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 Post subject: F*Series and Other Shorts - #5 Added (08 Dec 16)
PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:05 pm 
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Welcome to F*Series and Other Shorts.
I hope to add many more to this thread.

Too Effin' Hot (NC-17)
Eff Me Sideways (NC-17)
F* Tapes Part 1 (R)
F* Tapes Part 2 (NC-17)

Mommy Likes Rainbows (PG-13)
Lez Country (PG-13)

If you've scrolled this far reading the whole NC-17 thing then I shall title this properly....

TITLE: Too Fucking Hot

AUTHOR: Delayne T. Buranek

RATING: NC-17 (Smut! and Language)

DISCLAIMER: Enter standard Disclaimer here. In Other Words, I own none of it, I use it not for profit anyway. I used to do this in hopes it would impress girls but I’m committed now so that is out of the question. But we have nothing to our name except our two dogs and you’ll have to kill me before taking them.

SUMMARY: One off Fic, offered up in sacrifice to the smut gods in exchange for my lack of one that I had promised over at Believe in Fairies. Also I started this last year when it was hot and now it is hot again and I figured I should finish it. Maybe I should finish all of my unfinished stuff first, but I’m glad to just be posting anything right now.

SPOILERS: Not really, just a stand-alone fic with generic references, could even be AU if the Sunnydale reference just means it is a strange town and not necessarily full of monsters. It you’ve seen up to Family you should be good to go because I also hint at what kind of people they are.

EMAIL: dtburanek (at)

FEEDBACK: Yes please. I’ll even read “I hate you, you are horrible,” but I probably won’t take you seriously.

NOTE: I really wanted to post something. So I haven’t really edited that well. If you see something glaring, feel free to call me out on it. I will fix it.

It was hot. Fucking hot. Tara preferred not to use that word but it seemed most appropriate. All she wanted to do is continue to lay on the cold cement floor of the basement.

She had went down there to switch over the laundry. It was a small stain from breakfast that caused her to pull her tank-top over her head and throw it into the pile. Once the slightly cooler air hit her skin she quickly discarded most of the rest of her clothing, threw it in the laundry pile and just laid down.

Sure it was a typical sunny California summer day, only just more hot. It wasn't even noon yet and it was blazing. The AC broke down yesterday and her darling, she was beginning to suspect, had forgot to call it in. But the basement was nice, and everyone else was at work or school.

She contemplated her situation. She had what she referred to as her 'Mom' duties, although she wasn't any-one's mother. In other words she was a house wife. But she and Willow weren't married (they had decided to wait and missed the boat on that one, Fucking Prop 8), and the wholeness of the family itself was as far from traditional as one could get. Other than those very essential facts her role was traditional indeed. One she relished with great pride, because it was a decision she made and not one forced upon her. Which she realized if she hadn't escaped from 'home', very well could have been her lot in life. The idea which she abhorred causing her to run away to California in the first place.

But Willow made plenty of money and Tara had plenty of hobbies and charity work she was glad to have the time for. Besides she knew that soon they would be having the ‘extending our family discussion’ by the way Willow got a wee bit emotional when they saw the baby at the store the other day. Which Tara had to admit, she's been kinda ready for that for a while.

In basic summary she mused to herself on the cool cement floor that her life was perfect, and she wouldn't change a thing. Except for the fucking heat.


Willow twisted the knob. Finding it unforgiving she fumbled for her keys. Her iPhone was calling Tara, listed as *My Everything in the contacts, the asterisk ensuring it at the top of the list every time. She could hear her special ring-tone, the one Tara picked to represent her, coming from the small flip phone behind the door which had to be located on the coffee table in the living room.

But it remained unanswered which was why Willow was there now unlocking the door.

"Tara?" She paused before closing the door. She didn't want to cover any response with the squeaky door.

No response. She dropped her stuff on the coffee table and wasted no time bounding up the stairs. Maybe she was taking a nap. But the heat when she glided over the last two steps hit her almost knocking her back down them.

It was unbearable. There would be no way any normal person would be able to sleep up here. In fact it was a little difficult last night, one of the few mornings Willow wasn't running late. The call of her air conditioned office space easily beat out the heat where on a normal day had to compete with Tara snuggles. Besides it had been way too hot for snuggles in the first place.

There was no Tara in the bed. Which Willow was partly grateful, but still worried she hadn't found her Love in the most obvious choice. On the bed, however, was a small pile of clothes. The laundry basket, which usually resided in the corner, was as absent as Tara in this room. Willow did an about-face and flew down the stairs.

Willow flew down the basement stairs as well and panicked when she saw an unconscious Tara, half naked and face down on the cement floor. Did she have an aneurysm, like Joyce? But why the mostly nakedness? Did the repairman arrive early and do ... No she couldn't even think that. A million scenarios went through her mind until they got bizarre and absurd, but then again this was Sunnydale.

But she looked so peaceful.

Tara didn't even realize she had been asleep since she slept so soundly and without dreams. That was until a frantic redhead kept calling her name.

"Tara. Tara. Wake up, Tara."

The blond roused and rolled to her side, looked up at Willow and gave her that sleepy smile. But it quickly turned upside down once she noticed the concerned look on Willows face.

"Are you okay? You didn't have any major organ explode, or someone hurt you, or aliens? Were there aliens?"

"I am fine. I was just in need of a nap I guess."

"But naked? With the nakedness."

"It was fucking hot."

The use of the word was not lost on Willow. But the phrase reminded her of why she was home in the first place so she decided to just skip it.

"I called at 12:30 to let you know the repair man was coming by. But you didn't answer your phone."

Tara glanced up to the small clock CD player over Willow’s shoulder who was now crouched down. It was something brought with her from her dorm room. She used the CD player often while doing laundry. Her new Natalie Merchant CD was no longer spinning and the time read 1:36. That would mean she would have approximately 7 missed calls and as many voice mails. Based on Willow’s pattern of reducing time in increments when Tara wasn't able to get to her phone.

"It must be upstairs."

"Yes it is." A short and to the point Willow often indicated mild annoyance. But she got over it.

She plopped down fully, tired of crouching. "I mean when I saw you here on the floor I thought of all of these horrible things that could have happened to you."

"Like aliens?" Tara interrupted before her babble got going too fast.

"Yes like aliens, or if someone came in, like the repair guy, or just anybody really."

Tara just gave her a look which was easy to read for Willow as she got it more often than she would like to admit. It implied 'I appreciate your concern my love, but you might be overreacting.'

"You didn't answer your phone" Wilow said in her defense to the wordless statement.

"We did recently get the new door locks remember?"

Tara installed new “always locked” doors. It was at least a month before everyone remembered to bring their keys with them always. Even Tara locked herself out once while taking out the trash.

Willow remembered fumbling with her keys earlier in her panic. "That does not mean I am exempt from worrying about you."

"I know sweetie."

"Maybe we shouldn't have gotten rid of the house phone."

Tara remembered how excited Dawn was to get her own phone on the family plan. And how quickly the house phone became an annoyance as the only people who called it were telemarketers, or had the wrong phone number. It was a waste of money.

"We don't need a house phone."

Tara pulled herself up to sitting position. Now that Willow knew everything was alright, she focused her attention to half naked Tara.

Willow’s brain very quickly switched gears. She decided it would be better to have fully naked Tara.

"Too fucking hot, huh?" Willow said with a grin that only meant one thing. She leaned forward and gave her lover a slow and teasing kiss.

"Indeed. Too FUCKing hot." It was like the magical mystery word was just spoken. They smashed together in a fiery kiss. Their sporadic busy schedule occasionally resulted in a span of a week or so where they just didn't get together. It usually culminated very much in a manner such as this. It was exacerbated by the heat.

Willow pushed Tara to lay back down gently yet forcefully, quickly lifted up her light loose summer skirt and straddled Tara's midsection. She wanted immediate contact with Tara so the skirt went up over her head and off instead of attempting to stand and step out of them. Tara sat up more again as they smashed together in a another kiss Willow using the opportunity to remove Tara's bra.

Willow led Tara back down to the floor once more, lips locked on the way down, then breaking and kissing her way down Tara’s body. Tara enjoyed the cool cement on her back and the fiery hot kisses of Willow’s lips down her body.

This was not the time for teasing. Willow wasted no time in stripping the prone Tara of her panties. She only took a moment to gently kiss the inside of Tara's thighs as she spread apart the woman's legs and nestled between them. The salty sweat from Tara's thigh made her nectar even more sweet as Willow slowly licked and rolled the flavor on her tongue and quietly moaned "Hmmm”, before latching her lips on Tara's clit and sucking, hard. Tara let out a low guttural moan that merged into a whimper.

Tara needed a quick release and brought her hands down. One grabbed onto red hair to encourage as much pressure on her clit as possible. The other palmed her breast and pinched her nipple. She enjoyed it when Willow did the honor of simultaneously giving attention to her breasts and clit but the awkwardness of being flat on the cool cement floor really didn't allow for that. Besides it was the triple stimulation that worked quickest. Another grunt/moan/whimper noise from Tara was easily translated by Willow into "I need you inside me now." Willow brought her thumb to tease Tara’s entrance and let it gather juices. Another grunt from Tara emphasized the "Now" part of her previous unspoken command.

Willow then took a deep breath like she was about to dive into the ocean. Her thumb replaced her tongue circling and pressing on Tara clit while her tongue dove deep into Tara. What small part of Tara’s mind that still had blood flow, she realized it was not what she expected, but was none-the-less pleasantly surprised. She did not need to be penetrated deeply and Willow’s tongue was plenty adequate.

Tara could feel like the fireworks that were about to go off behind her eyelids had just been lit. The fuses were not long and the fire was burning fast. Willow kept her pace knowing Tara was already on the edge. Willow took another deep breath and dove in as deep as she could. Tara hit her climax and rode the waves out on Willow’s expert tongue.

They both lay, panting in the heat, on the cool cement floor. Willow normally would crawl back up Tara, kissing her way to snuggle in her arms. But in the heat of the day and certainly the heat of the moment she rolled over Tara’s legs and flattened herself against the coolness.

They were both fast asleep and never heard the knocking on the front door. The woman in the white shirt and visor both imprinted with SDAC (Sunnydale Air Conditioning) scribbled a note and checked marked the box “Call to Reschedule” and hung the paper on the door knob.

The End

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 12:22 am 
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Too effin hot indeed... :drool Good work.

Se siente tan bien todo lo que hace mal... y contigo nunca es suficiente.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:19 pm 
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Congrats on posting your fic!

