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 Post subject: Best Birthday (Short, Songfic) - Complete
PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:27 pm 
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Title: Best Birthday
Author: Dixon (
Rating: Let’s go with PG-13 for a teeny, tiny bit of spicy talk. There's also some unfriendly, sanctimonious, non-gay friendly talk. It's pretty mild and pretty typical.
Disclaimer: I don't own them or the song.
Spoilers: Continuation of the episode Family.
Summary/Notes: I’m still slowly pecking away at ‘The Wish’ but progress has been a little slow going lately due to the holidays and work and Halestorm. Damn if they (Halestorm) didn’t do it to me again; this fic was inspired by their song, New Modern Love, as well as a particular 2001 Stuff Magazine photo shoot starring the lovely Miss Benson. *swoon*

Best Birthday

The young woman worked her way through the boisterous crowd, her antipathy at the lack of puritanical virtue in the vile club was overpowering. Heathens, all of them, but I won’t let them deter me. She was firm in the belief of her mission so she pushed forward despite her displeasure. The thought of her cousin deepened her frown and she considered the circumstances that led her to the den of moral filth that she currently found herself in. She had seen them, Tara and that woman, they had been kind of holding hands back at that… shop, but it had been a tense situation so that was understandable, right? Sure, the redhead had led the charge and championed for her cousin to stay… and the murderous look she leveled at Donnie after he threated to whoop Tara, rightfully threatened, her mind added, that was probably something a close friend might do as well so maybe there was still hope.

The crowd parted briefly and Beth caught sight of her wayward family member. A smile threatened to erupt but quickly retreated when she saw that infuriating woman with her. Damn her. Beth took a deep breath and was going to exercise her familial rights and charge up to the couple and demand to speak to her cousin but something between them brought her up short. The way the two women interacted at the shop was mostly benign but now… the way Tara was looking at the redhead... it was so… intense. The looks between them were… forceful… penetrating. A heavy scowl overtook her already austere features. If she didn’t know better she might think the looks they were sharing were… intimate. No, she shook her head, surely that wasn’t possible.

Whatever they were discussing came to a close when the she-demon gestured across the club and Tara nodded before pointing towards the other side of the building. They shared a lingering smile and their arms stretched as they moved in opposite directions, their interlaced fingers touching until the last possible moment before separating. Beth watched with narrowed eyes as the redhead moved towards a sulking blonde and she belatedly realized that it was one of Tara’s friends from the magic store; the one who dared her uncle to try and take Tara away. God, they never left Tara alone; they were everywhere all of the time. No wonder Tara couldn’t take a moment to think for herself, they kept her surrounded. Before the redhead could reach the petite blonde, a tall, strapping young man approached her. Beth watched as the young woman smiled widely and fell into his arms. The approaching redhead grinned before turning and heading in the direction Tara had gone just a few moments prior.

Somehow Beth knew that the redheaded devil would make her way to wherever Tara was and she watched as the woman approached her cousin as she sat talking with that obnoxious clerk from the magic store. The redhead, obviously a witch, led her cousin away from the table and they were holding hands again. Tara never even blinked. The young woman watched as they moved across the club hand in hand. She can’t even pull her eyes away from her, Beth noted sourly as she watched the scene unfold. Where are they going? The dancefloor? No. Surely, they’re not going to… not with each other… not in front of all these people. The two women stepped closer and the voyeur gasped out loud as the couple’s arms slid around each other in a move that looked too well practiced to be the first time they had done it. The young woman looked around widely for signs of shock or outrage from the other patrons but she saw none. This entire town and all of its sinful residents are certainly damned to deepest level of Hell. Her eyes narrowed as the two women continued to stare into each other’s eyes as they swayed to the soft music. Beth swallowed past the bile in her throat and let herself drift into the crowd.

* * * * *

“I am so sorry.”

The teen looked stricken and Tara offered her a reassuring smile, “Dawnie, it’s okay. Really.”

“Running indoors, “the slayer offered the blonde witch another handful of napkins, “hence, the why we don’t do it,” she said dryly as she looked pointedly at her younger sister.

“It was an accident,” the teen ground out.

