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 Post subject: .:Poetry of a lost heart:.
PostPosted: Thu Jul 08, 2004 10:47 am 

I put Nc-17 cuz somethimes I write about heavy sad stuff.

here are a few to begin with ..


Restless against the satin,

Drown in a world of defeat.

Unknown to the world of future,

But happy the day has end.

Night falling upon my dreams,

Lulling me into a dark cloud.

Shades mingling in forms,

My hart shouting for them.

Laughter fading thought the walls,

Little footsteps calling my name.

Frozen against will,

Pain closing my troth.

The silence was never louder,

As I wonder to the clouds above.

Silently playing,

With the children I lost



Years pass written in the wind,

Kisses are lost in a dark night.

Beside you, where once I firmly stood,

Is nothing left, but my empty shadow.

My pain has never been lauder,

Your words were never more deafening.

Ore harts breaking together.

Revealing that all there is left,

is silence.

Dreams lost in a sea of despair.

Guilt being the waves that crash us apart.

Hope is a wracked boat drowning,

Vanishing into the obscure water.

Though we try to fly the wings of love,

The grasp of envy is undeniable.

Your eyes look right thru me,

My name whispers from your lips.

But it’s in vain,

because I'm no longer there.


Within me

My heart bleeds,

As the knife of your words penetrate me.

The ones so soothing sounds,

Killing the meaning of my heart.

Disappointment races through my veins,

Wile our memories are fading softly.

The courses of our souls splitting,

Before dawn announces his presence.

Losing against a battle of thoughts,

Near to the border of giving up.

The sky never looked darker,

On a bright day.

I look into my being,

There is nothing there.

Your place is empty,

And our past is a stain.


Never more

Here I lay, in a naked pool of desperation.

Life pouring from my veins,

Painting the black concrete colourful.

The light of my eyes,

Being the end of the tunnel.

Shouting without sounds,

Empty in there meaning.

I get lost in the flow of anger,

I’m silenced by the hand of power.

No more warmth spreading thought me,

Never to feel again.

Pulling at the straws of life,

Fighting for the last of love.

Here I stand,

With the last grasp of hope.

thats it for now :)

"Memory is like an orgasm. It is a lot better if you don't have to fake it."

15/06/2004 my wedding day, a day to remember!

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