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 Post subject: Fic: The Wish
PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2002 2:01 am 
TITLE: The Wish

AUTHOR: I go by many names, but mainly … Dix (

RATING: So far: Some parts are kind of macabre. Call it the Joss in me.

DISCLAIMER: Joss, ME, UPN, Whatever. They're not mine – I wouldn't have screwed them up like some people.

SPOILERS: I mention some season 6 stuff up to 'Villains' so far. After that, I just make stuff up.

NOTE: I'm not happy with the turn that BtVS has taken so I'm back with another idea that wouldn't let go. And I have no Beta so all errors are mine.

"I wish," started the slayer, and the universe felt like it stopped.

Buffy turned her head, looking around her, at who and what was left of their latest and worst battle ever.

A bruised, battered, and emotionally broken Dawn stood next to a pile of ashes. A pile of ashes that used to be Spike … before the slayer had to kill him. He came back without the chip and out for the slayer's blood. Buffy never had a choice.

Dawn's eyes were empty, blank, and emotionless. The only sign of life from the teen were the tears that continued to fall down her cheeks. The tears had started two days earlier and seemed like they hadn't stopped since. And why would they? Things just kept getting worse and worse.

Buffy felt her own eyes tear up at her dejected sister before her gaze fell on Xander and Anya. Or, more like Xander's near unconscious body. She was sure he gave himself a concussion when he tripped over his own axe and fell headfirst into a gravestone. Sometimes she wondered about him.

Buffy's eyes then moved onto Anyanka, who was once again a full fledged Vengeance Demon. Xander laid writhing in pain, clutching a throbbing head and aching ribs, courtesy of Willow, looking at his former fiancé with sorrow and regret while waiting for the wailing ambulance to arrive. Anyanka seemed to be fighting and internal battle, one of good versus evil while she stared back into the eyes of the man she loved, or used to love. It was the battle between Anya and Anyanka. And the slayer thought that Anya might win until the woman snapped her head towards her and she appeared to be in full mode vengeance again.

"Are you gonna finish that wish?"

The slayer returned the glare for a moment before moving her gaze along to land on the mangled body of what was once Willow. No, not Willow. The dark form didn't even seem like a body anymore. It was more like a broken shell of what once held Willow, before the darkness had taken over her best friend. No, Willow didn't die when Giles showed up and used white magic to make the dark spell backfire against her. Willow died two days ago when Tara did.

The building tears spilled down Buffy's cheeks. Tara. The slayer hadn't known it then, but she knew now that the blonde was one of the primary pieces holding her family together. The shy blonde had been the only constant in Dawn's life since her own mother. And then when the teen lost her sister, Tara moved in and very much became Dawn's mother. It just seemed like Tara was always there. Even when she moved out … she was still always there.

Tara was certainly Anya's best friend. The blonde Wiccan was always kind and supportive of the ex-demon. She would always smile indulgently at Anya, no matter crazy thing came out of the woman's mouth. Tara silently endured the endless strife's of working with Anya to plan what is now known as the black wedding. Tara even donned the ghastly bridesmaid dress with nothing more then tolerant eyes and a smile. She certainly made Anya feel more welcome then she ever had.

And Xander. Tara and Xander didn't have as strong as relationship as she did with the other Scoobies. And Buffy knew that it wasn't because they didn't care for each other, because they did. They just weren't as close, and the slayer suspected that it was just because Tara was unconsciously uncomfortable around men, especially alone. Even someone as loveable as Xander. After growing up with domineering men like her brother and father how could she not be? Tara and Xander were family. They loved each other and they would have died for each other if for no other reason then the happiness that they each brought to Willow's life.

The way Tara loved her best friend was incredible. It gave Willow so much. The unconditional love gave Willow more happiness then she had ever known before. The way they were when they were together made the slayer's heart ache knowing that she would probably never find a love like theirs. They were so perfect for each other and just so damn cute together too.

They would finish each others sentences and questions, and whenever those two were in a room together, which was often cause they were rarely apart, you could expect gooey looks. Big gooey, mushy, sappy, 'I'm so in love' looks. Especially from Tara. She definitely had the eyes for it.

The couple did everything together; studying, magic, floating roses … whatever the hell that meant, probably some lesbian thing. Vampire and demon hunting, fighting off the occasional apocalypse, spells, and then of course … spells. You couldn't fit air between them when they sat next to each other, which they always did when they could. If one of them decided to go to bed, the other was never more then a few minutes behind. Funny how they always got sleepy at the same time.

And then there were the little touches. The little touches that the two witches would share and the slayer knew that they weren't even aware they did them. Willow, usually the initiator of the touch cause Tara still had the shyness thing going on, was big on putting her hand on Tara's back or arm when they were walking together or were about to set off together. It was like the redhead was guiding the blonde's direction so that they would never be too far apart.

Tara, even though she was rarely the initiator, was usually the one that prolonged the touches. When they would hold hands, the couples entwined fingers would usually be held against the blondes body. Be it her hip or her stomach, the joined hands were usually controlled by Tara. Kind of like a way for the blonde to keep Willow even closer to her.

And then there was the most endearing thing that the slayer had ever seen. When Tara and Willow held hands, Tara had the habit of playing with Willow's fingers. Tara, Buffy knew, had no idea that she did it and would have been embarrassed for weeks if she had ever realized it. They slayer didn't know why it was so endearing, or why Tara did it, or if Willow even noticed … it was just something between Willow and Tara that showed how special their relationship was.

Willow and Tara, you couldn't ask or inquire about one without hearing about the other. Buffy had to smile as she thought about Willow. Every time the slayer caught Willow alone and would ask the redhead how she was, or what she was doing, her reply would always include Tara as well. She always got answers like, "I'm fine, I'm just waiting for Tara to…" or "I'm good, me and Tara are both having a really good week…" And the slayer had never heard the word 'we' said so proudly and heartwarmingly as she did when Willow used it in reference to herself and Tara.

And Tara, it amazed Buffy to no end that the blonde just about always knew where Willow was, what she was doing, or what she was going to do. If you wanted to know something about the redhead, you had to ask the blonde. It wasn't that she was keeping tabs on her girlfriend, Tara just knew. Like when they were researching in the Magic Shop. Twenty people could come and go and the blonde would never look up or pull her eyes away from researching. But enter one Willowy redhead and you could bet your bottom dollar that Tara would look up. She just knew.

It was really kind of amazing. Willow and Tara were both young women but the way they knew each other, you could easily believe that they had been married for forty years. Or, with the looks and the touches, and the feeble excuses to get away together, you could also believe that they were a new couple who had just discovered the pleasures of intimacy.