“This doesn’t seem to be working,” Willow noted clinically as she tried to absorb some of the fluid from her girlfriend’s long velvet skirt, “it’s still kinda, mostly, completely soaked.”

“Former demon here to save the day… again,” Anya announced as she appeared next the group with an armful of clothing.

“Tara’s birthday presents; that’s a great idea, Anya,” Dawn offered.

“I do have them, you know,” the ex-demon offered, seemingly insulted at the compliment. “Here,” she handed the items to the slayer before turning and walking away.

“Wow Dawn, 2 for 2,” Buffy shook her head.

Ignoring her sister, the teen fished through the pile before triumphantly holding up a leather skirt, “Ta da.”

“Ohh,” Buffy bounced on her feet and clapped, “I got you that.”

“It’s… nice,” Tara said slowly as she eyed the skirt that was significantly shorter and leathery than her usual peasant style.

“Willow helped me pick it out,” Buffy offered.

Tara’s blue eyes cut to her girlfriend and the redhead shrugged, completely unrepentant. Hey, even though she tended to hide it, her girlfriend had an amazing bod and Willow wouldn’t pass up any opportunity to admire it.

The blonde witch sighed, it would fit. It would leave absolutely nothing to the imagination but at least she’d be dry. Drafty and breezy… but dry.

Dawn continued sifting through the pile, “Sweater, sweater,” she grimaced, “ugh, store return, another sweater. Jeez, Tara, do you have low iron or something?” She sighed and looked helplessly at the blonde, “All the clothing luck got used up on the skirt.”

Yeah, luck.

“Oh,” the slayer turned around and pulled her black leather jacket from the back of her chair, “if you have a cammie on under that you can use my jacket.”

“Leather skirt and jacket,” Dawn nodded her approval as she moved to return the clothes to their table on the other side of the sitting area, “Buffy’s work clothes.”

Buffy glared at the departing teen while Willow smirked and Tara sighed.

“So, cammie?”

Tara blushed, “Not so much.”

“Oh,” one of Willow’s eyebrow’s rose in interest as she considered the possibilities and the slayer felt heat touch her own cheeks.

“It’s more l-like a bustier.”

“Ohhh,” the redhead’s tone took on a sensual purr and the slayer felt her cheeks redden along with the blonde’s.

“I-it was for after-”

“No need to explain,” Buffy interrupted quickly, having a fairly good idea of why the young woman would be wearing the seductive item, especially if the leer on Willow’s face was any indication. “Is it something that would be workable in public with the jacket or is it something that only Victoria should know about?”

“And me,” Willow added, excitement coloring her tone, “definitely me.”

“It could go either way,” Tara offered as she plucked at her saturated skirt, her face and neck a deep scarlet. This was not a conversation she wanted to be having with her girlfriend’s best friend.

“Mmm,” Willow’s smile was carnal as visions of her lover’s curvaceous form danced through her mind.

“Somebody need a mop?”

“I’m not that wet,” the witches said simultaneously, although for two very different reasons, even as matching blue and green eyes widened.

Meanwhile, the slayer’s eyes slammed closed and she took several slow, centering breaths as she willed amnesia to overtake her. TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

The club worker looked back forth between the trio of women trying to figure out what was going on. The scrawny blonde’s eyes were squeezed closed and she looked as if she had just sucked an entire lemon into her mouth. The other two women were sporting nuclear blushes with neither willing to look him in the eye. Okaaaaay.

“Here,” he forced the mop handle into Willow’s hand, the bucket slushing as it moved, “I’ll be back with some wet floor signs.”

“I-I-I’m gonna g-go to bathroom and c-c-change,” Tara said as she dipped her head, grabbed the clothes and fled.

“Tara,” Willow called after her retreating girlfriend, as she fumbled with the mop.

“I’ll be f-fine,” the blonde answered, even though her pace never slowed, “I’ll be b-back in a couple of m-minutes.”

“Want me to go after her,” the slayer asked, her wince still firmly in place. “Or better yet, I’ll clean up while you go after her?”

Willow looked into the crowd that her lover had disappeared into and she shook her head. “She just needs a few minutes. She’ll be okay.”

