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 Post subject: Re: Meant To Be - Ch 23 Updated 02/08/2014
PostPosted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:51 am 
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Branny72 to the rescue of frustrated escapist romantics! :kiss1
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I'm always impressed by the way you pay attention to detail. :buried

And I can so relate to Willow not wanting to cook for Tara since she loves her! :wtkiss


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 Post subject: Re: Meant To Be - Ch 23 Updated 02/08/2014
PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 5:25 pm 
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Grimm: She might...I haven’t decided if/when that will happen yet though. I’m glad you liked the anniversary dinner/date. :wtkiss

Phantasyland: Happy to have been able to help the frustrated escapist romantic! I hope you enjoy the update!! :flower :grin


:smash <--- too cute!

Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Author: Branny72
Feedback: Pretty please…it helps me improve and if I get stuck it gives me ideas on where you would like to see the story go!!

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: Thank you to Willara4ever for all your help with this story. I appreciate your reading it and helping me with the idea.[/b]

Chapter 24

“What time is Buffy getting home today?” asked Tara as her and Willow were cuddled together under a blanket naked on the living room floor.

“What day is it?” Willow said in a dreamy voice.

“,” said Tara punctuating each word with a kiss.

“Mmmmm, she is supposed to be home tonight,” said Willow straining to see the clock on the wall and then pouting when she saw it was already 6 pm.

“Why the pout?” Tara asked as she nibbled on Willow’s lower lip.

“She’s going to be home soon. I don’t want to get dressed...I like naked Willow/Tara time.”

“I do too sweetie, but I have no desire for Buffy to catch us laying here naked.”

“I definitely don’t want her seeing you gorgeous body,” said Willow lifting the covers and ogling Tara’s body.

“Let’s get dressed and see what we can find to eat.”

“I know something,” Willow said seductively.

“As much as I love that idea, and trust me I do love it, we again come back to Buffy finding us here and naked.”

“Alright, you are right,” conceded Willow.

“Remember that for whenever we get into a disagreement,” laughed Tara as Willow pinned her down pressing their bodies tightly together before kissing the blonde soundly.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Willow.”

They got up and went and put clothes before starting to clean up the apartment. They hadn’t made a huge mess, but they had been camped out on the floor since the night before when they were watching a movie and mysteriously found themselves on the floor making love.


“Thanks for the lift home Connor,” said Buffy getting into the young man’s car.

“No problem. Dad said he was sorry he had an emergency in the kitchen.”

“I understand. How was your weekend?”

“It was good. The club had great nights both Friday and Saturday,” said Connor. “How was your weekend?”

“It was a good yet busy weekend. I’m glad to be home.”

“Buffy, can I ask you something just between us?”

“Sure, what’s up?” asked Buffy.

“Well, I was helping Dad out on Friday night doing deliveries and I had a dinner delivery for Willow. I asked her if she had a hot date and she said she did. When did Willow start seeing someone and maybe more importantly, WHO is she seeing?”

“I would love to give you the details, but that my friend is Willow’s story to tell.”

“Fine I will wait for that, but tell me is it someone worthy? Not like that loser Oz. Someone who is going to treat her right and keep her happy?”

“Trust me when I say that they are a perfectly matched couple and damn cute together,” smiled Buffy thinking about the weekend she went to Seattle and learned the truth about Willow and Tara.

Connor pulled up outside Buffy and Willow’s apartment and offered to help Buffy get her bag upstairs, but she declined stating that it was only one and that though she was tired, she wasn’t that tired. They said their goodbyes and Connor left.

Buffy took a deep breath and headed into the building wondering what she was going to walk in to see.


“So, what does your week look like baby,” asked Willow after she and Tara had finished getting dressed and cleaning up the apartment.

“For work I have some meetings that are NOT going to be fun, and then Donnie, Dad, and I are having a family dinner together on Wednesday. We try to do it weekly. What about your week?”

“I have nothing major going on. I have a meeting with your dad and brother on Tuesday so I’ll probably spend all day Monday prepping for it.”

“I’m sure it will be fine Sweetie,” said Tara leaning over and softly kissing Willow.

Buffy unlocked the door and covered her eyes as she walked in the door. “Is everyone dressed appropriately?”

“Yes,” said Willow laughing at her roommates entrance.

“Okay, good,” said Buffy lowering her hand and closing the door behind her. “Hey Wills, Tara.”

“Hey Buffy,” said Willow.

“Welcome home,” said Tara smiling at the blonde.

“So, how was my favorite couples anniversary weekend?” asked Buffy sitting down in the living room with Willow and Tara.

“It was amazing,” said Tara.

“Beyond amazing,” said Willow before kissing Tara on the cheek.

“I’m happy to hear you had such a great anniversary weekend. Just don’t expect me to go away EVERY month.”

“Well, then we’ll just have to celebrate at Tara’s or go away for the next one,” smiled Willow.

“I should get going, I still have laundry to do,” said Tara.

“But, but, you should have some clean clothes, we didn’t wear any all weekend,” pouted Willow.

“TMI Will, TMI,” blushed Buffy. “Now that I know that...please tell me is there any place that wasn’t defiled in the apartment?”

“Unlike you your meanie-ness, we left your room untouched,” Willow said with a coy smirk.

“You are truly a better person than I Willow Rosenberg,” laughed Buffy.

“I sense that there is a really good story here,” said Tara looking between the roommates.

“Oh, there is Baby. Junior year Buffy had a hot date with a Senior. She wanted our dorm room for them and so she shipped me off to ‘babysit’ Dawn since Joyce was out of town,” started Willow.

“You are making this sound worse than it was Willow.”

“I am not, now you shush. Buffy and her Senior toy decided to defile our dorm room in as many ways as they could think of.”

“It wasn’t defiling, it was christening,” mumbled Buffy.

“It was defiling. Well, they defiled our room, her bed, her desk, her closet, then they moved to my area and defiled my closet, my desk, and even my bed. She didn’t even bother to change the sheets or make the bed again.”

“Seriously Buffy?” asked a shocked Tara.

“I said I was sorry,” laughed Buffy.

“Come on Sweetie,” said Tara standing up and taking Willow’s hand. “Time to return the favor.”

“What!” exclaimed Buffy. “Hell no.”

Buffy jumped up and blocked Tara and Willows path to her bedroom.

“Willow, control your woman,” said Buffy.

“She hasn’t done anything that needs controlling,” Willow said looking lovingly at Tara.

“Nuh uh, you are NOT defiling my room!”

“We would think of doing no such thing,” said Tara with a smirk. “We’ll be christening it.”

Tara started to step around Buffy when the petite blonde grabbed her weekend bag and ran to her room and locked the door. Buffy could hear Willow and Tara laughing on the other side of the door.

“You are evil Tara, truly evil,” called Buffy.

“Have a great night, Buffy,” called Tara as she and Willow went to Willow’s room to get her bag and say their goodbyes.

After Tara left Buffy came out of her room and mock glared at Willow who just laughed.

“So, you had a good weekend? Honestly?” asked Buffy.

“Amazing and incredible don’t even do the weekend justice,” gushed Willow.

“You two seem really happy. I’m glad you found her.”

“Me too!”

“Connor is curious as hell about who you are seeing though,” said Buffy.

“He is? Why?”

“He tried to get details out of me on the way home from the airport. I told him it was your story to tell. And why? Willow, you know that he is very protective of you. I think he will always be because of the friendship you two have built.”

“Thanks for not telling him. I’ll talk to him soon,” said Willow.

“Like I told him - this is your story to tell not mine. I am here to support you no matter what. Now what’d Tara think of your present? Did she get you something? Did you do anything other than have sex all weekend? I deserve some details.”

Willow told Buffy about their weekend. She showed her the necklace that Tara had gotten her, about them making chocolate covered strawberries and then feeding them to one another, the candlelit baths, and that there had been a lot of amazing intimacy. As Willow was telling about her weekend Buffy could have sworn that she was seeing her best friend glow with happiness. This was something that Buffy had never seen from Willow and she was very excited to see where this relationship was headed.


The week had passed by quickly, it was Thursday night and Willow and Tara were cuddled up on the couch watching TV when the redhead’s phone rang. Willow groaned looking at the caller id.

“Hello Dad,” said Willow sitting up as she answered the phone.

“Hello Willow. How are you doing?”

“Just fine Dad. How are you and Mom doing?”

“We’re doing very well thank you,” said Ira Rosenberg. “It has been a while since we last talked.”

“Only five months,” Willow said bitterly. Tara wrapped Willow up in her arms and held her close kissing the side of Willow’s head to try to calm her down.

“How are your studies going? Are you maintaining a full schedule and top GPA?”

“Dad, I graduated in May.”

“Oh, was that early? Did your mother and I know about it?” asked the older man.

“No, it was right on time. I sent you and Mom several emails and I left you five voicemails,” said Willow hurt coming through in her voice making Tara’s heart surge to make the girl in her arms feel more loved.

“Well, we have been just so busy with this new group we’re working with. Here, let me put your mother on,” said Ira handing the phone to his wife.

“Willow dear,” cheerfully said Sheila Rosenberg.

“Hello mother,” said Willow trying to contain the bitterness she felt for them missing so much of her life. After seeing the relationship that Tara has with her family she was finding herself jealous and angry that her parents didn’t take even a slight interest in her life.

“What have you been up to dear?”

“School, graduating, and working for a large company that is new to Sunnydale,” said Willow flatly.

“Well, your father and I are very proud of you.”

“For what Mom? You haven’t talked to me in five months. Neither of you had a clue that I have already graduated.”

“Well Willow, you don’t need to be so dramatic about it. Your father and I have been very busy with our careers and this new company we’ve joined. When you get a real job and have a career you’ll understand,” said Sheila talking to her daughter in a patronizing tone.

“It was good to hear from you guys, but I have company and you always told me that being on the phone when you have company is rude.”

“Well of course dear. We should be in the area in the next few days, we should plan to get together. Are you living alone in the dorms or with that Bunny person?”

“I graduated in May mother. And her name is Buffy not Bunny. But yes, I am still living with her,” Willow said.

“Well dear, email you father your address please and we’ll be in touch.”

“Yes, I will do so. Take care,” said Willow as she hung up the phone and let out a deep sigh.

As Willow set her phone down she allowed Tara to pull her back into an embrace. She was reminded by that phone call how lucky and grateful she is to have Tara in her life. Someone she knew truly loved her and would always be there for her. Willow knew that Joyce, Buffy, and Dawn were there and they loved her, but the way that Tara loved her made her feel alive, wanted, and desired.

“Wanna talk about it?” asked Tara softly after a while.

“Well, there’s not much to talk about. They didn’t even know that I graduated, they didn’t hear me state that I had a job, but they are going to be in the area in the next few days and want to have dinner.”

“How do you feel about dinner?” asked Tara pulling Willow closer and holding her tighter.

“Well, that depends...” started Willow as her voice trailed off.

“Depends on what?”

“On whether or not you are willing to go to dinner with us or not.” Willow knew that this was a big thing to ask and she hoped that Tara would be open to the idea.

“Why me?” asked Tara surprised at the redheads request.

“So that I can tell them that I’m in love with the most beautiful woman around and so that you can meet them…” said Willow as her voice trailed off again as she hid her face in Tara’s neck.

“Sweetie, you know that you just have to tell me when and I’ll always be there for you,” said Tara as she eased Willow out of the crook of her neck and leaned forward to kissed Willow. Deepening the kiss Tara hoped to show the redhead how deep her love was and that she would never be alone again. They both felt their relationship going to a new level and both were comforted by it.


“Hi Willow,” said Donald as he poked his head into her cube.

“Mr. Maclay,” said Willow shocked to see him standing there.

