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PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:38 am 
20. Not one Much for the Timber
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In response to the 'challenge' from Ariel...
Heave to and face me wi' yer cutlass in your hand!
That's what she said! :lmao

This chapter is dedicated Ariel and Finey who have both demanded some Willow and Tara loving. Girls this ones for you.
Rickster...You rock!!! :applause :bigwave

“Get her to my cabin!” shouted Willow.
I bet she did! Woo and hoo!

There are so many really beautiful parts to this chapter. I especially enjoyed Willow's thoughts while Tara is unconscious. It's not often that we get to see the "softer side" of Captain Red. The prayer was very sweet.

Tara lying on her bed. How many times had she dreamed of this since she had given the girl sanctuary aboard her ship? A hundred, a thousand, a hundred thousand? No matter the times, it all lead up to one irrefutable answer. Willow was head over heels in love with Tara and desired her in ways she had not felt in a very long time.
Yay! :banana :banana :clap :clap The circumstances aren't the greatest, but it's just what we needed to kickstart them towards other things!

“I had this strange dream,” she began softly, “I was a princess in this tower and I had some kind of enchantment about me keeping me in a deep sleep. Then this prince came along and kissed me waking me from that sleep.”

“Sound’s like a fairy tale lass,” Willow replied trying to keep the jealousy of a prince kissing her beloved out of her voice.

“I know, but the really strange thing is that you were the prince.”
This lead up to the kiss was perfect and magical. Very nicely done!!

“God’s Tara, but yer beautiful,” was all the redhead could think of too say in a timbre much softer than her usual voice.

“Willow,” Tara spoke breathlessly as if she had been running a long distance. “I’m in love with you.”
Awwww, so sweet! Great job!

Despite the pain, he was determined to complete his task, even if it meant his death. As long as he knew that Willow, Buffy, Dawn and Tara were safe, that was all that mattered.
I'm not a huge Xander fan in general, but I do like your brave Xander:)

Now, back to the good stuff...
The rest of the brain, which was currently driven by lust and hormonal longing, told that cautionary part of the brain to fuck off.
I loved this! Because hello...been there - done that, lol.

I LOVED. THIS. UPDATE. Not just because of the smoochies, but because it really did have EVERYTHING. Great job Rick...can't wait to see where you take us:)

**On a side note...when I went to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, I thought about this fic the entire time. :luv

Shelby - Racing The Rain (IN PROGRESS) / Baby Makes Three (IN PROGRESS) / The Santa Line / Everything She Does...Is Beautiful / Calfornia Grass

"Transform your pain. Release your past. And ... uh ... get over it."
~Willow, Where The Wild Things Are

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Avast there, McFine ya cursed Dibs-stealer!!! Heave to and face me wi' yer cutlass in your hand! We'll see who walks away with that Dibs!


Yay!!! W/T mega-hotness! :dumbo :bounce :pinky :banana :eatme :banana :eatme :banana :pinky :bounce :dumbo

Tara should know some happiness in her life before she’s taken ta the Golden Palace. If ya must take me in her stead, but don't let nothing bad happen ta her.”

I love that Willow is inarticulate here, but also the detail of a religious belief “the Golden Palace”; these little bits add fascinating little touches to the story that I really enjoy.

As she held the blonde’s hand she looked at it taking in every detail. The long, elegant fingers, the slight golden coloring from the sun on Tara’s skin, the slight blonde hairs on the back of the arm.

I’ll say it until I die . . . love is in the details and these are lovely. :flower

Willow swallowed hard at this, “I…I was the prince ya say Tara? So h…how did I kiss ya?”

“You took my hand like this.” Tara took Willow’s rough hand in her softer one, gently cradling the palm. Willow’s breathing had become jagged and her jaw hung loose. Tara raised Willow’s hand to her full lips and gently kissed the back of the pirate’s hand. As she did so, her blue eyes met Willow’s green and a spark shot between them. Tara put Willow’s hand back down at her side, neither relinquishing the look. A good five minutes passed before Willow spoke.

Love this dreamy, romantic moment but also the incredible hotness!

They resumed their kissing, starting slowly again, exploring each others mouths but it wasn’t long before the wild and passionate natures in both girls took a hold of them and their kissing once more became ardent with tongues probing and hands touching all over. Tara felt Willow’s hand slide up the material of her cotton dress and cup her breast, giving it a gentle squeeze.
Immediately she felt her nipples swell and harden against the scratchy cloth of the rough dress she wore. Oh I could get used to this; the thought came unbidden to Tara’s mind as a gasp of exultation escaped her mouth.

:wtkiss :love :wtkiss

Somewhere in the back of her mind, a small portion of Tara’s brain was telling her that this was a bad idea and that she’d regret it on the morrow. The rest of the brain, which was currently driven by lust and hormonal longing, told that cautionary part of the brain to fuck off. Tara wanted to be taken by this wild, vivacious buccaneering young woman and taken now.

:rofl :lmao :laughHOT and FUNNY!!!

Then Buffy’s interruption, her famous bad timing still alive and well in this AU!!! Lol

Then Xander’s heroic struggle to save the ship. Ouch on the scalding and loved the gruff affection between him and Willow.

Finally the cliff-hanger:
“Aye, just how did ya heal Xander so quick and what the hell was goin’ on below decks on that ghost ship?” This new question came from Willow and this upset Tara even more. She had hoped that maybe there could be a future of some kind between herself and the fiery Captain, but now… now she wasn’t so sure. Now she was scared but realised that they would have found out sooner or later.

“I…I was a…able to heal Mr. Xander so…so easily be…because.” She hesitated, fear was tying her stomach in knots.”

“Go on lass, because,” Willow encouraged her, not unkindly.

“Be…because I’m…I’m a witch.”

I loved her fear, “her toes flexing nervously” again, the detail. Nice, taut writing. Ya got me, Cap’n! I’m yours to command! :applause :bow :clap :bow :applause

How I Met Your Mother

 Post subject: Re: Red Rosenberg
PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2011 7:39 am 
8. Vixen

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Avast there Shelby and Ariel, any more of this infighting on who gets the dibs and I’ll be sending ya both to the brig escorted by Dawn. And remember she’s a hair puller. :lmao

Finey-McFine I wanted to give you a big YAY on your dibs but no feedback till late tut tut
You wrote

‘Rickster...You rock!!!’
Awww thanks but it’s you girls who read my little adventure and give me your feedback who really rock.

Willow does have a softer side but being the pirate queen that she is she rarely has the time nor opportunity to show it. But now that Tara is in her life it should come out a lot more.

Now both girls have admitted their feelings it will lead to lots more loving, and that’s a promise.
I’ve never thought that Xander got the full respect he deserved in the show so to make him that little bit more of a hero was something I really wanted to do with this fic.

I hope you found my fic to be better than the film lol.

Ariel There’s only one type of hotness and that’s W/T hotness.
On the ‘Golden Palace’, a lot of these little touches usually come in at the last minute when the main story is written. I’m just glad you didn’t think it was a Chinese restaurant like my sister did.
If you liked the details of Willow holding Tara’s hand wait till Willow sees naked Tara. Coming in a few chapters, I promise. I’m only sorry that I couldn’t make Buffy’s entrance funnier, as for Xander see my reply to Finey above.


Author; Willowtaralover

Disclaimer; All Buffy characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and Fox. The story and all original characters belong to me, so nyah.

Rating; PG-13 to R for sex, violence and naughty swearing

Story; Rough, tough pirate captain goes in search of treasure including romance with a beautiful blonde, betrayal from a trusted crewmember and deadly danger from a dark sorcerer and his undead army.

All thought’s are in italics_____________________________________________________________________________
Chapter 13


“I…I was a…able to heal Mr. Xander so…so easily be…because.” Tara hesitated, fear tying her stomach in knots.”

“Be…because I’m… I’m a witch.”
The admission came so abruptly it shocked everyone into silence. Xander looked as uncomfortable as Tara felt, and only in part due to the rapidly fading burning sensation on his chest. Everyone around the quartet started talking amongst themselves about Tara’s statement Meanwhile Willow and Buffy could only gape at the young blonde’s confession. Finally, Buffy regained the power of speech.

“You’re a witch?” Her voice was as disbelieving as that of a child who had just been told that Liana, the goddess and guardian of all children did not exist.

“Y…y…yes, I…”Here Tara’s voice faltered and the blonde girl bowed her head in shame and fear.
Willow eyed the girl, with whom, not fifteen minutes before she had been busy making out. There was no suspicion in her eyes, just inquisitiveness for this girl to whom she was equally fascinated by and attracted to.

“So did ya learn yer craft at yer Ma’s knee or are ya a disciple to a darker master?”
While Willow’s question was asked lightly, there was no mistaking the darker undercurrent to her tone.

“N…n…n…no,” Tara scrabbled to reply so quickly that her stutter re-emerged. “My m…mother taught me all she kn…knew and th…those were only spells for p…protection and magic. Their p…p…power comes from the p…pure elemental f…force of the world around us.”

“When were you planning to tell us you were a witch?” Buffy queried while Xander moaned softly from where he lay on the deck while Tara’s magic coursed through his body, healing his wounds and injuries.

Tara lowered her head so that her long blonde hair became a curtain covering her upper face. Her toes were twitching nervously and she felt sick in her stomach, as if she might throw up on the deck any second. This question was one that she had hoped to avoid but there was no getting past it now. Tara took a deep breath before answering.

“I…I…I…I was hoping that I would never have to,” her voice was very quiet, more so than usual.
Willow and Buffy exchanged glances at this. Neither girl was sure as to how to react to this news. Tara had become a well-loved addition to the crew, her cooking was the best that the crew had ever eaten on any voyage and her healing abilities had ensured that the crew had been working at full capacity all through the expedition.

Alternately, the fact that she was a witch, and hadn’t been planning to reveal it to anyone was a cause for concern. It was said that any ship that either harboured a witch or willingly took one aboard as a member of its crew would be cursed by the gods and death and destruction would befall the ship and crew. Understandably then, Willow was incredibly horrified by this new revelation, both for herself and her crew. It was also a huge blow to her heart, which had been captured by the young blonde. Could Tara have cast some spell on the redhead so she would fall in love with the witch?

Everybody was quiet for a long time and the pirate Captain and her lieutenant both looked at Tara, trying to work out what to do next. As the others were pondering their next move, Chou-Lee suddenly stepped forward, her sword drawn and began to advance on Tara.

Then something happened that nobody expected, least of all Tara or Willow.

Dawn suddenly placed herself directly between Tara and the sword wielding Slayerette, her hand on the hilt of her own weapon. She stared the other girl straight in the eyes.

“You do anything to try and hurt Tara I swear I’ll gut you where you stand.” It wasn’t a threat; it was a promise pure and simple.

“Chou-Lee, Dawn, what the hell’s d’ya think yer doin’?” Willow cried out, her voice tinged with exasperation and exhaustion over the day’s events.

“She is a witch captain, by her own admission. If we do not kill her now then a great doom will befall us all.” Chou-Lee replied over her shoulder towards the Captain but constantly kept her eyes on Tara, almost daring her to move.

“I’m following your orders. You told Simone and me that we had to look after Tara, that we were her bodyguards, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m guarding her.”

“Aye, I know what I said but I don’t recall saying anything about challenging other crewmembers. Now ya both sheathe yer swords or ye’ll be facin’ me.” This warning was growled by the angry redhead but neither girl made any move to put their weapons away.

There was a loud moaning from the deck and everybody suddenly looked to see Xander painfully push himself to his feet. He rose determinedly to move himself in front of both Dawn and Tara.

“Chou-Lee, put yer damned sword away now,” he gasped through gritted teeth. His eyes were hooded with anger and his glare was so powerful it could have been classed as a lethal weapon.
He turned slowly to face all the girls’ near-by and let out a ragged breath.

“Ya all know how I feel about magic users,” he called out loud to the watching crowd. “I don’t like em, they scare the shit outta me. Ya can never trust em cos ya never know what they’re gonna do t’ya. But Tara here, she’s done nowt but good for us and far as I’m concerned anyone who wants ta get rid o’ Tara, they’re gonna have ta kill me first.”

Despite the slight wobble in his legs, he stood defiantly, fists clenched at his sides daring all those round him to attack. Some of the girls noted the point where the bold young man’s thumb had been sliced cleanly off by the Angelus’ invisibility. The tip was blackened as if it had been burned to neutralise any infections.

Tara stood behind Dawn watching the events with a great deal of nervousness. She was fully aware of the fear everyday people had for witches, sorcerers, warlocks and other magic users.

To hear Xander affirm that fear added to Tara’s feeling of dread. That he had then supported and defended her made it quite evident to the girl that she still had much to learn about this roguish crew and their fearless Captain who had willingly taken her under their wing. Slowly Chou-Lee put her sword away while Dawn removed her hand from the hilt of her sword.
After five minutes of no one moving Willow finally took charge once more, having stayed silent all during the time Xander had stood in protection of Tara.

“Dawn, take Tara back ta the galley and stay there with her, ev’ryone else get back t’ yer duties,

Buff, Xander, yer wi me.” With that, she led her friends back to her cabin as the rest of the Slayerettes started getting the ship going again. As Dawn escorted Tara to the galley, Buffy hung behind Willow and Xander a little till her sister had caught them up and approached her.

Dawn swallowed hard wondering what reprimand Buffy may give her. All the time she kept her hand on her sword hilt, ready to face anyone who may want to attack her ward. As Buffy drew near Simone kept watch from a distance, primarily watching Dawn, love and admiration clear in her eyes to everyone who saw her. Buffy drew level with Dawn and Tara placing a gentle hand on her sister’s shoulder halting her progress. As the girls stood to talk, Tara looked about herself nervously, chewing her lower lip.

“You did a nice thing there, for Tara” as Buffy spoke, she flicked an eye towards the girl in question.

Dawn just shrugged her shoulders, slightly embarrassed by the praise. “It was nothing really, just what Willow said to do.”

“No, it was a really good thing. I am so incredibly proud of you right now and I know the Cap’n is too even if she doesn’t say anything. I’m pretty sure that mother is too, wherever she is.” Dawn just nodded solemnly at this as she recalled the circumstances under which their parent had vanished while her sister turned her attention to Tara.

“Tara, are you alright?” Tara turned rapidly upon hearing her name. So rapidly in fact, that she almost fell over.

“Y…yes thank you Buffy. A little scared but I’m fine,” and she smiled in gratitude at the attention that had been paid to her.

Unseen by the trio Simone continued to stare longingly at the girl she loved until Willow looked over, spotted them and yelled…

“Oy, Dawn I thought I said ta get Tara ta the galley. Simone, what the fuck ya standin’ around fer, get up in the crow’s nest or help trim the sails or summat, ya can pleasure each other later. Buffy I said yer wi’ me. Yer sanding round like three gossipy hags.”

Her face redder than a ripe tomato, Simone quickly approached Dawn and gave her a quick peck on the lips then all four girls went to their respective duties.
As Dawn and Tara entered the galley the first thing that struck them was an incredibly strong, overpowering stench. It was as if a hundred million people had farted all at the same time making the air noxious and almost impossible to breathe in.
Tara immediately sensed something unearthly about the place and quickly scanned the room.

She saw the food that she, Dawn and Simone had bought across from the Angelus. The fruit, rabbits and pheasants were all starting to rot. Everything was covered in a green spider-web like fungus. Some of the fruit had started to exude a strange, green viscous substance that made them think of vomit. What was more frightening was the fact that the table where the meat had been laid was beginning to vanish.

It was becoming as incorporeal as the Angelus herself had been.

Quickly, Tara took command of the situation, “D…Dawn help me throw the meat overboard, a…and throw it as far as you can from the ship.”

“But what about the fruit?” Dawn enquired as they rushed to the deck, bundles of meat in their arms, startling everyone in their path.

“I’ll help you c…carry the tubs a…and we throw those overboard t…too.”

“Er, Tara do you really think you’ll be able to help carry those tubs, they’re pretty heavy. It was easy for me and Simone since we’re both pretty strong but you..”
Tara stopped in her tracks and fixed Dawn with a steely glare.

“Are you s…saying that I’m w…weak?”

Dawn looked back with a similarly defiant stare.

“Yeah, I am.”

“Then you s…still don’t know me v…very well do you,” and with those words Tara continued to the side of the ship and threw the decomposing meat away by grabbing the feet of the creatures, whirling them round her head and throwing. Using this method both Dawn and Tara were able to throw the meat far enough from the ship that it wouldn’t get affected by the rancid meat.

After all the rabbits and pheasants had been disposed of, the two girls dashed back to the galley. By now the table had fully returned, but Tara still pressed gingerly at the area where, only a few minutes before there had been nothing. The tips of her fingers glowed slightly for a second and a small smile formed on her mouth.

“Tara,” Dawn queried and the blonde turned to see her assistant, one hand already on one of the handles of the tub of apples. Tara crossed to where she stood and, bending at the knees, took a firm grip of the other handle and lifted. Dawn was startled by how easily Tara lifted and carried the apple tub as the blonde set a brisk pace that Dawn had to jog to pace with.
Once at the side they heaved the tub together over the side, then repeated the same for the tub of oranges. After all the contaminated food had been gotten rid of Tara turned to Dawn a smirk on her face.

“Guess I’m not so weak after all,” she said pointedly and her smirk grew into a grin. Dawn gave a faux scowl but she wasn’t able to hold it for long before she too grinned.

“No, I guess not,” came the reply and they returned to the galley.

“I guess this makes us friends then,” Dawn said cautiously. Tara turned to her sharply but there was no denying the look of hope in her face.

“I…I hope so. I’d very m…much like that Dawn, for us to be fr…friends.”

There was a long awkward silence between the girls and the hope in Tara began to fade. It was almost diminished when…

“I’m sorry.”

The words were spoken so quickly Tara wasn’t sure what she had heard.

“I…I’m sorry, w…what did you say.”

There was a small sigh from Dawn before she looked Tara straight in the eye.

“I’m sorry.” though she spoke in a quiet voice, to Dawn it seemed to echo around the room and the entire ship itself. Indeed, she was positive that Willow herself could hear the apology in her cabin, despite the two rooms being placed at opposite ends of the Slayer.

A small frown crossed Tara’s face out of fear for Dawn’s safety and as she wondered what the wannabe could have done now

“Dawn, what are you sorry for? What have you done wrong?”

Dawn couldn’t look Tara in the face anymore and her head drooped so she faced the wooden timbers that made up the floor. As she spoke her voice was little more than a whisper

“Its…well…I’ve been such a complete shit to you. I’ve said horrible things to and about you and…well…I’ve just been a complete bitch to you. If anyone had treated me that way I’d have left them to their fate on the ghost ship.”

Tara saw the mix of emotions on the younger girls face. Fear, sadness, hurt and guilt and the witch’s heart filled with compassion for Dawn and she moved closer to her.

“But I’m n…not you Dawn.”

A tear silently made its way out of the corner of Dawn’s eye and slid down her cheek. Tara moved her finger across to where the tear was coursing down the red cheek and gently brushed it away.

“Tara, I’m sorry I’ve been such an evil fuck to you. I…I…I was wondering if y’know…maybe…perhaps we could start again and, be friends this time.”
Tara’s smile grew a little wider at Dawn’s offer.

“I’d l…like that,” she hesitated a moment before continuing. “Is this a p…pinky promise?” She asked seriously. She folded her thumb and other fingers then extended her pinky giving it a little wiggle. The action made Dawn grin and she too folded her fingers before wrapping her own pinky around Tara’s and shaking it.

“S…so we’re friends now right?”

Dawn nodded her head in joy as her heart was filled with ecstasy and she realised that now she had another reason to stay aboard the Slayer. She had a friend that she knew she could trust and she had a woman that she loved, and who loved her in return. For Dawn it looked as if everything was coming up roses.

“Dawn, could you f…finish preparing the meal p…please, I feel exhausted after today, n…nearly falling to my death Exploring that ghost ship, s…saving your life, reviving in Willow’s quarters, saving Mister Xander’s life, throwing all that bad food overboard and now making friends with you.”

“Taking advantage of our friendship already, tut tut Tara, and here’s me thinking you’re such an innocent.”

“It’s being on a pirate ship Dawn, it rubs off on you, arr me hearty,” Tara replied with a big grin that her new friend reciprocated. The blonde yawned hugely stretching her arms into the air and walked, or rather shuffled over to where her hammock hung an hauled herself up into it while Dawn finished began to prepare that nights meal.
“So now we know she’s a witch what do we do wi Tara?”

Willow, Buffy and Xander were in the Captain’s cabin. Though he had been offered aid by Buffy to the cabin, Xander had refused knowing the best way for his body to heal was by using it as much as possible and ignoring the lingering pain from the scalding water.

They were all sat at the table in Willow’s cabin trying to decide what to do about the newly revealed magic user. The redhead glanced over to the bed where just a short time earlier she had been kissing Tara. The bedding was still mussed up and Willow gave a small smile as she recalled the wonderful feeling of love that had emanated between the two of them. At the same time however, she was also beginning to wonder if she hadn’t made a big mistake in allowing herself to become so involved with the girl she had rescued and fallen for. But actually knew nothing about

But she can’t be evil. How can she be with eyes as blue as that. And her smile, it’s as bright as the sun. No she can’t be evil, I won’t believe it. But still, what if she’s been using me somehow for her powers?

All these thoughts ran through Willow’s mind as she tried to work out what the best thing to do was. Not merely for herself, but the ship and the rest of the crew, and if she had to she would willingly sacrifice her own future happiness to ensure their own safety.

“I don’t know Will,” Buffy spoke up taking Willow from her thoughts. “I know she’s done a lot of good aboard this ship but what do we know about her?”

“Well I know she had to live in a sewer, was treated like shit by her father and brother and that she saved my life, that’s good enough for me, she should stay.” Xander spoke up, his voice was firm with conviction and confident in the belief that was Tara was a good person.

“No Xander, she only seems to be a good person. For all any of us knows Tara may be after some sorcerous power. We know now that she is a witch and if she knows that we are headed to Verminas, a place that Giles told us was the last resting place of an evil sorcerer who worshipped a chaos goddess and tried to raise the undead.

"Has anyone considered that Tara knew about the existence of Verminas and wants to try to gain access to this sorcerers’ power?” Buffy looked between Willow and Xander, and the alternating facial expressions of pondering and anger on each respective person.

“I don’t buy that, if she had that type o’ power why didn’t she use her mojo and leave her dad’s place whenever she wanted.” Xander’s retort was angry and disbelieving. Being the only person who had seen her living conditions he found it very hard to accept that if Tara could have used her magic she would have stayed in such an environment.

“Maybe she was waiting for the right person to come along, someone who knew about Verminas and was looking for it. Manipulate their minds a little and er…alakazam, or whatever it is she says, you can be on a ship taking you where you want to go.”

“Sorry Buff but I don’t believe it, not of Tara.”

“Fine, give me proof that she’s completely innocent and I’ll consider it,” she replied in an even voice.

Xander had no response to this and all he could do was scowl furiously at Buffy.

“Ya both make good points but it still don’t tell us what to do though does it?”

Willow reminded them both that she was still in the cabin by speaking up. Buffy and Xander looked up at each other and then at their friend. Willow’s face was a study in intense concentration as if she were trying to get her desk to float by willpower alone.

“Ta be honest wi’ yer’s, I jus’ dunno. Everything Xander says is true; the crew aint eaten so well on a voyage before, and she’s done a fine job in healing crewmembers who get hurt or injured.
Dawn seems t’ be doin’ good working under her too. All in all she’s been good ta this ship an’ crew.
But Buff is right too, Tara has admitted ta being a witch and we seen her power on display on that ghost ship when she were fightin’ whatever it were. And it had ta be her in the crow’s nest makin’ that ball o’ light. She has serious power there, an if she knew about Verminas then she could’a done summat to us t’ get us ta take her there.”

“But what about you Will, you’ve clearly got a big yen on for Tara. What’s your opinion?” Buffy asked the question, not unkindly. She knew about Willow’s relationship from some years before with Roberta. A relationship that had ended tragically with the girl’s death. Seeing now how much joy Tara had brought to the Pirate Captain’s life, Buffy sincerely hoped, for Willow’s, Dawn’s, everyone’s sake that the blonde could stay.

The redhead stared at her friend for a long time before lowering her eyes to the floor as she thought long and hard about her decision. Finally Willow looked up and met the eyes of her two lieutenants.

“Fer now Tara stays, if it looks like she’s gonna cause trouble then we deal wi’ her.”
Buffy and Xander took this in and slowly nodded their heads in agreement.

“I’m good with that, but if there’s any sign that she’s to be banished from the ship then I go with her.”

The two girls looked at Xander with more than a little surprise.

“Why Xander?” Buffy questioned him, hoping her wasn’t planning on doing anything stupid.

“I feel responsible for her, after seeing where Tara had to work and live; I promised myself that I’d always watch over her.”

A small smile played over the lips of the Captain as she regarded her friend.
Typical Xander, always thinking of the others first. Willow then took a deep breath then nodded.

“Aye fair enough, but jest so ya know Xand, I aint planning on sending Tara anywhere,” after a moments thought she amended this. “I might order her t’ me cabin but that’s it,” she finished with a big dirty grin on her face so huge Buffy and Xander could nothing else but join her in her smile.

“A’right then, seeing as we’re all agreed you two get back ta training the newbie’s. I’m gonna look over the map again, see if I can make any sense of it this time,” as opposed to the last five thousand times when it didn’t. ***************************************************
The Figure made its way down the corridor. Though it moved with the confidence and grace of an angel, it had dark deeds on its mind.

It came to the same cabin it had visited earlier with the maps and again knocked and waited. A minute later, footsteps were heard crossing the wooden flooring to the door. Then the door itself opened a crack and an eye peered out.

“Oh, yer here again, don’t worry I told the boss and she welcomes ya ta the new crew and she thanks ya fer the maps.”

“I have new information for her. The blonde we picked up on Narina, she is a witch.”

The person behind the door took this in and nodded slowly.

“I think she will find that very useful, very useful indeed. Thank ya fer that.”

The Figure nodded once then departed, heading for the deck while the person hiding behind the door closed it and went back to their plans.

