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 Post subject: Fic: More Than A Feeling
PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2002 1:36 pm 
Hey i'm a bit of a lurker here and have been reading a few well most actually of the other fics on the board and it has inspired me, well also 2 weeks in a sick bed but hey when life throws ya a curve ball, ya smack it out the park right. So this is my attempt at a fic I hope u enjoy the first of many parts hopefully.

Title -                         More than a Feeling

Author’s Name -         Nathan

Rating -                 M15+ recommended for mature viewing audience. But hey I’m not ya mum so I ain’t gonna spank ya, unless ya want me too.

Disclaimer -                These Char’s belong to Joss and ME and totally not mine. Also title is also a song by Boston but so also listen to it if you get the chance cause its good.

Feedback-                 Totally, unless you don’t wanna say anything, but u could if u wanted to.

Summary -                 Totally AU, this fic doesn’t have a hellmouth, demons the weekly apocalypse or even vamp’s for that fact. It’s set the summer before senior high (I may not be a Yank but I’m pretty sure I know how ya calendar runs). Oh yeah lots of Willow & Tara goodness .

Author’s Notes -         This is my first attempt at writing pretty much anything that didn’t entail getting a c+ for English (which I only did till year 11 but I’m going back next year so ill be better then). I can try and make this as good as some of the other ones but I guess we’ll just have to wait see how it goes, oh and instead of small updates every day I’m gonna go for a couple of big 1’s a week.               

Cheers all.

Heres to Part 1 of many I hope

Cordelia sat on a beach towel and scoped out the local talent as she settled down at the beach. Her close and childhood friend Anya was dating the school loser and was forced to endure their company quite often. Cordilla had been great to Anya and given her some company around these “Freaks” but Cordilla knew Anya would do the same if she ever decided she had the urge to date a loser such as Xander Harris.

Although she rarely admitted it to herself she enjoyed the genuine friendship between the people in the small social circle that was often missing in the attempts of most of the empty friendships that filled out her life.

First of there was Anya who had been best friends with Cordy since she could remember as they both lived on the rich side of Sunnydale and their parents were quite close. She dated Xander, the lovable oaf, although she more often than not got annoyed at his one track mind, she clearly saw he cared for her best friend and that their relationship wasn’t just about sex, though it clearly was a large part of it from Anya’s constant reminders. Buffy was unnaturally strong for her size and was quite butch in a very feminie way. From what she gathered she used to be a cheerleader like herself but was content these days to not walk amongst the hugely popular. Then there was Willow, the geeky redhead whom had grown up with Xander. She was fiercely loyal to her friends and had helped Cordelia out with a few late night study sessions to get her through some exams.

Cordelia layed back down to get some more rays as the others frolicked around the ocean and sand with a frisbee.

“Cordy, is that really you?”

Cordelia looked up to see a blonde staring down at her with outstretched arms awaiting an embrace from the brunette.

“Tara, oh my god, what are you doing here?” came the shrilled reply from the brunette as she got to her feet and quickly embraced the blonde standing before her.

“Well you know what dad’s like moving around all the time, seems were back in Sunnydale for good now.”

“Wow, I mean, Wow your really back for good, that’s great, you are coming to school after summer break right?”

“Totally, I can’t wait its gonna be just like old times, me, you and Anya, by the way have you seen her around I’ve been looking everywhere for you guys?”

Right on queue Anya noticed Cordelia and Tara talking and shrieked out and ran over to greet the blonde with whom she was obviously fairly attached to.

“Oh my god, Tar, what are you doing here?” was all Anya could spit out while sporting a grin that looked like it might just devour her face.

“Like I was just telling Cordy here that it looks like dad’s settled down and getting ready to retire. He figured Donnie and I had plenty of friends here and we grew up here so I’m home.” The blonde spurted out sharing a similar grin to that of her friends that spread quite clearly from ear to ear.

“While I was looking for you two I was scared a bit, wondering if you two even still spoke to each other so imagine my delight to see you both out here together.”

“Hey were like sisters here, you need surgical scissors or at least a Xander shaped boy to keep us out of the room.” Cordelia replied to the blonde.

What’s a Xander shaped boy look like?” Ask a curious Tara.

“Well he’s incredibly good looking with the most amazing body and he kinda looks like me.” came the reply from a smiling Xander.

“Xander” he offered his hand out to introduce himself.

“Tara” came the blondes reply “so you would be…”

“My boyfriend.” Came Anya’s quick reply as she instantly grabbed his arm as if shielding him from a group of sex hungry women.

The blonde stifled a giggle “she’s just as man hungry as she ever was I can see.”

“Well you do remember her favourite letter of the alphabet is ‘O’ of course.” Cordelia said as she and Tara shared a laugh.

“Well lets see, you have no boyfriend, and Tara’s only just got here so I’m assuming she doesn’t have a boyfriend either so that mean, at least I’m getting some.” Anya stated mater-of-fact.

“She’s right, were sorry Anya you’re a very lucky lady.” Tara said as she and Cordy once again stifled laughs but it seemed to appease Anya.

“So what’s all the hub-ub, who’s the new chick?” a smaller blonde said with a redhead standing next to her.

“Oh sorry Tara this is Buffy, Buffy, Tara and the redhead behind Buffy is Willow.” As Cordelia finished of the introductions.

“Nice to meet you”, “you too” as the blondes got there formalities out the way.

“And you Must be Willow?” as the blonde offered her hand out to the redhead.

“Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.” The redhead blurted out without thinking. “I mean Hi” as she proceeded to turn all shades of red.

The blonde let out a grin at the babbling of the redhead. They all gathered round talking ‘bout the coming school year and after a while they started going there separate ways back to there own places for the evening, till it was just Tara, Willow and Cordelia.

“So you coming to cheerleader try-outs on Monday Tara?” Cordelia asked the blonde.

“I actually don’t do that any more, or the date football players. It’s all a little to stereotypical if you ask me. Besides the only genuine people are those like Buffy and Willow here.” Tara replied.

“Okay suit yourself, just means less competition for me to deal with, I gotta go so I’ll leave ya to it. Take care sweetie.” She said as she gave the blonde a peck on the cheek.

“You too.” The blonde replied as Cordelia walked away.

“See you later too.” Willow said in a husky voice after the brunette had left her with the blonde.

“She’s just a bit involved to notice everyone around her, I’m sure she didn’t mean to just walk of like that, but hey it is Cordelia right.”

Willow’s cheeks flushed as the blonde talked to her. For some reason the blonde had a mesmerising affect on her.

“I happen to like circles” the blonde said in a sort of reply to their initial meeting.

Willow looked a bit perplexed at the blonde’s words then it suddenly dawned on her that the blonde was talking about her definition of pi greeting. Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment again thinking about how much of a fool of her self she had made.

They walked side by side next to each other chatting like two long lost friends as they made their ways through the streets of Sunnydale. The evening wore on a bit before the came to a stop in front of a large house.

“Well this is my stop.” Tara motioned towards the house. “It’s lovely” was the redheads reply.

“I hope you don’t live to far from here I could give you a lift in the car if your too far away.” Offered the blonde as she realised that maybe Willow’s parents weren’t in the same boat as hers.

“Nope actually were almost neighbours just on the corner there.” Willow pointed to a rather large house just up the road a bit.

“Oh just across the road from Cordy, that is if she still lives there.”

“Yeah she does, always knocking on my door when she has an assignment due and needs someone to tell her what the teacher already did.”

“If you don’t mind me asking, and I don’t mean to stereotype you but I obviously am, this doesn’t exactly seem like the neighbour hood your from, but don’t get me wrong you obviously are because if you say you are then you are, its just well most of the girls from here don’t really get into the book smarts and usually rely on daddies chequebook to get them into college.” The blonde asked.

“My friends say that I tend to babble but I think you just broke my all time babbling record in the field of babbling” the redhead smiled back obviously unhurt by the blondes assumption.

“Dad’s a stockbroker, Mum’s a lecturer at a community college so money has never really been a big issue for me, I mean I have my own credit card too, its just that stereotypical role that you described that I’m trying to break here. I’m so sick of labels and what not I just want to live my own life and do what I want. That’s what’s so cool about Buffy and Xander cause they let me be who I want to be without the fact that my family has money being an issue.”

“That is so cool and I totally envy everything about you after what you just said. I mean I kinda got dragged into the whole role of princess, well growing up with Anya and Cordy that was bound to happen, but as a grew older I realised I don’t wanna live of daddies reputation for my whole life and he’s totally supportive of me breaking out of the whole stereotype role that I made for myself.” The blonde answered back to the redhead.

“Well if ya ever in need of help breaking out of the mould I’m the girl for the job.” Willow beamed, happy she could offer her services.

The silently stood there for a few moments just looking at each other, each not sure of what to say or do next.

“So with the whole going to school next year thing I take it you’ll be in senior year with the rest of us?” Willow asked Tara.

“Ah, yeah I guess so, with this being my last year before I ship of to college and the great wide world I guess that would make me a senior.” Came the blonde’s reply.

“So we could be classmates then?” The redhead asked.

“I hope so.”

“Me too.”

After that short exchange they looked deeply into each other’s eyes seeing that they were both genuinely happy to be right there at that point in time and nowhere else.

“Dad’s probably waiting for me, he’s a big softie and wont start eating till both me and Donnie are home, he’s sort of a traditionalist and likes to eat tea as a family.”

“Sounds like a great dad to me.”

“He is, so I really don’t wanna keep him waiting.”

“Alright ill let ya go if ya wanna get rid of me that quick” the redhead replied with a grin.

“Bye Willow” was all Tara said as she took up the driveway with a smile the size of the Grand Canyon plastered across her face.

Willow just stood there for a few minutes and stood in total amazement with how well she and Tara had clicked after her initial hick-up during the introductions. Willow knew right then and there that it was the beginning of something special, she wasn’t sure what but she knew it was special and that was all that mattered to her right then.


Her dad greeted Tara as she walked in the front door. “How was your first day back pumpkin?” Steve Maclay asked his one and only daughter.

“Oh you know daddy, running of with all the boys in the town, with all the sex drugs and rock ‘n roll.” She teased as she sat herself at the kitchen table while her father cooked up her favourite pork chops and applesauce.

“Donnie tells me your not gonna be on the cheerleading team, this year.” Her father asked.

“Yeah I decided I’ll just go to the games and watch him when I play without having to worry about routines and the like.”

“I thought you’d like doing the cheerleader stuff, aren’t your friends Cordelia and Anya on the squad?”

“Yeah but I already met knew people who aren’t on the squad so maybe they’ll sit in the stands with me. I don’t really wanna be identified as a rich kid that has everything handed to her on a platter and I know that’s what everyone will think if I’m suddenly on the cheerleading squad and hanging out with Cordy and Anya 24/7.”

“You know you’re anything but a spoiled little rich kid and your mother would be so proud of the way you are today.”

“I know.” Tara replied with a tear forming at the corner of her eye as she remembered the times when her mum was still around. She knew it hurt her dad so much that she wasn’t here any more and that he buried himself in his work to get his mind of it. But she appreciated the time she got to spend with him after and knew that her and Donnie were what kept him going during the hard times.

