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 Post subject: The Wish -- P8
PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2002 12:40 am 
Hey Kittens, I'm relieved that you're still speaking to me. That last update was kind of … unfun. I'm also glad that you'll be sticking around for more. Thanks for the feedback and trusting me Kittens, I promise to fix it, really I do. Please be warned that it'll probably get worse before it gets better. Sorry, but there's more angst. I hope you enjoy or at least are entertained. PEACE … Dix


The plastic hospital seats were hard and uncomfortable and not made for sleeping. She learned that when she had spent many hours in the same hospital waiting to hear news about her mom, and now, she sat waiting again, only now to hear news about Willow.

Dawn sighed and leaned tiredly against Xander while they watched Buffy talk to the doctor. The teen turned and looked down the white, hospital hallway when she heard Anya and Giles coming towards them.

"How is she?" asked the still bruised Englishman.

"Buffy's talking to the doctor now." Answered Xander as he used his eyes to check over his former fiancé for any injuries.

"She's not good." Added Dawn. "She was really out of it … not talking or anything. She just kept crying."

"Buffy," Anya said noticing that the slayer was approaching and was wearing a grim expression.

"What'd they say?" asked Xander.

"How's Willow?" asked Giles.

"Is she okay?" Dawn chimed in.

The slayer held up her hand to forestall any further questions. "They have her sedated. It was the only way to get her to stop crying." Buffy added quietly.

"She hasn't spoken?" asked Giles.

Buffy shook her head negatively. The slayer could feel the emotion building and she closed the distance between her and her watcher and wrapped her arms around him. Giles returned the embrace trying to offer his support and strength through the gesture.

When Buffy felt composed enough, she loosened the embrace and pulled back. She offered Giles a small smile in thanks before turning back to the group. "The doctor said that she'd be out for the rest of the day. We can come back later tonight, she might be up."

"Do you think she'll be… you know… Willow?" asked Dawn.

The weary slayer shrugged and spoke softly, "I don't know. Giles?"

"I'm afraid it's too early to tell at this point. So much has occurred, I'm afraid it's impossible to predict how Willow will react when realization sets in."

"It sounds like it all ready has." Anya added bitterly.

"An? What-" Xander started.

"She can't stop crying Xander. Why do you think that is?" The ex-demon asked in a hard voice. She was angry at the whole situation and couldn't help lashing out. "I think the realization is pretty damn clear to Willow. All she's thinking about is Tara dying in her arms and-"

"Anya!" interrupted Buffy. The slayer not wanting to hear any more.

"No Buffy," countered the ex-demon, "We're all sitting around like it's just another day, it's just another thing we have to deal with because we live on the hellmouth… But it's not. It's the day we have to go to the morgue to make arrangements for Tara, because she's dead. We have to go back to the woods to make sure there isn't any evidence of Warren, who's dead, because he was murdered by Willow, Willow, who might be insane, who might be a vegetable, or even a crazy dark witch." Ranted Anya as tears spilled down her cheeks. "It's wrong. Everything is all wrong and I can't do anything about it. I tried, but-"

"Shh, shh, it'll be okay." Xander said softly as he pulled the woman into his arms to try and comfort her.

Anya leaned into her former fiancé's chest, sheltering herself in his embrace and trying to hide from the horrible reality that was now her life. She wasn't a demon anymore and never would be again, there were no more escapes.

Buffy watched Anya with sad eyes. She knew the demon felt almost as guilty and helpless as she did, and they both wanted nothing more then to be able to help and they both felt like they had failed.

"Do we really have to do that?" Dawn asked, interrupting the slayer's musings. "Go to the morgue to make arrangements for Tara?" she managed to ask without her voice cracking too much.

Giles nodded and Buffy looked solemn.

Dawn moved back to the plastic chairs and slumped down hard into one of the seats. She wrapped her arms around herself and leaned forward, "I think I'm gonna be sick."

Buffy moved next to her sister and ran her hand up and down her back, "Let's just all go home for now. We can get some sleep and deal with … with everything in a little while."

The ragged group all agreed that a little rest was a good place to start so they made their way back to the Summers' residence. Xander and a still upset Anya took the slayers room. Xander stayed with her at the ex-demons request so Buffy took that as a good sign. Giles had the couch, while the sisters took Dawn's room.

It wasn't long after Dawn fell asleep that the slayer found herself drawn to Willow's room. She paused momentarily in the doorway before finally gathering her courage and stepping across the threshold. The slayer took only a few steps before she was standing and staring down at the dark stain that had been left when Tara had been shot.

The slayer thought back to when Willow had told her and Xander about Tara. Buffy imagined Willow and Tara in the room together, then the bullet, and then Willow watching the love of her life fade in her arms, before her very eyes.

And Tara, she was so young. She touched so many lives on so many levels and yet she still tried to stay in the background. The young witch had so much to live for, so much life yet… And now she didn't.

Tears fell unchecked down Buffy's cheeks and she slumped down on the bed, "Oh Tara."

Willow was pretty sure she was dreaming, at least, she felt like she was. Things were dim and hazy and nothing really made sense.

The redhead walked down streets reminiscent to the ones you would see in a 'Jack The Ripper' movie. Cobblestone streets and thick fog laced the atmosphere, but she walked on anyway. Willow took step after step with no real destination, she seemed oblivious to her surroundings, that, or she simply didn't care. With each step her neck rolled bonelessly around her shoulders, it almost looked as if she were attempting to loosen a stiff neck.

She walked on and on for what seemed like hours before she finally just stopped. She just stopped in the middle of street. Willow lifted her head and looked towards the fog and waited.

Moments passed and it seemed as if nothing was going to happen, when finally the image of someone approaching appeared in the fog. Closer and closer they walked until all they had to do was take a final step and they would move past the last of the fog and into the light.

Willow waited patiently and the figure finally took the step and their identity became clear, Tara.

The blonde was wearing a long white gown that made her look kind of pale and her long hair swayed gently in the breeze. She stepped closer and closer and stopped only mere feet from the redhead. Empty blue eyes met empty green and the two women held gazes for a long minute. Finally, Tara looked down and pointed at the redhead, "Your shirt."

Willow looked at the blonde for a minute before dropping her gaze to her chest. She was wearing a white button down blouse, but on the left side of her chest was a large bloody, gaping hole where her heart should be.

The redhead shrugged and looked back up at the blonde, "I figured I wouldn't need it anymore."

The two women locked gazes again and held it for several long moments until a pain in her arm made Willow drop her eyes to find what caused the ache. Before she could do anything, she felt a slight burning sensation run up her arm and she immediately became dizzy.