“Now Willow, I’ve told you to call me Donald.”

“Right, sorry. What brings you down to the 4th floor?”

“Well, Monday I have a meeting with a group from Maine to discuss them teaming up with us on some children’s programs. I was wondering if you were related to a Jacob or Rebekah Rosenberg?”

“Not that I’m aware of,” said Willow.

“Well it must just be a coincidence. How has your week been? I was really impressed with your presentation in Tuesday’s meeting.”

“It has been a very good week, thank you. How was your dinner with Donnie and Tara on Wednesday?”

“Lovely as always. You are going to have to start attending some of those,” Donald said winking at the redhead. “That is a lovely necklace by the way.”

“Thank you. Tara gave it to me for our anniversary last weekend.”

“Oh that is right. She showed me the necklace you got her. I must say you both have very nice taste in jewelry.”

“She is an amazingly beautiful woman so anything will pale in comparison.”

“I think you are right and we are both biased,” laughed Donald and Willow. “I have a meeting with Donnie in a few minutes. I just wanted to stop by and say hi and see if you by chance were related to those whom we’re meeting with on Monday.”

“It was good to see you. Have a great weekend if I don’t talk to you before hand,” smiled Willow.

“You too,” said Donald and then he turned and headed off towards his meeting.

“Pssst, Will,” said Xander over the cube tops.

“What?” asked Willow standing up.

“What the hell was the big man doing down here? You didn’t screw up really bad did you?”

“No Xander. He stopped by to see if I knew some people he is meeting with next week because they have the same last name as I do. Sheesh, have some faith in me,” smiled Willow secretly hoping that wasn’t the only reason that he stopped by.

“Sorry, at a previous job the only time you saw management of his caliber was when you really fucked up or were being fired.”

“I think I’d be more scared if Faith came up with him,” laughed Willow.

“Good point,” said Xander as he sat back down and went back to work.


As Willow and Tara were the Espresso Pump on Saturday afternoon they saw Buffy and Faith talking by one of the fountains.

“Hey guys,” said Tara as they walked up to the two women.

“Hey T, Red,” said Faith.

“Heeeey,” said Buffy.

“What’s up?” said Willow.

“Well B and I were just discussing that the four of us and maybe your brother need to go out tonight and dance off the stress of the week.”

“Connor has a new band that is playing and he said we should come by. He said he’d even block off the VIP area for us.”

“Tara?” asked Willow.

“If you want to go sweetheart we’ll go,” answered Tara smiling at the redhead.

“I guess tonight we dance,” said Willow.

“I’ll call Donnie when I get home and invite him,” said Tara.

“Invite me to what?” said Donnie walking up behind the group.

“Hey! We were just talking about going dancing tonight and we were going to invite you along,” said Tara.

“Hmmm, me, three attractive women, and my sister...I’m in. What time?”

“How about we meet outside The Bronze at 8?” said Buffy.

“Sounds good. I will see you ladies, and Tara later.”

“Watch it Bro,” said Tara as Donnie turned and saw Willow giving him a look that told him not to mess with her girl.

Donnie skipped back and kissed Tara’s cheek. “I love ya, Sis,” he added as he headed off to his car.

“Way to intimidate the man Will,” laughed Buffy.

“Hey, nobody messes with my girl,” Willow said looking lovingly at Tara.

“Alright, rule for tonight - STOP THE SAPPINESS,” said Faith.

“It’s hard when the most beautiful, sexy woman in the world is standing right next to you,” replied Tara looking at Willow.

“Okay, I can’t handle much more of that sober,” said Faith. “I’ll see you guys at 8.”

“Bye Faith,” said the three remaining.


“Hey Donnie, Faith,” said Buffy, Tara, and Willow as they walked up.

“Hey! Looks like this band is popular. Did you see the size of the line?” asked Donnie.

“Yeah, and that is where knowing the owner and bouncers comes in handy,” laughed Willow as she led the group to the front of the line.

“Wills,” called the guy at the door.

“Hi Clem!”

“The bossman said you would be coming and to tell you to go on upstairs.”

“Thanks Clem,” said Buffy.

“HEY, why the hell do they get to go in before the rest of us?” called a brunette from the line.

“Excuse me?” asked Clem standing up.

“I want to know why the nerd and her loser best friend get to go in before the rest of us?”

“Because they are my VIP’s tonight Cordelia,” said Connor as he ushered the group in.

The group headed upstairs into the VIP room that Willow and Tara had been in the night they first kissed. Willow smiled sweetly at Tara.

“I remember the last time we were here, or more what happened after,” Willow said taking Tara’s hand as the blonde smiled back at her.

“Hey, are you two going to be in your own little world all night?” asked Buffy.

“No, the last time we were here was the night Oz was here and when we went to Tara’s it was the first night we kissed.”

“Awwww,” said Faith, Donnie, and Buffy as the other two blushed.

Fred came in and got their drink order and they sat at the table discussing the day.

“Hello everyone,” said Connor as he came in.

“Thanks for room Connor,” said Willow as she walked over and hugged him. “Can we talk for a moment?”

“Of course Willow,” said Connor as he led her away from the group.”

“You are one of my best friends and I want to tell you something important,” started Willow as she glanced over towards Tara. “For the past month I’ve been seeing someone. The fact that you allows us this room is amazing because the night we started seeing one another was the last time I was here.”

“The night that Oz harassed you?”

“Yeah, that night,” said Willow motioning for Tara to join them. “Connor, this is my girlfriend Tara.”

“Girlfriend? As in the person who your hot date Friday was with?”

“Yes, it was our one month anniversary.”

“Congratulations Will,” said Connor hugging the redhead. “Tara it is very nice to meet you and see my best friend so happy.”

After Willow introduced Connor and Tara they joined the others.

“Connor, have you met Donnie and Faith?”

“No, nice to meet you both,” smiled Connor as he shook their hand. “How did you all meet?”

“I work with them at TDM.”

“That’s great. I’m happy for you Wills. Tara you are a very lucky woman.”

“That I know,” said Tara as she wrapped her arm around Willow’s waist and kissing the side of her head.

Connor left to introduce the band and as they started to play the group made their way downstairs to the dance floor.

“I can’t believe we danced their full set,” said Buffy as they sat down in the VIP area and Fred brought them some water and fresh drinks.

“I can’t either,” said Donnie. “I think that was a better cardio workout than I get running.”

“Well, you are just as out of breath and out of shape as when we run,” teased Buffy.

“How are you doing Sweetie?” Tara asked Willow.

“Great, but sweaty,” said Willow as she leaned over and kissed Tara quick.

“I love you sweaty. I love to make you all sweaty too,” Tara whispered into Willow’s ear causing the redhead to almost spit out the drink she had just taken.

“Tara,” said Willow coughing.

“You alright there Willow?” asked Faith.

“Uh huh,” said Willow looking at Tara out of the corner of her eye and seeing her girlfriend sporting an innocent look.

“So, are we going back down for the second set?” asked Donnie.

“Of course,” answered Buffy.

“You are so not innocent,” Willow whispered in Tara’s ear just before she ran her tongue around the outside of Tara’s ear.

“That was NOT nice,” Tara said under her breath.

They headed back down and were dancing within a group of people when Willow leaned over and told Tara she was going to be right back she needed a drink. Willow made her way off the dance floor only to find herself cornered by Cordelia Chase.

“Well, well if it isn’t Rosen-nerd. I see that the quality of people in your life hasn’t improved. Not that I expected it would.”

“Cordy, not tonight. I’m just trying to enjoy the night with some friends,” said Willow.

“Well, Rosen-nerd you can go to the other end of the bar to get your drink. I think that is where the uncool go,” snapped Cordelia.

“And who said that Willow was uncool?” said Tara coming up behind Willow and placing a hand on the redheads lower back.

“This doesn’t concern you. Rosen-nerd and I go back a long time,” said Cordelia.

“Tara, it’s okay. It is her goal in life to make my life miserable, I’m used to it and over it,” said Willow.

“Well, I think that needs to change.”

“I’m Cordelia Chase. My parents own Chase Realty which owns a large part of the industrial park here in Sunnydale.”

“I’m Tara Maclay, I am one third owner of the international company TDM Enterprise.”

“You what? Seriously? You’re our age…” stammered the brunette as Willow smirked.

“See that man up there dancing with Buffy,” Tara said pointing towards Donnie and then looking back towards Cordelia and seeing her nod. “That is my brother, he owns another third of the company and my father owns the last third. Now do you really think that having that level of power I would lower my self to hang out with uncool people?”

“Well, what are you doing with Willow and Buffy? You should be hanging out with me and Harmony.”

“Cordy, Donnie is my boss at TDM and Tara is my girlfriend.”

“Your girlfriend?”

“Yes, as in I’m gay, we are dating…”

“Who is this Cordy,” said a bleach blonde who had just walked up. “Oh Willow...didn’t Cordy tell you that you have to go to the other end of the bar.”

“Shut up Harmony,” said Cordy through gritted teeth.

“I’m Tara, Willow’s girlfriend,” Tara said proudly.

“But, you’re hot and Willow is so are not,” started Cordelia before she saw the glare that Tara was giving her.

“She’s very hot, but someone of your caliber wouldn’t know how to judge that because you are too busy pointing at others to avoid them seeing your flaws. You said your PARENTS own most of the industrial park. That is your parents. What possible achievements do you have? I’m not counting ‘Daddy’s Princess’ if you were thinking that. I own a third of an international company, Willow has had a 4.0 GPA from Kindergarten through College, she works as a programmer and analyst for said international company, she is dating one of the owners, oh and she has ethics and values, something you cannot say either of you have.”

“I...I…” said Cordelia.

“Point made, come on baby, lets go get a drink and then get back to enjoying the night.”

“You go get the water, I’ll be there in a second,” said Tara as Willow nodded and headed towards the bar.

“If either of you ever say another rude, degrading word to Willow or Buffy you will have to deal with me on it and I will not be as pleasant. Am I clear?”

“Yes ma’am,” said Cordelia and Harmony.

Willow and Tara made their way back to the dance floor and forgot about the run in with Cordelia and Harmony.

“I think it’s closing time,” said Donnie.

“Yeah, we should get going,” said Faith.

“Will, are you staying at our place or Tara’s tonight,” asked Buffy seeing the two women cuddled together.

“She’s staying at my place,” answered Tara.

“Yeah, what she said,” laughed Willow.

The group went their separate ways. Willow and Tara made it back to Tara’s and cuddled together and drifted off to sleep.


“Good morning,” said Willow as she woke up and saw Tara watching her.

“Good morning, Sweetie,” said Tara as she leaned down and kissed the redhead.

Willow curled up in Tara’s arms and they lay there enjoying the peace and quiet for a long time.

“So, what are your plans for today?” asked Willow.

“Laundry, grocery shopping, and prepping for a meeting tomorrow. How about you?”

“Laundry and grocery shopping.”

“Last night was fun. We should go out as a group more often.”

“Yeah, and I don’t know what you said to Cordy, but she has never stayed that far away from me.”

“I just told her to stay away from my girl,” Tara said.

“Well, thank you,” said Willow leaning up and kissing the blonde.

They got up and Tara made them some eggs and toast while Willow made coffee. They ate their breakfast together and then Willow went home and they talked via text the rest of the day.


“Hey Baby,” said Willow as she walked past Tara’s apartment heading towards work.

“Hey Sweetie,” smiled Tara as she caught up to the redhead. “Mind if I walk with you?”

“Hmmm, walk alone or walk with a gorgeous woman…” laughed Willow taking the blondes hand while they walked. “You have the big meeting today don’t you?”

“Yeah, Dad and I are meeting with some group from Maine. He told me he asked if you knew them,” smiled Tara.