Just then Tara’s younger brother by one year entered the room, “Awesome pork chops and applesauce.” He stated in his best All-American voice.

Tara looked over at her brother as he sat across from her and offered him a smile. She had always looked out for her little bro and would continue to do so in the coming school year. She knew their mother’s death had affected him greatly though he tried just as hard as her to not let it show. She was so proud of her little brother and knew it was only a matter of time before he was NFL bound with his football abilities and she gave him every ounce of support she could muster.

“So Donnie, big day tomorrow with try-outs and all, you confident you’ll get in?” She knew that he would but she was just making small talk.

“Yeah as long as I have a big sister there for support it shouldn’t be a problem.” He smiled up at his sister.

“Well I guess I better be there then, couldn’t have the school miss out on it’s star running back just because I decide to go perv on a few of the other local talents, besides probably the best place to get a perv will be at the try-outs.” She teased to her little brother.


Tara had decided for an early morning walk before spending most of the afternoon at her brother’s football try-outs. She walked up past the corner where Cordelia and Willow lived across from each other towards the park where she could get away and just think when she was tapped on the shoulder from behind. She swung around to see a panting and puffing redhead staring back at her as she tried to catch her breathe.

“I seen you walking past and thought hey wonder if ya needed some company.” Willow let out as she continued to suck in deep breaths of air after her little sprint to catch up with the blonde.

“Well what fun would a walk in the park be if you didn’t have a babbling redhead to share it with?” grinned a happy blonde.

“It would be no fun at all, it would be about as much fun as a trip to the mall without a babbling redhead or a venture to the beach without a babbling redhead, which I pointed out before would not be fun at all. In fact it would probably rate real low on the fun scale where as a walk to the park with a babbling redhead would be the perfect day to start the day, hence the reason I’m walking next to you and babbling at the same time.” Quirked the redhead as the blonde tried unsuccessfully to stifle a giggle.

“Are you making fun of me miss Maclay?” asked Willow in mock anger.

“I could imagine never getting tired to a babbling redhead in the morning.” Tara put forward without even thinking about what she said.

“I’m sure the novelty would ware off sooner rather than later.” Willow replied in a more serious tone.

“Hey did I say something wrong, or did we just get zapped with mood killing rays?” queried the blonde.

“No, its not that, its just I’m not a good early morning person and I’m not even sure why I got dressed and hurried out after you, cause had it been Xander or Buffy I’m sure I would have just gone back to sleep. But I had I good time yesterday, and I wanted to see you again. Now I think the fact that it’s only 7:04 in the morning is kinda catching up with me.” The redhead reasoned to not only Tara but herself as she tried to explain her sudden mood change.

“Not much of an early riser huh, well I think it’s kinda cute how you came out just for me and all.” Tara replied with a small grin slowly taking over her face.

“Yeah well that’s me all over, cute and all.” Willow replied returning to less than modest attempt to get back into that mood she was in when she had first seen Tara walking by her window earlier in the morning.

“Do you like football?” Tara asked Willow as they continued to walk.

“You mean big guys, in big padded clothes that go bang into each other causing all sorts of unnecessary pain to each other for the sake of masculinity.”

“Hey well if you come to the try-outs with me I wont have to explain it then.” Grinned Tara in response to Willow’s definition of the game.

“This is gonna sound kinda weird coming from a girl in her senior year at high school but football players don’t really do anything for me. But I mean if that’s your cup of tea then I’m sure you could tell me which one you like and I can make smart arse jokes about you and some big dumb athletic type jock.” Willow babbled as she desperately tried to hang onto the fact the blonde had asked her to go with her somewhere.

“Well officially I’m going to support my brother who’s trying out for the team but unofficially I could be kinda funny to tease the other guys. As a veteran of football try-out days, I know that they try to impress the pretty girls in the stand so they’ll be all over you.”

The blonde’s comments had the redhead in a blush, “She thinks I’m pretty, though I’m not sure why that excites me but better someone than no one I guess.” The redhead thought to herself as she smiled at the blonde.

“Well for the record I’m more of a band girl, you know lusting after rock stars and other band members but I can totally understand your desire for the more built like a brick dunny fascination with the athletic type.” Willow blurted out.

“Oh cool a groupie something tells me I see a slumber party with lots of chocolate and boyfriend telling stories.” Squealed the blonde.

“Only if you like dark chocolate” replied Willow totally aware that her boyfriend activity totalled one and she knew a beautiful girl like Tara, would have them crawling all over her.

“I love it, the rest of my family can’t stand it, so I always buy because I know that I won’t have to share it with them cause they don’t like.”

“Totally, my mum’s like I know you have chocolate in here I can smell if, then I pull out a piece of Turkish delight, my personal favourite, and kinda wave it in front of her, mmmmmm dark chocolate. She always swears revenge but I just steal her milk chocolate anyways when she buys it.” Laughed Willow.

Tara laughed at Willow’s story, “I am totally addicted to Turkish delight, I can’t believe it, I’ve never actually met anyone else that likes dark chocolate.”

“Really, now that you think of it either have I, which is really weird cause they always have plenty at the store which would make you think there’s a large demand for them. However it could mean that nobody really like it, hence the reason there’s always plenty of it at the store.”

Tara giggled again, “I’ve met some mighty fine babblers in my time but no of them come close to the level which you’ve obtained Ms. Rosenberg.”

“Well after 17 years practice I should imagine I’m becoming quite the pro.” Willow beamed proud of her high level of babbling ability.

As the two reached the park and continued in their talkative ways, they were almost trampled on by a passing blonde doing some early morning jogging.

“Hey, sorry bout that, Tara right?” the smaller blonde asked the slightly bigger one.

“Yeah, Buffy early morning jogger I see.”

“It keeps me fit and healthy, with the amount of junk food I eat I need to do some sort of daily exercise.” She laughed at her own joke, then as if for the first time locked in on the girl she was walking with, and glanced down at her watch with a concerned look on her face.

“Willow, what are you doing up, it’s only like 7:51. Oh my god, it’s really Monday today and we have school don’t we, oh my god, I’m late I’m not ready what the hell am I going to do?” Buffy panicked as she came up with the only logical reason why Willow would be out of bed at this particular time of day.

Willow cracked a smile and let out a small laugh. “No silly, I saw Tara going for a walk and went down and asked if she wanted company.”

“And how can you say no to a babbling redhead?” Tara responded with a sheepish smile across her face.

“So it’s still holidays, before and in the morning and Willow’s out of bed taking a walk. Either the world is coming to an end or your bribing her with some sort of chocolaty goodness.” Was Buffy’s conclusion.

Willow just smiled back at Buffy who had been her best friend since Buffy had moved to Sunnydale and was a regular confidant when it came to chatting about most things. But in this case even Willow, the brains behind every smart idea ever created in Sunnydale, was at a loss to explain why she had chased after the blonde this morning. After not much thinking on the subject she came to a quick if not completely true conclusion.

“I think I’m just excited about school starting next week, I mean senior year, we get to spend the year planning for college and there’s always prom at the end as well, so what’s not to be excited about.”

“Prom is like 8 and a half months away Will, I think when we get a bit closer and when you actually have a date, you can start to get a bit excited about it.” Buffy smirked to her best friend.

“Hey Tara thinks I could totally get a date right?”

“Hey a hottie like you, the boys would be crazy not to want to take you to the prom.” Tara replied.

Tara’s response made Willow blush with pride. She had a newfound confidence about herself when she was with the blonde and it didn’t take long for her to notice. “I am totally gonna have a date this, even with Oz gone, I am gonna knock’em dead” she thought to herself with a smile plastered across her face.

Buffy joined in for the rest of Willow and Tara’s walk where they talked about a few more things. When Tara asked if Buffy wanted to join her and Willow for the football try-outs later in the day, Buffy decided against saying she wasn’t much of a football/football player fan. She said however that she would totally go to the games with her and Willow to throw her support behind the school and Tara’s brother.

“You guys wanna grab lunch before you head of to the try-outs?” Buffy asked as she looked at her watch and realised that they had indeed been walking for several hours.

“Shit, its really nearly lunch time, my mums probably worried sick.” A concerned Willow took off. “I’ll meet you at the try-outs, 1:30 right.”

“Yeah don’t forget else I may have to get medieval on your ass, not a pretty sight let me assure you.”

“Oh, is that a threat or a promise miss Maclay?” Willow asked as she started to run off. “Bye Buffy, Bye Tara.” She said as she took off in a sprint to get to her parents before they did something drastic like file a missing child’s report against her.

“That Willow is one unique character huh?” Buffy stated more than asked the other blonde.

“She’s special alright I’ll give her that.” Replied Tara as she watched Willow run around the corner in the direction of her house. “Special indeed.”

 Post subject: Re: Fic: More Than A Feeling
PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2002 1:50 pm 
Tara as a popular valley girl. Cool idea. I look forward to seeing where you take this.


TARA: Willow and I always know how to find each other!

ANYA: With yoga?

 Post subject: Re: Fic: More Than A Feeling
PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2002 1:52 pm AU world where it's all hugs and puppies with no hellmouth or demony things. Cordelia and Anya best friends...I could totally see that. This is definitely AU if Tara's family is nice.....heh. Excellent start...I'm looking forward to more. :)


 Post subject: Re: Fic: More Than A Feeling
PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2002 4:43 pm 
wow, great story. And Tara is so different!

Can't wait for more!

Oh baby, want me to rub your tummy? She likes it when I ... stop explaining things.

Hi, um are you? well...I was wondering maybe you want to go out some time...for coffee? food? Kisses and gay love?

 Post subject: Re: Fic: More Than A Feeling
PostPosted: Mon Jun 24, 2002 11:58 pm 
Wahoo Feedback thanx guys.

Yeah i totally get a vibe from Tara where, how the hell anyone could even dislike her the slighest, so typically its people like her who i find are the most popular in society. Anywayz your feedback has inspired me to make double effort on part 2 so hopefully i can get most or all of it done while i spend another day in bed 2day.

Cheers all :smokin

 Post subject: Re: Fic: More Than A Feeling
PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2002 3:55 am 
Interesting approach to the girls meeting.

Much fun indeed. Loveing it.


"Hear that baby? You're my always."

"well, you know, when you play a lesbian witch you've gotta get killed in this fun kind of exciting way, so the heart was the way to go..."

"we have the most amazing fans though they LOVE us."

 Post subject: Part 2 is here already
PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2002 6:08 am 
Finding time inbetween reading every other fic on the board has been the biggest trouble getting this next part done, but without much further ado.

Title - More than a Feeling

Author’s Name - Nathan

Rating - M15+ recommended for mature viewing audience. But hey I’m not ya mum so I ain’t gonna spank ya, unless ya want me too.

Disclaimer - These Char’s belong to Joss and ME and totally not mine.

Also title is also a song by Boston but so also listen to it if you get the chance cause its good.

Feedback- Totally, unless you don’t wanna say anything, but u could if u wanted to.

Summary - Totally AU, this fic doesn’t have a hellmouth, demons the weekly apocalypse or even vamp’s for that fact. It’s set the summer before senior high (I may not be a Yank but I’m pretty sure I know how ya calendar runs). Oh yeah lots of Willow & Tara goodness.

