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 Post subject: Re: Therapy
PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2018 11:19 am 
3. Flaming O

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Hey dibs again. Go me! Thanks for another great update. I can totally see Willow running away with a million thoughts in her head about what it all means. Looking forward to seeing how you write the rebuilding and reconnection. It was good to hear that another reader had the same response as me to the direction of the previous chapter. Great job, thank you.

 Post subject: Re: Therapy
PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:40 am 
3. Flaming O

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Author: Darkwillow6 (Ashley Riegel)

Rating: NC-17 (overall)

Summary: Willow seeks the help of a therapist to understand her past and generate a clearer picture of her future.

Title: Therapy



"How was your day?" Willow asked.

Tara had been pretty quiet since Willow arrived and the redhead could definitely feel that something was up.

"Fine," Tara replied, offering a small smile. "Do you want to watch a movie?"

"Sure," Willow replied, not convinced that Tara was, in fact, fine.

They got settled on the couch as Tara turned on the television. She rested her head on Willow's shoulder and Willow took the opportunity to put an arm around her. Internally, she struggled with wanting Tara to tell her everything so she could help and realizing that not talking about it may be what was helpful in that moment. She eventually opted to give Tara her space as it seemed she didn't want to talk about whatever it was that had her preoccupied. So instead, Willow just kissed Tara on the top of the head and held her a little tighter.

Wanting to return the affection, Tara picked up her head and looked into Willow's eyes. Then, she leaned forward and kissed Willow softly. It was meant to be a peck on the lips, but Tara enjoyed the comfort she got from Willow's intimacy and kept the kiss going much to Willow's surprise. When they pulled apart, Willow tried to read Tara's expression and quickly noticed a tear making its way down her cheek. Tara felt it and quickly wiped it away, but she knew Willow had seen it. That was when she decided she could no longer keep quiet.

"Look, Tara, if you don't want to talk about it, you don't have to. I just want you to know that you don't have to struggle with something because you feel you can't talk to me. I hope you know you can."

Tara paused before responding. She did want to talk to Willow, but it was hard for her. But she sighed, muted the television, and took Willow's hand, intertwining their fingers. She started speaking, but did not make eye contact with Willow, instead choosing to focus on their joined hands.

"I found out today that my dad died," Tara said quietly and with little emotion.

"Tara, I'm so sorry," Willow began.

Tara could see Willow's heart breaking for her when she looked up. This was what she'd wanted to avoid.

"It's okay. I didn't have a good relationship with him. Liquor was the only thing he ever really cared about. I'm not sad for him. I'm sad that, that he loved alcohol more than his family. I just wish I had a father who cared about me, you know?"

Willow didn't want to cry now. She wanted to be strong and support Tara. She tried not to blink so that the tears wouldn't fall and handed Tara a tissue when she noticed her crying more freely.

"You didn't deserve to have a father like that, Tara. And I'm so sorry that you did. I know it's not the same, but I love you. I hope you know that," Willow said.

Though, she certainly meant it, she knew the need to say it also stemmed from the constant guilt that she felt. Willow loved Tara more than she'd ever loved anyone, yet here she was with her girlfriend that none of her friends even knew about. She felt like a hypocrite. And here was Tara, trusting her enough to talk to her about her father's passing. On top of that, Tara hadn't ever talked about her father in the two years they'd been together. It was one of the many moments where she'd felt that she did not deserve Tara.

"I love you too, Willow," Tara said, sniffling a bit. "Now that's enough about him. Right now is about us," she added, snuggling back into Willow's embrace.

When Tara returned her attention to the movie, Willow took the opportunity to release the tears she'd been holding back. She did so quietly and worked to prevent control her breathing so Tara wouldn't notice. They watched the rest of the movie in silence as Willow caressed Tara's arm.


My parents said that I could be anything that I wanted to be... so I became a lesbian.

 Post subject: Re: Therapy
PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 10:41 am 
3. Flaming O

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Hey Ashley. Well that's some fancy footwork there! You cleverly managed to wrongfoot me again. I was sure I could guess roughly where you were headed after the previous chapter, dating again, rebuilding, getting to know a little of what Tara was doing in the years apart, but no. You've done it your way. Interesting little interlude, building towards a bigger picture. I will happily admit I know nothing about constructing a story but I love what you're creating here.