Their love for each other did so much, for both of them, and for everyone around them. Willow brought Tara out of her shell and helped her rid some of the demons, metaphoric demons, from her past. Willow's love for Tara saved the blonde from a lifetime of misery her family would have inflicted on her if she had returned home with them. Willow's love kept her in Sunnydale. Being with the redhead allowed the blonde to discover who she was, be herself, and practice her craft with more confidence then she ever thought possible. Willow showed Tara what it was to live and to love.

There were barely words for what Tara gave Willow, for how much she loved her. Oz came back for a short while and Tara was willing to let Willow go because she loved her so much. The relationship allowed the redhead to grow even more then the blonde. Willow blossomed into a strong, confident woman and an amazing witch with Tara as her anchor. Tara held her and pulled her through Joyce's death and then Buffy's. Whatever Willow needed … Tara was. Tara's love gave Willow everything and the power to do anything.

Even when Willow hit bottom with her magic addiction, it was her love for Tara that made her find her way back. The magic or Tara, and in the end Willow chose Tara. And when she lost her … all bets were off. That's where they were now.

Tara was dead, Willow was gone, Xander was half dead, Anya was a demon again, Spike was only a memory now, Dawn was emotionally dead, Giles … Giles was probably in England's version of heaven drinking tea. At least, the slayer hoped he went to heaven, cause after the blast the he took from Dark Willow's spell… she had no idea where the body could be. There was a chance that it still hadn't landed.

And Buffy … Buffy was standing in the middle of a disaster area where the final showdown with Dark Willow took place. She was looking around at the aftermath trying to wake herself up from the unbearable nightmare that had become her life.

Buffy closed her eyes to block out the battlefield and she tilted her head towards the dark, heavily clouded sky. "Please let this be right," she whispered to whatever higher power would listen. The slayer then turned back to Anyanka and finished her wish.

"I wish…"


(I'm sorry to cliffhang it right there but you know I had to. And it ties in with the next part - which will come soon. I promise.)

PEACE ... Dix

 Post subject: Re: Fic: The Wish
PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2002 2:24 am 
All right...that was just a plain mean place to stop!!

More soon please?


P.S.- love this so far....except for the cliffhangers....hehehe...


*edited cause i can't speel good;)

“Love’s bitch?” Spike asked softly...
“Woman enough to admit it,” Willow agreed with a nod and a sad half-smile.

“Cheers, luv,” Spike whispered...
-Answering Darkness by Sassette

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 Post subject: Re: Fic: The Wish
PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2002 2:47 am 
Oh this is a great beginning.........The way you described their relationship is so good and so right :) Very very good :)


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 Post subject: Re: Fic: The Wish
PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2002 5:11 am 
Great start! I really liked the way you described their relationship!

Oh baby, want me to rub your tummy? She likes it when I ... stop explaining things.

Hi, um are you? well...I was wondering maybe you want to go out some time...for coffee? food? Kisses and gay love?

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 Post subject: Re: Fic: The Wish
PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2002 6:04 am 
The descriptions of the little traits and habits of Our Girls when near each other was really endearing.

You've set everything up nicely, and am curious to see how you'll progress.

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 Post subject: The Wish -- P2
PostPosted: Mon May 20, 2002 9:46 am 
Hey Kittens, glad your liking the fic. I'm sorry about the cliffhanger - but that was prime ch real estate. Here is the not really/non cliffhangey Part 2.

"I wish… I wish things would have ended happily ever after for the people I care about."

Buffy made the wish with closed eyes, afraid of what she might see happening. A moment passed and nothing happened so she opened her eyes and was standing almost nose to nose with Anyanka.

The slayer instinctively took a step backwards and even as she did Anyanka reached out and grabbed her arm. Buffy looked down at the hand on her arm and then up into the eyes of the demon. It was then that she noticed, or at least she thought she did, that while it was the body of a vengeance demon, they were definitely the eyes of Anya.

"Good choice." Said the demon before waving her arms and disappearing into the air.

The demons tone was completely even so she couldn't tell who had complemented her choice, Anya or Anyanka. The slayer really, really hoped it was Anya because she just could not imagine recovering from the reality that she would have to face if the wish didn't work.

Buffy looked over to where Xander laid eerily still … there wasn't a need for an ambulance anymore. Willow must of hit him harder then she thought. The slayer sighed in defeat as she moved to collect Dawn and get away before the local authorities arrived. She could at least grant herself a few hour reprieve from the barrage of questions and interrogations if the wish didn't take.

A few steps before Buffy reached her sister she felt time stutter to a halt and then it seemed to fold in on itself. She saw the past few days and events rewinding themselves, things were being erased and unwritten from time. The timeline ran backwards.

The slayer saw the force of Giles' and Willow's magic about to collide and she tore across the cemetery to where Dawn was leaning against a tree. The slayer hit her sister in a full tackle, the hit throwing them down the six feet into an empty grave.

There was a loud explosion, followed by a domineering silence. Silence that is until Willow started laughing. It was a malicious and cruel laugh that grew louder with every breath the witch took and Buffy knew that Giles was probably dead.

"Stay here and don't move." Buffy ordered her sister who could only nod in understanding.

The slayer crouched down and then leapt out of the grave hoping that she would be able to stop Willow without them both dying.

Willow, who had her back to the slayer smiled when she felt her approach and she pointed up at the night sky. "Did you see that? He flew right past the 'Short Man Looking Uncomfortable'." The witch turned to face the short blonde. "Maybe he can give Giles directions back down."

"Willow pl-"

"Willow!" interrupted the witch with a wicked smile, "Doesn't live here anymore." The dark haired witch began to circle the slayer. "I kicked her frilly little ass out of here days ago. That little girl knew nothing of real power. She never stood a chance. She was too busy whining and crying about her little girlfriend. But me," she said as she ran her hands seductively over her body, "I have more power then you could ever imagine. I have the body, the brains," she looked down at her fair chest and a moment later her bosom expanded several sizes, "That's better. And the breasts to be the biggest, baddest, bitch this world has ever seen. I. Am. A. God."

Buffy stood her ground, "Yeah? I've beaten Gods before … and you're next."

"Oh real-"

"WITCH!" A loud voice boomed and interrupted from the sky above.

"Oh what now?" Willow shook her head in annoyance, "I don't suppose that's Giles on his way down." She looked up into a twirling mass of clouds that were taking shape, "Oh what do you want Osiris, I thought I dealt with you all ready? No, not Osiris. Who are you?"

"BE GONE SLAYER!" boomed the voice and a tornado force wind knocked her back into the grave with her sister.

Willow and the Psoriasis guy argued for several moments about demanding powers, mortals, and dark magic. There was thunder and lightning, with hail and howling wind. It was deafening and then it just stopped. Moments later when the slayer finally dared to peek her head out of the grave, she spotted Willow's body and the Psoriasis - cloud man was gone.