Here’s Part 2 so enjoy.

Willow walked towards the football grounds where she would meet Tara for the boy’s football squad try-outs. “Damn its weird, I’ve known her for what, 24 hours, not even and I feel like I have some unique kind of bond with her. She probably has all kinds of secrets that I don’t know about, and probably don’t want to know about.” Willow thought to herself, confused as to why she had reacted the way she had that morning running after Tara and deciding on going to the try-outs just to be around her.

“I never even go to the big football games, I hate football, on all levels” she tried to reason to herself.

“I can’t believe how quickly I folded into coming to one of these, all the guys there will probably make fun of me, that’s if any of them actually recognise a geek like me from school.”

Willow was still having second doubts when she found herself at the edge of the field and saw Tara waiting patiently in the bleachers. She smiled to herself, removing all doubts that had crept into her mind and jogged over to find a seat next to the blonde.

“Hey I thought your mum had locked you up for a while there.” Tara stated as the redhead found a seat next to her.

“I got lucky, she was about to ring the milk company with my details as a ran in the door. She wouldn’t let me out without the mobile this time.” She said as she produced her mobile as proof.

“Oh cool, we totally got to swap numbers, that way we can sms in class.” Tara said excitedly. “That is of course if you want too, I totally understand if you wouldn’t want my number.” She continued in a mock hurt.

They swapped numbers and practiced a few messages and Tara sent Willow a picture that quite frankly shocked the redhead that Tara would even have something like that on her phone. They continued to giggle girlishly with their phones and continued the small chat until Willow noticed that the guys had stopped practicing and one of the guys were headed in their direction.

“So who’s the gorgeous redhead hitting on my sister?” The boy that approached the girls asked mater of factly.

The question sent a million other questions running through Willows head as a worried look shot upon her face.

“I wasn’t hitting on, I mean not that I wouldn’t, it’s just I’m not that sort of, I mean we aren’t, we were just talking is all.” The redhead babbled out as Tara sat watching her and burst out laughing.

Willow looked at her friend with an almost concerned look on her face before the blonde opened her lips to talk.

“Willow this is Donnie my brother, Donnie this is Willow she’s a new friend I met yesterday, she lives across the road from Cordy. Donnie here fantasises non-stop about two girls and thinks that any girl is just a pillow fight away from crossing the border to girls town.” Tara smirked at Willow as Willow realised that Donnie was just teasing and the whole flirting with Tara was just his Over or more probable Under sexed teenage mind taking over.

“Ah the dreaded teenageus boyitis.” Willow stated, “I here that it’s deadly on some occasions.” She remarked at the slightly younger boy standing before her, now with a smile instead of the worried look that adorned her face just moments before.

“Ah yes unfortunately for us, it only affects the male sex of the species causing us to make complete fools of ourselves in the presence of a pretty lady.” He smiled in response.

“So Donnie I see your totally kicking ass out there again, I told ya you didn’t have to worry about anything.”

“Hey sis, it’s cause you’re here, but now that your beautiful friends here, I might have trouble concentrating.” He replied.

“Well we could leave I suppose.” Came Willow’s reply with a grin on her face, you know go back to my place and start with the pillow fighting.

That response left the football star with more than just a blush as he turned back to restart practice. “I’ll keep my eyes on you so you better not go running of with my sister.” He said turning his head back over his shoulder as he jogged back to the back. Willow had a broad grin across her face, satisfied with the teasing job she had done on Tara’s brother.

“I so wish I had a brother or sister.” Willow said as she turned to the blonde beside her after Donnie got back into his training.

“He is pretty cool, but I kinda envy your family too.” Tara stated with a sadder look on her face than Willow had seen before.

“My family’s nothing special, well okay maybe a little, but I mean the whole sibling thing, I totally miss that.”

“It’s just, its kinda hard to talk about, I haven’t really talked about this to anyone but for some reason I feel like I can tell you anything.” Tara replied.

“You can you know, tell me anything?”

“It’s just, a few months ago, my mum died.”

“Oh my god I’m so sorry to hear that.”

“You don’t really have to apologise, I mean it’s not your fault.”

“Yeah but here I am, rubbing in how much my mum worries about me, not even thinking about yours.”

“Hey don’t be upset about that, my mum was the same before she got sick, it kinda brings brought back some nice memories when you talked about yours like that.”

Willow felt a sudden urge to comfort Tara, not really knowing how to react she just lent over and pulled her into a gentle hug and whispered in her ear. “If you ever want to talk about it, or anything at all, I want you to know I’ll be here for you, no matter what.”

“I’d like that very much.” Tara replied with a sniffle as she held back her tears and returned the embrace that Willow was offering.


Later that evening on the walk home, Willow and Tara were just walking side by side, neither saying much, kinda worn out from the long day, and the fact school was a mere three days away.

“So Donnie made the team then, I’m not quite sure what the hell happened out there.” Willow stated.

“Yeah, not that he really had to show up, he’ll be a star one day mark my words.” Tara said with a small laugh, really proud of her little brother.

“So it’s good he can run when he’s got the ball, and the other guys, don’t pound him into the ground.”

“Yeah kinda the whole point Will.” Tara said with a giggle.

“Oh I wasn’t sure, I thought maybe the whole point of it was to, you know, get pounded into the ground. You can’t really understand men sometimes with the whole testosterone thing.”

Tara let out another laugh, amazed at how easily the redhead found it to cheer her up with the slightest bit of knowledge. “I hear that sister.” She replied as they both let out another laugh.

They walked on a bit more in silence, the lighthearted mood shifting back to the glum one just before.

“She was really sick.” Tara turned to look at the redhead, who was obviously aware of what Tara had been thinking about.

“Was she in a lot of pain.”

“Yeah I think she was, not that she ever mentioned it to any of us. Dad and Donnie were kinda in denial the whole time, which kinda left me to look after her. I know they didn’t want me to carry that burden, especially dad…. They just, you went bout like mum was fine, though you could tell they knew deep down she was bad, they just didn’t want to admit it to themselves.”

Tara was near tears but couldn’t stop herself from getting the one thing off her chest that she so desperately needed to get off.

“When it became clear that she, she wasn’t going to get better, the house was really quiet all the time. Every one was afraid to talk because we were all trying to be the strong ones, though I don’t think any of us were. It was the hardest thing seeing mum get worse everyday, but she wanted to be with us when she left, and I guess we wanted to be with her too. They had people at school, counsellors and such that tried to help Donnie and me through it. But I think it hit Dad the hardest of all. He and mum were high school sweethearts and there wasn’t a day when you could tell their love wasn’t getting stronger for each other.”

Willow kept up the slower pace that they were now walking without ever breaking eye contact from her new friend. She just listened like she knew she had to and could feel how much the girl beside her was hurting. She just wanted to curl her up into a ball, in front of a fire, stroking her hair and cuddling her till she fell asleep. She just kept walking and listening intently however as the blonde continued her story.

“Donnie really buried himself in his football practiced, he set all kinds of school records in the last part of last year when mum was really bad. It was his way of kinda letting loose a bit of steam because I could tell he was really angry that this was happening to mum. He couldn’t bring himself to even much talk to mum, I’m not sure why, I knew that it hurt mum that she didn’t see much of Donnie after she got sick and she asked me about him all the time. He was always there for me though, looking out for me, kinda like a big brother despite the obvious fact that he’s younger than me, but always there for me.”

Tara knew she was probably sounding like a crybaby and was probably boring Willow to tears so when she looked up at the redhead and looked in her eyes. She felt something in her heart as the look of total regret and sorrow on Willow’s face. She knew that Willow cared and wouldn’t judge her for anything and that if she needed to get this of her chest that she’d be there no matter what.

“Dad buried himself in his work while mum was sick, not that his gone in since she died but while she was sick, he kinda was like Donnie and hoped life’s problems would sort themselves out while they buried themselves in their respective tasks. That kinda left me to do all the looking after mum stuff. It was hard, Dad and Donnie were always there for me and they tried to make my life easier, It just hurt mum that they couldn’t be there for her. The worst part is I wish I had something to burry my life into while she was sick so I didn’t have to watch her die. My god I feel so selfish but that’s not something I would wish on my worst enemy. I was angry with a lot of things and just after she died I got really messed up and that’s kinda why we moved back here. Dad thought I’d be better of with my old friends, but it’s turned out it’s a new one that’s helped me most of all.”

Willow was shocked at her new friend’s statements and suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable, not quite sure how to react to what was just said.

“I don’t mean to prod or anything and stop me if a cross I line here I shouldn’t. What do you mean you really got messed up.” Willow asked with a worried look on her face.

“Oh. It was for about a month really, the start of the summer. Dad and Donnie they were always there for me. They realised that I took most of the fall when mum was sick and they felt really guilty about it and they helped a lot. Dad’s been great and like I said before I think. He hasn’t been back to work since mum died. Changing his priorities and making sure Donnie and I get back on our feet.”

She looked up at Willow trying to avoid the real question that Willow had asked, but when she looked in Willow’s eyes she knew she couldn’t lie.

“I got into some pretty heavy drugs, and a pretty dangerous life style. I fell in with a really bad crowd and it wasn’t till the guy I was seeing at the time OD’d and it all sort of came crashing back to me. I was kinda self destructive but I realised I needed help and that I was hurting the people I love by doing what I was doing and dad was only too happy to help. So here I am away from everything that was bad and trying to make a fresh go at it.” Tara finished with a half smile as they stood at the front of Tara’s house.

“You want to come in, I mean I’m sure my dad would love to meet you?”

“Sure he sounds like a swell guy, I mean I wish sometimes my dad would take some time of work but well, now I just feel grateful for what I got.”

Tara just smiled at her. “Come on, Oh and Will.”


“Thanks, for well everything, I’d really appreciate if you kept our conversation to yourself but thanks for, ya know, being there and all.”

Willow smiled at the thought that Tara had shared something with her that she hadn’t shared with anybody else. “Anytime” was her reply.

With that Willow and Tara headed up the path towards Tara’s front door. When they got to the front door Willow found her self more than a bit nervous. “I’m really going inside her house. Wow I can’t believe how nervous I am, I mean I go in Buffy’s house all the time and I’m sure her dad’s as nice as she says he is.” Willow thought nervously to herself.

They stepped inside, “I’m home Dad.” Tara yelled as she walked through the front door.

“In the kitchen sweetie.” Willow heard a loud masculine voice come from a few rooms down.

Willow followed Tara to what was obviously the kitchen where she seen a man in a pink frilly apron. She let out a giggle at the sight as the man quickly took it off and hid it behind his back.

“You could’ve said we had company sweetie.” He said in an embarrassed tone.

“Yeah well that would’ve taken the whole fun out of the you wearing the frilly apron now wouldn’t it.”

“So I’m Steve, Tara’s dad and you are?”

“Oh, Willow we met yesterday, at the beach. I live across the road from Cordelia.”

“You poor thing.” He stated teasingly which got a laugh for both Willow and Tara.

“I’m making meatloaf, your friends welcome to stay for dinner if she likes, you know I always make to much.”

