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 Post subject: NEW STORY:: LIGHT AND SUN (Updated 30/January/2015)
PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 8:54 pm 
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AUTHOR:: Alex_ Vixen

RATING:: probably will get to NC- 17 but for now, I say…R? Probably ‘cause of swearing.

DISCLAIMER:: Oh you know the deal. I don’t own them, if I did, I would have treated them WAY better than they did. Anyway, they belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc...I’m just borrowing them for a little bit.

SUMMARY:: The Sequel, people!! The Sequel to Fire and Life that you’ve been waiting for!! Now, to know what it’s about, you will have to read.

FEEDBACK:: Yes, please....but remember, I beg for mercy.

PAIRINGS:: W/T (DUH!) and F/D (DUH!) and a few more others will appear.

AUTHOR'S NOTE:: SUPER IMPORTANT!! Okay, people! I would like to explain that this won’t be a regular one plot-based story as I usually write. Basically, each Chapter is gonna be a One-Shot and I will jump back and forth between different moments in time. How back and how far into the future I will go….depends on how interested you guys are. The idea is to resolve, explain and/or expand some things that I couldn’t do in Fire and Life. Don’t worry, each Chapter will be pretty clear, you won’t get confused. As I said, how far I go into the future depends on your interest. For now I have the first four Chapters written and have ideas and outlines for about 10 more. How many there will be, again, it will depend on your interest. Each Chapter will have its own little summary and notes, to help you (and me) keep track of everything that happens. IF things work out the way I want them to, this will be a wild journey of epic proportions!

Now... I invite you all to start this wild, new journey with me…


CHAPTER SUMMARY:: this Chapter may seem a bit crazy at first, but just keep reading. There will be a lot of little surprises here that help establish my universe. What is the best moment for family to be together? Birthday parties!

DISCLAIMER:: The song Tale as Old as Time belongs to Disney, I'm just borrowing for a little bit.

CHAPTER 1 – The 20th B-Day

Many, many things can happen in twenty years…

The afternoon was warm and bright, a little bit unusual for that time of the year but it was Sunnydale so nothing surprised anyone anymore. The Scooby Gang had prepared everything for a barbeque in honor of two of their members, who were turning 20 that day. The cake was ready, the meat was starting to cook and the drinks were ready to be served. A large wooden table had been set up near the fence so they all could seat and near the grill, two huge coolers and the make-shift bar were ready.

“Hey, Xand-man! How’s the B-B-Q goin’?” A certain dark-haired Slayer shouted as she exited the house carrying a stack of plates, which she left on the table.

The brunette man looked up from the grill and grinned at her.

“Hey, Faith! Meat’s goin’ well. I’d say it should be ready in a couple of hours,” Xander replied and sat on the patio chair he had placed near the grill. He had a cold beer and the day was beautiful. He couldn’t be more pleased.

“Great. I’ll tell Blondie, then,” Faith said as she entered the house again.

Inside the kitchen she found her best friend cooking some side-dishes. The blonde woman was animatedly chatting with her mother, who was sitting on one of the stools peeling potatoes.

“T, it’s all in order out there. The Xand-man said meat should be ready in ‘bout two hours,” Faith told her as she grabbed a knife and set to help her friend’s mother.

“Great. Then all is going according to plan,” Tara said as she wiped her hands clean and pulled out a rubber band from the pocket of her jeans to pull her long blonde hair into a ponytail.

“Amelia, why don’t you let me finish this?” Faith asked the woman who had become the best parental-figure she ever had. Amelia had easily taken on that role for all the Scoobies but she didn’t limit herself to just that.

“Faith, dear, don’t worry. I got this,” Amelia replied with that sweet but firm tone that they were all familiar with.

“‘Kay, ‘kay, you’re the Boss,” the Slayer joked and chuckled.

“And you better not forget it, little Faith,” the older woman commented casually, making them all laugh.

On the other side of the house, Willow was walking down the stairs while fixing her blouse, her hair still a bit wet. She marched right into the kitchen, kissed her wife’s lips and went out to the backyard. Xander, her dear and ever amazing Xander, was waiting for her with a cold beer and a nice comfy patio chair to relax on.

“Nice shower, Willster?” Xander asked her as he handed her a cold beer bottle.

“Awesome shower. I felt all gross and stinky after working out,” the redhead answered with a grin before taking a healthy sip from her bottle.

“Man, I’m so not in the mood for working out. It’s such a great day,” her oldest friend commented lazily.

“It is a great day, my old friend. It is,” Willow joked, trying to imitate a British accent. It was a little joke they had developed over the years.

The two old friends laughed without a care as they started talking about work. An older figure exited the house and slowly approached them. Willow and Xander grinned as they watched Giles trying to sit on the patio chair without spilling the cut of tea he was holding. In the end, Xander held the cup for him and then handed it back.

“Thank you, Xander,” the older man said as he enjoyed his tea.


The gate that separated the Summers’ backyard and the Rosenberg’s opened and Dawn entered the Rosenberg’s backyard. She couldn’t help but to chuckle when she saw her wife sitting around the grill sharing a beer and joking with Xander and Willow, the three of them giggling like teen boys at a probably dirty joke her Slayer wife had told them. It was always the same with those three. Tara, Amelia, Anya and Giles were by the table, enjoying the little snacks they had prepared.

The now grown-up woman walked straight pass the still giggling frat-boys and sat next to Tara by the table. She snatched a mini-sandwich from the tray, since she was really hungry.

“What are they laughing about so much?” Tara asked, watching the group by the grill with an amused smile.

“They’re probably laughing at some dirty joke either your wife or Faith made,” Anya replied bluntly as usual.

Everyone except Giles laughed. Some things never change and the Watcher still blushed when some things were mentioned.

The side-gate that connected the Summers’ yard and the Rosenbergs’ opened again and a tall brunette boy entered, followed by his twin sister. The boy was obviously annoyed with his sister because he was constantly checking his new black dress-shirt wasn’t wrinkled and that his slightly baggy jeans weren’t stained. His sister whispered something to him and he sighed before smiling at her. He was quite handsome for his young age, he was only 17, and his face lit up with a happy smile when he saw his parents, his entire family, having a good time. His blue eyes sparkled with that happiness and he seemed even younger, a characteristic he clearly got from his Mom.

In direct contrast, his sister was like the living portrait of their Ma. Naturally tanned skin (or maybe their complexion seemed darker because he and his Mom were so pale), chocolate brown eyes and wavy dark hair. ‘And a very annoyin’ attitude,’ he would think sometimes, but in reality, he loved his sister. She was his twin, after all.
Brother and sister made their way to their family, kissed their Ma’s cheek (their Aunt Will’s and Uncle Xander’s too) and went to sit at the table with their Mom. Not before kissing her cheek in greeting, of course.

“You two look fantastic,” Dawn complimented her children as they sat across the table from her.

“Thanks, Mom,” the twins replied at the same time and chuckled afterwards.

“How are you two? I haven’t seen you in a few days,” Amelia told the twins as she served them some of her special juice. “Here you go. Some special juice for our Robin-bird.”

“I’m okay, grandma. Just been busy with school,” Robin said she accepted the glass from her and took a sip. Her dimples came out at full force when she smiled. “One day I’m gonna find out what the hell you put in this thing to make it so good, grandma.”

“It’s my special recipe, not even my daughter knows it. What makes you think I’ll reveal it to you, young lady?” Amelia teased as she poured more juice on a second glass. “Here you go, Bryan dear,” she added as she handed the glass to the boy.

“‘Cause you know I’m your favorite, grandma,” Robin said without any shame and her table companions laughed.

“Hell, no, kiddo! I’m her daughter, it’s my birth right to get her special recipes,” Tara joined in on the playful banter and her Goddaughter winked at her.

“Awww, Auntie Tara! Didn’t your mother teach you to share?” The girl commented and Tara had to hold back her laughter when her mom scolded playfully.

“If my daughter doesn’t share, then I’ll have to turn her over my knee,” Amelia added, as serious as she could.

As the women kept bantering back and forth, Bryan leaned in closer to his grandfather.

“Have you seen Tommy, grandpa?”

“I believe he’s in the living room watching television, Bryan,” Giles replied with a warm smile on his aging face.

“Great! There are way too many women in here,” Bryan joked and left the table to join his cousin inside the house.

“If you’re going to talk to Tommy, then tell him to come outside with us, please,” Xander told him as he walked pass them.

“Sure, uncle Xander. I’ll bring ‘im out in a little while, don’t worry,” Bryan promised.

“Hey, lil’ dude,” Faith called out to her son and Bryan turned around to look at her.

“Yeah, Ma?”

“You look great,” she told him and her son gave her a satisfied grin.

“Thanks, Ma,” was all he said before entering the house.

“It’s kinda funny how he looks so much like Dawnie but always seek your approval more,” Xander commented amused to Faith.

“Guess that shit happens,” the Slayer said and shrugged. “What’d you think, Red?”

But Willow never answered Faith’s question. Xander and Faith looked at their friend and noticed how she was staring at the distance with a love-struck look in her eyes and a tiny smile on her face. They followed her eyes and saw Tara laughing along with her mother and Dawn. Looking back at Willow, the redhead was still looking at her wife as if looking at her first the first time. On cue, both Xander and Faith rolled their eyes in mock-contempt.

“Hey, Red! C’mon! You’ve got the next 50 years to make goo-goo eyes at your honey! Pay attention to us now,” Faith teased.

“Only the next 50?” Willow mumbled, her eyes never leaving her wife. “Make that the next 50 lifetimes or more…”

“‘Kay, whatever. It’s still a shit ton of time. Pay attention to us now,” Faith complained. But she was just teasing.

Xander grabbed Willow’s sleeve and started tugging, mimicking a little kid.

“Will! Will! Will! Will!” He did his best little-boy-voice and kept tugging on his friend’s sleeve. “Pay attention to us, Will! Girls’ got cooties!”

Both Willow and Faith burst out laughing at that and Willow playfully swatted Xander’s hand away.

“Girls’ got cooties? Since when do you feel like that, Xand?” Willow asked, with mock-concern.

“You know… If you have anything you wanna get off your chest, buddy, we’re here for ya. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I mean, there’re lots of grown men who come out of the closet,” Faith joined in on the teasing while Xander turned bright red.

“Yeah! And then we’ll all go together to Pride in LA and we’ll get ya one of those Bear t-shirts!” Willow really tried to contain her laughter but she couldn’t anymore and Faith started laughing with her.

“Too many women. Too many. Damn women,” Xander kept muttering under his breath while he stood up and went to check on the grill, his face bright red and indignant.

“A Bear t-shirt? Great one, Red! I’m so gettin’ ‘im one for Christmas this year,” Faith said low enough so only the redhead would hear her.

Willow gave her a totally evil grin.

“You get him one and I’ll get ‘im one of those penis-shaped lollipops we saw in LA,” Willow said and Faith almost choked laughing.

“He’s gonna shit his pants!” The Slayer cracked laughing again and Willow giggled along.

Minutes later Xander was still complaining about the amount of women in the family and Willow and Faith were still laughing. Bryan and Tommy walked out of the house with a baseball ball and walked to the middle of the yard to throw it around.

“I think it’s a record. Bryan managed to unglue him from the TV in record time,” Willow commented, surprised.

“You know how he is, Will. He gets bored being with us the adults and his cousins are all older than him,” Xander said, explaining his 15 years old son.

“Bry and Rob are only two years older,” Faith contradicted him kindly.

“Yeah,” Willow nodded in agreement. “And Nicky and Bryan are always spending time with him,” the redhead added.

“And I love your boys for that, guys. Seriously,” Xander said and sighed.

“Tommy is a great kid, Xand. Nicky and Bryan love to spend time with him and they always are there for him. He gets bored at these get-togethers ‘cause he’s the youngest so he prefers to be inside watchin’ TV,” Willow said.

“So you’re saying he’s just bein’ a 15 years old,” Xander concluded.

“Totally,” the Slayer agreed. “Your son’s fine, Xand-man. By the way, he’s got a great arm!” Faith added with an impressed look.

“Yeah. He told me Bryan’s gonna help him train for the team’s try-outs next year,” Xander beamed with pride at that.

“Bry told me ‘bout that. Tommy’s got a lot of talent for baseball and Bry thinks he would be great for the team. Also, I think he just loves playing with his cousin,” Faith confirmed with a grin.

“OH Tommy would look adorable with the team’s uniform! And so handsome, like Bryan,” Willow gushed with pride for her two Godsons.

Xander and Faith simply chuckled.

An angry roar broke the peace and the three friends looked towards their left. A leather clad figure entered the backyard on a motorcycle and parked near the grill. The obvious feminine figure turned off the engine and stood up while pulling off her helmet. An 18 years old carbon copy of Willow smiled radiantly at seeing her family together.

“I’ll say this again… It’s freaky how your youngest kid looks so damn much like you, Red,” Faith commented and chuckled.

“I agree. Tommy looks a bit like me. Bryan and Robin look like Dawn and Faith but Abbie looks like you so much that it feels like I’m lookin’ at you, sometimes,” Xander added his thoughts.

“She may look like me but she IS her Godmother’s girl,” Willow laughed and from her seat Faith gave her a mock-salute.

Abbie left her green leather jacket on her bike and wiped her sweaty hands on her dark red tank top. She put the bike’s keys inside the pocket of her loose leather pants and grinned at her Mama and Aunt.

“Hey, Mama. Where are the b-day boy and girl?” The younger redhead asked and without warning sat on her mother’s lap.

“Hello to you too, dear,” Willow said sarcastically and rolled her eyes mockingly.

Abbie grinned and planted a big playful kiss on her mother’s cheek.

“Hello, Mama. Now, where are Nicky and Hannah?” Abbie asked.

“Not here yet, baby girl. Should be here in about an hour.”

“Great! Hey, uncle Xander.” Abbie got up from her mother’s lap and kissed her uncle’s cheek.

“Hey, Abbs. What’s up?” Responded Xander and smiled at his niece.

“Nothing, uncle. Hey, aunt Faith.” Abbie leaned to kiss her Godmother’s cheek with a grin.

“How’s my lil’ Charizard?” Faith asked as Abbie sat back on her mother’s lap.

“I’m ‘kay. You?”

“Suuuper relaxed,” Faith replied with a grin and made the girl chuckle at their inner little joke.

“How was school, baby girl? You had computer lab today, didn’t you?” Willow asked her with an excited grin.

“Today’s Friday, so school was okay. And computer lab…” Abbie rolled her eyes, obviously annoyed. “They call themselves nerds but can’t tell the difference between a 1 and a 0.”

“Damn. Are they really that bad?” Willow asked, frowning.

“They so are, Mama. My classmates totally suck,” Abbie confirmed.

Xander chuckled and patted the girl’s knee.

“Don’t forget that not everyone had our genius Will as a mom, Abbs,” Xander said to try to make her feel better and cut her classmates some slack.

“I know that, uncle Xander. But the thing is I end up with three times more work to do ‘cause they screw up their work,” Abbie explained and Willow nodded in understanding. “And I wouldn’t mind if they weren’t so lazy.”

“You’re doing group-projects?” Willow asked and her daughter sighed again before nodding.

“Yeah. And I can’t tell them to go screw themselves ‘cause the final product will be 50% of the final grade but these assholes are more interested in downloading porn or the last SyFy rerun of Star Trek than in doing their job right or fixin’ it. And who has to fix their mistakes? Me!” A lot of frantic hand moments accompanied that mini-babble, making Abbie look even more as her mother. The youngest redhead was obviously very agitated and annoyed.

“Hey, calm down, baby girl. Calm down…” Willow wrapped her arms around her daughter and Abbie leaned her head against hers. “Did you talk to your teacher?”

“I did but he said that there was nothing he could do. Fucking asshole,” Abbie mumbled that last part and Willow placed a motherly kiss on her forehead.

“Watch your mouth in front of your Mom, ‘kay? And try to talk to him again. If he doesn’t do anything, then I’ll go talk to him.”

“He’s just another loser who became a teacher ‘cause he wasn’t good enough at anything so he doesn’t give a fuck about his class,” the younger redhead said and Willow frowned even more.

“Hey, Abbs. Forget ‘bout those losers. Tell me, you had Art Club today, didn’t you?” Faith asked even though she knew Abbie had Art Club every Monday and Friday. Willow shot her a grateful look.

Suddenly Abbie’s face lit up with excitement and the redhead girl started telling them everything about her newest project.

“HEY, ABBS!” Yelled Bryan, waving his gloved hand in the air. “Get your glove and come on.”

“Okay!” Abbie turned to her mother once again. “I’m gonna go and play, Mama.”

With that, the redhead girl jumped from her Mama’s lap and ran inside.

In that moment Tara left the table and walked towards her wife. Willow’s eyes took in the sight of her wife wearing form-fitting jeans, dark blue doc martin’s and a dark purple shirt that clung to every curve. ‘My baby is so gorgeous,’ the redhead thought (a little smug) and opened her arms to receive her wife, who sat on her lap much like their daughter always did.

“Missed me?” Willow asked Tara after her blonde Goddess gave her a chaste kiss on her lips.

“Actually, I kind of did,” Tara joked. “Just a tiny bit, though,” she added playfully.

“For fuck’s sake,” Faith mumbled with mock-indignation. “C’mon, Xand-man. Let’s leave the love-birds alone,” the Slayer mocked as she got up and went to the grill followed by Xander. They both were chuckling.

“Twenty years and we’re still gettin’ teased,” Willow rolled her eyes at that but a grin was still pulling at her lips.

“Who cares,” Tara murmured and gave her wife an eskimo-kiss. “I’m feelin’ particularly happy today,” the blonde added between placing chaste kisses on her wife’s lips.

“Me too,” Willow agreed, as always loving the feel of her wife’s lips on hers.

“Was Abbie okay, sweetie?” Tara asked as she relaxed in her wife’s arms.

“Yeah. Annoyin’ day at school, that’s all, baby,” Willow replied and nuzzled her wife’s jaw and neck with her nose.

“How strange… Becky didn’t come with Abbie,” Tara mentioned.

“Abbs said that she had to take some stuff home but she’d be over in a little while,” the redhead replied as she and her wife settled to watch their nephews throw around the ball.

When Abbie returned, she had put her Yankees jersey over her tank top and was holding her glove.

“Hey, Mom,” Abbie said as she kissed Tara’s cheek.

“Hi, sweetie. You’re going to show your cousins how to throw that ball?” Tara joked and her daughter gave her an evil grin that reminded her too much of her wife.

“You know it, Mom,” was all she said before joining her cousins.


“Nicky and Hannah will be here in ‘bout half an hour,” Willow said loud enough for everyone to hear her and pocketed her phone.

“There must be traffic,” Tara said as she put down a tray with Russian salad on the table.

“Probably,” Willow nodded and went inside the house to help her wife to bring the rest of the utensils and the other salads.

Tara observed her wife enter their house and sighed contently. They had turn on the lights around the backyard as the sun left and the early evening was looking good, the air was still warm and the sky was clear.

“Hey, T. You cool?” Faith asked and left the juice pitcher on the table. Tara simply smiled at her.

“I’m great. Where are Anya and Dawnie?” The blonde asked and looked around the yard. Giles was with Xander by the grill waiting for the meat to be ready. Abbie, Tommy, Bryan and Robin had dragged the chairs away from the grill and the adults and they were sitting in the corner of the yard talking and joking around.

“Red and D were getting’ the last stuff to bring ‘em to the table. I think Anya went to the bathroom or somethin’ and Amelia was makin’ some more tea for the G-man,” Faith responded and grabbed her beer bottle from the table and swallowed some.

“Oh, great. The twins should be here any minute,” Tara said and looked over the table to see if anything was missing. “Do we have enough ice?”

“Think so but we’ve got some more at home. Want me to go and get it?” Faith asked.

“If you don’t mind.”

“Sure. Right away, Blondie.” Faith nodded and patted her friend’s arm before walking towards the gate that connected to her backyard.

Tara went to enter the house to see if her wife needed any help and crossed Becky, who was on her way out.

“Remember, Becky, careful with those,” the blonde warned her gently but still gave her a pointed look towards the two tall glasses of margarita the 18 years old was carrying.

“Don’t worry, Tara. I’ve got it all under control,” the black-haired girl assured her with a grin. Tara gave her a nod and the girl continued when the blonde walked inside.

“What’ve you got there, babe?” Abbie asked when she saw the glasses.

“Faith made margaritas, love,” Becky replied. She handed one of the glasses to Abbie and then sat on the redhead’s lap.

Abbie wrapped her right arm around her girlfriend’s waist and held the glass with her left hand as her girl settled on her lap.

“Mom okayed it?” Abbie asked she sipped the drink in her hand. “Ahhh, my Godmother makes the best margaritas. Thanks, babe,” she told the other girl and they shared a chaste kiss.

“Wasn’t a problem, Abbie-love,” Becky shrugged as if it wasn’t a big deal but she was still smiling.

“Dude, Ma made margaritas?” Robin asked excitedly. “Give me some!”

“Rob, you know I can’t give ya,” Abbie said and sighed. “You know the rule, you gotta wait ‘till you’re 18.”

“Don’t bullshit me, Abbs. You’ve give us before,” Robin contradicted her, mindful of keeping her tone low enough.

“Yeah. And the last time it was my ass who in troubles with MY parents and YOURS. C’mon, Rob, don’t put me in that position,” Abbie begged her cousin and Robin rolled her eyes, obviously annoyed.

“Fine. Whatever,” the 17 years old huffed. Her twin brother rolled his eyes from the seat next to hers.

“We have the same discussion every single time, Robin,” Bryan told her. “At least try to be sneakier.”

“If we were alone, we’d give you some, Robin. But do you really think your Ma won’t notice the smell in your breath? With her Slayer nose?” Becky try to reason with the younger girl.

Robin sighed, resigned.

“I know, I know. But damn! Ma makes awesome margaritas,” Robin chuckled and her cousin and brother (except Tommy) chuckled in agreement.

“I think we all love Ma’s margaritas a little bit too much,” Bryan added with a grin.

“I wouldn’t know so I’ll take your words for it,” Tommy shrugged, his eyes focused on the screen of his phone.

“Just wait, kiddo. Just wait,” Robin teased and reached out to mess up his hair.

“Hey! C’mon, Robin!” The younger boy complained and leaned away from his cousin’ hand.

Robin and Abbie laughed at his scandalized expression. The younger boy shot them a dirty look but the girls laughed again while Becky simply shook her head and Bryan rolled his eyes at them.

Bryan lifted his hand and smacked his sister in the back of her head lightly.

“Hey! Why the hell did you do that for?” Robin exclaimed and frowned at her brother.

“You don’t like bein’ treated like a kid, so don’t treat ‘im like one,” Bryan scolded her and then shot his sister an evil smirk. “Also, I owed you that one from this morning.”

“Asshole,” Robin muttered and punched his arm.

Bryan rubbed his arm, his sister was really strong, but still grinned.

“And you’re a bitch but we’re twins so we’re kinda stuck together,” he teased, knowing it’d make his sister laugh.

“Asshole,” Robin repeated but she was smiling.

“Great. Now that everything is at peace in the Middle Earth…” Tommy intervened and his cousins and Becky laughed at his words.

“Hey, what we laughin’ about over here?” Faith’s voice asked and the kids looked behind them to see the Slayer carrying a huge cooler box with ice.

“Hey, Ma. Want some help?” Bryan asked as he started to stand up but Faith shook her head.

“Nah, lil’ dude, don’t worry. I got it,” Faith replied with a smile. “We’re gonna eat soon so stick around, ‘kay?”

“Alright, Ma,” Robin told her.

“Hey, aunt Faith! Awesome margaritas!” Abbie called out as her Godmother started to walk away. The Slayer simply looked back over her shoulder, grinned and winked at her Goddaughter.

Faith walked up the porch and entered the house to leave the ice-filled cooler in the kitchen. She had seen Anya, Amelia and her wife sitting at the table and rolled her eyes when she entered the kitchen. Willow and Tara sprung apart just as she entered and Tara hurried to re-do the upper buttons of her shirt properly.

“I won’t even bother sayin’ shit,” Faith muttered as she put the cooler down and left the kitchen as fast as she could. ‘Those two won’t ever stop,’ the Slayer thought with a chuckle.

“Damn. We should really stay away from each other tonight,” Willow whispered as she made sure her clothes were presentable.

“Why are we always gettin’ walked on?” Tara muttered and leaned back against the counter with a small frown on her face.

“‘Cause we’re horndogs and can’t help ourselves?” The redhead joked and that got her a giggle from her wife.

“Probably,” the blonde agreed.

They heard shouting and laughter and both women smiled widely.

“I think our twins are here,” both women said at the same time and laughed.


After a long day at Sunnydale University, Nick and Hannah finally arrived for the birthday get-together they knew was waiting for them.

“You go ahead, I’m gonna park the car in the garage,” Nick told his sister once they arrived to their parents’ house.

“‘Kay, Nicky. Don’t take too long, I don’t wanna face the hungry wolves alone,” Hannah joked before exiting the car and walking around the house.

Hannah grinned when she heard her sister and her cousins laughing from afar. The girl patted her jean’s pockets to make sure she had her phone and house keys. Hannah Anne Rosenberg had grown into a beautiful young woman. Her golden hair brushed her shoulders and flowed in natural waves. Her big eyes, one green and one blue, only made her more striking. Hannah had inherited her Mama Willow’s lithe body (except her boobs) and height so she was very happy about her aspect.

Hanna opened and closed the gate that separated the front of the house and the backyard as she entered and her grin grew even bigger when her cousins and sister rushed to greet her.

“Hey, guys! Missed me?” Hannah joked as her sister and Robin hugged her at the same time. The blonde wrapped her arms around her sister and cousin and grinned. “How are my girls?” She asked them.

“I’m fine. How are you? We didn’t see you in the whole week, bitch!” Abbie said and gave her sister an extra hug. “Happy B-Day, big sis.”

“Thanks, Abbs.” Hannah looked at her cousin with a smirk. “How are you, little birdy?”

Robin rolled her eyes at the old nickname.

“I’m great. Happy b-day, Han,” the brunette girl said honestly and patted her cousin’s back.

“I’m glad you’re both okay, girls,” Hannah let go of her two favorite girls and opened her arms again.

“Happy birthday, Hannah,” Becky said politely as ever and gave the older girl a hug.

“Thank you, Becks,” Hannah told her and then looked at Abbie and Robin. “See?” She pointed at Becky with her index finger. “This is a future sister-in-law who knows how to show respect,” the blonde added with a smug smirk.

“HANNAH!” Abbie yelled, her eyes wide as saucers.

“What?” Hannah asked innocently.

“And this is exactly why I don’t date,” Robin commented under her breath as she walked pass her cousins to go sit in her chair.

Nick chose that exact moment to enter the yard and he grinned when he saw an obviously annoyed Abbie, a red-faced Becky and an innocent looking twin of his.

“Damn, you don’t waste time, do ya, sis?” Nick joked and gladly received the hugs from Bryan and Tommy.

“Happy B-day, Nicky,” Bryan said as he pulled away.

“Thanks, Bry. And how’s our future baseball star?” Nick asked Tommy as he hugged him.

“I’m fine, Nicky. Happy birthday, by the way. And don’t call me that ‘till I make it into the team, dude,” Tommy said and chuckled.

“Thanks, dude. Been training with Bry?”

“Every day.”

“Awesome!” Nick looked at the girls, who had gathered around the chairs and said loudly: “Hey! No hug and kiss for your big brother? I’m hurt!”

As if on cue, both Abbie and Robin rolled their eyes at the same time but then they grinned and walked up to him.

“Happy B-day, big bro,” Abbie said as she hugged him. Nick kissed her on top of her head and squeezed her gently.

“Thanks, Abbs,” he said and then pulled Robin into a hug as well.

“Happy B-day, big guy,” Robin told him as she hugged him He kissed her on top of her head just like he did to Abbie and grinned.

“Thanks, lil’ birdy,” Nick said as he let go of her. “Hey! It’s the future sister-in-law!” He exclaimed when he saw Becky. The black-haired girl simply laughed and shook her head.

“NICK!” Abbie exclaimed, her eyes wide as saucers. Again.

“What?” asked Nick, pretending to look innocent. “You’ve been datin’ the girl for 3 years, lil’ Abbs. It’s time you make an honest woman outta her!”

“Oh, Nick, please do shut up,” Becky practically begged him and gave him a small hug. “Happy birthday.”

Nick laughed as he hugged her and patted her back gently.

“Thanks, Becks.”

“C’mon, big boy. The wolves are gettin’ hungry,” Hannah joked and pulled on her brother’s arm to where their aunts and grandparents were waiting for them.

“Oh, man,” the blonde boy mumbled.

“Hey, where are our beloved mothers?” Hannah asked as they reached the table and everyone stood up to greet them.

“Probably still makin’ out in the kitchen,” Faith said and pointed at the house with her thumb.

“Man, those two never stop, do they?” Nick joked and hugged his aunt Faith.

“Never,” the Slayer confirmed as she hugged her not-so-little-anymore ‘little man.’ “Happy B-day, Nicky-boy.”

“Thanks, aunt Faith.”

Hannah was being hugged by her Godmother, who looked like she was about to cry.

“Happy birthday, Hannah,” Dawn whispered to her Goddaughter and tried very hard not to cry. It was hard, in a way, to accept her little Goddaughter was turning 20 that day.

“Thanks, aunty Dawn,” Hannah said and gladly received a big kiss on her cheek from her Godmother.

Anya gave them a big hug and Xander followed his wife. Giles was a bit less enthusiastic but they were used to it. At last they got to Amelia. They always left their grandma for last. Both Hannah and Nick hugged her gently and kissed her cheek in greeting.

“Happy birthday, my dears. Oh, my little Princess,” Amelia breathed out as she gave Hannah a second hug. “Yu are such a gorgeous young woman, my little Princess…”

“Thank you, grandma,” Hannah said with a happy smile.

“And you, my little Prince…You have gotten so big, look at you,” Amelia told the tall muscular boy as he hugged her gently again. “Nicholas, you better hug me like you mean it. I’m not a porcelain doll,” the older woman warned.

“Alright, grandma,” Nick said with a grin before giving her a bear-hug that lifted her off the ground. Amelia never stopped laughing.

Willow and Tara hurried out of the house and smiled widely at their babies.

“Hey! Look who came up for air!” Faith practically yelled, causing her friends (and their kids) to blush.

“Faith!” Dawn scolded her wife playfully and her Slayer simply winked at her and blew her a playful kiss.

Tara simply rolled her eyes at her friend and stepped forward to take her daughter into her arms.

“Oh, little Princess. Happy birthday. I love you so much,” the blonde told her daughter and hugged her tighter.

“Thank you, Mom,” Hannah said and unconsciously breathed in that safe and familiar roses-scent that Hannah identified with her mom. “I love you too, Mom.”

Meanwhile, Willow was hugging their son. More like Nick was holding his mother a few inches off the ground, really.

“Happy B-day, little man,” the redhead mother said, near tears. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Mommy,” Nick whispered and his lips curled into an Oh so-familiar crocked-grin.

They switched kids, so Hannah hugged Willow and Nick hugged Tara. Just as Xander was announcing the B-B-Q was ready to be served so they all got comfortable around the table in their usual spots. Willow sat at the head of the table with Tara to her right and Faith to her left. Dawn sat next to her wife and across the table Amelia took her place next to her daughter. Giles was next to Amelia and Xander and Anya sat across from him. Tommy, Bryan and Nick took the seats besides Giles while Robin, Abbie, Becky and Hannah sat on the other side. The kids’ seats were arranged in that order a long time ago by their parents because the kids tended to get in troubles, specially if Robin, Abbie and Bryan were left unsupervised.

“Xander, this is delicious,” Willow complimented her friend with a grin.

“Yeah, awesome job, Xand-man,” Faith agreed.

“Really awesome, uncle Xander,” Nick added and nodded, his grin covered in Xander’s special sauce.

“You look like a pig, Nicky. C’mon, clean yourself,” Hannah scolded her brother and handed him a napkin with a completely discussed look on her face.

Nick grabbed the napkin and cleaned his face while rolling his eyes at her.

“There. Happy?”

“Very,” replied Hannah smugly.

She didn’t know her parents were watching them and sharing amused smiles.


Tara and Amelia wanted to bring out the desserts they had made but on general vote, they decided to wait a little while because everyone was stuffed. So Anya, Dawn, Amelia and Tara decided to take everything back to the kitchen to pack the leftovers (although considering the appetites one Slayer and three boys there wasn’t much left) and wash the dishes so they could serve the desserts and cake later. Xander went to the grill to make sure there weren’t any embers left and the others spread out all over the yard. The kids headed back to their little circle of chairs and the adults hung around the table as usual.

“Oh, man, I can barely move,” Abbie muttered as she slumped on the comfy cushions on wooden chair. “I’m so stuffed…”

“Oh, well, then I’ll sit over here,” Becky said with mock-sadness and went to sit on the chair besides her girlfriend’s.

Abbie quickly grabbed her girlfriend’s hand and pulled her onto her lap, causing the British girl to squeal.

“Noooo! Stay with me,” Abbie pouted playfully and gave her girlfriend her best puppy-dog-eyes. Becky rolled her eyes at her and giggled.

“You are insane, my love,” the black-haired girl whispered so only her girlfriend could hear her as she shifted slightly so she was sitting comfortably on her girlfriend’s thighs.

“And yet, you love me. What does that say about your mental state, babe?” Abbie teased. She pulled her girlfriend closer and wrapped her arms loosely around Becky’s hips.

Becky opened her mouth to reply when a mocking voice interrupted her.

“It tells us that you’re both fuckin’ insane; now give it a rest, will ya? Please? I don’t feel like pukin’ tonight,” Hannah teased and sat on the chair with a tall glass of what looked like margarita in her hand.

“Bitter much, Han?” Abbie asked and rolled her eyes at her sister.

Robin showed up with a small coffee table and placed it in the middle of the circle. Tommy was right behind her holding a large bottle of Pepsi and two glasses. Bryan was already drinking from his glass as he sat down between his sister and Tommy.

“Don’t mind Hannah, Abbs,” Nick said and approached the girls holding three glasses filled with margarita. “She’s in her ‘guys suck. Girls are bitches and I haven’t gotten laid in six months-mode’” the older boy added and handed two of the glasses to them.

“Shut up, Nicky. I’m not like that,” Hannah scoffed and rolled her eyes at her brother.

“You’ve been like this for a while, Han. And you’re gettin’ annoyed at ‘em for bein’ all coupley,” Nick reasoned and got comfortable on his chair.

“Which is so normal, it goes unnoticed by now,” Robin added her two cents.

“Stay out of this, Rob,” Hannah warned and Robin simply ignored her. “I’m not frustrated or anythin’ like that. I’m annoyed ‘cause I called their names like five times and they were too fuckin’ distracted to notice it!”

“Again. What’s new ‘bout that?” Robin asked.

“Everyone, just forget it. ‘Kay?” Abbie said. She honestly didn’t want to argue that night. It was easy for them to start arguing and end up fighting for real, considering their strong personalities. The redhead girl looked at her sister. “I’m sorry, Han. We didn’t mean to ignore you.”

“It’s cool, Abbs. Don’t worry,” Hannah said and gave her baby sister a smile.

“Actually, you’re right, Hannah. We do get caught up in each other a lot and sometimes ignore everyone around us. So I apologize as well,” Becky told her, truly feeling bad about it.

“Don’t worry, Becks. I get it, it’s-”

“For fuck’s sake,” Robin interrupted her cousin loudly. “Are we gonna start the Kumbayas now? Stop apologizin’ ‘cause Her Majesty over there hasn’t gotten laid in a while,” the brunette said and everyone could see that familiar mischievous glint in her eyes.

“Rob, please. Don’t start. Don’t get Hannah started either,” Bryan warned his sister and rolled his eyes at her.

“Oh, c’mon, Bry… Her Majesty knows I’m just kiddin’,” Robin said, taking the opportunity to tease her cousin again.

“Don’t worry, Bry. Our little birdy is right. I mean, I get it. For you she must be a huge pain in the ass but I can handle her at any time,” Hannah bantered back with a haughty look in her eyes.

“You guys know what? The Simpsons rerun is on TV right now. I’m outta here,” Tommy said as he stood up and left the circle, clearly annoyed at their eternal teasing and bantering.

The kids watched him disappear once again inside the house.

“Kiddo sure needs to relax,” Robin muttered under her breath and took a sip from her glass.

“What’s wrong with him?” Abbie asked, not understanding.

“I think he’s annoyed at the constant teasing, mocking and bantering,” Becky replied, nodding because she understood that the group could be a bit harsh sometimes.

“Nah… He’s annoyed ‘cause he’s missin’ a party,” Bryan finally replied after a moment of consideration. At the questioning looks he got, the boy sighed. “His friend’s dad built a cool games room in his basement and he allowed the kids to get together and spend the night there. They were gonna eat junk food and play video games the whole night. Top secret, guys,” he added at the end their code for ‘this doesn’t leave our circle.’

“So why the hell he isn’t with his friends?” Nick asked with a small frown on his face.

“Aunt Anya and uncle Xander were going to let ‘im go but since it was tonight, your b-day, they decided he had to stay and be with the family,” Bryan explained.

Hannah sighed and shook her head.

“They should have let him go. It’s stupid to force him to stay when it’s not somethin’ super important,” the blonde girl said. “They fucked it up.”

“I totally agree, Han. But don’t say they fucked it up. I mean, it IS your birthday,” Abbie said.

“I’m not sayin’ our birthday isn’t important, Abbs,” Hannah explained. “I’m sayin’ that it’s not a unique birthday. It’s not the most important one. It’s not a Sweet 16 or 18 or a 21 birthday. And I think I can speak for both Nicky and myself when I say that we wouldn’t have minded.”

“Totally! If it was a more important occasion, then of course we’d want everyone here. But it isn’t. Besides, what’d you prefer? Have him happy or have him here sulking? Like now?” Nick added, in complete agreement with his twin.

“But it’s your birthday, guys. It’s always important. And family bein’ together for a birthday is more important than hangin’ out with friends. Always,” Abbie contradicted him gently and shrugged. “I’m not tryin’ to start an argument, I’m just sharing my point of view.”

“Yeah but it’s not wrong to prioritize friends, sometimes, Abbs,” Nick told her.

“Family always comes first, guys. C’mon,” Abbie said.

“Let’s be more realistic, Abbs. Tommy’s 15 years old. Sure, there isn’t much difference between us. But we do have more freedom to come and go whenever we want than he does. We can see our friends at any time. He still has to ask permission,” Bryan said.

“Also, most of us keep our friends out of the house. It’s easier than go around lyin’ all the time to them. Balancin’ our friends and our ‘family secret’ can be exhaustin’ sometimes, dude,” Robin said, adding her thoughts.

“Gotta admit it, you were lucky in that sense, baby sis,” Nick added with a smile.

“What do you mean with that?” Abbie asked, slightly confused.

“Love, who are your best friends?” Becky asked patiently because she understood their point quickly.

“Franky, Friky and you. Why?”

“Abbie, love… Franky is a half-demon and Friky has visions,” Becky clarified for her girlfriend and smiled when she saw realization settle on her girlfriend’s eyes.

“Right. Of course. I never considered that. Never thought of it that way,” Abbie said and nodded.

“You know, for a genius, sometimes you’re a little slow, baby sis,” Nick grinned at her and playfully smacked her knee.

“Yeah, lucky bitch,” Hannah added to the teasing.

“‘Kay. Enough serious talk for tonight,” Nick said as he stood up and left his empty glass on the table. “Bry, I think a nice rerun of The Simpsons sounds nice right now. Wanna join?”

“Yeah, I think that’s cool, Nicky,” Bryan agreed and stood up as well.


The boys left quickly and the girls were left in silence, all lost in thoughts.

“You know, I never thought of our friends like that,” Abbie told her girlfriend and the girl simply smiled patiently at her. “I mean, Franky’s always been around, we’ve been friends ever since I have memory! And Friky’s been my friend for like…ten years and then his brain exploded and… I just never thought of this.”

“Me neither, Abbie,” Becky agreed softly. “But I am glad they’re your friends. Specially your friend Friky,” the British girl added with a little grin.

“Without him we wouldn’t have gotten to you on time and we wouldn’t have met, I know,” Abbie grinned and sighed contently. “I am so glad…”


“Hey, baby. Should we bring dessert out now?” Willow asked her wife, who was sitting next to her.

“I don’t know…” Tara looked around the table and asked out loud: “Hey, everyone… Want dessert now?”

“I know I do,” Faith replied, grinning. Dawn, who was nestled in her wife’s arms, rolled her eyes at her.

“Me too!” Jumped Xander from his seat.

“You are always ready to keep eating,” the blue eyed brunette commented jokingly to her wife.

“Thought we had this conversation 20 years ago, dear wife o’ mine…” Faith pointed at herself with her index finger. “Slayer…” The same finger pointed at her stomach. “Slayer stomach. Needs food to run.” She shrugged and chuckled.

“Xander isn’t the Slayer but has the stomach of one,” Amelia joked and everyone laughed, including the man in question

“I guess I’m bringin’ dessert out, then,” Willow grinned and stood up.

“I’ll help, Red,” Faith said and patted Dawn’s hip. Once her wife moved slightly, the Slayer stood up to go help her friend.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to help?” Tara asked her wife and Willow grinned.

“Don’t worry, baby. We’ve got it,” was all the redhead said and went inside with Faith.

“I think tomorrow we’re gonna have to work extra hard to lose all the calories from tonight,” Dawn joked as she relaxed in her chair.

“It’s your entire fault, Tare, for bein’ such a good cook,” Xander joked as well with a grin and patted his tummy.

“Of course, it is all Tara’s fault,” Giles responded sarcastically with a small smile on his lips.

“Right. And your own incapacity to keep your mouth shut is not at fault, at all,” Anya said and rolled her eyes mockingly at her husband.

“Good one, Anh,” Xander told his wife and patted her thigh affectionately.

“So…Who’s takin’ care of patrol tonight, if we’re all here?” Amelia asked her daughter while Dawn, Xander and Anya got distracted talking about work.

“The Fang-Gang is,” Tara answered her mother with a smile. “They’re gonna patrol and then come over to bring their presents for the twins.”

“Presents?” Amelia asked, surprised. When they turned 18, the twins had decided they didn’t want presents anymore. But they didn’t reject any money, if people wanted to give them some.

“It’s what Angel said,” Tara shrugged.

“Are they all comin’ or only Angel and Cordelia?”

“No idea, mom. Angel just said they’d be here around 8, patrol for us and then come over,” Tara explained what the Elder Vampire had told her.

“It’s very nice of Angel and his crew to help by taking care of patrol,” Amelia said gratefully. “It certainly makes things easier for us.”

“I believe Willow and Faith arranged it with him,” Giles interjected. “I think that after so many…eh eventful occasions on our end and theirs, they worked out some kind of agreement,” the old Watcher added.

“What kinda of agreement?” Tara asked him. ‘Will never mentioned anything,’ the blonde thought surprised.

“Oh, well, I’m not sure… But I think the point is to make sure that each group has back up for special occasions such as this one,” Giles explained.

“That’s a good idea,” Tara nodded in agreement.

“I thought so, as well,” Giles agreed as well.

A few minutes later Willow and Faith started carrying everything outside. Tara and Amelia had baked two different kinds of pies and some cupcakes with butterscotch frosting. It was one of Amelia’s special recipes and everyone loved it.

“Baby, Amelia, you outdo yourselves every time,” Willow said around a mouthful of chocolate and strawberry pie.

“Yup! Totally awesome!” Xander agreed and shoved a large piece of pie into his mouth.

“Xander!” Anya scolded him lightly.

Xander swallowed hard and quickly apologized for eating like a pig.

