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 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 7:37 am 
I feel like I keep repeating myself when I say how much I love your story, so I'll just mention the couple of things that I loved MOST here.

First off, Tara instructing herself not to think about Willow coz she has better things to do today, then spending a presumably important meeting obsessing about Willow's dietary habits. Adorable!

Second, this line:
You think she thinks I freaked because she thinks I thought she was hitting on me?
Okay, so I had to read it a couple of times before I got it but then I laughed mightily.

More! Need more!


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 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 8:42 am 
oh that was just wonderful i must say...go willow for FINALLY giving tara the bracelet!! now maybe well start figuring things out at like the party...or sooner...or update!


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 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 10:33 am 
Oh wow! That update was great. I have to say I am a little upset that Willow didn't get to see Tara's reaction when she opened up her gift, but I am just so glad that she finally worked up the nerve to give it to her. I can't wait for the next update. Keep up the good work.

Veronica :wave

 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 12:14 pm 
Wow!!! What a great update! :D Hopefully they will soon start to get to know each other better. :pray


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 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 12:39 pm 

*Sits relieved*

....Interaction of the friendly coherent kind! wooooh!!

I love this fic so darn much!

I hope Tara doesn't have to put her favourite painting out, she might get pissed.....

Can't wait for the party!! :dance

Great update!! :pinky

Stace xXx

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 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 5:10 pm 
HI there,

First off:
I burst into laughter when I read your post. "You're* frustrated that these girls don't have a clue? That is just too funny, considering the delicious torture you've inflicted on all of us with 'School Days'. :
Believe me, I was quite aware I was all "hi kettle you're so black..." with that one. But my writing doesn't frustrate me because I already planned it all out in my head. I know how that goes and how long, but yours...

Anyway, this update is wonderful. I applaud Xander again. He's brilliant at cutting through Willow's insanity. Game plan indeed! It also occured to me yesterday that he has another very good motivation for wanting Willow to come out to Buffy: getting him off the hook and repairing their relationship. The fact that he hasn't broken Willow's confidence even to repair that relationship says volumes about the type of friend he is.

The scenes where Willow and Tara are each thinking of the other are adorable. Particularly Tara's concern about Willow's diet. And the giving of the gift is inspired. Actually I think it worked out better than it would have had Willow had an open field to play on. This way, she gave it quickly and got out before doing anything foolish. And Tara is obviously very very touched. I'm sure she will wear the bracelet tonight. Ahhh... I can hardly wait. Well done.


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 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 5:25 pm 
This smiley again, but with a specific purpose, when Buffy called Willow and 'helpfully' mentioned Tara wasn't hitting on her: :fit2

I know she was trying to help out, but geez, worst possible timing or what?

But then Xander comes in with the sanity - Xander saves the day, so the smiley-fit was averted. Thank the gods! Now I'm looking forward to Willow's coming out not just so she and Tara can make with the kissing and so forth, but also so Xander can 'come out of the closet' - so to speak - about his relationship with Willow, and be much admired by Buffy and Tara and everyone for being the best best friend ever.

Willow's paranoia over giving Tara the bracelet was agonising and priceless at the same time. When she left it with a note I had this horrible premonition that Tara would be all distracted by something and not notice it on her way out... then Willow would get home, see it untouched, and assume Tara didn't want it, get depressed, mope in her room, Tara wouldn't understand why, get depressed herself... and so on. And then in that moment of marvellous panic Willow bursts back in and snatched the bracelet - I laughed out loud from relief. And also 'cause Willow's such an adorable spaz.

Why am I inventing such paranoid scenarios? Well, the preceding chapters... :)

Poor Tara, a painting short - and having to deal with useless delivery people putting her on hold and not having a clue :fit2 Still, if she needs something to put up in its place, there's always "Just (awesome) Paint".

Looking forward to the party, more Willow/Tara conversation - they're still confused about each other, but at least it's confused in a genuinely confused kind of way, not confused in a trying-to-work-out-why-she-hates-me kind of way.

(Edited because this :fit wasn't the smiley I was looking for. How was I supposed to know there were two of them? This li'l guy :fit2 is clearly the superior smiley.)