“Yeah, I have no clue who they are, but it was an interesting coincidence. Want to walk home together?” asked Willow as they dropped hands as they neared the office.

“Certainly. I’ll come get you when the meeting is done.”

“Fantastic! I love you.”

“Love you too,” smiled Tara as they headed into the building.


“Hey Will,” said a tired Tara.

“Hey! You look tired. Rough day?”

“Very. Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, let me just shut down.”

While Willow shut down her computer Tara sat down in the spare chair in her cube.

“All set,” said Willow and they made their way out of the building.

“Why don’t we stop at your place and you can get changed and then head over to my house. I’ll order a pizza on the way and we can have dinner and you can tell me all about the horrible people you met with.”

“Sounds great.”

As they walked Willow called and ordered a pizza for delivery from Angel’s. Once they got to Tara’s place she quickly changed.

“So, what was the biggest issue with the meeting?” asked Willow.

“They just wouldn’t listen. They spoke over my dad and essentially ignored me,” said Tara as they walked to Willow’s apartment.

“So is this a group you want to work with or one that it might not be a loss to not have them affiliated with TDM?”

“Dad wants them, I however do not,” laughed Tara as they headed down the hall to Willow’s apartment.

Willow unlocked the door and they entered the apartment. Willow put her work bag in the closet near the door and then grabbed Tara’s hand and pulled her close and kissed her.

“I love you,” said Tara as they broke apart.

“I love you too,” said Willow as they headed into the living room. “What do you say we make-out on the couch until dinner arrives?”

“Sounds great to me,” said Tara as they entered the living room she saw Buffy sitting with an older couple.

“Hello Willow,” said her father.

“Mom, Dad…” exclaimed Willow.


~ Branny72
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Ewwww... That's a nasty surprise! :devil

But Tara can sure handle bullies, alright!

And yes, you do make the escapist romantic occasionally very happy, thank you for that! :kiss1


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I love how Tara stood up for Willow against Cordelia; she wasn't mean about it, she was just telling the truth. Great cliffhanger. Looking forward to how Willow's parents reaction will be when Tara is introduced.

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MochaVamp: HI! :bigwave Thank you for reading!!

Phantasyland: Tara knows how to protect her love. And yeah, parents always seem to show up or call at those truly inopportune times. Or at least mine do. :sigh :flower

love_2003: Tara knows how to politely tell someone off...a skill I sometimes wish I could learn or utilize more often. I hope you enjoy the meet the parents chapter. :glasses


:smash <--- too cute!

Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Author: Branny72
Feedback: Pretty please…it helps me improve and if I get stuck it gives me ideas on where you would like to see the story go!!

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: Thank you to Willara4ever for all your help with this story. I appreciate your reading it and helping me with the idea.[/b]

Chapter 25

“Mom, Dad…” exclaimed Willow.


Willow stood in the living room stunned. She was holding Tara’s hand tightly unsure of what was going on. What were her parents doing her apartment for that matter?

“Hey Wills. Look your parents are here,” said Buffy with mock excitement motioning towards the elder Rosenbergs. “Hi Tara!”

“I didn’t know you were going to be here tonight. How long have you guys been here?” said Willow.

“Hello Willow,” said Sheila smiling at her daughter and ignoring the fact that Tara was standing there holding her daughter’s hand. “We got here about fifteen minutes ago. Bunny here said it would be alright if we waited for you.”

“Hello dear,” said Ira. “Hello again, Ms. Maclay.”

“You know one another?” asked Willow looking between Tara and her parents.

“T-they were in the meeting I was telling you about earlier,” said Tara. “It is nice to see you both again.”

“I-I thought you were meeting with a Jacob and Rebekah Rosenberg? That is what your dad asked me about last week.”

“Their son got sick so your father and I came in their place,” said Sheila. “We figured it would be a good opportunity to check on the house and see you.”

“I see,” said Willow as she led Tara over to the couch and they sat close to one another.

“How do you two girls know one another?” asked Willow’s father.

“I work at TDM and a little over a month ago Tara and I started dating,” said Willow still holding tightly to the blondes hand for strength and support.

“I’m going to get going. I have a class at the gym that I have to set up for,” said Buffy standing up and making her way towards her room to get her stuff.

“Chicken shit,” mumbled Willow as Buffy passed her.

“So, you are working at TDM?” asked Sheila.

“Yes, I’m an Security & Design Analyst. Tara and I have been working on a new campaign for childhood literacy.”

“We heard a bit about that in the meeting today,” said her father. “How long have you been at TDM?”

“I started in May just after graduation. Tara’s brother Donnie recruited me before school ended. He’s actually my boss.”

“That is good that you got in some place where you can have a future and build a career,” said her Mother.

“Ms. Maclay, what is it that you do at TDM? Have you been there long?” asked Willow’s father.

Willow felt her heart sink with her fathers question. She now understood what Tara had meant when she said that the people they met with didn’t listen to anything they had said.

“I’m the Head of Marketing and co-owner. I’ve been involved with the company since my dad started it when my brother and I were little. He made sure that my brother and I have been a part of the company and have helped make decisions for the company so that when he leaves it to us we know everything that has gone on.”

“Really? Well, that is different,” said Willow’s mom.

There was a knock at the door and Willow jumped up to get it. When she opened the door it was the pizza that she had ordered on the way home. Willow paid for the pizza and stopped in the kitchen to get some plates and napkins.

“We ordered pizza on the way home, would you like to join us?” asked Willow unsure if she wanted her parents to say yes or no.

“What kind?” asked her Dad a smile peeking out of the corner of his mouth.

“Half veggie and half Sicilian,” said Willow.

“That sounds lovely, thank you,” said Sheila much to the surprise of everyone in the room.

“So, who are Jacob and Rebekah Rosenberg? Are they relatives?” said Willow as her parents took their slices of pizza and then Tara grabbed a veggie slice.

“No, it was just a coincidence that our last names were the same. Your father and I were approached by their group in Maine to join them in a research project. We can’t discuss the details of the project though.”

“Why the hush-hush?”

“We are just still in the preliminary stages working on theories and hypothesis,” said Mr. Rosenberg.

“That sounds like it is a good opportunity for you both,” said Tara receiving a smile from Willow.

“So, Willow, what ever happened to that young man you were seeing? Are you still together?” asked Willow’s Mom

“Oz?” asked Willow receiving a nod from her mother. “We broke up years ago Mom. I am dating Tara now.”

“Why?” her mother asked flatly.

“Because I am attracted to her both mentally and physically. She makes me happy,” said Willow as she set her plate down and took Tara’s hand.

“Is this a way of rebelling because you didn’t get the attention you thought you deserved from us as a child?”

“No, and I resent the statement. I am not dating Tara as a way of rebelling. Mom, I love her,” said Willow bringing Tara’s hand up to her mouth and kissing it.

“Well, Tara. What does your family think of you and Willow dating?” asked Ira.

“My dad and brother are very supportive of our relationship. They adore Willow and can’t wait to get to know her better.”

“What does Bunny think of this?” asked Sheila.

“Buffy is perfectly fine with it. She likes Tara and sees how happy I have been since she came into my life.”

“You do seem happy,” said Willow’s father.

“Well, at least we know she isn’t a deadbeat like that Ox kid.”

“Oz mom, his name was Oz,” corrected Willow as she saw Tara smirk out of the corner of her eye.

The sat in silence finishing their dinner. Willow was grateful that Tara had been there and stayed.


“Buffy, what are you doing here?” asked Joyce as her daughter entered the house.

“Can’t I come and see my mother?”

“Well, yes. I just didn’t expect to see you.”

“Well, honestly I needed out of the apartment. Willow’s parents showed up unannounced and it looked as though she had plans with Tara.”

“Oh my,” said Joyce as she and Buffy moved into the kitchen and sat down at the island.

“I left as Willow’s parents were asking Tara what she did at TDM and how long she had been there. She had been in a meeting with them earlier today.”

“Oh, poor Tara. We should have her and Willow over for dinner some night. How are things going with them?”

“I have never seen Will so happy.”

“I’m glad that Willow finally found someone who makes her happy. Tara seemed really nice when she was over after my little trip to the hospital.”

“Oh Mom, you have no idea how nice that family is,” started Buffy. “Tara’s dad was ready to get you any specialist that you needed if it would help. Donnie and Tara were great giving Willow time off and supporting her.”

"Wow, I had no idea or if I did I was too out of it that day," laughed Joyce. She knew that the subject was still a touchy one with her girls, but she was trying to lessen the incident.

“Not funny Mom! So, what do you have to eat? I’m starving,” said Buffy.

“Hey Mom! Oh hey Buffy,” said Dawn as she entered the kitchen.

“Hey Dawnie,” said Buffy.

“Hey Honey. How was work?” asked Joyce.

“It wasn’t bad. Donnie and his dad came in. They are such nice people,” said Dawn.

They sat and discussed their day and their plans for the week while Joyce made dinner for her daughter and enjoyed the family time that they didn’t have as often as she would like.


After they finished eating Willow and Tara cleaned up.

“I’m sorry for my parents,” said Willow once they got into the kitchen.

“Sweetie, it’s okay. I sort of expected it from what you had told me about them,” admitted Tara.

“Well, I’m glad I was able to tell them about you and have them meet you,” said Willow as she wrapped her arms around Tara’s neck and felt the blondes arms go around her waist and pull her close.

Willow stared into Tara’s eyes for a long moment before leaning forward and brushing their lips together. They both groaned at the touch of their lips.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” asked Tara softly.

“I’m positive,” said Willow before she leaned in for another kiss deepening it instantly. Willow ran her tongue across Tara’s bottom lip and was pleased to be granted access to the blondes mouth. Their tongues caressing the other as they were lost in the world that was theirs.

“Willow dear, your fath...” said Sheila as she entered the kitchen and saw the two women kissing.

“What’s up Mom,” said Willow reluctantly pulling out of the kiss and turning to see her stunned mother.

“Um, what are you doing?” asked the shocked older woman.

“I was kissing my girlfriend Mom,” said Willow turning towards her mother her hands quickly going to Tara’s that were around her waist to keep them around her.

“I noticed that. Why is more what I was wondering,” stated Sheila before turning and leaving the room.

Willow followed her mother out of the kitchen pulling Tara along by one hand. When the trio reached the living room Willow’s mom sat down next to her father and Willow and Tara sat down where they were before, still holding hands.

“Is there a problem?” asked Ira sensing the obvious tension in the room.

“I went to the kitchen and found them kissing,” whispered Sheila.

“Is this a new trend in your generation?” he asked Willow and Tara, receiving a confused look from the two younger women.

“Mom, I told you and Dad earlier that Tara and I are dating. I’m IN love with her. When I look to the future and imagine my life, Tara is a very large part of it.”

“I understand that, I just didn’t realize that when you said dating you meant it like that,” said Sheila.

“What the hell did you think I meant?”

“It doesn’t matter what I thought,” snapped Sheila. “So, is this love a mutual thing?”

“Yes, very much so,” said Tara turning and looking lovingly at Willow. “I love your daughter more than I have loved anyone in my life.”

Willow admired how at the ease Tara was as she spoke of her love. Willow felt the same, but knew she was not as good with words as the blonde was.

“I am sorry that you walked in on us, but I’m not sorry for loving her,” said Willow.

“We wouldn’t want you to be. This was just a surprise is all,” said Sheila.

“So, what were you coming to say?”

“I was coming to tell you that your father and I were going to head home.”

“Am I going to see you again before you leave?”

“We would like that,” said Ira. “We’ll call you tomorrow and make plans.”

“Alright,” said Willow as she and her parents stood.

Tara watched the redhead hug her parents before standing up.

“It was nice to see you again,” said Mr. Rosenberg offering his hand to Tara.