“Give him a break, Anya. These pies are just so good,” Willow said in defense of her friend, not aware of the fact that she had chocolate all over her mouth. And a tiny bit on her cheek.

“Will, sweetie, you have chocolate all over you,” Tara said holding back her laughter. The blonde grabbed a napkin and gently wiped her wife’s mouth with all the love in her heart.

“Thanks, baby,” the redhead said with a huge grin before going back to her delicious piece of pie.

“Why is it every time that Amelia or Tara makes a pie, you start behaving like children?” Giles wondered out loud before eating a little piece of lemon pie in a much more civilized manner.

“Don’t forget about this one,” Dawn muttered and pointed beside her with her spoon with even looking.

Amelia had baked a whole lemon pie for Faith because the Slayer a (surprising) weakness and obsession for them. It had surprised them when they had realized that Faith had never tasted lemon pie before (so many years ago) so Amelia had made her one. Ever since then, the Slayer had fallen in love with Amelia’s lemon pies and forgot all kinds of manners when it came to them.

That night wasn’t an exception… Faith was devouring the pie like her life depended on it and she didn’t seem to care about having some smeared on her cheek and all over her mouth.

“You are worse than a kid,” Dawn mumbled. She grabbed a napkin and threw it at her wife. “Clean yourself! Your kids behave better than you.”

“Sorry, D,” Faith murmured as she cleaned her mouth and cheek.

“I honestly don’t get it,” the blue-eyed woman said.

“Dear, there’s nothing to get. It’s just another side of them,” Amelia told her wisely. “We all have something that makes us act like children. You should see this one when Dr Who is on,” the older woman added and nodded her head towards the Watcher beside her.

Giles almost choked on his pie and turned bright red. Amelia grinned and patted his back gently.

“Dr Who is an awesome show! Giles, did ya see the rerun last Saturday?” Willow asked the Watcher excitedly.

“No, I must have missed it,” Giles replied after some hesitation. “Which Dr…”

“Oh! It was a rerun of the 10th. My favorite Dr!” Willow answered, grinning.

“David Tennant made a fantastic job as the Dr. Although I’m partial to Tom Baker,” Giles commented, his embarrassment gone for a moment.

As Willow and Giles started a conversation about their favorite moments, Xander joined them. The rest of the table simple snickered and carried on talking about other things. Willow even moved so she was sitting in front of Giles and they could talk uninterrupted.

“They are adorable,” Amelia said and shook her head fondly.

“If not a bit insane,” Dawn added jokingly.

“Oh, please… One time I said I liked The Lord of the Rings movies more than the Harry Potter movies and you gave me the silent treatment for a whole day,” Faith snorted at her wife.

“And then we agreed that it was a misunderstanding,” Dawn reminded her Slayer wife with a look that clearly said ‘let it go.’

“Yeah, when you realized I was talkin’ ‘bout the damn movies, not the books,” Faith shot back with a smirk.

“We’re surrounded by nerds,” Tara whispered to her mother and they shared a smile.

“It’s just another reason to love them, my dear,” Amelia said and they both sighed contently.

“At least we’re not talking Scooby business,” Tara always saw the positive side though she was half-joking, she truly didn’t mind her wife’s nerdy side. She actually loved her for it.

Tara saw how Willow stood up and motioned her over. So she got up and walked to her wife wondering what she needed.

“What’s up, sweetheart?”

“Come, baby,” said Willow and grabbed her hand before leading her to the porch and back into their house.

“What’s goin’ on, Will?” Tara asked as they crossed the kitchen and headed towards the front door.

“The guys are here,” Willow said excitedly and let go of her wife’s hand to open the front door.

Angel, Cordelia and a fabulous looking Lorne smiled at them when the door opened to reveal them waiting in the front porch.

“Hey, Will! How are you?” Cordelia greeted her as she entered the house first. “Tare, hon. How are you?”

“Nice to see you, Cordy,” Willow said as they shared a friendly hug and the Seer separated long enough to hug Tara.

“I’m great. You, Cordy?” The blonde asked after they pulled away.

“I’m great too. Although I’m not so sure about my shirt, I’ll never be able to get the vamp dust off of it,” the Seer complained and showed her the sleeve of her shirt, where Tara could see a clear stain of vampire dust. It was always complicated to wash it out.

“Remind me to give you a few bottles of my special blend,” Tara told her with a wink.

“It’s nice to see you, Tara,” Angel told her as they shared a friendly hug.

“It’s nice to see you too, Angel,” Tara said back and smiled kindly at him.

Meanwhile Willow jumped with a happy squeal into Lorne’s arms.

“Willow-tree! Darling, it’s SO good to see you,” Lorne spoke happily as he hugged the redhead Witch tight.

“Oh, it’s so good to see you too! I definitely missed you, Lorne!” Willow told him with a huge smile on her face.

“You and Tare-bear should come to Caritas more often, now that your kids are all grown up,” Lorne commented with a discreet cheeky wink as he pulled away. “Ahhh….There’s our Singing Blonde Angel! Tare-bear, gorgeous as always, dear,” he appraised her as he hugged her warmly.

“It’s great to see you too, Lorne,” the blonde said warmly. Tara kissed his cheek and the Host pretended to blush like a school girl, always laughing.

“Why don’t we go to the yard and you guys can say hello to everybody? Also, Cordy, Lorne, have you eaten?” Willow asked the two friends who actually ate food.

“And there’s some blood for you, Angel, if you want any,” Tara told their vampire friend.

“We are already, Will, don’t worry,” Cordelia told them and smiled.

“I wouldn’t mind, though,” Angel told Tara. “But just point me to where it is and I’ll take care of it,” he added, not wanting to make her uncomfortable by having to heat up his blood.

“Nonsense, Angel. I’ll take care of it,” the blonde told him firmly and lead the way to the kitchen.

“Angel-cakes, Cordy, dears, go ahead. I have a little somethin’ to talk about with our witchy-duo,” Lorne told his friends and waved them outside.

“You have something to tell us, Lorne?” Willow asked him and leaned against the counter whole Tara took care of Angel’s blood.

“Is there anything wrong, sweetie?” Tara asked him and put the large travel mug (they kept it around specially for Angel) in the microwave.

“Nothing wrong, dear. I just wanted to let you know that one of my friends absolutely loved your products, Tare. Those creams you sent me and those bath salts… Oh, my! She loved them!” Lorne told them excitedly. “She has her own shop. She sells all that kind of stuff, bath salts, soaps, creams, all natural. And wanted to know if maybe you’d be interested in doing business with her.”

Tara was stunned. Sure, it was something she did and everyone in the family loved them but she had never thought of selling her products, even though Anya had suggested it more than once. It was just a hobby for her.

“Wow… That’s great!” Willow exclaimed, not that much surprised. She knew her wife’s products were amazing.

“Really? She wants my products? Wow… I don’t know what to say,” Tara said, still shocked.

Lorne simply smiled and reached into the pocket of his purple slacks. He pulled out a business card and handed it to Willow because the blonde still seemed too shocked to take it.

“Just think about it, sweetheart. And if you wanna speak with her, just give her a call. Now, if you excuse me, my favorite kids are waiting for their favorite uncle,” was all the Host said and walked out to the yard.

Lorne stood on top of the porch and grinned.

“Now, now, now… Where are all my favorite kiddos?” Lorne yelled as he opened his arms wide with that typical theatrical air of his. He simply stood there, smiling as everyone looked at him. “I believe I asked a question,” the Host sang lightly.

The kids, who were all greeting Angel and Cordy, grinned at the Host when they saw him in all his purple-suited glory. Three very excited girls squealed and ran towards him like little girls.

“Uncle Lorne!” The girls were really excited to see their ‘secret’ favorite uncle.

“OH, my favorite little angels!” Lorne hugged the three girls, who were squeezing him as tight as they could. “Oh, look at you, dear Lord! You all are so grown up and gorgeous!”

“It’s so great to see you, uncle Lorne!” Abbie squealed and hugged him again after her sister and cousin pulled away.

“Let uncle Lorne look at each of you, girls.” Lorne held Abbie at arm’s length and grinned. “My little baby-dyke, you look more gorgeous every day and more like your Mama every time I see you. But with the butch-y style of your Godmother and pulling it off better than both of them,” he added with a cheeky wink and smirk.

Abbie giggled.

“I love you too, uncle Lorne,” the redhead said and tip-toed to kiss his cheek before moving so her cousin could greet him properly.

“My oh my… I keep tellin’ you those dimples may just kill me, one of these days, my gorgeous girl,” the Host teased cheekily as he hugged Robin, who laughed whole heartedly.

“I missed you, uncle Lorne. Are you goin’ to sing tonight? I’ll go get my guitar,” Robin asked eagerly when she let go. She LOVED singing with her uncle Lorne.

“Only ‘cause you asked, baby-cakes,” Lorne confirmed and nodded.

“Great! Be right back!” Robin squealed and ran to get her guitar from her house.

“Awesome!” Lorne exclaimed happily and then turned to Hannah. “And here’s my birthday girl! Look at you, you gorgeous girl! I told this to your mothers the first time I saw you as a baby and I’ll say it again… Those big eyes and that face are total natural heart-breakers,” Lorne told Hannah and wrapped his arms around her as tight as he could. The girl hugged him back and smiled.

“You were definitely missed, uncle Lorne,” Hannah told him and kissed his cheek. “And thanks for the compliment. You look dashing and fabulous as always. So handsome!” The girl added with a cheeky grin.

“Dear, you’ll make me blush,” the Host scolded her playfully and then gave her a warm smile. “Happy birthday, Hannah, darling.”

“Thanks, uncle Lorne.”

“I want to hear all about college later, ‘kay? Now I’ll greet our other birthday boy before starts to pout,” Lorne joked and winked.

“Uncle Lorne, you’ll make me look bad,” Nick joked and gladly received a warm hug from the tall demon. “It’s great to have you here tonight, uncle.”

“I wouldn’t miss it from anything, baby goy. And are you sure I can’t convince ya to pick an acting career? I know people in Hollywood would sell their own mothers to have you in their films.” Nick simply laughed.

“If I ever want a change, I’ll let you know, uncle Lorne,” Nick said and patted his uncle’s arm.

“I’ll never give up tryin’, my boy,” the Host joked and turned to Bryan. “Aaahhhh…. Bryan, sir, I must say you look remarkably handsome tonight,” he told the boy with a perfect and proper British accent as he shook Bryan’s hand.

“And you, sir. It’s an honor to have you with us tonight,” Bryan said back, doing a great imitation of a British accent.

Finally, they both burst out laughing and shared a friendly hug.

“I missed that, uncle,” Bryan said, still laughing, and his uncle patted his back.

“Me to, my boy. You’re the only one I can joke like that with,” Lorne told him and wiped a tear of laughter from his eye.

“Hey, uncle Lorne,” Tommy said as he approached him. The tall demon’s personality sometimes intimidated him a bit but the boy loved his uncle as he loved the others.

“Tommy, my boy!” Lorne gave him a warm hug and ruffled his hair a bit. “How’s that arm? Super strong?”

“My arm’s great, uncle Lorne. Bry’s helpin’ me train for the next try-outs and I’m feeling great about it,” Tommy responded with a grin.

“That’s great! Our future Dodgers’ star will shine so bright,” Lorne said with a theatrical gesture of his hand. Tommy laughed and patted his uncle’s arm.

“Either the Dodgers’ or the Yankees, uncle,” the boy said.

“Still feel like a part of me should be offended that you kids love the Yankees so damn much,” Faith said teasingly as she got closer and playfully slapped Lorne’s back. “And you encouragin’ them…”

“My beloved Dark Slayer! I encourage their sense of stardom, not their personal tastes…”

Willow and Tara watched from their seats as Lorne greeted the rest of the family with his loud flamboyant attitude and made everyone smile happily. Lorne always was able to put a smile on their faces.

“You know, we could go to Caritas more often now. Lorne’s right,” Willow commented, nested in her wife’s arms, who was sitting behind her. “It’s true, the kids don’t need us to be around all the time. Nicky and Hannah have their own place now and I’m just sure that Abbie would love us more if we were gone every Friday night.”

“And you’re sure about leavin’ Abbie alone every Friday night?” Tara asked with a small smile on her face. “You know, leave her alone with her friends or with Becky?” The blonde asked, somewhat mockingly and Willow snorted.

“Yeah, yeah… Keep mockin’ me, baby. As much as I don’t like sayin’ this…Our kids have learnt the very same silencing spell you and I created so no one could hear us having sex. So I stopped foolin’ myself about their innocence a long time ago. Hell, Abbie and Becky have been datin’ for almost three years now. I have no expectations what-so-ever.”

“Oh, my wife’s so grown up,” Tara teased and kissed her wife’s neck.

“Yeah, yeah…Mock me, baby,” Willow snorted again. “Anyway, I know we can trust Abbie and Becky to stay alone in the house. And their friends, Franky and Johnny, they’re cool kids. They’re just gonna camp in the living room to watch movies or anime,” the redhead added confidently because they had known them for years.

“Besides, Faith’s right next door to keep an eye on things. Right?” Tara asked with a smug smirk and an equally smug smirk appeared in her wife’s lips.

“Yup,” Willow confirmed and giggled. Tara laughed and tightened her hold around her wife.

“You’re bein’ mean, my love,” the blonde teased. “But what about Scooby’s business, Will?”

“As long as nothing major is goin’ on, then everything should be okay. And if magical help is needed, then the kids are around, Robin and Bryan as well. Not to mention Giles and your mom,” Willow easily replied.

“So you changed your mind about the kids participatin’ more actively in Scooby’s business?” Tara asked. Willow hadn’t exactly opposed it before but she and Tara had agreed to keep it minimal. Not because their kids weren’t capable of handling themselves (they had been trained their whole lives) but because the older Scoobies didn’t want the kids to feel tied to the commitment. They wanted their kids to be free to choose to stay away.

“The ‘mom’ part of me still says a big NO. But Faith and I were the first ones to think that the kids needed to be trained. We convinced the rest of you to train the kids from early age so they would know how to handle anything,” Willow reasoned.

“Yes, it’s true, Will. We gave our kids all the knowledge they could possibly need. And made sure that they knew, and they do know, that they’re free to make their own choice. They can stay away from Scooby’s business or they can be part or only help occasionally. They know that, sweetheart,” Tara reassured her wife just like she had reassured her many times before.

“I know, baby. Thanks for reminding me.” Willow sighed and smiled when her wife’s perfume reached her nostrils. “We made a deal with the other Scoobies and the kids. They could only participate fully when they turn 18. The twins are 20 and Abbie’s 18 already. Hell, I think Abbie’s got more field time than the twins and I still don’t get how the hell that happened!”

“I think that happened because our little girl inherited your passion for helping people, your courage, and your talent for magic… And Faith’s attitude,” Tara joked and Willow snorted once again.

“My point was… That they are interested in helpin’. Specially Abbie, Nick, Hannah and Robin. They want to be part of the Scoobies and they understand how dangerous and serious it is. And they are… Tare, you have seen them! They’re incredible! They’re already capable of doin’ a better job than we do. And they take stuff more seriously than we do sometimes,” Willow explained her point while her wife nodded in agreement.
“Do you think that one day…They will take over the Scooby duties for good? And that if they have kids…their kids will continue?”

“I don’t know…Could happen, baby. A lot of different things could happen. A little part of me thinks it would be really cool, ya know? And somewhere down the line, one of them will say ‘these are my great-great-great-many greats-grandmothers Willow and Tara. They were part of the original Scooby Gang…’” Willow joked and Tara chuckled.

“Yeah… It would be kinda cool,” the blonde agreed.

“In the meantime…We can go to Caritas or do anything we want, pretend we’re newlyweds with no responsibilities and have… a lot of fun. Just you and me, baby,” Willow went back to her original point and gave her wife a very suggestive grin.

Tara simply laughed and planted a big kiss on her wife’s lips. Her redhead was so damn adorable, even when trying to be sexy. ‘Goddess, I love you so much, Will…’ Tara couldn’t help to think as she enjoyed feeling her wife’s lips against hers. It was just a chaste kiss, since they were in public, but it meant so much to them. That kiss spoke of love, and friendship and affection and how much they loved each other.

After they separated, both Willow and Tara burst out laughing when they saw Lorne grab Becky and start to waltz while singing ‘I Could Have Danced All Night’ with his beautiful voice. The British girl was a great dancer and didn’t have any problem following Lorne’s theatrical waltzing. She laughed openly as the Host twirled her around as if she was a prima ballerina. The Witches smiled contently when (after dancing) Lorne, Robin and Hannah started singing, with Robin playing the guitar and Hannah playing the violin.

Willow and Tara were so relaxed, just basking in the happiness in the air, that they never heard Nick asking his twin to sing one of the old songs their Mom always used to sing to them when they were kids.

“Hey, Mom! Mama! Come dance this one with us!” Hannah yelled and started playing the old familiar song with her violin.

Used to their kids’ antics, Willow simply stood up and offered her hand to her wife, who took it gladly. The two Witches walked up to the middle of the yard and simply allowed themselves to become lost in the Oh so familiar melody. Green eyes met blue as Tara rested her forehead against Willow’s.

“Our babies’ song…” Willow whispered happily and received that special Willow-only lopsided smile she loved so much.

‘Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends

Just a little change
Small to say the least
Both a little scared
Neither one prepared
Beauty and the Beast…

Willow and Tara were so self-absorbed in each other that they didn’t notice the couples joining them. Abbie had pulled Becky into her arms instantly and as she rested her cheek on the British girl’s cheek, she glanced at her mothers and tightened her arms around her girlfriend, hoping to never have to let go of the girl in her arms. Faith blushed slightly but still smiled lovingly at her wife as they moved slowly to the music. The Slayer never forgot just how lucky she was. She thanked the Fates every single day for having everything she had…

‘Certain as the sun
Rising in the East
Tale as old as time
Song as old as rhyme
Beauty and the Beast…’


They finally got the cake out (a beautifully decorated cake made by Tara) and put it at the head of the table. Nick and Hannah were surrounded by their whole family as they all sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to them. Everyone was super happy when they congratulated them and took the mandatory birthday photos.

“Hey, Cordy, you never said why Wesley, Gunn and Fred didn’t come with you,” Willow asked her.

“Gunn called his old gang to man the fort ‘till tomorrow. And Wes and Fred had to stay behind ‘cause little Ellie was feeling a bit under the weather,” Cordelia replied.

“Oh. What’s wrong with Ellie?” Tara asked, referring to the 8 years old daughter of Wesley and Fred.

“Oh, nothing serious. I think it’s just a cold. Other than that, she’s great! Ellie is like a ray of light for us,” Cordy said, beaming with pride for her Goddaughter.

“Yeah, kids tend to do that,” Tara said with a grin, obviously joking.

“Hey, I have an idea! If Wes and Fred agree, they should bring Ellie around on weekends. They’re always fun around here,” Willow suggested.

“Well, Saturday is actually our day,” Cordy said with a slightly mischievous grin. “But if you’re still doin’ your infamous Sunday brunch, then I’ll bring her over myself. I think she could use to spend some more time with you all and your kids.”

“Unless something’s goin’ on, then our Sunday Brunch is a sacred tradition in our house, Cordy,” Tara told her seriously and then broke into a grin.

“Specially now that Hannah and Nicky have their own place. Sometimes we don’t see them during the week and they have personal stuff on Saturdays but they always come over on Sunday for brunch,” Willow added.

“That’s great! Then I’ll talk to Wes and Fred and next Sunday we’ll be here,” Cordy said eagerly.

“Great! Then, we will save a spot for you, guys.”


After opening Cordelia’s and Angel’s ‘cool’ presents, which had been obviously picked by the Seer (luxury tickets to the next Chargers game for Nick, a very expensive pair of designer jeans for Hannah and a brand new leather jacket for Abbie), everyone just relaxed while Faith delighted them with her mixed drinks. All but Robin, Bryan and Tommy, of course. The latter two boys had gone back inside to watch TV while the rest of the cousins sat in their circle of chairs, away from the adults. The adults all stuck around the table, except for Amelia and Giles, who had retired for the night.

“So, Cordy, how’s everything in LA?” Willow asked the Seer while sipping from her margarita glass. “I mean, is it all clear? You know, with that guy who was givin’ ya guys troubles?”

“Oh, that idiot was such a…ass! If Angel hadn’t staked that jerk I would have bitch-slapped him myself. He was a real pain in the ass,” Cordelia replied and rolled her eyes as she spoke.

“But what did he do? You just mentioned that you had a vamp giving you a hard time, that’s all,” the redhead said.

“He used tis magic-thingy to drive everyone nuts. This object didn’t do anything bad, per se. Only allowed you to ‘live’ a fantasy for an hour. But this jerk was usin’ it to steal and kill people. When he realized we were after him, he started usin’ it on us,” Cordelia explained, exasperated once again.

“What a jerk!” But after thinking about it for a moment, Willow smirked mischievously, decided to mess with her friend a bit. “What fantasies did you ‘live’, Cordy?”

Cordelia gave her an arched eyebrow but Willow could see amusement in her eyes.

“Wouldn’t you like to know, Will…”The Seer finally smiled. “That info will die with me, Willow, so don’t even try.”

“Bet I know what handsome guy was in those fantasies,” the redhead teased with an appointed look towards a certain Elder Vampire who was talking with Xander afar from them.

“Will…C’mon,” Cordelia sighed, almost defeated.

Willow leaned in closer so her words wouldn’t be heard by anyone else and placed her hand on her friend’s arm gently.

“Cordy, you know what I think… I think that you’re both wasting precious time you could be spending together. I mean, Angel’s soul is safe. You can be together,” the redhead told her what she had told Cordelia over 10 times in the past 20 years.

“I know. But… In the end, I’m gonna grown old and die and… He won’t,” Cordelia said, feeling completely defeated by the situation. “Also, Angel’s got a destiny to fulfill, Will. And I can’t get in the way of that. I made my vow to help him fulfill that destiny, not stand in his way…I don’t know, I feel so torn about this whole thing…”

“Why?” Willow asked her softly.

“I feel torn ‘cause…As cheesy as this sounds, I keep hearing your voice, Will, inside my head.” Cordelia actually smiled at the surprised look in her friend’s face. “And your voice keeps repeatin’ the same words, over and over again.”


‘Love is the only worthy thing is this world…’ Your words, Willow,” Cordelia told her and Willow frowned.

“How…I only said that a few times. And I’m pretty sure that I never told YOU that phrase,” Willow said, shocked.

Cordelia simply smirked mysteriously and tapped her right temple with her delicate index finger. The Seer winked at her friend and quietly stood up from her place to go and sit with Tara and Dawn, who were talking about a new book.

Willow was left behind wondering if the Seer had a vision of her saying that phrase to Faith or when she said it to her kids.


Location: somewhere in the universe…

“So…you decided to send them a little present from their auntie?” A calm female voice said. The girl who spoke laid back on a comfortable white couch and rested her head on her hands behind her head.

“Yeah. They belong to them. You know I don’t usually like pullin’ this kind of crap but for now, it’s necessary. It’s part of their fate,” the other female said as she approached the couch, the pristine white office sparkling clean behind her. The blonde girl sat right next to the other girl’s waist on the couch and leaned back a little.

“So…the talismans will help them become the best warriors? In the future?” The Asian girl asked, a tiny satisfied smile pulling at her lips because she loved being a human-pillow for her lover. “Is that right, Buffy?”

“The talismans were sent to them because they belong to them. Also, the talismans will help protect them to guarantee they will be safe. They so have no idea their role, their importance for the future of the world and their family…” Suddenly, Buffy face-palmed and rolled her shoulders backwards to try and relieve some tension. “God! I sound like those stuffy Watchers jerks.”

“Nah, you don’t. You sound like my General, that’s all, ma’am,” the Asian girl grinned openly because she knew just how much Buffy loved it when she called her that.

Buffy rolled her eyes at her lover and chuckled.

“C’mon, Satsu. Move that perky ass of yours, we’ve got more work to do,” Buffy said and playfully smacked the girl’s knee.

“NAH! Work can wait for minutes,” Satsu said as her hand grabbed her lover’s arm and pulled Buffy down to the couch with her, causing Buffy to squeal and laugh…


Okay…this is it. The First Chapter!! I hope that you enjoyed the beginning of this ride and decided to stick around for what’s coming…See you next week, Kittens.

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Yay for great beginning...

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WOOHOO At last, Alex's new story is up on the board YAY. :applause :banana :eatme *Runs around KittenLounge in joy and excitement :laugh

The song 'Tale as old as Time' is actually entitled 'Beauty and the Beast' as it's from the ballroom scene of the film of the same name. I know cos it's my favourite Disney flick :wink

Inside the kitchen she found her best friend cooking some side-dishes. The blonde woman was animatedly chatting with her mother, who was sitting on one of the stools peeling potatoes.

Holy macaroni cheese,Tara is talking to her mother???????? Now I know it's been a while since I read F & L but I'm pretty sure that Tara's mother didn't get resurrected in that story so what in the frilly heck is going on??????

Lol at Amelia referring to Faith as little. :)

Ok I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that this siset in the future seeing as how Dawn and Faith are married. I actually thought that those two rebels would just live together than get wed but I'm not a girl so what do I know lol :)

I like the banter that the women share over the juice recipe. It just feels so nice and natural and helps you to know these characters even better.

Alex, what's a 'charizard', as Faith refers to Abbie?

“Yeah. And I can’t tell them to go screw themselves ‘cause the final product will be 50% of the final grade but these assholes are more interested in downloading porn or the last SyFy rerun of Star Trek than in doing their job right or fixin’ it.

Don't these so called nerds know that you can get Star Trek on dvd, blu-ray and through Netflix?????? an tey can get porn through magazines like Penthouse and Razzle. If they don't know basic things like that they don't deserve to be called nerds.

So far I'm enjoying the story but I could do with a list of who has which child. I've worked out that Robin is Dawn and Faiths daughter and Abbie is Willow and Tara's courtesy of Will and Becky is Abbie's girlfriend but that's all I know. some help please. And do Xander and Anya have kids?????????

Thanks for naming one of Tara's twins Hannah. It was my late grandmothers name so thanks for that Alex :)

Just wondering, Willow and Tara don't want their children to feel obligated to take up the role of defenders of the Hellmouth so is there still a Watchers Council in this universe and if not what would happen if Faith was killed by a demon in the line of duty?

Tara simply laughed and planted a big kiss on her wife’s lips. Her redhead was so damn adorable, even when trying to be sexy.

Whaddya mean 'trying to be sexy'?????? Willow IS sexy all the time. :wink

After opening Cordelia’s and Angel’s ‘cool’ presents, which had been obviously picked by the Seer (luxury tickets to the next Chargers game for Nick, a very expensive pair of designer jeans and a brand new leather jacket for Abbie)

Correct me if I've been reading the story wrong but I thought that Hannah was Nick's twin sister and Abbie was two years younger?

Wow, what an opening chapter with loads of new stuff going on like Tara's mom being alive, Buffy is still with Satsu in heaven, practically everyone is a parent, Angel's soul is safe so he could get happy with getting all fangy (though having seen Cordy naked that would make anyone happy :drool)

Loved it completely, it felt like something that I would want to watch on tv as opposed to being a fan-fic which is a very good sign. It'll be interesting to see what happens next and where it occurs in time. Roll on the next chapter Alex and roll on the :wtkiss

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I have to echo the same thing; it's a lot of new characetrs all at once and some kind of guide would be helpful. And as I adore Satsu (and you said "in the universe" so rpesumably not a heaven) I'm glad to see her ehre (trying to find a way to bring her into my "Cie Age Buffy ficverse and whom to hook her up with.) And "Fawn" universes are always itneresting; it's a rareish paring.

I'm remidned of another fic at Pens; the author has Xander say that Sunnydale "isn't good town for straight guys." (Now I'm flashing on ted Mosby in his red cowboy boots.)

I always like people who think of the same things I have : in my "Children Of the Dale" 'verse one of the kids is named Nicky (X&A's son in my case) and Dawn has twins, bot h girls in my case.

Those talismans Buffy sent down - very anxious to see what is what there.

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OKay. Let's answer to your replies before the Chapter.


Yay for great beginning...

Thank you so much, buddy, for your review. Number One review. I always know that I can count on you.

Thanks for the reply.


WOOHOO At last, Alex's new story is up on the board YAY.

I'm glad you are so excited about this new story, darling..I really appreciate it.

The song 'Tale as old as Time' is actually entitled 'Beauty and the Beast' as it's from the ballroom scene of the film of the same name. I know cos it's my favourite Disney flick

Darling, actually it has come out with both names. In my side of the world, is more known with that other official name.

Holy macaroni cheese,Tara is talking to her mother???????? Now I know it's been a while since I read F & L but I'm pretty sure that Tara's mother didn't get resurrected in that story so what in the frilly heck is going on????? may want to re-read FnL and then come back to this story..... Tara's mother, AMELIA, was brought back towards the end of FnL.

Ok I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that this siset in the future seeing as how Dawn and Faith are married. I actually thought that those two rebels would just live together than get wed but I'm not a girl so what do I know lol the first few lines of the story I told you that it was set 20 years in their future.... And remember one thing.... Everything has a reason in this universe.

Alex, what's a 'charizard', as Faith refers to Abbie? don't know Pokemon?? C'MON! Everyone knows Pokemon!! Hell, even people who don't watch anime, know Pokemon!!

Don't these so called nerds know that you can get Star Trek on dvd, blu-ray and through Netflix?????? an tey can get porn through magazines like Penthouse and Razzle. If they don't know basic things like that they don't deserve to be called nerds.

I.....I won't even answer to that, Rick....seriously.......*facepalm*

So far I'm enjoying the story but I could do with a list of who has which child. I've worked out that Robin is Dawn and Faiths daughter and Abbie is Willow and Tara's courtesy of Will and Becky is Abbie's girlfriend but that's all I know. some help please. And do Xander and Anya have kids?????????

Darling, don't take this the wrong way but maybe you should re-read the Chapter..... I clearly state that Bryan and Robin are Fawn's kids -Dawn and Faith- (and there's a reason for the twins-thing). Nick, Hannah and Abbie are the Tillow's kids. And Tommy is Xander/Anya's son.

Thanks for naming one of Tara's twins Hannah. It was my late grandmothers name so thanks for that Alex

I had no idea, buddy. But you're welcome, anyway.

Just wondering, Willow and Tara don't want their children to feel obligated to take up the role of defenders of the Hellmouth so is there still a Watchers Council in this universe and if not what would happen if Faith was killed by a demon in the line of duty?

Now, this is a great question and it's awesome that you thought about this. In FnL there was still a Council, although that asshole Travers wasn't in charge anymore. And the Council was working with the Scoobies as they should. In the future, that may change.... Pay attention because you never know what may happen....

Whaddya mean 'trying to be sexy'?????? Willow IS sexy all the time.

It was just a joke, dude. Willow is ALWAYS TOTALLY sexy. LOL

Correct me if I've been reading the story wrong but I thought that Hannah was Nick's twin sister and Abbie was two years younger?

No, you're totally correct, darling. The text says that all three of them get presents.

Wow, what an opening chapter with loads of new stuff going on like Tara's mom being alive, Buffy is still with Satsu in heaven, practically everyone is a parent, Angel's soul is safe so he could get happy with getting all fangy (though having seen Cordy naked that would make anyone happy :drool)

And there are SOOO much more to come, darling Stick around, I just might surprise you. LOL

Loved it completely, it felt like something that I would want to watch on tv as opposed to being a fan-fic which is a very good sign. It'll be interesting to see what happens next and where it occurs in time. Roll on the next chapter Alex and roll on the :wtkiss

Awwwwww.... I feel honored, darling. Really, I do. And don't worry, there will be plenty of Tillow for everyone LOL

Thanks for the reply, darling.


I have to echo the same thing; it's a lot of new characetrs all at once and some kind of guide would be helpful.

It was just the first Chapter.... If I gave you all the clues in the first Chapter, then it wouldn't be as fun, would it? LOL

And as I adore Satsu (and you said "in the universe" so rpesumably not a heaven)

I love Satsu too!! And no, that is just a little "joke" that I do. When I say somewhere in the universe, or somewhere and nowhere at the same time, it's mostly a little joke. Buffy and Satsu ARE in Heaven.

And "Fawn" universes are always itneresting; it's a rareish paring.

I'm glad you think so. Fawn are a constant feature in my stories because I love them. Tillow and Fawn are my OTPs of the Buffyverse.

I'm remidned of another fic at Pens; the author has Xander say that Sunnydale "isn't good town for straight guys." (Now I'm flashing on ted Mosby in his red cowboy boots.)

LOL that's an interesting image. LOL ANd yeah, poor Xander, he's always getting teased by the girls.

I always like people who think of the same things I have : in my "Children Of the Dale" 'verse one of the kids is named Nicky (X&A's son in my case) and Dawn has twins, bot h girls in my case.

Wow, that's great. But pay attention....there's a reason for everything in my universe and there's a reason for the existence of twins as well.

Those talismans Buffy sent down - very anxious to see what is what there.

Oh, just wait and see, darling. Just wait and see. LOL

Thank you so much for your reply.

The update comes right after this....

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HEY, PEOPLE!! I’M BACK! I bet that I confused the crap outta you in Chapter 1 and…that was kinda the point! LOL If I gave you ALL the clues in the first Chapter, then it wouldn’t be fun at all!! Anyway, ALL the clues you guys need are in the Chapters, you just have to pay close attention. LOL

Now…here is Chapter 2!


CHAPTER SUMMARY:: Just a regular day in the Rosenberg’s and the Summers’ residences. Something pretty normal, I’d say. The families gather for dinner.

A/N:: IMPORTANT! First Chapter to bring us back to the PAST, people!! The kids don’t have a huge role in this Chapter but they work to keep track of time for now. In this Chapter, Nick and Hannah are 5 and their sister Abbie is 3. Bryan and Robin (Fawn’s kids) are 2. Tommy (Xander/Anya son) doesn’t appear in this Chapter, though.

A/N2:: There’re a few fighting scenes towards the end… I do apologize if they’re not so good. It’s been a long time since I wrote fighting scenes and I’m a bit rusty. I did try my best, guys. I hope you liked them anyway.

CHAPTER 2 – Just a regular Day…

The black SUV parked in front of the Rosenberg house and Tara sighed tiredly. Teaching high school kids had been specially difficult that day and she was exhausted. The blonde got out of the vehicle they had bought after having Abbie (because three kids didn’t fit in her wife’s old car), holding her work satchel. She couldn’t wait to enter her home and see her wife and kids, she missed them soo much.

Tara opened the door and smiled as she was hit with that familiar scent that was permanently etched in her home: a mix of roses and that heavenly baby lotion that Willow insisted in buying for their kids.

“Will?” Tara called out as she hung her satchel on the hook by the entrance. “Willow? Where are you?”

She frowned slightly when she noticed her wife wasn’t working in the living room as usual and that the kids weren’t around either. It was then when she noticed a post-it note on the coffee table and picked it up.

‘Mommy: Mama had to go to the office so we’re hangin’ out with aunty F and our cousins next door. Love, Nicky, Hannah and Abbs,’” Tara read out loud and laughed because she could just hear her adorable Willow’s baby-voice in her head. “Oh, my sweet, quirky Willow…” She breathed out lovingly.

Tara saved the note in the pocket of her work slacks and retraced her steps out of the house and went next door. She knew her friend didn’t mind if she just entered so the Witch pulled out her keychain and opened the door to the Summers’ house.

Tara was instantly hit with the sound of laughter coming from the living room and she smiled. And when she entered the living room, she just had to chuckle. Nick and Hannah were sitting in front of the TV watching an old episode of The Simpsons, they were laughing and pointing at the TV. Faith was lying on the couch with a sleeping Abbie lying on top of her. Her little head full of red hair on the Slayer’s chest and her tiny hands curled under her tiny body clad in her Charmander’s PJs.

“Hey, guys,” Tara said, mindful of keeping her voice low enough to not wake up Abbie.

The twins instantly looked up at their mother and smiled.

“Mom! Mom! Mom!” The twins stood up and hurried to her. Tara dropped to her knees and hugged her oldest babies. She had missed them so much….

“Oh, I missed you guys! So much!” Tara planted a big kiss on their little cheeks and the kids kissed hers. “How are my little Prince and Princess today?”

“Awesome, Mom!” Hannah exclaimed, giving her the same happy grin that she loved on her lover’s face so much and Tara’s heart melted a bit more.

“I’m so glad! And you, little man?” The blonde asked her son, who was happily nested in her arms.

“I’m great, Mom,” Nick responded happily

“I’m so glad, little Prince. So, go back to watching TV for a bit while I say hi to aunt Faith, yeah?” Tara kissed her son’s and daughter’s cheeks one more time and let them go. The twins hurried to get back to The Simpsons and Tara chuckled again as she stood up. She wasn’t sure about letting them watch that show, at first, but slowly Willow and Faith had convinced her.

“What’s up, T?” Faith whispered as the blonde walked closer and sat on the edge of the couch next to her legs.

“Hey. I’m okay. And you?”

“I’m great. Bein’ a human pillow,” the brunette joked and nodded slightly to the little girl resting on top of her.

“How was she, today? Did she fall asleep long ago?” The blonde asked as she reached out and gently caressed her baby’s red hair.

“Nah. She fell asleep like ten minutes ago, so I figured it was cool if I let her sleep for a bit. And she was great, as always,” Faith explained and grinned as she looked at her Goddaughter.

“You’re alone, Faith? Where’s Dawnie? And my Mom? Will left me a note sayin’ she had to go to the office.”

“Yeah… Red and your Mom were with the kiddos today, picked ‘em up from kinder, and had our twins as well while I went to teach a class and train with the G-man. When I got back, Red was alone with the kids and had no idea where your Mom was either. D got back right on time for lunch and just now went to buy some stuff at the grocery store with the twins And Red got a call from the office like…three hours ago, I think. And she came over and asked if we could watch the kids. Red texted ‘bout half an hour ago remindin’ me that you’d be home soon and that she’d be back in ‘bout another hour,” Faith explained, keeping it short as she could. “Apparently, it’s a big meeting.”

“Okay… Thanks, Faith, for watching over the kids,” Tara told her gratefully.

Faith snorted and rolled her eyes at her best friend.

“Oh, ‘cause it’s such a hard job, watchin’ over the most well-behaved kids on Earth,” the Slayer said sarcastically and chuckled. “Seriously, spendin’ time with the kids is awesome. Somehow havin’ your twins and my little Charizard around calms my kids down. I don’t get it but fu—who cares?” The Slayer added and shrugged as much as she could having Abbie on her chest.

Tara giggled and kept caressing her daughter’s hair. She loved doing that.

“They will all be really close, that’s for sure,” Tara stated and shared a grin with her best friend. “So, what did you guys to, today?”

“We played around in the backyard. Nicky-boy and Bry ‘played’ baseball with the ball D got ‘em. Abbs actually joined us for a lil’ bit and gave it a try. Lil’ Charizard’s sure got a strong arm, T,” Faith said proudly and Tara grinned because she knew her Slayer friend loved baseball. “Han and my lil’ birdy Rob didn’t do much, just rolled around on the grass and then we all chased each other ‘round for a bit before D told ‘em to jump on me,” she explained and chuckled again.

“I bet that was fun,” Tara commented amused.

“Oh, yeah! ‘Till a tiny elbow digs into your ribs and it feels like a knife, ya know?” Faith said and Tara winced in sympathy because she did know. Those tiny elbows could be very painful.

“Anyway, after playin’ outside we all came back and watched some Pokémon. Abbs still goes crazy whenever Charizard shows up, she loves that dude,” Faith said, feeling completely proud of her Goddaughter.

“You’re gonna turn her into an addict, my friend,” Tara joked and caressed Abbie’s tiny cheek with the back of her finger.

“Not my fault if kiddo’s got good taste like her Godma,” Faith boasted lightly.

“You sat with her to watch that pirates anime you love, didn’t you?” Tara deadpanned and Faith smirked.

“You bet your butt we watched the newest episode. She loved it!” Faith confirmed.

“Willow makin’ them watch Dr Who and you makin’ them watch anime…” Tara joked and shook her head. “But I think it’s cool that you watch it with the kids. We all need some bonding-time with them.”

“And we really appreciate it that you and Red let us spend so much time with the kiddos.”

The front door opened and Dawn entered the house, pushing the twin stroller Willow and Tara had bought them when their babies had been born.

“Hey, Tare. How are you?” Dawn asked as she parked the stroller in the living room.

“Hey, Dawnie. I’m good. And you? How are our little babies today?” Tara asked as she leaned in to observe the two sleeping angels.

“They’re god, just tired after having fun in the grocery shop,” Dawn said and took off her jacket.

“T, give me a hand, will ya?” Faith said and Tara gently lifted her daughter and placed her against her own chest. Abbie never noticed a thing, it seemed. The Slayer quickly stood up and went to kiss her kids and wife. “The bags are in the car?”

Dawn nodded and Faith hurried out the door.

“Hey, Tare. You and Will are stayin’ for dinner? Faith is going to make chicken paella and there will be plenty for everyone,” Dawn said and gently pulled Robin into her arms.

“I’ll have to ask Willow when she gets here but I don’t see any reason for us not to, specially since it’s Friday,” Tara answered while she rocked gently back and forth.

“Then let’s take the kiddos upstairs,” Dawn suggested. “We can put them in the twins’ room.”

“Alright. Nicky, Hannah,” Tara called her two oldest and the kids quickly looked at her. “Please, stay here watching TV while we put the kids in bed, okay?”

“Sure, Mom,” Hannah said and Nick simply nodded.

Dawn and Tara walked upstairs to what used to be Dawn’s old room and was now Robin’s. The tall brunette placed her daughter on her crib and covered her with her beloved blanket (it was white and had tiny robin birds flying all over it), a present from her Godmother.

“I’ll go get Bry. Put Abbie with Robin, the crib is big enough, Tare,” Dawn said as she left the room.

“Since you had an early start today, I’m gonna let you sleep a bit more, Lady Abbie,” Tara whispered to her daughter as she gently placed her next to Robin and covered her with the blanket. “Sleep tight, my sweet Lady.”

Tara observed from the doorway as Dawn entered the other room, formerly Buffy’s, and lowered Bryan into his crib. The brunette tucked in her son with his baseball themed blanket and kissed his forehead. Then, she repeated the same with her daughter and niece and shared a smile with her best friend and mother-figure. Tara gently nudged her and they exited the room quietly while Dawn checked the baby monitor was on.

“Dawnie, do you mind if I go home, have a shower and change?” Tara asked while they walked down the stairs.

“Sure, go, Tare. Nicky and Hannah are entertained. Go ahead, it’s not like I have to cook or anything,” Dawn finished with a joke because they all knew she couldn’t cook to save her life. She could help in the kitchen, but never cook. Not if they wanted to eat food, at least.

Tara giggled and shook her head at her friend.

“Alright. I’ll be right back and help Faith cook dinner,” the blonde Witch said and walked out of the house while Dawn sat on the couch to watch The Simpsons with Nick and Hannah.

“What episode are we on, guys?” The brunette asked the kids.

“The Simpsons go to Japan,” Nick replied with a grin because he loved that episode. “It’s one of my favorite, aunt Dawn.”

“I know, mine too,” Dawn commented with a big grin and lowered herself to the floor so she could sit with the kids.

“Mine is the Harry Potter one, aunt Dawn,” Hannah told her and the little girl received a huge smile from her Godmother.

“I love that one too! It’s sooo funny,” Dawn told her and nodded.

--A regular day—

Tara finished fastening her bra and sighed contently. She always felt so good after a nice hot shower. It was like the weight of the whole day just vanished. The blonde reached out to grab the blouse she had left on the bed when her wife’s voice made her turn towards the door.

“My very own MILF, I’m so lucky,” Willow said jokingly and leaned against the door frame.

Tara rolled her eyes at being called a MILF, although inside she kind of liked it when Willow called her that. But a moment later, a content smile spread on her after as she looked at her wife.