Chris Cook

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 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 5:43 pm 
That was such a great update - Tara worrying about Willow's eating habits, Buffy opening her mouth and inserting her proverbial foot, Willow’s ongoing efforts to give Tara her gift – wonderful stuff. But apart from W/T’s exchange at the end of the update, Willow’s talk with Xander was my favorite. A smart, insightful Xander is always an amazing thing; after all, he is Willow’s best friend and Willow don’t do stupid.

And for whatever reason, this line from Xander just tickled me:
I watch some Law & Order, I know hearsay when I hear it sayed.

The end where Tara finally opens the gift – Willow of course missing it – was fantastic. I feel Willow’s pain at just wanting to see her face as I have SO been there.

Next is the party right? That should be fantastic, as well!


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 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 7:12 pm 
And once again!!!This is so awesome.I just love it.And Xander!!Wooohoo!!He so Rocks!!More soon please.


 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Fri Sep 17, 2004 7:26 pm 
I loved how Tara was worrying about what Willow could have for dinner, and that her eating habits are poor, like a regular little wife! Poor Willow, after all that time planning to give her the bracelet and see her face, it just didn't work, awwwww. Tara seemed to like it though. Moving onto the party, people are going to be wearing pretty things, and there will be staring cos the pretty things are so pretty and i hope something happens between them, help move their relationship along.

 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2004 9:20 am 
going a little mad waiting for an update. hehe.

sorry getting bit antsy... just really love where you're going with this.


 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2004 11:13 am 
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First step!!!!!!!

Can't wait for the rest;) Ahm...long updates are good... long and frequent updates are even...better;) so ya going to update soon right? ;)


:peace :heart


 Post subject: ooh
PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2004 1:25 pm 
just caught up again!

i'm sitting admist boxes .. the baby is finally asleep..

me, time.


but absolutely brilliant.

absolutely brilliant.

<3 kristi :dance

 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2004 6:40 pm 
I've been reading this over on Looking Glass and figured I could find it here to give some "I-love-it" feedback. I read through the whole thread and just couldn't get over your reactions at first. I kept thinking, "What is she so worried about? This is brilliant!" But then I remembered what it was like when I posted fic for the first time. (A non-W/T fic elsewhere.) Horrible was a nice way of putting it. I put down my pen for nearly four years after that fiasco and it was only this board that got me writing again. Due to my crazy life and general laziness I still haven't posted anything fic-wise here, but I'm not afraid to anymore. The Kitten is a great place to get your feet wet! Especially when one is as talented as you are, little missy!!! I am devouring this story! I find myself checking a couple of times a day now hoping for an update. You have such a terrific grasp of the characters - their insecurities and especially their strengths. I've never been a huge Xander fan, but I really like him here! Leave it to the EveryMan to be Willow's voice of reason. Pat yourself on the back, my dear. You really are weaving a wonderful tale. One I look forward to reading more of very soon!

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 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Sat Sep 18, 2004 8:54 pm 
I like your Xander in this fic. Did I mention that? I don't think I did. But he's way cool. I think it's just so cute that Willow decided to give Tara the bracelet, too... perfect gift. Um, I can't think of anything constructive to say, so I'm just going to shut up now.

It's insulting to the whole gender[sic] of rap.


 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2004 11:36 am 
:wave Hi there!

Been lurking for quite some time now and I just wanted to say I really :luv this story!!!

Can't wait for the next update :bounce

 Post subject: replies
PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2004 2:18 pm 
Sorry for the slight pause in production, my mom thought it'd be fun to surprise me with a weekend of 'girl time' (which really is just her imposing and then dragging me to tourist traps, stores I don't like and then forcing me to eat way way too much food). Ugh. Anyway... On to the replies!

Willster Thanks! Yes, the girls will eventually get clues (if they didn't I think there'd be riots, death threats, general shunning...) So glad you're enjoying. :)

pipsberg Oh no! It's never my intention to kill with this fic (although maiming is another thing altogether). Yes, the gift and party invite have inched the two closer to each other; hopefully the party (not this update, but the one after) will mean more good chances for the girls to interact. Thanks for reading!

