more stamina than I thought, I’m going to have to tire you out a little first.” Tara said without letting Willow out of her grip.

Now Willow really was totally happy about being caught. She gave Tara her best sexy grin. “Oh yeah…how are you planning on doing that?”

‘Oh-no Willow you’re not going to get out of this one by giving me a sexy smile. Although it’s 0h- so tempting.’ Tara thought nearly losing her concentration. “ Not how you think.” She said with a touch of mirth in her voice, just before launching a full on tickle attack on her helpless girlfriend. The blonde knew this was one sure fire way to leave Willow useless in no time flat.

Willow’s body completely surrendered and she shook from head to toe with peels of laughter.

“ Oh, Ta-ra, ha-ha-ha...N-o, plea-se, I-I...ha-ha-ha... don’t...”

Tara laughed too and waited until Willow didn’t have the strength left to fight her.

When the blonde was satisfied she picked up the redhead effortlessly, carried her towards the water and then promptly dumped her just beyond the edge.

Willow screamed as her body hit the water with a loud splash. She sputtered water and launched protests at Tara, who stood at the edge laughing her head off. ‘Who knew such a sweet girl had such vindictive streak?’ Willow thought as she struggled to get her breath back and get on her feet.

In the mean time Tara was so busy enjoying the show, that she failed to notice that Willow had gotten her bearings back and was getting dangerously close.

Now it was Tara’s turn to think ‘uh-oh’ as Willow reached out and managed to grab one of the blonde’s sleeves. Tara tried to keep her balance but it was a fruitless effort. The blonde fell on her butt and another loud breaking of water resounded throughout the lagoon. Soon both girls were laughing and enjoying a full scale splashing war.

Willow was the first to wave the white flag. “Truce-truce. You win. Tara Maclay I crown you ‘the ‘water frolicking champion’ of the world’.”

Tara was grateful Willow had stopped she was all watered out herself, but not about to admit it.

“Yes! I am the water queen I can do anything!” She yelled merrily raising her hands in the air.

Willow blew a raspberry at her girlfriend and then moved in close to embrace her. “You could at least be graceful about it.”

Tara smiled and flicked her wet hair back. “Nah, gloating is so much more fun.”

Willow gave her a light kiss and answered with a small pout. “I don’t think I’m liking gloating, vengeful, fudgeful Tara.”

Tara also planted a soft kiss on Willow’s upper lip and answered in a low sexy voice. “Then I’ll have to do something to make you like me again.” The blonde placed another kiss on Willow’s mouth, but this time it was longer and fuller. She ran the tip of her tongue over the redhead’s upper lip and then sucked on the lower lip for a few seconds before biting it lightly. “So do you like me yet?” She asked breathily into Willow’s ear.”

Willow had her head thrown back and her eyes closed. The cold water suddenly wasn’t so cold anymore. “I’m getting there. So right there.” She answered while Tara alternated between sucking on her earlobe and biting at her neck.”

“What can get me ‘exactly’ there then?” Tara murmured from behind Willow’s earlobe.

“Many things. You could start by taking off these wet and heavily-inconvenient clothes.” Willow answered tugging on Tara’s clingy sweater.

Tara pulled away from the other girl’s neck and sent her sultry look. “ I can do that.” She said as she proceeded to take off her soaked garments tossing them with a mean swing towards the edge.

Willow did the same, shedding her uncomfortable clothes with lightning speed.

They stood in the water naked and wet under the warming rays of the sun.

They were enraptured in light. When they gazed at one another, each saw in the other the most glorious beauty to ever exist.

They embraced and kissed slowly and lovingly for long drawn out moments.

They wanted to savor each passing second. They wanted to drink as much sweetness from the other as could be possible. Their tongues moved together in harmony, like a perfect ballad.

Their bodies moved together both outside and in. Their blood raced and their hearts pounded.

Wetness began to build in between their legs, a wetness different from the one caused by the water. This honeyed fluid came from an endlessly deep river that flowed inside their bodies whenever one touched the other. It was a natural source of heat that made them shiver and salivate with anticipation.

Tara sucked on Willow’s tongue as she ran her hands across the small, creamy breasts. The blonde moaned when her sensitive palm came in touch with the erect tip of the redhead’s nipple. Willow also moaned and pushed her body into Tara’s slick form. They continued kissing with an increasing level of urgency.

Their mounds brushed together under the water and they pressed into one another, grinding their hips together as closely as they could from their standing position. The wetness and heat increased between them. They needed more and soon.

Tara took a moment to catch her breath and began to lead Willow towards the edge.

They glowed with passion. The rivulets of water running down their bodies, making them look like true mythical nymphs. In a way the love they shared and made was a myth, a legend that would survive time and defy man-made logic.

They lay bare and open to one another. They kissed again and again with unequaled fervor. Willow tried to reverse the position they were in, but Tara refused. She stayed still and looked down into her lover’s eyes. “ No way. It’s my turn.” She said as she claimed Willow’s mouth in a fierce kiss as if to confirm her intentions of not relinquishing control.

Willow surrendered and twined her arms around Tara’s neck, aware only of the sweet mouth that was claiming her and of the warm hand that was traveling down to her throbbing center.

The redhead sucked in a breath of ecstasy when Tara thrust a finger within her.

Tara moved gently inside Willow, inserting one finger and then adding another, she pressed endlessly deeper as Willow raised her hips to meet the movements of the blonde’s hand.

Willow sucked at Tara’s lips and tongue, her hands traveling and clutching at the blonde’s back.

The redhead closed her eyes as a spinning heat seized her and flooded her whole body, pushing at the limits of her senses. Tara also closed her eyes and moaned against Willow’s lips, her own pleasure escalating with each movement, each groan that Willow let out. Their feelings were mutual it was a mixture of agony and bliss that grew with every passing second.

Tara paused her rocking and thrusting motions, drawing her body away from Willow’s.

The redhead beckoned for the blonde, she outstretched her arms and whimpered, her heart on fire with need.

Tara smiled down on her lover as she moved to kneel beside her. Tara’s lips moved closer to the redhead again. Willow’s blood quickened when the blonde used her hot mouth to burn a trail of kisses down her neck. Tara then brushed her tongue teasingly against Willow’s breasts in only a slight touch and then lower still across the redhead’s abdomen.

Tara moved her body again, this time positioning herself between Willow’s outstretched legs.

The redhead felt like she was soaring outside of her own body when Tara’s mouth and tongue began loving her gently where she so unmercifully throbbed.

Willow abandoned herself to the storm of feelings surging inside her. The redhead was overwhelmed, her desire rising with each exquisite touch.

“Tara…Tara…Tara...” Willow repeated over and over again like a sacred prayer, “Ohhmmnmh…aahhhh…mmhhmmm…” The redhead was crossing the frontier where speech wasn’t even possible.

Tara’s own wetness grew when she heard Willow’s soft moaning. Willow’s sweet juices were flooding her mouth and she relished drinking every drop. The blonde used her fingers to gently part the redhead’s outer lips and then she flicked her tongue over the hard pearl that she had until now purposely avoided.

Willow’s raised her hips in the air releasing a loud throaty moan. “Oooohm, baby…so…good…”

She placed her hand over Tara’s head urging her on. “Tara…don’t stop…mmmhhmmm…that’s so good.”

Tara alternated between loving Willow with long, slow strokes of her tongue to sucking in the sensitive jewel with a caring passion. Willow thought if she died now, she would die happy and very, very satisfied. Willow’s body began to shudder, her thighs began to shake, Tara’s mouth was hot and demanding in her most sensitive spots. Willow threw her head back and she bit her lower lip to stifle a cry of sweet agony. Tara’s movements became more intense. Willow opened herself widely to her lover, absorbing each delicious touch. “Let me see your eyes…” The redhead managed to get out in a strangled voice.

Tara gazed up with hot passion in her eyes without stopping her motions.

Willow groaned and bucked making Tara hold on to the redhead’s thighs to keep her from squirming off the ground. Tara was determined to take her lover over the edge, then suddenly they both felt it. Willow’s body jolted and quaked, never taking her eyes off Tara. The redhead’s long moan of pleasure echoed over the wild surroundings.

Tara waited for her lover to ride out the last waves of pleasure before she scooted up and took her into a warm embrace. Willow was still shaking when Tara took her into her arms.

Their lips met in a heated kiss and they clung to each other, fusing their bodies together.

They lay there, sweat glistening on their bodies shining like tiny diamonds beneath the sunshine.

Willow ran her fingers through Tara’s long golden hair and kissed her wet brow.

“Oh, Tara, my Tara. I’m so happy I could burst. My heart has been so lonely without you.”

Tara smiled and mimicked Willow’s actions by kissing the redhead’s brow. “ My heart, my body and my soul have been incomplete without you Willow. My Willow.”


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That was a great story :applause

I had read the first few parts before and it was great to be able to read the rest.

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Wow..this was wow..sooo good..I loved it!! Love sammi xx

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Justin and sam tahnk you thst wasn't it though I was just so tired last night it was 5am I had to quik. My computer and connection were soooo slow, sleep whipped me. Sorry!

Part 14: PRELUDE TO YOU KNOW WHAT (I just love the word “prelude” don’t you?)

After spending two glorious days out in the woods Willow and Tara felt brand new.

They had recovered everything that had been lost. Their bodies had joined and their souls had been fused together. They were complete and there wasn’t anything that they couldn’t face together. They had a fairy tale love and both hoped that no matter what happened they would have a fairy tale ending.

Willow walked down main street towards the Magic box. About a block away something shiny from a window display caught her eye. She stopped and put her hand on the display. She could hardly believe it, it was perfect, just what she had mind. She went in to the shop and after hearing the price, she made a deal with the sales clerk. The redhead exited the shop feeling absolutely giddy and scared to death at the same time. She took out an envelope from her folder. She had been staring at it for a week without reaching any conclusions.

But now the deal had been made, the ring had made the decision for her. She stopped at a pay phone and called the Magic Box to let everyone know that she would be late. She gave what she hoped wasn’t the lamest excuse known to man and hung up nervously. She skipped down the street thinking of all the arrangements that had to be made.


PART 15: ITALIAN MEALS AND CHINESE DESSERTS (A small tribute to “The Kitten Board”

fan-fic reader/cheerleader.)

Willow was a nervous wreck. The week had ended too quickly for her taste. She checked herself out anxiously in front of the mirror as she rehearsed what she wanted to say one more time.

The redhead was worried that her infamous babble mode would go on over-drive at the most crucial of moments. It was important to her that everything be perfect, even her speech patterns which seemed to go wonky at the worst possible times. She really wanted Tara to know and understand everything that she had thought about in the last few months and more importantly in the last few days. Willow had taken her share of rising and falling. She had picked herself up from the floor with a new sense of strength and belonging. She had done more maturing in a year than most people did in a whole lifetime. She hoped Tara could see that so they could take the next step into the future together. The redhead prayed quietly to the Goddess for strength and eloquence. She also raised a blessing to thank the deity for bringing Tara into her life, no matter what the blonde’s answer would be.

Tara fidgeted nervously awaiting for Willow’s arrival. She knew that the redhead had something important on her mind and that it had something to do with them both.

Willow had acted strangely all week. They had hardly seen each other and when they did the redhead seemed distracted, distant even. The night before Willow had asked Tara out, not in person but over the phone with a serious tone of voice that had really worried Tara even more.

‘What in frilly heck is going on?’ Tara wondered. Just two weeks ago we were laughing and making love under the stars. Now she’s all mysterious phone calls and “I can’t see you today, too many assignments…sorry Tara…can’t explain why I have to run off Tara…” ‘ The blonde thought, furrowing her brow in confusion. Her mind wondered to the night they were sharing a slice of pizza.

Willow was finally acting like old self. They were relaxed, talking about the gay subtext between Bert and Ernie in Sesame Street. They were laughing and Tara had felt relieved to see her Willow back.

Then a loud ringing coming from Willow’s purse had abruptly ended their fun. Tara remembered that Willow had immediately tensed-up. The redhead had scooted quickly out of her stool muttering something about the lousy reception before walking out the door of the pizza parlor. Tara hadn’t even known that Willow had bought a cell phone. When the redhead had come back she had been nervous and had stammered out a non-too-convincing excuse of being sorry and having to leave early to take care of Dawn, because Buffy had some new monster to slay.

Tara would not have thought that to be so strange if ten minutes after Willow’s departure Dawn hadn’t walked into the parlor with a gang of her friends.

Tara had been upset at Willow for lying to her, but she was willing to give the redhead a chance to explain. The chance hadn’t presented itself since Willow almost seemed to be avoiding seeing Tara or so the blonde thought. It just didn’t make any sense to the fair haired Wiccan, ‘What happened in the last two weeks to have her act like this?’ Tara wondered and searched her brain for an answer. She didn’t like any of the replies that were popping-up ‘Maybe she met somebody else. That would explain the phone-calls…’ Her stomach rumbled at the thought. ‘No-no that can’t be it. What then? What changed? The only thing…no…not –that-…that was a good thing…unless…God unless…she realized she didn’t – doesn’t love any more…we made love…and…and…she realized she wasn’t in love with me any more. Maybe that’s why she’s so nervous…oh God! She doesn’t know how to tell me. She’s telling me tonight. She’s telling me she just wants to be friends or something.’ Now with her mind racing and her stomach turning, Tara felt dizzy and ready to make a return on her lunch.

She willed her mind and body to be still so she could get her bearings back. ‘O.k Maclay, get it together. Stop the jumping to conclusions marathon and wait. Be still and wait to hear what Willow has to say.’ Tara told herself in a reassuring manner.

Julie greeted Willow at the door and smiled giving her and appraising look and a wolf whistle to top it off. “Well look at you. Hot stuff coming through!”

Willow blushed and muttered a thank-you to the ever-discreet blonde.

Julie laughed at Willow’s colored features and continued speaking in a teasing tone. “ Wow! No wonder old blue eyes had that dreamy look all week after your get-away together in the woods.”

She ended by gently elbowing Willow in the ribs.

Willow smiled another blush creeping up her face. The blonde continued, “ Hey, no need to get embarrassed. Especially since I want details. Tara’s no fun, she’ll kiss but not tell and that’s no fair. I always tell…come on tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine?”

Willow was really embarrassed now and didn’t know quite how to respond to Julie’s prodding, “I uuuhmm…” Just then Tara made her way down into the living room and let her off the hook.

“Julie stop pumping my girlfriend for information. If you want porn stories go to the net.” Tara said with mock annoyance in her voice.

Willow let out a breath of relief and smiled at her knight in shining… dinner wear. Her beautiful knight in her gorgeous, low cut, shiny dinner wear.

Julie pouted and raised her hands in defeat. “Fine-fine be that way. And I was not pumping…though I wish I was…either one of you.” She said as she looked at both girls smiled wickedly and winked.

Both girls turned beet red and squeaked out a surprised “Julie!”