“It was nice to see you and your wife again and get to know you better,” said Tara receiving a forced smile from Willow’s mom and a more genuine one from her father.

After Ira and Sheila had left Willow and Tara cuddled up on the couch.

“I’m sorry about them and our relaxing night getting ruined,” said Willow resting her head on Tara’s shoulder.

“You have nothing to be sorry about Will. I am glad that I got to meet your parents...again.”

“I wish they could have been as understanding as your dad and brother were.”

“Will, my dad and brother knew I was gay before I told them about us. Your parents didn’t,” said Tara as she kissed the top of Willow’s head.

“Oh, right,” said Willow. “Now that I know who you met with during the day I understand your frustration.”

“I’m with you, the frustration is long gone,” said Tara. “Well THAT form of frustration is gone, there is another type that you could help me with…”

“Would that involve you sleeping over tonight?” asked Willow seductively as she adjusted so that her face was millimeters from the blonde.

“Staying over yes, sleeping, I’m hoping not a lot,” Tara said before closing the distance between her and the redhead.


Buffy arrived home hoping that the elder Rosenbergs had left for the evening. As she walked in the apartment she noticed how calm and quiet it seemed. She wondered how Willow and Tara survived the night with Willow’s parents. Buffy saw that Willow’s door was closed and she moved to go knock on it to get details. As Buffy neared the door she heard Willow and Tara’s voices from inside the bedroom and realized that they were otherwise occupied and would not appreciate being interrupted.

“At least someone here is getting some special attention…” mumbled Buffy jealously as she quickly walked away from the bedroom and headed for her own room.


Morning arrived quickly for the two women in Willow’s room. They had spent half of the night making love and appreciating one another’s body.

“Don’t wanna get up,” groaned Willow as the alarm went off. She rolled on top of Tara and reached across and hit the snooze button.

“Mmmm, good morning,” said Tara as she held Willow on top of her and started to place kisses on the redheads shoulders and neck.

“Good morning my love,” said Willow as she leaned down and kissed Tara’s soft lips.

“Every morning I wake up with you I have to remind myself that it isn’t a dream and you are really here and really mine.”

“You sure know how to sweet talk a woman Ms. Maclay,” Willow said smiling at the woman below her.

“I only speak what I believe. I love you,” said Tara holding the redhead closer to her body.

Willow lay there on top of the blonde with head buried into Tara’s neck. They lay there for several minutes until the alarm went off again.

“Ugh, I would so rather stay in bed with you,” said Willow.

“I would love to do that as well.”

“Wanna shower with me,” asked Willow leaning up on one arm and waggling her eyebrows at the blonde.

“As tempting as that sounds, I should probably let you get ready and go home and shower and get ready myself. Would you like a ride to work?”

“Can we make out briefly before we leave?”

“Don’t we always?” asked Tara giving the redhead a coy smile.

“Then I’d love a ride.”

Willow leaned over and kissed Tara gently. They both grudgingly got up and said there goodbyes and Tara headed home and Willow went to shower.


“Hey Tara,” called Buffy as Tara was walking home.

“Hey Sis,” said Donnie as they stopped by the blonde.

“Good morning! How’s the running going?” asked the blonde.

“Fantastic. Buffy is an awesome trainer. What are you doing out this early?”

“I spent the night at Willow and Buffy’s so I am going home to get ready for work.”

“Oh, so this is my sisters version of the walk of shame?” teased Donnie.

“Oh big brother there is no shame here. What we did was pure enjoyment,” smiled Tara.

“Ew, gross. That is so not a thought that I needed to have,” said Donnie doing a full body shiver.

“At least you didn’t have to hear it last night,” Buffy said seeing Tara blush.

“I didn’t need to know that either. I’m going to have nightmares now.”

“No big brother, they are called daymares because you aren’t going to bed for a long time. Oh and don’t you, Willow, and I have a meeting later? Won’t that be fun for you. I bet your mind comes back to this conversation and elaborates on it.”

“You are evil. I swear that there has to be some demon in you to enjoy tormenting me this much.”

“Nah, you just make it too easy.”

“Alright, this is getting into the area where it is going to traumatize me. Time to get back to training,” said Buffy.

They said their goodbyes and Donnie and Buffy headed off to finish their run and Tara went home to shower and wait for Willow.


As Willow and Tara were walking in to the building they saw Donald talking with Sheila and Ira.

“Oh what fresh hell is this,” Willow said loud enough for Tara to hear.

“It’ll be alright Sweetie. I’m here,” responded Tara giving Willow a supportive smile as they walked up to their parents.

“Good morning,” said Donald smiling at the girls. “Ira, Sheila you remember my daughter Tara and this is one of our up and coming shining star programmers, Willow Rosenberg.”

“Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Rosenberg,” said Tara.

“Good morning Tara. It is good to see you again,” said Ira.

“Morning Mom, Dad,” said Willow smiling at her parents.

“Good morning honey,” said Ira.

“Good morning Willow,” said Sheila who was looking at both Willow and Tara.

“I’m sorry, did you say that these are your parents?” asked Donald stunned.

“Yes sir,” said Willow.

“Well that is fantastic. Why don’t we go up to my office and we can discuss the partnership more. Tara would you check your schedule and make the needed changes to your schedule and please join.”

“Of course,” smiled Tara.

The group got in the elevator and rode up to the 4th floor where Willow wished everyone a good day and headed to her desk. Mr. Maclay and the Rosenbergs made their way past Tara’s office and over to the big office.


“Hello,” said Buffy answering her phone.

“Hey Buffy,” said Willow trying to sound chipper.

“What’s wrong Wills?”

“My parents are work...again,” started the redhead. “Tara and I walked in and there was Mr. Maclay standing in the lobby with my parents.”

“Oh wow, that sucks Will. At least you don’t have to be in a meeting with them.”

“I swear Buffy if you just jinxed me by saying that,” warned Willow.

“I, er, sorry!!! You love me remember that.”

“Uh huh. You were supposed to be cheering me up, not making me fear my phone and email.”

“Again, I’m sorry. I will buy you a coffee tonight, Willow-style.”

“Alright, that may work to get you out of trouble.”

“I have to get to the gym, but try to relax and not stress that you parents are there.”

“I’ll see you tonight.”

Willow hung up the phone and let out a deep sigh.

“Sounds like someone didn’t get a great start to the day,” said Xander.

“The day started out amazing, it was once I got in the building that it went to hell.”

“Wanna talk about it?” asked Xander as he sat down in Willow’s cube.

“Oh my parents are currently meeting with Mr. Maclay on a joint venture.”

“Eesh Will. I don’t think I could handle knowing that my parents were meeting with the owner of the company I worked for.”

“Yeah, like I said my day went to hell when I walked in and saw them talking. They met with Donald and Tara yesterday and from what I heard from Tara it wasn’t a great meeting.”

“You and Tara seem to be close,” observed Xander.

“Yeah, we are. How is Anya doing with her ankle?” asked Willow.

“She’s doing better. I’ve been waiting on her as much as I can. I bring her lunch, make dinner a few days a week.”

“Sounds like you two hit it off. Is this love Mr. Harris?”

“Yeah, it is,” blushed Xander. “We have only been together going on two months now and it just seems too good to be true.”

“That’s fantastic Xander. I’m really happy for you.”

“Thanks Willow. I should get back to work, but maybe we can hang out sometime.”

“I’d like that,” said Willow as the dark-haired man went back to his desk and Willow turned to start working on her task list.”


“Please, have a seat at the table and let me grab my notes from yesterday and we can get started,” said Donald.

“Thank you,” said Sheila.

They sat down and started to discuss what the group the Rosenbergs were representing were looking for now that they had seen the initial presentation. As the discussion progressed it was Sheila who asked if they could see some of this campaign that they had been hearing about. Donald told them that he would have Willow and Tara give them a quick rundown on where they were at with it.

Donald called Tara and told her that after she got her schedule clear to contact Willow and have her come up so they could present what they have for the campaign thus far.


“Good morning Tara,” said her assistant as Tara stopped at her desk.

“Good morning Melissa,” said Tara. “What does my schedule look like today?”

“Well, you have a meeting at 10 with your brother, and a meeting at 2 with Anya.”

“Great, can you tell Donnie that I don’t think that I’m going to be able to make the meeting. I have to attend a meeting that my dad is having right now with some prospective clients.”

“Will do. Would you like me to reschedule the meeting with Anya as well?”

“If you can get her to reschedule for Thursday I would be so grateful,” said Tara.

“I’m on it. I put your coffee on your desk already too.”

“And this is why you are the best assistant ever!”

Tara entered her office and started to get her notes and materials together to join the meeting when her dad called. After she got off the phone with him she took a deep breath and called Willow and told her that she needed her to come up and to bring the mock setups that they have completed for the campaign. Willow stated she would be right up.

“Hello,” said Willow poking her head in the door. “Melissa said I could come right in.”

“Yes, please,” said Tara.

“So, what did you need the mock ups for?” asked Willow.

“Oh, my dad is making us, as in you and I, give your parents a sneak peek at what we have put together.”

“You purposely didn’t tell me that we were doing this so that I would come up here,” said Willow narrowing her eyes at her girlfriend.

“I’m not stupid Willow. Had I told you what we were doing you never would have come up here,” laughed Tara.

“You owe me Ms. Maclay,” said Willow.

“I will make you dinner this week,” said Tara.

“Fine, and I want snuggles,” whispered Willow smiling at the blonde.

“Oh that is a given,” Tara winked at the redhead.

Willow and Tara made their way to into her father’s office and presented her parents and Donald with what they had completed so far.


“I can’t believe you agreed to have dinner with them alone,” said Tara as she sat on Willow’s bed trying to help the redhead figure out what to wear to her parents house for dinner.

“Well, what was I suppose to say? They cornered me with you dad three feet away. I didn’t want it to look bad me either saying no or that I needed to bring either you or Buffy with me.”

“Oh, I’m sure Bunny would have loved that,” laughed Tara. “Listen, pack a bag and you can go over, have dinner with your parents and then you can come back to my place and I will hold you and make the horror of the night disappear.”

“I like the sounds of that,” grinned Willow. She quickly packed a bag of stuff for work the next day and her toiletries bag.

“Good,” said Tara standing up and pulling Willow into a hug. “I love you Willow.”

“I love you too, Tara.”

They held one another for a few minutes before Willow knew she had to get going or she was never going to get out of her parents house.

Willow sent a quick text to Buffy letting her know that she was going to dinner with her parents and then staying at Tara’s. After that Willow kissed Tara and Tara headed back to her apartment and Willow headed to her parent’s house.


Willow arrived at her parents house and rang the doorbell rather than just walking in.

“Willow come in,” said her father opening the door and motioning for her to enter.


They made their way to the living room where Willow found her mom enjoying a glass of wine.

“Would you like some wine?” asked Sheila.

“No thank you,” said Willow as she sat down in the leather high back chair.

“It appears that Mr. Maclay thinks very highly of you,” said Sheila.

“He is a great guy. He actually goes around the building and talks to the employees. He cares.”

“It seemed like he cared,” stated Ira. “Your presentation was fantastic.”

“Thank you. Tara came up with the ideas, I just made them work.”

“You two do a good job of hiding your relationship at work. I was impressed by it,” said her mom.

“Well, it wouldn’t be appropriate for us to be all cuddly in the workplace.”

“Willow, are you sure about Tara? I mean dating a woman?”

“I am positive about Tara. I love her and she loves me. It wasn’t something that I was looking for, but it happened, it was/is strong, intense, and something I have never had or felt before.”