WickedReds Love angst as much as smut? Wow... didn't think that was possible. ;) Glad you liked the last update, hopefully the next couple will go well.

lipkandy I'm so glad you like my Xander! I'm partial to the fella in general, so I'm just pleased as punch it's translating. As for all of your compliments... thank you so much *big blush*. The Tara-worrying-about-Willow's-dinner was a last minute thing I threw in because I wanted to break up the two Willow sections; seemed very Tara, and people seemed to like it so yay! And yes, Willow missing the gift opening was very necessary (as in, I have no idea how I would have written it if she had been present). :) So glad you like Riopelle! I love him, and agree that Marine and Untitled 1957 are gesturific (as well as truly brilliant)! As for working in the art world; nope, just observant, I guess. I have friends, and friends of friends who work in the business and I've seen how hard they work. Glad I'm doing them justice by not skirting around the 'work' aspect of art. Thanks so very much for your comments. :)

cinderlust Thank me for sharing? Thank you for reading, and for your wonderful comments. So kind, really appreciate them. Hopefully the next couple of updates will keep up the awkward moment tradition.

snuggle79 Willow would have had an aneurysm if she hadn't handed over that bracelet before the party/showing. :) And Buffy... she is foot-in-mouth girl, as you'll see in the next update. She can't help it though, she just doesn't have enough information to do any different. Thanks for reading!

frau rosenclay Thanks! Time appears to be against them right now (timing wise) but in the long run I think it'll work to their advantage. Your quote is perfect, "a life lived in fear is a life half lived," and I think that's what Willow is realizing, as each day she stays silent passes.

Grimlock72 Willow spins like a top whenever Tara's brought up; she can't help it, her mind moves so fast, she gets from A to Z before she's had a chance to process the other letters (if that makes sense). Glad you found the last update funny (yay!) and yes, I think on some level Tara probably was avoiding home (although preparing for a gallery opening is reeeeeally time consuming). The painting situation should be handled by the time the gallery show opens, and yes, that freight company *should* refund Tara's money haha. Thanks for reading.

Irishgrl3 Yay for conversation! With more to come in not this update, but the one after that (and the one after, and the one after that, etc). Willow's going to hold off on telling Buffy for a while, I think she's trying to figure out the *perfect* time to tell her... which... is never going to happen (the perfect, not the telling). W&T quality time coming up soon, promise.

cnd1us I too can't wait for Willow and Tara kissage... it's a ways off, but it's definitely on the horizon. Thanks for reading!

tarawhipped *big, monsterous blush* I'm so glad the Tara-worrying worked. And yes! That line really confused me, and I wrote it. But I'm glad you laughed mightily. :) Thanks!!

alysagoddess85 Figuring things out... not quite at the party, but definitely moving in that direction. Thanks for reading!

logansgurl Not seeing Tara open the gift was a big bummer for Willow, but necessary (as I said earlier, had nooo idea how I would have written that!!). Thanks very much.

littlecrazy80 They will definitely start to get to know each other better--promise. :)

Wired vixen Interaction of the friendly coherent kind, almost as good as interaction of the kissy, carressy kind. :) Party... coming up in the update after this next one.

JustSkipIt I can now say with conviction that your writing no longer frustrates me because... they know!! :) I know I said it in your thread, but your latest School Days update was brilliant. *shakes head in wonder* Wow. As for your feedback, very glad you liked the last update. Xander definitely wants Willow to come out so he can fix his relationship with Buffy, but he's willing to wait, I think confident that he and Buffy will be able to patch things up once the truth is out. Thanks re: the 'Willow and Tara ignore the real world and obsesses about each other' bit, haha. Minds in love just don't stay focused on the things they're supposed to stay focused on... And yes, Tara is *very* touched. Hopefully she'll be able to convey that to Willow at the party/gallery opening. Thanks again for your comments!

VixenyTarasHot Little weirdness out of the way, lots to go! One more update to go before the party, and then some definite Willow/Tara interaction (hopefully less awkward, mo' bettah). More, on the way!

Artemis Before I respond to your wonderful feedback, I just wanted to say that I love that you edited your smiley face. That's just priceless and adorable (I agree, the orange fella is better than the other guy). Xander definitely wants Willow to come clean so that he can repair his reputation, but I'm pretty sure he's confident it'll all work out in the end. Your scenario re: Willow and Tara's bracelet brooding -- genius! (If only I had thought of it first. ;) ) I too hope that the party/gallery opening allows them to see each other in a little bit of a new way. I'm confident it will. Thanks!

shuyaku I'm so glad you liked the last update, and thanks for the compliment re: the L&O line; seemed like something Xander would say. Next...ish is the party. Need to get Willow good and flustered first. ;) Thanks for reading!

hondofirst Xander does rock! And so glad you love it. :)

veiled isis moon People are going to be wearing pretty things, and you know that Buffy's going to be noticing at least one pretty thing (muhaha). Thanks very much for your words and for reading.

