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 Post subject: New Fic Synchronized Strides
PostPosted: Mon Mar 08, 2004 3:33 pm 
Author: Marcia M

Title: Synchronized Strides

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Feedback: Yes, please.

Rating: Very PG right now but eventually NC-17

Note: I wrote this a while ago before I started writing fan fiction. Thought I’d put it out there so maybe someone besides me would read it. This is the first real story I wrote and it never had a beta. I hope you enjoy :) Also, since this fic is finished the posts will be put up frequently and there's only 5 chapters.

Summary: One of my ‘two-girls-meet-and-fall-into-bed-or-love-or-both’ stories

Chapter 1

‘Stupid, stupid, stupid. What other explanation was there for the mess I’m in now? “It’ll be routine” he says, “Probably won’t even show up this morning”, he says, “you’ll be wired”, well obviously he has no idea what he’s talking about. I’ve been a police woman for about 2 years now, content in doing research, never was into the field work, but I fit the profile… I had to fit the profile.’ All these thoughts flashed quickly through Alex’s head and she wondered why she wasn’t more afraid?

‘I’m standing all alone in the middle of the park, the latest stupid thug breathing stinky nasty breath in my ear, one arm around my waist one across my chest holding a knife close to my throat. Alex, you’ve sure picked a good way to see if you like field work, and definitely leaning towards “no”. Well obviously the wire is not working or backup would be here by now. What should I do now?’

Before the thought had completely left her brain, the thug behind her yowled with pain and loosened his grip. Alex took the opportunity to break free and swung around just as the guy was hit between the legs with a very long stick wielded by an unseen person from behind him. At that he dropped his knife and dropped to his knees, moaning in pain. The figure behind him brought something down on the back of his head and he slumped over, out cold. She looked up to thank whoever it was that saved her and looked into the two bluest eyes she’d ever seen and was momentarily speechless. Regaining her composure she started to speak, to say thank you, but so did the blue-eyed woman.

“What they hell do you think you’re doing walking alone in the park at six o’clock in the morning?” Jean was fuming, on a major adrenaline rush after having seen this crazy guy attacking this woman. Had she actually knocked him out? She’d never done that before. Focusing on the woman in front of her once more, she noticed she was going to say something but cut her off.

“That has got to be the most insane thing in the whole world – do you not read the newspapers? Did you not hear about the crazed lunatic running around the park? You could have been hurt, killed even!”

Alex wanted to point out that he hadn’t actually killed anyone, was just pretty much a slime ball flasher that used a knife but decided she didn’t like being yelled at. “You’re walking around the park at six o’clock in the morning by yourself, are you some tuff karate chick or something or do you just like saving people?”

By this time the police had arrived. ‘I guess they finally figured they’d check up on me,’ thought Alex. The women were being shuffled away from the guy and ended up away from the commotion.

“I’m not a karate chick, but I’m trying not to draw attention to myself. You fit the profile in the papers to a “T”. Same build, same height, blond hair, tight clothes, unless…” Jean’s voice trailed off as she glanced up and down Alex’s frame. She was thinking this woman wanted to be caught, and she realized neither of them had called the police. Then it hit her and she instinctively reached out her hands and ran one across along the woman’s stomach and one along her back until she felt the wire.

Alex sucked in her breath, when this woman’s eyes had wondered up and down her body she had a sudden vision of her hands replacing her eyes. Then she had touched her, albeit through her clothes but the contact was electric. She realized what the woman was looking for as she paused on the wire.

“You’re a cop.” It wasn’t a question from Jean but Alex said “Yes, but I don’t normally do this. I usually do research but I have been through field training and like you said, I do sort of fit the profile same height, same build but not the hair.” With that she pulled off her blonde wig to reveal her dark hair, she ran her fingers through it so it wouldn’t lay flat on her head. “But we could fake the hair and… and tight clothes” Alex trailed off not really knowing why she was mumbling on, explaining to this woman.

Jean felt lame, she thought she was helping when she probably just got in the way. “Guess you think I’m some nutso, trying to help when you guys had it all under control. I should probably just get out of your way.” But for some reason she didn’t really want to, wanted to keep talking to this dark haired, dark eyed beauty… beauty? Did she just think that? ‘Stop it Jean, don’t get yourself in more romantic trouble, time to take your leave.’ “Yes, well like I said, I guess I’ll be going now, unless you need like a statement from me or something.”

‘Did they need a statement?’ Alex wondered to herself. Of course they did, geez what was wrong with her? She said, “Yes we will need a statement but… I also wanted to say thank you. Something went wrong and they couldn’t hear me through the wire, so you really did save me”. Alex was never one into fairytales, at least not the part about a knight riding up and saving the day, and this seemed so much better.

Jean looked at her, trying to decide if she was telling the truth or just making her feel better. The woman must have read her mind because she said “Really.” Then she offered her hand and said, “My name’s Alex by the way.”

“I’m Jean.” Jean clasped Alex’s hand and couldn’t help but feel a spark and then heat from the brunette’s hand seemed to be working it’s way up her arm, better get that statement out of the way before she did something stupid.

Alex also felt the spark and the warmth, and she didn’t want to let go. Just then her supervisor came up and she reluctantly dropped Jean’s hand, immediately missing the feeling of it in her own, and turned to face Steve. “We’ll need a statement from both of you.”

Alex and Jean each recounted what had happened. Alex hadn’t realized that Jean used some type of walking pole to hit the man but it seemed quite effective. She was reluctant to see Jean go and desperately wanted to see her again. Trying to think quickly she said, “So do you walk here every morning?” She didn’t sound too forward did she?

“Every day except Wednesday and Sunday. Why, you want to track down another criminal or something?” Jean was teasing and felt a little satisfaction when a slight blush touched Alex’s cheeks.

“No, I was wondering, maybe, if you don’t mind, I mean, if it would be all right if I, uh” Why couldn’t she just say it, it wasn’t a date, it was just walking, deep breath. “You said I shouldn’t walk by myself so I was wondering if I could meet you and walk with you?”

“Sure.” ‘Sure? That’s all you could come up with was sure? Geez Jean you’d think you’d never talked to a woman before. You may not be the most verbal person in the world but you should at least be able to come up with better than one-word answers.’

“Great so we’ll start tomorrow?” said Alex, “and I should probably get your phone number.” As Jean raised her eyebrows, Alex continued on quickly. “In case I need to get in touch with you about the case.” Alex was pretty proud of her answer and started to grin until she realized that the officer that took the statement already had that information. She started to blush slightly again.

“Yes, we can start tomorrow, and here’s my phone number.” Jean pulled out one of her business cards in her wallet. “Just use the cell phone number listed there, I have it with me all the time.” Was it really necessary to add the last part? “You can use it in case something happens you can’t make it in the morning.” There, a good cover, she thought. Looking at her watch, Jean realized she wouldn’t be finishing her walk this morning. “I guess I better head off so I’m not late for work. Until tomorrow?”

“Until tomorrow,” Alex repeated. “Have a good day, Jean.” Jean waved as she walked away. Alex somehow knew she would be spending the day thinking about the woman she just met and couldn’t wait to get to know her better.


So for the next several of weeks, Jean and Alex would meet at the park at least 3 mornings a week to walk. They usually spent the first thirty minutes of their walk in silence as the concentrated on getting a good workout. Then they would spend time taking a leisurely cool down stroll that gave them time to talk. This portion of their walk was starting to get longer and longer so they started meeting earlier to allow themselves the extra time.

Jean always brought her walking poles, the same ones she used to knock out the guy the first day they met. Alex thought they were pretty cool, but there were times, especially during their cool down, that she wished Jean didn’t have them. Maybe then she could “accidentally” brush their arms together. Remembering Jean’s touch when they first shook hands made her long to touch her skin again. She wanted to know if the same sparks would be there or if it had been something caused by all of the excitement. Ok, she was pretty sure the sparks would still be there but she liked to try and convince herself that it was simply an experiment and not a longing just to touch her new friend again. She tried to convince herself that being just friends with Jean was OK with her.

Jean looked sideways at Alex, seeing her deep in thought or maybe just concentrating on their walk? They usually didn’t speak during their “power walk” portion but she couldn’t help but ask, “Whatcha thinkin’?”

Alex jumped at the sound of Jean’s voice, not expecting to hear it. ‘Could she tell I was just thinking what it would be feel like to brush my fingertips across her arms, to link our fingers together as we walked during our cool down?’ “Um, I was just thinking about your walking poles.”

Jean slowed down and said, “Would you like to try them?”

“I’m not very coordinated.” ‘Especially being this close to you,’ thought Alex.

“It’s pretty natural once you get the feel of it. I can help you if you’d like.”

“Ok,” Alex relented. Jean stopped completely and handed her the poles (they remind her of ski poles but they were made out of wood). Now that she was gripping the poles she asked, “So what do I do?”

“Just walk normally, don’t try to bring the poles all the way up yet, just let them swing at your sides. Your body’s natural motion will guide you.” Jean reached out for Alex’s arms to show her how they would swing naturally. As soon as she contacted Alex’s skin, she felt that same spark she felt the first day. She let her hands linger, probably just a little too long, before dropping them back to her sides

Alex was disappointed that Jean let go of her arms; she missed the contact immediately. And now she couldn’t concentrate and was afraid she really wouldn’t be able to walk, so she just stood there swinging her arms.

“Um, Alex?”


“You can move your feet now.”


“Those things at the end of your legs, you use them for walking, running…”

“Oh… feet, yes…. walking, I can do that.” ‘Maybe I can do that,’ Alex thinks to herself, still feeling Jean’s touch on her arms. She went to take a step forward and started with her left foot and left arm forward. Realizing that didn’t feel right, she stopped.

“Just relax,” said Jean, grinning at her friend. “You’ve been walking all your life, let me help.” Without thinking she walked up behind Alex and reached both her arms around Alex to grab her wrists. She began swinging Alex’s arms, keeping her feet still and realized her mistake instantly. As Alex’s arms pulled forward, Jean couldn’t help but lean into her and felt her breasts push up against Alex’s back. Her nipples hardened so she jumped back. “Um, you’re a… uh... little taller than I am so maybe we should...” she trailed off as she tried to steady her heart rate and think of a what they should do and not what her body obviously wanted to do. ‘We’re just friends, we’re just friends,’ she repeated to herself with each breath she took.

