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 Post subject: Yeah, so...poems?
PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2006 1:25 pm 
13. Big Knowledge Woman
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hey everyone. in this last two yeas i've written quite a lot of pieces of "poetry", if you could call it that. sometimes it's just crap, some other times i really felt what i was writing and i hold those poems close to my heart. i thought i would share some with all of you.

Author: Thianne (Vale)
Disclaimer: it's all original, all mine. if you want it (i can't imagine why, but....whatever) just tell me
Feedback: is very much appreciated
Note1: i translated it from the italia, and i hope it makes sense....even if probably it has lost some of the original..."spark"
Note2: it's the first time i post something i wrote so...please be gentle :-D

Non sono più

C’è chi mi dice
che muoio ogni giorno
un pochino di più.
Mi è stato detto che
vivo nel passato,
nelle vane speranze
e nei sogni impossibili.
C’è chi non si cura
del percorso interiore
del mio fragile cuore,
chi non vede
i passati chilometri,
le pietre miliari
che piangendo
ho lasciato indietro.
C’è chi non riconosce
gli ostacoli superati,
i dolori, gli affanni
cha prima ho patito.
C’è chi sminuisce,
ride, ferisce,
chi guarda e non vede
in quello che sono.
C’è chi sfotte,
gli antichi travagli
per rovinare
la serenità.
Non sono più
quella che ero una volta.
Ho tolto le lacrime
dalla mia tasca,
ho messo d’accordo
il cuore e la mente,
ho perso interesse
per ciò che non conta.
Chiunque tu sia,
che mi guardi negli occhi,
chiunque tu sia,
che per ignoranza non vedi
quanta strada ho percorso,
chiunque tu sia,
che con determinato odio
mi cerchi e colpisci,
ebbene ti dico:
non sono più
quella che ero una volta.

Translation: I'm not anymore

There’s people who tell me
That i die every day
A little more.
I’ve been told that
I live in the past,
In vain hopes
And impossible dreams.
There’s people who don’t care
About the inner process
Of my frail heart,
Who don’t see
The past kilometers,
The milestones
That i, crying,
Left behind.
There’s people whoo don’t recognize
The overcome obstacles,
The pains, the anxieties
That i had to suffer.
There’s people who lessen,
Laugh, wound,
Who look and don’t see
In what i am.
There’s people who mock,
Who take advantage
Of ancient trouble
To ruin
The serenity.
I’m not anymore
Who i was before.
I’ve moved the tears
From my pocket,
I’ve found an agreement
Between heart and mind,
I’ve lost interest
For what doesn’t count.
Whoever you are,
That looks me in the eyes,
Whoever you are,
That for ignorance don’t see
How much i walked,
Whoever you are,
That with determinated hatred
Search me and strike,
Well, i’m telling you:
I’m not anymore
Who i was before.

i hope y'all understand...let me know if you like. i will probably post some more after i translate it


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