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 Post subject: New Fic (AU/Slight Canon) Dry Heat Chapter 42 05/28/2021
PostPosted: Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:01 pm 
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Chapter One

Pairing: W/T

Rating: PG-13 for language

Angst/Drama Rating: This is about a 3 on the 1-10 scale.

Setting: The Grove – Tucson

Disclaimer: I in no way, shape or form own the characters from BtVS, they’re owned by Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy. All original characters are in no way connected to them except by me in this forum. I own nothing but my soul, and even that is only a fleeting ownership… such is life.


Feedback: If you’re up for, it’s always appreciated.

Overall Summary: Everything up to most of “Seeing Red” happens, BUT (and there's always that handy dandy "but", isn't there?) obviously it had a different outcome. I took liberties, I'm playing with timeliness and will push them forwards and back to suit my plot as needed (ain't that a bitch?). That's what makes it AU with a Canon backbone, most are my own creation, with some borrowing going on. Some characters will only float in and out not as main characters. “Seeing Red” doesn’t happen completely canon nor does season- what is it I've seen? Slayven? That follows afterward in my little opus. But I have plans - oh yes, I have plans, lol.

This will be my version of the story and how I think things could have been done. There will be characters, situations, and additions that weren't there and subtractions as I see fit so that is what pushes this into the "slight AU" category. It's a rough start, it does get better - I promise. Thanks for reading.

Author’s Notes: In General: This is my first attempt at fanfic, and my first at writing something that would remotely resemble a story in a VERY, VERY long time. So please bear with me. I know it's a rocky start, and as I get more comfortable, finding my style again and back in the swing, it does get better. All constructive criticism will be welcomed. Each chapter will have Author’s Notes and rating adjustments as needed – so watch for those. Flashbacks are in italics and only a few chapters will have them.

The car was quickly heading through town heading back to The Grove. Dana was at the wheel of her baby blue convertible VW Bug, and Willow was sitting with her face turned upwards to the sun enjoying its warmth. Dana sped up as they were leaving the city, and moving towards the edges of town.

As they approached a four way stop, they both noticed a beat up pickup truck pulled off on the opposite side of the road. A petite woman standing on the fender wearing the smallest pair of shorts either woman had seen in a long time.

They both looked at each other, and Willow shrugged at Dana, saying, “Your call, you’re driving.”

So Dana pulled over to the other side of the road in front of the truck. As they pulled up, they could hear the woman cursing loudly, and quite well.

When the engine stopped, the little female barely glanced over her shoulder, as she kept banging on some part of the engine. Dana and Willow got out of the car and approached the truck. Standing there for a few minutes listening to her cuss and bang, Dana cleared her throat.

“Motherfucker!” The young woman bellowed.

The young woman yelled loudly before she jumped off of the fender, and turned to face them. She looked Dana and Willow up and down before her eyes lingered on Willow, with a rather intense gaze.

“Well, at least you aren’t the creepy cowboy wannabes that are normally out here,” She said.

Dana and Willow looked at each other again.

“Not to state the obvious, but, uh, do you need some help or something? Call a tow truck, maybe?” Dana asked.

The young woman pulled a rag out from under the hood and smiled as she wiped off her hands. “That would be great if you don’t mind. My name’s Claudia, but everyone calls me Claude,” she said as she stuck her hand out.

Dana took her hand first. “I’m Dana and this is Willow.”

“Willow,” she said as she shook Willow’s hand, holding it just a little too long. Willow pulled back her hand self-consciously.

“Hi,” Willow said and gave a small wave.

Claude was a very petite woman with brown hair streaked with gold from being out in the sun, and she was very tan. Her features were pixie-like – high sharp cheekbones, and large, expressive eyes. Her stature only encouraged this image, as she was barely five feet tall.

Compared to both Willow – who was not tall at almost five feet six inches, Dana looked like a giant, being nearly six feet tall. Her rail thin frame was topped off with a mop of extremely curly, blonde hair, and gold, almond shaped eyes, much like a cats. No hints of brown or green in her eyes, just a rich gold.

The trio of striking women made an odd sight, as they stood along the side of the deserted desert road, staring at each other.

“So, do you need to call someone for a ride?” Dana asked as Willow shot her a look.

Claude didn’t miss it the exchange either, and said, “Umm, actually the ride would be great, it’s not far. I’m staying at Canyon Ranch, maybe five or six miles back.”

Willow sighed heavily, shifting her feet as she gave Dana a baleful look.

“No, that’s fine. It’s on our way. We’ll pass right by it,” she said. “Are you a guest or an employee?”

“Employee,” Claude smiled, “I’m the recreational guide, slash manager, slash gardener. I arrange hiking, rock climbing, nature tours to the caverns – things like that for the guests. A girl’s got to do something for fun around here. So where are you two headed? There’s not much out here but ranches and coyotes.” She said with a shrug.

Willow looked at Dana with a raised eyebrow, waiting to see how she answered without giving too much away.

“The Grove,” she said without elaborating.

“Oh…oh. That’s like a religious retreat or something, right?”

“That’s one way to put it,” Willow muttered.

Claude looked back and forth between the two. “You’re not in a cult or something are you?”

Dana laughed outright as Willow smirked before saying, “No, not at all.”

“And you’re not going to try to convert me or anything?” Claude teased.

Willow snickered at the comment, shaking her head Dana said, “No, that’s not what we do.”

“Oh, ok, good. Well, let me grab a few things, and we can go,” Claude replied.

She turned, and used the bumper to push off, grabbed the hood to slam it closed, which set off another round of very colorful cursing. She went to the cab of the truck, reached in and pulled a few things out including a backpack, slamming the door as she went. Walking past the front tire she kicked it muttering, “Piece of shit, pain in my ass…”

Willow was leaning against the car door staring at her feet, lost in thought. The look on Willow’s face made Claude stop short to study her. When Willow looked up, Claude’s face was one of concern as she was left to wonder why the pretty redhead seemed to be so profoundly sad.

“Front seat or back seat?” Willow asked quietly.

Smiling brightly to lighten the somber mood, Claude said, “I’ll take the back.”

As she moved to get in, Willow noticed how tan Claude was, and how white her smile seemed against her skin. Willow also realized she was being checked out with more than a passing interest. An obviously uncomfortable flush creep over Willow’s face, making her shift nervously on her feet and stiffen slightly. Willow opened the door, motioning Claude into the car.

“Thanks,” Claude said, tossing her backpack over the seat, and hopping in.

“Are you ok? You really should have a hat, and sunscreen, and maybe even a long sleeve shirt. You’re so fair…here,” Claude picked up her backpack and rummaged through it, saying “Take this, it will help.”

She had handed Willow a bottle of water, and taking it with a weak smile, Willow said quietly, “Thanks.”

“Hold on to your hats ladies!” Dana yelled, as the VW Bug roared to life and she mashed on the gas pedal shooting the little car out onto the road, dust flying.

As they drove, Dana could see Claude watching Willow intently in her rear view mirror, which Willow was completely oblivious to. So lost in her own thoughts, she paid no attention to their surroundings, or the conversation being yelled back and forth around her.

Slowly turning the bottle of water in her hands, Willow was thinking about the last time she saw Tara. Claude’s open interest brought familiar old feelings to the surface; it always came back to Tara. Her throat tightened, and she felt tears building behind her eyes. Blinking rapidly trying to stop the tears that she knew would come – that always came – she began to wish she hadn’t left The Grove that day. It would have saved her guilt, memories, and the shame she always felt when her thoughts meandered back to the woman that still holds her heart. Yet again, it all came screaming back.

Tara was crying and begging Willow not to leave, her own tears streaming down her face. But what was worse was the fear Willow could see in her beloved’s eyes; the knowledge that the woman she loved more than the air she breathed, feared her. She had been so good, worked so hard, to get her dependence and reliance on the dark magicks under control, only to have it ruined in one fleeting moment.

When Willow heard the shot, and Xander screamed, she and Tara jumped off of the couch, looking out the window. Her mouth dropped open when she saw Warren waving a gun at Buffy, bellowing, his face almost purple and contorted in rage. He began firing the gun without really aiming at any target. In that instant, it all changed. Willow would not let him hurt her friends, her family.

Warren turned, and looked at her, but didn’t really see her through the rage coursing through him so heavy she could smell it. When he fired again, it seemed like everything slowed down. She could even see the bullet as it left the barrel its path traveling directly towards Tara standing next to her.

That’s all it took.

This was the one thing that pushed her over the edge; the one thing that could make her throw all the months of work out the window with both hands. She heard herself roar, “YOU WILL NOT HURT HER!!” and with a flick of her hand, the bullet stopped in mid-air. With another motioning, she turned the bullet around, and with all her anger, she sent it flying back at Warren.

The force was such that when it hit the gun it exploded, pushing straight through, and hitting Warren right between the eyes blowing the back of his head off. Glass shattered everywhere from the force of the pulse of magicks Willow sent to stop the bullet. Xander was cradling Buffy and Willow had pushed Tara to the floor.

She stood, shaking, her eyes black and magick crackled from her finger tips, as every nerve tingled. She looked down at Tara and saw it; that was the first time she saw fear. FEAR. Fear of her in her lover’s eyes and it was almost an audible snap, and she crashed to her knees next to Tara, whispering, “Oh Gods, what have I done?”

Her eyes were still black as she began to shake, sweat, and cry. She never thought she was capable of killing another human being. Demons and vampires were one thing, but taking a human life? She looked again at Tara and the fear was still there, the one thing she never thought she would see…

She pulled herself out of her bitter reverie when the car jerked to a stop. She started to get out, but Claude hopped over the door pulling her back pack with her.

“Thank you, both for the ride,” Claude said as she watched Willow.

Willow smiled stiffly, and Dana said, “Not a problem. Will your truck be ok?”

“Yeah, this isn’t the first time this has happened. I’ll just have one of the guys go drag it back up here,” Claude said with a sigh.

She looked again at Willow, her head cocked to one side, as if she was trying to figure her out, and delighted at the prospect. “Well, umm, yeah, well, like I said, I arrange for day and overnight trips for hiking, and we have cabins in the Chiricahua Mountains. It’s beautiful this time of year, and cooler than the city, so umm, just to return the favor you know, if you guys wanted to do an overnight stay, I could arrange it – it would be my treat,” she said as she looked hopefully at Willow. “You know, return a good deed kinda thing?”

Willow had no idea this was all being directed to her since she was still absently staring at the unopened bottle of water in her hands.

Dana piped up, “That’s very sweet of you, should we just call the ranch or come by?” she said as she shot a look at Willow.

“Yeah, that’s great, you can stop by anytime you like. Just ask for me at the front desk.” Claude said smiling hopefully.

Dana nudged Willow, trying to draw her back to the present. “What? Umm, yeah, thank you. That sounds nice.”

“Well, we’ve got to be on our way. Thanks again, Claude. That’s very sweet of you,” Dana said as she started the car, waving as she backed out and headed down the driveway.

They sat in silence, Willow once again had her face turned to the sun with her eyes closed. Dana noticed the tears creeping down her face and knew why without asking. Finally, she said, “You know that offer was really directed at you, right?”

With a shaky sigh, Willow said, “Actually I did, I’m not completely oblivious.” She opened her eyes, wiping at the tears with the back of her hand, and stared at the landscape, as she dropped the water onto the floor under her feet.

Giving her a sidelong glance Dana said, “You have no intention of calling on her do you?”

With a sad smile, Willow replied, “None at all.”

Dana smiled sadly and patted Willow’s knee. She knew some of what Willow had been through, and it was so much so quickly over the last eighteen months for anyone, much less a young woman of her age. Not only was her heart bruised but her soul had been scarred by what happened. All the conflicting emotions that often made things harder for Willow; concentration is hard under normal circumstance, but it can be nearly impossible when your emotions are in turmoil. Dana did not envy Willow her lot in life at the moment, as they made the turn onto the long gravel driveway back to The Grove.



Chapter Two

Pairing: W/T eventually

Rating: PG-13 for language and mild violence

Angst/Drama Rating: So I guess this should be here too since much like life nothing comes easy; I'd say on a scale of 1-10 this is about a 4.

Setting: The Grove and Sunnydale

Disclaimer: I in no way, shape or form own the characters from BtVS, they’re owned by Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy. All original characters are in no way connected to them except by me in this forum. No money is involved this is simply for my own pleasure.


Feedback: Sure but if you wanna rip me a new one do it by pm, please.

As soon as the car stopped, Willow felt better. The comfort of The Grove had an immediate calming effect on her. She began to feel less raw, but her thoughts were still on Tara. Wondering what she was doing, how she was doing, if she thought of Willow as much as she thought of her.

Often she woke in the night and could smell Tara as if she were in the room with her. Her perfume, and soap, sweet, and rich like honey; the smells suited the gentle young woman. Bringing back with them all the memories of the quiet, tender moments spent with Tara.

Willow shook herself to clear the memories away, and Dana watched sadly while following her into the main hall. “What do you need, Will?” she asked.

Without any hesitation, Willow responded sullenly, “Tara.”

Dana pulled her into a tight hug, and this time Willow allowed the embrace, shaking while she tried to keep the tears in check, as Dana attempted to comfort her. After a few minutes, Willow broke the embrace with a heavy sigh.

“Can we do some exercises? I just need something else to focus on,” Willow asked.

“Absolutely, would you like just you and I, or would you like me to get Lady Rowan, too?” Dana replied.

Willow thought for a minute, then nodding she said, “Yes, then you both can really run me through my paces.”

Dana left, and Willow headed outside towards the field. It had once been a baseball diamond but when the coven had taken it over they left it to grow to its natural state. Since this was the desert, the grass had, for the most part, died off, and it was now just an open field filled with scrub brush and cactus.

Some wildflowers grew, a few bright orange poppies, but not much of anything else. She walked to the middle of the field, sat down in the lotus position, closed her eyes while breathing deeply, and tried to focus.

The whole idea behind the exercises was to remain focused, not let anger cloud Willow’s better judgment; to keep a balance between her emotions, and her power, and where she draws it from. As she sat waiting, Willow’s mind wandered back over the past eighteen months.

The darkness would always be a part of Willow, but it is part she can control. In the last year, she had been taught how to control her impulses – all the things that made giving into the quick power easily. Instead let the energy dissipate, allowing only the positive side of her magic to come through.

The six months she had spent in England with Giles had been the hardest of her life. Everything that happened with Warren could be explained away, in that when he tried to take more shots the gun had failed exploding in his hand. With Buffy wounded, and everything happening so quickly, the only people that really knew what had happened were Willow, Tara, Giles the covens in England, and now Tucson that she was working with. Buffy and Xander never really saw or knew what had transpired that afternoon.

Willow had to stop practicing everything altogether. She had to relearn how to do everyday tasks without the magicks she had come to rely upon so heavily. That’s when she realized just how bad she had gotten, she no longer did the simplest of tasks without ‘helping’ it along.

It truly made her feel like a junkie; when the withdrawals began – the sweats, the shakes, the nausea, the muscle pain and cramping. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced. Then there were the white streaks that had started when she was in England. They started at her pronounced widow’s peak and framed her face on either side. It made such a contrast to her flame red hair and deep green jewel like eyes, especially being barely twenty-two.

When she thought she had finally gotten through it all though, the magicks had remained, and Giles came to her. He told her that she was unique, that being able to stop using dark magicks but continue to grow stronger was unheard of – there simply was no known case of it – ever. The council had tried to measure her powers once before when she first arrived in England, and could not find a limit. Now, if she could be taught properly how to harness and use her powers, that would make her more valuable than the Hope Diamond. Then he talked about a coven in the United States that had agreed to help her learn.

All of this ran through Willow’s mind as she sat on what would have been second base. She felt more than heard Dana and Rowan as they approached, but did not move continuing to focus. The older women slowly started to circle her slowly. The electricity in the air began to pick up making Willow’s skin tingle, and the hairs on her arms stand up.

Rowan and Dana moved in opposite directions as they began to draw their energies. Willow was now focusing on the ball of white energy that she started to envision in her solar plexus, moving it to her heart, and letting it grow until it surrounded her entire body.

First, Rowan sent a charge of energy directly at Willow that bounced off with a hissing sound like water on a hot skillet. Dana then sent a rush of energy that undulated like the heat coming off the dry desert roads in July. Only Willow’s hair fluttered, never once opening her eyes, she sent a pulse of energy that knocked both her mentors off of their feet. She continued to focus on the ball of energy at her breast letting the pain of her emotions flow out of her, as the warmth of the energy replaced it.

Simultaneously Rowan and Dana sent energy at Willow, cracking like lightning. There was a reason this field was empty, with all the energy used in this area nothing much would grow, and fires had broken out before during fledgling training sessions.

When Willow was particularly sad, as she was today, her focus was intense and she had slowly risen several inches off the ground. She rotated so she was facing both women. Energy shots passed back and forth between them for almost two hours. Then slowly the older witches began to rise against their will. Willow had gotten past their defenses, and lifted them several feet off the ground, then began to turn them upside down.

In a matter of seconds, she had them both dangling by the ankle, hands prone at their sides no longer able to cast. The three witches stayed like this until Rowan called out, “Okay, okay, all the blood is in my head, it’s hot and I’m old, you win!”

Slowly they both turned upright and were set down on their feet. Willow had started to lower herself as well, but she still sat with her eyes closed, tears streaming down her face, but no sound gave away her tears. Willow finally began to move again and looked up to see both her friends looking down at her with their concern written all over their faces.

“Sister, what disturbs you today?” Rowan asked gently as she reached her hand down to Willow.

“Nothing, My Lady; just old ghosts, as usual,” Willow said with a pained smile.

Nodding her head, Rowan spoke softly, “I see, child, always remember to breathe. It may not take the pain away, but it will make it more tolerable.” She pressed a dry wrinkled hand to Willows check. “You did very well today; you didn’t have to open your eyes once. Your progress is amazing, dear.”

Willow looked at her feet, and muttered, “For a killer,” Willow turned on her heel, and walked away heading back to the main hall.

Rowan looked at Dana and sighed. “Does she know yet?”