“The older you get, the more pervy you get,” the blonde joked as she walked to her wife and grabbed her hands.

Willow squeezed the blonde’s hands and let them go to wrap her arms around Tara’s underwear clad hips before their lips met for a sweet kiss.

“Hi,” the redhead whispered against her lover’s lips. “How are you, baby? Had a good day?”

“I’m good. Had better days at work but I’m good, honey,” Tara replied and kissed her wife one more time before moving away and back to the bed. “And you? Why did the office call?”

“Oh, well…. I had a great day! The kids and I played around a bit, then I did some cleaning and work while your Mom watched the kids. Then she said she had some stuff to do so when the office called I asked Faith and Dawn if they could watch the kids,” Willow explained and sat (eagerly) on the edge of the bed to observe (more like perv) her wife as they talked.

“But what did the office want?” Tara asked as she put on a pair of jeans, fully aware of the way her wife was eyeing her still uncovered torso.

“They wanted me to agree on a little change. Now I’m gonna go to the office one day at the week to keep myself informed on the projects of the other teams and stuff. They’re super happy with my work on the last program but they need me to go for the weekly meeting. It totally works for us, babe, ‘cause it’s on Thursdays and you have that day off,” Willow explained happily

“That’s great! Still, I made a decision for next year. I’m going to go back to only teaching the morning classes. I already talked to the principal,” Tara begun to explain as she put on her blouse, much to her wife’s disappointment. “Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching but I want to be around more, specially now that the twins are started preschool. And Abbie still has a year for kinder garden, so…”

“Well, babe, if that’s what you want, you know I support you,” Willow said and handed her wife her socks. “It’s not like we need the extra money.”

“That’s another thing I thought about. We don’t need any extra money. With the pay raise you got last year and what the Council decided to pay us, we live comfortably. I’m basically working just because I love it. So me working less hours won’t affect us at all.”

“Sweetheart….” Willow patted the bed beside her and waited until Tara sat next to her. “You don’t have to justify anything to me. If you want to work less hours, that’s great. If you want to quit teaching and do something else, then I’m behind you 100%. And if you wanna quit workin’ at all and stay home, then I’ll support you as well.”

“I love teaching so I don’t think I’m gonna quit teaching any time soon but thanks for supporting me always, darling,” Tara told her and kissed her again.

“No problem, babe. The kids still with Faith and Dawn?” Willow asked as she stood up.

“Yes. Dawn and Faith invited us for dinner, by the way. I said yes, since it’s Friday. And Dawnie was fine with staying with the kids while I came to shower and change,” Tara explained and grabbed her phone from her night table and put it in her pocket.

“Then, let’s go. I miss our babies,” Willow said and extended her hand for her wife to take.

--A regular day—

“Hey, guys, I made some mac an’ cheese for you. Do you want some?” Tara asked the five kids that were gathered in the living room.


“Yay Mom!”

“Alright. Then we’re going to pause the movie for a bit and you can finish watching it after you eat,” Tara told them and grabbed the remote to pause the movie.

“But Mom!” “Au’ty Tawa!” Bryan and Nick complained at the same time. They loved The Incredibles, it was their favorite movie!

“Sweetie, the movie’s not going anywhere. Let’s go eat dinner and after you eat all your yummy food, you can come back and keep watching the movie.”

Nick sighed and nodded, Bryan copying him even though he didn’t quite understand yet. The older boy stood up and guided his little cousin to the dining room, both of them dragging their feet miserably. Tara just had to chuckle, as she watched them. Then she looked at the girls.

“Are we goin’ to have a problem here, girls?” Tara asked the girls with a mock-scold that made them giggle.

“No, Mom,” Hannah said and stood up. She grabbed her little sister’s and cousin’s hands, who were still giggling, and took them to the dining room.

Once Robin and Bryan were set in their high chairs, Dawn feeding Bryan and Willow feeding Robin, Tara sat in one of the chairs around the table and pulled Abbie onto her lap to feed her, since Nick and Hannah could handle a fork without needing much supervision. Since the kids were in the same room, the adults were pretty quiet; instead they entertained themselves and the kids.

“Good boy… Have some more, baby boy,” Dawn cooed her son as she fed him another spoonful of mac n’ cheese. “Good boy, Bry,” she whispered to him and kissed his tiny forehead.

“C’mon, a little bit more, Lady Abbie,” Tara encouraged the baby girl and gave her another spoonful of the yummy food. “I bet if this was covered in chocolate, you’d be more eager, baby girl,” she added and chuckled. Hey youngest daughter seemed to have inherited Willow’s love for chocolate, as well as her looks.

“Mom! More!” Little Abbie exclaimed happily and her tiny hand smacked the table in her excitement. The little girl pouted but giggled a second later.

“Alright. If little Lady Abbie wants more…” Tara told her and gave her another spoonful.

“Somehow I don’t think that chocolate covered mac n’ cheese would taste very good, honey,” Willow commented with a smile and wiped Robin’s mouth with a napkin before lifting the spoon again.

“Doesn’t mean that you chocolate addicts wouldn’t try it,” Tara teased back, not even looking at her wife.

“Mmmmm…. Probably true, dear,” the redhead finally agreed and giggled, causing Robin to giggle as well.

“That just sounds nasty, guys,” Dawn commented with a grin.

--A regular day—

After the kids were fed and cleaned, Tara made sure they were comfortable in the living room (the boys watching The Incredibles and the girls playing with their blocks) and then went back to the dining room. Dawn and Willow had already set the table and were waiting for Faith to bring the chicken paella to the table.

“Is there anything else to bring?” Tara asked.

“The wine, if you want any. If you don’t, then we already have juice and water here,” Dawn replied and nodded to the pitchers on the center of the table.

“You want any wine, Will?” Tara asked her wife.

“No, I’m fine. I don’t feel like drinkin’ tonight,” the redhead answered and her wife nodded in agreement.

“Alright. Keep an eye on the kids, I’m gonna go help Faith,” Tara said and entered the kitchen.

Willow stood up and walked to the entrance of the living room. The kids were still entertained by the movie and the blocks so she retraced her steps and leaned against the doorframe of the dining room, from where she could see the kids and still talk to Dawn.

“So, how was that work meeting?” Dawn asked her from her seat.

“It went good. They want me to go once a week for a weekly meeting, that’s it,” Willow replied. “It worked out great ‘cause it’s on Thursdays and Tara’s off that day. Then, they want me to get more involved with the other teams.”

“That’s great, right? For you, I mean…”

“Yeah. It could mean a bit more work but more variety, ya know? So it would be cool,” Willow said and grinned, glancing back and forth between the kids and Dawn.

“Then awesome, Will.”

“And how was work today for you, Dawnie?”

“You know, Fridays are short days for me. And it was good. The two classes I taught today were fun, relaxing and really it’s the best job, ya know?” Dawn said and Willow smiled. A while after Nick and Hannah were born, Dawn made a drastic decision. She decided to stop studying psychology and started to study other courses. It led her to study to become a yoga teacher. No one understood exactly why but they all loved that it made her so happy and it had become a family thing after a while because the two couples did it in their free time.

“That’s great! I honestly didn’t think it’d be so much fun before we began but now I always look forward to our sessions,” the redhead commented sincerely.

“I felt the same way before I started too. And then when I decided to study to be a teacher… Best decision ever,” Dawn said happily.

“You’re a great teacher. I know we all enjoy our sessions, sweetie,” Willow said and held out her hand to indicate her friend to wait a second. The redhead simply marched into the living room and simply stared at her youngest daughter, who was holding one of the blocks away from Robin, who seemed to be about to cry.

“Mine, Mama!” The tiny redhead cried out and clutched the block tighter to her little chest.

“Abbigail…” was all Willow said and simply continued to stare at her.

Abbie looked at her Mama for a few seconds and then sighed.

“Sha’e toy,” the little girl said, not quite saying the words correctly but getting there, and slowly handed the toy to her younger cousin. Robin grabbed it but dropped it and grabbed it again, a big dimpled smile forming in her face.

“You always have to share your toys. Right, Mama?” Hannah said, looking at her mother with a bright smile.

“Exactly, Hannah. Well done, Abbie,” Willow said as she knelt down and kissed her daughter’s head. “Try to remember next time, Abbie-bug.”

“‘Kay, Mama,” Abbie sighed and then smiled at her mother.

“That’s my girl,” Willow told her and stood up. “Now you three be good, alright? Mom and I will be right there in the dining room.”

When Willow entered the dining room again, Faith and Tara were serving the paella. It smelled heavenly and she couldn’t wait to taste it. Her mouth was watering as she sat down next to her wife.

“Faith, Tare, that smells amazing!” Willow said, eager to taste it.

“Yeah. You guys get better and better every day,” Dawn complimented them, feeling like Homer Simpson drooling over doughnuts.

“Well, one important thing, when it comes to cooking, is practice, sweetie,” Tara told her gently, holding back a grin.

“Yeah, I heard practice was kinda a big deal,” Faith added teasingly and sat next to her wife.

“Smart-ass,” Dawn muttered to her wife. A second later she looked at Tara, who was sitting across from her. “And you too.”

“Sorry, babe, but you’re easy to tease,” Faith said as she started serving paella onto her plate.

“You’re both lucky I love you,” the former Key said grumpily but the others knew she wasn’t really mad.

“Yeah, we know,” Faith whispered so only she would hear her, which got her a subtle wink from her wife.

Tara served herself and her wife and smiled at the awed look in her redhead’s face after taking a first bite.

“Man, this is so good!” Willow explained after swallowing. “Great idea, Faith!”

“Glad you like it, Red,” Faith said. “I thought it was a cool idea. Just to try something different.”

“Baby, it totally is awesome,” Dawn added her approval.

“And I really appreciate you usin’ chicken instead of shrimp because of me. It’s delicious,” Tara said gratefully.

“No problem, T.”

“By the way… Will, do you know where my Mom went?” Tara asked her wife, finally remembering.

“I have no idea, Tare. She told me she had some errands to run and may be a bit late, that’s it,” Willow said and shrugged.

Tara frowned slightly.

“Mom has been actin’ a bit weird lately. Disappearing and being all mysterious,” the blonde thought out loud, trying to figure it out in her head.

“I’m sure everything’s fine, Tara. I mean, if there was something wrong, we’d know ‘bout it. I don’t think she’d hide anything from you,” Dawn said, trying to reassure her.

“Yeah, babe. I’m sure she’s just… I don’t know, lookin’ for a hobby or something like that,” Willow added, trying to stop her wife from worrying, even though she was a bit worried herself.

“Maybe she’s got herself a real stud and is havin’ the ride of her life, if ya know what I mean,” Faith suggested, only joking, because she didn’t want her friends worrying.

Three completely grossed out faces stared at her for what seemed an eternity.

“Holy Mother of God! You just didn’t say that!” Dawn exclaimed, disgusted.

“That was just….something my ears didn’t need to hear,” Willow mumbled and tried to focus on her food, although her stomach had shut down, it seemed.

“I should punch you for putting that image in my head. Thanks, Faith,” Tara muttered as she took a deep breath. “No daughter or son wants to think of their parents like that.”

Faith looked at each one of them and rolled her eyes.

“You guys really have no sense of humor, do ya?” The Slayer asked rhetorically and continued eating.

“That so wasn’t funny,” Willow shot back between her teeth.

“You guys don’t have a sense of humor,” the Slayer repeated mockingly.

“I wouldn’t care if my mom was dating someone but please, don’t make that kind of joke,” Tara told her with a wry chuckle. “Anyway, let’s change the subject, guys.”

“Yes, please,” Willow agreed vehemently.

“Did you teach your classes today, Faith? How were those?” Tara asked her Slayer friend.

“Yeah. I had two classes this morning. They went well. And after I went to the Magic Box to train for a couple of hours,” Faith explained shortly. “And then I came back.”

“Great! And how was patrol last night?” Tara asked her, looking at her and her wife.

“It was pretty regular. There were only a few vamps and we ran into this demon who’s friends with Clem,” Faith replied and grinned.

“Clem says hello, by the way,” Willow added. “And he introduced us to his friend Galley. He’s a demon of the good kind and moved recently to Sunnydale with his family.”

“He’s a good demon? That’s great, we don’t have enough of those,” Dawn said sincerely. “What’s him like?”

“Seems pretty cool. I didn’t get any bad vibes from him, ya know?” Faith said and shrugged.

“He seems really nice, I don’t know. He allowed us to see him in both forms, in sign of good faith,” Willow told them. “His demon form is pretty intimidating, though.”

“But he looks really cool!” Faith added with an excited grin.

“So, he’s a half-breed?” Tara asked. “As far as I know, only half-breeds can take human form. Right?”

“Yes, baby. He’s a half-breed Nightcrawler type demon. And he allowed us to see him in demon form in sign of good faith,” Willow told her wife.

“But, why? Did you guys have a fight or somethin’?” Dawn asked, finding the situation a bit bizarre. “Why would he let you guys see him in both forms?”

“He and his family had some problems with some demons in LA who hunt down half-breeds. The Fang-Gang helped them and apparently Queen C told them that Sunnydale was safer for good demons ‘cause of us. So he and his family moved here and since he knows Clem, he wanted to meet me,” Faith explained.

“I called Angel and he confirmed that story. Angel said that Galley is a good guy and that he just wants his family to live in peace, so Angel and Cordy told him to speak with the Slayer,” Willow added and pointed across the table with her fork.

“This is definitely a first,” Tara said, a little surprised. “We never had a good demon that actually wanted to speak with the Slayer except for Clem but he’s a friend. Good demons usually just stay out of troubles and that’s it.”

“This Galley dude has a son, a little boy. And when those evil demons tried to kill ‘em in LA, they tried to kill his wife and son. They’re peaceful demons, but he’s scared shitless, ya know? So he came to SunnyD and wanted to meet me to…request sanctuary, I guess,” Faith explained the important point of the meeting as best as she could.

“He, Galley, said that in case anything happened, he wanted to ensure his son’s and wife’s safety,” Willow commented seriously. “That’s why he showed us his good faith by showin’ us his demon form and talkin’ to us,” the redhead continued with the explanation.

“Poor man,” Tara breathed out and frowned slightly. “He must be so scared for his family. It’s no wonder that he wanted to make sure his family would be protected.”

“That’s so sad…. And what did you tell him?” Dawn asked, frowning as well.

“Told him the same thing that I’ve told the other good demons we met. Stay out of troubles, don’t get involved in evil schemes and we’re cool. And told him that if anything happened and he or his family needed help, that I’d do my best. If he’s really a good guy, an innocent then it’s my job to help and make sure he’s protected,” Faith said honestly and shrugged.

“I told him that we’d basically give him a trial period ‘cause hello! We don’t know him; we just met him last night. I remarked the fact that Faith as the Slayer and us as her allies, we try to maintain peace with good natured demons as long as they don’t get involved or aid evil schemes and that it’s our job to protect innocents if they need to be,” Willow explained seriously.

“You just sounded like a lawyer, sweetie,” Tara told her wife jokingly and the redhead gave her an amused grin.

“And then Red ‘ere underlined that evil demons either got Slayed or fried like a chicken nugget,” Faith added and giggled mischievously.

“Will, you threatened him, honey?” Tara asked, not liking it one bit.

“I didn’t threaten him, baby. You know that sometimes we have to project this tough-act or demons won’t ever take us seriously. But it was all for show. Just to let him know that…just because we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, we’re not fools. It was all for show, baby, I swear,” Willow promised her wife sincerely.

“That’s what happens sometimes as the Second in Command, T. Red’s got to show her super dooper butchy side,” Faith said but she was trying to hold back laughter. “C’mon, T. Don’t take it seriously. Neither Red or I, do. It’s mostly a joke by now. Right, Red?”

“Totally. Don’t take it seriously. I mean, Faith’s always gotta do it ‘cause she’s the Slayer, ya know? But I only did it once seriously and you were there,” Willow told her.

“I just don’t like it when you do it, Will. You know why,” Tara told her and then shook her head. “I’m sorry, sweetie. I shouldn’t question you.”

“No, baby. Don’t apologize. We should have explained better,” Willow said, rubbing her neck, embarrassed.

“So what are you gonna do about this demon guy?” Dawn asked.

“I don’t wanna sound like we suspect of him or anything ‘cause now we don’t have any reason to… But we’re gonna keep an eye on him and his family,” Willow responded.

“In part to see if we can really trust him, like we trust Clem. And to make sure that no one comes after ‘em too,” Faith responded as well. “But I don’t know, guys… I mean, a part of me feels like we can trust ‘im, ya know?” She added as she served herself some more paella.

“A part of you?” Tara asked.

“What do you mean, hon?” Dawn asked her wife.

“Well, I… Not sure how to explain,” Faith muttered as she scooped a large amount of paella with her spoon and shoved it in her mouth. The others waited patiently while she chewed and drank some juice. “Alright, hope I can make sense. All the Slayers, ever since the first one. Or I always figured there must have been a first, anyway. I have no idea. But whatever. Ever since the first Slayer, ALL the Slayers had the same powers. I’m no different in that sense and the ones that will come after me will be the same too. Now, there’s one thing that makes each one of us different and unique. We all have those special Slayer-senses that allow us to sense when somethin’ evil is nearby, that lets us identify a vampire among a crowd. The dreams, that sort of connection to our linage…You guys following me so far?”

“Yeah, don’t worry. Keep goin’,” Willow told her gently.

“Anyway, all Slayers had Slayer-senses. But the way they are…developed, are all different. Each one of us has been different and unique because of that. But I think that…our Slayer-senses were the only thing B and I had in common, as Slayers. Ours weren’t innate, or automatically on after bein’ called. Ours were developed through this…” Faith struggled a bit to find the right words. “Mix of gut feelin’, human instinct and most of all, experience.”

“That’s not surprising, Faith. You and Buffy having that in common,” Tara said and her friend gave her a questioning look. “After all, Buffy was, and you are so far, the oldest living Slayers in history, as far as I know.”

“Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Anyway, my original point was…I can sense evil. I can smell it, see it, and hear it. My gut, there’s this thing inside me that rings a fuckin’ alarm whenever I’m close to it.” Faith lowered her eyes for a second, focusing on her food. “I tasted evil. I felt it in my breath, all over my skin. I know how to recognize evil,” she finished and looked back at the others, her eyes begging them not to ask about what she just said. And they didn’t.

“And you didn’t feel that when you saw that demon Galley?” Tara asked her, understanding perfectly that they shouldn’t ask about that shadow of the past that clouded her friend’s eyes for a moment.

“No. Nothing. Nada,” Faith replied and shook her head. “There was nothing that made my radar ping. Hell, not even Clem comes up so fuckin’ clean and we all know Clem’s as pure as fuckin’ snow! And Red, you didn’t feel any sort of magic takin’ effect, did ya?”

“No. You know I always keep my ‘radar’ clear, so to speak, in case anything magical happens or tries to influence us. But I didn’t feel anything like that,” Willow explained with a nod. “I can keep an eye open and I will, but I didn’t feel anything like that.”

“Exactly! I didn’t feel shit at all. And there’s this tiny part o’ me that thinks, I should trust ‘im, he’s a friend. It’s the whole other side of me that thinks I should keep my eyes open and my head straight ‘till gettin’ a really convincin’ proof of his innocence.”

“Sweetie, if your instincts tell you to trust him, then do it. I mean, be wary, but give him a chance,” Dawn told her with a supportive smile. “So far, your instincts have never failed us.”

Faith nodded at her wife and instantly her eyes went to Tara, who she saw as a sister and a guide.

“We always give everyone the benefit of the doubt, Faith,” Tara agreed.

Faith’s eyes then locked with Willow’s. It wasn’t a joke that the redhead was her Second in Command, it was only natural and something that no one could deny. When it came to Slayer-matters, she trusted her the most.

“It’s the deal we made with him, Faith. But I trust your guy more than anything,” Willow told her.

“And I trust yours, Red,” Faith told her. “We should let the others know, then.”

“I think we should,” Willow agreed. “Just in case. But it can wait ‘til Monday.”

“Yeah, it can,” Faith said.

--A regular day—

The rest of dinner went normally. It wasn’t until they sat around the table to eat some flan and drink coffee (the kids were drinking warm milk) that the phone rang, playing a tune they all knew by heart. Pretty much, the only person who ever called their house phones these days was Giles.

Faith hurried to go into the other room to talk and the others remained in the dining room with the kids, trying to make them not notice anything unusual.

Willow and Tara shared a look. They both were wondering if anything had happened. Dawn shot them a look as well from across the table. Willow shrugged subtly, indicating that she had no idea of what was going on and the blue eyed brunette sighed before nodding.

Faith came back to the room a few minutes later and stood behind her wife. The Slayer placed her hands on Dawn’s shoulders and squeezed gently, reassuring her that everything was okay.

“Red, Giles needs us to go give ‘im a hand. Wanna come?” Faith asked giving her a subtle look that meant ‘Slayer business.’

“Sure. We have time to change or not?” Willow asked as she drained the last of her coffee and stood up.

“We have time, don’t worry. I’ll do the same,” Faith said looking down at her comfy loose yoga pants and long sleeve plain black t-shirt.

“Great. Be right back, then,” the redhead mumbled as she left the house.

Walking hurriedly to her house, Willow entered her bedroom and went to her closet. She took off her office outfit (blazer, shirt and slacks) and opened a special wooden compartment she and Tara used to keep ‘Slayer-related-outfits’. It was something they had agreed to with Faith, Dawn, Xander and Anya. In that meeting, they had talked about the outfits that improved their safety and they had agreed.

Willow chose a dark green long sleeve t-shirt to put on, loose dark red leather pants and the matching jacket. Black steel-toed boots completed the assemble. The redhead didn’t even stop to look at herself in the mirror; she just shoved her phone in the pocket of her leather pants and grabbed her keys.

Faith was waiting for her in the foyer, clad in a similar attire (except she was wearing a black tank top) holding a leather bag.

“Are you ready, Faith?” Willow asked her as she closed the front door of the Summers’ house.

“Yeah. Just gotta put my jacket on,” the Slayer said and left the bag on the floor. That’s when Willow noticed something on her friend’s arm: a bright red and black robin bird with its wings spread open in mid-flight where that old tribal tattoo used to be.

“Hey, you finally got that old tattoo covered?” The Witch asked and her friend grinned at her.

“Yeah. It was time,” Faith said and put her leather jacket on. “Let’s go say goodbye.”

“Yeah, let’s.”

They took their time to kiss their kids and wives goodnight. None of the Scoobies ever left their houses without saying goodnight or kissing their loved ones. It was one of the things that had changed in the last few years and it made them feel better to know that if anything happened, they had told their kids and spouses ‘I love you.’ Afterwards, they grabbed the weapons bags and got in Faith’s car.

“So, what’s in the bag o’ tricks for tonight?” Willow asked as she fastened her seatbelt. “And what’s the deal?”

“The G-man called and said that he had word of a small vamp nest in the west cemetery,” Faith answered as she started driving.

“Did he give ya a number or we’re going in blind as usual?” Willow asked and rolled her eyes because that was the usual thing. Giles got word of vampire activity, told them about it but never bothered in checking just how many vampires there were so most times they went in blind. And they hated that because it left them in vulnerable position.

“He said ‘bout 5 to 10,” Faith replied and her mouth curled into a wry grin. “Which means…”

“We’re doin’ this crap blind. Great, just great,” Willow muttered.

“Yeah, well…it’s the usual deal, ain’t it?”

“I have no idea what the hell is wrong with Giles lately. He’s been so distracted,” Willow said and kept her eyes fixed on the windows, just in case they saw something weird.

“Who the hell knows…maybe his stupid-ass Watcher-ego hasn’t recovered,” The Slayer muttered under her breath but the other woman heard her anyway. “Think we should be worried?”

“I don’t know… Maybe? No? Don’t ask me, I don’t have an answer,” the Witch replied with a frown, still looking out the window.

“We should talk to ‘im, don’tcha think?” Faith kept her eyes on the road as she drove the car, but her mind was eagerly waiting for the answer to her question.

“Maybe? Yes? No? I have no idea,” Willow muttered, once again and shrugged. A big part of her honestly didn’t care and that realization didn’t surprise her too much since hers and the Watcher’s relationship hadn’t been exactly the same ever since Buffy’s death and her taking over the leader position. When Tara had gotten pregnant with the twins, their relationship had improved a bit but after the whole ordeal with the Disciple and Faith allowing Angel to help them and Giles questioning everything that Faith and Willow did…their relationship could never be repaired completely as it used to be. They had some moments from time to time in which everything was like it used to be (specially when the kids were involved) but the rest of the time, they were simple professionals working together.

“And you don’t really wanna talk ‘bout ‘im right now. Am I right?” Faith guessed but she knew she was right. It didn’t take a genius to understand that the relationship between her friend and her Watcher was strained, at best, most of the time. Hell, even her own relationship with her Watcher was a bit strained but they did their best to keep things professional.

“Bingo,” was all the redhead said.

“Yeah, don’t worry. It doesn’t please me much either,” the brunette added before deciding to change the subject. “So, the bag o’ tricks…” she trailed off, not sure how to continue. After a few seconds, she said: “Fuck, that wasn’t smooth, was it?” Faith finished as a joked.

The little joke fulfilled its job because Willow begun giggling and Faith chuckled along.

“Anyway, yeah. What’s in the good ol’ bag o’ tricks?” Willow asked, still chuckling.

“Pretty standard shit, to be honest. Stakes, holy water, couple of knives and a couple of crosses,” Faith answered with a bored tone. “Got my short sword an’ a katana in the trunk but they’re the only fun things I’ve got tonight for ya. Sorry, Red.”

“Right, ‘cause long sharp objects have always been my thing,” Willow joked and laughed, her friend laughing along.

“To be fair, you’ve gotten really good with swords these past couple of years,” Faith admitted.

“Yeah, well, when it’s either learn how to handle a sword or get bitten by a hungry vampire… You remember the lessons easily,” Willow said with a grin.

“Now, now, let’s not get humble on little ol’ me now, Fiery Red. I trained you to use that katana. You really learnt how to use it. The Xand-man and I prefer regular swords, your wife doesn’t like fightin’ that much but she’s great with stakes and my D’s an awesome hand-to-hand fighter. Usin’ a katana ain’t like regular crap, it’s pretty much an art-form and you’ve become really good at it,” Faith said, feeling quite proud of her ‘student.’

“Yeah, I’m a real ninja,” Willow joked and snorted, although she truly was proud of her progress.

“Technically, a samurai, not a ninja. The katanas used by samurais and ninjas were different, not the same,” Faith clarified before she could stop herself. “And they had a different name that I can’t remember now.”

“How’d you know so much ‘bout Japanese stuff, Faith? We all have wondered,” Willow asked her curiously.

“My first Watcher was a huge fan and taught me a lot. Anyway,” Faith hurried to move on with the subject because her first Watcher was not a subject she wanted to discuss. With no one. “The point is swords and specially katanas, are pretty much pieces of art, not just sharp metal thingies.”

“I never really thought about it but guess they can be quite beautiful, yeah,” the redhead agreed with a nod, knowing to not mention Faith’s slip about her first Watcher. Neither she nor Tara knew much about it but Dawn had commented once that it was a very touchy and painful subject and they respected it by not talking about it.

“A well done blade can be as gorgeous as the fuckin’ Mona Lisa, Fiery Red,” the brunette told her with a special excited grin. “At the risk of soundin’ like a psycho, I fuckin’ love knives and swords.”

“Nah, not a psycho. At all,” Willow bantered with a grin. “Seriously, though, I get what you mean when I think about it. Also, they’re pretty useful in ‘our line of work’ so it’s logical.”

“What can I say? A girl’s gotta have a hobby, right?” Faith bantered back with a grin of her own.

“Usually havin’ a hobby implies fishing, or doin’ arts-y type of stuff. Or, or- or playin’ tennis on the weekends but, who am I to judge? Most weekends Tara and I practice our craft,” the redhead said and laughed.

Faith gave her a completely evil and naughty smirk.

“Yeah. Bet we all know what kind of spells you guys practice. That’s why usually your kids are hangin’ out with mine on weekends,” the Slayer teased with the most innocent tone she could muster.

Willow pondered if she should deny that accusation but since she knew Faith was playing around, she chuckled and smirked.

“Yeah, those ‘spells’ too,” she agreed and giggled when she couldn’t keep it in anymore.

“Atta girl.” Faith playfully smacked her friend’s arm and laughed. “Since we’re talkin’ ‘bout spells…”

“No, no, no! We’re not actually talkin’ about ‘spells’, Faith!” Willow warned her friend hurriedly.

“Dude, no! I meant real spells, not that kind,” Faith clarified and laughed again. “Gutter brain.”

“Hey, I’m so not! I just- just thought… Oh, it’s all your fault, Faith!” Willow pouted and looked away from her friend, pretending to be offended.

“Right. It’s all my fault, Red,” the Slayer mocked her. “Anyway, I meant real spells. As in, you’ve got anything new for tonight?”

“New? Nope. I thought I could practice some of the developments I’ve made in the last few months,” Willow answered, her thinking-face on. “These past few years I’ve developed quite a few stuff I need to practice more.”

“You’re gonna keep practicin’ flyin’, Red? The last time you almost got hurt,” Faith questioned gently. She didn’t want the redhead to get mad at her.

“It wasn’t that bad!” Willow exclaimed.

“Red, you fell from 50 meters. If I hadn’t caught you-”

“I know, I know. But don’t worry, I’m not gonna push myself so far,” Willow interrupted her calmly. “Also, I figured out what I did wrong the last time.”


“I pushed myself for too long. If I stay in the air for more than 10 minutes, or pass the 25 meters line, then I’ll fall. But I won’t push myself so much this time. I just got excited the last time,” the redhead muttered at the end. It had been so thrilling, being up there in the air, that she couldn’t help herself and was careless. But she wouldn’t do it again.

“‘Kay, ‘kay. But dude, I’m not tryin’ to act like your mom but c’mon… If I let you get hurt, then my wife and YOURS are gonna fuckin’ kill me! And they can be really fuckin’ scary when they’re angry,” Faith said, only half-joking.

“Oh, yeah! They can be really scary,” Willow agreed and nodded, her eyes wide as saucers. “Thanks for not telling Tara, by the way. I don’t want her to worry more than she already does.”

“No problem, Red, but don’t scare the shit outta me again. Deal?” Faith extended her hand and waited.

“Alright. Deal,” Willow agreed smiling and shook the Slayer’s hand.

“So, besides the flyin’. What else you’ve got?” Faith asked as she parked the car near the entrance of the cemetery. It was right on the edge of town so there were plenty of trees to sort of hide the car.

“Nothing, really. I haven’t been working on combative magic a lot, lately, to be honest,” Willow confessed. “Between the kids, work and everything, ya know? Besides, you know Tara doesn’t like it much…”

“Yeah, I get it. T should really cut you some slack in that. I’m no expert but you’re not messin’ around, you’re improvin’ what keeps our sorry asses alive. And I think you and T are lucky ‘cause at least in the morning, your kids are in preschool and only have to take care of Abbie. It can get really fuckin’ messy, havin’ to plan what to do all the time with the kids. And that’s funny considerin’ that we don’t have exactly normal lives,” Faith explained and her friend nodded.

“I kinda agree. Yeah, having the kids in preschool in the mornings, makes it easier to work,” Willow agreed as she unfastened her seatbelt.

Faith got out of the car while Willow got their ‘bag o’ tricks’ from the backseat and looked around. The Slayer nodded, satisfied. The car was left hidden, just in case any vamp wanted to try their luck, but it was still easy to get away in it, in case they needed to run.

Willow closed the door of the car, holding the big leather bag and walked towards the trunk. Faith met her half-way before opening the trunk of her car. The red Witch just had to smirk when she saw her friend opening the hidden compartment in the floor of the trunk to reveal the two swords she had spoken about.

“Oh, look at you, my precious,” Faith practically purred as she reverently lifted the roman short sword form its velvety bed. “We’re gonna have a whole lotta fun tonight, aren’t we?”

“Dude, you’re not talkin’ to your kid. C’mon,” Willow teased her as she lifted the katana. The black sheath was decorated with a traditional red dragon and smiled. Every time she held it, it felt as if was made for her. The jacket Willow was wearing got in the way a little bit but she just took it off, slid the leather strap on so it rested on her right shoulder and gave her easy access and then put her jacket back on again.

“Ready, Red?” Faith asked. She simply put a few stakes in her pockets and held the naked sword in her hand.

“Just give me a second, Faith,” Willow made sure she was comfortable and then grabbed the leather bag. “‘Kay, now I am.”

“Then it’s show time, babe,” Faith smirked and made sure the trunk was closed and the car was magically locked (thanks to the spell Willow had created years before).

As they walked into the cemetery, they could see and feel that everything was quiet. Too quiet. Not as in ‘a trap’ but as in ‘something is keeping most vamps away from this place.’

“You know what I always say, Red,” Faith whispered so only her friend would hear her. “Don’t push yourself too much. Unless-”

“Unless we’re losing, then go all supernova on their asses,” Willow finished the all too familiar phrase with a whisper of her own. “Gotcha.”

--A regular day—

For the first half an hour, everything was quiet. The cemetery was very big and they walked around in silence, keeping an eye on their surroundings.

“Where the hell are we?” Willow whispered to her friend. The tombs and mausoleums they were passing by weren’t familiar and seemed older than the rest, so she was a bit lost.

“We’re by the east part of the cemetery, I think” Faith whispered back, keeping close to her friend. “Where the fuck are these vamps?” The Slayer murmured to herself.

“No idea,” the redhead answered even though she knew the question was rhetorical.


They were nearing the edge of the property when they heard it: laughter, talking and music. Faith instantly raised her hand and they stopped. About 30 meters from them there was an old and huge mausoleum. They could see some light and their senses were instantly on alert. Faith gently touched Willow’s arm and nodded to her left with her head. The redhead instantly nodded back and careful, they walked in that direction.

“We need to see how many there are,” Faith whispered, her Slayer-senses pointing at the mausoleum like a huge invisible arrow, as they approached the building from the side.

“Yeah. But how?” Willow asked. And suddenly a light bulb went off in her head and she looked at her Slayer friend, her eyes wide as saucers.

“What?” Faith asked, recognizing that look in her friend’s eyes.

“We could draw them out. Force them to come out,” Willow replied with a triumphant look in her eyes.

“How?” Faith asked and if she was honest, she was a little bit afraid. Red’s plans could be dangerous sometimes…

“Come here,” Willow walked a few steps towards the door of the mausoleum and looked around. The highest place around was the roof of the very same building so she grinned. Handling the leather bag to Faith, she whispered a word and several small black boxes appeared on the tombs surrounding the building. Then she grabbed the bag again and emptied it of its contents. Faith found herself holding two knives and several stakes in her arms, all the sudden.

“The hell you doin’, Red?” The Slayer asked, always keeping an eye on the door. The sound of what seemed to be a party reassured her that the vampires were still oblivious to their presence.

“A mini-bomb,” Willow replied as she placed all 20 glass balls of holy water on the ground right in front of the mausoleum. “Sorta. Give me the stakes.”

Then she placed the stakes, one piled on top of another, on a headstone that was directly facing the door.

“Alright, alright. Now…” Willow grabbed the knives and put them back in the bag. The redhead held the bag with her left hand and extended her right hand towards her friend. “Give me your hand and hold on.”

Faith trusted Willow with her life but she felt a bit wary as she grabbed her friend’s hand and her grip on her sword tightened.

“What are you gonna do, Red?” Faith asked.

Willow looked at her with a huge smirk and remained in silence. Suddenly they both were elevated in the air and Faith had to bite her lip to stop herself from squealing like a school girl. They were floating higher, as if an invisible platform was beneath their feet, elevating them until they were to level with the top of the mausoleum. The two women gently floated to their right and stepped onto the roof without making a sound.

“Red! Thought I told ya not to scare the shit outta me!” Faith exclaimed in a whisper, her eyes throwing daggers at her friend.

“I warned ya,” Willow said and shrugged. Then she knelt down on the ground and leaned to look over the edge of the building. Faith copied her actions and simply waited.

“What are the boxes?”

An evil smirk appeared on the redhead’s face and for a moment, Faith felt fear.


“What?” Faith’s alarmed expression was completely strange but oh-so amusing to Willow.

“Illusions, Faith,” Willow snorted and rolled her eyes.

“Oh! Awesome!”

“Now. Ready?” Willow asked with an excited grin.

An equally excited grin spread over the Slayer’s face as she nodded. The Witch then held out 3 fingers and counted backwards as she extended her left hand forward, her fingers spread apart and pointed at the boxes.

When she got to 0, one by one the ‘boxes opened’ (disappeared). Faith almost yelled when the sound that came out was deafening. Like a real fucking explosion!

“What the fuck was that, Red?”

“Sorry. That was a bit too- Get down!” Willow pushed Faith down as she observed about 10 vampires come out from the building. Instantly her eyes went to the holy water and the stakes, which flew right to the vampires. A couple of them were dusted but all the others were screaming in pain, obviously injured.

“What the fuck is goin’ on?!” One of the vampires growled at his ‘buddies.’

“How the fuck would I know, man? Sounded like a fuckin’ explosion!” Another answered.

Faith didn’t waste time and leaped from the room. She landed without making a sound, right behind them. The Slayer cut off two heads before they even noticed her.

“Hey, boys! What’s that blowin’ in the wind? OH! Right! It’s you!” The Slayer laughed as she kicked the closest vampire in the chest, making him fall on top of his buddies.

The two to her left moved as if to attack her but she held out her sword, making them stop.

“Slayer,” the tallest vampire growled and vamped-out instantly.

“I wouldn’t try that if I were you,” another voice warned the vampires who were rising from the floor. The looked up, stunned, as Willow floated in the air above them with fireballs in her hands.

“Stunned? Yeah, pretty much my face when I first saw her do that too,” Faith commented casually as she made sure there was plenty of space between her and the vampires.

Then, everything happened in less than a second, but for them it was as if it was in slow-motion. Three vampires jumped on Faith but she simple avoided them and kicked one of them on the back, making the three of them to fall onto the ground.

The other three growled but they stood where they were because Willow was still threatening with her fireballs.

“Screw this shit!” One of the vampires growled and took off running. Willow actually smirked before throwing a fireball at him. He was dust in less than a second later.

“See, boys? That’s why you don’t wanna piss me off. So just be nice and stay there,” the redhead told the other two vampires, who just growled threateningly at her but stayed in place.

A few yards away, Faith was running. She jumped onto a tomb and quickly spun around, beheading another vampire. She was practically jumping up and down with excitement. It was so much fun! She could feel the adrenaline cursing through her veins but she never forgot to be careful. Her wife would kill her if she wasn’t. The other two vampires charged at her and Faith smirked. The Slayer did a backflip and landed elegantly on her feet just as the vamps reached her. She tossed her sword to the side for the moment and punched the first one. The vamp tumbled backwards and never even saw the stake coming before he turned to dust, without even hitting the ground.

The other vamp managed to grab Faith’s right hand but Faith punched him with her left, making her let go of her.

“You fucking bitch!” The vampire tried to punch her but Faith’s arm blocked his attack and punched him right in the jaw, making him yell in pain because it was broken. The Slayer kicked his legs from under him and he went down.

“Sorry, buddy,” Faith said mockingly as she brought down the take as hard as she could, piercing his heart. His mouth formed a big O as he turned to dust. The Slayer chuckled and picked up her sword from the ground. “Damn, that was easy,” she muttered to herself as she walked back to where her friend was.

Willow grinned as she slowly floated down to the ground. The two stupid vampires saw the fireballs disappear and jumped to attack but didn’t count on her speed. The Witch drew her katana as she stepped back and quickly spun around, forming a full circle as she cut off the head of one of them. The other vampire was fast and tried to tackle her but Willow planted her feet and she brought down the handle of her sword right onto his head. He howled with pain and almost fell when the redhead kicked him in the head.

“Fuckin’ bitch!” He spat at her as he stepped back. Willow simple waited for him, her feet perfectly positioned and both hands holding her sword.

“Right back atcha, buddy,” the redhead mocked as she waited. ‘Be ready, don’t rush. Let ‘em attack first. Let ‘em make the first mistake,’ her friend’s voice always reminded her in the back of her head.

“You think that tiny pocket knife will be enough?” Willow mocked him. She seemed completely carefree on the outside but inside she was calculating every single possible scenario and move she could make.

“I’m gonna drink you dry, little bitch,” he growled as he jumped at her. But she was ready.

It was just a few movements… A little shift of her feet’s positions, lift the sword a bit and then just do it, don’t think…Willow slashed him all the way down from his shoulder to his abdomen and cringed a little when the blood splattered on her face and neck but she didn’t stop. The vampire screamed in pain and Willow ended his suffering quickly by cutting off his head.

“Fuck!” The Witch swore as she pulled out a rag from her jacket and cleaned her face and neck before cleaning her sword.

“That was a good move, Red,” Faith told her as she reached her. The Slayer patted her friend on her arm. “Not super fancy and efficient.”

“It was your first rule, wasn’t it? ‘Fancy shit is for movies. In a real fight, do whatever you gotta do to survive, don’t worry ‘bout fancy moves,’” Willow quoted her friend’s words as she sheathed her sword again.

“That’s my Fiery Red!” Faith joked as she checked her sword for any damaged. “Since we’re around. Wanna do a quick patrol in the other cemetery before goin’ home?”

“Sure. Why not? Let’s go,” Willow shrugged and started walking along with her friend. “That was a bit boring,” she added sarcastically.

The Slayer chuckled.

“You just love workin’ your mojo, don’t ya, Red?” Faith asked jokingly and smirked.

“I do admit that it’s fun to scare the crap out of vampires,” Willow admitted and they both laughed.

“That sure is,” the brunette Slayer agreed with a nod.

--A regular day—

The closest cemetery was on their way home and it was smaller. It was one of their usual stops during regular patrol so they left the car under some trees and entered after climbing a side wall (Faith climbed easily and then grabbed Willow’s hands and pulled her up with her Slayer strength), since security had been renovated recently.

The Slayer easily jumped down and landed gracefully but experience had taught Willow that she wasn’t so graceful…or lucky.

“Oh, screw it,” she mumbled to herself and extended her arms outwards to retain control of her movements as she gently (and quite elegantly) floated down to the ground.

“That looked like shit from a movie, Red. Cool!” Faith joked and slapped her back again.

“Faith, c’mon… That hurts,” the redhead complained and rolled her shoulders to ease any possible tension.

“Crap. Sorry, Red,” the brunette mumbled and shrugged. “Can’t always control my Slayer strength…”

“I know, it’s okay. Now, where’d you wanna begin?”

“Why don’t we just walk around a little? If nothing happens in like ten minutes, we’ll leave,” the Slayer suggested. Honestly, they had the same conversation almost every night.

“Okay, Captain. Lead the way, then,” Willow mock-saluted her and grinned.

Faith simply shook her head with a fond smile as she headed further into the cemetery.

--A regular day—

The walked around for almost 20 minutes and nothing happened. They both figured it was a slow night (those happened sometimes) and they were kinda glad. Only half-glad, really, because they were getting bored…

“This place’s deader than…the people buried here,” Willow finished lamely but they both laughed.

“I think you meant the dead who actually stay that way. Right?” Faith joked, just to pass the time.

“Totally. Why don’t we go home now? This is so boring,” Willow suggested while checking her watch.

“Yeah, nothing’s gonna happen.” Faith and Willow shared a look as they stopped walking. The Slayer’s eyes glanced to her left and her friend gave her an almost unnoticeable nod. “One...” she whispered so only Willow could hear her. “Two…THREE!”

“Suddenly, they both turned around in perfect sync so they were back to back as more than 20 vampires surrounded them from all sides. They were completely surrounded but fortunately, Willow had created a small barrier spell so they had room to move and the vamps were forced to stay a few meters away from them.