Alex barely heard Jean as her own heartbeat sounded in her ears, her arms and back tingled where Jean touched her. They had to have at least three layers of clothes between them, how could she feel Jean’s breasts pressed against her back? And why did she have to jump back? Alex was imagining if Jean wrapped her arms around her waist so that Alex could lean back into her…


Snapping out of her fantasy she answered, “Jean, I mean yes?”

“I think I have another idea. When you were a kid did you ever play that game where you would get as close behind someone as you could and mimic their steps?” At Alex’s affirmative nod she continued, “We’ll try something like that. If you could step behind me,” was this such a good idea? “I’ll show you what I mean”

“How close do you want me?” The question came out a little huskily from Alex as so many images came to mind. She was close enough to Jean that their clothes were brushing against each other but they weren’t actually touching. She was inches away from Jean’s exposed neck wondering if she pressed her lips to it, would it taste salty from their workout…

“Um, maybe, uh just a step back.” Just being close to a person should not do this to one’s heart rate. She could feel Alex’s breath on her neck. ‘What will happen when we actually touch each other… wait, not when, hello repeat, we’re just friends.’

Alex reluctantly took a step back. Jean reached for the walking poles.

“I’ll hold onto the tops and you can grab them towards the bottom, but don’t move your feet too far back, relax your arms. We want to increase the range of motion. I’ll step off with my right foot and you just follow my feet and I’ll start swinging our arms, OK?.... OK? Alex?

Alex looked up as Jean said her name. She had meant to just look down at Jean’s feet but her eyes were stopped on her bum. Jean always wore very baggy sweats when they walked and Alex couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to reach out and…

“Yes, ready, concentrating on your feet.”

Jean gave her a smile and said, “Here we go.” They started walking in tandem. They fell into a good rhythm and Jean began swinging their arms, close to mimicking what it would feel like when using the poles. She was picturing them, walking in unison, swinging the poles and started giggling.

Alex liked this exercise. She could definitely feel the movement in her arms and she got to stare at Jean’s bum. She looked up when Jean started to giggle harder and asked, “What’s so funny?”

“What do you think we look like to other people?” Jean asked, slowing down as she started to laugh harder.

Alex started picturing them from someone else’s view and she started to laugh, too. “I bet we look like a choo choo train!”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking! Woo, Woo!” They both busted out laughing and fell onto the nearest bench, trying to settle themselves.

Jean spoke first, “Maybe we’ll just get you your own walking poles and practice then; not that this wasn’t the most fun I’ve had for awhile.”

Alex couldn’t agree more. “This was really fun, I think we should keep sharing your poles, though I don’t think we’d get much done during our power walk time. But laughter is supposed to be a workout too, right?.... Though I guess you’re right, where did you get these?”

“Actually you can buy fancy walking or trekking poles made out of aluminum and carbide, but I just made these. You can get these wooden rods at pretty much any lumber place, then these are just bicycle grips to put on the ends, to make it easier to hold onto. Actually I was really glad the first night we met that I did have the wooden poles, they turned into a nice weapon to catch that creep between the legs.” Jean grinned at the memory.

“Did you use it to hit him in the leg first?” asked Alex, trying to remember.

“Actually, I just kicked him in the calf first.”

“Did it hurt your foot?”

Jean smiled even wider as she lifted her foot. “No, these shoes have weights in the soles, each shoe weighs over two pounds, and I kicked him like I would a soccer ball. I bet he had a pretty good bruise.” She giggled.

Alex decided she wanted to hear Jean’s laughter more often. “They look like normal high tops, they really have weights in them?”

“Yeah, plus they add an inch or two to my height, brings me up to about five foot ten or so,” Jean laughed.

Alex joined her laughter because even with her shoes, there’s no way she was more than five foot two. “I think I’m an inch or two taller than you, so that must mean, I’m hovering around the six foot mark.” This made both of them laugh harder. Enjoying their laughter so much, Alex reached out and grabbed one of Jean’s hands in her own, giving it a squeeze. She was relieved when Jean squeezed back and didn’t force her to let go. And why should she, friends hold hands all the time.

Jean enjoyed the feeling of Alex’s hand in her own and decided she didn’t want to let go just yet. Why should she feel guilty, she’s a grown woman, over thirty, not some giddy teenager, though being around Alex made her feel young. Jean looked at their hands and catching a glimpse of her watch, let out a small moan.

“What is it?” Alex asked glancing at her own watch. Good thing it’s Saturday because their normal hour together has stretched into almost two.

“I have to get going, I’ve got to be somewhere at ten thirty and definitely need to shower first.”

“Oh you already have plans today?” Alex asked, a little disappointed because she was working up the nerve to ask Jean if she wanted to go to breakfast with her.

“Yes, this morning, why?”

“I was thinking of getting some breakfast, but since you have plans…”

“I have plans this morning but, when can go after that. Well maybe not for breakfast but what about a late lunch/early dinner, there’s a new little Italian place in the mall, very casual, does that sound OK?”

Alex perked up at that idea “Sure, that would be great. Should we meet somewhere or I could just pick you up?”

“If you don’t mind picking me up, there’s really no reason for us to take separate vehicles.” ‘And it would give us more time together.’

“That sounds great, is three o’clock too early?”

“Nope, that’s perfect.” Jean knew she grinning like a fool. Two friends are going to get some dinner, nothing else she told herself. “Well, I guess we should get going.” She stood up and realized they were still holding hands. She gently pulled Alex up with her. She just stood there a second looking into Alex’s dark brown eyes, thinking she could get lost in them. Reluctantly she looked away and bent to pick up her walking poles. Still not letting go of Alex’s hand, she was content to hold it as long as Alex wouldn’t make her let go. She was trying to figure out how to keep their hands clasped and manage to carry both poles in one hand. Just as she was thinking she’d have to let go, Alex said, “Here, let me carry one”

Alex had felt Jean’s hand start to pull away and she just didn’t want to let go. There was a warmth spreading through her just from that simple contact and she didn’t want it to stop just yet. She took one of the walking poles from Jean and they started walking leisurely back to the parking lot.

They were both enjoying the closeness the slow stroll, not talking until Jean looked over and said, “Hey, you’re doing it!” At Alex’s puzzled look she nodded towards the walking pole and continued, “I didn’t realize, but we’re in sync.”

Alex now also noticed that their steps were synchronized and whenever their right leg would go forward, she moved her left arm with the pole out, when their left leg would go forward, Jean would move her right arm with the pole. “Hey! I really can walk, I’ve only been walking since I was two but you’re a great teacher.” She got the desired giggle response from Jean that she was hoping for and her own smile widened as she looked into Jean’s blue eyes and could see the smile there as well.

Unfortunately they were at the parking lot and it was time to say goodbye for now. Both left anticipating being together – but not on a date – this evening.

Chapter 2

Alex was trying to decide what to wear. Jean had said casual but how casual. Of course it was the mall. She really wanted to wear her favorite blue jeans but was that a good idea? Running out of time to get ready, she decided they would have to do. She pulled them on, grabbed one of her longer peach colored tank shirts, tucked it into her jeans and looked at herself in the mirror. She sighed, she new she should dress up more but she felt so much more comfortable like this. She slipped on her dark sneakers, grabbed her keys and headed out the door.

Jean was having her own dilemma. It was quarter ‘til three and she just got back. She was hoping to have time to change, but now it didn’t look like she would. She changed her top, grabbing a v-neck t-shirt, she pulled it over her head just as the doorbell rang. She went to the front door, saw Alex through the window and immediately began smiling. She was still smiling as she opened the front door. “Hey, Alex”

“Hey, Jean...” Alex’s voiced trailed off. She couldn’t help but stare at the woman before her. Jean was also wearing jeans, not tight, but resting across her hips. As she was looking at Jean’s hips, Jean reached up for her keys and her shirt pulled up so that Alex had a glimpse of bare flesh. As the shirt fell back down, Alex let her gaze continue to travel up Jean’s torso to her chest – and she gasped. She had only ever seen Jean in baggy clothes, and they could no way prepare her for the site before her. Jean’s breasts were just so, so full. She new she was staring but couldn’t help herself. Jean was wearing a plain gold chain necklace, with – what was it – the charm or whatever was on there couldn’t be seen because it fell into Jean’s cleavage. Only half realizing what she was doing, Alex reached out her hand.

Jean could hardly breath. Why did Alex keep looking at her like that? She could feel a blush creeping up to her cheeks. When Alex reached out her hand and she felt it touch her chest, just above her breasts, he nipples hardened instantly.

Alex picked up Jean’s necklace pretending to study the character daggling from it but she was really just enjoying the feel of Jean’s skin on the back of her hand.

Jean had to step away before she did something crazy. She took a step back, Alex was no longer touching her skin but was still holding her necklace. “M-marvin.” She said huskily

Alex finally tore her gaze from Jean’s chest and looked at her quizzically, so Jean repeated, hoping to be a little clearer “Marvin the Martian… that’s who you’re holding.”

Alex looked at her hand and realized what Jean meant. She must have been appearing to study it when she was actually mesmerized by Jean’s chest, especially since her nipples had hardened – probably from the outside air – and were now quite defined through her shirt. Trying to act nonchalant she slowly let the necklace drop from her grasp. She met Jean’s eyes and said, “I thought I recognized him.” Was that her voice that came out in a whisper? A little clearer she said, “He’s a Looney tunes character, right?”

Jean nodded her head, “Ready?”

“Yes” Alex stepped back to let Jean exit the house. Jean turned to lock the door and Alex took a moment to admire her backside. It was amazing how she never new how curvy Jean was, so much had been hiding under her clothes. Jean turned around and Alex quickly lifted her eyes so as not to be caught checking out Jean’s bum.

They walked to Alex’s car and climbed in, heading off to the mall.


They walked into the Italian restaurant and were seated right away at a quiet table for two in the corner. When their food arrived, they both realized how hungry they were; neither had eaten all day. Alex watched as Jean swirled some fettuccini on her fork and lifted it to her mouth. She pulled it off her fork slowly, as if to savor every taste, then her tongue darted out to catch some sauce that lingered on her lips. Alex had to stifle a moan. Maybe eating wasn’t such a good idea; this was very erotic.