Thank you and (as ever) looking forward to the next installment. From the number of hits looks like I'm not the only one!

 Post subject: Re: Therapy
PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:05 am 
3. Flaming O

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Author: Darkwillow6 (Ashley Riegel)

Rating: NC-17 (overall)

Summary: Willow seeks the help of a therapist to understand her past and generate a clearer picture of her future.

Title: Therapy


When Tara went back to Soluna, Willow didn’t know how she should feel. She had a lot of fears that may not have necessarily been rational, but they were there. Her mind, for the most part, oscillated between two opposing ideas. Would Tara, now having alone time to think, change her mind about what she wanted? Or would this time apart make Tara realize how much she really loved and needed Willow, more so than before?

For now, they agreed that both should stay in their respective cities while they got to know each other again. Both were eager to pick back up where they left off, but they knew that it probably wasn’t the best idea. The last thing Willow wanted was to screw it all up again, and so soon. So, they decided to see each other on weekends when both were off from work. It seemed like hardly any time at all, but it was a start.

The weekend approached slowly as Willow prepared for her trip to Soluna. This would be the first time she’d get to see Tara’s place there. Of course, she was excited, but also a little intimidated. She’d be seeing what Tara’s life was like when she wasn’t in it. The apartment was the world Tara built for herself and Willow struggled to prepare herself for what it would be like to be surrounded by that.

When she left work on Friday, her bags were already in her car. She was determined not to waste any more time than necessary. On the drive there, she took note that the speed limit seemed exceptionally low and she was barely able to keep her foot from pressing down on the gas pedal.

Ordinarily, she would be blasting her music and singing along the entire way. This time, though, the radio played in the background, almost as an afterthought, as she let Tara take over her mind. This brought her both joy and stress. There was something they had to talk about. Especially since one of them would be relocating for the sake of the relationship.
After parking her car in the apartment complex, Willow stood at the door, hesitating. She let out a deep sigh and knocked.

Tara quickly opened the door and, before Willow knew what was happening, she was inside the apartment, back flat against the door with Tara’s lips on hers. She relaxed into the sensation and dropped her duffel on the floor. Things were moving much more quickly than she could have anticipated and she was getting lightheaded.

“Wait,” Willow whispered.

“I did, Willow. For a week,” Tara replied impatiently, beginning to unbutton Willow’s shirt.

Tara went in for another kiss and Willow did not deny her, but then cut it short. She wanted to allow Tara to continue more than anything, but she wouldn’t have felt right allowing this to happen without being honest with Tara. As difficult as it was, she took Tara’s hands in hers, stopping their downward momentum.

“I need to talk to you about something,” Willow said.

Her shirt remained partially open, chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. She began buttoning it again and could not bring herself to make eye contact with Tara. Tara backed up a little and looked at the redhead. Her stomach rapidly sank as she saw the look on Willow’s face.

“Will, if you’re about to break up with me-” Tara began, voice trembling.

“No! Tara, no. I would never. There’s just… something I need to tell you.”

“What is it?” she asked, heart pounding.



When Buffy called to ask Willow to join her, Xander, and Anya at the movies, she gleefully agreed. And once she hung up, she asked Tara, who was lying in bed next to her, if she would come too. Tara was hesitant, but agreed.

“Did you not want to go?” Willow asked, sensing Tara’s reluctance.

“I do. It’s just… It’s hard to have to act like your friend when we do things with them. I have to think so much about everything I do. Thinking about whether or not something I do is going to cause them to suspect. It’s work.”

Willow couldn’t say much in response. Tara was right, as always.

“I know. And I’m sorry,” she said, putting an arm over Tara’s waist, causing the sheet to move down slightly, exposing more of Tara’s skin.

“Me too,” Tara replied, looking away. “We better get ready,” she added, pulling the sheet off of herself.

She stood facing away from the redhead. Usually, she enjoyed feeling Willow’s eyes on her naked body, but this time, she couldn’t hurry out of the room fast enough. Nothing in her life had caused her to feel so conflicted. Willow not only understood where Tara was coming from, but constantly cursed her own cowardice. Especially seeing what it was doing to Tara.
While Tara was showering in the en suite bathroom, Willow took the opportunity to release some of her frustration by sobbing quietly, unaware that Tara was doing the same, muffled by the sound of running water.