Dana looked down at her hands. “No, My Lady, I wasn’t sure how she would be if I told her Tara still wants to see her, if in fact, she does, now that she’s back stateside. She still seems so fragile, and Giles won’t say anything to me. I don’t know how long the Maclay girl has been hounding him but from his voice quite some time. It’s only been in the last few months that Willow has truly made unbelievable progress, that she seems to be getting strong again – and not just with her magicks, My Lady.”

Rowan sighed heavily, her brow furrowing with concern and care, “Sister, we cannot keep this from her. If the Maclay girl still wants to see Willow, still wants to…love her, and has forgiven her, we cannot stop them. It is my understanding she too is powerful. Born and raised in it, taught to respect what the Goddess gives, and to never misuse it. If this is so, and their souls are truly mated, we have no right to cause either anymore suffering. Besides, we cannot coddle Willow forever, as much as we might like to keep her safe.”

As they began walking back to the main hall, Dana began, “That was part of their problems; Tara had been raised by a mother that was also a Sister of the Goddess. She died when Tara was a teenager, and her father and brother – I use those terms loosely – did awful things to her, My Lady. This is only what Rupert has told me, so while it’s accurate I have a feeling he left a lot out.” Dana paused, “What would you have me do, My Lady? I can drive there in a day to find her; Rupert will tell me where she is.”

Rowan thought for a moment as they entered the main hall, going directly to her office, Rowan closed the door behind them. “Sit, Sister.”

She walked around an elaborate oak desk that had the Triquetra Goddess symbol and of all sorts of protections symbols carved into it. Rowan sat down heavily in her chair; she pushed at her bob of salt and pepper hair, trying to keep it out of her warm brown eyes.

Rowan’s expression was contemplative as she spoke, “I may be wrong, but I think we should test the water with both girls first. Willow is an exceptional young woman and witch, but it pains me to see her like this for so long. Obviously, theirs was an extraordinary relationship, and now we have a chance to perhaps give them back to one another. With that kind of joy in her life, can you imagine what kind of peace it would bring her? How much more her power would grow? What would the pair of them be like if we can bring them back together? You saw Willow today, not a scratch on her or us. If we can make this happen for her, we owe her that much. I fear without it, she will not fulfill the path she is destined to walk, and never be what she was born to be, Dana.”

Two days later in Sunnydale

The front door of 1630 Revello Drive slammed open, and Dawn bounced in yelling, “Anyone home?”

“In here, sweetie,” Came the soft tones of Tara’s voice. She turned, and smiled at Dawn, as she took a seat on one of the bar stools around the center island.

“What do you want for dinner Dawnie? We have options,” Tara smiled.

With a bright smile, Dawn asked, “Ooo, options! What ‘options’ do we have?”

“Well, I was in the garden trimming some basil today, so we could have Pasta Pomodoro. There’s also some chicken, and I could trim some rosemary, and we could have it with some roasted veggies – you have to eat the veggies though. Either sound good to you?” Tara smiled as she explained.

“What is Pasta Pomodoro? Would I like it?” Dawn asked.

“Well, it’s pasta, obviously, with fresh basil, garlic, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar; we can even add the chicken to it if you want. C’mon, Dawnie, live dangerously,” She said with a mischievous, lop-sided smile.

It was a smile that had only recently started making its reappearance, made Dawn so happy to see it. She hopped down off the stool, and hugged her friend, then said, “Sounds great, then again most anything you make is great. Do you want some help?”

Tara smiled at Dawn. “Sure sweetie, I picked up Roma tomatoes today, and they’re in the colander in the sink. Quarter them then cut them into decent size chunks. I even got a nice loaf of French bread from the bakery. We can have it as is, or I can make garlic bread. Which do you want?”

With a snicker, Dawn said, “We had garlic bread the other night and Buffy said the vamps wouldn’t come close enough to dust so maybe just plain will be good.”

Tara and Dawn both snickered at the thought of vampires running away from Buffy more than usual. Tara started to hum while she cleaned, and chopped the basil, moving on to the fresh garlic. Dawn stopped to look over her shoulder at her friend for a moment, smiling that Tara’s mood seemed to be getting better all of the time.

Dawn knew now that Tara could get through a whole day without crying, for the most part. She also knew that the nights were worst for Tara. She and Buffy had both heard her crying at night, and it broke their hearts. They just didn’t understand why Willow wouldn’t contact them, or at the very least her. Dawn sighed and turned back to quartering tomatoes for dinner.

When Tara heard the sigh, she didn’t bother to look up; she knew what it was about. Tara didn’t need to read minds to feel the emotions, as they rolled off of Dawn in waves. Dawn always had her heart on her sleeve, and maybe that’s what made Tara feel so protective of her. Tara turned and put a pot on to boil for the pasta. Dawn grabbed the chicken breast, rinsed them off like Tara had shown her, and began cutting them into strips.

Once again the front door opened, and Buffy yelled, “Honey, I’m home!” Just as Tara dropped olive oil, and garlic into the sauté pan, and the aroma started to fill the house.

“Mmm, something smells good,” Buffy said as she walked into the kitchen, and looked over Tara’s shoulder which was hard for her to since Tara had a few inches on her, so she settled on looking around her shoulder.

“What’s for dinner?” Buffy asked.

Looking over her shoulder at Buffy, Tara said brightly, “Dawn’s pick for the evening; Pasta Pomodoro. And now that you’re here – well, first go shower, you reek – then get comfortable, and you can be grill mistress, and grill us some other veggies,” she giggled.

“What did you do today? Anything fun?” Buffy asked. “How was school, Dawnie?”

Tara shrugged, and started to speak, but before she could reply Dawn said, “School is school, but I got a B+ on that biology test.” smiling broadly.

“After class, I went to The Magic Box for a few things, some sage, and whatnot – and to see Anya,” Tara said quietly.

There was a pause as Buffy looked thoughtful. “Geez, I haven’t been to the Magic Box in ages.”

“Well, you know there are t-times when I still need something for an r-ritual or something. Then Anya and I talk for a bit, I think Willow and I…” her voice trailed off.

The look on Tara’s face was one Buffy had seen so many times over the last eighteen months, and it pained her to see it. Giles wouldn’t tell her more than Willow is safe, and sends everyone her love. A fat lot of good that did, Tara had pretty much become a recluse, except for school, the few things she had been able to push her to do, and the occasional trip to The Magic Box. More often now, Tara patrolled with Buffy.

“Okay, give me a few to go shower,” Buffy said, shooting a look at Dawn, indicating Tara with a subtle jerk of her head, that inquired about how she had really been.

Dawn just shrugged, and mouthed “She seems okay.”

“What kind of veggies, do they need to be cleaned or cut?”Asked Buffy.

Dawn piped up, “Yeah Tara, which ones are they?” as she leaned into the fridge.

Buffy left the room and headed up the stairs. When she got to her room, she shut the door and leaned against it wrapping her arms around herself. “Why, Willow, why? Can’t you feel her pain?” Buffy whispered. With that, she grabbed clothes and headed for the bathroom.

Dawn had gone out to light the gas grill, so it would be hot enough by the time Buffy came downstairs. The pot was boiling, and Tara drained half the water out, and replaced it with chicken stock then dropped the angel hair pasta in to cook.

Tara then went back to cutting zucchini, and summer squash, while having Dawn clean portabella mushroom caps, so by the time the slayer got downstairs she was handed a plate of veggies; all she had to do was put them on the grill and leave them.

As Tara sautéed the tomatoes, chicken, garlic, and basil together and waiting to add the balsamic last since that’s the part she thought Dawn would like the least, she used it a bit more sparingly.

“Check the veggies, Buffy” she called.

The three women had developed a routine. After Willow left Tara fell apart, and tried to move out. Neither Dawn, nor Buffy would allow her to; they told her she was family, and family stays together. Sometimes the best families are often the one you make, and not necessarily the one you’re born into. When the time came, and Tara could bear it, Buffy had helped Tara pack up the things Willow had left behind, to be put in the attic.

There were a few things Tara kept that Buffy didn’t know about. Like Willow’s favorite shirt to sleep in, and the sweater Tara had been wearing when Oz wolfed out, a small almost empty bottle of the perfume. Sometimes when she was alone, feeling particularly sad, and missing Willow so much she would go to the boxes in the attic.

Just opening them up, she could smell her Willow, breathing in deeply, and get a small bit of comfort. Sometimes she just cried into the boxes, great sobbing, body wrenching sounds that were as unbearable to hear, as they were to do.

So today was a good day, for the most part, no big meltdowns. Just a few tears shed here and there, all missed by those around her who loved Tara. She turned the chicken, and then added the balsamic, tossing everything together.

“Dawnie, you wanna test the pasta for me?” Tara asked.

Dawn came bouncing in from lighting the grill. “Sure, but I’m sure it’s perfect, it always is. You’re like the momma hen here; you know all the secrets, for all the best things.”

Tara looked at Dawn, reminding herself that she’s not so young anymore. She’s old enough to drive, and since school is almost over, she’ll be a junior next year. Tara nudged her with her hip, as Dawn stood next to her, “You goof,” Tara said affectionately.

Buffy came down and grabbed the plate of veggies to grill, and noticed the dining room table was already set, as she moved outside, thinking Tara must have gotten Dawn to do it.

“Go wash your hands!” Tara yelled while they did that she opened a bottle of white wine, one of her favorites. Santa Margherita’s Pinot Grigio. Not one of the most expensive but not the cheapest either, not that it mattered to her anyway.

Buffy came back with grilled veggies, and Dawn came into the kitchen. “Would it be easier if we just bring our plates?” Dawn asked, “Everything smells so good. How did you learn to cook like this?”

Tara thought for a minute, “Umm, I don’t know really. Here, and there, I like to cook for the people I love; it’s how I spoil them, so maybe that’s why.” She shrugged and smiled, as she looked at the two sisters, causing a group hug that left all three a little teary.

“Food! Must feed the slayer!” Tara said as she broke away from the hug, and grabbed Buffy’s plate, putting some pasta on it, and asked, “More?”

Buffy smiled quirky an eyebrow. “Do you know me? Of course more! I haven’t felt this spoiled, and taken care of since Mom…” Buffy nervously looked at Dawn, who took it all in stride.

“Yup, we’re lucky girls, Buffy,” Dawn replied.

Tara blushed and handed Buffy her plate. “This really does smell amazing, Tara.” Buffy headed to the table, followed by Dawn, and lastly Tara.

“Buffy, would you like a glass?” Tara asked holding the bottle of wine up for her to see.

“Just one, have to patrol later, and after the garlic thing, I don’t want to hear drunk jokes too.” Buffy snarked, Tara smiled and Dawn snickered.

“Can I have some?” Dawn asked. Tara looked at Buffy with a raised eyebrow.

“C’mon Buffy, I’m not a little kid anymore!” Dawn started to whine a bit.

Buffy looked at Tara, and said, “Okay, but only half a glass, the very smallest of half glasses.”

“On one condition,” Tara said, “You have to eat all your veggies first then you can have it. Seem fair, Buffy?”

“Very, you heard her, get to eatin’, missy.” Buffy agreed.

The three enjoyed their meal, talking casually about their day, having no idea everything was going to change, and what they thought they knew was only a small part of the truth. As Dawn was helping Buffy clear the table, Tara had already started doing the dishes, Buffy was drying, and Dawn putting away.

Buffy and Dawn were teasing each other when the doorbell rang, and Dawn skittered out of the kitchen yelling, “Coming!”

They could hear the door open, and Buffy had stopped to listen, “She’s signing for something, and it’s for you, Tara. Did you order something?”

Tara looked puzzled. “Not that I can think of, maybe it’s a book.”

Dawn came back into the kitchen with a FedEx envelope; she held it out saying, “Tara, it’s for you.”

“Go ahead and open it, sweetie, my hands are wet,” Tara said over her shoulder.

Dawn ripped open the seal on the envelope, pulling out the enclosed letter that was printed on the letterhead from The Coven of the Grove, and as her eyes flashed over the letter not quite understanding exactly what she was reading, but saw Willow’s name printed plainly.

“Dawnie, what is it?” Tara asked as she turned around, and saw the girl pale.

“I really think you should read this Tara, it’s important, I think,” Dawn whispered holding out the letter.

Tara wiped one hand off on her jeans and took the letter and started to read:

"Dear Ms. Maclay,

Blessed Be and Merry Meet! I hope this finds you in good spirits. Let me being by introducing myself, I am Lady Rowan Kelly, Priestess of The Coven at The Grove in Tucson, Arizona. I am contacting you on behalf of one of my initiates, Sister Willow Rosenberg."

Tara gasped and dropped the plate she held in her hand. “By the goddess… Willow.” She looked up to see the sisters staring back at her. She looked back at the letter and read aloud:

"Miss Rosenberg is unaware of our attempt to contact you. She has been with us for almost year now and her initiation is drawing near; she is safe and well, but not whole. I am hoping that you might be amenable to perhaps making a trip here at our expense to see her. Again, she is unaware of our contact, and that was my decision, should you choose not to see her.

If you would contact me here at The Grove, I would be most pleased to make arrangements for your visit. You needn’t stay on the grounds; we do have several lovely guesthouses where we could accommodate you if you like.

I also imagine this is a great shock to you, Sister. The time has come where the only thing we can now give Willow, would be for her to see you whatever its outcome. She has gone through so much, as we are told so have you, because of this separation. If we can give this gift to Willow, and to you, then the goddess will be pleased.

By all means, take some time to think this over; we will only alert Sister Willow should you decide to come. This will be the only request we send you, so if there is no reply, then we will understand.

In two weeks the majority of the members of the coven will be taking a sabbatical for six weeks, leaving maybe a dozen of us here. I don’t know if that knowledge would make you any more comfortable or not. If in two weeks time we have not received word from you, we will assume you do not wish to see her.

We hope to hear from you Sister.

Blessed Be,
Lady Rowan Kelly"

Tara looked up at Buffy and Dawn, her mouth opening, but no sound coming out before she promptly fainted. Buffy rushed to catch her before she hit the floor. Dawn picked up the letter while Buffy carried her to the couch, and got a glass of water.

Dawn asked quietly, “What do you think it means, Buffy?”

Buffy began to pace as she said, “It seems to me one of two things, either it’s the first time she has been allowed to contact her, or the first time she is strong enough to see her – I’m not sure which. Damn, Giles! Why wouldn’t he just tell us! She’s in Arizona for god’s sake – we could be there in less than a day! Look at what Tara has had to suffer through!”

At that moment Tara started to come around. “Stop yelling, please Buffy,” Tara said as she moved to sit up, and Dawn helped her, and then sat down next to her wrapping both arms around one of hers.

“I’m okay, Dawnie, really,” Tara said unconvincingly.

“You don’t look okay,” Dawn said before she put her head on Tara’s shoulder. Buffy sat in front of Tara on the coffee table and put her hand on Tara’s knees.

Buffy looked into her eyes, trying to read Tara. “What do you want to do, Tara? Whatever you want, that’s what we’ll do.”

Tara’s eyes moved back and forth, as she was trying to think. “I-I’m not sure, I-I d-don’t know, I-I’m s-scared,” her stutter hadn’t been this bad for a long time now, and her eyes filled with tears. Buffy pulled her into a hug and held her friend while she cried as if it were the night Willow left.



Chapter Three

Pairing: W/T

Rating: NC-17 for explicit sexual content and language – folks obviously this is gonna be girl on girl so continue to read at your own risk, you have been forewarned.

Angst/Drama Rating: I'd say on a scale of 1-10 this is about a 4.

Setting: Sunnydale

Disclaimer: I in no way, shape or form own the characters from BTVS, they’re owned by Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy. All original characters are in no way connected to them except by me in this forum. No money is involved this is simply for my own pleasure.


Feedback: Sure, but if you wanna rip me a new one do it by pm, please.

Author’s Notes: Flashback is in italics.

The next morning Tara skipped classes and went to the attic after Buffy and Dawn had left. She sat on the floor as she opened one of the boxes containing Willow’s belongings. Her scent rushed up to greet her, and immediately tears started to slide down Tara’s face. She dug around to find the awful fuzzy pink sweater Willow always wore and put it to her nose. Even after all this time her perfume still lingered on it.

It brought with it the memory of the last time Willow had worn it. Less than twenty-four hours before everything happened in her life changing so dramatically.

They had met after classes, and walked home together holding hands. The house was empty; Dawn wouldn’t be home for a few more hours, and Buffy would be arriving later still. When they came into the house, Tara headed to the kitchen, followed by Willow, pulled a coke out of the fridge, and then turned to ask Willow if she wanted anything.

Willow smirked, and responded, “There is something I want, but it’s not a drink.”

The innuendo wasn’t lost on Tara, and it made her blush. “Really? Are you hungry? I can make us something to…” she said innocently.

Willow took the can out of her hand and pressed her body into Tara and began kissing her neck just under her ear making her moan.

“I have what I want right here,” Willow said as she slipped her arms around Tara, moving her hands under Tara’s shirt running her hands up and down her back.

“That feels good,” Tara breathed as Willow sucked on her ear; her own hands began to wander up under the pink sweater. Her hands brushing the sides of Willow’s breast making her sigh.

“You know, this really is an awful sweater,” Tara said as she pulled Willow into a kiss that made them both a little light headed.

“Let’s go upstairs, my Tara,” Willow suggested.

Tara kissed Willow hard and reached up to touch her breasts finding the nipples already hard. They went quickly upstairs to their bedroom and shut the door. Tara turned pinning Willow to the door; and slide her thigh between Willows legs pressing against her already hot sex, making her squirm.

“Lift, now,” Tara said, pulling the sweater up over Willow’s head.

Willow loved it when Tara took control of their lovemaking; she ran her fingers through the long, thick blonde hair, using it to pulling her closer. In one deft movement of her hand, Tara had Willow’s bra off, leaving it to slide to the floor.

Tara leaned back to look at Willow’s naked breasts. Her peaches and cream skin with smatterings of freckles over her shoulders; the pink aureoles and the pebble like nipples standing so hard. She dipped her head to Willow’s right breast licking in short strokes. She began to suck hard, scraping her teeth across the sensitive skin. Tugging on the other nipple, and increasing the pressure on both making Willow moan.