Jean finished her third bite and asked Alex, “Is there something wrong with your food?”

Alex looked at her plate and realized she hadn’t even touched her ravioli. Smiling sheepishly, “No, it’s fine.” She picked up her fork and began to eat. They finished eating in comfortable silence, simply looking and smiling at each other.

This is not a date, Jean thought to herself. Stop acting like it is. She just couldn’t seem to stop looking at Alex and grinning all over. ‘Just being near her makes me happy.’ They had finished their dinner, the table was small and their hands were resting just inches apart. On impulse, Jean picked up Alex’s hand in her own and gave it a squeeze. She was going to let it go but decided just to hold it in her own hand as Alex continued her story.

As soon as Alex felt Jean touch her hand, her words seemed to quicken with the increase in her heart rate. “So then I jumped in the air, missed the bar, tried to catch myself and ended up breaking my arm. I was only 10 though so I healed pretty quickly.” That seemed like a good place to stop since she couldn’t think straight anymore because Jean was using her thumb to make small circles on her hand as she held it.

The waiter came with the check so Jean reluctantly released her hand to reach for her wallet. Alex did the same. They sat there for a few minutes and both started to speak at the same time.

“What type of…” Alex started

“Do you like…” Jean said.

“You go first,” they both said in unison, then started laughing. The waiter came back with their change so they got up and headed out of the restaurant.

“So what were you going to say?” asked Jean.

“I was just going to ask what type of movies you like”.

“Oh, well, drama, action, horror, comedy – guess I’m not really narrowing it down much. But basically, I love watching movies of all genre. I love watching moves period.”

“Me, too. I like curling up, watching a good movie, even if I’m by myself. Except horror movies, I don’t like to watch them alone and my roommate refuses to watch them so I haven’t seen a good one for awhile,” Andi explained.

“I prefer to watch horror movies with someone, makes it more fun. But sometimes, I have a hard time finding someone to watch them with me, so I do watch them alone as well. There’s a new one playing now I’d like to see.”

“Oh yeah. I saw the previews. Looks pretty good. Maybe we could see it together.” Alex was hoping to lead up to another day out with Jean when she’d started the conversation in the restaurant.

“Why don’t we go see it tonight – if you don’t have plans later that is?”

“No, I don’t have any plans, I’d love to go to the movies.” ‘Yes!’

“Great, lets go see when it starts.” Jean grabbed Alex’s hand, her excitement rising as they headed for the ticket counter.

They had over an hour before the movie started so they decided to head back into the mall for awhile, still walking hand and hand. They chatted to each other about nothing in particular, just happy to extend the evening. They were rounding a corner when Jean heard a familiar voice call “Mom!”

“Hey little one!” Jean said and she let go of Alex’s hand as a girl who looked like she was maybe fourteen or fifteen walked up and threw her arms around Jean. Jean returned the hug with enthusiasm. “What are you doing tonight?” Jean asked the girl.

Alex’s mind was spinning. Had she heard right? Did the girl say Mom? Jean never told her she had a daughter. They certainly looked alike, the girl had the same blond hair though hers was long and hung straight, halfway down her back, where Jean’s was short with curl. They had the same blue eyes. How could she not tell her about this, they were close friends, at least Alex had thought so. They had been getting to know each other so well these past couple of weeks, but to not tell her about a daughter. Had she been married? She must have been young, not real young maybe eighteen. Alex tried to focus back on the two in front of her.

“You can’t keep calling me little one, I’m taller than you are now.”

“You’ll always be little one to me,” Jean broke in. The girl continued, “I’m meeting Lizzie and Kristen, then we’re meeting the guys to go watch a movie. How about you? Is this your g---”

Jean cut her off with, “Let me introduce you to a good friend of mine. Jamie this is Alex, Alex, Jamie.”

Jamie extended her hand with a huge grin on her face. Alex shook it and simply nodded as she dropped her hand back to her side.

Jean turned to Alex and said, “Would you excuse us for just a minute?” Alex again just nodded and Jean pulled Jamie aside, just out of Alex’s hearing range.

“Just because I’m at the mall with a girl, doesn’t make her my girlfriend. I told you I have friends who are girls – straight girls,” Jean said, though she couldn’t really be mad at her little sister.

“I know that, but you all were holding hands and she seemed interested in you – more than just friends interested, that’s all.” Jamie looked hard at her sister and said, “You haven’t told her you’re gay have you?”

“Are you fourteen or twenty-five? No, I haven’t told her. It’s not a secret but it’s really difficult to meet someone and say ‘Hi I’m Jean and I’m gay, how do you like me so far.’ I like for them to get to know me first,” Jean said as she smiled at her sister.

Jamie giggled at her sister’s shyness and said, “Well I’m definitely fourteen but you still need to tell her… soon… she likes you, it’ll be ok.” Jamie got the ‘Should I be talking to my fourteen year-old sister about this’ look from Jean and continued on. “But... I think I may have done something bad.”

“You, bad… nooo?”

“I think I freaked your girlfriend.” At Jean’s warning look, she continued, “I mean friend that happens to be a girl and likes you.” She got another look, but Jamie chose to ignore that one and continued, “I, uh, accidentally called you Mom again.”

Jean thought back to the conversation and realized Jamie was right. She hardly noticed anymore, but glancing back at the confusion on Alex’s face, she realized someone had. She turned back to her sister, “That’s Ok. I’ll explain everything to her – just let me do it alright?” She flashed her sister a wide smile and gave her a quick hug to let her know it would be ok.

Jamie nodded, relived her sister wasn’t upset. Though she couldn’t ever remember her sister really being upset with her. They walked back to where Alex was standing and she saw her friends over by the doors.

“There’s Lizzie and Kristen, I better get going,” Jamie said

“What time is the movie over?”

“Nine thirty, we’ll be back to Lizzie’s around ten.”

“Be good.”

“Yes mother,” Jamie said with a grin and headed off to meet her friends.

Jean turned to Alex and felt very guilty for not explaining. She could see Alex had questions but Alex wasn’t looking at her. Jean reached for one of her hands saying, “Let’s go sit down, we still have a while before the movie starts.” She led Alex to a small bench away from the bustle of the crowd. They sat down and she still held Alex’s hand. Alex still wasn’t looking at her so she used her free hand to lift Alex’s chin up so that she could look into her eyes. She said gently, “She’s not my daughter”.

Alex felt Jean’s hand on her own, on her chin and – what did Jean say “What?”

“She’s not my daughter, she’s my sister.”

“But she called you Mom – twice.”

“The first time she said it unconsciously. She’s called me ‘Mom’ and mom ‘Sissy’ about a kazillion times since she could talk. And the second, well she just was being sarcastic because I was asking her so many questions.”

Alex was letting this information sink in and realized Jean hadn’t been keeping secrets from her. She began to smile and feel a little silly. “I’m sorry for thinking you wouldn’t tell me something like that.”

“No, I should have been more specific when I said my sister was younger than I am. I thought I’d introduce you later, not quite like this, though.” Jean was so relieved that Alex was ok, when she realized Alex’s chin was still in her hand, she lend forward and pressed her lips lightly to Alex’s cheek. She let them linger for a few seconds – certainly respectable for two friends who just went through what they had – and reluctantly moved away, missing the contact.

Alex new her cheeks were flushed when Jean pulled away, the suddenness of having her friend’s lips on her cheek caused a tingling sensation that she didn’t want to end. She was actually glad the misunderstanding had happened, since it led to Jean’s lips on her skin. Jean was pulling her to her feet saying, “Let’s go on in so we can find some seats”.

“Ok” as they stood she continued “I have something to confess to you to, Jean.” Jean looked at her friend having no idea what it might be as Alex continued, “When I watch horror movies, I tend to uh, jump, maybe squeal, grab things, close my eyes...” she trailed off with a grin.

“We don’t have to watch anything scary if you don’t want.”

“Oh no, I like being scared, but well, just wanted to warn you.”

“Well you can just grab hold of me and I’ll protect you. I can be a very intimidating person you know,” Jean said in mock seriousness and pulled herself up to her full five foot one height and did her best to look menacing.

Alex let her eyes run the length of her friend from head to toe, thinking she was the most adorable person she’d ever seen and couldn’t help but giggle. “I trust you completely.” Jean giggled as well and they started toward the theater.

After they settled into their seats Alex said, “What did you want ask me?” At Jean’s confused look, Alex continued, “In the restaurant, I was asking about what movies you like but you were going to ask me something, too. I guess we got a little distracted.”

Jean had also been trying to come up with a way for them to spend more time together, wanting to go ahead and see if they could get together tomorrow. She said, “I was going to ask if you liked four wheelers”

“Four wheelers?”

“Yeah, like ATVs…”

“I know what they are,” grinned Alex as she squeezed Jean’s hand. “I think they are pretty cool.”

“Do you like to ride? Uh, four wheelers, I mean,” Jean stammered as her cheeks turned pink.

“Don’t know, I never have.”

“Never?” When Alex shook her head ‘no’ Jean continued, “then you will have to come over and ride me, I mean with me.” ‘Was that a Freudian slip?’ “We could make a day of it”

Alex had picked up on Jean’s slip and the thought of being with her all day was invigorating. “That would be great! When, where, what do I need…”

Jean was delighted with her friend’s enthusiasm and decided she didn’t want to wait, she knew she was smiling like crazy but couldn’t help herself. She squeezed Alex’s hand to halt her questions momentarily. “Do you have plans for tomorrow?”

“Nope, none”

“Well, you do now.”

“So, that’s the when but where, what…”

“Ok, Ok.” Jean giggled. “When I said about coming over, that’s really what I meant, if that’s Ok. I have my bike and Jamie leaves hers there, too. We can ride, then go inside, watch movies, chill, or whatever. Just a day of fun between two friends.”

Alex’s heart fell just a little at Jean’s last sentence. She knew they would only be just friends but there was a part of her that was hoping for more. The thought of spending the whole day with Jean though brought her spirits back up, especially when she heard Jean’s next sentence.