The blonde gave out a hearty laugh and slapped both on the behind, before pushing them through the door. “ You two are just too cute. Now get out of here and have a good time. I’m going up to my room to pray that someday you’ll let me hear about it.”

Once they were alone out on the porch both girls became nervous, staring at one another like they did on their very first date.

Tara’s doubts returned and she searched her girl’s eyes for a sign. “So…hello…” she said shakily.

Willow’s eyes took in the vision before her with a mixture of pleasure and tenderness. “Good evening my ladyship.” The redhead replied with a reverent bow.

Tara smiled as she responded, “ So I’m a ladyship again?”

Willow returned the smile “ Yes and what’s more a ship…erm I mean a lady with a chariot and it awaits us.” The redhead signaled with her hand.

Tara was so nervous that she had failed to notice the stretch-black limo parked right in front of her walkway. The blonde’s eyes filled with wonder. “ A limo?” The blonde asked, still not believing her eyes.

Willow took Tara’s arm and looped it around her elbow leading the blonde towards the car door, which was being held open by an elegantly uniformed driver. The driver ushered the two smiling girls inside and gently closed the door.

The inside of the limo was even fancier than the outside. The interior was covered in soft black leather; there was a fully stocked mini-bar on the left and a plethora of gadgets on the right, like a t.v, v.c.r and digital c.d player. Willow was grinning, wildly pleased by Tara’s awed expression.

Tara was now officially one very confused girl ‘If she’s going to break up with me…she’s certainly going about it in style.’ The blonde thought as she took in the luxurious surroundings.

“So what do you think?” Willow asked expectantly.

“It’s so…I mean it’s like…wow…I never…why?” Was all the blonde could manage to get out.

Willow let out an amused laugh at her girlfriend’s sudden loss for words. “That’s all you’re going to say? Well to answer your question…that was a question wasn’t it? The why? Is because nothing’s too good for my baby.” Willow giggled a little before continuing, “I always wanted to say that. Somehow I thought it would sound much cooler. I’m such a spaz.” she finished shaking her head sadly.

Tara looked at Willow with a mixture of wonder and love “ You’re not a spaz, you’re just you wonderful, unique, no labels attached, Willow.”

Willow smiled and took the other girl’s hand bringing it to her lips, lightly kissing the knuckles. “I do have one label attached. It says: property of Tara.”

Tara smiled raising a playful eyebrow. “And exactly where is this label hung?”

Willow batted her eyebrows in an overtly flirty manner and lowered her voice to a sultry tone “If you don’t know you’ll just have to search me until you find it.”

Tara’s body heat raised a few degrees at Willow’s innuendo. Her eyes roamed hungrily up and down Willow’s lithe body. The red head really looked stunning in her black low low-cut, strapless dress. The blonde pushed herself forward towards the redhead and in an almost forceful way she took Willow by the shoulders and kissed her hard, with abandonment and passion.

Willow welcomed the strength of Tara’s kiss with a moan and some fervor of her own.

They pushed their bodies together desperate for contact, their hands traveled haphazardly over the other’s form. Their tongues swerved and danced with each other in an up-beat tempo. Their breath was becoming labored as their need grew and raced throughout their bodies.

They were so lost in each other neither noticed that the limo had come a stop. They also failed to notice that a now very embarrassed driver had opened the door.

The driver took a step unsure as to what to do next. He settled for taking a deep breath and clearing his throat loudly to get the attention of the two over-heated girlfriends. Tara’s hand was in the process of making it’s way up Willow’s thigh from under her dress. When the driver cleared his throat and then coughed, the blonde slid her hand out quickly. Both girls parted sharing embarrassed and guilty looks with the driver whose face looked like it had been attacked by a killer tomato. They straightened up and smoothed down their dressed before stepping out of the car without saying a word, on the verge of erupting into a fit of giggles at the look still plastered on the driver’s face.

Once inside the restaurant the waiter ushered them to their usual corner table and after sharing a few pleasantries he excused himself to get the previously arranged order.

Tara looked at Willow with a sly smile on her lips “Did you see the look on the driver’s face?”

Willow bit her lip, trying not to laugh out loud “How could I miss it? The poor guy was lighting up the whole parking lot and the entrance. He was redder than a neon sign. ”

Tara’s eyes shined with mischief “We do get carried away sometimes, don’t we?”

Willow’s eyes mirrored Tara’s expression “And whose fault is that miss Devil in a blue dress, who pounced on me like a tiger?”

Tara gave a toothy wicked smile before answering in her best cartoon imitation “Well that’s what Tiggers do best.”

Willow let out an amused laugh “ You’re so cute when you do that.”

Tara played with her napkin a soft grin gracing her face “When I do what? My really bad Tigger impression?”

Willow looked pensive for a moment before answering, “Yes that and everything else. You’re cute when you get shy and don’t know what to do with your hands, you’re cute when you’re reading and furrow your brow cause something caught your interest, you’re cute when you make funny shaped pancakes, you’re cute when you get jealous and fold your arms on your chest, you’re cute when you sleep all curled up on my shoulder, you’re cute when…”

Tara raised her hand gently to Willow’s mouth to stop the torrent of compliments being thrown her way. The blonde was actually beginning to get embarrassed by the length of the list. “Willow…stop…I’m not…you’re exaggerating.” She said lowering her head.

Willow tilted her head to one side in disbelief. “You’re wrong I’m not exaggerating, if anything I’m not saying enough. You don’t look cute when you’re doing all those things, you look downright beautiful.”

Tara smiled and accepted the compliments with her heart bursting with joy. >How could I have thought that we were breaking up again? She loves me, Yay! Still I wonder what was up with the phone calls?< Tara decided the conversation could use some lightening up to cover-up all those insecure thoughts that still crept up her from time to time, so she answered playfully “ I bet you say that to all the girls.”

Willow pulled a mock “ yes of course” face and answered, “Oh sure. In fact I’ve got a whole squad of panty-less cheerleaders that I say honey-sweet things to everyday.”

Tara raised an eyebrow “Panty-less cheerleaders? Someone’s been reading naughty things on the net again.”

Willow smiled and eyed Tara suspiciously “Well obviously so have you. Or how do explain even knowing about the panty-less, helmet wearing cheerleaders?”

Tara looked guiltily in to her water glass as a light pink flush covered her cheeks. “I uhm…”

Willow laughed and clapped her hands in victory “I knew it you’re a smutten too.”

Tara blushed an even deeper shade of pink and shrugged her shoulders in defeat. “You caught me. I admit it: I’m a smutten-smitten-kitten. I have the t-shirt in the closet, the mug on the dresser and the helmet and harness under the bed.”

Willow laughed even harder, nearly choking on her water. Tara pouted and folded her arms across her chest. “It’s all your fault you showed me that web page. They have really good spelling too and can we pleeease change the subject? Like why hasn’t Gino brought us our menus yet? He’s usually very attentive.”

Willow sobered up and decided to let the subject die. After all the object of the evening wasn’t to embarrass her girlfriend to death. “ Oh honey, I hope you don’t mind. I sort of called ahead an ordered for the both of us. I know you’ll like what I picked out… I-I mean I hope you will…but if you don’t you can change it. I just it might be nice if we didn’t have to wait too long. I mean…see you’re just looking at me funny…so…I didn’t mean it to be like I’m the boss and I make the decisions…no-no, not that. It wasn’t like I wanted to make large with the butch or anything and if you want I’ll get you a menu.”

Tara nearly laughed at Willow’s suddenly panicked flow of words. She decided to cut Willow off before she hurt herself in the process of explaining. “Sweetie, please calm down. It’s o.k I’m sure you ordered us something delicious. It was a very romantic gesture and I appreciate it.”

Willow took a relieved breath and took one of Tara’s hands in her own. “Thank you for applying the brakes before I crashed my self into a wall.”

Tara gave Willow’s hand a little squeeze as she answered with a slight southern accent “Well ma’m I am here to serve and protect.”

Willow recovered quickly and answered with a coy smile “Ooooh…are we playing “law and order” now?”

Tara pretended to ponder the proposal and answered with a sexy grin of her own “No. But maybe later if you’re really good we could play library cage.”

Willow’s eyes shone with excitement and just as she was about to make a naughty comment Gino appeared with their orders in tow. He smiled brightly at the two girls. They were after all one of his favorite couples. When willow had called to make the arrangements for the night he had been more than happy to help. He was glad that they were back together and looking so happy. Just a few weeks after the break-up Willow had come to dinner alone. Gino had been heart broken to see the redhead looking so sad just sitting there without the blonde. Not even his famous Tiramisu had cheered her up. He served their meals and looked at Willow expectantly she gave him what he took to be a “not yet” gesture and he winked to let her know he understood. He left them to their privacy and he snickered to himself thinking of how sweet and right they looked together.

“Willow this has all been so…” Tara started looking up from her plate, not really knowing how to continue.

“What? You don’t like the meal?” Willow asked nervously?

Tara shook her head “No, It’s delicious…I meant ‘this’ everything…the limo, the roses, our table, my favorite dishes…this is…”

Willow was still a little anxious “Over the top? Clichéd?”

“Stop that Willow. What I’m unsuccessfully trying to say is that, it’s all so perfect I can’t find the words to say so.” Tara said In a soft, loving tone.

Willow straightened in her seat and took a deep breath >o.k Rosenberg this is it. Remember don’t faint face first on the table, death by drowning in marinara sauce is not pretty.< “Tara…I…You know what’s missing to make this evening really perfect?”

“Dessert?” The blonde replied with a sexy mischievous grin.

“Yes exactly!” Willow exclaimed excitedly “In fact I think I should order it right now.”

Tara furrowed her brow in confusion ‘That’s not the kind of dessert I was talking about. I sent her a sexy look am I losing it?’ She thought sadly. “But Will we haven’t even finished our…”

Tara didn’t get a chance to finish her sentence. Willow had already signaled Gino who had made a hurried beeline with a covered silver tray to their table, and was now placing it right in front of Tara.

The blonde’s curiosity was now peaked. Gino’s smile was so huge you could mistake him for a Cheshire cat and Willow looked like she was holding breath and could pass out at any moment.

“G-go ahead…” The redhead squeaked out encouraging Tara to unveil the mystery dessert.

Tara slowly stretched out her hand and tentatively lifted the silver lid. She didn’t know what she was expecting but she certainly wasn’t expecting… “A Chinese fortune cookie?” she asked with a confused expression.

“Crack it open.” Willow said excitedly.

Tara took the cookie in her hand. She noted that it was just a little bigger and heavier than the usual fortune cookie. Suddenly she got a feeling about what could be inside and her heart began to race. ‘Could this be?’ She thought as she felt her eyes moisten. She began cracking the cookie open with a shaky hand. It seemed like everything had suddenly begun to move in slow motion. Willow wrung her fingers together and Tara bit her bottom lip as the she unveiled the diamond and emerald gold band that lay inside the small dessert.

“Oh my God…Willow?” Tara said staring at ring resting in the palm of her hand.

Willow swallowed the lump that formed in her throat as she took the gold band from Tara’s palm and held it up taking a deep breath before speaking in a shaky voice. “ Tara Mclay, will you marry me?”

Tara was overwhelmed, hearing those words seemed to make her whole spin out of control and completely come to a stop all at the same time. She was now the one who looked like she was about to take a header into her minestrone soup.

“ I-I-Will-ow…I…”

Willow panicked at Tara’s hesitance and began to spill forth the speech she had rehearsed in her heart a hundred times just in case the love of her life needed some convincing of just how right everything was and could be forever.

“Tara, I know this must seem sudden. But it’s not, because I’ve thought about it since the day we met. I think maybe even before that, before I ever knew you I felt like I was waiting for you. The day I saw you smile for the first time was the first time in my life I felt that I belonged. The night we made love I knew that I had found a new home in your body. I’ve known what it means to live with you. I’ve known what it means to live without you and being without you means living half a life. Feeling lost and incomplete. I don’t think that I want a life that doesn’t have you in it. So…Tara Mclay will you marry me?

Tears were now streaming down freely from Tara’s misty blue eyes. She still couldn’t quite believe what was going on. She gulped trying to clear the knot in her throat, nearly choking on her inability to form words. Suddenly she smiled and just said the first thing that came into her mind “You had me at hello?”

Willow furrowed her brow in confusion, not understanding Tara’s answer “W-what?” She asked more than a little perplexed.

“That was a yes. That was a yes.” Tara hurriedly answered before breaking down half crying and half laughing from the emotion of it all.

Willow was beaming she almost knocked the table over to get to her fiancé. They met in a tight embrace, laughing and crying together. Willow was now almost kneeling before Tara, she looked up into the blonde’s eyes with adoration before slipping the ring reverently on her finger. To make it official they sealed their promise with a kiss. When they broke away applause erupted through out the whole restaurant. Both girls felt a light blush coloring their features and they shared another light kiss not caring about the world that surrounded them.

Gino hurried over to them wiping tears from his eyes on his white apron. “You girls look-a so beautiful. Congratulations! Boys come on a-now…” He said signaling another waiter and two violinists to their table. The waiter popped open a bottle of expensive champagne and served the girls as the two violinist’s began their serenade.

Willow returned to her seat but scooted it over to Tara’s side as much as she could. Both girls stood to hug Gino in appreciation and smiled. “Gino this is too much, this champagne…” Willow began but was quickly cut off by a grinning Gino “No-no don’t you say anymore…this is a gift from a-me to you. Gino loves a good romance. You two do my heart a-good. You enjoy everything tonight, on the house o.k?” Tara looked like she was about to protest, so Gino cut her off at the pass too “Ah-ah no arguing from you either bella, you just remember old Gino when you’re sending out those wedding invitations. Benne…now I leave you alone. Enjoy.”

The two girls sat in silence for what seemed a long while just staring into each others eyes.

Somewhere in the background they could make out some romantic violin tune swirling in the air, but the music they were really listening to was the fluttering of their two hearts beating as one.

Tara looked at her hand intertwined with Willow’s and broke the silence “This is like a dream.” She said staring at the ring on her finger.

“Yes and the best part is that we never have to wake-up. And if we ever do we’ll be in each other’s arms.” Willow said taking Tara’s hand and placing a kiss right on her ring finger.

“I must say this is the best dessert I’ve ever had.” Tara said picking up one of the broken halves of the fortune cookie.

“Even better than strawberries and cream?” Willow asked in a teasing tone.

Tara lowered her eyes a light flush of pink rising to her cheeks. “ They’re both good in different ways and for different reasons. By the way why a fortune cookie?”

Willow smiled at Tara’s tiny display of embarrassment and quick change of subject. She would let the blonde off the hook for the moment but the redhead decided that the cream issue would be re-addressed sometime that evening as would the ‘smutten’ issue. “ Well I was undecided as to where to propose, since we have these two very special places now. So I worked something out with Lee, who is also expecting a wedding invite and a dance with you. He was so sweet about the whole thing convincing his uncle to hand make this cookie was apparently no easy feat. But he pulled it off and I actually apologized again for nearly wrestling him to ground that first night we went to ‘Wong’s Palace”.”