“We just want you to know that if you are feeling pressured to date her because of her position or the fact that her father owns the company…”

“There is no pressure. I actually had a crush on her before I even started working there. I had seen her around town and was entranced by her beauty. It wasn’t until Donnie introduced us for the campaign that I learned Tara’s name and who she was.”

“You seem really happy honey,” said Ira.

“I am Dad, I really and truly am.”

“That is all we want,” said Ira.

After a period of silence Sheila went and finished making dinner and they had their first official meal together as a family within the last nine months. After dinner they discussed the campaign, what Sheila and Ira’s recommendations to the group were going to be and where things went from there. As the night wound down the elder Rosenbergs started to yawn and Willow jumped at the opportunity to go see Tara.

“Well, we’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning. It was really great to see you Willow. You are building an amazing life and we are very proud of you,” said her Mother.

“Maybe we can keep in touch more than once or twice every five months?” asked Willow.

“Of course dear,” said Ira wrapping Willow into a hug and kissing the top of her head.

The finished their goodbye’s and Willow headed to Tara’s.


Tara had been watching the clock and every minute seemed like an hour. A little after 8:30 she received a text from Willow stating that she was on her way. The blonde smiled to herself messaged back for Willow to come right in when she got there. Then Tara went into the bedroom and changed into a silk negligée and silk robe. Tara was going to do everything she could to make sure Willow forgot any unpleasant moment of that night.

Willow entered the apartment and saw that it was lit up by candles, there was soft music playing on the stereo and Tara was no where to be seen.

“Honey, I’m home,” Willow called out laughing to herself.

“It is about time,” said Tara coming out of her bedroom and leaning against the wall to the hallway.

“Whoa…” Willow said as she stood there stunned. Her eyes roaming up and down the blondes body.

“Welcome home,” smiled Tara as she pushed off the wall and made her way over to the non-moving redhead.

“You...amazing,” stammered Willow. Now that the blonde was within reach Willow moved her hands to trace over Tara’s body. She felt the silky curves, the heat from Tara’s body coming through the silk. Her mouth was dry but she felt as though she could drool in a heartbeat.

“I wanted to make sure that tonight ended on a perfectly happy note,” said Tara as she leaned in and started to kiss Willow’s neck causing the redhead to place her hands on Tara’s hips to stabilize herself.

“Was there something that happened before I got here, because I don’t remember anything other than you gorgeous,” said Willow leaning forward and kissing the blonde with as much passion and emotion as she could.

“Why don’t we have a bath and then you can…”

“Worship at the altar of your heavenly body,” Willow finished her voice showing the level of arousal that she was at.

“I love the sounds of that,” Tara said before kissing Willow again.

“I love you,” said Willow.

“I love you too,” said Tara as she took Willow by the hand and led her to the bathroom where she removed Willow’s clothes and allowed the redhead to slowly and sensually remove her robe and negligée before they entered the bathtub and began exploring each others body.

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DIBS, is it? Yay! :dumbo

Talking about Awkward Parent Moments, eh? I was surprised even Sheila eventually appeared human.

I love the way you describe our girls communicating together. Like plaster to the Escapist romantic's crumpled soul. Thank you again! :kiss1


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Well the Rosenbergs seem sketchy not to mention not understanding the basic concept of "we are dating." Well why are you kissing then? Once they got it, I guess they stayed getting it but they seem very thick. I kept being worried that they were going to mess up something at work either for Willow or be bad business partners for TDM. I hope that they are trustworthy and can maybe make an attempt to be more in Willow's life.

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JustSkipIt: Yeah, Sheila and Ira were a little slow at first, but in the end I think they want what makes their daughter happy. We all know that happens to be Tara. I’m sure it will take time to set in. I hadn’t thought about having Willow’s be in her life more, but that is something that I now need to think about. I like the idea… :hmm Thanks for continuing to read and review!

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Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Author: Branny72
Feedback: Pretty please…it helps me improve and if I get stuck it gives me ideas on where you would like to see the story go!!

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: Thank you to Willara4ever for all your help with this story. I appreciate your reading it and helping me with the idea.

Chapter 26

Willow stood on the beach, the sun was starting to set. The sky looked as though it was illuminated with reds, oranges, and yellows painted on a black starless canvas.

“Well, it seems like a lifetime ago that I stood here watching the sunset only to have Buffy show up and tell me that I had a call about a job. Now, three months later, only three short months Here I stand three months later, in love, I have a great job, a promising future, and I think I lost my best friend tonight.”

As the sun broke the horizon and started to disappear faster Willow knew that she should start to head back, but she just couldn’t bring herself to do it. She couldn’t go back to the apartment, she didn’t want to invade Tara’s time with her family, she didn’t know Faith, Donnie, or Xander well enough to drop in unannounced, and there was no way she could handle seeing Joyce or Angel.

Tears rolled down Willow’s face as she walked up to the pier and found a spot at the end near on one of the benches. Willow pulled her legs up and hugged her knees and rested her forehead on her knees.

Willow heard footsteps on the pier and composed herself.

“Willow?” said the person who was coming down toward the end of the pier.

“Hey Xander,” said Willow trying to make her voice sound normal.

“What brings you out here in the dark?”

“I was watching the sunset and trying to clear my head. What brings you out here?”

“Oh, well, I have to go out of town for a bit for work and I’m trying to think of how to tell Anya,” Xander said sheepishly.

“How long are you going to be gone?”

“Three to four weeks.”

“Oh, yeah that is a long time, but you guys can talk on the computer and maybe doing weekend trips right?”

“I’m hoping so, but Anya isn’t all that computer savvy.”

“Well, as it so happens I will be here and if she needs help, you can have her call me and I’ll help her for you.”

“Thanks Will. So, do you want to talk about why you’ve been crying?”

“I haven’t been…”

“Don’t try to lie Willow, you suck at it. Your eyes are red and puffy. The light over there hits your face just right and gives you away.”

“Damn light,” said Willow glaring over at the lightpole. “I had a disagreement with my roommate so I needed to get away.”

“That must have been one major disagreement.”

“It was, but there is nothing I can do about it.”

“Well, I’m a good listener if you ever need it. I know you don’t want to talk now, but when you do if you want me to listen, I’m here for you.”

“Thanks Xander. I’m not sure why you are willing to listen, but I truly appreciate it.”

“We’re friends, or I’d like to think we are and I have worked with Tara for a few years now and you make her happy,” said Xander holding his hand up to stop Willow before she tried to deny it. “I’m cool with it. She has a glow about her and she deserves it.”

“Thanks Xander. When did you know? I mean about Tara and I?”

“The night at the hospital when Anya said you made a cute couple. I saw Tara try to hide a smile. She doesn’t know that I saw it, but I did.”

“Thanks for not saying anything. We aren’t hiding it, but we aren’t advertising it at work either.”

“I get that, she’s in management and you work for her brother essentially. Did you and your roommate fight about your relationship with Tara? Is your roommate a bit phobic?”

“Buffy isn’t phobic, but yeah, it was about Tara. I’m sorry, I’m just not ready to talk about it.”

“That’s cool. I’ll leave you to your brooding and my offer stands if you need an outside party to talk to, call me anytime.”

“Thanks Xander.”

With that the dark-haired man left Willow to her thoughts.


“Buffy, what is going on? You sounded frantic on the phone,” said Dawn as she entered the apartment.

“Willow and I had a fight and she left. She, we said some hurtful things and I don’t know but I feel like I lost my best friend tonight.”

“I don’t think that you lost your best friend tonight,” Dawn said as they sat down on the couch and she put an arm around her sister's shoulder and hugged her tight for support.

“You don’t know Dawnie. This was the worst fight Willow and I have ever had,” said Buffy.

“Well, tell me what happened and we’ll figure out how to fix it.”

Buffy sat up and sat against the arm of the sofa and looked at her sister. After taking a deep breath, Buffy started to give Dawn the play by play of what had happened earlier.


“Will,” said Tara as she neared the redhead on the pier.

“Tara,” sniffled Willow. “How did you…”

“Xander called me. He told me that you were in need of a friend,” said Tara as she sat down on the bench next to Willow.

“Remind me to insert a virus into one of his programs.”

“Willow, why are you sitting out here alone?” asked Tara pulling the redhead into her arms and kissing the side of her head. “Talk to me Sweetie.”

“Buffy and I had a disagreement,” starte Willow. “Well, is it really called a disagreement when you yell and say things to one another that hurt? I don’t know if that makes it a fight or if there is a difference between a disagreement and a fight. I have always preferred the term disagreement because it makes things not seem as bad. Although, this was bad and I didn’t want to interrupt your family night, but I guess Xander kind of ruined that when he called you and now you are here and I still indirectly interrupted your night and I didn’t want that…”

Tara leaned forward and kissed the babbling redhead softly.

“You didn’t ruin my night, nor did you interrupt it. Dad and Donnie had just left when Xander called. What was the disagreement about?”

“My friendship with Buffy,” said Willow looking downward.

“Keep talking,” said Tara slowly lifting the redhead’s chin so that they were looking into one anothers eyes.

“Well, I walked in the apartment and she was short and snippy with me…” Willow said and then she recounted the disagreement.


“It all started when I got home the other night…” said Buffy.

“Well another night home alone,” Buffy said to herself as she walked into the apartment. “I rate enough to get a text at least.”

Buffy went into the kitchen to put the leftovers that her mother sent home with her in the refrigerator and grabbed a beer. Once she opened the beer she went and turned on the TV.

“Hey Will, look, Tron is on and oh it is followed by Star Wars. Two of your favorite movies,” said Buffy. “Oh wait, you’re off at Tara’s leaving me here alone, again.”

Buffy took another swig of her beer and got comfortable and watched the geek-a-thon missing Willow the whole time and her mood growing darker and darker.

“Then tonight Willow came home…”


“It started right away when I walked in the door,” Willow said recounting the story for Tara.

“Hey Buffy,” said Willow cheerfully as she entered the apartment.

“Hi,” said Buffy without turning to look at Willow.

“How are you doing?” asked Willow as she sat down in the living room near Buffy.


“What’s wrong Buffy?”

“What does it matter?”

“It matters because you are my best friend. Talk to me Buff. I want to help if I can,” said Willow.

“How am I your best friend? We never see one another and if we do you are either on your way out, Tara is with you, or you are passing through before going to work. Those things qualify me simply as the person you live with, not a friend.”

“Whoa. You are my best friend and you will always be my best friend. You are the one I come to when I need advice, when I need to vent, when I need someone who truly knows me. You make me laugh, you keep me sane.”

“No Will, you go to Tara for all that stuff right now. You haven’t come to me since you and Tara started dating. I should have known when you stopped coming to me that I had been replaced.”

“You haven’t been replaced Buffy. You just aren’t use to me having someone in my life. Me having a relationship. This isn’t something that I’ve had in a long time.”

“Willow, even when you were with Oz you never ignored me like you do now. I don’t even feel like we live together any more.”

“How long have you been feeling this way?”

“For a while, a few weeks.”

“Why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“When did I have the time? Again, you are either passing through or Tara is with you.”

“Buffy, you could have said that you wanted to talk to me or that you wanted US to hang out together.”

“I guess I wanted to see if you actually missed me. I got my answer. Having sex with Tara is more important than seeing your best friend,” snapped Buffy.

“Having sex with Tara is not more important than you. I can’t believe that you would even say something like that. I love her Buffy, really love her.”

“I get that Willow, I really do. I miss you actually being around, I miss us doing stuff together. I feel like you started dating Tara and just abandoned me.”

“I would never abandon you Buffy,” Willow said as a tear rolled down her face.

“No Willow, it’s true. You are always off with Tara, her family, or working. You are never around.”

“Now you know how I felt all those times that you had your boyfriends around either in high school or college. You always made me out to be the third wheel,” said Willow with a hint of venom in her voice.