“Tara?” Willow said, entering the bathroom.

When she got closer, she could hear Tara sniffle. Willow had to swallow hard in order to keep from crying again.

“Tara, can we please talk?” she asked.

Tara didn’t answer, but opened the shower curtain and faced the redhead, a foreign expression present on her face. If the moment hadn’t been so serious, Willow would have been fully distracted Tara’s nakedness. Especially as each droplet on her skin cascaded downward one at a time.

“I’m really sorry, Tara. I love you so much and I hate that I upset you this way,” Willow said.

“God, Willow. Why do you do this to me?” Tara asked, the quiver in her voice echoing off of the shower walls.

When she saw the pure anguish on Tara’s face, she instinctively rushed to the blonde and held her. She felt Tara’s body shake as she continued to cry. Willow could barely tell the difference between the warmth of Tara’s tears and the shower water that continued to pour down over them.

As broken as she was, though, Tara was very aware of the way Willow’s skin touched hers and her sobs were replaced by heavy breath. Willow looked up when she noticed that Tara’s crying had halted and was stunned by the feeling of Tara’s lips fully enveloping her own. The water made a trail down both their chins and the large drops landed with a splash on various areas of exposed skin.

Tara tried to remove Willow’s shirt, but the task was made more difficult with the way the wetness caused the clothing to stick to her skin. Just as eager to make more contact, Willow removed the shirt herself along with any other inhibiting fabric.

Once she was naked, Tara backed up to allow Willow entry to the shower. Immediately upon entering, Willow pushed Tara backward. Then her ears were delighted by a sharp intake of breath from the blonde as her bare back touched the cold tile.

Tara’s hips inched forward to increase their contact and rocked her hips back and forth when she felt a satisfying friction. Wrapping her left hand in Tara’s soaked hair, she quickly kissed Tara, not giving her an opportunity to think about changing her mind. Yes, Tara’s frustrations were valid, but sometimes, she just wanted Willow and that was that. And maybe this was the problem. Telling Willow one thing, while her body said something else entirely.

Now, though, she was beyond the point of being able to stop what was happening. The slow trail Willow’s hand was creating from her shoulder downward was maddening and Tara was in no mood for the unhurried touches. To indicate her impatience, she pulled Willow’s body closer to hers and encouraged a faster descent with her own hand.

Ordinarily, this is the point where Tara would tell Willow what she needed, but as aroused as she was, she was still upset. And she knew that was the emotion fueling this encounter so she could not bring herself to speak to the redhead in the current moment.

When Willow finally reached her destination, she was able to easily feel the slickness before she even entered her. Being inside Tara was a feeling that Willow couldn’t compare to any other experience she’d ever had. And when Tara tried to pull her even closer, Willow was further inspired by the need she felt from the blonde. It wasn’t until Tara’s undulating hips reached a much faster rhythm that Willow realized just how close she was.

Soon, Tara stopped rocking and held still as her muscles clutched Willow’s proficient fingers. When she felt Tara relax, Willow just held her as she leaned, exhausted, against the wall. When Tara recovered, she wasn’t quite sure what to do. It was awkward being held so tenderly by the woman she loved most in the world while, at the same time, being unable to look her in the eyes because of the hurt she caused her on a pretty constant basis.

When the sound of the running water continued to be uninterrupted by speech from either of them, Willow decided there was nothing she could say in this moment, and exited the shower. She went to the room to dry off and get dressed. Not long after, Tara did the same. At this point, the movie would be a welcome distraction from this conversation, or lack thereof.

They headed out, barely able to look at one another. The car ride to the theatre was tense and that didn’t sit right with Willow. This wasn’t them. They’d always had this strong connection and now, because of Willow’s actions, or inaction, that connection was being jeopardized.

While in the theater, Buffy snuggled close to her flavor of the week, while Xander and Anya barely focused on the movie at all. Their constant lip smacking was distracting to Tara who was, at the same time, envious. She and Willow couldn’t even hold hands in the dark. This did nothing to pacify her and only embittered her further.