Tara giggled remembering the incident. “We’ll have to think of some way to thank him and Gino for their kindness. So…uhm…should we set a date or something…I don’t know…I mean how do we…”

“ The date? As soon as possible. I thought that maybe after a month or two, because I’ll have some saved up from my first paychecks.” Willow stated excitedly.

“Paychecks?” Tara asked feeling that she was definitely missing something.

“Oh, yeah…I got a letter last week from a software company. They wanted to hire me as a consultant, I could work from home choose my projects and get great benefits. I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t sure I didn’t want to take on a job that would interfere with Scooby research and saving the world time. I hope you don’t think I was keeping things from you. I just wasn’t sure. Then when I went past this jewelry store and saw that wedding band and it sort of made the decision for me. I realized I couldn’t ask you to seriously marry me if I didn’t have something better to offer than putting our lives in danger every other week. This pretty gold band with its shiny stones is much better than monster ooze any day. That wasn’t very romantic please ignore that last comment. So with this job I get a steady income. We can live at Buffy’s and pay her some rent, the rest we can save or invest and get a place of our own when we finish college. Uhm…that is if you want to. Cause I don’t want you to think that I’m like sea captain or something: ahoy mateys, do I as say, hoist the main! I don’t even know what a main is or that I’m making decisions without you. I’ve just been thinking a lot and…”

“A.B.S” Tara said interrupting Willow’s nervous summary of the facts.

“It is not B.S!” Willow replied indignantly, hardly believing that Tara would say such a thing to her.

Tara let out a hearty laugh. “A-B-S…you know the state of the art breaking system? So you won’t crash yourself into a wall.” Willow mouthed a silent “Oh” and gracefully blushed. Tara leaned in and kissed her on the tip of the nose. “ Oh captain my captain, what am I going to do with you?”

Willow pressed her forehead to the blonde’s and let out a happy sigh. “ Marry me in spite of the fact that my mouth needs air-bag accessories.”

“I’ll marry you any way you come.” They shared a small sweet kiss and parted smiling at each other. “ So…your new cell phone… did it come with the job?” Tara asked needing to lay all her fears to rest.

Willow raised her hands to her forehead. “See I knew you would think that to be strange and you caught me at my tangled web of lies when we went out for pizza didn’t you?”

“ Well yes…” The blonde answered playing with the food on her plate.

Willow noticed that Tara was looking embarrassed and decided to continue the topic. “ Did my jealous Tara think I was cheating on her?” she asked in a teasing tone.

Tara turned red around the ears. “ I uhm…didn’t know what to think. I thought you might have wanted to break-up or something.” She said shrugging her shoulders.

Willow shook her head and took the blonde’s hand, looking at the engagement ring. “ Silly girl.”

“I prefer to be known as Mrs.Silly, thank you very much.” Tara answered, remembering their day at the supermarket.

“You soon will be.” Willow said kissing Tara’s ring finger again.


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They finished dinner and were on the way to Sunnydale’s look out point to do some stargazing.

Both girls were shining from happiness and the world seemed like the perfect place to be in that night.

Tara gazed at her ring finger for the umpteenth time, still thinking that it couldn’t be real.

“ I like this.” She stated decisively out of the blue.

The redhead stretched her legs and poured them some leftover champagne. “What? Shining luxury? Get used to it darling, I’m planning on treating you right.”

Tara took the offered glass and smirked. “I mean ‘us’ I like us here or anywhere actually.”

“ Me too, soon to be Mrs. Rosenberg.” Willow said grinning from ear to ear.

“Or you could be Mrs. Mclay…” Tara answered seriously.

“Call me anything, just don’t call me late for dinner. Badda-bing!” The redhead deadpanned.

Tara made a pained face and winced. “Oooh, that was so bad. How long have you waited to discard that moldy oldie?”

Willow pouted. “No one appreciates the classics.”

Tara smiled. “I do. ‘Classic Willow ’ is always my favorite.”

They met for a kiss. The kiss was supposed to be short and sweet, but passion has a mind of its own. Their need escalated as their tongues fought for control. Willow broke away nearly breathless. “You know I’ve rented this limo out the whole night.”

Tara checked out the redhead’s form up and down with a sultry look. “Then tell the driver to ride all night.” Tara offered in a husky voice.

“I’ d rather tell you to ride all night.” Willow replied as she did what Tara requested and rolled up the little tainted window that separated them from the front seat.

They kissed again with renewed fervor, the heat rising, suffusing up their bodies.

“ Take this off.” Tara said forcefully, tugging at Willow’s tight dress.

Willow loved it when Tara took charge. It was always a surprising and pleasant experience. She obediently complied with her lover’s order and began to pull the dress over her head, revealing her upper torso to the blonde’s lustful eyes. Willow wasn’t wearing a bra and her pert breasts were revealing her excitement. The redhead’s small, pink nipples were painfully erect and aching for attention.

Tara remained still and stared unwaveringly at her lover’s body, making Willow more than a little nervous. The redhead unconsciously moved her arms to cover up her chest.

Tara stopped Willow’s arms with her hand and spoke commandingly. “ Don’t. I want to see you, every inch.” She captured the redhead’s mouth in her own and pushed her down to the soft leather seat. Tara’s weight wasn’t completely resting on the other girl; she was only half kneeling between her lover’s open legs when she spied a half-empty glass of champagne resting on the cup holder.

She took a hold of the glass and licked her lips looking at Willow who was almost lying underneath her. “You look hot and thirsty. Do you want a drink?” The blonde asked.

Willow’s blood was boiling. Tara was taking a long, slow sip of the bubbly liquid into her mouth, teasing and inviting her to say ‘yes’. She assented with her head feeling her mouth go suddenly very dry.

Tara took another long sip and leaned down to meet Willow’s awaiting mouth. The blonde passed on the cool liquid and the redhead drank greedily. A few drops of the champagne had escaped both their mouths and were making their way down Willow’s throat. When they parted Tara licked the errant droplets from her lover’s smooth neck, eliciting a groan of pure delight from the redhead. “Oh, yes…”

This gave Tara a delightful idea. She took the remaining champagne and slowly poured it over Willow’s body, using her tongue to drink up and down from Willow’s skin. The redhead was writhing underneath her, lost in a lustful haze. The blonde emptied the few remaining droplets of sweet alcohol into her lover’s navel and dipped the tip of her tongue in and out until the tiny well had been licked clean. Willow’s hips rose in the air and Tara seized the opportunity to pull down the redhead’s lacy underwear. The blonde was continuing her trek down towards her lover’s heated center, when she felt Willow pushing at her shoulders. Tara lifted her gaze to meet her lover’s green eyes and Willow spoke breathlessly, “No…”

“No?” Tara asked confused, stopping just inches from her goal.

“ I need to feel you too. Please?” The redhead pleaded in a husky-breathy voice.

Tara didn’t need much convincing. She grinned and shed her clothing quickly.

They kissed caressing each other’s bare flesh. Their hands roamed freely everywhere over the other’s body. “Mhhm… baby I want to taste you so badly.” Tara whispered in Willow’s ear, sending jolts of pleasure down the redhead’s spine.

“Oh God Tara I want you…” Willow nearly moaned out.

They positioned themselves in a sixty-nine and began feasting on the other at the same time.

They alternated long, languid licks with strong, velvety strokes. They rode in and out of each other at different speeds, taking pleasure of every delicious second. They were lost in each other and neither wanted to find a way out. They began suckling each other’s clit at the same time making their hips buck in unison. They were close- deliciously close; they felt whole as their walls contracted together making their insides flood with bitter-sweet honey. They rose and fell together as a myriad of colors exploded behind their closed lids. They crashed into one another feeling loved and satiated. Tara turned herself around after a few moments and they shared a strong embrace, basking in the after glow of their lovemaking.

Eventually they dressed, satisfied grins plastered on both their faces. They looked at each other, then at the tinted window that separated them from the driver and back at each other again.

They giggled like schoolgirls and shrugged their shoulders in unison.

“I guess he got and earful.” Willow commented, tilting her head towards the tinted glass.

Tara looked towards the same direction, running her fingers through her hair. “I’m sure it’s nothing that he hasn’t heard before. I mean you know…this limo is very…I just don’t think we’re the first.”

“O.k, first, good point and one very hypocritical ‘yuck’ I hope these seats have been sanitized for our protection and second, surely it must be the first he’s heard of some of the Deities you were invoking.” Willow said, nudging Tara playfully.

Tara raised her hand and placed it on Willow’s shoulder, looking very serious she replied, “Well what can I say? What you do to me is akin to a religious experience.”

Willow puffed out her chest proudly, “Yeah? Well thanks. Of course you make it easy, cause you’re like a Goddess.”

Tara laughed. “Sweet talker.”

“ Apple pie.” Willow replied.



It was well after midnight that we stopped ‘riding’ around in the stretch limo that Willow had rented.

I soon found out that the evening was far from over. Willow had also booked us a room at the ‘Sunnydale Plaza’ that’s my girl, she never does anything half way.

As soon as we walked in through the door, she proceeded to show me that she had not been completely satisfied yet. She’s the kind of girl that gives redheads a good name.

She pushed me up against the wall and kissed me feverishly, roaming her hands up and down my body. Making us both dizzy with need. We made it to the bed half-walking, half-stumbling. She put two of her hands to my face and looked at me with love and desire, making me tremble from the inside out.

She stroked my breasts, my belly and my thighs. My dress was being pulled over my head for the second time that evening. Her hands found my nipples as she bent to kiss my mouth ever so deeply. Her breath tasted of champagne and sweet indescribable fruits.

My insides were turning into liquid beneath her touch, a white-hot fire that only she could satisfy. I was naked, body and soul. A Goddess’s hands were tracing the lines of my body, recreating me with every caress.

She pulled back and undressed before my needy eyes. Her body, so delicate and beautiful made my blood race hot and every one of my senses came alive. I was sprawled on my back, looking up at her hovering above me, spreading my legs apart with one of her knees. Reaching up I stroked her pert breasts; half sitting I ran my tongue from the valley in between her twin peaks up to her gracious neck. One of her hands was working my nipples, tweaking them until I squirmed, half from pain, half from pleasure. Her other hand was making its way slowly down my body.

She gently ushered me down to the bed the soft silken sheets sliding heavenly on my bare back. Then I felt her slick fingers pushing into me. I wrapped my legs around her waist. Feeling her fingers buried inside I moaned out her name. I felt filled and complete. I was being filled, with love and overwhelming pleasure. A jolt of electric energy shot up my spine with every move she made. I stared into my lover’s lust filled eyes and I felt stars exploding inside my brain.

I tried to say, “I’m yours.” But it came out as long drawn out moan of desire. Although I knew that somehow she had understood because her features softened and she mouthed a silent “I love you.” She kept up the maddening rhythm of her strokes; I felt my body start to shake under her touch. With spasms that rocked my body to the core, I came, came hard. I was shivering with her fingers still nestled deep within me and for the second time that night I wept with happiness.



It was well after midnight and she was crying happy tears that made my heart want to break free from my chest. I took my fingers from her center and tasted her wetness. It’s a taste that I will never grow tired of; it’s like tasting the sea and the moon when they meet for a kiss at dusk.

She’s lying there, still breathing heavily, and still whispering my name. Have I said just how sexy she is? Her skin is smooth and tinted pink. My movements inside her caused that red flush to cover her creamy body. I still want her so much. No matter how much I take from her body I always want more. My need hasn’t been fulfilled yet. I think she knows this.

She pulls me down for a wet, hungry kiss. I’m glad to see that she still needs me too. I feel my desire rising as her tongue dances gracefully inside my mouth. Our bodies meet and her breasts brush up against mine, making my nipples ache with want. I feel a hot, sticky wetness slowly running down my inner thighs. She always has that effect on me; sometimes she doesn’t even have to touch me to get my juices flowing. But she is touching me now, I feel her everywhere. She brings her leg up and I accept the invitation. I rub myself slowly up and down her creamy thigh. I groan into her mouth and her eyes flutter closed “you’re so wet.” She whispers hoarsely, biting her lower lip as she takes me by the waist and helps me ride her leg with added force.

I’m so hot I think I could actually self-combust at any moment. Quickly I get to a point where I think I’m coming, but just then she stops our rocking motions. She sits up and kisses me, then makes her way close to my ear where she whispers, “I want to taste you again. I can’t get enough of you.”

I feel like I might explode just from the sound of her voice, just from the power of her words.

I feel shock waves of pleasure traveling all over my body. I nod deftly and let her guide me through the rest of this dance. We get into one of our favorite positions again and my mouth waters with anticipation. I feel her parting my outer lips with her fingers as she starts to slowly lick up and down the edge of my folds. My hips rise off the bed and she plants her hands firmly on my thighs to steady me. I gasp in pleasure before I begin to mirror her actions and finally bring my awaiting mouth to her honey-salted center. She’s sucking slowly and methodically, taking her time, teasing me with her tongue. I spread her thighs further and hold on to her writhing hips. Her sucking is filling every pore in my body with electric ripples. Her arms twist around my legs. The pressure is mounting inside me. I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. She tastes so good; everything we’re doing feels so damn good.

She’s driving me insane with her languid licks and soft suckling, with the way her juices flow so freely and with how she moves to and fro, riding my mouth. I know she must be as close as I am. I increase the speed of my tongue inside her. I want her to flood me with her milky essence. She digs her nails into my buttocks and bucks hard three or four times into my face. I readily drink everything she has to offer. Even in the throes of her orgasm she doesn’t stop her motions inside me. I’m so near, I can practically feel myself falling over the edge. I push her head down. I moan “oh yeah. That’s it.” and she sucks harder. I want her to orgasm again before I come. I run my hands over her smooth legs and she squeezes them around my ears. As she starts bucking and writhing again I go over the edge with her, arching my back and clutching at the sheets below me. We come together shuddering and shaking uncontrollably. We clutch at each other’s lower limbs, trying to calm our breathing. My heart is soaring and I squeeze her hips against my chest. “I love you” I say kissing her knees. “I know.” She says sighing lightly, before adding, “I love you too.” I smile with the knowledge that my future is this woman who has a stronghold over my body and my soul.



Part 20

THE WEDDING DAY (Heaven’s bells if you ask me. But that doesn’t sound right, does it?)

Buffy threw her hands up in the air in exasperation “Will, stop fidgeting! How can I get the zipper up if you keep moving like that?”

“Slayer reflexes?” Willow quipped while nearly jumping up and down on the balls of her feet.

Buffy did not seem amused and was about to zing Willow with a colorful comment, when she got an idea that could either get the girl to stand still or even more excited. She decided it was worth taking the 50/50 odds “Just stand still for few seconds and save the squirming for the honeymoon…”

Buffy made sure she drew out that last word in a sugary sweet manner and waited to see the effect.

