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 Post subject: Short Fic: Silhouette (NC 17)
PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:34 am 
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Title: Silhouette
Author: Dixon (
Rating: NC-17, ADULTS ONLY. This fic contains adult themes between W&T who are consenting adults.
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Spoilers: Set mid S4, pre NMR.
Summary/Notes: I'm not much for writing 'steamy scenes' but this idea took hold and wouldn't let me focus/work on anything else and since I am hellbent on finishing 'The Wish' I figured I had no choice but to go with it. Inspired by Halestorm's song I Get Off.


"Are you sure you don't mind me crashing here tonight?" Willow asked even as she kicked off her shoes and dropped her bag on the girl's bed, "I know it's like, super last minute, and super late."

"You can come over a-anytime," Tara answered as she closed the door, "really."

"Thanks," Willow smiled as she looked around the familiar room, still fascinated by the blonde's unique and eclectic tastes. "I know I've been imposing on you a lot. I just… really like being here."

Tara beamed before moving around the room lighting candles "H-how bad is it?"

"Huh?" the redhead asked, pulling her attention away from the Christmas lights adoring the ceiling. Willow loved how they twinkled against the dark paint like far away stars.

"The monster-guy," Tara explained, "the one who might know where your dorm room is."

Willow chastised herself internally. She didn't overtly lie to Tara about being in danger but she may have exaggerated it… a bit. The hacker wasn't trying to be dishonest, she really wasn't, she just really wanted a reason to be in the blonde's presence any chance she got. Especially if meant the potential for some nighttime cuddley-goodness.

"Oh, uh… we don't know a lot about him yet," she answered, "just, uh, better to be safe than sorry. Kinda the Sunnydale motto."

"Right," Tara nodded. She turned off the lamp and the room was immediately blanketed in a warm glow. The scattered candles danced in the soft breeze and they painted hypnotic murals on the wall.

"So, um, is it still okay to share?" Willow asked as she stretched out on the bed. "I wouldn't want to crowd you," she said even as she envisioned herself wrapped around Tara throughout the night.

"You're not crowd-y," Tara smiled, "you're… cozy. Especially on a chilly night like this."

"I'm glad," the redhead returned her smile, "I'm ready to turn in if you are. I know you have class in the morning."

"Yeah, I just need to change," Tara said quietly.

"Okay," Willow answered happily as she tossed the extra pillows off the bed. She peeled back the covers and relaxed amongst the smooth sheets. She inhaled deeply and took in the scent of sandalwood and vanilla. Tara's scent, she thought happily and smiled. The only thing missing is the curvy blonde that goes with the delicious scent. Willow tilted her head up, green orbs searching for the object of her thoughts. As soon as her eyes fell on Tara, her jaw fell open and she stopped breathing.

Oh… My… Goddess…

Tara, with her eclectic and yet ever modest taste, had acquired a vintage dressing screen a couple of weeks ago. It consisted of eight cloth panels framed with intricate wooden boarders. It was a beautiful piece of history and furniture but it wasn't what Willow noticed about it; it wasn't what she came to see each night. What she did notice was that the cloth panels of the screen were made of a thin, white fabric that, with the candle light dancing behind it, made the material nearly transparent. And beyond that screen was the most magnificent thing she had ever seen… Tara's perfectly visible silhouette.

Willow sat mesmerized as she took in the scene before her. She watched, hypnotized as Tara lazily unbuttoned her blouse before slowly sliding the garment off her shoulders and down her arms before dropping it to the floor. Delicate fingers then reached for clasp of oversized pants and Willow heard herself swallow. As soon as the clasp was released the pants fell to the floor and were unceremoniously nudged away by a bare foot.

It was a scene she had witness several times before but the redhead could no more resist the display before her than a moth could a flame and Willow greedily took in the vision before her. Tara's nearly nude silhouette was highlighted perfectly and she drank in every delicious curve.

Tara reached behind her, her slender fingers searching for the hook to her bra and, for Willow, time seemed to slow to a crawl. Then, suddenly, the hook was released and the lacey material was pulled slowly... so very slowly… off. Darkness began to ebb Willow's vision and she had to remind herself to breathe. She took a ragged breath, and then another, never once pulling her eyes away from the magnificent display before her.