Nice job! I enjoyed the detail...especially the last part! :whip

I hope to see you writing more!! :grin

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 7:57 pm 
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Thank you Egnalos and Finey!

I am truly grateful and humbled by your comments. I sincerely appreciate them.

Now the next question is... would you be interested in perhaps another segment. Seeing as the only time I can do just a one pager is if I'm doing a challenge. And it has been a while since I've done that. But I feel like I could come up with another page (but no promises as I'm bad at fulfilling them) kind of like a "Willow's Turn" part. Whatcha think?

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:48 pm 
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Yes please! :pray

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"Transform your pain. Release your past. And ... uh ... get over it."
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 10:06 pm 
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Wow, Summertime Smut - how good is that!

:banana :eatme :banana :eatme :banana :eatme :banana

Loved the humor and the detail, nice re-incorporation of the repair person!

And the sex had sizzle, no mistaking that.

So write more, definitely!

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:23 am 
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Great short fic.

 Post subject: Re: Too Effin Hot (NC-17) Short - Complete
PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:29 am 
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I am making decent progress on my new short. I will be updating the title when I post it to reflect this is a thread of shorts. I had to rewrite my first part of the draft though because my new cheapass computer crashed. But it is going to be awesome. The title is "Fuck Me Sideways" and hopefully I will have it posted within a few weeks.

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Finey, Ariel and SJ - Thanks for the responses. I hope you enjoy this next piece!

Title: Fuck Me Sideways (F*Series #2)

Author: Delayne T. Buranek

Rating: NC-17 Full on smut (and use of the f-word!)

DISCLAIMER: Enter standard Disclaimer here. In Other Words, I own none of it, I use it not for profit anyway. I used to do this in hopes it would impress girls but I’m committed now so that is out of the question. But we have nothing to our name except our two dogs and you’ll have to kill me before taking them.

EMAIL: dtburanek (at)

FEEDBACK: Yes please. I’ll even read “I hate you, you are horrible,” but I probably won’t take you seriously.

Dedication: To my wonderful girlfriend. I honestly never thought I'd write a smut fic like this but a conversation with her later (and reading a few fics that I hadn't read before) I wrote this. Turns out, there was a miscommunication in this conversation. Oh well, I thank her for the inspiration anyway.

Warning: Sex involving the use of a strap-on, I know some people aren't into that so I'm giving you a chance to back out now.

"She was totally flirting with you."

"She was not."

"She totally was. In fact I should have had you pay the bill. We might have gotten a discount."

Tara laughed at Willow. So yeah, the repair girl from Sunnydale AC was flirting with her, but she wasn't used to it. Especially, since it was usually the other way around.

"Like that time you paid eighty bucks for a hundred and twenty dollar pair of shoes that weren't supposed to be out on the shelves yet?"

The redhead grinned. "What can I say, I'm a bargain shopper. Must be the Jewish in me."

"I don't think it was being Jewish that had that waitress sitting on our table, her back to me like I wasn't even there, admiring your hair and earrings as an excuse to touch you. And giving you a free milkshake."

"Aawwww. Was my baby jealous?"

"Jealous? Hardly. Mostly shocked someone could be so brazen and rude. I mean hello! Did we not look like a couple? And even if we weren’t, it was just rude."

Willow gave her best fake pout. The one that said (sarcastically) "If you loved me you'd be jealous."

Tara wrapped her arms around Willow and replied to Willow's unspoken pout. "You know darn well there is no reason to be jealous. I know you are my girl." She gave her a quick kiss. "Besides I take it as a compliment when someone covets what is mine."

"And I am, you know."

"Just as I am yours."

They kissed again, slower, enjoying each other’s lips on their own.

Tara unwrapped herself from Willow. She left Willow standing in the middle of the living room as she turned towards the kitchen. It was still early, just after eleven, plenty of time to get caught up on all the house work that everyone slacked on because it was so damn hot. She turned back around though before she got too far.

"What do you want for dinner tonight?"

Willow had a wicked grin on her face. "I was hoping to have more of what I plan to have for lunch."
Tara, whose brain had already switched to house wife mode, replied with a confused look "What do you want for lunch?"

Willow just grinned her wicked grin wider and crossed the short distance Tara had created earlier. She wrapped her arms around the blonde and kissed her hungrily.

Breathless, Tara pulled apart quickly to ask, "Don't you have to go into work?"

"Took the whole day."

Tara let Willow's tongue enter and sucked it greedily, eliciting a moan from the redhead.
They broke apart again. "The whole day?"

Willow nodded like a small child who just got asked if they wanted to go to Disneyland. Tara gave her half-grin and the two raced up the stairs.

Tara lay sprawled naked on their bed. The comforter had not even been on the bed due to the heat before, and the top sheet was now discarded to the floor from being in the way earlier. She reached above her head, lucky to find one pillow still on the bed and pulled it up under her head. They both loved days like this, hanging out naked enjoying each other’s company. You know playing cribbage, or rummy, or whatever dumb excuse they would tell their friends that they'd been up to, back in college when they hadn't been seen or heard from that day. Tara grinned, her favorite one from the past, "Sorry, we were playing an intense game of Monopoly."

Willow walked back in the room as Tara was chuckling to herself. "Funny?" She too was naked but carrying yogurt and fruit. Tara chuckled more realizing Willow was still in anti-babble mode. Not because she was annoyed, like when she found Tara cooling on the basement floor, but because her oxygenated blood had a better place to be than her brain. Tara responded to Willow's question with a short answer of her own, "Monopoly," and was glad to see Willow chuckle too at the memory.

Willow handed Tara a yogurt, "Refuel."

Tara gladly accepted the food. It was important to keep her energy up. Especially since they'd been at it for... Tara glanced at the clock and got a little bug-eyed. It was after three which meant other family members could be rolling in at any time. Not that they would come and bother the happy couple locked away in their bedroom, but knowing they were near made Tara quieter. And they hadn't even gotten to the loud sex yet! She was really looking forward to some loud sex.


Tara brought her attention back to the redhead and quirked her eyebrow at the noise.

"No roommates." Willow said through a mouthful.

Tara left her eyebrow quirked, waiting for further explanation.

Willow swallowed her pineapple, the food helping refuel her brain as she finally completed her first full sentence since this morning. "I may have told Buffy and Dawn that the AC might not be fixed until tomorrow. I placated them with an offer to pay for their hotel."

"You sneaky vixen."

They finished their meal and wrapped themselves up in each other again, enjoying each other without any rush.

A techno beat started reverberating from Willow's expensive phone that lay on the desk. Upon careful listening, it was a remix of Flight of the Bumblebee, a tone Willow picked special for any phone calls coming in that related to work.

"Fuck me sideways!" growled the redhead as she pulled herself off of Tara.

Willow's reaction to the phone call made Tara realize, "You're playing hooky aren't you?"

"Steve owed me a favor." Willow said before picking up the phone. "Damnit Steve, this better be life or death."

After much grumbling, a few "Yes", "No", and "Well did you try...", Willow gave a resigned sigh, mouthed "I'll be one minute," reached for her robe and headed to her office down the hall.
Tara heard the phone change to speaker and the muffled sounds of Steve and Willow talking and the fast clickity of Willow on a keyboard. It was going to be longer than a minute. So Tara began to ponder upon Willow's previous exclamation... Yeah, she would have plenty enough time to prepare.

As Tara reached for the box stuffed back in the closet she couldn't help but wonder what her friend's reactions would be. Not that anyone but probably Xander ever pondered too much on what her and Willow did together. But she was fairly certain that most of them would be shocked. She was aware that as a couple they fell into fairly traditional roles. And most people assumed that the roles outside the bedroom are the same as inside the bedroom. And Willow did wear the pants, pantsuits actually, form fitting, very sexy... Anyways, Willow earned the money, wore the pants, could pull off a short haircut, and could be called a masculine nickname, those sorts of things. While Tara didn't work, actually she just didn't earn money from the work that she did. She cleaned and cooked, not just for Will, but for everyone. Following along those lines, who would be the one they'd pick to be putting on a harness right now? It wouldn't be Tara.

It is easier to keep everything wrapped up in convenient boxes, like butch equals top and femme equals bottom. And ignore the idea that people are versatile. Of course, much to Tara's chagrin, it was not all that long ago when she wasn't much better, the young naive lesbian that she was. And their first big, and really only fight, that it had led to back when they were still in college and had been together less than a year. Tara had let her fear and doubt and silly notions about sexuality, and she dared questioned Willow's gayness. You know because Willow preferred penetration, and had slept with a man before whereas Tara was a gold star and got off better with clitoral stimulation. And Willow just didn't need 'release' as often as Tara did. Of course Willow's willingness to satisfy Tara at the drop of a hat should have clued her in. But they talked, and cried... And had loud crazy sex. Lots and lots of loud crazy sex. And Tara realized her folly.

And of course Willow's need for penetration lead to the current situation. It wasn't something they did regularly, but often enough. And as much as Tara loved to make love to Willow, she sure was surprised how much fun fucking could be. Of course it was never *just* fucking. And when she wore it, she felt like a different Tara. In fact this model she had currently strapped on was only purchased last year, merely as it was just time for a new one. And she surprised herself and Willow by wearing it in public to the 50's themed party Xander and Anya threw for Halloween last year. She went all out as The Fonz, and they ended up spending a good portion of the party fucking in the upstairs bathroom, Willow's poodle skirt pushed up on her hips and Tara's jeans pulled down just enough to expose the toy as she thrust into her. Since then they refer to it as 'Happy.'

Tara checked the fit of the straps one more time before pulling on a pair of boxers. She pulled her hair back, trying to secure it the best she could but knowing full well it would fall out anyway. She gathered up the pillows and sat back on them, waiting for her lover to return.

Willow came in, firmly wrapped up in her robe, saying "Bye," and hanging up her phone and setting it on the desk. She turned smiling at her girlfriend, "Sorry about that. I promise no more interruptions." Willow took in Tara, lying back very casually against the pillows, her hair pulled back tight, and her 'Kiss Me I'm Irish' boxers. Tara brought up a knee and just smiled at Willow watching as the redhead processed the information before her.

The redhead got a really really big grin on her face. She had hoped this day of lovemaking would eventually lead to the toy, and glad her wonderful woman was on the same wavelength so she didn't even have to beg. No wait, she was totally going to have to beg.