“You’re surrounded, Slayer!” The one who seemed to be the leader growled at them ad held one of those big-ass ‘super macho’ swords that Faith always scoffed at and mocked because they were so impractical and simply stupid.

“Boo-fucking-whoo, dude. I’m OH- so scared,” Faith mocked him with the most bored expression with could muster. “What’s next? Your big bad speech and showin’ off o’ your big shinny sword?” She asked him mockingly.

“You’ll regret that attitude, Slayer,” the leader scoffed as he vamped-out and got ready to fight.

“Buy me a few more seconds, Faith,” Willow whispered behind her. In fact, Faith wouldn’t have heard her if it wasn’t for Slayer-hearing.

“Don’t think I can, Red. So?” She told the leader. “You’re willin’ to die just ‘cause I’m me or those losers we slayed earlier were your bitches?” She usually didn’t like stalling but she could feel the heat pouring out in waves from the redhead behind her and she knew it’d be worthy.

“You dared to kill our friends, Slayer. Now you will suffer!”

“Boss…” one of the vamps facing Willow said, hesitant. He could see some kind of light coming from her joined hands and he didn’t like it one bit. Everyone had heard the stories about the Red Witch that worked with the Slayer.

“Boo-fuckin’-whoo, again, man,” Faith mocked him again and moved her right foot slightly to the right, widening her stance, ready for a good fight. “Hurry up, Red!” She urged her friend hurriedly.

“When I say ‘now’, duck and roll. Stay down,” the redhead rushed out as she started to separate her hands, the fireball she was forming suddenly got bigger and bigger than a basketball and kept on growing fast.

“What the fuck is that?!”

“It’s the Red Witch!”

“Be careful with her!”

Willow slowly raised her hands towards the sky as the fireball grew bigger than a beach ball in a matter of a couple of seconds. Faith glanced behind and smirked.

“Faith… NOW!” Willow shouted and her arms formed a perfectly straight horizontal line just as Faith ducked and rolled over the ground. The fireball literally exploded into hundreds of little fireballs that the Witch begun to direct with her hands. The fireballs shot up towards the vamps like fire-bullets and there wasn’t much the vamps could do before they turned to dust.

Not all the vampires died but their numbers were dramatically reduced. As soon as the vamps started to run and light up like birthday candles, Faith leaped into action, sword in hand, and Willow started running through the headstones, running in Z patterns as several of the vampires followed her.

One vampire tried to jump in her way but she dusted him with a precise fire-bullet.

“Fuck, I need to do more cardio,” Willow muttered to herself as she forced her legs to pump faster. Seeing a tall headstone ahead, Willow hurried to hide behind it. She quickly drew her sword and waited a couple of seconds. The first vampire that got close enough didn’t even see the blade coming towards his neck. The second tried to stop but Willow kicked him in the knee, making him fall. She cut off his head without hesitating. A third vampire tried to grab her by the shoulders from behind but she dove forward and turned around as fast as she could, thrusting her hands forward. Her katana went through his stomach, exited through his back and cut him almost in two when she pulled to her right, slicing through his flesh like melted butter. The sight almost made her gag as the blood splattered over her face and the vampire’s screams of pain were horrible, so Willow didn’t waste time, took a deep breath and cut off his head. She didn’t enjoy it when things got bloody but it was a hazard of the job and she understood that.

She saw two more vampires running towards her holding chains so she created a small fireball with her left hand and threw it. One of the vampires caught fire and died instantly while the other managed to avoid it at the last second.

“Crap!” Willow took a few steps back and held her sword with her left hand as she prepared three fire-bullets with her right one. When she released them, the vampire couldn’t avoid them all and two of the fire-bullets impacted right in his chest. He was dust in less than a second.

Taking a deep breath, Willow tried to control her breathing. She could feel another vampire near her but she couldn’t see him so she used her best card. The Witch rose up in the air as fast as she could without losing stability. As soon as she did that, a vampire came out of nowhere and jumped, trying to catch her feet with his hands but she was too high for him, even with his vampire strength.

“Get down, you bitch!” The vampire growled at her as he kept jumping up and down trying to reach her but failed.

“Right!” Willow snorted. “How stupid do you think I am?”

“Fuck! GET DOWN!” He jumped with all his strength but it still wasn’t enough.

Just as he jumped one more time, Willow descended just enough to kick him in the face, making him fall down no his ass. Several fire-bullets rained down on him so fast that he barely had time to swear as he turned to dust.

Willow literally flew over to where Faith was to see if her friend needed any help. She had a huge smile on her face. Not for killing those vampires but simply because she loved flying. It was amazing! She felt so incredible when she was up there in the air, so free, so full of life! The only moments she ever felt like that were when she was surrounded by her beloved wife and children.

Faith was battling against four vampires at the same time, including the leader who was brandishing his huge-ass sword like a moron waving a stick around.

Willow slowed down until she was floating again and did a quick calculation in her head. She prepared several fire-bullets in her right hand and counted to ten under her breath.

“7, 8, 9… FAITH DUCK LEFT!” She yelled as loud as she could, as soon as the Slayer put a few feet between her and their enemies. And the Slayer didn’t even hesitate. Faith dove to her left and rolled a few times just as Willow pointed her hand in the vamps’ direction and released the fire-bullets…

Two of the vampires were dust in seconds. One of them was used as a shield by the leader, and the other couldn’t avoid being hit with a fire-bullet.

Willow descended and had her sword ready as soon as she stepped on the ground. The leader advanced on Faith so she focused on the remaining vampires. He pulled out a big knife from his belt and Willow rolled her eyes.

“What is it with you vamps and huge-ass knives and swords? Overcompensating, much?” She mocked him and she gave herself a mental pat in the back for being witty.

“Shut up and fight, Witch,” the vamp barked at her and this time Willow’s grin vanished. She looked at him with a cold calculating anger and for a second, he was afraid, although he would never admit it.

“No one yells at me,” the redhead told him calmly and one of her hands separated from the handle of the katana. She slowly raised her hand as sparkles appeared between her fingers, sparkling like electricity. “And you should really learn to respect your superiors,” she added as the electricity between her fingers expanded to engulf her whole hand.

The vampire snorted and advanced towards her. Willow’s lightning bolt struck right by his feet and he jumped back. He tried to advance once again but another lightning bolt kept him at bay.

“No mercy to evil creatures,” Willow muttered as she distracted him by sending small lightning bolts to the ground near his feet. In her other hand (after she put her sword away in the sheath in her back) she prepared a nice fire-bullet that would kill him instantly. “No do the world a favor and die!”

She released the fire-bullet just as the vampire moved again. It hit him right in the middle of his chest and the creature didn’t even have time to scream before being consumed by the fire. Willow sighed as the vampire became dust and then turned to look for her friend. When her eyes located Faith, she burst out laughing. The Slayer had beaten the leader but hadn’t dusted him yet. Instead, she had him face-down on the ground and was sitting on his back. She had pulled back his hands and was totally playing with him.

“Hey, Red! Wanna find a hill and slide down a few times?” The Slayer laughed and pulled at his hands. The vampire growled again and tried to shrug her off one more time but Faith easily kept him down.

“Faith, as funny as this is, is also dangerous. Finish him and let’s go,” Willow told her seriously, although she was laughing inside.

“Right, Red. Sorry, buddy, guess we can’t play anymore,” Faith told him and her right hand let go of him for a second. Before he could even think to move, though, Faith was already pushing the stake through his heart. He was dust instantly.

“You really shouldn’t play around so much with them, Faith. It’s dangerous,” Willow advised her, but she wasn’t judging.

“Don’t worry, Red. You know I’m careful,” Faith replied as she jumped from the ground. She was buzzing with adrenaline and she could already feel her good ol’ double H’s cursing through her veins. Willow was looking at her with a weird expression on her face. “What?”

“You look like a kid on sugar rush,” the redhead half-mock her, half-stated.

“Feel like one too, Red! So, let’s hurry home, ‘kay? This kiddo needs some sugar tonight,” the Slayer joked as she picked up the fallen swords, hers and the huge-ass sword that belonged to the vampire.

“Now that’s somethin’ I didn’t wanna hear,” Willow muttered as she walked behind her friend towards the car.

“Oh, cheer up, Fiery Red!” Faith was practically bouncing up and down as she walked, the swords she was holding swinging around and forcing her friend to stay away from her.

“You can be so weird sometimes, Faith,” Willow told her and chuckled.

“C’mon! You know how Slayin’ gets me, Red. I can’t help it, I’m so charged of energy right now!” Faith laughed almost like a maniac for a moment.

“Right, your so-called H-H factor,” Willow snorted and shook her head.

“Hey! The double H’s are the real deal,” Faith protested as they reached the wall they had jumped over earlier.

“Sure, it is,” Willow mocked her. “Hey, wait. I’ll cross us over,” she told her Slayer friend and stepped behind her. “Stay still,” the redhead instructed and wrapped her left arm around the Slayer’s waist.

They slowly started floating in the air until they were a few inches over the wall. Faith couldn’t help to tense a bit, she wasn’t used to levitating or flying like Willow was and it still freaked her out a bit.

“Relax, I won’t drop you,” Willow reassured her as they started to move forward, over the wall and the trees. “The same magic that’s allowin’ us to levitate and move, keeps us safe. Almost like a bubble.”

“Still, this’ some freaky shit, Red,” the Slayer mumbled as her eyes looked around them.

As soon as they passed the trees, they started descending slowly towards the ground.

“For a second there, I felt like the chick from Titanic,” Faith joked as soon as they touched the ground and stepped away from her friend to go secure the swords in the trunk.

Willow laughed openly at the little joke and shook her head at Faith’s humor. The redhead took off her own sword and made sure Faith secured it in the hidden compartment in the trunk.

“Sorry but I don’t see you as Kate Winslet,” Willow joked and snorted as she put her jacket back on and opened the car door.

“Bitch, please. I’m hotter than Kate Winslet,” Faith snorted and said cockily as she closed the trunk and went to the driver’s seat. The Slayer got behind the wheel and waited until Willow was comfortable on the passenger’s seat.

“Of course, whatever you say, Faithy,” Willow told her and rolled her eyes at her friend.

“Why that tone of disbelieve? I totally am!” Faith exclaimed as she started the car.

“First your so-called H-H factor and now you’re sayin’ you’re hotter than Kate Winslet. Faith, are you high?” The redhead joked and snorted again.

“Told ya, don’t mock my double H’s, dude,” the brunette Slayer warned her but the redhead knew she wasn’t being serious.

“I’ll give ya the Hungry thing,” Willow begun with a nod. “Considerin’ all the energy you use when Slaying, it’s not a surprise that you get hungry afterwards. But the Horny thing? Nah, I don’t believe you, Faith.”

“C’mon, Red! You forgot all the times you and T came with me on Patrol? I’ve seen the way you look at your honey after a good Slayin’,” Faith stated and chuckled.

“How do I look at my wife, Faith?” Willow asked her, confused.

“Like you wanna eat her alive…if ya get what I mean,” Faith teased with a naughty smirk.

“Classy as always, Faith,” Willow deadpanned sarcastically. “You’re so full of crap.”

“Oh, please! I know that if anyone feels anything close to what I feels as a Slayer, then that person’s you, Red,” Faith said seriously. “And there’s no way that you never felt that way.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, Faith, but nope!” Willow denied with a wide grin.

“Right. I know my own wife feels it. I know your wife feels it, although less than us. So don’t bullshit me, Red,” Faith insisted with that same annoying grin that Willow wanted to smack sometimes.

“Hey! What did just say about my wife?” Willow exclaimed indignantly.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch, Red. Slayer senses, remember?” Faith reassured her and Willow instantly calmed down.

“I would appreciate it if you didn’t mention it when you notice stuff like…that kind of stuff,” Willow mumbled after a few seconds.

“Anyway…If anyone had felt it almost as much as I do, that’s you, Red,” Faith confirmed, feeling completely sure of what she was saying. “I’m talkin’ ‘bout that electric buzz that makes ya want more, more, makes ya wanna dance, jump. Do somethin’!! That fire inside your body that stirs like a fuckin’ dragon that roars to the heavens and suddenly you feel more alive than ever! And when you look at her, that dragon within you starts to purr like a damn kitten and all you want is to feel her skin and devour her completely…” Faith chuckled when she realized exactly what she just had described and the way she did it.

“I think you just described the very first spell that Tara and I did together,” Willow chuckled and her brain reminded her of those early (and confusing) days. “I mean, don’t get me wrong. The… attraction was instant. There was something there, something impossible to explain with words, exactly, from the first moment but what you just described? That started when we began connectin’ on a more metaphysical level.” Willow shook her head and giggled to herself. “An almost constant state of horniness…”

“Don’t get angry with me but judgin’ by what I’ve seen, that ‘state of constant horniness’ is still constant, Red,” Faith stated. “But see? Don’t say that you don’t feel it. That is the Horny-part of the double H’s, Will-Master. The only difference is that when you’re single, it doesn’t have a direct target and you do have one,” the Slayer said and the car made a turn in Revello Drive, a few blocks away from their houses.


--A regular day—

When Willow entered her house five minutes later, she was still thinking about what her Slayer friend had told her. She had always thought that Faith’s H-H factor was bullshit but now that she thought about it… The Witch hurried to go have a shower once she entered the house, she didn’t want her wife to see her with blood still on her, and smiled when she heard Tara’s voice apparently talking with Amelia drifting from the kitchen. Willow was tempted to go see them but she decided to hurry and get cleaned first. It was gross having to wash the blood off herself but she understood that it was a hazard of the job, she knew that.

When she exited the bathroom wearing her PJs (a big t-shirt and shorts) and found her wife getting the bed ready, wearing that black nightie that always made her drool, Willow gave her friend’s theory more credit and smirked.

“Hi, sweetie…How was patrol?” Tara asked her as she sat on the edge of the bed to rub her night lotion on her arms.

“It was good. Kinda exhausting but good,” Willow replied shortly and knelt on the bed so she could give her wife a kiss.

The blonde smiled at her and accepted her kiss gladly, already noticing something was a bit off with her.

“Are you okay, Will? You seem a bit…strange. I don’t know,” Tara said, a bit confused. She didn’t sense anything wrong with her wife but she seemed different than usual when coming back from patrol.

“I’m fine…” Willow’s eyes couldn’t help to take in the form of her wife, from her delicious looking collarbone to her finely-toned arms and her golden hair; she couldn’t decide where to look first. “I’m gonna say goodnight to the kids and be right back, okay?” The redhead rushed out and then almost ran away.

Tara raised an eyebrow, obviously a bit confused at her wife’s actions. What was going on with her redhead that night? But she didn’t sense anything wrong, so she simply shrugged and finished her nightly ritual.

“Must be one of those weird nights,” the blonde muttered to herself as she put her lotion away and got into bed.

Willow came back just as Tara was settling in bed and making sure that her pillow was fluffy enough. Tara once again looked at her wife with a questioning frown on her face at the hurried way Willow closed the door but then she smiled when realization hit her. Willow placed her open right palm against the center of the door and murmured a very familiar word, ‘Hush’. Tara smiled, amused, at the almost clumsy (over-eager) way in which Willow took off her t-shirt and shorts. She wasn’t sure what had gotten into her lovely redhead, but she was sure she was going to like it…


Okay, people! That’s it for this week!! I truly hope you liked it. Once again, I apologize if the fighting scenes weren’t my best, I’m still quite rusty, but just give me a bit of time. I do hope you enjoyed the rest of the Chapter and I will see you next Friday with Chapter 3! Have a good week, guys!

By the way… When I pictured Willow flying and floating in the air… Am I the only one who pictured her as Magneto? You know, when Magneto raises himself in the air and shit?? LOL I don’t know…

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Dibs-y Goodness...

Yay for great update-y goodness... I guess Tara's mom's "weird" behavior is due to boning Giles...

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YAY more Light and Sun YAY :)

Finished re-reading Fire and Life so yeah I see now that Tara had her mother sent back to her by the PtB.

“You sat with her to watch that pirates anime you love, didn’t you?” Tara deadpanned and Faith smirked.[/]

Pirate anime, now that wouldn't be One Piece by any chance would it?

[i]“My very own MILF, I’m so lucky,” Willow said jokingly and leaned against the door frame.

YAY horndog Willow makes an appearance :)

It totally works for us, babe, ‘cause it’s on Thursdays and you have that day off,” Willow explained happily.

Would a teacher be off on a Thursday? Don't they have to work Monday to Friday?

With the pay raise you got last year and what the Council decided to pay us, we live comfortably.

Now this interesting, that the council are paying Willow and Tara (and presumably Faith and Dawn too). So I'm guessing that the gang are still in the apocalypse prevention business they (kinda) work for the council.

I just thought of something, in the previous story F&L we saw Faith and Dawn getting together. In this new story are we going to see which FAWN character has given birth? My money is on Dawn.

“He and his family had some problems with some demons in LA who hunt down half-breeds.

The Scourge eh, they're the pure demons who hunt down half-bloods. First appeared in the season 1 Angel episode 'Hero' and the Buffy crossover 'Monster Island'. Yes the geek is strong with this one :p I do wonder if they're going to be the big-bads in this story????

Now I find Faith's speech about all Slayers having the same powers ever since the First Slayer quite interesting. Does this mean that all Slayers have been within the distance of a HellMouth wherever they are, for as far as we know the only one we know of is based in Sunnydale, though Giles does tell us there's one in Cleveland.

Just letting you know I really enjoyed the fight between Willow and Faith and the vampires. I thought it was really well done though when they were parking the car it felt like they were the Winchester's from Supernatural.

“Bitch, please. I’m hotter than Kate Winslet,” Faith snorted

Yes, yes she is :)

A good chapter there, if mega long, but I wonder what the weirdness is that Amelia is going through. Could she possibly have found herself a boyfriend? Maybe even Giles?????????????

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Hey, guys!


Dibs-y Goodness...

You're always the first, buddy. Thank you.

Yay for great update-y goodness... I guess Tara's mom's "weird" behavior is due to boning Giles...

You just will have to keep reading and see, darling. LOL

Thanks for the reply, buddy! I know I can always trust you.


YAY more Light and Sun YAY

I appreciate the happiness, darling. I really do.

Finished re-reading Fire and Life so yeah I see now that Tara had her mother sent back to her by the PtB.

Actually, if you pay attention to something Buffy says in FnL, the Powers that Be don't exist anymore.... There's a new order up there and you will see more of it in THIS story.

Pirate anime, now that wouldn't be One Piece by any chance would it?

OF COURSE it's One Piece, dude! It's my second favorite anime EVER! LOL

YAY horndog Willow makes an appearance

And she will appear a hell lot more in this one, get ready.....

Would a teacher be off on a Thursday? Don't they have to work Monday to Friday?

That actually depends on the country, so I took a little liberty here. In my country, teachers have irregular hours, depending on the school they work in.

Now this interesting, that the council are paying Willow and Tara (and presumably Faith and Dawn too). So I'm guessing that the gang are still in the apocalypse prevention business they (kinda) work for the council.

Now, this is something interesting......In FnL I stablished that the Council agreed to pay Faith when they got her out of jail, that's how she was able to buy herself her apartment and all her stuff. I also stablished, in FnL, that the Council wasn't the same as the one they met, meaning Travers and all those idiots weren't around anymore. And they don't work FOR the Council.... The Council works WITH them. It's something I will explore more in future Chapters, don't worry. It will all be further explained in future Chapters....

I just thought of something, in the previous story F&L we saw Faith and Dawn getting together. In this new story are we going to see which FAWN character has given birth? My money is on Dawn.

If you guys want to see that detail, then I'll be glad to include it in a future Chapter.

The Scourge eh, they're the pure demons who hunt down half-bloods. First appeared in the season 1 Angel episode 'Hero' and the Buffy crossover 'Monster Island'. Yes the geek is strong with this one :p I do wonder if they're going to be the big-bads in this story????

HA! I knew you'd remember those guys! Of course I didn't put a text-book expanation of them 'cause it wouldn't be realistic in a simple conversation between friends. But I wasn't talking necessarily about THE Scourge. More like a similar kind of demon, or someone related to them. For all purposes, in this universe Angel defeated them all, but it doesn't mean that there aren't other demons out there who don't think the same and try to kill those who are half-breeds. Now, I'm surprised that YOU didn't realize what famous character from the Marvel universe I took to name this type of demon-race, I was honestly shocked! Now, I'm not saying I used the exact same character, I'm just saying that I took his powers and looks to create a new race of demon in this universe (at the request of one of my friends). Besides, I thought it would be funny. lol Your Nerd wasn't THAT strong, my friend, LOL Also, about The Scourge being the Big-Bads..... No. I'm telling you right now. Nope. Not gonna happen. But keep may be surprised.....

Now I find Faith's speech about all Slayers having the same powers ever since the First Slayer quite interesting. Does this mean that all Slayers have been within the distance of a HellMouth wherever they are, for as far as we know the only one we know of is based in Sunnydale, though Giles does tell us there's one in Cleveland.

Darling, you never read Tales of the Slayers?? Actually, no.... most Slayers have never been anywhere near a Hellmouth. Let's be realistic, consistent universe-mythology has NEVER been Whedon's main concern. THAT is WHY I sort of made my OWN universe-mythology for FnL and this story. You just need to pay attention to the details, my friend. (like when I gave my own explanation of how a Hellmouth works in FnL) LOL

Just letting you know I really enjoyed the fight between Willow and Faith and the vampires. I thought it was really well done though when they were parking the car it felt like they were the Winchester's from Supernatural.

I am SO glad you enjoyed the fight! And..... I honestly never thought it was like Supernatural. I only ever watched two episodes of that series 'cause I don't like it. (and only watched the 5 minutes in which Amber was on it, then never fucking paid attention) Again, I don't like Supernatural, so if anything is similar, it's only a coincidence. I apologize for that.

Yes, yes she is


A good chapter there, if mega long, but I wonder what the weirdness is that Amelia is going through. Could she possibly have found herself a boyfriend? Maybe even Giles?????????????

I'm glad you enjoyed the Chapter, buddy. And I'd say, get used to long Chapters, most of them will be long. I'm exploring A LOT of things in this universe, expanding it. So most Chapters will be long.

Thank you SO much for the long and detailed reply, buddy. Helps me focus better.

Update directly under this...

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Hey, guys!! I’M BACK! Here with a new Chapter for my favorite people!

But I’m sure you don’t wanna read what I think so here is Chapter 3!!!


CHAPTER 3-- Going home...

CHAPTER SUMMARY:: set right after that scene in Chapter 42, when Tara is released from the hospital after given birth to the twins. Willow (of course) Faith and Dawn are with her. The morning in which our girls go to the Hyperion to introduce the twins to the Fang-Gang and then return to Sunnydale.

A/N:: IMPORTANT! Another moment in the PAST but this little moment has a lot of importance because it marks the start of a closer relationship between the Scoobies and the Fang-Gang. Faith’s and Angel’s friendship (and their promise to help each other to redeem themselves) and the kids of the Scoobies are what truly brings them all together (like we saw in Chapter 1) as a family AND as an organization to fight evil, which will be very important in the future. (hint-hint lol)


“C’mon, guys. Let’s go home…”

They were specially careful of making sure the babies were well covered before leaving the hospital. At first Faith and Dawn were holding the babies as Willow helped Tara to get ready but then they switched. Willow was carrying Nicholas and Tara was holding Hannah while Faith and Dawn had taken their bags to give them a hand.

Willow grinned almost nervously as they approached the hospital doors. Tara noticed it and gave her an equally nervous grin.

“Ready, baby?” The redhead asked her girlfriend in a low voice.

“Not really. You?” The blonde asked.

“Me neither,” Willow replied but she took a deep breath and looked down at her son, who was sleeping peacefully in her arms.

Crossing the hospital doors meant much more than they previously thought it would. This was it, this was their big start. Everything was about to begin for real. Their biggest and scariest challenge was just beginning…

“It’s a beautiful day,” Dawn commented from behind them as they stopped for a moment right outside the doors.

“Yes, it is,” Willow agreed but she was looking at her girlfriend and babies.

“Are we stoppin’ by the Hyperion before goin’ home, guys?” Faith asked as she tried to hold back the stupid-ass grin that was threatening to surface. The Dark Slayer couldn’t believe what she was feeling, what she had felt the first moment when she got to hold the babies. She could just picture a huge balloon inside her chest that filled her with almost foreign sensation she couldn’t quite describe…

“We agreed we would go so the Fang-Gang can meet the babies,” Tara said as she started walking towards the parking space where her wife’s car was waiting very, very slowly.

“Hey, T… Don’t feel bad but, want me to carry you?” Faith asked as she eyed her friend, who seemed to be in pain. “I could easily carry you to the car, no problem.”

“Thanks, Faith. But don’t worry, I’m just a little sore but I can manage,” Tara replied with a kind smile.

“‘Kay. If you’re sure,” the Slayer shrugged and stared at her girlfriend when the younger girl made an attempt to grab her hand. The former Key smiled at her bashfully, which confused her a bit. Why was she acting like that? “Hey, D…”

“Yeah?” The brunette asked and stepped closer to her girlfriend.

“Why…” Faith’s words trailed off because she wasn’t sure what she wanted to ask, exactly. “Never mind, babe,” she told her and gently took the bag Dawn was carrying. She shifted the two bags she was holding now to her left side and her right hand grabbed Dawn’s.

The younger girl had to bite her lip to hold back her grin as she settled by her girlfriend’s side.

Willow glanced behind at her two friends and grinned. Faith seemed totally clueless about Dawn’s attitude and that was just a tiny bit amusing for her. And Dawn was acting completely head over heels. It was adorable…

Willow managed to park not far from the hospital door so it didn’t take them long to reach the vehicle.

“Faith, you had my keys. Could you…?” Willow begun to tell her but her Slayer friend was already moving.

“Just let us put your bags in the trunk first, Red,” Faith told her as she opened the trunk of the car and placed the bags inside. Dawn opened the back door of the car to show them the new car seats (they also worked as carriers) she and Faith had bought them.

“You like them, guys?” Dawn asked them and Willow smiled at her.

“They’re awesome, Dawnie,” the redhead said and leaned down as gently as she could and put little Nicholas in his comfy and safe car seat. She had spent hours reading everything there was about car seats, from manuals to safety measures, so it was actually very easy to secure him. The redhead observed him for a second to make sure he was still asleep and smiled blissfully. He and Hannah were so gorgeous…. She leaned in and placed a tiny kiss on his forehead before straightening out.

“Here, baby,” Willow told her girlfriend and gladly received her daughter in her arms.

Willow had to talk around the car (but Dawn went ahead and opened the door for her) so she could accommodate her daughter in the car seat.

“Are you comfortable, baby girl? Yes, you are, aren’t you?” Willow told her with her baby-voice and kissed her little forehead before carefully closing the door.

Willow then hurried to walk back to her girlfriend’s side. Tara smiled lovingly at her when the redhead opened the door for her.

“Are you too sore, baby?” Willow asked her in a low voice and placed her hand on Tara’s lower back.

“I’m okay, sweetie. Don’t worry, Will,” Tara replied softly.

“Alright. You sure you don’t want Faith to help you get in the car?” Willow asked hurriedly, a little bit worried for the possible pain her girlfriend could feel.

“Will, sweetie, I’m okay,” Tara reassured her gently and accommodated her body to get into the car. She knew it was going to hurt a bit, but she wasn’t going to tell that to her girlfriend because her redhead worried enough.

It took her a bit of time but she slid her left leg in first, grabbed the frame of the door to lower herself and the slid her right leg in. It hurt. She was still pretty sore (she had just given birth two days before, after all) but it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be. Once the blonde Witch was settled, Willow helped her to put her seatbelt on, even though it was just a short drive to the Hyperion.

“Hey, Will. We’ll follow in a couple of minutes, ‘kay? I left Faith’s car at the far end of the parking lot,” Dawn told her as Willow closed the door after her girlfriend.

“Okay, Dawnie,” the redhead said and smiled before walking around the car and getting behind the wheel. She looked at her girlfriend, who was unable to look away from their babies. Willow felt exactly the same. “Ready, baby?”

“Yeah, I am,” the blonde answered, her eyes completely focused on the babies sleeping in their car seats. “I can’t stop staring at them…”

“I know, me neither…” Willow agreed completely and sighed contently. “But we gotta get goin’. You keep an eye on our munchkins while I drive,” she joked and her girlfriend chuckled.

“Best deal ever,” Tara joked back and Willow grinned widely.

“Are you sure you’re feelin’ alright, baby? If you’re still too sore and tired, we can-” Willow begun but her girlfriend placed her hand on her shoulder and she stopped herself.

“Willow, honey, don’t worry. I can manage, okay? If I get too sore, then I’ll tell you. Besides, we won’t stay very long at Angel’s, right?” Tara wondered.

“Don’t think so. Cordy did say that we could order lunch and eat all together,” Willow replied as she drove. She was totally focused on the road ahead, and her hand itched to hold her wife’s but she needed to change gears.

“Mmmm… I could totally go for some takoyaki right now,” Tara said, remembering the yummy treat her girlfriend had introduced her to.

“That’s my girl. I have the number of that restaurant we like here in LA, so I’ll give them a call, baby.”

“You always spoil me too much, Willow,” Tara thought out loud with a fond smile.

“Well, I think that it’s part of my job, baby. And I love my job,” the redhead flirted with a huge grin on her face.

“Charmer,” Tara told her and chuckled.


It didn’t take them long to reach the Hyperion hotel that belonged to Angel and his crew.

Willow parked the car right outside of the hotel and got out. The redhead opened her girlfriend’s door and helped her out of the car as gently as she could. She didn’t want her girlfriend in more pain.

“Why don’t you just grab the car seat? That way we can carry them and their diaper bag more easily,” Tara suggested and closed the door. She leaned back against the car and sighed lightly.

“Good idea, baby,” Willow agreed and opened the back door.

It was a bit difficult and Willow had to bite her tongue to not swear out loud but she got the car seats out. She handed Nicholas to Tara and grabbed the handle of Hannah’s firmly before pulling the seat out of the car.

“Willow, look,” Tara said and smiled at the nice British man that was walking out of the Hyperion to greet them. “Hey, Wesley.”

“Wes!” Willow said and walked up to meet him, Hannah’s car seat firmly clutched in her hands.

“Willow, hello,” Wesley smiled widely to her and patted her arm gently since she had her hands full. “Oh, look at this little baby girl…” Wesley leaned down slightly to look at the sleeping baby. “Willow, my friend, she’s gorgeous.”

“I know, wait ‘till you see her eyes. Why don’t you carry her for a moment while I get the diaper bag?” Willow gently handed the seat to her friend, who was extra careful when grabbing the handle.

“We all have been expecting you. And I’m afraid that Cordelia and Fred were getting impatient so I came out to check,” Wesley begun to explain as he walked closer to Tara, holding the baby seat with extreme careful. “Tara, you look radiant.”

“I look like I just had two babies, Wes, don’t lie,” Tara joked and gladly received a kiss on her cheek from her friend.

“Nonsense, you’re glowing,” Wesley waved her joke off and leaned slightly to look at the little boy. “What a handsome little gentleman you’ve got there, Tara.”

“Thank you, Wes,” Tara told him, smiling.

Willow got the diaper bag for the twins out of the trunk and closed it again. She shouldered the bag and walked back to her girlfriend.

“Wes, you can give her to me now,” Willow told him and her friend handed the car seat back to her.

“Do you want me to carry the bag for you, Willow?” Wesley asked her, ever the gentleman.

“Nah, don’t worry. I’ve got it,” Willow told him dismissively.

“Alright, then. The least I can do, then, is open the door for you, ladies.”


As they entered the headquarters for the Angel’s Investigations crew, they could see everyone gathered around the desk waiting anxiously for them.

“Hey, guys. Ready to meet the babies?” Willow teased them when they were close enough.

“Took you guys long enough,” Cordelia said as she stepped closer. A huge smile appeared in her face as she looked at the sleeping babies. “How are you, Tara?” She asked her blonde friend.

“I’m great, Cordy,” Tara told her and gladly received a one-armed hug from the Seer who was there for her when her girlfriend couldn’t.

“And you, Will?” Cordelia asked although she was completely focused on the babies.

“Super great, Cordy,” the redhead replied perkily.

“Glad to hear that. God, they’re even more beautiful than two days ago!” Cordelia said, completely in love with the babies.

“I know, right? And wait ‘till you see their eyes!” Willow said, beaming with happiness.

“They opened their eyes already?”

“Yeah, a bit,” Tara told her.

“Can’t wait, then! C’mon, let’s introduce these gorgeous babies to the others,” Cordelia said as she walked back to her team.

Angel, Fred and Gun were waiting by the table and the Witches could see how anxious they were to meet the babies.

“Hey, guys. Wanna meet little Hannah?” Willow told them and placed the seat on the table before loosening the safety strap around her daughter. “And this little gentleman here is…Nicholas.” The redhead took the seat from her girlfriend and placed him beside his sister.

“Oh….my God…” Fred was completely amazed by the tiny people she was looking at and she couldn’t believe it. “Guys…they’re so beautiful!”

“Damn…These lil’ kids are totally adorable,” Gun said, grinning like a loon as he cooed at the sleeping babies.

“That was my first thought as well,” Wesley told his friend.

“Guys…” Angel was almost speechless. He had an awestruck look on his handsome face that none of them had ever seen before. The Elder Vampire begun to raise his hand, as if you touch the twins, but he stopped and looked at the Witches. “Can I…?”

“Here. Wanna hold Hannah?” Willow asked him with a gentle smile on her face. The redhead gently lifted her daughter from the seat and looked back at her friend. “Ever held a baby before?”

“Yeah, I have,” Angel replied.

“Alright. Here you go, buddy,” Willow said as she placed her daughter in her friend’s arms.

Angel was ever so careful when he was holding such precious cargo. The goofiest (it was so strange) grin they had ever seen slowly spread across his face and he couldn’t help but instantly love the little girl in his arms. Maybe she was very small or he was too big but she felt so tiny and fragile in his arms, and Angel knew right away that he wanted to protect her and be part of her life, if his friends allowed him to…

“She’s so precious… Yes, you are. Yes, you are,” he cooed at the baby.

Willow and Tara shared a look of utter happiness. They never thought that someone could put that look in Angel’s face.

Meanwhile Cordelia had received little Nicholas and she was smiling widely at him.

“He’s so gonna be a heart breaker,” the Seer commented to no one in particular. “Look at that little face, those features, he’s gonna be a movie star. Right, little Nick?” Cordelia asked him as if he would answer back.

“I think it’s a little early to start pushing career choices onto him, Cordy,” Tara said with an amused smile.

“Oh, no. I recognize a movie star when I see one and he’s gonna be one,” Cordy said but her smile indicated she was joking.

“No, he’s goin’ to be a musician. Look at those hands,” Angel said as he stepped closer to Cordelia, still holding Hannah. With his free hand, the Elder Vampire gently lifted the little boy’s hand as if inspecting it. “These are artist’s hands, I can tell.”

“Y’all are bein’ ridiculous,” Fred joked and shook her head fondly.

“Besides, kiddo can be a football player,” Gun jumped saying with a huge grin.

“I have to agree with Fred,” Wesley said, but he was smiling as well. “You all are bein’ quite ridiculous.”

“You’re acting insane, guys,” Tara laughed.

“Yeah. Technically, we should be the ones pickin’ our kids’ future careers,” Willow joked.

“By the way, Will. Weren’t Faith and Dawn with you?” Angel asked her.

“Dawn said they’d be a few minutes behind us,” Willow replied and shrugged. “Baby, why don’t you sit? You’ve been on your feet long enough.”

“I think that’s a good idea, Will,” Tara agreed.

“Here, Tara.” Wesley hurried to grab a chair and place it beside the blonde.

“Thank you, Wes,” she told him as she sat down carefully.

“Can I hold Hannah now?” Fred asked.

“Sure, Fred,” Willow told her.

“Here…” Angel was extra careful when he transferred the baby from his arms to Fred’s.

“Oh, she’s so cute!” Fred gushed once Hannah was in her arms.

“What do you guys say if we order lunch?” Cordelia suggested.


Faith parked her car behind Willow’s and placed her hand on her girlfriend’s shoulder, to stop her from getting out of the vehicle.

“D, wait, I wanted to ask you something,” Faith said.

“What is it?”

“Well…” Faith seemed to think her words for a moment and then shrugged to herself. “You’ve been actin’ weird today, babe. Like, nervous or somethin’. Is there somethin’ wrong?”

“No, Faith. There is nothing wrong,” Dawn told her honestly. “Seriously,” the younger girl added and smiled. “I’m just…happy. And getting used to this new phase of our lives, that’s all.”

“New…what? Sorry, babe, but I’m kinda lost here,” Faith told her honestly.

“What I meant was…Until a few days ago, we were almost completely focused on what we needed to do, on Scoobies’ business. On the fight. Now, it all seems like a different world, ya know? The twins are here, everyone is safe and sound, and it all happened just a few days ago! It’s…crazy, in a sense,” Dawn tried to explain and shrugged but she was still smiling. “And I feel happy. Now, or at least for a while, we can just…be, ya know? For a while, at least, we don’t have to worry about the possible end of the world. And I’m happy about that. I’m happy that everyone is safe, that you are safe. And after our talk last night and…well, after everything last night,” she said with a clear naughty sparkle in her eyes that Faith could easily recognize. “I just…I feel happy, that’s all.”

Faith took that info in and nodded, after a moment.

“Yeah…get what you mean…It’s really fuckin’ surreal,” the Slayer said. “So that’s why you’ve been actin’ weird this morning?”

“Part of it, yeah. It’s just… ‘Kay, I’m gonna be totally lame here, for a moment, okay?” Dawn giggled and looked at her girlfriend, who simply gave her an amused smirk. “I feel giddy…Like a teen. Like a kid on sugar rush. I…I don’t know, I’m bein’ stupid,” Dawn chuckled and shook her head.

“You’re not bein’ lame, c’mon. I wanna know.”

“I’m just… This is new, for us. You may not notice it but we don’t spend that much time…outside, or doin’ stuff outside,” Dawn tried to explain. “And it’s understandable; we had to focus on the battle. Now we can be and do whatever we want. But at the same time, it’s kinda weird, ya know? It’ll take a while to get used to it.”

“Well, it’s like you said that time, right? Anywhere, anytime. Right?” Faith told her and her girlfriend gave her a beaming smile.

“Totally!” Dawn agreed.

“By the way, babe…. Last night? You were amazing,” Faith told her girlfriend, winked and opened her car door. The Slayer exited the car and she could hear the younger girl laughing whole heartedly.


Their friends had been very respectful and gave Tara and Willow the privacy to feed the babies while lunch arrived. They all had lunch together. Willow and Tara first intended to leave right after lunch (mostly because Willow didn’t want Tara to get tired) but Lorne had arrived to meet the babies so they stuck around for a bit longer.

Before they left, however, Angel had (almost) shyly asked if the Witches minded if the Fang-Gang went to visit every once in a while, to see the babies. Of course neither Willow nor Tara minded, they would always welcome their friends in their home, and Faith had extended the invitation as well.

The Slayer had helped Willow put the seats back in the car and then headed to her own car. Tara was already sitting comfortably in the passenger’s seat and honestly, she couldn’t wait to be home already. She was still a bit tired after giving birth and pretty sore, but she wasn’t going to complain because her happiness level was too high. The blonde kept turning her head to look at her two little miracles. And she couldn’t believe that she and Willow had created such perfect creatures.

“Alright, baby. The girls said they’d see us later tomorrow,” Willow commented as she got in the car and fastened her seatbelt.

“Tomorrow?” Tara asked.

“Yeah, Faith promised Dawn to take her shopping and on a date tonight,” the redhead replied as she started the car and pulled into the LA traffic.


“Yup. Apparently, it just occurred to her that they never had a first date,” the redhead commented and chuckled.

“Or she’s just trying to do something nice for Dawnie. Either way, I hope they have a good time,” Tara said and her eyes went to their children, again. She just couldn’t stop staring at them!

“They’re still asleep?” Willow asked as she drove. She knew her girlfriend couldn’t stop looking at their babies and she couldn’t either. A part of her felt so damn proud and right down smug for them. They were part of her! She had helped create them! She had fallen in love with those babies before they were even born and now she felt a sense of completeness she didn’t know she could feel.

“Yes, they are. And they look so peaceful too. What do you think they’re dreaming about?” Tara wondered out loud.

“I have no idea. But I think that everyone wonders ‘bout that, baby. I mean…it looks like babies do dream. So, what do they dream about?”

“So you didn’t research it? Wow, I’m impressed, Willow,” Tara joked lightly.

“Smart-ass,” Willow joked back. “‘Kay, I did research it but the answer was pretty disappointin’ so I decided to ignore it.”

“What did it say?”

“Scientists say that babies don’t actually dream. They say that babies’ brains aren’t developed enough to dream. Also, since dreams are based mostly on our experiences and our self-awareness, it’s not possible for them to dream. At such early age, their brains are too busy developing neurons to bother in dreaming. They say, too, that young kids, around ages 4 or 5, usually have…like, flat dreams, like a cartoon almost, ya know? It’s not until they develop complete self-awareness, around 7 or 8 years, that their brains ‘insert’ them into the dreams and those dreams become tridimensional,” Willow finished her explanation and didn’t even have to look at her girlfriend to know Tara was disappointed as well.

“You’re right…that sucks,” the blonde agreed.

“Totally sucks. So I decided to believe babies dream about clouds and sunshine and nice pretty flowers and unicorns and all those cute fluffy things,” the redhead concluded with a grin.

“There’s nothing wrong with a tiny bit of innocence, my love,” Tara agreed with a radiant smile.

“I know, right?” Willow snorted. The redhead then got a pensive look on her face and she glanced at her girlfriend. “Baby, why don’t you take a nap? I know you must be tired.”

“I’m not tired, sweetie,” Tara said and smiled at her. “I’m fine.”

“You sure?”

“Will, sweetie, I’m fine,” Tara replied and nodded.

“‘Kay, ‘kay, babe. I won’t insist,” Willow said and shrugged.


“You know? You didn’t have to bring me shopping,” Dawn told her girlfriend as they walked, hand-in-hand, in Rodeo Drive. “Specially to this place. Rodeo Drive is…you know, expensive.”

“We need nice clothes ‘cause neither of us brought any, babe,” Faith said and grinned. The Slayer gently pulled her girlfriend closer and wrapped her arm around the younger girl’s waist. Dawn simply had to smile.

“Yeah, I know. My point was that you didn’t need to bother,” the former Key said, trying to explain. “I just wanna spend some time with you, I don’t care about fancy dates.”

“To be honest, neither do I. But I promised you that I’d take you on a nice date here in LA. And I want to, ya know?” Faith said and shrugged slightly. “We never had a first date and we should have, so…”

“Who says we didn’t? I mean, we went out plenty of times in Sunnydale before this whole thing happened,” Dawn reasoned.

“Yeah, but we’re together now. We should’ve had a first official date. Right?” The older girl said. She honestly wasn’t sure; she didn’t have any experience in relationships before Dawn so she was playing it by ear.

“If that’s what we want, then yes. If we don’t wanna label it, then we don’t have to, Faith. But if you think that we should have a first official date, then I’m all up for it,” the younger girl said with a big smile. She didn’t have much experience either but she had the best couple as a role model.

“I think we should,” Faith said and tried not to show her confusion and lack of experience.

“Then, great. And since you decided to bring me shopping…then I’m not responsible for my actions. You should know to never take a Summers’ girl shopping, we’re dangerous,” the blue-eyed brunette warned her playfully and smirked.

“Fuck me sideways, this shit’s gonna cost me, ain’t it?” Faith said regretfully but in reality she didn’t care. She was just kidding.

“Probably. But it’ll be worthy, I’ll make sure of that, baby,” Dawn flirted and winked at her girlfriend.