“You sure?” Buffy asked, the sting of embarrassment still fresh.

“Yeah,” the wiccan nodded, “let’s just not ever talk it about,” she said as she rubbed her hand across neck, trying to remove the heat, “ever again.”

Buffy’s blonde hair swayed as she shook her head. “Never,” she vowed solemnly.

* * * * *

Tara felt her blush return as she stood at the sink in the bathroom; she looked in the mirror and tried to wrap her mind around her current appearance. She had been correct when she thought that the skirt that Buffy had gifted her would fit… tightly and short-ly. The short skirt hugged her hips and upper thighs tightly and seemed perfectly suited to accent her curvy form. Her blue eyes climbed up her reflection and she felt her blush deepen. She had not been exaggerated in the least about the bustier being something that she’d worn with post party activities in mind and for an audience of one. A private audience. Very private.

Her eyes tracked back to the mirror and she shook her head in wonder, scarcely believing she had been daring enough to don the garment in the first place. A lattice pattern of tan lace sat below midnight black half cups that barely contained her ample cleavage while the sheer back consisted of little more than the occasional black lace strap. Tara sighed and tried tugging the cups higher but she was met with little success. She slipped on the slayer’s borrowed jacket and winced when it seemed to do little more than accent her abundant cleavage that the skimpy top failed to contain. She leaned forward onto the counter, bracing herself with her arms, and her hands tightened involuntarily on the wet fabric of her original outfit that rested there. The cold, saturated clothing reminded her of how limited her options were and she tried to will away the resignation she was feeling.

She took in her appearance again and another sigh escaped. Can’t stay in the bathroom forever. Just… go out there, find Willow, have Buffy say your goodbyes and then flee… quickly.

The door to the bathroom banged open and a group of girls swarmed in laughing, talking and preening before they even got close enough to the sink to see the mirror. The small space immediately felt claustrophobic and Tara dipped her head, slipped past the group and into the hallway that led back to the club.

The blonde wiccan had barely made it three steps before a familiar voice brought her up short.


“C-cousin Beth. What-what are you doing here?”

“I came to talk to you. To talk some sense into you,” she amended.

“I’m not leaving, Beth.”

“Because of her,” she accused, “I saw you together. Tara, please don’t tell me that you’re actually in a relationship with that… woman.” Beth shook her head in disbelief, “I can’t believe Donnie didn’t rid you of those impure thoughts after your little incident with that school friend of yours.”

“Her name was Angie,” Tara returned, “and she was supposed to be a friend of yours.”

The wiccan remembered the young woman all too well. She remembered the seemingly mutual interest and chemistry between the girl and her cousin and then Angie’s devastation when Beth suddenly cut her out of her life. Angie had tried everything she could think of to get Beth to talk to her only to be turned away each and every time. The ‘incident’ that her cousin was referring to came after the final conversation between the two teens where Angie had poured her heart out to Beth and was again turned away, harshly. Tara had found the girl on the steps of the back porch; she was in tears and sobbing uncontrollably. The blonde wiccan’s heart ached for the girl’s pain and she wrapped her arms around her shoulders and tried to offer whatever comfort she could. Tara had always assumed that it was the emotional torrent of the situation that made the other girl reach out in any way she could. She remembered the sensation of the girl’s lips on her own, the feelings of shock that washed over her and then fear when the sound of the screen door banging closed announced her brother’s witness to the scene. His reaction to the kiss was also something that she remembered all too well.

Beth’s eyes narrowed, “You can hurl all the blasphemous and impious accusations you want, cousin, but they don’t change the fact that you’re the one living in this pit of sin,” she waved her hand at the wiccan, “dressing like a harlot. You’re obviously still doing magic but now you’re engaging in unholy acts with that woman. The magic, he might be able to get past that,” she shook her head, “but laying with a woman… it’s forbidden by God and nature… I’m not sure your father can ever forgive that.”

Tara felt her rarely used anger rocket to the surface, “Her name is Willow and my love for her isn’t something that needs to be forgiven,” she pointed at her cousin, “it doesn’t need to be accepted or condoned and it’s certainly nothing that I’m going to apologize for… not to anyonenot ever.”

