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 Post subject: Free "loving annabelle" screening on myspace
PostPosted: Mon May 15, 2006 12:36 am 
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Hello everyone,

I'm not sure if this has already been posted, so if it has mods, fell free to remove this thread.

I thought this might interest a lot of kittens: we might get a free sreening of "loving annabelle" on myspace. For it to happen, they "only" need 15.000 friends! So if you have a myspace, please, go on and add them to your friends. And if you don't have a myspace... well, it may be time to make one ;-) ;-) :pride :pride

Here is what they posted:

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Screening on My Space - Katherine

From Katherine Brooks -

You guys are so amazing!! I went through the page and read all your comments and it almost made me cry. I feel very supported from you guys and it means the world to me. I think you will like the movie. I hope you like the movie :) It took me so long to write. 7 years. And it took me another year to figure out how to end it. My friend Olivia helped me write it cause I really got stuck with Annabelle and Simone for a while. I thought I would share this with you guys that haven't been able to come to a festival where I usually talk after the film about different things. So, I'll just give you some stuff here :)
Erin (Annabelle) and I met five years before making the movie. I developed the script for her. I could not raise money for the film because everyone wanted to put a star in the leading role so it would make more money. I stuck with Erin. I had a "star" that was going t o play Simone. I lost her. Diane (Simone) came on three days before shooting. That takes guts!! Erin and I went to meet Diane at the coffee bean on Fairfax and Sunset. I sat down with them (all of us together meeting for the first time) and Erin and Diane could not stop staring at each other. It was very silent and I started to get a bit uncomfortable. And I'll never forget Erin. She says to Diane. "I've seen four other actresses today to play Simone and you're the first one I've really wanted to kiss". It was a match made in heaven.

We shot the film in 21 days which is a KILLER. You usually shoot about a page of a movie a day and we were shooting 4-7. I would literally be just starting to shoot something and a producer would come up and say you have 20 minutes to get this entire scene. It was tough. It still is tough. I won't bore you with those details.

So, the most questions I get after people see Loving Annabelle is about the ending. I won't spoil it for you, but the DVD will actually have two endings. So you can choose how you want it to end cause I never can. In the movie now, I chose the ending that felt the most true to life.

Right now I am currently working on a new script called "The Curse on 1140 Royal Street" that I will be shooting later this year. It's very scary. I hate scary movies!! But, this is a true story that took place where I grew up. New Orleans. So, I've been writing that with my writing partner and still directing stuff for MTV and about to go travel with Annabelle for 6 weeks.

OHHHHHHHH ---Okay, here's the deal. A lot of people have asked me about seeing the movie on my space. And it's mostly people who don't have a festival near them where Annabelle is going to screen. I pitched to the producers to do a a little mini My Space film festival. So, if I get 15,000 fans of the movie on our page to be friends, we will stream it on My Space for free. Just one time and then it will be deleted. I have to show them a lot of people on My Space want to see the movie and then they will go for it. It comes out on DVD in October. But, if we can get the fans by then I'll make them show it sooner.

Lots of love,

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