Buffy watched the scene, and then she watched it rewind itself and the timeline moved so quickly that some of the images seemed to blur together.. She watched the rest of the battle, Willow killing the nerd squad one by one, Willow telling them about Tara, she saw herself in the hospital after getting shot. She cringed when she saw the bullet tear through Tara as it took her life. She saw Willow cradle her fallen love and try to use magic to bring her back. And then she watched her best friend invoke the darkness and welcome it unto herself.

The slayer watched herself almost get torn about by buzz saws in the trios lair, there were glimpses of Willow and Tara making up and then making love, Anya and Spike having sex in the Magic Box, Xander going after Spike, Spikes near rape attempt. Things kept moving even faster, blurring more and the slayer could only catch glimpses. Anya and Xander breaking up, Dawn was stealing, her relationship with Spike, Willow's dark magic addiction, Spike could hurt her, Tara and Willow breaking up, Giles leaving, being ripped out of heaven… And that's when it stopped. Almost as if the movie was over.

Not knowing how she got there, Buffy looked around and found herself at what was once her own grave.

"Now," came a familiar voice from behind her. "Rewrite it."

Buffy spun around to face Anya. "What do I do?"

"Think everything through Buffy. How much do you really have to change for everyone to be happy? Don't compromise life's lessons and change as little as possible. It's the little things that have the biggest impacts." Explained Anya. "You saw everything, now you just have to replay it, and rewrite it. I warn you again, change as little as possible."

And with a wave of her arms, she was gone. She was gone and the slayer was left wondering what the hell she was supposed to do when the images began to play again in her mind, starting from when she climbed out of her own grave all of those month's ago.

A lot of the things, most of the things that had happened since she came back had sucked. They sucked a lot but she knew that she had to let them happen. Her affair with Spike, Willow's addiction, her rift from everyone, everything… She left it all in.

The first change she made was to the event that happened between Anya and Spike in the Magic Box.

Buffy stepped up to the door of the Magic Box and used her slayer hearing to detect the conversation inside.

"I have one more question-"


"Can I see your sexy dance?"

"I'll show you mine-"

"Wait. Wait. What are we doing?"

"Moving on."

Buffy cringed when she heard the sound of kissing start. She counted to ten and then pushed open the door to the Magic Box and acted surprised when she caught the two in a heated embrace.

"Should I come back later or did I interrupt something that was meant to be interrupted?" the slayer asked flatly as she leaned against the counter.

Anya quickly pushed back from Spike and wiped her lips with the back of her hand. She looked horrified and then regretful. She looked up to Spike, "I'm sorry. This never should of happened." And she turned and made her way into the bathroom. Probably to cry.

Spike watched her go and then addressed Buffy as he reached for his jacket, "Hey love. Like I said before, that's some timing you got there."

Buffy turned to go and without looking back she spoke, "Spike?"

"Yeah pet."

"Don't take any trips." And the slayer strode through the front door, closing it behind her.


More later. PEACE ... Dix

 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P2
PostPosted: Tue May 21, 2002 9:42 pm 
What a place to cliffhang in. WOW.. I'm loving this. Can't wait to see where you go with this next.

I wish this was/would have been possible on the show. :cry Damn Joss!

More soon.



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 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P2
PostPosted: Tue May 21, 2002 9:53 pm 
It's an interesting scenario you're setting up here. I loved Buffy's thoughts about Willow and Tara in the first part. Especially the playing with fingers bit; that was just lovely. And so true. :)

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 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P2
PostPosted: Tue May 21, 2002 11:05 pm 
Wow, this brought tears to my eyes especially after having seen the fiasco tonite..I must say im hooked and cant wait for more, must write faster :) Its absolutely wonderful, thank you, i really needed this...I anxiously await more of your wonderful fic :love

carpe' noctem

 Post subject: The Wish -- P3
PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2002 12:10 pm 
The Wish -- Part 3

"Everybody still finds out you know?"

"Who every and out what?" asked the slayer as she leaned against a crypt trying to rub away the massive forming headache. Using your mind to rewind, reply, and rewrite the timeline could really be hard on the old noggin.

"Everybody," Anya waved her arms in emphasis. "The Scoobies. They still find out about you and Spike."

"That's not why I did it."

"You're going to remember everything. Both timelines. You can change the betrayal but you can't outrun the pain. Trust me, I know."

Buffy looked up at Anya, "Will you remember everything too?"

The demon looked at Buffy like she was particularly slow, "Well duh, it's my spell. Of course I'll remember."

The weary slayer slid down the crypt, sat on the ground, and picked at the strands of grass, "Do you regret sleeping with Spike?"


"No?!" Buffy's head snapped up, "What in the hell do you mean no? You have to regret it."

Anya shrugged, "I don't. It helped me to renew my perspective of life."

"And what perspective would that be?"

"That life sucks." Declared Anya. "Life sucks. Life's made up of nothing more then hurt and pain and betrayal … and … and men. Men! Men who betray and hurt and cause pain and are … men. The only good things about living are money and orgasms. All of my money got ruined, along with my shop and I hate men, so I can't have a man, which means … no orgasms either. And then, stupid, dead Warren, who I'm glad is dead, killed Tara, who I'm not glad is dead, and again we have the men with the hurting and the pain causing."

Buffy looked at the demon like she had never seen her before.

"What?" demanded Anya. "Why are you looking at me like that? What do you want me to say? That everything will be okay because I still have my family and friends? That I have so much to live for. Well I don't. I have no family and my best friend left me at the alter while the other one is dead! Look around you Buffy, why would I want to be here? Even if you do manage to fix things, you'll still hate life, me and Xander will be over, Giles' will still be gone, Spike will never let you go, Willow still has good credit with the darkside, Dawn … well, chances are either her or Tara or both will end up dying anyway."

Anya began to pace back and forth in front of the slayer. "We all can't be like you Buffy, living this lousy life no matter how much we hate it and pretending that we don't. We can't walk around like half a person sleeping with people we hate to try and feel something. Something that we hate feeling but in a sick, twisted way can't stop wanting. I never wanted to be human again, I hated it enough the first time around, and I sucked at it the second time too. It's obvious that I could never fit in. Willow didn't want this life anymore either, how do you think she was able to get so dark … It's all about pain Buffy … But I think you all ready know that."

The demon stopped, took a breath and turned back to the slayer, "You need to get over it, end it, or learn to live with it, cause it never goes away. It can lessen, or end. But you'll always remember it, so it never really goes away. Just ask Tara or Xander. They grew up with the families from hell. They spent their childhood in misery, and then poor Tara has to loose her mom on top of it too. You can even ask Dawn about it. How can she believe that she's really alive? That she's really a person and not just a thing? Not evil? You see … everybody has rotten things they have to deal with but you can still manage to actually live. Except me … and Willow and Tara and Xander cause they're all dead now, but the they'll be alive again so the point is, they're able to live happy, dandy, good lives despite all the crap they went through. But you and me … You're not happy because you choose to not be happy and I choose to be a demon again where I don't have to worry about happy or pain or men or anything else."