Tara and Dawn were in the galley. After the stressful time she had had over the last couple of hours, Tara was sleeping in her hammock, which was strung up between two overhead beams. Dawn was doing what she could to prepare food for that evening’s meal when Simone entered.

“Hey,” she said in a quiet voice so as not to waken the sleeping girl. As soon as she saw her lover, Dawn’s face brightened and she went to hug her. As soon as she wrapped her arms round Simone, Dawn felt all her fears easing from her. She loosened herself a little from the woman she loved and looked at the face she adored so much before leaning in and kissing her full on the lips, delighting when Simone began to kiss her back. They stood there for at least fifteen minutes just kissing and exploring each other’s mouth.

Finally, they had to pull apart, something neither wanted to do as both felt they had not full discovered all there was to know about the other girls lips.

Dawn indicated that Simone take a stool at the table while she sat at another by the girl that she loved so much.

“Simone, I was wondering if you would care to go to bed with me tonight. It’d be just you and me in my bed in the cabin I share with Buffy, but I’ll get her to stay with Willow for tonight.”
Simone’s face brightened even more at this,

“Oh gods yes Dawn; I’d love to go to bed with you. I’ve wanted to be with you since I first saw you at the island a few years ago. To spend just one night with you will be beautiful.”

Dawn didn’t know what to say next. Rather she knew what she wanted to say but not sure how to say it. Should she just say what was on her mind? No, she couldn’t, it would scare Simone off, but she needed to let her know so badly.

Gods, how does Willow do this? She just picks em up and fucks em anywhere, back alleys, whorehouses, on the ship. Hell, this is so damn hard.

“S…Simone I…I…I w… won…," hells, now I’m bloody stuttering like Tara. Dawn took a deep breath as she tried to figure how to say what she wanted to say.

All this time Simone was looking at her lover with worry on her face.

“Dawn, are you alright?” Simone asked softly. She gently placed her hand on top of the other girls and interlaced their fingers with a rare tenderness.

“Dawn, you know you can tell me anything don’t you?”

The darker haired girl looked deep in to her lover’s soft grey eyes and saw nothing but love and concern for her in those orbs.

“Simone, when we go to bed,” Dawn began slowly. She knew what she wanted to say but she wanted to be sure that what she said was the right thing and not embarrass her or make Simone feel uncomfortable in any way.

“When we go to bed I want us to, ummm.”

She paused knowing this was the awkward part. Could she say this and not come out of it seeming an idiot to Simone.

“When we go to bed could we, erm you know, er, maybe umm, you and me, umm, you know erm maybe pleasure each other?”

The last three words came out in a rush, and once she had spoken the words that so terrified her she bowed her head, afraid what her friend may think of her.

Simone regarded Dawn for a moment before gently placing two fingers under her chin and raising her head. Simone’s soft grey eyes looked deep into Dawn’s hazel ones and she held her hands before speaking.

“Dawn, we don’t have to have sex together, not yet.”

“But I thought that maybe you…”

Simone smiled gently at the other girl, understanding her friends need to make her happy.

“What I expect or want doesn’t matter right now. Dawn, when I said I love you I meant it. Yes, I do want us to make love together but not yet. I don’t want us to rush into this or we could both get hurt and I would not want to see you hurt in any way.” As she gazed into the eyes of the young woman she adored so much Simone saw that Dawn’s eyes were wet with unshed tears.

“When we make love I want it to be something special, something magical between us. I have never done this before and neither have you. Please don’t let’s ruin this beautiful thing we have.

Dawn we have plenty of time and when we finally confirm our love, I promise you it will be something you will never forget.” She smiled gently at Dawn and wrapped her arms around the girl in a warm hug. “I’m not going anywhere Dawn,” she whispered softly in the brunettes ear I’ll always be here for you.”

She placed a tender kiss on Dawns cheek making the girls heart swell with love.
Dawn had finished preparing the meal which was now bubbling merrily away in a pot over the cooking fire.

She looked over at the still sleeping Tara. She looked like a goddess in repose as she lay in her hammock. Her beauty was unmistakable, her face taking on an even gentler persuasion if that were possible. Some of her blonde hair had fallen over the girl’s face getting in her eyes and brushing her lips, and Tara’s face frowned with a cute little furrow appearing on her brow.

With great delicacy, Dawn brushed the offending hairs out of Tara’s face. After a little restless shuffling, Tara fell once more into a peaceful slumber as Dawn kept her vigilant guard over her ward.

She looked over at Tara, then around the galley and a thoughtful frown appeared on her face.

Dawn looked once more at the girl who was now her friend and made her mind up. She quietly backed away out of the room checking the corridor both ways before closing the door behind her and heading to the deck.

I’ll only be a few minutes, no one will miss me for just those few minutes, she thought as she tried to justify her actions to herself.

On the deck the young girl carefully bypassed other crewmembers until she found who she was looking for.


“Aye Dawn, what can I do fer ya?”

“Ya know the offer ya made me. Ta be first mate aboard yer own ship when ya leave?”

“Aye lass, I do.”

“I have ta turn ya down.”

Kat was surprised at this turn of events, which showed only in her raised eyebrows. Despite this though, she kept everything friendly with the younger girl.

“Oh why’s that. Ya seemed real keen an’ all Dawn.”

“Simone wants ta stay, she feels an obligation ta Willow because Will saved her a couple ‘a years ago, and I want ta stay with Simone. I love her see.”

Kat seemed to consider this for a while before deciding

“Aright Dawn, I see yer reasons and I respect ya fer them.”

“So ya don’t mind me staying on the Slayer.”

“Course not, ya have ta stay with ya gal while ya got her.”

“Anyway’s I gotta go check on the evening meal. Then I get to spend the night with Simone.” She said this with a huge smile on her face, while Kat gave her a knowing smirk.

“Good fer ya. Go on lass, get on with yersel’, get ta yer gal,” and she winked at Dawn who just grinned back before setting off to the cabins. Kat just watched her go a small smile tugging at the ends of her mouth.
The rest of that day passed by in relative peace. Dawn stayed in the galley watching over Tara and making sure the meal was cooked properly and served up to the crew with aid from Simone.

Now it was late evening, the sky was a deep shade of purple and growing darker. Here and there little stars were beginning to glow, like pinpricks in the night sky where light from the Golden Palace was showing through.

Tara had finally woken up from her long sleep and silently yawned. She stretched before noticing the young dark haired girl sitting at the table. Her boredom was evident by the fact her body was virtually slumped over the table, the side of her face supported by her right hand and only the elbow stopping it from appearing as if she were asleep.

“D…Dawn, what are you d…doing here? Sh…shouldn’t you be with Simone?”
Hearing Tara’s voice startled Dawn and she almost fell of the stool in her haste to see Tara.

“I…I wanted to check that you were all right, make sure that you were safe before I left.”
Tara smiled at this, appreciating the care and attention that Dawn was showing toward her.

“Friends?” Tara questioned, just wanting to be sure. Wanting to know for sure that the friendship they had just forged was a true friendship and not just a brief thing that Dawn had come up with after Tara had saved her much earlier.

“We’re friends, positively,” Dawn confirmed, giving Tara the assurance she needed.

The two girls smiled at each other, both happy in their newfound friendship.

“So I’ll see you here tomorrow, alright?”

“Yeah sure,” Dawn replied.

With that Dawn set off down the corridor to her cabin for her rendezvous with Simone, happy for her new friendship.
Simone was walking along the magically expanded passageways towards the cabin Dawn shared with her sister. According to Dawn, she had been able to persuade both her sister and Willow to allow her to share the cabin with just Simone.

As she passed one of the many cabin’s she heard low voices from within.

“The plan to get rid of that blonde bitch fell through cos of Dawn. The boss better have a plan B. If Rosenberg finds out she may use the witch ta fuck us over.”

“Don’t worry, the boss has been planning this for ages there’s no way she’ll let that bint get in the way of her coup.”

Now whilst Simone was not a very well educated girl she did understand the meaning of the word coup. The young girl quickly ran down the corridor looking for someone she knew she could trust.

She blindly turned a corner and ran smack into a person coming the other way.

“Hey, what the fuck d’ya think yer doin’? Yer know running aint allowed below decks unless an emergency.”

Simone was so relieved to have found someone, she didn’t care she had broken any rules and would happily take any punishment Willow deemed suitable.

“I…help me please,” she gasped out the words, panting for air after running. “I overheard some people talking in one of the cabins. They’re plotting to take over the ship and oust the Cap’n.”

The other figure looked at Simone with slightly narrowed eyes for a moment before speaking.

“A’right, do you remember the cabin?”

“Aye, I can take you there if you want.”

“Lead on,” the other figure replied and fell in step behind the younger Slayerette.

Suddenly a powerful arm reached around Simone’s face and a hand with an incredibly strong grip held tightly against Simone’s mouth. Her eyes opened wide and she began to struggle against the person holding her. Despite her attempts to wrestle herself free from the other Slayerettes grip, the arm held fast. Then Simone’s eyes opened even wider as she saw the shiny metal blade of a dagger in front of her eyes. She began to move even more violently in her attempt to wrest herself from the stronger girls grasp but all was in vain.

The touch of cold metal stroked Simone’s throat and the young girl wet her britches out of sheer terror.

“This is what happens to nosy little fuckin’ bitches who learn too much,” the voice was harsh in her ear, the voice of someone who wanted her dead.

Simone felt the ice cold, razor sharp edge of the blade cut into her. It sliced into soft, tender flesh before severing the muscles and arteries of her throat. She felt the blood seep out of the evil smile where her throat had been slit and her life force drained away. Her legs started to wobble beneath her when she suddenly felt herself being lifted up into strong arms and carried. Though she was fading fast, her senses told her she was being taken to the deck. If she could, Simone would have cried out for help, but her mouth burbled with blood preventing this. As she tried to speak, her words sounded as if they were being formed underwater.

Her hand clutched at the brooch on her shirt, she so wished she could look at it one more time, the present that Dawn gave her as a token of her love for Simone. Feebly she tugged at it, trying to tear it free from her garment. She suddenly gave an almighty jerk and the brooch came away in her hand, ripping at the material of her shirt. Unfortunately, by this time she was dead and the jewel fell to the deck from her lifeless hands, but nobody noticed it fall behind a coil of rope.

The killer struggled to wrap the body in some material used for repairing the sails. Once enfolded in the material, a rope was tied around it and the killer placed the body on the guard-rail, picked up the other end of the rope and slowly lowered the body over the side. Once it reached the water, the figure used the dagger to cut the rope at their end so that it fell in to the ocean with a soft splash.

That’s that little problem sorted, the figure thought coldly before looking about to ensure sure no one was watching before disappearing back down below.

And in the water, sail cloth for a shroud, the young innocent stared with vacant eyes into a world she couldn’t see.


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OK so, as I'm reading I'm making mental notes about what I want to comment on and then I get to the end and my brain goes blank with shock. made me cry! I really liked Simone and just when I was beginning to like Dawn, BAM! Now I'm guessing she's gonna turn to the other side when she realizes what's happened OR she'll act like an idiot seeking revenge. Ugh...WHY?????? lol

Nice twist BTW and the gruesome details were perfectly written. ;-) I'm glad that Xander is standing up for Tara and I hope that she and Willow get to talk soon. I think if they get some alone time together, they can work things out.

One question...why is Tara so strong? From working her whole life? Or does she have some sort of super powers? Like a Slayer or a Goddess? Hmmm... :hmm

That was a fast update too...much appreciated!!

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Finey_McFine A big yay on your second dibs Shel :applause you going to try for triple header?

Dawn is going to get pretty pissed over Simone’s death but Tara will be there for her and their friendship is going to strengthen.

Xander feels some responsibility for Tara, kinda like a big brother, so he’ll always be there protecting her.

There will be more between Willow and Tara in the coming chapters. They’ll get a chance to talk which will allow them to open up to each other. Then later, some more smut. Big time smut :wink


Author; Willowtaralover

Disclaimer; All Buffy characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and Fox. The story and all original characters belong to me, so nyah.

Rating; PG-13 to R for sex, violence and naughty swearing

Story; Rough, tough pirate captain Willow 'Red' Rosenberg goes in search of treasure including romance with a beautiful blonde, betrayal from a trusted crewmember and deadly danger from a dark sorcerer and his undead army

All thought’s are in italics


Repercussions (a
The inky darkness of the night was slowly being washed into shades of grey by the oncoming light of dawn. The bright stars were slowly fading from the existence and in the distance, a faint golden light at the far edge of the horizon showed the promise of another beautiful day.

On the deck of the Slayer, the skeletal crew of the night watch were yawning and preparing for a good days sleep after a quiet night where nothing untoward had happened. In fact they were all more than a little pissed at having missed all the excitement the day watch had experienced with the ghost ship and Tara’s admission to being a witch and how she had nearly died twice. Once in falling from the crow’s nest, the other time aboard the Angelus.

Two of the girls were standing at the ships rail, talking about these events as they watched the coming of the dawn when a muffled thudding caught the attention of one of them. One of the Slayerettes cocked an ear to the water.

“There, that parcel thing,” one of them called out and two others came forward with poles with curved spikes on the end. They lowered them into the water and dragged them until they caught onto the sailcloth. More girls brought poles and after a long slow haul, they finally dragged the pack on to the deck of the Slayer. They quickly unwrapped the sailcloth and several pairs of eyes opened wide at the contents.

“Quick, get the Cap’n now, she’s gonna want ta see this.”
Moments later a heavy pounding sounded at the door to Willow’s cabin.
Within, the captain and her friend and lieutenant, Buffy, lay in Willow’s bed, both snoring softly.

Slowly the thudding at the door seemed to rouse the redhead.

“Get that will ya Buff,” Willow muttered sleepily.

“Why don’t you get it,” Buffy replied in an equally drowsy voice.

“Cos I is yer cap’n so I’m tellin ya too.”

“Will, it’s your cabin, you should see who it is.”

The pounding at the door became more pronounced and was joined by a yelling voice.

“Cap’n, Cap’n ya have ta come quick we got a body.”

“See Will, I said it was for you.”

“Ahh, shaddup Buff, this yer sister’s fault ya know, wantin ta sleep wi’ Simone.”

“Then give Dawn her own cabin and answer the bloody door, that sodding pounding is giving me a headache.”

“Ya know, ya can be a real bitch at times, ya know that Buffy?”

“It’s why we’re best friends Will. Now please will you answer. The. God’s. Damned. Door.”

“Yes ma’am, no ma’am, three bleedin’ bags full ma’am,” Willow grumbled as she finally got out of the bed. She yawned, stretched and scratched her bare ass before throwing on a shirt that was long enough to cover her exposed body. Meanwhile her blonde friend snuggled deeper into the bed enjoying the cosy warmth of where Willow’s body had just lain.

Willow poked enough of her body out to see Rachael standing there, her raven black hair trimmed short t keep it out of her eyes and consternation was writ large on her face.

“Wha’s the matter Rach?” The question came from a drowsy voice as Willow tried to vanquish her sleepiness.

“We found a body Cap’n, floatin in the sea. We think its one of our girls.”
This instantly woke Willow from her sleepyness.

“A body ya say, a’right gimme five minutes and I’ll be with ya. Get that body up on deck.”

“Gi’ us a few moments an we’ll be right wi ya.”

Rachael nodded and headed back to the deck while Willow returned to her cabin to finish dressing.
A short time later both Willow and Buffy were on the deck amidst a half dozen Slayerettes and before them on the deck lay the bloated corpse of a girl. She was dressed in a sleeveless white shirt, black britches and knee length, leather boots. A sword was fastened about her waist.

The body was slightly bloated where water had seeped into the flesh. It was clearly visible where sharks had obviously smelled residual blood and bit through the sailcloth and into the flesh, even though the body had only been in the water a few hours. The slash at the throat grinned up at the crewmembers, a sickeningly grim smile that made Buffy grimace.

To the blonde girl, there was something very familiar about the body and, despite it making her feel repelled, she moved in a little closer to examine the girl’s face. She gave a sudden gasp as realisation set in.

“Buff, what is it? D’ya recognise her?”

“Will…It’s Simone.” Her voice was quiet and, though she wasn’t sure, Willow thought she heard a quiver in her friend’s tone.

“Simone? Ya sure of that Buffy?”

“Positive, I’ll stake my life on it.”

The Cap’n and her mate exchanged worried glances. Willow chewed on her lower lip and pondered what to do next, feeling uneasy knowing that she would have to let one other know about this.

“A’right, everyone, go back ta yer work. You, you,” she pointed abruptly to two of the girls. “Take Simone’s body down ta Mister Xander’s workshop and place it on his workbench. Buffy, go get Dawn and send her to me cabin then go get on wi’ yer duties. Let Xander know about Simone as well, don’t wanna give him the screamin’ heebie jeebies when he sees her body”

“Aye Cap’n,” she hesitated a moment, waiting for the other’s to get to their jobs before talking to Willow. “Will, should I. Do you want me to say anything to Dawn?”

“Nay Buff, I’ll tell her.” Willow let out a huge breath she didn’t even realise she had been holding. “But how, I have no idea.”

Dawn lay in a restless sleep in her bed in the cabin she shared with her sister. She had finally got to sleep around one in the morning. She had lain there in the bed waiting for a companion who would never arrive. Dawn had even stripped naked because she wanted Simone to know her, all of her.

She had eventually fallen into a restless sleep, starting every moment she heard a noise thinking it was her love arriving.

Dawn felt weak, wondering if this life of adventure aboard a pirate ship was really the place to be. Sure, sailing the world and having adventures had always seemed exciting to the girl, but Simone not turning up didn’t seem exciting to Dawn. Now she felt worried and scared for her friend, and more than a little sick in her stomach.

A gentle tapping at the cabin door suddenly got her attention.

“Dawn, Dawnie, are you awake sweetie?” It was her sister. Slowly the younger girl roused herself from her half asleep state.

“Mmmhhh, yeah I’m awake Buffy,” she looked through the cabin porthole and saw the dark grey sky. “What time is it, it looks like oh my god’s in the morning?”

“Yeah, it is pretty early. Dawn, Willow…” The petite blonde had to swallow back her tears as she recalled Simone, the girl who had fallen for her sister and how her Dawn had fallen for the other girl and how happy they had made each other. Now, because of one person’s evil cruelty all of that had been destroyed. Buffy didn’t know who to feel sorry for the most; Simone, because of the loss of her life and all that potential that had now been lost forever, or for Dawn because she had lost someone who was very special to her. Someone who Dawn had loved with all her heart.

Buffy took a deep breath and wiped away a tear from her eye.

“Dawn, Willow needs to see you right away in her cabin, it’s about something important.”
Dawn yawned deeply before answering her sister.

“A’right, gimme a few minutes ta get dressed then I’ll go to her cabin.”

“Alright, I’ll see you later on deck right?”

“Yeah, oh before ya go have you seen Simone anywhere? We were meant to have spent the night together but she never came.”

Tear’s were streaming from Buffy’s eyes and she had to gasp a couple of times before speaking again.

“N…no, I’m sorry Dawnie I didn’t see her at all.” Buffy shut her eyes tightly, hating herself for having lied to her sister. She was about to leave when a sudden thought made her hesitate a minute more. “Dawnie, you know I love you right don’t you?”

Dawn frowned a little at this before replying.

“Uh, yeah course I do.” Dawn frowned as was hesitant in her answer, as Buffy had never declared her love for her like this before. Though both siblings genuinely loved and cared about one another and each would willingly give her life for the other, neither said anything out loud.

A still sleepy Dawn made her way to the Captain’s cabin. She knocked on the door and waited patiently for the answer. As she waited, she noticed that a couple of the girls who had descended from the deck were giving her a wary look. This made Dawn frown a little but she quickly shrugged it off as she waited for Willow to call for her.

“Aye come in,” Willow replied after several long minutes. Dawn noted that her voice sounded somewhat strained, more tired, more haggard than Dawn had ever heard her before.

Dawn entered Willow’s cabin. Despite the morning sun shining its illuminating brilliance, it appeared to be darker in the cabin than it ever had before. As she entered, Dawn had a strange sense of foreboding come over her. She tried to shrug the feeling off but for some reason it wouldn’t leave.

“Aye there Dawn, pull up a seat won’t ya.”

Dawn pulled up a stool, not noticing the slightest quaver in the Captain’s voice. As the younger girl was doing that, Willow reached for a bottle of rum from a drawer in her desk.

As she sat, Dawn suddenly saw the expression on Willow’s face, the solemn look upon it and immediately thought she had done something wrong.

“D’ya care fer a drop,” she asked as she poured some of the rum into a goblet in front of her.”

“No thanks, it’s a little…umm early for me,” Dawn indicated the now slightly lighter grey sky with the sun starting to blossom like a great yellow flower.

There was a long silence between the two and Willow took advantage of this to drink the rum in one fast swallow, a way to prepare herself for what she was going to have to say, do what she was going to have to do.

“Dawn…summat has…I’m needin’ ta show ya summat and I…ya won’t like it.” Her voice was tight and she felt awkward about the whole situation.
An uncomfortable feeling came over Dawn as she took this in.

“Is…is it?” The question came out in a breathy whisper whilst a shiver of terror crawled its way up her spine and lodged itself in her brain whilst an iceberg of fear comprised of her worst, darkest nightmares formed in her stomach.

“Ya’d best come wi me lass,” Willow stood and slowly walked round to where Dawn sat. Her face was a set mask hiding all the pain, grief and agony she felt inside herself.

Dawn stood equally slowly on shaky legs and followed her Captain out of the cabin.
Xander’s on board carpenters shop was one of the largest rooms aboard the Slayer and as such was placed below the living area but in a place of safety far from the bilge where water could collect.

The room was heavy with the rich aroma of wood and carpentry glue. A wonderfully intoxicating scent that always reminded Xander of walking through a forest in the summer.

On the farthest wall was a variety of saws, which were held in place via pegs set into the wall.

Under these stood a large, ornately carved cupboard that held a plane with replacement blades, several files, nails, screws and a variety of wood working tools.

Against the corner of the far wall were planks of wood, which varied in width and length.

Despite all these distractions, Dawn’s full attention was focused on what was in the centre of the room. A carpentry bench that currently held a sailcloth that was wrapped around something, smelly and bloodstained.

Her jaw sagged and her breathing became ragged. Her heart pounded hard inside her chest, straining to smash its way through the girls ribs.

“Oh god’s no.” It came out less than a whisper more like a faint breath. She looked to Willow who steadily returned her gaze.

“Wh…wh…what is it?” Dawn gasped out, afraid of the answer.

“Ya’d best take a look fer yerself.” The reply came quietly without any of the pirate queen’s usual bluster

Dawn turned back to the table in the room, her gaze focused solidly on the sailcloth wrapped object. Her mouth went dry and her breathing became ragged. She raised a leg to move forward a step. It felt as if she were attached to mountains, making her movements slow and painful. The distance between herself and the bench suddenly seemed to leagues distant and all the time her eyesight never wavered, they just stayed affixed on that parcel. And Willow just stood and watched.

Dawn suddenly found herself in front of the bench, though she couldn’t really remember the journey. From here, the smell coming from the sailcloth was incredibly repellent making the girl gag slightly. She had to swallow hard to get past the lump in her throat. Without realising it, her hand reached up to the sailcloth. She looked over her shoulder at Willow who remained standing just a little inside the entrance. The redhead just gave the slightest of nods with her head.

Slowly, Dawn’s hand reached toward the sailcloth and started to tug at the folds of material. She started suddenly when a hand fell limply from the cloth and hung over the side of the bench. Her face blanched and she almost pissed herself upon seeing the pale flesh.

She gasped and swallowed hard, taking a moment to compose herself before continuing. Dawn began to unwrap the crude bandaging again revealing a familiar pair of boots, britches and sword.

Her eyes became damp with tears but Dawn quickly dried them with her shirtsleeve. She refused to allow herself to cry until she was sure whose body it was. And god’s let it be that her suspicions were wrong.

While Dawn was removing the sailcloth Xander stepped in the room silently behind Willow. The redhead started a little when he tapped her gently on the shoulder.

“D’ya mind,” she whispered, annoyed.

“Sorry, how’s she holding up?” concern laced his voice, equally quiet, as he observed Dawn removing the wrapping.

“She not seen the face yet, that’s when the tears’ll come. How’d ya know we was here?”

“Alex told me, she said that I was gonna have ta prepare fer a funeral. I hate those.” His tone was sombre as he watched Dawn remove the material from the body.

“Will, when ya have ta…when she’s…ya know,” he stumbled and hesitated over his words, cautious in case Dawn overheard something but Willow understood what he meant.

“It’s alright Xan, I’ll take her ta me cabin. Mebbe I’ll get Tara in ta help, they been getting on together well enough and Dawn defending her from Chou-Lee was a surprise fer me. In fact Tara might be the better one ta help her.

A loud wailing suddenly permeated the room, startling both Willow and Xander who both knew that Dawn had uncovered what was in the sailcloth.

“I’ll go fer now. Once Dawn’s away, I’ll do a funerary fer Simone. I’ll do a fine one fer her, she’s earned it.”

“Ya got that right, she was a damn fine member of me crew an’ I’m sorry she’s gone, but not as sorry as whoever killed her will be once Dawn get’s her meat hooks inta em.”

Xander just nodded in agreement and quietly slipped out of the room while Willow went forward to Dawn crying over the body of her beloved Simone.
Dawn removed the last part of the cloth covering the corpse, her heart in her mouth. As she saw Simone’s face her own went completely white.

“I…I am sorry Dawn, I truly am. I…” Willow had to stop, not knowing what to say. She had seen a great many of her girls die over the years and whilst she had mourned each and every single one of them, none had really affected the pirate as much as Simone’s had.

Dawn hadn’t even heard Willow speak; her crying wail was just so loud. She stood there cradling Simone’s head while tears rolled down her cheeks and onto her lovers face. Her crying was the most heartbreaking sound that Willow had ever heard, and it made Willow herself feel like weeping. She saw Dawn releasing all the pain and hurt that she had ever felt in her life in one seemingly continuous sobbing.

“Why would they do this,” she finally blubbed out and she turned to Willow. The redhead returned the other girl’s gaze. She had never seen anybody look so haunted, so lost, so desolate in all her life that it fair broke her heart. She and Dawn may not have always seen eye to eye and they’d had their fights, but right now all Willow wanted to do was wrap her arms round Dawn and hold the girl close to her.