YMKA I agree, frequent long updates are good, and hopefully now that my weekend-crashing mother is gone I'll be able to get back to that (maddening to have this story in my head and not on paper). And yes!!!!! First step indeed. Now we need steps, 2, 3, etc. :)

willowhanded Boxes and baby; you are a brave, brave woman. :) Thanks also for the 'absolutely brilliant'--twice!

TromDeGrey First, thanks Chris, for hosting this little tale over at Looking Glass (so nice)!! Second, thank you, Thom, for the kind words. I really started writing this for my own amusement... I had read almost everything on the board (many stories several times), there seemed to be a lull in updates with the stories I loved... so I just started writing, posted 'em as I went and now here I am, on part 13 and with all of this wonderful, unexpected feedback. It's weird what kick starts creativity sometimes, but I'm grateful. This has been an awesome experience so far. Third, thanks for your compliments on the story... very glad you like this Xander, and yes, he's definitely the EveryMan and Willow's sanity. Thanks, thanks and thanks again.

Tempest Duer I'm so impressed by your Lesbo Street Cred, haha. I'm such a newbie poster, yet long time lurker, and when I see 1911 posts... yowza. Impressive, to be sure. So happy you like Xander, and yes, Willow is freakin' adorable. Thanks very much for reading.

Confusedgal03 Long-time lurker, first time poster! Welcome, from one who was only just recently welcomed to the board herself. I'm so glad you delurked, and hopefully you'll like the next update.

Alright... maddening update time.

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 Post subject: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2004 2:20 pm 
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Title: Neverland
Author: EasierSaid a.k.a. Heather
Feedback: Bites lip and whispers "yes, please."
Spoilers: None.
Setting: AU. There is no Hellmouth, there is no slayer and no magic of the wicca variety. Just our girls and the rest of the Buffy characters living and loving in that great city by the bay, San Francisco.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Please don't sue me Mutant Enemy.
Notes: Brief Buffy pit stop and then it's on to the party/gallery show.

Thoughts in italics


She invited me. She said, 'always'. Willow smiled widely as she turned off the sidewalk and entered through the apartment's street entrance. She had sported a soft smile all day, occasionally blushing as she remembered the look on Tara's face as she reassuringly said, 'always.'

Her mood shifted a bit as she anxiously ascended the stairs to her home's front door. She shifted her briefcase and keys from one hand to the other so she could wipe her damp hands on her pants, then nervously smoothed her hair with the now-dry free hand. It was five minutes till six, and she had rushed through work and to BART to make sure she was home in time to talk to Tara--should she so desire--before people started to show for the party at 7:30.

Don't say anything about the bracelet; let her bring it up. Willow instructed herself. I mean, she might have held off on opening it so she could open it with you... or you know, she could have already opened it, thought it was totally lame and is horrified that it made you think of her... Willow shook her head. Or, she liked it. She smiled softly at that. *Or*... she loved it. She smiled widely and then frowned. Okay, don't get carried away... But if she did, she thought, her soft smile returning, she might want to hug. If she does, just you know, follow her lead. Don't maul her, or hold on too long, or smell her hair-- She took a deep breath and opened the door.

To nothing.

Her brow furrowed in confusion as she entered the house, closing the door behind her. She had expected a flurry of activity, maybe the caterers Buffy had mentioned in an email earlier in the day, but instead the house was deathly quiet. She noticed a note on the counter and moved over to read it.

Out picking up flowers--be back in a bit.
p.s. quiche pizza in the fridge; eat cold or heat 2 min in microwave'

Willow frowned. Okay, don't freak; still time to talk... if she gets home, you know, soonish. Willow grabbed a napkin off the counter, walked over to the fridge and pulled out a piece of quizza, then walked up the stairs, munching along the way. Nothing about the bracelet... the redhead thought as she dropped her bag next to her bed and walked to her desk, bringing her laptop to life with a tap of the keys. Maybe she just didn't want to say anything in a note... you didn't want to say anything in a note...She sat down and used her wireless mouse to open her browser.