Willow's eyes moved wantonly over the luscious curves and she licked her lips. Her eyes widened as she saw Tara's hands sliding up her body and it took every ounce of willpower she had to keep from shoving her hand into her pj bottoms as she watched the blonde massage her freed breasts. Even from across the room, the redhead could see the nipples harden and rise under the soft touch and she felt her breathing quicken.

This is how I'm going to die, she thought, this is how I WANT to die.

Tara reached for her underwear and slid them slowly down her long, shapely legs and Willow found herself feeling hot and cold at the same time. Tara is naked. I'm sorta-kinda almost looking at Tara naked. Beautiful, Glorious, Delicious, naked Tara. Goddess she's perfect. Willow didn't think the scene could be any more erotic and she sat mesmerized. But then… Tara reached up and released her hair from the sloppy bun it had been in. She tilted her head back and casually shook her hair loose. Willow sat with rapt fascination as the long, silky hair cascaded down an ever so sinuous, arching back.

I will never see anything more beautiful than this. There is nothing more beautiful than this... than Tara.

The shadows on the wall jumped violently and Willow felt the cool air from the window waft across her exposed arms. She looked down at the goosebumps that erupted on her skin before quickly returning her gaze to the dressing screen and the sensual woman behind it. She frowned when she saw that Tara was stepping into a pair of boxer shorts and she closed her eyes to try and recapture the vison.

"Everything okay?"

Willow jumped, startled at the blonde's sudden presence. She felt Tara slip into the small bed and move until their bodies were touching, "Is this okay? It's kinda cool."

"You're cold," the redhead frowned. She lifted her arm and invited the blonde closer, "Come're, I'll have you toasty in no time." Especially since I'm on fire from the inside out.

"Mm, you are warm," the blonde smiled as she snuggled into the embrace, "I'm glad you wanted to come over tonight."


"Mm," the blonde answered as her leg drifted across a thin hip, "I've been meaning to ask if you noticed my new changing screen; you haven't said anything." Tara said, her voice like velvet. "Did you see it?"

Willow's eyebrows rose sharply and she glanced sideways at the delectable woman pressed tightly against her. Is Tara? No, she can't be asking me if… Would she? She couldn't possibly of… Could she?


The redhead startled. Her internal debate must have gone on a little too long. "Umm…"

"You did see it, didn't you?" Tara asked, her breath hot against the redhead's ear. "Did you like it?"

The image of the erotic silhouette washed across her memory and she couldn't help the smile from forming. Tara's voice was washing hotly over her ear and her hand was moving in small circles on her belly; it was maddening and all reasonable thought fled. Willow looked into sapphire eyes glowing in the candle light and she nodded her head vigorously, "So, so much."

"I'm really glad you liked it," Tara purred as she moved sensuously against the redhead, "because I really liked showing it to you."

"You did?" the redhead squeaked.

"Oh yes."

Fire raced through Willow's veins and she let her hand slide up the silky expanse of a delectable thigh that was draped across her, "How much did you like it?"

Tara reached for the hand shyly tracing lines on her thigh and she braided their fingers together. She hesitated briefly but a quick glance into wanton green eyes fortified her resolve and with a breath of desire she pushed the hand into her boxers. "That's how much."

Willow's eyes widened at the boldness of the move but the instant her hand came into contact with Tara's hot, silky center she slammed them shut in ecstasy and gasped loudly, "Oh Goddess."

The delicate digits of the redhead's hand immediately began to swim in the abundant liquid heat and Tara moaned deeply, "Mm, Willow."

The sound her name on Tara's lips set the hacker's blood on fire and she used her other hand to reach up and thread her fingers through silky, blonde tresses and she pulled Tara to her, "Come here." Their mouths crashed together hotly and their tongues immediately began to battle. Her fingers never stopped moving over the blonde's swollen flesh and Tara writhed under her touch.

The desire to taste the blonde goddess pulled Willow's mouth away from Tara's and she trailed kisses down the elegant column of her neck. Willow was unable to resist marking the alabaster skin and she left several small marks along the witch's collarbone.