“So, you are getting revenge? Trying to teach me a lesson? Or are you just down right trying to hurt me?”

“None of those. I am saying that I do understand what you are feeling and I am sorry that you are feeling it. I do miss you Buffy. Tara would love the opportunity to get to know you better. We had a start of that before she and I went to Seattle and then when we got back your Mom got sick.”

“Those are excuses Willow. Maybe you still need to admit to yourself that your friends from before TDM aren’t nearly as important as your new friends and girlfriend.”

“That isn’t true Buffy. You are all important, you just aren’t used to having to share me.”

“It isn’t sharing when you aren’t around,” countered Buffy.

“So how do you want me to fix this? What can I do to prove to you...well prove anything to you?”

“Give me a week. Limit your time with Tara, spend time with me, Dawnie, Mom...give us a week.”

“Buffy, I will spend time with you all, but going a week without seeing Tara or knowing that I have to limit my time. I am in love with her, she is my girlfriend. What you are asking is unfair and down right rude. I never did that with you and your many boyfriends.”

“So, what are you calling me a slut now?”

“No, stop putting words in my mouth. I was just stating the facts,” snapped Willow.

“It is the same thing you are just using more words. You know like the way you babble and waste words.”

“So, now you have a problem with my babbling? Good to know,” Willow said.

“I don’t have a problem with your babbling Willow. I have a problem with everything out of your mouth revolving around Tara or your damn job. When was the last time you asked how I was or how my work was going? It’s been a while since you haven’t given me the time of day in a few weeks. I think the last time was just before your two month gag-iversary.”

“Gag-iversary? Really? Grow up with you Buffy.”

“I did grow up.”

As they sat there glaring at one another Willow’s phone beeped indicating that she had an email.

“Just go Will. I would rather just be alone,” Buffy said dismissive.

“Buffy, it was just my email,” started Willow but stopped as Buffy stood and went to her room and closed the door.

“No doubt from some Maclay,” Buffy said sticking her head out of the door quickly.

“That isn’t fair Buffy. What do you want me to do? Do you want me to move out?”

“Do whatever you want. I’m done with this.”


“That was when I left and came here,” Willow said as Tara held her close unsure what to say.

Tara sat there unsure what to say or what to think.


“That is when she just got up and left. I don’t know where she is or what do do Dawnie,” said Buffy as her sister had sat there in stunned silence throughout the story.

“Wow, I’m in shock Buffy. You and Willow have never had a fight like this before. Not even when she was clueless about Oz.”


“Wow, I-I don’t know what to say. I never wanted to come between you and Buffy,” said Tara.

“Baby, it isn’t you, trust me. I love you and I wouldn’t trade what we have for anything,” Willow said cupping the blondes face in her hands and placing a soft kiss on her lips.

“Willow, I don’t want to come between you and Buffy. She is part of your family. Her mom, her sister, they are part of you and who you are. I don’t know how I would live with myself if I took that away from you. What type of person would that make me?”

“You aren’t taking anything away from me Baby. Buffy just isn’t used to having to share me.”

“I’m so sorry Will. What are you going to do now?”

“I don’t know. I may just get a hotel room for the night. I don’t think I could deal with seeing Buffy again tonight. I don’t feel comfortable going back to the apartment.”

“You will not stay in a hotel. Sweetie, you are coming home with me,” said Tara shaking her head in disbelief that Willow would think she was staying any place else.

“Are, are you sure?”

“Willow, I love you. I hate seeing you hurting like this, but until we figure out how to fix it I just want to take you back to my place, wrap you in my arms and hold you and help you feel safe and secure.”

“I love you too Tara. I love you more than I have ever loved anyone,” stated Willow.

“I feel the same about you,” Tara said as they stood and started to walk hand in hand back to her car.

The drive back to Tara’s apartment was quiet. Both girls were lost in thought. One trying to make sense of the day, the other trying to figure out how to fix the situation to stop the one person she was in love with from hurting.


Morning arrived and Buffy grudgingly got up and got ready to go meet Donnie for their morning run. She looked around the apartment and felt a sense of emptiness. She looked in Willow’s room knowing deep down inside that the redhead hadn’t come home.

“I hope you stayed at Tara’s or are safe,” Buffy said into Willow’s room as she ran her fingers through her hair.

Looking at the clock she saw that it was almost time for Donnie to arrive. Saturday’s they did a longer more strenuous run and she was dreading that today. She had been up so late talking with Dawn and hoping that Willow would call, come home, or at least text her back.


Tara had tossed and turned most of the night and maybe slept for an hour at most. She was sick to her stomach by what Willow had told her had happened between the redhead and her roommate. Tara had been trying to come up with ways to fix the situation, but really had no idea. She decided that while Buffy and Donnie were out on their run she was going to go over to Willow’s apartment and get her some clothes. She didn’t want the redhead to feel as though she had to do it since she clearly hadn’t been ready the night before.

Tara watched out the door of her building until she saw Buffy and Donnie run past. She hurried over to the building around the corner and using Willow’s keys she unlocked the door and went directly into the redheads room and packed clothes for three days. She hoped that this would be enough. Tara then went into the bathroom and got Willow’s toiletries bag and filled it with her toothbrush, deodorant, makeup, brush, perfume. She wasn’t sure if she got all that Willow was going to need, but she knew she got the bulk of it.

Gathering the items she had packed Tara headed out the front door and locked it behind her. She hoped that Buffy and Donnie hadn’t cut their run short so that she wouldn’t risk running into them on her way back. She was also hoping that Willow was still asleep and she could slip into the apartment and back into bed before she was missed.


“You seem tired today,” Donnie said as they headed towards Kingman’s Bluff.

“I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night,” Buffy said hoping that he would leave it at that.

“We can cut the run short this morning if you want. I don’t want you to feel obligated to run with me when you aren’t at the top of your game.”

“Thank you Donnie. I truly appreciate that, but running will hopefully help clear my head.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” asked Donnie as they approached the bench overlooking the cliff. Little did either know that Willow and Tara had been there on a date a couple of months prior.

“Willow and I had a disagreement last night and we both said some things we shouldn’t have. She didn’t come home last night and she won’t return my calls or texts. I’m worried and hoping that she stayed at your sisters.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. I know how close you and Willow are. She talks about you, Dawn, and your mom all the time. I think sometimes I find myself jealous that she was able to form such a tight bond with you and your family. We moved around so much I never had super close friends.”

“Yeah, but your family is so close.”

“We are and I wouldn’t change a thing, but I do miss having close friendships too,” said Donnie as they sat down on the bench.

“Willow really talks about us?” asked Buffy.

“All the time. Buffy, I may be out of line, but was the disagreement about my sister and Willow’s relationship?”

“I’m ashamed to say yes.”

“I thought you were cool with them,” stated Donnie.

“I am cool with the relationship, but I miss my best friend too.”

“I get that. When they first told Dad and I about their relationship I was happy for them. Tara has never been as happy as she is with Willow, but I was jealous as hell too. No, it wasn’t because I had the hots for Willow, it was because I didn’t have anyone like that in my life. Then Willow was there at the family dinner, we work together. I just missed my time with my sister.”

“I feel the same way. That was what the fight was about. Willow is either staying at Tara’s house overnight, or they are always together. I never see Willow anymore.”

“It is hard, but Buffy, what they have is something that is so rare to find. They complete one another. If you watch them closely when they are together you can see how in sync they are. Tara adjusts one way, Willow moves to compliment the adjustment, Tara has an idea, Willow will finish the thought for her. It is almost creepy at times. I also know that this whole relationship thing is new for my sister. She has had one REALLY fucked up failed relationship where she got hurt really bad.”

“It is the same for Willow. She had that one relationship with Oz where he devastated her.”

“They are too new to the relationship market. They don’t know how to moderate it and they don’t know how to feel complete when they are apart. I was jealous about Willow being there all the time at first, then I saw how happy she made my sister and I got to know her more. I miss some of the alone time Tara and I used to have, but I wouldn’t change seeing her so happy. Plus, I have learned a lot about Willow, you, and your family from Willow’s stories to be happy to have you in my life as hopefully more than just a trainer.”

“I’m glad that Willow is happy, I really am...I just miss her. We are more than trainer/trainee. I think of you as a friend. I also appreciate what you said about seeing them happy being more important, I just am not that good of a person that I can sacrifice my time gracefully.”

“Do you really have a choice? I mean, the alternative is a fight like you had last night or losing Willow’s friendship entirely.”

“Willow wouldn’t do that,” Buffy said unconvincingly.

“If you believed that you wouldn’t have been up last night worrying.”

“Damn you,” laughed Buffy. “I guess I need to figure out what my priorities are. My best friends happiness or my selfishness.”

“Sometimes that is a hard decision.”

“Do you mind if we call it a day? I need to do some soul searching,” admitted Buffy.

“I understand. And Buffy, since we are friends. Please, call me anytime you want to talk or go hang out. Maybe we can help one another adjust to our losing our stability to their happiness.”

Buffy smiled at Donnie and then they jogged back to her apartment and she went inside and Donnie jogged home. He thought about stopping to see if Willow was at Tara’s, but it was still very early.


Willow woke up wrapped in Tara’s arms. She felt safe and secure. She was still shell shocked by the events of the previous night, but there was truly no place she would rather be. Laying there she listened to Tara’s breathing, she could tell the blonde wasn’t in a deep sleep, but she didn’t want to move and wake her up.

After several minutes nature called and Willow had to pull herself out of Tara’s arms. As she made her way into the bathroom she saw her UC Sunnydale duffle bag on the chair in the bedroom. When she got into the bathroom her toiletries bag was in there though she had no recollection of how either got there.

“Good morning,” Tara said in a tired voice as Willow made her way back to the bed.

“Good morning my love,” Willow said smiling at the blonde. Once she got in bed she leaned over and kissed Tara softly on the lips.

“How are you feeling?”

“My head is fuzzy, but waking up in your arms always makes me feel safe and like there is nothing that can hurt us.”

“I was hoping you felt that too,” smiled Tara as she pulled Willow into her arms. The redhead laying her head on the blondes shoulder.

“Did we stop by my apartment last night and my brain is just to fuzzy that I don’t remember it?” asked Willow.

“Not exactly,” Tara said sheepishly. “Earlier this morning when I saw Donnie and Buffy go for their morning run I took your keys and went over and packed up a few things for you. I wasn’t sure if you were going to be going home today or not, but if you didn’t feel up to it I wanted to make sure you had stuff to wear.”

“Thank you. I don’t think I am ready to go home or talk to Buffy yet.”

“Should you send her a message or call her to let her know where you are?”

“I can’t,” said Willow as her phone vibrated on the nightstand. Reaching over Willow saw that she had 3 voicemails and 10 text messages. Everything was from Buffy. Willow turned the volume and vibrate off.

“Who was it?”

“Buffy. She can deal,” Willow said as she curled up in Tara’s arms and they held one another for a long time.


As Buffy entered the apartment she could tell that something had changed. She checked the living room and kitchen, but everything was fine. She thought maybe Willow was home so she again peeked into the redheads bedroom and saw some clothes placed on the bed and Willow’s duffle bag that was at the foot of her bed was missing. Buffy quickly ran to the bathroom and saw that Willow’s stuff was gone.

Buffy started to panic that Willow had come in there while she was gone to get her stuff so that she didn’t have to deal with Buffy. She didn’t know what she would do if she wasn’t going to get to see her redhead again. She tried to call WIllow again and received no answer so she sent yet another text telling Willow that she didn’t want to leave things like this and to please call her or text her so that she knows Willow is safe.


Tara and Willow got up, showered, got dressed, and were in the kitchen trying to decide what to have for breakfast.