“That’s very nice of you Mr. Maclay.”

“Steve please, kinda don’t like being called Mister in my own home.”

That’s very nice of you Steve, but are you should I wouldn’t be imposing, I mean I’m not one who imposes on people, because I don’t like imposing. Imposing is rude and I wouldn’t like to be rude, but refusing your offer would be rude so I’d be delighted to stay.” She finally got out as a broad grin went across Steve’s face.

“I like her.” He said finally.

“Me too.” Was Tara’s reply.

Dinner went of without out a hitch even after Donnie had gotten in and the teasing had continued from where it was left of earlier in the day. Willow was totally smitten with Tara’s family and they all seemed to love her too. After they finished dinner Tara invited Willow up to her room, much to the amusement of Donnie, who in no means let them know what he thought they were up to.

“Nothing wrong with a little pillow fighting.” Tara snickered at Donnie as her and Willow let out a laugh as they both climbed the stairs in the direction of Tara’s bedroom.

When they reached the door with the big sign on it that said “Tara’s Room” They came to a stop.

“You gotta promise me not to laugh when you step inside.”

“I swear I will not laugh at the state of your room when I enter.” Willow said with a smile on her face as she raised her right hand and put her left over her chest.

When they entered the room Willow burst out into a fit of giggles as she saw the wall covered from head to toe in N’Sync pictures.

“Now is probably not a good time to tell you of my dislike for boy bands.” Willow said still trying to stifle her laughter however unsuccessful as it was.

“I happen to think they are extremely talented at what they do.”

“Yes will isn’t much as they don’t right there own music or even play it for that matter.”

“So what, you some sort of metal head or something.” Tara asked teasingly.

“It’s not that, having dated someone in the music industry, I sort of lack respect for people who don’t write there own music, or for that matter even play there own music.”

“So you feel sorry for the people who actually do write and play the music for these so called manufactured bands, who don’t get any credit.” Tara asked teasingly.

“Well face it, the guys who sing are giving bucket loads of money and fame for the easy part of creating a song. Not that they aren’t good singers it’s just I kinda know the process behind making a song and there’s a lot more to it than singing from a sheet of paper in front of you.”

Tara was a little surprised at how serious Willow had taken all this. “Miss Rosenberg, I can’t help but feel your holding out on me here, I totally understand if you don’t wanna talk about it but I thought you know, you could tell me anything.”

Willow felt a bit guilty as she remembered how the blonde had poured her heart out to her just a few hours before. She felt really comfortable in the presence of Tara and began her story.

“I used to date a guy in a band, Oz, he played guitar for a local band. He was a senior last year. I mean it was love at first sight when we first met and we were together for like 18 months. I loved him so much, I mean he was my first ya know I mean my only and I just kinda thought you know he’d be the one. We talked about how when he went to college and I was in senior year it’d be just like when his band finally made it and he was on the road for a bit. Like our love would keep us together and me being and idiot believed him.”

“You’re not an idiot sweetie. He is the biggest idiot if he did anything to hurt and lose you forever. You hear me, you a pretty, intelligent and funny person, god I’ve known you barely a day and I can tell that so please don’t call yourself an idiot okay.”

“Okay” Willow looked up with a small smile across her face. She was really touched by the words that the blonde said and decided to continue on with her story.

“Anyway, I found out that they had a huge graduation party that they were playing at and he didn’t even invite me. I didn’t think much of it at the time and decided I’d go and surprise him and well lets just say he was the one doing the surprising.”

“What happened, was he with someone else.” Tara asked listening to every word intently.

“It was the weirdest thing, he was in bed with a guy and a girl, and it totally freaked me out. I mean, I don’t know what I mean it totally freaked me out and I wasn’t sure what to think. Like was it my fault, I wasn’t something or I doing something right.”

“What that he was with a guy?” Tara asked trying to play her part as the supportive friend.

“That he was with someone else, I mean yeah I was shocked that there was a guy, but I mean there was another girl too. He tried to explain to me that he was upset about the fact we’d be apart for most of the year and he wasn’t sure if he could handle not being with me. All of a sudden I felt like the bad guy again and I didn’t know what to think. I rushed of into the party and the girl he was with earlier and introduced herself. She was like, I didn’t know he had a boyfriend and that they had done what they were doing before and that he was pretty much a sleaze.”

“So what happened then, did you kick him to the curb.”

“Not exactly he played with my head and my heart and for some stupid reason I forgave him. After a bit he came to me and he told me the truth about everything. From him being bi-sexual, to him sleeping with other girls and that he blamed himself and that he wasn’t a very nice person. He told me that when he went of that he wouldn’t be able to honestly be able to be with me while he was so far away. He said I deserved someone who would always be honest with me and that it couldn’t be him no matter how much he loved me. He walked away after that and I haven’t talked to him since. Buffy thinks we just kinda left it till I go to college next year, but I know there won’t be any Willow and Oz reunion next year.”

Willow had tears in the corner of her eyes as Tara pulled her into a gentle embrace.

“Well he was right about one thing you know.” Willow looked up oddly at Tara after she had said that wondering which part.

“The bit where he said that you deserved someone who would always be honest with you, no matter what. You don’t just deserve that but so much more as well.”

Willow looked up at Tara with teary eyes, but not so much from the sad story she had just recalled but from the sweet words that Tara had just said to her.

“Wow what a day huh, we both have earth crushing moments in our lives locked away and suddenly wham there out there huh.” Willow stated at the impact this day could have on the rest of their lives.

“I’m glad though, I mean its not everyday you meet a friend who you can share life changing moments with. I really needed a friend coming back here, and I don’t mean just Cordy and Anya as great as they are.”

“I’m really glad it’s me who gets to help you through this, and vice versa I guess. Were both going through a tough patch in our lives right now and I guess we need each other to get through it huh.” Willow replied as a silence set over the room.

After a short almost uncomfortable silence Tara decided a change of topic was just what the doctor ordered.

“So what say you and I get a bucket load of Turkish delight and watch a crap load of teen movies tonight in our own little slumber party.” Tara asked the redhead beside her.

“I would love to but my mum gets a bit funny about people she doesn’t know.” Willow replied and just like that her mobile started ringing.

“Mum I’m fine okay.” Was the way Willow answered her phone, which brought a smile to Tara’s cheeks.

“Actually she just asked if I wanted to stay the night are you okay with that?”

“Of course I want to I wouldn’t have asked if I didn’t?”

“You mean Yes just like that, wow, okay cool, we might be down a bit later to collect some stuff. She just lives up the road.”

When Willow hung up her phone she noted a huge smile across Tara’s face.

“You still realise that you haven’t asked your dad yet, he could say no as well.”

With that Tara took Willow’s hand and raced downstairs to find her dad going through a lifestyle magazine.

“God damn it, do have to always barge in, in the most embarrassing moments of my life with your friends.” Steve said with a hint of mock anger in his voice.

“Well now we have ammunition so you better fold to our demands.” Tara stated with a smile.

“How much money do you want?” He asked pulling out his wallet.

“Well actually all we wanted was to see if Will could spend the night, but now that you mention it, a hundred wouldn’t go astray either.

The large Man smiled as he pulled out a hundred dollar bill from his wallet, “Will she be requiring the guest bed room or are you too gonna do girlie stuff that goes on during these sleepovers.”

“Well we were thinking of having a tea party, your more than welcome to join us if you like.” Willow teased as the older man and Tara both looked at her in a little shock.

“You wont go telling Donnie about this right, I mean how’s he supposed to play catch with his old man when he cant get the thought of me wearing a filly pink apron while reading a magazine about the nicest flowers to put in your garden.” He grinned at his daughter.

“Well as much as I don’t see you and Donnie playing catch anytime soon your secrets safe with us.” She stated and with that she took the money and put it in her purse as they left to stock up on Turkish delight and DVD’s for what was sure to be a long night ahead.


Willow and Tara got back with enough Turkish delight to feed the entire US Army Corp. and a collection of; Not Another Teen Movie, Scary Movie & Scary Movies 2.

The exact ingredients for a laugh filled night that would take them to the early parts of the next day.

After watching all three movies and ending up in a fit of laughter after everyone, they got to the age-old tradition of hair brushing. Willow put Tara’s long hair in braids, pig tails, she even tried some really extreme styles with hair spray and glitter.

“So, you were gonna be a hair-dresser after you get out of school huh.” Tara asked in a fit of giggles.

“What I think I’ve done a lovely job with your hair. I’m sure people would pay good money to look worse than they do when they get up.” Willow replied with her own set of giggles.

“You have got the prettiest long hair, if my hair looked half as pretty as yours while it was long I would never have cut it.” Willow said with a bit of envy in her voice.

“I love your short hair, It makes you look so mature, so sophisticated.” Tara replied with her own bit of envy present in her voice.

“What, I look old, I don’t wanna look old, I mean I want adults to take me more serious but I don’t think I want to be one yet.”

“Hey no sweat, when we need to get alcohol for the big graduation you’ll be the most popular girl in school.” Tara replied with a smile on her face.

“Yeah well I still wish my hair was as pretty as yours.”

“Oh it is, here, it’s my turn to turn your gorgeous red locks into a hair-do ala Tara.” She replied as a new set of giggles took over the two as they swapped positions so that Tara would have greater access to Willow’s hair.

After another 75 minutes and 4 hairstyles later willow was sporting one of the weirdest Mo-hawks you are ever likely to see. After Tara had finished the hairstyle and started to giggle hysterically, Willow had ordered a mirror, which a giggling blonde complied with.

“Oh my god, I’m never gonna be able to show my face in public again how could you make me look like a side show act a circus.” Willow replied in a fit of her own giggles at her new hair-do.

With that the pillows started flying, first Willow launched one at Tara and Tara had quickly picked one up to defend herself. They got into a mini sword fight with pillows as a soft and fluffy replacement. In a battle that seemed to be going no where quick, Willow pulled in her pillow to use as a shield and charged the blonde.

The move caught the blonde off-guard and they hit the floor in a thud, first Tara then Willow. They had now given up any chance of stopping the uncontrollable laughter that filled the room as Willow found herself on top of Tara looking down into blue eyes.

“You know what Donnie says about pillow fights.” Tara reminded Willow while also taking in the sight of the redheads beautiful green eyes.


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YAY! :bounce What a great update! I just love the fact, that Tara's family is so nice! wow!

And the whole sleepover, hair making and movies watching thing was so sweet! Well, i'm really curious to see what's going to happen've stopped at a very interesting scene...!

Oh baby, want me to rub your tummy? She likes it when I ... stop explaining things.

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I can't believe she like WIllow when her hair is in a mohawk!! It was LOL. Loved the update. Is there another soon???


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Wow I absolutely love this story!!! I need more, more, more I tell you!! Okay probably scaring you now so gonna leave :D Oh, did I mention that I need more!!!

love Aly xxxxxxx

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Part 2 was here already ... but where is part 3?!?!?!

More, more -- it's an addiction, I tellya!

JD ;)

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Yes i agree for more. This is great and has now become my favourite fic. Iv enjoyed reading this today. How you've written Tara is great, so happy and confident.