The feeling of Willow's tongue painting designs on her throat forced all coherent thought from her mind and Tara moaned pleasurably as her hands fisted in the cotton of Willow's shirt. "This," she husked, "needs to go."

Willow pulled back and smiled sensually at the flushed woman beneath her. She leaned in for another kiss as she reluctantly pulled her hand from Tara's warm center. She would have gotten lost in kissing the blonde if Tara didn't give her a soft nudge, "I need to feel your skin."

The hacker thought that was the best idea she'd ever heard and she sat up and yanked her shirt unceremoniously off. Her top had no sooner hit the floor before Tara's hands were on her breasts. Her touch was gentle but determined as she squeezed the milky soft mounds and Willow felt her nipples harden under the loving attention. Tara's touch sent shockwaves straight to her core and Willow felt the wetness between her thighs flood in a way she had never experienced before.

Several pleasurable moments passed before Willow reached out and ran a hand over the ones massaging her breasts. She used her other hand to pluck at Tara's tank top, "Your turn."

The blonde gave her a sly smile before reaching down pulling the top off. "Better?"

There was not much in life that could force Willow mute but the site of Tara's bare breasts, presented for her pleasure, did just that. The redhead's mouth watered as her eyes poured over the magnificent vista before her and she thanked every deity she knew for bringing Tara into her life. "You're perfect," she said honestly, "absolutely perfect."

Tara felt her nipples harden painfully under the weight of redhead's hungry stare and she reached out to her, "And you're too far away."

Willow smiled widely. The distance between then evaporated quickly and both women groaned when their bare chests pressed together.

The feeling of Tara's skin was exciting her in ways she had never thought possible and a deep moan escaped. The emotions were overwhelming and she couldn't be close enough to her lover. Willow rolled their bodies until the blonde was on her back and she was hovering above her, gazing down into blue eyes burning with desire.

"Is this close enough?" Willow husked as she leaned in. The temptation of the blonde's lips was too strong to resist and she leaned in and place a soft kiss on the corner of her mouth before leaving a blazing series of lips and nips down the other side of the enticing neck.

"No," the witch said simply.

Before she could consider the answer, she felt Tara's hands slide down her back and she let out a moan when the blonde's hands slipped under the elastic of her pj pants. Another deep moan followed when the witch grasped her bottom and pulled her closer. Their groins pressed tightly together and the heat was incredible.

"More clothes need to come off," Willow muttered as she trailed kisses down Tara's throat and across her chest.

"Yes," Tara agreed, breathless, "after."

Before Willow could ask after what, she felt fingers tangling in her hair and her lips were guided towards a creamy breast. Her desire spiked and the redhead descended on the soft flesh dampened with sweat. She brought her hand up and cupped Tara's breast possessively as she swiped her tongue across a pert nipple smiling widely when she felt it harden further still.

"Oh, Willow. Mm, yes."

Tara's nails trailed across her back, pulling her closer, and Willow responded by lavishing her breasts with tender kisses and teasing nibbles. She spent several long moments treating each breast to the same delicious attention before she felt hands on her shoulders, nudging her south.

The blonde was writing beneath her and she shuddered as Willow raked her teeth over the sensitive flesh of her tender nipples before kissing her way down the soft abdomen. She tenderly kissed the smooth skin under her lips before reaching for the other woman's shorts.

"Tara?" she asked, looking up the length of the luscious body panting with desire.

The cerulean eyes were washed in passion and she nodded vigorously, "Oh yes."

Willow smiled before dropping another gentle kiss on the smooth abdomen before moving to her knees. A quick tug was all it took for the shorts to come off and she tossed them unceremoniously across the room. A whisper of a touch was all it took for the long, shapely legs to open and Willow eagerly moved between them. Tara's silky thighs brushed against the skin of her bare shoulders and she immediately felt the wicked heat of arousal consume her.

She inhaled deeply. Tara's scent intoxicated her and Willow felt helpless against her desire. The redhead leaned in and used her nose to eagerly nuzzle the pale patch of the soft, downy hair. Her lips immediately followed and the instant her tongue touched Tara's heat she knew it was a taste she would crave forever.