Willow looked back up to the spot that Tara had been standing in, but the blonde was gone. The only thing that remained was the thick fog. The fog grew thicker and thicker until it enveloped her completely and she felt herself fade away.

The nurse pulled the needle out of the I.V. and threw the syringe into the waste container. She cast a quick look at the lithe redhead before she picked up her chart and made a note of the injection. The young nurse had never seen anyone look so sad, even while they were asleep. She clipped the chart back to the foot of the bed and moved towards the door.

"I hope it's only your dreams that are making you look so sad honey." The nurse said sadly and she closed the door behind her.

Had she looked back, she would have seen the tears that started to slip down the unconscious redheads cheek.


 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P8
PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2002 7:41 am 
I have faith that there will be something happy eventually. I love your fic. SO i hope mroe is posted soon :)


 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P8
PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2002 8:22 am 
Dixon, I only just started reading this and I must say by now I'm hooked. What started as a nice little bit of wish-fullfillment to somehow create a re-set is clearly becoming something else. Something more interesting, more powerful. I look forward to the rest of your story with keen anticipation.

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 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P8
PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2002 4:36 pm 
OMG this is so sad now i think that i need a large box of tissues. things are getting worse and worse but i know that you will make it better soon (please) update soon.

:willow :love :tara

 Post subject: WAAAAAHHH :_:
PostPosted: Sat Jun 01, 2002 9:01 pm 
Make it better now!! Please!!!!


 Post subject: The Wish -- P9
PostPosted: Sun Jun 02, 2002 1:07 am 
Okay, here is Part 9. And yes, again with the angst. I am SO glad to hear that you are liking the fic and will be sticking around through the angst. Thanks so much for all of your positive and encouraging feedback Kittens. I hope the story lives up to expectations. PEACE …Dix


"If you'll follow me… this way please," said the funeral director as he led the small group through the back room of the funeral home, "We have several nice caskets to choose from and all of the them maintain a similar price range and quality. Aesthetics are really the only difference."

Giles, Xander, Anya, Buffy, Dawn, and the tall, dark, and dreary funeral director, whose name oddly enough was Mr. Lurch walked into a large room that held about 15 coffins, all with different designs on them.

"I can't believe that we have to do this now," Dawn complained to her sister as they walked slightly behind the rest of the group. "We still have like two days before the coroner-"

"This is Sunnydale Dawn," Buffy interrupted, not wanting to hear, or have her sister say 'Tara's body.' "Funeral homes are busy places. You have to make arrangements in advance."

The teen squeezed her sister's bicep and rested her head on her shoulder as they walked, "I hate this Buffy. Things are so messed up." Tears slipped down her cheeks as she ran her hand over a rose colored coffin, "I kind of feel like I'm broken. It's like I'm broken and I don't think I can ever be fixed again."

Buffy stopped walking and pulled her sister into her arms. She knew that Tara's death would hit Willow and the teen the hardest. What she didn't know was how she was going to handle it.

"We'll get through this Dawn." The slayer spoke softly. "As hard and impossible as it seems, we'll get through this."

Her tears fell harder and the teen shook her head and she spoke into her sisters chest, "I can't, I can't Buffy. It's too hard."

The small commotion caught the other Scoobies attention and they turned and looked back at the scene. Buffy waved them forward and then held her sister tighter. She didn't have the words so all she could do was hold her.

The slayer cursed inwardly, she knew Tara would have known the right words to say. Buffy never asked, but it was a safe bet that the blonde wiccan offered Dawn the most comfort after the slayer had leapt to her own death the previous year. The teen lost her mom, and now she had lost her surrogate mother. How in the hell do you help a kid back from that?

Anya made her way back towards the sisters. She knew Buffy was at a loss, it was written across her face. The ex-demon was well aware that she knew little of comforting, but Tara was her closest friend, and loosing someone she cared for was something that she could relate to.

"Dawn?" Anya asked as she approached. "You and Tara were really close. I bet you would do a better job then us at picking out something she would like. What do you think? Can you do that?"

It was blatant and simple and so something that Tara would do. The teen was more then happy that Anya tried using the obvious and age-old deflection technique. Dawn knew that if she didn't focus on something else, anything else, she was going to loose it completely. And she didn't know how she would be able to come back from that, so she wanted to try and hold it together for as long as possible.

The teen sniffled and took several deep breathes to regain control before she finally pulled away from her sister and turned towards the ex-demon. "I can help. I saw a rose colored one that I think might be nice…"

Buffy watched as her sister walked off with Anya. The slayer knew that both of them were barely hanging on, she felt that way herself. She didn't understand how life could be so much. It wasn't right and it certainly wasn't fair.

"Willow? Willow can you hear me?" asked the doctor as he shined a light in the redheads green eyes.

The pupils contracted against the light, but the young woman continued to stare off into nothingness. If the doctor didn't know better he would think the young woman to be comatose.

"Do you know where you are?" the doctor asked only to receive nothing as an answer again. "Okay then," the physician placed the call button in Willow's hand and then stood. "Press the button if you need or want anything. The sooner you decide to talk Willow, the sooner we can take these," the doctor gave his patients restraints a slight tug, "off and let you rest a little more comfortably."

The physician picked up Willow's chart and walked with it to the nurses station. He made a notation on it before handing it to the nurse, "Rosenberg, Willow. Call psyche and have them send down someone for a consult. Whatever this girls problem is, it's not physical and we can't fix it."

The nurse accepted the chart and watched the doctor walk away. She shook her head sadly, "From what I heard, there's only one person who could fix this girl."

"How is she?" Giles asked his slayer as she came down the stairs and walked into the living room.

Buffy dropped heavily onto the sofa, "Asleep, thankfully. Although Tara would kill me if she knew I let Dawn have alcohol, even diluted. Anything on Willow?"

"She's awake," answered Xander. "Kind of."

"She's not talking and is completely unresponsive." Added Anya. "They asked me if she used drugs."

"Giles, what kind of consequences could she suffer from the dark magic?" Buffy asked. "Anything like this?"

The watcher leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees, "No. Not like this. Repercussions from the dark magic use that severe will be more magical. Her powers could be limited or gone completely or something along those lines. Right now, I think that Willow is simply consumed with pain and anguish, perhaps some guilt as well."

"She's not responding to the doctors," Added Xander, "You think she might open up to us? Maybe we should go down to the hospital, see if we can get anything out of her?"