“Actually, maybe you should just stay tonight. Seems silly for you to drop me off, drive all the way home, then come back in the morning.” ‘Oh no,’ Jean thought to herself, ‘I’m being too forward. And where did that come from, you did so well with the ‘day between two friends’ stretch.’

“You wouldn’t mind?” Alex’s mind was racing with the idea of staying with Jean.

“I insist. Do you need to call your roommate to let her know you won’t be home?”

“Yeah, I probably should. There’s a pay phone in the lobby, I should be able to make it before the movie starts.”

“Here, just use my cell.”

“Thanks.” Alex started to dial, then stopped thinking out loud. “But what about clothes and stuff?”

“Oh…. You can just wear some of my stuff. I think I even have a new toothbrush you can use.” A thought struck Jean, what if Alex didn’t want to stay and was only being polite? She was being too pushy. “Um, unless you didn’t really want to stay with me…”

“I definitely want to stay with you and if you don’t mind me wearing your clothes...” Alex trailed off as she finished dialing and left a message for her roommate before Jean could change her mind and un-invite her.

Jean was so relieved; she thought she’d blown it. They were both just smiling at each other when the lights went dim and the movie started.

Alex had been telling the truth about her actions during scary movies. It wasn’t ten minutes into the movie before she let out her first gasp. A few minutes later she grabbed Jean’s arm. As Alex went to pull away, looking a little embarrassed, Jean caught her gaze and grabbed her hand intending to just give it a squeeze. Instead she pulled Alex’s hand to her lips for a quick kiss. That’s what she meant to do but when her lips met the back of Alex’s hand, she couldn’t help but let her lips linger for a few seconds, liking the feel of Alex’s skin. Jean slowly moved their hands into her own lap finally looking away from Alex’s eyes as they turned back towards the movie.

Alex’s entire body was humming from the touch of Jean’s lips, and now Jean was drawing circles with her thumb on her hand again, making it very hard to concentrate. She turned back to the movie just in time to see something else that made her jump and she closed her eyes and buried her face in Jean’s shoulder. She whispered in Jean’s ear “Let me know when the scary part is over”.

When Alex had whispered in her ear Jean felt a small shudder run through her body at the warmth of Alex’s breath. She loved having Alex’s head on her shoulder and after a few minutes reluctantly whispered, “The scary part is over”. She watched as Alex opened one eye to peek at the screen, then the other as she lifted her head away from Jean’s shoulder. Jean had an urge to reach up and pull her head back down but resisted and gave Alex’s hand a squeeze instead.


As they were walking out of the theater Alex said, “That was a good movie”

Jean started laughing and said “How would you know, you spent half of the time with your eyes closed!”

“That’s how I know it was good” Alex replied, laughing as well. They got in the car and headed back to Jean’s house.




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I am competely hooked! I can't wait to read more. :D

I love the chemstry brewing between Alex and Jean :) Beautiful work! :D

~Holly~ :heart

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I lurrve this story! Jean and Alex are too cute -- the way they're so nervous around one another. Their walks, the late-lunch, the scary movie, etc. it was all so beautifully written. I hope these two will start to open up a lil' as they spend more time together. Thank you! :)

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**peeks through Marcia's computer trying to find more of this story.** ;) Hope to see more of this one soon, hun. *hugs*


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Ooh..I like this too :heart . It's so lovely, and they are cute around one another..hehe. Love sammi xx

"Sometimes things happen between people that you don't really expect. And sometimes the things that are important are the ones that seem the weirdest or the most wrong. And those are the ones that change your life." - Jessie Sammler (Evan Rachel Wood)

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Wow. I like this a lot. It's different, and the way that you've brought them together is interesting and fresh. I like the irony of the law being rescued by the citizen especially.

Two things that I think could make this even better:

1. Lose the first paragraph-- This is sound advice for all writers. For some reason, the first paragraph (or even the first couple of paragraphs) usually seem to well-- suck. We spend so much time trying to pull the reader in, give some background, and set the scene, that we often write in contorted and weird prose that can put some readers off. I think that the second paragraph (the way you've written it so well) is a much more engaging way to start the story. In that second paragraph, we surmise just about everything that you've mentioned in the first.... Just a trick that I recently learned...

2. The narrative voice and interior dialogues are a little inconsistent, and sometimes confusing. Try to reach a decision as to whether you want to tell this story from the first-person, or the third-person omniscient. A consistent narrative would make the reading smoother and more natural to the reader.

Your characters, their histories, and the strange and wonderful circumstances of their first meeting are quite clever and believable. The skill for character and plot that you're showcasing here are impressive. I particularly like the very natural feel and gradual progression from strangers to acquaintances to friends to lovers that's taking place. The pacing is spot-on.

Great stuff, great talent, and a thoroughly enjoyable read. I, like so many others, have become hooked as well.

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Marcia!! You gonna update soon? please.. pretty please... with sugar and strawberries, and... :whistle


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I'm gonna post the rest of the story today or tomorrow, broken down by chapters. First, replies:

Holly: I'm glad you are enjoying the story and hope you like the journey the continue. I love you work and can't wait for more Valentine (hint, hint)

Pokey Doodle: heheheh.. I love that name... Pokey Doodle.. hehe.. okay sorry. Enjoy the rest of the fic and I daresay the do open up a little ;)

Sammi: I have been on a cuteness kick recently hehe. Enjoy the rest of the story :)

StrangeQuark: Thank you for the information. I really should have totally rewritten this story as it was my first. I hope I have grown as a writer, at least a little in the past few months. I wouldn't mind hearing your comments about some of my more recent fics (did you catch the subtlety there to get more feedback?) Thanks again.

Sky: Hmm.. two posts? Must like the story heh? Oh, and I expect all of the items listed as well as the ones you were thinking :wink

Now on to Chapter 3. We're still in the PG rating

As they pulled into the drive, Alex’s anticipation was at an all time high. She kept telling herself to stop, that it just made sense to stay, nothing else. ‘We’ll get some sleep and have a day of fun tomorrow.’ That was her rational side thinking, her romantic was also there trying to push it’s way forward – all night in Jean’s house, being close to her. Spending the day together tomorrow, maybe they could curl up together and watch a movie after playing outside. Jean’s voice broke into her thoughts. “You can come on in”. Alex realized Jean had been standing there holding the door open for her as she was lost in her thoughts. “Oh, sorry, thank you, uh must’ve drifted off there for a minute,” she replied as she stepped across the threshold into the Jean’s house.

“This is really nice,” Alex commented, taking in the cozy feeling of the house.

“I’ll give you the tour, though it’s not a long one.” She turned right down the hallway and pointed. “My room’s at the end and then there’s the guest bedroom, and I turned this one into sort of a den.” Jean flicked the lights on to the den. “There’s the bathroom across the hall.”

They moved back to the foyer where they had come in, and they continued ahead as the tour continued. “And this is of course the kitchen and dining room area which opens into the great room”. As she spoke she lead them through into the great room.

Alex’s face broke into a big grin. This was exactly what she was hoping to have one day. This room was very large and open with two comfortable looking couches and a recliner. There was a gas fireplace in one corner, a fish tank in a back corner. She could see surround sound speakers and there was a large widescreen TV between two beautiful cabinets. She said out loud, “This is wonderful, Jean.”

Jean let out her breath not realizing she had been holding it waiting for Alex’s reaction. She loved this room. Even though she tried to keep the rest of the house pretty cozy and simple. But, this room was all about her love of movies and entertainment. She had friends come over all the time to hang out here. She looked at Alex. “I’m glad you like it. I love watching movies here, it’s just as good as going to the movies but without the crowds.”

Alex couldn’t wait “You want to watch one now?” It was only ten o’clock after all and the idea of going to sleep in the guest room away from Jean was something she wasn’t quite ready for.

“Sure!” Jean replied. “But first, do you want to go ahead and get out of those clothes?” When Alex blushed, Jean realized what she said and stammered. “I um, meant that, you know, I could uh get us some pajamas to change into.”

Alex nodded and said, “That would be good.” She watched as Jean headed back down the hallway. The image of Jean without clothes had caused her face to become hot and that warmth had spread throughout her body.

Jean was thinking over her normal boxer/tank top sleepwear and decided that was way too dangerous right now. Every time she looked at Alex she wanted to touch her with her hands, her lips… ‘Snap out of it.’ Picking out some pajama pants and t-shirts, she quickly changed, leaving the other set on her bed and headed back to get Alex. “I put some clothes on my bed, you can just change in there.”

Alex smiled and said, “Ok.” She headed into Jean’s room, feeling a little intrusive. She looked down at the queen-sized bed and wondered what Jean looked like when she was sleeping. Did she curl up, or lie on her back, hands above her head, covers down around her waist – whew, it sure was hot in there. Better change and head back out.

Jean was just finishing up the popcorn when Alex came back to the kitchen, she had a favor to ask and decided to plunge in.

“Alex, I’ll be out of town at the beginning of this week, I’m leaving early Monday and won’t get back until late Wednesday. Do you think, I mean if you wouldn’t mind, could you possibly stop by and feed my fish while I’m away?”

“Sure, I’ll stop by. I wouldn’t mind at all.”

“Great, I’ll give you the spare key so you can get in. Feel free to watch a movie hangout or whatever, too. Mi casa es su casa as they say.”

“Sounds good, but I’ll miss you while you’re gone.”

Jean smiled and decided to change back to the subject of the movie so she asked, “What would like to drink with your popcorn – soda, beer, hard lemonade…?”

“I don’t suppose you have Mike’s lemonade do you?” asked Alex.

“Actually, yes I do.”

“That sounds wonderful.”

Jean grabbed two out of the fridge, opened them and handed one to Alex. She grabbed the bowl of popcorn and motioned for Alex to lead the way into the great room. “So what do you want to watch?”

“What do you have?”

Jean laughed and said, “There’s too many to name. Let’s see if you name one, if I have it.”

Better than Chocolate immediately sprang to Alex’s mind but she thought that might not be too subtle so decided on, “How about Fried Green Tomatoes?”

“Ah, one of my favorites,” replied Jean as she got up and headed to one of the cabinets. It only took her a few seconds to locate the DVD and get it started. Alex was still just standing there. Jean motioned toward Alex, “Go ahead and have a seat, that couch has the best view, we can share if you don’t mind.”