Willow started blindly unbuttoning Tara’s shirt. “No fair,” she breathed into Tara’s hair. When she got the shirt open she sighed as she looked at Tara’s full breasts in her lacy purple bra taking in the sight with a wolfish stare.

Tara had pulled back so she could shrug out of the shirt, and looked at the expression on Willow’s face giggling, “You are such a breast girl.”

Willow smiled wickedly looking at her lover. “Only yours, baby.”

Grabbing for the button on Tara’s jeans, as Tara reached around Willow for the zipper on her skirt. They stepped out of the rest of their clothes. Willow tried to pull Tara close, but she sat on the edge of the bed and held Willow at arm’s length.

“Wait, sweetie, I want to look at you. I love looking at you, your beautiful skin, your beautiful breasts and…” as she looked at the deep red curls between Willow’s thighs, giving her that lusty smile that was only for Willow.

She stood with her hands at her sides shyly, fighting the urge to cover herself. Tara took Willow’s hand, drawing her closer, so Willow was standing between her knees. Tracing the tips of her fingers over Willow’s collar bone, slowly down over her breasts, teasing a line down her stomach to the dark red curls between her thighs making Willow shiver.

Tara wrapped her arms around Willow’s waist, placing her cheek on Willow’s flat stomach.

“Willow, my love, you are my sun and moon, you hang the stars in my sky, my beloved,” Tara said reverently as she looked up into Willow’s face to see her eyes shining with devotion and tears.

“Tara, you are my everything, you are the air that I breathe,” Willow whispered as she ran her fingers through Tara’s hair. “Don’t you ever doubt for one second that I love you; you are my soulmate, you have my heart. You hold my entire being in your hands, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Tara pulled her back onto the bed, rolling her over while she placed herself above Willow insinuating herself between Willow’s legs; their hips pressed tightly together. Both could feel the heat and moisture radiating from the other.

Tara ground her hips hard against Willow, while she nibbled on Willow’s neck, sucking her way down to Willow’s shoulder and bit her hard. Willow dug her short neat nails into Tara’s back making her growl against Willow’s neck.

“Please, Tara, please…” Willow breathed.

“Tell me, Willow, how can I please you?” Tara whispered into Willow’s ear, as she sucked on the lobe and nibbled the sensitive skin below. “I don’t know if you won’t tell me,” she teased.

“Your mouth, your hands, I want all of you, I always want all of you,” Willow whimpered.

“As you wish, sweet love,” Tara purred.

She slowly worked her way from Willow’s breast, down her stomach licking lazy patterns and nipping at the skin as her fingers drew patterns over Willow’s hips and sides; she could already smell Willow’s arousal and it spurred her on. That warm, earthy, womanly smell that meant Willow was ready sent shivers through Tara’s body every time.

Tara edged down the bed kissing the warm skin above the damp red curls, her breath making Willow shiver in anticipation. She kissed the curls, sucking gently on the wet skin; letting her tongue make short stabbing motions between the lips of Willow’s sex.

Willow raised her hips to meet Tara’s eager mouth and the slow lazy circles being drawn around her clit. Tara could feel how wet Willow was against her chin, reaching up with one hand to tweak and torment Willow’s nipples.

She ran her tongue slowly down the lips of Willow’s sex lapping at her juices, loving the way Willow tasted. She slipped two fingers inside, making Willow moan, as she slowly moved in and out.

“More, baby, please,” Willow begged.

Tara added a third finger, and Willow bucked against her hand, the walls of her sex contracting tightly against Tara’s fingers. She never stopped the circles around Willow’s clit as she had sped up to match the motion of her hands.

“Oh, god yes, please, Tara, don’t stop, don’t ever stop,” Willow moaned loudly. Tara picked up the pace again, as Willows body was bowing against the bed, every muscle tensing. Her breath was coming in short gasps as she managed to moan, “Oh fuck, Tara, it’s so good, baby, oh sweet Christ on a crutch, Oh god, Tara, fuck! Fuck! I’m gonna cum, oh fuck, I’m gonna…”

Tara kept her movement steady, driving Willow closer and closer to her peak.

“Oh, god, yes!” Willow screamed as she exploded into orgasm.

Tara kept moving not letting the pace up since she could feel another orgasm building from deep inside as Willow’s hot sex contracted around her fingers like a being wrapped in a hot, wet, tight velvet glove.

“No more, baby, please no more,” Willow gasped, her breath ragged, as she urged Tara to move up next to her, kissing Tara hard tasting herself all over Tara’s mouth, making her moan. Willow lay there trying to catch her breath while Tara stroked her heated skin.

“Baby, how do you do that every time?” Willow panted, and then she got serious. “I never knew sex could be like this, Tara. With a look you make me wet, I can’t get enough of you, baby. Your soul, your mind, your beautiful body.”

She placed Tara’s hand over her heart. “Do you feel that?” Willow asked as Tara felt her rapidly beating heart. “It beats for you, only you.”

Tara smiled down into Willow’s face, pushing stray strands of sweaty red hair behind her ear and rubbed her nose against her little redhead’s. Now that Willow had caught her breath, she rolled over onto Tara.

“Now, it’s my turn,” she said with a mischievous smile.

Willow kissed Tara possessively, as she ran her tongue around Tara’s lips, she could taste herself still there exciting Willow even more, if that was possible. She kissed Tara’s neck, nibbled at her ear, trailing kisses back to Tara’s mouth nipping at her full, sensuous lips.

Willow’s hands seemed to be everywhere all at once. Willow truly being a breast girl, had locked on to one of Tara’s nipples, moaning while she massaged both of Tara’s breasts, being sure to pay each equal attention to them both as if she would devour Tara starting from there. Her hands moved to under Tara’s ass and kneaded the skin there, Tara sighed in contentment.

Willow was leaving wet swirly trails, and sucking on the skin as she worked down Tara smooth stomach until she was just below her belly button; nipping at the tender flesh. She had already left several marks around Tara’s breasts and collarbone as Tara's fingers played in her soft hair.

Even if no one else could see the marks, they both knew they were there; Willow had marked her territory – making Tara her prize. Tara’s fingers started to wrap tightly in Willow’s soft, fine hair pushing her lower.

“Would you like me to keep going?” Willow raised her head to ask, looking into the blue eyes that were almost violet now with lust.

“Vixen,” Tara purred.

“I always follow through, though, my little minx.” With that, Willow slid two fingers deep inside Tara, sighing with pleasure at the heat and wetness that met her fingers. “You’re so wet, baby, you feel so good,” Willow cooed.

“Mmm,” Was the only sound Tara could make.

Willow could feel the little rough, spongy patch inside and to the upper left, and began to make circles over it. Willow knew this drove Tara wild.

“Baby, please, oh…Willowtongue, please.” Tara begged.

“As you wish, my beloved.”

Willow dipped her head to the curls darkened by arousal and was in heaven. Willow swore that Tara was made of honey; she was so sweet and Willow thought it was impossible for another human to taste this good. She matched the speed of her fingers to that of her tongue while Tara moaned.

Willow sucked on Tara’s already swollen clit, making Tara pull harder on her hair. She could tell by the way Tara was moving against her mouth, and how hot she was that her orgasm was getting close. Tara’s body was so tense she was shaking. Without further hesitation, she moved faster lapping happily at Tara’s juices and flicking her clit.

“Oh, Willow, by the Goddess, please baby, mmm,” Tara moaned as she bit her lip moving her hips to the rhythm Willow’s hand set.

It didn’t take long until Willow heard, “Baby, now, oh god, oh yes, oh yes, Ohhhhhh!” and with one last shudder Tara came. Her body moving against Willow's mouth as she sucked hard, and pushed deeper inside her lover and with the next thrust of Tara’s hips, she came again. Then she stopped moving and lay there twitching.

Willow slowed her movements giving Tara a moment before picking the pace up again. She didn’t think Tara could get any hotter, her hand was wet to the wrist. Tara’s body started tensing all over again.

“Willooow, Oh… mmm… Oh, Gods, YES!” Tara screamed as she bucked and shudder against Willow’s mouth.

Feeling Tara shudder against her fingers and mouth slowly Willow slowed to a stop and raised her head, gently kissing the insides of her lover’s thigh as she lay there trembling like a leaf in the wind.

It was Tara’s turn to reach out, her hands pulling Willow up keeping her on top of her while she shook. Willow looked down at her soulmate to see tears even though her eyes were closed.

“Baby, did I hurt you? Are you ok? Tara, what is it?” Willow asked scared she that had somehow been too rough and managed to hurt her.

Tara smiled a dreamy smile and opened her blue eyes. “They’re good tears my Willowtree, very good actually,” softly she added, “You’re the only person that’s ever made me cry.” She wrapped her arms around Willow tightly and rolled them over onto their sides.

The whole room smelled like sex, and they both dozed off with their bodies entwined, Willows head resting over Tara’s heart, Tara’s hand over Willow’s.

Tara shook her head to clear the memory away, wiping away tears that came with it. Her body responded to the memory, and there was more than a mere fluttering in her stomach. She sat there looking at the sweater in her hands, and in that moment she knew. There was no other decision she could make.

She closed the box up, went back down into her room, laying the sweater on the bed. She went into the bathroom and splashed some water on her face. When she looked into the mirror, she studied the reflection in front of her.

“You know you have to go, you have to see her no matter what happens,” Tara said aloud to herself. She wiped her face off on a towel, walking back through her bedroom she picked up the sweater and then went downstairs, picking up the phone.


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Great first two chapters!

Hope you continue; You have created a lot of potential story lines with just the first two chapters. Wonderfully written and fun to read.

I love Buffy, Dawn and Tara's familial bond after Willow went away...Makes me wish I had friends like that. :)

Anyways, great beginning and I can't wait for the next update!

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:pinky :party :pinky :party :pinky Woohoo you posted! :pinky :party :pinky :party :pinky

Seriously loving this story so far :)

I especially love how you showed the interaction between Tara, Dawn, and Buffy. I have a feeling I'm really going to love your Buffy :) I'm sad that they haven't had any contact with Willow, and I can't wait to see what happens when (if? though I'm almost certain they will cause there really wouldn't be a story if they didn't...right?) they see her!

Alrighty, nuff said, I want more! :)

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:pinky :pinky Uau, that was intense..

I just love this two chapter u posted... :peace

I can't wait for the next chapter..

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:pinky :pinky :pinky .

Yay! Thanks for there encouragement. If Sands and I are able to get it proofed I'll post chapter three this week too but if not the weekly structure will stand unless something happens and I'll post that too.Don't worry I have lots for us to weed through before we run out!

Keep the feedback comin'

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Love the story so far. Looking forward to see Willow's reaction when she learns that Tara might be coming.

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So Tara is afraid of Willow? Probably more involved than that....

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First, let me apologize for my posting faux pas with chapter three, I stuck it at the end of one and two instead of creating a new post. Sorry, my bad.

- AngieB86 - Yes! I think that the bond is critical not just for Tara but for when Willow returns but I don't want to say too much.

- Taysla - Check out three and here's four I hope you keep enjoying!

- Love_2003 - It's only gonna get better, well at least I think so!

- DaddyCatALSO - I don't wanna spoil but not of the person but of the power.

Thanks for the input everyone and keep reading!!!!


Chapter Four

Pairing: W/T

Rating: PG-13

Angst/Drama Rating: Scale of 1-10 this is about a 4.5.

Setting: The Grove - Tucson and Sunnydale


Notes: {…} and Italics are used for thoughts. I would also like to thank my beta Sands, she has been awesome, very encouraging, puts up with me & I haven’t managed to break her yet.

Disclaimer: I in no way, shape or form own the characters from BTVS, they’re owned by Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy. All original characters are in no way connected to them except by me in this forum. No money is involved this is simply for my own pleasure, and hopefully yours.

The first phone call Tara made was to Buffy. She told Buffy that she would be calling the coven next, and would be going to see Willow. Buffy had her doubts, it had been almost two years, but she knew at Tara could no more resist the opportunity to see Willow than she could not breathe. Tara told Buffy she would give her more details when she got home.

Tara picked up the letter from the counter in the kitchen where either Buffy or Dawn had placed after she fainted last night. She stood in the kitchen staring at it, her heart raced and she started to sweat a little, as she paced back and forth chewing on her thumb. She walked back into the living room and sat down; placing the sweater she had been holding across her lap.

Tara wasn’t sure she could do this standing up. With a deep breath, she dialed the number on the letterhead, and as it rang she almost hung up, but as she was about to a voice on the other end said, “Hello, The Grove how may I help you?”

There was silence. Tara felt like she had lost the ability to speak. “H-hello?” She cleared her throat, “Yes, I n-need to speak with Lady R-rowan Kelly, please.”

“May I ask who is calling?” The voice asked politely.

Tara took another deep breath, “T-Tara Maclay.”

“Just a moment, please.”

Tara thought again about hanging up, she was nervous and kind of sick to her stomach. Then a woman’s voice appeared on the line.

“Sister Maclay, I’m so glad you called, I was hoping you would! I’m guessing you’re still in a bit of shock, yes?” Rowan said cheerily.

Tara’s mouth was dry as the desert. “Y-yes, is Willow… I mean does W-Willow really want t-to see me?”

There was a pause as Rowan considered her words. “Sister Tara, Willow loves you so much, it is a pain for us to see her suffer. You are the one constant in everything she does. You are never far from her thoughts.”

“R-really?” Came from Tara barely more than a whisper.

“Mr. Giles has told us of the magnitude of the relationship you two share, and we believe this to be another step in the healing process undoubtedly needed by you both,” Rowan paused to let what she had said sink in. “We here at The Grove will not pressure you in any way, or try to force what may no longer be there. We do – I do, love Willow very much, and if you still care for her as I know she does for you, then please let us help.”

Tara heard only kindness in Rowan’s voice, and genuine affection. With a deep breath Tara asked, “When c-can I come?”

She could hear the smile in Rowan’s voice as she replied, “I can arrange for you to come the day after most of our coven leave on sabbatical, which will be in eight days. There will only be a handful of us here then so you two can have as much privacy as you need. Would you like to stay on the grounds, or should I arrange a hotel for you?”

Tara thought for moment before asking, “This is a coven, r-right?”

“Yes, Sister it is.”

“I’ll stay on the g-grounds then, if that’s o-okay.”

“It is more than okay, Sister. I sincerely hope this gives you both the healing you need. I cannot imagine being parted from the mirror of my soul as you both have been. Sister, I will make the reservations as soon as we hang up, where should I call with the flight information?” Rowan asked and Tara gave her the house number, hanging up with a “Blessed Be” from the older witch.

Same Day Back at The Grove

Willow was in her room watching the “Growing Up…” marathon on the Discovery channel, when there was a knock at her door. She opened the door to find a strawberry blonde girl about her own age named Tabitha standing there.

“Hi, Tabby, what’s up?” The young woman looked like she was up to something. “You have a visitor Willow – just where do you find them?” She asked conspiratorially.

Willow looked at Tabitha like she had sprouted horns. “What are you talking about? Where do I find who?” She asked cluelessly, as she closed the door and walked with Tabitha to the main hall.

Tabitha giggled, “Mmmhmm. You’ll see sneaky girl.”

Willow still had no clue as to what Tabitha meant until they walked into the hall and she saw Claude. Willow sighed, and wondered what the girl wanted and why.

“Willow!” Claude said happily when she saw her.

“Uhh, hi.” Willow replied trying not to be rude.

“Hi, I’m sorry for just showing up like this, but I have today off and I wondered if maybe you would like to go for a hike, or a walk, or a drive?”

Willow wrapped her arms around her waist. “Claude, I don’t know – I just – I’m,” she sighed trailing off and looked at Claude helplessly.

“Hey, it doesn’t have to mean anything, Willow. I just thought maybe you would have a little fun, and if the other day is the norm then maybe you’re overdue,” Claude said smiling, looking like an excited puppy, “I brought you a hat, and sunscreen,” she presented a straw hat with a wide brim, and a tube of sunscreen in it, looking at Willow hopefully.

Willow covered her mouth with a hand, smiling in spite of herself.

“See, we have a smile! C’mon, I don’t bite, and just maybe you could use a friend,” Claude said and Willow looked over to see Tabitha shaking her head vigorously with both thumbs up.

Rolling her eyes, and with a sigh of defeat Willow said, “Ok, but I don’t have hiking boots,” hoping that might be a deterrent for Claude. “No problem, we can do a trail that is pretty even just put on some tennis shoes, and comfortable clothes.”

“Give me a few minutes, and I’ll be right back,” Willow said before she headed back towards her room.

As she passed Tabitha, she heard, “Mmmhmm.”

Shooting Tabitha a scathing look, replied, “Not one fucking word.”

Willow came back ten minutes later wearing baggy shorts, and the loosest fitting t-shirt she owned. She had tried to find the most unattractive things she could possibly wear, and pulled her shoulder length hair up into a ponytail.

Claude smiled as she handed her the hat and sunscreen, “You really will need both of those, I don’t wanna have to take you to the hospital.” Willow took them and followed her out.

As they were leaving, Rowan came into the hall, and asked, “Tabitha is that Sister Willow?”

“Yes, My Lady, it is.”

Rowan looked after the pair as they walked across the parking lot, in the year that Willow had been at The Grove she had never left with anyone other than coven members. “Do you know where she is going by chance?”

“Yes, she is going hiking with Claude.” Tabitha replied smugly.

“Claude?” she said with surprise.

“Yes, My Lady, apparently Sister Dana and Willow gave her a lift the other day. At least that’s what she said.”

“Oh. Thank you, Tabitha, when she gets back could you tell her I’d like to see her?”

“Of course, My Lady.”


Claude took Willow to the far northeast side of Tucson, to a trail called Finger Rock. She made sure Willow used the hat and sunscreen, and then put the sunscreen in her backpack, and off they went. The first part of the trail was a steep incline that evened out after about fifty feet.

Once at the top Claude turned around to Willow. “How are you doing back there? Do you need to stop?”