“You better not let your brother hear you talk like that. He’s here looking for you too, you know.”

“Donnie’s here?”

“He is,” Beth returned snidely, “we were hoping to get you alone, away from those people, we wanted to talk to you without their influence.” She evaluated her cousin, her disgust obvious, “Although, I’m not sure it matters.”

Tara’s instinct to send her cousin away was immediate but the rebuke died on her lips. She took in the stern features of the woman across from her and she reflected on how Beth refused to acknowledge what, or who, she really wanted but was too afraid to admit. Even after everything she’s learned, she thought incredulously.

Tara thought of her brother and the rage that was always simmering just below the surface that nothing ever seemed to be able to sooth. Her thoughts shifted to her father and the years of manipulation he reaped upon her and her mother for reasons that were nothing but selfish.

In a flash of awareness, Tara knew that these people would not accept a simple ‘no thank you’ as an answer. They would never recognize her wants or choices and certainly not her love for Willow. It was that revelation that would spur her into action.

“I really hope you don’t go your entire life without ever giving yourself a chance at happiness,” Tara said as she turned and walked away, “good luck, Beth.”

* * * * *

Her nervousness threatened to overwhelm her and it took several attempts to swallow past the lump in her throat so that she could speak. Another look across the crowded club reaffirmed her resolve and with a deep breath a wave of quiet confidence filled her and her voice was sure when she leaned in to speak. The young man listened to her request before raising an eyebrow in question; he recognized the woman and he didn’t think her the type… although the way she was dressed…

She would not be denied, however, and she narrowed her eyes as she stood and straightened. The change must have been obvious because he nodded before holding up two fingers.

The blonde dipped her head in affirmation before slipping away.

* * * * *

“Has she been gone a long time? It feels like a long time.”

“Go look for her,” Buffy said as she sipped her drink and watched as Riley and Xander jostled back and forth debating who was the better pool player.

Willow’s fingers tangled nervously in front of her as her eyes continued to scan the crowd for any hint of her girlfriend. “How many minutes do you think she’s been gone? I know it’s been at least ten but not quite thirteen.”

“You count the minutes you’re apart,” the slayer asked, incredulous.

“I’m not counting them, counting them,” Willow replied, fighting off her embarrassment at having admitted to being utterly and completely infatuated with the blonde, “it’s more like just being completely aware of them... in a precise approximation kind of way.”

Buffy looked at her friend and found, no longer a girl, but a vibrant woman who had thrived under the tender cultivation that only love, real love, could bring. The redhead had grown more confident and more content since Tara came into her life and the slayer smiled wistfully. “Love looks good on you, Willow.”

The petite blonde was graced with a large, sappy smile but whatever the redhead was going to say was interrupted when the MC announced a last-minute addition to the venue and asked for the attention of the audience.

“Oh, I hope it’s that new cover band from Sacramento,” Buffy wiggled with excitement, “I hear their awesome… and hot. Mostly hot.”

The lights above the stage darkened suddenly, casting the area into complete darkness. A couple of seconds passed before the drummer started playing with the guitarist joining in a fraction of a second later.

They completed their short intro in incomplete darkness and several people in the audience jumped when a sole spotlight suddenly came alive and highlighted a dark clad woman standing at the end of the stage, holding the microphone stand. The woman, dripping of sensuality, had begun singing the instant the light flashed alive and audience and band alike fought to get their eyes to accommodate to the sudden brightness.

“Oh… My…”


* * * * *

Tara took a deep breath and gripped the microphone stand with sweaty palms and took several practiced breaths to keep her breathing under control. She heard the drum and guitar intro start and she gulped. No turning back now.

She tapped her foot to pace the song and she took a breath and closed her eyes and waited. The overhead spotlight sparked to life and before she had time to consider her wildly, spectacular, uncharacteristic actions she felt the words slipping from her lips.