Alex definitely didn’t mind though she now wished it was smaller so that they could be closer together. She sat on one end and set her drink on the end table. Jean pulled the ottoman closer. “So we can prop our feet up if we want.” To Alex’s delight, Jean sat down in the middle of the couch instead of the other end.

“Is this Ok? I thought it might be easier to share the popcorn.” Jean couldn’t help herself, she knew that was a stupid reason but she just wanted to be close to Alex.

“Yes, that’s fine, good idea.”

They both settled in to watch the movie, not speaking, just comfortable being near each other. After they’d finished the popcorn, Jean had set the bowl aside but still sat next to Alex. “You’re side is a recliner, if you’d like to use it,” Jean suggested.

“Oh, okay.” Alex looked for the lever.

“It’s right here in your armrest.” Jean leaned across Alex, half on her lap a she lifted the armrest and showed her the lever.

Alex loved the feel of Jean’s body half resting on her. They were now looking at each other, Alex wondered if she leaned forward, would Jean pull away. Just as she was about to her feet popped up, Jean lost her balance and her face ended up in Alex’s lap. Jean’s lips were right next to her, uh other lips and she felt herself getting aroused. She wanted to offer to help Jean but she just couldn’t seem to speak.

Having fell into Alex, Jean wanted to linger there but thought that was definitely crossing the ‘just friends’ boundary. Reluctantly, she turned over on her back, her head still in Alex’s lap and said “Sorry ‘bout that. I wasn’t expecting it to pop up like that”

“Pop up?” said Alex huskily

“Um, yeah the foot stool.”

“Oh, right, the foot stool, yes that’s okay.” Alex hoped she was sounding more composed to Jean than she did to her own ears. Jean went to sit up and Alex instinctively placed a hand on her shoulder. “You can stay stretched out if you want.” Friends cuddle all the time right, Alex thought to herself.

Jean smiled and turned on her side to face the TV leaving her head on Alex’s lap so they could finish watching the movie.

Jean woke up and the first thing she realized was that she was still laying on Alex’s lap and that Alex was also asleep. The second thing she realized was that she had fallen asleep with her contacts in and her eyes felt very dry and gritty. It was dark out and trying to focus on the clock she realized she probably hadn’t been asleep very long. She gently stood up and touched Alex’s cheek. “Alex,” she whispered not wanting to startle her.


“Alex, let’s go to bed.”

“Mmmm, hmm”

Seeing that Alex wasn’t really waking up, Jean bent and gave her a soft kiss on her forehead. She was rewarded with a little movement from Alex but not much so Jean gave her a kiss on her left cheek, then her right cheek, telling herself that she simply didn’t want to startle Alex, that was the only reason she was kissing her. Alex was beginning to stir so Jean picked up Alex’s hands and brought them to her lips. Alex eyes fluttered open and she asked, “Is it morning already?”

“No, but we don’t want to sleep out here, let’s go to bed.”

Alex was only half awake but she was definitely thinking that she would rather sleep out here on the sofa with Jean than in a comfortable bed by herself. With a small frown she asked, “Can’t we just stay here?”

Jean smiled at her friend, wanting so much to hold her close. She pushed the foot stool down and pulled Alex to her feet. As Alex started to sway, Jean pulled her close to her own body to steady her.

Alex felt Jean’s arms around her, she dropped her head and snuggled into Jean’s shoulder, slipping her arms around Jean’s waist wanting to stay close to her. Jean held her like that for a minute, enjoying the closeness before she reluctantly pulled away. Alex’s brow furrowed again and Jean said, “I’m just going to put you in bed.” She held Alex’s hands as she led her down the hall. Alex wanted to protest but knew that probably wasn’t a good idea. Jean led her to the bed, pulled the covers back and tucked her in. Jean leaned down to give Alex another kiss on the cheek, as she did, Alex turned slightly and kissed her on the cheek at the same time.

That was the first time Jean had felt Alex’s kiss on her skin and she hadn’t been expecting it. It sent instant tingles throughout her body and she lingered, letting them stay together for just a few more seconds, before pulling away and standing up, and turning to go take out her contacts.

Alex missed Jean’s touch and heard the girl walk out of the room. She didn’t even get to say goodnight, and Jean hadn’t said it to her either – or had she?

Alex heard Jean walk to the other side of the bed and pull the covers back. She climbed into bed with her – wait into bed with her? Alex, opened her eyes a little and realized the blonde had brought her into her own room, not the guest room. Alex closed her eyes with a big smile on her face, which grew even more as Jean snuggled up behind her and put an arm around her waist.

“Goodnight, Alex.” Alex closed her eyes and said, “Mmmmm,” as she drifted off to sleep.


The next morning Alex woke very slowly. She was having the most wonderful dream about Jean. It seemed so real that she thought she could actually smell her. Actually, she did smell her. Alex remembered last night and began to smile. Jean had crawled into bed and snuggled up to her. Sometime during the night though, they had turned and Jean was on her back and Alex’s arm and leg was thrown across Jean, in what seemed a very intimate position. Jean’s arm was wrapped around Alex’s shoulders and her hand rested on her back. Alex thought she should pull away before she was caught, but when she tried, Jean tightened her grip and whispered, “Alex, you awake?”

Alex smiled and pulled her head back so she could look up at her friend “Good morning, Jean.”

“Did you sleep okay?”

“Yes, like a baby.”

“I hope you don’t mind. I was so tired last night I thought it would be easier to just stay in my bed.”

“No, I didn’t mind at all.” Alex wanted to add, ‘It was the most wonderful night I’ve had in a long time,’ but decided to keep that thought to herself, at least for now. Alex new she was falling in love with Jean, falling or already there, either way she didn’t want to lose Jean as a friend and was reluctant to bring up the subject yet when they were starting to get so close.

“Are you ready for breakfast before our big day?”

Alex wanted to suggest staying in bed for a while but she could hear the excitement starting in Jean’s voice so she said, “Sure, let’s go.” Alex started to pull away but Jean pulled her into a quick hug and gave her a kiss on her forehead. When Jean pulled away, Alex returned the favor.

Jean just couldn’t seem to keep herself from kissing Alex. When Alex returned the favor, Jean couldn’t stop smiling as they headed out to eat breakfast.




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Marica, wow.

Such a sweet update. :D I love how things are progressing between Jean and Alex.

Cannot wait for more, thank you. :D

~Holly~ :heart

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this fic gets cuter and sweeter each time I read it

Great job and I loved the update


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awwww Marcia!! more more more.. please?! *looks at Marcia with puppy dog eyes*

**Sky: Hmm.. two posts? Must like the story heh? Oh, and I expect all of the items listed as well as the ones you were thinking**

Your wish is my command M'Lady *bows before you with a wicked grin upon my lips*


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Awww marcia, I loved this update..soo cute. Love sammi xx

"Sometimes things happen between people that you don't really expect. And sometimes the things that are important are the ones that seem the weirdest or the most wrong. And those are the ones that change your life." - Jessie Sammler (Evan Rachel Wood)

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Holly: I hope you enjoy the ending. Thank you for reading.

Arron: Aww, thanks. This part is a little angsty but I hope you enjoy it.

Sky: *groans* you know I can't handle the puppy dog eyes. And my wish... :blush hmmmm.... :wink

Sammi: Thank you, enjoy the next part and the ending :)

Okay, usual disclaimers but I'm upping the rating to NC-17

Chapter 4


Jean and Alex finished breakfast and hurriedly changed into old jeans and t-shirts. Jean’s excitement was contagious, though Alex was still feeling a bit nervous about riding the four wheelers.

Jean pulled both four wheelers out of the garage and pulled up next to Alex and cut off the engine. “These are pretty simple, they’re automatic so they have a high and low gear but we’ll keep them in high, no need to change.”

Jean knew she was grinning but couldn’t help getting excited about sharing this with Alex. “Here are your hand brakes, like on a bicycle, just squeeze to stop. Your throttle or ‘gas’ is on the right, it’s this lever right here and you simply push it with your thumb.” She demonstrated this with her own thumb. “That’s pretty much it, you steer like a bicycle, we’re not going extreme or anything so you won’t have to worry about rolling over.” Alex’s eyes widened and Jean hurriedly added, “I just mean that we’ll be safe is all, not that…. Would you feel better just riding with me first?” Jean trailed off, hoping she hadn’t discouraged Alex from wanting to ride.

Alex was a little nervous but couldn’t help getting infected with Jean’s excitement. At Jean’s offer to ride together, she nodded her head vigorously and said “Yes, that would be much better.”

Jean scooted forward a little and Alex realized the implications of what she was about to do. She was no longer nervous about the four-wheeler but she was about to sit straddle-legged behind Jean and the thought of that brought color to her cheeks. ‘Here goes,’ she thought and she stepped up on the four-wheeler throwing her other leg on the other side. She made sure she wasn’t quite touching Jean but they were very close.

Jean reached back and handed Alex a helmet with a wide smile “Here, put this on.” Alex pulled on her helmet as Jean did the same.

With Alex this close to her, Jean could feel herself getting giddy. She felt so much sexual tension between them, she wondered if it was just her projecting it or did Alex feel it too? There were only inches separating them but suddenly Jean wanted to feel Alex against her, so she said, “Um, you’ll probably want to hold on, uh, to me.”

When Alex didn’t hesitate and simply slid her arms around Jean’s waist, not tight, just sort of there, Jean gave her a smile and said “Ready?” At Alex’s confirmation nod, Jean started the engine again.

Alex was sitting behind Jean thinking if they didn’t have these helmets on, how easy it would be to lean forward and brush her lips against Jean’s neck, ear, cheek… Jean’s question snapped Alex out of her daydream. She had her arms loosely around Jean’s waist and nodded. When Jean started the engine, she hit the gas causing Alex to fall back a little, and she instinctively tightened her hold on Jean and pulled herself closer. Now the brunette’s breasts were pressing into Jean’s back, her arms tight around her friend’s waist, the lengths of their legs were pressed against each other and Jean’s bum was pressing on her… ‘Oh this is going to be a good day’, Alex thought to herself.

