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 Post subject: Re: The Adventures of She-Ra
PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 7:13 pm 
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Thanks both of you :bounce :grin

Glad you both pointed out the thing about Faith's 'birth' - that was a tricky bit for me, in some ways it's a bit of a throwback to the first episode, where I was thinking more in terms of 'reimagining/reboot' with a Lord of the Rings sort of feel, and there were more graphically icky elements to the evil side of things, while in the new episodes I found myself moving more back towards the cartoon in terms of content and treatment of the ideas. Still, without wanting to tip it over into being gratuitous (glad you both felt it avoided that) I did want that scene to portray Shadow Weaver in a horror kind of way - partly just for the contrast to She-Ra's goodness on the one hand, and Hordak's more conventional brute-force evil-overlordness on the other, and also to make it certain that regardless of how she thinks of herself, she really isn't Tara's mother on any level at all.

It was a very 'full' episode - I'd actually planned for there to be scenes of the rebels getting ready to attack the Fright Zone at the beginning, so the big battle would be more in the middle of the episode, but in the end I decided to kick off the battle right away and load all the Rebellion/Horde action into the first half of the episode, and then have plenty of time at the end to spend wrapping up and showing everyone at peace and looking forward to the future, leading up to the wedding, without ending up in one of those situations where there's a full-length episode and then the epilogue scenes drag on even longer.

(It was a bit of a juggling act to fit everything in even as it was, particularly in the battle - there had to be She-Ra versus Hordak and She-Ra facing Shadow Weaver, but I also had to figure out how to handle all the rebel characters around the place, would Willow being a powerful sorceress herself be involved in the fighting, would there be a Casta/Shadow Weaver encounter as well since she knew Tara's mother, would Buffy being one of the big-hitters in magical power be getting into a big fight with anyone... I didn't want to end up with lots of different 'climactic battles' happening at the same time. So as you saw, the characters all got channeled into specific tasks and kept there, with most of the rebels purely on rescue-the-Queen duty, and Willow and Buffy off-screen, and She-Ra coming in separately and not meeting up with the others until the end (that mainly avoided the issue of if she and Willow did end up together during the battle, I couldn't think of a good reason why Willow wouldn't stay with her, so I just dodged the problem instead).

So, for what comes next - I can confirm that the next installment will definitely be a 'tv movie' kind of one-shot (possibly posted in parts, or just all as one, I haven't decided yet, but it'll be all one thing, not episodes), which in addition to letting me keep playing with cartoon Willow and Tara will be going into more detail of the post-Horde world, and setting the stage for future adventures. What form those take I don't know yet, whether it'll be another season, or more one-shot 'movies', I haven't planned that far ahead. However the movie is plotted out from start to finish, I'm some way into writing the actual story, and I've finished 30 images so far, with a lot more to come. And the title (following a number of them already in being based off She-Ra episode names) will be 'Shadows and Skulls'.

(If anyone's curious for any more hints at what's to come, I did do my usual habit of putting in clues as apparently innocuous references, in this case the Horde officers who decided Hordak was on his own and had their regiments retreat from the Fright Zone rather than face She-Ra. Entrapta is a character from the She-Ra cartoon, who was indeed a Horde officer, and can move her hair around to grab people with (that's admittedly a bit silly, so I won't have her doing that). Keldor is from the He-Man cartoon, and more famous under another name...)

Chris Cook
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