Willow’s eyes glazed over as she heard the word ‘honeymoon’ her brain immediately got busy exploring the possibilities, her body went limp and a goofy grin covered her face.

Buffy smiled triumphantly “Yes! Finally. You’re done. Now turn around so I get a good look at you, without the bouncy- trampoline effect.”

Willow turned and looked expectantly at Buffy, who was getting teary eyed. “What is it? No good?” the redhead asked nervously.

Buffy closed the distance between them and hugged her best friend tightly. “Oh my God! Willow you look beautiful.”

Willow still looked worried “Really?”

Buffy nodded and wiped away the errant tears “Let me put it this way…is it too late for me to convert?”

Willow laughed and put her hand on Buffy’s shoulder “It’s never too late my friend, but alas I am taken.”

Buffy crossed her arms over her chest and pulled a mock pout “Shoot! All the good ones are taken. Though I hear that there’s this cute blonde chick in the next room…”

Willow playfully shook her fist in the air “ Don’t even think about it that one’s good and taken too.”

Meanwhile in the other room…

Tara grabbed on to the back of a chair for support, looking somewhat pale. “I feel dizzy. Is that normal? You know for the floor to seem so far away…”

Anya looked calmly back at Tara through the mirror “It is when you’re not breathing. Breathing is an important and necessary process. Remember? You’ve been holding your breath since I started fixing your hair.

“The not breathing and standing still was helping me not feel the butterflies flying around in my stomach. Now I’m breathing, but the room is spinning.” The blonde clutched at her stomach and let out a tiny whimper.

Anya placed both of her hands on Tara’s shoulders and smiled “ If you’re nervous they say it helps to imagine people in their under wear. I guess it’s because if you get all hot and bothered thinking about naked people the horniness naturally overrides the nervous feelings.”

“ Oh Anya, I really don’t think that that’s why they say that.” Tara said chuckling a bit at Anya’s ideas.

Anya raised her eyebrows in a challenging manner “Oh, yeah? Just think for a second about Willow in her underwear.”

And with that Tara’s eyes glazed over and her body went limp.

“ See? I knew I was right.” Anya smiled smugly and got busy finishing Tara’s hair.

They had a moonlight ceremony on the beach, both dressed in beautiful white cotton dresses and crowns of wild flowers adorned their heads. The torches made the fire reflected on their happy faces look like sunbeams at night. They had said yes forever and to each other in a promise that neither would ever break.

Anya had cried and had spent the entire ceremony nudging Xander and a better part of the reception dropping him other not so subtle hints. Xander in turn had squirmed much and avoided any sort of a serious conversation.

Buffy had cried and had spent the evening avoiding Spike.

Dawn had cried at the ceremony and had danced the night away at the reception with not one, but two cute boys, nephews to two girls from Wicca group that had remained Tara’s friends.

Giles had valiantly fought back the tears; instead he had wiped his glasses all through the ceremony and sniffled quietly. Not crying had been a difficult task, especially when they pronounced their vows.

Willow looked at Tara like she was the only thing that existed at that moment, in the whole world.

She took the blonde’s hand into her own and gazed into the heavenly, sky- blue eyes of her love.

“Tara I have been less than a perfect person in this world. I was even lost in darkness for a while, but you stood strong and by leaving you helped me to find the light. You always find me and in your embrace I find life. It’s with you that I understood the strength that can be found in love. The magic that I need is you. Be with me forever, because my life is not whole without you by my side.”

Tara’s eyes moistened and she took in a breath of air in one gulp to stop the tears that were threatening to spill forth. Willow’s words had touched her deeply, but it was her turn to express in front of all their friends and the Goddess just what their love meant. She didn’t want to sob out her feelings to Willow, she wanted every word to be perfect, so her love would understand.

“I lived my life in shadow, until I was found by your light. In our first embrace I felt the abundance that love can bring. You are the beginning and the end of all things in my world. It was you who taught me how to stand strong amongst the tempest. It is you that I turn to when It’s beauty that I seek. The magic that I need is you. Be with me forever because the stars, like my life lose their meaning with out you by my side.”

They both smiled, their hearts bursting. The Priestess bound their hands together with a gold and silver cord as they both chanted “Hands and eyes of Goddess guide us on the eternal path, on the wheel of life and death into oneness.”

“ By the Great Mother your union blessed it be.” The Priestess said making it official. Applause and tears erupted all through out the beach as the newlyweds kissed passionately.

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PART 21 The Honeymoon (just trying to establish my smutten street-cred.)

WARNING: there Is usage of toys in this scene >ah, well one toy anyway<. If you find that offensive or it’s not your thing, you might want to skip to part 22.

Willow lay on the double bed amongst red silken sheets, waiting for her ‘wife’ to emerge from the bathroom. The redhead was wearing one her wedding presents from Buffy. It was a hot-pink, low cut satin nightgown that barely made it down to mid-thigh. Willow was feeling really nervous, although for the life of her she couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t like it was their first time; maybe it was because it was their first time as a married couple, Willow mused. She rehearsed several sexy, yet casual and totally ‘unprepared’ poses for her wife to find her in. She propped her self up on one elbow, exposing more skin from her legs by tugging up the night slip a few inches.

Tara came out from the bathroom looking absolutely stunning. She was also wearing a wedding present from one of their friends. It was a black baby doll, lacy number that was practically see-through. The sight made Willow’s heart rise to her throat.

They looked at each other with love and desire. Their hungry gazes were locked together like it was the first time they had laid eyes on each other. Tara approached the bed in a slow predatory manner.

“Very nice.” the blonde purred out as she ran one of her hands over the smooth material covering Willow’s body.

The redhead arched her back and let out a soft moan. Already getting excited just from the slight touches. “ You’re not so bad yourself.” She quipped, looking at the blonde through misty green eyes. “Ta-ra…” she whispered out hoarsely.

Tara batted her lashes and lowered her gaze, devouring Willow with her eyes. “Will-ow” she said sighing softly. The blonde knelt on the bed, never taking her eyes off the redhead, looking up and down her form with unveiled lust.

Willow felt a warm flush spreading through out her body as her wife’s eyes roamed freely over her skin. She shivered with anticipation, acknowledging that Tara was indeed in “one of those moods”.

One of those “I’m in charge and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy it” moods.

(hey who am I to complain?) The redhead thought merrily as her body began to feel electrified by the light caresses and the hungry looks being sent her way. She remained almost still, afraid of breaking the mood. She would let Tara take the lead for the time being; after all it was only the beginning of a long and delicious honeymoon night.

Tara ran her index finger slowly up and down Willow’s arm, watching in fascination as the redhead’s skin rippled in response. “You know I have a special wedding present for you,” she said slowly in a very seductive voice.

Willow took Tara’s finger and sucked on it lightly before asking, “does it involve you getting naked?”

Tara took her finger from Willow’s grip before the redhead could claim it again. The blonde needed her concentration to be intact. She took the finger into her own mouth to moisten it again and began to trace little circles on the redhead’s collarbone and neck. “Yes” she answered with a smirk.

“Then I’m all for it.” Willow answered throwing her head back and closing her eyes when she felt Tara’s fingertips tracing lazy lines across her breasts.

“Look at me.” Tara requested softly.

Willow opened her eyes to find twin pools of blue oceans staring at her with love and evident need.

The vision made her heart pound even harder against her chest.

“Are you mine?” Tara asked.

“All yours” the redhead answered from the very depths of her soul.

“ Good then you won’t mind if I just take what’s mine.” Tara replied in a calm and even tone. She took off Willow’s nightgown with ease and led her gently down into the bed. The blonde straddled Willow’s naked waist and dipped her head down to claim the lips that she always hungered for.

Their lips and tongues came together heatedly. They sucked and nipped, drinking each other in greedily. Their hands roamed and caressed as their mouths searched and found each other again and again.

Willow loved it when Tara was like this. No one could guess just from looking at the shy Wiccan girl, what lay underneath that insecure exterior. When they were alone she became powerful-sensual woman, a woman capable of giving and receiving incredible amounts of pleasure. The redhead felt thrilled and proud of the fact that this was aside of Tara that only she got to see and experience. Their lovemaking tonight was surely going to be something to remember. Willow’s body was responding to that little piece of knowledge with fervor.

Tara could actually feel the beating of her wife’s heart as the redhead’s need pulsed against her.

The blonde could feel Willow’s center pulsing against her thigh, it felt hot and wet and oh so ready.

They continued kissing for endless moments, pushing against each other panting and groaning.

Taking their bodies to the limits of endurance, prolonging each luscious second of pleasure.

Tara broke the kissing session reached out with her right hand for the drawer on the nightstand. Willow’s eyes opened wide with surprise and excitement as Tara silently showed her the mystery present.

They had used toys before, but on counted occasions and they had never used one like this before.

It had been a secret fantasy of Willow’s to use one just like it, but she had been reluctant to voice it, afraid of being misunderstood or of hurting Tara’s feelings. She hadn’t quite known how to ask for what she wanted. Now she didn’t have to.

Tara held the harness in one hand, dangling it in front of Willow with an amused look on her face. “See something you like.” She asked in a teasing tone.

Willow could only nod her response. Smacking her lips in anticipation, her eyes glazing over with lust.

Tara had an absolutely feral look about her and Willow was mesmerized by it beyond reason.

“Help me put it on.” The blonde requested in a smoky tone.

Willow hurriedly complied, undressing Tara and strapping the toy on, with anticipatory glee.

They resumed their kissing session, quickly regaining the passion and heat that made their bodies shiver. They kissed deeply and thoroughly. Willow moaned into Tara’s mouth as Tara ran her hands over the redhead’s chest, kneading the breasts and teasing the nipples into hard peaks with the tips of her fingers. Willow jumped beneath Tara’s touch, dragging out another long moan of pleasure.

“Did you like that?” The blonde cooed, “then you’ll this even better” she tipped her head down, taking one of the hardened nipples into her mouth and sucking on it. While she used her finger tips to pinch the other nipple lightly. Willow’s body jerked up again, her breath becoming shallower, her skin turning a bright shade of pink. Tara continued lavishing her attention on Willow’s breasts, cupping one in her hand as she bit lightly on the other. Willow moaned, her sounds of pleasure coming out as muffled sobs. The redhead’s insides jumped and contracted as she realized just how in control Tara was of her body. She felt herself getting impossibly wet, rendering her self control willingly to her wife’s movements and desires. Tara made her way down Willow’s body biting and sucking every piece of available skin at a maddeningly slow pace. The redhead’s body squirmed involuntarily, she thrashed her head from side to side as she pleaded with Tara for fulfillment “Ta-ra, oh Ta-ra…” was all she could get out in strangled whispers.

Tara seemed impassive to Willow’s pleading as she continued to take her sweet time. “You smell so good…” she said languidly, opening willow’s legs further apart. The blonde ran the tip of her index finger over the smooth lines of the redhead’s swollen labia coating her digit with the sticky juice. Tara really seemed to be in no hurry to end her lover’s agony. She stroked the outer lips lightly, before gently pushing them open and using her fingers to caress the sensitive edges of Willow’s sex. The blonde’s fingers glided easily along the slick folds, Tara teased Willow’s now very sensitive opening with just the tips of her middle and index finger. Willow breathed out “ Oh God….baby…oh…” Tara smiled seductively and kept up the pace she had set from the start, driving Willow nearly mad with need. Finally giving in to her own desires Tara inserted her fingers slowly and gently into Willow’s more than ready center.

The blonde began to rock inside and out of Willow’s sex at a steady pace, Willow moaned and bit her lower lip, clutching at the sheets below her, breathing heavily, completely lost in the moment. The warm juices flowing down Tara’s digits told her that Willow was now more than ready to receive her ‘special’ present. She positioned herself softly on top of the redhead and parting the outer lips she ran the tip of the toy up and down the slick folds. Willow gasped and sucked in a wild breath of air. “ I want you so much..” Tara said as she pressed herself down on Willow’s body entering her completely. “Oh..yes…”the redhead murmured through labored breaths. The blonde began a steady rhythm, inside and out, to and fro, Willow matching every move, getting closer and closer to the desired climax.

Tara’s eyes were wide open and focused on Willow’s face, she loved looking at her lover when they were reaching the pinnacle of passion. The redhead’s skin was flushed and sweaty, her breathing was hard and shallow making her chest rise and fall rapidly, her lips were slightly parted and soft moaning sounds escaped her luscious mouth. Everything about this moment was sexy and erotic, everything flamed their desire higher. Every touch, smell, taste and sound made them both fall for each other even harder. The salty taste of their skin, the sweet and sour juices flowing feely out of both their bodies, the squeaking of the bed, it all served the same purpose: completion.

They were now both soaked in sweat, every muscle flexing and straining. Willow threw her back and wrapped her legs around her wife’s waist a mist the sexual power coursing through her body a thought managed to get through to her brain. It had never been like this with anyone. She loved feeling the blonde so completely inside her, no could ever be, even if they tried. Only Tara could reach her like that body and soul. Tara rocked inside her lover and thought that it couldn’t get any better than that one moment in time. She loved this feeling of being so completely inside Willow, her Willow. It was exhilarating to know that she was giving her wife this pleasure that made her call out her name over and over again. “Ta-ra…Tara...Tara...” Willow cried out repeatedly nearing her climax.

Tara quickened the pace and leaned down to claim her wife’s mouth as she strengthened her movements. Willow arched her back, clawing at Tara’s back, her body tightening from the inside before shaking uncontrollably from head to toe. Crying out her sweet release, the redhead went limp in Tara’s arms, nearly passing out from the intensity of the orgasm. Tara waited for Willow’s breathing to steady before releasing her and gently withdrawing from her body. Willow whimpered out “Don’t go…”

“ It’s o.k baby, I’m just taking this thing off.” Tara said removing the harness and placing a soft kiss on her wife’s lips.”

Willow opened her eyes and snuggled close to her baby’s arms “ That was some wedding present. Were you trying to kill me?”

Tara’s eyes shone with happiness “ I’m glad you liked it and no I wasn’t, I need you good and alive for many years to come.”

Willow smiled evilly “ ooooh you said ‘come’, I’ll have to do something about that.


After the wedding and the honeymoon the girls returned to their semi-normal lives, whatever that meant to a member of the ‘Scooby Gang’. They studied, worked, slayed and saved the world every other season. They all worked through their issues and basically grew up managing to stay close friends along the way.

They grew together through good things and bad. Tara and Willow graduated a year apart. Buffy had given up on studying and had opened her own business in the back of the Magic box instead. She was making a good living as a self-defense instructor while as always making the streets a bit safer for the common citizen.

Willow and Tara didn’t move out of the Summer’s home as immediately as they had thought when they had gotten engaged. Tara had decided to go to medical school and the hours were grueling. So Living at Buffy’s was still the best option. It was nice to have the Summer’s girls pampering her when she wasn’t studying or making rounds, not to mention getting extra attention from Willow whenever their schedules allowed it. Tara was finishing her internship when Dawn had graduated and decided to go to an out of town College. Everyone had cried and wished her luck.