"Is that Happy in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

Tara pulled her other knee up, hugged them, and laid her head on her arms, still silent and waiting. The game had begun. Now Willow had to convince Tara to show her hard-on.
Willow went back to her phone, tapped the screen a few times and then docked it into the speakers on the desk. The music that flowed from it was from Willow's sexy playlist. She pulled the desk chair out to face Tara on the bed and began to sway her hips to the music. As she began to untie her robe and slip it from her shoulders, Tara released her knees and lay back on the pillows, but keeping legs bent.

Willow danced slowly, keeping her green eyes locked onto blue ones. Her robe hit the floor and her hands began exploring her own body. She palmed her breasts and her hands continued their journey downward to her thighs, opening herself as she dipped down to the music.

Tara watched enthralled as Willow grabbed the chair and used it in her dance. She had already made herself wet just thinking about fucking Willow as she pulled on the harness earlier. And now watching her lover, she could feel more moisture gather on the harness, and it felt like it was getting tighter. She put one knee down.

Willow danced another song, knowing full well she would really have to up her game to get that other knee to drop. She sat down on the edge of chair and opened herself wide. Dancing for Tara, touching herself, she knew her red curls were glistening and Tara’s eyes were no longer looking into hers. Willow grinned as she saw Tara subconsciously lick her lips. She brought her hand down to where she knew the Blonde was watching and pulled a finger through the wetness and brought it slowly up to her mouth and sucked on the digit. Tara followed the movement and began licking her lips again. Willow's scent filled the room now and Tara inhaled it deeply.
By now Tara would relent, but she decided to push it a bit longer.

When Willow realized the knee was still up, she put her hand back down to her curls. She began rubbing two fingers past her lips and brought them back up circling her clit and repeated the pattern. Tara's mouth was watering and she swallowed hard. It was difficult to watch Willow touch herself there and not participate. Willow started circling on her clit more, occasionally giving it direct pressure and moaning loudly. It was a game of chicken now and Willow knew she would win as she her fingers went back to her opening prepared to reach deep inside.

"Come here." Tara said as she dropped her knee, then lifted her ass off the bed and quickly pulled the boxers off. She grabbed Willow's hand as she approached the bed. Pulling her close she sucked on the moist fingers that made her finally drop her knee.

Willow got up on the bed kneeling and straddling Tara as the blonde laid back down. Willow put her weight down on Tara's belly as she leaned forward and kissed her hard, sucking on the tongue that had just tasted her juices. They kissed each other breathless before Willow lifted herself back up and carefully lowered herself on the shaft letting it fill her. Tara remained still, letting Willow set the first pace.

As she finally began to slowly move up and down, Tara reached up to Willow's perfect sized breasts and began to massage them. Willow threw her head back, eyes closed and began to moan, picking up her pace. Tara grabbed Willow's hips and began to thrust up to match.

"Oooooohhhh. MMMMMmmmm. Ffffuck!"

Tara had grabbed Willow's back and pulled herself into a sitting position changing the angle and penetrating a bit deeper. They held still for a moment and kissed each other deeply. This was why they used the toy. Tara could be inside Willow and they could kiss and touch using both hands to feel and grab.

They moved together slowly. Willow's orgasm was on the precipice but she was not falling over it yet. Tara could tell by the green eyes that were closed and head tilted back starting to lean back into to change the angle more. Tara followed suit and leaned back too, keeping one hand on gripped on Willow’s side and the other massaging Willow’s pert breast. Happy was hitting just the right spot and a long list of expletives came forth from Willow’s mouth, loudly. Tara grinned and thrust harder, grunting in time. It didn’t take long after that before Willow was screaming her name.

Again they lay spent, after a few more rounds with a few more positions.

“It’s hot in here.” Willow said.

“Well of course sweetie, we just had lots of heavy hot loving.” Tara smirked and kissed the top of the red head. She waited for Willow to respond or move, or do something. But Willow was still and listening.

“I don’t hear the AC.” She finally said.

Tara listened too. “Did you turn it off or bump into it on your last food run?” Knowing it was not likely but suggesting it anyway.

Willow grumbled as she rolled off the bed and stood up. She wandered out of the room to look at the device on the wall downstairs. Tara could hear Willow loud and clear all the way upstairs. She knew the AC was once again not working. She couldn’t help but smirk again when Willow shouted “FUCK ME SIDEWAYS!”

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You're two for two! Amazing hot smut! :drool

Love the humor between them and sneaky Willow's plans to get rid off their room-mates.

Having the AC off again was a nice bit of re-incorporation, bringing it all together.

Keep writing! :kgeek

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So, it took me a couple days to cool off enough to leave feedback! :drool

I'm not a huge fan of one shots because they always seem to leave me wanting more, but I do love smutty shorts and this one was awesome!

I really liked the way you incorporated the light banter and Willow's sneaky little plot to get rid of her roommates. I have a kid and it's always nice when she sleeps over at a friend's house. :fallen

Very well done! :clap

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Bravo. Bravo. Very... :drool

I don't even know where to start. I did laugh with the whole bit with the broken air conditioner at the end. But Damn that was a hot one shot. I have a hard time writing NC-17 scenes but you obviously don't have that problem. Major kudos to you. I'm hoping there's a third one shot... if that's a real thing.

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Great writing.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback! I appreciate it. And just because I enjoy telling these stories, the 'incidents' that happen to Willow is totally true. I don't usually take so directly from my life (a bit yeah because you know, you write what you know, I just try not to be a Jenny Schecter), but my girlfriend has gotten shoes at a discount and had a waitress flirt with her like I wasn't even sitting at the table. Of course the waitress wasn't fawning over red hair but an afro. Hilarious I know. Plus writing is my own personal way of getting whatever is in my head out, so I'm glad it could be a funny story.

Ariel - It really makes me feel special that you dibs'd me. And I did the AC thing because I wanted it to be a continuation of the last one, mostly because Tara got hers in the last one, and I didn't want Willow to be left out.

Finey - I know what you mean about one shots. I tend to write them better (mostly because I get them done and completed) but at the same time I always end up writing more to it in my head, and if I keep doing that, like Magazine Chronicles, then I end up with an unfinished fic and it upsets me. So I'm concentrating on my one shots until I finish whole pieces before posting.

Beautiful_love - Glad you know you don't think I have trouble writing NC-17 scenes. But I totally do. Struggle even. Especially if I'm trying to incorporate one into a larger fic, or once I start getting pretty explicit. In fact I generally have it put my larger fics on pause because I get stuck. But like with the first one, I offered it up to the Smut Gods in penance for neglecting a promised one on Believe in Fairies. And that one just came to me (pun not intended), plus I was out in the field away from my girlfriend for a good couple of days and that probably helped. And then I decided I just needed a continuation. As for a possible 3rd one, I'm not working on one currently but I've got two other shorts (one almost written, one still in my head) which are not smut that will end up on here before I even think about any 3rd. And I created F*Series merely so I could keep the NC-17 ones 'together' and easier to access (or skip in case anyone actually doesn't read them, not that I know anyone who doesn't)

SJ - Thanks! Glad you like it. I try my best.

So back to the document writer and I might be posting something new fairly soon. Once I figure out an ending that is. Endings are just so hard.....


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TITLE: Mommy Likes Rainbows

AUTHOR: Delayne T. Buranek

RATING: PG13 (Yes this is very different from my other two stories, but this is a shorts thread, this is completely unrelated)

DISCLAIMER: Enter standard Disclaimer here. In Other Words, I own none of it, I use it not for profit anyway. I used to do this in hopes it would impress girls but I’m committed now so that is out of the question. But we have nothing to our name except our two dogs and you’ll have to kill me before taking them.

SUMMARY: Willow is away from her family for the year going school, and misses her son’s first year of school at kindergarten.

SPOILERS: AU, no real spoilers

EMAIL: dtburanek (at)

FEEDBACK: Yes please. I’ll even read “I hate you, you are horrible,” but I probably won’t take you seriously, unless you back up that statement with a well thought out reason as to why.

- Boise Airport, December 2010 -

Willow was glad for the fall semester to be over. It had been a long plane ride from the east coast back to Idaho. The Christmas holiday would only provide a short break and there was someone very special who would be waiting for her when she arrived.


The small red-haired boy ran up to her as she crossed through the doors into the arrivals lounge and she swooped him up and spun him around.

"Hey Danny-boy, I’ve missed you.”

He made a face. “But you talked to me on air-pane.” He was still having problems with his Ls.

“Air pLane” Willow corrected.

“Air-pll-ane” The boy said slowly, sticking his tongue out in concentration.

“Yes, I did talk to you while I was the on the plane but it’s been a while since I’ve seen you in person and could give you hugs and kisses.” She attacked him with kisses until his initial happiness at being in his mother’s arms gave way to the fact that he was a big boy now, 5 years old, and didn’t need to be seen slobbered on by his Mommy. He had a reputation to maintain.

“Kay, nuff!”

“I’m going to have to put you down now. I’m not used to carrying you. You’ve gotten so big!”

She placed him on the ground and then got sad. Her being gone for the year was going to make life better for them. Sure she could have gone to school closer but you can’t really pass up on MIT, especially when your employer was willing to pay for it. And an intense accelerated program, with being gone only a year, was better than being too busy for her son for the next five or more years working *and* taking night classes.

“Willow.” The soft voice broke her from her reverie. She looked up at the older blond who now had Danny by the hand.

“Hi Mom.” Willow walked over and gave her a hug.

“Let’s go get your bags.” She said.

As they walked down the large staircase to the baggage claim area, Willow went into contemplative mode again. What would she have done without Kathy? When Willow found out, just before graduation, that she was pregnant, her own parents kicked her out. This woman took her in. And the fact that Willow knew this woman still would have, even if Danny had not in fact been her own grandson. Of course it involved leaving California and moving to Idaho. She didn’t even walk at graduation. And after Danny was born and she was going through a rather dark time in her life, this woman continued to support her and help her.

Her family, the one that had chosen her, helped her, like a family is supposed to. She recovered and got a peon job at Micron. It was a few years before they discovered she was actually very skilled at computers. And instead of firing her and pressing criminal charges, thank goodness, they upped her pay and will promote her when she finishes the school program. Which was good because of the economy and cut backs, if she had still been a peon, she would have lost her job a while ago.

Oz was having enough trouble keeping a job. But he was still steadily doing the musician thing, which seemed to make him happy.

They reached the conveyer belts and bags started pouring out. She felt a tug on her sleeve. “Mom?”

“Yes, sweetie?”

“I don’t member what your bag looks like.” He tried so hard to remember when she packed and left. It seemed like so long ago.