"It's worth a shot," said Buffy as she stood. "Anya, Giles, can you stay here with Dawn while Xander and I go test the waters with Willow?"

The pair nodded and Anya moved towards the desk, "I can see about taking care of the rest of the funeral arrangements while you're gone."

"I'll see about preparing some dinner." Added the watcher on his way to the kitchen.

Buffy nodded, "Thanks. We'll call and let you know how it goes." She looked to Xander, "Ready?"

"Yeah," he handed her his car keys, "I'll be right out."


Xander watched the slayer go and he made his way over to the desk where Anya sat looking through various documents and literature from the funeral home. He gave her shoulder a tender squeeze, "How're you holding up?"

She looked up, "I'm holding." Anya answered sadly.

An awkward silence fell before the ex-demon finally spoke again, "Thank you for earlier. Holding me, I mean. While we slept."

"Thank you for letting me." Xander answered quietly.

"I want to always let you Xander, but you hurt me." She looked up, "You hurt me so much."

"I know," he interjected. "I know and I'm sorry. I also know that just saying I'm sorry isn't enough… but it's all I can do. That and spend the rest of my life showing you how sorry I am and how much I love you."

Anya looked at him for a long moment and then reached up and cupped his cheek, "We just have to give it time." She said finally.

Xander used his hand to hold hers to his face, "I'll give you anything you want." Moments passed and the two finally pulled away. "I have to get out to Buffy. We need to get to the hospital." Anya nodded and watched him step back, "We'll be back soon." And he disappeared through the front door leaving the ex-demon to make phone calls and arrangements.

It would take some time but they would get back there.

Everything hurt. Everything ached. He was on his back and he could feel the rough earth against his bare back. Deciding that his eyes would be a good place to start he tried to blink to see if his eyes did indeed work.

He blinked and immediately regretted it as a blinding light invaded his vision. Using heavy limbs, he pushed himself onto his stomach, and then raised himself to his knees. A final surge of strength took him to his feet and he used an arm to shade his eyes before he attempted to open them again.

After prying reluctant eyelids apart and squinting against the bright, hot sun overhead he turned in a circle taking in his surroundings. It looked like he was in the middle of the desert and there was nothing but sand in every direction as far as the eye could see.

His head sagged forward, "Bloody Hell." Muttered Spike as he picked the direction towards home and started that way.


 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P9
PostPosted: Sun Jun 02, 2002 4:11 am 
Still sticking around, still a great story...but I do hope we'll get to the happy soon...can you tell me just how many angsty parts more we're gonna get?

I wanna start counting down for the happiness!!!!



W-what were they looking at?

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 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P9
PostPosted: Sun Jun 02, 2002 8:50 am 
Uh-huh. So far this is getting better and better (in terms of writing). Many congrats! I'm curious if your mind works the same way mine does, 'cause so far your story matches a scenario I was playing with to bring Tara back...

Keep up the good work! And I'm sure I'm not alone in eagerly looking forward to updates.

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 Post subject: The Wish -- P10
PostPosted: Sun Jun 02, 2002 9:41 pm 

"Giles?" Anya called out as she walked into the kitchen. "Is there any cof-" the ex-demon was cut off when she saw the watcher leaning against the sink and dabbing at his eyes. Anya winced in sympathy and moved next to him. "Are you all right?" she asked softly.

The normally stoic watcher would have to tried to cover up his tears by turning away or changing the subject, but this time he just continued to wipe the tears from his eyes. "I have been better, I must say." He nodded towards the refrigerator, there were several pictures of the Scoobies. Every photo had at least two people posing together, except for one. The picture of him. "I might have been able to prevent this. I never should have left."

"Giles, this isn't your fault." Said Anya. "There's plenty of blame to go around and none of it's yours."

The watcher finished wiping his eyes and pulled the cloth away and resettled his glasses. "A large part of that blame is indeed mine. I may not have been able to prevent Tara's death, but if I would have stayed… we wouldn't of nearly lost Willow as well."

"You can't know that."

"I know that Buffy was unhappy and was very confused after she came back. I know that Dawn needed parental guidance, and not from her 20 year old sister. I also knew of Willow's exploration with dark magics. I knew were it could lead. And lets not forget the everyday dangers of living on the hellmouth." The watcher reached up and wiped at the tears that continued to fall. "I knew of this and I still left. After I left, most of the responsibility fell on Tara's shoulders, and subconsciously I knew it would. I left the young woman to be a mother to Dawn, I expected her to keep control of Willow, and I knew that she would be the voice of reason in the group. It also seems that she is the one that Buffy finally turned to with her problems as well. I completely negated my responsibilities, only to have them fall on the delicate shoulders of the most gentlest of souls … What have I done?"

"Giles," Anya took a breath and stepped closer to the older man. She reached up and wiped away the tear rolling down his cheeks. "It's not your fault Giles. What do you think Tara would have done if you stayed? She still would have mother-henned Dawn, Tara's just maternal like that. She fought and argued and nagged Willow about dark magic because she loved her, not because it was her responsibility. Tara's the type of person you confide in. She understands about stuff and isn't judgmental, that's why Buffy confided in her. She didn't talk to her because she was some pseudo-Giles substitute, she talked to her because she wanted to. And, just in case you forgot, Tara fought on the hellmouth all summer long, right beside you. She's a witch Giles, and her family told her she was a demon. So Tara living and fighting on the hellmouth wasn't exactly that much of a stretch for her if you think about it."

Giles sniffled and looked down at the ex-demon and cupped her cheek, "Anya, will please stop trying to lessen my guilt. I was quite content to wade in my pity pool a while longer. But now, you have sucked all of the misery right out of it for me."

Anya threw herself into his arms and held on tightly, "Are you Giles again?" she asked. "Stoic, non-emotional, always the strong one Giles again?"

"Yes," he answered, "At least for a little while yet." He had no idea how well his composure would last while bearing witness to Willow's profound grief.

"Good," came the muffled reply as Anya promptly broke down into tears. She cried against the watchers chest and the story of how her and Buffy tried to go back and fix things came pouring out. Now it was Giles' turn to try and alleviate some self induced guilt.

It was nearly a half an hour later when the ex-demon finally calmed down enough to stop crying, only the occasional hiccup remained. Although Anya still refused to leave the watchers embrace.

And that was how Dawn found them when she walked into the kitchen, "You two aren't under another forget spell are you? You didn't get engaged did you?" the teen tried joking.

"Dawn," yelped Anya as she quickly pulled away from Giles. She knew how fragile the teen was and she was afraid that seeing her and Giles upset would set her off, "We were just um… something. But not crying."