So may i say WOO and add a HOO to go along with it.

Looking forward to more

Love and hugs

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*GASP!!!* You are just gonna leave it there? THERE? With them all on the floor and snuggly-like? And then *WHAM!* cut off! TBC! Shoot me now.

Anyway. This is a really fantastic story. I really like that our friend (one Tara MaClay) has a nice, loving family and has not suffered from beating or abuse of any kind! Congratulations on the non-angst. Not that I mind angst. I am just a sucker for a happy ending, I will admit. Please update soon!


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Hey all. Your feedback sends shivers down me spine. I am very appreciative to all the people who took that tiny bit of time to write back and i can promise an update rather soon. I also tend to agree with the whole angst thing. I'm in no way against it, it's what makes compelling viewing. Being an avid Ross and Rachel fan has subjected me to near on 8 years of angsty type hell. So i've decided to beat the angst blues that we get, we need a world of sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. Anyways i hope you all are enjoying reading as much as i am writing and i promise part 3 very soon so keep an eye out.



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wow... i'm totally loving this story. Proverbial lurker, but i just had to reply, i love your story that much. I like your idea of tara's family being, well a loving family, and her being popular. Keep up the good work, I can't wait for an update.

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I totally know what you mean with the Ross and Rachel thing....:) I'm enjoying the lack of angst....looking forward to reading more. :grin


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If being stuck in bed with the flu is anything, it's time to write the latest installment for this here fic. Sorry to leave ya off where i did last time but hey i'm gonna do it again so :grin

Anywayz without further ado:

Title - More than a Feeling

Author’s Name - Nathan

Rating - M15+ recommended for mature viewing audience. But hey I’m not ya mum so I ain’t gonna spank ya, unless ya want me too.

Disclaimer - These Char’s belong to Joss and ME and totally not mine.

Also title is also a song by Boston but so also listen to it if you get the chance cause its good.

Feedback- Totally, unless you don’t wanna say anything, but u could if u wanted to.

Summary - Totally AU, this fic doesn’t have a hellmouth, demons the weekly apocalypse or even vamp’s for that fact. It’s set the summer before senior high (I may not be a Yank but I’m pretty sure I know how ya calendar runs). Oh yeah lots of Willow & Tara goodness.

The first part of part 3 that is to say it’s the only part of part 3 cause the next part will be part 4.

Three stretched out beach towels protected the bodies of Anya, Cordelia, Buffy and Xander from the sand that would surely be clinging to them had they not been there. They were catching rays in the Sunnydale sun, hey they don’t call it Sunnydale for anything, as the warm weather clung to the beginning of autumn.

“When Tara called she said her and Willow would be here in five. That was half an hour ago.” A flabbergasted Anya spoke as she took out her mobile flicking through the numbers in her memory for the name that said Tara.

“Were supposed to be going shopping later this afternoon An, I know Tara wouldn’t miss an afternoon shopping spree if the shopping centre was overrun with vampires.” A relaxed Cordelia replied to Anya’s panicked tone.

“Pfft vampires, with the drinking of the blood and turning other people into vampires. I mean really they’re afraid of garlic how scary could a vampire be.” Buffy retorted with an almost superior tone.

“Well can you blame ‘em really, have you actually smelled garlic breath before Buff?” Another Xander wise crack to dull the moment.

“Tara, where the hell are you, you said you’d be here twenty-five minutes ago?” Anya said into her cell phone, obviously with Tara on the other end.

“What do you mean you haven’t left yet, what the hell have you been doing? You said you where leaving then you didn’t, where going shopping remember, do you not like me and Cordy any more?” Anya was anything if not straight to the point.

“Yeah, Yeah, your actually leaving this time, Yes I hear the door closing, five minutes else I’m ringing again okay?” “Right see you in five, bye.”

“So what were they doing?” asked a curious Buffy.

“Watching Bugs Bunny, why the hell anyone would want to watch a rabbit that can talk and stick their finger in the poor hunter’s gun making him blow-up is beyond me. I mean normal bunny’s are scary enough without it being the extra incentive of it being some sort of super bunny.” Anya replied, shaken up about the whole Bugs Bunny ordeal.

Buffy and Xander tried unsuccessfully to stile their giggles which only infuriated the women that was sitting behind Xander, causing her to thrust her feet into his hips, causing him to get the picture.

“Tara’s been back just over two weeks and we’ve not yet been shopping with her yet. There was a time when you couldn’t pull Tara out of the mall and now we’ve not found time in two weeks.” Cordelia stated with a bit of Anger in her voice.

“Do you think it’s at all possible to pry your friend away from our friend a bit more often, these credit cards won’t max themselves out you know?” She continued making her point.

“Hey when Willow helps you with your homework she’s your best friend remember. Besides Willow was down all summer with Oz going to college, she needs someone in her life to fill that void.” Buffy replied in her own stern voice.

“Yes well wouldn’t she normally fill a Oz type whole with another person in Oz’s shape?” Anya added to the conversation.

Buffy and Xander looked at her with an odd look on their faces, trying to decipher exactly what it was that Anya was trying to say.

“What I mean is, wouldn’t she replace an orgasm friend with another orgasm friend?”

Just then Cordelia slapped Anya across her shoulder with a look of surprise on her face.

“You don’t think?”

“No, I mean Tara’s not, and Willow wouldn’t” Anya replied.

“They have spent a lot of time together?”

“We, meaning you and I would have picked this up earlier for sure if it was.”

“We weren’t looking, you don’t find a penny on the ground while looking at clouds in the sky.”

The conversation between Anya and Cordelia had left Buffy and Xander in a total state of confusion. Neither knew where that conversation had steered and they were both pretty sure they didn’t want to know. However many cat’s curiosity killed, it still got the better of them.

“Do you remind repeating that in a language that the majority of the countries population would understand, I don’t speak fluent valley girl talk?” Buffy asked with a certain tone in her voice.

“You two don’t think, what I mean to say you haven’t noticed anything peculiar about the way Willow and Tara act around each other?” Cordelia asked Xander and Buffy.

“Not quite sure where you’re taking this Cordy.” Xander asked obviously on behalf of the blonde to his left as well.

“You don’t think Willow and Tara are you…. Together?” An apprehensive Cordelia asked them.

Suddenly Buffy and Xander broke out in a fit of laughter that caught the other two by surprise.

“They think Willow and Tara.” Xander said to Buffy Not able to hold back the laughter in his voice.

“Together.” Buffy replied with an equal amount of humour added to her voice as they found themselves almost rolling around their respective beach towels. Only Anya’s presence behind Xander stopping him from giving it a jolly good roll around.

“Why is that so funny?” Anya said with a touch of anger in her voice as she debated giving Xander another swift kick in the hips.

Xander bringing himself under control decided himself best to answer his girlfriend’s question. “An, honey. Willow and I have been best friends since like forever. Now I know I haven’t seen much of Tara and sure she looks like a nice person. What I’m trying to say here is I don’t think Willow would take the train to girlstown on account of Oz leaving.”

Buffy nodded her head in support of Xander as she two agreed that something like that would be risky and daring and outright outrageous. Not exactly qualities that rank high in this list that make Willow Rosenberg great.

“Xander’s right Anya, it would be so out of character for Willow. Plus I’ve talked with Tara a few times. She wasn’t exactly checking me out when we were.” Buffy finally put words to her support of Xander.

“Have you seen how they are around each other, besides with your fashion taste sweetie I wouldn’t blame her for looking the other way.” Cordelia sent in Buffy’s direction.

“Hey!” Buffy almost yelled out. “I got know idea what you mean how they are around each other, seems pretty normal to me, besides as much as I love Will, her fashion taste isn’t exactly hootchie coochie either.” Buffy responded.

“The blonde’s got a point.” Anya said to Cordelia.

“I say we just let it go and see what happens, I mean your probably right were just making too much of a little thing here.” Cordelia finished as they all came to a resounding agreement.

“Hey Guys, sorry were late.” The voice of Tara caused them all to turn their heads as they gazed upon Willow clinging to Tara’s arm and whispering in her ear as they both let out a giggle.

Cordelia pulled out her best “I told ya so” looked and directed it straight towards Xander and Buffy. They both shrugged it off but not without some deep resounded doubt lodging at the back of their minds.


Tara, Cordelia and Anya made their way around the Sunnydale shopping mall like they did it everyday of every week. Which in hindsight, they used to. Nothing much had changed since those glory days of years gone. They took to clothes shopping, picking up the latest and greatest the music world had to offer. Cordelia found the absolute darling pair of boots that just couldn’t be resisted.

“I bet she wears ‘em once and never wears them again, not that I should be saying anything, I’d have got them too if I’d seen ‘em first.” Tara thought to herself as she took a sip from her slushy that she carried around with her.

Tara had missed this immensely, spending time with Anya and Cordy had been her favourite of all things before she had left. Now however she wished Willow was here. She thought that obviously Cordy and Anya were more suited to the job but it would be a lot more fun with Willow around. She loved the odd outfits that Willow wore and could imagine watching her try on a shirt with a picture of a kitty and a long black skirt with flowers streaked up the sides. A smile crept over her face at the thought of the redhead before she was pulled back to reality by a hand that had grabbed her wrist and started dragging her in god knows what direction.

“Look Tara I think we need to talk?” Anya stated as she pulled Tara over to a corner with Cordelia close behind.

“About what, you don’t like the vest I brought, I knew it, Beige is so last season.”

“Sweetie as horror as the vest is, it’s not why we pulled you over here. We know, were not blind, I mean you may think you can hide these things from Anya and I but really love, its us you’re talking about here.”

Tara was a little flabbergasted to say the least. She thought she had hidden it perfectly, she then rationalised that she was a big girl and could do what she wanted.

“Look there’s a perfectly good explanation for it.” She said in a defensive tone.

“Which is?” Anya shot back at her, eager to soak the blonde of every juicy bit of information.

“I went through some hard stuff during the summer, not something I’m proud of, but its part of me now and would be way to painful to get rid of now.” Tara replied.

“So it’s just a thing then?” Cordelia asked with a touch of empathy in her voice to her dear old friend.

“Just a little thing, believe me you’ll hardly notice it.” Tara replied with a smile on her face.

“Well does it make you happy?” Anya asked not quite sure what to make of the words coming out of the blonde’s mouth.

“Well it doesn’t make me unhappy, and you know, it’s there now so why get rid of it huh, especially if it’ll just cost money and a lot of pain.” Tara replied once again.

“Well if and when you decide that it’s not you any more, I’m sure Anya and I could help with the whole money spending thing. I mean what are best friends for.”

The last comment had Tara a little bemused, “Was Cordelia Chase just offering me money?” Tara questioned to herself.

“Ah thanks I guess.” She let out in an unsure murmur.

“Oh we love you no matter who you decide to have orgasms with.” A tearful Anya said as she embraced Tara in the tightest hug she could manage.

“WHAT!” Tara screamed, totally confused now by the whole little conversation they had just had.

“You don’t have orgasm’s by getting a tattoo.” She stated as a mater of fact.

“WHAT! You got a tattoo?” Anya and Cordelia shouted back at her simultaneously.