"Anyway," Anya began to finish up," I don't regret sleeping with Spike. It hurt Xander. It hurt him like he hurt me and I'm glad. Hurt is what I do, vengeance is my thing. I like vengeance, it's an art form really. So anyway, after you have your shot at fixing things I'm leaving. I'm going full time demon again. I hear there's a high demand for vengeance in Hollywood these days."

A moment passed and no words were passed between the two women. Finally the slayer stood and squared off in front of the demon. "Nice rant … feel better now?"

"Actually, I do."

"Ready to help me fix things then?"

"Well, the Magic Box wouldn't run itself now would it?" asked Anya as the anger drained from her posture. "Besides, you saved me from sleeping with Spike. That means that Xander is still in the doghouse for the whole wedding disaster. If handled properly, this could mean jewelry and gifts and things involving money, oh, and begging. He'll be on his hands and knees which will probably lead to the make up sex. Can you just imagine how lo-"

"Anya!" interrupted the slayer. "A little focus here please? Good focus. Focus on the fixing of our lives kind of focus. Not on the … what you were just saying focus."

"It's not like we're in a hurry here. In case you haven't noticed … time's stopped. And we have to wait a for a little while yet anyway."

"Why?" The slayer slumped back down against the crypt and rubbed her aching head some more.

"Your head will explode if we don't. The internal blast would pop that pineapple right off you shoulders and then blow up like a big 4th of July firecracker. There would be brain bits everywhere. You don't want that do you?"

"Not really."

"Well that's what will happen if you don't allow your brain and physiology time to compensate to the changes of the temporal distortion that were created when you altered the timeline." Answered Anya scientifically as she sat down next to the slayer. "So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate Spike?"

"So you said my head would just explode?"


I know that so far I'm lacking in the W/T department here, but it is coming I promise. I kind of ended up with a tribute in the first part and now I have ever so subtly slid in the gripe I've had with Buffy's character. This is my form of ranting I suppose. There are several other things that I'll probably end up touching on. Things that I didn't like, or thought sucked this season.

For example:

1.) Xander's over-use.

2.) Willow's under-use. Willow is a great character with far more relevance then Xander and I think that there should have been less B and S humping scenes and more Willow. (not necessarily humping – but that would have been nice too.)

3.) Tara's use. I absolutely hate the way the show uses Tara. It was fitting that they didn't list her as a regular because no matter how many eps she was in – she was almost always used as just an extra (sometimes a prop). Hell, she was practically forgotten about before she was even cold. Tara could be a kick ass character if they ever bothered to actually use her. Lisa Countryman sure knows how to.

4.) Buffy. I had to have Anya tell her off and I was SO glad when DW did it in the finale too. I have been sick and tired of wading in her pity pool all season.

5.) Spike. Make him evil or make him good. Do something!!!

6.) One of my biggest gripes is with Willow's self esteem. They still have her calling herself a nobody and supposedly feeling like one too. I HATE the idea of Willow walking around being an undercover manic depressive. Hell, with the way she described herself in the finale, I thought she was more likely to commit suicide then homicide. And I was rooting for Dark Willow to win.

Okay, thanks for listening to my little rant. I didn't mean to go off on one – but that happens some times. Thanks Kittens for all of your comments, I'm glad you're enjoying the fic. More later.


 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P3
PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2002 1:30 pm 
Excellent fic! Do continue ... I 'd like to see how this plays out and how the other events are changed merely by changing this one thing.


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 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P3
PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2002 9:43 pm 
Nice update. Can't wait to see what happens when the W/T stuff comes up. Ahhhhhhhh.. It's so frustrating that the show is sooo stupid.

Need more, soon. :grin



"It's good to be a chicken casserole," Tara murmured before passing out. -from "Answering Darkness" by Sassette

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 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P2
PostPosted: Wed May 22, 2002 10:04 pm 
Great Update! And I totally agree with your reasons on why the show isn't as good as it could be. That is why I think Tara is much better off in our fanfic then on BtVS. Keep up the good work!

 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P2
PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2002 2:09 am 
I knew there was a reason I always liked Anya. She's gonna help make everything good, by getting Our Girls back together again to live happily ever after.

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 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P2
PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2002 7:01 am 
Update soon!

 Post subject: The Wish -- P4
PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2002 4:45 pm 
WARNING!!! There is some spicy talk in this part. Also, there is a scene that is just the slightest bit racy. I kept it PG-13 though. Maybe PG-16 cause I know that there are some younger readers on the boards. Hope you enjoy – there is some W/T in this part.        PEACE … Dix

Part 4

"What happens next?" asked the slayer when Anya told her it was time to continue.

"We watch what happens in the timeline, up until the next time you want to stop and change something. If everything turns out okay then time will unfreeze the moment your wish comes true."

"So you're saying, what, exactly?"

The demon sighed, "It's a good thing we have all the time in the world. It's like this, you changed something, but since time didn't unfreeze it means that things still turned out the same in the end. What we have to do now is watch the new timeline, where things also fail, and then change it so that it doesn't fail."

Buffy still looked confused.

"Just close your eyes and watch." Ordered Anya.

"Don't take any trips." And the slayer strode through the front door, closing it behind her.

Spike looked at the door for a long moment, he sighed, "Bloody wonderful." The vampire reached into his pocket for his cigarettes but was stopped short when a fist made contact with his head and sent him flying to the floor.

"I'll show you wonderful." Seethed an irate Xander who swung a razor sharp axe at the blonde vamps head.

Quick reflexes were the only thing that kept the vampire from loosing his head. Spike opened his mouth to speak but was pounced on before he could utter a word.

Spike and Xander wrestled around on the floor for a moment before the dark haired of the two managed to get leverage and used it to throw the vampire into the wall. He used the advantage and quickly pounced on him again delivering several more blows.

Anya, hearing the commotion ran out from the bathroom. "Stop it! Stop it! Xander!"

Xander looked at Anya and told her that he knew saw their little show, at least the kiss part. He stormed out of the Summers residence after that. Xander glared at her for a moment longer and then pulled out a wooden stake ready to dust Spike into next week. It was then that Buffy reentered the shop and got between the two men and pushed Xander away.

Anya tried to talk to Xander again, and things only got worse from there. Anya and Xander had a horrible fight, the fact that she and Spike had stopped after nothing more then a few kisses never even came up. It didn't matter at that point. Xander ended up making a comment to Anya about letting Spike touch her, at which time the vampire revealed his relationship with Buffy which lead to more words, none of which were good. The evening ended with all four of them heading off in their own directi

The only good spot of the night was that when Tara showed up in Willow's room and the two reconciled. So far, it was as if nothing had changed.


"Willow?" the young voice called through the closed door. "Tara? You guys can't still be in bed, it's almost 4 o'clock."