“Why would anyone do this,” she cried out in her anguish. “Why would anybody want to hurt her? She never hurt anyone so why would they want to hurt her?”

All Willow could do was look with pity at the younger girl who right now seemed so fragile. She had no answers to this at all. During her life as a pirate and adventurer, she had killed plenty of people, though they were attempting to kill right back, but never in her life had she murdered an innocent. Willow had always made a point of never harming innocents. If a crew surrendered to her, which they sometimes did, she would spare their lives, take some of their treasure and let them go on their way. So the fact that Simone had been murdered aboard her ship shocked her completely.

“I am sorry Dawn, I am so very sorry. I just wish there was something that I could say or do.”
Dawn turned to Willow, her grief so visible with tear stained cheeks, eyes rimmed red and puffed with all the crying and a small river of snot flowing from her nose. She roughly wiped at her nose smearing the snot over her cheek.

“I dunno lass, I just dunno.” With those words she pulled Dawn close to her, hugging her tight to her body.

But I swear I’ll find out fer ya both. I promise ya that Dawn, she’ll be avenged.
The funeral was a quiet, sombre affair. All the Slayerettes were lined up on either side of the ship talking in hushed voices. Now and again, they would glance over in Dawn’s direction and exchange knowing looks. Up above them Willow had her red skull pennant at full mast, flapping in the breeze, part of the salute to the fallen girl. On the main foredeck looking down over proceedings were Willow, Buffy, Xander and Dawn, trying unsuccessfully to stop the tears from falling. Tara stood with the rest of the crew, her head was bowed and her hands were clasped as she prayed to Honadel, the sun goddess, to look after Simone’s soul and shelter her spirit.

In the centre, Simone’s body lay on the raft that Xander had put together. It was made from planks bound tightly with rope and small candles had been placed around the girl’s body so that her soul would find its way to the Golden Palace, the eternal home of the gods, and add itself to the god that Simone worshipped, which was Torata the god of the oceans. Tara had added her own touch by painting some magic sigils on the wood for added protection.

Willow, Xander and Buffy were in the same dress uniforms that they had worn during the earlier funerals after the battle at Narina. Dawn and the rest of the Slayerettes merely wore clean shirts, or as clean as they could be after eight weeks at sea and no washing. At the side of each Slayerette sword hung loosely.

The Captain moved forward and the rest of the crew immediately hushed.

“Today we mourn the passing of one of our own,” she began, her voice carrying despite there being a quiet aspect to it.

“Simone had been with us three years now, but this was her first expedition. She soon proved herself a good shipmate, hardworking, loyal, a good fighter. She had the making of a good Slayerette, until she was cut down so brutally.”

Her voice took on a darker, grimmer aspect.

“The shameful aspect of all this is that she was murdered by one of our own. Last night a fellow Slayerette took her life. A person she should have been able ta trust, ta rely on ta watch her back in battle. But that person ripped her life from her. All I can say fer now is fer yer all ta watch yer backs

Willow glanced back at Dawn whose face was unreadable and blank.

“D’ya want ta say summat?” she quietly asked the younger girl. Dawn nodded in affirmation and stepped forward to stand by the redhead’s side and when she spoke, she was strangely calm. There was, however a cold, hard edge to her voice.

“Simone was very special to me. She was my best friend; she was the girl that I loved with all my heart and soul. We were supposed to have been together last night but one of you murderous bitches killed her. And when I find out which one of you shit eating dogs did it I’m going to tear them apart, piece by piece and feed em ta the sharks.”

There was a shocked hush from the gathering at the girl’s words. The threat she had made was genuine enough but would she actually attempt to kill anyone if she thought they were responsible for the death of Simone? No one really wanted to think about those consequences, but then again no one had ever been murdered aboard the Slayer before.

Willow exchanged a look with Buffy upon hearing Dawn’s warning and they both wondered how far Dawn would go to find her lover’s killer.

Xander went down to the main deck and started to attach ropes to either end of Simone’s funeral raft. Kat came forward to help and they quickly got the ropes fitted. Kat then retook her place in the line of Slayerettes while used the pulley to heave the raft into the air, then, once it was over the ocean, he slowly lowered the raft till it landed in the water. As he did this Willow began Simone’s eulogy,

“We commit Simone’s body to the sea so that her spirit may continue to roam the world as freely as it did in life,” she withdrew her sword from its sheath and, pointing it at the sky jerked her arm back then suddenly, violently thrust it forward as if piercing some monstrous unseen foe.

“Slayer’s hai, slayer’s hai, slayer’s hai,” she cried out and the rest of the crew followed suit in drawing their swords and joining the Captain’s voice with the Slayer hail.

Willow then sheathed her blade and bowed her head in silent respect for the young girl who had been rescued by her from a life of degradation, who had been one of the best of her crew, and who had come to mean so much more to Dawn.

Eventually, Willow raised her head and gave commands to the assemblage.

“A’right, everyone back ta yer duties. Dawn ya can be excused if ya need the time. Have some rum wi’ me if ya so wish.”

At first it appeared as if Dawn hadn’t heard her. The girl’s entire attention was focused solely on Simone’s funeral raft. She didn’t even see Tara as she hurried to the galley. Her face was fretful and her blue eyes full of worry and sorrow for Dawn.

“Y…yes could I just,” she jerked slightly across to the raft bobbing on the ocean currents, destined for other lands.

“Aye lass, take yer time, I’ll wait’s fer ya,” Willow replied gently, her eyes full of sympathy for the headstrong stowaway before heading to her own cabin.

“Ahoy,” a quiet voice came from behind Dawn. She started slightly and turned to see Kat standing there with a look of sympathy on her face. “Ya right there Dawn?”

Dawn could only shake her head in response. If she attempted to talk at all, she would cry again and if that happened, then she would never stop.

“I know how ya feel lass I lost someone meself years back, ‘s why I never bother with relationships, I don’t want to go through that pain again. Love em an, leave em’s what I say.”

Kat leaned forward resting her folded arms against the guard-rail as she joined Dawn in watching the funeral raft float further and further away from the pirate vessel.

“Ya know she won’t be able ta really help her, the Captain that is.”

Dawn turned to her shipmate, a mix of suspicion and curiosity in her eyes.

“She’ll promise ya that she’ll do all she can ta find ya girls killer, but she won’t. Not cause she won’t want ta, there’s just too many girl’s here and afer a few day’s she’ll just give up. O’ course if it were my ship now, well I wouldn’t stop till I’d found the murderous wench then I’d have her beheaded in front of the rest of the crew as an example o’ what happens when ya kill yer own.”

Dawn turned back to Simone’s raft now too far to be seen and swallowed hard.

“K…Kat,” she swallowed again trying to fight back the tears that were threatening to fall from her eyes any second. “Kat, I’m back in. When you leave I’ll go too.”

“Ya sure now, ya don’t havta.”

Dawn nodded in response, “I’m sure, there’s nothing here for me now.”

Kat just nodded quietly in confirmation and placed a gentle loving arm round the younger girls shoulders as tears started to drip onto the wood.

Tara was busy in the galley chopping away at fish that had been caught by a couple of the girls using a makeshift net created by using sailcloth material.

She hummed tunelessly whilst at her work. She was thinking about Simone and wondered why it was that someone who was as good a person as she was had had to be killed.

Tara put the last of the fish in to the cooking pot before starting to slice vegetables.

Her back was to the door so didn’t see the figure silently enter the room. Tara wasn’t even really thinking about what she was doing so when she felt someone touch her elbow her knife hand slipped and she cut herself.

She turned quickly to see one of the many Slayerettes standing there.

Is it Jacqui, Michaela, Jules, she pondered, only to have all her thoughts suddenly vanish as the other girl retrieved a large knife from behind her and press it to Tara’s throat.

“Think we need ta have a little chat, witch,” the pirate told her before pressing the blade more firmly to the blonde’s throat.

To Be Continued

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Third time is a charm!!! Good things always come in 3's!! DIBS...DIBS...DIBS!!

Simone's death...ugh! Fantastic imagery...horrible situation. You wrote Dawn very well here, I could really feel her pain. Such a sad event and poor Willow having to be the one to break the news. I sure hope they figure out what's going on before it's too late.

Tara was busy in the galley chopping away at fish that had been caught by a couple of the girls using a makeshift net created by using sailcloth material.
I'm wondering of Tara will put two and two together here. Hopefully she'll realize that the ones using the sailcloth net are more than likely responsible for Simone's death.

Speaking of Tara...
“Think we need ta have a little chat, witch,” the pirate told her before pressing the blade more firmly to the blonde’s throat.
What the hell? I imagine this has more to do with the witchcraft rather than the the mutiny deal.

It's going to be interesting to see how if Dawn acts out and how Willow deals with the fact that she now knows she cannot trust her shipmates.

AWESOME CHAPTER!! Next chapter = HOPEFULLY MORE W/T!!! :wtkiss

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Hey, Rick!

First, Simone's death - those eyes open but unseeing wrenched my heart. I cared for her, loved her and Dawn together, and her death really moved me.

Then Dawn's horrifying discovery, walking towards the sailcloth covered, bloated ravaged corpse of her lover. How horrible and how tragic. I felt for Willow, too, her terrible pain at having to be the one to take the light out of Dawn's eyes. Then Kat, murderous, sneaking Kat playing the comforter - yep, I'm worried!!!

Again, the candles and the worship of different Gods, Sea and Sun - beautiful little touches that make the world vivid.

Keep writing! :kgeek :kgeek :kgeek


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ARIEL I wanted to make Simone's death really grim because I wante it to be a genuine reflection of the world that they inhabit, an incredibly violent one where they could die at any moment. I also wanted to make Simone someone the reader would care about a great deal so that when she did die there would be a grerat deal of sadness there. Yep there are a lot of gods and goddeses in this verse and we'll meet or learn about more in later chapters.

Finey_McFine Yeah Dawn really did love Simone so that loss is going to be heavy for her but she does have a friend to help her. No, no one will realise what has actually happened till the end of the story. The thing with Tara at the end of the last chapter is definitely to do more with witchcraft than the mutiny but it'll end well and I swear the next couple of chapters after this will have a lot of W/T smoochies


Author; willowtaralover

Rating; PG-13 to R for sex, violence and naughty swearing.

Disclaimer; All Buffy characters are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, Fox and whoever else was involved. The story and all original characters are mine, so nyah.

Story; Rough, tough pirate captain ‘Red’ Willow Rosenberg is on the hunt for buried treasure but has to deal with a romance with a blonde, blue eyed beauty, betrayal from a loyal crewmember and deadly danger from a necromancer and his army of the undead.

All thoughts are in italics

Chapter 15
Repercussions (b

Willow was drinking heavily from a bottle of rum. Her chair was facing out toward the sea, and the Captain looked through the remains of the blasted window and her feet were resting up on the frame. She looked out, watching the ships wake and into the distance, following where she’d come from as if it were the distant past.

Her face was heavy and haggard from the events of the last few days. The encounter with the ghost ship that had nearly destroyed the Slayer as well as almost taking Xander along with it and then there had been

Tara’s revelation that she was a witch. That had caused more than a few stirrings amongst the crew as evidenced by Chou-Lee’s attempted attack on her. And now…now they had just given Simone a full burial at sea after her murder and Dawn had made a threat, no not a threat, a promise to kill whoever had murdered Simone.

A knock on the door roused Willow from her thoughts.

“Enter,” she slurred slightly, her attention not distracted from the distant horizon.

She heard the door open then close after a few minutes, boots stomped across the wooden floor then the chair facing her own gave a slight groaning creak as her visitor sat down.

Still Willow didn’t turn around but just kept on looking out into the distance that was getting further and further away. She took another swallow from her bottle then finally turned her chair round to face Xander who was sitting there with a concerned look on his face.

“Are you a’right Will?” He asked the question in a quiet voice, laced with worry for his friend.

She stared down at the desk for a long time, her expression sombre. Finally, with a big sigh, Willow looked Xander straight in the eye and spoke.

“I think this whole thing has been a mistake.”

“How d’ya mean, a mistake?”

“This whole expedition, I mean so much has gone wrong wi’ it. All the shit Kat stirred up in Narina. That was a good place t’go an all. Sorted plenty o’ deals there. Now, cos of that fuckin moron picking a fight wi’ the guard we can’t go there no more or we end up dancin’ on the end of the gib.

Then Dawn stowin’ away like she did, she has bought more’n her fair share o’ shit on top of us, especially after she got caught by those cannibals. Ya could’a been killed by that arrow if it hadn’t been fer Tara.”

Xander just nodded solemnly at this. He knew only too well how fortunate he had been in surviving the attack from the cannibals when rescuing Dawn, the enemy’s weapons carving into his skin.

“At least she’s grown up a little now, thanks ta Tara and…” Willow paused as she realised she had been about to refer to Simone, Dawn’s sweetheart and a calming figure in the girl’s life. She wondered how the trainee Slayerette would cope in the aftermath of this tragedy.

“Aye she has that, I’m proud o’ how she’s turned out I just hope that Simone’s death don’t turn her back to her old way.” Xander added and Willow nodded solemnly at this before passing the bottle of rum over to Xander. He took a swig before passing it back to his friend who also took a big swig.

“Then there’s that whole ghost ship, gods we were lucky there Xand, if ya hadn’t cut off the weapon it could’a dragged us in ta the ether with it. Tara tellin’ us she’s a witch. And now Simone’s death. Fuck Xander, it’s all goin’ ta shit an there aint a thing I can do.” There was a moment’s pause as she thought deeply before continuing.

“I thinks we should just turn back before owt else goes wrong. It aint worth goin ta this isle ta see what’s there if half me crew is dead now.”

Again, Xander nodded in silent agreement when something crossed his mind.

“It aint been all bad though Will. What about Tara? Ya aint tellin’ us you’re not glad we found her?”
She looked up again this time with a little grin on her face

“Oh aye Xand, ya got that right. She’s a damn fine cook and nurse.”

“I wasn’t exactly thinking of her that way,” he replied, a grin on his face too while Willow’s own grew even wider and she had a glint in her eyes.

“She’s definitely a fine lookin’ gal, and she certainly has it where it counts.”

“Oh aye?” His face took on a questioning look.

“Aye, and she’s none too shy neither.”

A small smile appeared on Willow’s face as she recalled the heated kissing session in her quarters only a day or two previously. Aye she’s definitely not a shy lass, she reminisced as she realised how deeply her feelings for the beautiful, young blonde witch had grown in the short time since they first met.

She offered a grinning Xander the bottle again. He took it and knocked back a big swig before returning it to Willow who took one herself before replacing the bottle on the table.

Willow quickly grew glum again as she considered all that had gone wrong on her adventure to date and wondered if she shouldn’t give the order to give up and return home.
They sat there, the two of them in companiable silence with silly slightly drunken grins on their faces.
On his dark isle, the man sat staring into the pool, eavesdropping on the conversation between Willow and Xander.

“No, she must come,” he hissed violently through clenched teeth. The man turned from the pool and looked to where the cloth covered figure stood behind him. He then rose and walked across a floor formed from solid blocks of stone. Despite the damp air in the room, there was no sign of mildew anywhere. It was almost as if the room itself didn’t want the mould growing anywhere inside it.

He crossed to a wall hewn out of the natural rock where a small, highly polished wooden cupboard hung by no known visible means. The man opened the cupboard and removed a small clay figure from within.
It was roughly humanoid but with no distinguishing features, just a small figurine. The man stared at the figure with an intense concentration. As he did so, slowly but surely a very crude approximation of Willow’s face started to appear on the figures head. Once the face had formed itself clearly on the clay figure the man reached into the depths of his robes, pulled out a small, sharp pin, almost like a sewing needle and began to carve small sigils into the chest of the clay figure of Willow.

Once he had done that he formed more sigils in the air with his fore-finger and began to whisper near to the head.

“Jachim tucara mesita, jachim tucara mesita.” Over and again he repeated the three word phrase until, satisfied he stopped. He then completed his conjurations with “Silarta leanka storfeba, you will bring her to me Captain Willow Rosenberg. You will bring her.”

Willow felt very strange, she couldn’t describe it but it felt as if the god’s were talking to her but put it down to the rum. She felt a little dizzy as well, and blinked several times and shook her head to clear out whatever cobwebs were fogging her brain.

A sudden dull thud from the deck startled the two friends out of their slight stupor.

“What the hell was that,” Xander cried out as he suddenly heard a girls scream from the deck.

Both he and Willow quickly dashed from the room and headed towards the deck.
On the deck, Tara had been forcibly tied to one of the main masts and crewmembers were throwing their knives or hatchets towards her. Most of the bladed weapons were bouncing off a magical forcefield Tara had hastily created after she had been tied up, Now and again, something would invariably get through but still none had hit her. Yet.

As the odds were seriously against them Alex, Laragh and Kat could only stand watching. Laragh chewed on her bottom lip in nervous fear. Along with most of the crew, she had come to like Tara a great deal. She enjoyed the cheery disposition of the blonde and how quickly she had adapted to life on the pirate ship. To see the other Slayerettes attempting to harm her because of who knew what reason really pissed her off and she was memorising the names of all the girls hurling their weapons at Tara so that later she would go and even the score on Tara’s behalf. What really surprised her was that the most vicious girls were those who had previously claimed to have a genuine liking for Tara.

To one side, Dawn was struggling fiercely to get free from the three girls holding her in place and forcing her to watch the spectacle. She had a girl gripping tight to each of her arms. While the third had Dawn in a headlock with one arm, while the other had her long brunette hair looped round thick fist and had jerked the head back so she had no choice but to watch the torture Tara was being put through.

“Leave her alone,” she cried out, more out of fear than anger, worried that the girl she had just befriended would be seriously hurt, possibly even killed.

Her muscles bulged as she strained to get loose from the girls holding her in place but to no avail.

“I swear, when you let me go I will rip yer arms off and stuff em so far down yer throats when ya bend over yer fingers will be waving outta yer arses,” she snarled giving vent to her fury.

The three holding her back just laughed sneeringly at her threat. The one holding her left arm in a fierce grip suddenly twisted it viciously behind her back before driving a fist hard into Dawn’s gut. The Slayerettes laughed even harder at her as she doubled over, gasping for air, her long, dark hair falling about her face.

Tara was getting weary; she had been using her powers to prevent any of the weapons that were being thrown from actually striking her. But she had mistakenly used her ability at full strength which had drained her far more quickly than she would have wished. Tara was still able to stop the ones that would have killed her outright, but others had gotten passed the shield and come close to striking her. Fortunately, most of these crashed to the deck in front of her or behind. At least one knife had slipped past the shield and sliced into the girls calf, the slow trickle of her blood tainting her leg red.

Seeing the other girl strike Tara sparked off a veritable volcano of anger within Dawn. She had always had a fiery temper, even more so than Willow. So the moment Tara had been hit Dawn immediately struck back against her captors. She stomped the heel of her boot onto the bare foot of the girl holding her left arm. As that girl suddenly released Dawns arm with a screaming howl of pain, Dawn tossed her head back and smashed it into the nose of the girl forcefully holding her head up.

This second victim to Dawn’s rage gave a cry and released her head. She then punched the last girl full in the face. This one staggered back but kept a hold of Dawn’s arm dragging her across the deck with her. They fell on the deck together and began struggling as they punched and wrestled on the wooden floor.
Distracted by this fight the other Slayerettes had stopped trying to kill Tara with their bladed weapons and were now cheering on the fight.

“Yay, get her Rona,”

“Hit her in the guts Dawn, that’ll keep her down. Yeah that’s the way.”

Whilst the others were distracted by the fight between the two girls, Kat quickly snuck forward and using a small blade she kept in her boot, freed Tara then pulled her to the side along with Alex and Laragh.

“Ooh, thank you, thank you so much,” she said quietly as she rubbed life into her wrists where the ropes had cut into the flesh. In reply, Kat merely gave a small quiet nod before turning her gaze back to the fight.

This happened not a moment too soon as the angry Captain and Xander burst on to the deck. Most of the girls watching the fight between Dawn and Rona suddenly noticed the new arrivals and quickly moved away hoping not to draw attention to themselves, leaving the rest to go on cheering and jeering and face whatever punishments Willow considered suitable.

Dawn was currently taking a beating in her fight with Rona straddled atop her and battering her brutally.

Dawn had a bloody nose but was determined to win this fight. She suddenly blocked another punch aimed at her head and threw her fist straight into Rona’s face.

The colored girl’s head snapped back as Dawn’s fist struck it, full force. Dawn threw her off and the two got to their feet ready for another round. Rona feinted a punch and hit Dawn hard in the stomach knocking the air out of her.

She bent over taking in lungfuls of air her face turned to her opponent, her teeth gritted in anger. Without warning, she suddenly threw herself at Rona and they crashed to the deck again wrestling one another.

Dawn suddenly found herself being dragged off Rona and held back. She struggled against her captor, kicking and lashing out with her fists not willing to let anything go till she had kicked the other girls ass.

“Let go,” She cried out in anger until she heard the soft familiar voice of Laragh speaking softly in her ear.

“Hush now lass, the Cap’n is pretty pissed already. Don’t fuck her off even more or you’ll be in the shit too.”

Knowing she could trust Laragh Dawn stopped fighting against the gently restraining hands but the anger still burned within her and she would give anything to be allowed to finish her fight with Rona. Even if was to the death.

She looked up to see the other girl, being held in a firm grip by Xander, giving her a death look. Dawn just smirked in response making Rona curl her lip in anger.

“WOULD SOMEONE KINDLY TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IS GOIN’ ON HERE?” By her angry roar, it was plain that Willow was more than a little upset.

No one said a thing but the Slayerettes looked around at each other…then,

“The other’s had Tara prisoner Cap’n, they were throwing knives and hatchets at her. How none of them hit her I dunno.” There was a gasp all round as Kat came forward and informed Willow what had occurred while she was in her cabin talking with Xander.

“I see,” as she spoke Willow’s gaze took in the face of each Slayerette stopping as she came to Dawn.
Laragh noticed this and quickly stepped in on behalf of her captive whom she just held by a shoulder.

“Dawn didn’ do nothin’ wrong Cap’n,” she said. “She tried to step in and help the Lady Tara an’ them three there,” here Laragh indicated Rona, Chou-Lee and one other girl. “Them there grabbed a hold of her and held her back from saving Tara.”

“Th…that’s what happened Captain,” Tara interrupted to confirm Laragh’s words. “Dawn d…did try to rescue me and they did h…hold her back. B…but Kat was able t…to help free m…me.”

Willow nodded her head at this in acknowledgment both of Laragh’s and Tara’s words and Dawn’s actions. She approached Tara and though her face was neutral, fear and concern was evident in her eyes.

“Are ya a’right Tara,” her eyes quickly scanned Tara and saw the slice on the blonde’s slender leg. The other girl nodded her head but said nothing, however Willow saw the fear in her blue eyes and her heart instinctively went out to her love but this pity was soon replaced by a cold fury as she realised how close her lover had come to being killed. If the thrown knife had been any higher it may have struck her heart. Willow quickly shook her head, not even wanting to contemplate anything as horrible as this.

“Who did this?” The redhead’s tone was quiet, low, menacing and instantly everybody shit their britches at the threatening sound.

The Captain’s temper was renowned throughout the pirate underworld she inhabited. There were very few who dared to cross swords with the fiery pirate queen, and those who did, died swiftly and painfully.

“I’m waiting,” came the warning tone again. Eyes shifted uneasily from side to side as everyone looked at everyone else but no one dared breathe let alone say a word. No one wanted to be thought a talker because if they were found out it would mean some form of punishment from the rest of the crew late

“She’s a witch, she deserves to die,” someone finally shouted out from the mass of girls.

“Who says she deserves to die,” Willow replied angrily as she cast a fierce eye over the crowd, seeking out the one who had spoken.

“Everyone knows that witches drink blood, and the blood of virgins is preferred, it gives their magicks extra potency,” came the voice again. “That bitch musta murdered Simone ta drink her blood.”

“Now ye’re suddenly are an expert on witches are ya?” She strode along the deck before the assembled Slayerettes giving each of them the full force of her glare. Her boots made a solid thud, thudding noise as she stomped along the wooden deck. “Aye, Tara’s a witch right enough she told us so herself.”

“Aye eventually,” another annoyed voice yelled out from the crowd to which almost all gathered on the deck concurred.

“Shaddup,” Willow snarled ferociously, her teeth gritted. “Aye, she told us eventually, but she told us and became our witch, she be a Slayerette now like the rest of us and we never attack our own.”

“I may be a witch, that I d…don’t deny, but I don’t d…d…drink blood.” Everyone present turned to see Tara, her face flushed with anger and her hands clenched so tightly at her sides that her knuckles were white as she stood there, her eyes wet with angry tears she didn’t dare shed. She knew that at this moment she couldn’t afford to show any weakness in front of the crew.

“Only a m…magick user who works with d…dark powers will drink b…blood as it in…increases the p…potency of their spells. I…If I drank any it would just make me sick, possibly even kill me. And I liked Simone, I c…considered her a friend so I have no r…reason to kill her.” Tara finished her tirade and more than a few of the girls were looking distinctly uncomfortable.

“Aright, if that’s how ya wants things that’s how ye can have em, but remember, I find out who harmed Tara…” The sentence was left unfinished but everyone assembled on the deck understood. It didn’t matter what the crew did to a snitch because Willow would do far worse to the person who had hurt Tara. Even if that had been by accident.

“A’right ye swabs back ta yer duties, but there’ll be no rum ration for the next three nights.” Everyone moaned at this, guilty and innocent alike but all knew it would make no difference to the Captain. Once she had made her mind up nothing was going to change it.

“Shaddup,” she snarled and everyone went back to their work muttering darkly to one another. Willow quickly turned to Tara who had bent over and was rubbing one glowing finger over the cut while humming what sounded like a lullaby quietly to herself.

As she watched, Willow saw the cut heal so that it was as if it had never been. In just a minute all signs of the deep cut had vanished leaving just the smooth creamy skin. The redhead had to blink a few times, unsure of what she had seen while behind her Xander shivered noticeably, his fear of magic all to apparent.

Willow reached out a hand to touch the creamy skin but hesitated, not from fear of magic. She stopped and frowned as she pondered why she hadn’t touched Tara’s leg, then she realised, she was scared she might still hurt Tara. Willow had gained plenty of scars on her body through fights she had been in, some with swords others with fists but she knew that even a healed wound could still sting if touched before fully healed.