Their obliviousness to any attention was something else Tara picked up on. If this were the beginning of their relationship, Tara could have looked past it. She would still talk to Willow about it and hopefully urge her to validate their relationship to her friends. But it would not be as big of a deal as it was now, three years in. In fact, it was downright unacceptable at this point.

Willow was also distracted, focusing in on Tara and trying to read her. There were the obvious emotions. Frustration, sadness, and resentment. But there was something else that Willow was unable to recognize which generated a greater sense of fear within her. She wondered if their friction was noticeable to the others.

By the time they left the theater, Tara was brimming with antipathy. She’d found herself in this situation so many times, yet she struggled to figure out something effective to do about it. At this point, she didn’t even want to go home with Willow and she knew that that was a really bad sign. In the past, when things like this would come up, she’d rationalize to herself that at least she had Willow. At the end of they day, they were together and loved each other. She was quickly realizing, though, that didn’t seem to be enough and her heart broke.

Willow was not oblivious to Tara’s body language. She understood when they got home, that Tara would voice her frustrations. And Willow had no excuses. She never did. And it was exhausting experiencing all of this stress with no resolution in sight. Especially since she still couldn’t bring herself to come out and didn’t know why. Just that every time she tried, her voice wouldn’t work. The muscles constricted preventing any sound from making its way out of her. Nothing in her life had caused her so much fear and, at the same time, disappointment.

When they arrived home, and the door shut, the silence felt heavy. Neither wanted to start speaking, but Tara was used to it by now.

“How long do you want to do this, Willow?” Tara asked, quietly.

“I don’t want to do this at all. Hiding. You know that. I just want to be like all the other couples, Tara.”

“Well, then I don’t see a problem. Because that’s exactly what I want. That’s all I want. The only thing holding us back from that is your fear.”

“It’s not that easy,” Willow replied.

“Of course it’s not. But this is not okay.”

“I don’t know what you’re expecting from me,” Willow said, tearfully.

“More than this, Willow. Three years is way too long for us to still be here,” Tara replied. “I want to be with you, but not like this. Not in secret. And I’ve told you that so many times. If you were going to tell your friends, you would have done it by now.”

“I’m scared, Tara!” Willow said.

“Don’t you think I know that, Will? You can’t say I haven’t been patient. But you’re not ready. I can see that. I could see it a long time ago. I just hoped that I was wrong. Because I fucking love you so much, Willow. I get it. You’re terrified that you’ll lose your friends. And I don’t want you to have to worry about that. So, I’m making the choice for you,” Tara said, regretting the amount of frustration in her own voice, but needing to be sure that she was understood.

Instantly, upon hearing this, Willow jerked backwards as though that was the last thing she expected to hear, despite the signs, and her mouth went dry. She knew that if she tried to speak, she would break down crying, but since it seemed things were headed that direction anyway, she had to say something to keep Tara from breaking things off.

“Tara, please don’t. Please,” she begged, even going so far as to get on her knees and clutch the blonde’s hands in hers.

“Do you know how many times we’ve had this conversation? You beg me to stay and I do because it breaks my heart to see that look on your face. But, Will, I’m done. I’m so exhausted. I’m just… I’m done,” Tara said, fighting to get the words out as she cried more and more.

She removed her hands from Willow’s so that her actions matched her words. She also needed them to wipe away the constant flow of tears that betrayed the certainty of her decision. Willow stood at the loss of contact. She tried to look Tara in the eyes, but Tara wouldn’t allow her to do so, keeping her gaze cast downward.

“But you know that I love you, Tara. I do everything I can to show you that.”

“Except this,” Tara replied. “I don’t want to do this. I never wanted to have to do this. But there’s nothing left for me to say, Willow. Other than ‘goodbye’.”

That word struck Willow nearly as much as a physical blow. Not because it was out of nowhere. It was the finality of it. She’d been worried about this happening for a long time. But apparently, as Tara pointed out on more than one occasion, she feared losing her friendships more than losing Tara. Now, she was paying the price for that. When Willow had nothing else to say, Tara just shook her head in disbelief.

“I’m going to go to Sandra’s. I’ll give you plenty of time to get your things. You can leave your key on the table,” Tara said, exiting the apartment.


My parents said that I could be anything that I wanted to be... so I became a lesbian.