The girls had bought a house close to Buffy`s place and had moved out soon after Dawn had left for school. Buffy tried to keep the water works to a minimum, even though they were only moving a few blocks away. They visited each other constantly and still saved the world nearly on a weekly basis. Tara’s medical training had figuratively saved their asses on more than one occasion and ‘actually’ that one time that Xander would most definitely like to forget. It was facing that particular Armageddon that Faith the rouge slayer had come back to Sunnydale to make peace with the Scoobies and amends for her past misdeeds. They had received her with skepticism, but in time she earned their trust and even their friendship.

All their lives seemed to be on the right track. It looked like they had beaten the odds. So Tara and Willow decided to take the next big step. Willow had long ago kicked her dark addiction and with Tara’s help she learned how to respect the craft and use magic without feeling the need to abuse it.

Their powers grew and strengthened because of their bond. When it was time, they preformed the most important ritual of all the ‘Lebiovivante’ that brought forth new life.

They were all grown up, but they all still acted like kids sometimes especially around each other. They knew better than most that time is a precious gift that shouldn’t be wasted. They loved, cried and drank up life intensely, savoring each moment as if it were their last.

Moment 1: Baby showers

Anya sat crossed legged on the couch munching impatiently on some chips, looking bored.

“Why are these parties called showers? I don’t see anyone getting wet.”

Buffy looked pensive for a moment before answering with a shrug “I don’t know. I guess it’s cause of the getting ‘showered’ with gifts part.”

“But it would be so much more fun if someone was actually getting wet. Would it be inappropriate to call a stripper?”

Buffy nearly spit out her soda “Anya for the love of all things rated pg…let me explain it to you this way #1. It’s not a bachelorette party, it’s a baby shower #2. it’s for our two very married, very lesbian friends and #3. See number 2.”

Anya waved her hand in dismissal “Oh, poo! You’re no fun. I have to get me some heterosexual female friends to go out with and holler at scantly clad men while stuffing money down their pants.

Well maybe I’ll just skip the giving away money part.”

Buffy pouted, “ Hey, I’m straight. It’s just that I’m not into sailors shaking their booties at baby showers is all.”

Anya rolled her eyes “Oh sure Buffy you’re totally straight like I’m discreet and into poverty.”

“ What, wha-t do you mean?” Buffy asked turning a little pale.

“Look Buffy I may not know everything there is to know about being human, but I do know sexual tension when I see it and I see it every time you and Faith are in the same room together.”

“ Me and Faith? I…I…ah…Faith!”

Just then the door chimes sounded and Faith came in plopping herself down on the couch with an audible thump. “Hey Anya, hey B. Though I heard my name, what’s up?”

Buffy answered quickly before Anya could say something that she’d have to kill her for. “ We weren’t talking about you we were talking about…ah…uhm…”

“ Sex…” Anya piped in

Buffy cut her off before she could continue “ Yeah…sex and…faith as in old George Michael songs…yeah that’s it.”

Faith put her feet up on the coffee table a grabbed some chips “ o.k…so where are the wicked wicca-chicas at?”

Buffy relaxed since Faith had seemed to buy her answer. “ Tara had an emergency at the hospital, she’ll be a little late and Willow went to get ice-cream cause they ran out last night or something.”

Faith smirked “I bet they ran out of cherries too.” Buffy looked confused and both Faith and Anya let out a hearty laugh. “ Honestly B…your reactions don’t speak well for your past lovers.”

Buffy turned beet red and tried covering “ Hey, I totally got it. Why would you think I didn’t?” The blonde looked everywhere except at an amused looking Faith before excusing herself a heading quickly towards the kitchen.

Later that night

Willow’s face was beaming with happiness and pride as she lovingly looked at her wife opening the presents from their friends.

Tara held up the first package “o.k this one is from Anya,” she unwrapped it and held it up for everyone to see. “ It’s umh…oh…a savings bond.” Thank you Anya.

Anya ran over to her excitedly and took the paper from the blonde’s hand. “ Not just any savings bond it’s from United Mutual, really strong market projections. By the time your little tyke is old enough to play in the stock market, this little sucker will be worth a pretty penny, well actually way more than a penny.” She stroked the bond lovingly and handed it back to Tara with a look of silent longing.

“ Thanks Anya…” Tara said again giving Willow a look so she would behave and not tease Anya about her gift.

About a half hour later Tara contemplated the array of gifts that she had collected from her friends for the baby. They were all for lack of a better word interesting as far as baby presents went.

Anya had given them a savings bond and some stock certificates, Buffy had brought a pint size punching bag, Faith had presented them with a set of tiny leather pants, one red and one black. The only gift that could be labeled as ‘normal’ came from Xander, a beautiful hand made crib for the baby and two matching rocking chairs for the mommies. (Perfect, just perfect.) Tara thought smiling fondly at the objects cluttering the bed. Her family was unique and wonderful, just like the gifts they gave.

Later still

Buffy and Willow were finishing cleaning up after everyone had left for the evening. Buffy was unusually quiet and Willow wanted to know what was troubling her friend on such a festive occasion.

“So…spill…what’s the what?” The redhead asked straight out.

“ What’s the what, of what…Will?” Buffy asked exaggerating a smile.

“ Only you know what’s what? so…” Willow pressed.

“I ah…What do you think about Faith?”

Willow bit her lip, she knew this day might come. “ Well…she seems a lot better now. You know better adjusted. It was weird and awkward for awhile and did I mention awkward,? but now she’s like one of the gang again. What do you think about Faith?” She asked cautiously.

“ I don’t know. It’s confusing sometimes. We’ve talked about stuff…you know from way back when.

She’s apologized to death about everything and so have I. Cause you know looking back on it, it could have been better, you know?”

Willow looked down at floor, guilt covering her features. “ Yeah I know. I still feel bad about having been so rough on her the first time around. After my little run on the wild side I felt that I understood her a lot better. We all have a dark side and it’s not so easy to ignore sometimes. That’s why I’m glad the council decided to give her a second chance and got her out of jail. She seems to be trying really hard to atone for everything.”

Buffy shook her head and gulped down a lump that was forming in her throat. “ Yeah, I know. Looking back I think maybe she was never really bad just lonely and very misguided. It could have been me.”

Willow shook her head “ I don’t know about that Buffy…but…anyhow that’s the past. The moment is what’s important. You’ve been spending a lot of time with her lately how’s that going?” The redhead tried to make this last question sound as casual as possible there for making it sound everything but.

Buffy sighed and slumped her head into her hands. “ Just ask Will.”

“Just ask what Buffy?” Willow squeaked out, trying to look as clueless as possible.

“ Does everyone know?” Buffy asked still hiding her face in her hands.

Willow took both of Buffy’s hands and made her look up “The question is do you?”

“ I don’t know. Before there was Angel and I was angry, confused, teenage slayer. Then there was Riley, then Spike…now there’s nobody, but I’m still confused. Sometimes when she makes me angry and she does that a lot, I just don’t know if I should hit her or kiss her senseless.

Willow raised here arms “ Well then there you go…if you don’t know whether to hit her or KISS her, doesn’t that tell you something?”

“ I have a screwed up sense of romance.” Buffy quipped.

“ Buffy, avoidance much?” Willow admonished.

“O.k. I get it. If I find myself wondering whether or not to press my lips against the lips of my female ‘friend’ then there’s only one thing left for me to say, I think I’m kinda gay.”


Willow gasped and pointed, “Honey look. That is so adorable…”

Tara nearly laughed out loud and gasped “Uhm…sweetie…our baby won’t even know what that’s for, for years to come.”

“ But it’s so cute and purple.” Willow said with a pout.

Tara put her hand on Willow’s shoulder and squeezed it in a comforting manner “Honey it’s a lap-top. Yes, granted purple is a cute color, but could you please think in terms of fuzzy and cuddly instead of ramsy and gigabitey?”

“Gigabites are cute when you think about it.” Willow responded putting the laptop back still pouting.

“You’re cute when I think about it.” Tara said leaning in to kiss Willow on the tip of the nose.

“You have to think about it now?” Willow asked raising her eyebrows.

Tara smiled as she went through a stuffed toys bin “Seriously honey, lap-tops, savings bonds, punching bags, tool-belts…am I the only one who’s thinking teddy bears and cuddly bunnies for our child?”

“No bunnies we promised Anya.” Willow said smiling, while secretly considering buying the giant Bugs Bunny doll in the window display.

Tara picked up a stuffed toy “ No bunnies, check. How about this? It’s out of style but kind of cute.”

Willow nearly shrieked as she grabbed the toy and flung it through the air. “No! No child of mine will know that instrument of evil.”

Tara looked perplexed, “ Barney the dinosaur is evil?”

Willow shook her head up and down vigorously “ It’s soooo obvious…those moronic songs that turn children into annoying drones can only have that one logical explanation.”

“O.k I only got it cause you seemed to like purple.” Tara said shrugging her shoulders. “ So no bunnies, no barney, anything else here in the toy section I should consider evil?

Willow nodded vigorously “ Yes. Tele-tubbies, no tele-tubbies, please.”

Tara nearly laughed at her wife’s terrified expression. “ Baby they’re not even around any more.”

Willow shuddered. “ You never know…true evil always resurfaces. Remember there’s always syndication.”


“Why are you frowning?” Willow asked her wife with a worried expression.

“Look at that sign. 50% off all swimsuits and I can’t take advantage of it cause I look like a whale.”

Willow smiled “is that all silly? You don’t look like a whale, you look beautiful.”

Tara hung her head down and patted her belly “Liar, if I went to the beach and went in the ocean people would probably yell ‘free willy-free willy!”

“See that’s where I think you’re wrong. They’d take one look at hotness of you and yell ‘hey want a free willy? Hubba-hubba” The redhead said kissing her wife’s brow affectionately.

Tara gave Willow a playful shove “ They would not.”

“ I repeat: you are beautiful.”

Tara pouted “I’m fat”

“ You’re pregnant, it’s different. You’re glowing.”

“ it’s the sudden hot flashes.” The blonde answered.

“You’re curvier than ever.” Willow insisted and punctuated her statement by raking her eyes over the blonde’s boby.

“ Barrels have plenty of curves too.” Tara countered.

Willow rolled her eyes “ Baby stop that now. You’re the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen in my life, no more arguments.” She punctuated her statement with a light kiss and a pinch to the nose. “What’s with all the sudden insecurity?”

Tara looked away, her bottom lip trembling slightly. “ You haven’t…we haven’t…for almost a month…I mean…”

“Awww…honey. You think I don’t want you? Goddess that’s like the silliest thing I’ve ever heard” Willow looked down at the floor and continued“ If anything…I thought you didn’t…cause…well remember, you were sort of getting sick every time we started to…I mean I thought it was like your sudden distaste for chicken. I didn’t want to make you queasy.”

Tara went from waning to cry to laughing whole-heartedly at her wife’s statement. “ Ha-ha-ha…you thought ha-ha-ha…distaste for chicken?”

Willow shrugged and also let out a little chuckle. “ Hey, it didn’t sound so silly in my head. I have to confess that I’ve read everything I could get my hands on, but there are still some things about pregnancy that no book can explain to me and sometimes I just don’t know how to act. Forgive me for being clueless?”

Tara held Willow’s hand tightly. “ Only if you do something to remedy the situation immediately.”

Willow raised her eyebrows “ Does that mean that you’re in the mood for chicken?”

“ Baby, suddenly there’s nothing I’d rather eat.” Tara answered with a sexy grin.


A sleepy looking redhead walked slightly zombiefied through the well-lit aisles of the 24 hr mini-mart. Mostly muttering to herself “let’s see what was it chocolate >check< pickles >check< milk >check< Yuck! I don’t get it, I just don’t.”

The store clerk looked on amused as he rang up the items “ Pickles, marshmallows, milk and chocolate? Let me guess, twisted midnight craving of a pregnant sister.”

Willow stifled a yawn and gave the clerk a little smile “Wife actually.”

“Well congratulations and my condolences to you. I just had my first with the misses a couple of months ago and my scars are still fresh.” He said extending his hand and giving Willow’s a hearty shake.

The redhead rubbed her eyes and yawned again “ Sorry about that. So scars? I doubt that yours made you go out at two in the morning for pickles and chocolate.”

The clerk smiled and gave his baseball cap a little tug “Nope, more like ice cream and anchovies.”

Willow stuck out her tongue in sign of distaste “ Agh! No wonder they get queasy in the morning. That reminds me…salt crackers.”

When Willow came back the clerk bagged her saltines without ringing them up. “ These are on the house. Don’t worry, you’ll laugh about it all…” he paused and made a pained face “Eventually. Is yours all emotional yet?”

Despite her tiredness Willow was glad that she could talk about these things with someone who had gone through it, so she continued the friendly chat. “ Yesterday she cried watching a long distance commercial, laughed hysterically over spilt milk and worried obsessively about whether she was going to make good mother or not after watching one of those after school specials.”

The clerk shook his head and chuckled. “Woo-boy do I remember those. For awhile I was afraid of walking through the front door without a police escort, all cause she watched this special about a guy who abandoned his wife and kids. I come home from work and find her crying, then she goes off thumping on the chest, like I was the one doin’ the leaving.”

Willow chuckled imagining the scene “ I think I’m going to restrict her t.v watching to the discovery channel.” She paid her groceries and got ready to exit the store; a cranky, hungry Tara was not something she wanted to face.

The clerk gave Willow her change and smiled thinking that it was really nice and refreshing to find someone willing to talk to him for a little while. “ Good luck and one last tip : wear long sleeves at the hospital.”

Willow turned back and waved. “ Thanks I’ll keep that in mind.”


Willow opened the bedroom door slowly “Honey…” she said softly, there was no response. ‘She’s out like a light. I knew it I took too long. Well it’s probably for the best, now she won’t get an upset tummy.’ The redhead thought as she undressed and got into bed as quietly as she could.

Willow pulled back the covers and slipped into bed without disturbing her wife’s sleep.

The redhead took a moment to really look at her slumbering love, moonlight was filtering through the shades and a shiny, silver beam was framing Tara’s face. Willow held her breath as her heart swelled with love for the blonde Wiccan.

The redhead stared enraptured by the vision that was Tara. She looked young and innocent, beautiful and new like a baby or an Angel. Willow had the overwhelming need to reach out and touch her lover’s sweet face. She extended a slightly shaky hand and stopped in mid-air, afraid that she would awaken Tara and somehow break this wonderful moment. She looked at the length of Tara’s body outlined on the sheets, soft curves and forms that fit so well with her own, the redhead thought. Willow tugged lightly on the sheet making it fall from Tara’s shoulders, exposing her flesh to the hackers unwavering stare.