Tara raised her head and looked over at Willow.

“I…It’s alright Captain, you can touch me. It w…won’t hurt me at all,” she gave a shy smile that Willow returned before tentatively reaching her hand out to the perfect creamy smooth flesh of the leg. As her finger caressed the skin the two girls felt a familiar shock run through them both sending a joyful shudder through their bodies.

Willow looked over at Tara whose eyes had darkened slightly and smouldered with passion. Unusually this bought a flush to Willow’s cheeks so they resembled her hair. She gave a shy, little smile to the blonde who grinned in return.

God’s Willow, what’s wrong with ya. Yer never this way round girls normally. What’s this lass done ta ya? She pondered this idea while continuing to smile stupidly at the girl who had completely stolen her heart.

“I…I’m f…fine Captain, but thank you for your concern, and thank you too Dawn,” she addressed the younger girl who had joined them whilst Willow cursed inwardly that she had come so soon. Dawn just nodded her head in acknowledgment of Tara’s gratitude.

“What’ya want me ta do Cap’n?”

“Can ya take Tara to the galley an look over her, make sure there aint no other attempts on her life?”

“Aye Cap’n,” Dawn offered her hand to Tara who gladly took it and raised herself to her feet then the two girls headed towards the galley. Willow watched them till they had disappeared below decks then turned her attentions to Rona, still in Xander’s grip.

“So Rona, ya don’t do owt when one of yer own is in danger, then when someone did try ta help ya held her down and got inta a fight wi her,” Willow tutted at this.

“She aint one of us, she’s a witch and she ought not ta be here,” Rona snarled in reply, “she aint gonna bring us nowt but trouble. If she’d died we’d a been well rid o’ her.”

Willow eyebrows raised in surprise at the vehemence in the girl’s voice.

“So now yer runnin’ me ship fer me are ya? Decidin’ who’s good enough ta be crewin me vessel? Well in that case I got two jobs fer ya that need doin’ urgent like. The bilge needs ta be emptied of all the water that’s collected there, then ya can assist Mister Harris in applyin’ a fresh coat o’ pitch ta the sides o’ the ship.”

“What if I refuse,” Rona demanded stubbornness and arrogance heavy in her voice.

“Ya become shark fodder.” The reply was simple and to the point but still the ruthlessness of Willow made Rona’s eyes boggle.

“Ya would nae dare,” she said trying to hide the fear in her voice.

“Try me.” The answer was cold, callous and brutal and any remaining food that lingered within Rona’s bowels suddenly flooded out of her backside and stained her britches. A strong, unpleasant aroma made both Willow and Xander take a step back, their noses wrinkled at the smell though he kept a tight grip on Rona’s shoulder.

“If all that’s sorted I’ll leave ya wi Mister Harris, but change ya pants first ya smell like a bloody dung seller.”
Happy with how everything had been sorted out Willow set off for her cabin only to be pulled up short by Xander.

“Cap’n, what be yer plans, we goin’ on or returnin ta base?”

The redhead turned and looked at him with a highly amused look on her face

“Now why would I be wantin’ ta go back ta the base Xand?” She gave a little chuckle at the look of total bafflement on Xander’s face

“Honestly, ya have the strangest ideas at times,” she shook her head in amusement at her friend’s unusual notion. Willow then turned her attention back to Rona and frowned.

“Xand, give the lass her duties but let her go change her kecks* before she stinks the place out.”
Dawn eased Tara into a stool, before sitting in another. “Are you alright, none of them hurt you did they?”

“N…no but they did c…come close, especially with that knife cutting me. Thank you for h…helping me D…Dawn.”

Dawn just nodded in acknowledgment and the two girls sat there in companionable silence, each heavy with their own thoughts.

“I…I’m sorry about what ha…happened to Simone, t…truly I am. I know how much you meant to each other.”

Dawn recognised the genuine sympathy in Tara’s voice and her face softened a little at hearing the blonde’s compassionate words.

“Would you l…like something to eat or d…drink Dawn?”

The girl just shook her head in reply but sat at the table. She looked straight ahead all the time never once turning to face Tara.

“You should drink something you know. I do have some herbal tea. It will make you feel better.”

“I don’t want to feel better; I want Simone back with me or the person who murdered her dead at my feet.”

The reply came in such a flat, stony monotone that scared Tara, making her wonder what Dawn was going to do. Slowly Tara reached her arm out across the table and placed her soft hand gently on top the other girls.

“I…I want you to know, I’ll always be here for you if you sh…should ever need someone to, you know, t…talk to.”

“Why are you doing this, being so nice to me?”

The question took the witch by surprise making her hesitate before replying

“I…I thought we were f…friends. This is w…what friends do, we stand b…by each other when we’re n…needed and when our f...friends are hurting or in pain we c…comfort them.”

“But I was so cruel to you.”

“That d…doesn’t matter b…because we’re friends now. What m…matters is that you’re upset, and as your friend I will b…be there for you if you e...ever need me. Remember, I made a p…pinky promise.” Tara wiggled said digit as she said this, the sides of her mouth turned up slightly and there was a twinkle in her eye.

This gained a small, weak smile from Dawn though it quickly faded as she recalled seeing what had happened to Simone. Within second’s tears began to fall from her eyes and Tara held Dawn in a warm embrace while the younger girl wept for her lost love. How much time passed before Dawn looked up neither girl knew nor cared about. The only important thing was that two friends who had lost a third were there for each other.

As Dawn pulled away from Tara, she noticed something shining in the folds of her dress.

“What’s that?” she asked with no small curiosity, indicating the glistening object.
Tara looked at where Dawn was pointing and saw the brooch she had found earlier on the deck.

“Oh this,” she said, removing the butterfly shaped ornament and holding it out in her hand for Dawn to get a good look at it. “Isn’t it p…pretty, I found it on the d…deck earlier, when Simone was…” Again her voice trailed off slightly as she realised what she was saying. She looked at the other girl only to see that Dawn was staring at her, the girl’s eyes were hard and Tara started to feel nervous again.

“D…Dawn, what is it, what’s wr…wrong?”

“I gave that to Simone when we were aboard the Angelus. How did you get it?” Dawn’s response had been as flat and stony as it had before.

Tara’s expression was shocked as she took in what Dawn had just said.

Tara took Dawn’s work roughened hands in her own but the younger girl slapped the hands away, a look of sheer revulsion on her face.

“Get away from me you murderous bitch,” she spat at the blonde. Tara’s soft blue eyes met Dawn’s angry glare, looking deeply into them.

“D…Dawn I explained up on the deck that I c…could not, would not harm Simone. Do you r…really believe that I c…could have killed her?” Her soft, gentle voice carried a small tremor of fear betraying her nervous belief that Dawn may indeed believe she had harmed Simone.

Dawn looked directly in the other girl’s unblinking sapphire orbs.

And she knew.

Deep down Dawn truly knew there was no way that Tara could ever have had a hand in the death of her beloved Simone. Her soft voice and gentle ways, the way that she had held out the hand of friendship. No,

Dawn knew that there was no way Tara would have ever harmed the girl.

Dawn turned her gaze downward, ashamed to have ever had such thoughts. And especially for the young woman who had befriended her.

“D…Dawnie, it’s alright, you don’t have to feel guilty about thinking I’m to blame. I kn…know that if I loved s…someone dearly and then l…lost them I’d b…be looking for someone to b…blame as well. Seeing that b…brooch can’t have helped either.”

The brunette looked over at her friend and shook her head, her eyes wet with unshed tears.

“I f…found it earlier this m…morning behind a c…coil of rope. I w…was going to hand it to Willow later in c…case she knew who it b…belonged to. But I kn…know now, it belongs t…to you.”
Tara raised her delicate hands to her dress and removed the butterfly brooch, handing it to the younger girl.

Dawn placed her work-coarsened hands under the softer skin and folded the blonde’s slender fingers over the jewellery, so she held it in her palm.

Dawn raised her eyes to meet the blonde’s and wiped the snot from her nose and the tears she had started to shed from her eyes. She shook her head and swallowed a moment before speaking.

“No, I…I gave it to Simone as a gift, something to signify my love for her. And now…,” she swallowed hard a moment as she recalled the girl who like herself was, had been; she corrected herself, a Slayerette in training, a girl she had fallen in love with. She remembered Simone’s bright sunny smile, the gleam in her eyes, her joy at living in this world and everything within it.

“I gave it to Simone because I loved and cared for her. Now…now she’s been taken away from me. There’s only one other that I trust enough to give this too.”

She looked over at the blonde, her eyes wide with emotion and damp with unshed tears.

Tara’s eyes went wide at what Dawn had just told her.

“A…are you s…sure you w…want to do this Dawn?”

The younger girl merely nodded

“Tara, you say we’re friends. Because of that, I trust you and I want you to have it, I think it’s what Simone would want. Call it a bonding thing.”

Tara smiled fondly at Dawn as she accepted the gift. “Th…thank you Dawn, I promise I…I’ll always treasure it.” Tara reattached the brooch to her dress.
Below decks, in a cabin where the walls were lined with weapons two people were talking. One was Jules, the Slayerette the other was a figure in shadow reclined on a bed, seemingly naked.

“I tried ta get rid o’ that blonde Tara by pushin’ her out the Crow’s nest, but well…ya saw what happened there,” she shrugged and gave a what can you do look to her boss.

“Ahh, it’s a’right Jules, ya did a good thing there it just din’t work this time but there’ll be other opportunities.”

The other occupant in the room looked at Jules and considered her carefully finally indicating she should approach.

She came forward and clambered onto the bed where the other figure pulled her into a deep kiss.

“So tell me Jules,” she said finally, “how would ya like ta be first mate when I overthrow the ship?”

*Kecks is a term from the north of England, where I live, that refers to trousers

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DIBS!!! :banana :eatme :eatme :banana :eatme

Things are REALLY heating up with another attempt on Tara's life AND our malevolent sorcerer working his mad mojo on Willow. Scary!

Still feeling the pain with Simone's death, but I see why you did it and yes, it works as you intended.

I was relieved that Dawn believed Tara. There's real trust between them and you were true to their characters to keep that and avoid cranking up an artificial plot device.

Also glad Willow still loves Tara and yes BIG HINT for more W/T action!

Keep writing! :kgeek :kgeek :kgeek


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I loved this update! Lot's of back stabbing, literally, aboard this ship. The crew is pretty brazen to bring Tara out to the deck and try to kill her. It just goes to prove that they are not well endowed in the brain department. What I want to know is, where was Buffy through this entire incident?

The way W/T were looking at each other on deck...hopefully leads to some naughty behavior below deck. :wtkiss

The bond between Dawn and Tara is growing. I'm very glad that Dawnie has given way to the idea that Tara had anything to do with Simone's death.

Poor Willow, the pawn that will lead her love to a certain doom. Things are indeed heating up!

So, now the female Dr. Evil is calling the shots naked? :hmm interesting....

Eagerly awaiting more!! :grin

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ARIEL A big yay on your dibs, and about time too :bounce :banana :eatme

A lot of the crew genuinely like Tara, it’s just a fear of something supernatural that scares them which is why she was attacked.

our malevolent sorcerer working his mad mojo on Willow. Scary!
Oh yeah, this sorcerer has some serious power, more so even than Tara, so if she scares the crew, he’ll make em shit their pants.

I was always going to get to that point with Dawn and Tara. Whilst she likes the crew, Dawn doesn’t really admire many of them, only Willow, Buffy, and now Tara. And with plotting going on all around they’re going to need each other.

Willow will always love Tara and there’s gonna be some major action between them in the next couple of chapters.

Finey_McFine Hey Shel, wow no dib’s that’s a first lol. As I told Ariel (see above) the crew are just afraid after Tara admitted to being a witch then Simone’s murder has made everyone really edgy. Tara was just their scapegoat. We haven’t actually seen the last of Simone yet though.

Oh yeah there’s gonna be some below decks action for Willow and Tara :kiss1

Tara’s headed for certain doom is she, well we’ll see. :laugh

Dr. Evil, great name that lol, is seducing girls to join her coup, either by smooth talking, as she did with Dawn or using her body. But there’s some major showdowns on their way, between Willow and Dr. E when she finds out about the coup and its leader who is… and Rona still bares a grudge against Dawn for almost kicking her ass so there’s still plenty of danger ahead as well as romance for our girls.


Author; Willowtaralover

Disclaimer; All Buffy characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and Fox. The story and all original characters belong to me, so nyah.

Rating; PG-13 to R for sex, violence and naughty swearing

Story; Rough, tough pirate captain ‘Red’ Willow Rosenberg is in search of treasure but has deal with romance with a beautiful, blue eyed blonde, betrayal from a trusted crewmember and deadly danger from a dark sorcerer and his undead army

All thought’s are in italics

Chapter 16

The Map
A week had passed since the death of Simone and the attack on Tara and everything aboard the Slayer had changed.

There was a dark uncertainty in the air and crewmembers were eyeing one another with suspicion. Fights had broken out on board, usually not a rare occurrence on the voyages the Slayer undertook but they were few and far between. In the past week however, the troubles appeared to have increased tenfold.

It had gotten so bad that Willow, Buffy and Xander had had to swap around all the people on the day and night watches before anybody died. Tara had been able to heal most of the injuries but there were far more girls who out and out refused to go anywhere near the gentle girl for fear she would cause them even more harm.

Willow had also challenged Buffy over her not being around when Tara’s life had been threatened but her friend had responded by saying she had been supervising the night watch so had been in bed at the time of the attack. The response she gave had been short and snappy and Willow, not wanting to push the issue further and lose a trusted friend when she had more than enough trouble to contend with so just let the matter drop.
Tara dunked the wooden ladle into the pot of watery fish soup and poured it into the silver bowl that Willow personally used.

She looked over at her helpmate who was just standing staring at the table.

“I’m just taking the Captain her food,” she said softly while Dawn merely nodded quietly. Tara feared for Dawn who had become very withdrawn since Simone’s death. Though she did understand the loneliness Dawn must have been feeling since the loss of her lover, she just hoped that the younger girl wouldn’t be that way forever.

Tara left the galley, a little sad for her friend’s loss and determined to find some way that she could help make Dawn feel better. The blonde’s bare feet padded silently on the warm, smooth wooden planking of the ship, as she made her way through the passages. Her senses were on full alert after the attack on her when she had been accused of being Simone’s murderer. As she passed different girls on the way, she was able to pick up different vibes from them. Some of them were friendly towards her and smiled but others looked at her darkly with suspicion in their eyes.

She arrived at the Captain’s cabin and was about to knock when she hesitated. She remembered the last time she had been alone in the cabin with Willow after the adventure aboard the Angelus. They had both given into their feelings and mutual attraction towards each other and made out on Willow’s bed. Tara didn’t regret that but she wondered if Willow’s feelings for her had changed in any way since she had confessed to being a witch.
It was a fact that people throughout the world tended to fear witches and the number of innocent people who had died because of that fear, including herself. Tara knew deep down that she was still in love with the fiery redhead, but would she still be in love with Tara.

She finally decided to take a chance and knocked on the door to the Captain’s cabin.

“Enter,” the voice from within was weary and bored making Tara gulp inwardly. She turned the handle and timidly entered the cabin.

The room was the same as ever, the only real difference being the mess the room was in. A large pile of shirts and a couple of pairs of britches littered the floor round her bed while on and around the desk were piles of books, maps and charts. Willow herself was poring over the map with an eyeglass, scrutinising it for every last detail.

“I…I bought you some s…soup Captain.” Her voice was uncertain and barely above a whisper, as if saying anything at all in the cabin would mean her instant execution.

“Thank ye kindly, just put it there would ya,” Willow said, in a friendly voice and waved her hand over her desk, not designating a particular spot on the cluttered table.

Tara just stared at the desk for a moment trying to find a free area for the bowl. She saw a small area that was free of any books and placed the bowl on the spot.

As Tara was about to leave she glanced over at the map and spotted something. She stopped and stared at the chart and unconsciously began to lower her head to get a better look at it.

This didn’t go unnoticed by Willow who noticed the shadow of Tara’s head looming ominously over the map. She leaned back in her chair and watched with great amusement as Tara started to inspect the map.

“Can I be helpin’ ya there wi’ summat,” she asked amused trying hard to keep a grin from her face.

“C…could I come round and h…have a proper look a…at the map please.”

Willow gave a little smile at the wide-eyed innocence of the girl just asking to look at the map. She wasn’t sure what it was, there was just something wonderful about Tara at that moment.

“Aye lass, course ya can, here just come round and ya can use me chair.”

The two young women swapped sides of the table and Willow started to eat her soup while Tara leaned over the map again.

The redhead carefully watched Tara’s face as she scrutinised the map. The blonde chewed on her lower lip as she concentrated and her forehead was scrunched up in a way that the pirate thought adorable. Tara was scanning the map and looking at certain parts over and again.

“Sucima degitou dernif vendara teperel dolahta esorta shandara.” Tara kept reading the same phrase over and over which quickly got Willow’s attention.

“Tara, are ya able ta read that?”

“Y…yes, I think so at least. I can recognise the language but because this is an older dialect but I do understand it.”

“Could ya tell me how it is then that ya can read and understand it when Buffy, who’s prob’ly the most educated person on the ship can’t?”

“When I was at my father’s inn I had to learn other languages very quickly to understand what the sailors wanted. One man, from somewhere called Tevica taught me some of his language, which is what this is, just an older version.”

“It looks as if ya’ve been underestimated by ev’ryone then, me included,” Willow said with a smile. “Could ya tell us what it says please Tara.”

“Oh, y…yes of course it’s very strange though. If you look here.”

“Why what am I lookin’ at,” Willow leapt out of the other stool and dashed round to where Tara was sitting. As she placed her hands on the table, her thumb brushed against Tara’s little finger and a small tremor ran through both their bodies at the touch. They stopped and looked at one another and smiled in unison. Willow hadn’t forgotten that time only a week or so beforehand when she had first kissed the beautiful blonde. She had never known anything like it before in her life. Willow had slept with, kissed and fucked a lot of girls in her short time but none had ever touched her has deeply as Tara had. If it hadn’t been for Buffy barging in on them, Willow was sure that she and Tara would have spent the rest of that day, and every day since doing nothing but making sweet love to one another. Willow smirked inwardly as she considered that that may still happen.

“Captain, Captain, a…are you alright?”

Willow quickly roused herself as Tara’s voice came back into sharp focus again.

“Uh, wha, uh aye lass I’m still with ya.”

Tara looked at her with a slight frown of suspicion and irritation that Willow was ignoring her but quickly went back to the subject in hand.

“Here where the writing is,” Tara pointed the foreign script out to Willow. “It says here ‘the truth you seek is hidden within the deep.”

“Aye Tara ya be right there girl, Buffy thought it meant summat like ‘here be dragons.” Willow gave a little chuckle at this and even Tara had to smile at the thought that dragons would dare go near water when it was well known that they preferred to dwell in places where lava, their food of choice, flowed freely.

As she continued to study the map, something occurred to Tara and wanted to try an experiment.

“D…do you have some water at all please C…Captain, I have an idea,”

“Oh aye, and what d’ya have in mine ‘zactly now?”

“I don’t think this is the actual map, I believe that it’s hidden by a cloaking spell,” Tara replied her face bright with excitement that for once she was actually doing something to really help on this voyage. For once Tara wasn’t just cooking for the crew, she was helping Willow to read the map and knowing she was doing that one small thing made the young blonde feel even happier since she had come aboard.

“I think th…that if we poured some w…water over the map the real location will be re…revealed.”

“A’right, d’ya mind if I try summat first though, just ta see if yer right,” and before Tara could say anything Willow spat on the map.

Even though it was just a tiny fleck the results were unmistakable as the map flashed purple for less than a second, but it was enough time for the two girls to realise Tara was onto something.

“Jus’ give us a second lass and I’ll get some water,” and Willow hurried over to where a gold pitcher stood on a stand by the silver bowl she washed her face in every morning. She returned and was about to tip the contents over the map when Tara stopped her.

“Wait Captain, if you do that you water may wash away the entire map. Pass me your spoon and that way we can do it a little at a time.”

Willow did as she was bid, trusting on the wisdom of the young woman by her side. Tara dipped the spoon into the water and delicately sprinkled the liquid over the map. Everywhere the water touched a bright purple glow illuminated the faces of the two girls a soft shade of lilac.

Tara used the back of the spoon to spread the water droplets over the map and as she did so the fading brown writing on the map gave way to a different writing altogether, a writing which glowed for a scant few seconds before fading leaving the different script on the page in what appeared to be a red ink. Other than that there was no other real difference to the map apart from the new language and an island that hadn’t been on the map before.

“Nonac turata theli azidee niarta galina,” Tara read the words quietly as she got accustomed to the new script.

“Can ye un’erstand the writing Tara, do ya know what it says?” Willow was impatient for an answer as she and her crew had been too long at sea now, and she was determined to have something to show for it.

“Y…yes Captain,” Tara replied excited at having translated the words but scared at the same time because of what the words said.

She was about to continue and read the words out when she felt a warm, gentle touch on her hand. She raised her eyes slowly and met Willow’s.

“Hey lass, ya don’t havta keep calling me Captain,” she spoke in a soft voice that Tara could feel bore love for her. “While we’re here, while it’s just you and me, call me Willow. It is me name after all.” She said this last part with a little smile that the blonde girl returned.

“C’mon now, whats the map say Tare?”

Tara turned her attention back to the map and re-read the strange glyphs that now decorated the map.

“I…it says ‘here lies the isle where only the dead live.’”

“The isle where the dead live?” Willow repeated the words carefully, fear transparent in her voice.

“Th…that’s what it says, and there’s some numbers below as well, erm 6, 24, 70, then underneath it says 54, 13, and 42.”

“Those sound like longitude and latitude numbers. I’ll pass these onta Xander later,” Willow said a growing excitement in her voice which suddenly stopped as she looked straight at Tara’s face. A face that held a delightful innocence and a great joy there.

“T…Tara, I’ve been wondrin’ fer a while now if…umm…if mebbe ya’d care ta share me cabin wi me?”
Tara’s mouth formed a small ‘O’ as she took in what Willow had said.

“I…I know it sound’s kinda sudden like but…I ummm…I thought…y’know… after ye were attacked on deck it’d be an idea fer us ta share a room. I…if ya’d wanna that is.”

“Now we know where we havta go mebbe we ummm…we could perhaps…mebbe…ya know spend a little…umm…a little more time together. If ya wanted ta that is.”

Tara smiled a little at the normally brash pirates sudden shy demeanour.

God’s but I’m makin’ a real prick o’ meself aren’t I, an all I want is ta get this girl. Why is it so damn hard I mean surely she be just a girl. But deep down Willow knew that Tara wasn’t just another girl. She was the girl. The girl of her dreams. Tara’s bright blue eyes shone with love and hope and magic. Oh god’s that face, it’s like a small sun brightening the entire ship.

“I…if you’re sure,” Tara said, responding to Willow’s request

“I be positive Tara, I ain’t never been more positive in all me life,” and Willow placed her hand gently on top of Tara’s. The rough touch of the redheads palm against the back of her hand sent a tingling warm shock through the young witch and she gazed deeply into Willow’s green eyes. Slowly, Willow leant forward and kissed Tara gently on the cheek. The feel of those soft warm lips against her face made Tara gasp and she wondered if she would ever get over how happy the pirate made her feel.

In his sanctuary in the citadel on the dark isle of Verminas the dark sorcerer had been watching the events in his scrying pool. His mouth turned into a rictus grin, like that of a vulture having just discovered an animal corpse while a fanatical gleam shone in his eyes.

“At last,” he breathed and he quickly rose and went to where the figure was still covered by a black velvet cloth. He knelt and lowered his forehead to the floor before speaking

“At last my queen she comes, the one who will give you life once more. Soon my goddess, soon you will live again and take your rightful place in the golden palace and remove that hateful usurper, Dilara from your throne.”
Now he dared to look up, but only a fraction but this time he was not cowed by the figure beneath the smooth cloth. It was as if he were listening to someone, or something.

“Yes, yes I am going to start making preparations right away so that when she arrives the good Captain need only deliver her to us.”

At that same time, on the Slayer, Tara suddenly got a shiver down her spine and she had the strange sensation that something very bad was coming.


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I'm glad they're going to be sharing a cabin now and how happy they were about figuring out the secret of the map, I have an idea about the sorcerer well two Buffy characters- Ethan Rayne or the always creepy and evil Rack.

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Ahoy there readers, unfortunately I hit a small problem last night when my computer decided to switch off and reboot itself. This means that sadly there's gonna be a bit of a delay in bringing you all the next few chapters of my epic but I promise you once the problem has been sorted the story will continue along with some Willow and Tara goodness :)

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Ok so I just caught up in this whole story.

I admit I am not one for pirate stories, but this I am starting to love.Willow as captain, Tara the cook, interesting combination. Though I actually started crying when they killed Simone, I don't let my emotions take me when I read most of the time, but this yanked me to tears.

Great story, and I am so hoping when those idiots decide to mutiny they get what's coming to them.

Great Job!

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Hey there Rickster! :bigwave

A week had passed since the death of Simone and the attack on Tara and everything aboard the Slayer had changed.
I'm not surprised by any of this; it would have been weird if nothing had changed. Hopefully the gang can keep things under control.

If it hadn’t been for Buffy barging in on them, Willow was sure that she and Tara would have spent the rest of that day, and every day since doing nothing but making sweet love to one another.
Damn you Buffy!! :gnome

“T…Tara, I’ve been wondrin’ fer a while now if…umm…if mebbe ya’d care ta share me cabin wi me?”
BEST idea Willow ever had! :p

In his sanctuary in the citadel on the dark isle of Verminas the dark sorcerer had been watching the events in his scrying pool. His mouth turned into a rictus grin, like that of a vulture having just discovered an animal corpse while a fanatical gleam shone in his eyes.
Warren??? Rack??? Amy???

Great update. I am definitely looking forward to some :wtkiss HURRY and get that computer fixed!!!