 Post subject: Re: Therapy
PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 8:15 am 
3. Flaming O

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This kinda broke my heart. So emotive.

 Post subject: Re: Therapy
PostPosted: Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:34 pm 
6. Sassy Eggs

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I feel bad for not commenting on the updates in ages. I'm at work so I'll make it quick: I'm still reading and enjoying your story. The last flashback to their breakup was heartbreaking. Now I'm dying to know what secret Willow kept from Tara. Hopefully her fears that it might drive Tara away are unfounded.

 Post subject: Re: Therapy
PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:35 am 
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Author: Darkwillow6 (Ashley Riegel)

Rating: NC-17 (overall)

Summary: Willow seeks the help of a therapist to understand her past and generate a clearer picture of her future.

Title: Therapy


Thinking back to the breakup made it even more difficult for her to speak up. Now she was terrified for the right reasons. That Tara might leave again.

“Can you please say something? You’re worrying me,” Tara said, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Tara… When you broke up with me before, I didn’t do well. I thought ‘this is what I’ve caused and I should just accept it’, but I couldn’t. And because of that, I did some things that I regret.”

“I can’t fault you for that, Willow. We were broken up,” Tara replied.

“I know. But… Fuck. This is so hard, Tara. I don’t want you to leave me again,” Willow said, visibly agitated.

“If you were with other people, I understand, Willow. You don’t have to worry about me leaving because of that. We were apart a long time.”

“What? Tara, no. I… I wasn’t. I didn’t. With anyone.”

“You, you didn’t?” Tara asked, trying unsuccessfully to contain her surprise at the admission.

“No. I couldn’t. I didn’t want to.”

Tara paused for a long moment. She really wanted to know what Willow was so worked up about, but she was still struggling to move past that last bit of information. She certainly hadn’t expected it given how long they’d been apart. And the impact it had on her was significant. Surely at some point it would have been something they discussed, but the fact that it was happening amidst a much more serious conversation really caught Tara off guard.

The more she dwelled on it, the more time passed in silence. Finally, Willow decided to go on, all the while trying desperately to read Tara’s expression and gain insight into what she was thinking.

“Anyway, I, uh,… As I mentioned, I was really not okay and I… I started drinking, Tara, and I didn’t stop for a long while. But I did stop eventually. And I regret it so much because I know that’s like the one thing that could be a deal breaker for you. I honestly never thought I’d see you again. That’s not an excuse. I know I’ve made enough excuses for myself. And I feel really bad that I didn’t bring it up sooner, but things kind of just happened the way they did. But with things going the way they are, I wanted to tell you. I don’t want to start off hiding something like this from you. And I don’t want you to be blindsided… if something happens.”

The rhythm of her speech told Tara that Willow was choosing her words very carefully. She usually did, but this time, Tara could practically see her analyzing and organizing her thoughts in the moment. This was something that was not easy for Willow. Ordinarily, she’d get flustered and her point would be lost amidst a sea of half started sentences and digressions. Now, though, she was direct and even eloquent.

“Something like falling off the wagon?” Tara asked.

“Yeah,” Willow answered simply. “Are you… Does this change things?”

She braced herself for Tara’s response which was not immediately forthcoming. Willow fidgeted as the silence continued to stretch on. Tara knew the wait was torture for Willow, but she was taken aback and unsure exactly how she felt about it.

“I’m not sure,” she said finally. “I, I just need a little time.”

“Of course. Do you want me to go?” Willow asked, tears preparing to fall.

“No. I don’t want you to go,” Tara said with surety. “Come with me.”

Tara began walking toward the living room. Willow left her bag behind and followed, not sure what to expect now. When Tara took a seat on the couch, Willow followed suit, being sure to remain outside of Tara’s personal space for the time being.

“Why does everything always have to be so damn complicated with us?” Tara asked, sighing.

The question was rhetorical, Willow knew, but she felt the need to remind Tara of the reality of the situation.

“It’s not us. It’s me. And I’m working to fix my mistakes,” she said, clearing her throat before continuing. “Living with your father, dealing with that, I understand how serious this is. I absolutely don’t take it lightly. I really want you to know that.”

“I want to ask you some questions and I want you to be 100% honest with me, do you understand?”

“Yeah. I understand,” Willow replied, making eye contact.