She had purposefully left the door slightly ajar so that she would be able to hear the girl's return, and quickly set about appearing busy online as she finished her meal. Read a news story, look to the door, look to the clock and repeat. Finally, after twenty minutes, she heard the front door open. She quickly stood and then sat again. I can't rush downstairs. I'd look like a complete spaz. Besides, what if she's busy setting up for the party, talking to the caterers, or-- oh my god she's coming up the stairs. Look busy!

Willow quickly turned to her computer and called up the New York Times main page, absently clicking on the first link she saw so she could at least appear otherwise engaged. And quite possibly, well informed and/or cultured. There was a slight knock at the door, and Willow smiled to herself. Relax, don't spaz, let her lead. "Come in."

The door opened and Willow glanced up, immediately frowning at what she saw. "Buffy? What are you doing here?"

"Good to see you too." Buffy deadpanned, entering the room.

"No, glad to see you." Willow said, standing up and crossing to give the petite, well-dressed blonde a hug. Only not really because I wanted to spend time with Tara, alone... "Just surprised. Tara said the party started at 7:30..." Maybe she'll go away for a while, come back after the party starts...?

"It does." Buffy said breaking out of the embrace and dropping her purse on the floor. Willow's eyebrows raised as she looked down at her watch and then back up, and Buffy replied to the silent question with mock indignation. "I'll have you know I am more than just a guest, thank you very much. I'm key, practically a party planner, event, hostess person." Willow looked at her friend skeptically. "I brought stuff and am now going to stay out of the way until the bar is set up." Buffy admitted, moving to Willow's bed.

Okay, not leaving. Damn. Willow thought, watching Buffy lay down on her bed. "What kind of stuff...?" Willow asked cautiously, fearing the 'stuff' was Buffy's infamous bean concoction.

"Not the dip." Buffy replied annoyed, propping herself up on her elbow, and Willow exhaled in relief. "Tara wanted my iPod and some jewelry."

"Jewelry?" Willow asked, her interest piqued.

Buffy chuckled. "'Jewelry'?" She teased. "Willow Rosenberg asked about 'jewelry' instead of the computer?"

"Digital audio player." Willow corrected.

"Whatever, it has a hard drive..." Buffy said, rolling her eyes good naturedly.

"So... what kind of jewelry?" Willow asked, trying to seem nonchalant as she sat on the end of the bed, tracing a seam in the comforter with her finger.

"Just a bracelet; said she didn't have any presentable wrist wear for the show."

"Oh." Willow's brow knit together. I guess she didn't like the gift... or she didn't open the gift? "Where is it?" She asked, looking to Buffy's purse.

"Downstairs." The petite blonde replied. "Where we will *not* be going until people have arrived." Willow looked at her friend quizzically, and Buffy explained. "Tara's probably pretty stressed right now, what with the planning, the hosting, the schmoozing... This might be a party for us--or you know, some, alternative, bizarro, pretentious version of us--but it's work for her."

"Shouldn't we offer to help set--"

"Noooo... trust me," Buffy said, "I've been through this many a time and if Tara wants our help, she'll ask for it. Until she does we stay the hell out of her way." Willow's eyebrows arched. "I'm serious. You might think it's okay to go over and socialize, say hello; it's not. All-Business-Tara is going to be in full effect this evening and you do *not* want to mess with that. It just makes her nervous, and she's already nervous enough as is."

"Okay." Willow said. Good to know... she thought.

"Hey," Buffy said petulantly. "You said on IM today that you bought me a present this weekend; gimme." Buffy stretched an open palm out toward the redhead.

Willow smiled at her friend's enthusiastic pout and stood up, returning to her desk where she pulled a small white box from the top drawer. She tossed it to Buffy, who caught it deftly. "They're not very JLo, or whoever's all fashionable and in style right now, but they were the least hippish thing there." Willow said sheepishly.

Buffy sat up and opened the lid, taking in a pair of simple, engraved silver earrings. "Hey, they're... nice."

"Yeah? Xander and I picked them out." Buffy grimaced and Willow frowned as she moved to sit back on the bed. "What?"