I’ve got a forbidden love
I’m not giving it up
Not giving it up
I’ve got a new modern love
I’m not giving it up
Not giving it up

The first verse came far more easily than she had expected and she began to shed her nervousness as her eyes roamed the crowd. She quickly found the table where she had left her girlfriend and the slayer and she forced back a smile as she drank in her lover, sitting with her mouth agape, her green eyes as large as twin full moons as she looked at the stage. The slayer, she noted idly, wasn’t in much better shape.

The break between the first and second set of lyrics was brief but Tara wanted to make sure she was looking at Willow when the song picked back up. She gripped the microphone tightly with both hands and felt the smile overtake her as she looked at the redhead and sang the words.

I won’t pretend that I don’t feel the way I feel
I can’t forget the taste of something that’s real

A very brief pause followed but it was enough time for Tara to find her cousin in the crowd and she looked hard at her as she sang.

Step into my closet and maybe you’ll find
Something that’ll scare you
Something that you’ll like
Your old familiar logic is poison on your lips
It’s nothing in the water that’s just the way it is

Beth tried to remain impassive under the weighted stare but she lost the battle and looked away so Tara addressed the audience instead, her foot tapping along with the beat.

I’ve got a forbidden love
I’m not giving it up
Not giving it up
I’ve got an uncommon love
I’m not giving it up
Not giving it up

The barest hint of a pause followed but Tara had already tracked down her brother and she leveled unrepentant azure eyes his way and her hands moved animatedly through the air.

I don’t care if you don’t want it ‘Cause I, I got it
Don’t care if you don’t get it ‘Cause I, I still want it
I’ve got a new modern love
I’m not giving it up
Not giving it up, no

Donnie’s glare was murderous as took in the sight of his younger sister standing center stage, provocatively dressed while singing the anthem for Sodom and Gomorrah.

Tara knew she was surrounded by her friends and was safe from her brother’s wrath but she still felt the need to pull from the love and support she knew she would find when she looked Willow’s way. The redhead offered her a full-bodied smile that chased away the chill her brother inspired and Tara absorbed the strength in the loving gaze before turning back to her brother. She raised her chin in challenge as she began singing again.

You can’t rewire these circuits any other way
Yeah, you can twist the signal the message is the same

His face warped into a mask of anger and, not wanting to feel the weight of the negative emotion, Tara moved her gaze back to her cousin.

Step out of your bubble and maybe you will find
Something that’ll save you something that you like
Your old familiar logic is poison on your lips
There’s nothing in the water it’s just the way it is

Beth continued to have trouble holding eye contact so the blonde scanned the crowd until she found the rest of the Scoobies at a nearby table. The entire gang was smiling broadly, cheering wildly and pumping their fists in victory and Tara grinned at them as she offered up the chorus again.

I’ve got a forbidden love
I’m not giving it up
Not giving it up
I’ve got an uncommon love
I’m not giving it up
Not giving it up

She felt him enter the club. His anger and hatred, combined with that of her brother’s, was strong enough that the sensitive witch could recognize that they were both nearby even if she hadn’t seen them. Tara knew the danger she was placing herself in by antagonizing them but she had to be certain that they understood that she could not, would not, be persuaded, threatened or intimidated into leaving. So, she pushed the threat of harm aside and tracked her gaze to where her father and brother were standing. Tara felt the lyrics touch her deeply and she had one hand wrapped around the microphone stand while the other sat at the base of her throat as emotions danced near the surface. Her foot tapped in time with the beat while her defiant blue eyes pinned her family in place.

I don’t care if you don’t want it ‘Cause I, I got it
Don’t care if you don’t get it ‘Cause I, I still want it
I’ve got a new modern love
I’m not giving it up
Not giving it up, no

She quickly grew tired of the hostility directed at her and the wiccan moved her eyes across the club where she dove into the warmth of the familiar forest green eyes she found there. Tara used a demure smile and a crook of her finger to lure Willow to the stage and she smiled when the redhead moved across the club like a moth to a flame. The drummer and guitarist carried the song while the blonde dropped to her knees, still holding onto the microphone stand she placed a hand behind Willow’s neck and pulled her into a deep kiss.