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Mgraham93 Ahoy there M_Graham and congrats on your dibs, it's always good to hear from new readers.
Mgraham93 Ahoy there M_Graham and congrats on your dibs :bigwave it's always good to hear from new readers.
I was always going to get to the point where they would share Willow’s cabin, it just happened in a slightly different way than I’d planned. As to who the sorcerer is, well it isn’t Rayne but that’s all I can say for now.

AstronSoul Ahoy there :bigwave I'm glad you're enjoying the story. I have to admit I was sorry to pull a Joss on Simone and kill her off but it was an important factor in the bonding of Dawn and Tara as close friends. However Simone will reappear in a few chapters time but that's all I'm going to say on the matter, tease tease lol.

Finey_McFine Hey there Shelby, wow this is the second time that you've missed out on dibs, you're slacking buddy lol :laugh Yeah things can never be the same after something traumatic happens, you only have to watch season sux for proof of that.

If it hadn’t been for Buffy barging in on them, Willow was sure that she and Tara would have spent the rest of that day, and every day since doing nothing but making sweet love to one another. That Buffy eh, never mind Shel, Willow and Tara get plenty more smooches in this chapter and without interruption.

I always intended that the girls would get together and Tara would become the Captain's woman, they just took a slightly different route than I'd planned for them, but it's all worked out for the best.

Yes, who is the mysterious sorcerer on the isle, what are his plans for Tara, and can Willow stop him and save her girl????? All these questions and more will be answered, ya just gotta keep reading. As for the smut, don't worry Shel we're nearly there lol

All feedback is golden so please don't deny me


Author; Willowtaralover

Disclaimer; All Buffy characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and Fox. The story and all original characters belong to me, so nyah.

Rating; PG-13 to R for sex, violence and naughty swearing

Story; Rough, tough pirate captain ‘Red’ Willow Rosenberg is in search of treasure but has to deal with romance with a beautiful, blue eyed blonde, betrayal from a trusted crewmember and deadly danger from a dark sorcerer and his undead army

All thought’s are in italics


Life Stories (a

At that same time, on the Slayer, Tara suddenly got a shiver down her back and she got the strange feeling that something very bad was coming. Willow saw the tremor that ran through Tara’s body and instantly wrapped a comforting arm round her waist.

“What is it Tara lass, are ye a’right?”

Tara looked at the pirate captain, her graceful features troubled.

“I…I d…don’t kn…kn…know Cap…I mean Willow. I s…sense some…something dark and…and t…terrible ahead, and i…it scares m…me.”

Willow looked at Tara, concerned over the blonde’s reaction. Though Tara had always stuttered, even when working in her father’s inn, but Willow could tell how the girl’s fear had increased the speech impediment. Willow had no idea what lay ahead of her, all the redhead wanted to do was reassure the girl that all would be well.

“Tara, listen ta me girl. I aint got no idea what’s over the horizon or what’ll come our way tomorrer but I swear ta yer now, hand on me heart,” and as she spoke she made the gesture, placing her right hand over her heart. “I swears ta yer Tara, I aint gonna let nuffin happen t’ya, ya have me word on that.”

Tara looked over at Willow and deep into her eyes. As she looked deep into those emerald orbs, she saw compassion and love. The fierce love of a warrior that would fight to the death for her and ensure she was safe. And Tara knew she was in safe hands.

“I needs ya ta stay here while I get these co-ordinates up ta Xander then he can set a course. Don’t worry ye’ll be safe long as yer in here, no one dare enter me chambers when I’m not here.”

“Y…yes, I w…will be alright w…won’t I,” Tara asked her nerves still jangling after the omen she had had.

“Aye, course ya will and I’ll be gone fer only a lil while,” she smiled reassuringly at the blonde girl before leaving the room. Tara swallowed anxiously and made herself as comfortable as possible in the Captains cabin.


Willow emerged from the dim light below decks into the warm sun which refreshed her face after having spent so much time poring over maps and charts and atlases in her cabin. For a long while Willow just stood at the side of the steps, her face aimed upward to get as much warmth on her skin as she could. It felt good to be outside, feeling the sun shining down on her, breathing in the fresh, salty sea air.

The redhead felt the gentle rolling of the ship on the ocean waves beneath her legs and the breeze that puffed out the sails moving the mighty vessel to her, as yet unknown, destination. The wind flapped at the small white pennants decorated with red skulls and crossbones right at the top of the masts, making them snap and crack like whips. She breathed a contented sigh as she remembered once more why she had chosen a pirates life. It wasn’t for the gold, though that was never in short supply, it was for the sense of adventure it gave her. The freedom to go wherever she wished in the world and no one to stop her, and there were still a lot of places that Willow had not yet visited in her travels. But she was going to, and she would be holding Tara's hands when she did.

She went over to the helm where she noticed Buffy was steering the Slayer for once and wondered where Xander was.

“Ahoy there Buff, where be Xander?”

“In his cabin, with another girl. Again.”

“Again!” Willow was astonished at this, how could he be sleeping with so many girls when the Slayer only had a limited crew? “Aye, but I think it’s someone who he’s bedded a couple of times previously. How none of them become pregnant is the real mystery.”

Buffy sighed sadly and her shoulders sagged.

“Hey now, what’s wrong wi’ ya?”

“I just miss Mei-Mei so much. I wish she'd come with us on this voyage."

Willow looked at her friend with sympathy knowing how much Buffy cared for her partner, still at the Slayer base. they had met by chance five years ago, two years after Willow had rescued Buffy, Dawn and thirty other girls from a slaver ship. Mei-Mei, a fresh faced girl of twenty with the occidental features of someone from the continent of Lo-Pan-Hoi, had also been rescued from a slaver vessel but had been in a far worse state. There were scars and burn marks all over her body showing where she had been tortured and Buffy had been put in charge of her recovery.

Buffy had taken the post seriously, checking on the girl at every given opportunity. She had ensured that Mei Mei was well fed and slept in the same room at night in case of bad dreams. As can be expected in such a circumstance an attraction started to grow between the girls. Slowly this had grown into love but it had taken much adjusting as Buffy tried to learn Mei-Mei's language and customs, but the love care and affection the two girls had for one another helped smooth the path.

Mei-Mei had stayed back at the Slayer's island base to look after the two young children they had found two years ago in a village that had been attacked and raided, the entire village was covered with the bodies of the dying and dead. Walking through it had been a nightmare for Buffy, Willow, Mei-Mei and the others who had gone to explore the island. All those innocent people who had been killed just for the pleasure of it, it had made Willow sick to the pits of her stomach. Some of the islanders had been friendly to the Slayerette's and to see such mindless carnage had made the redhead rage inwardly.

Then they had discovered the youngsters, a boy and a girl named Ralf and Tamira respectively.

Ralf, despite only being five at the time, had been a fierce defender of Tamira who was a year younger. Indeed so ferocious had he been, that he had bust Mei-Mei's nose and given Buffy a black eye. Eventually the fractious child had been restrained but it had taken at least five girls to hold the boy down.

When Ralf had been calmed enough and assured that no one was going to harm either himself or Tamira he finally gave in to the tears that had been building up in him and burst into tears on Buffy's shoulder.

Tamira then told the story of what had happened, of how barbaric hordes from the far off country of Stucomen had come in their warships and attacked the entire village, laying it to waste, even after the elders had offered food.

She had then told that she and her brother had only survived because their mother had hidden them in a secret cellar under the chapel and made them wait until she returned.

She never did.

Mei-Mei and Buffy had taken the two youngsters back to the isle and had become parents to them both. In the interim the both Ralf and Tamira had grown into strong, intelligent and responsible young people with Ralf helping Xander in his workshop on the isle and Tamira training for the day when she would join Willow aboard the Slayer as a member of her crew.

Willow gave a sympathetic smile to her friend, understanding how Buffy felt. She reached out and took the blonde girl's free hand in her own.

"Don't ya worry yerself Buffy, after all this is over we'll be right back ta the base. I promise ya, then ye'll be right back wi Mei-Mei and yer kids, I swear it."

Buffy smiled in return and nodded in acknowledgment, lost in thought's of her lover and their adopted children. After a moment's silence Willow got to the reason she had emerged from her cabin.

"We finally got the directions from the map," she said, a trace of smugness in her voice.

"You finally worked it out, how did you do that Will?"

"Yeah well, ha ha," Willow laughed nervously which instantly gave away to Buffy that Willow hadn't found the solution, at least not without help.

"Ya know funny thing Buff t'wernt actually me that figured it. It were Tara would ya believe."

Buffy just gave the redhead a 'yes-I-do-believe-it' look which Willow returned with a faux scowl.

"Seems the map were enchanted and wi Tara bein a witch an' all, well she were sensitive to the power. She poured a bit of water o'er it and we got these." With that Willow showed the latitude and longitude numbers to Buffy before showing her on an atlas by the side of the helm. "See here," the redhead indicated a point on the map with her finger, "I reckon's as this is where to go."

"We're gonna have to turn to the east though and if you notice there aren't any islands between here and there. We'll have to pick up some provisions to feed everyone," Buffy pointed out.

"Aye, yer right there Buff. Here, we'll stop over at this place, it looks plenty big enough so there should be summat there ta eat." Willow indicated an island about a days sail from the Slayer's current position.

"So we go here, get provisions and then on to this Verminas place, is that the plan Will?

"Nah, we go and stay a day or two. Now we know where we're goin' we can relax a lil bit, give the girls a chance ta let off some steam wi'out killin' one another."

"That'll be good, I need to stretch my legs. I'm just worried though about Dawn, she's not been the same since Simone's death. She just seems to mope about the place. The only time I ever see her happy is when she's with Tara in the galley."

"Aye Buffy, yer right there. Dawn learned a harsh lesson about the life that we lead and it's one I wanted ta protect her from. One day though she'll come around, she'll smile again, be a cheeky madam again, and she'll find love again, of that I'm sure."

There was a long silence as the two friends thought about the recent horrible events that had turned the pirate vessel from a happy, friendly place to a virtual nighmarish prison with no easy escape. Finally Buffy addressed her friend again.

"Alright Will, I'll head for this isle here first, we should get there this time tomorrow and when we have enough food and water we set off for Verminas."

"Sounds like a plan Buff, I'll leave ya in charge and get back ta me cabin, make sure Tara ain't, ya know, feeling lonely if ya get me drift," and Willow gave a knowing smile at this which Buffy returned.

"So I take it you won't want me to let you know if we arrive or anything then," the blonde asked teasingly.

"NO, definitely not," Willow almost yelled. "Nay Buffy, I'm goin' ta spend some quality time gettin' ta know me galley cook a bit better." and with that Willow set off back to her cabin leaving a much amused Buffy watching after her and shaking her head.


"Ahoy there Tara, I'm back," Willow said quite unnecessarily as she returned to her cabin. Tara was still sat behind her desk looking over a small map with what appeared to be wonder in her eyes. Willow just gazed at her for a moment, an equal wonder in her eyes as she took in the striking face of the young blonde woman, tanned a golden brown from the sunshine. The high cheekbones, the gorgeous blue eyes, clear as a cloudless sky, the full luscious lips, the small beauty spot on her left cheek, the bountiful bosoms that showed just a little over the cut of the blue dress Tara had rescued from the Angelus. All of these and more contributed to Willow practically wetting herself. All she could think was how much she wanted the beautiful maiden so badly. But she was also aware that the time wasn't now, but soon. She could sense it.

"Oh h...hello Capt... I mean Willow." Tara smiled at the gorgeous redhead as she re-entered the cabin. She took in the shoulder length red hair, the emerald green eyes which were bright with intelligence and mischief, the beautiful, freckle spattered face, the open shirt which revealed a hint of tempting cleavage and more freckling, those small lips which Tara knew from experience were so soft, so tender, the hands that were surprisingly gentle despite the roughness of the palms, all of these had made Tara fall in love with the wild young pirate. However the most surprising thing that Tara had discovered about Willow, how despite the nature of what she did was how sensitive she was, how much she cared for her crew. That was what Tara had fallen in love with most of all.

"Is there anything more I can do for you Willow? It's just that if not I'll have to get back to the galley, still lots of hungry mouth's to feed," she said with a grin that melted the redheads heart. Willow walked over to her bed thinking a way to get Tara to stay, then she had it.

"Nay lass, Dawn'll be fine alone. C'mere Tara, tell us about yerself," Willow said as she patted the bed by her side, an invitation for the blonde to join her which she did willingly.

“There's not really a lot to tell you. As far as I can remember my parents always had that inn, and it wasn't a comfortable existence either. But then my mother realised that I had inherited her ability for magic and started to teach me to control my powers."

"How'd she learn that you could do magic?" Willow enquired, constantly keeping her eyes on Tara's to show her interest.

"One day, when I was four, and helping her in the kitchen. She was stirring meat at the time for sausages, at that time the food was actually edible," Tara gave a wry grin at this which the redhead returned. "Anyway the next thing we both knew was that the spoon was in my hand and I was passing it to her. The thing is the spoon was on the other side of the room but it had just appeared in my hand. I think it scared her more than me." She began to chuckle as she remembered the incident so clearly, one of a few that could always make her smile.

She remembered perfectly the aromas of herbs, meats and vegetables all mingling together to create one exquisite perfume. The kitchen itself with its floor of red and black tiles, the huge wooden bench with its drawers containing a veritable plethora of tools and utensils for cooking with. At the far end of the kitchen, by the door, was the sink while at the other end was the huge cooking range and next to that was the stone stairway that led into the sewers. At this she shivered unconsciously as she then recalled the night's without number when she was forced to sleep in that rancid, rat filled hell hole.

"Tara, Tara are ya a'right there lass?"

The blonde came out of her reverie at the sound of her name and she shuddered slightly at the nightmarish memories of her life on Narina. She felt a warm gentle arm wrap itself around her waist and a small smile tugged at the sides of her mouth. The blonde turned to see Willow looking at her with a concerned look in her eyes.

"Are ya a'right Tara? Ya seemed ta not be here fer a while there if ya catch me drift."

"I...I'm alright thank you Willow. I was just remembering how my life used to be be...before." Tara swallowed hard and choked the tears that were threatening to fall. "I was re...remembering how u...used to before my m...mother d...d...died."

The redhead recognised the hurt, pain and sadness in her voice and her heart immediately went out ot the girl, empathising with her immediately.

"I'm sorry Tara, I'm so, so sorry. I never knew and I should'a asked about her."

"No W...Willow,'s not your f...fault. You had worry about the sh...ship and getting your c...crew to safety. I s...suppose your parents live on the island where your based?"

The question could be seen as just a normal request for information but Willow recognised it for what it truly was. A means for Tara to divert attention away from her.

Willow had to turn away for fear of revealing her own emotions as regard her family.

" Tara, they don't." There was a weight to her speech, as if the words themselves were so heavy they weighed down her heart. She removed her arm from Tara's waist and dropped them loosely over her lap while hanging her head.

Now it was Tara's turn to be worried. She reached across with a delicate hand and gently raised Willow's face till it faced her own. The redhead looked deep into those pools of sapphire and saw only the concern of someone who cared about her deeply, heart and soul.

"I...I dunno if they're still alive. Fact is, I not seen me ma and da in years Tara, and I mean years." she looked away again, almost ashamed to show the emotion on her face, something she never did in front of anybody, not even her closest friends ever saw her reveal her feelings. Quickly she shook it off for, though she loved Tara heart and soul, it would still be some time before she gave herself wholly to the young witch and opened up completely. She turned the attention back to the blonde, acting as if she had not acted in an untoward manner.

"Anyway's Tara, so ya were tellin' us about fter yer mam died.

Tara gave a bitter smile at the events in her life after her mother had passed on.

"After she passed on it was decided that I should just work in the inn. They wouldn't dare let me go to school, I was too smart for my own good, so my father said. I always challenged the idiocy of my peers and elders and for that I was punished. I would be beaten regularly either by the church wardens or my father because I wasn't a 'good little girl'." She said this with a grin on her face that Willow returned.

"It was worse when I asked to be schooled with the boys because they were taught more complex subjects. Then I was laughed at by the entire township just for wanting to learn. I had an existence and nothing more and what made it worse was when I was serving in the inn and I heard the sailors talking of the places they had been to and the things that they had seen.” There was a wistful tone to her voice here as she recalled hearing of far off lands such as Nelaca or Lo-Pan-Hoi.

"I just dreamed of going to those places so much, I would hear the various languages being spoken and wanted to go to the places where they spoke those languages so much and learn all I could about those places. But I was just a common serving girl with stupid ideas beyond her station in life and no one cared."

Again her voice choked up as she thought back to all the ridicule and insults she had had to take. From the church wardens who insisted that women had no right in wanting to think for themselves; from her father who insisted that the only places a woman belonged were the kitchen and bedroom unless the took religious orders at one of the many abbeys and churches dedicated to the plethora of gods; and from her brother who was quite simply a bastard.

Willow took the girls soft hand in her own, more coarse one.

"No yer not. Ya ain't common, ya ain't stupid and nor are yer dreams or ideas. I've seen who ya are Tara, yer a beautiful girl wi a heart so big, so full o' love it shouldn't fit in yer body. I seen how ya care about Dawn an how ya watch over her since Simone died, how ya take care of the crew by feedin' or healin em. You're the most beautiful girl I has seen in a long time and I love ya so very much."

Tara looked into the bright green eyes of the young pirate Captain and saw the truth of her words there. She wasn't sure what it was but she could feel herself being pulled towards Willow. She leant in and Willow came to meet her half-way. Their lips touched and a familiar little spark of electricity passed between them.

Willow imediately took position of the other girl by wrapping her arms tightly round her, holding her close. She felt Tara's more ample bosom press against her own and relished the feeling. She so wanted to further her feel of Tara's body, to rub her hands over Tara's flesh, to make the girl her's by marking her so that everyone would know that Tara belonged to the fearsome pirate queen 'Red' Rosenberg and no one else and to try to stake a claim on her would mean a slow painful death.

She fell backwards, pulling Tara on top of her, their kissing grew more heated and passionate as Willow's expert tongue danced delicately along Tara's bottom lip until finally access was granted to the other girl's mouth. Her talented tongue then began to explore all of Tara's mouth and a deep mon came from both girl's as their tongues met and started an erotic dance that enflamed the senses of both girls.

Tara couldn't believe how wonderful this felt, to be lying here with this vivacious, rascally redhead and kissing her in a way she had only dreamed of before. She loved the feel of the girl's warm, soft lips against her own, she wished she could just tear Willow's loose shirt off her and worship her body with kisses all over every inch of it. To gently squeeze the smaller girls pefect breasts. She wasn't sure how but somehow Tara knew that this was where she was meant to be, here on this pirate ship and in the arms of the most beautiful woman she had ever seen.

She felt Willow's tongue dance along her lips and acquiesced, parting her lips slightly to let it enter her mouth. The velvet smooth tongue entered and began to stroke her own sparking a hot flame deep in her belly. The kiss felt hot, wild, tender, passionate and crazy and was like nothing Tara had ever experienced before in her life. She wondered,

Goddess, if this is what the kisses are like what will it be like when she finally takes me and pleasures me?

Willow loved to fuck as often as she could but other than her late love Roberta no one had done it for her. Not even when she had pleasured herself alone in her cabin, imagining all sorts of kinky tricks being performed on her had anything worked. Until Tara.

Just kissing the gorgeous blonde gave her more sexual satisfaction than all the other girls she had had combined. Willow suddenly felt her right breast being gently squeezed and she moaned deeply into Tara's mouth. Fuck but how did she know to do these things, wasn't she supposed to have had a sheltered life?

Willow knew deep down that if Tara kept up those ministrations on her boobs, then she would just have no choice but to tear off her shirt and Tara's dress and fuck Tara senseless. Then maybe fuck her a bit more, just to be on the safe side.

Tara reluctantly pulled out of the kiss, primarily to get some air in her now oxygen deprived lungs. As she did so she saw a pair of bright emerald eyes looking up at her with...was that love or lust?

"Tara, I love ya girl, I love ya so much."

"I love you to Willow, very much".

The two girls gazed adoringly into each others eyes for a long moment then Willow entwined her fingers into Tara's long blonde hair, pulled her back down and they resumed their passionate kiss.


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Oooooo ok first off, YAY UPDATE!!!! :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap

2nd, omg leaving it at just a kiss is like torture!!! :wtkiss But Willowy/Tara goodness all the same. Delicious even, let's my mind wander to think what can happen next. I love how they are getting closer, and Willow even shows a 'more' caring side of herself as she talks about her parents a little bit.

It's easy to see that they love each other, doubt Willow would take the time to get to know many of the girls the way she is wanting to get to know Tara. Very sweet in her own piratey way.

Great update, excuse me while I go get a cold glass of water lol

:kdevil :kgeek

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Gah! I can't believe you left us there...after all these months of waiting!!!! Hurry up and get your computer fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin They can't just lay there kissing forever!

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LOL McFine,

You seem to be desperate to know this story, hell so am I.

Like McFine said, HURRY UP, kissing only gives us so much!!! lol

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Please forgive me for not being around, I had a show that ran weekends from mid-June through Labor Day Weekend (Early September) and followed that with two weeks of being terribly sick. Anyway, I've been well for two weeks and am trying to catch up!

Really loved more of Tara's backstory, her feelings and dreams. Appreciated Willow's encouragement and Tara's story about doing magic with her mother.

I love how you write their passion, Tara touching Willow and making her moan. Lovely stuff . . .

Then the fun part:

Willow knew deep down that if Tara kept up those ministrations on her boobs, then she would just have no choice but to tear off her shirt and Tara's dress and fuck Tara senseless. Then maybe fuck her a bit more, just to be on the safe side.

Love the humor AND the sexiness. :grin

Gotta agree with McFine and AstronSoul - if you don't do something fast they are going to get terminally chapped lips and die! Of course they can't die and that's a relief, but get cracking, buster! We want more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :gnome

Take care,


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Hi Ariel and Shelby Sorry that I've left the story in the lurch a little there, the chapter I'm trying to write is a bit more on Willows background and on how she got the Slayer and met Buffy, Dawn and Xander. Sadly in the midst of writing this my computer, Willow, yeah I gave my computer a name, kinda broke down on me leaving me high and dry I will attempt to write it as best I can when I'm able. I understand you're all feeling frustrated but I promise to get new chapters up as soon as I possibly can and there is some Willow and Tara sex not too far off I just ask that you be patient.

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OMG! I am in love with this story. I'm so happy I stumbled across it. I'm anxious to find out what will happen when they stop for provisions and what will happen when they reach the island they've been searching for....Oh! I'm just all kinds of excited and cannot wait for the next update.

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AstronSoul Hi there good to hear from another new reader. Don't worry, there'll be more smoochies in this chapter. They are destined to get together eventually, this is the Kitten after all. I just didn't want to rush it. I'm glad you like the more caring side to Willow and we're going to get more in this episode. You're right about Willow not necessarily spending more time with other members of her crew but that doesn't mean she doesn't care about them. To Willow all crew members are family.

Finey_McFine Yeah I know, I'm such a tease aren't I leaving you like that he he he. Don't worry, they are gonna get it on in the next chapter, the story has wound up being bigger than I originally planned which is why it's taken so long to get to the smut but it's gonna be a real cool, romantic setting. For now just settle back and enjoy this chapter,

Ariel You have nothing to apologise for, certainly not after the length of time it's taken me to get the chapter written.

Glad you liked Tara's backstory, it was something that I planned to do from the start. Have Tara and Willow relate their life stories to each other before they made love together, and that is coming soon I promise, I'm working on it right now.

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Author; Willowtaralover

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Rating; PG-13 to R for sex, violence and naughty swearing.

Story; Rough, tough pirate captain ‘Red’ Willow Rosenberg is in search of treasure but has to deal with romance with a beautiful, blue eyed blonde, betrayal from a trusted crewmember and deadly danger from a dark sorcerer and his undead army.

All thought’s are in italics

Again as ever a huge thanks goes to my good friend and excellent beta Ariel for helping me beat this particularly awkward chapter into shape, I couldn't have done it without you sweetie.

To everyone following this particular story I wholeheartedly apologise for the lateness of this update, unfortunately things went a little pear shaped for me after my computer decided to go kablooey on me, but it's repaired now and hopefully there won't be too much trouble with the rest of the updates. Again many apologies.

Chapter 18

Dawn's Fight

Simone stood in front of Dawn, blood and seawater mingled in a bloody wash that dripped onto the cabin floor.

"You said you loved me. Why didn't you save me? How could you let me die? You said you loved me."

Dawn jerked awake, feeling the tears burning in her eyes. Dawn sighed, it was always the same. She had not had a good night's sleep since the death of her beloved Simone. Her heart alternated between fury at her lover's brutal murder and a leaden wish that her own pulse would still, ending the pain so that she could see Simone once more.

"Please," she said softly, "let me stop hurting."

Bang, bang, bang. The heavy pounding at the door of the cabin she shared with Buffy dragged Dawn from her reverie. She took a moment to get herself together before calling out to whoever was knocking.

"What?," she said in a voice croaky, tired and weary from lack of sleep.

"Dawn, we need ya help down in the bilge ta get rid o' the water there," came the unrecognisable voice from the other side of the door.

"A'right, gimme five minutes and I'll be right down." The young girl yawned, stretched and dressed. There were dark black rings under her sad eyes from her lack of sleep and her face had the disgruntled frown of someone who had lost a bag full of diamonds only to find a copper coin.

A moment later she exited her cabin, casting a last regretful look at the bed she and her lover had never gotten to share.

"Please," she whispered, "let it end."

In their cabin Willow and Tara were still awake and talking, despite the lateness of the hour.

"....So there I was serving food that looked like a rat vomit during the day, forced to sleep with the rats at night and seemingly no way out. Then you turned up and rescued me," the blonde took the redhead's hands in her own and blue met green as she gazed deeply into the eyes of the girl she loved. "If you hadn't taken me from that place Honadel knows what would have happened to me."

Willow frowned in confusion at the reference. Not being a religious type she wasn't really knowledgeable of all the various gods and goddess who dwelt in the golden palace, the place where everyone went when they died to be with their own deity.

"Who's Honadel?"

"Oh, hmm H...Honadel is the goddess that I worship. She's the sun goddess who brings light and warmth to the land with her rays. She helps the wheat, corn, maize and fruit and vegetables to grow. See here is where I have her symbol." with that she raised her right wrist and Willow saw a perfect yellow disc, about three inches wide, tattooed there.