Jean had purposely hit the gas too quick and when it achieved the desired affect from Alex, she was happy the helmet hid the huge grin on her face. More controlled now, she led them around the yard letting Alex get the feel of moving with the turns and just getting comfortable on the bike, before coming to a stop. “Your turn.” She smiled at Alex and held out her hand in a gesture to help Alex climb down.

Alex wanted to suggest that she could just ride behind Jean all day, enjoy the feel of her body, but the excitement of driving was starting to get to her and she only hesitated a moment before taking Jean’s hand and climbing down. Then she realized they were at least a hundred yards from the garage so she looked at Jean questioningly.

Jean helped Alex down and saw her silent question. She slid to the back of the bike and said “I want to make sure you feel comfortable before throwing you on your own so, you drive now.” She motioned for Alex to climb back on in front of her.

She loved having Alex behind her as they rode but thought she better not look too suspicious by driving them around like that all day. Besides, she really did want Alex to learn to drive. She once again helped Alex on the four-wheeler.

She reached around her friend showing her how to start. “You turn the key on, slide this green button on, and then push the red button to start it.”

Alex was having a hard time concentrating on Jean’s words as Jean’s body was pressed against hers from behind. As they pushed the red button together, Jean smiled at her and Alex’s heart seemed to melt. Oh she was definitely falling for this woman hard. Jean then covered Alex’s hands with her own showing her how to work the controls.

“Are you ready?” Jean asked. Alex nodded and Jean moved her arms around Alex’s waist, not moving back from Alex but staying with their bodies pressed together.

‘I wonder if Alex felt this when she was riding behind me?’ Jean thought as she felt warmth spread into her core. ‘Unfortunately, probably not.’

Alex took off, at first only able to concentrate on the feel of Jean’s body pressed against her own. She gradually relaxed and started to really enjoy driving the four-wheeler. This was really fun, wonder why she never tried it before? She was actually glad she hadn’t, otherwise she would never have shared this with Jean.

Alex felt Jean squeeze her waist, then the blonde’s hand on her thigh and she immediately felt herself getting moist. She instinctively let go of the throttle and pulled the brakes causing them to come to an abrupt halt.

Jean wasn’t expecting Alex to stop so suddenly. “Um, we’ll work on the stopping part, I just wanted to see if you’re ready to try this on your own?”

Alex was trying to steady her breathing but Jean’s hand was still high on her thigh, just inches from her… Alex shook herself mentally. She was glad Jean thought she just needed more practice with stopping and hopefully didn’t realize the real reason she halted so quickly. Alex noticed they were near the other four-wheeler and trying to sound composed said, “Yes, I think I’m ready to go.” Jean’s hand gave her thigh a little squeeze and Alex had to stifle a moan of pleasure, then one of sadness as Jean removed her hand and moved from the back of the four-wheeler to get on the other one. ‘I almost wish Jamie didn’t leave hers here so we could ride together,’ thought Alex. By that time Jean had pulled up next to her and was smiling so openly at Alex, Alex couldn’t help but smile back at her friend’s enthusiasm.

“Let’s play follow the leader,” Jean suggested. Alex nodded and off they went.

They rode all morning alternating the leader position. As Alex got more comfortable, they went faster and even tried some small jumps. Enjoying each other’s company and the thrill of chasing each other, Jean reluctantly led Alex back to the garage. When they got there, Jean pulled off her helmet and said “That was so much fun! I hate to stop but I’m almost out of gas and you probably are too. Let’s go ahead and park and we’ll head inside.”

They ate some sandwiches for lunch and then started watching Fried Green Tomatoes again since they had both fallen asleep the night before. They talked and watched another movie, enjoying the day with each other before Alex said she had to be going. Jean led her to the door thinking of what Jamie said to her. Had that just been yesterday? It seemed like they had gotten so much closer since then and that’s why she was afraid to bring it up. Instead Jean said, “I had so much fun today, with you.” She reached out, slipping her arms around Alex’s waist and pulled the brunette into an embrace, Alex responded by wrapping her arms around Jean. They stood like that for a few moments and Jean moved her head back a little to place a kiss on Alex’s cheek. Alex turned her head to kiss Jean’s cheek as well. They let their lips linger for a few seconds before pulling away. “Oh, I almost forgot.” Jean reached up for the spare key and gave it to Alex. “For the fish.” Alex smiled, said goodbye and headed out to her car.

Chapter 5

Jean decided she was definitely going to tell Alex she was gay and that she never wanted to lose Alex as a friend, even if there could never be anything more than friendship between them.

Alex was thinking she wanted to tell Jean she was falling in love with her. Falling, or already there? Either way, she felt like she had to let Jean know, and that no matter what Jean might feel, she wanted them to remain best friends.

Since Jean had been out of town they couldn’t walk together until Thursday. Each woman was deep in her own thoughts throughout their walk and still remained silent as they strolled leisurely during their cool down. Jean knew she wanted to tell Alex today, because Alex could not walk with her tomorrow morning.

Before she figured out how to start, they arrived at the parking lot. Jean put her poles in the car but didn’t climb in herself. Instead she leaned against it and looked into Alex’s eyes, took a deep breath and started.

“Alex, I want you to know that I value your friendship so much and I don’t want anything to ever come between us.”

“I don’t want anything to come between us either, that’s why I-” Alex was cut off when Jean grabbed her hands and gave them a squeeze.

“I have more to tell you Alex, something I’ve been wanting to tell you. It’s just that I don’t want anything to change between us. I value our time together and being with you makes me so happy.” Jean looked deep into Alex’s dark eyes and not knowing what else to say she took a deep breath and simply said, “I’m gay.”

Alex’s eyes grew wide, ‘She’s gay? Did I hear her correctly’ she thought. ‘That means we could be together. No that doesn’t necessarily means she likes you, Alex. Just because a woman is gay doesn’t mean she’s attracted to every woman on earth, you should obviously know that. But still, maybe she could learn to love me as much as I love her…’ Alex’s thoughts were going a mile a minute in her head.

Jean saw the expression on Alex’s face and figured she had put her in shock. The blonde just hoped that they could still be friends. She sighed and said, “Alex, I should have told you sooner. I still want to be your friend, I hope you can let me, but I want to give you time to think about this. Take all the time you need. Just call me when, if… you want to get together again.” With that she squeezed Alex’s hands once more before dropping them and turning to get in the car. “I’ll see you, Alex.”

Alex just stood there. “What just happened,” she whispered to the empty space. ‘Oh no, she must think I’m in shock when the opposite is true, I couldn’t be more overjoyed. But now she’s gone and we won’t be able to see each other tomorrow morning and…’ Alex’s mind was once again racing trying to figure out how to make things right and she climbed into her car trying to figure out what to do.

Tears were streaming down Jean’s face as she drove back to her house. She was afraid she had just made the biggest mistake of her life, lost the best friend she ever had, and the woman she was falling in love with. She was determined she would give Alex all the time she needed, not push her until she was sure the brunette was ready.

Jean finished getting ready and headed to work. The day passed by in a blur of thoughts of Alex. She went home mentally exhausted but couldn’t rest. She went in to get ready for bed and saw Alex’s clothes. She picked them up and pulled the clothes to her, letting Alex’s scent fill her senses. She kept Alex’s shirt with her as she crawled in bed, tossing and turning all night as thoughts of Alex never being in her life haunted her. She woke up Friday, not rested at all and headed into work. Just existing until Alex felt like they could talk again.


Alex had spent Thursday day and night coming up with a plan. Friday morning she went to work, set to put the plan in motion. She kept checking the clock. She was leaving at three o’clock today to start her preparation, but the time just seemed to be creeping by. Finally at two fifty-five, Alex couldn’t wait any longer and she left. She stopped and picked up a bouquet of flowers, a single rose, some wine, candles (she wasn’t sure where Jean kept hers) and ingredients to make her specialty pasta meal. She still had the key to Jean’s house and hoped Jean wouldn’t mind as she let herself in. She put some of the flowers on the kitchen table, a couple in the living room and she kept the single rose nearby to give to Jean when she came home. She set about making dinner and she went in to find a movie, for later. As she opened the cabinets, she couldn’t help but gasp at the number of DVD’s Jean had. And she did have Better than Chocolate, as well as many more of her own favorite movies. Alex was overwhelmed and couldn’t decide what she wanted to watch first so she decided to wait on that decision.

She headed back to the kitchen and set the table. She was setting the pasta on the table when she heard a car coming up the drive. She looked out and saw Jean and quickly lit the candles and grabbed the rose as she headed for the door.

Jean was exhausted, she could barely concentrate at work as her thoughts continued to drift back towards Alex. When she pulled into her driveway, she thought she was seeing things, thought she saw Alex’s car sitting in the driveway. But Alex was nowhere to be seen. She started up the steps and Alex opened the door a huge smile on her face as if she was really happy to see her. Jean stopped and just stared at her; she was afraid to blink, afraid she was dreaming. She just stood looking at Alex the woman she loved.

After a minute Alex was beginning to feel a little worried when Jean hadn’t moved, barely blinked. Her own eyes were traveling over Jean, taking in her exhausted look. Her eyes were red, her hair was sticking up as if she had been running her hands through it all day. Deciding to make the first move, she took a step forward.

As the Alex mirage came closer to her, Jean still wouldn’t move. She was still afraid to break eye contact for fear it would disappear. She had thought of Alex so much, she was sure this wasn’t real.

Alex took Jean’s hand in her own and pulled it to her lips to give it a kiss, she then turned and pulled Jean into the house. She closed the door and let go of Jean’s hand so that she could take her things. She held out the rose and still Jean just stared at her. Thinking maybe this wasn’t such a good idea, Alex’s smile faltered and she said, “Jean, please… say something… anything… blink…”

At Alex’s words Jean did blink slowly. As she slowly opened her eyes she saw that Alex was still there, she didn’t disappear. Jean decided to blink again and when Alex was still in front of her, she finally started to smile. Her smile grew wider as she saw that Alex was holding a rose out to her. Finally getting control of her motor skills, she took it and sniffed, closing her eyes as its scent made its way into her senses. She opened them to see Alex smiling at her and whispered, “You’re real.”

Alex giggled at this and said, “Of course I’m real. I hope you don’t mind but I used the key you gave me to get in and…” she trailed of as she used her hand to gesture towards the kitchen.

