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 Post subject: Heaven Sent - Guardian Angel AU
PostPosted: Thu Oct 20, 2016 1:27 am 
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Title Heaven Sent

Desc Willow grew up with a Christian family who took her in as a child. They've brainwashed her, making her think homosexuality is a sin. Willow believes them, until a certain blonde is sent by the man upstairs.

Triggers It's not mentioned as of right now, but self harm, rape, and abuse will be mentioned later on. This really isn't a challenge to see how far you can get, I tend to get a little too descriptive if it's something I've personally dealt with. I want all of you happy and healthy, so if any of those things upset you too much, please don't read. And to be clear, the whole fake Bible thing doesn't reflect my personal views whatsoever.

i've had this on my laptop for quite a while, figured i'd forget about it again if i didn't post it somewhere. - it's a fic that was originally for another fandom, but i rewrote it to be willow and tara.

feedback is very much appreciated! even if it's just a few words of encouragement.

thoughts n other shit in italics

Rating PG-13

Willow stared at the man, as he slammed his fist down upon the book. Her body flinched, and she swallowed hard. Her eyes squeezed shut as a loud yell vibrated throughout the building, followed by a gunshot. The girl's green eyes shot open, her fear of the man fleeing her body as she focused on nothing except getting the fuck out of there.

Another gunshot. Another scream.

Willow locked eyes with the perpetrator, who smirked devilishly, aiming the handgun toward the redhead. "You." Her slightly raspy voice spoke, "Name?" When Willow didn't reply, the girl rested her finger on the trigger. The redhead swallowed hard, opening her mouth to speak.


"Come with me, yeah? I won't hurt you."

"She's not going anywh-" Willow's best friend yelled, just as another gunshot rang throughout the Church. Willow's eyes widened, as tears began to drip upon her floral printed dress. The shooter reached her hand out, and Willow hesitantly mirrored her action. As fingers were rapped around Willow's wrist, the girl shoved the gun into its holster.

Willow let the girl drag her behind, fear shooting throughout her body as sirens neared the building. "Who are you?" Willow choked out, as the taller girl ran down the stairs that lead to the Sunday School room. She stopped, turning to face Willow with a grin.

"Your savior."

"N-No, I mean. What's your name?" Willow inquired, slowly walking down the steps as the unnamed shooter resumed her descent. The blonde grunted, turning around swiftly to face the teenager. Blue eyes narrowed, a playful grin tugging at her pink lips.

A soft hand grabbed Willow's, and despite the situation, Willow felt at ease. "You ask too many questions." She spoke, her tone flat. "Now, come on!" The wild blonde smirked, pulling Willow behind her once again. A swirling portal was flung against the wall, and Willow's eyes widened.

“Am I in that TV show Charmed?” Willow whispered, causing the blonde to laugh softly.

“My name’s Tara.” The angel grinned, as she pushed Willow through the portal. “Yippee!” She yelled, diving into the magical doorway to safety.


Willow let out a shriek, as she felt a calloused hand grab her bicep. She was met with Tara, who gave her a soft smile. "Come on, God wants to meet you." Tara winked, pulling the redhead behind her as she padded toward the white room.

"Is he nice?" Willow whispered, looking at Tara worriedly. The blonde stopped, turning around to look at the younger girl. Willow took this moment to really look at Tara''s face, and was shocked by what she seen. Tara was beautiful. Willow furrowed her brow, not really sure why she was so shocked that the angel was pretty. I mean, aren't all angels supposed to be pretty?

The blonde blinked. "God isn't a he, babydoll. God is a She." Tara grinned, turning around to push the white doors open. Willow cautiously entered, trailing close behind the guardian angel.

"Miss?" Tara squeaked, the brunette glancing at Willow with a smirk. The angel turned to Willow, "She says it's nice to meet you."

God nodded.

"Why can't She speak?"

"She'd bust your eardrums."

A little while later, after Tara coached Willow through multiple panic attacks, she'd calmed her down enough to tell the redhead about the situation. The Bible that most citizens on Earth believe is fake, it pushes hatred and judgement. The real Bible is nothing but love for everyone, of all sexual orientations, races, genders. None of that mattered to the real God, she'd love you no matter what.

"God herself is a lesbian, and people still continue to believe that God hates homosexuals." Tara rolled her eyes, "It's fuckin' ridiculous!" God drew in a sharp breath at the slip, and the angel was quick to apologize mentally.

Tara had to stop mid-sentence more than once to calm down, earning a chuckle from God. Tara had sent her a hard glare, receiving one much more horrifying than her own. God examined them, watching as Tara explained all of this to the teenager. She couldn't keep a smile off her face, and couldn't help herself from giving Tara a nudge.

The angel's face reddened, and her eyes widened. God winked, her plump lips forming a tight smirk as Tara bit her lip nervously. "Do it." God whined, telepathically. "Come on, wimp."

"Stop pressuring me! Ugh, fine." Tara mumbled out loud, as Willow hummed in confusion, her brow furrowing. "God wants me to tell you that I think you're super duper pretty, and when we're back on earth- I'll explain that later, if we could... Go grab a coffee."

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