Willow was a little pink, but said no they could keep going. After about fifteen minutes the trail widened, and they were able to walk beside one another, Claude keeping the pace easy.

“Stop here, look over there,” Claude pointed off to her right. “Do you see that rock? That’s how this trail got its name; see it looks like a finger pointing at you.”

Willow looked at the red rocks and quipped, “At least it’s not flippin’ the bird.”

Claude laughed and shook her head. “C’mon just a little further and we can stop and enjoy the view.”

They walked side by side for another twenty minutes, and as they rounded a turn there was a cluster of various sized rocks.

“Ok, we can stop here,” Claude said as she bent down and pulled bottles of water from her backpack along with the sunscreen. “Take a seat they’re all open,” she said making a sweeping gesture with her hand.

Willow looked around, and found one she liked. One edge was still in the sun but the rest was now in shade making the rock still warm to the touch. She sat on the shaded side surprised by just how warm it was.

Claude walked over and sat on a smaller rock across from Willow, after handing a bottle of water and the sunscreen to her again. She opened the water and took a long drink while Claude watched the movement of Willow’s throat.

She held up the sunscreen, with a disbelieving look. “Really? More?”

Claude replied, “Absolutely, we have 352 days of sun a year, and one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the nation. You, my friend are a redhead. Sunscreen should be your new best friend if you plan to spend a lot – well any really, time outside. Again, sun poisoning – hospital, not so pleasant.”

Willow started applying more to her face and arms, and she could feel that she was being watched which made her uncomfortable.

“Can I ask you something?” Claude said quietly.

Willow felt her stomach lurch, dreading the questions. “You can ask but it doesn’t mean you’ll get an answer,” she said honestly.

“Fair enough, here goes. Can I ask how, or what caused the white in your hair?” Claude asked.

Willow’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. Not the question Willow thought she would be hearing, but also knowing that she didn’t want to reveal much of anything, she chose her words carefully. “Let’s just say the last year and a half has been very hard on me so the best answer would be stress,” She answered honestly. “Why did you ask?”

“Well, honestly it reminded me of the streaks in my mother’s hair,” Claude said with no pretense. “My mom was… special. Then again most moms are, but mine had,” Claude paused as she decided how much she wanted to say about her mother’s ‘talents’. “Look, I know this is going to sound crazy, but she had a way that she could just make things happen. I can’t explain it – she had dreams too. She taught me about herbs, and how to use them,” she said with a shrug. “I have her green thumb, but that’s about it.”

Willow fixed her gaze on Claude’s face trying to read her. “Why are you telling me all of this?”

Claude smirked, “I’ve been doing some detective work.”

This made Willow stiffen, and narrow her eyes as she watched Claude.

“I wanted to know more about what goes on at The Grove; which wasn’t easy – at all – I’ll have you know. So I have an idea now of what The Grove is for, or at least I think I do,” Claude said looking very pleased with herself.

“And just what is that?” Willow asked cooly.

“Well, if what I found is true, it’s a coven, right?”

Willow avoided answering directly, “Who told you that?”

Claude sighed; she could see this wasn’t going to be easy. “Apparently, it is common knowledge among the locals that live out here, but they leave you alone and you leave them alone. Not you specifically, but ‘you’ the coven.”

Willow thought about what she was about to say, “Yes it is,” she said without elaborating.

A big smile spread over Claude’s face. “So you’re a witch then?”

Still not exactly sure where this was going, and knowing she had already admitted as much, with a sigh Willow said, “Yes, I am.”

Claude looked like she was eight, and had just been handed the keys to a candy shop.

“So what is the point of all this, Claude?” Willow asked as she narrowed her eyes again.

Claude shrugged. “Well, will you tell me what really caused the white in your hair? I know what caused it in my mother,” she said suddenly serious.

“No, I won’t. I don’t care to dwell on it, and frankly it’s none of your damn business.” Willow said defensively.

Claude sighed again. “Ok, I won’t push. Maybe at some point you’ll feel like you trust me, and can tell me. Everyone needs a friend, Willow.”

Willow looked her up and down, not at all comfortable with where the conversation was going. “We should go now, and I have to get back.”

Unable to disguise her disappointment, Claude said, “As you wish.”

Willow visibly flinched, and it only made Claude want to know more about the sad, beautiful young woman with the deep green eyes that always seemed to be filled with such pain.

Half an hour later they arrived at the trail head, and Willow followed Claude to her beat up truck. “So you got it running again. Does that happen often?” she asked trying to be a little more pleasant as they climbed in.

“Unfortunately yes, piece of shit. I had to replace the alternator,” Claude said and saw the blank look on Willow’s face. “Do you know what that is?”

Willow graced her with another smile. “Not a clue. Give me a computer and a few minutes, and I can get anywhere you want. Cars aren’t my specialty.”

“A geek then? Those are very useful skills. Well, I’ll teach you cars, if you teach me computers. I’m really good at breaking them,” Claude said as she drove back to The Grove.

Willow smiled weakly, still not sure exactly what Claude wanted, much less if she cared to find out. They rode in silence the rest of the way back. When Claude pulled to a stop, Willow pulled the hat off laying it on the seat as she got out.

“Thanks for the walk, Claude. It was nice.” Willow stood in the open door fidgeting.

“We should do it again sometime. There are tons of trails around here I could take you to. The desert really can be beautiful once you know where to find it.” Claude said as she sat in the truck.

With a sigh and shrug, Willow said noncommittally, “Sure.”

Willow turned quickly on her heel heading for the main hall before Claude could say anything more. When she got inside the doors, she stepped to one side, and leaned against the wall taking several deep breaths.

As she stood there, Tabitha appeared from around the other corner and jumped. “Oh dear gods! Willow, what are you doing there? Are you ok? You’re a little pink, did you enjoy your hike?” she asked as she smirked.

“Yes, it was lovely.” Willow said in a completely unconvincing tone, before she and started to walk away.

“Oh wait, Lady Rowan wants to see you.”

Willow looked at her blankly. “Now?”

Tabitha smiled again. “Yes, she asked that you come see her as soon as you got back.”

Willow frowned and wondered what was wrong, heading off towards the office she muttered, “Okay.”

A few minutes later she knocked softly on the door to Rowan’s office, and waited for a response. Willow hoped Rowan wasn’t in her office, then she could just go shower and lay down. Her little outing had made her more tired than she thought.

The door opened, and Rowan stood in front of her smiling. “Come in child, I’ve been waiting for you. Did you enjoy your outing?”

Willow looked at her feet as she sat down. “You don’t miss a thing do you?”

Closing the door behind them, and moving to her chair behind the desk. “Not if I can help it,” Rowan said kindly. “You got a little sun, your cheeks are pink.” Making small talk, Rowan debated on if she should just plunge in with the news of Tara’s impending visit. “It seems you’ve made a new friend, yes?”

Willow shifted uneasily in her seat. “Sort of.”

Rowan tilted her head to one side. “You don’t seem pleased about it, though.”

Willow looked at her hands that were resting in her lap. “I’m not sure. She seems nice enough but,” she shrugged. “I’m not really looking for friends.”

Rowan studied her trying to read her expression. With a deep breath, she decided to just tell her and not beat around the bush. “Willow, what would you say if I told you Sister Maclay wanted to see you?”

Willows head snapped up at the mention of Tara’s name, and her jaw dropped. “I, I – what do you mean?” her eyes filled with tears.

“I have been in contact with Mr. Giles regularly since your arrival as you know. You also know that I am well aware of what brought you to us, as well as the details of who you were protecting, and why.”

Willow swallowed several times, and picked at the hem of her shorts. “Yes, I know,” she said in a small voice.

Rowan handed Willow a box of Kleenex from one of her desk drawers. “Willow, you have become very special to me in the last year. Not because of your potential, but because of you, sweet child. Your spirit, and your stubbornness, by the gods, sometimes you’re like a dog with a bone,” Rowan said with a smile.

Willow blew her nose, wiping away tears. “But?”

Rowan sighed, “There is no ‘but’, child. Sitting here with you, I can feel your pain and anguish – some days I can taste it, it’s so strong. It weighs heavily on my heart to see you suffer.”

Willow looked at Rowan blinking rapidly, not saying anything.

“If Sister Maclay would come here would you see her?”

Again Willow’s eyes filled with tears, her breathing had sped up, and for a moment Rowan thought Willow might hyperventilate. “Yes, oh god, yes,” she said, her tears falling harder.

Rowan nodded her head in acceptance. “I didn’t want to tell you this in case Sister Maclay said no, but I took the liberty of contacting her this week.”

Willow’s mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water, her brow crinkled with surprise. “What did she say?” Willow whispered.

Rowan smiled looking at the girl in front of her, and the hope that shone in her eyes. “If you like you can stay while I make her plane reservations.”

Willow looked confused like she didn’t believe what she just heard. “She said she’d come? Really?” she whispered as if she said it too loudly it would cease to be true.

Rowan got up, and walked around the desk pulling Willow to her feet, putting her arms around the young woman. “Yes, child, she did. I’ll book a flight that will arrive the day after everyone leaves for the sabbatical.”

Willow started to shake violently, and sob tightening her hold on her mentor. After what felt like an eternity to Willow, she pulled back from Rowan wiping her eyes and blowing her nose again.

Rowan tipped Willow’s chin up so she had to look her in the eye, and stroked her face gently. ”Willow, you do deserve to be happy, you know. You protected the people you love. You didn’t ask for this to happen, you didn’t go looking for it. In my opinion you were the balance for his actions. Sometimes the goddess doesn’t wait to put balance back into place.”

Willow looked at Rowan with surprise. They had never really talked about what had happened, mostly because Willow would shut down every time it was brought up. Rowan smiled at Willow, and stroked her cheek again before walking back around the desk. She picked up the phone while Willow watched, and called to book a round trip ticket for a week’s stay in the name of Tara Maclay, leaving Sunnydale in eight days.

They were the longest eight days of Willows life.

End Chapter Four TBC…

Hope you like it and watch for chapter five!

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I really like what you're doing here and your pacing. You have a good feel for keeping the narrative going but still giving a good amount of speech and action. I'm eager to read more.

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:pinky :pinky :pinky You had update.. :pinky :pinky

Woww... I still enjoying the story. :peace

I just don't like this girl Claude. She want something and I don't like that...

I'm hoping to see Tara and Willow together..

Now, I need you to update again..

Please... :pray :pray :pray :pray

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Yay for great beginning... Can't wait to read more... I hope the meeting between Willow & Tara goes well and that Claude doesn't try to interfere in the healing process...

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Sorry, I goober posted again but here it is in the thread. Thank you to everyone who's been reading, I hope you continue to do so!

- JustSkipIt - Thank you! Its a big complement that you like it on my first outing into fan fiction. *bowing*. I've read a ton of your stuff, so I hope I can keep you interested.

- Taysla - Awww don't worry Claude, I have plans for her but you'll just have to keep reading to find out what for.

- Zampsa1975 - Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy it so far, I do have plans for Claude so I won't spill at this point cuz that would take all my thunder later.

Enjoy the latest chapter!

Chapter Five

Pairing: W/T

Rating: PG

Angst/Drama Rating: Scale of 1-10 this is about a 4.5, maybe a 5.

Setting: The Grove and Sunnydale


Notes: {…} and Italics are used for thoughts. I would also like to thank my beta Sands, she has been awesome, very encouraging, puts up with me & I haven’t managed to break her yet.

Disclaimer: I in no way, shape or form own the characters from BTVS, they’re owned by Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy. All original characters are in no way connected to them except by me in this forum. No money is involved this is simply for my own pleasure.

Website: nope, maybe if this goes well.


Feedback: Sure, but if you wanna rip me a new one do it by pm please.

Seven Days Later in The Grove

Willow was pacing in her room like a cat in a cage. She hadn’t eaten in two days – she couldn’t – the thought made her feel sick. She was worried. What if Tara still feared her? She wasn’t sure she could stand to see that look in her eyes again. What if Tara just wanted closure and had moved on? Tara had been eighteen months without any kind of word from her.

There were so many horrible ‘what if’ scenarios that played through Willow’s head that she was simply exhausted, and prayed for sleep, but somehow it never seemed to come. In less than an hour it would be the day that Tara arrives and that thought made her physically ill.

Willow rushed into the bathroom, dropped to her knees and vomited. She hadn’t been eating so it was more like dry heaves and bile. She shifted positions so she could sit on the floor and leaned back against the bathtub for a moment, and hung her head back to stare at the ceiling. She wasn’t sure she wouldn’t be sick again, but managed to get on her feet and grab a wash cloth. As she ran it under the faucet she looked into the mirror and groaned. Willow could see that she was pale; there were circles under her eyes.

Willow scooped water into her mouth to rinse out the sour taste. Wetting the wash cloth, she wiped off her face and neck. Hoping it would make her feel better, which it didn’t. She decided to meditate hoping this would allow her to focus and relax. She didn’t want to look like death warmed over when she saw Tara for the first time in almost two years but that seemed like that was going to be what happened.

Lighting a candle on her altar, Willow sat on her bed and crossed her legs. She shook her arms and stretching her neck from side to side before focusing on the candle. She began chanting, “This candle is myself, burning steady and true. Here do I find peace and tranquility. A place apart where I may safely meditate and grow in spirituality.” She sat doing this until she finally felt calm and centered. When she was done it was after two in the morning, so she decided to lay back down and try rest if not sleep.

That Evening in Sunnydale

Buffy and Dawn were sitting on the couch eating pizza, and listening to Tara move back and forth upstairs. She had packed and repacked three or four times now. They were both pretty sure she hadn’t been sleeping, and she had only been eating when Dawn really gave her a hard time, but at least she would.

Dawn looked at Buffy and said, “Are you sure this is a good idea? She’s been a wreck for days, and I’m worried, her stutter is back Buffy,” her voice wavering.

Buffy put her arm around her little sister and sighed. “Dawnie, I don’t know, but what I do know is this. Tara hasn’t stopped loving Willow, and the whole time Willow has been gone, Tara has been going through the motions. She does what she has to, but the light in her eyes just isn’t the same. I know you’ve seen it too.”

Dawn nodded her head, wiping away the tears for her friend. Buffy’s voice stayed soft and even, as she continued. “I wouldn’t dream of stopping her, I don’t think I could be that cruel, not to Tara. We just have to be there for her, it’s all we can do.”

She hugged Dawn to close, primarily so she couldn’t see the worry in her eyes. She loved Willow, but it and been a long time since she had seen her best friend. Since Giles wouldn’t really say much, she just didn’t know what to think, and she really didn’t want either of her friends to hurt anymore than they already had.

Tara came down the stairs in time to hear the end of the conversation.

She dipped her head so her hair fell into her face. “I-I don’t mean to w-worry you.” Tara said as the sisters turned to her. “It’s W-willow…I just h-have to see her. I feel like a p-part of me has been m-missing…” she trailed off.

Buffy got up and tried to pull her into a hug, but Tara pushed away from it.

“I’m ok, r-really. I just have to k-know. Is s-she gone, a-are we gone?” Tara said softly.

The sisters could hear the tears in her voice, and now Tara had admitted her biggest fear. Having said it out loud made it real – it was no longer a passing thought. Buffy reached out to her again, but Tara stepped backwards, so she dropped her arms knowing better than to push. The lost look on Tara’s face was heartbreaking. Buffy knew how much Willow and Tara loved each other; it seemed like a love that people would write stories about, mythic even.

Dawn flew at Tara wrapping her arms directly around her middle. Tara put her hands on Dawn shoulders to push her away, but Dawn only tightened her grip. As Tara finally relaxed into the hug realizing she had no choice, she began to shake. The tears didn’t come, but it took her a long time to stop shaking, but Dawn didn’t let her go.

When Tara stopped shaking Dawn pulled back and looked into her face. “Tara, I love you, you’re my family, my friend, my mom, and I don’t want to see anything happen to you. Please promise me you’ll be ok?”

Tara stroked her face, wiping away tears. “I will be even if it hurts Dawnie, I love you too, sweetie.” She kissed the girl on the forehead breaking the embrace.

With a deep breath, Tara walked into the living room, and over to a pizza box and opened it.”Ewww, anchovies, how can you eat those things, Dawn?”She said making a face.

Buffy and Dawn smiled. “I know, ewww, right? There’s another anchovy free pizza in the kitchen.” Buffy said.

Tara walked into the kitchen, and leaned on the counter taking deep breaths, fatigue and worry clear. She went to the fridge and pulled out apple juice, and poured a big glass. She looked at the pizza box for a moment before pushing it aside.

Heading back into the living room, Tara sat in the chair across from Buffy and Dawn. “Buffy, can you still take me to the airport tomorrow? If not, I can take a taxi, it’s no big deal.” Tara said.

With a smile Buffy said, “No need for a taxi, you flight leaves at noon, right? Don’t worry, Tara, we’ll get you to the airport on time.”

There was a familiar knock at the door, before it opened and Xander walked in. “Don’t look so happy to see me. I love it when girls cry at my arrival,” He said looking at Dawn and Tara.

Tara smiled weakly, and Dawn stuck out her tongue. “As if,” Dawn said.

Ignoring Dawn’s comment, he leaned against the door frame. “How’re you doing Tara? Ready to head out? If you need a ride or anything, I’m your man,” Realizing how that sounded Xander started to back pedal. “I mean not YOUR man, I am a man but, you know you’re all gay, which is perfectly fine, so you wouldn’t want a man, and geez.”

Tara smiled, and cut him off. “Yeah, Xander I got it, it’s ok. No, Buffy’s taking me to the airport tomorrow. We’ve got it all covered.”

Dawn piped up. “Me too, right, Buffy?” Tara smiled at the girl.

“I said you could go, and you will, don’t worry. It’s just an airport,” Buffy said.

Xander then flopped on the couch between the sisters and opened the pizza box. “Oooo anchovies.”

Xander pulled out two slices and began to eat. Tara watched her friends with an affectionate smile gracing her tired features, knowing how lucky she was to have the family she had before her. God knew her own wasn’t worth a damn, and she gave a small shudder that Buffy didn’t miss. While conversation turned to things other than her and Willow she relaxed a little, suddenly feeling tired Tara decided she should try to sleep.