Dawn looked up at the matching pair of red and swollen eyes and she smiled softly at the ex-demon, "Anya, it's okay. Really." The weary teen went to the counter sat down, "Where's Buffy?"

"She went with Xander to the hospital to see how Willow's doing." Answered Anya she opened the cupboard looking for the coffee.

"So, how is Willow?" asked the teen.

"Hey Willster," said Xander as he and the slayer entered the redheads hospital room. "Did someone order a pair of Scoobies, cause here we are. Special delivery."

Green eyes stayed locked onto nothingness and didn't acknowledge either of the new arrivals.

"Willow?" Asked Buffy as she sat on the bed next to the frail looking witch. The slayer reached out and tucked some of the stray red locks behind her ears, "Willow, can you hear me?"

The slayer got no answer and she looked up at Xander with a 'what now' look.

The young man stepped forward and stopped in Willow's line of sight, "You know Will, it's awfully rude to ignore company."

They still got nothing so Buffy reached down to lace her fingers with Willow's. The redhead's hand jerked away, as far as the restraints would allow, from the touch and she balled her hands into tight fists.

The slayer jumped, startled at the action and she quickly moved her face close to her friends so she look into her eyes, "Willow? Willow, it's me Buffy."

"What the Sam hotel was that about?" asked a bemused Xander.

"I don't know," said Buffy as she stood and moved towards the exit. "I'll go see if I can find the doctor."

"Okay, me and Willow will stay here and wait for you to get back," said the construction worker as he took the slayer's vacated seat, "Won't we Will?"

Buffy sighed and left and the redhead didn't show any sign that she had heard what was going on around her. She continued to stare at nothing and she kept her hands tightly closed.

"Why won't you talk to us Willow? How can we help if you don't talk to us?" Xander ran his hand over his face and inhaled deeply, "Can you talk Willow? Are you even in there?"

He got no answer and Xander sighed again. He turned and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees and he looked idly at the floor. "What happened to us Will? How did we go from the Green Acres happy life to the horrible, miserable life we're at now? How did we go from double dates and days at the beach to dark magic addictions and the fiancé dumping - runaway groom life?"

"Xander, anything?" asked the slayer as she walked back in the room. "Is she asleep?" the slayer asked, noticing the redhead's eyes were now closed.

Xander turned around and looked down at Willow's closed eyes, "I don't know, I don't think so." He pointed at her hands, "She's still doing her Tyson impersonation."

Buffy nodded, "I know, her doctor said that she doesn't like to be touched. Especially her fingers. Apparently, as strange as it is, it's nothing new. Sometimes you can touch her, but usually not."

Xander continued to stare down at his friend, "So what's the word on our wiccan? Where's her doctor?"

"We have to get out of here," said the slayer, "Her doctor wants a psyche consult and the shrink is on her way down."

"We can't wait?"

"It could take a while and I want to get back to Dawn. We also have to make sure that everything is taken care of for the… you know." Explained Buffy. What she didn't add was that she hated hospital's and she hated seeing anyone she cared for in one even worse.

Xander nodded and leaned down and dropped a kiss on the top of Willow's head, ignoring her flinch. "We'll be back later Will. I love you."

Buffy leaned over and whispered her goodbye's in her friends ear and followed Xander out of the room.

"Hello Willow," said the woman as she entered the redheads room and pulled a chair up next to the bed. "My name is Dr. Stefanie Daniels and I'm a psychologist. You're doctor wanted me to come down and talk to you to see if we can maybe find out what's going on with you. Is there anything you would like say before we start?"

The young woman in the bed slowly turned her head towards the psychologist. Sad green eyes looked up at the doctor, "I want the restraints off," Willow said flatly, "I'm leaving."


Okay Kittens, I know you're looking forward to the resolution and we'll get there, I promise. I'm doing the whole grieving deal as kind of a tribute to Tara. I want to show that she was loved and that her death had a BIG impact on the rest of the players. ME won't and didn't – so I will. BUT since you have been such kind and patient and trusting Kittens, the next part will contain W/T goodness. However, the resolution to events does not come with it.

Thank you for all of your wonderful feedback, the muse and I really appreciate it.

Zahir – If you want to compare scenarios you can E-mail me ( Or if you want to wait it out and compare your idea to this fic as it's written, then please let me know when it's complete if the scenarios did indeed match. I have to admit that I am very curious to see if we had similar ideas.


 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P10
PostPosted: Mon Jun 03, 2002 6:26 am 
Thank you for this fic. I am glad your bathtub epiphany led you in this new direction, and I completely understand your choice to show the Scoobies grieving as a tribute to Tara. It's equally cathartic and moving for me as a reader, and I'm so glad you're taking us on this journey. Take as long as you need to get us to the happy ending. :)

 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P10
PostPosted: Mon Jun 03, 2002 8:28 am 
ooh great update ! :)

can't wait for the next update! :grin


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 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P10
PostPosted: Mon Jun 03, 2002 12:49 pm 
Wanted to say that I totally agree with you, ennui24!

I was really hard for me to 'accept' the fact that ME just took the easiest way out by not letting the Scoobies grieve over Tara's death. Maybe we'll see some of that in season 7, but looking at the end of S6, I doubt it.

However, it's good to see that you're handling this with grace and dignity. The emotions and feelings are very true to the characters. Just wanted to thank you for that.


But hey, wait a second! This is going to have a happy ending, right! As long as Tara's coming back, I'm ready for anything!

What are we waiting for??? Let's bring it on!!!

 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P10
PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2002 2:41 am 
As anxious as I am for the happiness, I think that we'll have to go through the grief first. The Scoobies have a lot of guilt issues they have to work out, and this is the perfect time to do it. Then Tara can come back and we'll all be rollin' in puppies!

Dixon, this is an amazing story. Thanks.

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 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P10
PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2002 8:58 am 
WOW... I'm still very much enjoying this. But why did Will ignore Buffy and Xander? Bad Willow. This is really sad and really feel bad for all of them. Everyone need a **HUG**. Hope Tara will be back soon, but I agree with mollyig, they need to grieve first, learn from their mistakes. Then Tara can come back and they can all move on together. :)



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Hey Kittens, I know I said that there would be W/T goodness – but, *ducks* it didn't fit in this part. *holds up white flag* However, there will defiantly be some W/T goodness in P12, I promise. I just had to set up the scene first, I'm sorry. One more thing, for the first time in the fic – this part is mostly Willow. It's kind of sad, but not really, really sad. So, the angst warning is still in effect.