"Nothing..." Buffy said, "just, Xander and you, jewelry shopping."

"Yeah, it's a little weird I guess. Not exactly the most stylish pair. But do you like them, the earrings?"

"Yeah, they're... different, but doable. Thank you."

"We got them at Annabelle's" Willow confessed, knowing of the petite blonde's usual dislike of the store.

Buffy smiled slightly, as if recalling a memory. "Maybe you should give them to Tara. I mean not really, because they're mine." She tacked on quickly, not noticing as Willow's breath caught. "Tara looooves Annabelle's."

"She does?" Willow said hopefully, praying Buffy didn't notice the slight squeak in her voice.

Buffy nodded. "If it wasn't against this states laws she'd marry it. Mrs. Tara Annabelle's."

Willow's face lit up in a broad smile. Okay, okay; chances are now very good that she asked Buffy for her bracelet because hasn't seen the one I bought. I mean, if she'd seen something from Annabelle's, a bracelet something, and she loves Annabelle's, then she wouldn't need Buffy's stupid old borrowed jewelry, right? Whoo hoo!

"What?" Buffy asked, amused by Willow's wide grin.

"Nothing..." Willow said, swallowing her grin. "Just, glad Xander and I picked out something you actually liked."

"Yeah..." Buffy trailed off. "How was that this weekend, I mean, you said you guys talked--"

"It was good." Willow said, standing and moving to her computer, not anxious to get into *what* they actually talked about. She couldn't help but smile though when she thought of how he had helped her. "Actually, it was great," she amended, turning to look at Buffy. "He's Xander... you know?"

"Yeah." Buffy replied, looking down at the box in her hands.

Willow chalked Buffy's head duck up to sentimentality, and turned her own head to look at her computer. Her brow furrowed as she saw the story she had absently clicked on earlier: 'Miss America competition; less talent, more skin'. She frowned deeply and quit the program. Okay, would have been kind of embarrassing if Tara had seen that...

Buffy watched Willow frown and tentatively asked, "do you want to talk about it?"

"Talk about what?" Willow asked innocently, turning back to face the bed. The Miss America contest? She thought confused. Cause I don't really think I have an opinion--

"Nothing," Buffy grumbled noticing Willow's seemingly evasive response, unwilling to push the redhead on her infatuation with Xander right before the party.

"Okay..." Willow said, raising her eyebrows and moving back to the bed.

Buffy looked up and smiled, an honest effort to lighten a slightly faltering mood. "So, you ready to talk art all night?"

"What?" Willow asked, slightly blanching. I'm going to have to talk about art? I thought I was just going to look at it...

"Art talk." Buffy repeated. "People are going to be comingup to you all night and asking, 'so what do you think about this piece...'."

Willow's eyes widened. "They are?"

"Yup. Total strangers, asking what you think so that they can eventually tell you what they think, usually in a rambling, totally affected, boring way. It's like nails on a chalkboard."

"Oh." Willow said. Don't panic, you did the research, shouldn't be too tough, and besides, it's not Tara you're going to be embarrassing yourself in front of...

"If you get stuck, just do what I do." Buffy said. Willow looked up, hoping that the petite blonde had the key to breaking the 'art talk' code. "Say it's bold, something about the colors and brushstrokes, and then finish with how it reminds you of your mother."

"Okay." Willow said, chuckling. Good ol' Buffy; faking insightful and getting away with it. "Oh!" She exclaimed, remembering what it was she had meant to ask her friend earlier online. "How was your date with the bartender?"

Buffy took a deep breath and smiled. "Oh, it was..." she trailed off, unsure how best to describe the experience. "He's a nice guy, open minded. In fact, very open minded. Like, for instance, he loves lesbians. And he liked that I had lesbian friends. And he was curious if I wanted to you know, engage in certain lesbian acts with said friends. Preferably with him present, and possibly with a video camera recording." Willow's face contorted in disgust. Buffy shrugged. "Eh. I met a fireman when I was waiting for my cab, so it wasn't a total wash."

"Wash-- I actually need to take a shower--" Willow remembered distractedly, standing up.

"Right, cause I wasn't leading up to anything important." Buffy chided. Willow frowned and turned back to the girl.

"I'm sorry. Fireman."