“Why don’t I run to the store and get stuff to make pancakes?” asked Tara.

“I don’t want you to have to leave,” said Willow.

“I know you don’t, but I think you are in need of funny-shaped pancakes.”

Willow finally conceded that they did sound like something that would cheer her up.

Tara told her to get comfortable and she would be back shortly and they could have breakfast.


“Tara,” said Buffy as she came around the corner of the grocery store aisle.

“Buffy,” Tara said coldly.

“You talked to Willow. Please tell me she stayed with you and is safe,” said the anxious blonde.

“Yes I talked to her, but that is all I am going to say on the subject.”

“Please, I just need to know that she is safe.”

“That isn’t my call Buffy. I’m sorry, but Willow is an adult and when she is ready I am certain she will let you know where she is and what is going on.”

“You must hate me.”

“You aren’t my favorite person right now, but I don’t hate you. You, Dawn, and Joyce are really the only stable family Willow has had in her life and now she is questioning all of that and hurting at the thought of the loss. She trusted you and your friendship and you hurt her with what you said last night.”

“I know and I’m sorry. I have been trying to locate her for hours. I also had an eye opening talk with your brother this morning. He is a wise man.”

“Yes he is,” Tara said with the cold tone still.

“I don’t want to keep you, but if you see or talk to Will. Please tell her I’m sorry and I want to talk to her to make this right.”

“If I see or talk to her I’ll let her know. Have a good weekend,” Tara said as she walked away before Buffy could say anything further.


"Will, while I was at the store I ran into Buffy," Tara said as she started to make breakfast for them.

Willow sitting at the island looked up at Tara and saw the concern etched on her loves face. "And?"

"She is frantic that you won't call her back or text her. She said that she is sorry and wants to make things right."

"Did you tell her where I was?"

"Of course not. Sweetie, if and when you are ready YOU will contact her, until then she is just going to have to suffer and worry," Tara said smiling at the redhead.

"What do you think I should do?"

"I can't make that decision. Just know that whatever you choose to do I will support you."

"It hurts so much," Willow said as her eyes started to fill with tears. Tara seeing this set the pancake batter aside and came around the island and held her girlfriend close. "I trusted her. She was like a sister to me."

"I know my love, I know. You don't have to deal with her or go back there until you are ready."

"I don't know what I did to deserve you, but I am so grateful to have you. I love you," Willow said before crushing their lips together in a kiss more out of the need for closeness than out of desire.

"You deserve me because of the amazing woman that you are," Tara said after they broke the kiss and they had pressed their foreheads together. "I love you too for the record."

After calming Willow down Tara went back and finished making them breakfast. Once they were done Willow cleaned up and the two went and sat on Tara's couch with their coffee.

"Baby, you look lost in thought. What is going on inside that beautiful head of yours?"

"Willow, I know that you are still hurt from what happened with you and Buffy and there are still things to be resolved. I know she says she is sorry and wants to make things right, but I can't deny how waking up with you in my arms makes my heart soar and the day start out better. The only feeling that comes close to that is falling asleep in your arms. I know my timing is horrible, but I have been thinking about this for a while now. Will, would you move in with me?"

"You want us to live together?"

"Yeah, I do. I love you and you love me. I want you with me every morning and every night. You don't have to answer now, but please, think about it."

"Wow, I...are you sure?" asked Willow stunned by the blondes question. Inside her mind was going through the pro's and con's of moving in with Tara, especially now with things between her and Buffy amiss. Would that destroy her friendship for certain with Buffy? "Tara, I love you and I know my answer..."

TBC... (because I am an ass)

~ Branny72
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This is such a great story and written very well. This chapter had me angry at Buffy for sure. Yes, we have all been in that spot, but she was acting very emotionally driven instead of logically thinking about everything. I am glad Donnie was able to get through to her. And as always, who doesn't love the protectiveness that comes out of Tara? :applause


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A very good update again, always happy to read a new chapter to Meant To Be. :bigkiss

Buffy's getting pretty possessive, eh? It is kind of strange that she should find the voice of reason in Donnie of all people.

Anyway, the beginning of the chapter was a bit confusing. You had me scrolling back and forth looking for a clue. :fit

The meanwhile elsewhere technique worked pretty good, just please don't make a habit of it. :kiss1

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Hmm. Interesting update. Not a lot of maturity from anyone. Buffy and Willow could both use some practice using their "I feel" language. Rather than their "you always" and "I guess you" language. Beyond that Willow is kind of a jerk for refusing to respond to Buffy's multiple phone calls and text messages. I mean she could text back: "I am mad but I am safe." Or something. Not doing so it pretty immature. And then Tara. Yes listen. Yes support. But getting up in the morning and going and packing a bag is beyond co-dependent. If Willow had woken up and said she couldn't handle being an actual adult and speaking to her best friend with some amount of love and understanding, then she might ask but for Tara to just decide to protect Willow is ... well... co-dependent. I guess in this update Donnie does the best but I'm not even all that sure about the whole "they are so connected" business. I'd prefer a "yeah. People do this in new relationships..." approach.

I hope that when Buffy & Willow sit down to talk they can both use some I language. The truth is that Buffy would like to get to spend more time with her friend. That's pretty reasonable and Willow needs to decide whether she cares enough to care or she doesn't.

Personally I'm a fan of Non Violent Communication or This book.

ETA: I think that when they move in together they want it to be for joyous reasons rather than "I can't stand my roommate! She's so mean!" So I hope Willow can think through that logically.

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DeSilvah: I am very pleased to hear that you are liking the story. Yeah, Buffy sometimes acts emotionally and impulsively! Protective Tara is hot!! :grin :drool

Phantasyland: I'm glad you are still enjoying the story! Donnie is a kinder and gentler Donnie in this story so it is fitting for him to be the voice of reason! :lol

JustSkipIt: First of all I appreciate your critique. Thank you! I agree that they were not acting very mature. I do remember in my early 20's I wasn't always mature either. To this day I still have moments of immaturity. As for Tara getting up and going to pack a bag...honestly...I wish someone would have done that for me when my wife decided to tell me that after 10 years and 9 months she wanted to separate. There is a good chance that is why it ended up being written that way.

The Non Violent Communication site is a very good site, I have used techniques from similar sites in my current role as a team lead at work.


:smash <--- too cute!

Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Author: Branny72
Feedback: Pretty please…it helps me improve and if I get stuck it gives me ideas on where you would like to see the story go!!

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: Thank you to Willara4ever for all your help with this story. I appreciate your reading it and helping me with the idea.
Sorry this is short, between work, prepping for vacation, and life, I wasn't able to get a lot of time to write.

Chapter 27

“Will, it’s me again. I’m sorry. I really want to talk to you. I hope you are at Tara’ me...please…” said Buffy on Willow’s voicemail.

Buffy couldn’t handle sitting at home alone anymore. The apartment was lonely and too quiet without Willow there. Buffy had spent most of the day thinking about what had gone on between her and Willow. She knew she was in the wrong, but she didn’t know how she was going to get the redhead to return her text messages or phone calls. Buffy grabbed her keys and headed out of the apartment and over to her Mom’s. She knew that if anyone could give her advice it would be her mother.

“Hey Buff,” said Dawn as Buffy entered the house.

“Hey Dawn. Is Mom here?”

“I’m here honey, what’s up?” said Joyce as she came up the basement stairs with a basket of laundry.

“I need advice,” Buffy said letting out a deep breath.

“It sounds serious.”

“Is this about Willow?” asked Dawn.

“Yeah,” Buffy said lowering her head.

“Let’s go in the living room and you can tell me what happened while I fold the laundry.”

As the three women were situated in the living room Buffy recounted what had happened the day before between her and Willow and what Donnie had said to her that morning and then how cold Tara was when she saw her at the grocery store.

“Well, I can see your dilemma,” started Joyce. “I think you are going to have to respect Willow’s space right now and wait for her to be ready to contact you.”

“Mom, she came home and packed some clothes and stuff while I was out with Donnie. Do you really think that me waiting is going to make things better?”

“No, you messed up and Willow needs time to process what has happened. You and Willow have been friends for a long time Buffy, she will eventually get passed the hurt and anger and then you two can talk about things. If you go trying to find her and force her to talk she is going to just pull away more.”

“I just want to know that she is safe,” said Buffy.

“Do you want me to try calling her?” asked Dawn.

“No, you will not do that,” Joyce said sternly. “This is between Buffy and Willow.”

“Yes ma’am,” said Dawn offer Buffy a sympathetic smile.

“How long do I wait?”

“You wait as long as it takes.”

Several hours later Buffy was tired and decided to head home and try to get some rest. She hoped that Willow would be there or would have stopped by and left a note, something, but she knew that the redhead was stubborn and had a stronger resolve than she had and it would probably be a while until she heard from her.


"Wow, I...are you sure?" asked Willow stunned by the blondes question. Inside her mind was going through the pro's and con's of moving in with Tara, especially now with things between her and Buffy amiss. Would that destroy her friendship for certain with Buffy? "Tara, I love you and I know my answer..."

“Y-you do?” asked Tara. She had prepared herself to ask the question and for the redhead to need time to think about it or to talk it over with Buffy.

“I do,” said Willow taking Tara’s hand and kissing it softly. “I love you so much and I want nothing more than to go to bed with you by my side and wake up to your beautiful face…”


“But, I need to know that you aren’t just making this offer because of my fight with Buffy.”

“Will, Sweetie. I have thought about this, a lot. I won’t say that my reasons for asking now weren’t spurred on by the fight that you and Buffy had, but it doesn’t change that it’s what I want more than anything. I love you. I love how you make me feel. I also know that people are going to say that we are moving to fast, but it feels right.”

“It does feel right. Tara, I would love to move in with you,” said Willow before leaning forward and kissing the stunned blonde.

Tara wasn’t sure what answer she had expected from Willow. She had hoped it would be a yes to moving in, but she knew that after the emotional night she had the previous night there might be some hesitation too.

“I love you,” Tara said as they broke their kiss and a huge smile crept across her face.

“I love you too,” smiled Willow. “We should make a list of everything that we need to do…”

“Will, the first thing you are going to have to do is talk to Buffy.”

“I know and I will, but I don’t know what I’m going to say to her. After everything that was said yesterday, I just need time to think about things.”

“I understand. Just don’t put it off too long,” said Tara.

“I promise I won’t.”


“Hey Buffy,” said Faith as she walked up to the counter at the Espresso Pump.

“Hi Faith. Oh, hi Emily,” said Buffy as she turned and saw the two women standing there.

“Here is your order Buffy,” said Dawn handing Buffy a bag and a cup of coffee.

“Thanks Dawn.”

“What can I get you Faith?”

“We need two cherry scones and a regular mocha and a mocha Willow-style,” ordered Faith.

“I’ll be back in a minute with your order,” said Dawn as she disappeared to the other end of the counter to make the coffee.

“How are you doing B?”

“I’ve had better weekends. It’s good to see you here Emily. Have you been in town long?”

“Nah, I got here about an hour ago. Faith has been showing me around. It seems like a pretty nice place.”

“It is,” Buffy said her voice detached from most emotions.

“What’s wrong Buffy?” asked Faith.

“Oh, Willow and I had a fight and she left and now I can’t reach her.”

“Have you tried Tara’s?” asked Emily.

“I ran into Tara yesterday morning and she was less than happy to see me. I at least know that means she has talked with Willow. She wouldn’t confirm or deny if Willow was staying with her though.”

Dawn came back with the coffees and scones and Faith paid for them and motioned for Buffy to join them at a table.

“Where else would Willow be if she weren’t with Tara?” asked Faith.

“Well, there is this cheap motel on the outskirts of town that she may have gone to,” said Buffy.