Nothing. That's the response Dawn got as she leaned against the doorjamb to Willow's room and pouted at the closed door in front of her. Earlier that morning she had discovered that Willow and Tara had gotten back together … but then they hadn't left the room since.

"Please get up, we need help researching, and it will be dinner time soon. Tara if you don't cook Buffy's gonna make me eat Double Meat … again. Did Willow tell you about the wig lady? I mean, who knows what she could have done to the-"

"Okay Dawn," Willow finally called out from inside the locked down bedroom. "We'll be down soon."

The teen pressed her face close to the door and called out, "Thank you, Tara! Don't keep her too long Willow, I'm almost starved." And she turned and made her way downstairs to find something to snack on before dinner.

"Why is she thanking you? I'm the one who told her we'd be down soon." Willow asked to Tara's back as her lover slid out of bed and pulled on a robe.

"Because," Tara replied as she tied her robe closed, "She knows we'll be downstairs at my prompting, and I'll be cooking, and," the blonde smirked, "you said down, not downstairs. Naughty witch."

It was Willow's turn to smirk, "Yeah well, if your girlfriend had a body like my girlfriend, you'd be naughty too."

Tara's hands went to her hips, "Are you implying that my girlfriends body doesn't inspire naughtiness?"

"Well, I did hear that she was kind of frumpy. A frumpy, brainiac, with a tendency to babble sometimes."

"One," Tara held up her hands and ticked off her fingers as she counted, "I like frumpy. It's like undercover sexy. Two, brainiac's are hot. They are always good for thinking up new, inventive ways to do … things. "And three, I love that my girl babbles. Babbling requires a very special talent that my girlfriend has mastered because of her babbling."

Willow pulled the blanket up around her naked form and sat up, curious, "And what talent would that be?"

Tara leaned down and pecked Willow on the cheek with her lips. Then she headed for the bathroom and looked back over her shoulder, "It takes a very talented tongue to babble the way she does," and she disappeared into the bathroom.

The redhead's mouth fell open and she blushed three different shades of red. A moment later, when she regained her composure she climbed out of bed and made for the bathroom.

Willow caught up with her lover in the shower. "That was very naughty Miss Maclay, you wicked witch you." Said the redhead as she slid in behind the blonde.

Tara looked back over her shoulder innocently as she passed Willow the soap, "Please?" she asked sweetly, indicating that she wanted her back washed.

The redhead leaned down and kissed a bare shoulder blade as she took the soap. "I love your spicy talk."

"So tell me," Tara began as she ran a washrag over her arms, "What would your girlfriend say about you showering with another woman?"

"Well, she'd probably want me to make sure that I helped get her very, very clean."

"Oh really?"

"You disagree?" asked Willow as she used her bare hands to apply soap to her lovers back.

"She's kind of possessive, I don't think she'd like you showering with anyone but her." Said Tara as she pulled her hair off her back to give her partner better access to her upper back and neck.

"So you know her then? My girlfriend." Asked Willow as she washed Tara's neck and upper back, also taking the time to give the muscles there a little massage.

"Oh yes, we're very close. And she talks about you all of the time."

"She does?" inquired Willow as her hands slipped from Tara's shoulders down to her hips, then up to her sides, and then around to her stomach. The redhead stepped closer and pressed her body against the blondes. "And what kind of things does she say?" she asked as her hands started to make small, soapy circles on the blondes belly.

"She ah," Tara's breath caught and she swallowed and tried again, "She um … Well she said that you were an excellent back washer." She finally managed.

Hot breath washed over the blondes ear when Willow asked, "Am I?"

Tara nodded enthusiastically, "She um, she said you were a good front washer too."

"MmmHmm," Willow purred into Tara's ear as she slid her hands along trailing soap on the soft, smooth planes of her girlfriends stomach and abdomen. "How's this?"

Tara tried to talk, but her voice came out as a squeak.

Willow smiled, "You like that huh? How about this?" and she began to slide her hands further up her blonde lovers front.

Tara could only groan as her head fell back against Willow's shoulder, and the shower steamed up for two reasons.

One hour and no hot water later, the two witches finally made their way downstairs to help the Summers' sisters. Dawn and Buffy sat together in the living room going over the things that the slayer managed to retrieve from the trio's lair. Buffy was reading through some papers, while Dawn was snacking and observing the two witches with glee.

After volunteering for duty, sharing a few kisses, and enduring a little teasing Tara and Willow joined Buffy and Dawn with the investigating.

Anya spent more time working on a way to get vengeance against Xander, the Trio went on with their plans, Buffy and Xander were at odds over her involvement with Spike…

Everything seemed to be falling back into place, and not the places the slayer wanted. If she didn't change something else, soon, the series of events that led to many Scoobies deaths and much destruction would turn out exactly the same way.


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HAHAH..I loved the update! It made me laugh SO much! Frumpy is undercover sexy? :lol That was hilarious.. :)

She's going to change things, right? Cuz she has to, right?

You're making me very nervous when you're not making me laugh..

-Aimee :D

p.s. Can't wait for more!! :bounce :bounce :bounce

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The conversation between Willow and Tara after Dawn makes them get up was lovely, and the shower scene . . . shows how fully they reconnected - on all levels!

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LOVED this update! Please, more soon! I'm anxious to see what Buffy is going to do next.

I just loved that shower stuff. :love



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Hey Kittens, sorry about the late update (I try 2 update 1 a day), but I had something of an epiphany in the bathtub the other night and decided to go a new direction with the fic. I'll let you know more about it the more it ties into the fic. Anyway, glad that you're enjoying the story. There's a little more W/T in this part too – but alas, no showers. PEACE … Dix

Part 5

"Okay then," Willow called over her should as she pulled Tara out of the back seat of Xander's car, "We'll see you later. Thanks Xander."

"Bye Xander," waved Tara.

"See you gals later," called Xander as he pulled away from the curb. He was still upset with Buffy about her involvement Spike, and hurt that she hadn't confided in him, so he wasn't keen on hanging around the slayer residence.

Willow and Tara approached the front door and the blonde set down her stack of books to dig in her bag for house keys. "So, what do you think we shou-" The blondes question was cut off when a pair of lips crashed against hers.

Willow wrapped her arms around her girlfriend and pushed her back up against the door as she devoured her mouth. Tara's surprise fell away and she melted into the desire laden kiss. Her arms slipped around Willow's slender shoulders and pulled her in even closer.

Several minutes went by and the need for air was becoming a pressing issue. Finally, the redhead pulled back and took in several deep breaths and noticed that her partner was doing the same. After only a few gulps of air Willow's mouth was back against Tara's and two hot tongues were battling in the most pleasant of duels.

More then a few moments later the battle was still raging, only now hands were starting to roam. The two witches were so engrossed with each other that neither noticed the doorknob's movement.

