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 Post subject: Poem's of the emo variety....
PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2005 10:38 am 
17. Mega-Witches
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Ok so I know it's only been like 2 month's since I decided to get rid of my old poetry thread. But you know, it's amazing how much can change in two months. The poem's I will be posting here will NOT be sad, angry, bitter, or evil poems. No, they will be happy, sappy, and well..emo. Because for the past two months Ive been just that, happy and sappy. And for anyone who decides to read my poems, I hope you like them as much as I do! :)

My heart is on fire
The thought of you ignites the flame
You were unexpected
THIS was not planned
To feel
To want
To love...
"I Love You"
Were words I never wanted to hear again
"I Love You"
Seemed to mark my ending
Never a begining
I've signed away my heart
I ask you not to break it
With word's so hurtfull
And action's so painfull
I'm taking a chance
Going in blind
Be everything
And I'll return the favor
I'll give you anything
And everything.

"My Own Paradise"
I'll create a paradise
Filled with warmth and love
Where words of devotion
Speak like passionate flames
Fire and truth
Love and lust
Forget what they say
Forget what they think
We're to of a kind
Worlds apart
Brought together by a feeling
In the end words will never be enough
So I give my answer without thinking twice
And form it perfectly
I'll never deny you
Just give you everything you need
Everything you want
Im falling into the want and need
With a pleading and shattered heart
Begging and crying for a new start
Be my begining
Kick start my world anew
Open me up
And take me as yours......

"Solace Heart"
There can be solace in my spirit
There can be magic in my love
There's a place inside kept just for you;
A place you are the sole owner of.
I will keep you safe from the storms,
I will keep you warm and dry,
I will find you if lose your way,
I will hold you if you need to cry.
Don't be afraid to let me in,
don't try to hide yourself from my view,
don't keep me from being there at your side,
it's okay if you need me more then what your lungs provide
A feeling so mutual I really cant describe
Funny how in one moment
I can gain everything I needed
I watched as a complacent heart collapsed
By love and burning hate
I watched as a heart so broken and crushed
Seemed to be bought and fixed
Im amazed at the thought
Of everything that could be
Or will be...
Im in awe of her...
Im in awe again....

"My Fight"
Im strained and afraid
That this feeling might cease
The moment I shut my eyes
When "I love you" is all I need to hear
Passing from your lips to mine
Time stands still in the moment
If my lungs would let me breathe
You would be my oxygen
If my hand's would stop shaking
You would keep me steady
If my heart refused to beat
You would be my life support
Silence disgrace's me
I lose the nerve
To express feeling's so devine
What hurt's the most
You could slip away
Leaving me still and motionless
With broken lungs
Shaking hands
And a frozen heart
So with everything I possess
It's my will
To fight to keep you.

I'm all poemed out.:)


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