Lousy weather didn't happen often in Sunnydale, hence the name, but when it did, it wasn't just lousy, it was really lousy. Cool winds and sheets of rain swept through the streets of the town washing over all of the unfortunate people who happened to be out that evening. The dark cloud cover made the usually sunny town seem dreary and dismal, and not a little dangerous. It seemed like the resident evils enjoyed romping around in the rain and causing mischief.

Amongst it all, walked a slender redhead, her head down and shoulders slumped as she made her way down the streets. Her wet hair stuck to her face and she blinked away the water that ran into her eyes. Another burst of cool air hit the city and the young woman wrapped her arms tighter around her shivering frame and she kept walking.

"What do you mean she's not here?" the irate slayer demanded to the women sitting behind the nurses station. "She has to be here. She couldn't of left. Aren't you people supposed to be watching her?"

Giles put his hands on the slayer's shoulders and pulled her back a little from the nurses station, "Buffy, calm down. It's highly unlikely that we'll get any answers this way."

"Is there a problem?" came a new voice from behind the watcher and his slayer. Both turned around to meet the approaching woman who was dressed in a white lab coat. "I'm Dr. Stefanie Daniels." She offered her hand in introduction.

The watcher greeted the woman's hand with his own, "Rupert Giles, and this is Buffy Summers."

Dr. Daniels reached over the nurses station and picked up the chart with Willow's name on it, "I understand you have some questions regarding Willow Rosenberg's release."

"Yeah," offered an angry slayer, "Like, why in the hell did you release her?"

The doctor glanced at the young blonde woman for a moment before answering, "I didn't discharge her. She left AMA."

Giles groaned softly at the news, mumbled something to himself and then reached up to massage his temples.

Buffy looked to Giles and then back to the doctor, "AMA, what's that mean?"

"AMA is against medical advice," supplied Giles and the doctor nodded that he was correct.

"She was tied in that bed, did someone untie her or did she get out of those straps herself?" Buffy asked, wanting to know if her friend was back to using magic.

"I released the restraints," answered the doctor who held up her hand to forestall the outburst she saw building in the slayer. "I'm a psychologist. I was called down to do a psyche evaluation on your friend. I came down and Willow told me she wanted to be released from the restraints. I explai-"

"She talked to you?" Buffy asked with hurt. "With actual words, that kind of talking?"

"Yes," answered the doctor. "I released the restraints after I completed Willow's psyche evaluation. The restraints were only a precaution. They were used because the doctor on call was worried that your friend might, I stress might, be suicidal."

"Doctor, did Willow perhaps explain why she talked to you and no one else?" questioned Giles.

Dr. Daniels nodded, "In a way. During her evaluation Willow told me that she knew that I was the one she had to talk to if she wanted the restraints removed. She was correct. Restraints will be removed only if a patient is deemed non-suicidal. And while Willow is suffering from profound grief over her loss, it is my estimation that she is not suicidal. She also expressed her desire for solitude, at least for now, and that is probably why she wouldn't talk to you earlier. She didn't mention anything specific, but I think she might also be suffering from guilt over something that may have happened."

"Why did she pull away when people would touch her?" asked Buffy. "I tried to hold her hand and she wouldn't let me."

The doctor motioned towards a nearby office and the three continued their conversation as they made their way towards it. "Willow's displeasure at contact could be attributed to several things, one of which includes a natural distaste for being touched by anyone other then a select few."

"But Willow's never been like that," said Buffy as she sat down in one of the chairs in the office. "Willow's always been open about affection. I mean, there were times when we couldn't pry her and Tara apart even to eat din-," it was with that statement that realization struck and the slayer dropped her head to her chest, "I am so stupid."

"That would be another of the reasons." The doctor added gently as she took her own seat.

"Doctor," Giles leaned forward in his chair, "Even though you don't believe that Willow is suicidal, I still don't believe that she should be alone right now. Did you perhaps know where she went."

"I don't think she should be alone either, she got dressed and left almost as soon as the restraints were removed. She didn't say where she was going or even what direction. I tried to persuade her to stay, but Willow passed the evaluation and showed no reason for me to question her competence… I couldn't keep her here."

"Did she say anything else?" asked Buffy.

"All Willow would say to me is that she just wanted to be left alone. And since solitude is common when dealing with grief, I couldn't press her on it. I'm sorry, I wish I had more information for you."

"It's all right," Buffy stood, "I know where she is."

Willow walked beside the bed dragging her fingers along the smooth, silky texture of the cool silver sheets. The redhead walked along, dragging her fingers until she got to the foot of the bed. She ran her fingers over the fabric of the t-shirt that sat there. After a few moments she pulled it to her face. Willow held the shirt against her face and inhaled deeply. Tara's scent assaulted her senses and tears immediately formed in her eyes. Willow took several more breaths before pulling the shirt away from her face and setting it carefully back down on the bed. She had folded it the exact same way and set it down in the exact same place she picked it up from. The only difference with the garment were the wet spots on the shirt where it had absorbed Willow's tears.

The redhead looked at the shirt for a long moment before stepping back from the bed. Willow reached up and began unbuttoning her shirt. Her pants and underclothes followed as she stripped off her wet clothing. As soon as she rid herself of the wet, clingy clothes, the redhead reached for the shirt again. She slipped the garment over head and then reached for the boxers that also sat at the foot of the bed. She pulled on the shorts and then walked slowly over to Tara's side of the large bed.

Willow gently turned down the bed, but switched pillows. She put her pillows on Tara's side and pulled the blondes pillows over to her side. Once she had the pillows rearranged, the redhead looked longingly at the bed but instead of getting under the covers she simply sat down on the edge and looked around the room.

Tara's new dorm room looked little like her old one. The new one seemed more adult and appeared as if the owner was somehow detached from the room. The room still spoke of Tara, but it was just a room. Her old dorm was intricately designed and furnished. Tara's old dorm was her sanctuary, her place to hide from the rest of the world. The new dorm, it was just a room where she resided. Looking around, Willow knew that Tara's real room was one they shared. The room they shared was made up of equal parts Willow the individual, equal parts Tara the individual, but mostly of Willow and Tara, soulmates.

Willow's eyes moved over the hanging paintings and posters, over the wiccan supplies, over every inch of the room. Her eyes finally came to rest on the small table next to the bed. The small table held an old antique looking lamp and a book of poems. Willow reached out and picked up the book, it was a book of various poems and there was a bookmark in between the pages, marking a place.