The door they were leaning against disappeared suddenly and the couple fell into the house in a tangled heap of arms and legs.

A pair of matching 'Oof's' echoed in the hallway when the two witches landed on the floor and lay looking up at a smirking teenager.

"What cha' doing?" Dawn asked innocently.

Willow scrambled up off the blonde and helped Tara to her feet. Both women blushing all the while.

"Dawnie!" squeaked Tara.

"We were, well you see, and then there was, we were just," Willow tried to find something, "Hey, what's that?" she asked interested and pointed into the living room.

Intrigued, Dawn turned to look behind her and then turned back quickly at the sound of Willow and Tara running hand in hand up the steps.

Then teen laughed as she watched the couple disappear upstairs. "I so love you guys!"

Dawn adjusted the overnight bag on her shoulders and stepped out onto the porch. She saw the books and Willow's bag with her laptop on the railing. The teen rolled her eyes and smiled as she thought of Willow and Tara. She gathered their things and left them on the dinning room table.

She stopped at the foot of the stairs, "In case you're wondering, I won't be home tonight. I'm sleeping over Janice's and yes Tara, Buffy all ready okayed it. I'll see you guys later. Have fun," she added wickedly and walked out the front door, puling it shut behind her.

She was on her way to Janice's … but she had to make a quick stop at Spike's first. Now that she knew about him and Buffy, she wanted to know why he did what he did with Anya.

She watched as Anya still agonized over her and Xander's breakup, the Trio in the demons lair trying to get the orbs to make them super-powerful, Dawn confronting Spike about his actions, and then her fight with Xander about her involvement with Spike…

"Wait. Wait." Demanded the slayer, and she opened her eyes stopping time from rewriting itself.

"What?" asked Anya from her place beside the slayer. "Why are we stopping? I want to get to the happily ever after part. The part where everybody is alive and I get to have money and orgasms."

"I don't know how to fix this. I don't know what to change?"

"How about Tara not dying! That will stop Willow going dark and trying to end the world."

Buffy sighed, "That won't change the darkness in Willow."

"Technically, the darkness isn't in Willow, it stems from the agony, which leads to the vengeance, and that's where the darkness comes in. Anyway, as long as Tara is alive, Willow won’t reach out to dark magics."

"And if something happens to Tara later on? What then?"

"O yeah, I forgot about that," Anya looked thoughtful, "Okay, I got it. We have Tara bind Willow's powers. This way if anything ever happens to her Willow won't be able to go all Terminator on us."

"Can we do that? Can Tara do that?"

"Definitely. Willow has more power, but Tara is definitely the more powerful witch."

Buffy rubbed her forehead and paced back in forth in front of the crypt, "I don't know about this. It doesn't sound like a very good plan. I mean, you saw the power that Willow had. How could Tara be stronger then that?"

"I didn't say that. I said Tara was more powerful, not that she had more power. Willow has to rely on outside powers. Powers from books, or charms, or dark forces. Tara doesn't. Her power comes from within and it's light based. It's her power, and based in light, which makes her more powerful. Besides, her and Willow are connected on all kinds of levels, Tara could easily bind her."

"Okay, I still don't understand the whole 'more power' verses 'more powerful' thing, but it doesn't matter anyway. Isn't there a thing against a witch binding another witches power? Isn't it a big witchy 'no no' or something?"

"Do you want the world to end?" Anya asked annoyed. "Is that what you want? Cause if it isn't you really need to throw me a bone here."

The slayer slumped against the crypt, defeated. "I really hate this plan, but it looks like it's all we've got."

Anya threw her hands in the air, "Finally."

"How hard do you think it will be to get them agree to do this?"

"Them? Them who? What them? No, No them." Anya exclaimed. "No plural here."

"We have to tell them both. Tara won't put a spell on Willow without her knowing about it."

"Why not? Willow did?" retorted Anya.

"That was before, and it's none of our business." Buffy took a deep, calming breath, "We need to tell them both or Tara will never agree. Besides, if Willow knows that she can still go crazy dark, she'll want us to bind her powers … right?"

The demon shrugged, "Whatever."

"Do you have a better idea?" asked the slayer.

"Yes, we don't tell Willow."

"Secrets break up relationships. You have to be honest with each other or it'll ruin everything. You should know that." Said Buffy, not unkindly.

The demon sighed. "Fine."

Buffy nodded.

"So now, we just stop Warren right?" asked Anya. "We stop him and have Tara bind Willow… Her powers I mean, not some kinky BD Dominatrix-"

"Anya!" interrupted Buffy. "Would you please stop doing that?"

"What?" the demon asked completely unaware.

"Do you remember the thing we talked about before?" asked the exasperated slayer. "About the focus."

"Fine." Huffed Anya.

"Thank you," sighed Buffy. "Now, we can watch the rest of the timeline play out, and I'll stop Warren from killing Tara and shooting me. After that we talk to Willow and Tara about the binding thing. Tara will bind Willow's powers, you and Xander can make up, Giles will stay safe in England, and we'll all live happily ever after … until the next apocalypse. But that's another thing. Okay?"

"What about you?"

"What about me?"

"Will you be happy?"

Buffy looked up at the demon and shared her gaze for a long moment before finally looking away. "Ready to do this?"

Anya just nodded.


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nice, very nice... I just love to see Dawnie all big with the love she obviously has for Willow and Tara together... very cute :)



W-what were they looking at?

-The hotness of you doofus!!!

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Technically, the darkness isn't in Willow, it stems from the agony, which leads to the vengeance, and that's where the darkness comes in Anya's insight into Willow's pain is very interesting.

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Hey Kittens, sorry for the delay. Big storm = no power = no PC. And sorry for the cliffhanger. The next part is where things should start clicking into place. Hope you enjoy. PEACE ... Dix

Part 6

"Anything?" asked Willow as she deposited two bottles of water on the table and sat down next to her girlfriend.

"Nothing," Tara reached for one of the bottles and took a sip, "Thank you."

"Your welcome." The redhead sighed and pulled her chair even closer to the blondes. Willow's knees were pressed against Tara's thigh and hip and she let her hands drop and rest on the same thigh that her knees were touching.

Tara pulled one of her hands from the table top and dropped it down to her lap and entwined her fingers with her lovers. "I have absolutely no idea what language this could be. I'm not even sure it is a language."

"We'll figure it out." Willow gave the leg under her hand a reassuring squeeze, "How about the other stuff? Anything on that?"

"I've got a lead on some things. We've got corporate worksheets, and routes to … something. Could be escape routes, could be the route the ice cream truck takes, I'm not sure. Maybe if we can decipher some of the other things, we'll be able to figure it out."

Willow leaned in and dropped her head to Tara's shoulder, "I'm tired of doing this." The red head tilted up and impish green eyes locked on soft blue. Willow gave Tara's shoulder a little bite through her shirt, "I'd rather be doing you." She whispered seductively.