“How long have you been sober?”

“A little over two years,” Willow responded.

“Do you go to meetings?” Tara asked.

“Not as much anymore. Once a month. Or more if I feel tempted. But I go to a therapist too. Also once a month.”

“Good. That’s good,” Tara said, feeling a little better, but still fearful. “When are you tempted? All the time?”

“No. Not all the time. Just when it gets really difficult to deal with what’s going on.”

“You were in a bar, Will. When I came to see you,” Tara said.

“Yeah. With Xander. I wasn’t drinking. I can be around it if I’m in a good place emotionally.”

“So your friends know?”

“Yeah. They don’t really leave me alone. Especially if they know I’m feeling down. I know they are just trying to help, but I feel like they’re babysitting me sometimes. I get it. I just don’t want that to be all they see when they look at me. I don’t want that to be what you see when you look at me either, but I know that could be what happens now. I’m sorry, Tara. I fucked up again. I’m really ashamed.”

“No, Will. You didn’t fuck up. This time you made the right choice. You told me. And you’ve been sober for a long time. That’s really big. It’s just that… You know this is a thing for me. So, I just, I want to see how things go for a while, okay?”

“Yeah. Whatever you need, Tara. But, uh, just for clarification what does that mean exactly? Like, are we still… whatever we are? Or are we taking a break? Just so I know. I don’t want to cross any lines.”

“I don’t know what to call it. I’d say we’re tentatively a couple, I guess, if you need to label it. And we’ll take things a day at a time. But Willow, what happens if we have a fight or something? Are you going to start drinking?” Tara asked.

“I can’t say that I’m not, Tara. I really, really want to promise you that. And I’ve dealt with a lot in my two years sober, but I’m weak sometimes. You know that better than anyone. The last thing I want to do is disappoint you. But that’s why I’m trying to be honest now. I hope that doesn’t change your mind, but it’s the truth.”

Tara definitely respected Willow for being so honest despite what the consequences would be, but she wondered if that was enough. She’d seen what someone in Willow’s situation could do to a family. To her. And she was already taking a huge chance as a result of the letter. But Willow was not in short supply of redeeming qualities. She was incredibly loyal, passionate, and now, much more trustworthy.

“The one thing, Willow,” Tara said, shaking her head.

“I know.”

At this point, Tara couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. Willow hesitantly joined her as she realized just how much chaos it took to get to the calm they were hopefully on the verge of now. The path their relationship had taken seemed like an excessive tragedy and now it appeared to all be winding back toward a happily ever after. Willow’s alcoholism was a villain they would have to fight together along the way. When the room was quiet again, Tara looked shyly to Willow.

“What?” Willow asked, still bothered by her inability to read Tara’s expressions.

“I’m done asking questions for now. And I’m not really sure there’s an appropriate segue into this… And I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, but I’m still kind of, you know... ready to go,” Tara said, cheeks flushing furiously.

“Oh,” Willow said, surprised by Tara’s forwardness. “I, uh,… What’s the right idea?”

Tara struggled to make her arousal less apparent, but was unsuccessful. Willow subtly pinched her thigh to make sure she was awake because the way Tara was looking at her now made her wetter than she’d been in recent memory. The mad dash from ‘I hope she doesn’t leave me’ to ‘she wants me to fuck her’ left her sitting in uncomfortably damp jeans. As her mind was rebooting, Tara straddled her, causing her to lean back on the couch. This simple action caused a flush to spread across Willow’s face and chest.

“I know it must feel like I’m giving you mixed messages,” Tara started, kicking off her shoes.

“No. Not at all. I get it,” Willow said, barely able to form sounds that made words.

“I do love you, Willow. Very much. But I am afraid,” she revealed.

“I love you, too, Tara. And I know you’re afraid. I hate that I’m the cause of that fear. But I will do everything I can to make sure that I don’t make you regret giving me another chance, Tara. You’ll see. That’s a promise I can make.”

Tara looked up to keep her tears from falling. Because, in addition to arousal, she was feeling a whole lot of other things. Trepidation was there to some degree. Willow becoming like her father was a thought that caused her to feel sick to her stomach. At the same time, she felt comforted by Willow’s touch. And she had something Tara’s father didn’t. A will to change. To be better for Tara and for herself.

