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 Post subject: Soaking
PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:16 pm 
3. Flaming O

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Author: Ashley Riegel (Darkwillow6)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A bubble bath.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

She's here now. In the bath with me. Just sitting between my legs, her head leaning back on my left shoulder. Her skin is wet and slick. Just a few small suds are gathered on her right arm. I cup my hand under the water and draw up a small waterfall just above the offending bubbles. As the warm water trickles down, it reveals the glistening flesh beneath. Steam and flickering candles obscure my vision as she turns slightly to make peripheral eye contact. The corner of her mouth is tasting distance away so I caress her left cheek in an obvious attempt to gain fuller contact.

I inch my hips forward in search of any hint of contact, trying not to seem to eager. She is in the mood to make me earn entry into her most private sanctuary. She wants me to beg her for it. She wants me to want her more than every fucking thing I've ever wanted in me life. But I can't show her that I already do. Because I'm so afraid that once her fire burns through me, she won't leave me with a recognizable piece of myself.

I already know that she's most of my pieces. Pleasing her is all I can think about as I exhale sharply trying to reign in my need for her. I move her wet hair off of her neck and place a wet full lipped kiss in the center. Her quick breath in echoes off the tile and lingers deliciously in my ears. Her body jerks when my left palm takes full possession of her left breast which creates a vacuum of hot water between us that warms my already heated lower half.

Then I wonder just how wet she is and decide I'd better not wait another second to find out. Her swollen lips greet me and a distinct texture beckons me inside. For the first time, she allows an audible moan to escape. This isn't a game anymore. No more light teasing or foreplay. She really wants me to fuck her and I never wanted to acquiesce more than in that moment. Being inside her was like nothing my fingers alone could ever touch. Her silken grip was dizzying and I wanted to feel, in her body, how much she wanted me.

Her moans echo loudly in the enclosure of the tub and all my senses are plugged into her at once. I taste her freshly cleaned, lavender scented skin as my fingers thrust slowly, but deeply, into her. Her moans of pleasure reverberate in my eardrums as I open my eyes and feast on the soft protrusion of her lickable collarbone. Just thinking about how badly she wants me to make her come is enough to embolden her cries.

My whole body burns for her and her skin slides exquisitely along mine as I lead her the rest of the way to release. Her throaty gasps raise goose bumps on my hot skin and the scorching continues when she turns around completely, pupils like black holes in my own private universe. Her lips are swollen as they capture mine and when the soft heat of her thigh comes into contact with my nearly succumbed center of desire, I clutch her anywhere my gripping fingers can take hold. Because 99% of the way she fucks me has little to do with touch.

And quickly, I'm released of the most erotic torture. I just looked into her eyes and feel myself as a presence in her. There is nothing unfamiliar about the feeling because it's the same as every time I look there. I like to think that she'll always be mine, but I also know she doesn't truly belong to me. But I'll satisfy her to the best of my abilities as often as I can.

My parents said that I could be anything that I wanted to be... so I became a lesbian.

 Post subject: Re: Soaking
PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 2:57 am 
3. Flaming O

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Sumptuous imagery.

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