"Willow!" exclaimed a shocked Tara.

Tara's outburst caught the attention of several other students on the quad and the blonde tried to slump down in her seat and hide behind her lover to avoid their gazes.

The redhead just shot the onlookers a rakish grin that told all. Hey, Tara was her girl and she wanted everyone to know it.

"I can't believe you said that," said Tara when she finally dared to look up again. "You are just absolutely insatiable these days."

"Am I?" asked the witch and one of her hands started to creep up a jean clad thigh.

"Yes." Came the exasperated response and the creeping hand was captured and held still.

"Well, it's not my fault that I am you know. Look at you, all hot and yummy looking … " Willow pulled her hand away from Tara's grasp and used it to cover her mouth and she let loose an obviously fake sneeze. "Ah, excuse me." After the sneeze the hand went back to the thigh, only this time it was higher up then before.

A knowing blonde eyebrow raised, "Bless you."

Busted. Willow smirked, "Thank you."

Tara smiled at her sometimes incorrigible, always adorable Willow, and leaned in for a soft, slow kiss.

"Mmm, thank you." The blonde mumbled against soft lips as she pulled away.

Tara didn't get very far because Willow's hand shot out and wrapped around the back of the blonde witches neck and she pulled her back in for a longer, hotter, more intense kiss.

Both witches were breathless when the finally parted and the redhead released a small groan, "You're welcome."

Tara looked into green eyes filled with matching desire, "My dorm?" she suggested.

"Oh yeah." Willow agreed, nodding vigorously and she started to hastily gather all of the papers and documents the two were going over and began cramming them unceremoniously into her bag.

Tara tossed the remainder of their late lunch into a garbage can, shoved the water bottles into her bag, and reached for Willow's hand.

The two witches raced hand in hand across campus like their pants were on fire. They were laughing and giggling and more then one occasional grope found its way into the fray too. Less then ten minutes later, the amorous couple lay tangled together in the large bed in Tara's dorm room … deciphering long forgotten.

Time and events continued to pass unchanged by the one and only change the slayer had made so far. Xander still wallowed in misery over his breakup with Anya, Spike still attempted the rape, Warren kicked Xander's teeth in at the bronze, and the slayer and Xander had yet to reconcile their differences and mend their friendship.

"What about now?" asked the slayer as she opened her eyes. "We're almost near the time when Willow and Tara come over and tell me about the Trio's plan. If I send them to Tara's tonight instead of them staying at the house … things should turn out different."

Anya sat leaning lazy against a crypt, "I'd wait while longer. Make sure to narrow the window of opportunity for things to go wrong." She shrugged, "Wait until like one minute before Warren comes into the back yard to try and shoot you. I say you hide in the bushes and then jump on him and pop his little, empty head like a pimple."

Buffy opened her mouth to comment but changed her mind and just shook her head. The slayer moved near Anya and slid down the crypt and sat next to her. "So you and Xander? You really think you can work through it? Do you want to work through it?"

Anya looked thoughtful, "I hope so. I want us to. I just don't know if we can … He really hurt me Buffy."

"I know." The slayer looked sympathetic.

"I mean, we were all with the love and the marriage and then it was like … nothing. He just left. He didn't even talk to me. He just ran away. Away from me."

"He tried to run away from the fear, Anya. Not you."

"I was the fear." The demon temper perked. "He was afraid of spending his life with me."

"No," Buffy answered calmly, "He was afraid of things turning out bad between you, for you. He loves you and would never want to see you unhappy. And then there's this vision of the two of you, both miserable, not loving each other anymore, and he's part of the reason why things are so bad … It was just too much."

"He should have came to me."

"Yes he should of," agreed the slayer, "But he didn't. I doubt he'll make that same mistake again."

"He ran away."

"And so did you … But he came back, just like you did."

Anya sighed unhappily, "What about me? I feel like I've been lying all of this time. To him and to me."

"Because you became a demon again?"

The demon nodded sadly.

"He still loves you, even if you are a vengeance demon."

"I could have hurt him Buffy," snapped Anya. "I tried to … But I just didn't have the power to."

"I don't think you really would have. That's why you went asking his friends to make vengeance wishes. We were like safety nets – you knew we wouldn't do it.'

"That's not the point. I still wanted vengeance."

"You wanted the pain to go away." Clarified Buffy. "And you thought that having vengeance would ease the pain. Willow thought the same thing when she killed the goon squad. It doesn't mean your love is more or less … all it means is that you wanted the pain to stop."

Anya dropped her face into her hands, "I don't know if I can do this."

The slayer moved closer to the demon and placed her arm around her, "Anya, what if this doesn’t' work? You could loose him forever. Could you just go on being a demon for the rest of your life or however long you stay a demon? Would you rather go through life being loved or delving out vengeance? Look at you, you've both been miserable since you broke up. It was like having two more Willow's around. Post Tara."

"I have been really miserable. Not even my money could comfort me."

"It'll take some work…"

Anya looked up and wiped away the welling tears, "I don't want to loose him."

"Then let's fix this."

"Okay, I think we should-"

"Anyanka," interrupted a new voice from behind the women.

"Uh oh." Anya cringed without turning around.

"Anyanka? What is the meaning of this?" demanded D'Hoffryn.


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Oh oh. Is D'Hoffryn going to chastise Anya for abusing her powers. If so, he could've picked a better bloody time.

I love the bits that you're filling in - Our Girls researching outside then Willow getting vixenish. Great!

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NO!!! Go AWAY, D'Hoffryn!! :evil Stupid D'Hoffryn..just let them fix things..

Great update..can't wait for more!

-Aimee :D

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AAAAHHHHH I want the rest!!!!!!!!!! lol.


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Kittens are so funny and friendly and they always play so nice. They constantly feed the muse by giving such great feedback, thank you all so much. You all totally rock!!!

WARNING!!! There is and will be upcoming angst for the next little while, but then I'll fix things. Hope you enjoy it, well, enjoy it as much as you can considering how angsty it is and I'm babbling like Willow so – PEACE … Dix


"Anyanka? What is the meaning of this?" demanded D'Hoffryn.

"Damn." Muttered Anya as she turned around to face the demon, "D'Hoffryn, hi. You're looking good."

"Anyanka, you know better then this."

Buffy tried to unobtrusively nudge her friend, "What's he talking about?" she whispered.

"You dare abuse your powers in this manner?" accused the demon. "Being human has domesticated you."

Buffy nudged her again, "What's he mean by that?"

Anya shot a 'it's not good' look at the slayer before turning her attention to her boss, "So, what brings you up here again?"

"Do not toy with me Anyanka. You take advantage my fondness for you." Stated the large demon master. "I cannot allow this."

"All I did was grant a wish." Defended Anya. "Granting wishes is what I do."