Jean took in the food, candles, flowers and her beautiful friend and without thinking what she was doing she pulled Alex in for a close embrace and whispered in her ear. “I was afraid I had scared you away when I told you I was gay, afraid you never wanted to see me again.”

Alex held Jean as tight as she could and caressed Jean’s back while they stood. She pulled her head back as she looked into Jean’s eyes. “You never scared me away, quite the opposite. I was trying to figure out how to tell you that I am too and I was so sure I had misunderstood you when you said it that a million thoughts ran through my head but none came out.” She then kissed Jean on the forehead, and once on each cheek.

Jean’s head was spinning from Alex’s words and her lips. Could it be true? How much should she reveal to Alex about her feelings? Deciding not to push to hard she said, “So now what do we do?”

Alex grinned. “Well, now we should eat dinner before the candles burn out. Why don’t you go ahead and slip into some comfortable clothes, actually just put your pajamas on. I hope you like wine…” at Jean’s affirmative nod she continued, “good, I’ll poor a couple of glasses while you get ready.”

“There are wine glasses in the cabinet on the left.” Jean headed back to change her clothes. Alex, was here, she was really here. Jean was so exhausted and her eyes hurt so she decided to take out her contacts as well and wear her glasses for the rest of the evening.

Alex stood up as Jean came back into the room. She giggled at Jean’s pajama bottoms, bearing the same Marvin character she had on her necklace if she remembered correctly.

Jean blushed a little as she looked at her pants and said shyly, “You said to go ahead and put on my pajamas…”

“And I meant it, I like them.” As Jean sat down Alex commented, “Hey, you’re wearing glasses.”

“Yeah, my eyes are tired so I took out my contacts. Do I look wiser?” she asked as she tried to strike an intellectual pose.

“You look absolutely adorable.”

Jean blushed slightly and said “That wasn’t exactly the look I was going for but…”

Alex laughed. “May I see them?”

“Sure, but be careful, they’re strong and might give you a headache.” She took off her glasses. Everything went out of focus and she held out her glasses to Alex.

Alex took them and heeding Jean’s warning closed her eyes and she put them on, striking a pose of her own. “How do I look?”

“You’re gorgeous.” Jean said a little huskily.

Alex’s eyes flew open at the statement and everything was blurry. She pulled the glasses off and realized, “Hey, if I have your glasses, can you even see this far?”

“No.” Jean giggled, then her voice lowered. “But I look at you all the time and you are always gorgeous.”

Alex blushed at the statement and handed Jean her glasses back. They both started giggling and decided to start eating.

After they had finished eating and putting the dishes in the dishwasher, they went in to sit on the couch. “Would you like to watch a movie?” Alex asked.

“Isn’t that supposed to be my line?” Jean smiled at the brunette. “I’m not being a very good hostess tonight, I’ve let you do all the work.”

“I like it, like taking care of you.” Alex decided to continue on more seriously, voicing the thoughts she had been having. “And, I feel responsible for your exhaustion. I shouldn’t have let you leave with the wrong impression yesterday. I never want to lose your friendship but I feel as if I have to be honest with you.”

Here it comes Jean thought, the ‘let’s just be friends’ speech.

Alex took a deep breath. “I love you, Jean. I’ve probably loved you since the first day we met.” When Jean started to speak Alex placed her fingers on her lips and continued. “You don’t have to feel the same way about me, I can live with us being friends but I couldn’t live with us not being friends.” She stopped and looked into Jean’s blue eyes.

Jean kissed the fingers that were at her lips before pulling them away. “I love you, Alex. I feel like I’ve been looking for you forever and the day I found you, it’s like my entire life had meaning. You’ve voiced the thoughts I’ve been having and when I thought I had lost you yesterday, it was the worst feeling…” She hesitated, not sure what all this meant. Was this moving too fast? How could it be to fast when they had known each other for so long? She looked deep into dark eyes. “So where do we go from here?”

Alex leaned in and she kissed Jean on the cheek, tears welling in her eyes, before pulling Jean into an embrace. “How about we sit here, hold each other and watch TV, enjoy being close?”

“I swear I think you read my mind.” Jean snuggled against Alex on the couch. The brunette lay on her back as Jean half lay on top of her. They lay there holding each other, Alex stroking Jean’s back, Jean playing with Alex’s hair at her neck watching the movie.

Alex reluctantly said, “I hate to move but nature calls.”

Jean smiled and slowly rolled off Alex so she could stand up. Alex hesitated, wanting to kiss Jean, to taste her lips, her tongue, but instead settled for placing a kiss on Jean’s forehead, before heading down the hallway.

Alex finished and splashed some water on her face. She looked at herself in the mirror. “Coward” she said to her reflection.

“Just kiss her, she said she loved you.”

“Yeah, but will that be moving too fast?”

“You love her, she loves you, just grab her and plant one right on her lips.”

“I don’t think I could do that, but how should I initiate it?” Alex stopped her conversation to herself as an idea began to form in her mind. With a smile on her lips and a mission, she headed back out to the woman she loved, grabbing a post-it note from the counter as she walked through the kitchen.

Jean heard Alex coming down the hall and turned to watch her enter the room. ‘She’s so beautiful’, thought Jean, ‘could she really possible love me? What did I do to deserve someone like her?’

Alex watched Jean watching her as she came back into the room. ‘Am I really going to go through with this?’ Alex thought to herself, then mentally pumping herself up she said ‘I am really going through with this.’

She went around the couch to stand in from of Jean. “So how bad is your eyesight without your glasses, Jean?”

Jean was surprised by that particular question, not really expecting it. “Pretty bad.”

“How bad? Like, if I wrote something on this post-it, how close would it have to be before you could read it?”

Not really sure where this was heading but not really caring Jean said, “Depends on how big the writing is, and it would probably have to be no more than a foot from me, and then I might have to squint, why?”

“I want to play a game. I’ll write something on this note, start back here and get closer and closer until you can read it – but no squinting, okay?”

Jean giggled. “I’ve never played this game before, but sounds fun.”

“Great.” Alex turned to grab a pencil to scribble something on the post-it, hiding it behind her hands. “Okay, take off your glasses.”

Jean couldn’t help but giggle again, not knowing what Alex was up to but enjoying their game. She set her glasses on the table and everything went out of focus. She waited for Alex to continue.

Alex took a deep breath and stood several feet away from the couch Jean was sitting on. Instead of holding the post-it in her hand, she undid the top buttons on her shirt, until her cleavage was showing and put the post-it on her chest, just above the swell of her breasts. “Ready?” she breathed.

“You’ll have to be much closer, I can’t even see the post-it in your hand yet.”

“Um, it’s not exactly in my hand, I uh, wanted to make sure you weren’t cheating so…” She was moving forward slowly as she was talking.

Jean was now able to see the splash of blue on Alex’s chest, her breath caught and she instinctively squinted her eyes. “Oohh, I think I see it.”

Alex stopped. “No squinting, remember?”

“Oh, right, sorry.” Jean she relaxed her eyes, not really wanting to as she thought she had seen the swell of Alex’s breast just below the post-it. Had she been like that all night or had she just undone her blouse? She watched, as Alex came closer, reminding herself not to squint. Alex couldn’t walk any closer and Jean said “Are you sure you wrote something on there?” Alex nodded and Jean asked, “Should I lean forward until I can read it?” The idea of leaning forward into Alex chest seemed so appealing right now.

“Yes, I really wrote something and you just stay still, I’ll lean forward, just to make sure you don’t cheat.” Alex said, though she really wanted to take her time and torture Jean a little more. She could see her getting flushed, knew the blonde couldn’t see her and yet knew that Jean had an idea that her blouse was unbuttoned. She slowly leaned forward at her waist.

Jean thought Alex had stopped moving but realized she was just moving so slow. Jean wanted to squint, to bring this woman’s body, so close now, into focus, not really caring anymore what the note said. She forced herself not to as Alex came closer and closer until finally, she could start to see writing on the post-it. When Alex was about six inches from her, the words finally came into focus. She spoke aloud, triumphant as she read, “Kiss me.”

“With pleasure,” growled Alex and she cupped Jean’s face in her hands as she lowered her head and pressed her lips against Jean’s. It was a soft kiss, just enjoying the new sensation, while letting Jean recover from the shock. It was more wonderful than she could even have imagined, the feeling of their lips touching. Alex pulled away slightly before leaning down again for another kiss, this time a little firmer, lingering a little longer. Her breath was quickening and she Jean’s was as well. She pulled back once more and it was Jean this time that leaned forward to bring their lips together once more.

Jean’s heart was racing when Alex had first kissed her, once, twice, when Alex pulled away Jean knew she didn’t want to stop so she leaned in for more. She went to wrap her arms around Alex to pull her closer and realized the brunette was still leaning forward. Jean reached for the recliner lever and slowly let her footstool come up, forcing Alex to lay on top of her as they continued to kiss.

Alex felt the foot stool move and realized what Jean had in mind and let her body press into Jean’s. She opened her mouth, then closed it slowly over Jean’s lips. At Jean’s moan, her heart felt like it would explode from her chest it was beating so fast. She felt Jean wrap her arms around her waist and pull them close.

They were both opening and closing their lips together, enjoying the sensations that spread from their lips to the center of their bodies. Jean was the first to tentatively touch her tongue to Alex’s bottom lip. When Alex moaned in pleasure, Jean took Alex’s bottom lip and gently sucked on it, causing another moan to be released from the brunette. When Jean released her lip, Alex returned the favor, sucking on first the bottom then the top lip, then gently running her tongue across both, silently asking to be let into the blonde’s mouth.

Jean let out a moan as Alex’s tongue touched her lips, effectively parting her own lips, granting Alex access to explore her mouth.

And Alex did just that, slowly pushing her tongue into Jean’s mouth, running it along her teeth, then thrusting deeper into the crevices of the blonde’s mouth, slowly, leisurely until finally coming back to the center. She gently touched Jean’s tongue with hers, first the bottom, then the sides and finally the top.

Alex’s tongue inside her mouth was driving the blonde crazy with pleasure as she felt the dampness between her legs increase. Finally she couldn’t stay still any longer and began a duel with the brunette’s tongue, rolling around, chasing one another until she felt Alex’s tongue leave her mouth. Not ready for the contact to end, she let her tongue follow into Alex’s mouth where she began to thrust her tongue, exploring every inch of her soon to be lover’s mouth.