Willow used her tongue to explore every millimeter of Tara's delicious heat and she couldn't help but grin when she heard the blonde beg and felt her body quiver. More, Willow thought, I want more. I need more. Another pass of her tongue had the blonde arching into her trying to get closer still, "Please."

Willow's hips began to move, matching the unconscious rhythm of the blonde beneath her and she brought her hand up and slipped two fingers easily inside her lover.

"Oh, Willow," the blonde moaned loudly when she felt the redhead gently enter her, "Baby, yes."

Tara tried to keep her pace slow, matching Willow's, but her need quickly became too much, too quickly and the tempo of her hips increased.

Following the demands of lover's body, the redhead deepened her thrusts and increased the speed of her pace. Tara's wanton cries almost pushed Willow over the edge and she squeezed her legs together tightly to try and stave off her impending orgasm.

Willow pulled her mouth away from the blonde's center to drink in the delicious site of her lover and uttered a tender, "Come for me, Baby."

Tara lay writhing in the sheets, the candles highlighting her sweat slicked body in an electric glow. Her hair spilled chaotically across her pillow as her head turned from side to side as she was consumed by her growing passion.

"Oh, Willow! Yes!"

Willow's hand was blur between the blonde's legs and felt herself begin to lose control when Tara started to spasm around her penetrating digits. The redhead swiped her tongue against the swollen clit before sucking hard and she felt herself slip over the edge into pleasure's abyss.

"Ohhhh Godddesss!"

Tara's back bowed wildly and her hot core gripped Willow's fingers tightly for a long moment before finally releasing. She collapsed weakly to the bed and threw and an arm over eyes. Willow rested her head on the panting abdomen as the sizzling tunnel continue to flutter around her fingers.

Willow kept her fingers in their hot sleeve until the twitching finally halted and she reluctantly removed them. The blonde whimpered at the loss so Willow gently rubbed the heated flesh soothingly as if to promise their separation was only temporary.

"Come up here," Tara requested, her voice still shaky.

Willow offered a final kiss to the furry mound before moving up the mattress where the blonde crawled wearily into her arms.

"I got you, Baby," Willow offered as she deposited several loving kisses across the blonde's forehead.

The exhausted witch melted into her arms and shivered as their sweat slicked bodies began to cool. Willow searched blindly for the covers and pulled the blanket across their tangled bodies.

Tara felt the redhead's hand moving languidly across her back and she slid her thigh across thin hips and she frowned. "You never took your pants off?"

Willow felt the blonde's breath wash across her chest and she shrugged, "I was more concerned with taking your pants off," she answered honestly.

"It was about time," the blonde returned, "I've spent a fortune on candles this month."

Shocked. Willow's head popped up, "You knew I could see you through the screen?"

"Baby," Tara smirked, "that screen had black panels in it when I bought it."

"You little vixen," Willow slid her hand down Tara's back until she reached her delicious rear and she gave it a solid pinch, "I almost ended up on blood pressure medication because of you and that screen."

Tara yelped and wiggled against the fingers even as she laughed. "I'd say I'm sorry," she pressed herself tighter against the redhead and enjoyed the delicious feeling other their bare skin pressing together, "but I'm so not."

Willow chuckled as she continued to run her hand over the smooth skin of the blonde's backside, "Such a naughty witch."

"I like being naughty for you."

The redhead perked up at the admission, "Yeah?

"Oh yes," Tara purred as she began nibbling on the redhead's neck, "Knowing you were watching me… not being able to see you… mm… I'd be so wet."

"Try being the one watching," Willow said breathlessly as she tilted her head to give the blonde better access.

"I plan to be," Tara smirked as she her hand danced along the elastic waist of Willow's pj bottoms before slipping inside, "later."


PEACE ... Dix

 Post subject: Re: Short Fic: Silhouette (NC 17)
PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 2:04 pm 
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 Post subject: Re: Short Fic: Silhouette (NC 17)
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:thud Naughty Tara - classy naughty Tara, I love the setup of the candles and the screen, very elegant. And the end was very cute too, Tara going DIY on her screen to make sure it's not concealing enough. Thanks :clap

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 Post subject: Re: Short Fic: Silhouette (NC 17)
PostPosted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 2:19 am 
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That was good.
I think the screen was the best bit.

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