"How'd ya get that then, ya don't look the type ta get a tatt or a piercing." Willow asked, indicating the small silver earring that hung from her left lobe as she came to realise there was far more to this girl than met the eye.

"Oh, we all have to have the mark placed on our bodies somewhere in a place that Honadel can see when we pray to her. In some of the places where it's far warmer they usually have the symbol on their chests or stomach if a woman. My mother took me for it when I was very small, I must have only been two at the time but she told me in later years about how she took me to the chapel of Honadel to have it done. This," she said indicating the earring, "was a gift from my mother when I was five. Now they're all I have left of her."

The blonde's voice grew softer and she dropped her head so that her thick tresses hid her sad expression from sight.


It felt a little eerie to Dawn, walking the decks of the Slayer at such a late hour. There was little noise at this time of night other than the excited panting of lovers in their cabins, the snores of others in a deep, sound sleep and the faint sound of the soft slapping of waves against the sides of the Slayer as the ship made its way to its final, as yet unknown, destination.

As Dawn arrived at the steps leading down into the dark depths of the bowels of the Slayer a shiver ran through her. She wasn't sure why but had the feeling that something bad was going to happen.

It was a lot darker in the bilge than normal, mainly because the torches weren't alight as Dawn anticipated they would be for a crew pumping the bilge. The only illumination came from the moonlight that shone in through the tiny cracks in the wood of the ship. She just stood still a moment, letting her eyes adjust themselves to the faint light.

"Hello, anybody down here?" she called out. When no one answered she started to worry. She wasn't frightened exactly but was very aware that there were violent elements aboard Slayer, the death of Simone and the attack on Tara had proved that and right now she was unarmed. The only weapons she had were her two fists and the fighting techniques she had learned from Willow and Kat.

Despite the uneasiness she felt Dawn moved further into the bilge, not sure if curiosity or fear was pushing her forward.

"Hello Dawn." The voice came from behind her. It was a voice cold with murderous intentions, it was the voice of someone Dawn had fought defending Tara.

It was Rona's voice.


Willow sensed the upset feeling in the girl and took Tara's hand in her own. Though she had only experienced it once or twice the redhead loved the touch of that soft gentle hand in her own, rougher hand. Deep inside she knew that it was the right thing to do, no it was the thing she WANTED to do. Hold Tara's hand.

Tara felt comforted by the rough, calloused hand that held her own, knowing that the tough little warrior by her side genuinely loved and cared for her. She raised her head a little and saw fear and worry etched across Willow's face.

"Tara, Tara are you a'right," Willow's voice came softly like a whispered breeze. She was so fearful she had somehow hurt Tara by making her mention her mother.

"Y...y...yes...I'm alright thank you Willow. It's just... I miss her so much you know." She stopped talking as her voice started to choke a little. Willow released her hand and wrapped her arms round the girl, holding her close. Tara buried her face in the crook of Willow's neck, shedding tears at her mother's memory. Willow said nothing but stroked her tresses.

After a few minutes Tara sat up again and faced the pirate Captain with a smile of gratitude.

"Th...thank you Willow, it meant a lot to just have someone hold me."

"It's a'right," Willow replied, "I knew ya needed some comfort, I just gave ya what I could." Now it was Willow's turn to look away, slightly embarrassed for all this was new to her, these feelings of love for another. Normally it was lust that she felt pulsing through her veins and powering her libido. Lust that had ensured she had slept with a lot of girls to appease her ardour as well as theirs. What she felt now though, for Tara, was totally different. She didn't want a one night stand with this girl only to slip away in the early dawn light. No, with Tara she wanted something permanent, something that would outlast the gods themselves.

And it scared her.

"What are you doing down here," Dawn asked in a bored voice

"We have unfinished business Summers. Business I intend to finish right now."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"You defended that witch and humiliated me in front of the crew, now it's my turn."

Rona's eyes shone with menace while her dusky skin seemed to melt into the gloomy darkness of the bilge. She reached behind herself and, from a sheath sewn into the seat of her pants, removed a slim bladed knife that glinted dangerously in the moonlight.

Without warning Rona leaped at Dawn, the knife aimed at her heart. Dawn spun herself to the side at the last minute to avoid the bladed weapon and whilst it missed her heart the knife still slashed into her side.

Dawn cringed in pain and looked to see the blade had made a thin gash along the side of her ribs, her shirt turning a shade of crimson. After this she adopted a fighting stance her fists loosely open as if in a martial arts stance, ready for the other girl's next attack.They circled each other slowly, Dawn keeping a watchful eye on Rona's knife aware of how much at a disadvantage she was.

Rona again moved to strike with her knife, ready to plunge the weapon deep into Dawn's heart.

Again Dawn side-stepped and this time the blade missed her completely. Seizing the moment she stepped behind Rona and wrapped her arms round her opponent's ribs and using all her strength began to squeeze and lift.

Rona felt the tightness against her ribs as Dawn intensified the pressure as much as she could. As Rona's legs dangled above the floor she saw one of the thick wooden posts used to hold up the next deck.

Rona swung her legs up and pushed against the post propelling Dawn and herself backwards. Dawn crashed into the twenty inches of water with Rona falling on top of her but losing her knife in the process.

Dawn felt a searing agony as the sea-water splashed against her open wound but managed to shove Rona off of her body and stagger to her feet.

She was still winded from her fall into the water and Rona was able to take advantage and quickly stepped in and kicked her opponent hard in the gut. Dawn collapsed on all fours into the foul, freezing water, coughing and retching.

"See Dawn, how much you're suffering?" Rona was standing over her, gloating. a smug smirk decorating her face. "If you hadn't defended that witch, if you had stood with us instead then the bitch wouldn't be here and you and I would be warm in our beds. And you would not be getting the shit kicked out of you like this."

With those words Rona prepared to kick Dawn again. However, what she didn't realise is that Dawn had recovered sufficiently to intercept the boot as it came to strike Dawn in the ribs.

Dawn savagely twisted the leg so that Rona now fell face first into the water. Instantly Dawn was on her, she roughly turned the dark-skinned girl over to face her and began pummelling her as she straddled her opponent.

"Getting the shit kicked out of me uh," Dawn grunted out as each punch connected with Rona's face. One punch, harder than others bust her nose and a spray of red blood splashed up to spatter Dawn's face and shirt collar.

"D'ya mean like this," Dawn continued battering away at Rona's face, a look of almost psychotic anger on her face. "Is this the way that you did it to Simone too? Lure her down here, kick the shit outta her then kill her?"

Rona was unable to answer because of the beating Dawn was giving her. She attempted to find a way to get free and was able to get a hold of the other's shoulders. gripping firmly, Rona rolled so that her body was now on top of the brunette's and she gave a hard back-handed slap to Dawn's face.

"Ahh, you fucking bitch," Dawn cried out more in anger than in pain and was determined she was not going to let this cheap little whore beat her in a fight.

"That Simone, oh yeah I got her good," Rona replied maliciously before punching Dawn in the face viciously busting her lips. Dawn defiantly spat blood in her foe's face, earning her another blow, this one hitting her full in the eye.

Rona swiftly wiped the bloodied spittle from her face and chuckled malevolently before continuing.

"Yeah I slashed her good, ya should 'a felt her wriggle as she tried ta get free. And she squealed like a piggy, ya should'a felt her, then agin ya prob'ly did feel her din't ya," she finished with a dirty laugh while Dawn glared and struggled to free herself.

Rona swiftly turned Dawn onto her front and forced her face into the water holding it down firmly. Although it was only shallow Dawn realised it would not be long before her air ran out and she drowned. She didn't really fancy having as ignominious an end as drowning in a few inches of water so began to push herself up, her muscles straining against Rona's stronger arms.

Willow leaned back, a reminiscent smile on her face as memories of her younger life flooded back into her.

"Me folks owned a tavern, an pretty poorly too. Despite the ale they sold, an they sold a fair bit, They barely made enough ta feed us all, an there were five of us. Me two brothers and me ma and da. I guess it's where me theivin started, see me da, he'd go an steal from the docks at night and he'd take me wi him. It were fun ya know," she said, with more than a hint of pride in her voice.

"You stole from others?" Tara queried, even though she already knew the answer.

"Oh aye," Willow replied cheerfully "We'd sneak inta dock warehouses an steal, well what ever we could lay hands on. Materials, spices, all kinds 'o exotic shit from all over the world then sell it off, illegal like, usually back t' the owners

Tara's brow was furrowed as she took in what the redhead just told her. "W...Willow, if you enjoyed it so much why did you leave?"

Willow looked Tara dead straight in the eyes, a completely serious look on her face, "I never said I were happy Tara but ya gotta unnerstand. It were a life, but even I knew sooner or later we would'a been caught by warehouse guards. Fer all I know me da could already be dead by now."

Willow went silent at this, a sad expression clouded her face and she turned her head away from Tara, gratified when the blond continued to clasp her hand.


Dawn could feel her lungs filling with icy cold bilge water as Rona held her head under. It felt slightly ironic to the girl, she had survived being eaten by cannibals, an attack by a weird demon/mist thing and now she was going to die by drowning in a few inches of water in the bottom of the ship.

Would I be missed? Will anyone care if I'm not around anymore? Willow won't and Tara sure as hell won't after all the shit I gave her. Besides, they only have eyes for each other.

Dawn let her body go slack as she decided to let the water take her. As she did she wondered if she would see her beloved Simone again at the Golden Palace.

Dawn felt her oxygen beginning to run out and knew that death would soon be upon he when she heard the voice.

"Dawn..." It was just a faint voice, a little like the tinkling of bells a short distance away.

"Dawn," there it was again, that voice, and it sounded strangely familiar to the girl.

"Dawn, you have to fight back, you have to live. Can you hear me Dawn, it's me Simone." Now Dawn recognised the voice and she realised that it was true. It was her beloved Simone.

"Dawn, fight, to live. Tara will need you, the Cap'n will need you. You have to help them, help fight the evil that is coming. Live Dawn"

Dawn's eyes opened as Simone's voice faded. Now she knew what to she had to do and started to push against Rona holding he head under the water. She pushed with all her strength and slowly began to rise out of the water.

Despite Rona's attempts to hold her down, Dawn was slowly moving her head up above the water. Finally, the brunette's head, now soaking wet with water dripping back into the baby pond of the bilge. As Dawn filled her lungs with huge amounts of air Rona tried a different tack and wrapped strong arms round Dawn's face in a vicious headlock and began to squeeze hard.


"Willow, Willow," now it was Tara's turn to speak quietly and she wondered why the girl that she cared about so deeply had her head turned away.

Willow heard the gentle voice of the blonde calling to her and slowly she turned back to face the other girl. As the redhead gazed lovingly at her she couldn't help but be in awe of Tara's beauty once more.

"Willow are you alright," Tara was beginning to worry as Willow's gaze lingered on her.

"Aye, aye I'm fine lass, sorry Tara I were just in another place fer a while there.

Tara began to wonder about the pirate Captain's younger life especially after she had told her life-story earlier that evening.

"Willow, how did you become a pirate?" Are your parents sea going people at all?"

"Hardly," the redhead scoffed. "Me da could na hardly go ta the docks wi'out getting seasick and me ma was more interested in making money at the tavern they owned. Nah it were me own choice ta go ta sea. It were the only thing I ever wanted ta do, nowt else interested me, not e'en school."

"You never went to school?" Tara asked with genuine interest. Apart from them both being attracted to one another it appeared that the two girls now had something else in common.

"Nope, I got me edification on the streets and docks o' Narina. It's where I learned ta fight, ta pick pockets and ta sail a ship using the sun, moon and stars. They was the best days o' me life," the redhead said and puffed her chest out proudly, giving her bust a little extra lift. Something which Tara couldn't help but notice and Willow noticed her notice but, despite a slight smirk, said nothing.

"It weren't like they din't try ta force me, they just din't bother ta check I went so instead I hung about the docks wi Xander. We'd watch the ships come in an talk about when we finally went ta sea. From the old sea hands we learned ta handle ships and we got into a fair few fights wi some 'o the gangs that roamed the docks."

"So is that all you did all day, just hang about the docks?" Tara felt sure that Willow was hiding something but she couldn't sense what.

"Aye pretty much but it's also where I learned about life in the world. And how ta love," she finished with a lascivious look on her face as she winked at Tara who blushed and turned her head, coyly, before turning back to Willow, a shy smile on her face.

"Did you not learn anything from your family?" Tara was becoming even more fascinated by Willow and her life and wanted to learn as much as possible about the vivacious, sexy redhead who had turned her life on its head.

Willow stopped and looked thoughtfully at the wall behind the blonde for a moment before the ends of her mouth turned up in a small smile.

"Well, there is one other thing I learned off me da. The ability ta touch me nose wi me tongue." So saying Willow stuck her pink tongue out and began to poke it in an upward direction till the tip of it just touched the end of her nose. The sight of the smaller girl doing such a childish act made Tara grin and then giggle. Hearing her love's joyful laugh made Willow giggle too and for a long time the two just sat there on Willow's bed giggling, and when they thought they couldn't laugh anymore then Willow would poke her tongue out again causing a fresh eruption of laughter.

Dawn struggled against the fierce headlock the other girl held her in. She somehow wrapped her own arms around Rona's middle and heaved her body against that of the darker skinned girl throwing her off balance. They crashed with a resounding thud against the timbers of the ship making Rona loosen her grip on Dawn. Quickly the younger girl got to her feet. Blood ran from her nose and a deep cut over her eye. Her clothes were drenched and tattered from the fight. One of her shirt sleeves hung limp and loose from her arm while the piece of her shirt covering her trim stomach was also in rags. She tore the damaged clothing off savagely, throwing them to the ground. Her side still hurt from where Rona's knife had pierced it and her ribs ached from where Rona had pounded them hard but Dawn fought past the pain and squared herself up to her opponent, fists cocked, ready for the next stage of the fight.

"First time me an Xan went ta sea it were as part of the navy. An a pretty shit time it were too."

Tara looked at the little redhead in surprise.

"So you weren't always a pirate?"

"Nay lass Not at start. Originally me and Xander joined a ship in the Coramon navy, the good ship Glorificus, cos we just wanted ta escape our homes and see a bit more of the world but it were no fun in navy following orders all time and we din't go nowhere 'cept the other local isles. I mean I joined up fer adventure and ta see the world. Instead I get a life 'o cleanin up after others, following orders an bein' treated like I were less than a piddle o fly piss. Believe me Tara, bein a sailor in the navy ain't no fun, plus ya only a half groat a day fer pay so that when ya ended up at another port ya had no money fer beer so we was well and truly pissed off. First chance we had we jumped ship."

"You dived into the water?" Tara asked incredulously, her eyes wide as she pictured the copper haired girl diving off a ship and swimming to who knew where.

Willow laughed heartily at this until she saw the surprised and slightly vulnerable look in Tara's eyes.

"I'm sorry lass, it's just that yer ideas are so funny at times. Ta jump ship means ta leave the ship atta first port ya get to but don't re-board when it leaves. Then ya go to a tavern or inn and wait fer another ship's Cap'n in need of a crew ta come along. So no, I di'nt dive overboard and swim ta the mainland like ya think I did."

"So you waited for someone to pick you up?"

"Aye lass, that's it essentially, we just found a place ta sleep and waited fer a ship an her Cap'n we thought was worth the while joining. However we also needed money in this time an that's when we went ta The Pits."

"The Pits?" Tara questioned. The more she learned about Willow's life the more her curiosity grew and the more she wanted to know.

"The Pits, I was tellin ya about before is where they has fightin matches. So me and Xan, we'd take it in turns ta enter the arena and take on whoever it was they threw at us. I tells ya I was awful glad I learned how ta throw and take punches back in scraps at the docks at home."

"So you willingly went into fights. Weren't you afraid of being hurt?" Tara was full of wonderment for the girl she was sitting with and her resourcefulness and bravery.

"Well a little at times but it takes a lot ta take me down and I'm pretty handy wi me fists. But we needed the cash ta stay in our lodgings till a ship came along fer us."

"So what happened in these fights?" There was a hint of trepidation in Tara's voice as she worried about what happened to her lover in the fights

"Well, first we had ta remove our shirts so we was topless, this is to show that neither wrestler has a weapon hidden, then we had ta bow down before each other and before a statue Toraka, the god of war and warriors. After all that we just got on wi' fighting till one or the other either gave in or was beaten in the fight."


Dawn and Rona were brutally battering at one another, each girl trying to beat her opponent into submission. Dawn delivered a vicious left hook into Rona's face who responded by giving an equally brutal punch to Dawn's gut. As she bent over, trying to regain her breath Rona then brought her knee up full into Dawn's face and the brunette fell backwards into the water.

By now the cold, salty water didn't affect the wound as much and Dawn tried to get to her feet only to be kicked in ribs.

"Where the fuck d'ya think yer goin Summers?" Rona's voice was sadistic and mocking, secure in the knowledge that she had beaten this little upstart who dared defy orders and had protected the blond witch.

All Dawn wanted now was for the fight to be over. She didn't have the strength to carry on anymore and just wanted to die. The worst aspect of it for her though was that she had failed everyone. She had failed Tara, Buffy, herself, but worst of all she had failed Willow. The pirate chief that she looked up to and admired.

Then something caught her eye. It glinted faintly in the soft light and at first she thought it was a spirit taker waiting for Rona to finish her off then it would capture her soul upon leaving the body and take it to the Golden Palace, the home of the gods.

As it seemed to grow larger Dawn suddenly realized what it was and rolled onto her front as Rona was about to stomp on her chest with her booted foot. As Rona watched Dawn scrabble through the filthy, freezing water with disdainful amusement she suddenly saw what it was that Dawn was headed towards and she flung herself upon the other girl.

Immediately the two started to grapple and wrestle in the water each determined to reach what lay just a short distance from them: Rona's knife.

They rolled over in the filthy water, each with a savage grip on the others shoulders. Dawn used the heel of her hand and gave a hard forceful punch to the other girl's chin, forcing a release.

Dawn instantly took her chance and rolled onto her belly, practically crawling through the bilge. She felt the iciness of the water against her body and it was starting to make her feel numb, she had been in it that long.

Dawn suddenly felt a tight grip on her hair and her head jerked up and smashed down violently into the wooden planking of the ship. An iron nail caused a deep cut in Dawn's chin and she bit her upper lip. She tried, frantically, to reach forward for the knife but to no avail, Rona already had it.

Dawn wriggled under the weight of Rona as she attempted to avoid the deadly weapon. With a huge shove Dawn pushed her opponent off of her and shakily got to her feet. She stood against one of the beams and rested her hand on her stomach only to feel something damp. Cautiously she looked down and saw a cut in her firm, flat abdomen with a gentle trickle of blood running down and staining her pants.

Both the girls were so intent on their fight that neither one noticed the sounded of booted feet running along one of the upper decks in their direction.

With an angry snarl Rona charged at Dawn, the dagger held ready to rip through the younger girl's pale flesh and penetrate the heart. However Dawn again sidestepped and the knife cut into the wooden beam.

Dawn gave a vicious right hook catching Rona square on the jaw. Rona staggered back into one of the other beams, the knife still in her hand. Now Dawn came at her and again Rona raised the weapon but this time Dawn caught the wrist of the knife hand while each of the opposing girls grabbed a tight hold of one another's shoulders finger nails piercing the flesh and causing blood to stream down the shoulders.

The blade was turned this way and that as each girl attempted to use the knife to skewer the other. They each jabbed, nicked or cut one another with the knife blade, creating numerous bloody wounds on each other.

Rona slipped her leg round the back of Dawn's and tripped her up, slashing her shoulder at the same time.

Dawn fell with a wince and put a hand on her wounded shoulder and looked at the blood staining it with dazed eyes. She had never been in a real fight before and she was seriously doubting that she would survive it.

Suddenly Rona straddled her abdomen with what strangely resembled an expression of sympathy.

"I is sorry ta do this t' ya Dawn, yer a better fighter 'n I gave ya credit fer. But ya made me look a fool in front of da boss when ya defended the witch, so ya gotta die."

With those words she raised her arms high, ready to bring the knife slamming down into Dawn's chest.

"Hey, who's there?"

The sudden voice in the dark took both the girls unawares and they turned to the steps to see the shape of Xander, mostly in shadow in the dim light.

In her shock Rona had dropped her arms and Dawn took the only chance she knew she had. She grabbed a hold of Rona's wrists and, turning them in on themselves plunged the dagger deep into Rona's gut before slicing upwards to the breastbone.

Blood and guts gushed out of the open wound, washing over Dawn like a crimson tidal wave.

Rona's eyes went wide as she realised what had happened.

"Ya fuckin bitch," were the words were whispered more in surprise than anger, then her body fell forward on top of Dawn's. Her lifeless eyes were still wide open and staring, unblinking into the now terrified, younger girls eyes.

"Dawn, Dawnie are you a'right?" Xander's voice sounded from a great distance away even though he was knelt right by her side. He heaved Rona's now lifeless corpse off the body of his friend and held her in his arms.

It was now that she finally felt safe and, for the first time, really let out her grief for her beloved Simone. As Dawn wept Xander didn't say a thing, he just held her close in his arms and let Dawn cry.

"And that's what you did? You fought for money?" The whole idea was so incomprehensible to Tara, the thought of two people punching and wrestling one another til one of them ceded victory to the opponent.

"Aye lass, I did and I were pretty good at it too, but I only had ta do it fer a coupla days afore a ship came, me and Xan joined and we were finally doin what we wanted ta do. Seeking adventure in the world."

"So how did you become a pirate Willow?" To Tara this was the last part of the puzzle to help her understand Willow and her chosen life

In response Willow gave the blonde girl a gentle smile, before replying, "That's a story fer another time me darling, but I promise ya I will finish me story." Then she wrapped an arm round Tara's shoulder pulling her closer and kissed her fully on the lips.


And as Dawn let out her feelings of grief, helplessness and loss while Xander held her, Willow and Tara snuggled together under the covers of Willow's bed and kissed tenderly before settling down for the night.


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I'm so glad to see a new chapter! And I appreciate taking a second job, so it's amazing that you got it done. Okay, on to the story!

The opening with Dawn was really touching, the pain of the loss and dreaming of her first love was very powerfully done. Then the banging on the door. Also, the cold voice with murderous intentions - creepy/nice! :applause

She was still winded from her fall into the water and Rona was able to take advantage and quickly stepped in and kicked her opponent hard in the gut. Dawn collapsed on all fours into the foul, freezing water, coughing and retching.
The fight details are vivid and real. I clearly picture it and it's not always easy - you do a great job!

Willow went silent at this, a sad expression clouded her face and she turned her head away from Tara, gratified when the blond continued to clasp her hand.
Really enjoyed Willow's backstory, stealing from the docks and how the thought of her father perhaps being dead affected her - then Tara clasping her hand and Willow's response. Lovely. :love

"Well, there is one other thing I learned off me da. The ability ta touch me nose wi me tongue." So saying Willow stuck her pink tongue out and began to poke it in an upward direction till the tip of it just touched the end of her nose. The sight of the smaller girl doing such a childish act made Tara grin and then giggle. Hearing her love's joyful laugh made Willow giggle too and for a long time the two just sat there on Willow's bed giggling, and when they thought they couldn't laugh anymore then Willow would poke her tongue out again causing a fresh eruption of laughter.
:banana :eatme :banana Just pure fun!!!

Then the ending, Dawn crying in Xander's arms and letting out her grief while Willow and Tara begin their night together. Dawn has taken a major step in her healing; you forced her to choose life over death. I'm curious if Simone appears to her again. And of course I'm wondering (HINT HINT) if our girls are going to end up in each other's arms in the naked-y sexy way soon! And yes, I have a strong opinion about that! (borrowing AstronSoul's Dibs whip here!) Get cracking on the smut! :whip :whip :whip

And thanks for the love and humor, too!

Can't wait for more!

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Yay for update and damn Ariel!! lol

I loved this, seeing more and knowing more of Willow. I like how she opens up to Tara, was so lovely to read. Tara's tattoo, sweet! Always loved a girl with a lil ink, and Tara with ink Yummy!

Dawn had it rough this go around, but she showed she could hold her own, damn Rona got what she deserved, that's one traitor down and how many more to go?

Great update, when can we expect the next one?


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Love the Update! I'm interested to see how Willow might react to this fight and struggle. I'm ready for the next yesterday. haha.

Happy Friday!

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Hey Rick!

Lovely update, well the W/T time was lovely...I'll get to Dawn later. I liked their snuggling talk time. It's good for their blossoming relationship. I liked Willow's backstory and look forward to more of her stories. The story behind Tara's tattoo was interesting and I'm hoping that Willow becomes more involved so that they can have something else in common. You painted a very sweet picture between our girls and I really enjoyed their time together.

On to Dawn, the dream was vivid and sad. I'm still holding out hope that they can get Simone back at some point, because I really liked her. The fight scene was really great and that Rona was a real bitch...she definitely deserved to die; probably worse than the way she did.

I am anxiously awaiting the next chapter!!! Get to it!

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Ariel A big YAY on your dibs Ariel. It's equally good for me to have a new chapter on the KB, I hate to leave a story half written so it's good to return.
Dawn will be seeing Simone again soon with Tara's help though she still has a long way to go before she is fully healed and yes, Willow and Tara will be getting together in the naked sexy way too.

AstronSoul I'm glad you liked Willow opening up to Tara. It was part of the plan of the story so that the girls would get to know each other better before they became intimate with one another.

Yeah, the idea of a tattooed Tara, or Amber even, sound's yummy to me too. Have you seen the film ‘7 Things To Do Before I’m 30’ where Amber’s character gets a tattoo done on her incredibly sexy ankle :drool ? You're right Astron, Dawn did have it rough as first she's still trying to heal from the loss of her girl, then suddenly finding herself in a vicious fight to the death, things will get a little tougher for her but she’ll get her happy ending as well.

Fhiwda You'll find out directly below what Willow's reaction to Dawn's fight is as well as our girls finally coming together. In the smutty sense of course ;)

Finey_McFine Hey there Shel, don't worry I promise more Willow and Tara snuggles time especially in this chapter and there will be more of Willow's back story to come out as well. Yeah I'm really putting Dawn through the ringer in this story, more than I expected to. Sadly the only reappearance of Simone will be as a spirit, I had to pull a Joss on her, sorry. Yes, you're right, 'Rona' was a real bitch who did deserve to die in a very bloody and awful way.