She smiled weakly, understanding how frustrating it would be to him.

“It’s a big black suitcase, with a rainbow strap.”


They arrived at the large brick house on the north end of Boise. Willow grabbed her suitcase and wheeled it in to her room. Or what used to be her room, now it was distinctly… Oz.

“Oh, sorry hon. We moved some things around. I thought Daniel told you.”

Willow had a sense that it might have been mentioned during a Skype session but had forgotten. She wheeled her suitcase to her new room. Her things were much as they were before just in a different room. This room was bigger and had a bigger bed, which she was grateful for especially since her tiny room in Cambridge had a really tiny bed.

She unpacked a few things, played a few educational board games with Danny and they were sitting down to dinner when Oz came in. Danny jumped out of his booster seat and ran towards him. “Daddy!”

“Danny-boy!” He carried the boy back to the table and put him in his seat. “You should probably finish your dinner.”

They sat and talked about things like a regular family. Sure they looked like a regular family, but they were anything but. They finished their family meal.

Willow started cleaning up the table when Kathy asked, "What are your plans for tomorrow?"

Before she could answer she heard a small voice. "Mommy, wiw you wawk me to school tomorrow?"

She tried her best to hold back the tears, all the times she missed out walking him before. "Of course I will, Danny-boy." She turned and headed for her room, she just needed a moment. She could hear Kathy saying, "She had a long flight and is used to a different time zone, let her rest tonight."

A little while later her bedroom door creaked open.


Willow had barely been resting, as she was caught up in an emotional rollercoaster that was bound to happen sooner or later.

"Come in Danny, its okay."

"Grandma and I made cookies. I can get you one if it wiw make you feel better?" He climbed up on the bed and reached for his mother in a hug.

"I'm fine. I was sad before, but I am better now. You are with me."

“Why sad?"

"I missed out on a lot by being gone."

"Like wawking me to schoo."

“Yes, like walking you to school."

Kathy interrupted. "There you are. You should be getting ready for bed, young man." He pouted with a face that he clearly got from his Mother.

"He's fine Mom, in fact I will help him get ready for bed, and I will do the same. And he can sleep with me tonight," she turned to him, "That's if you want to kiddo."



Willow woke up to an awake 5 year old jumping on her bed. For two night owls to give birth to an early morning riser was just karmic irony. Luckily she was still on East Coast time.

They got ready and we walked him a couple of blocks to school. "I like Miss Em." he said when Willow asked him about his teacher. "She is nice and pretty."

Willow smiled. She had actually asked Oz about their boy's teacher and he said the same thing. Only he paused and included, "She calls me Mr. uh, Oz." Apparently he even asked her out, but she doesn't date parents of her students.

Danny was worried he was going to be late and gave his Mommy a hug at the entrance before speeding off to class. 'Well at least he has my love of learning.' She thought before she followed him and peaked through the window of the class room. 'And he's also a smart boy with good taste in women. He was wrong about one thing though, she is more than pretty. She’s gorgeous.'


"Will, can you pick up Danny? I got called into work." Oz said over the phone.

"I already planned to."

"Oh, guess I could have figured that. But another thing, go see Miss Em when you do, she told me she wanted to talk to me about something."

'Gladly' she thought but said, "Talk to you specifically, or talk about Danny?" Both thoughts worried her but for entirely different reasons.

"I don't know, Will, if she needs to talk to me have her call, if it’s about Danny then I am sure you can handle it."

"Okay, I'll be there."

Willow showed up at the school, finding Danny playing with other kids in the playground being watched by a teacher. She just went inside, knowing there was a possibility that Danny's presence would not be beneficial. She opened up the door and became a deer in headlights when the blonde looked up.

"Can I help you?"

It took a while for Willow to remember, why she was there to talk to the beautiful teacher. She finally squeaked out, "Sorry. Oz couldn't make it. Did you need to talk to him specifically or is this about Danny?"

Tara felt dumbfounded. First of all who was this beautiful redhead staring at her. It wasn't Mr. Osborne or his mother, who was the only other person she'd seen pick Danny up. Sister perhaps? The red hair definitely put her to being a family member. She'd better check just in case.

"Sorry, you are?"

“Oh, I'm Danny's Mother."

Shock. When Tara didn't answer right away Willow’s nervous babble kicked in sped up by her guilt.

"No, I mean of course you couldn't know that I am me, because I have been on the other side of the country, going to school instead of watching my boy go to school..."

Tara was torn. First she couldn’t help but think how adorable this furrow browed woman was, and at the same time feel the heartbreak emanating from her. She was also confused because…

Tara interrupted the red head. “I’m sorry Mrs. Osborne. This is my fault.”

This time Willow interrupted bug eyed and waving her hands wildly. “Hold on. Wait. Not Mrs. Osborne. *Miss* Rosenberg. But please don’t even call me that, just call me Willow.”

Tara continued the confused look while she tried to process the information.

Willow felt the pause and decided to continue. “Not married. Not even together, just uh, kinda had a kid together.” Well now that she said it, it sounded kind of strange. But she felt compelled to straighten that bit of information up for the blond.

Tara was actually glad for that bit of information. A tiny part of her confusion was the question of why the redheaded man kept asking her out if he wasn’t widowed. And kind of glad the woman wasn’t otherwise attached hopefully, she did emphasize Miss.

“I’m Miss Maclay. But you can call me Tara.”

There was a moment of silence as they smiled at each other. Then Willow remembered there was a reason she was here.

“So… Is this about Danny?”

“Oh. Right. Sorry. Yes. This is about Danny, so I don’t need to talk to Mr. uh, Oz specifically.”

Willow smirked at the Mr. uh Oz thing but then got very worried.

“It’s fine.” Tara said sensing the red head’s worry, “He was just very rambunctious today. I think I now know why though, if you just got back.”

“Yeah, yesterday.”

“And there is another thing.” Tara started to see Willow’s panic rise again and decided to not pause so long. “I was wondering if you and Mr. uh Oz ever discussed skipping Danny ahead a grade?”

The panic in Willow didn’t decrease. “No. No. No. We actually have discussed it because we know how smart he is. Way ahead of most kids his age. And he’s already going to have a hard enough time, but he doesn’t need to also be the young freak in his class. I mean I know what that is like. It is not fun. He was doomed having two redheaded genius parents, one of whom is g….”

Tara interrupted. "Willow, it’s okay. I was just asking. Personally I agree with you, it is better to keep them with their peers. But since you answered that question, I was wondering if you have any suggestions to keep him occupied when he finishes his tasks earlier than the other kids? Something other than trying to help everyone else?"

Willow laughed, "Oh he'll eventually get over that. I did. But puzzles usually work. Math games. You could probably just tell him to do his task again."

"I figured as much, but you see I don't want to start giving him 3rd grade math worksheets and have him getting even further ahead of everyone, but still keeping his focus."

"Well I appreciate that, I guess I never thought about it that way."

"I don't want to quash any person's creativity or thirst for knowledge." The use of the word person and not child was not lost on Willow. They both seemed content that the conversation about Danny was over.

"So, I am still looking for parent volunteers to help set up for our holiday pageant tomorrow?" Tara asked.

"Uh, sure, what would you need me to do?"

"Just be there."


Tara had hoped to spend a bit more time with Willow during set up but spent more time scrambling every which way to make sure things were running smoothly. She did manage to ask Willow how she was doing once. She even helped Oz by holding speaker wire for a few minutes while he messed with them. She took that time to ogle the redhead, knowing full well she shouldn't, especially while helping Willow's...Oz?

She was having problems sussing out their relationship. They have a kid together, but they certainly didn’t act like they're together. There was no animosity, only friendship and love. And it was confusing. When he caught her staring, she found the bravery to ask, sort of.

"You and Willow?..."

He smiled, now knowing the real reason the blonde teacher always turned him down.

"We are friends who have a kid together. Strange I know but it works," he couldn't help but tease though, "Are you sure you don't want to get coffee sometime?"

She looked at him in shock but found her automatic words "No, sorry, I don't date..." She almost said 'men' this time but was interrupted by Oz.

"I know, I know, you don’t date parents of your students. Look I am done here if there is anything else you need to go do."

That was when she checked on Willow briefly before being called on to do other things.

The holiday thing, as Willow called it, went off without a hitch, except for the whole not getting to talk to Tara, which she really wanted to do more. Willow never got a chance to see Tara again before the holidays were over and she found herself flying back to Cambridge.

- Skype Convo, January 2011 -

Willow sat at her tiny desk in her tiny flat. She had to move it out of the way every night to pull out her bed that folded in the wall and pretended to be a closet during the day. And during the day her desk was pulled in front of the small window so when she wanted she could look down to the busy streets below. Right now she was focused at the smiling boy on her laptop screen.

“How was your first day back at school?”

“I drew a picture!”

“Can I see it?”

He held it up for the webcam. “Rainbows!” he said excited.

“Those are some excellent rainbows Danny.”

He brought the picture down, so his smiling face could be seen on the screen again.

“Miss Em said if I was sad you was gone again I shoud draw you a picture.” He was visibly bouncing in his seat with excitement, and like his mother’s babble mode, he hit his excited one. “She said to draw something you like and I said ‘My mommy likes rainbows’ and she said that she likes rainbows too!” Danny paused to finally take a breath.

Willow jumped in, in case he felt the need to continue, thinking of all the times her friends were kind enough to do the same for her. “Well I really like the picture. Could you send it to me in the mail so I can put it up on my fridge?”

“Daddy awready scanned so you can have it now too.”

- Skype Convo, April 2011 -

“I drew a picture today.”

Willow peered behind her at her fridge, filled with drawings. The first rainbow picture was at the top, it also doubled as her computer background picture.

Danny continued, “But this one’s not for you.” He held it up and it was a drawing of a horse. It was a very good drawing of a horse, not even considering the fact it was drawn by a 5 year old.

“Wow Danny, that is really good. You are getting really good at drawing.”

“Miss Em says I have a… knack.” He fumbled with the word a bit, trying to remember exactly how Miss Em put it. “And I asked what it meant and she said ‘it’s something someone is nat-ura-lly good at’ and I asked ‘Like how Mommy is good with computers and Daddy is with his guitar?’ and she said ‘Yes.’ And then I asked her what her favorite thing was and she said ‘Horses’. This is just a copy, she would only take the one I drawed on if I made a copy to show you.”