Faith was a bit surprised at the girl’s flirting but she recovered quickly and chuckled.

‘I’ve been a bad influence, babe,’ the Slayer thought as she laughed.


Tara had fallen asleep when they were leaving LA, so Willow let her. She put some music at a really low volume and simply enjoyed driving home. She couldn’t wait until they were settled in their home with their babies to start this new Chapter of their lives. Willow could tell that things would be completely different from that moment and she was anxious to see what would come.

Willow glanced at their sleeping babies, who were still sleeping in their car seats, and grinned.

“Just wait ‘till we get home, babies,” the redhead told them in a low voice. “You’ll love our home.”


Willow noticed Tara stirring and smiled at her girlfriend.

“Hey, baby. Nice nap?” the redhead asked gently.

Tara smiled lazily at her girlfriend and stretched as much as she could in her seat.

“Yeah. It was nice. How did the babies do while I was out?” Tara asked as she looked to the back seat, her smile growing as she noticed their son was awake. “Hey there... You’re awake, little Prince. How long has he been awake, Will?” The blonde asked her girlfriend.

“Just a couple of minutes, baby. Right on time, we’re enterin’ Sunnydale,” Willow pointed out and not a second later they passed the ‘Welcome to Sunnydale’ sign.

“If we’re lucky, they’ll hang on until we get home,” the blonde mother said, more like wished.

“We’re near, baby, don’t worry,” Willow said and grinned at her girlfriend.


It took them just five minutes to reach Revello Drive and park in their driveway. There was a palpable excitement in the air as they took a second to observe their home.

Willow’s and Tara’s hands met half-way and the redhead smiled at her girlfriend nervously.

“Ready, baby?”

“Ready, sweetie.”

And with that, the new-mommies shared a sweet kiss and then parted to get out of the car. Since she was still a bit sore, Tara had to wait while Willow got Hannah out of her car seat.

“Look who decided to wake up as well,” Willow teased as she incorporated with Hannah in her arms. The baby’s eyes were opened and she seemed to be taking in her new surroundings, looking around her with curiosity.

“She’s already studyin’ everything. She’s your daughter, alright, Will,” Tara joked and chuckled.

“That’s my girl,” the redhead said as she handed her daughter over to her girlfriend.

“Yup. You’re your Mommy’s girl,” Tara told the baby in her arms.

Willow simply grinned and closed the door of the car. She walked around the vehicle and opened the door to get Nicholas out. The baby boy looked at her intensely as she leaned and got him out of his seat.

“You’re payin’ attention just like your sister, aren’t you, baby boy? Yes, you are,” she told him as she reincorporated with the baby in her arms. “Ready to meet our home, baby? Yes, you are, ain’t you? I bet you’ll love your new room. Sure, it’s not the same as your Mom’s tummy but hey…”

Willow closed the door with her foot and joined her girlfriend to walk up the porch of their house.

“Can you open the door, Will?” Tara asked her.

“Sure, just give me a sec,” the redhead made sure she was holding Nicholas alright with her left arm and reached into her jeans pocket with her right hand.

Opening the door slowly, Willow pocketed her keys and smiled at her girlfriend.

“Ladies first, baby,” the redhead told her with a grin.

“Thank you, sweetie,” the blonde said back and stepped into the house. As she stepped into the foyer, she looked down to her daughter and begun to explain: “Hannah, little Princess, this is our home.”

“Yeah, this is where we live,” Willow added as she closed the door behind her and grinned at her boy. “I bet you will enjoy playin’ here in the living room, guys.”

“Sweetie, why don’t we put them in their room for now? We can show them the rest of the house later,” Tara suggested, since she still felt a little tired.

“Sure, baby. And after I could make some tea for us and we could relax in the living room. What’d you think?” Willow asked her girlfriend as she waited for Tara to ascend the stairs slower than normal.

“That sounds great,” the blonde agreed.

As they entered the nursery, the Witches explained everything in the house to their kids. Willow explained how their Mom Tara painted the murals on the walls of their room and how their uncle Xander made their cribs. She even showed them the baby monitors she bought them. The babies seemed to be taking in everything around them with curious eyes, and Tara couldn’t help to think their babies inherited her girlfriend’s curious mind, as the babies were fed and burped.

“Okay, baby boy, here you go…” Willow told him as she placed him in his crib. They had selected a very adorable dark blue bedding that had tiny moons and stars all over it. And he seemed to like it when Willow set him in it and covered him with the blanket. “What’d you think? Comfy?” She asked him with a grin, although she knew she wouldn’t get a response. “Thought so. Now let’s accommodate your sister.”

Willow gently took Hannah in her arms from Tara and lowered her into her own crib. For her they had picked a nice pink and black bedding that had tiny teddy bears all over it. Faith had pointed it out to Willow and the redhead just had to buy it because it was adorable.

“What’d you think, baby girl? Nice, isn’t it?” Willow asked her daughter in the same casual maner.

“Will, look,” Tara told her.

When Willow looked at her girlfriend, she noticed Tara was holding a piece of paper in her hands. Which she obviously didn’t have before.

“What’s that?” Willow asked her and went to sit beside her on the couch.

“It seems like a note…from…Buffy. It’s from Buffy,” Tara told her, completely surprised.

“From Buffy?” Willow asked, surprised, and Tara simply gave her the paper.

‘Willow and Tara: Congratulations! Auntie Buffy prepared a little surprise as a present for you and your babies. It must be waiting in your backyard for you. Don’t worry, things will be explained in due time. Love, Buffy.’” Willow read out loud and then looked at her girlfriend. “A present? For us?”

“In the backyard? Do you think we should go and look?” Tara asked her girlfriend, not sure of what they should do.

“Maybe. If it’s a present for us from Buffy…”

“Yeah, we should…”

After making sure the baby monitors worked and taking one with them, Willow and Tara slowly descended the stairs and walked across the dining room and kitchen to the back yard. They were holding hands, as if almost afraid of what could be waiting for them in the yard, but so far they hadn’t seen anything.

“What do you think…?” Tara asked in a low voice.

“Beats me, baby. I have no idea,” Willow replied as they approached the closed door that separated them from the backyard.

Willow hesitated but she opened the door after unlocking it and for one moment she was about to allow Tara to exit first but then she stopped her.

“Just let me go out first…”

“Will, don’t you think we’re acting a bit insane? I mean, it’s a present from Buffy and we’re acting like there are vampires out there,” Tara said and grabbed her girlfriend’s hand again.

Willow didn’t even have to think about what her girlfriend had just told her. She knew Tara was right. There was nothing to fear. Willow sighed and smiled.

“You’re right. There’s nothing to fear, baby.”

And with that, the two Witches decided to exit their house together. But once they were in the back porch, they didn’t find anything.

“Baby, you see anything?” Willow asked as she looked around the backyard from the porch.

“No. Where is this present Buffy sent? I don’t see anything, sweetie,” Tara replied as she took looked around.

And then they heard it…

It was a sound neither of them had heard in years, but it couldn’t be. No, they were mistaken.

“Tare, did you just hear…” Willow’s words trailed off because she wasn’t sure if she wanted to finish her sentence.

“It sounded just like…But no, it can’t be. No,” Tara said weakly, completely unsure.

And they heard it again. A perfect-pitched ‘meow’ that sounded just like their beloved Miss Kitty Fantastico. But it couldn’t be because their beloved pet had been missing for years, ever since that day in which they had found out about Joyce’s tumor.

“Tare, are we goin’ insane?” Willow asked perplexed, as they heard that familiar ‘meow’ once again.

“No… Maybe? This isn’t possible, Will. It can’t be Miss Kitty. It must be some other cat, all cats sound the same, right?” Tara told her with a small frown on her beautiful face.

“I know, but…It sounded just like her. Guess I really miss her,” Willow finally admitted and sighed, defeated.

Tara sighed as well and pulled her girlfriend closer, wrapping her arms around the smaller girl.

“I miss her too, Will. Every day. She was our kitten. But it’s been over four years, sweetie. And if we’re realistic…” the blonde didn’t bother in finishing her sentence, and she pressed her lips against her girlfriend’s temple.

“I know, I know, baby…” Willow moved her head so she was looking at her girlfriend and gave her a sad smile. “It would have been cool, though…”

“Yeah. It would have been so…so…” Something caught the corner of her eye and Tara just had to look. “Will…”

Willow followed her girlfriend’s eyes and looked towards the grass. A small black and white figure was approaching them, on four legs, head held tight with pride.

“No…it can’t be…” the redhead muttered as the small creature walked closer with refined steps.



The now grown Miss Kitty Fantastico stepped up the porch and stopped, looking at them with her intelligent eyes. The cat almost seemed to smile. She was finally home.


Okay. That's it for now, guys!! This Chapter was a bit shorter (and what an ending! LOL) but I will get back to this one soon, don't worry. I will see you all next Friday, guys!!

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Dibs-y goodness...

Yay for great update-y goodness... Big yay for return of Miss Kitty...

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Hi Alex :bigwave

You asked in pevious questions if I'd ever read Tales of the Slayers. I have read a comic book version with different stories in it (Amber wrote one of them) but I have never read any of the books of short stories, though I think I have one of them.

“Are we stoppin’ by the Hyperion before goin’ home, guys?” Faith asked as she tried to hold back the stupid-ass grin that was threatening to surface.

Now I've been reading a lot of fanfics lately so I may have gotten this wrong but I'm sure that the girls had the babies in Sunnydale and the fang-gang came to visit.

I like the description of Faith and the joy she's feeling at holding Willow and Tara's babies, even though she doesn't fully understand it yet.

I'm just wondering, when Willow gives Angel Hannah to hold, has he had Connor by this time? If so it'll make sense that he's handled babies before.

Willow and Tara are both right, it does suck that babies don't dream. I totally much prefer Willow's explanation :)

“‘Willow and Tara: Congratulations! Auntie Buffy prepared a little surprise as a present for you and your babies. It must be waiting in your backyard for you. Don’t worry, things will be explained in due time. Love, Buffy.’”

I do like that even in the afterlife Buffy is still keeping an eye on her best friend and her partner. :)


What a really cool way to finish a nice and sweet chapter :)

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HEY GUYS!!! Listen to this! After reviewing your replies, I'm gonna post both Chapter 4 AND 5!! YES!! TWO Chapters, to make up for the little troubles I had last week and the fact I couldn't post on Friday.


Dibs-y goodness...

YAY! Always can count on you, buddy.

Yay for great update-y goodness... Big yay for return of Miss Kitty...

Yup....and in a future chapter it will be explained what happened to her....

Thanks for the reply, darling.


Hi Alex

Hey, Rick! *waves back*

You asked in pevious questions if I'd ever read Tales of the Slayers. I have read a comic book version with different stories in it (Amber wrote one of them) but I have never read any of the books of short stories, though I think I have one of them.

Yeah I read that one.....It's not that important. I was just pointing out that I'm forming my own mythology because Buffy's is kinda... lacking. A bit.

Now I've been reading a lot of fanfics lately so I may have gotten this wrong but I'm sure that the girls had the babies in Sunnydale and the fang-gang came to visit.

Actually, no, darling. If you remember, Tara was with Dawn and Anya in LA while the others fought the Disciple in Sunnydale. Tara went into labor but there's three hours between LA and SunnyD and Willow didn't make it on time. Cordy was with Tara all the time.

I like the description of Faith and the joy she's feeling at holding Willow and Tara's babies, even though she doesn't fully understand it yet.

I know! I was happy of writing that too.

I'm just wondering, when Willow gives Angel Hannah to hold, has he had Connor by this time? If so it'll make sense that he's handled babies before.

No. For all purposes, Connor doesn't exist in this universe. And darling....Angel is over 250 years old... He knows how to do A LOT of different things. Even if he doesn't have Connor, it doesn't take an expert to know how to hold a baby. Didn't you have a nephew or niece??

Willow and Tara are both right, it does suck that babies don't dream. I totally much prefer Willow's explanation

Yeah, totally!!! Me too.

I do like that even in the afterlife Buffy is still keeping an eye on her best friend and her partner.

Buffy will never stop keeping an eye out on her family, buddy. lol


I was kinda hoping for this reaction. Thanks, darling. Soon I will explain WHY and HOW. Keep an eye open for that....

What a really cool way to finish a nice and sweet chapter

I'm glad you liked it, darling.

Thank you for your review.

CHAPTERS 4 and 5 directly below this post...

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Hey, guys!! I’M BACK! Here with a new Chapter for my favorite people!

But I’m sure you don’t wanna read what I think so here is Chapter 4!!!


CHAPTER 4— An Important Day…

CHAPTER SUMMARY:: One day, ONE decision, can change our lives forever…

A/N:: IMPORTANT! At Clarisse’s choice! Fawn-centered Chapter. But Tillow appears as well, don’t worry.

Time-set up:: the Twins (Nick and Hannah) are a year and a half.

--Important Day—

Faith had never felt as nervous as she walked up the porch to the Rosenberg’s house. She kept fidgeting and hesitated (honestly thought about leaving) before knocking on the door. She knew Red and Blondie were home, she had confirmation, she knew they were expecting her. But a part of her kept hoping the Hellmouth would open up and swallow her whole.

“Hey, Faith,” Tara told her when she opened the door. “Come in, please. We were waiting for you.”

“Yeah, I know. How are ya, T?” the Slayer asked as she entered and instantly followed her friend to the living room.

“I’m good. You?” Tara told her with a smile as she sat next to Willow, who was working on her laptop as usual.

“Hey, Faith. What’s up?” Willow told her with a kind smile.

“Hey, Red. And I’m…Fuck, that’s the 100 thousand dollar question, ain’t it?” Faith muttered to herself as she stood before the two women she had come to love as best friends.

“Faith, are you okay?” Tara asked her friend with a small frown. She could see her friend was nervous. Faith kept playing with her hair, running her hands through it and touching the scar across her lips. The blonde knew those signs, but she had no idea why her Slayer friend was so nervous.

“Why don’t you sit, Faith? Calm down and talk to us,” Willow told her gently. The redhead hurried to hit ‘save’ on her laptop and then put it away because she had a feeling that she wanted to pay attention to what was troubling her friend.

“Don’t know if I can actually stay still, Red, right now,” Faith said, almost like she was talking to herself instead of her friend, but then she sighed and forced herself to sit on the armchair, facing her friends.

The Witches observed her lean forwards and rest her elbows on her knees. They could tell she was ready to bolt at any time.

“Maybe…I—” Faith started to said but Willow quickly cut her off.

“If you dare say you shouldn’t have come and bolt, I will magically glue you to that chair for the rest of the year,” the redhead warned her seriously and received two sets of raised eyebrows, one from her wife and the other from her Slayer friend.

“Ya workin’ with threats now, Red? Me like it. More my territory,” Faith joked and chuckled but they could hear the lack of real humor in her tone. She wasn’t upset with her redhead friend, though; she appreciated Red’s determination to not put up with her bullshit.

“Sweetie,” Tara told her gently, her eyes clearly telling her that it wasn’t a moment for threats.

“I’m not threatenin’ her. I’m warnin’ her,” Willow told her wife gently. “If she bolts, then we won’t know what’s wrong…”

“There’s nothin’ wrong exactly, guys…” Faith told them. “I just…Just don’t know how to say what I wanna say, ‘kay?”

“Well, darling, just say it. Start from the beginning and let it out,” Tara told her with what she hoped was a soothing voice. She added a reassuring smile, just in case.

“And if that doesn’t work just do what I do and babble away, Faith. Sometimes it’s the best way to get things off of your chest,” Willow said, giving her a reassuring smile as well.

Faith looked at them and opened her mouth to speak but then she closed it and sighed. How she could say exactly what was in her mind?

Faith hesitated for a minute more and then she got an idea. She would just show them. The Slayer reached into the pocket of her denim jacket and pulled out something the Witches couldn’t see at first. And when they could, they couldn’t believe it…

Faith held a dark purple velvet box in her hand. She didn’t lift her eyes to look at her friends as she focused on the tiny box, which basically held her future, for what seemed like forever. Then the Slayer opened it, observing its contents for a few seconds. Finally, Faith placed the open box on the coffee table and gently pushed it towards her friends.

Both Tara and Willow gasped as they stared at the obvious (and beautiful) engagement ring the box. The Witches shared a look and then looked back at their friend. Faith’s eyes were down casted, as if the Slayer didn’t want to see their reactions.

Tara quickly stood up and got close to her friend. The blonde knelt beside the Slayer and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“Faith? Sweetie…look at me,” Tara asked her calmly. She waited until the Slayer looked up and a serene smile spread over her face. “Faith, sweetie. Don’t worry. It’s okay. It’s a beautiful ring.”

“Ya think?” Faith asked her and Tara finally understood. Faith had this huge thing in front of her and she had no idea what to do.

“Yes. It’s a gorgeous ring, Faith. And it’s okay, honey, you don’t have to do anything with it until you’re completely sure and ready and comfortable with the idea,” Tara reassured her, and a part of her hoped that she wasn’t screwing her friend over with her advice.

“No?” Faith asked, completely confused.

“Holy crap! An engagement ring!” Willow exclaimed, finally reacting Her widened eyes shot several times back and forth between her wife and her Slayer friend. “You’re gonna pop the question?”

“I… I don’t know,” Faith admitted and shrugged, still a bit troubled about it. “I…I saw it in that fancy shop at the mall a couple of months ago. And I just couldn’t stop thinkin’ ‘bout it. Two weeks ago I just went and bought it. Didn’t even think. I…I don’t even know if it’ll fit her or anything. I just had to buy it. Ya know?”

Willow stared at her for a long moment and then her eyes sparkled with happiness as she smiled calmly.

“And you’ve been carryin’ it around with you, right?” Willow asked, because she understood better than Faith realized.


“And now you don’t have an idea of what to do with it?” Tara asked her.

“No…Yes…I don’t fuckin’ know,” Faith admitted and sighed. The Slayer sighed and rubbed her face with the palms of her hands.

“Faith, sweetie, you don’t have to do anything that you’re not ready for. Nothing, ‘kay? You can take your time, all the time in the world, to make a decision,” Tara told her as reassuringly as she could.

Faith looked at Tara, the girl she saw as her best friend, as her sister, and smiled slightly at her.

“Thanks, T. You always know what to say,” Faith told her, feeling like the weight of the secret had been lifted from her shoulders now that her two best friends knew.

“No, honey. I don’t always know what to say,” Tara told her. “But I do know that sometimes taking a step back and evaluating the situation from another perspective can be helpful.”

Faith patted Tara’s back but then she changed her mind and pulled her friend into a warm hug, which wasn’t usual for her. Tara responded the hug with a smile on her face and when they parted, she patted Faith’s shoulder.

“Just take a deep breath and think about what you want, Faith. And remember, don’t do something you’re not ready for,” Tara told her once she stood up and then went back to her seat beside her wife.

“What’d you think, Red?” Faith asked the redhead.

“I’d say listen to my wife, Faith. She’s great at this kind of things,” Willow told her with a smile.

“I know that listenin’ to T is always a good idea, Red. But I’m askin’ what you think,” Faith told her. “C’mon. You’re my tough-amiga. You don’t put up with my bullshit an’ ain’t afraid of tellin’ me. C’mon, I need your tough-love, buddy.”

“I’m not the tough-anything, Faith. I’m not though,” Willow said and chuckled. “Just listen to Tara. She’s always right when it comes to these things.”

“Sweetie, if you think something different, please, say it,” Tara told her honestly. “I’m not always right. I’m not some sort of expert or anything.”

“I know that, baby. And I think your advice is great. Step back, evaluate, if it’s what you want, then do it. But only when you’re ready,” Willow told her wife with a smile.

“Why…How should I…I don’t even know what I wanna ask,” Faith thought out loud, clearly frustrated with herself. “But still can’t thinkin’ about it. What the fuck do I do now?”

“Faith, I think the questions you’re looking for is… Am I ready?” Willow told her. “But unfortunately, we can’t tell you if you’re ready or not. That’s somethin’ only you can answer.”

“Then, how the fuck do I know? I have…All these things and thoughts and shit in my head. Yes, no. I don’t know. It’s fuckin’ insane! And I don’t know what to do! I’m goin’ fuckin’ insane ‘ere!”

“I think you need to ask yourself some questions, Faith. And if the answer to those questions is yes, then you’ll have your answer,” Willow told her.

“What questions?” Faith asked.

“Do you really love her?” Willow asked her.

“Fuck yeah! I do, you know I do, Red. I never forget, ya know? What you said that day… I make sure I don’t forget it,” Faith told her honestly and Willow smiled at her.

“I meant, do you really love her? Enough to look at her, forget your ego, and admit that she’s the reason why you’re a better person? That she’s why you work harder and harder every day to be the best you can be? That you want to be the best you can be, do your very best at everythin’, just for her? ‘Cause her believin’ in you is the best thing that ever happened to you? ‘Cause every morning, no matter how tired or- or- or just plain shitty you feel – you look at her and just smile like a damn fool and you don’t even regret it?”

Willow took a deep breath and chuckled.

“But the question you really need to ask yourself is… Do you really want to spend your life with her? If you want to spend every day of the rest of your life with her, then your answer is easy, Faith. Don’t even think about it twice.” Willow looked at her wife with an apologetic look on her face. “Baby, could you give us a minute? Just a minute, please, don’t-”

“I understand, sweetie. I’ll go make coffee for us,” Tara told her with a loving smile in her face and tears in her eyes because she knew, she knew, that Willow felt all that for her and more.

Just as Tara left the room, Willow looked back at her Slayer friend. The redhead sighed contently.

“Faith….If the answer is yes. Then forget anything else. The self-doubts, the insecurities, the… That little voice in the back of your head… Screw that little bitch, Faith!” Willow surprised her friend with that phrase, but the Slayer got the message.

“Prove her that she’s wrong?” Faith asked and Willow grinned.

“Yeah, prove her she’s wrong. Also…Faith, what do you actually know about marriage?”

“Nothin’. No clue. Like, I know how people get married, but…. Then, I’m blank,” Faith answered honestly. “Fuck, I’m gonna fuck this up, ain’t I?”

“Actually, I think it will work in your favor. You don’t have a whole bunch of preconceived ideas to fuck you up and confuse you,” Willow tried to explain her point without babbling. “Look, Faith. Tara’s right. Don’t do anything you don’t wanna do and not ‘till you’re ready. But if you are, then forget anything else. The rest of the world doesn’t matter, your duty as the Slayer doesn’t matter, the self-doubt doesn’t matter. You just have to take the risk, it’s a leap of faith, my friend. And then, you will just enjoy bein’ with her, breathin’ with her…”

“Breathin’ with her…” Faith repeated her friend’s words and smiled serenely. “Breathin’ with her…I love that…”

“It’s the best thing ever, isn’t it?” Willow said with a love-struck smile on her face.

“Yeah…So, what is it like?” Faith asked her, suddenly.

“What? Bein’ married?” Willow asked and Faith nodded quickly. “It’s amazing. The best experience of my life, so far.”

Tara entered the room carrying a tray with coffee mugs and a plate of cookies.

“But, you know? Marriage’s like everything else in life… It’s not easy, Faith. And it is, at the same time. It’s pleasure…and pain. It’s agreement…and argument. Long days and too-short nights. Specially doin’ what we do. There’s always this little fear that somethin’ may happen, but we keep on living ‘cause we deserve it. We deserve to be happy, and loved. And people who do what we do… We can’t go around wastin’ too much time of our lives, ya know?” Willow’s serious words were cut off as she suddenly giggled when a memory hit her unexpectedly. “Ya know…one of the first things Buffy told me, before I even found out she was the Slayer, was ‘Seize the moment’. Of course, that same night I almost got bit by a vampire.” Willow laughed openly at that and both her wife and friend stared at her, as if she was a bit crazy. “It’s a long story. Never mind. The point is… Nothing is ever perfect, but you always have to do your best. And marriage requires a lot of work.”

“When there is love and will, anything is possible. And any problem can be worked out,” Tara added her sentiments, smiling at her wife.

“Marriage is like life. You have the good and the bad. The difference is that when you’re married, you don’t have to carry all the weight by yourself.”

“You do it together,” Tara added, sending her wife a tender look. Willow simply reached out and grabbed her hand.

Faith observed them for a moment and then burst out laughing.

“How the fuck did I walk into a fuckin’ Dr Phil show?” Faith joked and laughed again.

“Hey, we’re tryin’ to help here!” Willow scolded her but she was kidding because she knew Faith was joking.

“I know, I know…Damn…” Faith grabbed the ring box and stared at it. “Can I get your approval, guys?”

“You want…our blessing, Faith?” Tara asked her, truly surprised.

“Ours? Why ours, Faith?” Willow asked, equally surprised.

“C’mon, guys. You’re the closest thing D’s got to parents, or older sisters. Who else could I ask? I mean, it’s not like I can text B all the way up in heaven to ask her, can I?” Faith reasoned.

“Of course, you’re right,” Tara agreed with her friend’s reasons.

“For the record, we are honored,” Willow told her honestly.

“Yes, we are,” her blonde wife agreed. “And of course, you have mine.”

“Keep lovin’ her as you’ve done so far, Faith. And of course, you have mine as well,” Willow said sincerely.

“….Great. Cool. Thanks, guys,” Faith told them honestly, swallowing the tears that threatened to spill from her eyes. “I…feel a whole lot better now.”

“Faith, please remember one thing. Proposing, and gettin’ married, is really nice and all but… In the end, gettin’ married is just… It’s just a ceremony, or a legal paper. It’s just a confirmation. Putting that ring on her finger actually means more than the ceremony. That promise is what matters, Faith. And actually keeping that promise is what truly matters, not the whole….Super mega ceremony and party and everything’s gotta be perfect, ya know? What really matters is keeping that promise,” Willow told her with a wisdom that even surprised herself.

“And that’s the hardest part, Faith. Getting married is easy, the hard part is keeping that promise,” Tara added.

“Yeah, I get that. I do. Do ya—” Faith was cut off by the ringing of her cell phone. The Slayer pulled it out from her jacket and left the box on the table once again. “Damn… Haha, D wants me to pick her up from The Magic Box when her shift is done. And to buy coffee from The Espresso Pump ‘cause she used the last of it this morning,” the Slayer informed her friends, paraphrasing what her girlfriend had written in her text message.

“She’s tellin’ you about the coffee ‘cause she otherwise forgets, doesn’t she?” Willow asked her friend, amused, because she remembered how the younger girl was.

“Totally. Now…” Faith grinned and picked up the mug of coffee Tara had prepared for her. “I can never refuse your coffee and cookies, T. One day you will have to teach me how to make them,” she added, subtly insisting her friend. Tara simply gave her a raised eyebrow and didn’t comment. “By the way, if D asks, I was playin’ with the kiddos. Where are they, by the way?” Faith asked.

“They’re taking a nap,” Tara replied with a smile.

“They were pretty tired because this morning they woke up early,” Willow added and grinned. “In fact, I think we should go wake them up,” the redhead told her wife and the blonde nodded in agreement.

“Or they won’t sleep at all tonight, yeah,” Tara said. “Get the playpen ready, honey. I’ll bring them in a minute.”

Tara left her mug on the tray and quickly headed upstairs. Willow made sure the playpen they had set up near the doorway of the living room was ready and then got back to her seat and her beloved mug of coffee.

“You popped the question to T, right, Red?” Faith asked her.

“If you want to call it a proposal, then I guess I did,” Willow told her and shrugged.

“How did you decide how to do it?” Faith asked around one of Tara’s cookies.

“I’m not sure…It just felt like the right moment, Faith. The only person who can tell when it’s the perfect moment is you. And how? Well, that’s up to you too. I mean, I can’t tell you exactly do this or do that ‘cause I’m not you or Dawn. And you know better than anyone what Dawnie likes.”

“Yeah but…you don’t think she expects some sort of…huge romantic gesture, right?” Faith asked, her tone betraying her alarm at that prospect.

“Did you give her any hint that you may propose?” Willow asked, looking for clarification. The Slayer shook her head instantly. “Then, I don’t think she expects anything. Also, Faith, you know what she likes. If you think she’d like some big romantic gesture, or not, you... You have to decide that for yourself.”

“Damn…How am I supposed to decide that?” Faith wondered out loud and frowned.

“Again, you have to decide that for yourself,” Willow said and for a moment she felt bad for not being able to give her friend all the answers she wanted. “But I don’t think that Dawnie would be into that kind of thing. She’s a pretty simple girl. And she likes simple things, right?”

“Yeah, I think. I mean, I do try sometimes to do nice things for her and she’s always tellin’ me that she doesn’t need that. That she just likes hangin’ out with me,” Faith said and had to glance away from her friend because she was a bit embarrassed.

“Then I don’t think you need to worry too much about it,” Willow told her. “You will know when it’s the right moment, Faith. Trust your gut.”

“‘Kay. Thanks, Red,” Faith told her gratefully and put the ring box in the pocket of her jacket. “Since I’m ‘ere… Can I play with the kids for a while?” She asked and Willow just had to laugh because she could see the excitement in the Slayer’s eyes.

“Sure, you can, Faith. You can play with them anytime you want, you don’t have to ask permission every time,” Willow said.

“I know, but still…” Faith simply shrugged. It was the respectful thing to do.

Tara descended the stairs, carrying one twin with each arm expertly as only mothers can do, and Faith instantly jumped from her seat to greet her favorite playmates, discarding her jacket on the armchair.

Faith played with the kids for about two hours before she left to go pick up her girlfriend from work. The Witches observed her play with their kids with smiles on their faces. Little Nicky and Hannah brought an obvious happiness to Faith that allowed them to see a side of their friend they didn’t know before. Faith became a little kid while she was with the twins and her dimples came out in full force because she couldn’t stop smiling.

--Important Day— Two days later…

Faith changed into her work our clothes and decided to go for a run. It always helped her relax. The ring box was safely hidden in the weapons chest they kept in the room that used to be Red’s office. She kept it there because Dawn never entered the room.

Meanwhile, Dawn was in the Magic Box working, attending the costumers with her best smile. Anya had some personal errands to take care of that day (Dawn honestly didn’t want to know) so she was alone with Giles and it was both better and worse for her. It was better because she and Anya didn’t always agree on the treatment of the costumers, but it was worse because, since Giles didn’t do a thing, she had to do it all by herself.

“Here’s your change. Thank you and I’ll see you next month,” Dawn told the old lady that came in every month to buy scented candles and oils.

The old lady smiled kindly at her and thanked her before leaving.

Dawn looked around the shop from behind the counter: there were two girls looking at their herbs but other than them, the show was empty. Finally getting a break (it had been a busy day), the blue-eyed brunette sat on the stool behind the counter and waited to see if the girls needed any help.

Her phone beeped in her pocket and she pulled it out. It was a text from her girlfriend, letting her know she had gone on a run and if she (Dawn) wanted Faith to pick her up from work. Dawn was answering her girlfriend when Giles walked closer to the counter while reading from an ancient textbook.

“Dawn, did you do the Inventory?” the old Watcher asked her, looking at her from over his glasses.

“Yes, Giles. I did it this morning,” Dawn told her with a nod as she put her phone back in her pocket.

“Good, good. Did you put the books on the shelves?”

“Yes, I did, Giles. Tagged them and made sure that they were appropriate books and didn’t belong to the Forbidden Section,” Dawn added the answer to the following question before the Watcher could open his mouth.

“Oh, great. Good work, Dawn,” Gild told her with a little smile. He was about to walk away and continue with his reading when he remembered something. “Oh, yes. Did we receive the herbs shipment this morning?”

“Yes, we did, Giles,” Dawn replied, losing her patience a bit. “I tagged them all, each one separated from the other, to avoid any possible accidents. And then I put them in their right place or restocked the jars and the herbs left were bagged and tagged and put in the Second Inventory,” Dawn added, anticipating his questions.

“Great. Great job, Dawn. Also, did you clean up the training room?”

Dawn’s eye started to twitch as her annoyance grew, but the Watcher never noticed.

“Giles, I remind you that the maintenance of the training room is up to you, the Watcher, and Faith, the Slayer,” Dawn reminded him as gently as she could. “Sure, I could do it since my girlfriend taught me to clean the weapons. But it’s not in my contract. And it wasn’t part of the deal we made with Faith and the others.”

“Right. I must have forgotten. I’m sorry, Dawn,” Giles told her in that tone that Dawn always hated because she was never sure if it was sincere or not.

“Right,” Dawn said, unconvinced. “Giles, question. What have you been doin’ the whole day? It’s just I didn’t see you much, that’s all.”

“Oh, well….I was reading. Doing research, if you will,” the older man responded with a certain nervous undertone. The girl didn’t believe him at all.

“Right. That’s great. Awesome,” Dawn lied.

“Yes…I-I… I will be right over there in the training room, if you need me,” Giles said with that unconvincing tine and disappeared once again.

Dawn watched him go and then rolled her eyes at him even though he couldn’t see her. He was so damn lazy!

‘Good for nothing, Giles! Never does any crap around here! Anya and I always do everythin’ and since Anya’s not here… Stupid, Giles!’ Dawn thought but still forced herself to swallow her anger as the two girls were approaching the counter.

“Hell, welcome to the Magic Box,” Dawn the girls, using her best professional smile, reminding herself that the pay was good and she needed it.

--Important Day—

Faith looked around as she slowed down and realized her feet had taken her to the cemetery in which Buffy was buried. The always made sure that vampires and demons kept away from the small private cemetery and along the years, the vampires and demons had learnt that it was a cursed place…Specially after all the protection spells and invisibility spells Willow had casted to protect Joyce’s and Buffy’s burial site. Willow and Tara had also casted a modified ‘true love’ spell on the graves. Meaning that only the people who truly loved Buffy and her mother could find the place or even see it. No magical expenses had been spared when it came to protect the graves of their family members.

Faith hesitated before approaching the gates, she had never entered a cemetery in plain daylight except for that one time she had accompanied Dawn to Buffy’s grave…She could still find the way with her eyes closed.

There was a little stand with a lady selling flowers by the entrance, during the day. Faith hesitated but then bought a little bouquet of flowers for her friend and headed inside. The path was too simple for her to forget it…And she wouldn’t even if it wasn’t.

Five minutes, that’s all it took her to get to Buffy’s grave in the far end of the cemetery (in her defense, she used her Slayer-speed without realizing it)…. And once again it was a shock to stand in front of that piece of rock.

Buffy Anne Summers
Beloved sister
Devoted friend
She saved the world
A lot.

It was still a shock to see the grave but she toughed it out. Faith got closer and knelt down in front of it. She placed the flowers on the grave and stared at it for what seemed forever.

“Hey, B. Got you these flowers, hope you like ‘em. I… I don’t know… I know you’re not really ‘ere, you’re up there somewhere in heaven keepin’ an eye on us,” Faith spoke out loud and yes, a tiny part of herself felt stupid for speaking to a grave but she nodded to herself and kept going. “But it’s not like I can send ya a text to ask what I gotta ask, right? I…” The girl took a deep breath. “I bought a ring. For Dawn.” Faith looked around out of habit but she knew no one could see her or hear her thanks to Red’s spells. “I…I know it may be a surprise but if you saw the conversation with Red and Blondie, then you must know. But, I’m gonna be completely honest with ya. I owe you that much, right?”

Faith shifted on her feet and then simply sat down indian style on the cold ground. ‘May as well, get comfy,’ a part of her brain thought.

“And… I do, B. I do wanna marry D. Dawn, I mean.” Faith tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear, just to have something to do. “Red and Blondie gave me their blessings…But I want yours, B. I don’t know if you can communicate with me, somehow but fuck, B. I just need that from you. I may have no right to ask anythin’ from ya but I want it anyway. ‘Cause D’s the best thing that ever happened to me. That’s somethin’ I never thought I’d deserve but thanks to her I know I do. Can you give me that one thing, B? I know I never asked your approval to be with ‘er but figured you didn’t mind so much since that dream I had when you gave me that message. But I do wanna marry ‘er, B.”

Faith shrugged and rubbed her neck, nervously. The Slayer looked around and then up to the sky.

“Guess that’s all, B. I could spend hours talkin’ ‘bout what D means to me, but don’t know how much good it can do. Damn, you should get a beeper or somethin’ up there, B,” she joked and chuckled. “Really hope you heard me from wherever you are and this wasn’t for nothin’.”

The Slayer stood up and dusted her pants. She looked at the grave one more time and smiled.

“Hope you’re havin’ fun up there, B. And hope you could hear me,” Faith said honestly. “See ya later. Well…you know what I mean.” She laughed and walked away.

She felt lighter as she left the cemetery and started to jog back to her home. She didn’t know how but she felt better, lighter, after her little ‘talk’ with Buffy. So with that Faith grinned to herself and jogged a bit faster.

--Important Day—

Dawn still wasn’t home when Faith got back so the Slayer simply grabbed clothes and then went to have a shower. The hot water loosened her muscles (the private cemetery was the furthest in town) and Faith sighed contently as she put her head right under the water stream.

Faith put on her underwear in the bathroom and walked barefoot into her bedroom.

“Man, that was exactly what I needed,” she mumbled to herself as she grabbed a part of skinny jeans and put them on. Then she put new socks and her boots and went to get a tank top. “Fuck, forgot to do laundry,” Faith muttered to herself when she realized she didn’t have clean tank tops. Shrugging, she grabbed the first thing she could find, a long sleeved t-shirt and put it on.

Something felt odd, however, and it took her less than a second to realize what was wrong. She didn’t have her necklace! Dawn had given it to her and it was her most precious possession. It was a simple soft cord string with an entwined axe and stake charm that Dawn had custom made for her for their one year anniversary. And Faith treasured it more than anything, she never took it off, except for patrol. She took it off for patrol at night because she didn’t want to risk losing it during a fight.

Faith almost slapped herself when she realized she had left it in the bathroom. The Slayer hurried back to the bathroom and smiled relieved when she saw it right on the shelf where she always placed it.

“Stupid… Can’t lose this,” Faith cursed herself for forgetting to put it back on after her shower.

After fixing that little emergency. Faith went back to her bedroom and grabbed her leather jacket. She was going to go to the Magic Box to see her girlfriend under the excuse of talking to Giles or something like that.

Faith stopped just outside her bedroom and looked around with a small frown. Something felt odd, again. Was something missing? The Slayer checked her pockets, her phone and house/car keys were with her, and nothing was missing. Then, why did she feel like she was forgetting something?

She looked around and her frown deepened. Faith went back to her bedroom but everything was fine. Something was nagging her in the back of her head and she scratched her neck, confused…

“What the fuck…” the brunette muttered to herself.

For some reason she ended up going back to the bathroom and what she found there made her stop dead in her tracks…

The steam from her shower had long vanished but the mirror was still fogged up and letters had appeared over its surface, as if someone had written them with their finger.

‘5X5F’…. What the fuck… B, did ya do this?” Faith wondered out loud, a tiny grin pulling at her lips. “Guess Heaven improved your sense of humor, huh? ‘Cause if this is your idea of a joke…this is kinda fucked up, B.”

Faith saw, much to her shock, how something wrote on the still fogged up glass the words ‘make her happy F’. The Slayer simply stood there, shocked, staring at the mirror and the words written on it for what seemed forever. She couldn’t wrap her mind around it. Until a grin started pulling at her lips, and then she was smiling openly, her dimples coming out at full force. Her eyes scanned the ceiling, almost as if she could find her friend there.

“Really, B? You’re givin’ me your blessing? I’ll be damned…I thought it’d take longer. But thanks for the vote of confidence, B. I ain’t gonna disappoint you…”

Faith’s eyes focused again on the words written on the mirror and then she erased them with her hand, just in case.

“Five x five, indeed, B…” Faith mumbled contently and chuckled as she left the bathroom.

--Important Day—

Arriving at the Magic Box, Faith entered the shop with a grin that just wouldn’t fade away. She found her girlfriend stacking some books on the shelf with an annoyed look on her face. The shop seemed empty and Giles wasn’t around so she approached her with a sly smile.

“Hey, babe. What’s up with that frown? All cool?” Faith asked her.

“Instead of babe you should be callin’ me maid,” Dawn replied bitterly. “But yeah, all cool. You? Why are you all smile-y?” She asked, her frown being replaced by a Faith-only smile.

“I’m just in a good mood. But why are you angry?”

“It’s nothing, Faith,” Dawn told her dismissively and placed the last book on the shelf and checked the list she was holding. Since she was done, she dropped the list on the box that was near her feet.

“Seriously, I wanna know,” Faith insisted gently.

“It’s just…” Dawn shook her head and gave her girlfriend a wry smile. “You see Giles anywhere?”

Since they were a bit hidden by the book shelf, Faith peaked around it and shook her head.

“No. Why?”

“Exactly! He’s not here!” Dawn exclaimed, exasperated. “And when he is, he doesn’t do anything! Usually it doesn’t bother me ‘cause Anya takes care of the costumers while I take care of the other stuff. But days like today… I was all alone and it was insane! A busy day, he’s nowhere to be found and then the asshole dares to ask if I did that or this or cleaned the training room!”

“Whoa, wait. It ain’t your duty to clean the training room. That’s up to him and me,” Faith told her with a frown. “And I cleaned it up yesterday.”

“I know! I told him that and he was like, oh yeah, I must’ve forgotten. With that stupid tone that always annoys the shit outta me,” Dawn complained through her teeth and her girlfriend nodded because she knew what tone she was talking about.

“Fuck…Are you okay now?” Faith asked her.

“Yeah. I’m cool. It just bothers me ‘cause he asks me to do stuff that aren’t part of my duties, ya know? It’s not my job to keep clean the training room. It’s not my job to make him tea every single time. Not my job to sign for the deliveries, that’s Anya’s and his since they’re the owners, luckily the delivery guy knows us. If Anya asks me for a favor, I don’t mind, but I am sick of him and having to do what he should be doing.”

“Babe, have you tried talkin’ to him?”

“It’s pointless. And every time I try, he uses that stupid tone with me and I seriously wish I was able to lift that troll’s hammer just so I could smack him in the face,” Dawn explained.

“Want me to talk to him?” Faith offered.

“And have he get all haughty? No, don’t bother. It’s okay. It’s okay. Besides, I don’t want him gettin’ madder at you,” the blue-eyed brunette said and smiled at her girlfriend’s consideration.

“Then…What you say if we get outta ‘ere early and go home?” Faith placed her hands on her girl’s hips and pulled her closer until their stomachs were pressed together. The older girl gave her girlfriend a teasing smirk. “I could cook somethin’ nice for us for dinner and we could go to the Bronze after or stay in. What’d you say?”

“That actually sounds heavenly right now,” Dawn practically moaned with longing as she wrapped her arms around Faith’s shoulders. “And a hot, hot shower, I’ve been around old dusty books all day long.”

“What you’re cravin’ for dinner, then?” Faith asked but her mind was far from that when her girl’s luscious lips were less than an inch away from hers. The younger girl smiled.

“Don’t know…Mmm, how ‘bout you, gorgeous?” Dawn flirted and held back the instinct of blushing.

“Mm…Flirty. Me like it,” Faith joked and brought her face closer to the other girl’s until their noses were touching. “Only if I can have you as dessert…” she added, her voice dropping an octave, causing her girlfriend to tremble with desire.

“I’ve never been able to deny you anything, Faithy.”

Faith groaned at that nickname and rested her head on her girlfriend’s shoulder.

“You know I hate it when you call me that, babe. C’mon,” the Slayer practically whined as she looked back at her girl.

“You have all sort of nicknames for me. I have one for you. Bite me,” Dawn told her teasingly.

“Smart-ass,” Faith muttered and her girlfriend’s grin widened.

“Oh, I know what nickname you like…” Dawn pressed her body against her Slayer’s and allowed herself a tiny peck of her girlfriend’s lips. “Teacher,” she whispered. And Faith visibly swallowed hard.