I'm dedicating this chapter to my good friends Ariel, my uber awesome beta and Shelby who have begged and pleaded for this chapter and its smutty content. Enjoy girls




Author; Willowtaralover

Disclaimer; All Buffy characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and Fox. The story and all original characters belong to me, so nyah.

Rating; PG-13 to R for sex, violence and naughty swearing.

Story; Rough, tough pirate Captain ‘Red’ Willow Rosenberg is in search of treasure but has to deal with romance with a beautiful, blonde witch, betrayal from a trusted crewmember and deadly danger from a dark sorcerer and his undead army.

All thought’s are in italics

Chapter 19

At Long Last Love



"Xander told us what happened. Laragh heard some fighting from the bilge and she heard yer name mentioned. She weren't sure how many were taking ya on so told him and he saw the fight. It weren't yer fault Dawn. Everything ya did was ta protect yerself, tha's all that happened when ya killed Rona. Ya defended yerself."

Willow was addressing Dawn after her fight with Rona which had resulted in Rona being gutted like a fish. Dawn's head was down, her face incredibly somber. It was a far cry from the cheerful girl who usually helped Tara in the galley. First she had lost her love, Simone, now she had killed a shipmate, murdered another person in cold blood and she did not feel good about it at all.

The redhead leaned forward in her chair as she took Dawn into her confidence.

"Dawn, this shit happens reglar on vessels like ours. One person looks at another funny like an the first takes offence, or arguments over shares of treasure or girls, then next thing someone’s a bloody mess on the deck. It ain't yer fault so don't go blamin yerself. Rona was another like Kat, allus startin scraps in taverns so she were bound ta come to a sticky end someday."

Dawn finally looked up and met the green eyes of Willow which were filled with sympathy.

"Look, we're at this isle for some rest so just sit back, relax and recover." Willow looked at the younger girl with a wry smile and Dawn responded with a small nod of the head though the blank expression on her face told Willow another story making her wonder what Dawn might do.

"Can I go now, Tara wants to check over my injuries from the fight."

Willow nodded to give leave for Dawn to go get her wounds tended by the ships cook/doctor.

"As Dawn stood to leave Willow called her back. "Dawn, watch ya back. Rona might have been a dumb cunt, but she were a popular one and she had plenty o' friends on board. I likes ya Dawn, yer a good crew member and I'd hate ta lose ya ta some dumb ass vendetta. Ya take care girl, ya hear?"

Dawn looked up to meet Willow's eye's once more, saw the empathy, care and compassion there and knew Willow genuinely cared for her.

"I'll be careful Willow, and thanks, for everything."

Willow smiled in reply, "Anytime Dawnie, anytime."

After Dawn left her cabin Buffy entered while Willow was packing tobacco into her pipe and lighting it.

"So what d'ya think Wills?"

Willow was grim-faced as she looked her old friend straight in the face. "I dunno Buff, all I know is what Dawn said Rona had said. About how she had embarrassed her in front of the Boss. Now ta me knowledge I'm the only boss of this ship so who the fuck were Rona talkin about?"

She took a long drag on her pipe, the fragrant aroma of the tobacco filling the cabin with a sweet odour while the smoke slowly coiled its way up to the ceiling.

"Do you think someone's planning a coup Will?"

Willow's face crinkled up in annoyed confusion. "A wha? Buff don't confuse me wi yer school talk, What the fuck does a pigeon sound have ta do wi anything?"

"Willow," Buffy began calmly and patiently, "a coup is when someone tries to seize control of the ship from the Cap'n."

"If ya mean a mutiny then why din't ya say so?"

"Alright then a mutiny," Buffy replied with a sigh born of frustration. "The question is who could be plotting to take control of the Slayer?"

"I dunno, there's plenty who envy my position cos of the power, then there's them who don't like me giving gold and silver to the poorer people. They think us being pirates we should keep all treasure fer ourselves an fuck the rest."

"So it could be anyone then."

"Nah, not quite. There's a handful of yer's I trust. You, Dawn, Laragh, Alex, Xander and Tara. You’s the one's I trust the most."

"So what do we do?"

"Not much we can do 'cept wait fer em ta show their hand or slip up in some way so the reveal themselves too early. Till then are we sorted on who we leave in charge whilst the rest of us go ashore?"

"Aye, I'm leaving Iona in charge with a skeleton crew of five just to keep everything in working order and keep a look out for other vessels. I'll swap over in the morning so they get a bit of shore leave too."

"Good choice Buff. A'right you're in charge, I need some time ta think afore I go ashore."

Buffy just nodded and left to sort out the arrangements for the ships impromptu r'n'r session leaving Willow to lean back in her chair, place her booted feet on the table and, while smoking her pipe, thought deeply about all that Dawn had told her.

As the small boat made its way through the calm waters to the nearby isle, Dawn sat at the bow of the vessel her face completely neutral. While all the other girls chatted excitedly amongst themselves about this break and what they were going to do with their break she just sat silent looking out over the sea, a small part of her wishing she was just a part of it, a wave on the ocean currents and without a heart to break.

As soon as the jolly boat landed, Dawn aided her shipmates in dragging the small vessel up the shore. Once everyone was sure it was safe the others started to set up camp whilst Dawn wandered a little way down the beach. One of them started to call after her but Alex shook her head and they set to prepping the camp.

Dawn just sat there on the beach, her legs drawn up to her chest and, while her face remained neutral, her mind was a storm of thought and emotion. Fear after being jumped in the bilge by Rona, guilt after having killed Rona, sadness and loneliness over the death of Simone; the girl Dawn had come to love and a thirst for vengeance for whoever it was that had murdered her beloved. Whilst Rona had bragged that she had killed the girl Dawn was sure she had lied but had no idea who had murdered the girl she loved.

A few hours later the second was launched with the Captain herself, Tara, Buffy, and Laragh aboard along with other crew members. The jolly boats would be launched again to get the other crew going on shore leave.

Xander had stayed aboard the Slayer for a while to check on its timbers and do any quick repairs that it may need.

As she stepped out of the boat with Willow helping her Tara exulted in the feel of the water washing around her bare feet while her toes squished together at the feel of the sand on her soles. All of this was a great delight to her and she breathed in the salt sea air. Looking down the beach Tara saw Dawn sitting there alone and pondered if she should join her assistant/bodyguard but finally decided to leave it for now. But if Dawn was still there much later then she would offer her comfort to the girl.

She looked towards the jungle and considered it very inviting with all the trees. After having spent the majority of her life hidden from the outside world by her ‘caring’ father and many days at sea it felt good to see all this greenery. With this being the only other island that Tara had been on since Willow had bought her from her father she relished the idea of exploring it. She approached Buffy and informed the friendly girl of her plans.

"Ok, I'll just get Dawn ta guard you..."

"No I'll be fine, besides I'm, a dangerous witch, remember?" she replied with a mischievous smile and a twinkle in her blue eyes while a faint glow played around her fingers.

"If you're sure," Buffy replied with a wry smile and nodding.

"I am but if you really feel the need to tell someone," her eyes turned from the petite blonde’s face to across the beach where Willow was attempting to teach a couple of new Slayerettes how to wield a sword while unsuccessfully pretending to be ignoring her friends speaking to each other.

Buffy followed the other girls gaze and spotted his friend pretending not to be paying attention to them and gave a knowing smirk to Tara.

"I think she already knows," she replied and they grinned at the shared joke before Tara set off to the jungle.

As Tara made her way up the sandy beach towards the green forest, Willow stopped what she was doing and stared after her. A gentle breeze blew the straw colored hair out of her eyes while the blue dress Tara had rescued from the Angelus, and had formerly reached down to her ankles was now a lot shorter as it had been trimmed down revealing the girls slender calves. Formerly a creamy white, they were now a pale gold thanks to the warm sun. And the sway of Tara’s hips as she walked along.
All this made Willow stare in wonder at the girl she had rescued and had wound up falling in love with. Willow suddenly felt herself getting damp in her britches and decided she should follow Tara into the jungle. After all, there could be a lot of dangerous things in there. Like frogs.

Willow followed Tara's trail from a safe distance ensuring that she could see, but not be seen by the blonde witch.

The green verdant jungle was lush. Overhead thick leaves and heavy boughs created a roof of green as dark as Willow’s eyes while tendrils reached down from the trees like giant fingers. Patches of sun which were filtered by the overhead canopy lit the path which was virtually invisible in the tangle of vines.

Eventually she found Tara in a lagoon. There she ducked behind a tree and inhaled sharply as she took in the sight before her.

Tara was stark naked, her blue cotton dress left on the banking while she stood under a gentle waterfall washing her body under the cool, refreshing liquid while large green ferns grew all around her. Sunlight dappled in through the overhead curtain of leaves over Tara’s bare body adding a certain glow to her.

To Willow, Tara was the most beautiful being alive. Her smooth alabaster skin had a radiance to it under this sunlight that was not normally seen aboard the slayer. But here, in these surroundings, it was very clear to Willow that Tara was much more than just another girl. She was a goddess, and Willow was in love with her.

Tara’s arms from the elbow’s down to the hands, the calves and the chest including the top of her gorgeous bosom almost reaching her areola were a light golden tan from the glorious tropical sun which just added to her beauty.

Willow watched as Tara washed herself with the water pouring over the rocky outcropping of the waterfall. The blonde's hands reached behind her and dragged gently through the long locks of hair the sunshine adding to its lustre. She then stroked down her arms washing away the grime and beads of sweat that had gathered during her long walk through the jungle to the lagoon.

Tara started to rub away at her breasts and Willow's eyes opened wide. She worked at their fullness and washed down to the now considerably hardened nub of her nipples, which were of a darker hue next to the paleness of her body. Tara then began to scrub down her mouth-watering torso to rub away at her firm stomach muscles, down the long smooth arms. Willow could only watch open mouthed at the sight of Tara's exquisite body and, as she started to drool at the young witch's naked body, wished dearly that the blonde's hands were playing with her bare breasts.

Then, as Willow moved slightly, her booted foot stood on a twig snapping it in half. The cracking sound it made was akin to that of a loud pistol shot. Tara immediately turned in alarm, her arms going up to cover her bare chest while her bright blue eyes scanned the verdant jungle for signs of anyone, or anything.

"H...hello, is a...anyone there?" Her speech was more hesitant this time, mainly for fear of whatever unknown being had made that noise. She was particularly nervous after the attack on her body the previous day back when Dawn had come to her rescue.

Tara began to wonder if any of the girls who had come over from the Slayer to the isle had followed her up the path and were now lying in wait for her though Willow had assured her that there would be no more attacks.

As the blonde turned to the right to ensure it was safe to go and dress she thought she saw a flash of familiar, flame red colored hair.

"W...W...Willow, is that you?" she called out, uncertainty still in her voice.

Fuck, she saw me. Maybe if I stay here she'll forget it and go back to washing herself.
Then Tara's melodious voice came again calling her name.

"Willow, I know you're there. Come on out and show yourself"

Ah shit, with that Willow slowly emerged from behind the tree where she had hidden.

"Er ullo there Tara. I um...I er...I was just watching ya...I...I mean watching out fer ya. I din't want nothin' to harm ya so I er..I followed ya ta make sure and well I can see yer a'right now so I'll be getting back ta the beach and keep an eye on that crew o' mine, the little scamps they are." Willow finished with a weak smile.

"Willow wait. Come and bathe with me," Tara called back to her.

Willow turned to face Tara again, surprised at the offer from the girl for normally, when they shared the bed, despite Willow's own predilection for sleeping naked, Tara kept her dress on so this would be the closest Willow would get to her very tempting, very naked body.

"Are y' sure lass?

Tara smiled back at the redhead.

"I'm sure, we're f...friends aren't we? No reason then why we can't wash together. We can wash each other."

Willow swallowed hard at this tempting offer of actually having Tara possibly play with her breasts. It was only when Tara proffered her arm in Willow's direction that the redhead nodded her head and stripped her boots and britches off quickly stepping into the water and joining the woman she loved.

The water in the lagoon was surprisingly warm and a sparkling blue like Tara's eyes while the floor of it was pure white sand which tickled Willow's feet as she walked on it while little silver fish, their scales gleaming in the bright warm light, swum around her ankles.

Willow couldn't help but stare at Tara. Her face was so striking yet so gentle at the same time. Her blue eyes were soft and calming like the sun emerging from behind dark clouds after a storm at sea. Tara's body was extraordinarily sexy, her full, perfect breasts tipped with equally full nipples while her stomach was flat and firm.

Everything about Tara was just so appealing the redhead wished that Tara would wrap herself around her body and pull her into a deep kiss.

“Hey Tare, how ‘bout I does yer back fer yer?” Willow suggested with a winning grin that the young witch couldn’t help but reciprocate. Tara then turned around so that her back was facing the pirate. Willow then started to rub at Tara’s back, her powerful but gentle hands massaging the muscles there. Tara let out an involuntary gasp as she felt Willow’s hands on her flesh. Then Willow herself let out a gasp as the sight of the beautiful blonde girl’s back took her breath away. The smooth, flawless creamy white skin, the surprisingly powerful muscles, it all helped to make Willow go a little weak at the knees. Never in all her life had anyone made her feel the way that Tara did. Usually Willow was the one in charge, picking a girl up or going to a whorehouse and spending several hours making that girl feel like she was the only person in the world.

But Tara, Tara had taken her over mind, body and soul and this was a whole new experience for the redhead, and it scared her slightly, to not be in control.

After a few minutes Tara realised that Willow had stopped washing her back. She turned and noticed that Willow was just standing there, staring at the expanse of her sensual bare back.

"W...Willow what is it? What's wrong? Is there something on my face...or body?" As she spoke Tara's voice started to go up an octave each time and she started to check her body over in case of leeches.

Willow gently touched her on the shoulder to attract Tara's attention before she spoke softly, “God’s lass, d’ya not see how perfect, how beautiful y’are?”

Tara dropped her head down, her blonde locks falling about her face like a straw colored curtain.

“Oh I’m n…not beautiful.”

Willow placed a finger under Tara’s chin and gently raised it till the pirates green eyes met the witches blue.

“A beautiful flower don’t hide, but holds its head up high to the sun,” she whispered softly to her beloved.

Tara blushed at the praise, her cheeks as bright a red as a rosy apple, for she was not used to such words. She found Willow was staring at her, but what was that strange look in her eyes? It couldn’t be longing could it?

The two young women’s heads were slowly coming closer together but neither one noticed. Their breaths were hot against the others skin and emerald’s and sapphire’s stayed locked. Closer and closer the heads came till Willow took the initiative and pressed her lips against Tara’s. Though they had kissed deeply in the past, each time felt as new and as wonderful as if they were kissing for the first time. Willow started slightly when Tara's powerful arms wrapped around her pressing the two girls bodies close together. As the kiss deepened, Willow pressed her body even closer to the blonde's Willow wanted the beautiful young blonde girl, wanted to take her, to claim her, to mark her body and soul for her very own.

Willow didn’t just want to fuck this girl, she wanted to make love to her, to explore and map every part of Tara’s body with her tongue, mouth and fingers discover all the secret’s of the girl’s body that she could.

And Willow wanted to be taken in turn equally by the girl who was holding her. Despite the intensity of feeling that was surging inside her, Willow restrained herself to a gentle caress of Tara’s lips with her own. Willow lifted Tara out of the water, one arm wrapped round her waist, the other round her knee joint at the back of the legs. For her part Tara snaked an arm round the back of the redhead’s neck and they continued their kiss as Willow carried the blonde witch across the water.

Finally, the two came to the far embankment of the lagoon and Willow gently placed Tara on a mattress of lush, green grass and soft, velvety mosses which gently tickled the blondes back. Willow then straddled the blonde, her wet shirt draping itself over Tara's upper legs. She gazed for the longest time at Tara's beautiful face, taking in the forehead, high cheekbones, the slope of the nose and the full luscious, pouting lips before locking eyes with those of the blonde. Willow placed her work roughened hand on the soft cheek of the girl and gently stroked the smooth skin before lowering her head and began kissing Tara. It started out so soft and gentle but it soon became something more heated and hungry.

Never in all her life had Willow tasted lips so sweet, and by her own admission Willow had been with a lot of girls but never had there been anyone who had touched her heart as much as Tara had.

For her part Tara slid her hand up the inside of Willow's shirt running her hands over the smooth, warm flesh, feeling powerful muscles rippling down the redheads back.
She moaned deeply into the kiss and moaned even deeper when Willow slid her own hand up Tara's naked Torso and squeezed a firm yet supple breast.

Tara had never felt this way before in her life. The way that Willow was making her feel, the way she felt about the beautiful young redhead who was kissing her with such passion. Tara found that she needed, wanted, yearned for Willow. What she felt for Willow was greater then friendship, deeper than love and she never wanted to lose it, never wanted to lose her Willow, ever.

Even as Willow was tending to her body, Tara knew that she wanted to look at the other girls figure. This was despite the fact the fact that she saw Willow naked every night, and every time she did so it sent a delicious shiver up her spine.

"Willow, I want to see you... see your body," Tara gasped out as she writhed under Willow's attentive ministrations to her boobs. "Willow, p…please take your shirt off, let me look at you." She gazed at the girl resting on top of her, her blue eyes wide open in innocence but a voracious hunger in her heart to see Willow’s bare body again, this time in the bright sunlight of day as opposed to the candlelight of their cabin of an evening.

The redhead gave her a slight smirk before kneeling back from Tara who raised herself on her elbows to ensure she got a good look.

Willow took a hold of either side of her shirt's open collar and tore it straight down the middle, then rolled her shoulders so the damp material slid down her arms and fell with a soft splat on the ground behind her.

Tara stared in awe at Willow's now bare body. The body was burnished bronze from the sun in the tropical climes where they had been sailing. As the sun had gotten hotter Willow, like many of the girls on the Slayer had divested themselves of their top clothes, something else that had opened Tara’s eyes wide, and ensured that Xander had spent much of that time walking around with a semi-permanent hard-on.

Willow’s figure was lean and toned while her stomach was taut with muscle. Her freckle spattered breasts, each with a hardened, rose colored nipple, stood proudly on her chest. Though they did not seem it there was much strength in the redhead’s slender arms, something Tara had from first hand knowledge of from being held close in the Willow’s arms in their bed. The body itself was criss-crossed with scars and puckered marks. War wounds from the many battles she had fought, both in the pits and as a pirate. Wounds she wore as badges of honor.

As she gazed at the pirates incredibly sexy body Tara felt a throbbing between her legs where her rapidly dampening center was.

Tara ran her hands over Willow's scarred, muscular stomach delighting in the contrasting rough/smooth feel of the skin. She caught a hitch in her throat as the throbbing became even more intense. Without warning Tara roughly reached round the redhead's back pulling her on top of her own body and kissed Willow again.

The kiss became deeper for both girls who started to feel a heat starting in their bellies and working downwards to their centres as Tara slid her hands down Willow's back to the redhead's tight ass pulling her closer on her own body.

"Ahhh fuck," Willow sighed, pulling back slightly from the kiss. "I've wanted ya fer so long Tara, ta hold ya, ta love ya and make ya mine."

"I...I've wanted you too Willow. Will you take me and make me yours. Please?"

In response Willow eyes slowly drifted appreciatively over the other girl’s nude form, particularly on the full breasts and the swollen nipples before her eyes reconnected with the witch's blue. She smiled gently at the blonde and lowered her head to kiss Tara over again. Willow took a hold of Tara’s lower lip and gently sucked for a few moments enjoying the moaning the blonde made before sliding her tongue into the other girls mouth. Now it was Willow's turn to moan as she licked against the velvet tongue of Tara.

"Ya taste so damn good Tara," Willow said reluctantly breaking the kiss to look back into Tara's blue eyes. "I never tasted anyone as good as you. Yer just so beautiful."

"Goddess, but I love you so much," Tara replied before pulling the redhead back on top of her and starting the kiss over again. She ran her hands up and down Willow's muscular back till she reached the smooth globes of her ass. These she began to massage and squeeze as she pulled the redhead closer to her own body and they both moaned as their breasts squished together and their nipples met and kissed hello.

Willow returned to the kiss before moving onto Tara's cheeks which had started to flush with the passion she felt for the pirate. She kissed Tara all over her face while relishing the feel of the blonde’s long slender fingers massaging her powerful back and ass. The redhead kissed her way down to the chin, across the arched neck from where she kissed, licked and nipped her way up to one smooth cheek, across the forehead to the other cheek and finally back to Tara's perfect lips. Again the two young women kissed deeply, drinking in the taste of one another until the redhead started to kiss her way down the blonde’s chest.

Willow raised her head as she arrived at Tara's breasts. Her eyes widened and she licked her lips as she took in the sight of them.

"By hell lass, ya have a fine pair o' titties on ya there." With that she palmed both the full breasts sighing in ecstasy at the weight of the soft flesh before pressing her lips to the succulent golden skin of the right breast ensuring that not a single acre of it was missed before she turned her attentions to the plump nipple which she tugged between her teeth feeling it harden in her mouth. As her tongue played with the nipple in her mouth her hand came up to massage Tara's other breast before beginning its own ministrations on that nipple pinching it hard, revelling in the sound's of pleasure Tara made as she licked, sucked and nipped at the sensitive buds.

As the redhead started on Tara's full nipples the young witch suddenly arched her body upwards, forcing more of her impressive bosom into Willow's more than accepting mouth.

Willow momentarily looked up from the breasts she had and saw Tara's neck arched, and a look of exquisite ecstasy on her face. Her forehead was beaded with sweat not caused by the sun and her arms were stretched above her, her fingers were dug so fiercely into the redhead’s back her knuckles were white. The blonde was still writhing and forcing her body, particularly her plump breasts, fully into Willow while the girl legs were entangled together.

Eventually the redhead reluctantly left the breasts and began to kiss her way further down Tara's luscious flesh exulting in the way she was making the blonde moan and writhe beneath her in sexual gratification.

"Oooh goddess," Tara moaned as she felt the redhead kiss her way down her sensual torso, those perfect red lips against her body giving her a feeling of ecstasy that the witch had never experienced before in her life. And she wanted more.

The redhead slid a hand down to Tara's upper thigh and felt a wetness there that wasn't sweat. She slowly started to move her attentions away from the plump breasts and started to kiss her way down the blondes firm body, being sure to kiss as much of the creamy skin as possible.

Tara shifted her hands from her lover's back to the sides, squeezing the flesh at Willow's hips and cupping the smooth buttocks, nipping them slightly with her nails.

"Ow fuck, yer a bit of a cheeky bint aint ya," Willow grinned over at Tara as her center arched down into the blonde's and Willow ground fiercely into it increasing both their ardour’s while Tara dug her nail's into the redheads tight ass making them both grunt with passion.

"Please...don't stop Willow." Tara gasped pleadingly not wanting this ecstasy to ever end.

Willow came back up to face Tara.

“I’m gonna give ya a damn good fucking and I ain’t gonna let up till yer fully satisfied. And ya will be satisfied, that I assure ya.” She smirked down at the blonde who pulled Willow down into a kiss. By now Tara had become brazen enough to know what she wanted and that was the pirate loving her. Tara placed her hand on the back of Willow's head enjoying and surprised by soft silkiness of the flame red hair on the pirate.

Willow arrived at the soft blonde curls of her girl which were already damp and, breathing in Tara's musky aroma, nuzzled her nose into the thin strip of hair, taking in the girls intoxicating aroma. She then continued to kiss her way down to Tara's thighs. Once there she saw the small stream of juices pouring from the blondes sweet, wet spot and, pushing the legs further apart some to grant her easier access, Willow alternated between them, licking it away she took the time to fully take in the salty yet sweet taste of Tara's cum as if it were a fine wine.

"Ah, if only ya knew how sweet ya taste girl," she said softly under her breath in appreciation of the Tara's juices.

Willow raised her head slightly and saw her prize just in front of her. Tara's pearl, just poking out from its hood and glistening with the blondes juices.

The redhead kissed her way further up the thigh and then around the blonde's beckoning center, deep down wishing she could dive in but knowing how much more fun it would be to tease the blonde.

She kissed her away around in a tight circle that got smaller and smaller, closer and closer to the center, making Tara moan all the more at her teasing. One of her hands moved up to play with one of the firm breasts which equally circled closer and closer to the hardened nub till the hand arrived at its goal and two of the fingers pinched and nipped at the nipple producing even more moans of sexual frenzy from Tara.

By now more cum was slithering its way out of the blonde’s slit and the sight of it was enchanting to the pirate. Carefully she poked her tongue out and ran it up the slit, taking in as much of the juices as she could.

Instantly Tara bucked violently almost throwing Willow off of her. Willow quickly regained her balance and gave a hearty appreciation of the blonde’s creamy cum.

“Ooooh, tasty Tara juice,” Willow moaned throatily, then took the rock hard clit into her mouth and sucked hard.

"Aaaahhh goddess," Tara cried out bucking even more violently again, she had never believed that being pleasured could make her feel so alive. Her forehead, chest and arms were covered with sweat. Her hands went to Willow's back which was equally drenched in sweat and dug her fingers in deep getting a deeply satisfying moan from the redhead who ground her center even more powerfully into Tara’s. Now Tara knew that she only ever wanted the vivacious redhead in her life. Nothing and no one else mattered, only Willow.

For Tara all this was new for her. She had never been pleasured before in her life though she had dreamed of being with someone and made love to like this. Back home, in the privacy of her sewer based boudoir, Tara had felt her way through the soaked folds of her skin and inserted her fingers into her slit until she had made herself cum, the way that the cheap books the sailors had with them for their lascivious moments at sea said that girls do. Though those moments had been of great satisfaction to her it was as nothing compared to how she felt now as she and Willow made love under the hot sun.

Willow for her part decided that it was time to really go for it. First she scurried back up the blonde's body, pausing only to suck a little bit more on her lover’s ripe, plump nipples before kissing Tara full on the mouth. Their tongues met part way and swirled around one another before Tara gave permission for her lovers hot little tongue to re-enter and expertly probe every part of her mouth, then Tara got a sudden shock as Willow pushed a finger deep into the blonde's very wet slit.