Tara idly noted a vigorous cheer erupt from the crowd as she enjoyed the taste of her lover’s mouth. It went on for several scores of the song and she noted her cue was approaching so she reluctantly withdrew from the pleasant interaction. She bestowed her lover with a tender smile and a caress to her cheek before climbing back to her feet and took hold of the microphone as she stared down her family, who were now gathered near the back of the club.

Step into my closet and maybe you will find
Something that’ll scare you
Something that you like
There’s something that you like
There’s something that you like

Tara watched with muted satisfaction as her father shook his head in defeat and turned towards the door with Donnie and Beth following suit. It was a move that told her that her message had been received but she still directed the next several lines of verse to them even as she waved them out… a tad brashly too, her inner Amazon cheered.

I don’t care if you don’t want it ‘Cause I, I got it
Don’t care if you don’t get it ‘Cause I, I still want it
I’ve got a new modern love
I’m not giving it up
Not giving it up, no

Tara tried to hide her smile and then her relief when she saw her family file out of the Bronze, their heads low.

I’m not giving it up
Not giving it up, no

The exuberance of the club and the crowd swallowed the slamming of the door as they exited - not once looking back – there really wasn’t any reason to.

I’m not giving it up
Not giving it up, no

The guitarist played a final few cords and brought the song to an end. A momentary hush fell over the crowd as they absorbed the performance they had just witnessed. Before Tara had time to worry that her song hadn’t been well received the audience roared with applause and cheers and the blonde had to fight the urge to shrink under the attention. With her message received and her family gone she started to lose her bravado and she wanted off the stage and out of the spotlight as quickly as possible. I can’t believe I just did that. Tara offered the audience a grateful smile, a shy wave and with a dip of her head she slid into the shadows of the stage as the DJ called for another round of applause.

Tara’s foot had scarcely left the last step of the back stairs of the stage when she felt familiar hands on either side of her face and she found herself being kissed senseless.

“That,” Willow husked breathlessly when she finally pulled back, “was the most incredible thing I have ever seen, ever.”

“Um… thanks,” the blonde replied, more than slightly breathless herself.

“And this outfit…” appreciative green eyes roamed over the expanse of exposed skin and curves… “wow,” Willow shook her head in amazement, “just… wow.”

Tara felt her lover’s gaze wash over her like a caress. “Thanks,” her cheeks warmed and she dipped her head bashfully. “It’s kinda racy,” the blonde fought the urge to cross her arms and dip her head, “I’d like to get out of it soon.”

And I’m going to love helping you!

Willow allowed the delicious possibilities to dance through her mind before she gave herself a mental shake. As much as she was enjoying her lover’s outfit she couldn’t allow herself to revel in the Optical Elysian Fields while Tara was uncomfortable. The hacker offered the blonde a sweet smile before turning and pulling a man’s suit coat from a nearby stool. “I commandeered Xander’s jacket.”

Tara offered her a look that easily conveyed her eternal gratitude and she slipped into the coat.

The hacker watched as the large jacket enveloped her lover and her mind immediately jumped to later in the evening when it came time for Tara to remove it. The blonde was holding the garment closed now but when they returned to the dorm Willow could easily imagine the jacket hanging open loosely, the lapels opening just enough to highlight her girlfriend’s soft curves. The image brought another smile to her face and she had to fight the urge to purr like Miss Kitty.

“They gang wanted to come over and tell you how amazing you were,” Willow explained as she reached out and tucked a stray lock of hair behind a delicate ear, “but I thought you might want to get out of here so I told them we would catch up tomorrow.”


“Be prepared though,” the redhead held up a hand and used her fingers to tick off her count, “Dawnie said she wants your autograph, Xander,” Willow rolled her eyes, “he wants a photograph, don’t mind him. Anya,” she continued, “wants to be your manager for your new singing career and Buffy wants to borrow your outfit. Giles didn’t say anything,” the witch frowned, “you may have broken Giles.”

Tara fought off another blush, “They’re all really sweet. I hope it’s not too rude to leave without saying goodbye.”