Willow carefully opened the book to where the page was marked. It was then that she saw that it wasn't a bookmark at all. It was a line of pictures, the kind you get from photo booths at the mall. Willow recognized the strand of pictures immediately, they were of her and Tara and had been taken at the end of the summer whey they went shopping for school clothes for Dawn.

There were five pictures in the strand, three of which they were making goofy faces at the camera, one was of the couple sharing a chaste kiss, and the last one was of the two women looking deeply into each other's eyes.

Willow remembered the moment fondly, she had just pulled back from the kiss from the previous picture and was about to suggest a picture with bunny ears for Anya, but when she looked into Tara's blue eyes … she seemed to get lost in the endless azure depths. Willow forgot about everything at that moment… the rest of the world faded away and there was only Tara. The last picture snapped completely unnoticed.

Willow ran her fingers over the first three pictures and smiled fondly at their 'quirkiness' as Tara would call it. Her eyes moved to the fourth picture, the one of their kiss. A slim finger moved over the point were their lips met and the redhead felt her throat tighten and the prickle of tears in her eyes begin.

The redhead blinked rapidly to try and clear her vision and she reached up and wiped away the falling tears with her hand. Willow moved her gaze to the last picture and she closed her eyes to try and recapture the moment in her mind. She wanted to be able to picture Tara's eyes. Soft, always understanding, innocent, crystal blue pools with the tiniest flecks of gray. Her cobalt eyes burned of a love that would last forever, a fiery passion that couldn't be extinguished, and a free spirit that could never be tamed.

Willow sniffled and wiped away more tears. The witch picked up the book and looked down at the book of poems. The page book marked contained a poem entitled 'The Wish.'


Would that my pen were tipped

with a magic wand

That I could but tell of my

love for you

That I could but write with

the surge I feel

When I gaze upon your sweet


Would that my throat were

blessed by the nightingale

That I could but sing of

my heart’s great love

In some lonely tree flooded

with silver

Sing till I burst my breast

with such passion

Sing, then fall dead to lay

at your feet.

Willow ran her hands over the poem and idly noticed that the author was Judy Garland. She wondered when Tara had discovered this book, this poem. Was it a favorite, or just another poem? Willow read the poem again. Love and loneliness. Singing of love and then of death.

The strip of pictures were carefully placed back in the book, and the book was put back in its place on the table. Willow wiped her cheeks with her hands and stood. She climbed into the bed on Tara's side, clicked off the light and burrowed into the sheets. Once she was settled she reached over and grabbed Tara's pillow and pulled it close. Willow wrapped her arms around Tara's pillow and held it so tightly that her arms ached.

Willow buried her face into the pillow and inhaled deeply. She was now surrounded by all things Tara, but still she could find little comfort. She took deep breath after deep breath to inhale the scent of her lover and to fight off the tears. She didn't want her tears to stain Tara's pillow and lessen the sweet aroma that made up the blonde's unique scent. Once it faded, she would never be able to recapture it, it was gone forever.

"I love you." Willow whispered into the night as she slid into sleep.


Okay Kittens, I just wanted to add my thanks for your continuous, positive feedback. I'm also so glad that you're enjoying the fic and trusting me to get Willow and Tara back to where they should be – TOGETHER!!! Also, this is only my 2nd W/T fic so I am relieved to know that I'm managing to keep everyone true to character, at least somewhat. Thanks again Kittens. PEACE … Dix

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2002 12:07 am 
lots of angst in this fic, so much I've had to skip bits and pieces cause it is too much for me. That last part was beautiful though, Willow not wanting to stain the pillow and take away some of the precious scent.

I look forward to bringing Tara back.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Willow and Tara Love

Truly and Forever

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2002 1:20 am 
Willow putting on Tara's t-shirt. A typical reaction when one is grieving. And her chosing Tara's side of the bed to rest in. The empathy is just welling up within me, which is testament that you're doing a good job here!

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 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P11
PostPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2002 5:51 am 

Yeah, that's what its like.

"O Let my name be in the Book of Love!
If it be there I care not of that other Book above.
Strike it out! Or write it in anew, but
Let my name be in the Book of Love!"
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 Post subject: sniff**
PostPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2002 6:08 am 
You are really going for the jugular here! But I like. I really like how "soft" Willow's grief is in this one. ME made her so hard and angry, it was difficult to feel her grief. You really got it in the scene in the dorm. How disoriented and dazed Willow is in the middle of her sadness. I almost wish Buffy and Giles would leave her alone and let her be for now....

We'll see! Keep up the good work!

 Post subject: Re: sniff**
PostPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2002 8:41 am 
Awww damn, you got me sobbing now.

They are getting back together right? Soonish??


 Post subject: The Wish
PostPosted: Wed Jun 05, 2002 12:12 pm 
I have just read this fic from the sart and can i say wow!

 Post subject: Re: The Wish
PostPosted: Thu Jun 06, 2002 4:53 am 
I've been away a while so I'm trying to catch up with all the fics I've missed and I ahve to say this one is fab but one thing you promised smoochies where smoochies go :grin

These five words in my head scream "are we having fun yet?"

Chad Kroeger

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 06, 2002 12:23 pm 
Yowsers, that's depressing. I mean that in a good way.


You say midgets like it's so absurd.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 06, 2002 12:52 pm 
Argh I had a really bad day today and now I read this :( :(

Sad but beautiful!


'I go online sometimes, but everyone's spelling is really's depressing' - Tara

 Post subject: Re: The Wish
PostPosted: Thu Jun 06, 2002 1:13 pm 
Wow, I really don't know what to say but i`ll try.

Reading through this fic I felt a multitude of emotions, mainly hope and for that I thank you.

The last chapter was truly beautiful, Willow's actions were perfect and realistic. When I read Willow's "I love you" line my heart stopped and it felt like someone was crushing it, god that was so powerful.

I usually don`t write alot when giving feedback but that last part with Willow's actions truly touched me, I needed to see Willow grieve.

Thank you



"Nothing like gettin your ass kicked, to make your ass hurt!"

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 06, 2002 1:19 pm 
i had to wait until i stopped crying before i could write! such a lovely chapter -- thanks! :cry

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 Post subject: Re: The Wish
PostPosted: Thu Jun 06, 2002 2:52 pm 

This fic is truly a work of brings me to tears, but its beautiful, and I have faith that you will bring Wil&Tara home, to each other, where they belong....thanks for sharing

 Post subject: The Wish -- P12
PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2002 12:06 am 
Hey Kittens … like Rachelle said, "I really don't know what to say but I'll try."