Tara’s wonderful body transfixed the redhead; every inch of skin, every feature and movement was like perfect work of art. The redhead furrowed her brow, concentrating deeply as she traced and memorized the lines of Tara’s face. The blonde hairs falling softly upon the forehead, the pale eyebrows that raised into peaks, the lids that protected the most soulful blue eyes anyone could ever posses, the almost roman nose, the strong, squared jaw and finally the full fleshy lips that could give and receive so much pleasure. Willow had to take a deep breath and hold herself back from planting a kiss on the blonde’s inviting lips.

She wanted time to finish her silent exploration of Tara, she hoped that she could have forever and the thereafter for that purpose alone.’ Well maybe not that purpose alone’ she thought anew as her gaze fell towards the blonde’s chest. It was rising and falling softly, making her full breasts move lightly up and down at a steady rhythm.

Willow smiled and got naughty gleam in her eye, what had started out as a perfectly innocent look at her sleeping wife was rapidly becoming something else. She gazed at Tara’s long grace full neck and closed her eyes remembering behind closed lids how sensitive a particular spot right behind the blonde’s ear was.

The redhead sighed envisioning Tara closing her eyes and throwing her head back moaning, urging Willow on to suck and bite her right on the pulse point. Willow subconsciously bit her lower lip and opened her eyes to continue her trek down her wife’s body. Her roaming eyes couldn’t help but seek out the blonde’s creamy breasts. ‘If ever a breast gal there was’ Willow thought, smirking to herself.

The redhead sighed deeply as a delightful warmth began to spread throughout her body. The soft rise and fall of Tara’s chest was making Willow’s pupils dilate and was increasing her heartbeat to the point of also changing her breathing. The redhead licked her dry lips and rolled the tip of her tongue behind her teeth. Tara’s breasts had always been beautiful, but since her pregnancy they had become even more so. The blonde had never been lacking in size, but now, they were more than bountiful. They were creamy and full, wonderfully pliant and sensitive to every touch. Willow nearly groaned remembering how they had made love just a few hours prior.

Tara was more sensitive to the touch than ever, she had come several times, groaning out Willow’s name. The memory of it sent jolt right down to Willow’s center. She had to hold herself back from just leaning down and sucking on the blonde’s beautiful nipples.

Since she couldn’t touch the blonde and risk waking her, Willow put her own hand under her night shirt and began to softly rub circles around her breasts, she did it hoping to alleviate some of the pressure that was building inside. She pulled down the sheet that was covering Tara even further, exposing the rest of the blonde’s body. Willow smiled, looking at Tara’s rounded belly. Tara had been self conscious about it, thinking that she looked like a whale and that Willow had lost interest in her.

Willow had put those fears to rest, that very night. She had spent countless moments just caressing and kissing her wife’s stomach.

Willow stifled a little gasp, remembering Tara’s pleading and what had come after. Willow tweaked one of her own nipples with one hand and sucked the index finger of the other.

Tara had been so warm and wet, just for her. The redhead stared at the soft golden curls covering her wife’s mound and practically drooled. She couldn’t ignore the desire pulsing in between her legs anymore. She didn’t know how much longer she could control herself around the blonde. Tara just looked so delicious lying there, Willow wanted to touch the blonde and taste her until they were both spent. Raising her eyebrows and smiling saucily the redhead thought ‘Why not? I could just lay all her fears to rest. It’s for her own good.’ Willow undressed quietly and slid to the foot of the bed. She was making this a game now, she wanted to see how far she could go without awakening Tara. The redhead began kissing the tips of Tara’s toes. The blonde wiggled them lightly and let out a little giggle in her sleep. Willow looked up and saw that her wife was still slumbering, so she continued kissing up her calves up to the knees. There she lightly lifted Tara’s leg and licked behind her right knee. Tara sighed and stirred, but still didn’t awaken.

Willow smiled and began to kiss around the blonde’s pussy, letting her tongue sneak out to lick at the sleeping girls inner thighs. Dreams began to meld with reality as Tara began to have a wonderfully erotic dream starring her and Willow. The blonde moaned in her sleep, Willow knew that her lover was close to waking. She parted the blonde’s outer lips and began a slow and languid licking motion inside her pussy. Tara was getting increasingly wet in her dreams and in real life. The pleasure Willow giving her was slowly but surely pulling her out her slumber. Willow made her strokes stronger, the blonde moaned and slowly opened her lids. She wasn’t sure if she was awake or asleep, all she knew was the pressure that was building inside and needed release. Willow’s tongue swam and danced inside the blonde’s heated center, she loved the taste of Tara, she couldn’t get enough of it. Tara pushed Willow’s head down and moaned out her name. The redhead sucked in Tara’s clit and used one of her hands to touch herself while loving Tara. The blonde rode her wife’s mouth and they both rocked to and fro in a powerful and sensual dance. Tara spread her legs even further and dug her heels into the mattress, arching her back her body spasmed. Willow came up to claim her lover’s mouth in a passionate kiss, when they broke apart both were smiling from ear to ear.

Tara smirked and let out a breath. “ Wow! That was some wake up call. The last thing I remember is you going out to get my pickles.”

Willow propped herself on one elbow and traced little circles on Tara’s belly with her other hand. “ Yeah…well…suddenly I was the one with all the cravings.”

“I see and have all these cravings been satisfied? Cause there’s nothing worse than having an unfulfilled craving.” before Willow could answer Tara used her fingers to rub up and down Willow’s pussy, seeking entry she cooed “My-my you’re all wet…I think I know what you’re still hungry for.”

Willow groaned and arched her back clutching at the sheets “ Goddess…this beats ice-cream and anchovies…”


A couple of months after that night baby Isabel Rosenberg-Maclay greeted the world for the first time. She was a big baby, with auburn tresses and baby-blue eyes. She was also the pride and joy of the Scooby family.

The labor hadn’t had any complications, but neither Tara nor Willow could say that it had been a piece of cake either. It seemed that baby Isabel had inherited one of her mother’s eager temperament and Tara had broken her water nearly a whole week early. She had called for Willow with a loud shriek from the kitchen and the redhead had run in slipping on the gooey liquid. In a state of near panic Willow had skated from side to side, clutching at the kitchen counter attempting to get up so she could tend to her wife. When she had finally gotten herself out that jam, she had hurriedly run all over the house grabbing all the necessary things for the hospital. The redhead grabbed the cell phone, the diaper bag and Tara’s suitcase, but neglected to grab Tara and she nearly drove off to the hospital without her.

On the way to the hospital a traffic jam was causing Willow to have an anxiety attack and she envisioned her baby having to be borne on the back seat. Fortunately the redhead had managed to flag down a traffic cop who escorted them to the Hospital after finally figuring out what the babbling and seemingly mad redheaded woman was talking about.

Once they made it to the e.r and to the maternity wing there was the question of aiding or not aiding the birth with drugs. When the two women had discussed it they had both agreed that there was to be absolutely no drugs involved. But when the contractions and severe pain increased Tara had a change of heart, Willow gently reminded her of their decision and soon found out why the clerk at the quikie-mart had suggested that she wear long sleeves at the hospital.


“ So she just bolted?” Willow asked putting her baby daughter down on the changing table.

“Yeah…” Buffy answered dejectedly “ I was feeling all after slayerly and brave, we were on the ground after that vamp knocked us off our feet, before he went a- blowi’n in the wind. We were so close it seemed like a good idea, I leaned in to kiss her and…eeewwww!”

Willow looked up perplexed “ eeewww? Did you say that out loud? Cause that could have been the reason she bolted.”

Buffy shook her head and pinched the bridge of her nose “ No, not that…eeewww on the smelly smell coming from your daughter. What on earth are you feeding that kid? This is one of the times I curse my slayer senses.”

Willow folded the diaper and looked at Buffy with a wicked gleam in her eye “You mean this is disturbing you?” the redhead dangled the offending garment in the air. “You know this is perfectly natural.” She got closer to Buffy as Buffy widened her eyes and backed away. “ What big strong Slayer afraid of itty-bitty baby poop?” She asked in a mock baby tone.

Buffy inched away nervously “ Willow you wouldn’t…oh crap, you would!”

With that Buffy began to run in circles around the room with a grinning Willow chasing her with a dirty diaper in hand.


“ Oh Buuufy…the yellow and green poopy demon is gonna get you.”

While this was going on baby Isabel flayed her arms in the air and made gurgling sounds, that could be mistaken for laughter, one could think that she was going: “Go mom get her for calling me smelly.”

Tara walked trough the nursery door “ Will is the baby…What the?” she crossed her arms across her chest and called order to the room. “ Willow, Buffy stop it right now!”

Both girls stopped dead in their tracks. Buffy breathed out a sigh of relief as Willow put the diaper behind her back and quickly rethought her actions, throwing it swiftly in the garbage pail. The redhead shrugged her shoulders, trying her best to look contrite.

Tara wasn’t really buying the act. “ Willow how could you leave the baby alone on the changing table? It’s dangerous she could have rolled off.” She said with a slightly annoyed tone, picking the baby’s legs up to finish what her other mommy had left undone.

Willow pouted and looked guiltily down to the floor “ But she’s too tiny to roll, I don’t even think she can rock.”

Tara looked up and shook her head ‘ Two babies, I have two babies’ she thought as she looked at the redhead’s pouty face. “ Oh Willow…just be a bit more careful o.k?” the blonde softened her tone and smiled at her lover. She knew she could be a little harsh lately, her hormones were raging on the one hand and on other she was on ‘over-protective, new mommy’ mode.

Willow nodded her head “ Sorry baby.” She said in a contrite tone going over to the table and placing a soft kiss on both of her girl’s foreheads.

Buffy in the mean time was trying to hide her glee at seeing Willow being reprimanded for her actions. She just couldn’t resist poking a little fun at her friend so she quickly coughed up the phrase “ Kitty…whipped.”

Willow narrowed her eyes and Tara just faintly smiled. “ And you…don’t think you’re getting off that easily. I sent you up here to keep an eye on her.” She said coking her head in Willow’s general direction.”

It was Buffy’s turn to look guiltily to the ground “ But…she started it…I…” she tried to excuse herself. And it was Willow’s turn to look gleeful as she stuck out her tongue at Buffy, without Tara’s knowledge.

Tara promptly cut her off “ No buts…you two…since you couldn’t manage changing duty, you now get kitchen duty. So march.”

Both girls harrumphed and scruffed their feet on the floor all the way to the kitchen. Tara nearly laughed at their forlorn faces, she half expected them to kick their feet like five year olds. Tara cooed in her baby’s ear “You seem to be the only mature one around here darling.”

“Gurgle” Isabel solemnly agreed.

Once they were resigned to their duties and settled the argument of who got to clean and who got to dry, they almost looked like grown ups, almost. Until Buffy decided to ‘accidentally’ splash Willow on the face and then Willow accidentally slapped Buffy on the butt with the wet dish towel.

Tara once again had to step in and stop them before they made a mess. This time she did it a bit more diplomatically.

“ So Buffy…where’s Faith?”

The blonde slayer’s demeanor changed immediately and she hung her head low “ I don’t know.”

Tara saw the change in Buffy and felt badly about asking. It wasn’t the reaction she was looking for.

Obviously something had happened, usually Buffy would just get red around the ears and turn real quiet when asked about the other girl, but this was a different kind of quiet. “ Buffy what happened? I mean do you want to talk about it?” The blonde wiccan asked gently.

“ I was sort of in the process of telling Will when we got pulled into the hi-jinx of a poopy chase.”

Willow looked distressed for her friend “ Oh Buffy I’m sorry. I’m a bad friend, I should’ve listened enough to know that you were trying to say something important. I shouldn’t have started up with the diaper…I-ah…”

Buffy held up her hand to stop her friend from going on “ No it’s o.k, I got a good laugh out of it. Believe me it’s what I needed. I’ve been thinking and thinking about it, I needed a break.”

Willow put down the washcloth and hugged her friend tightly.

Tara waited silently and when they broke apart she went to the slayer’s side also, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. “ Come on sit down, I have cake and ice-cream in the fridge. You can tell us all about it.”

“Gah-buurrrp.” Isabel contributed, close to Buffy’s face.



“So that was pretty much it.” Buffy said with sadness in her voice, pushing away the uneaten ‘comfort’ piece of chocolate cake. “ I guess that answers that question.”

Tara shook her head in tune with Willow’s and spoke up “ Nuh-uh, No way. You’d have to be blind not to see how Faith looks at you. There has to be an explanation.”

“Yeah, I think you two need to talk. Like really talking not just grunt, punching at each other and saying wicked a lot.” Willow interjected.

“Look her reaction spoke pretty loud and clear. It’s over, I’ll deal.”

Willow furrowed her brow and held one Of Buffy’s hands in her own. “ Listen it can’t be over if it’s never begun. Don’t run away from your feelings Buffy, it could be the biggest mistake you’ll ever make.”

Just then the back door swung open and Faith appeared “ Listen to Red, she gives good advice.”

The three girls turned their gaze to the brunette Slayer who was clutching the doorknob and looking very uncomfortable under their curious looks.

Tara gently nudged Willow as she spoke “ Hi Faith. So Willow let’s go put Isabel down for a nap.”

“Nap right. Babies need their privacy…erm…I mean sleep-sleep. That’s right, you know I don’t know why people say ‘hey I slept like a baby’ cause that just means that would you wake up every three hours, crying and with pee or poop in your…”

“ Honey A.B.S…” Tara gently said making ‘let’s go’ eyes at the babbling redhead.”

“ Right…sorry.” Willow meekly said before quickly exiting the kitchen.

Buffy lifted herself from the stool and stood facing Faith, with her arms folded across her chest, her heart rising to her throat. “ So…” she managed to croak out.

“ So…” The brunette started not sure as to how to continue. “ Listen B…I...ah...”

Buffy was having a hard time making eye contact with the other Slayer and she swallowed hard before quickly interrupting the other girl’s nervous stammer. “ Faith I’m sorry.”

The dark slayer looked puzzled “ Uh? You’re sorry? Why are you sorry?”

Buffy looked at the ground “ For last night I shouldn’t have…”

Faith took a step closer to where Buffy was standing “ Buffy, I’m the one who’s sorry. I shouldn’t have run away. It’s just that it was so sudden and I…”

“ You didn’t want to, I get it.” The blonde said raising her hands in a defensive manner.

“Oh God Buffy no.” The brunette took yet another step towards the blonde whose gaze was still mostly fixed on the floor. Faith stretched out her hand and gently put it under Buffy’s chin, coaxing her to look up and meet her gaze. “B please look at me and listen cause I think I only have the courage to say this once. I ran, not cause I didn’t want it to happen. I ran, cause I wanted it too much. All my life, all my life B, I’ve never been afraid of anything or anyone…with one exception : you.”

Buffy’s eyes were moist and she could hardly believe what she was hearing from the other girl. “You’re afraid of me? Why?”

Faith took one of Buffy’s hands and brought it up to her chest, placing it right above her heart. “Cause of this. This is what my heart does every time I see you. From the first time I ever saw you. It races and beats so hard I think it’s going to rip its way out my chest and land right at your feet.”