“Everything’s all good,” Willow reassured, “We’re going to sneak out the back door because I’m pretty sure the crowd is still cheering for you. Dawn’s gonna collect your gifts and stuff and tomorrow at the Magic Box we can all get together and relive the amazingness that was you tonight. Come on,” the redhead laced her fingers with that of her girlfriend and led her through the area behind the stage, through the exit and into the alley. They were greeted by the cool, fall air and Willow cast a quick glance around for any lurking dangers before guiding their heading towards the college.

The lovers, each lost in their own thoughts, strolled quietly for a few minutes before Willow gave the hand she was holding a gentle tug, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Yeah,” the blonde nodded, already having a pretty good idea as to what the question was going to be.

“You were great tonight, fantastic, spectacular even. I mean, if that song and the singing of it was a vampire you would totally be Buffy with the slaying of it. You were just soooo good.”

“But it was unlike me.”

“Yes and no,” Willow returned as she pressed their joined hands against her hip and ran her hand up and down her girlfriend’s arm. “No, in that you’re super talented and have a great voice and you’re drop dead gorgeous so it’s no surprise that you totally rocked that song and made the crowd go wild. But then yes, in the way that you’re usually pretty shy so climbing onstage in front of a bunch of strangers to sing does seem a little unlike you. I mean, you were phenomenal and you totally killed it and everyone totally loved it and I’d love to see it again... but like I said, you’re usually kind of large with the shyness so I was just curious what prompted you to do it?”

“Not everyone in the crowd was a stranger and I knew they wouldn’t love the song or the performance… so that’s why I did it."

Willow’s forehead wrinkled in confusion, “I don’t understand.”

“My family was there,” Tara answered, her voice devoid of emotion.

That declaration brought the redhead up short and she stopped walking and immediately turned to her lover. “Are you okay,” she asked, her voice full of worry. “What did they do to you,” she asked, her tone suddenly angry.

Tara had to smile at her girlfriend’s concern for her. “I’m fine, they didn’t do anything to me. I saw Beth when I was coming back from the bathroom. She told me they came to try and convince, again, that I should leave my sinful life here and go home with them. I was foolish to think that’d just let me walk away without a fight.” Tara shrugged, “So, instead of fighting them I showed them I wasn’t anything they’d even want to even fight for.”

Song makes a lot more sense now, the hacker thought idly.

“Hey,” Willow reached out and cupped her girlfriend’s face in her hands for the second time that night. Her emerald green eyes bore into Tara’s sapphire blue, “There’s nothing I’d fight harder for than you… there is nothing I wouldn’t sacrifice… and nothing I wouldn’t give for you… You are so very, very loved.”

Tears sprung to Tara’s eyes and she melted into the redhead. Her lips blindly sought those of her lover and she tried to convey every ounce of what she was feeling into the burning kiss. The intense exchange lasted several long moments and when they finally broke apart they rested their foreheads together while they worked to gather their strength.

Eventually, Willow pulled back and she locked eyes with her girlfriend, “Just for the record… your family didn’t leave because you weren’t worth fighting for,” she offered the blonde a proud smile, “they turned around and left because, with that song and that performance, you totally kicked their butts.”

Tara smiled, “I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but whatever it was, I’m glad I did it.”

“I was just thinking the same thing about that outfit. I know it’s your birthday but leather and lace,” Willow grinned as she tugged at the oversized jacket her girlfriend was wearing trying to get another peek, “that’s more of a present for me.”

Tara laughed and dropped a quick kiss on the other girl’s lips, “Come on.” She reached for Willow’s hand and tugged to get them moving again, “Let’s get back to the dorm. You can unwrap your present and then there’s a song I want to sing for you.”

Please, please, please be Marvin Gaye.

Willow smiled as Tara’s words from earlier in the evening echoed in her thoughts.

Best Birthday.


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PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:50 pm 
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Lovely :heart And very clever how everything was set up to completely justify Tara being up on stage, in that outfit, belting out that amazing song (went and listened on youtube, so thanks for introducing me to that too), without dodging her canon shyness - and not as a 'shy'/'not shy' switch, but a really natural flow through the story. And a great way to show her family the door in a way that felt satisfyingly concrete, and built on top of the episode rather than just rehashing that part of it - as the Doctor would say, leaving is good, never coming back is better.

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