Reading over the feedback and comments, I was thankful and flattered mostly but also … To know that you've written something that stirs emotions in a reader is to me, a great compliment, if not the greatest, that an author could receive. I do not have the words to describe it. (ironic coming from a writer huh?)

Compliments always leave me at a loss for words, as I always feel like I respond inadequately and far less grateful then I actually am – which is why I always give group responses and thanks. I'm talking to much and not saying anything, so here is the next part, dedicated to those of you who patiently waited for some W/T goodness through all of the angst. PEACE … Dix


The doorknob turned softly and the door opened even slower. After creeping for long moments, there was finally enough space for a blonde head to peek into the room.

The room was dark, the only light came from the cloudy, rainy night that filtered in through the window. Buffy's well trained eyes covered the small dorm room quickly and she spotted the redhead asleep in the bed. The slayer frowned, Willow was naturally small, but lying alone in the large bed, the redhead looked absolutely tiny.

Buffy searched her friend's barely visible face for a long moment before she finally pulled back and shut the door quietly.

"Anything?" asked Giles.

Buffy stood upright and turned around. "She's sleeping."

The watcher frowned, "I know what Dr. Daniels said, but are sure she's asleep and not…" he trailed off not wanting to finish the sentence that he didn't even want to start.

The slayer leaned against the wall next to the door, "No, she's asleep."

"And she appears to be all right otherwise?"

"She looks good Giles. Too good." She added softly.

Immediately alarmed, "What? Buffy, what do you mean?"

"Easy, easy." Calmed the slayer. "I just meant that she looks so happy, so content. She's dreaming of Tara, Giles." The slayer looked up with teary eyes, "She's dreaming of Tara and when she wakes up…"

"When she wakes up … She's going to feel the pain of loosing her all over again because Tara is alive in her dream." Supplied the watcher. "I have had the experience before."

Buffy nodded, "Me too." She said quietly, looking at her feet, "I almost don't want her to wake up. I almost wish she would sleep forever … never have to wake up to the pain and suffering." Buffy smiled sadly, "I wonder where she is?"

Unseen to the slayer who was still studying her shoes, Giles' snapped his head up quickly, "Willow or Tara?" he asked evenly.


{QUICK NOTE: The section below is a dream sequence and would normally be italicized, but I thought it would be easier to read if it wasn't – it's kinda long. Okay, that's all. Happy reading.}

"Hey." Said Willow cheerfully as she walked into the living room.

Tara sat on the couch, her attention divided between the television and the large textbook and class work that she had resting on her crossed legs. The blonde finished the sentence she was writing and looked up to smile at her lover, "Hey you, how's the bot?"

Willow glanced at the TV as she crossed the room and stopped directly in front of her partner, she leaned down and captured a quick kiss. "Upstairs, recharging. Watcha' working on?" she asked as she peeked at the work on the wiccan's lap.

Tara held her place in the book and flipped it closed so that her girlfriend could see the cover, "World Literature."

"Hmm," the redhead nodded knowingly as she reached out and ran her fingers through Tara's blonde tresses. She glanced back at the TV, "Watcha' watching?"

The blonde looked curiously at her partner, "The news." She answered slowly, trying to figure out what the slender woman wanted cause she was defiantly up to something.

"The news." Willow parroted, almost offended.

Tara nodded, "What's wrong with the news?"

The redhead huffed, "It's completely fictitious for one. Not realistic at all. They take liberties with events and twist things to fit into their stories, it's completely ridiculous. In fact, it's so ridiculous, you should change it. Here," she grabbed the remote control, "I'll change it."

Tara looked on with amusement as her lover flicked through channel after channel looking for something to watch.

"There," Willow said triumphantly when she finally decided on a station, "That's better, much more realistic."

The blonde wiccan looked at the television and then up at her lover. With a lopsided grin and amusement in her eyes she asked, "Xena?"

"There's more truth in Xena then in the news." Willow countered.

Tara tucked her notepad in her textbook and set then both aside. She dropped her legs to the floor and leaned back into the couch. "Is that so?"

"Definitely," affirmed the redhead who moved to share the couch with her partner. Willow dropped down on the couch, she piled a couple of pillows in one corner and laid back against them. Shoes were kicked off and slender legs were tossed across the blonde's lap without thought. Willow relaxed into the couch and got comfortable.

"The stories might be a little inaccurate, but the love between Xena and Gabby is truer then any news broadcast I've ever seen."

"You do have a point." Said Tara as she reached out and grabbed one of the feet on her lap. The blonde used her fingers to hold the foot in place while she massaged Willow's instep with her thumb.

"And, the show also- unh that feels so good." Groaned the redhead whose green eyes closed in bliss.

Tara smiled, "You deserve it after a long night of slaying and protecting the world."

Willow waved her hand dismissively in the air, "All in a days work." She said with forced casualness. "I suppose I'm like the next generation Xena. Fighting for good, beating up the baddies, kicking godly ass. I am such a warrior."

Tara laughed, "Vampires beware, it's Willow: Warrior Wiccan."

The redhead poked her girlfriend in the thigh with her foot, "Hey," she said with mock offense, "I can do warrior ness."               

"Honey…" The blonde wiccan started as she looked down at her girlfriend, in her jeans and 'Hello Kitty' t-shirt. The ensemble hardly resembled Xena's warrior gear. Tara just shook her head 'no.'

Willow sat up and looked challengingly at her girlfriend, "You dare question my warrior ness, woman?" She stood and moved to the center of the living room, grabbing the fire poker on her way.

Tara looked up as Willow started using the poker as a makeshift sword, swinging it in wide arcs and amateur twirls. The blonde looked on with worry and from the way her lover was acting, she knew that a caffeine overdose was to blame. "Um, honey, sweetie, I don't think-" she inhaled deeply when one of Willow's twirls barley missed the flower vase on the mantle. "Okay, you're a warrior. Put the poker down now please." She said quickly, trying to avoid any furnishing causalities.

"She was Xena, a mighty princess, forged in the heat of battle." Sprouted Willow as she swung her sword, nearly dropping it, but undeterred even so. "The power, the passion, the danger. Her courage will change the world."               

Willow gave a good impersonation of Xena's battle face as she swung the makeshift sword with renewed vigor, "You dare to patronize the Warrior Wiccan? You've got spunk. Grab the shovel, you can be my sidekick."

Tara stood and moved away from the couch, giving Willow and the poker a wide berth, "Willow-"

"Watch this," announced Willow. "Ssshheeeeeee YA!