“Yeah a rose on my hip, the reason I haven’t been wearing mid rifts, hello.” As she untucked her shirt to show the offending piece of skin art.

“That is so cool, so you’re not having sex with Willow then?” Anya said as she admired the delicately drawn rose on the blonde’s hip.

“WHAT!” Tara screamed once again as she tucked her blouse back into her hipsters.

“Okay enough with the screaming what please.” Cordelia said. “And FYI she was talking about how you and Willow have been all chummy since you got back. I mean please it’s so obvious.”

Tara looked stunned at the word’s the brunette had just said. She tried to put everything in perspective. “I mean Donnie’s always teasing us about it, but that’s just Donnie.”

“Well then your dumb little brother isn’t as dumb as he might seem.” Cordelia replied.

“Hey his not dumb.” Tara shot back at Cordelia.

“Isn’t that what she just said.” Anya added, giving her two cents worth.

Tara just shot her naive friend a glance that would’ve sent daggers through her, if her eyes could actually shoot daggers.

“No me and Willow, I don’t think…. You really thought this whole thing was about Willow and I being more than just…. Friends.”

“Well sweetie we don’t mean to put you on the spot, but were your best friends and you’ve not spent two minutes with us since you got back.”

“And you two have been awful chummy. We’ve seen Chummy Tara before and this Tara makes Chummy Tara look like a loner.” Anya added to Cordelia’s reply.

Tara decided the best thing at the moment was to sit, she wasn’t sure where, there weren’t any chairs around so she backed against the wall in the corner they were in and gently slid down it. She just needed to think, rationalise, there had to be a perfectly good explanation she thought to herself.

“She is kinda cute in an unconventional way, and god she make you laugh like no one else can.” She rationalised to herself in her head.

Maybe she did have some type of crush on the redhead she just didn’t know it. She looked up at the two sets of eyes that were firmly fixated on her, a look of worry obvious in both of them.

She wasn’t sure what to think still, liking a girl was a big step and she wasn’t sure if she could just accept it like that. It’s a completely different lifestyle than she had ever thought of living, she had been with boys before. Sure none of them rocked her world but they were just stupid teenagers, it wasn’t always going to be like that was it.

“Sweetie, we don’t really care, I mean being out is so in at the moment.” Cordelia said in the most caring voice she could muster.

Without warning Tara just broke out laughing, she slowly got to her feet, but kept her hands firmly up against the wall to support her giggling frame.

“Hey were all with the supporto best friend roles here and you laugh at us.” Anya said with more than a little hurt in her voice.

“You guys are the greatest.” Tara said as she pulled the two other girls into and embrace as she continued her giggling fit as Anya and Cordelia just shared a totally confused look with one another.


Willow had taken up the towel vacated by Cordelia when her, Anya and Tara had left for their afternoon of credit card heaven as Tara had called it.

“So what new in the land of the Xan-Man?” she asked as she tried to break the uncomfortable silence that had engulfed them after the other three had left.

“Not much Willster, just you know making out with Anya instead of homework, that kind of thing.”

“You totally said you were gonna break it off with her during the summer you big fat liar.” Willow teased with a playful punch to his upper arm.

“Yeah that was before she started sleeping with him, now you need a crowbar and a mighty strong person to pry them apart.” Buffy chipped in with her customary smile plastered across her face.

“That or a small rectangle piece of plastic.” Xander added to the making fun of Xander talk that had developed alarmingly quickly.

Willow let out a laugh at the Xander bashing. “Oh poor Xander, are we picking on you?” She said in her best mock supportive voice she could muster.

Another silence overcame the three of them after the Xander mock time was over and it was clear that Xander and Buffy had a bit on their minds.

“You know Anya and Cordelia brought up the craziest thing before.” Xander started as he directed his attention Willows way.

“And what exactly did our tow resident Einstein’s think up this time. OO don’t tell me, they wanted to wax your legs again.” Willow replied as she started up the mock Xander game again.

He just looked at her with eyes that were nothing but love and it seemed to straighten Willow up and put her in a more serious way.

“So what’s this crazy hypothesise that Anya and Cordelia cooked up?” Willow asked with a still playful yet serious tone to her voice.

“It’s about you and Tara.” Buffy interjected.

“Me and Tara, what about me and Tara?” she said with more than a little concern creeping into her voice.

“You’d tell us if something big was going down in your life right, I mean I know it’s hard for you with Oz going to college but you know you can still tell us anything right.” Xander added as the conversation definitely headed down serious road.

Willow wasn’t sure what to make of it all, did they know how much Oz had really hurt her or was something else bothering them. She couldn’t quite tell so she decided the best way to find out was to throw the dog a bone.

“For instance say what might I be hiding?” She said letting the intellect in her shine through.

“If you were seeing someone else, in an Oz type way.” It was Buffy’s turn to add to the conversation that she and Xander were sharing with Willow.

They weren’t quite sure why they didn’t just trust their gut instincts on this and just trust that Willow would tell them if something like that was going on in her life. It was just Cordelia and Anya weren’t the clueyest of people in the world but the things they did excel in ie; fashion and playing cupid. They generally did a pretty good job at it.

“So let me get this straight, you guys are asking if I’m seeing a guy and having a jolly good rebound.” Willow replied, still the curious investigator trying to piece the jigsaw puzzle together.

“Well for instance sake, say that this Oz thing left you in a certain place and new doors were opened, if you walked through one of those doors you’d tell us you went through the door right.” Xander tried to add his logic to it. Unfortunately it didn’t have the desired affect as Buffy even thought for a second if they were talking about the same thing.

Willow was now more confused, if she’d hit the nail on the head before they would’ve yelped but nothing.

“Where exactly do these metaphoric doors lead to?” She asked still trying to find more pieces to add to her jigsaw puzzle.

“What my dolt headed friend here is trying to say if you were gonna try something new, and after a while it was good, or bad, no matter what you’d tell us because were your best friends right?” A more rational Buffy put forth.

Willow was still confused, as she couldn’t think of anything she had done that would appease them she thought. “Of course I would, you guys are my best friends and I would tell you anything but I honestly don’t think we have anything to talk about.”

“So you and Tara, just friends?” Xander asked, still not convinced.

“WHAT!” Willow’s mind raced at a million miles an hour before she clicked as to what her childhood friend was implying. “What no, I mean yes were just friends, is this what this is about. You guys think Tara and I are…?”

“Doing a little dance.” Buffy finished for her.

“Making a little love.” Xander added.

“Pretty much well getting down tonight.” They both added at the same time.

Willow was laughing at the perfectly synchronised speech of her two friends.

“What the hell made you two think that?” Willow said as her laughter started to take over.

“Well like we stated before, Anya and Cordelia have an eyes for these things, and the way you two showed up was kinda coupley.” Buffy replied trying to make sense of the situation now as she watched the redhead try to contain her giggle fit.

Suddenly Willow got all serious like. “Anya and Cordelia thought that we were, and now they have Tara by herself, what if they give her the third degree and Tara admits it?” She said in a concerned voice.

“Admit what Will?” Xander asked more than curious as to what his friend was getting to.

“What if she says she has got feelings for me, then what happens?”

“You said nothing was going on right, so there shouldn’t be a problem right?” Buffy replied as the whole answering questions with questions theme continued.

“Right nothing’s going on, so she wouldn’t have feelings for me like that, I mean sure she likes me. We spend a lot of time together and she wouldn’t do that if she didn’t like me but I’m pretty sure she’s not in like with me right.” Willow babbled as was only natural for her.

“Well if she did, she’d have a good reason, cause you know Will you’re a very likeable person. We’d be totally cool if you know you were in like with her too, right Buff?” Xander said being as supportive as best he could.

“Right, miss supportive of the year right here.” Buffy stated as she raised her hand in the air showing the redhead that no matter what, they were best friends.

“Where did this come from, I mean sure I haven’t really thought about it, but I thought…. Damn I don’t know what to think any more.” The redhead sighed as she wrinkled her brow and put her elbow on her knee and a clenched fist to help support her jaw as she entered a deep thought.


Willow and Tara found themselves on an early Sunday walk the following morning as had become standard on days off, since Willow had chased Tara down the street. They walked a long while with nothing being said, both conscious of the conversations they’d had with their respective friends the day before.

“I love your vest your wearing did you get it yesterday?” Willow asked trying to break the silence that had been there since Tara had knocked on her door earlier in the morning.

“Yeah it was on special, couldn’t really help myself.” Tara replied with a shy smile forming on her face.

“I like the beige, it matches your hair perfectly.”

“Beige is so last year.” Tara answered that got the two of them giggling before silence took over once again.

They continued to walk along the regular path that they had worked out and planned on their third such walk. This was the first time neither of them had said much on one of their walks. There were times when Willow had done all the talking and Tara had just listened intently to everything the redhead had said, but today even Willow was at a loss for words.

“How was the beach after we left, would’ve almost been perfect swimming weather in the middle of the afternoon?” Tara asked, this time it was her turn to break the silence.

“Didn’t go swimming, just ya know, adding skin cancer to one of the many ways my life may end.”

Tara let out a giggle, “You’re supposed to wear sun screen silly.” She said as she bumped her hip into Willow’s playfully.

“I do, I just forget to reapply is all.” Willow replied with a silly grin spreading on her face.”

Once again silence settled over the two as Willow let out a sigh.

Tara tried again to break the silence, “I accidentally told Anya and Cordy about my tattoo yesterday.” She said in an embarrassed tone.

“How do you accidentally tell someone about a tattoo?” Willow said in between her snickers that escaped her after the blonde’s confession.

“They were talking about something else and I thought they knew so I kinda confessed to them.”

“What did you think they were talking about?” Willow inquired almost afraid to ask.

“Nothing really just some crazy idea they had cooked up in their weird skulls.” Tara replied afraid to admit to Willow what the real conversation had been about.

“Buffy and Xander kinda gave me the third degree about something yesterday as well.” Willow said with a bit of nervousness about her.

“W-what about?” Tara asked with a stutter that the redhead had not heard before.

“I’m guessing the same thing that was a crazy idea that was cooked up in Anya and Cordelia’s head.”

Tara looked to the ground as she realised that Willow had gotten the same talking to as she had. Had they really been acting like a couple of love-struck puppies?

“So?” Willow asked in an inquisitive tone.

“So.” Tara replied with a confused look on her face.

“Do you?” Was the redhead’s response.


I told ya so. Damn those friends writer who have installed the cliffhanger spirit in me, makes up for the lack of angst i spoze.

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Aaaaagggghhhh!!!!! You tease!!

Its ok though coz we do know the answer. Dont we? :shy

Great update

Love Lola xxx :love

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Grr..Argh! Bad bad cliffhanger!!! I wanna see the next part! I wanna know, what they are going to say!!!

Oh baby, want me to rub your tummy? She likes it when I ... stop explaining things.

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*Leans over and whispers into Tara's ear* "Yes, the correct answer is yes." *Quickly looks around and runs away*

Dude, this is great. Even with cliffhanger endings, I'm loving this.