- Flight to Boise, May 2011-

Willow knew she should be sleeping more but she was too excited. She finally got a professor to cave in at the last minute for her to take her test early and skip out on class later that day. It was a family emergency. Her son was graduating kindergarten.

Willow arrived at the airport and grabbed a taxi. It was bright and early, and she might make it home in time for a surprise breakfast. Unless her son was too much like her, then he very well could be awake
because of all the excitement.

She snuck into a very dark and quiet house. She was about to start some coffee and contemplate what to do for breakfast when the maker turned itself on by the alarm. Kathy would be up shortly and probably already planned a big breakfast. She checked the fridge. Indeed, bacon and sausage fresh from the co-op.

Kathy stumbled in heading straight for the coffee and mumbed "Mornin' Willow."

She then stopped, blinked a few times, and squealed running to give the redhead a hug. She then asked a million questions all at once, in a manner much more like her 'adopted' daughter than her actual son. And Willow was able to keep up and answer them.

"Yes. Just now. No. Just for today, my flight leaves at 8."

"Go wake Danny up."

Willow opened the door to find her boy sitting up in bed already rubbing his sleepy eyes. Surely, he heard the commotion in the kitchen as he was a light sleeper, unlike his Mom. Not that Willow slept much but when she did she slept hard as if making up for that fact. When he woke enough to take in his surroundings, he saw his mom and ran to her, very much like at the airport during Christmas. Only this time he was wearing his robot pajamas.


Tara put on her nicer dress suit. It was a lot less hippy than her usual, but this was graduation and all. She eyeballed herself in the mirror. Indeed, very professional. It just felt constricting. She turned from side to side assessing those angles. Besides, who was she dressing up for? Her kids would probably be in shock, and confused, seeing Miss Em all dressed up like an adult. And not that she ever cared about what the parents think.

Well maybe one opinion she admitted to want to know, but Danny said she was still in school too and had a test. Tara wondered if she would ever see the redhead again. If she did, she was going to be brave and ask her out. Tara wouldn't be Danny's teacher after today. And if she was wrong about the clues then at least she could say she had been brave, and then her few friends would stop harassing her about finding a girlfriend, at least for a little while. She looked in the mirror again and shook her head.


Danny talked nonstop on the way to school. In fact, most of it was exactly the same as he told her on Skype just the night before. The thought made her involuntarily yawn, 'was I really in Boston just last
night?' They arrived to a very large auditorium, filled with kids and parents from all the kindergarten classes. With a mass of children, they had trouble finding Danny's class.

Willow, of course, was looking for a blonde woman that she desperately wanted to talk to more, maybe even be brave and ask her for coffee or something, you know, now that she wouldn't be Danny's teacher. But when Danny and Oz found the group, Tara was nowhere in sight. Danny pulled on the sleeve of a younger woman standing with the group trying to organize the kids.

"Where’s Miss Em?" he asked. Indeed, ‘Where is she?,’ Willow thought.

"She's a little late," The teacher’s aide told Danny then turned to the adults, "I can get them organized though, and you three can go ahead and take a seat."

They made their way to some seats and Willow sat dejectedly. Why were they having such a big thing anyway? Why not do individual classroom things so she would have more opportunity not only to interact with her son but also his teacher. To make the all the parents sit there for who knows how long
was torturous, she couldn't even imagine being one of the kids being forced to sit still.

Finally, it got to where Willow had to pay attention. Although she really hadn't spoken to the blonde much, her soft voice floated through the auditorium, and Willow heard it in her heart before her brain picked up on it. She looked up at the blonde on the stage. Tara was angelic in her flow-y embroidered skirt and blue peasant blouse that made her eyes sparkle.

Tara introduced Danny and he walked up accepting his 'diploma' and waved yelling "Hi Mom!" Tara, surprised, looked around for the redhead but half expecting just Oz with a video camera or something. Tara smiled brightly when her blue eyes met green. Willow smiled back. Tara almost forgot what she was doing, but regained after hearing a polite cough from the principal standing nearby.

After what seemed like forever there was punch and cake. And opportunity. Which Willow was finding to be sort of like during the holiday thing with everyone else busily taking up the blonde's time. A few parents even handed her what looked like presents, which most looked like gift cards as far as she could tell, but presents? School seemed to have changed since she went. It’s like when she found out some people give Christmas gifts to their mailman, technically they aren't supposed to accept them but it happens all the same.

And why was she wondering about stupid stuff, oh yeah, she wanted to talk to Tara. She is probably going to be a while before she makes her way over here. Willow downed her punch and handed the empty plastic cup to Kathy.

"I'm gonna go use the restroom." Willow then stalked off.

Tara saw a flash of red and decided now was the time. She politely excused herself from one family and headed towards the red. When she arrived, she only found two redheads.

"Miss Em!" Danny went and gave her a hug. "Did you see? My Mommy came!"

"Yes I did see. Where did she go?"


Tara smiled ruefully. Maybe it was better this way, she would have difficulty asking out the redhead in front of her family. Oh, but she could catch her in near the bathroom. 'Bit stalkery McClay but what are your other options?'

Just as she was thinking of a new polite way to escape, and not give herself away by using the restroom as an excuse, behind her she heard "Miss McClay?" She turned to see the principal and he nodded her to follow. She turned back to the redheaded family, not sure what to say.

"Keep drawing Danny. Have a nice summer."

Willow walked up shortly after Tara left. She scanned the crowd looking to see if Tara was any closer to them than when she left.

"You just missed her dear."

Even Kathy was not oblivious to the way those two had been seeking each other out. Willow sighed as her watch beeped. They had to get going soon anyway, it was her pre-warning alarm, to make sure she had time to make it home before she had to leave to the airport.

- Boise Capitol, June 18 2011 -

"Willow, I have got to go set up in the park now. I will see you in a little bit."

Willow waved at him awkwardly as her other hand held on to Danny's. She turned back to the Capitol building where a rainbow of balloons arched the podium set up on the steps. She normally would help Oz, which would save her from the crowds pushing in, but she wanted to see Nicole LaFavor speak. I mean there weren't that many females in the Idaho State Congress so to have a gay one was just awesome.

"Do you want to sit?" She asked Danny. He shook his head.

"Well, Mommy is going to sit."

They were back from the crowd that was slowly filling in. She hoped she could hear, but didn't want to push through and possibly lose track of Danny. Speaking of which, he was now spinning in circles, and Willow smiled, delighted in the amusement of simple pleasures. When he stopped spinning he was facing behind Willow. So she didn't see what it was that caused him to get excited and run off in that direction.

"Shoot. Danny!"

She shouted as she scrambled up off the grass. He hadn't gone far and Willow stood dumbfounded yet smiling when she turned to see her boy hugging a beautiful blonde stranger. She was wearing that eye popping peasant blouse. Tara took Danny's hand and closed the short distance to Willow.

"Lose something?" She said with a smirk, a half-smile that Willow swore made her feel a little shaky.

"Found it." She replied, knowing she meant it in more ways than one.

They stared at each other again. It was Danny letting go of Tara’s hand that took her eyes off the greens ones she was staring into. She kneeled so she was eye level with different green eyes.

“You should be careful and not run away from your Mommy like that, even though you knew who I was. Okay?” She said very seriously.

Danny nodded, “Yes Miss Em.”

Willow caught Tara’s eye and mouthed ‘Thank You.’

"Want to sit?"

Tara then noticed Danny's shirt. "Hey, I like your shirt."

Willow laughed, "I've gotten five 'Where'd you get that I want one's."

Tara knew where it came from. It was Danny's drawing of rainbows with one modification. Written in
Danny's careful, and possibly traced hand "Mommy likes Rainbows." Printed and ironed on his t-shirt.

"You probably could sell those."

"Well I am not the only creative mother, I saw a little girl wearing 'My Mommy wears a mustache'."

"Yeah, that is because her Mom is in the Bois of Boise."

When Willow gave her a strange look Tara elaborated.

"Local Drag King group. They can be seen at The Balcony occasionally."

Willow continued to stare at her blankly. Not because she didn’t know but because she kinda went somewhere else.

"You don't get out much in the scene do you?"

"Uh, no, not really."

"Please tell me you've been to The Balcony, or know what The Balcony is?"

"Yeah, but it has been many years."

Not that Willow wanted to think about that time. She had just had Danny then, had been diagnosed with post-partum depression, and had finally figured out she was gay (lesbian sex dreams and pregnancy hormones) and wasn't doing well overall. She mentally referred to it as The Dark Time, and then she was Dark Willow. It involved going to the Balcony with her new friend, the nurse who kept flirting when she was in the hospital having Danny, drink more than any person should and occasionally wake up in strange women’s beds. That was until a pissed off Oz and Kathy had an intervention and reminded her she had a child to take care of and helped get her some counseling, and took away her very well done fake ID (which she did herself). She realized then maybe she wouldn't have felt so guilty in leaving for school if she hadn't abandoned him once already.

Tara watched silently at the play of emotions on the redheads face. Clearly, a subject for another time.

"So, I am glad I ran into here."

This brought Willow out of her mind and she smiled. "Yeah?"

"I wasn't sure how much you liked rainbows. And I kinda wanted to ask you out for coffee or something.” Tara blushed, marveling at her way with words considering she was a teacher after all.

“You know, I wanted to ask you to coffee too, only I never took into consideration your exact inclination towards rainbows. Though I guess I was glad to hear when Danny mentioned that you liked them when he first drew me the picture.”

Danny had taken to spinning around again, always trying not to bother adults when they started talking to each other and clearly not to him. Plus it seemed from what he figured from the conversation, because it wasn't that he was not listening, he was just pretending not to listen, that it seemed Miss Em would be hanging out. He thought he'd check just in case.

"Mom, can Miss Em go to the park with us?"

Willow thought excitedly, 'I really hope so.' But she tried to play it cool, responding to Danny but looking and smiling at Tara, "If she would like to, I don't see why not."

He looked at Tara too, "Yeah, Miss Em, do ya wanna?"

If Tara hadn't already been totally okay with that idea, she would have folded under the pouty hopeful gazes of the two redheads.

"Yeah, of course."

The redheads smiled. Tara noticed Danny had his mother’s goofy happy grin.

It was about then that people started gathering at the podium and noises were coming from the speakers.

They stayed quiet until...

"Wait, He wants us to do what?" Willow said incredulously.

"Come on Mommy, let's do the hokey-pokey!"

Willow had a look like she really didn't want to until she saw Tara stand and hold out her hand.