“Faith I…”

The brunette shook her head and interrupted. “ No, please let me or I may never get this out. Last night when you leaned in to kiss me, it all happened like in the movies, you know? It’s like we were moving in slow motion. I ran out of breath the moment you looked at me and when we kissed I couldn’t even believe it was real. I wasn’t even sure who had started it, I thought I probably had, since I’ve always figured you didn’t want me. So I panicked, thinking that I had made a mistake and all I could do was run. But no matter where I go…you’re there. So I’m here, I’m done running and you’ve got my heart in your hands.” She finished by clutching the blonde’s hand to her chest tightly.

Buffy was overwhelmed by Faith’s admission and her hands began to tremble with emotion, as did her voice. “ It’s beating so strong…” she said before looking deeply into the other slayer’s eyes and seeking her lips for a kiss.”

Faith met the blonde half way and their lips touched softly. They kissed slowly enjoying the moment that had been long coming. Their mouths opened, granting mutual permission. When their tongues touched they both moaned into each other’s mouth. Still their kiss was kept achingly slow, like they wanted to savor every second. They embraced tightly, melding their two bodies into one.


“ What do you think is going on down there?” Willow asked looking absently out the nursery window.

Tara looked up from watching Isabel feed with a smile on her face. “ I don’t know, but I sure hope they’re finally figuring things out.”

“ At least I don’t hear any furniture breaking. So something must be of the good.” The redhead said turning towards her wife and daughter. She smiled, deeply touched by the sight of Tara breast-feeding their baby. No matter how many times she had seen it, it never failed to fill her heart with love and joy. She knelt next to them and stroked Isabel’s hair with affection. “ Look at her go. She sure takes after me.”

Tara chuckled lightly “ Yeah. Only with her it’s about necessity, with you it’s about obsession.”

Willow smiled impishly up at her wife. “ Hey, who in their right mind could blame me? Speaking of favorite things or people to do, how long do we have to wait again?”

Tara sighed deeply “ One and half week more to go.”

Willow put her head in her hands groaning as if in pain “ That’s like a year and half in no naughty-nakedness time.”

“Tell me about it.” Tara agreed, putting Isabel over her shoulder for burping purposes. “ I think we need to talk about something else, before we start getting ideas that we can’t put to good use.”

“ Yeah…so Buffy and Faith, what do you think?” Willow said standing and taking the baby from Tara’s arms.

“ I really hope they can work things out. It’s so obvious that there’s this strong bond between them. Honestly I don’t know why they’ve taken so long to acknowledge it.”

“Well I think it’s something like when I first met you. I knew I was absolutely drawn to you, but I didn’t really want to admit it to myself cause I was a little scared, o.k a lot scared. Of course, luckily, you were just irresistible and It didn’t take me long to understand that it was useless to fight what I was feeling. But these two girls have both slayer strength and stubbornness to go with it. What I told Buffy was true, she could regret not taking a chance. I know I would have kicked my self in the ass everyday of my life if I hadn’t listened to my heart.” The redhead put her baby down on the crib and accentuated her words by going over to Tara’s side and kissing her softly.

“Mhhm…that was nice. You think we can play for awhile without going all the way?” Tara asked in a dreamy tone.

Willow smiled wickedly “ We can try darling we can try.” She answered before descending on Tara’s mouth with a feeling very close to hunger.


The slayers parted reluctantly form each other; still they stood closely and touched foreheads. Each with their eyes closed trying to calm their erratic breathing and their racing hearts.

They opened their eyes slowly and gazed at each other with tenderness and wonder. “Wow…that was…wow.” They both said at the same time. A smile broke out over their faces.

“ I never knew a kiss could feel like that.” Faith said caressing the blonde’s cheek with one hand.

Buffy captured the other girl’s hand and kissed the inside of her palm softly. “ I never knew anything could feel like that.” The blonde slayer again put her own hand over Faith’s chest and started speaking slowly “ It’s still racing. So is mine. Faith…I want you take me home.”

Faith gulped down the lump that had formed in her throat and she answered truthfully no longer afraid of giving Buffy her heart. “ I am home.”

The blonde smiled, touched by Faith’s words. “ So am I. Still let me rephrase that…take me to bed.” She said with a fiery look in her eyes.

Faith’s mouth hung open in surprise at Buffy’s boldness. She figured that the other slayer would probably want to take things slowly from there. “ Are you sure?” she asked tentatively, not wanting to rush the other the other girl. Usually she was all for the ‘act now think later attitude’, but this was Buffy and with Buffy she always wanted to things differently. She wanted to do things right.

Buffy nodded “ We’ve waited long enough. Let me show you how sure I am.” she took Faith by the lapels of her leather jacket and pulled her down for a heated kiss. It conveyed just how serious she was about wanting to continue what they were doing in the comfort of a bed.

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By the time they reached the house years of denial and restraint had caught up to them. Their kisses were no longer slow and drawn out. They kissed each other with fervor and their hands reached for every body part available to the touch. They were all over each other like animals in heat.

They stumbled into the house still engaged in a lip lock; Faith kicked the door closed with her foot. Buffy tugged at Faith’s jacket until it was off her shoulders. Faith took her hands off Buffy only long enough to finish pulling the leather garment off her self. Buffy was unbuttoning her own shirt as Faith blindly led them up the stairs, pulling the t-shirt she was wearing over her head. Buffy’s ankles hit the fifth stair and they tumbled backwards, they really didn’t seem to notice it though. They kept kissing heatedly right there on the staircase, discarding their jeans and shoes before standing and continuing their trek to the bedroom.

Once in the room their fervor didn’t cool down one bit, if anything it intensified. They fell onto the bed in a tangle of arms and lower limbs, moaning and breathing heavily, moving into each other’s bodies with a feeling close to despair. They drank each other in greedily, both giving and taking control, both biting and pushing for more.

The heat that their bodies were creating permeated the air around them. There was almost a palpable mist that hung over them, a sexual fog created by their incandescent skins. Tones of deep red played behind both their closed lids as they caressed each other, burning new paths in the wake of their unleashed passion. Their mutual moans and groans of pleasure and sweet agony served as music to their frantic dancing. They nearly tore the remaining barriers of clothing off each other. They felt both relief and a new kind of torture when their naked skins finally touched.

All the while they had kept their eyes closed and no words had passed between them. Suddenly, Faith needed to confirm that it was Buffy that she was touching this way. She needed assurance that it wasn’t a dream or some drunken fantasy. The brunette opened her eyes slowly, almost afraid, but when she saw the blonde slayer’s face transformed by passion, Faith smiled and lost the urgency to ravage the woman writhing beneath her. Suddenly she realized that there was no hurry, they had time and for once in her life she didn’t want savage sex, she wanted to make love.

Buffy noticed the loss of lips and hands on her body she opened her eyes to find Faith staring down at her intently. Not understanding she asked, “ Faith why are you stopping? We’re not stopping are we?” she said this last part almost in a pleading tone.

Faith nearly laughed with joy, instead she smiled slyly “ We’re not stopping. We’re beginning and we’re doing right.” She said decisively before leaning down and kissing Buffy slowly and deeply, trying to convey in that one kiss just how much this night meant to her.

The brunette’s point was well taken as Buffy let herself get lost in her lover’s arms. Faith began a slow and methodical journey over the blonde’s body, she traced small pathways with her hands and lips, igniting Buffy’s skin everywhere. The dark slayer kissed her lover’s pale brows, she placed soft kisses over closed lids, lids that shielded the eyes that she had often dreamed of getting lost in.

She kissed the tip of Buffy’s nose and smiled when she wiggled it a bit, she traced butterfly kisses over the jaw line and drew just the tip of her tongue out to trace the lines of the blonde’s lips.

Buffy’s mouth opened slightly to let out a small “ Oh…” when she felt Faith’s tongue trace her upper lip. The brunette took the “oh” as an invitation and placed her mouth over Buffy’s again engaging them both in a long drawn out kiss. The heat that had been building and rising was at a boiling point. Still Faith tempered her passion and forced herself to take it slow. She broke away from the kiss and resumed her exploration of Buffy’s body, committing every detail to memory. She descended on the blonde’s pulse point with fervor, eliciting several moans of approval from her lover. The brunette intensified the moment by pressing down her thigh into Buffy’s center. The blonde slayer arched her back in approval “ God Faith…yes…that’s so goood.”

Faith felt the other slayer’s wetness sliding up and down her thigh and it sent a jolt down to her own core, making her own wetness increase by the minute. While her mouth was kept busy between kissing the blonde’s mouth and biting her neck her hands were kneading soft breasts and teasing the sensitive nipples into hard peaks. Buffy was rocking against her, lost in the motions, breathing heavily and calling out her name, pleading, “ Faith…please…”

The dark slayer could hardly contain her own emotions, she shifted to get a better a position and looked deeply into Buffy’s eyes “ I love you” she said softly before entering her lover with two fingers.

Buffy saw the love written in Faith’s eyes before she had even said the words and it had sent a shiver up and down her body. The sensation was amplified when she felt Faith move inside her, she closed her eyes and threw her head back in ecstasy. When she opened her eyes the blonde knew with a certainty that this was meant to be. They were the chosen and they had chosen each other. Faith looked so beautiful loving her, so strong and tender at the same time. So perfect.

Buffy shifted her weight a bit and brought her own hand to Faith’s center. The brunette moaned in approval and the blonde picked up the pace that Faith was setting. They moved inside each other in a perfect dance. The sounds and the smell of their mutual arousal served to excite them further. Their overactive slayer senses were on overdrive, they rode harder and faster, their bodies slick with sweat. The veins on their neck straining, their muscles contracting inside and out, they were panting as they moved wildly against one another. Until finally, screaming, clawing, release.

 Post subject: Re: This Little Wiccan...(Revised and Completed version!)
PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2004 7:54 pm 
A leap into the future:


“ I’m so not forgiving you for not inviting me to your wedding.” Willow said scowling her friend.

“ Awww…come on Will that’s the point of eloping. Heck! Skipping town on a whim and getting married without family or friends IS the definition of ‘eloping.’ ” Xander offered shrugging his shoulders.

“ How in the world did you manage to convince Anya a.k.a. ‘the wedding planner from hell’ though?”

Xander looked around cautiously “Between you and me? She’s the one that o.k corralled me in Vegas. So remember to look real sympathetic when she mentions how it was all MY idea.”

“ But I don’t get it. She’s always the one going through bridal magazines and such. I mean, she picked out the floral arrangements like six years ago.”

“I think that’s the why. Give the girl her ‘booby prize!’ ”

“Booby prize?” Willow wagged her brows and snickered.

Xander replied, giving Willow a little playful shove with his shoulder. “Look who I’m saying ‘booby’ to. Tara’s turned you into such a perv. I’m the immature, pervy one. So stop it.”

“ O.k, o.k, sheesh!” The redhead put her arms up defensively.

“Anyhow, the thing is…you and Tara have been married for almost six years and have a two year old daughter. Faith and Buffy have been together for two years and they’ve adopted a beautiful three year old boy. Anya and I have been together for longer than any of you and by all standards fell behind.”

“Xander it’s not a competition”

He shook his head and took a swig of his beer. “ Try telling Anya that. She sees it like the ‘game of life’. She was right about one thing though. I was scared; if we didn’t do it like this I might have never done it at all. We were caught up in the never-ending engagement. We were engaged before you even married Tara. While she was playing ‘life’ I was playing ‘chicken’ I didn’t have the brass ones to set a date. Hell, at most I had nerf ones when it came to thinking about walking down the aisle.”

“Xander are you sorry you did? Cause…”

“ Oh, no! I’m happy, I’m as happy as one guy can be. Looking at this shiny wedding band on my finger I think I was really dumb not to do it sooner. As a matter of fact Anya and I decided that we’re going to try to have a baby right away. So he or she won’t be so far way in age from Isabel and Jack.”

“My little Xander all grown up and ready to be a daddy.” Willow said tousling Xander’s hair and giving out a proud smile.

“I just hope I can be a better husband and father than any one in my gene pool ever was.” He said hanging his head low, remembering all his fine family members and their nightmare marriages.

The redhead gave her friend a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder. “Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ll make a great grown up, I’m sure.”

Xander wagged his brows and snickered “You said ‘hard on’ ”

“ Now I’m not so sure…” Willow rolled her eyes at the comment before also breaking down and joining her life long friend in a giggle fest.


“ You really got married in place called ‘The church of eternal Elvis worship?’” Tara asked quirking her eyebrows.

“Yes. Well it was better than getting married at ‘The church of eternal damnation’ a friend of mine from the old days was a dark priest for the order and what they made you put on each other’s fingers was not as fun as a shiny a gold band. Let me tell you it was…”

“ Anya please…I’m making Dinner if it’s something gross change the subject.” Tara interrupted before things could ugly as they often did during one Anya’s tales from the old days.

Anya shrugged her shoulders and sighed “ So like I was telling you before we got side tracked, I could swear it was really him.” She said munching on recently chopped piece of carrot.

Tara looked up from the chopping block with disbelief written all over her features “ Anya, even if Elvis were alive I don’t think he’d be performing weddings in Vegas.”

“ Why not? It’s good business. I mean, I swear if you want flowers cough up a twenty. Want music? That’s another ten. Oh, a witness is legally necessary, another twenty please. Each accessory is sold separately, like in Mattel.” Anya picked up another carrot and munched on it thoughtfully before continuing. “ Besides think about it the guy has like a huge cult following, it would only make sense that he had his own church. I mean if had wanted to he could have probably ruled the earth back in the days before got all bloated. Bloatey dictators never do well, just ask Napoleon or Mussolini.”

Tara shook her head thinking ‘How did we go from Elvis to Mussolini?’ But she knew better than to ask. God only knew where the conversation would end up if she dared to ask. “ Yeah, o.k. So fruit punch or ice- tea?”

Anya perked up at the question “ Ice-tea? Did you know that the original Earl Grey was a demon, he used to roam the country sides…”

’ Oh, boy here we go again.’ Tara thought as she made the fruit punch anticipating that she would not want tea of any kind for a long time to come after Anya was done with her story.


Moment #6.Mama says:This little Wiccan went to Market…This little Wiccan went to play…

or (The End)

A year had gone by Xander and Anya had had their baby. He was two months old and handful, just like his mother. The Scoobies were now officially one big, diaper-bag toting family. Anya’s pregnancy had been an interesting time for them all, especially Xander to say the least. A pregnant ex-demon apparently wasn’t something that the world could prepare for. The woman had had some of the craziest mood swings any of them had ever seen. At one point she actually thought that bunnies were in deed cute and that it would be a good idea to buy one and keep it in the backyard as a pet for the little tyke to play with when he was old enough. She convinced Xander to buy one so she could work on her bunny-cuddling skills. Apparently this love for bunnies faded as soon as she saw the furry critter up close. What transpired next no Scooby will ever confess to the world.