“I’m going to go to bed guys, tomorrow’s going to be a long day,” Tara said as she stood up went into the kitchen to rinse her glass out.

When she turned around Buffy was there. With a small squeak she swatted at Buffy. “Dear gods you scared me, don’t do that!”

Buffy’s expression didn’t change; she looked at Tara closely, like she was trying to read her mind. “Tara, I just want to say, you know, if you need me I can be there in half a day to bring you home, if you need me.”

Tara put her hand up. “Please, Buffy, don’t. I know you’re here, and Xander and Dawn too,” Tara looked down at the floor. “I have to see her, do you understand? If Angel wanted to see you, wouldn’t you go? And don’t tell me you wouldn’t, because I know better.” Tara cocked an eyebrow and looked determinedly at Buffy.

Buffy held her hands up in surrender. “Okay, okay, I know Tara resolve face when I see it. I hope you know Dawn isn’t the only one that loves you.”

Tara nodded her head. “I know, why else would Xander show up being all ‘I’m your man’?” she giggled.

Hearing Tara laugh eased Buffy’s fears some, if Tara could laugh then everything might be okay.

“Now, really I’m going to bed, I’m beat,” Tara said, and hugged Buffy. “Thank you, Buffy.”

Before Buffy could respond Tara was gone. Buffy smiled sadly, she knew how miserable Tara had been, and she just wanted them both to be happy and together. She wasn’t sure either would be able to go on without the other if they didn’t work this out. Wrapping her arms around herself, she walked back into the living room and sat in the chair recently vacated by Tara.

Tara closed the door to her bedroom, and leaned back against the door. She looked again at the suitcase trying to think if she had left anything out. With a frustrated sigh she decided to go take shower hoping that would help her relax enough to sleep. She pulled a t-shirt and a clean pair of boxers out before she headed down the hall. She decided to light some of the candles in the bathroom. She chose the ones that were lavender scent in the hopes they would soothe her like it normally did.

She brushed her teeth while the scent started to fill the bathroom, her mind was racing. She was anxious, excited and petrified all at the same time. As she stepped into the shower she let the water beat down over her face and head, saying a prayer for strength. Tara knew she was going to need all the help she could get.

Softly she whispered, “Branwen, daughter of the sea, goddess of the moon and love. I come before you to ask for your help in this hour of my need. I have been given the chance to win back my souls mate, I ask you to help me be strong and persevere. Shine on me goddess of love, I thank you for hearing my plea. As I will it, so mote it be.”

End of Chapter Five, TBC….

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:pinky :party :pinky :party :pinky *grins from ear to ear* :pinky :party :pinky :party :pinky

It's so close :) Yay for this chapter, and yay for lots more :)

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Well, I'm quite intrigued. Poor Willow. She seems really really upset and even all her prayer and meditation isn't helping. Oh now. I hope their meeting goes well.

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Yay for great update-y goodness... Spaz-y Willow is back... I truly hope that when they meet the awkward moment passes quickly and they can start talking to eachother without undue baggage...

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Loved the updates. Looking forward to see what will happen when they see each other for the first time in two years.

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I love this story! I can't wait to see more of it!

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Hello Kittens!!

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Without further babble, here is chapter six, enjoy!

Chapter Six

Pairing: W/T

Rating: PG-13

Angst/Drama Rating: Scale of 1-10 this is about a 5.5 maybe a 6.

Setting: The Grove and Sunnydale

Notes: {…} and Italics are used for thoughts. I would also like to thank my beta Sands, she has been awesome, very encouraging, puts up with me & I haven’t managed to break her yet.

Disclaimer: I in no way, shape or form own the characters from BTVS, they’re owned by Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy. All original characters are in no way connected to them except by me in this forum. No money is involved this is simply for my own pleasure.



Tara woke when her alarm went off at ten that morning, feeling like she had cotton in her head. She sat up, and looked around rubbing her face as she got out of bed. She went to the bathroom to do her normal morning routine. After she rinsed out her mouth, she looked in the mirror and groaned. She didn’t like what she saw, but at least the circles weren’t as dark as they had been, and she also knew there was nothing she could do about it now anyway.

She brushed her long hair, and then packed the brush away along with her toothbrush. She pulled on a pair of jeans, tennis shoes, and a deep blue three quarter sleeve shirt, that also made her eyes bluer. She stood looking in the mirror, then sighed and spoke to her reflection. “Well, this is as good as it gets.”

As she headed downstairs, Dawn came up behind her and pulled the suitcase out of her hands. “I got it, Tara, go get some breakfast and I’ll put this in the car.”

Tara smiled. “Thank you, sweetie. Have you eaten yet?”

Dawn rolled her eyes. “Yes, mom, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I know, I know.”

Feeling like there were a thousand moths in her stomach Tara didn’t think she could eat. So she poured a glass of orange juice. As she sat down in the living room sipping her juice she heard Buffy coming down the stairs.

As Buffy reached the bottom Tara turned to look at her and smiled. “How are you doing, Tara?” Buffy asked walking in and sitting across from Tara on the couch.


Buffy nodded her head.

“I feel like I’m gonna be sick,” Tara said smiling weakly.

Trying to put a positive face for her friend, Buffy said, “It’ll be okay, you two are meant for each other.” Buffy smiled, but her uncertainty was apparently on her face, glancing at her watch she said, “Well, we should get going, you have a plane to catch, missy.”

Tara smiled as she got up heading for the kitchen. As she coming out of the kitchen Dawn came bounding back down the stairs again with a stuffed animal in her hands. She presented the stuffed bunny to Tara.

“This is Mr.Rabbity, take him with you for good luck,” Dawn said looking at Tara hopefully.

Tara smiled and pulled her into a one armed hug. “Thanks Dawnie. I’ll take good care of him.”

The three young women headed out to the Jeep, loaded Tara two bags, and on to the airport. There were hugs and a few tears, but Tara reminded them she would be back in a week and she would call them once she arrived. Heading towards the gate, it crossed Tara’s mind that she could not go, but as soon she saw the open door to board the flight to The Grove, that thought that was quickly dismissed.

At The Grove

Willow was trying to meditate but wasn’t able to focus enough to accomplish anything. She gave up trying, and decided to shower. Tara’s plane hadn’t even left Sunnydale yet, and Willow was so anxious she thought she might be sick again. As she stepped into the shower steam had already started to billow from the top out into the bathroom.

Turning the heat down a little, Willow stood under the barrage of hot water. She was worried; she wasn’t sure what to say to Tara, it had been a long time. Willow knew she just wanted to hold Tara, breathe her in, and feel safe again. She shook her head as she rinsed out the shampoo, soaping herself up and rinsing off.

Standing in her bra and panties she couldn’t decide what to wear. Clothes were now all over the bed and none of them were right, nothing looked right or fit right. Pacing again, she finally threw up her hands and muttered, “Fuck it.”

Deciding on a pair of blue jeans that hug her well, and a copper colored button up shirt that went well with her complexion and hair, she dressed. Willow brushed her hair until it was shiny, and thought about pulling it into a pony tail then decided against it. Up or down there would be no way she could hide the white so she just left it.

Heading to the main dining room, with most of the coven gone it had been scaled down. There was only one small table that had fresh fruit, bagels, a few pots of coffee as well as tea bags and water. Willow picked up a bagel and poured a cup of coffee sitting at one of the nearby tables. She didn’t really eat or drink; she picked at the bagel and kept stirring the coffee. Dana found her like this when she came in almost twenty minutes later. Dana grabbed tea stuffs and an orange then sat across from Willow. Willow looked up as she sat down, smiling weakly.

Trying to keep it light and hopeful, Dana asked, “Are you excited? Her flight will be here in forty-five minutes. Did you want to go to the airport?” Dana watched Willow swallow hard.

“I don’t know that ‘excited’ is the right word. Nervous, anxious, petrified…those are good, really good.” Willow swallowed hard again. “Yes I would like to go, Dana I don’t think I could just sit here knowing she’s so close.”

Dana nodded. “Willow, you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for. Look at everything you’ve accomplished, how far you’ve come. That has to count for something, doesn’t it?” She reached over and covered Willows hand with her own. “If what I’ve been told is true, everything will be okay. By the goddess it will, she wouldn’t punish you like this.”

Willow shook her head disagreeing. “This whole time has been punishment, it’s the price I pay for what I did Dana. How can she ever forgive me?” She looked up at Dana. “I saw fear in her eyes, fear of me… I don’t think I can bear it if that fear is still there...” Her voice trailed off.

They sat in silence while Dana ate her orange and had her tea, Dana hadn’t missed that Willow was just playing with her food, and her cup was still untouched. The chimes from the grandfather clock in the main entrance chimed the half hour, gently Dana said, “Willow it’s time. We should go now; we don’t want to keep her waiting do we?” Willow nodded her head, and picked up the breakfast she never touched, carrying it to the trash.

They drove in silence to the airport, which Willow was grateful for because she wasn’t sure she could talk around the rock in her throat. When they parked Willow felt paralyzed. Her body didn’t want to do what she wanted it to, and she had to sit for a few minutes before she could actually get out of the car.

Dana waited patiently, knowing how hard this was for the young woman. When Willow got out of the car, Dana smiled reassuringly at her. “You’re not walking the plank, hon, you should be happy about this.” All Willow could do was nod, and follow stiffly behind Dana.

When they got into the airport, they checked to see if the flight had been on time, but it was fifteen minutes early.

“Let’s go to baggage she may already be there,” Dana said, while Willow’s stomach did somersaults as they headed down to the baggage area. Willow was scanning the areas as the rode down the escalator and spotted Tara.

Dana heard Willow’s gasp, and put her hand reassuringly on her arm. “Breathe, Willow, she’s at the second baggage area.” The baggage belt was still turning, and she had her back to the doors, so Tara didn’t see Willow and Dana ride the escalator down.


Tara wasn’t sure who she was looking for since she didn’t know if it would be Willow, or if she should be looking for someone holding a sign or what. She just watched the belt for her bag, and as it slowly came around something in the air changed. She stiffened, and almost missed her bag. When Tara pulled it off the belt, she got the sensation again. It was power; very controlled and very potent. She turned around slowly and her stomach began tying itself into knots. Tara recognized the power.

She scanned the people standing by the doors, and immediately her gaze landed on Willow. She was shocked by the sight of her. Her body felt like it was being pulled by a magnet, and Willow was the source. Tara was drinking Willow in, and was most surprised to see the two streaks of white that framed her beloved’s face. She had not expected that. Willow’s eyes were locked onto hers, and she moved towards Tara.


Willow felt like the breath had been knocked out of her when she spotted Tara, but now that she saw Tara, Willow’s body went on autopilot and she moved quickly toward her. She stopped in front of Tara, and the two lovers just stared at each other, neither speaking. Tara was the first to step closer, reaching out to touch Willow’s hair, but pulled back.

“Your hair,” Tara whispered.

Willow gave her a small smile. “Let me take your suitcase.”

Willow reached to take it out of Tara’s hand, their fingers touched, and both gasped as if they had been shocked. Dana kept a respectful distance, watching the exchange. Even a blind man could see the connection between the two women. Dana had never felt anything like it, it was in the air and she watched as several other people started to look around. They weren’t sure what they were looking for or was going on.

“I’m really glad that you came. I wasn’t sure you would,” Willow said as she led Tara over to Dana.

“How could I not, Will?’ Tara said softly, dipping her head so her hair partially hid her face from view.

As they got to where Dana was standing she smiled brightly at the pair. She could see the strain and worry on the faces of both girls.

“Tara, this is Sister Dana Addams. Dana, this is Tara Maclay.”

Tara smiled shyly. “Nice to meet you,” she said. Tara looked up at Dana, and was struck by her eyes, so much like a cat’s, but the soft blue of her aura made Tara relax; Dana was also struck by her eyes. Dana wasn’t sure she had ever seen eyes so blue and gentle.

“A pleasure to meet you, Sister Tara,” Being address by the title made Tara blush. “Do you have more bags, or shall we go?”

Tara shook her head no, so Dana led the way out. Tara and Willow walked side by side to the car in silence. Casting glances at one another surreptitiously.

Willow put the bags in the trunk of the car. “I’ll sit in back you, so you can sit up front.”

“Umm, ok,” Tara replied.

Dana could see that they were dancing around one another like ribbons fluttering around a maypole.


As Willow climbed into the back seat, Tara couldn’t help watch her ass. She wanted so much to touch her that it hurt. Her nerves felt raw, she had been scared of seeing Willow, but her heart melted like it always did at the sight of her. She climbed into the front seat, and belted herself in taking a deep breath wondering what would happen next.

Willow’s heart was racing like she had just run a marathon, and now with the air on, Tara’s scent was being blown directly into her face. Willow wasn’t sure she could stand the whole ride home like that. Willow wondered if she slid over so she wasn’t directly behind Tara if she’d notice, and if she did what would she think. With a frustrated sigh she lowered her head hoping that would help, but it didn’t.


The ride back to The Grove seemed to take forever for both girls; Willow remained quiet while Dana chatted Tara up benignly. When they finally pulled in and the air was shut off, Willow let out a puff of air that both women heard. Dana gave her a look as she got out, Willow just looked at her and Tara got out quickly with a hurt look on her face as though this may have been a mistake after all.

Willow tried to catch Tara eye as she got out, and try to speak with her eyes. Tell Tara she was glad she was here but Tara wouldn’t look at her. This time Dana took her bags.

“Willow, why don’t you take Tara to see Lady Rowan, I know she wants very much to meet her,” Dana said trying to keep the two of them together as much as she could.

Willow nodded. “Follow me, Tara,” She said quietly. Instinctively she reached out her hand, but stopped just short of touching Tara, and let her hand drop limply by her side. All Willow wanted to do was touch Tara, but she just wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to do just yet.

End Chapter Six, TBC....

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That seemed like a short but very potent chapter. I think you captured and conveyed the enormous tension between the two but also the instant attraction and passion. It's quite well done with an economy of words. I'll be interested to see what's happening next.

Oh, can I give one quickie? When someone is speaking to someone else and they say that person's name (or a petname), you set off the name with a comma.

Dana nodded, “Willow you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for. Look at everything you’ve accomplished, how far you’ve come. That has to count for something, doesn’t it?”

would be...

"Dana nodded, “Willow, you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for. Look at everything you’ve accomplished, how far you’ve come. That has to count for something, doesn’t it?”"

Sometimes you do it and sometimes not. It seems that you do the comma if the name is at the end of the sentence but not the beginning or if it's a petname. Just remember this rule and it makes it read easier because it guides the reader through the sentence and relationship of the speaker and listener.

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Yes, instant and undeniable attraction...just as it should be :)

Love it, Heather :) See how I did that...with the comma, just to show that I'm listening? LOL Must be better beta...I must have been tired...yeah, that sounds good :)

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Yay for excellent update-y goodness... I hope than someone very quickly tells Tara that Willow & Dana are not involved... Can't wait for their meeting with Lady Rowan...

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Loved the update. One of them just needs to take the first step and reach out. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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- JustSkipIt - Yes by all means notes are appreciated! I apologize for the grammatical snafu, like you said sometimes I remember sometimes I don't so now I'll be extra aware and probably over do it. As for the length it's funny you bring that up; I was asking Sandra about chapter length being concerned that some of my upcoming chapters would be too long and was told that wouldn't be an issue. I had been trying to keep them to a 4-6 page length according word then trying to break some of them up and dramatic point is really a pain in the arse. So this one may even be considered a shorter chapter too due to the length restrictions I had unknowingly set in an attempt to keep it easy to read as well as formatting for the same purpose.

- Zampsa1975 - Don't even worry about Dana she never show's herself to be a threat.

- Sanpfa - Oh beta, my beta! You keep me on my toes! No bad beta, just busy beta, life is life and thanks for making time in yours to help me. ;) Besides the next few chapters may break you but in a good way (wicked grin), not that I'm trying but I'm a pervert and a dork which comes in handy.

- love_2003 - Steps will be made, I promise!

To everyone else, please keep reading and I hope you're still enjoying the piece. - Heather

Chapter Seven

Pairing: W/T

Rating: R – for rampant nudity!

Angst Rating: Scale of 1-10 this is about a 4.5, maybe a 5.

Setting: The Grove

Disclaimer: I in no way, shape or form own the characters from BTVS, they’re owned by Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy. All original characters are in no way connected to them except by me in this forum. No money is involved this is simply for my own pleasure.


Feedback: Sure, but if you wanna rip me a new one do it by pm please.

Willow knocked softly on the door to Rowan’s office and very quickly the door swung open.

“Come in, come in! I’ve been expecting you! You must be Sister Tara,” Rowan said as she came around the desk to give Tara a hug, and then pointed to the chairs with a sweeping gesture of her hand indicating that they should sit. “Sister, you are very welcome here. Willow can show you to your rooms in a moment to let you freshen up. How was your flight?”

Tara cleared her throat nervously. “It was good, short but good,” smiling shyly.

Willow watched the exchange between the two women, and when Tara smiled she thought she might faint. It was the smile that had been in her dreams for almost two years now. The smile that made her heart sing. Rowan exchanged a few more pleasantries with Tara, and then clasped her hands together looking between the two anxious girls.

“Sister, like I told you in my letter, there are only a few of us here right now. If you like we can have a meal sent to you in your rooms, or wherever you might like to have it, Willow can arrange it for you. I’ll let the two of you go and get reacquainted.” Rowan smiled pleasantly as she stood.

Rising and moving towards the door, Willow opened it for Tara and then followed her out. After the door closed there was another knock at the door, and Dana came in looking at Rowan with an eyebrow raised in question.

Rowan smiled. “Yes, Sister, their bond is amazing. If they can push past their fears, I can only imagine what the two of them could do.”

Dana smiled. “You should have seen it in the airport – even some of the other travelers felt them. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.”

Rowan nodded, with anticipation clear on her face. “You may never see anything like it again either, Sister.”


Willow and Tara walked side by side down the hall from Lady Rowan’s office, sneaking sidelong glances at one another, but careful not to touch.