"Yes. His name is Jim, and he's go-or-geous. All muscle, 6'3"--"

"6'3"." Willow interrupted. "Buffy, that's like a whole foot taller than you."

"...And?" Buffy asked, her eyebrows arched, not quite recognizing Willow's point.

"Nothing." Willow said. "I guess, I just like my kissing partners to be within kissing distance all the time. You know, my same height."

"Oz..." Buffy said.

Tara... Willow thought.

"Xander, though." Buffy countered.

"Ah yes, the exception to the rule." Willow said, moving to the closet and pulling out a towel and robe. She turned back to the petite blonde. "May I shower now?"

"No." Buffy said, and Willow groaned. Okay, the longer she talks, the less time I have pre-party in case, you know, Tara wants to talk, or hug, or--

"So Jim is coming tonight."

"Oh." Willow said, frowning slightly. Great, art show where people are going to ask me to *talk* about art, no alone time with Tara, Buffy's going to be fawning all over this guy--

"And he's bringing a friend for you."

Willow's head snapped up, her eyes wide. "What? No, Buffy--"

"His name is Kevin, I met him last night, very nice, very cute, Xander height--


"Stock Broker, graduated from UCLA--"

"No, Buffy--" Willow shook her head, pleading with her friend. "What happened to, 'tonight being a work night'?"

"For... Tara." Buffy said. "Look, I know you haven't been all that excited about dating since you know, forever, and with things being 'great' with Xander--"

What? Willow thought, her mind spinning.

"But this'll be fun. You don't have to like him, just give him a chance."

Not going to happen in the very very least. Willow thought. Her head turned toward the the stairs when she heard the front door open. There was a flurry of activity downstairs, and Willow frowned, looking down at her watch. 6:40...

"Buffy, are you upstairs?" Tara's voice carried throughout the house.

"Yes." Buffy yelled, standing up off the bed.

"Can you come down and set up the iPod, I'm swamped." The blonde yelled again.

"Yes." Buffy yelled again. She moved over to Willow's side, opened the door, and pushed the redhead toward the shower. "Go, bathe, I'll be waiting to help you pick out an outfit when you get back."

"I already picked something out." Willow said, her voice a little distant as she was pushed to the bathroom door.

"And I'm sure it's really Willowy." Buffy said, patting the redhead's shoulder.

"Willowy?" Willow asked dryly, her annoyance with Buffy's ambush matchmaking beginning to bubble to the surface.

"As in, an outfit fit for Willow." Buffy said, diplomatically.

Willow shook her head. Thanks.

"Go, shower."

"Buffy!" Tara yelled again from downstairs.

She sounds so stressed... Willow thought, her annoyance with Buffy taking a backseat to her concern for the blonde scurrying around downstairs. She shouldn't be, things are going to go great--

"I'm coming!" Buffy yelled, her shout interrupting Willow's thoughts. The petite blonde turned back to Willow and rolled her eyes. "Artists..." She shook her head and disappeared down the stairs.

Willow watched her friend walk down the stairs and then shook her own head, walking into the bathroom. Buffy...

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 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2004 2:40 pm 
yes yes....that was wonderful...and we all know tara LOOOOOVES the bracelet...and she should say her thank yous by totally jumping willow at the party!! lol...that would be the best im thinking...but probably NOT the most practical...but whatever...on to the partay!!


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 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2004 2:52 pm 
Oh God.. Buffy is so....clueless... KEVIN??

Can somebody please send Buffy on vacation for a week so Willow and Tara sort things out without her "help".. it would be a lot easier I guess *gg*


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 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2004 2:54 pm 
Buffy's trying to play cupid, huh! The poor bloke doesn't stand a chance, Willow will be staring at Tara the whole night, and Tara will become insanely jealous over this new bloke, Kevin. Should be fun! The Miss America thing was funny! I would have loved for Willow to try and explain her way outa that one if Tara caught her! Anyhow, i want more!

 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2004 3:18 pm 
Hooray! Seeing an update from you just totally made my weekend!