As Jean’s tongue continued to explore her mouth, Alex couldn’t help but pull back slightly so she could wrap her lips around Jean’s tongue and gently suck it.

When the brunette began sucking her tongue, Jean instinctively arched into their kiss, waves of pleasure flowing down to her center where she was throbbing. She grabbed Alex’s buttocks and pressed their hips tightly together moving their hips with the rhythm of Alex’s sucking. At one particular hard thrust from Jean’s hips, Alex gasped with pleasure. Jean took the opportunity to pull her tongue back and she whispered “Bedroom?” Alex looked at her with the same desire she knew was in her own eyes and nodded yes.

Alex couldn’t trust her voice to speak, her legs felt like jell-o as she stood up and pulled the woman she loved with her, not able to resist kissing her again once they were standing. Neither wanted to stop kissing so they didn’t. Jean steered them slowly down the hall to her bedroom.

The bedroom was dark as Jean led them inside. She maneuvered them to the side of the bed and touched the lamp to give a soft light to the room. “I want to see you when I make love to you,” she whispered to Alex.

Alex didn’t think she could get any wetter but at Jean’s words a whole new wave of moisture settled between her legs. She leaned forward and kissed the woman she loved again, harder, thrusting her tongue into the other woman’s mouth. Jean pulled back and said, “I want to undress you.” It wasn’t a question but Alex nodded her head yes.

Jean kissed Alex’s lips but didn’t linger, instead moving to kiss her neck, first one side, then the other before moving to Alex’s open collar and kissing the base of her throat, flicking her tongue out to taste her skin. She slowly unbuttoned Alex’s shirt, stopping to kiss each new piece of exposed flesh along the way, until she reached the bottom button and kissed Alex’s stomach, right above her jeans, and felt the brunette shudder with pleasure under her touch. She reached up to push the shirt off Alex’s shoulders but didn’t stand up right away, instead kissing her way back up Alex’s torso, until she came to the woman’s bra. She stood up to look into her love’s eyes. “I’m not moving too fast am I?”

‘Too fast?’ Alex thought incredulously to herself, ‘I’m trying to resist the urge to pick you up, throw you on the bed and make you scream my name,’ but she knew Jean meant their relationship so out loud she said, “No, not too fast, perfect.”

With that Jean continued to look into dark eyes as she moved her hands around Alex’s back and unfastened her bra.

Alex was beginning to get nervous. She didn’t have much in the breast department and was suddenly afraid Jean wouldn’t want her. She started to move her hands up to hold her bra in place.

“No,” Jean whispered as she pushed Alex’s arms back to her side, not breaking eye contact.

“I want to..” she trailed off as she pulled the straps off Alex’s shoulders and tossed the bra aside. She pulled her gaze from Alex’s and slowly let her eyes fall on this woman’s breasts and she moaned. Alex’s nipples were already hardened, seemingly begging for Jean to touch them. Not one to disappoint, Jean reached out her hands, cupping Alex’s breasts, feeling Alex’s nipples hard against her palms. She gave them a squeeze before releasing them, using her fingers to slowly circle Alex’s aureole’s, not yet touching the nipples, wanting to tease a little as Alex was arching her back silently begging for the blonde’s touch.

Alex could barely stand. She was arching her back waiting, wanting, begging to feel Jean’s hands against her nipples. She couldn’t stand and a half moan, half plea escaped her lips. “Jean, please.”

At Alex’s words Jean felt a whole new wave of desire course through her and she couldn’t deny Alex what she wanted. She pushed her thumbs into Alex’s nipples and heard her love’s moan in response. She played with them gently before leaning down and flicking one with her tongue, then licking it, and finally taking it into her mouth to gently suck it. She rolled her tongue around it, suckled it, all while her right hand was squeezing, pulling, teasing Alex’s other breast.

Alex didn’t think she would be able to stand the pleasure, the waves of need flowing through her. She kept arching her back to bring Jean closer. She pushed her hips into the blonde’s, trying to cause some friction to release the tension building between her legs.

Jean felt Alex’s thrusts, and slowed down her assault on Alex’s breasts. It was hard to stop. She just wanted to devour them. Instead she forced herself back a little and steadied Alex as she began to sway. Alex half opened her eyes to look at Jean questioningly.

“Pants,” Jean whispered.

Alex could only nod as Jean knelt down in front of her, unbuttoned her jeans and slowly moved the fly down. The blonde slowly worked the material down her legs. Just as she had done with her blouse, Jean kissed Alex’s right leg as she moved the material down her legs so that she could step out. Then she moved to the left leg and slowly kissed her way back up to Alex’s panties. Kneeling there, in front of Alex’s sex, Jean could feel herself getting wet as she took in Alex’s scent. Not wanting to wait, she pushed Alex’s panties down her legs, not following them this time, instead enjoying the site of Alex’s neatly trimmed mound in front of her. She placed her hands on Alex’s hips as she kissed Alex gently to the right, then to the left, then in the middle of her beautiful dark curls. Each time Alex’s hips tried to buck, to increase the pressure, but Jean held her steady with her hands, letting her lips barely touch and linger just a second before standing.

When Alex felt Jean’s lips on her sex, she thought for sure she was going to leave a puddle on Jean’s floor. When the blonde stood up and pulled away, Alex opened her eyes, and reached out.

Jean pulled back the covers and motioned for Alex to climb in bed, she started to follow when she heard Alex whisper, “Clothes.”

“We’ll get them later…”

Alex shook her head pointing at Jean, not really able to form sentences said “You… clothes… too many.”

Jean looked down and realized she needed to take off her own clothes. Thinking of Alex’s naked body against her naked body, Jean stripped in about ten seconds before climbing into bed.

Alex smiled and said, “Wow, your fast.”

“But I’m going to take my time with you” Jean growled. She lay on top of the woman she loved, and she did take her time, kissing Alex’s lips, dueling tongues before moving down to kiss her neck. Not wanting to show favorites, Jean took Alex’s left breast in her mouth this time and began to run her tongue across it, suckle it, bite it gently and then kiss it again, while her left hand teased and taunted Alex’s right breast. The more Jean kissed her, the more Alex’s hips bucked into the blonde’s naked flesh.

The brunette felt if she could just move an inch or two, she could cause some friction to release some tension. But every time she tried Jean would stop her by pressing herself down on Alex’s body.

Thinking she had tormented her enough, Jean reluctantly moved her mouth from Alex’s breasts, to move them across her stomach. She stopped at her navel to run her tongue around the outside before taking a moment to dip in. She then kissed at the top of Alex’s mound, moving down so that Alex could feel her breath, before turning her head to the side and kissing her way down the inside of Alex’s thigh. She spread the brunette’s legs as she moved down. The blonde worked her way back up the other side, positioning herself between Alex’s now widespread legs. She was staring at the sight of Alex before her, spread eagle, dark curls glistening with desire and she whispered, “Alex, are you sure?”

At the blonde’s voice Alex forced herself to speak. “I’ve never been so sure of anything else in my life.”

That was all that Jean needed as she bent her head down and gently flicked her tongue out to taste Alex. “Mmmmmm.” Was that her or Alex, maybe both. Jean pushed her tongue between Alex’s lips, searching for the Alex’s swollen nub. Licking, tasting, devouring the moisture from Alex’s sex as she teased her lover before closing her mouth over Alex’s clit and gently sucking.

Alex bucked hard when Jean found her clit and began to press her tongue against it, hard and then soft. Circling it, sucking it into and out of her mouth. Alex’s desire was mounting higher and higher and she reached her hands down, and tangled her fingers in Jeans hair to pull Jean closer. “More… please…” she whispered.

Jean complied and slipped her middle finger inside her lover. Alex was so wet, she had no problem sliding in, lingering for a moment as she felt Alex contracting around her, then pulling out slowly, before letting her ring finger join her middle finger as she pushed them back in, all the while teasing Alex’s clit with her tongue, her mouth. She let her lover adjust to both fingers.

Alex began to thrust her hips, Jean let her set the rhythm, following with her mouth and fingers. As Alex thrust, Jean would let her fingers gently curl upwards, trying to find her lover’s sweet spot.

Alex knew she was heading for release as Jean stimulated her clit and her g-spot. She tried to tell her but could form no words until she shouted, “Ooohhh, Jeeaan.”

Jean felt Alex coming, felt her contracting around her fingers and she replaced her fingers with her tongue so that she could catch the delicious fluid that was pouring from Alex. When she had finished tasting all she could find and Alex’s shudders had subsided, she moved up to lay on her side next to her lover, caressing her stomach with her hands.

“Hey you.” She whispered as Alex finally opened her eyes.

“Hey babe.” Alex responded back before leaning up to give her lover a kiss. She tasted herself on Jean’s lips and wondered what it would be like to taste Jean.

“So,” Jean began with a grin. “Do you want to be my girlfriend, or do I need to persuade you a little more?”

“Hmm…” Alex teased, pretending to be deep in thought.

Jean laughed and pressed a hard kiss, thrusting her tongue inside Alex’s mouth.

“Oh, you’ve definitely convinced me,” Alex breathed.

“Good.” Jean giggled before planting another hard kiss only Alex’s lips. She moved down to snuggle up close to her girlfriend. She felt Alex’s tap on her shoulder and she moved her head so she could look up.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Alex grinned, a gleam in her eye.

“I’m going to sleep with my girlfriend.”

“Oh, you’re going to be sleeping with your girlfriend, but not just yet.” Alex let her voice drop seductively “I’m going to make love to you first.” She pushed Jean onto her back and proceeded to do just that.


Thanks for reading!


 Post subject: Re: Synchronized Strides Chapter 4 - end & Replies
PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, 2004 10:43 pm 
Wow Marcia,

Definitely an awesome ending to an awesome story. :D You never fail to amaze me with your writings and stories.

I hope to see more soon here, on Inward Eye. :)

Thank you for sharing!

~Holly~ :heart

Baby, baby, baby when all you're love is gone, who will save me from all I'm up against out in this world

- Bright Lights - Matchbox Twenty

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