She also felt like she was where she was supposed to be. Despite everything, she hadn’t felt as complete in the last decade as she had now. Tara latched onto that feeling and returned herself to the moment, allowing herself to fade back into Willow’s gentle caresses.

Willow could feel heat everywhere Tara’s body touched hers and suddenly every article of clothing was stifling. Tara leaned forward for a kiss and goosebumps spread across her skin as she felt Willow pull her more tightly into the embrace. As the kiss drew on, the redhead’s hands were occupied with trying to unhook Tara’s bra.

“Do you want to go in the bedroom?” Tara asked when she stopped to breathe.

“Whatever you want,” Willow replied, pulling Tara down toward her to taste her lips again.

“Here’s fine,” Tara moaned.

When Willow finally freed Tara of her bra along with her shirt, she took a moment to take in the visual buffet that was Tara’s exposed torso. Tara’s excitement was evident as her taught nipples hovered enticingly close to Willow’s mouth. The redhead couldn’t help but feel that this was an invitation. She slowly brought the tip of her tongue to the pointed flesh and drew circles around it.

When Tara shuddered, Willow lost contact with the nipple and expertly found her way to the other, using the same circular motion hoping to elicit the same delicious response from Tara’s body.

Willow was amazed at her own patience as she slowly unbuttoned Tara’s jeans. When the zipper was fully undone, though, her fleeting patience ran out. The scent of Tara’s pure arousal was enough to demolish Willow’s resolve to take her lover slowly. Tara inhaled sharply as she quickly found herself on her back. The tiny couch rocked with the intensity of the movement and both their breaths quickened. The roughness of it caused Tara to release a moan.

“Are you okay?” Willow asked, breathing in deep gasps.

“Why are you stopping?” Tara asked, grabbing a handful of Willow’s shirt and yanking her close.

When their lips met again, Willow felt like she’d suffocate before releasing Tara. They only stopped when Willow became frustrated by how clothed Tara still was. She backed up just long enough to pull off Tara’s pants and underwear in one rough jerk. The blonde’s feet again anchored themselves on the couch cushion and she reached eagerly for Willow’s shirt once more. This time, to remove it. Willow allowed her to do so before removing the rest of her clothing herself. Tara appreciated the expediency of Willow’s approach.

Their bodies touched once again without the burden of fabric and Willow had to proceed carefully. She was certain her arousal had already become apparent to Tara as a small breeze from a nearby fan cooled the drying wetness on Tara’s thigh. This was all but confirmed by Tara’s firm grip on the backs of Willow’s thighs, forcing her pelvis forward.

Tara’s ever reddening cheeks didn’t do a thing to hide how turned on she was. She began to verbally protest when Willow broke the contact between their legs, but instead released an unadulterated moan when an expert thrust from Willow’s hips reinstated that contact. If she were able to entertain a coherent thought in that moment, she might have been concerned about her neighbors hearing her.

Willow continues with a few more rhythmic thrusts and when Tara got too close to the edge, she backed off just enough to hold her at the precipice. When she kissed Tara again, she felt insistent hands trying to initiate greater contact.

“Please, Will. Don’t tease me,” Tara begged.

Obeying Tara’s request, Willow moved her hips away from Tara just enough to easily slide two fingers into her. Willow’s ears were overwhelmed with the pleasant sounds of Tara’s pleading vocalizations, the rhythmic squeaking of the couch springs, and the wet suction her thrusts generated.

The latter sound became more prevalent as Tara demanded greater stimulation. Then, for a brief moment, all Willow could hear was the sound of the fan as Tara held her breath from exertion. As her hips began to lift off of the couch, Willow adjusted her hand to accomodate the new angle.

Willow slowed her thrusting to a stop when Tara’s body relaxed. Willow turned sideways to sit on the couch and moved Tara’s legs to rest on top of her thighs. She lightly ran her fingertips over any part of Tara’s skin that was within reach. When she recovered, Tara once again straddled Willow unexpectedly.

“Now do you want to go to the bedroom?” Tara asked.

Willow could only nod. Tara stood from the couch and took Willow’s hand, showing her the way. When she turned on the light, Willow quickly took in her surroundings before Tara ripped the sheets down to the bottom of the bed and urged Willow to lie down.