Lots of interesting setup stuff in here. I sense that there's going to be a lot of wacky misunderstandings/miscommunications in the next couple of chapters. Maybe it's because I'm so very perceptive. Oh, wait, maybe it's because you obviously LOVE making kittens crazy with that sort of thing! I'm glad Willow thought through Tara asking Buffy for a bracelet, and I hope she's right about the timing. Now that Buffy's going downstairs, though, I'm worried that she's going to blab her way-off-base theories about Xander to Tara, who's going to believe every word, and then Buffy's going to enlist Tara's aid in pushing Willow and Kevin together, and Willow's going to take it wrong, and and...*deep breath*

Okay, just...on with the angst!

:peace -Cameron

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 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2004 3:25 pm 
Oh....steps 2, 3....etc? that a promise? :flirt :flirt :lol

No Willow/Tara time alone?:( Bugger....And now there is going to be Kevin....Willow should have a talk with Buffy.... well probably first with Tara....then with Buffy :lol ....Can't wait for the party....I wonder how Willow will interact... can't wait...:D


:peace :heart


 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2004 4:03 pm 
This is great!

Hee! Kevin. Poor Willow, being blindsided like that. And that development on top of all the other misinterpretations and misunderstandings. This fic is just so much fun. And a bit frustrating. But that's kinda fun, too.

Can't wait for the party.

 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2004 4:54 pm 
Ummm.. Kevin... OKAYYYY.... Buffy ur such a dimwit... anyways nice update...


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 Post subject: Neverland
PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2004 5:04 pm 
Oh, now why did Buffy go and do that? I mean, presume much?

Poor Willow. Now the party is looking kinda dim, but I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. Please at least let her know that Tara loves the bracelet.

Maybe more twists and turns? Hope so. That's what keeps us coming back for more.

More soon please!


 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2004 7:22 pm 
Congratulations, my dear! Since the beans have finally been spilled in School Days you are now the official owner of the most frustrating fic on Pens! :clap Buffy needs to be smacked around! I hope Willow stands up for herself a bit. And what's with the jewelry?:gnome See!! Questions and no answers.

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 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Sun Sep 19, 2004 7:37 pm 
Argh!! I just want to :rage Buffy. Even if Willow was straight, springing Kevin on her at such a late moment - right before the party - :no At least she mentioned that Tara looooves Annabelles. It was almost redeeming :)

I loved Willow's inner ramblings about how she should react to Tara's reaction to the bracelet. I definitely see Tara as a hugger, but she may also hold back. We know she doesn't want Willow to be uncomfortable and doesn't want her to think she's hitting on her.

Any fun flashbacks on Tara's day and/or inner ramblings?


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 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 12:52 am 
Okay, I know Buffy's just trying to help, but :fit2 And some of this guy as well :fit - I know he's not as good, but this situation definitely demands two enraged smileys, and they tell me cloning is ethically dubious - even for smileys - so I have to take what I can get...

I would feel sorry for Kevin - cause what would it feel like to get set up with someone like Willow, only to discover that your chances are so bad that people on the exact opposite side of the world to you get laid just out of symmetrical chance-of-getting-some flux? But I'm holding on to my sympathy, because I can't help feeling that I'm gonna need it soon. How's Tara going to react to Willow having a date - even one she didn't ask for and doesn't want? Especially if Willow follows Buffy's advice, and gives Tara some space to manage her party? Especially especially if Willow happens to see an open bracelet box, and starts wondering whether Tara hates the bracelet after all?

And what's the deal with the bracelet? Why would Buffy be called in to provide a substitute, when Tara was speechless at seeing the one Willow gave her? Has she decided to save it for a special occasion? Say, turning up in Willow's bedroom later on, wearing Willow's bracelet and nothing else, purring "I've got a present for you too, sweetie." Or, y'know, something :blush

Speaking of all that bracelet stuff though, I found it encouraging that when Willow got home and got Tara's note - complete with no mention of the bracelet - she didn't automatically decide Tara hated it, but allowed that the opposite - Tara likes it - might well be true. And even getting 'carried away' wondering if Tara loved it - if only she knew :)

Chris Cook

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 Post subject: Re: New Fic - Neverland
PostPosted: Mon Sep 20, 2004 1:17 am 
oooook. Definetly too much Buffyness, lol. Kevin!? Oh yeah, i bet Willow is going to have a lot of fun on the party with that boy around her and Tara!? What is she going to think?

Suspense much! Can't wait to read more! :)

Great update as always!


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