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I really like the refreshing idea that Tara's family is nice to her and that there are no monsters up and about. I could do with some levity in my fiction, since reality is heavy enough. Pillow fights....mmmmhhhhhh...he-he-he

oh the memories *sigh*

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Argh!!! Noooooooooo!!! Cant believe u left it there!!! More soon please....I may have to stay on the board 24/7 till i get some more...which would be bad bcos id get fired and chucked out of skool!! Actually, that wouldnt be so bad!

love Aly xxxxxx

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Lucy's dad still has that album on vinyl ! - How weird is that?

Really liking this little AU Fic - Well done !


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very interesting and well formulated AU... though the cliff hanger is cruel... cause even though we know they should get together... its the how and the when that build up the reader



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Yeah this AU is very different and jarring at first but you settle into it and it's nice that Tara has a nice family. Still their essenced remain and heck, was that a stutter? And yeah it's not the what but the how. How they built a friendship first was very sweet and now.. cliffhanger! ! Can't wait for the next update.

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I totally promise an update later today my time which is currently just after 10 in the morning here so bare with me here. I'm totally enjoying writing this largely due to the positive feedback. I'm glad everyone like the fact that Tara has a nice family and that's in part due to reading "Contentment' by Lu, If you ever check up in here, Ed was a major inspiration. Also with the cliffhangers, i got a sick sense of joy putting it in, so maybe we'll see a few more down the track. Anywayz i've decided to thank you all on a more personnl level so without further ado:

Bobos Mom - I really liked the idea of Tara being popular and I noticed that It hadn’t really been done before.

Pikescoob – I couldn’t resist the Anya & Cordy thing, I think they compliment each other perfectly. Oh and nice to know I’m not the only R&R fan out there.

Snuggle79- Not that we don’t like original Tara but a change is as good as a holiday they say.

Willntlover – Always much fun to be had.

Ally02- ah shucks here’s mere with the blushing, I’m not running off anywhere yet. Also a big fan of Finding Me

Jdcioffi – I’m sure they sell patches somewhere lol

Lola19 – loving the wooing and the hooing, I’m glad to make this your favourite fic.

StRaWbErRy – Like I mentioned before, I’m all for the Angst people put our girl through as long as they get together in the end. Though in reality it may be a bit boring but sometimes you just don’t need it.

Gertie1- Glad to see I’m not the only blessed wannabe around here. We all have to start somewhere and I’m glad my fic was your starting point.

Nika – After watching Buffy all these years it kinda makes you wonder what it would be like if they didn’t have to worry about a hellmouth as they are all interesting enough characters. Also I’m glad you liked the pillow fight, there could be another soon, just maybe.

Emily First- Glad you’re enjoying it and thanks for your continued support.

KathleenWolf – I agree totally, if my name was bob you could call me bob the builder. Lame I know but I couldn’t help myself. I Also love the work the rainbow writers do.

Xita – I’m with the friendship thing first as well, even though in the story they’ve only been friends for a couple of weeks, it’s still a platform to go off.

Okay now that i've done the pleasentries it's on with my fic writing and resloving this little implication that i left you with. :grin



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Damn i am so loving writing this story, and your cliffhanger answers will be revealed in the passage ahead... or will they?

It has been brought to my attention that in my non Americanism i may have put a few things in that is distictly not American i.e the use of the word mum instead of mom. Seeing as this is set in America with American citizens i have done my best to remedy it however there may still be a few errors. Anywayz without much furtehr ado PART 4:

Title - More than a Feeling

Author’s Name - Nathan

Rating - M15+ recommended for mature viewing audience. But hey I’m not ya mum so I ain’t gonna spank ya, unless ya want me too.

Disclaimer - These Char’s belong to Joss and ME and totally not mine.

Also title is also a song by Boston but so also listen to it if you get the chance cause its good.

Feedback - Totally, unless you don’t wanna say anything, but u could if u wanted to.

Summary - Totally AU, this fic doesn’t have a hellmouth, demons the weekly apocalypse or even vamp’s for that fact. It’s set the summer before senior high (I may not be a Yank but I’m pretty sure I know how ya calendar runs). Oh yeah lots of Willow & Tara goodness.

Part 4, the continuation of part 3 and the answer to your cliffhanger related madness.

“So?” Willow asked in an inquisitive tone.

“So.” Tara replied with a confused look on her face.

“Do you?” Was the redhead’s response.

“Do I what?” Tara replied more than a little apprehensively

“You know, think that we act like maybe were more than just friends.” Willow replied, more than a little unsure of herself.

“I’m not really sure how two girls that are more than just friends act.”

“Me neither, me neither.” Willow replied rather quickly trying to make the best out of this.

“I don’t really know what to think at the moment Will.” Tara replied with nothing but pure honesty.

“Does that mean that your not sure about us, I mean your not sure weather we could be more than friends?”

“I don’t know, do you want to be more than just friends?” Tara answered Willow’s question with one of her own.”

They both threw questions at each other, but neither wanting to give answers that could potentially ruin the close bond that they had formed over the last couple of weeks.

“I’ve never.” Willow started before Tara cut her off.

“Either have I, not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

“No nothing wrong at all.”

“I hear some people live very happy lives like that.”

“Very happy I’m sure.” Willow finally added before she turned her gaze back to the footpath in front of her as another bout of silence took over them.

“Will?” Tara finally said again, ever the one to break the uncomfortable silence that overcame them again.

“Yeah” she replied feebly.

“I don’t know.” Willow turned to look at her suddenly with a heartfelt gaze.

“I mean maybe I do, maybe I don’t. This isn’t something you just wake up and decide, there has gotta be some thought process involved right?”

Willow took in what Tara had just said. Maybe she does want more than just a friendship and the thought of that got the redheads mind rolling at a hundred miles an hour. If she did want something further was she prepared to take the step as well. What if She decided that if it’s what Tara wants she’d do it only to have Tara not want it?

A million doubts trickled through her mind, “Right long thinking process required.” Willow responded.

They continued walking along in another silence with uncomfortable grins plastered across their faces. Tara was the one who once again broke the silence.

“I mean if it helps any or whatever, for I girl I don’t think your unattractive, I mean I kinda think your kinda sexy” She said as a blush crept over her cheeks.

Willows face also turned a similar colour to that of the hair on her head. “She thinks I’m sexy.” She said to herself as her uncomfortable grin turned into a full-blown smile.

“Your not exactly unappealing to the eye yourself miss Maclay.” She responded as the blonde’s face quickly filled out in a smile that more than matched the redheads.

The rest of the journey was filled with a more comfortable silence as they both just listened to the sounds of the birds chirping way up high in the tree branches as they walked through the park.

They finally stopped outside of Willow’s house, as Willow looked up to her bedroom window, which was quite clear to see on the second story of the Rosenberg household.

“So you wanna come in or something, I can fix you lunch if you like?” Willow offered to the blonde at her side. As tempting as the offer was Tara couldn’t deny that there was still a certain amount of uncomfortableness while in the redhead’s presence, which rather bothered her cause one way or the other she did like her.

“I should probably head home, as great as dad is, sometimes he needs some help around the house though he is loathe to admit it.” Tara replied in her nicest tone possible to not hurt Willow’s feelings.

“I understand, I can’t understand why he doesn’t just get a maid and go back to work, take his mind of things a bit.”

“I know what you mean, though he does keep the money coming in with his stock broker type work over the net at home. I just think he’d be happier back on the job but he’s really guilty about burrowing himself in it while mum was sick.”

Willow just nodded, “My dad deals with the stocks and foreign markets at work so maybe they should get together, I mean It’s be kinda cool if our dad’s were like friends as well.”

Tara let out a small giggle, “That would be kinda cool.” She said as she thought of the prospect of her dad and Willow’s dad becoming friends.

“Anyway I should get going leave you to all your catastrophic cooking abilities.” Tara laughed as she turned away.

“That’s why your not staying isn’t it, your afraid I’ll poison ya.” Willow let out as she broke into her own giggle.

“I think it’s best if our folks didn’t get to know each other at my funeral.” She said as she started to walk away.

Willow just watched her walk off laughing at how adorable the blonde actually could be. “Bye Will!” Tara yelled over her shoulder as she crossed the road to her side of the street. Willow just waved her hand at the blonde until she saw the blonde disappear into her house just up the road a bit.


Willow went inside and pulled a bun out of the breadbasket and went to the fridge to pull out some ingredients that would surely fill her hunger. Before she knew it her sandwich was toppling over on her plate as she tried to steady it.

“Woah, I think I over did it just a little with the fillings.” She mused to herself.

She started to take her plate up to her room when the front door opened up revealing her parents.

“We just got back from seeing your Aunt Elizabeth she’s back home now.” Sheila Rosenberg stated to her daughter.

Willow turned around with a smile on her face, “Did she have little Michael with her?” The redhead queried about her newborn little cousin.

“He’s safe and sound at home, the Briss is on Wednesday morning, you will be there right young lady?” Ira Rosenberg added in a stern but gentle voice.

“Of course, he is just the cutest thing, I wouldn’t miss it for anything.” The redhead smiled as she went up to her room.

She walked into her room and closed her door behind her. She put in a Corrs CD and layed herself down on her bed and began eating her sandwich. She started of thinking about her new little cousin, whom she’d only seen in the hospital a few days earlier when her uncle Thomas and Aunt Elizabeth were cuddled up on the hospital bed holding baby Michael. She’d walked in and given them a large Teddy Bear and was awe struck at how cute they looked as a family.

Her mind then shifted to Tara, and thought about what it would be like if it had been them there with the baby. To her surprise she smiled at the thought. “I bet Tara would make an excellent mother.” She thought to herself listening to the background music. She started to play with the idea that maybe, just maybe she was attracted to the blonde and that their innocent flirtations were maybe leading to something more serious.

“She’s a girl, I’m a girl. It just doesn’t make sense, none of this damn mess makes sense.” She chided herself as she tried to wrap her intellectual brain around something that even it couldn’t grasp.

Ever since Buffy and Xander had brought the subject up it had been all she had thought about. She couldn’t think of anything but Tara; her sparkling cobalt eyes, her lush full lips and her incredibly curving figure and it was killing her. She’d never even thought of a girl in that sense before but now it was the only thing running through her mind at the moment.

Willow finished of her sandwich and put her plate up on the dresser beside her bed and rolled over. She could use a dew hour’s sleep to help clear her mind. As she drifted off though she still only had one thing on her mind, Tara. She knew that the blonde would fill out her dreams and at that very moment she couldn't really give a damn. She drifted of with a smile on her face as she thought about the times she’d spent with Tara and the times she would spend in the future.


Tara walked in her front door and sure enough her dad was running the vacuum through the living room.

“Hey daddy!” The boisterous young blonde said as she stuck her head into the living room to greet her father.

“Hey pumpkin, what are you doing back here already, I thought you were spending the day with Willow?” Her father asked in a sweet voice to his daughter.

“Yeah well, she decided food was in order and offered to make it, hence the reason I ran home.” She replied with a big grin across her face.

Her dad let out a little laugh, “In need of some of dad’s home cooked goodness huh?” He asked joyfully.

“I was actually wondering if I could help you out around the house a bit, I kinda feel bad about watching you do the housework all the time.”