Thank God that was over, now she was in over-protective Mother mode and never let her baby out of her sight. It had even taken quite a bit of coaxing to get her out the house. And now here they were, shopping at the market place.

“ Remind me whose bright idea it was that we all come together today?” Tara asked Willow in a hushed tone while she watched Buffy chasing after her son Jack in the canned goods section.

“ Jack, come here! For the last time put back that can of peas.”

“PEE-PEE’S…PEE-PEE’S…PEE-PEE’S….” Jack yelled merrily running in circles with the can, oblivious to the various stares that he was receiving from various adults that passed by. “ I gotz pees-pees!”

Willow stifled her giggles and tried looking contrite. “ Sorry…I guess I didn’t think it through.”

Tara gave Willow a mock stern look and put a couple of 6 packs of boxed juice into her cart, which were promptly confiscated by Anya. “ No, no and no. This juice is not 100% fruit and studies show that the packaging might cause cancer.”

Tara rolled her eyes. “ For Gaia’s sake Anya that’s the fourth item you’ve confiscated form my cart today. Gimme a break!”

Anya crossed her hands over her chest. “ I’m only thinking of what’s best for the children.” And with that both women began a staring contest that frightened even Faith, who decided to stop laughing for a second at her own son’s antics and help Buffy out at catching him.

Willlow looked to Xander for help before Anya really irritated the blonde, who looked about ready to explode. If there was anything that bothered Tara it was to be told how to grocery shop. She had been doing it since she was eleven, in her mind it was like telling Beethoven how to play a piano.

Xander caught the pleading look, but wasn’t much help at all. “ Hey don’t look at me. Why should I be the only one made to buy and eat rice cakes and brussel-sprouts?”

Willow opted for rescuing her baby herself. “ Come on baby I forgot to grab a couple of things form the produce section.”

Tara backed down and followed Willow mumbling under her breath. “ I swear she gives one more product research statistic and I’m going to statistic her ass to the ground…”

Isabel looked up wide-eyed from the baby seat in the shopping kart. “ Mama says assss!” She yelled.

Tara covered her mouth with her hands and turned beet red. Willow let out a roaring laughter. Their daughter was a precocious little tyke whose favorite game in the whole world was ‘ mama says.’ Even if the girl didn’t know the meaning of the words she loved learning and repeating new ones everyday. Willow was clutching her sides and Tara was desperately trying to distract Isabel so she wouldn’t keep repeating the word.

“ Oh, boy! Look Isabel ‘broccoli’ mama says ‘broccoli’. Isabel looked at her mama with a curious expression on her face before happily repeating, “ Boroccoli assss!”

Tara covered her whole face this time and Willow was now two seconds away from rolling on the floor and dying from laughter.


Tara was mortified and her embarrassment was about to get worse. Three aisles away Buffy and Faith were still trying to coax the can of peas from little Jack’s stubborn possession. As fate would have it at that precise moment Anya asked Xander to look in his wallet for some coupons that she couldn’t find in her purse and a long forgotten silver and gold wrapper dropped to the floor as the man searched for said coupons. A shiny object lying by Xander’s feet caught young Jack’s attention and he ran as fast as he could to pick the enticing package from the floor. Everyone froze as he held it up high and asked, “ Hey what’s this?”

Buffy extended her hand, “ Jack please give me that and the can of peas, please.”

Jack pouted and shook his head. “ Nuh-nuh. I like pees and I like this shiny paper.” The boy squeezed it in his hand. “ Hey, somtin’s inside. What’s inside unca Xander?”

Xander blushed. “ It’s something for grownups only Jack, please give it back.”

The boy still shook his head from side to side. Why couldn’t they just tell him what was inside?. ‘Fine I’ll find out my self.’ He thought. “ Auntie Tara is teachin’ me to read and I’m a good learner, she said so. This says…con-d-d…con-dor? No...Condom! This is a condom, right Unca Xander? See I learn good.”

Faith giggled while Buffy and Xander turned red around the ears. “ I have never wanted to curse literacy more than at this very moment.” Buffy said under her breath and strode towards Jack.

“ Very good reading skills honey. Now please give Mommy back the can and the shiny wrapper.”

Jack shook his head ‘no’ again and took off running while yelling. “ Pee-pee’s and Condoms, Pee-pee’s and condoms!”

Faith and Buffy shared a look and took off after Jack.


Tara lifted her face from her hands as she heard a ruckus coming her way. Jack was running full speed ahead towards her to show her what a ‘good learner’ he was and as he reached his destination he addressed both Tara and Isabel with enthusiasm, showing off his two prizes. “ Look Auntie, look Isabel, I gotz pee’s-pee’s and condoms!”

Isabel looked at Jack and yelled merrily “ Boroccoli Asssss!” after all she was also anxious to share her knowledge of a new word.

Tara nearly fainted. Thank God there weren’t that many patrons that day at the super or someone would surely call children services and the lot them would be arrested and questioned about the kinds of education that their children were receiving.

That was it, it was official, Willow was going to die from laughing so much. She clutched at her stomach and tried desperately to suck some air into her lungs.

Faith and Buffy finally managed to corner Jack and confiscated the two offending items. He pouted and stomped his feet on the ground.

Buffy shook her finger at him. “ Jack you are being a very naughty boy. You’ve disobeyed me and made a ruckus, when you had promised to be good. You know what that means, don’t you young man? No T.v for two days.”

Jack whimpered and his lower lip trembled just a little as he sent pleading look Faith’s way.

“ Mama?”

Faith scratched her head and looked to and fro from Buffy’s angry face to her’s son’s pouty one.

“ Uhm, B? Maybe two days is…”

Buffy interrupted her partner. “ Oh, no. You come with me for a minute.”

Faith lowered her head and followed Buffy out of Jack’s hearing range.

Buffy crossed her arms across her chest. “ Faith we’ve talked about this before. You were just about to plead Jack’s case when you know he deserves to be punished.”

Faith rubbed her neck and paced looking upset. “ I know B. It’s just that I’ve never been to good with the receiving discipline thing, you know? So now I’m having just a hard a time dishing it out.”

Buffy’s features softened. “ I know baby. I get it, I really do. But you have to understand that you can’t just let Jack get away with everything just because he pouts and gives you ‘kicked puppy’ looks. He has your number Slayer and it’s not fair to me because each time you give in I wind up looking like the ‘bad cop’. We went into this together Faith, I need you to be strong so we can teach Jack the difference between right and wrong.”

Faith took Buffy’s hand and gently kissed her knuckles. “ You’re right babe. Not having any rules didn’t exactly do wonders for my life. I don’t want Jack to think there aren’t consequences to his actions; from now on I’m tough Slayer Momma too. If I can fight monsters and vampires I can hold up under a 4 year old’s pouts and puppy dog eyes. At least I think I can.”

Buffy and Faith returned to face their son. He was sporting an anxious look and Faith shook her head. “ Well sport the verdict is in, no T.V for two days.”

Jack was not pleased he kicked the ground and mumbled. “ This is stupid…I don’tz care.”

Buffy was about to speak when she was stopped by Faith. “ I’ll handle this.” She said going over to Jack holding him by the shoulders. “ Hey buddy. I think you should stop kicking the ground and stop being rude or besides no T.V there will be no dessert for you.”

Jack avoided the Slayer’s eyes. “ Jack look at me.” She said turning his face towards her.

“ Honestly son do think you’ve been on your best behavior today?” the little boy sniffled a little and shook his head from side to side. Faith continued, “ Then don’t you think it’s fair that you be punished?” the boy hesitated, but finally stuck out his bottom lip and nodded a meek ‘yes’. “ O.k it’s good that you can admit that you were wrong. I’ll tell you what…if you behave for the rest of the day we’ll have ice cream after dinner. Is it a deal?” The boy smiled and nodded vigorously. Faith smiled, “ So sport are we o.k?” she asked tousling his hair. He smiled and answered. “ Five by five momma.”

Willow had finally sobered and had caught the exchange between the rogue Slayer and her son. She leaned in to Tara and whispered in her ear. “ Awww, that was so cute.”

Tara had to agree with that, but she also had a bone to pick with Willow. “ You know what wasn’t cute? You not helping me with Isabel and the you-know-what-word that she almost didn’t stop repeating.”

Willow giggled. “ Oh, come on it was soooo funny. How could I help it? Hey where is Isabel?”

Tara sighed. “Somewhere between your laughing fit, Jack yelling about condoms and your daughter repeatedly calling him ‘broccoli ass’ I asked Xander for help and he took her out to ride the rocking elephant at the entrance.”

“ Oh baby I’m sorry I left you alone in the middle of this dilemma, but it was all too damn funny. It was like watching Monty Python or something.”

Tara quirked an eyebrow, “ I don’t think ‘broccoli ass’ could be considered sophisticated humor.”

“ I still say it was the funniest thing I’ve seen all year, walking in on Anya and Xander as she practiced on him the art of putting on diapers takes a close second.” Willow said chuckling a bit.

“ We are a disturbed bunch of nuts.” Tara said also chuckling a bit.

Willow snuggled into her wife. “ Nuts, that makes me think of sundaes, sundaes make me think of dessert and you know what dessert makes me think of?” she asked nibbling on the blonde’s earlobe.

Tara smiled and purred. “ Mhhhmmm….”

Willow kissed the blonde’s neck. “ Did you get the whipped cream?”

“ Two cans.” Tara answered while giving her wife a sexy smile.

“ Good, I’ll go get the chocolate.” The redhead said before making a mad dash for the candy aisle.

Sometimes no matter how much you grow up some things never change, well thank goodness for that.

The end.

 Post subject: Re: This Little Wiccan...(Revised and Completed version!)
PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2004 8:40 pm 
Nika..that was sooo amaizng, and just wow..I loved it!! :flower Love sammi xx

"Sometimes things happen between people that you don't really expect. And sometimes the things that are important are the ones that seem the weirdest or the most wrong. And those are the ones that change your life." - Jessie Sammler (Evan Rachel Wood)

 Post subject: Re: This Little Wiccan...(Revised and Completed version!)
PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2004 9:12 pm 
Woo Hoo! It's finished at last. Loved it. Broccoli ass! :lol

Gret Stuff, I love this. Going to reread it now. :grin


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 Post subject: Re: This Little Wiccan...(Revised and Completed version!)
PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2004 9:16 pm 
what, there's more? great :applause

The ending of the story was brilliant. "Brocolli asses" :lol

I really enjoyed this story. Thanks for posting it.

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 Post subject: Re: This Little Wiccan...(Revised and Completed version!)
PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2004 9:36 pm 
hahahahahahahahahahaha broccoli ass! Maybe its cos im drunk when readin this, but that was hilarious as hell!

I read the first version of this fic, loved it, and love the revised version more!


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 Post subject: Re: This Little Wiccan...(Revised and Completed version!)
PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, 2004 5:27 am 
Unlike my beloved Sticks, I find "broccoli ass" perfectly hilarious while sober.

This was a fantastic story. It was sweet, hot, touching and funny as all hell, though obviously not in the same spots. Like any good writer, you can toy with the emotions of your readers. I'm just glad that you use your power for good.

Willow: Hey Buff. One more thing. Buffy: Yeah? Willow: I’m gay. Buffy: Okay, Will. Xander owes me ten bucks.

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 Post subject: Re: This Little Wiccan...(Revised and Completed version!)
PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, 2004 8:48 pm 
Sam: You're always saying the nicests things to me, thank you for the compliment and the rose.:kiss

Washi: I hope I didn't dissapoint you. I know you're one of the kittens who had waited for the conclusion of this fic. Thank you for hanging in there.:bigkiss

Justin: Thanks for the positive feedback. I'm glad you liked it.:peace

Ltsticks: What a coincidence I think I was drunk when I wrote it!:laugh Cheers!

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 Post subject: Re:
PostPosted: Sun Jan 11, 2004 2:55 am 
This is so lovely! I love all of your fics so much! You've got such a wonderful talent of making your words flow in such a graceful manor! I really don't know how else to explain it!

I applaud you...

 Post subject: Re: Re:
PostPosted: Sun Jan 11, 2004 5:31 pm 
Whinse,please stop.:stop I'm flattered by such a praise. This just started as something to help me get through a coffee- high night is all. I'm glad you enjoyed it.:)

 Post subject: Re: Re:
PostPosted: Sun Jan 11, 2004 7:08 pm 
Hi Nika,
That was just phenomenal as are all of your stories.I actively search the board in hopes of seeing your moniker and reading the sensational story attached.If your labors are a result of passing the night with a caffeine high I say get the Kitten a pot of espresso,double strength,fast I can't wait to so what you will delight us with next.Thanks
Be well,Karen

 Post subject: Re: Re:
PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2004 4:42 am 
Karen darling I really appreciate your kind words, but a pot of double-strenghth expresso? I wouldn't sleep like in a year.:sleepy Seriously though thank you for the sweet words. Whoo-hoo someone searches for my name on the board:bounce

 Post subject: This Little Wiccan
PostPosted: Tue Jan 13, 2004 7:22 am 
It took a while but I did it!!! I read the whole thing ;)

Great story, a lot of fun to read.....

Keep up the great storytelling:banana :dance


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 Post subject: Re: Re:
PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2004 11:33 pm 
*laughs* Man, this was an amusing story! I read it basicly in one day I couldnt seem to pry my eyes away! Keep up the great work!


Tara: Willow, you are using too much magick. What do you want me to do, sit back and keep my mouth shut?

Willow: Well that'd be a good start.

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 Post subject: RE: Little wiccan
PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2004 3:01 am 
I'm so glad you got back to this fic. I been reading it since it was back on extra flamey. I love you version of how Willow and Tara find each other with cute costume interludes, wilderness fun and a lovley ending that bookends to the arts of the story. Thanks for another great fic.

 Post subject: ...
PostPosted: Thu Jan 15, 2004 2:47 pm 
Awwwe! That was so cute :heart

Everything was so sad, but it got worked through and then everyone is happy! I needed that, thanks for writing this.

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 Post subject: replies
PostPosted: Sun Jan 25, 2004 4:26 pm 
Liz: Hey thanks for the lovely words. I know it took me a while, but I finally did it!:pinky

Always: Thank you for reading. I really got stuck for quite some time. I wanted something sweet and funny, boy 'funny' is really-really tough to do.:gnome I hope I at least pulled off amusing.:D

Sam: Hey Sam like always you are a sweetie about my ramblings. Thank you for giving me great feedback.:flower

Mellindax: I thank the kittens, that means you, cause without this board why would I write at all?:flower

 Post subject: Re: replies
PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2004 12:32 am 
Appearances are deceiving? The hell's that supposed to mean?

Willow: Hey Buff. One more thing. Buffy: Yeah? Willow: I’m gay. Buffy: Okay, Will. Xander owes me ten bucks.

~Remember to Breathe by Yellow Crayon

 Post subject: replies
PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, 2004 6:14 am 
Tempest darling I mean that I'm usually very-very bad!:wink or if you prefer 'seldomly good':smug

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