Danny started to slump over his eyes closing while sitting on top of Willow’s shoulders as they made their way to the entrance where Kathy was going to come pick him up. He was coming down from the sugar high, as they let him get some rainbow cotton candy, and the excitement from the day. When Oz’s band played, he even got to go up on stage and show off his T-Shirt as he yelled proudly “My Mommy Likes Rainbows!”

Willow and Tara were deep in yet another conversation.

“So you only just got back last night?” Tara asked.

“Yeah, actually graduation was today, but you know, I didn’t need to go and I wanted to be home.”

“You missed graduation?”

“Yep,” She checked her watch, “Should have crossed the stage about an hour ago. But honestly,” She paused again, “I am glad to be walking here with you than walking across a stage.”


After Kathy took a passed out Danny home, the girls decided to continue their walk in the park. But the left the Pride festivities at Ann Morrison Park and went to walk the paths at Kathryn Albertson Park.

There they saw a few blue herons and even a wedding. And they talked more, lots more.
As inevitable of two gay people, no matter their interest in each other, their coming out stories were told. Tara started with hers. She grew up there in the Treasure Valley. She went to a writing camp at The Cabin in high school where she had met the famous gay senator that they both had come to see speak. From there she met supportive people who helped her come out to her family. These people also helped her once they quickly disowned her. Because, you know, Mormons are not a fan of gay people.

Willow, feeling more comfortable with Tara than she had with anyone especially knowing they shared the ‘disowned by parents’ thing, decided to recount her not-so-great story where she was the villain. Sure she feared that the sweet and kind blonde would go running for the hills, but it was a chance she took. Tara remained quiet while she told her tale and then hugged the redhead fiercely and whispered “I’m so sorry you had to go through that.”

They continued talking until the phone started to ring from Willow’s pocket. She recognized the tune.

“Sorry, that is Mom checking up on me.”

Tara tried not to listen to the conversation but there wasn’t much to it.

“Yeah, we are headed back now.” Willow said into the phone before hanging up.

She turned to Tara, “Sorry Tara, uh, you know responsibilities and all. Can I walk to your car?”

“I don’t actually have a car. I walked.”

“Oh really? I don’t have a car either. I actually walked too. So, can I walk you home?”

They quickly discovered how close they lived to each other. Willow lived on the street with the fancy homes and Tara two roads over closer to Hyde Park and both were close enough to be able to walk to school. Of course at the moment they still had to walk back to the North End, so there was still time to enjoy their accidental date. They held hands on the walk back.

At Tara’s door, the basement of a house that was split awkwardly into apartments, they stopped. Willow leaned in for a chaste kiss on the lips which Tara gladly let happen. But as Willow pulled away Tara grabbed her and deepened the kiss.

The blonde breathily said as they broke apart, “I’ve wanted to do that all day.”

“Me too.” They kissed again.

“So, uh, can I call you tomorrow? Do coffee or something?” Willow asked.


Willow got confused. She really had thought it had been going well.

“You will call me when you make it home, so I know you’ve made it home safely. We can plan our coffee date then.” Tara gave her crooked smile, the smirk reaching her eyes.

Willow smiled back, now understanding. “Yeah, I’ll definitely do that.”


As for the rest of the story, we all know it. But you can say it with me if it makes you feel better.

And they lived happily ever after. The End.

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loved the stories, you did a great job.


if it's not real, you can't hold it your hands; you can't feel it with your heart, then i won't believe it. but if it's true you can see it with your eyes, even in the dark; and that's where i want to be. 'brick by boring brick' -paramore

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Wow! I love how your writing style is so varied and interesting! :flower

This story was sweet and very comforting the only thing I don't believe is that anyone knows the true color of Oz's hair! :laugh Seriously, it was a real change of pace from the HOT and great to read.

I also loved them sharing their coming out stories and an environment that is gay friendly; gave me a happy! :bounce

Glad you're continuing - please, please, please! Keep writing! :kgeek :kgeek :kgeek

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One thing I don't think I put into this latest fic that I had planned to, which was essentially that Willow had Danny her first time, and it was either a Juno thing (boredom) or just wanted to try it or something like that. This fic stemmed from one of my irrational fears that I would become pregnant immediately if I ever slept with a man. You might not even have needed to know any of that that but I like to over-explain...

Also, got another short I'm working on, it takes place again in Idaho but in the Frank Church Wilderness. And I'm finally be working on a longer series, which I have gotten far on, but I subscribe to the belief now that I will only post something completed (like I say often, my unfinished fics haunt me but I'm so far from them now who knows if I will ever get back to them).

So on to the feedbacks (hopefully I will get more *pouts*)

Trouble: Thanks for the Dibs, it makes me feel special, glad you like my stories

Ariel: Thank you. I am glad it is believable especially since this latest story is very different from the first two. I contemplated creating two threads, the smutty thread and the pg thread, but I'd rather have all my stuff in one place. As for the gay friendly environment, cause Idaho right?, well there is a very specific reason this fic takes place on the North End of Boise, full of hipsters and rich yippies (yuppy-hippies), because that is where the gay people have their little safe haven. Not that any where is safe, but with Idaho being the reddest state in America (yes, more red than Utah last pres election), it is certainly nice to have a place.

Thank you everyone who's read my fics. I promise to keep writing (I just make no promises as to when it gets posted!), hopefully you will keep reading.


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Great writing.

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TITLE: Lez Country
AUTHOR: Delayne T. Buranek
RATING: R (mostly for language)
DISCLAIMER: Enter standard Disclaimer here. In Other Words, I own none of it (actually this time I do, see authors note), I use it not for profit anyway. I used to do this in hopes it would impress girls but I’m committed now so that is out of the question. But we have nothing to our name except our two dogs and you’ll have to kill me before taking them.
SUMMARY: Willow and Tara are in Pendleton Oregon at the Wild Horse Casino to attend a wedding. They take a little side trip into the country
SPOILERS: AU, no real spoilers
FEEDBACK: Yes please. I’ll even read “I hate you, you are horrible,” but I probably won’t take you seriously, unless you back up that statement with a well thought out reason as to why.
AUTHORS NOTE: This idea just came to me and I thought I could bust it out (turns out I could!). But as a reminder, though I do not own Willow and Tara, I do own Sally, so be nice to her. And a big huge THANK YOU to the one we call Trouble. She lets me bounce ideas off of her in chat and otherwise generally harass her. Also this has barely been looked over, feel free to pm me if I need to fix something.

“Sweetie, we have triple-A, maybe we should just call a tow-truck.” Tara said. She was standing next to Willow who was grabbing a tire iron and jack from the trunk of their Prius.

“I know neither of us is large with the butch but we can change a tire.” Willow handed the smaller items to Tara before lifting up the cover that hid the spare tire.

“Oh... It’s a donut. We are going to have to go into town to get it replaced.” Willow mumbled, mostly to herself.

Tara heard it though.

“See another good reason why to get a tow truck. Then we can get it taken care of all in one place.”

Willow grabbed out the smaller tire with a grunt and then made a few exasperated noises.

“Do you need help sweetie?” Tara asked.

“No, that’s okay. I got it, besides only one of us needs to get dirty.”

Tara’s mind couldn’t help it. She thought back to just that morning before they had left the Wild Horse Casino in search of the small town named after a Goddess. They could never help themselves when in a hotel room. They always both got pretty dirty.

Willow looked up to see Tara’s sly smile and knew what was on her mind.

They made eye contact, giggled, and made silent promises to have an equally dirty night tonight and the rest of their vacation.

“So have you ever changed a tire before?” Tara asked, like the question appeared out of thin air and she just had to ask it.

“I think... maybe back when I took drivers ed?”

Willow went about attempting to loosen the lug nuts on the tire. But to no avail. Tara did however enjoy the view.

“Stupid tire people. Why do they put these on so tight? Don’t they know people have to take them off? I’m not a machine or a robot darnit!”

“Maybe if I help pull on it?”

So the two tried, putting all their might into it.

“Okay you win. Let’s make a phone call.”

As Willow whipped out her phone and her wallet (to get the phone number) a blue Ford Ranger came upon them. It slowed down, clearly out of politeness and curiosity, and then came to a stop ahead of them. On the bumper was a sticker “Cowgirls have all the fun.” The reverse lights kicked on and it stopped with the passenger window right where Willow was standing.

They had discussed road safety many times. As female traveling companions they were more prone to certain dangers. They don’t stop to help anyone else their gut feeling tells them too, and they don’t let anyone help under the same rules. If it was some creepy hillbilly they would say help is on the way and then get in the car, lock it, and have 911 ready to be dialed.

Willow looked closer into the cab as she saw a distinctly feminine person reach to manually roll down the passenger window. Her hair was a shade more blond than Tara’s, but still dark, and she was wearing sunglasses.

“You ladies need help?”

Willow and Tara glanced at each other. The helpful stranger passed the gut test.

“Flat tire. We can’t seem to get it loose though.” Willow said, putting her phone back in her pocket.

“I can definitely help you out with that if you’d like.” The woman said.

“T-t-that’d be great!” Tara said. She also winced. It didn’t matter who, any new person just made her stutter.

The truck went into reverse again and pulled behind the Prius. The hazard lights went on.

She hopped out of her truck. The woman towered a good couple of inches over the girls. She seemed a little dressed up for a Saturday morning. Though her shiny plaid cowgirl button-up shirt that had the Wrangler “W” on the breast pockets was wrinkled and untucked.

“Hi, I’m Sally.” She stuck out her hand.

“Willow.” They shook hands.

“Tara.” They shook hands.

“You’ll have to forgive me.” Sally said, realizing her appearance was not as clean as she usually kept herself. “I am actually a bit hung-over.” She tucked in her shirt which now gave Willow and Tara a close view of the shiny silver belt buckle Sally wore. They gave each other a glance when they both noticed it was ‘Mudflap Girl’.

“So let’s see what we got here.”

Willow and Tara moved from where they were blocking the car. Sally grabbed the tire iron and started pulling on the lug nuts similar to when the girls tried it themselves.

“Fuck. Stupid dicks who use torque wrenches. Don’t they know people have to take these damn things off.”

Tara laughed her hearty laugh. It made Sally turn and give her a “what the fuck?” look, at least as far as they could tell behind the sunglasses.

“Sorry, its just... Willow said the same thing when she tried it.”

Willow and Tara tensed until they saw Sally smile.

“So just what brings you ladies out here to BFE Oregon?”

“We arrived at the Casino last night and have a wedding to be at tomorrow. We heard there was a town called Athena and Tara wanted to see it.”