Her father’s face lit up in a look of shock. “You’re actually offering to help out around the house. Are your feeling alright sweetie?” He said as he came over and put his hand over the blonde’s forehead.

“Dad!” She said with mock sternness. “When mum was sick I used to do all this remember?” She said, but at the mention of the blonde who used to be such a large part of their lives they both fell into solemn faces.

“She’d be so proud of you, if she could see you now.” Her father said in his most caring and thoughtful voice he could muster.

“I know daddy, I just miss her ya know.”

“So do I pumpkin.” He responded and embraced the young woman in his large arms and comforted her.

“What do you think she’d say if she seen me in her pink apron vacuuming the floor?” he laughed trying to break the tension.

“I’m sure she’d say you needed to start going back to work.” She giggled as they remained in their embrace.

Her dad pulled out of their brace just a bit to look her in the eye. “About that, I ran into Willow’s dad the other day down at the 7/11.”

“Yeah.” Tara replied her interest piqued.

“Apparently he work’s for a stock broking agency and are looking for staff at the moment, I mean I could mean I bit more money than me just handling our shares over the net.” He looked at his daughter as if looking for acceptance.

“You don’t have to ask me if you want to go back to work daddy.” She replied. “You wouldn’t hold Donnie or myself back if we wanted to go out there and do something for ourselves, so don’t expect either of us to hold you back.” She said with a smile forming.

“Are you sure, I mean I don’t have to. I’m the parental figure here and you know I’d give up everything for you and Donnie?” she said full of love.

“I know you would daddy, and you’ve given up so much already. Believe me when I say that we want you to be just as happy as you want us to be. Were sixteen and seventeen years old now. We don’t need you around here 24/7, we want you to have a life too.”

She sounded so grown up at that moment and it brought a tear to Steve Maclay eye at the thought of it.

“I invited the Rosenberg’s over for tea. I hope you don’t mind, I’m sure you wont, I know you and willow get along like a house on fire.” He told his daughter.

Tara froze at that moment, Willow was gonna be there for tea, and as much as she liked the young redhead, there were still a lot of conflicting emotions.

“I’m gonna just go up and do some homework okay daddy.” She stated as she started up the stairs.

“I thought you were gonna help me out around here?” He stated in a mock anger.

“It’s a pretty important assignment, I can’t believe I let it slip, I should probably be doing it now.” she said

“Okay, don’t want you getting in trouble at school now do we missy.” He responded as he watched his daughter escape around the corner up the stairs towards her room. He knew something was amiss but he decided to let it go. She’s a big girl and can take care of herself and didn’t need him sticking his nose in business he had no right to be in.


Tara went to her CD player and put on and N’Sync CD and pulled some paperwork out of her schoolbag. She knew she probably wouldn’t get much done, which was lucky cause she didn’t really have much to do.

“Maybe she wont come, maybe she’ll be just as nervous as me and decide not to.” Tara tried to rationalise to herself wrapping her mind around the night events that were sure to unfold.

As she kept think of how nervous she was and how uncomfortable it might be, she realised that despite these things, she’d still be disappointed if Willow didn’t show that night. She oh so loved spending time with the redhead.

“She has that smile that you know, just makes you wanna wrap your arms around her and never let go. Oh god I’m thinking about her smiles now, a sure sign of infatuation, being that could I be any more infatuated with her. Look now I’m babbling like she does, and god I love it when she does it.” She giggled at the after thought of her own thoughts.

“God could I be any more smitten with her?” She chuckled to herself as she tried to divulge herself in the book in front of her. No matter how hard she tried though she just couldn’t seem to get her mind of the redhead that occupied most of the space in her head as of late.


That night Willow did show up for tea and found herself seated next to Tara across from her parents who spent most of their time chatting through tea to Steve. Steve sat at the head of the table and Donnie found himself at the other end. It went of without a hitch, Willow and Tara found some small talk to help get them through the evening and with her parents their, Willow was glad Donnie laid of the jokes.

“May we be excused?” Tara asked pulling her chair out in readiness to get up.

“Certainly, you don’t mind stacking the dishwasher for me do you sweetie?” Steve asked his daughter.

“No problem at all.” She smiled back.

“I’ll help.” Willow added as she pushed her chair back and collected a few dishes herself and made her way to the kitchen behind the blonde, her eyes ever so briefly trekking south of the border.

“You didn’t have to.” Tara said as Willow started packing the dishes that she had collected into the dishwasher.

“I wanted to, besides needed an excuse to escape the incredibly boring conversation going on about the Dow jones and how well the dollars going. I swear I’ve never fallen asleep at a kitchen table but I got pretty close out there tonight.”

The blonde giggled at the redhead, “I know, I could see you struggling to keep your eyes open.”

After that they just stood there looking at each other for a moment, “Do you want to?” Willow asked, pointing up the stairs which was followed by a quick “Yes.” From the blonde.

They made their way up the stairs to Tara’s room and Tara found herself sitting on the edge of her bed and Willow plonked herself in her customary chair, or so she had claimed, straight across from Tara.

“I’ve been thinking about you like all day.” Tara said looking at the ground, not able to bring herself to look at the emerald eyes that were fixated on her.

“You too huh.” Was all the redhead could supply as she found herself looking at the same patch of carpet that Tara was fixated on.

“Oh I got the re-release of “An American Tail” on DVD if you want to watch that?” Tara asked not sure of what to make of the situation.

“You mean the cartoon one with the kitty’s chasing after all the cute little mice and the singing seagull?” Willow asked with that childlike tint to her voice.

“The one and only.” Tara replied with a small smile spreading across her face.

“I so love that movie, What never, hardly ever.” Willow blurted out as she sung her favourite song line from the movie.

“You know what I hate about cartoon’s?” Tara asked as she got up to set up the DVD player.

“What would that be?” Willow responded not taking her eyes of the blonde.

“How always in cartoons they always play the kitty as the bad guy. I mean you look at a kitty and you think hey there little fella, aren’t you just the cutest thing, but always in cartoons they’re the bad guys, trying to eat the mice or the tweety birds. I kinda feel sorry for ‘em.” Tara stated and got a smile from the redhead.

“Well they are kinda like the cutest predators out there. I mean would you rather watch some big ugly blob or a kitty?” Willow tried to rationalise.

“Well if the big ugly blob was gonna get pulverised like the poor kitty’s the maybe I’d rather see the blob.” Tara responded, “Besides, how come when the mice or birds running away from the kitty, they always win but the kitty never win’s when it’s running away from the big ugly bulldog. That’s not really fair now is it.” She finished with a pout forming on her face.

“I guess it isn’t really.” Willow replied holding back a giggle as she loved watching the blonde get so concerned about the state of health of the cartoon kitties.

“Why did you get “An American Tail” if you don’t like seeing the kitties get all, ya know beaten?” Willow asked trying to hide the smirk breaking out across her face.

“Because Fievel is just the cutest mouse I ever saw.” She said trying to keep her pout and not break out into the same state of laughter that had just engulfed Willow.

“He is just the cutest thing, isn’t he?” Willow replied trying to curtail her laughing to appease the blonde.

Neither girl could keep their eyes on the screen for the 77 minutes of running time that the movie went for. They both kept stealing glances at the other. Willow noticed that Tara’s lip went into a pout when the kitties didn’t get their way, and Tara noted the delight on Willow’s face when the seagull started his little number.

After the movie Tara flicked off the television with her remote control and noticed that Willow had joined her on the bed and that her close presence was having an intoxicating effect on her.

“So did, you like it then?’ Tara asked looking at the top of the redhead’s head before Willow tilted her head up to look into the blue eyes that she knew were looking down at her.

“I haven’t seen that movie for years, I used to have it on tape and used to watch it all the time. I used to call myself Willow Mousekewitz, which my mom thought was just the cutest thing.”

Tara cracked up at the vision of a little Willow proclaiming herself to be a part of the Mousekewitz family.

“I’m sure you would’ve been the cutest Mousekewitz of all.” Tara said as she reached her hand down and ran her fingers through the red hair that was just crying out to be touched.

“So was it good?” Willow asked getting a confused look from the blonde. “Sorry” Tara finally let out not sure what Willow was talking about.

“I mean before the movie you said you were thinking of me all day, were they good thoughts?” She asked with more than a little apprehension in her voice.

“Always.” Was the blonde’s only response.

“Tara I don’t want anything to effect the friendship we have at the moment, I mean I’m not gonna lie to you. We have some sort of connection here, on what level I’m not sure but all I know is that I’m happy.” Willow said looking up at the blonde who still had her fingers running through her hair.

“I feel it too, I mean I’ve never felt this way about anyone Will, boy or girl, and it kinda freaks me.”

“I don’t wanna freak you though, I want to be the person you some to when you are freaked, I wanna be the person you tell everything, I don’t want uncomfortable silences when were in the same room.” Willow was letting her heart speak and she had tears welling up in the corners of her eyes.

“I don’t feel freaked at the moment.” Tara said as she slid down the bed so that she was face to face and eye to eye to the redhead.

“You don’t?” Willow replied feeling a big gulp at the back of her throat.

“Not in the slightest, I feel kinda right at the moment, like it’s not supposed to be any other way.” They slowly started inching their faces closer and closer.

“It does kinda feel pretty right at the moment doesn’t it?” Willow replied her voice not much higher than a whisper.

“I don’t think anything in my life has felt this right before.” Tara replied her voice at the same excruciatingly low pitch as Willow’s.

“Oh so right, nothing wrong here.” Willow practically breathed out. Their faces mere millimetres apart from each other. They both leaned in for what would be their first kiss when suddenly the door burst open with Sheila Rosenberg standing in the doorway. The two girls quickly broke apart from each other and sat up on either side of the bed.

“Me and your father are on our way, are you coming with us or are you gonna be home a bit later.” Willow’s mom directed at her, oblivious as to what was going on.

“I’ll be right down.” Willow murmured which was all she could get out, her heart beating at a million miles an hour.

Sheila went and left the girls alone for a sec and Willow got to her feet and made her way to the door.

“So I guess I’ll see you tomorrow at school then?” Tara asked as neither girl could tear their eyes off of each other.

“Tomorrow then.” Willow said as she turned around and left the room.


I just couldn't help myself and had to throw in another one, please dont throw any bottles or objects that may inflict pain upon my fragile body. :grin

If life was meant to be a bed of daisy's we'd have chicken crap thown on us all the time.

 Post subject: Re: This time really, it the actual update so there.
PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2002 1:18 pm 
E V I L !!!! But good.... :)

Oh baby, want me to rub your tummy? She likes it when I ... stop explaining things.

Hi, um are you? well...I was wondering maybe you want to go out some time...for coffee? food? Kisses and gay love?

 Post subject: Re: This time really, it the actual update so there.
PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2002 2:10 pm 
Truly E.V.I.L!

No bottle though, no inflicting pain. Coz we love ya and would like more!!

Great update, i really enjoyed it.

Love and hugs to ya

Lola xxx :love

 Post subject: Re: This time really, it the actual update so there.
PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2002 2:29 pm 
Damn, Sheila has bad timing. spazz07, this story is really cool. Do we get actual smoochies in the next update?


She's my everything!

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