Faith’s hand tightened her hold on her girl’s lips. The night before Dawn was already asleep by the time she had gotten back from patrol so she had let her sleep. But now her desire was back at full force and it was hard to hold back.

“You know what that nick does to me, babe,” Faith told her, almost growling with want. But she could hear Giles about to exit the training room so she stepped away from her girlfriend and grabbed the box with books Dawn had been using.

“Giles’ comin’,” she told her girlfriend. Just as Giles walked into the main part of the shop. “Hey, G-man! What’s up?”

“Oh, Faith. I didn’t know you were here.”

“Yeah. Just came by ‘cause I was bored and decided to help D with these books,” the Slayer said as she put the box on the research table.

Dawn took a deep breath and tried to compose herself before stepping into view.

“Oh, that’s good. Dawn, are you finished with those books?” Giles asked her.

“Yeah, Giles. We’re done.”

“Good. So now all you need to do is…is…” Giles hesitated because had no idea what it needed to be done.

“I just need to take those books to the storage room,” Dawn filled in for him because she knew he had no idea. When the man opened his mouth to speak, she hurried to add. “Yes, they’re already tagged and added to the Second Inventory.”

“Alright. Good job, Dawn. I…I have some business, personal, to attend. Emergency, I’d say. So I need to leave early. Would you mind closing the shop?” Giles asked her and the girls could tell it was bullshit.

“No problem, Giles,” Dawn told him with a convincing smile as she stood next to her girlfriend.

“Yeah, G-man. You look kinda tired. Why don’t you take care of your stuff and then go home to rest?” Faith told him with fake-concern that only Dawn could detect.

“Well, I am rather tired, yes. It was a long day,” Giles said as he took off his glasses to polish them. “I’ll see you later, girls. Or on Monday, just in case.”

Two seconds later, he was gone. He obviously didn’t want to stay in the shop any longer. Faith gave her girlfriend a raised eyebrow.

“Now that’s what I call a fast-exit. What’s up with him?” The Slayer asked.

“He always has an ‘emergency’ at this hour because of whatever excuse,” Dawn told her casually, but with a hint of annoyance. “Otherwise he’ll miss his soap opera.”

“Soap opera? For real? Or he saw your hand on my ass?” Faith asked with a smirk as she walked forward and grabbed the box from the table.

Dawn lifted the hand that had just been touching her girlfriend’s ass and wiggled her fingers while giggling naughtily.

“Ooops,” the younger girl said and kept giggling. “But anyway, I don’t think so. He’s got his soap opera to watch. And what are you doin’?”

“I’m gonna take this to the other room,” Faith told her and nodded down to the box she was holding.

“Don’t worry. Leave them on the counter, I’ll put them downstairs tomorrow morning,” Dawn said as she went to sit on the edge of the research table to relax for a minute.

“Nice, babe. Lyin’ to your boss,” Faith joked and left the box on the counter. “Now, why did ya have to put your hand on my ass while I was gettin’ Giles to leave? Naughty, wicked girl,” she said with mock-disapproval as she approached her girlfriend.

“Two can play the game, right? You do stuff like that to me all the time,” Dawn told her with a smug look on her face.

“Oh. So it’s payback?” Faith asked, mock-surprised dripping from her words. The Slayer stopped in front of the younger girl and placed her hands on Dawn’s thighs. “You dated to stoop that low?”

“People say all it’s fair in war and love, right?” The blue-eyed girl asked, pretending to think.

“All is fair, huh? Alright,” Faith muttered and smirked.

“Why a—AAAHHH!” Dawn squealed when she found herself lying on her back on the research table and her girlfriend hovering just a couple of inches over her. “Faith! What the hell?” The brunette asked.

“What? You said all was fair in war and love, babe,” Faith said innocently as she started to kiss and nibble on her girlfriend’s jaw and neck.

Dawn automatically arched her body looking for more contact and bit her lip to stop herself from moaning. Without even noticing, she had tilted her head to give her girlfriend more access to her neck.

“Faith, this is—fuck!” Faith delivered a deep bite on her neck and she couldn’t hold back the moan it produced. “Faith, c’mon!”

“What? I ain’t touchin’ you, babe,” Faith teased and softly blew on the mark she had just created. Dawn shuddered with desire and the Slayer above her smirked, tremendously pleased with herself.

“This is kinda insane, Faith! Please. Let’s go home,” Dawn implored, biting her lip. “We’re gonna get caught.”

“No, we won’t, babe,” Faith assured her and kept attacking her girlfriend’s neck.

“Yes! We’re gonna get caught!” Dawn insisted.

Faith gently kept her down pinned to the table and looked right into dark-blue eye, darkened with desire.

“I’ll go close the door. You don’t move a muscle, babe…” Faith leaned down and never broke eye contact. “Or there’ll be punishment, sexy…” she added, her voice dripping with lust, before she used her Slayer-speed to go close the door and the blinds. Dawn’s body practically spasmed at the idea of ‘punishment’ and for a tiny minute was tempted to disobey but she remained in place…

--Important Day—

A few hours later, Faith was busy in the kitchen cooking some pasta with Alfredo sauce when Dawn entered the room fresh from her shower. The blue-eyed girl plopped down on one of the stools and observed her girlfriend work with a look of utter satisfaction on her face.

“You’ve still got that smug look in your face, babe?” Faith asked, amused, without even turning around.

“Totally,” Dawn replied without any shame.

Faith simply chuckled and shook her head. Her girlfriend couldn’t see her but she too had that look on her face. It was had been amazing! It hadn’t been planned but everything worked out great!

“I was thinkin’… After dinner, why don’t we watch a movie or somethin’?” Faith suggested.

“A movie? Why not? Sure. Thought you wanted to go to the Bronze, though,” Dawn said and shrugged.

“If you wanna go, we can,” Faith said and looked at the other girl over her shoulder.

“Nah, let’s stay. A movie all snuggled up with you on the couch sounds awesome,” Dawn said, grinning at the prospect.

“Great. Pick anythin’ as long as it’s funny,” Faith told her.

Dawn just had to smile bigger when her mind reminded her of a time in which she had told pretty much the same thing to her Slayer.

“I know exactly what we can watch,” the younger girl said, trying to keep an innocent face.

“Great. Now do me a favor and set the table. Don’t be lazy,” Faith told her and laughed.

“Hey. I’m not lazy,” Dawn protested and pouted, but she still got up to set the table.

--Important Day—

Their dinner together was, as usual, fantastic. They conversed, they flirted and overall had a great timed together.

“Your cooking gets better and better, gorgeous,” Dawn complimented her girlfriend as she finished her dinner with a sip of red wine.

“I always tell you, babe. I have many skills,” Faith joked and laughed.

“Right, Xena. Gotcha,” Dawn joked back.

“Go get the movie ready while I put these in the dishwasher,” Faith told her gently and started picking up the plates.


Dawn went to the living room and made sure everything was set up. The couch cushions were placed how they like it –against one arm of the couch so Faith was comfortable while Dawn laid against her. She got the movie ready (she had tracked down a copy in Amazon because she couldn’t find it anywhere else) and then went to the kitchen to get the wine bottle and one of their glasses, which she set on the coffee table.

When Faith entered the living room, the Slayer grinned because it was obvious to her that her girlfriend was in a romantic mood, which was awesome for her. While she wasn’t one for ‘chick flicks’ she did like her girlfriend in a romantic mood, so she didn’t mind watching one or two every once in a while.

“What are we watchin’ tonight, hon?” Faith asked as she took off her work boots and settled on the couch with her back against the cushions.

“I thought we could watch a movie we haven’t watched in a while,” Dawn said with a smile as she laid between her girlfriend’s legs and rested her head on her Slayer’s generous chest. She held upthe remote and pressed play.

Faith burst out laughing when the opening titles of But I’m a Cheerleader started rolling and she lowered her head enough to kiss her girl’s head.

“Man, it’s been a long time…”

“I know. Remember the first time we watched this movie?” Dawn asked and smiled.

“Yeah. We fell asleep and missed most of it,” Faith remembered and chuckled.

“Did I ever tell you that we actually snuggled up while we were asleep? My head was restin’ on your boobs and you were holdin’ me,” Dawn told her and her smile widened as she kept watching the screen.

“Really? Well, fuck me sideways. I knew there was a reason for my body to react like that!” Faith exclaimed and laughed, still keeping her eyes on the screen.

“Like what?” Dawn asked and tilted her head back to look at the older girl.

“Horny as Hell,” Faith replied, bluntly as usual.

“Really?” Dawn asked and returned to watch the screen, while she blushed slightly. “You too?”

Faith smirked slightly and lowered her head enough to whisper in her girlfriend’s ear.

“Did ya do the same thin’ I did when I got home that night, gorgeous?”

Dawn bit her lip but couldn’t hide the shiver that rocked her body slightly.

“Maybe,” was all she could say.

“Oh, maybe? Now that’s a nice mental image,” Faith commented, teasing her girlfriend.

“Faith, I love you but please, don’t start now. Please?” Dawn practically begged her because she knew her girlfriend was teasing her just for her own amusement.

Faith laughed and wrapped her left arm around her girlfriend, giving her an affectionate squeeze.

“By the way, I love you too,” the Slayer said after a minute of silence, with a grin.

“I love how sarcastic and ironic this movie is,” Dawn commented half-way through the movie.

“Yeah, me too. Also, RuPaul dressed like a dude and not in drag…That’s like a once in a lifetime thing,” Faith joked and laughed.

“Yeah, totally. The Graham character reminds me a bit of you, actually,” Dawn told her and giggled.


“C’mon… ‘Orgasms make people feel good’? That is soo you, baby,” Dawn teased between giggles.

“Mmmm…. Chick’s got a good point, though,” the Slayer kind f agreed.

“I never said she was wrong,” Dawn said and reached once again for her wine glass. She took a sip and then held it up for her girlfriend, who took it gladly.

“Hey, babe. Did you ever try doin’ that kind of stuff?” Faith suddenly asked, curious.

“Do what?” Dawn asked, confused.

“Bein’ a cheerleader. I know B was one once. But did ya ever try it?”

“Why do you ask that, Faith?”

“I don’t know, it just occurred to me. You always said that you and B had lots of stuff in common despite your differences. Seriously, am only askin’, no double intentions,” she reassured her girlfriend honestly and handed her the wine glass, which the younger girl left on the coffee table.

“Well, yeah. I did join the cheerleading squad in junior year and became Captain in my senior year. But I only did it ‘cause I thought it’d be fun and it was a great work out,” Dawn admitted and avoided to look at her girlfriend. “Also, I didn’t have anythin’ better to do and soccer wasn’t really my thing. Stupid high school didn’t have girls’ baseball team,” the girl mumbled the last phrase bitterly and Faith squeezed her gently.

“So….was it as stupid as it seems? No offense but it kinda does look a bit stupid,” Faith told her honestly. “At least the pom-poms thing, the exercise routines look pretty hard.”

“Havin’ to use the pom-poms was completely stupid,” the blue-eyed girl said and snorted. “But the gymnastics were awesome!”

“Looks hard as shit,” Faith said.

“It is! But it’s also super fun!” Dawn confirmed and nodded, unaware that her head movement stimulated her girlfriend’s generous breasts slightly.

“Shit, babe, careful with the twins,” the Slayer groaned but she wasn’t in pain.

“Oh. I’m so sorry, baby!” Dawn hurried to move, thinking she had hurt her somehow. But Faith’s arm stopped her.

“I didn’t say move. Said careful. You know how I get,” Faith told her and her girlfriend chuckled because she realized Faith was joking.

“Ass. I thought I hurt you,” the former Key scolded her.

“Not my fault, babe,” Faith grinned. “Say…got any pics with your uniform?”

“I’m not gonna show you my squad pictures just so you can perv,” Dawn deadpanned.

“I’m not gonna perv, I swear,” Faith assured her but not even she could believe her own words. “C’mon! It’s kinda my job to perv on you, you’re my girl!” The Slayer tried to justify herself and shrugged as much as she could.

“It’s your job? HA!” Dawn snorted. “I’d say it’s your nature, Faith, not your job.”

“Alright. It’s my pleasure, not my job. The point is… it’s okay to perv on you ‘cause you’re my girlfriend,” the Slayer reasoned.

“So that means I can perv on you all I want ‘cause you’re my girlfriend?” Dawn bantered.

“Babe, you already do,” the older brunette bantered back. “For the record, I don’t mind at all. At all.”

Dawn simply laughed at their stupid bantering and snuggled up further against her girlfriend with a fond smile on her face. Her Slayer held her as tight as possible without hurting her and the younger girl loved it completely.

They continued watching the movie, occasionally making jokes about and laughing. They both loved to watch movies and make fun of them or make jokes about them. That’s was why usually only Tara and Willow supported to watch movies with them. Because Willow and Tara had the same tendency.

Faith got slightly nervous when the end of the movie rolled around because she knew what was coming. But maybe this one time it would work in her favor.

As they saw the characters of Megan and Graham kiss as the truck drove away, Dawn shifted so she was on her side with her head between her girlfriend’s breasts and asked the question she asked every time they watched a romantic movie.

“What’d you think happens next?”

“Well, the credits start to roll, babe,” Faith joked and chuckled, to relieve the tension she could feel gathering inside her body.

“You know what I meant,” the younger girl said with a giggle.

“Guess they…I don’t know…Just keep on livin’,” Faith finally told her.

“Like…Happily ever after? One day they get married, maybe even have kids and stuff?” The girl wondered out loud and the other girl shrugged slightly.

“That’s what the happy endin’ implies, right?” Faith said, not wanting to ruin her girl’s romantic mood with her usually realistic view of the world.

“Yeah…guess so,” Dawn said and smiled contently. “I know it’s kinda stupid and silly and naïve, to think about this kind of stuff. I know that. But considerin’ what we see on daily basis, even when you and Will take care of most patrol nights… I don’t know… It’s nice to daydream a bit sometimes.”

You want that kind of happy endin’?” Faith asked, trying to keep her voice calm and not betray her nerves.

“I think that…everyone wants a happy ending deep inside. Maybe not the whole cliché thing, that’s stupid, but just…be happy, ya know? Have someone to love and who loves ya back. Maybe kids, dependin’ on what the two people want, of course. And just be happy,” Dawn reasoned. “And I’m really happy with our life, just so you know,” she added and giggled.

“But we could have more,” Faith said before she could stop herself. “If you want it.”

“What do you mean?” Dawn asked, a bit confused, and looked up at her girlfriend.

“We could have more, if you want it,” Faith repeated, shaking her in metaphorical boots. “The whole nine damned yards.”

“Faith… Are you sayin’ what I think you’re sayin’?” Dawn asked hesitantly because she didn’t want to get her hopes up for nothing.

“I…am,” the older girl almost stuttered. But then she cleared her throat and confirmed her intentions. “Yeah, I am, D.” Brown eyes locked with blue for what seemed like forever. “If I asked ya to marry me… Would you say yes?”

“Are you asking me?” Dawn asked back, as calmly as she could, although inside she was jumping around with joy.

“You’re never just gonna answer the damn question, are ya?” Faith said and let out a small laugh.

“Only if you ask the damn question, Faith,” the younger girl said, her voice trembling with restrained emotion, towards the end of her sentence. The girl sat up slightly so she could talk at her girlfriend properly. Dawn honestly couldn’t believe what was going on…

Faith’s hands cupped her girlfriend’s jaw and pulled their faces close so their foreheads were touching.

“D…No. Dawn, my…gorgeous Dawn…Would you marry me?” Faith asked her seriously and was surprised at how relieved she felt after asking the question. “Would you give me that honor?”

“Are you really asking me to marry you, Faith?” the younger girl asked, her voice breaking slightly with emotion at the end.

“Yeah…But I’m not doin’ this shit properly. Give me a sec!” Faith jumped from the couch, without even touching her girlfriend, and ran off the room.

And Dawn just stood there, blinking stunned and wondering what had just happened…She sat up and opened her mouth to call out for her girlfriend but not a second later Faith walked back into the room.

“Faith, what…” Her words died off when her girlfriend dropped to her knees in front of her and presented her with a ring box. Her mouth opened and closed, making her look like a gold-fish, several times.

“I’m not good at the whole heart-felt stuff but you know I love you. More than anything, I love you. And I want the whole nine yards with ya. Everythin’ I never thought I deserved but you showed me I did. I wanna spend the rest of my life with ya.”

Faith opened the ring box and showed it to her, hoping her girl would like it.

“I’ve been carryin’ this with me for a while. D, would you marry me?” Faith repeated the most important question of her life and held out the box to her girlfriend.

Dawn gasped as she stared at the most gorgeous ring she had ever seen in her whole life! It was a simple flat and rounded sapphire stone surrounded by two dolphins, somehow emulating the yin-yang symbol. The ring was platinum and Dawn honestly didn’t give a damn about the material, not when the love of her life was proposing.

“Faith…it’s gorgeous,” the girl breathed out as her eyes filled with tears. “So beautiful…”

“So, what’d you say? Are you crazy enough to marry me?” Faith joked to hide the nervous undertones in her voice.

Dawn copied her girlfriend’s early actions and cupped the older girl’s jaw to pull their faces closer. She could barely see because of her tears but she could care less. She could still see the honesty in her eyes and that was enough…

“Yes…” She whispered and rested her forehead against her girlfriend’s. “Yes, yes, Faith,” she breathed out louder through her tears. “God damn it, I love you so much!” The girl finally squealed like a school girl and threw her arms around her girlfriend and hugged her as she cried. “Oh, God…Oh, God…I love you so much! I sooo want to marry you!”

“Really?” Faith asked, stunned, because her girl had actually said yes. “You want to marry me?”

Dawn actually chuckled as she left go of her girlfriend enough to be able to look at her and tried to wipe her tears away.

“YES! Is that so hard to believe? I love you, you little….” Dawn’s words died in her throat because suddenly her lips were extremely busy kissing her girlfriend’s.

“You said yes…” Faith said and her dimpled came out at full-force as she smiled like never before. “Fuck me sideways, you said yes…”

“Of course I did. I love you, you idiot!” Dawn half-stated and half-laughed.

“Then…can I…” Faith motioned at her girl’s hand the girl hurried to lift her left hand. The Slayer held the offered hand and pulled out the ring from the box, which dropped to the ground, forgotten for the moment. “This…Never thought…” she tried to say and her girlfriend understood.

“I know, but I’m so happy right now,” the still crying blue-eyed girl said as she waited to feel the ring around her finger. “I’m so happy that you did…”

Faith didn’t hesitate. She slid the ring home and sighed relieved when it fit her perfectly.

“Holy crap…” the former Key breathed out, shocked, as she observed the ring around her finger.

“Holy crap, indeed,” the Slayer agreed whole heartedly and they both laughed, still shocked.

Dawn looked at her girlfriend and swallowed down her tears, still smiling.

Faith simply let her cry and pulled her girlfriend into a searing kiss…

--Important Day—

After such an amazing night (they spent hours and hours celebrating, until the sun illuminated the whole room and their spent bodies lying entwined) the girls couldn’t wait to tell everyone. The first thing that Faith had done after putting the ring on her girlfriend’s finger (and coming out of the shock) was to shoot up a quick text to Tara that said: ‘SHE SAID YES!!!!!’ and she didn’t see the blonde’s response until she walked into the living room the very next afternoon. She had just gotten out of bed.

“Damn…” Faith groaned, feeling a bit sore, which was strange considering she was the Slayer, as she bent over to grab her cellphone from the coffee table and then headed towards the kitchen. Her girlfriend, now fiancé, was still sleeping upstairs.

After turning the coffee maker on, Faith sat on one of the stools. She was bare-foot but she had managed to put on a pair of black yoga pants and the large UC Sunnydale sweatshirt that her girlfriend sometimes wore to bed, when they wore clothes at all. The Slayer was barely awake but somehow she managed to focus on her phone.

‘You proposed? Amazing! Congratulations to you both. I wish you both all the happiness in the world.’” Faith read out loud and grinned at her sister’s (Tara’s) response. And then she noticed she also had a text from Willow. “‘Atta girl! Well done buddy! Congrats. Now party like its1999!’” she read out loud and couldn’t help to laugh. “Red, you just kill me sometimes…”

“No killin’ you ‘til after we’re married. That way I’d collect the life insurance money,” Dawn joked as she walked further into the kitchen and attached herself to her girlfriend’s back.

“Creepy jokes at this hour of the afternoon. Nice, babe,” Faith told her and laughed.

“Man, is it almost 5 in the afternoon, for real?” Dawn asked, surprised, after she spied the screen of Faith’s phone.

“Yeah. We fucked the night away and then slept the day away,” the Slayer joked and grinned at her girl from over her shoulder.

“It was one hell of a celebration, love,” Dawn said as she snuggled against her girlfriend’s back lazily.

“Yeah, it was… Still happy I popped the question?” Faith asked her, still looking at her from over her shoulder.

“Completely. You have no idea,” Dawn replied with a huge smile on her face.

“Awesome. Say… wanna invite Red and Blondie over for dinner or wanna stay alone?” The Slayer asked.

“We have to shower and clean up the mess we made in the living room,” Dawn reminded her. “But sure, it’d be nice to hang out with them.”

“We? I wasn’t the one who hit the wine bottle and spilled shit all over the coffee table and the carpet,” Faith excused herself with a chuckle.

“Right. Blame me for everything,” Dawn said with mock-annoyance, as she broke away from her girlfriend to go get the pot of coffee. “Mmm….Sorry, Faith, but I may have to dump you and marry this coffee instead,” the girl joked and breathed in the bittersweet scent she loved so much as she poured herself some in one of the mugs.

“If we’re talkin’ ‘bout the coffee, then I’m up for a threesome,” Faith joked back.

“Nah. I’m saving the threesome card for the chocolate,” the younger brunette said, referring to a little joke they had made a few times.

“Fuck, that’s a great idea, babe!” Faith agreed while texting their friends about dinner.

“Gutter brain. I knew you’d say that,” Dawn laughed and headed towards the door of the kitchen with her mug.

“Hey, where’re you goin’? Get back ‘ere!” The Slayer called out and Dawn stopped right before reaching the door.

“What is it?” She asked and walked closer to her girlfriend again.

“Come ‘ere,” Faith insisted seriously and waited until her girl left the mug on the counter.

“What is it?” Dawn asked again.

“Forgot somethin’,” the Slayer replied and pulled her girlfriend into a mind-blowing kiss, pinning her against the edge of the counter.

Faith’s hands held her girlfriend’s hips as she held her up against the edge of the counter. Dawn instantly held onto her girlfriend’s arms for support as she surrendered to the mind-blowing feeling of being kissed so thoroughly and passionately.

“…Damn…” Dawn breathed out as her girlfriend’s lips stopped their sweet attack for a moment. “That…” The girl blinked, not quite able to put sentences together. Her mind was kinda foggy after that kiss and she shook her head to try to clear her thoughts but apparently her brain had taken a mini-vacation. “Whoa…” A tiny giggle escaped her lips.

“You know I like my good morning kiss, babe,” Faith justified and shrugged. She was practically supporting the other girl’s entire weight but her Slayer-strength wasn’t complaining at all.

“That was…one hell of a kiss,” the blue-eyed brunette muttered when her brain started to work once again.

“I have many skills, babe,” Faith said, keeping her face as serious as she could.

Dawn blinked at her. And right then burst out laughing…

--Important Day—

Willow and Tara arrived for dinner without the kids, who were being babysat by Amelia. The Witches hugged their best friends to congratulate them. They were really happy for them. Since none of them felt like cooking, they ordered pizza and sat down in the living room with beer to just hang out and talk.

“I was really excited last night when you texted me,” Tara told her friends as she got comfortable on the couch with her plate of pizza.

“Yeah, you guys had to see her,” Willow added and giggled. The redhead held her plate with one hand and brought up her beer bottle to her lips.

Tara rolled her eyes playfully at her wife.

“I wasn’t the one who yelled ‘She did it! The little bitch did it!’ while laughing like a maniac,” the blonde told her friends with a smug smirk.

“I was happy,” Willow explained herself and shrugged. “In my defense, I was really surprised ‘cause I thought it’d take you longer,” the redhead added, looking at her Slayer friend.

“I have to admit that I thought so, too,” her wife added.

“Yeah…But there were stuff, ya know? And it was all I needed to know,” Faith said and shrugged.

“Like what?” Dawn and Willow asked at the same time.

“Sweetie, that’s probably private,” Tara told her wife gently, because she knew how Fait was when it came to private matters.

“Oh, yeah. You’re right, baby. Sorry, guys,” the redhead apologized quickly but sincerely. But her Slayer friend merely shrugged.

“It’s cool, T. Don’t mind tellin’ ya guys,” Faith said and shifted in her seat. Sure, it did make her uncomfortable but she knew she could trust her friends. “B gave me her blessin’.”

“What?” All the girls asked at the same time, obviously shocked.

“Buffy spoke to you?” Dawn asked, shocked.

“Kinda…” And Faith launched herself into telling her (a very short version) of what had happened. But she kept her eyes on Dawn’s, she needed to feel her close and her girl didn’t disappoint. Dawn had quickly reached out and grabbed her hand, offering silent support, and nodded in understanding.

Dawn opened her mouth as if to say something but then she closed it and smiled. She knew Faith didn’t want to reveal exactly everything to their friends. She knew that Willow and Tara knew it. But none of them minded.

“I’m glad,” the blue-eyed girl said. “I’m glad she approved.”

“Yeah….Me too. Once your sister showed me just how fucked up her sense of humor can be, I had all I needed.” Faith chuckled at her own words and then looked at her redheaded friend. “All the answers were yes.”

“Then that’s all that matters,” Willow said and lifted the bottle she was holding in a silent toast.

“But what’d you mean, with fucked up sense of humor?” Tara asked her, curious.

“She actually, somehow, wrote 5X5F on the fogged up mirror,” Faith said and laughed whole heartedly at the surprised look in the others’ faces. “I know, right?”

There was a prolonged silence after that until Willow shook her head and looked at Faith seriously.

“Can I ask a question?” the redhead asked, serious as a heart attack.

“Sure, Red.”

“I’m not sayin’ I lost sleep over this but I have always wondered…everyone has wondered… It’s so annoyin’ not knowing…” The redhead frowned as she worked out how to ask her question while the others, including her wife, waiting patiently. And in Faith’s case, a bit nervously because she thought her redheaded friend would ask a personal question. “What THE HELL….does 5x5 mean, Faith?” Willow finally asked, more urgently than she had intended to.

Faith simply stared at her for what seemed like forever…and promptly burst out laughing…

--Important Day—

Chapter 5 directly below this one.

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Okay. Here is Chapter 5!


CHAPTER 5—Welcome to the Hellmouth… Again.

CHAPTER SUMMARY:: several different moments in time…Sometimes, almost by chance, we can meet people that will change our lives forever…

A/N:: IMPORTANT! this Chapter will be important for the Future of my Universe. You will see in due time, guys. Just bear with me for a moment. The focus of this Chapter is Abbie and how she meets some people who will be very important for her (and the universe) in the future….


Abbie’s first day of school. Age 6.

Willow parked the SUV in front of Sunnydale Primary School and sighed dramatically. From the passenger seat her wife sent her an understanding look. It never got easy. Both women turned to look at their kids in the back seats.

“Who’s excited about their first day?” Tara asked her babies.

“Me!” Abbie hollered with a cheerful grin on her little face, while her older brother and sister merely nodded, they were still tired and sleepy. Tara stared at her youngest… The little girl never looked more like her adorable wife than in that moment.

“That’s right, Abbie-bug! You start school today. You’re gonna learn a whole lotta stuff and have lots of fun!” Willow told with an excited grin. “Okay, guys. Let’s go over the plan one more time,” she added, seriously this time. “Nick, Hannah, you guys go with Mom to your classroom. While Abbie-bug and I go to hers. Remember, kids, Mom will be right here waiting for you when you get out, okay?”

Once that all three kids nodded to the plan, Tara nodded her agreement as well.

“Awesome. Let’s go, then,” Tara said and exited the vehicle first.

Tara helped Nick and Hannah put on their backpacks and wished Abbie a good first day before walking inside the building. The twins were eager to meet with their little friends more than they were about school, already.

Willow helped Abbie get out of the car and then knelt on the ground so she was eye-to-eye with her Mini-Me.

“You’re ready, Abbie-bug?” Willow asked and held out the tiny satchel she had bought for her daughter, and which said daughter (with the help of a certain Godmother) had decorated with Pokémon patches.

Abbie looked around, feeling a bit nervous, at all the kids entering the building and adults dropping them off. It was, for a little girl, quite intimidating.

“I don’t know, Mommy,” Abbie finally replied and Willow understood perfectly.

The older redhead smiled reassuringly at the little girl.

“Baby girl, it’s alright. I’m gonna walk you to your classroom, ‘kay? Everything will be alright. Just remember what Mom and I taught you and you’ll be fine,” Willow said.

Abbie took a deep breath and set her face in the most adorable Resolve-Face that Willow had ever seen before…

“I’m ready, Mommy,” the tiny redhead said and Willow had to struggle to contain her laughter. Her little girl looked so adorable! Specially dressed in her tiny skinny jeans, snickers, tiny black tank top with Hello Kitty on the front and denim jacket. Yes, even from day one little Abbie was her Godmother’s number one fan.

“C’mon, baby girl,” the older redhead said and helped her daughter put on her satchel.

“Let’s go, Mommy,” Abbie almost yelled with glee and eagerly grabbed her Mommy’s hand.

They walked up the steps together, Willow always smiling at her little girl. The little girl who was so much like her (had even learnt to speak and read clearly faster than her siblings), but had a confidence she herself had never had. And that made her feel really good about Abbie’s future school career.

Tara met them in the main hall-way and instantly grabbed Abbie’s free hand.

“Nick and Hannah were happy to see they have the same teacher from last year,” Tara commented as they walked to the first grade classroom.

The middle-age dark-haired woman, Ms. Claudia, was waiting by the doorway, greeting the new students as they came in. And her smile widened just a tad bit when she saw Willow and Tara approaching her.

“Ms. Claudia, it’s nice to see you’re still teaching first grade,” Willow told her and shook the teacher’s hand. The redhead mother really liked the teacher from when she had Nick and Hannah in her classroom.

“Willow, Tara, it’s nice to see you, girls, again,” Ms. Claudia said kindly and shook their hands. She instantly looked down at the tiny redhead that was standing between her mothers. “And I imagine that this little Lady here is Abbigail?”

“Everyone calls me Abbie. Nice to meet you,” Abbie told her teacher, attempting to be serious, and held out her tiny hand.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Abbie,” Ms. Claudia said, smiling at how adorable she was. “Well, Abbie, do you think you can find your desk?”

“I totally can!” Abbie exclaimed and hurried into the classroom, making her parents and teacher grin wider.

“Oh, my… That is one energetic and smart little girl,” Ms. Claudia commented. “And she’s so grown up. I remember the times you brought her over, when I had Nicholas and Hannah, and she was so tiny.”

“Yeah, she had a little grown spur over the summer,” Tara commented as they observed Abbie getting settled in her new desk.

“She grew about 3 inches. We were shocked,” Willow added with a fond smile.

“She seems like a nice little girl. I can’t wait to work with her,” Ms. Claudia said honestly.

“She’s really excited about school. She can’t wait to learn everything,” Willow told her and chuckled.

“I’m glad to hear that,” Ms. Claudia said just as Abbie returned to them.

“So, are you settled, baby girl?” Willow asked her. Tara smiled fondly because she could tell that Willow was as excited as their little girl.

“Yes, Mommy. I’m great!”

“Alright. I’ll be waiting for you when you get out, ‘kay?” Tara told her and bended her knees down so she could hug her daughter. “Now, give me a hug and a big kiss.” The little girl eagerly jumped into her Mom’s arms and Tara squeezed just a tiny bit tighter. Her little girl was growing up… “I love you, Lady Abbie.”

“I love you too, Mom,” Abbie told her and let go of her, not before kissing her Mom’s cheek, of course.

“You be good, okay baby girl?” Willow told her as she pulled her daughter into a hug as well.

“Yes, Mommy,” Abbie said and kissed her Mommy’s cheek as well.

Abbie went back inside the classroom and Willow and Tara sighed before saying goodbye to Miss Claudia and walking away. It was hard for them, even they’d done it once before, but they knew it was okay. They had to leave her to start first grade…

“Are you feelin’ as bad as I’m feelin’?” Willow asked her wife as they excited the building.

“Oh, yeah,” Tara sighed in agreement. “Abbie’s first day of school…She’s so grown…”

“I know. Our baby isn’t exactly a baby anymore…” Willow lamented as well. “Maybe I should stick around a bit longer, make sure she doesn’t miss us or need us and I could—” Willow was already turning around to go back inside but Tara wrapped her arms around her and took a deep breath.

“We have to do this, Will. Our Abbie-bug is fine, she won’t need us and let’s face it, we’re bein’ pathetic,” Tara said with a tiny smile. “We already did this once, we should be strong.”

“Yeah, I know. I know…” Willow said and took a deep breath. “We did it the first time. We can do it again….”

“Yeah…” Tara checked her watch. “I am sorry but I have to go, sweetie. Or I’m gonna be late,” Tara told her.

“Don’t worry. Take the SUV. I think a walk would do me some good,” Willow told her and gave her the keys.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, go. Don’t worry.”

Back inside the classroom, Abbie was making sure everything was in order in her desk and tried to contain her excitement. She couldn’t wait to learn everything, to be exactly super smart like her Mom and Mommy. A little boy with tanned skin and black hair sat on the desk next to her and placed his Pokémon backpack on top of the desk. Abbie’s grin widened.

“Hey! You like Pokémon? I’m Abbie,” she told him and extended her little hand.

“Oh yeah. I like Pokémon! You too? Awesome! I’m Franky, too!” The little boy said excitedly and shook her hand just like his daddy had taught him to.

“Me too! Charizard is my favorite!” Abbie said.

“My is Gengar! But Charizard is cool too!”

“Great! Eevee is my favorite too!”

The two little kids shared an excited grin as they started talking about their favorite Pokémons.

—a few hours later…—

Tara sighed patiently as she parked the SUV in front of her children’s school and got out. She instantly recognized one of the faces of one of the adults and approached the man with a kind smile. The tall tan-skinned man gave her a kind smile in return as he saw walk closer.

“Galley, what a surprise,” the blonde said.

“Mrs. Rosenberg, it is nice to see you,” the man said kindly and shook her hand gently. “Shall I assume you’re here to pick up your children?”

“Yeah. Also, my youngest started first grade today,” Tara said. “And you?”

“My Franky started first grade today as well,” Galley replied, obviously surprised. “Well, who knows? Maybe they will be classmates.”

“It’s probable. And great! I didn’t know your son was so young. I always thought he was older,” Tara commented and chuckled.

“Well….most of our interactions has been merely…professional. And I didn’t know you had more kids after your twins. And I only know of them because your wife and sister mentioned them once or twice during…work,” Galley said and Tara completely understood he meant patrol. The blonde knew the half-breed Nightcrawler demon sometimes assisted Willow and Faith while they patrolled. Also, she didn’t bother in correcting him about his assumption that she and Faith were siblings. She kind of liked it.

“Yes, we have 3 children. The twins and Abbie, our youngest,” Tara replied and showed him the background picture of her phone. Willow’s and the kids’ smiley faces greeted her every time she used the device.

“You have a beautiful family, Mrs. Rosenberg,” Galley told her with honesty. “And mine can’t thank you enough for all you have done for us.”

“Thank you for your compliment. And please, call me Tara,” the blonde said and grinned. “Every time I hear Mrs. Rosenberg I start looking around for my mother-in-law.”

Galley chuckled, his deep voice resounding with amusement.

“Of course. Here, look,” Galley said and showed her a picture of his wife and son. “Those are my Sonia and my Franky.”

“Oh, your son is adorable,” Tara commented honestly as she looked at the picture.

“Thank you, Tara. That’s very kind of you.”

“Oh, look, they’re comin’ out,” Tara said and pointed towards the school.

Tara and Galley waited patiently as the children started coming out of the doors. The blonde couldn’t help to chuckle as she saw two tiny figures talking and comparing what looked like trading cards while they walked.

“I think we’ll be seein’ each other a lot more than usual, Galley,” Tara commented amused and nodded towards their children.

“And seems that my Franky found another Pokémon fan,” Galley said and chuckled.

“Goodness, Abbie loves that!”

“Mom! Mom! Look! Franky was showin’ me his Pokémon cards! Can I bring mine tomorrow? Please?” Abbie rushed to ask as she got closer to her Mom.

“Yes, of course you can bring them tomorrow, darling,” Tara told her patiently. “Now, say hello to Galley. He’s Franky’s dad.”

“Oh! Nice to meet you, sir,” Abbie said as she extended her hand towards the older man.

“Nice to meet you, Abbie,” Galley said, smiling at the polite little girl. “Son, this is Mrs. Rosenberg, one of Abbie’s moms.”

“Nice to meet you, Mrs. Rosenberg,” the little boy told her and a very pleased Tara gently shook his hand. “Daddy, you know Abbie’s mom?”

“Yeah, kiddo. From work.”

“COOL!” Both kids exclaimed at the same time.

“Mom, can Franky come to play? You know his dad!” Abbie asked, obviously excited about her new friend.

“Well, Galley and I will talk about it later and set something up. Alright?” Tara said and Galley nodded in agreement.

“I’ll talk to your mom later, son. And then we’ll set somethin’ up with Abbie’s moms,” Galley told his little boy, although he was sure he was saying yes. He knew he could trust the Rosenbergs with his son.


Abbie’s ninth grade. Lunch time.

Abbie sat in the cafeteria and waited. She looked around but didn’t see her best friend anywhere so she sighed and decided to start eating the sandwiches she herself had prepared. She could never stomach what the cafeteria called ‘food.’

‘Where the hell is Franky?’ Abbie wondered to herself. She was about to pull her phone from her jeans’ pocket to text him when she saw him walking towards her, holding a cafeteria tray while talking to another boy. Franky, while still taller than her for a couple of inches, was shorter than the new boy. ‘New guy in school?’ Abbie wondered and observed the other boy for a moment. He was tall and skinny, wearing clothes bigger than his body, and had dark-blonde hair and green eyes. He seemed to be laughing goofily at something Franky was saying. The first thing she noticed, though, was that the taller boy was wearing a black t-shirt with the evolution of Super Mario on the front.

“Hey, Abbs,” Franky said as he left the plastic trail on the table and set his chunky frame on one of the chairs. “Listen, this is Friky,” he said and nodded towards the other boy.

“Hey, nice to meet ya!” Friky said and put his tray down before he shook her hand. “I’m Johnny but everyone calls me Friky.”

“Cool. I’m Abbie. Nice to meet ya. Sit down, get comfy,” she joked, still eyeing his t-shirt. “Awesome t-shirt, by the way.”

“Thanks! You like Mario?” He asked with a happy grin.

“Please!” Abbie snorted playfully. “Who doesn’t like Mario?”

“I know, right?” He snorted too, causing the other two to grin. “Those who don’t are such muggles!”

Both Abbie and Franky laughed. They instantly loved his attitude….


Abbie. Age almost 16. A flash meeting can change our lives…

The Bronze was bussing with energy that night as a new local band played. Most people were on the dance floor enjoying the live performance but some were just chilling on the couches or in the upper floor.

Abbie was enjoying a night out with her two best friends, Johnny and Franky (it had taken weeks to convince her mothers but in the end, they allowed them to go to the Bronze once a month). They were all spread out on the couches eating fries and drinking Coke. It was the best way to spend a Friday night.

“There’s a lot of people around tonight,” Abbie commented as she relaxed on the bigger couch. She had her boots-clad feet on the table and a glass of Coke in her hand.

“Yeah. Probably ‘cause of the band,” Johnny said. He was on the armchair by Abbie’s right, his legs dangling over one arm of the armchair and his back against the other. The green-eyed boy was playing with his fries and the Doritos he had ordered as well, throwing them up in the air and catching them with his mouth. He seemed to be an expert at doing it because he never missed.

“No idea why. They kinda suck,” Franky said and snorted while he continued to play around with his phone. He was on the other armchair, opposite to Johnny.

“Yeah, totally,” Abbie agreed and grinned. “But there ain’t much around this town so guess they get excited by a live band anyway,” the only girl in the group added as she pulled out her phone to check the time. “Crap! Guys, we gotta go. Mama and aunt Faith must be waitin’ outside for us.”

“Crap! We promised we’d be on time by the door,” Franky said and stood up, putting his military-styled jacket as he moved.

“Yeah, but they’re not gonna get pissed for two minutes,” Abbie told him.

“Maybe. But still, your parents and aunts can be kinda scary sometimes,” Johnny said as he practically jumped from his seat. He didn’t want the powerful Witches and the Slayer pissed at him.

“Nah, they’re not. They’re just protective ‘cause of…reasons, ya know?” Abbie said and gave her two friends an appointed look. The boys knew she meant the supernatural activities going on in Sunnydale.

“Yeah. And considerin’ who they are…we don’t wanna piss ‘em off,” Franky said as they made their way to the door.

“Totally,” Johnny agreed and Abbie simply chuckled at her best friends.

Johnny began to frown and shake his head as they approached the door.

“Fuck, no…” He could feel a vision coming and he hated it. It wasn’t a good moment. “Abbs… Vision!” He let out forcefully and his redheaded friend shot him a worried look.

“Crap. Not now! Let’s hurry. Mama and aunt Faith will know what to do.”

But neither Willow nor Faith was outside waiting for them, which was completely strange. The older redhead and the Slayer were always there to pick them up after patrol and to take them home.

“Where the hell are they?” Abbie asked out loud, obviously confused. Her parents had been strict about that rule but she didn’t actually mind that one of them always came to pick them up. She understood it was the safest way.

“Try callin’ your Mama?” Franky suggested.

“Great idea!” Agreed and as quick as she could, she pressed speed dial and called her mother. “She ain’t answerin’ her phone… Fuck!” She then tried her aunt’s number. “No. Aunt Faith’s not answerin’ hers either! Damn it!”

“That’s…weird…” Johnny swallowed and clenched his teeth as he felt the vision start to develop in his head. “Crap….fuck…shit….”

Johnny leaned back against the wall and pressed the palms of his hands against his temples, to try to ease the pain the visions brought with them as they assaulted his mind. It was a feeling he’d never get used to.

“What’d you see?” Abbie asked and held her friend’s body as much as she could. “Let it flow, don’t fight it… Let it flow…” she whispered to him gently. Franky positioned himself on Johnny’s other side and the boy managed to relax a tiny bit and see the images more clearly.

“Girl…Vampire…Graveyard, over there…” Johnny had to force himself to speak as the images ended as abruptly as they had come. The boy pointed to his left and Abbie’s eyes widened in panic. There was a graveyard only a few blocks away.

“A vampire’s attackin’ a girl? Damn it!” Abbie desperately tried calling her Mama and aunt again but both went to voicemail. The redhead frantically searched through her leather jacket (an old one of Faith’s her Godmother had given to her) and found a small stake in one of the inner pockets. “C’mon, guys!”

“What the hell are we gonna do?” Franky practically yelled as he ran after Abbie, Johnny following behind as best as he could.

“Somethin’!” Abbie yelled back.

It only took them a couple of minutes to reach the gates of the small graveyard. The gates were wide open so the three teens ran inside without any troubles. But once inside, they had no idea where to go.

“Friky! Where to?” Abbie asked him, practically yelling.

The boy looked around frantically and tried very hard to focus on the images in his head.

“I- I- I don’t know! I can see the name of a mausoleum…” Johnny frowned deeper and tried to concentrate harder. “Morgan!”

“Morgan? Oh! I know!” Abbie exclaimed and took off running towards her right, avoiding headstones and even jumping over them as if she did it every day, her boots giving her enough support on the earthy ground.