Finally Willow spoke, “Tara, let me take you to your rooms.”

They were entering the main hall which was now empty.

“Just let me get the key, wait here,” Willow said quietly. She touched Tara’s arm without thinking about it, and pulled back like she had been bit. “I’m sorry, uhh, just give me a minute,” Turning sharply on her heel, Willow marched over behind the desk, disappearing under it.

Tara’s skin tingled where Willow had touched her, and her stomach fluttered. Willow seemed afraid of her, and this left Tara confused leaving her a little hurt too. First Willow’s reaction in the car, and now you would have thought she had been tasered when she touched her. Tara was staring at her feet as she thought when Willow came back with keys.

“Ready?” she asked with a smile.

Taking Tara’s breath away, Willow’s smile made her feel bold. “Y-yes, where would y-you like m-me?” Tara said knowing her statement could taken in a few ways.

Willow did a double take, not missing the double entendre, and it made her heart skip a beat. “Follow me this way,” she said with a nod of her head, a soft smile still playing on her lips.

Willow led her across the hall, out and adjacent to the parking lot. It was not lost on her that Lady Rowan had arranged for Tara’s room’s to be next to hers, now she just hoped it didn’t scare Tara. When they got to the door, Willow put the key in the lock, and pushed the door open.

“Umm, my rooms are in the next suite. I hope that doesn’t bother you; Lady Rowan thought you might be more comfortable that way. Err, that’s what she said at least,” Willow said looking at her feet shoving her hands deep into her pockets.

Tara smiled before she walked into the living room. She looked into the open door off to the left and saw her suitcases next to bed.

Smiling shyly, Tara looked up at Willow from under her lashes. “That’s f-fine, and then you’re close to me.”

Tara couldn’t believe herself – she was actually flirting with Willow. She felt like when she had first met Willow, when she was giddy just to be near her. Tara hadn’t realized just how much she had missed Willow; her voice, her smile – even just being in her presence. Motioning for Willow to follow her in, Tara walked directly into the bedroom, and sat on the bed looking at Willow, who stood in the doorway looking anywhere but at Tara sitting on the bed.

“Umm, ok, good. I’ll, umm, just be next door then. I don’t know if you want to shower, or nap, or something. Are you hungry? I can get you some food, or you can watch TV; we have the Discovery Channel. There’s cable too, so of course you can choose what you like. Umm, so I’ll just go then,” Willow babbled, and then pointed over her shoulder with a jab of her thumb towards the door finally looking at Tara.

Willow couldn’t believe she was actually standing just a few feet from Tara. The car ride had left her head swimming, because all she could breathe in was Tara, and this filled her with such longing. Now, as she stood in the doorway, a part of Willow wanted to run away, but another part of her wanted to run to Tara.

Tara watched the emotions play over Willow’s expressive face, and wondered if her own where mirrored the same way. “Willow, please come in.”

Willow crossed over the threshold just barely, and left the door open. Willow knew if she had her way, she and Tara would be well on their way to making love; she just wasn’t sure what Tara wanted – why she had come – what she expected.

Tara had very little self restraint left, so she got up off the bed, and walked up to Willow. Making sure to step into her personal space, brushing against Willow as she swung the door closed. Hearing an audible gulp from Willow, she couldn’t stop herself from smirking. Tara brushed against Willow again. Tara was shaking, and she could see that Willow was too, as she stared at her feet.

Tara wanted to touch Willow so badly; she stood closely on purpose so they were only inches apart, and screwing up the courage, she breathed, “Can I touch you?”

Willow’s head snapped up, and her heart did somersaults, while a whole pack of butterflies erupted in her stomach. She looked into the blue eyes she had been dreaming about every night since she went away. “Yes, please.”

Tara reached up to touch Willow’s hair, her head cocked to one side. She played with the white in Willow’s hair as she closed her eyes enjoying the warmth of Tara’s fingertips. “When did the white happen?” she asked gently.

Willow opened her eyes, swallowing hard and looking at her feet again. “While I was away in England, Giles said it was because of…the withdrawals and the magicks…and it may never be red again.” The shame was clear on Willow’s face, as she looked at her feet again.

Tara put her finger under Willow’s chin and tilted her head up to look at her. “You’re still beautiful to me,” Tara kissed Willow. She snaked her arms around Willow waist, pulling her close. Willow’s arms wrap around her shoulders, as they melted into one another.

Tara hadn’t known what she was going to do until she did it. Willow felt so good, so right, she felt something she hadn’t felt in such a long time – she felt whole again. One kissed bled into another, and another, and when they came up for air, they looked at each other. Surprise showing on both of their faces clearly, they just looked at one another.

Willow pulled back so she could look at Tara, and broke the silence, unleashing a babble. “Oh, gods I’ve missed you, Tara. I’m so sorry, baby, can you ever forgive me? Can you trust me again? I just…I lost it. I’ve felt so guilty and ashamed; I can’t believe what I did. The thought, the sight, I couldn’t let him hurt you. He was crazy; he would have done so much worse. If he had hurt you…”

Tara put a finger over Willow’s lips and smiled. “God, I’ve m-missed Willowbabble. W-Willow I was there. I know the w-what and why. I should forgive you for what – s-saving my life? I wouldn’t be h-here if you hadn’t done what you did.”

Willow shook her head. “Tara, I saw fear in your eyes – of me,” She bit her lip trying desperately not to cry. Tara sighed, and led her over to the bed where they sat down facing each other, but Willow wouldn’t look at her again.

“You’re right, I won’t lie. But not f-for what you think. I didn’t f-fear you for what you did, sweetie, I’m g-grateful, I’m alive. It was the p-power you tapped into to do it. I’ve only ever felt that k-kind of power once b-before,” Tara took another deep breath. “I felt you in the airport before I saw you. As soon as I felt the power, I knew it was you. I know you, I know your energy. Even if I was blind, deaf and dumb, I would know you,” Tara took one of Willow’s hands in her own, stroking her face with the other. “Willow look at me,” Willow shook her head no. “Willow Danielle Rosenberg, look at me!” Tara’s vehemence made Willow look at her.

“I have only been here for a few hours, and let me tell you the things I know. I know that from the moment I saw you, there was nothing I wanted more than to be in your arms. I know you have been through more than I can imagine – maybe even understand, not just because of the streaks – which are kinda sexy, by the way,” this garnered a small smile from Willow smile. “The last thing, I feel more than know. You have been gifted with an awesome amount of power. I can feel it, but unlike before there is control and balance that I can’t even begin to understand. My mother had control and power like you, but still not as strong as you. Willow, I am in awe of you,” Tara finished without a stutter.

Willow blinked rapidly not knowing how to respond. There was only one question Willow wanted an answer to, she whispered, “Do you still love me Tara?”

Tara smiled the crooked smile that was for Willow alone. “Endlessly, hopelessly, and forever. To be honest, I didn’t know how I would feel when I got here and saw you again. It’s been almost two years, Will, but I knew as soon I felt you. I only hope that you still love me.”

It wasn’t lost on Willow that Tara’s stuttering had stopped, and that made her cry even harder, she couldn’t help herself. Willow wrapped her arms around Tara’s middle, rested her head on Tara’s shoulder and sobbed. She thought she had lost Tara for good; she couldn’t even speak and Tara gathered Willow into her lap while she cried.

When Willow finally had no more tears she pulled back from Tara, her eyes still glistening. “Tara, baby, I have never been as miserable in my life as I have been while trying to…get this under control. I never wanted to hurt you. I never wanted to make you sad – that’s the last thing I ever wanted. I was afraid for you, I was afraid of me, and I would rather die than do anything to you. I love you so much. There was never I a day I didn’t want you, and miss you,” Willow looked at her hands, shaking her head. “I just didn’t know how to be good to you and for you after that. I think I’ve learning, but I’m still not completely sure, I don’t know – Tara I’m scared.”

Tara nodded. “We should be, Willow; this is starting over – again, or the chance to try to pick up where we left off maybe. Two years is a long time, it’s almost as long as we were together.”

Willow smiled softly. “We’ve been apart one year, seven months, eighteen days, and seventeen hours.”

Tara laughed, and hugged Willow to her. “Oh, My Willowtree, I feel like I’ve been holding my breath, and now I can breathe again.”

Willow clung to Tara. “Do you know how I’ve missed being called that? Would you just kiss me again?”

Tara smiled. “Try to stop me.” She eased Willow out of her lap, and down on the bed. Then she kissed Willow’s eyes, her nose, along her jaw line, and finally her mouth. When she finally claimed Willow’s mouth they both moaned. Hands roamed leisurely over clothes, shyly.

Half an hour later, they were still kissing. They both wanted more, but they enjoyed this slow build. Willow’s tummy rumbled loudly making Tara giggle. “Hungry are we?”

Willow blushed. “Yes, guess I am, and umm I really haven’t been eating much for a while. I was preoccupied with so many things, on top of being worried and stressed, so you know, food doesn’t rank…”

Tara kissed her again. “Me too, sweetie, I get it. Can I shower, and then we’ll go get something to eat?”

Willow nodded. “Of course, baby, I’ll just go next door, and you can come get me when you’re ready.”

Tara arched an eyebrow. “Who said I wanted to shower alone?”

Willow’s mouth opened and closed, and she looked confused as she a blush rose quickly to her cheeks. Tara got off the bed, and pulled off Willow’s shoes before she pulled her up off the bed. Reaching for Willow’s shirt, Tara unbuttoned and pushed it slowly over her shoulders. Tara released the button to Willow’s jeans, and leaned to whisper in her ear, “I really like your ass in these jeans, and I got an eyeful when you got in the car at the airport.”

Willow couldn’t believe her ears, and looked at Tara as if she had sprouted a horn from the middle of her forehead. “Who are you and what did you do with Tara?”

Tara giggled, as she pushed Willows jeans down around her ankles prompting her to step out of them, “Willow, I’ve had to wait - what was it? One year, seven months, eighteen days, and seventeen hours to get my hands on the woman I love more than anything in this world. Do you think I’m gonna let you out of my sight any time soon?”

Willow grinned widely, as Tara stepped to her so she could kiss Willow’s neck making her sigh happily. The next thing Willow knew her bra was gone; it always surprised her how quickly Tara could get her bra off when she was so inclined. Willow was standing there in her panties, and crossed her arms over her chest self-consciously; she hadn’t been naked in front of someone in a long time.

Tara pulled her arms down to her sides. “Oh no, no, no. Let me look at you, Will, my memories don’t do you justice,” Willow tried to stand there, but started fidgeting, “Ok, fair is fair.” Tara stripped off her shirt, bra and jeans ten seconds flat.

Willow could only gape at how quickly she had done that. They were staring at each other. Willow stepped towards Tara, and raised a hand to touch but held back. “May I touch you?” Tara took her hands, and placed them on her breasts with a sigh and a smile.

Tara giggled as suddenly Willow’s hands were everywhere. “I forgot you have extra arms.”

Willow pulled back. “What? Wait? No, I don’t!”

Tara gave a throaty laugh that made Willow shiver. “You do anytime you touch me.”

Willow blushed. “You’re beautiful Tara, how can I not want to touch all of you?”

Tara pulled Willow into her arms, and kissed her soundly; when their lips parted Tara rested her forehead against Willow’s. “I’ve missed you so much, Will. It was so hard, s-sometimes I d-didn’t know how I w-was going to get through it. I had so many questions and no one…”

It seemed now it was Tara’s turn to cry. Willow held her tightly while Tara’s hot tears rolled down her chest. Willow tried to quell the guilt that rose deep in her chest, as she listened to Tara’s sobs, knowing how hurt she must have been.

“It’s okay, sweetie, I’m so sorry baby, I never wanted to hurt you, I swear. I love you, Tara. It’ll be okay. I promise,” she led Tara to the bathroom with her arm around her trying to keep as much physical contact as possible.

She knew that her beautiful girl needed the extra contact sometimes from the many nights of holding her when she shook terrified by memories of her father, and the things he had done to her and her mother. It had taken Tara almost a year before she started to tell Willow about the beatings her father doled out to all of his family. How she had been beaten so badly sometimes that she couldn’t walk and about the beating that had been the last before her mother got really sick.

Willow sat Tara on the toilet, and started the shower. Willow stood in front of Tara, and she wrapped her arms around Willow’s lithe frame. Willow bent to kiss the top of Tara’s head, gently stroking her hair.

After a few minutes she said, “Stand up, love, I think the shower’s ready.”

Tara stood docilely, and Willow marveled at the difference between the woman that stood before her now shaking, and the woman who had undressed her just a few minutes ago.

Willow checked the water one more time, and then turned back to Tara. “Tara, honey, I’m gonna take your panties off, ok?” She didn’t want to move to quickly so she would spook her. Willow was on her knees in front of Tara, when she looked up at her; now Tara had a slight smile on her lips, and the twinkle was back in her eyes.

She couldn’t help herself, and smiled cheekily in return. “Does this make you happy?” she asked staying on her knees, her head at hip height.

Tara put her hands into Willow’s hair. “Very much,” she replied hoarsely.

Willow kissed the tops her thighs, running her fingertips up the back of Tara’s leg’s to her bottom, before she stood up to wriggled out of her own panties.

Opening the stall door, she pulled Tara into the shower with her, the water falling over both of their bodies. Willow grabbed the jasmine scented soap that was already in the shower, and rubbed it in her hands to get it sudsy, and then started soaping Tara’s body.

Tara leaned her back against the shower wall to give her lover access to her body, while she watched her work. Willow gently soaped her chest, stomach, and sex, coming back to pay extra attention to her breasts, which making her laugh.

Willow looked at her, brows furrowed. “What?”

With a smile Tara responded, “You are such a breast girl.”

Willow blushed and shrugged. “What can I say? I have the most beautiful pair in the world in front of me. Now turn around missy.” Willow turned Tara away from her so she was facing the shower wall. Willow reached around to cup her breasts while she kissed her neck and shoulder while pressing her body to Tara’s back. Tara moaned reaching back to hold Willow to her, and whimpered when Willow pulled away to soap the rest of her body.

Taking Tara by the shoulders she turned her around, and switched places, so she was under the stream of water. As Tara rinsed off, Willow poured a generous dollop of shampoo into her hand, and began to wash Tara’s hair gently massaging her scalp.

Tara purred, “A girl could get used to this.”

Willow whispered in her ear, “I have a lot of time to make up for. Rinse please.”

Willow quickly soaped and shampooed her body, so when Tara was done, she rinsed herself off quickly. Turning the water off, she opened the door. Stepping out, Willow then helped Tara out. Quickly, she grabbed a towel and began to dry her love off gently. Willow savored every inch of Tara’s flesh, placing butterfly kisses here and there. She stood after drying her feet, and Tara kissed her pulling her wet body against her own.

“Hey, I just dried you off!” Willow said smiling.

Brazenly Tara said, “I know a spot that’s all wet again.”

Willow gulped, as her eyes got big as saucers, trying to play it cool and failing miserably. “Oh yeah?” she squeaked.

“Mmmhmm, so what are you going to do about it?” Tara asked with a wicked smile.

Willow coughed and turned redder than her hair. “Umm, why don’t we get some food first, and umm, you know, we have to keep up our strength,” she sputtering again.

Tara gave her another throaty laugh, and sighed, “Ok, if that’s what you want,” then walked past Willow and out into the bedroom.

As Willow dried off, she could hear Tara on the phone. When she walked out of the bathroom, Tara was saying, “No, it’s good. Really, it’s good, Dawnie, I swear,” She looked over to see Willow standing there naked, and her eyes darkened with desire.

Tara covered the mouth piece, and mouthed ‘do you want to talk to her?’, “Hold a sec ok?” Tara covered the mouth piece again. “It’s Dawn, sweetie, would you like to talk to her?”

Willow blanched. “Umm, I don’t know, does she want to talk to me? I mean it’s been so long, and I just kinda left…” her voice trailed off.

Tara thought for a moment. “Okay, I’m back. No, it’s kinda brown here, hot too. Yeah, I know. Promise me you’ll have at least two salads while I’m gone?”

Willow smiled, and shook her head as she listened. Tara was still Dawn’s surrogate mom; some things hadn’t changed while she had been gone.

“Okay, I call again in a few days. We’re gonna get something to eat. I will, I will, she’s, uh next door in her room. Yeah, I know next door. She says it wasn’t her doing,” Laughing Tara looked at Willow and winked. “I’ll tell her, I promise. I love you too, bye.”

Tara started to dress while watching Willow out of the corner of her eye. “Dawn said to tell you she misses you, Willow.”

Willow didn’t say anything, so Tara just left it at that; Willow went back into the bathroom coming back with her panties, and started to put them back on.

Tara walked over, and pulled them out of her hand. “Hey, I need those,” Willow squeaked.

Tara smiled wickedly again. “No, you don’t,” she said, shoving them into her pocket. “Hurry up, I’m hungry.”

By the look on Tara’s face it was obvious that she didn’t mean for food either, as she eyed Willow openly.

End Chapter Seven, TBC….

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Hot yummy Take Charge Tara. . .Gotta love it!

Great update! I love how Tara can make Willow blush, LOL.

I can't wait to see how dinner goes...For some reason, I don't think Tara is going to let Willow have a peaceful, non-sexy meal...And I feel like I'm ok with that!

Can't wait for the next update!!

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Yay for great update-y goodness... I like sexy-take-charge-Tara... I hope they soon talk to Rowan again about how they can safely wield the power they have...

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Yeah! I love that Tara took the first step to get them back together. They still have a lot to talk about but they are definitely headed in the right direction. Looking forward to reading more.

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Just read from the start and there's so many feelings flying through me so all I can say is major bravo, this is wonderful.

It's been a while since a story has evoked such a (varied - in a good way) emotional response from me.

Plus, Take-Charge-Tara? Just yes.

Can't wait to see the progression of them getting back together.

Love it!