The stunned blonde witch watched with shock as Willow tore across the living room and attempted to do a cartwheel with the poker in her hands. It would have worked too if the redhead had just a little more room. But since she didn't; the back of her knees ended up hitting the coffee table, causing them to buckle, and Willow to fall back on the table, flipping it over, and sending the warrior wiccan crashing to the floor.

Overall, the end result was the coffee table laying on its side, Willow, arms and legs askew, being trapped between the couch and the table, and the poker crashing through the earlier mentioned flower vase. All in all, it wasn't a very successful warrior move.

Tara walked over and laid her hand on a tousled Willow's shoulder, "Are you all right?"

Willow nodded and blew her bangs out of her face, "You want to laugh don't you?"

The blonde held her lips squeezed tightly together, her chest shaking with barely contained giggles, shook her head 'no.' And then promptly burst out laughing.

The redhead gave her girlfriend an insincere glare, "I take it back, you can't be my sidekick anymore. Gabby never laughed at Xena."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Said Tara, even as she continued to laugh.

"Whenever you're finished laughing at me, would you care to help your poor, pitiful girlfriend off of the floor?"

"Willow," consoled Tara as she pushed the overturned coffee table out of the way, "You're not pitiful. You're just not Xena, Joxer maybe, but not Xena." The blonde witch leaned down and dropped a kiss on the redheads lips, "But I still love you."

"I'm only not taking offense to that, because you kissed me." Said Willow as she reached up. "And I did end up on the floor in a very Joxer- esque style.

The blonde reached down and grabbed her lovers hands and pulled her to her feet. Willow winced and as she stood and moved all of her weight to her left ankle, "Okay, ouch."

Tara frowned and immediately wrapped her arms around her lover and nudged her back towards the couch, "Here sit down."

"Tara, I'm okay. Really." Said Willow as a hand on her shoulder forced her to sit.

"No, you're hurt."

"I'm not hurt, I'm injured."

Tara dropped down at Willow's feet and gently pulled the right ankle onto her lap, removed the sock, and began an inspection of the appendage, "And the difference is what exactly?"

The redhead leaned back into the couch cushions and allowed her girlfriend to continue her inspection, after all, it wasn't like she had a choice or anything. "Hurt is worse then injured. Well it is unless I was severely injured. But it's not the word 'injured' that makes me sound like I'm really hurt, it's the word 'severe' added to the word 'injured' that makes me sound more then just injured, it makes me sound hurt. You can recover from an injury, but not so much from hurt, cause hurt is usually more then one injury. Not minors, majors. Injuries that is. Cause major injuries are equal to a hurt. So, hurt is worse then injured, understand?"

Blonde eyebrows wrinkled in confusion as blue eyes stood wide, "Did you hit your head?"


"What are you guys doing down here?" asked a sleep tousled Dawn from the doorway as she took in the mess in the living room.

"Dawnie," Tara addressed the teen, "We didn't mean to wake you sweetie, we were just-"

"I am Willow: Warrior Wiccan!" Interrupted the redhead from the couch.

The blonde witch closed her eyes and reached up to rub her forehead. "Caffeine." She explained.

"Xander gave Willow caffeine after midnight? He completely ignored the Gremlin law? Slow night?" asked Dawn as she looked closer at the redhead who was trying to peek down Tara's blouse as the blonde worked on her 'injured' ankle. The teen just shook her head, "You know what, never mind, I'm going to bed. Night Tara."

Tara looked up from Willow's ankle and smiled at the teen, "Goodnight Dawnie."

"Night Dawnie." Willow added distractedly, never moving her eyes from her girlfriends chest.

"Goodnight Super, Wonder Willow … whatever. You guys are so strange," the teen mumbled as she climbed the stairs and went back to her room.

Tara watched the teen walk back up the steps and disappear upstairs, before turning her attention back to her girlfriend who was high on caffeine. It was then that the witch noticed that the redheads focus was elsewhere. Tara just sighed, "Willow."


"Willow." She said louder.

Still nothing.

Sighing again, Tara reached out and cupped her girlfriend's chin and lifted the hackers face. A moment later Willow's eyes finally joined her head and Tara smiled with infinite patience, "Hi."

Willow's eyes trailed up from Tara's cleavage, along her neck, past the soft lips, and onto the bluest eyes she had ever seen. The redhead reached out and touched her lovers lips with her fingertips. "So soft." She whispered, almost reverently.

"Will," Tara spoke around the fingers against her mouth, "Give it to me."

The hackers face transformed into a sly smile and she leaned forward and replaced her fingers with her lips, locking into a passionate kiss with Tara. Willow felt a hand trail up her thigh, around her narrow hips, and to her buttocks. Encouraged by the action, the redhead moaned and leaned in to deepen the kiss even further.

Hands roamed, tongues collided, moans escaped, and a hand slipped into a back pocket grabbing the stash of extra sugary pixie sticks hidden there.

Tara, more flushed then she expected to be, pulled back from the embrace brandishing the 'verboten' package. Willow, who was deeper in the passionate mist took longer to regain her senses. Finally, focused eyes fell on the package in Tara's hands and the redhead pouted.

"This is too much sugar Willow," admonished Tara. "You haven't even blinked once since you've got home. You have class tomorrow morning."

"It was a slow night," defended the hacker. "The Espresso Pump was closed for some reason, I don't know and I needed something to stay awake."

"Well good," Tara said as she stood, "Cause now you'll be awake for the next three days."

Quickly following suite, Willow stood and she wrapped her arms around Tara's waist pulling the blonde closer, "I won't be if you take me upstairs and tire me out." Willow mumbled, as her face was buried in Tara's neck, working on the pulse point there.

"Go take a shower, you have vamp dust on you." Tara pulled back, but had desire written all over her face. "I'm going to clean up the living room and make sure the house is locked up. I'll be up in a few minutes."

"And we can finish?" Willow asked suspiciously.

Tara leaned in and kissed Willow within an inch of her life, "Definitely finish."

"You sure you can wait for me to take a quick shower?" asked Willow. "The fastest shower ever, but still. You gonna wait?"

Tara brushed her lips over Willow's once more, "I'll wait for you forever."


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PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2002 12:49 am 
Tara brushed her lips over Willow's once more, "I'll wait for you forever."

that spoke volumes. i cant even describe how i felt when i read that.... i'm all teary now. i have no words.

And so we live to fight another day.

 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P12
PostPosted: Fri Jun 07, 2002 1:14 am 
Wow. That last part had me with Willow in Tara's dorm, but this whole dream thing was totally amazing. "I'll wait for you forever." I love it.


You say midgets like it's so absurd.

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