“Abbie!... Fuck this!” Franky muttered to himself and shifted to his demon form in a blink of an eye. His skin turned into a deep Indigo color, his eyes turned yellow and his canines sharpened and extended. His feet shifted to their real form: three toe-like fingers on each foot, each one larger than a regular human’s, and with it was easier for him to catch up to his friend by running. His hands adopted a similar form to his feet (but with opposable-thumbs) and a 3 1⁄2 foot-long prehensile tail sprung from the back of his jeans. “ABBIE! Have a plan?”

“Maybe. Over there!” Abbie pointed to her right and made a sharp turn of direction, her feet almost slipping for less than a second. Franky simply ran after her. Sure, he could have teleported, but he liked running.

They found the shocking scene right behind the mausoleum. The black-haired girl was on the ground but she was fighting against her attacker. The vampire received a well-placed kick to his chest and fell backwards onto his ass.

“Friky! Help her!” Abbie shouted at him and her friend nodded as he ran passed the redhead and gently as he could, helped the girl to her feet and pulled her away from the possible violence.

As Johnny pulled the girl away, Abbie and Franky got between the snarling vampire and them.

“Go,” the redhead told her now indigo-skinned friend and the half-breed Nightcrawler demon disappeared with a blink…

…Only to reappear right beside the vampire.

“Wha…” The vampire didn’t have time to react as a blue-skinned fist punched him right on the jaw, forcing him to bend over in pain.

“Now you can see me…” Franky smirked, his fierce-looking canines making him look even more demonic and dangerous, but his yellow eyes were sparkling with amusement. “Now you can’t.” And he teleported away again.

Abbie forgot about the stake in her left hand and focused on her right hand and started gathering her energy in her palm just as her Mama had taught her to. Sparks erupted in the center of her pam and soon enough she had formed a small flame.

“Just a bit more, just…” Abbie murmured between clenched teeth and focused more energy in the center of her palm. The redhead risked a glance at her friend and saw Franky was amusing himself by playing with the vampire; appearing and disappearing before the creature could even react, leaving behind traces of smoke and a faint scent of burning brimstone. If she hadn’t been so busy focusing her energy, she would have just sat to enjoy watching her friend work. He was like a circus show-man, toying with the vamp… “YES!” She exclaimed when she got a decent sized-flame. “Franky!”

Franky teleported one more time and reappeared right behind the vampire. The indigo-skinned boy grabbed the vampire’s arms, placed his feet on the vampire’s back and pulled backwards, making him cry out in pain as his body was forced to bend in a unfamiliar way.

“Hold ‘im still for a sec!” Abbie yelled and aimed as good as she could. “NOW!”

She released the fire-bullet just as her Mama had taught her to, just as Franky teleported out of the way. The vampire gasped as he felt the searing pain in the middle of his chest but didn’t have time to cry out because he was dust in less than a second.

“Good shot,” Franky told his best friend as he appeared right beside the redhead, back in his human form.

“Thanks,” Abbie told him and grinned. Then she looked at the girl Johnny was half-shielding with his body. “Hey…are you okay? Are you hurt?” The redhead asked at the black-haired girl, who was still clinging to Johnny’s arm, obviously afraid and confused. “Hey, don’t be scared, we’re not gonna hurt ya…”

“What… What in the bloody hell was that?!” The girl practically shouted, an obvious light British accent in her voice. Her widened and frightened blue eyes were looking around, as if looking for possible danger.

“That’s what we would like to know, as well,” a voice said from their right and the teenagers looked, their jaws hitting the ground in the process.

“You three are in huge troubles…” a dark-haired Slayer said seriously, not liking the situation one bit.

“Mama…aunt Faith… Thank Goddess you’re here!” Abbie breathed out, relieved, even though she knew she was in troubles. “There was a vamp! An-and he was attackin’ this girl! An—”

“Enough, Abbigail,” Willow told her youngest daughter, keeping her voice as calm as she could. “What…What the hell, Abbie?! What the hell are you three doin’ here?!” The older redhead nearly exploded and Faith patted her shoulder, clearly telling her to relax a little.

“Mama, I just told you! There was a vamp! And you didn’t answer your phones! We had to do something!” Abbie explained.

“It’s true,” Franky said. “Neither of you were answerin’ your phones and we had to do somethin’,” the tan-skinned boy said. He didn’t want his best friend to get all the heat by herself.

“She’s your kid, Red. I’ll take care of this one,” Faith told her and went to the still shaking girl. The Slayer gently put her hands on the girl’s shoulders and started leading her away. “Don’t worry, you’re fine now, girl…”

As the Slayer walked away with the girl (who kept looking back over her shoulder), Willow focused her eyes on the three scared teens, who seemed to shrink in size under her fierce gaze.

“Car. Now,” was all Willow said and waited until the teenagers walked passed her to start walking behind them. As pissed off as she was, she still had one eye and one ear opened in case anything else decided to try to surprise them. One could never be too sure or too safe in Sunnydale…

As Faith walked the girl home, the Slayer kept an eye on her. The girl had stopped shaking but she seemed confused. And she guessed that it was expected…

“Are you hurt? Anywhere?” Faith asked her.

“No. Only my arm… it’s a little bit sore, but that’s all,” the girl said. The girl hesitated but then she looked at the woman who was walking her home. “What…what happened? Back there,” she asked, not really sure if she wanted to know. “What was that man? The one who attacked me? He just…vanished. And…those guys that saved me…They did…One of them was…blue? What in the bloody hell was that?” The British girl asked, confused as hell about what she had seen. “Who was that girl? The redhead…”

“You shouldn’t worry ‘bout that shit, girl. Just…When you’re home. Get some rest and forget ‘bout this whole shit, ‘kay? Don’t tell anyone what you think you saw. And just go on with your life,” Faith told her, keeping her tone serious. “Also, you shouldn’t go out at night, ‘less you have a car or someone’s pickin’ ya up, alright? For your own safety.”

“But…” The girl realized the woman wouldn’t give her answers, and she wasn’t even sure she wanted them. There was something, in the woman’s face, that made her listen to her, that made her pay attention. There was a flash of red in her memory and she swallowed before asking. “Who was that girl? The one who saved me?”

“Why’d you wanna know?” Faith asked with a raised eyebrow, a dangerous undertone in her voice.

“I…Don’t know. She saved me, didn’t she? That redhead girl…saved me…” The girl frowned slightly as she tried to remember any details. “She was really kind when she asked me if I was alright, and I wasn’t able to answer her.”

“Don’t worry. Ya don’t have to thank ‘er or anythin’. She’s in a shit ton of troubles as it is,” Faith said and her eyes scanned quickly their surroundings. The coast was clear.

“She was bloody gorgeous…” the girl whispered to herself as she remembered.

“That ‘bloody gorgeous’ gal is my Goddaughter,” Faith warned her, not caring if she was scaring the girl or not. The Slayer gave her a raised eyebrow and shoved her hands in the front pockets of her leather pants, knowing the girl could see her deathly muscles as clear as day in her arms.

“So-sorry. I didn’t mean to…disrespect,” the girl stammered and looked down.

“C’mon… don’t have all night, lil’ girl,” the Slayer told her and nodded forward, indicating she had to walk faster. The girl simply nodded and hurried up, not looking at the scary woman next to her.

--an hour later…—

Johnny and Franky were dropped off at their homes (the only one who wouldn’t be in troubles was Johnny since his parents were unaware of his visions. But Franky wouldn’t be as lucky) and Willow kept driving back to the Rosenberg’s residence, where Tara and Faith (who had hurried home after dropping off the girl) were waiting. And now Abbie was sitting on the couch while the three adults paced and stared at her.

“I don’t wanna disrespect but, are any of you gonna say anythin’? I know that was dangerous, Mama, Mom, aunt Faith… But we had to do somethin’! That girl was in danger!” She tried to explain vehemently.

“Still, do you have any idea how dangerous that was, Abbie? The danger you three were in?” Tara asked her. She wasn’t raising her voice, she wasn’t yelling and that was worse for Abbie because she knew her Mom was disappointed.

“I know that, Mom. I do know! And I’m sorry for puttin’ us in a dangerous position, but we had to do somethin’. We couldn’t do nothing,” Abbie said, trying to make them understand.

“And you didn’t think of waitin’ for us?” Willow asked, using all her inner force to keep her voice calm, although she was up to the boiling-point inside. “And you used your magic in front of a civilian! What…What in the world… What the hell were you thinking, Abbie?!” The older redhead practically shouted. She never thought she’d end up yelling at any of her kids…

“I did what you taught me!!” Abbie exclaimed, getting a bit tired of her parents’ attitude. She knew she’d screwed up, but they were acting as if she didn’t understand shit and she didn’t like that. “I knew it was a dangerous situation. So I did what you taught me to! I used what I had. Franky distracted the vamp and I dusted ‘im with a fire-bullet. You guys taught us that if we ever had to face a vampire, then we had to use our skills. Mama, you said that our magic was the best weapon we’ve got to face ‘em ‘cause we don’t have aunt Faith’s strength to actually fight them off with our hands! So that’s what I did.”

“You should have waited for us…” Willow stopped pacing and looked at her youngest kid, her eyes blazing. “You should have waited!” She snapped, her emotions pouring out like a volcano. “Don’t you get it, Abbie?! You could’ve gotten killed! Or WORSE! Could’ve been turn into one of THEM! YOU put yourself, and your two best friends, in danger! You could be fuckin’ dead right now!”

“Will…” Tara sighed and looked at her wife.

“Tara, baby, please, no,” Willow stopped her gently. “She needs to understand just how stupid she acted tonight.”

“I’m not saying she wasn’t. I’m just saying, please, calm down, sweetie,” the blonde said and stared at her wife with a kind look on her face.

“Mama, please… I know, ‘kay? I do know. Nothing happened but it could‘ve and we’d be screwed. I know that. But… I had to do somethin’, I had to help. I was scared shitless but I knew I had to do somethin’. I’m sorry, Mama, Mom…But I had…” Abbie struggled to find the words to explain. “I had this….this feelin’ in my gut, ya know? It was like somethin’ was tellin’ me to help. And I just had to do it!”

And just like that, all of Willow’s anger melted away… Because she understood. The redhead shared a look with her wife and they both sighed at the same time. The Witches approached their youngest daughter and knelt before her, before pulling her into a crushing hug.

“Don’t ever do that again, baby girl…” Willow whispered, with tears in her eyes, as she hugged her Mini-Me and wife as tight as she could. “If anything happened to you or your siblings or…” She chocked on her words and just squeezed them tighter.

“Don’t worry, Mama. Nothin’ will happen to us. You and Mom taught us well,” Abbie said with a tiny relieved smile. “Also…I’m sorry.”

“We know you are, Abbie-bug,” Tara told her and pressed her lips against her daughter’s temple. “We just worry, we’re afraid for you three… It’s a dangerous world out there.”

“I know. I’m sorry I scared you, guys,” the girl told them honestly.

Willow slowly let go of her and took a deep breath to keep her tears at bay. And she knew Tara was doing the same.

“For now, we’ll let this go. But if you ever do this again, Abbigail…” Tara looked at her youngest seriously and the girl nodded. The blonde didn’t have to threaten her, Abbie knew. “Go upstairs to your bedroom. It’s late already.”

“‘Kay. Goodnight, Mom, Mama. I love you, guys.” Abbie kissed her mothers’ cheeks and hugged her aunt Faith before going upstairs as fast as she could.

Tara sighed again and sat on the floor with her back against the couch. Her wife imitated her and she felt her rest her head on her shoulder. She knew she wasn’t as upset because she didn’t see it in person, and that was exactly why Willow was so angered earlier and on the verge of tears, but she was disappointed. And if she was honest, a tiny part of her was damn proud of her youngest kid for slaying her second vampire so easily. But she wasn’t going to say that out loud.

Willow sighed again and stared at her Slayer friend, who had remained silent and now was sitting on the armchair.

“You feel proud of ‘er, don’t you?” The redhead asked.

“If I’m honest… A big part of me is kinda pissed. But yeah, another part of me is really fuckin’ proud of her for havin’ the ovaries to pull that shit off. It was stupid? Yeah! It was fuckin’ dangerous? As jumpin’ over the fence at the zoo into the lion’s cage. But… Wasn’t it fuckin’ beautiful how she and Blue-boy played that vamp? I’d say that was one hell of a plan! Girl’s obviously got her talent, sorry,” Faith said and shook her head. “Sorry, guys.”

“It’s okay, Faith. In all honesty… I kind of feel the same way,” Tara told her. “But not because of whatever plan she made or whatever. I feel proud because she…She knew it was dangerous. But still did everythin’ she could do to help.” The blonde looked at her wife and friend. “I can’t exactly fault her for tryin’ to help, Will. I’m so sorry. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t have done the same thing. You would have helped that girl. I would have done the same, as well. It’s in our blood, honey. And we can’t exactly blame our kids for havin’ the same feelin’.”

Willow stared at her for what seemed forever. But then she blinked and sighed before nodding.

“I know. You’re right, baby. I just… If anything happened to either you or the kids…” Willow took another deep breath and tilted her head back so it was resting on the cushion of the couch. “I would have tried to help, as well. You’re right. We can’t exactly blame ‘em for it. Besides… it was our decision to start training our kids since they were little. I can’t blame her for doin’ exactly what I taught her to.” Another sighed escaped her lips and the redhead looked at her Slayer friend, a small smile playing on her lips. “You’re right, too. It was one hell of a plan. And her fire-bullet was…perfect. It was perfect.”

“She really pulled off one of your fire-bullets?” Tara asked her, a bit in awe. It had taken Willow a while to develop and master that spell. Even she (Tara) still had to focus more to pull it off.

“Yeah, she did,” Willow confirmed and sighed. “And I wished I didn’t feel as damn proud of her for pullin’ it off. And Franky? Oh my Goddess, you had to see him, baby! He kept that vamp so confused I almost felt sorry for him.”

“And just how long were you two staring at the kids?” Tara asked and raised an eyebrow at her wife and best friend, slightly accusing them of not interrupting earlier.

Willow and Faith actually squirmed under her slightly-accusatory gaze…

“Well…We got there pretty early, really,” Faith admitted after a moment of silence. “I was goin’ to jump in but then thought… Let’s see what the kids’ are made of.” The Slayer shrugged and tried very hard to contain her smirk but it wasn’t completely possible.

Tara directed her gaze to her wife, who squirmed more knowing she was busted.

“Alright, alright. I thought the same thing,” Willow finally admitted and shrugged. “I wasn’t pissed, at the time.”

Tara stared at them for a whole minute and then shook head… She couldn’t believe them sometimes…

--Monday morning. Sunnydale high school—

“So, how grounded are you?” Franky asked his best friend and sat next to her on the bench.

“Not grounded, but still gotta thread carefully for a while,” Abbie replied and shrugged. “It’s cool. I know I deserve it. You? Did your dad get mad?”

“Kinda, yeah. But then we talked and we’re cool now,” the half-demon replied.

“Awesome,” was all Abbie said, almost absentmindedly… She was staring into space and Franky followed her gaze to the definitely female figure that was approaching them timidly.

“Your Mama should develop somethin’ like the Neuralyzer from MIB,” Franky muttered to Abbie, who elbowed him in the ribs lightly.

The girl stopped right in front of them, still looking at them shyly…

“Hey…” Abbie said, not sure what she should say.

“Hello,” the girl said with her nice British accent.

“Hi. I mean, I’m Abbie,” the redhead said and quickly stood up and extended her hand. Franky arched an eyebrow at his best friend because he had never seen Abbie act that weird and almost clumsy around girls. The redhead had been a chick-magnet from early age.

“I’m Rebecca. Becky,” the blue-eyed girl said and shook her hand slowly, their eyes slowly meeting…


Okay, guys…. Hope you enjoyed this double posting. I am sorry I didn’t post it yesterday, on Friday, but there was a black out in my neighborhood AND on top of that, I am sick as hell.

See you next Friday, guys!

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Dibs-y Goodness!

Yay for excellent double update-y goodness... I'm really glad that Buffy gave her blessing to Faith & Dawn... Nice to know how Abbie met her girlfriend...

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Love Willow's warning/threat to glue Faith to the chair for the year if she tried to back out of telling Willow and Tara what was bothering her.

Faith is awesome. Buying a ring to propose to Dawn but being nervous and hesitant about wanting to tell her girl and going to her friends about it. Very cool of Tara to reassure her and tell Faith that she didn't have to do anything until she was ready and comfortable with the whole idea of being engaged.

Faith calling Willow her 'tough-amiga' and telling Willow that she's the one who won't put up with her bullshit and that Faith needs Willow's tough love is pretty cool. It shows how good a relationship they now have since 'FIre and Life.

It's very cool of Faith to ask Willow and Tara's permission to marry Dawn, though like she says they are the equivalent of a mom and dad to Dawn.

Willow and Tara had also casted a modified ‘true love’ spell on the graves. Meaning that only the people who truly loved Buffy and her mother could find the place or even see it.

If Willow and Tara have cast a true love spell on Buffy's and Joyce's graves why would Faith be able to see it. She wasn't exactly friends with Buffy and did threaten her mother with a knife so is it because Buffy had forgiven her and sent Faith a message in F&L? It is a nice touch though that Faith does go to Buffy's grave and asks her for her blessing.

“‘5X5F’…. What the fuck… B, did ya do this?” Faith wondered out loud, a tiny grin pulling at her lips. “Guess Heaven improved your sense of humor, huh? ‘Cause if this is your idea of a joke…this is kinda fucked up, B.”

Neat joke from Buffy to Faith there :)

Dawn’s body practically spasmed at the idea of ‘punishment’ and for a tiny minute was tempted to disobey but she remained in place…

Ah, but if she misbehaved how much more delicious would the punishment have been. :grin

My head was restin’ on your boobs and you were holdin’ me,

Faith's boobies YAY :) Yup Horndog Rick is back :p

"It’s your job? HA!” Dawn snorted. “I’d say it’s your nature, Faith, not your job.”
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha so true :grin

They both loved to watch movies and make fun of them or make jokes about them.
I enjoy doing that myself, especially with b movies and horror films where the characters are spectacularly stupid :)

Dawn shifted so she was on her side with her head between her girlfriend’s breasts

:drool :thud

Totally love the way that Faith finally proposes to Dawn. She is so unsure of herself and is genuinely surprised that Dawn says yes. Just such a cool moment for two of my favourite Scoobies.

Am loving Red's, I mean Willow's *smirk* responses to Faith's proposing. First her text message and then this...
“I wasn’t the one who yelled ‘She did it! The little bitch did it!’ while laughing like a maniac,” the blonde told her friends with a smug smirk.

The little girl who was so much like her (had even learnt to speak and read clearly faster than her siblings), but had a confidence she herself had never had. And that made her feel really good about Abbie’s future school career.

Definitely good parenting at work here.

What age is ninth grade?

Is Franky based on Nightcrawler from X-Men cos it sounds it from the description.

Johnny began to frown and shake his head as they approached the door.
“Fuck, no…” He could feel a vision coming and he hated it.

Johnny get's visions???? I'd liked to have known a little bit more about him before I learned this. I know that Franky is possibly part demon through his father so how does Johnny get his visions? Does one of his parents already have this ability????

I noticed that while Abbie got into trouble neither Faith nor Willow explained why they didn't answer their phones after Abbie tried calling them.

It'll be interesting to see who this Rebecca is and why she's arrived in Sunnydale. Is she going to be friend or foe???

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Yay for excellent double update-y goodness...

Seriously, buddy, your excitement always makes my day. LOL Thanks.

I'm really glad that Buffy gave her blessing to Faith & Dawn...

Am glad you liked that. And yeah.... I don't know... I couldn't NOT write that, ya know? If I was Buffy up there, I would do it.

Nice to know how Abbie met her girlfriend...

Just a little secret.... Becky will be important, in the future.... Just saying... lol

Thanks for the reply, buddy.


Love Willow's warning/threat to glue Faith to the chair for the year if she tried to back out of telling Willow and Tara what was bothering her.

Yeah, me too! Althought it was more of an empty threat, ya know? She wasn't really gonna do it. But still... LOL

Faith is awesome. Buying a ring to propose to Dawn but being nervous and hesitant about wanting to tell her girl and going to her friends about it. Very cool of Tara to reassure her and tell Faith that she didn't have to do anything until she was ready and comfortable with the whole idea of being engaged.

Yeah. I always thought that she would be the type to sorta buy the ring on impulse and then wonder what the hell to do with it, ya know?? So of course she was going to go to Tara and Will.

Faith calling Willow her 'tough-amiga' and telling Willow that she's the one who won't put up with her bullshit and that Faith needs Willow's tough love is pretty cool. It shows how good a relationship they now have since 'FIre and Life.

Yeah. With time, they definetely develop an awesome friendship. And I think it's pretty natural. 'Cause Willow becomes the Second in Command.

It's very cool of Faith to ask Willow and Tara's permission to marry Dawn, though like she says they are the equivalent of a mom and dad to Dawn.

Besides, if she didn't, Will and Tara could turn her into a toad or something nasty. LOL Just kidding.

If Willow and Tara have cast a true love spell on Buffy's and Joyce's graves why would Faith be able to see it. She wasn't exactly friends with Buffy and did threaten her mother with a knife so is it because Buffy had forgiven her and sent Faith a message in F&L? It is a nice touch though that Faith does go to Buffy's grave and asks her for her blessing.

Yes. But think, darling.... Deep down, Faith never truly hated Buffy or Joyce. Poor chick was on the brink of madness back then. But now, now she and Buffy have done their peace. Now they think of the other as friends, even though Buffy is in Heaven. And Buffy, for Faith, will always mean a lot. They were Slayer Sisters. So...

Ah, but if she misbehaved how much more delicious would the punishment have been.

OF COURSE!!! LOL But the game wouldn't be as fun, don't you think?? Sometimes you have to follow the rules of the game. lol

Faith's boobies YAY :) Yup Horndog Rick is back :p

LOL Wait, Horndog Rick is back?? Had it ever left, in the first place? LOL

I enjoy doing that myself, especially with b movies and horror films where the characters are spectacularly stupid

Mmmm.... Me too!! But I do it with pretty much every movie. LOL

Totally love the way that Faith finally proposes to Dawn. She is so unsure of herself and is genuinely surprised that Dawn says yes. Just such a cool moment for two of my favourite Scoobies.

Yeah, me too. I mean, Faith's not the type for grand romantic gestures. But Dawn isn't either. In the end, they're both simple girls who prefer to, ya know? So I thought it was a fitting proposal.

Am loving Red's, I mean Willow's *smirk* responses to Faith's proposing. First her text message and then this...

OF COURSE!! I knew you would!! LOL

Definitely good parenting at work here.

Completely good parenting. lol

What age is ninth grade?

Is 13/14.... I left it a bit vague on purpose.

Is Franky based on Nightcrawler from X-Men cos it sounds it from the description.

YES!!! The character itself is based on a friend of mine. And he's a HUGE fan of Nightcrawler. So it TOTALLY fit. lol

Johnny get's visions???? I'd liked to have known a little bit more about him before I learned this. I know that Franky is possibly part demon through his father so how does Johnny get his visions? Does one of his parents already have this ability????

Johnny gets visions, I told you guys that in Chapter 1, actually. Actually, both of Franky's parents are half-breeds. I haven't explained much about how Johnny gets his visions on purpose 'cause that will be more explained in the future. If you re-read the text, darling, it says that neither of his parents know of his visions. No. He got his visions in another way. It will ALL be explained in due time, my dear. LOL

I noticed that while Abbie got into trouble neither Faith nor Willow explained why they didn't answer their phones after Abbie tried calling them.

Aaaahhhh....Parenting works in mysterious ways, right?? LOL

t'll be interesting to see who this Rebecca is and why she's arrived in Sunnydale. Is she going to be friend or foe???

Darling, that Becky is the one who in the future becomes Abbie's girlfriend. Remember, from Chapter 1?? She's a friend. Don't worry about that.

Thanks for the reply, buddy. Hope you enjoy this new Chapter.

Chapter directly below this....

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Hey… Here’s Chapter 6, guys!


CHAPTER 6--- Surprise!

CHAPTER SUMMARY:: Willow and Tara receive a big surprise that shocks them both!

A/N:: IMPORTANT! Let’s see… technically this Chapter is set a few weeks after Chapter 4. Willow and Tara had gotten married about 3 months before and the twins are a year and a half.


Willow entered the living room, which she was using as an office while she watched over the twins, who were sleeping peacefully in their portable playpen beside the couch. The redhead sat on the couch and continued typing in her laptop. It was a nice day and Willow smiled as she worked.

Tara had gotten home from work about an hour before and she was taking a shower and changing into comfortable clothes. Amelia was in the backyard building her little rose garden so Willow was hanging out with her ‘two best buddies’ while she worked.

Willow looked to her right and smiled. Little Nicky and Hannah were sleeping peacefully side by side. Hannah was sprawled on her back, her tiny arms and legs extended making her look like a sea star. Nicky, in contrast to his sister, was curled up into a little ball, his tiny arms and legs tucked under his body. Nick’s mouth was slightly opened and he seemed to be drooling a tiny bit. It was so adorable and Willow had already taken about fifty pictures of them with her phone.


Willow looked towards the stairs and saw Tara calling her from the stairway. Her wife was shirtless and for a second that fact distracted her but Tara’s slight frown made her concentrate.

“Baby, what’s up?” Willow asked as she approached the stairs.

“Can you come up for a bit?” Tara asked, obviously concerned about something.

“Sure. I’ll tell your mom to stay with the kids, ‘kay?” Willow said and hurried to go get Amelia.

Tara simply nodded to herself and went back to their bedroom. Not a minute later Amelia was watching over the twins and Willow practically ran up the stairs.

The redhead opened their bedroom door and entered. She was slightly worried. Tara was sitting at the foot of the bed, still shirtless and still frowning a bit.

“Baby, are you okay? What happened?” The redhead asked as she closed the door and approached her wife.

“Will…You got your period last week, right?” Tara asked, even though she already knew the answer.

“Yeah. Why’d you ask?” Willow walked to her wife and sat next to her on the bed. “What’s goin’ on, Tare? You seem worried.” She grabbed her wife’s hand and gave it a little squeeze to show her support.

Tara sighed and gave her a little smile.

“Will…” Tara looked at her wife seriously. “I think I’m…pregnant. Again.”

Willow eye’s widened almost comically and she blinked several times, trying to clear her thoughts.

“Pregnant? Again?” The redhead finally managed to ask. She couldn’t quite believe her ears just yet…

“Yeah. I think I am. After our honeymoon and what happened, I kept my eyes open. I didn’t get my period the following month, or in the next…” Tara reached up and tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear. “And it didn’t come this one either.”

“Babe!” Willow exclaimed, suddenly her face reflecting her alarm. “Why didn’t you tell me before? Something could have happened and harm you!” Instantly she started thinking, trying to remember if her wife had been in any dangerous situation in the past months.

“Sweetie, sweetie, look at me,” Tara told her with a serene smile. “At least you didn’t faint this time,” the blonde joked and was rewarded by getting a tiny chuckle out of her wife. “I’m fine, love. I’ve been extremely careful. I haven’t even been goin’ on patrol, remember? And I didn’t say anything ‘cause well, I was a bit nervous. And…scared, too, I guess. I’m sorry, Will.”

“No, no, don’t apologize. I’m just…shocked.” Willow shook her head and smiled. “Oh, baby! We’re gonna have another baby? That’s so AWESOME!”

“I’m not sure yet, that’s why I don’t wanna get my hopes up,” Tara confessed. “So this morning I bought a test,” she explained.

“So…you haven’t done it yet?” Willow asked, practically bouncing on the bed with nerves.

“I did. Just haven’t checked it yet. It’s in the bathroom,” Tara replied and bit her lower lip.

“Do you me to go check?” Willow asked, understanding that her wife felt nervous about the results.

“Can you?” Tara asked.

“Be right back, babe,” Willow said and hurried towards their bathroom.

Tara waited, nibbling on her lower lip to try to calm down. She didn’t want to get her hopes up and then be disappointed if she wasn’t pregnant, so she wasn’t quite sure what to do. ‘Am I ready to do this again?’ Tara asked herself in her mind. It wasn’t exactly easy to raise two kids, even considering all the help she and her wife got from Amelia and their friends. The blonde looked down and placed her hand against her still flat stomach. She had loved being pregnant the first time and knowing she could be carrying another baby: life she and her wife had created out of their love and connection, it made her smile. ‘Yes, I’m ready for another baby,’ Tara thought.

Time seemed eternal until Willow came out of the bathroom but when she did, looking serious but calmed, Tara’s face fell. ‘I’m not pregnant?’ she wondered. Her redheaded Love knelt before her and cupped her face with her hands.

“Will?” Tara asked, not wanting to jump to conclusions.

Willow’s watery eyes met hers and a beaming smile took over her whole face.

“Congratulations, Mommy… It was positive, baby,” the redhead said and nodded.

Tara smiled and her heart grew impossibly large at the news. Yes! She was pregnant!

“Oh, Will…”

They hugged each other, happy tears flowing freely as they basked in their love. Their lips met and connected tenderly. They were both so happy!

“I love you, Tare,” Willow whispered after their lips met once again. The redhead placed her forehead against her wife’s. “You just made me the happiest woman in the world, again. I love you so much, baby.”

“I love you too, sweetheart. We were blessed once again and I love you, sweetie. So much…” Tara whispered back, her eyes still glistening with happy tears.

“We should…Should… Call Carolina and…and make an…appointment,” Willow mumbled between kisses. She couldn’t stop kissing her…

“Already did,” Tara mumbled back, enjoying the kisses as much as her wife did. “In two hours.”

Willow pulled apart, obviously surprised.

“You already made an appointment?”

“Yeah. This morning,” Tara replied and grinned. “I spoke with Carolina this morning and she agreed to see us this afternoon. But I got anxious on the way home so I bought the test,” she explained with a sheepish grin.

Willow chuckled and pulled her wife into a warm hug again.

“That’s my girl…” the redhead said and kissed her wife’s temple. “You said two hours?”

“Yeah. Why’d you ask, sweetie?” Tara asked, not realizing the glint in her wife’s eyes.

“Plenty of time, then,” Willow said as she jumped back to her feet and started unbuttoning her blouse.

“For what?”

“To celebrate! Duh!”


They barely made it on time to their appointment. They hadn’t told anything to Amelia or anyone else before talking to Carolina. Their favorite doctor was expecting them and instantly sent Tara with a nurse to extract some blood while Willow waited in the waiting room.

When they both entered Carolina’s office, the doctor was waiting for them with tea and cookies, since they were her last patients for the day.

“They’ll fax me the results in a moment, girls. So get comfortable,” Carolina told them with a smile. “So, the home test came back positive?”

“Yes, doc,” Willow replied around a cookie, with a huge grin on her face.

“Well, while not 100% accurate, home tests are usually very trust worthy. So I’m rather confident in the results,” Caroline commented. “I would like to know… The first time you got pregnant, Tara, you girls told me you had floated. Did something like that happen again?”

“We didn’t, actually,” Tara told her. “The only out of the ordinary thing was our honeymoon.”

“Yeah. We got the blessing marks, but we didn’t float,” Willow explained.

“Oh, yes. The blessing marks you told me about…” Carolina seemed to ponder something in her mind for a moment. “Under usual circumstances, I wouldn’t ask this but, would you allow me to see them?” The good doctor asked as gently as she could. She knew and understood that blessing marks were a very private matter.

“Sure, Carolina. You’re our doctor, we trust you,” Tara told her and stood up as she unbuttoned her shirt. The blonde held her own shirt against her chest as she turned around.

Carolina walked around the desk and gently stepped into Tara’s personal space to inspect the mark. There, right over Tara’s left shoulder blade, the lines formed a perfect symbol, as if tattooed on her skin. Tara had natural pale skin so the lines popped out. After getting her patient’s permission Carolina touched the lines gently, it really did feel and looked like a tattoo but she knew it wasn’t.

“Wow… Incredible,” the doctor murmured as she kept observing the mark. “If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you got this tattooed. But I know you didn’t. This truly is incredible. And yours is an exact match, Willow?”

“Yeah. It is. Wanna see it too?” Willow asked.

“Please, if you don’t mind,” Carolina nodded and stepped back so Tara could put her shirt back on. Willow didn’t waste time, just pulled her blouse over her head and turned around, presenting her back to her doctor. “Wow,” the doc breathed out again as she stepped into Willow’s personal space to take a closer look. “Truly incredible…Remarkable…” Right over Willow’s left shoulder blade – ‘Over the heart,’ Carolina thought. – The redhead had an exact match of Tara’s mark. It was the exact same symbol, apparently ‘tattooed’ over her skin, the same size and color. “You can put your shirt back on, Willow. Thank you. Now…I’m not an expert but I know blessing marks are very unique. And it’s an honor to receive them. I must admit I never saw one before,” Carolina commented as she went back to her chair.

“Fortunately, my mom knows a bit,” Tara said as she sat down next to her wife again.

“Yeah! We were totally surprised, of course,” Willow said. “Amelia saved us a lot of freaking out.”

Five minutes later Carolina received the results through her fax and she smiled as she read them.

“Definitely positive. Congratulations, Tara, Willow,” the good doctor Stevens told them.

Willow and Tara reached out at the same time and held hands, sharing a look and smiles.

“Thank you, Carolina.”


Willow and Tara entered their bedroom once again after returning home from Carolina’s office. Tara was holding Hannah in her arms and Willow was carrying Nick. Amelia had noticed something was happening but the girls seemed to be in their own little world and she hadn’t dared to ask. She decided to just let them be.

Tara put Hannah down in the middle of the bed and Willow lowered Nick next to his sister. The women laid down as well, forming the perfect baby-sandwich. As they played and cooed over their (now) oldest children, the Witches shared a look and smiled. They didn’t need to communicate with words anymore; they knew.

“Baby boy, baby girl, we have something very important to tell you,” Willow begun as her free hand reached out. Nick’s hand closed around her index finger and Hannah’s tiny hand closed around her pinky. The redhead’s grin widened as two pairs of eyes seemed to focus on her suddenly.

“Sooner than you think, you guys are gonna have a little sister or brother,” Tara told them as she lovingly stroked their bellies and the twins’ eyes shoot up to her. They truly seemed to be paying attention to their words. “That means that Mom and Mommy are having another baby.”

“Now, we know you guys are too young to understand completely what we’re sayin’. You’ll be two in a few months and your little sister or brother will get here a few months after that,” Willow continued with a goofy grin. “Now, you may wonder what it means, to have a little brother or sister. Trust me, you’ll love having a baby sister or brother around. You won’t be quite able to play at first but as you grow older you three will be the best of friends. I’m sure of that!”

“And all three of you will have a very big family to take care of you and to love you and protect you,” Tara said as she sighed contently.

Willow let go of her children’s hands and placed it over Tara’s, so both of their hands were touching their babies’ bellies.

“Thank you, Tare… I love you, baby.”

“Charmer,” the blonde shot back with a smirk only Willow ever got to see. “You say that ‘cause I’m the one who will give birth. Again,” she joked and her Love couldn’t help but to giggle.

“Well, duh! No on in their right mind would think it’d be a good idea to have ME pregnant, baby,” Willow joked back and they shared another giggle. But then her expression turned serious. “Seriously, Tare…thank you. So much,” she added, her eyes giving away all she was feeling. And Tara understood what that thank you meant: thank you for loving me, for giving me this, thank you for putting up with me…thank you for existing…

“Right back atcha, sweetie,” Tara told her, only half-jokingly and leaned in to kiss her.


A few hours later, Willow and Tara had dinner with Faith and Dawn. They had called their friends but they hadn’t mentioned the fact they had news to share. Amelia had decided to look over the twins in the living room for them, since she had dinner already.

“Awesome dinner, T,” Faith complimented her friend as she relaxed in her chair.

“Yeah, Tare. That was delicious,” Dawn added her compliments, completely agreeing with her girlfriend.

“Thanks, guys. But it was nothing. Faith, help me make coffee for everyone?” Tara asked.

20 minutes later Tara and Willow were sitting on the couch (the twins very much awake and in their playpen next to their parents) drinking hot chocolate while Faith, Dawn and Amelia had coffee and they all enjoyed the delicious home-made cookies Amelia had made that same afternoon.

Faith and Dawn were in the love seat they always took and Willow and Tara simply had to smile at the sight of them. The recently engaged couple was already in their honeymoon, it seemed.

“So…” Amelia observed her daughter and daughter-in-law over the rim of her mug. “Care to share what’s happening, girls? You both have been acting strange the whole day.”

“Somethin’ is goin’ on?” Faith asked, looking at her friends.

“What’s up?” Dawn followed, her curiosity peaked as well.

Willow and Tara shared an amused smile and left their mugs on the coffee table before entwining their fingers.

“There’s a bit of good news we wanted to share with you, guys,” Tara told her with a total serene smile.

“Yeah! The best news ever! Suuuper awesome news of the Century type of news!” Willow blurted our excitedly, bounding on the couch like a child. She had been holding back during the whole day; she just couldn’t anymore.

Tara’s smile widened at her wife’s clear excitement. She was glad Willow was as happy as she herself was.

“So…” Faith gave them a raised eyebrow and grinned teasingly. “Won the lottery or somethin’?”

“Even better, buddy,” Tara told her and laughed. Her blue eyes locked with sparkling green ones. “We’re expecting another baby.”

No one spoke, for what seem like a long time. Faith and Dawn were staring open mouthed at their friends, clearly shocked. Amelia had lowered her mug and her eyes were filling with tears at the incredible news.

Fortunately, their Slayer friend was the first one to snap out of her shock.

“Really?” Faith asked. “You’re really havin’ another kid?”

“Yes, really. I’m pregnant again,” Tara answered with a smile.

“Holy shit…” Faith breathed out. Okay, so maybe she was still a bit shocked.

“Oh my God,” Dawn burst out of her shock and her eyes filled with tears instantly. “Oh my GOD! You guys are havin’ another baby! Oh my God! Oh my God!! Holy CRAP!!” The younger girl was practically jumping out of her seat with excitement.

“Shall we assume you guys are happy for us?” Willow joked, smiling at their family.

Amelia didn’t say anything. She simply couldn’t. She just stood up and pulled both girls into her arms, tears flowing unrestrained. She just couldn’t speak. She felt so happy for them, so proud, so much love for them. For all the four girls she suddenly had in her arms. Tara was the best daughter she could have ever asked for and Willow was the perfect daughter-in-law that every mother wishes for their child. Faith and Dawn had quickly became like surrogate daughters for her and she truly did love them and their recent engagement was another source of happiness for her. She embraced them all and they all embraced Tara and Willow, congratulating them and sharing their love.

Somewhere in Heaven… “Buffy’s office”

The petite blonde, former Vampire Slayer, smiled as she observed her friends and sister hugging and celebrating the new addition to their family through her Omni-present Mirror. A tiny part of her longed to be able to be there for a moment. To be able to hug Will and Tara to congratulate them on their baby and her sister and Faith on their engagement. But she knew she couldn’t. But she didn’t let that fact sadden her because she was happy, in peace, and she knew she still could communicate with them through different channels. Her work in Heaven, being the Leader of the Guardians, was important and she still was able to take care of her family. And she had Satsu, and her mom, so she was very happy indeed.

“So… the deal is pretty complete, right?” Satsu asked from behind her, from where she was sitting on the edge of the desk. “Now that the Third Champion will be born, I mean.”

Buffy took a moment to answer. The image faded from the mirror and she turned around to face her companion.

“Yes and no. The Circle is almost complete. But it won’t be complete until the other three Champions are born and ready,” Buffy explained as she approached her lover and stopped right in front of her. The blonde placed her hands on Satsu’s thighs and gave her a small smile. “It will be complete soon.”

“Yeah… Like the prophecy said. Right? ‘The Circle of the Six. Champions of the Earth. Three born out of the purest magic, blessed through birth and life. Ice and Fire in perfect balance to protect innocent life,’ Satsu quoted the first part of the prophecy with a smile. “‘Two born out of healing Love. Redemption and Trust. Born to fight. Born to protect. Born to bring Peace and Honor to the world…’” The Guardian quoted the second part of the prophecy and gave her lover and General a look that the blonde understood perfectly well.

‘And a Chosen One. Duty and sacrifice. From Death she becomes Life. To complete the Circle. Six Champions to protect Earth. Six Champions…to protect Life,’” Buffy finished the quote with a heavy sigh.

“One hell of a destiny, isn’t it?” Satsu said, trying to keep her tone light. She knew just how much Buffy worried and didn’t want her to worry even more.

“Yes. It’s hard to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders,” the former Slayer spoke, the voice of experience. A tiny smile made its way to her lips and her mind relaxed a little bit. “But it’s different when you’re not alone.”

“And also…” Satsu smirked and leaned in slightly, lowering her voice until she was whispering. “We’re here. Always ready for action, right ma’am?”

Buffy suddenly laughed whole heartedly and nodded.

“Yes, soldier. We’re here ready for action,” she said jokingly and grabbed the lapels of Satsu’s jacket. “Always ready for action,” she joked again as she pulled her lover in for a nice kiss…


Okay, guys! This was Chapter 6!! From now on, new Chapters will be posted on Mondays. Hope you enjoyed this one and yes, I KNOW, that ending gave you more questions than answers, LOL I'm EVIL!! LOL

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Dibs-y Goodness!

Yay for great update-y goodness... I'm glad that Buffy is still a very hands-on leader (in every way)...

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Dibs-y Goodness!

Well done as usual, buddy.

Yay for great update-y goodness...

Am SOO glad you liked it, man.

I'm glad that Buffy is still a very hands-on leader (in every way)..

LOL Yeah she is! And Satsu is happy for it. LOL

Thanks for the reply, buddy.

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Hey… Here’s Chapter 7, guys!


CHAPTER 7--- Another Surprise!

CHAPTER SUMMARY:: Faith and Dawn receive a big surprise!

A/N:: IMPORTANT! I swear there IS a reason for these Chapters all in a row. I swear there IS!! You guys just gotta have a little patience, that’s all. I’m seriously gonna start explaining it ALL soon. Also, Faith and Dawn have been married for about three months.


Tara entered the Magic Box with baby Abbie, asleep in her baby carrier, and the baby bag hanging from her left shoulder. Her beloved Willow was waiting for them with Nick and Hannah after a lunch spent at the park with Faith.

The blonde Witch smiled when she saw her beautiful wife sitting by the research table along with their Slayer friend. Hannah and Nick were obviously asleep in their portable playpen and the two adults were watching over them. Giles, Anya and Dawn weren’t in sight as Tara approached the research table and left the baby bag on top.

“Hey, babe. Baby girl!” Willow instantly stood up and helped her wife free Abbie from her carrier. The redhead kissed her wife’s cheek and then kissed her daughter’s head as well. “Oooohhh… How’s my little love bug today? Did ya have a good visit to Carolina with Mommy?” She asked her daughter with her best baby voice. Willow looked back at her wife. “Did everything go well at the doc’s? Did Abbie behave?”

“Everything is perfect, sweetie. It was just a routine check, that’s all. Carolina said our Abbie-bug is in perfect health. Our tiny pretty Abbie-bug is strong like a bull,” Tara joked as she playfully shook her daughter’s hand.

“Awesome. Now gimme gimme my lil’ Charizard, guys!” Faith extended her hands and wiggled her fingers expectantly. “Need me some cuddles from my Goddaughter.”

“Please yourself, Faith,” Willow chuckled and handed Abbie to her Slayer friend.

Both Witches smiled as they saw their friend interact with their youngest daughter. It was amazing to see Faith interacting with their kids. She was a natural. And their eternal playmate.

“So where are Dawnie, Giles and Anya?” Tara asked as she sat by the research table as well.

“Giles is absent today. Who knows where he is,” Willow replied after sitting down next to her wife. “Anya went home early. We didn’t dare ask. And Dawnie…” The redhead hesitated and her eyes shot to Faith for a second.