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First I'd like to apologize for the delay. I had to acquire a new beta reader, get them up to speed and start with the next chapter that needs to be posted to see how we work together. I would like to profusely thank my new beta and I honestly think I lucked out on the deal when Meg aka Jasmydae agreed to work with me (Go Me! Yay Meg!). Also this chapter is longer than the previous ones and much more explicit with some of it's content. With that said there is a real story here to be told so don't think you'll be getting hardcore lesbian porn with every chapter, it is not a horny lesbian "happy meal". If they make that I want all the prizes, heehee.

As I'm improving, I hope you continue to enjoy the story and be patient as I will continue to post until I finish the story and will try to do it in a fairly timely manner. Critiques are welcome as is praise, if you are so inclined.

angieb86 - Food can serve more than one purpose and is more fun when it does.

Zampsa1975 - You must have been reading my mind or were you peeping over my shoulder? It just one of several talks that need to be had by several sets of characters.

love_2003 - even in a flawed relationship, especially more so even; patience and forgiveness are key and you have to start using the blocks that work to build again.

Laragh - *bowing* Your praise is wonderful, thank you so much. I'm so glad you are enjoying my little contribution to the KB. I have several threads that will all be brought together and with my beta's guidance and assistance I'll be able to pull off what I have in my head coherently!

Without further delay, here you have:

Chapter Eight

Pairing: W/T

Rating: NC-17/XXX – WARNING: This will be girl on girl sex with kinky un-vanilla goodness and a dash of smut thrown in so be forewarned, very forewarned,

Angst/Drama Rating: So I guess this should be here too since much like life nothing comes easy; I'd say on a scale of 1-10 this is about a 3.5 – 4.5.

Setting: The Grove - Tucson

Notes: I would also like to thank my beta Jasmydae for her assistance as well as being my new cohort in all the literary crimes (because I’m sure I’ll make lots) with the story.

Disclaimer: I in no way, shape or form own the characters from BTVS, they’re owned by Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy. All original characters are in no way connected to them except by me in this forum. No money is involved this is simply for my own pleasure.


Feedback: Sure, hit me with it! Although if you wanna rip me a new one do it by pm please.

Tara and Willow walked back to the main hall holding hands. Tabitha was at the desk in the main entrance once again, and when they came in she asked, “And who might this one be?”

Willow blushed and walked Tara over to the desk. “Tabby, this is Tara; Tara, this is Sister Tabitha.”

Both girls could see recognition slowly move over her face. “The Tara?” Tabitha said.

Willow nodded her head, and smiled. “The Tara.”

She rushed around the desk and grabbed Tara in a big hug. “It is so good to meet you, Sister Tara! I hope you enjoy your time here; I’m sure Willow will,” She snickered mischievously, which caused both girls to blush.

“That’s enough, Sister Tabitha.” Dana was standing directly behind the girls.

“Yes, Sister Dana.” Tabitha responded by quickly going back to whatever it was she had behind the desk, looking guilty like a school kid caught skipping.

“Are you girls hungry? I trust so far things are going well?” Dana smiled. She could tell that both girls had been crying, but Dana had never seen Willow look so happy.

“Yes we are. I thought I would just go into the kitchen and make something for us,” Willow said.

“If you need anything or want anything special just let me know,” She smiled a radiant smile and squeezed Tara’s shoulder before she walked away.

Willow and Tara held hands all the way to the kitchen. “What are you hungry for, baby?” Willow asked. Tara arched an eyebrow giving Willow such a look she blushed. “Other than me,” she added quietly.

“You know what I like, sweetie.” The need to touch Willow was overwhelming. Tara snaked her arms around Willow’s waist and planted a kiss on the back of her neck. She felt Willow lean into her, but moments later Willow’s stomach grumbled loudly. She backed away with a chuckle.

“Okay I get it, so go to it. You know where everything is.” Tara watched Willow move with ease around the kitchen.

“What do you want to drink, baby?” Willow asked.

“Oh, whatever you’re having is fine.”

Willow retrieved two bottles of green tea from an industrial refrigerator, and offered one to Tara. “Is green tea okay?” Tara took the bottle, popping it open and taking a long drink; Willow watched the skin over Tara’s throat move as she drank, and licked her lips.

Tara smiled at Willow’s expression. “I’m really thirsty.”

Willow knew she had been caught staring. “Yeah, this is an actual desert, so you’ll have to drink extra water or you’ll get dehydrated. Besides being unpleasant, that can…” Tara smiling at her. “Oh,” she said nervously and licked her lips again. “How would you like your sandwich cut? Would you like triangles or down the middle?”

“Triangles; they’re fun.” Tara said leaning over the counter on her elbow watching Willow make their sandwiches.

She pointed Tara toward a table set off from the kitchen, set her plate down, and then came back with two bananas, a mango, two kiwis, a magenta colored fruit that looked like a pear, and a football shaped yellow on. She also had a paring knife, which she laid down by the fruit.

They sat close together while they ate. Touching one another seemed to be imperative, and it didn’t matter where so long as they could maintain contact. Tara kicked off her sandals and wiggled her toes up under the hem of Willow’s jeans so she could touch the skin of her leg.

Even this small contact made Willow shiver visibly, garnering a smile from Tara at the effect she was having; Willow's skin flushed in anticipation. Tara didn’t miss the flush, watching as it reached all the way to Willow’s ears.

“I’ve missed this, Will, just being with you. You know, just us,” Tara said softly.

Willow took her hand and smiled. “Me too, Tara. Your … presence feels good, kind of like a big warm hug.”

With deep breath, Tara asked, “Willow, what did Tabitha mean by ‘another one’?”

Willow groaned, and rolled her eyes. “About two weeks ago Dana and I were coming back from town, and there was a girl whose pickup had broken down. So we gave her a ride, then she showed up here a few days later – actually the day Lady Rowan told me you had agreed to come here – and we went for a hike,” She shrugged. “No big.”

“So you like her?” Tara asked as she attempted to sound nonchalant.

Willow put her sandwich down and took Tara’s hand. “Not in the least, and definitely not like that.”

Tara nodded, satisfied by Willow’s answer and went back to her sandwich.

Willow finished first, and looked at the fruit, to decide what she wanted. Around a mouthful of food Tara asked, “What are those two?” She pointed to the pear shaped fruit and the football shaped one.

Willow smiled. “I thought you might like to try them. This one” - she held up the magenta colored pear - “is a prickly pear. They grow on cactuses here; they are very sweet and messy.” She leered wolfishly at Tara, her eyes sparkling as she explained. “Supposedly if you were ever stuck in the desert and could find these, after you get the quills off they will keep you hydrated enough to get help, or to a town, or whatever. Now this one” - she held up the yellow one - “is a star fruit. It’s sweet, too, but look at the shape,” She handed the fruit to Tara for inspection as she cut slices off for them. “When you cut it, the slices look like stars.”

Tara turned the fruit over in her hand. “So which one do you want to eat first?”

Willow smiled. “I think we both should have a banana. The potassium will be useful. But I think we can take this one with us.” She pointed to the prickly pear.

“Why Miss Rosenberg, whatever do you mean?” Tara asked coyly.

Willow leered again at Tara. “Come with me and I’ll show you.” They giggled together while they gathered their plates, and then put them into the sink. Tara grabbed the bananas; Willow, the prickly pear and the knife.

Tara handed Willow a banana, and they both ate while they walked. Willow started to head for the main entrance, but then remembered Tabitha was there and wanted to avoid anymore lengthy conversations since she could be a pain in the ass. “Hey, let’s go this way. It’s longer, but we can bypass Tabby.”

“Longer?” Tara whined.

She smiled. “Just by a minute or two, I promise. She might stop us, and I want you all to myself. Let’s hurry.” She bumped against Tara accidentally on purpose.

When they arrived at Tara’s suite, Tara headed straight for the bedroom. Following behind, Willow set the fruit down on a chest of drawers. “I’ll be right back.” She turned to leave.

“Baby, where are you going?” Tara asked.

Willow crossed the room and kissed Tara, crushing her so hard against her Tara had to pull back.

“I can’t breathe, sweetie.”

Willow looked down at Tara. “I won’t say I’m sorry, because I’m not. I’m just going to grab some clothes and a few other things.”

Tara raised an eyebrow. “Like what?”

Willow headed for the door and threw over her shoulder, “Just stuff…”

Because The Grove had once been a resort, and some of the suites were connected by doors that opened into the adjoining room. Theirs were paired in this fashion. Willow knew on the other side of the door in her bedroom was Tara’s bedroom, and the thought made her knees weak. She gathered some candles she kept because they reminded her of Tara. They were beeswax and smelled like honey when they burned. She also grabbed several tea lights and sconces; some sandalwood incense, matches, and a burner. She dumped all of these into a pillow case, then opened her side of the door and set the latch to keep it open.

She knocked on Tara’s adjoining door and heard her yelp. “It’s me, baby. Open the door. My hands are full.”

When Tara tugged open the door, she blinked once, then erupted in a fit of giggles. “Are you Santa Rosenberg?”

Willow smiled and said shyly, “If you want me to be.”

Tara took the bundle from her, and let it slip to the floor. Tara put her arms around Willow’s shoulders and with one hand she gently traced her eyebrows, cheekbones and mouth with her fingers. “Willow, you are so beautiful.”

Willow swallowed hard and looked down.

“Willow?” Tara said. “Look at me.” When Willow hesitated Tara put a finger under her chin and lifted her face up. “Do you remember what you told me after we made love for the first time? You told me that when we were alone I could not hide my face from you. That you understood when we were out in public, but you didn’t want me to hide when we were alone. You don’t have to hide from me anymore, Willow. There’s no reason. Okay?”

“Tara, I’m scared,” Willow’s eyes were so full of fear it disturbed Tara. She took Willow’s hand and pulled her to the bed. They faced each other. She stroked Willow’s cheek and said gently, “Tell me, what is it that you’re afraid of, my sweet Willow?”

With a deep breath Willow started, “I’m afraid I’ll hurt you. I’m afraid if I let go something horrible will happen again. Everything I’ve learned to do is about control now. I’m not sure I can do this. It’s not that I don’t want to–gods knows I can’t think of much else–I’m just afraid. With everything we didn’t get to work through…” She shook her head. “It’s like things were just starting to come together again and then… it’s been so long. I still think somehow this might all be another dream, and the thought of that is worse than your not being here at all.”

Tara nodded in understanding and the pain on her face mirrored Willow’s own. “We are so lucky; it’s like the second chance got put on hold. We may not be able to pick up exactly where we left off because so much has changed, but we can try. I want to try, do you? Can’t you feel…us? I’m not going to beg you, Willow. If your heart’s not in this, I should just go home and save us both...” She shrugged. “What have you been taught?” she asked, not wanting to give up easily.

“What do you mean?” Willow asked hesitantly.

Tara licked her lips slowly, and Willow’s preoccupied expression made her smile. “You’ve been taught control, yes?”

Willow nodded. “Okay, so I’ll guess that you’ve been taught to channel your energies and emotions when they become too much, yes? If you’re afraid of losing control we can use what you’ve learned.”

Willow nodded again, but Tara could see she still hadn’t caught on. “What’s your point?”

Tara rolled her eyes and sighed. “Okay, so since you’re not helping me pack, that means you want me to stay. You know what sex magic is right? I think we both know where this is going, and I vote for sooner rather than later.” She looked at Willow with an undisguised lust that made the room suddenly several degrees hotter. “We know that during sex energy is produced, as well as a certain amount of control loss to well, umm, you know, but it can be channeled to accomplish things when focused, or just allowed to dissipate, right?” Willow nodded. “Okay, if there are two of us, we can channel it back on course, so to speak, if it starts to go into an uncontrollable state. We have done similar things before, Willow, so we know we can do it, and this shouldn’t be any different.”

Willow frowned and shifted nervously. “But control.”

Tara covered Willow’s lips with a finger. “Willow, do you trust me?” Willow nodded. “Besides the fact that I just want to jump your bones” - this made Willow smile - “if there is trust, then we can share the responsibility of control. I trust you with my life; I always have, even when other things were in question. If we are really going to give this a shot we have to start with trust, right?” She kissed Willow softly.

Willow pulled Tara closer and ran her fingers through Tara’s hair; Tara guided Willow into her lap so she could press against her. Tara unbuttoned Willow's shirt so she could ease it off of her shoulders as her breathing started to become quick and shallow. Willow shifted to straddle Tara, her fingers finding their way back to Tara's long blond tresses.

Willow leaned a little closer and took strands between her fingers and ran them across her chest, down her cheek and under her chin, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the sensation. Tara's hands wandered over Willow's back and unhooked her bra. Willow shifted a little so it could be pulled away arching forward as she pulled Tara to her. Tara trailed kisses down Willow’s neck onto her collar bone to sucking at the skin as she went; her thumbs grazed Willow’s nipples.

Willow sucked in air sharply at the contact, pulled Tara’s head up to look at her. Tara’s eyes were dark blue with a desire so plain it made Willow wet. “Are you sure Tara? If not, we need to stop now. I know everything is happening so quickly, and I want you so badly. I want the chance for us to work, and if slow is better please...” Willow's cheeks were pink with desire.

Tara smiled. “Willow, let me make love with you. Let me touch you – show you how much I love you. You’re not the only one that’s scared, Will, but if you want this too, and love me as much as I love you, we can do this.” Tara kissed Willow, and moved her tongue languidly around Willow’s mouth eliciting a shiver.

“My Willowtree, my goddess, you are my world. I haven’t been able to touch you for far too long, and here you are in front of me, warm and real. Let me remind you of what you’ve been missing – of what I’ve been missing,” She nuzzled Willow’s neck. “It’s kind of our first time again.” Relief flashed across Willow’s face, but quickly hardened to desire.

Willow crawled off of Tara’s lap, and went to the bundle she’d brought, and began pulling things out and placing them around the room. She lit the beeswax candles first, then the sandalwood incense. She held her hand out to Tara and pulled her to her feet. She sweetly ran her hands across Tara’s shoulders, down her arms to her waist, over her hips and around to her bottom. She kissed Tara’s neck and sucked on her ear, which made her moan. Slipping her hands under Tara’s shirt Willow ran her fingertips over the silky skin of her stomach as she pulled it up nudging her arms up so she could take it off.

Willow slipped her hands up to unhook Tara’s bra and tossed it to the floor. She pulled back the sheets and pushed Tara back onto the bed. Willow grabbed the pear and knife in one hand as she move to straddle Tara. Tara watched Willow settle on her hips; her eyes glittered and were so green. Tara moved her hands down Willow’s back to cup her bottom with both hands; the feel of Willow on top of her made her skin tingle.

As she ran her fingers around Willow’s waist she could see that had she lost weight. Willow cut the pear into four quarters and as she did so it started to drip onto Tara’s breast bone and stomach. Cutting the messy fruit into wedges Willow offered one to Tara but held it just out of reach so it would drip onto her lips before she allowed Tara to suck it into her mouth. “Mmm, that is sweet and messy,” Tara said, looking down at the magenta colored drops.

Willow nodded her head then squeezed one of the slices over Tara’s nipples before popping it in her mouth. She held the other two wedges in her hand to prevent it from dripping on the sheets, and not really making it as some of the drops were starting to roll off of Tara. Willow shifted her position so she could suck on one of Tara’s nipples, licking and tugging at it. She put the third slice in her mouth and leaned to kiss Tara.

Keeping just far enough away so that Tara would have to raise her head, she moved the messy fruit over her lips before letting her take the other half. Sitting back up she took the final piece rubbed it over her own nipples smiling as she watched Tara lick her lips then dangled the piece of her mouth; Tara pulled Willow over and bit at the wedge as Willow pulled back the other half and sucked it into her mouth.

Tara unbuttoned Willow’s jeans, pushing them down, rolling her over so she could get them the rest of the way off. Willow lay on her back with her arms crossed shyly over her breasts. Tara moved her arms aside, and trailed one hand down between Willow’s breasts. She bent her head to taste the fruit sweetened skin of Willow’s nipple. Her hand moved slowly over Willow’s stomach, stopping just above the dark red curls of her sex.

Willow reached for the button on Tara’s jeans, then slipped her hand inside purring at the heat and damp that met her touch. She rolled onto her side and pushed at Tara’s jeans and panties urging her lift her hips so she could push them off.

With no clothes between them, Willow pushed Tara onto her back and straddled her again. Tara’s hair spread out beneath her; her breathing was rapid and shallow. Willow bent over and took one nipple in her mouth and caressed the other with her fingers eliciting a moan from Tara. She pulled back a little to whisper, “Have I told you how much I’ve missed you Tara?”

Tara dared. “Show me.”

Willow kissed her hard, her tongue darting quickly in and out like a hummingbird. As their tongues played, Willow caught Tara’s and sucked on it, which caused her to shiver and electricity jump through her stomach spiraling outwards. Willow’s mouth trailed away from her mouth to her jaw, on to her ear and the sensitive skin of her neck. She was sucking on Tara’s neck and the skin was starting to bruise.

Willow pulled back and bit her lip. She knew in the past Tara hadn’t minded and even encouraged Willow to mark her-- but that was the past. “Tara, baby, marks? Do you want them? I stopped before this one got dark, but…“

Tara cut her off, “Mark me, Willow. I’m yours.” As she pulled her back to her throat Willow growled against her neck, and pushed her hips into Tara. A growl escaped Tara's lips as Willow sucked hard on her skin; tendrils of sensation shot out from Willow's mouth to Tara's nipples and lower.

As Tara ran her nails down Willow’s back she arched against them and hissed. A chain of bright red marks darkened around Tara’s throat and collar bone to correspond with the thin pink lines down Willow’s back. Tara watched as Willow licked her way back to her breasts, with nipples so hard and now dyed a darker shade of pink, like gumdrops ready for Willow to suck on. With her mouth on one nipple and one hand on the other, Willow shifted herself so she could ease her other hand to open the swollen lips of Tara’s sex. Tara grabbed Willow’s head, her fingers curling tightly in her hair.

Willow growled deep in her throat against Tara’s breast as she enjoyed the feel of her and the taste of her skin; it was sweeter than she remembered, even without the juice. Willow shifted again so she could have better access to Tara’s wet sex.