Tara climbed onto the bed and was on all fours, face to face with Willow. Tara was so close yet not touching a single millimeter of the redhead’s body and Willow was hyper aware of that fact.

“Now who’s a tease?” Willow asked as Tara smirked.

It may have been years, but Tara knew that Willow was in no mood for foreplay now. She allowed her hair to tickle Willow’s stomach on her way downward and Willow’s body visibly strained with the anticipation.

As Tara’s tongue and lips gently surrounded her, she realized immediately just how long the past two weeks had really been. She’d gone too many days without experiencing the expert dance that Tara’s tongue was capable of. Part of her wanted to draw out this moment to feel Tara’s silky softness upon her even longer, but she was overwhelmed by the pleasure she was experiencing.

The erratic breathing coupled with the desperate moans let Tara know exacltly how close Willow was and she redirected her attention, choosing to lie next to her instead. Willow’s hips still searched for some part of Tara eventually finding skilled fingertips.

While Willow writhed under her touch, Tara kissed her causing her to split her focus between the two sensations. However, Tara’s urgent circles quickly brought her back to the same height of arousal as before and Tara didn’t even have the opportunity to enter her lover before she felt the spasming release. Her mouth, still occupied by Tara’s, could not draw in air and so she inhaled sharply through her nose before finally pulling back to breath in more deeply.

Tara maintained her position, resting on her side next to Willow. Soon the room was quiet again as both their breathing steadied. Willow opened her eyes and turned on her side to face Tara.

“I really missed you, Willow. And I don’t want to anymore,” Tara said, running her fingertips up and down Willow’s arm.

“What do you mean?” Willow asked.

“I want to move back to Sunnydale. To be close to you.”

“But you said-”

“I know what I said. Do you not want me to?” Tara asked, breaking their eye contact.

Willow sat fully upright and gently placed her hand on Tara’s cheek.

“Of course I want you to. Emphatically. But you have a life here. A job. Friends. I don’t want to be the reason you leave all that if you do decide that you’re not able to be with me and my… problem. I don’t want you to resent me. And I told you, I’d move here in a second if you asked me to. You only have to ask,” Willow said.

“There isn’t anything here for me, Willow. This is just another place I ended up while trying to find where I’m supposed to be. And I finally did because of you.”

“Tara, I have to say, I had no idea how this weekend was going to go. There were a few hundred scenarios in my head,” Willow began.

“I believe that,” Tara said, giggling softly.

“This one wasn’t even on the radar. I mean, how could you forgive so much from me? What have I done to deserve that?”

“You did what you couldn’t before, Willow. You told the truth. All of your truths. The alcoholism, that’s going to be tricky for me. I can’t pretend I’m fine about that. But do I trust you? Yes, I do,” Tara replied, sincerely.

“Thank you for trusting me.”

“Well, thank you for earning it,” Tara added.

“Can I help you move?” Willow asked.

“Only if you comply with my strict dress code,” Tara replied, smirking.


“You don’t even know what it-”

“I assume it’s similar to my current state of dress,” Willow interrupted, indicating her nakedness.

“You’d be right,” Tara said.

“Deal,” Willow said again, kissing Tara and relaxing back onto the bed.

Both were exhausted now and just the thought of all of that physical labor added to their desire to sleep. And Willow was looking forward to the morning. That was a feeling she was finally getting used to again and she wouldn’t sabotage it this time.


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 Post subject: Re: Therapy
PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:25 am 
20. Not one Much for the Timber
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Great job Ashley!

I like how you gave Willow the a real world version of addiction and a reason for Tara’s reticence. I also liked the fact that Tara’s intense love for Willow allowed her to take a chance and give their relationship another shot. Just as things should be.

I’m sad to see this story end and I do hope you have another up your sleeve.

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 Post subject: Re: Therapy
PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:29 am 
3. Flaming O

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Hey Ashley. Thanks for a great story. I've really enjoyed the ritual of the last few months, a daily check for an update on Therapy though I missed the final one due to my current preoccupation with the World Cup and Wimbledon!

I didn't expect the end so soon, but I'll live. Most importantly Tara and Willow are back where they belong, together. Great twist by the way!

I hope you have other stories in the pipeline and if you're writing I'm reading.

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