"It is not, you are a demon, not a genie. Vengeance is what you do."

"Hallie goes between vengeance and justice. I thought I'd spread my wings a little and grant a wish in the name justice."

"It is a wish that is outside the realm of your powers." Countered D'Hoffryn. "A wish you had no right granting."

"Hey, demons can't be choosers. There was pain, and there was a wish. The whole thing was out of my hands really."

"You have tampered with the fates Anyanka." Said D'Hoffryn. "The darkness the witch channeled was meant to be unleashed. The fates will must be done."

"Too late," added the slayer. "Only a vengeance demon can lift their own spell so there and that probably doesn't apply to their demon boss does it?"

Anya shook her head negatively.

"Dammit!" cursed Buffy. "Dammit, dammit, dammit. Why can things never be freaking simple?"

"D'Hoffryn please," begged Anya. "Things can't end this way. Let me fix them."

Buffy charged up to the demon boss and stood nose to nose with him, "Excuse me, do you know who I am?"

D'Hoffryn's eyes narrowed. "I know you slayer. You have vanquished several of my more promising demons."

"Yeah? Well did you know that I kicked a hellgod's ass back to hell last year? I beat the fashion sense right out of the bitch for messing with my sister and my friends. What do you think I'll do to you, a demon, which I believe ranks lower then a hellgod, for trying to stop something that can save most of my family from dying." A pause, "And Spike too."

D'Hoffryn looked at Buffy like she was completely insignificant, "This is beyond you as well slayer. You can do nothing to stop the fates will."

Buffy took a menacing step forward, "Watch me."

"Buffy, no!" Anya intercepted the slayer. "Don't make him mad. Let me handle this." The demon released the blonde and turned to face her employer, "D'Hoffryn, please don't let this happen. We'll find another way to unleash the darkness or magic or whatever it is. We'll find a way … please, just don't do this."

D'Hoffryn reached out and touched Anya's cheek affectionately, "This pains you, and for that, I wish there was another way Anyanka, but there is not, the darkness must be unleashed through the witch."

"D'Hoffryn please," tears slid down her cheeks, "The only way that Willow will go dark is if something happens to Tara. Please, let me keep Tara safe, she doesn't deserve to die. We'll find another way I promise."

The demon boss removed his hand from her cheek and stepped back, "You have committed an inexcusable indiscretion of your powers Anyanka. I believe this proves that you can no longer act as a demon of vengeance, your heart has grown too soft. I also believe that if I allowed you to maintain your powers that you would not cease this attempt to change the fates will. I cannot allow this."

”D'Hoffryn you can't-" tried Anya, only to be interrupted.

"Silence!" boomed the demon boss. He softened his tone and spoke again, "Anyaka, we are both aware of the spot in my still heart that I have for you. Because of this fondness, I must restore the fates will … but I shall spare you as much pain as I can."

"Wait just a damn minute here," the slayer charged out of the background, "Just what the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"It means the fates will is going to be carried out, even if it has to be slightly changed." Said D'Hoffryn. "So be it."

The demon boss waved his hands in the air and Buffy and Anya immediately fell to the ground caused by their spinning heads.

The slayer grabbed her aching head and watched as images of time once again rewriting itself washed through her mind. She watched time rewind, her changes erased, the timeline she knew was erased, and D'Hoffryn's was written.

Everything played out similarly as it did the first time, that is, up until the time Tara was shot and killed. And unfortunately, the demon boss felt that that event had to be left in.

So, Tara and the slayer were both shot, and only one would live that day. Willow turned to dark magics to take her revenge on Warren. It was the darkness that allowed the witch to heal Buffy, torture and then kill Warren, and then go after Jonathan and Andrew.

The Scoobies managed to save the two remaining villains from Willow, while Rack wasn't so lucky. She drained him, almost changed Dawn back into a ball of energy, fought Buffy and Anya at the Magic shop, and then Giles too when he arrived.

The watcher only managed to thwart the dark witch temporarily, before she got the upper hand and beat him into the ground and then drained his power as well, which was apparently part of his plan. The power overwhelmed Willow and she thought the only way to end everything was to end the world.

Xander managed to talk Willow down before she could finish her task, and the counter magic she took from Giles helped to dispel the darkness. It seemed like the more Xander broke through the barrier, the more darkness left Willow and dissipated. Buffy and Dawn, managed to defeat their undead enemies that Willow had sent after them, and Giles managed to pull through the ordeal from his beating at Willow's hands, and Spike even managed to have his soul returned.

Apparently, the only casualty was Tara. And whatever would be left of Willow.

That's where things ended for the slayer and she stumbled as she opened her eyes. Dawn reached out a steadying hand and balanced her sister as the continued to walk and stare at the rising sun.

"Are you okay?" asked the teen.

Buffy looked at her sister, and it took a long minute for all of the pieces to fall back into place. She looked up at the bluff and saw Xander cradling a broken Willow. "I'm as okay as I can be." She said softy with tears in her eyes, feeling guilty for not being able to save Willow and Tara as well.

"Buffy," Dawn asked, her sister's melancholy obvious. "Were do we go from here?"

The slayer glanced at her sister, and then to Willow, and then to the sea. "We go home."


Okay, please don't hate me. I had every intention of having Buffy and Anya rewriting things to a happily ever after ending, but then I had that epiphany which made me take things in another direction. I'll explain more about that later. But right now, all I can do is warn and promise. I WARN of upcoming angst and I PROMISE that after the angst part – Willow and Tara goodness will prevail. PEACE … Dix

 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P7
PostPosted: Thu May 30, 2002 12:11 am 
Oh I do hope of lots of Willow and Tara happiness cause Im left with that same sick feeling in the pit of my stomach just like before. I was oh so very happy from the beginning up until when D'offryn arrives( I knew his appearance wasnt a happy one.)

It is a very good interesting story and I loved the beginning when Buffy was remembering all the cute lil Willow/Tara moments. Ill deffinatly stick around till the end- as long as everyone does live happily ever after(or at least our 2 fav. girls :grin ) cause I dont want anymore tears- tears are sad :cry


 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P7
PostPosted: Thu May 30, 2002 12:30 am 
gah...ergh... *other noises related to shock are made but are somewhat incoherent*

ok... Dix i will have faith in the fact that this will be resolved, as an angst fiend i think i'll make it, but there are no guarantees on the survival of my fingernails...

i truly look forward to where you will take this...

Write on!


edited to add: good god! i'm finally a flaming o! go me.

And so we live to fight another day.

Edited by: bulldog tidnab at: 5/30/02 12:37:34 am

 Post subject: Re: The Wish -- P7
PostPosted: Thu May 30, 2002 1:36 am 
Dixon, we don't hate you.

We trust that you will have Our Girls reunited.

Adding up the total of a love that's true, multiply life by the power of two
Indigo Girls

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