“Well there isn’t much to see.”

“We discovered that. But we got pictures anyway.”

Sally had stopped trying to pull on the tire iron. She was now standing with one foot on it.

“I’m going to show you ladies a magic trick.” Sally then bounced putting her full weight on the metal. It budged a smidge. She bounced a couple more times. It loosened easily now.

“The magic of leverage.” Willow said.

“Gotta love science.” Sally said.

Tara smirked. “Actually Willow does.”

She repeated the process for the other lug nuts while continuing the conversation.

“So you went and saw Athena, and then what... checked out Milton-Freewater?”

The tire had gone flat north of Athena, with Pendelton and the Casino further south. The car was heading in the south direction, so Sally figured they were finally headed back after whatever destination they’d reached. Her curiosity was making her ask.

“Milton-Freewater?” Tara repeated.

“It’s the town just to the north. You didn’t make it that far?”

“Tara just wanted to drive a little more. Check things out. We actually just turned around in that pull off back there figuring we’d head back and check out Pendleton before we got too far. I think that is how we got the flat actually.”

Sally had finally loosed the lug nuts. “Jack?” she asked.

Tara grabbed it from where it lay at the back of the vehicle and handed it to her.

Sally placed it and started winding it up, grumbling as her hair kept getting in her face. She stood up and pulled a hair tie out of her pocket. Attempting to pull it back and secure it, she grumbled more.

“Ugh, totally forgot about my haircut yesterday. Haven't pulled it back since.” The shorter layers were falling out of the hair tie. She rolled up the long sleeves of her shirt showing off her small nautical star on the inside of her left wrist and she pulled a silver ring off of her right thumb before putting it in her pocket.

“Oh you are so totally family.” Willow said. Then her eyes bugged realizing she had just said it out loud. Again Willow and Tara tensed, waiting to see how she’d react.

Sally just laughed. Now that she had prepared herself, she continued winding up the jack. Once it was high enough she turned to the two women who had stood there and watched her.

“Well, you aren’t *wrong*.”

Sally proceeded to loosen the nuts the rest of the way.

“Is it tough out here?” Tara asked.

Sally shrugged. “It can get a little lonely. But then again, I did go out and enjoy myself last night. Thank God for college towns.”

“College?” Willow asked, curious as to what University was out here.

“Whitman, in Walla Walla.”

“Liberal Arts College, Sweetie.” Tara said.

Willow looked at Tara confused. “It was my second choice actually.”

“I’m really glad you went with your first choice.” Willow replied.

Willow then turned to Sally. “So you have to drive all the way to Washington to pick up women?”

Sally at this point was pulling off the flattened tire and had gotten up to grab the spare.

“Actually I live just up the road. It is about half a dozen to Walla Walla and six to Pendleton. Makes no difference to me.” She paused and thought about that statement. “Well it makes a difference in that there are more options to choose from in Walla Walla...”

Sally continued her work on putting the spare on while they chatted more.

“So you ladies are all set.” Sally said putting the flat tire and all the accessories back in the trunk for them. “Now you have two options. Milton-Freewater has a Les Schwab's which is closer, but since you are heading back towards Pendleton anyway, I’d say go to the one there it's on highway 395 south, you can’t miss it. Just you know drive slow and careful.”

Willow had already whipped out her phone and was searching for the address for the tire place.

“Actually that is a good idea. I’m gonna go ahead and give you my cell phone number, just in case you need anything while you are in town. Or if anyone gives you shit, just call me and I’ll come kick their ass.” Sally pulled out her old brick cell phone. “Hold on, I never remember my number.”

Willow glanced over at the ancient device. “You really should upgrade that thing.”

“Why? I’ve dropped it more times than I can count, gotten it wet, and the damn thing still works fine.”

“I’m with you Sally, I like my simple phone.” Tara said.

Sally gave them her number. “Now remember, call me if you need anything.”

“Thank you so much for your help Sally!” Tara said.

“Hey you know... Anything for family.” Sally laughed at her own joke while the other two just smirked.

And they parted ways. The End.

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Okay so a few notes. Lez Country (see previous short) has been left by the wayside as I've spent more time working on As You Wish. You can visit Sally's website but you will notice it has not been updated. It is okay though, I will leave up that short just because. Unless you all think it is awful then I will take it down.

But while over in Kitten Chat tonight, we got to discussing some entertaining things and this is the first part of a short I wrote a while ago that I ended up mentioning. I haven't finished the part that definitely makes it part of the F*Series but still is a little bit naughty and entertaining.....

TITLE: F*Tapes (part 1 of 2)

AUTHOR: Delayne T. Buranek

RATING: R (only the first part!)

DISCLAIMER: Enter standard Disclaimer here. In Other Words, I own none of it (actually this time I do, see authors note), I use it not for profit anyway. I used to do this in hopes it would impress girls but I’m committed now so that is out of the question. But we have nothing to our name except our two dogs and you’ll have to kill me before taking them.

SUMMARY: Just read it! Here is a hint... it is part of the F*Series!

SPOILERS: AU, no real spoilers

EMAIL: dtburanek (at)

FEEDBACK: Yes please. I’ll even read “I hate you, you are horrible,” but I probably won’t take you seriously, unless you back up that statement with a well thought out reason as to why.

AUTHORS NOTE: See above. But also a big Thank You to those in chat that inspired me to post this, even though it is not done. Guess I should be getting to work on that second part eh?

It was a Saturday, Buffy had come over and was hanging out with Willow in the kitchen. It was a weekly ritual since Dawn had gone off to college.

Tara had the laptop opened and was checking the bank account. She wanted to do some shopping that day. She already had a spending max in her mind but wanted sync it with what she remembered should be in there.

Only there was a 32 cent international transaction fee, as well as $39.95 charge that she did not recognize.

She waited for an appropriate pause before she interrupted.

"Willow, what did you spend forty dollars on?" Willow always informed her when she spent any money, even though she didn't have to (but Tara did the same so really it didn't matter), and Willow was smart enough to use cash when she bought a surprise for Tara. Because she learned that lesson when they first started sharing a bank account.

"Forty bucks? I haven't spend that much on anything recently."

Willow moved from her stool to look at the screen. Buffy stayed in her spot, sipping her coffee and watching them.

Willow looked at the line in the online statement. "Hmmm, yeah that doesn't look right. But the name is a website."

The redhead turned the computer towards herself and quickly pulled up the website. It didn't provide anything useful as to what this company sold.

"Is it some sort of scam? It pretty much says to call if you can't figure out why it is on your statement. And mentions fraud. I'm going to call them." Tara said, slight panic in her voice.

"Do you want me to call them?" Willow asked.

"No I got it sweetie."

Tara left the room. She hated phones, especially talking to people she didn't know, but had gotten over her phobia for the most part, as long as she was at least by herself.

It took a while to reach an operator and the man did a standard greeting with his name but had yet to mention what the company was.

"Yes, I'm calling about a 39.95 dollar charge on my card. I don't know what is is for or what your business is as I haven't heard a name yet."

"Well ma'am, we are a third party billing company, we usually bill for adult entertainment websites. Have you been on any recently?"


"No, no I have not."

"Well this could be the case of fradulent acitivy, and I can certainly help you with that. Can I get the card number this was billed to, I can look up the transaction that way."

Tara hesitated wondering if this was all part of some scam. But it seemed legitimate, if someone had gotten a hold of her card number, she did make a few online purchases recently, then they could get it straighted out. She gave her card number but no transaction was found.

"Hold on a minute there are two different cards connected to this account." Tara walked back into the kitchen holding her hand out towards Willow, "Wallet."

Willow handed it over without much thought and continued chatting with Buffy. Tara took it and left the room again. She gave Willow's card number.

"Yes, here it is. Can I get the name on that account?"

"That one would be Willow Rosenberg."

He asked a few more verifying questions and told her that the purchase for an adult entertainment website membership was started at the trial price of one dollar, the membership was not cancelled and was billed at regular price. He even offered a discounted membership with a free month and only twenty bucks a month after that.

"No, please cancel the membership."

"So was it your son or other family member who purchased this? I only ask because you were sure that you didn't do it."

"Yeah, something like that. And they are in big trouble."

That was how it all started. Tara waited until Buffy had left to tell Willow that she was the one who wasted $40. Even Willow looked confused but Tara remembered.

"Remember last month when I went to visit Dawn for the week and you called saying you were tired of watching Crashpad and you didn't know I had it on speakerphone and I had to make up something to tell Dawn? Which she didn't believe me and looked it up on her phone."

"Yeah I remember now. You know, now that I think about there was a vague reference to it in an email she sent me. I didn't even know what it meant until now." Then her eyes bugged a bit, "Oh crap, that means she watched it."

Tara already figured, since she had also met Dawn's 'friend' that weekend.

"Not the topic at hand dear. What is up for discussion is the one dollar you told me you spent."

"Oh... Wait, you didn't seem to have a problem with it at the time. You know other than you were disappointed in not being able to watch the videos with me."

"We've discussed this, I have nothing against it, I just prefer that we watch stuff made by women for women. Which is why we bought Crashpad. My problem is we've just lost forty dollars." Willow wasn't really in trouble, Tara was just frustrated and needed to vent.

"Well, it didn't say it was only a trial!"

"It probably did Will, you were just too horny to notice."

The redhead looked a little sheepish. "Well, you should probably not leave me alone again for a week. Or we could get a variety of things to watch." Willow looked like she was about to launch a full blown apologetic, crazy nervous babble. But then a switch just flipped. She pulled Tara close and whispered in her ear, "Or we could make our own." Willow pulled back to see Tara's face and gave her 'do you wanna' wiggly eyebrows.

She had thought about bringing up this idea when she was on the lesbian video section of the website, most were crap, some where just funny, and a few good ones looked like two women who'd decided to give it a go and post. You could actually see the love between them, nevermind their popularity rating was lower than the ones with women who had fake boobs and long nails.

She would gladly watch her and Tara over again. Tara giggled and smiled. Then Tara moaned as Willow's hands started roaming and she started kissing Tara's neck. Tara moaned her approval.

Willow was always the more visual one. When they first broached the topic of adult entertainment back when they first got together, Willow admitted she kind of liked watching it. (And she also admitted to watching Red Shoe Diaries when she was younger, something about a crush on David Duchovney, but somehow ignoring how much more she enjoyed the episodes of women on women fantasies. The one about the jewel thief hiding out in a bordello always stuck in her mind). When Tara said she never watched anything like that Willow seemed dumbstruck, and felt kinda like a freak until Tara offered up some of her romance novels. Sex in written form, less visual unless you have a good imagination. Plus words were sexy and plot lines increased the emotion between the characters and Tara was a sucker for romance. Willow enjoyed having Tara read a few, and then they acted them out.