“It’s cool, Red,” the Slayer said and sighed tiredly. It was then when Tara noticed she seemed exhausted. “D’s in the training room. Since apparently I didn’t do a good job of cleanin’ it, she’s re-cleanin’ it.”

“What?” Tara asked, confused.

“D’s not…” Faith seemed to struggle for a moment to find the words. Finally she shook her head and shrugged. “She’s been actin’ really fuckin’ weird lately. Dunno why…”

“Faith, dear. Language, please,” Tara warner her gently, nodding to the kids.

“Sh—Sorry. Sorry, T.”

“Don’t apologize. It’s okay,” Willow told her and then indicated her sleeping daughter in the Slayer’s arms. “Let me put her in the playpen with Nicky and Hannah and then we can talk.”

“Faith, tell me what’s wrong,” Tara told her gently as her wife put their youngest down to sleep next to her brother and sister. “I’ve noticed that something isn’t right with and Dawnie lately.”

“How long has this been goin’ on, Faith? I mean, you guys got married a few months ago,” Willow said as she came back to her seat.

“Like two weeks,” the Slayer answered, avoiding her friends’ eyes and trying to keep the frustration out of her voice but she couldn’t quite do it. “I just don’t get it, ya know? I don’t.”

“But… What is wrong, exactly?” Willow asked.

“Dunno, Red.” Faith shrugged with a completely lost look in her eyes that neither Willow nor Tara had ever seen. “Been tryin’ to do everythin’ right to not piss her off but it ain’t workin’.”

“But has she said anything, sweet heart?” Tara asked gently. “Have you tried talking to her about what’s wrong?”

“I did!” Faith threw her hands in the air, obviously frustrated. “But we always end up fightin’. I don’t even know what the fuck I did wrong.” The Slayer kept running her hands through her hair and rubbing her neck in obvious frustration. “But I don’t…I don’t have a clue… Please, guys, help.”

Neither Willow nor Tara commented on how open Faith was being with them. Sure, the Slayer had changed a lot during the past few years ever since her return to Sunnydale. But some habits were hard to break…

“Don’t worry, hon,” Tara told her with a reassuring smile. “We’re here for you.”

“Yeah. It’s probably just a misunderstanding or something like that. Stuff like that happens,” Willow told her and patter her shoulder.

“I really don’t get it… One minute she’s all cuddly and cute. The next she’s bitin’ my head. The next she’s horny as hell and the next she’s cryin’ over a commercial of a dog!” The Slayer explained, making a lot of gestures with her hands. An unconscious habit she had picked up from her wife and no one dared to tell her about. “Red, remember the other night? We had a hard night on patrol. That night, I got home… Freakin’ exhausted and covered in vamp dust. Her Highness demanded ice cream. So I swallowed my tongue and went to get ‘er some. By the time I came back she didn’t want it anymore! She actually went to be not speakin’ to me!” Faith rolled her eyes. “But that didn’t stop ‘er from wakin’ me up at 4am ‘cause Her Highness was horny…”

“Has she been…having cravings a lot?” Tara asked carefully as she shared a glance with her wife.

“Yeah, I guess. Why’d you ask?” Faith asked.

“Mmmm… Faith, have you noticed if she…got her period, in the last couple of months?” Willow asked, also trying to her careful and not freak out their friend.

“Huh? No idea…” Faith frowned as she thought, tried to remember. But she couldn’t be sure. “Maybe. Maybe not. I can’t remember… Why you askin’ this?”

“Well…there’s a chance…she could be pregnant,” Tara told her.

And there was silence…

Faith was staring at them, obviously surprised by what they thought.

“No,” suddenly the Slayer said. “That ain’t it. That’s not…possible. Can’t be.”

“Eeeehhh, Faith… Technically, it IS possible,” Willow said. “You love our three ‘possibilities’ and one of them is your Goddaughter.”

“Oh, crap…” Faith breathed out, obviously caught off guard by her friend’s logic.

“Sweetie…Would you like me to speak with Dawn? Maybe, whatever it is, she just needs to talk it out,” Tara volunteered. “And if it IS that, well…”

“No, it can’t be. We…we talk. We trust each other. She would’ve said somethin’ if we were goin’ to have a…” Faith’s words trailed off she shook her head. “It’s gotta be somethin’ else…”

“Alright. Sure. Still, would you like me to try?” Tara asked.

“I… No. I’ll try one more time. If I can’t get ‘er to talk to me then you can go ahead, T,” Faith said. “I mean, we’re married. Right? Ain’t that what you guys said? We gotta work it out.”

“Of course, Faith,” Willow agreed, giving her an approving smile. “But we’re here to help or just listen.”

“Thanks, guys… You know what? I’m gonna go take a nap. I’ll be at home if anyone needs me. Later, guys.”

And with that Faith simply stood up and left the shop. Willow and Tara watched her go and then shared a worried look.

“We really shouldn’t intervene, right?” Willow asked her wife.

“Unfortunately, no, we shouldn’t. They got married recently. Whether Dawn is pregnant or not…This is something they have to sort out by themselves,” Tara replied.

“But you were the first to volunteer,” Willow said, confused.

“I know. Because I wanted to see if Faith took the easy way or not,” Tara said and sighed. “Coming to us for help is okay. Normal. And we wanting to help them is okay too. But we can’t fix everything for them.”

“You, my love, are wise beyond your years,” Willow said proudly as she shifted on her seat and wrapped her arms around her gorgeous wife. “And a tiny bit evil. I like it!”


The door being slammed shut startled Faith out of her slumber. She had been taking a nap on the couch because sleeping helped to make the headaches disappear.

‘Great. The Mrs. is home,’ Faith thought sarcastically and she could feel her annoyance grow. She was sooo done putting up with her wife’s changing moods.

“Faith? You here?” Dawn asked as she stormed into the living room. The brunette crossed her arms when she saw her wife had been napping.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m here, D,” Faith said as she stood up from the couch. “What’s up?”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving? Willow and Tara had to tell me!” Dawn snapped, obviously annoyed at her wife once again.

Faith reminded herself to take a deep breath and ran a hand through her hair.

“Sorry, babe. Didn’t think you wanted to see me and I knew they’d tell you. Sorry,” Faith told her, trying to keep peace between them. A part of her, the old part of her, wanted to fight back. Wanted to respond with as much annoyance as she was feeling. But she was trying to hold back. She had changed; she wasn’t that same person anymore. And this was the girl she loved, the girl she had married, for fuck’s sake. She was NOT going to snap.

Something seemed to soften suddenly in Dawn and her annoyance left her completely. She knew, the rational part of her brain did, that she was acting like a bitch towards her wife. Hot and cold. But she truly didn’t mean to. She really tried not to snap. She honestly didn’t know what was wrong with her and she hated herself for making her wife feel bad.

“I always want to see you, Faith,” the younger brunette said and sighed as she approached her wife. “I’m sorry, Faith. I know I’ve been acting like a bitch, lately.”

“Nah. Don’t apologize, D. I just wanna know what’s fuckin’ goin’ on with you so I can help you. Or fix it. Whatever,” Faith told her tiredly.

“Can you understand that I don’t know what is wrong with me? I just don’t know, Faith,” Dawn pleaded for her to understand and the Slayer saw fear in her eyes. Dawn truly was scared because she didn’t know what was happening to her.

“Hey… It’s okay… Come ‘ere, babe…” Faith pulled her wife into a hug and wrapped her arms around the younger girl as tight as she could without hurting her. She felt her wife wrap her arms around her waist and squeeze. “It’s okay. We’ll figure this out. It’s gonna be okay, babe.”

“Still, I do need to apologize, Faith. I’ve been acting like a bitch and I don’t…I love you. I don’t ever wanna hurt you again.”

“C’mon, babe. It’s cool.” Faith sighed again and kissed her wife’s head. “Love ya too, by the way.”

“I’m scared, Faith. I don’t know what’s happening to me,” Dawn said, her tearful eyes meeting her wife’s. “I feel like I can’t control myself anymore…”

“Come ‘ere, gorgeous. Come…”

Faith pulled her wife towards the couch and laid down first on her side against the back of the couch. Dawn quickly laid down and let her wife pull her close into her warm embrace.

“Tell me… What are you feelin’?” Faith asked as gently as she could.

“I don’t know… Hungry, horny, annoyed, mostly. My body feels sooo weird!” Dawn frowned as she tried to explain. But it was hard because she couldn’t quite understand it.

“Weird, how?” Faith asked.

“Just… So uncomfortable all the damn time!” Dawn explained and Faith held her tighter. “My headaches are horrible and they come and go. All the time. My…whole body is sore as hell for no reason. My breasts are killing me most of the time. I haven’t gotten my period in months and yet I feel all swollen. I get nauseous pretty often too. And…and I’m really scared, Faith. What if there’s something wrong…physically? What if I have…cancer? Or worse, a tumor, like Mom? I don’t—don’t think I can…”

“Shit, D… I… Dunno. Shit… Don’t think you have somethin’ like that, babe,” Faith told her softly and Dawn looked at her over her shoulder.

“What? What are you talking about?” The younger brunette asked, pretty much desperate for an answer.

“T suggested that…And I couldn’t believe it but what you just said pretty much confirms it… Ya know. You could be…knocked up,” Faith said hesitantly and mentally slapped herself at her way of phrasing things.

Dawn’s eyes widened almost comically at her wife’s words. That was a possibility she had never considered…

“What?” Was all that came out of her mouth…

“It IS a possibility we gotta consider, babe. We got the marks too. And you actin’ and feelin’ weird lately… Dunno. We at least should rule it out before checkin’ for other stuff. Right?”

Dawn silently turned until she was on her back, her wife’s arms still around her. She couldn’t believe it… Her right hand unconsciously moved close to her abdomen.

“You…you think… No, that can’t be, Faith,” Dawn finally said, obviously still surprised.

“There is a chance, D. We got the marks too. Just like Red and Blondie did. It’s somethin’ we need to think about. Don’tcha think?”

“I….I don’t know…” Dawn opened and closed her mouth several times. “I don’t know what to say…”

Faith buried her head in her wife’s neck and sighed.

“It’d be that bad, if you were?” Faith asked, oblivious to just how small her voice sounded. “I mean…you know…” The older brunette gave a little shrug.

“What…are you saying, Faith?”

“Dunno… Just… Ya know… It wouldn’t be that bad, if you were. Right? Would you…be angry? Disappointed? Or… Dunno. What’d you think?”

“Angry?” Dawn seemed to snap out of her shock and placed her hands over Faith’s arm, which was still around her waist. “No! No. No, Faith. Why would I be angry? No. I’m just…shocked, I guess. That’s a possibility I never thought. I’m such an idiot! But no. I wouldn’t be angry, if I was, ya know, pregnant. I just…It’d be a huge surprise. That’s all.”

“A huge fuckin’ surprise. Total mind-fuck,” Faith muttered to herself but Dawn heard her anyway.

“So… if Tara is right and I’m pregnant…Would YOU be upset?” Dawn asked, letting herself consider the possibility.

“Me? Upset?” Faith frowned slightly. “No… Like I said, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. It would be a good thing, right?” The Slayer lifted her head to look at her wife. “I mean… we got the blessing marks too. And if we were given the same gift T and Red did…”

“That would mean this possible baby would part you. And part me,” the younger girl said as realization settled in her mind. “I see nothing wrong with that…” A tiny unsure smile begun to pull at her lips. “In fact…I’m starting to think that would be amazing…”

“Part you and me?” Faith wondered out loud, as if the notion had just occurred to her. “Part… That’s be…”

Faith’s eyes met Dawn’s and the Slayer remembered the dreams she had been having for the past year. Dreams of a little boy with sparkly blue eyes, Dawn’s eyes, and a pouty mouth. Dreams of a little girl with dimples, her own dimples, and her chocolate brown eyes…

Faith suddenly pressed her lips against her wife’s and they kissed languidly for a while, just enjoying the emotions behind such action.

“That’d be pretty cool, I think,” the older brunette said softly as she rested her forehead against her wife’s. “That’d make me happy.”

“Really?” the younger girl asked.

“Yeah… you?”

“I think that would make me happy too, Faith. Very happy, baby…”


An hour later Faith left the house. For a second she thought about taking her car but she could use a walk so she started walking towards Main Street. Dawn had fallen asleep on the couch while they talked so Faith had carried her to their bedroom and left her a note on the pillow.

They had agreed that Faith would go to the pharmacy and get them a home test but Faith wanted to let her nap for a bit first.

Walking through the streets of Sunnydale she couldn’t help to think. Was it truly a good thing…to bring a kid into their relationship? Into their world? It was dangerous enough as it was! On the other hand, she couldn’t deny that Willow and Tara had THREE and they made it work. But they weren’t Willow and Tara. Not to mention, she was the Slayer! Constant danger was the job’s description.

‘But…if we got this chance… Dunno. There’s gotta be a reason,’ Faith thought to herself. ‘Right? There’s gotta be a reason.’

Faith fired a quick text to Willow and her redhead friend replied a few seconds later telling her she was still at the Magic Box. After asking if they could talk, Willow told her to meet her at the Espresso Pump.


Faith arrived to the Espresso Pump a few minutes later and Willow was already waiting for her with a steamy mug of coffee at a table in the back of the place.

“Hey, Faith. What’s up?” Willow greeted her when she sat down across the table. “Here’s your coffee.”

“Thanks, Red. And thanks for comin’,” Faith told her and sipped her coffee. “What were you doing still at the shop? I thought you and T brought D home after closing.”

“I stuck around a bit longer ‘cause I needed to use the training room. Tara took the kids and Dawnie home. How did that go, by the way? Did you guys talk?” Willow replied quickly, obviously changing the subject.

Faith gave her a little smirk ‘cause that only meant one thing…

“Whatever spell you’re working on right now. I wanna see it later, ‘kay?” Faith said and Willow nodded because she knew the Slayer enjoyed watching her work on spells. The Slayer then grew serious again. “And yeah, we talked. I kinda need your help now, actually.”

“My help? With what?”

“Need you to help me buy one of those home tests,” Faith replied. “I have no idea about that shit.”

“A test… Oooohhh” Willow’s eyes widened as realization hit her. “Guess you did talk. Sure, I’ll help. But maybe you should have asked Tara. I mean, she bought the one herself.”

“But I needed to talk to you, Red.”

“Oh. ‘Kay. I’m here for whatever you need, Faith. I know you and me don’t usually do heart-to-heart talks but ya know… I’m here,” Willow told her honestly.

“Am not freakin’ out or anything, Red. Ain’t trying to bolt either. I’m just…questionin’ myself,” Faith begun hesitantly. She and Willow usually didn’t do this. She only opened herself up fully to Dawn, and sometimes Tara, but this one time it was necessary. She needed to hear Willow’s opinion.

“Questioning yourself? About what?” Willow asked her, not wanting to jump to conclusions.

“If D’s really pregnant with our kid… Is it really fair to bring a kid into our world, Red? Dunno. But ‘least D knew what shit she was gettin’ into when she became my girl,” Faith said, not wanting to beat around the bush.

“Well, Tara and I brought three into our world, Faith,” Willow told her logically. “And, if you remember, the twins were born during a not-very-good moment too. And we knew that, no matter what, it was worthy. ‘Cause our kids are, literally, a miracle. A blessing.”

“I know that. And knowing that is pretty much the reason why I’m not freakin’ out, Red,” Faith said and Willow shot her an encouraging look. “But D and I ain’t you and T, Red. You and Tare could walk away at any moment, if you wanted to. But we…”

“You what, Faith?” Willow asked gently and suddenly she had a suspicion of which were Faith’s fears, exactly. Because she knew Faith was afraid but there was no need to mention it out loud.

“We can’t walk away. No, D could, if she wanted to. But I can’t. I’m the Slayer, Red. In the end, I will die, much sooner than anyone else, so the next will be called. My life will never be stable enough to raise a kid. I would bring constant danger to our kid’s life. So now tell me… Is it fucking fair?”

“Well, first of all, that whole…dying thing… we’ll cross that bridge when the time comes. Second, your concerns are completely valid, Faith,” Willow begun. “But let me correct you on one thing… Tara and I can’t walk away either. ‘Cause we chose to stay. We took on this duty. So did Dawn. AND we brought our kids into this world, our world, knowing that very well. Trust me, we had and have the same concerns, Faith. But we knew it was worthy. Children are always worthy, my friend.”

“There’s gotta be a reason, right? The Gods wouldn’t give us such gifts without a reason. Right?” Faith asked. She needed an answer for that question more than anything.

“I believe, based on what Buffy has told us in our dreams, that we were given these gifts as part of our blessing,” Willow told her with a happy smile. “Your union with Dawn and mine with Tara… We were blessed, Faith. And our children are blessed as well.”

“You really think so?”

“I know so. Look…remember what I told you that day in your apartment? When we were talking about Dawn?” Willow asked.

“Yeah. Love is the only worthy thing, right?”

“Then that’s all you gotta remember. Also,” Willow gave her a slightly mischievous grin. “Don’t forget who’s always watching our backs up there…”

“You really think she’s…” Faith gave her a raised eyebrow.

“I’m sure. If I know Buffy, and I do, then I know that she’s always watching our backs from up there,” Willow said, lowering her voice so only Faith could hear her.


Willow chuckled at that.

“C’mon. Let’s go to the pharmacy and I’ll give ya some tips on the way home,” the redhead said as she stood up.

“Tips?” Faith asked as she followed her friend through the coffee shop and out to the street.

“Yeah. Like…No matter how weird or disgusting a craving may be, whatever it is, it goes… You don’t wanna piss the pregnant lady off. Trust me…”


Faith paced around the living room nervously while she waited for her wife, who was in the bathroom upstairs.

After her little talk with Willow, and going to the pharmacy, Faith had busied herself preparing stuff for dinner later while she let her wife nap for an hour more or so. Her mind kept constantly reminding her of the pregnancy test she had bought with Willow’s help and the nerves inside her kept growing bigger and bigger.

It seemed like hours had passed from the moment Dawn had left for the bathroom. But in reality, only minutes had passed. The Slayer kept pacing around the living room, wondering what they were going to do if Dawn was pregnant, or if she wasn’t. Faith was so completely lost in her own thoughts that she never noticed her wife leaving the bathroom and walking downstairs.


Faith’s head snapped towards her wife and she opened her mouth to ask the result, but no sound came out. Dawn smiled slightly and approached her slowly. There were tears in her eyes and for a moment, Faith was afraid that the result was negative.

“So… what…” Faith tried to speak but her mouth wasn’t cooperating much.

Dawn’s smile grew and she nodded fervently.

“Positive,” the blue eyed brunette said. “I’m pregnant, Faith.”

“HOLY FUCKIN’ SHIT!!!” Faith squealed – yes, Faith squealed – and Dawn couldn’t help to laugh when her Slayer spun her around a few times.

“Faith! Put me down!” Dawn squealed and laughed whole heartedly.

Finally Faith put her down and hugged her as tight as she could. The Slayer buried her face in her wife’s hair and inhaled deeply. Her eyes were shut tight and Dawn knew there were tears in her eyes as well.

Dawn wrapped her arms around her wife as well and smiled.

“Happy?” The younger girl asked and she felt her wife nod against her neck. “Faith…let me look at you…”

Faith pulled apart but kept her arms around her wife. There were tears in her eyes and Dawn’s smile grew.

“I love you, Faith…”

Faith didn’t say anything. She couldn’t speak yet. So she just pulled her wife into a kiss….

Somewhere in Heave… “Buffy’s office”

“Congratulations, auntie,” Satsu told her General with a smirk. As usual, she was perched on the edge of the desk with her arms loosely crossed over her chest.

Buffy turned around. She had been looking through her mirror. Watching how her sister and Faith hugged and kissed at the good news. The petite blonde smiled and chuckled as she approached her desk.

“Thanks, I guess,” she told her lover. Satsu pulled her in between her legs and her smirk widened. “You really seem to like having me this way, Satsu…” Buffy teased but she snuggled into her lover’s front.

“What can I say…I like a girl who can take charge,” Satsu joked and the two lovers shared a laugh. The Guardian grew serious and she looked down at her lover. “I know you’re worried. Specially now that the Circle of the Six is complete. But I know that everything will be alright. This is their destiny. But we can help them get there…”

“I know, Satsu. I know,” Buffy said and nodded. “We will do our best. Right now I don’t wanna be worried anymore, though. Right now I just wanna wallow on this happy feeling. My baby sister is gonna be a mom, Satsu. That’s…”

“I get it, babe,” Satsu told her and grinned once again. “You’re a hot auntie.”

Buffy chuckled.


‘…Two born out of healing Love. Redemption and Trust. Born to fight. Born to protect. Born to bring Peace and Honor to the world…’


Okay, guys! That was Chapter 7! Hope you enjoyed it and will see you in two weeks. Sorry for not posting yesterday. Right now, there are problems with electric power. Last night it was a pain in the ass.

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Dibs-y Goodness!

Yay for great update-y goodness... I'm glad that Dawnie's pregnancy was confirmed without too much problems... Big lol for Buffy's continuing hands-on guidance...

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I just started reading this story and I am really liking it. I can't wait to see where you take the story and the characters.

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Dibs-y Goodness!

Dunno HOW you do it but you always get first, buddy. LOL

Yay for great update-y goodness...

Glad to see you're still excited about my story, dude.

I'm glad that Dawnie's pregnancy was confirmed without too much problems.

Yeah. I wasn't going to drag it 'cause it wasn't the point.

Big lol for Buffy's continuing hands-on guidance...

But of course!! There's no reason why she can't have some fun, right? LOL

Thanks for the reply, man. I'm happy to know I can always count on you.


I just started reading this story and I am really liking it. I can't wait to see where you take the story and the characters.

First of all, WELCOME to my humble story. Second, I'm glad to know you're enjoying it and I hope you continue enjoying it 'cause I've got BIG plans for this story. And I hope you reply more 'cause replies make me happy. LOL

Thank you for leaving a reply and hope you like this Chapter.

Update directly under....

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Hey… Here’s Chapter 8, guys!


CHAPTER 8--- Answers

CHAPTER SUMMARY:: It’s time to get some answers…

A/N:: IMPORTANT! This Chapter keeps focus on Amelia, you’ll see why it’s important…Also, Hannah and Nick are 6 years old, Abbie is 4, and Bryan and Robin are 3 in this Chapter. Tommy is 1 but he doesn’t show up.


“Well… I think this old lady is gonna hit the sack,” Amelia said and stood up from the comfortable lawn chair she was sitting on.

“You’re going to bed, mom?” Tara asked her from where she was comfortably nestled in her wife’s arms.

“But it’s early,” Willow added.

“Yeah. Totally early,” Faith added as well.

“Yes. But I’m not a young gal like you all anymore,” Amelia joked and chuckled.

As every Saturday, the Summers and the Rosenberg families were gathered in the backyard of the Rosenbergs’ residence. Amelia, Tara and Faith had pull off a fantastic BBQ and everyone had enjoyed a nice relaxed day. Giles had been too busy doing who-knew-what to join them and Xander and Anya had decided to have a family day by themselves. The children were still playing around with a soccer ball, the older ones being careful with the younger ones. While the adults enjoyed a cold drink and watched the sunset.

The adults watched as their mother figure walked into the house and disappeared for the night.

“Weird. It’s still early,” Willow commented as she continued snuggling with her wife.

“She’s got that show she watches and it’s the end of the season,” Tara offered as an explanation with a grin.

Faith and Dawn laughed at that.

“That explains a lot,” Willow said and giggled.

“Hey, T… We put away some leftover mac n’ cheese, didn’t we?” Faith asked, suddenly. Her stomach was practically growling once again and she needed to fuel up if she was going to patrol that night with Willow.

“Yes. Want me to heat some up for you?” Tara asked and instantly begun to move to stand up but stopped when her friend held up a hand.

“Don’t worry. I’ll do it. Any of you need anything?” The Slayer asked as she stood up.

“No, I’m good,” Tara said.

“Bring me a beer, please?” Willow asked.

“And more strawberry daiquiri for me,” Dawn added since she had emptied her glass a while ago. She wasn’t much of a drinker but her wife prepared the best drinks in the world.

“Okay… Coming right up,” the Slayer said before leaving the yard.

They simply relaxed and just a few minutes later Faith was back with a beer for Willow, more daiquiri for her wife and a steamy bowl of mac n’ cheese for herself. She really was hungry.

“You and your Slayer stomach,” Dawn said and rolled her eyes at her wife, mock-complaining.

“Gotta fuel up for tonight, babe,” the Slayer replied and shrugged, a teasing smile playing on her lips. This was a running joke between them.

“Yeah, right. Sure.” Dawn chuckled and shook her head fondly.

“By the way, you’re comin’ with me tonight, Red? Or who is?” Faith asked, instinctively lowering her voice.

“I thought it was Tare’s turn to go with you,” Willow said, looking at her wife as if asking if it was correct.

“Great. You’re in, T?” The Slayer asked between bites.

“If you really want me to go, then I’ll go. But…Well, I’d prefer to stand back just this once,” Tara replied. “I had a long week and I’m pretty tired. And I still have a ton of papers to grade.”

“‘Kay. No problem, T. I can take care of patrol alone tonight. No big deal,” Faith said and shrugged. While it wasn’t exactly necessary for her to have back up they all had agreed that it was best. Both for her and all of them. Nobody patrolled alone, except for Faith only occasionally. Besides, made it less boring to patrol with someone.

“If Tara and Will don’t mind watching the kids tonight, I could go with you,” Dawn told her. “In fact, I want to go. I insist since I haven’t gone in a while.”

Faith actually stopped eating and looked at her wife. Dawn hadn’t joined patrols lately because the kids were still too little. But now she wanted to get back in the game… And honestly, it scared the crap out of Faith.

“Alright. If T and Red accept,” the Slayer said instead. Inside she was screaming. She didn’t like putting her wife in danger. But Dawn had proven to be an extremely competent fighter and she could never forbid her from going with her.

“I don’t mind having the kids over, Faith. You know that,” Tara said.

“And there’s nowhere safer than our house,” Willow added.

“‘Kay. Cool. We’ll have some fun while the old ladies watch the kids,” Faith joked to her wife and they shared a chuckle at that.

Tara, since she was closest, pinched Faith’s arm playfully.

“Watch who you’re calling old,” the blonde warned jokingly.

Faith simply winked and laughed.


After her show ended Amelia got ready to read a book. She got ready for bed and got comfortable before she opened the book she was reading, ‘Destined to Meet at Gunpoint’ by Helena Bering, a wonderful fantasy/science fiction author her daughter-in-law had recommended. So far, she was loving the books.

But this time, she couldn’t manage to read a word before she fell asleep…

And appeared in an oh-so familiar place she hadn’t seen in years… Which scared the shit out of her…

Somewhere in Heaven… “Buffy’s office”

“What is going on? Buffy?” She asked almost frantically as she looked around the familiar white office. “What in the Goddess’ name is happening?”

“Don’t worry, you’re not dead,” Buffy said a she appeared in front of the worried Amelia. The former Slayer smiled. “It’s good to see you again, Amelia.”

“So I’m not dead? Then, is this a dream?” Amelia asked, as she recalled her daughter’s and daughter-in-law’s experiences.

“Yes. You’re dreaming, Amelia. Don’t worry, you’re fine,” Buffy reassured her with a smile. “Now, can the Buffster get a hug?”

“You can always get a hug, sweetie,” Amelia told her and pulled the blonde girl into a warm hug. “It’s so good to see you, Buffy.”

“You too, Amelia. You too,” the blonde General said as she hugged the older woman.

“So… Why did you bring me here, Buffy?” Amelia asked as they pulled apart.

“I have some things to talk about with you, Amelia. Top Secret stuff that you can only reveal if I tell you to and when I tell you to,” Buffy said suddenly serious and Amelia gave her a raised eyebrow. “Trust me, I hate having to act like this but it’s the only way. Do you understand what I told you? Do you get what I’m trying to say?”

“Loud and clear, General,” Amelia joked. But she understood perfect well what Buffy was saying.

“Good, good…” Buffy smiled briefly. “I knew you were the correct choice, Amelia. The correct choice to do this task. I knew it.”

“Buffy, what are you talking about? A task? What task?” Amelia asked.

“I’ll tell you everything I’m allowed to say for now. But come, let’s go sit down,” Buffy said and led her to the comfortable couch. After they both sat down, the blonde General of the Guardians looked at the older blonde nervously. “Do you… Do you know why you were given a second chance?”

“No. I have wondered but I always figured that maybe you had convinced the Gods,” Amelia replied, confused as to where this conversation was going.

“It’s true that I had some voice in the decision. But mostly, you were chosen because of your connection to Tara and therefore Willow, and because of your knowledge and power. You were chosen to play your role as a mother figure for Tara, Willow, Faith and Dawn. So they’d reach their true potential. So would their children,” Buffy begun to explain, the serious expression returning to her face.

“Their true potential? The children? I don’t understand, Buffy,” Amelia said, feeling even more confused.

“To put it in simple words…You will be the Link between the Scoobies and me, Amelia,” the former Slayer said, much to the older woman’s surprise. “You will be the Link.”

“The Link? I don’t…” Amelia’s words trailed off as she tried to understand.

“I will communicate to you what to reveal to the Scoobies and when. Unless I tell you to, you can’t reveal anything to anyone. Do you understand the responsibility you were given, Amelia?” Buffy asked.

“I understand, Buffy,” Amelia replied. And indeed she understood what Buffy was telling her. And what she wasn’t telling her…

“Now, I’ll tell you some stuff I was allowed to tell you… Each one of them will need you in some capacity. And I’ll tell you what you need to do.” Buffy stood up from the couch and begun to pace in front of the older woman. “Faith, as you may know, lost the only person who ever loved her, her grandmother, when she was very little.”

“Yes, I know a little about her story.”

“Ironically, she’ll give you the least work. You just need to be there for her. Help her, guide her. Be a stable figure in her life. That’s all she needs right now,” Buffy started to explain as she paced.

“I understand, Buffy,” Amelia told her. It wasn’t much different than she already did.

“As for Dawn…” Buffy frowned slightly and crossed her arms as she continued to pace. “I know Will and Tara gave her some training in magic. But she’s stuck. She needs to continue with her training. You need to teach her, guide her to become the warrior she’s meant to be. She gets enough combat training from Faith but you need to continue with her magical training,” the blonde finished with an extremely proud look at the woman her baby sister had become.

“I’m aware that Dawn has great potential but I had no idea… You really want me to teach her? I…” Amelia tried to say but her words got stuck in her throat. She couldn’t believe it and at the same time, she could, because she saw just how much potential the young woman had…

“Trust me, I couldn’t believe it either,” Buffy said with a soft understanding smile in her face.

“What about Willow and Tara?” Amelia asked, both anxious and dreading to hear the answer.

“Yeah, Will and Tara…” Buffy sighed as she continued to pace. “You already know that Willow has a rare but powerful type of magic. She can do pretty much everything but her main type of magic is combative.”

“Yes. I already knew that. Just as Tara’s is nature oriented. That’s why she can pull off healing spells, which are the most difficult spells a witch could ever master,” Amelia replied.

“And you are aware that there’s certain…tension between Willow and Tara when it comes to Will’s combative magic. Don’t you?” Buffy asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yes,” Amelia answered with a sigh. “Willow is possibly one of the most powerful witches in the world. Her magic is ancient, rare and so very special. Tara has the same potential to be just as powerful. Her magic is also ancient, rare and so very special. But Tara is afraid. Of her magic, of Willow’s… I do understand her fears, their magic is so rare and some of those who had it became poisoned by power and darkness. But I believe with the proper instruction…they both could become the two most powerful witches in this world. Their potential is endless…”

“That is exactly what you will need to do, Amelia,” Buffy told her urgently. “You need to help them reach that potential. Not just for their sake but for the world’s. They four will do so much good for the world, Amelia. You have no idea. But they need the guidance. Yours. I’ve seen it,” the blonde told her and Amelia gasped.

“Are you serious? Buffy, what you’re saying… I don’t have the capacity, the knowledge, to train them in such ancient forms of magic. I only know a little theory about them and what little Willow was able to find,” Amelia argued. “But…I can’t.”

“That’s where you are wrong, Amelia. The knowledge thing is easy to fix. I can give you that, Amelia. But you do have the capacity already. You’re the perfect teacher,” Buffy explained, full of conviction. “That’s why you can do this.”

“You can give me the knowledge… Buffy, that’s…. A very precious gift,” Amelia said, not sure what else to say.

“The Gods decided to give them this gift to help them reach their true potential. If they don’t…neither will their kids,” Buffy said.

“Their kids? What about the kids?” Amelia asked, alarmed.

“First…About what I just told you? You’re allowed to tell them everything. Your role, what you’ll have to do for them, about their powers. Otherwise they won’t get it,” Buffy said. She knew Amelia understood the importance of it.

“Of course I will,” the older blonde vowed. “Whatever it’s needed, I will do it… I want to help as much as I can, Buffy.”

“I knew I could count on you, Amelia,” Buffy said and gave her a little smile. “Now… The kids… Have you ever wondered why there are two sets of twins? And why Abbie was born alone?”

“What… To be honest… No, I haven’t…”

“When Will and Tara were given the chance to conceived, they had twins. Why? To give them balance. Nick and Hannah literally have half of Willow and half of Tara. I don’t mean just their DNA. I mean their powers. Half of their powers are Willow’s and half Tara’s. Being twins, they have perfect balance,” the blonde General explained.

“What about Abbie?” Amelia asked, once again feeling the dread pooling in her stomach.

But Buffy smile.

“The Gods allowed them to conceive one more time, according to the Fates. They thought it’d be another set of twins but nope… Only one baby resulted from that pregnancy. Abbie. Why? Can’t you think why?”

“Because Abbie is Willow through and through,” Amelia gasped out as realization hit her. “That’s why Abbie is a carbon copy of Willow. Because her powers are only Willow’s, isn’t it?”

“Yes and no. Half of her DNA is Tara’s, of course. And some of her powers too. But yes, Abbie has the same combative magic as Willow does. Say….it’d be 80-20,” Buffy explained.

“But why? Does that mean she doesn’t have a natural balance?” Amelia asked, alarmed.

“That means that she’s got two sets of twins to give her balance, Amelia,” Buffy replied with a smile.

“Two? You mean Bryan and Robin…” The words got stuck in her throat and she couldn’t finish her question.

“Yes. Bryan and Robin are the same. They have equal parts of their parents’ powers. Including Faith’s, yes.”

“Faith’s too? But…How’s that possible? Robin won’t become the next Slayer, will she?”

“No. Robin won’t be the next Slayer. Why? To be honest, I don’t know. I’m not fully sure. But again, I figure it’s a matter of balance. They got Dawn’s magic, so they got Faith’s powers as well to maintain the balance,” Buffy explained. “And all four twins balance Abbie. Do you understand it all?”

“I do but Buffy…” Amelia took a deep breath before she spoke. She couldn’t believe what she was about to say. “Does that mean… they have a destiny to fulfill?”

Buffy smiled.

“The only thing I can say about that is… The world will be a better place because they are alive,” the blonde said mysteriously.

“Oh my Goddess…” Amelia breathed out, stunned. She focused her blue eyes on Buffy again. “What can I tell them about this?”

“Only why they were twins and about their powers,” Buffy replied. “The parents and the kids are way too young to know about their destiny.”

“I understand,” Amelia said and nodded.

“One more thing… Because of the nature of their powers, the kids will have to be taught from early age. I know Faith and Will proposed a similar plan. Train them from early age, physically and magically. You supported that plan. You’ll need to be involved in the kids’ education,” Buffy told her and this time Amelia nodded without saying a word. She understood.

“I can’t believe this… All this information… I can’t believe it,” Amelia breathed out.

“I have one more thing to tell you, Amelia,” Buffy said as she stopped pacing and looked at the older blonde, seeming more relaxed all the sudden.

“What is it?” Amelia asked, ready to pay attention to any more revelations.

“There is a reason why Miss Kitty returned. And why she disappears for a while and then comes back,” the former Slayer said, a tiny smile playing on her lips.

“Really?” Amelia was obviously surprised. She hadn’t expected that.

“Yes. As you know, Miss Kitty is Will’s and Tara’s cat. But not just their pet. They don’t actually know it but Miss Kitty IS their Familiar,” Buffy begun to explain once again.

“Really? I suspected but they always said she was just their pet, not their Familiar. They never saw her as such,” Amelia said.

“Because they don’t know that she actually is their Familiar,” Buffy replied. “Their Guardian Familiar.”

“What? Guardian Familiar? What’s that?”

“Have you ever heard the story of Rat Amy?” Buffy asked, not answering the question.

“Your school-mate who turn herself into a rat with a spell gone wrong? Back in high school?” Amelia asked. Willow had told that story a few times.

“Yes. Her.” Buffy frowned for a second and then shook her head. “Turns out her time as a rat wasn’t as good as Willow tried to make it,” she begun to explain with a bitter smile. “She was fully conscious in her rat state and all she planned was how to take advantage of Willow and Tara, steal their powers even though she knew it would kill them,” Buffy added and Amelia gasped.

“She… She was evil? Why would she do that?” The older woman asked. “Willow tried to turn her back by any possible means, according to what I know. And when everything failed she tried to give her the best life possible.”

“Because Amy was rotten inside. I wasn’t even aware of it until I became the General of the Guardians, trust me. Amy became lost in her own machinations, inside her head. And she was eager to scarify the biggest sources of power she knew to gain more and turn herself back into human. But someone saw the evil growing within her. And did her job to protect Willow and Tara, Amelia…”

“Wait… Are you saying that Miss Kitty…? No way!” Amelia was stunned. Neither Willow nor Tara had ever even suspected any of that. They had always lamented the loss of their beloved Miss Kitty and Amy.

“Yes. Miss Kitty swallowed Ray Amy…swallowed the evil within her own body. She took off then, to purify it. Even though she knew Will and Tara needed her. She needed to purify the evil that was slowly killing her,” the blonde General continued sadly. “That’s why she disappeared all those years ago. She needed to heal of the evil that almost killed her. But…it wasn’t enough. I sent Satsu after her. And Satsu took her to a sacred place, where she could rest and heal. Miss Kitty was well looked after and she made it.”

“By who? Satsu?” Amelia asked.

“I can’t disclose that information, sadly. But know she was well taken care of. And it took a long time for her to heal. Years, in fact. But boy, was it impressive! At first I thought she wasn’t gonna make it but she did and my mind was blown… It was then when I learnt what the Guardian Familiars do.”

“And what do they do?” Amelia had never heard the term before.

“Guardian Familiars specially protect powerful witches who work for the greater good. Like Will and Tara. These Guardians are related to mine, yes. But they’re not immortals. They do live pretty much as long as a human does,” Buffy replied, obviously impressed.

“This is so incredible… Buffy, why did you never tell the girls that Miss Kitty was alive, somewhere?”

“Because I couldn’t. Trust me, I wasn’t allowed to.” Buffy suddenly threw her hands in the air in frustration. “You know I was never good at following rules, Amelia. But right now? Right now I work for the Big Bosses, the Gods. And I have to follow the rules. I can only reveal things in due time, I can’t intervene all the time or communicate with the Scoobies as I’d like. And I get it. I don’t like that last one but I get it. I hate actin’ like those stuffy asshole Watches but I can’t… This time, I can’t…” the blonde said and her eyes begged Amelia to understand.

“Oh, Buffy…” Amelia stood up and gently pulled the younger blonde into a hug. “I understand better than you think, sweetie. And this is such a heavy burden to carry. But you have entrusted me with this important task and I’ll do my very best. I promise you, Buffy.”

“I know you will, Amelia. I know you will,” Buffy said as she hugged the older woman. “Thank you…”


At Willow’s and Tara’s house. Scooby meeting…

“And…that’s it. That’s everything she told me,” Amelia finished retelling what Buffy had told her. What she was allowed to tell, anyway.

Willow, Tara, Faith, Dawn, Xander and Giles were staring at her open mouthed. Too shocked to speak. The only one who didn’t seem that surprised was Anya. And Amelia couldn’t help to think it was a good thing the kids were all sleeping upstairs because she wasn’t sure how the Scoobies would react.

The tense silence dragged on for what seemed forever and Amelia had to use all her patience to not fidget where she was standing. It was becoming unbearable…

Finally, it was Willow that spoke first…

“I…I think that…I need to sit down…” The redhead mumbled, still in shock.

“You are sitting down, sweetie,” Amelia told her gently.

“I…I don’t know what to say…or think…” Tara mumbled as well, in the same state of shock as her wife.

“Take your time, honey,” Amelia said.

Faith slowly shook her head. She couldn’t fucking believe it!

“I need…a minute, please,” the Slayer fumbled with her words as she stood up and headed out of the room and towards the backyard. She really needed a minute alone…to think and try to order her thoughts…

“Shit…” Dawn breathed out. For once, she didn’t’ even think of following her wife. She was still too shocked to react or think clearly.

“Holy Moley!” Xander snapped. “So…so… The girls…And their kids… Merciful Zeus!”

Anya rolled her eyes at their shock.

“Don’t wanna be mean but… Are you all really surprised?” The former demon said and shrugged when everyone looked at her. “We already knew most of this. We already knew Willow’s one of the most powerful witches in the world. To hear Tara has the potential to be just as powerful? Not a surprise after we found out what type of magic they possess. And to hear your kids are destined to be power-houses? Again, not so surprising.”

“Anh, sweetie…” Xander tried to say something but his wife cut him off.

“Don’t you dare patronize me, Alexander Harries,” the bottle-blonde said firmly. “I’m not trying to insult anyone. I’m just stating the obvious thing that none of you dare seeing. Face it, people,” she addressed the group. “We kinda already knew this crap. And now, knowing this, changes nothing. So what? You’ll have to do some extra training. You’ll have to train the kids, too. That part sucks ‘cause none of us even want to think of our kids having to fight or being in danger. But we all had already thought about this possibility. So what does this change?” She gave them a ‘DUH’ expression. “This changes nothing!”

Slowly, Willow smiled at her friend. Sure, Anya could lack tact and/or be extremely blunt sometimes, and they didn’t always see eye to eye. But this time, she was right…

“You’re right, Anya. Thanks for reminding us of that. You’re right,” the redhead said, finally coming out of her shock. “This changes nothing… Nothing…” Willow said and nodded to herself. “Sure, we found out a lot of things and it may take a while to process it all but… And we’ll have to make some adjustments, of course. But this really changes nothing. We just have to keep on living.”

“I believe that was the point, dear,” Amelia told her with a smile.

“I have a question, Amelia,” Dawn said, sounding rather terrified.

“What is it, dear?”

“My magic… Comes from…the Key. Doesn’t it?” Dawn asked. “I mean, I’m not-not…you-know-what anymore but my magic is related to my origin, right?” The tall brunette asked, resigned and horrified at the prospect at the same time.

“I honestly don’t know, sweetie. Neither did Buffy,” Amelia told her.

“I always suspected… It’s gotta be it…” Dawn took a deep breath and shook her head. “I just… There’s no escaping it, is there? I may not be the Key anymore but somehow it’s still there…” She shook her head again. “I need to go to Faith. Can’t deal with this crap right now…”

The brunette left the room as well and the people remaining stared at her as she left. No one said a word for a moment. No one knew what to say…


OKay!! That was the Chapter. Kinda short and a bit odd, I know!! But trust me.... There IS a point to this... Just be patient...

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 Post subject: Re: NEW STORY:: LIGHT AND SUN (Updated 30/January/2015)
PostPosted: Fri Jan 30, 2015 4:20 am 
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Yay for great update-y goodness... I'm glad that Buffy gave Amelia part of the big picture and what's the Scoobies part in it... Big yay for Anya telling everyone that while the new information is hard to comprehend it really changes nothing... I hope Dawn and Faith soon learn that Dawn's magic comes from Dawn and not from Key-ness...

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