“Tara, you’re so wet, baby. It’s amazing,” she said huskily as she stroked Tara’s outer lips, slipping one finger inside to slowly trace figure eights around her clit.

Tara lifted her hips against Willow’s hand. “Look at me, Willow,” she said quickly as her mind started to fog with desire, she wanted to remain focused at least for a little while longer.

Willow moved from Tara’s breast to look her in the face. “Yes, my love?” Her fingers continued slowly around the slick skin.

“I want you to look at me; I want you to watch me as you make me cum.”

Willow just nodded her head, swallowing hard.

“Tell me how to please you. What would you like?” she asked.

Tara’s hips were moving against her hand, and she was getting wetter by the second. “First, I want your mouth,” she breathed.

With a smile, raising her eyebrows Willow asked, “First?”

Tara ground her hips against Willow again. “Yes, first.”

Tara had a plan, she just wasn’t sure if she could do it. Willow slid down kissing her way over Tara’s taut stomach she could feel the muscles tight in anticipation she could taste the sweat on Tara’s skin but made sure to maintain eye contact. She eased herself over Tara’s leg, gripped her hips and dove right into her lover. Tara whimpered as Willow’s tongue hit its mark and Willow groaned at the taste of her.

The eye contact was to keep Willow grounded; there was just the added bonus arousal of having Willow watch as everything played over Tara’s face. She could watch Tara squirm under her mouth and fingers, watch her skin flush then dimple as her arousal increased.

“Willow, inside baby, I need you inside me. Mmm...” she breathed. Willow slipped inside of Tara, purring as she closed her eyes. “Look at me,” Tara panted. “More, Willow.”

Willow could feel Tara’s arousal rise as she slipped another finger inside Tara; her thrusts angled upward and slowed so could she rub Tara’s G-spot with the length of her fingers while swirling around her clit with her tongue.

“More Will, I need more...”

Willow wasted no time responding to Tara’s request; she was so hot and wet it made Willow tremble with her own excitement. Tara’s increase in arousal only served to stoke Willow’s as well as Willow watched her eyes change from blue to violet. Tara knew what she was working toward, and Willow was following without question.

“Willow, more, I want more,” Tara panted again, the surprise apparent on Willow’s face.

Willow pulled her head up. “Baby, are you sure? It might hurt at first.” Willow could tell that Tara was going somewhere with this, but she wasn’t sure just where.

Tara kept moving against Willow’s fingers. “Yes, please. Oh Willow, please.”

Willow slowly slipped a fourth finger shallowly in, and Tara bucked against the addition. Tara dug into the mattress with her heels, a low groan escape from her. Willow moved slowly so she wouldn’t hurt Tara, and watched her face for indications of pain and that she should stop, but saw only Tara’s lust.

“Willow, oh sweet Willow. Oh, my sweet goddess.” Tara moaned.

Willow could tell that Tara was pacing herself. She was so wet Willow’s hand was soaked to the wrist. This wasn’t unusual, or at least it hadn’t been in the past, and it dawned on Willow what Tara might be up to.

“Tara, are you sure, love? Is that what you want?” Willow asked.

Tara smiled. “Figured me out, did you?” Her breathing was labored as she tried hard not to orgasm. Every pore alive with the sensations that radiated outward from her center.

“I think so, are you ready for more? This will hurt at for sure at first, though.” Willow never took her eyes away. She watched lust mingle with fear as Tara nodded her head.

Willow slipped her thumb into Tara’s tight sex, pulling all her fingers together in a beak-like shape. She knew Tara had never been with a man, and they hadn’t really played with toys so this was a big deal. As gently as she could she moved her hand inside Tara, using Tara’s own juices to coat her hand and stretch her. The heat was amazing; Willow never knew Tara’s body could be like this.

“Tell me when you’re ready.” Willow had never seen Tara’s eyes this shade of blue. She could still feel the barrier; she didn’t move deeper but waited as Tara’s muscles started to relax.

Willow dipped her head to gently suck on her clit, grazed it with her teeth felt the walls of Tara’s sex shudder and start to contract. Tara’s body was covered in sweat, her skin flushed, and she had gone from trembling to shaking.

“Now, Willow, now, now!” Willow pushed and curled her hand into a fist as she broke past Tara’s hymen and pushed into her sex.

Tara yelped as a white hot flash of pain shot across her abdomen. She thought she might pass out. Her hips pushed against Willow’s hand, curled deep inside her. Willow didn’t move as Tara’s orgasm hit her fingers in spurts. Tara’s sex was hot and her juices were running past Willow’s hand.

“Baby, are you okay? What do you want me to do?” Willow asked softly.

Tara had closed her eyes. “Gently, slowly.” Her body wasn’t just tingling it was melting with too many things to put just one name to.

Willow started to push into her but Tara’s sex was wrapped tightly around her wrist. She had never done this, and reading about it wasn’t the same. The books never talked about how the fist-er feels. The heat, the power of being so far inside and how connected you feel – no book could explain it properly.

Slowly she began small in and out motions. Tara made a deep guttural sound that reached deep into Willow’s belly. Willow went back to licking over and around Tara’s clit. The grip on her wrist relaxed, so Willow could rotate her hand slightly to the right and then to the left. She could feel the soft cushion of Tara’s cervix, and she couldn’t help but moan.

“Don’t stop, Willow. Please don’t stop. Oh my gods, what you are doing is so good, baby. Please don’t stop.”

Willow smiled as she took her queues from Tara; she pushed deeper with more force. “I won’t stop sweet Tara, cum for me. Show me how much you like what I’m doing to you, baby.”

“Oh Willow, oh my goddess, faster. Oh Willow, I’m gonna, I’m gonna…” She couldn’t say anything else because she came so hard that her muscles clamped down on Willow’s wrist to the point where Willow couldn’t move her hand, and it hurt a little as Tara rolled from one orgasm to another and another. Willow’s own juices slid down her thighs, her arousal heightened by the sensations of Tara’s body.

Tara bucked against Willow and started trying to crawl back away from her. “Out, Willow, out, I can’t take anymore,” she whimpered.

Willow waited for the contractions to slow, then, as gently as she could, slipped her hand out with a wet sucking sound. Her arm was wet to the elbow and the fluid on her hand and wrist was tinged pink with blood. Tara collapsed on the bed, trembling so much the entire bed shook.

Willow quickly retrieved a hand towel from the bathroom and rushed back. She wiped off her hand and forearm quickly, then gently began to wipe away the blood and fluids from Tara’s thighs. It was the oddest thing --she had made love to this woman for two years but her heart swelled to think that Tara had given her virginity to her. Tara’s earlier statement about it being their “first time” suddenly took on a whole new meaning.

Willow gently pulled Tara to her. She was still panting and shaking. Willow stroked her hair and covered her face with butterfly kisses. She could taste her sweat and the sweet juice from the pear. “Baby, are you okay?”

Tara shuddered and clung to Willow.

Willow remembered when she lost her own virginity. It had kind of been a letdown. She had loved Oz, and he had said he loved her too, but at the time she thought it hadn’t been all it was cracked up to be. Compared to Buffy and Xander, who seemed to be at it all the time, she just thought it was because Oz wanted to take things slowly. He didn’t kiss her for months after they had started dating, despite all the signals she threw at him.

After they had finally started having sex he was odd; he said he wanted her but there didn’t seem to be any sense of urgency, lust or passion. It had always been tender and mostly good, but she had wanted more; she wanted hot, sweaty and passionate. She wanted to crave and be craved. With Oz that just never happened.

In fairness, Oz had the whole werewolf thing to deal with, but then she found him with Veruca, that confirmed her fears that she was somehow inadequate as a lover. She hadn’t known then sex could be as passionate, consuming, tender and amazing as it was with Tara. Tara may be her first woman, but she had never felt inadequate with her.

Willow kept making soothing sounds, kissing the top of her head and gently caressing Tara while her trembling relaxed and her breathing returned to normal. Tara kissed Willow’s chest, and she tightened her hold. “Why didn’t you tell me, baby? I could have made it more special,” Willow murmured.

Tara pulled back so she could look into Willow’s face and smiled her crooked smile. “I wasn’t sure I wanted it. I wasn’t sure I could go through with it,” She shrugged. “It sounded hot when I read about it, but wasn’t sure you’d want to either. I just kinda went with it, and luckily you followed. I didn’t plan to come here and have you screw my brains out – at least not immediately.” Willow kissed her mouth gently and traced her lips with her tongue. Tara could taste the combination of her and the pears on Willow’s mouth and it made her throbbing increase pleasantly.

Willow pulled back looking in to Tara’s eyes. “Tara, I’m honored. Do you know how beautiful you are, my sweet goddess? Just when I think I couldn’t love you more, you give me a part of you that no one else can say they have. My beautiful Tara, you own every part of me. Anything I do, it’s to make you happy, make you proud of me.” Willow swallowed hard and started to choke up, so she just held Tara closer.

“Willow, I don’t want to be with anyone else. Not now, not ever,” She paused. “So now you have all of me. I’ve given you every part of me that I can.” Tears began to slip from her eyes and she started to shake again.

Willow pulled at the sheets with a foot to get them close enough for her to pull up over their bodies. Maneuvering Tara so that one arm was under her head, she pulled her close. Tara put one leg over her hip so the length of their bodies remained in contact. Willow sighed contentedly as they lay there peacefully. The light from under the blinds began to change as it started to grow dark.

“Are you tired, sweetheart? Hungry maybe? You’ll be sore but that won’t last, and you’re bleeding a little that’s normal. Is there anything I can do for you?” Willow asked softly.

Tara kissed Willow’s chest, licking at the sticky spots. “I think you’ve done quite enough.” Tara was becoming aroused again; she could smell Willow’s musky scent and as sore as she was, parts of her started to tingle again. Tara’s hands started to wander down Willow’s back and over her hips, trailing circles and shapes as she went. She rolled so she could raise herself up on one arm and look at Willow.

Willow stroked Tara’s face, ran her fingers through the thick blonde tresses. Tara placed a roaming hand on Willow’s chest to feel her heartbeat. “Does it still beat only for me?”

Willow’s bottom lip quivered. “Always. I don’t think it actually started to beat until it was beating for you.”

The love shining in Willow’s eyes left Tara feeling like she was being bathed naked in the sun. With her free hand she touched Willow’s hair, pulled some to her nose, and breathed in. Willow stayed still, with her eyes closed, as Tara touched her. Willow enjoyed the circles being traced across her neck and breasts while her sore wrist made her smile like a cat that ate the canary.

“You look awfully pleased with yourself. Why might that be?” Tara asked before she caught Willow’s nipple in her mouth and tugged.

“Mmm, because my wrist is a little sore,” Willow smiled wickedly and watched Tara blush deep red.

“I didn’t know that would happen,” Tara sputtered in embarrassment.

Willow’s smile broadened. “It’s okay, I kinda like it – well, there is no kinda. Tara, I have to tell you it felt amazing, you felt amazing,” she sighed softly. “Are you okay, really? This is kind of a big deal for you--an intensely big deal.” She tugged at Tara’s hair gently, so she would look at her, her face serious.

Tara was thoughtful. “Yes, it is, and oh gods it was intense. It hurt, but that stopped, and then it felt good. I mean really good; it was like I was on fire. Impaled on your fist… I couldn’t even think – it was all feeling. I want to do it again for sure, just not right away, the feeling…” Tara shook her head as she smiled ruefully, now at a loss for words. Her hand cupped Willow’s pert breast as she went back to teasing the other with her tongue.

“That’s so nice, baby,” Willow purred. Tara switched to the other nipple and slid her had down Willow’s side to her hip, tracing patterns with her fingertips. “I’m so wet for you, Tara. I’ve dreamed about this for so long,”

Willow sighed as she ran her fingers through Tara’s long, thick hair. Tara released her hold on Willow’s pebble hard nipple to kiss her chest and make her way downward nipping at the skin of her abdomen. She could smell Willow, and it made her stomach flutter. Tara moved back up to Willow’s neck; the nips turned to rough bites where Willow’s shoulder and neck met as Tara then slowly ran her tongue along Willow’s collar bone.

She ran her hands over Willow’s hips and encircled her waist. When she looked down and saw that her hands almost met she gasped. “Willow,” she said sadly, stopping her movements. “Honey, I don’t want to hurt you.” Willow had always been petite, but now she was a good twenty pounds lighter, a sign of how hard things had been for her.

“Tara, you can’t hurt me.” She looked down at Tara’s hands. “I promise I’ll start eating more. It’s just stress – I can’t help it. Things are getting better by the second, I swear. Baby, make love to me please, I need you.” The tone of her voice, the desire and need in it, helped Tara banish her worries for the time being as she captured Willow’s mouth in a deep, slow kiss.

Tara’s fingers glided over Willow’s skin, rode the swell of her hip, teased her coppery curls. Willow’s shuddering groan buzzed under her lips. She slipped one finger between the swollen wet lips, as their tongues danced together. Tara moved slowly to draw out the sensation so the tender skin became even slicker. She looked into Willow’s eyes. “Remember, keep looking at me. I want you to watch, okay?”

Willow nodded. “Yes, my goddess, yes.”

“My sweet Willowtree, tell me what you would like.” Tara kissed her neck. “What have you been dreaming about?”

Willow gave a throaty laugh. “Oh so many things. We will have to stay in bed for a month to try them all, but this is a good start.” She paused. “Maybe we could, umm, I’d like to…” She trailed off and bit her lip.

Tara smiled. “Really? Apparently we must share the same dirty mind.” A blush crossed her cheeks.

Willow snickered. “Great minds think alike.”

“Yes, they do.” Tara pulled one of Willow’s nipples into her mouth and sucked greedily at it. Trailing her tongue slowly back and forth between Willows hard nipples she ran into the little sweet patches of drying juice. Tara used her fingers to massage the swollen inner lips of Willow’s sex; Willow pushed her hips against Tara’s hand to urge her on.

Tara quickly slid down Willow’s body to grasp her hips and work her shoulders under Willow. Tara kissed the damp red curls then traced Willow’s outer lips with her tongue so she could savor Willow’s taste. Willow’s eyes closed as she cupped her own breasts playing with the nipples.

“Look at me.” Tara said in a hoarse voice. She loved to watch Willow play with her nipples while she enjoyed other parts of her. She slipped her fingers between the swelling lips replacing her tongue as she continued to make slow circles around Willow’s clit. With a groan Willow opened her eyes to look down at her lover surprised that it turned her on even more as she squirmed against Tara’s fingers.

“Oh gods, baby, that feels so good, Tara,” Willow gasped. “Inside, please let’s try. I want to feel what you felt.”

Tara slipped two fingers inside of Willow and groaned against her clit. “Oh Willow, how I’ve missed you.” She licked up and down with little swirling motions. “You set the pace, baby, and I’ll follow.” All Willow could responds with was, “Mmmhmm, more.” Tara slipped a third finger in, as Willow’s juices flowed freely. She lapped and sucked at Willow’s sweet/tart womanly flavor.

Tara made sure she kept rubbing the rough patch at the entrance of Willow’s sex as she sucked and flicked her tongue around her clit.

“More, Tara.”

She obliged, added fourth finger to Willow’s heat. She could feel Willow’s juices dripping over her chin. The muscles of her walls began to relax, and Willow started to ride her fingers hard.

Willow maintained eye contact, her eyes darkening to a deep emerald green. Her body broke out into a sweat and she bit her lip, nodding to Tara. Tara slipped her thumb inside and slowed the pace of her hand and tongue, letting Willow get used to the feeling of being stretched. “You’re so hot baby, so wet. Keep looking at me, I want you to watch me make you cum.” Willow’s hips rose involuntarily.

Willow panted, licking her lips. “Ok, try it.”

Tara sucked on her clit again. “On the count of three, okay?”

Willow nodded.


Tara moved her hand a little harder, and Willow gasped.


She waited for Willow’s muscles to relax. “Three.” She pushed deep into Willow, then held her hand still.

Willow’s head fell back onto the pillow as she came, and she bit her hand to keep from crying out, her breath coming in short gasps.

“Look at me,” Tara whispered, and panting, Willow did. Willow’s body slowly relaxed, so Tara started moving with short strokes that made Willow arch up off the bed into almost a sitting position.

“Oh fuck, Tara, what are you doing to me?” She slammed back down against the bed her hands pulling at the sheets. “Faster, please oh goddess, Tara I’m gonna cum, oh baby, it’s sooo gooood.” Willow’s toes were pointed, her knees bent, and Tara dipped her head so she capture Willow’s swollen clit again. Their eyes remained locked.

“Ooooooo, Ahhhhhhh, Taaar-raaa!” Willow grabbed Tara’s head, pulled her off, though her hand continued to move inside Willow. One orgasm crested into another, building quickly into another that ricocheted through Willow. The hot muscles of her sex throbbed and contracted. “Uhhh,” she whimpered. “Please no more. I’m losing my mind. You have to stop, baby.”

Tara stopped moving her hand, although the spasms hadn’t stopped yet. Once they started to slow she gently slipped her hand out of Willow.

She quickly rolled off the bed to grab the towel, then slid next to Willow, who immediately crawled onto her, shaking and kissing her chest, neck and throat. Tara stroked her back and kissing the top of her head. As the shaking slowed she asked, “Are you ok, Will?” There was a shudder in response as Willow tightened her hold.

“Better than okay, baby. Oh gods, better than okay.” Willow shuddered again, then looked up at her. “There are so many things I never knew until I met you. You are the most amazing woman I’ve ever met.”

Tara kissed her tenderly, her hand in Willow’s soft hair. She gently stroked Willow’s back as she held her tight.


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Um...maybe...check back later for proper feedback?

'Cause now, I have to...just...cold shower.

You completely broke me.

Okay. I've sufficiently recovered enough now. But phew, that was a doozy!

I mean, Jesus, there was so much emotion and trust there but it was still, like, super hot and kinky smut. I’m completely blown away by how amazingly that whole scene was portrayed.

I particularly loved how Tara was in this :)

I can’t wait for the next update now. Major well done on this.


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Yay for excellent update-y goodness... They sure enjoy their skin-on-skin activities... I hope they have their talk with Lady Rowan soon...

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