‘Hmmm, its been a while since we've done that. I wonder if we can do one for the video.’ Willow thought.

Tara knew the second she said "okay" to video making that Willow was already planning scenarios in her head. Plural, scenarios. When were they going to have time to watch them if they made as many as Willow already had in her head.

"Now?" Willow asked in a muffled voice as her mouth was working its way down Tara's cleavage.

Tara groaned as Willow's hand slipped under her shirt to her bra clad breast and gave it a squeeze. "Oh yes."

----To Be Continued!----

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Now, that's just evil...

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Hehe nice, can't wait for part two and I can just see Willow's brain workin away as Tara sits there agreeing!

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 9:11 pm 
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Wait, what just happened. Well I guess we all know the signs are upon us that the apocalypse is coming. My other theory is we have entered an Alternate Universe (starting with the Cubs winning the World Series).

Seriously, I'm posting the second part to F*Tapes.....

TITLE: F*Tapes (part 2 of 2)
AUTHOR: Delayne T. Buranek
RATING: M for mature (and masturbation!)
DISCLAIMER: Enter standard Disclaimer here. In Other Words, I own none of it (actually I own what I write just not the characters), I use it not for profit anyway. I used to do this in hopes it would impress girls but I’m married now so me trying to make an impression is more about friendship and good writing. But we have nothing to our name except our three dogs and you’ll have to kill me before taking them.
SUMMARY: Just read it! Here is a hint... it is part of the F*Series! (Other disclaimer: Not all shorts in this thread are necessarily connected. Except this one, you really should to read the first part).
SPOILERS: AU, no real spoilers
FEEDBACK: Yes please. I’ll even read “I hate you, you are horrible,” but I probably won’t take you seriously, unless you back up that statement with a well thought out reason as to why.
AUTHORS NOTE: Took me way too long to get on that second part eh?

Part 2

Willow settled down on the hotel bed and flipped up the screen on her personal laptop. Conferences were usually enjoyable to her but this one was just tedious. She realized some of that feeling was possibly due to Tara not being able to come along. She usually did. It was like the occasional tax deductible vacation.

Willow almost had ducked out before the day was done but she couldn't bring herself to. She ran quick at the closing though before she got blocked by anyone who wanted to talk to her. Especially by those who did not know her. Those came in two flavors, guys wanting to see how much she knew and those who just wanted to hit on her. Actually, a lot of them were both.

She didn't want to be stopped by those she knew either. Those people did know about Willow's expertise and usually had a question. There were a few she would consider friends more than acquaintances, and would occasionally dine with them during a conference. Willow didn't want to deal with any person right then. If they harassed her later she could make an excuse about needing to be prepared for her presentation tomorrow.

Actually she did get kind of nervous about presenting, but knew the best way to get over it.


Tara was her calming force. Her ground, her rock, her earth, her whole world.

So being apart from her left her feeling floaty. Out in space with no anchor.

Willow knew Tara would be unable to video chat as she checked her watch. She was on the East Coast for this conference and even though her day was done, Tara's day would not be. In fact, Willow was sure Tara was busy and wouldn't even be responding to her “I miss you” text she just sent for a few hours yet.

Tara was as bad as Willow when it came to missing each other. It was better to be busy and distracted than dwell on being apart.

But Willow wanted to wallow.

She clicked some clicks, typed a password, and clicked a few more clicks. The secret folder became visible along with its archive of various media.

All of it was archived in Willow's brain, but she liked perusing the backup copies sometimes. Especially when she couldn't access the main frame.

There were three folders: stories, pictures, and video.

The stories were from back in College. Tara had been cleaning and came across an old notebook from a class, scrawled on a few of the pages towards the end was a few smutty stories she had written for Willow, but had never given to her. Willow, of course, typed them up.

The largest folder was the pictures. Tara had surprised Willow with some lingerie and Willow begged for a photo shoot. Also archived were screenshots of snapchats and other pictures of when Tara would feel brave and naughty.

But Willow's favorite folder, which only contained one item, was the video folder.

Willow remembered that after grabbing the camera that evening Tara had gotten nervous. Tara had suspected that Willow was contemplating a big production. After deciding to leave the camera on the dresser and pretend it wasn't there, and lots of promises that the video would not be found, they made love like they always did.

With a double click the folder opened.

To Willow's surprise, there were now two videos.

Both had a default provided filename. Based on that name Willow could tell one was made over a year ago, and the new one made last month.

Only she didn't make the new one and she certainly didn't it put it on her laptop.

Before clicking what could possibly be a virus, she right clicked to view the file information. It showed to be from the same origin as the other video, the old digital camcorder they owned. It was high end at the time Willow bought it, so only recently had cameras on cellphones started to get close in megapixels.

She looked at the date it was downloaded to the computer and pulled up the calendar on her phone.

Over three weeks ago, same day as the video was made.

Now she remembered. She had forgotten to save a file on the cloud and didn't have time to rush home. She talked Tara through sending it to her.

See it wasn't that Tara couldn't learn a computer, she just didn't really care to. And Tara did have an impeccable memory. Willow originally had shown Tara just how hard it was to find the secret files.

“That sneaky vixen.”

Double click

Willow put on headphones as the video popped up full screen and started to play.

It was a view of the “queen's chair” with a sheet draped over it. It was a chair from the 70’s made to look like medieval throne, just with more cushion and a tacky orange color.

Tara came into view and sat down. She was wearing her usual pajamas. Tank-top and panties. Tara had started matching the two more often when Willow clearly responded well the accidental times it happened early in their relationship. They were both white, shear, and the panties lacy.

“So I was on your computer today sending you a file, when I thought I should try and find the secret folder.” She wore this innocent smile as she spoke.

“I started watching our video and knew I would be touching myself.”

Willow was amazed how Tara could go from sweet to sultry at the drop of a hat. And that sultry stare could make Willow into a puddle just as quick.

“And I knew how much you would enjoy watching.”

Yep, puddle.

Tara gave a smirk and began to roam her hands over her body.

The tank top did little to hide Tara's nipples becoming erect. Tara reached under her top and encouraged them more.

She scooted towards the edge of the chair, kicked up her feet and leaned back. The position was a little awkward but gave the camera a perfect view.

Her other hand disappeared in her panties and she let out a “mmm.” It was the same one she gave when she tasted Willow's own delights.

She continued her ministrations under her clothes. Her eyes were closed and her moans increased. Willow wondered if she was being shy or teasing.

Tara shyly looked up at the camera as she extracted her hands. The one that was not teasing her breast came up to her tongue and flicked the glistening digits.

Tara stood up out of the chair, bringing her torso into to view but her sexy smile off the screen.

The tank top came off quickly, and her breasts bounced a little. Her dark blond hair fell back down over shoulders. If she dipped her head or looked down she could get the ends to just barely cover her nipples. She moved the strands to the sides and gave a quick tweak to each nipple, making sure they stayed nice and hard for Willow.

Tara took a little more time with her panties. Pulling one hip down slowly, giving a little shimmy and then pulling the other side down to match. She gave a turn and did another pull shimmy pull. As much as Willow considered herself a breast-gal, she still certainly appreciated the fullness of her wife's ass.

Tara settled herself back into the chair once the panties reached the floor. She spread herself out for Willow and the camera again.

Her hands ran up and down her thighs, teasing herself and her admirer.

Tara sat up a little more and brought the attention back to her breasts. If this had been a live show, this would be the point Willow would lose all will-power and climbing over everything including Tara to assist. Pawing one breast and suckling the other.

Willow was broken out of her reverie by the sounds of Tara's voice.

“I know you are as wet as I am my love. Touch yourself with me. I want you to come with me.”

Willow had been engrossed with the video she hadn't been paying attention to her own body. She was now hyper aware. Indeed she was wet, and her conference clothes felt more restrictive than usual. They were quickly discarded as a heap on the floor next to the bed and Willow settled back on to the bed rearranging the pillows so that she was propped up with easy access to herself and the laptop in the right position to be viewed but out of the way.

Tara ran her flattened palm over her trimmed mound of curls. She brought her other hand and spread open her lips. With her index finger she traced along the inner lips down then up and circling her clit. She did her best to be open for Willow. She moved on leg off of the ottoman and hung it over the arm of the chair.

“Keep pace with me Willow.”

Tara kept the single digit at play, so as not to obstruct the view. Her long elegant finger dipped through the folds to the entrance of her channel gathering moisture that was already spilling out and coating her thighs. It circled back around her clit three times then went back down. Tara kept the slow torturous pace knowing Willow would be matching it and begging the video to speed up.

When Tara knew Willow wouldn't be able to take it much longer, she went to two fingers and plunged them deep inside her. The pace she set was much faster.

Tara kept her hips still and the motion was entirely from the arm and wrist. The quick in and out made squelching slurping noises.

Fucking music to Willow's ears.

While it wasn't a conscious thought, Willow was really glad the microphone was sensitive enough to pick up the noise.

“Three fingers now love.”

The pace slowed and Tara began to roll her hips. Her low guttural moan signaled the start of the end.

Willow too was enjoying the fullness of her own fingers as they rode their own waves. It could never compare to having each other, but Willow knew this would be one of the best self propelled orgasims she would ever have.

Goddess she loved her wife.

Tara was no longer needing the extra hand to keep herself open for the camera and switched it to stimulating her clit.

It wouldn't be long now.

Tara's pace started to climb, her pitch started to climb and she was on the precipice.

“Come... with me....” Tara gasped.

And as she crashed over she howled Willow's name.

Willow held on a few more seconds, she loved watching Tara come.

Tara had relinquished her inserted fingers but kept on her clit as the geyser squirted from her channel.

Willow remembered the first time that happened, she almost drowned. Tara was so embarrassed. And here she was now putting on a show.

Willow finally let herself go, more subdued than Tara but intense. She enjoyed screaming at home but learned not to do that in hotels. That was a lesson they learned their first trip together when hotel staff came to check on them. Tara was embarrassed then too.

On the video Tara covered in a sheen of sweat and juices, was not shy or embarrassed. She was rosy and content. Sexy, lovely.

“I love you, Willow.”

And the video went off.



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Talk about coming back with a BANG.

Welcome back... now I just need to collect myself from this puddle on the floor...


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