The redhead pumped carefully knowing to give enough to start arousal in Tara but not so much that she came too fast too soon. It wasn't long before both women were moaning in ecstasy.

Willow made her way back down Tara's body, pumping her arm all the time ensuring that just as the blonde's body had gotten used to the pumping of her arm, she would then start to pump harder and faster, as well as add another finger. Tara dug her nails deep into the pirates sweat dampened back and her hips bucked in rhythm to her lovers pumping.

Tara grunted out her desire for more, which the redhead promptly fulfilled, thrusting two fingers deep and pumping vigorously as her mouth sought out Tara's clit.

As she sucked the engorged bud, Willow opened her eyes to watch her lover, mouth open, head thrown back in ecstasy, breasts swaying with every thrust of Willow's hand. The redhead felt herself on the verge of coming again at the sight, as Tara screamed her name.

Tara felt her orgasms explode out of her like an erupting volcano. She screamed out her lover's name as Willow continued furiously pumping her already cum soaked hand in to the blonde. By now she had inserted all four fingers into the woman she loved and used her thumb to rub the throbbing clit, pressing hard against the pearl and constantly making the witch buck violently off the forest floor, her body arched and rigid.

Willow felt bombarded by the sight, sound, taste, smell and touch of Tara. Never did she ever believe that making love to this girl that she yearned for could be the wonderful experience that it had proven to be. Willow collapsed facedown next to Tara, exhausted. Immediately missing the physical contact, she threw a heavy arm over her lover’s chest, resting her palm on one heaving breast.

"Oooh goddess," Tara gasped out as she recovered from the sexual high that Willow had taken her too. "That...that was...I've never...experienced anything like that before. What did you do to me?"

Willow, equally tired from her sexual escapade with the lovely blonde, slowly raised and grinned at her lover.

"Ya like that then did yers?" She kept her arm over Tara's breast and rested her head on the girl's shoulder giving it a gently kiss. Tara merely nodded in agreement that she did indeed like everything that she had experienced at the skilled tongue of the vivacious pirate queen.

Having partially recovered from making love to the young witch Willow raised her head and looked over at her. For her part Tara wrapped her around Willow's shoulders pulling her closer. After a moment Tara started to grow nervous about Willow studying her so intently and wished her hair would cover her face. She released her hold on the other’s shoulders and turned away, afraid of the answer to the question she was about to ask.

"W...w...what is it, what's wrong?" she asked, almost fearfully, afraid of what Willow may do or say to her. She had heard Willow say repeatedly how she had been with so many women in her life. Was she just another notch on the pirates belt? Would she move on to another girl? Possibly Dawn, she was young and obviously interested in women? Or maybe even Kat who may be as experienced as Willow at sex and with her firm toned body and well developed breasts would be someone Willow could be easily aroused by.

"Tara, ya know I been around and fucked lot a girls in me time, I never lied ta yer about that. But I swear that none of em mean ta me what you do. Gods Tara I aint never known anyone as lovely as you, I never cared about no one as much as you. Tara what I'm sayin' ta ya ah fuck."

Willow was terrified. For the first time in her life she really loved and cared about someone and wanted to keep them with her. But she had been such a free agent for such a long time now and screwed a lot of girls, sometimes three or four in the same day. And that had been at sea, she'd had twice as many when on shore. Now though there was only one girl she wanted in her life. But what would she be giving up, could she, should she take a chance.

Ah ta hell with it

"Tara, I love ya more'n I ever loved anyone or anything. I wants ya, I needs ya please be mine. I swear I'll give up me womanising ways, it'll be just you 'n' me fer always. Just take a chance on me please and let me prove meself ta ya."

Tara looked deeply into the green eyes of her lover. There appeared to be so mucdepth to them, so much emotion, more than she had ever seen before. The blonde wrapped her other arm round the other girls back and pulled her even closer.

"I always was you know Willow, yours."The redhead looked upon the blonde with wonder in her eyes.

"Ya mean?"

Tara smiled shyly at her new lover, no not just new but first lover, she reminded herself.

"I mean. Is that alright?"

"Oh fuck yeah," with that she suddenly yawned deeply making Tara yawn as well. "Gods but that exercise made me tired Tara what say we have a bit of a kip afore we get back ta camp.”

In reply Tara just yawned and smiled again, wrapped her arms even tighter around her lover pulling her on top of her body. They kissed deeply before Willow rested her cheek against Tara's expansive bosom and they both fell into a deep sleep curled together, for the first time as true lovers.

In his tower sanctuary on the dark island the malevolent sorcerer observed the two new lovers as they curled up together in their bliss filled slumber in his scrying pool.

"Take your pleasures whilst you still can Captain Rosenberg, soon your lover will be my prisoner...and Negara's eternal slave.”


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DIBS!!! :whip


As the small boat made its way through the calm waters to the nearby isle, Dawn sat at the bow of the vessel her face completely neutral. While all the other girls chatted excitedly amongst themselves about this break and what they were going to do with their break she just sat silent looking out over the sea, a small part of her wishing she was just a part of it, a wave on the ocean currents and without a heart to break.
This was so beautifully written, so poignant. Glad that you didn't just have Dawn get over it after a two post mourning period. This is a devastating loss and you give it the respect that it deserves. Dawn's fight with Rona was a huge turning point in that a) she decided to live and fight for her life and b) she heard her lover's voice. Hearing Simone may have saved her life, but it also makes it more difficult to be without her. All in all very touching and well done!

Coo vs. Coup - :lmao And Buffy as the brainiac - :rofl

Tara exulted in the feel of the water washing around her bare feet while her toes squished together at the feel of the sand on her soles.
Mmmm. Sensuous nummies - almost feel like I'm there! *sigh*

After all, there could be a lot of dangerous things in there. Like frogs.
Some jungle frogs ARE poisonous, but that's just funny! :laugh

Okay, LOVED the whole section describing the glow of Tara's skin and the sun on her hair but yeah, I quoted this:
Tara started to rub away at her breasts and Willow's eyes opened wide. She worked at their fullness and washed down to the now considerably hardened nub of her nipples, which were of a darker hue next to the paleness of her body. Tara then began to scrub down her mouth-watering torso to rub away at her firm stomach muscles, down the long smooth arms. Willow could only watch open mouthed at the sight of Tara's exquisite body and, as she started to drool at the young witch's naked body, wished dearly that the blonde's hands were playing with her bare breasts.
MAJOR HOTNESS!!! Loving the description and my imagination is doing the rest . . . good work!!! :applause

Then the lovemaking begins and it is amazing. There is humor, tenderness, a touch of shyness, and raging passion. I could basically quote the rest of your story to you, so I'll just say that you pulled me right into the scene and it was amazing.

You kept us waiting for a long, long looooooonnnnnnnng time! But I can honestly say that it was worth the wait! :clap :love :clap :love :clap

Great job! :flower

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Ariel Yeah, Dawn’s going through some rough times after Simone’s death and is anagry at almost everyone which you’ll see more of in this chapter. I’m glad you enjoyed the smut scene, it did take a while to write as you said but I didn’t want to just write a sex scene, but what the girls felt for each other and their fears about starting a relationship together.

Seeing as this chapter is going up on Christmas Day I just want to wish all Kittens everywhere a very Willowicious Christmas and a Taratastic new year and a big Xmas :kiss1 to all of you.



Author; willowtaralover

Disclaimer; All Buffy characters are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant enemy and Fox. I own all original concepts, characters and anything else they can’t lay their grubby hands on.

Rating; PG-13 to NC-17 for sex, violence and naughty swearing.

Story; Rough, tough pirate Captain Willow ‘Red’ Rosenberg is on the hunt for treasure but gets more than she bargained for including romance with a blonde beauty, betrayal from a crew member, and danger from a necromancer who is intent on resurrecting an evil goddess, and his undead army.

All thoughts are in italics

Chapter 20

The sun had started to go down and Tara stirred slightly as she felt a chill against her . Tara felt something tighten its grip around her waist. Something warm, soft and gentle with a slight roughness to it. She stiffened for a moment before she remembered where she was. She recalled with perfect accuracy Willow making passionate love to her by the side of the lagoon. Tara took a quick glance down and saw the redhead’s strong arms holding her close and she smiled as she thought back to earlier that afternoon when Willow had kissed her, held her and pleasured her. It was the first time in her life Tara had felt loved and needed by another and the euphoria she felt from it was more than she had ever believed possible.

Tara snuggled back a little until she felt Willow’s bare breasts against her back, felt the warm breath on her skin and heard soft snores coming from her lover and she gave a small sigh of contentment in return.

Slowly, carefully Tara turned herself in Willow’s warm, loving arms till she faced the pirate. Tara looked closely at Willow’s face and saw the freckles there, discerning little patterns of the red/brown spots on her visage while a few strands of her flame red hair fell over one of her eyes. She was surprised at how peaceful Willow’s face looked when she slept. Normally, on the Slayer, the redhead had a seriousness to her face, even in sleep, as if she carried the weight of the world on her shoulders so to see her like this, so calm, so serene; it stunned the blonde witch slightly.

“Willow, Willow wake up,” Tara said softly in her lover's ear hoping to rouse her from her slumber.

“Uhhh, mommy I don’t wanna go see Nanny Addy, she smells of farts,” the redhead complained sleepily before wrapping her arms more tightly round Tara’s back and snuggled even closer into her boobs.

“Willow, it’s me Tara,” the blonde’s voice was a little louder. She was a little frustrated as she wanted to get back to the beach and the ship's crew before it got too late and she and Willow couldn’t find their way back through the jungle.“You leave Tara alone, she’s my girl and I love her and if you hurt her I’ll thump you.” The girl’s voice was slightly whiny and there was a small child’s pout in it which made Tara smile as she took in what Willow said.

I’m her girl and she loves me, she thought with undisguised glee and she pressed her lips against the redhead’s forehead.“Hmmm Tara, Tara has nice lips mommy,” Willow murmured in her sleep before slowly starting to rouse from her repose. Her eyes fluttered open and she took in the sight of Tara’s fulsome breasts and this made her smile, a lot.“Well ullo there darlin’, how’re ya? Slept well I hope, specially after I gave ya that good seeing to.” She smirked at this, knowing how satisfied she had made her lover earlier that afternoon.

“I slept very well thank you Willow,” Tara smiled upon the redhead who was busy drooling at the sight of her plump luscious breasts.

Willow finally dragged her eyes from Tara’s boobs to look at her sweetheart’s face.

“Gods but yer beautiful,” she said quietly and leaned in close to kiss the blonde on the lips. The kiss quickly became more heated and passionate and Willow rolled onto her back pulling Tara on top of her, one hand fast in the witches long blond hair while the other hand ran up and down her smooth, pale back.

Their bodies crushed closer together, breasts squeezed against one another, hands explored bodies, their flat, muscular, stomachs rubbed together and moans of exquisite pleasure and ecstasy filled the air.

The girl’s bodies were damp with sweat as their legs became entangled together.

Willow rolled them over again so that now she was on top and had begun to grind her slick centre into Tara’s equally damp centre before wiggling her way down Tara’s body, making sure she spent a long time kissing, nipping and sucking on the breasts. Eventually Willow reached the blonde’s dripping pussy and, extending her very flexible tongue, placed it flat against the pussy and licked deeply.

It sent shockwaves of passion rushing through her lover’s body. Tara was moaning deeply and her chest was damp with sweat, her hand firmly against the Willow’s head, holding it fast against her pussy. The redhead kept up her tongue’s ministrations on Tara now harder and faster against the other girl’s centre. Their love making was becoming more intense and Willow knew it wouldn’t be long before she would bring Tara to climax.

Then she heard it.

It was only a quiet noise but it was enough to make Willow stiffen up and raise her head from where she had been sucking Tara senseless, much to the blonde’s delight.

“Willow, what is it?”

“Did’ya just hear some noise Tara, a strange noise perchance?”

Tara frowned at this odd question but replied never-the-less

“Ummm no Willow, though we were both being quite noisy.”

“Aye Tara, that we were,” Willow replied with a very self satisfied smirk. She was about to lean in and give Tara a very deep kiss on the lips when…Ribbit

Now the noise was much louder and clearer and Willow, was fully alert now she knew that she had heard something, and she lived in dread of what that something was.

“Tara love, tell me that ya heard that. Please tell me I ain’t dreaming it.” The redhead’s voice had gone up several octaves so that it was now had a slightly squeaky aspect.

“No, I did hear something,” Tara replied slowly, unsure as to the significance of the noise and what it meant to her lover.


“Shit, I knew there was summat here.” Willow scrambled up from her place across the blonde’s torso. She stood up quickly, her fists cocked and her slender but muscular body tensed for a fight. She scanned the area slowly looking all around her but couldn’t see a thing in the nearby vicinity.

Tara was incredibly nervous by now, wondering what it was that had Willow acting so peculiarly. Tara looked over at the redhead and felt another trickle of wetness ooze from her slit and down her thigh as she took in the sight of her naked Willow. She stood there like a prize-fighter about to take on all comers, her chest and forehead gleamed with sweat from where she had just been making love to Tara. The biceps showed much strength, her breasts were firm and plump despite their smaller size and her stomach was taut and hardened, ready for a fight, while her back rippled with powerful muscles.

Her face was a picture of concentration with wisps of flame red hair stuck to her face with perspiration, while the nerves in her face stood out as the redhead intently surveyed the area.

After a few moments Willow decided that all was calm and lowered her fists but didn’t stop looking around.

“W…Willow, what is it. What’s wrong?”

“I dunno it’s just….”


The sound made Willow’s ears prick up again and then she saw it.

It was on the grass just in front of her it was small and green with webbed feet and bulbous eyes. It was a frog.

As soon as she saw it Willow froze. She looked at it and it looked back at her.

“Tara,” the redhead muttered out of the side of her mouth.” “Tara get back or that thing’ll attack ya and I canna protect ya from it.” Tara took in the small amphibian creature at hers and Willow’s feet then looked curiously over at Willow.

“Umm, it’s just a frog Will. It’s not going to hurt us.”

The frog then leapt up into the air in Willow’s direction.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh,” the redhead screamed out, plainly terrified out of her mind and she ran behind Tara, peeking over the blonde’s shoulder at the small creature.“Tara, Tara love please protect me from that thing don’ let it get me.” Willow was breathing hard in fear and Tara could feel the girl’s breasts pressed tight against her back and she tried to ignore the stimulation they were causing in her body and concentrate on her lover’s fear.

“Willow, it’s just a frog. It’s not going to…”

“I don’t care Tara, just keep me safe from it. Don’t let it get me. Please for Torata’s sake don’t let it get me.”

The young witch was glad that her new lover couldn’t see her face, or the grin that was threatening to split it in two. She took the redhead’s hands in her own and moved back several steps so that Willow felt a little less threatened by the frog. She looked deep into the pirates emerald green eyes finding herself falling in love all over again while her heart went out to the usually fearless whose face was now a veritable portrait of terror.

“Willow, does that frog really scare you so much?”

The redhead merely nodded her head, her face a picture of absolute terror.

“Do you really want me to get rid of it for you?” Again Willow nodded her head and again Tara’s heart went out to the girl and her unexpected fear.

“Alright,” she said softly to the redhead and kissed her tenderly on the lips before turning her attentions to the matter in hand.

“Willow, I want you to stay here,” she said indicating the tree they stood beside.“D…do I have to look at it,” Willow nervously asked. She shivered and not just because of the slightly cooled air that the onset of dusk had brought. She wrapped her arms around her naked body in a valiant attempt to stay warm. Tara smiled at her kindly and with great sympathy. “Of course not, not if you don’t want to.”

Willow turned to face the tree while Tara approached the frog.


“Nyyyyeeee,” Willow leaped at least foot in the air as she heard the noise from her nemesis again. “Please Tara, please hurry me darling.” The witch held her hand out with assurance and after a moment the frog hopped onto the soft skin. Tara then muttered under her breath and the frog looked up at her with something akin to intelligence there. Tara then whispered to it, indicating Willow, who was still facing the tree. The frog looked back up at Tara and, appearing to understand every word she said, hopped off her hand and crossed the small lagoon to the far side and got lost in the grass.

Tara stood again, her lovely locks falling about her breast and she went over to Willow placing a gentle hand on the other girls shoulder. Willow tensed for a moment only to relax as her girl spoke softly in her ear.

“It’s alright Willow, the frog’s gone now.”

“Really, ya promise?”

Tara nodded in response, smiling happily.

“Y..yes it’s gone. Look for yourself.” And she indicated the area in front of the lagoon.

The redhead turned and looked to where Tara pointed and saw that it was frog free. “Ya did it Tara, ya did it. Ya promised ya’d get rid of it fer me and ya did. God’s but I love ya so gal.” She then pulled Tara into a warm loving embrace. “God’s but yer worth more’n yer weight in gold and I ain’t lettin’ ya go... ever.” And with those words she kissed the blonde firmly and held her even closer, their breasts coming together making them both gasp and moan.

They both looked at each other, eyes aflame with fresh passion. Then Tara turned to see that the sun had gone down even further.

“W…Willow, ummm, do you think we should get back to the others before it gets too dark?”

“Aye, ya might be on ta summat there Tare,” and taking the beautiful young woman gently by the hand they walked back across the lagoon. The water was still warm, fish still swam round their ankles and the sand still tickled their feet.

Once across the water it was a simple thing for the girls to just slip back into their clothes. Willow was about to head back to the beach when Tara stopped her.

“Shouldn’t you put your shirt back on?”

“Oh aye, er Tara lass could ya do us a favour’n bring us it over fer us?” She gave the blonde her most winning smile and despite her raised eyebrow and faux cynical look at her now lover Tara couldn’t deny Willow anything.

She lifted her dress so that the hem reached above the knees showing a substantial amount of her stunning legs making the pirate drool all over again.

Tara crossed the small body of water and picked up the shirt and looked at it curiously for a second before returning to Willow.“Ummm, Willow there’s umm something with your shirt.” She held up the item in question and Willow’s eyes went wide.

“Well now, there’s a thing.”


Dawn was still on the beach looking out over the sea. In the time she had been there the tide had ebbed and flowed several times but not once had anyone bothered her in all that time. Everyone knew how much the girl was hurting after the death of Simone and the attempt on her life by Rona so they left her alone with her thoughts. By now the other Slayerettes had started to build a fire on the beach and were skinning a couple of wild pigs and a lot of parrots and rats.

It came as no major shock to anyone when Willow and Tara came back down the path hand in hand. As they approached the pirate crew Buffy came up to them both and indicated her younger sister with a slight tilt of her head.

“Will, I’m worried about Dawn. She’s been sitting out there all day alone. No one’s been to talk to her and…” Buffy stopped for a moment as she looked closely at her friend.

“Willow is your shirt on back to front.” Willow just glared at her making the blonde feel uncomfortable. She and Tara looked at each other, Tara just shrugged giving a look that said, I know, I know, just don’t ask.

“Hrrm yeah so as I was saying, no one’s been to talk to Dawn all day. Could you go have a word with her. She really looks up to you Willow so she might listen to you.

“Aye course I will Buff just keep an eye on Tara fer us?”

“Of course I will. Come on Tara we’ve got lots of food for you to cook,” Buffy said to her fellow blonde with a grin while Tara just rolled her eyes and allowed Buffy to lead her to the campfire. As Willow walked the stretch of beach between the campfire and where Dawn sat she became aware of the sound of the others chatting and laughing together decreasing and all her senses kicked in, making her more acutely aware of her surroundings. Finally she reached the young girl and for a long time just stood beside her looking out over the ocean.

“Gorgeous innit,” Willow said after a while. Dawn didn’t reply but then Willow didn’t really expect her to. After a few minutes more the redhead spoke again.

“Are ya a’right there Dawn? Buffy thought mebbe there’s summat or stuff you might be able ta talk ta me about.”

Dawn just looked at Willow out of the corner of her eye then back to the sea. Willow waited a little longer before speaking again.

“So then lass, what is it tha’s troublin’ yers?”

Dawn just turned angrily to the Captain and glared at her.

“Like you care. As long as you have Tara you’re happy, you’re not interested in me. You don’t give a shit about anyone but yourself and Tara. You probably wouldn’t care if Rona had killed me, so why don’t you stop pretending that you give a fuck and get back to your bitch, oh sorry I mean witch.”

As Dawn went on with her tirade Willow felt her anger rise until she could take no more and she turned furiously on the younger girl.

“Now ya listen ta me ya li'l shit. No one asked ya ta come on this trip, fact as far as I can recall ya stowed away and caused nowt but trouble since we found yer. Ya were disrespectful and physically attacked me, ya nearly get yerself eaten by cannibals, Xander almost died cos of yer stupidity, but despite that he stil stood up fer ya, else I'd a dumped ya in the sea. Ya were rude and offensive ta Tara and even she gave ya second chance.

"Now I know ya been through the shit of late and I sympathise, but ya ever talk like that ta me again, I’ll be the one jumpin ya in the bilge an I won’t need no knife either, me fists’ll be more’n enough.”

Dawn just gave the Captain a withering look, almost as if she genuinely dared Willow to pick a fight with her.

Willow just glared at her in response and was about to go back to the party of pirates when she heard Dawn call after her,

“Your shirt’s on back to front,”

Willow responded by giving a withering look of her own and said, “Oh shut up,” and she stormed off before she caused any damage to Dawn's face by punching it hard.

The redhead made her way back to the rest of her crew who was preparing the meat. Someone had made a crude spit and while the parrots
and rats, which had been decapitated, were already roasting over the fire while the wild pigs were being hacked into separate joints.

As Willow grew nearer the fire Tara sensed her darker mood after her argument with Dawn and she left Buffy to stand by Willow's side.

"W...Willow what is it? Is Dawn alright? Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Tare, but I tell's ya if that Dawn don' watch it she's gonna be a long way from bein' a'right cos she'll be findin' me fists doin her a damage." Willow glared back down the beach to where Dawn still sat despite the encroaching darkness of night.

"Perhaps I should talk to Dawn, m...maybe she'll listen to me."

At Tara's suggestion, Willow gave a crude snort of a laugh before replying, "Aye Tara, an mebbe I'll give up this life of honest piracy an go run a frog farm."

Tara found this reply slightly curious as recalled their encounter in the jungle earlier that day. Willow noticed the crinkled look on Tara's forehead and rolling her eyes sighed heavily.

"That were sarcasm Tara," the redhead said, suddenly feeling very tired.

The blonde mouthed 'oh' to herself before getting back to the conversation.

"She did defend me on the Slayer when the rest of the crew tried to kill me because they found out I was a witch."

At this several members of the crew turned away in embarrassment remembering their own parts in the attempt to throw Tara off the Slayer while Willow glared at the group.

"There is some good in her Willow but she has had a really hard time lately." Tara continued feeling a little awkward "She's lost her love, then was attacked on the ship for helping me. Willow, she deserves understanding and someone showing that they care about her, not everyone is able to hide their feelings or keep them in check. Just give me a chance to talk to her. If she ignores me or is rude then I'll just leave her be."

Willow looked long and hard first at Tara then down to where Dawn sat as she considered Tara's suggestion.

"A'right," she said finally "but if she don't respond then come right back here. I don't want ya ta waste yer time if she ain't gonna co-operate."

Tara quietly made her way to where Dawn still contemplated the waters, though by now the sea was much harder to see in the dark night.

"May I sit here," the blonde asked politely unsure of how Dawn would respond and prepared herself for the worst.

The younger girl glanced up in Tara's direction before looking back put to sea.

"If you like," the reply came sullenly, without love or happiness.

She's so unhappy, Tara thought as she sat on the sandy beach by her bodyguard and her heart went out to her again. After a few moments silence Tara began to speak in a quiet voice.

"I miss her so much, my mother. When she died it was as if I had died as well I felt so alone in the world, as if I had no one else on my side. But slowly over time I felt better, happier again. It was as if my mother had returned and had become a part of me." Tara then placed a gentle hand on Dawn's back. At the first the younger girl tensed an then spoke her voice heavy with misery and sadness.

"I really loved Simone you know, I still do. Then I find that she's been murdered, I nearly get killed in a fight in the bilge." Dawn turned her head away slightly, clearly fighting tears and continued. "I can't stop fighting with Willow and I GENUINELY like Willow. She's been my friend for so long," Dawn raised her eyes and looked helplessly into Tara's face. "What the hell's wrong with me Tara. You know all I ever wanted was to be like Willow and be out adventuring on the high seas. Then when I get that chance it all goes wrong, god's what did I do Tara, what the hell did I do so wrong to deserve all this shit."

By now her voice was nearly choked by suppressed sobs and tears were coursing down her cheeks. Tara sensed how broken hearted the girl was and, wrapping and arm round her shoulders and pulled her close for a loving cuddle.

"Sweetie, you haven't done anything wrong. You've just fallen foul of some truly horrible people who have hurt you but you still have friends and people who love you."

"Like who?" Dawn enquired despondently. She felt totally dispirited and lost and wasn't entirely ready to believe what Tara told her but was at least willing to listen for once.

"Well there's myself for one, Buffy must love you because you're her sister, I know for a fact that Willow cares about you but she's just so tired of fighting and arguing with you constantly. And a great many crew members like you as well, so you're not really alone."

Though it could not be seen in the dark Tara smiled gently at Dawn and wrapped both her arms around the girl, holding her in a loving hug and kissed the top of her head. A loud rumbling sound emanated from Dawn's stomach as hunger took a hold of her.

"It sound's like you want something to eat. Shall we go join the others, Laragh and Alex got a wild pig though I'm sure a strong brave pirate like yourself would much prefer to try some rat or parrot."

"Ewwww, no thanks gimme some wild pig any day." Though she could not see her face in the dark Tara very easily imagined the expression on Dawn's face and grinned at the image.

"Come on then, let's get some food before Xander finishes it all," and the two girls smiled at this.

As they made their way down to where the fire burned fiercely in the night, tongues of flame licking at the darkness Tara was very quiet, her mind in contemplation of an idea that involved magic of the most ancient and powerful kind. She hesitated, knowing that it would either help Dawn or hurt hurt even more.

Unconsciously, she placed three finers on the tattoo of the sun on her wrist, her Goddess' symbol of power Goddess, please let my decision about this be right, she thought before giving voice to her plan.

"Dawn would you like to see Simone one last time?"


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