“I bet she is at Tara’s,” interjected Emily. “You and Willow don’t fight often do you?”

“No, we really don’t and we both said stupid mostly.”

“What was the fight about if you don’t mind me asking,” said Faith.

“It was about all the time she’s been spending with Tara and how I was feeling abandoned and left out.”

“Ah, yeah, that is hard when the person you are used to having as your always go to is no longer there to go to. I’ve thought about saying something to Tara about her and Willow, but then I see them at work or out together and I just can’t do it. I’ve never seen Tara so happy.”

“I’ve never seen Willow so happy either. I just miss her. I know that I need to accept that she is a ‘packaged deal’ now, but like you said it is hard to do when you are used to someone always being there for you.”

“Give Red some time and I’m certain that she’ll come around.”

“Thanks for listening. So, Emily. How long are you visiting Sunnydale?” asked Buffy.

“That hasn’t been decided yet,” Emily said looking over at Faith.

“Well we should all go out some night. I’m sure I can get Connor to reserve the upper area of The Bronze for us.”

“What is The Bronze?” asked Emily.

“The only club/bar in town worth going to,” laughed Buffy. “My friend Connor is the manager.”

“Connor’s dad owns Angel’s,” said Faith

“Awesome. We should all go there sometime.”

“I can ask Tara and Willow to go today at work,” offered Faith.

“That’s a great idea,” said Buffy as Dawn walked up to the table.

“Buffy, the gym called and said that two of the breakers blew and there is a giant spider on the fuse box and nobody will go near it. Not even you big, tough, lead trainer,” laughed Dawn.

“Well, that is my queue to leave. Let me know what Willow and Tara say. If you get time, stop by the gym. I will be there all day and probably late into the night.”

“Sounds great,” said Emily as Buffy picked up her breakfast and headed to the gym.

“So, why does mine say Willow-style?”

“Willow gets her coffee with some extra caffeine and chocolate in it,” said Dawn.

“Ah, thank you and thank Willow,” said Emily as she took a drink of the coffee.


Monday was a very long day for Willow and Tara. They arrived at work before anyone else in either of their departments and didn’t leave until almost 9 pm. They were pulling the long hours as they finish the campaign.

“Um, Will,” started Tara as they were getting ready for bed on Monday night.

“Yeah beautiful,” said Willow coming out of the bathroom holding her toothbrush.

“Have you thought about when you are going to talk to Buffy?”

“I tried to call her earlier today, but I hung up before she could answer.”


“I don’t know honestly. I know her and I need to talk, but I just don’t know what or how to say things.”

“Well, Faith and Emily stopped by my office today and said that they ran into Buffy earlier this morning and they agreed that we all should go out some night. I think you and Buffy need to talk before then.

“Alright, I will talk to her. It is nice that Emily is in town,” said Willow as she went back into the bathroom and finished brushing her teeth and then came back into the bedroom.

“Sweetie, it will be okay,” said Tara as Willow got into bed and they cuddled together.

“In your arms I believe anything is possible!”


“Good morning, Buffy,” said Donnie as they met for their morning run.

“Good morning, Donnie,” smiled Buffy. “Are you all set for our run or do you still need to stretch?”

“I’m almost done stretching. Have you talked with Willow yet?”

“No, but if I don’t hear from her before the end of the work day I am going to confront her as she leaves work. I hate this rift between us.”

“Do you want me to talk to her at all?” asked Donnie as he finished his stretches and they started out on their run.

“No, but thank you for the offer. I don’t want her thinking that people are ganging up on her...and this is something that her and I need to work out.”

“Well, if there is anything I can do, just let me know.”

“I will. Now on a more interesting subject, you’re really coming along with your fitness and stamina for running. I’m pleased with the results.”

“Thanks. I feel better than I have ever felt. I am certain a lot has to do with the awesome trainer I have.”

“Flattery will get you a long way,” laughed Buffy.

“Sure, now you tell me. Now my body craves these runs. Had I known I just needed to flatter you I would have tried that in the beginning when this was hard and painful.”

“Yeah, that is exactly why I didn’t tell you,” said Buffy as they continued their run.


“Hey Will,” said Tara poking her head into the redheads cubicle.

“Hey,” Willow said her eyes lighting up.

“Are you about ready to go or are you going to be pulling another late night?”

“I was just getting ready to log out.”

“Did you call Buffy today?”

“Crap, no. I didn’t take a lunch break because I know we have that presentation to give tomorrow on the campaign and I wanted to make sure that everything was working correctly.”

“Willow, you know you aren’t supposed to work through lunch. Is this what happens when I don’t come and get you?” teased Tara.

“Yes, yes it is,” smiled Willow as she turned her PC off and grabbed her computer bag so that they could leave.


“Well, I guess if you aren’t going to call me, I will just corner you here,” Buffy said to herself as she waited outside TDM for Willow and Tara to exit the building.

Buffy waved to Anya as she exited the building heading in the direction of the gym. She then saw Donnie and another man leaving. They were laughing and joking around.

“Willow, Tara,” called Buffy as she finally saw the two exiting the building.

“Hi Buffy,” said Tara who then glanced at Willow.

“Buffy,” Willow said with a dry tone.

“Willow, we need to talk. I miss you.”

“I know we need to talk...why don’t I meet you at the apartment in a half hour?”

“Okay,” said Buffy glancing between Willow and Tara. “Please tell me you at least have been staying with Tara…”

“She has been,” Tara answered.

“That makes me relax more. I’ll see you at the apartment in a bit.”

With that Buffy turned and left Willow and Tara together.

“Are you ready for this?” Tara asked Willow as they started to walk towards Tara’s apartment.

“Yeah, I am,” said Willow.

Tara could tell that the redhead was lost in her thoughts and decided to just wait until Willow said something to her rather than trying to interrupt the redhead.

Once they arrived at Tara’s apartment they changed out of their work clothes and into jeans and a t-shirt. As Willow was folding her clothes Tara came up behind her and wrapped her arms around the redhead and held her close.

“I’ll be here waiting if you need to talk or for whatever you need.”

“I love you,” said Willow as she turned around to face the blonde and put her arms around Tara’s neck.

“I love you too,” said Tara before she leaned forward and softly kissed the redhead.

They kissed for a few minutes before pulling apart and Willow looking at the clock.

“I better get going,” said Willow.

“I know. I’ll be here when you are done. Call or come back…”

“I’ll definitely be back,” Willow said stealing another quick kiss.

“Remember to listen to one another,” Tara said smiling.

“Yes, Mom,” teased Willow. “I love you!”

“I love you too!”

With that they parted and Willow headed off to meet and talk with Buffy.

After watching Willow leave Tara called Faith and invited her over. She decided that she should make sure that Faith wasn’t feeling the same way that Buffy was.


Willow walked towards the apartment building trying to think of all that she wanted to say to Buffy and how she was going to tell her that she was going to move in with Tara. Willow was so lost in thought that she almost walked passed the entrance to the building. Making her way up to the apartment door she paused and then took a deep breath and opened the door.

Buffy was sitting in the living room jumped when she heard Willow open the door. She wasn’t sure if the redhead was going to show up or not. She knew that Willow wouldn’t have agreed to meet with her if she didn’t want to talk, but there was still something inside that told her to be wary.

“Hi,” said Willow waving to the blonde as she entered the living room and sat down at the far end of the sofa.

“Hi,” Buffy said smiling at the redhead. “Thanks for coming to talk.”

“I’m sorry I ignored your texts and messages, I had a lot of things to work through.”

“I understand…” said Buffy. “So, do we need drinks and snacks before we talk?”

“Drinks and snacks sound good,” Willow said as they stood and went into the kitchen to get the provisions before talking.


Faith had been talking with Emily when Tara called. Emily told her to go meet with the blonde and that they needed to talk as much as Willow and Buffy did.

Faith knocked on Tara’s door and waited patiently for the blonde to answer.

“Hi,” said Tara as she opened the door and motioned for Faith to come in.

“Hey T,” said Faith.

“I got drinks and snacks in the living room for us.”

“Great, but um, why did you call?”

“I know that you know about Willow and Buffy’s fight. I wanted to clear that air with us before we ended up like them. You and I are more stubborn than they are and I have a feeling we’d waste a lot of time and effort before one of us caved and we decided to talk.”

“True,” said Faith putting some cheese and crackers on a plate and cracking open a beer.

“So, do you want to start or should I?” asked Tara grabbing and opening a beer.

“Well, if you are drinking a beer I guess I should start…” said Faith.


~ Branny72
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And now they are finally all talking. Good for them!
This hesitation and stubbornness were the traits I most disliked about Willow already when watching the show. And she still behaves like that! Will she ever learn? :fit

But yes, I still love this story, and I especially love starting my week off with it! Thank you Branny72! :flower :flower :flower :flower

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Phantasyland: I know I am on vacation and sunburnt as hell right now, but I wanted to get you an update to enjoy!! Yes, Willow is very stubborn and it does continue here, but she is slowly learning. Have a great week!! Enjoy the update! :glasses


:smash <--- too cute!

Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Author: Branny72
Feedback: Pretty please…it helps me improve and if I get stuck it gives me ideas on where you would like to see the story go!!

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: Thank you to Willara4ever for all your help with this story. I appreciate your reading it and helping me with the idea.

Chapter 28

Buffy and Willow stared at one another for a few minutes both afraid of starting the conversation because they were afraid of starting another disagreement.

“I’m sorry Willow,” started Buffy as she looked Willow directly in the eyes.

“I’m sorry too Buffy,” said Willow meeting the blondes gaze.

“Wouldn’t it be awesome if it were that easy to fix it all of this?” asked Buffy laughing nervously.

“It would, but we really do need to talk about things.”

“I know. I am sorry I know that I shouldn’t have suppressed my feelings and that I should have talked to you before I started to feel abandoned.”

“I never meant for you to feel like you were abandoned Buffy,” interrupted Willow.

“I know and I’m not trying to lay blame anywhere. Donnie and Faith helped me to realize that over the years I’m sure that I have done the same thing to you and you haven’t ever blown up at me or reacted as childish as I did.”

“Buffy, I would never blow up at you for being happy with someone. I have had years to get used to that happening - you didn’t. I understand that. I’m truly sorry. I didn’t realize what was going on,” said Willow unable to continue to look Buffy in the eyes.

“Will, look at me. I know you didn’t realize it, I know you wouldn’t intentionally treat me that way. I responded in a piss-poor way. I am happy that you found someone who makes you so happy and looks after you the way Tara does. I don’t know if she told you or not, but I ran into her at the grocery store. She made her feelings towards me very clear,” Buffy said offering the redhead a nervous smile.

“She told me about the conversation you two had. She was actually there to get the ingredients to make me funny-shaped pancakes for breakfast to cheer me up.”

“So, you were staying with her?” asked Buffy relief crossing her face.

“Well, yes, but,” started Willow. “I initially left here and went to the beach to think. I was sitting at the end of the pier when Xander ran into me. He and I talked briefly and then he left and called Tara and she met me at the pier. We talked and then I was going to go stay at that cheap hotel on the outskirts of town.”

“Willow, that isn’t a safe place, you realize that right?” Buffy asked.

“I know, but I wasn’t ready to come back here, I didn’t want to go to my parents, and I was afraid I would be imposing if I went to Tara’s.”

“I doubt having her girlfriend there, in her apartment would feel like an imposition,” laughed Buffy.

“Shush you,” giggled Willow. “I never claimed I was thinking logically.”

“I agree, you weren’t!”


“So, T...where do you want to start?” asked Faith as they were situated.

“I don’t know. I just don’t want there to be any harsh feelings between us or any bad feelings towards Willow.”

“I get the new relationship stuff Tara. I know that you are going to be consumed by one another. I just don’t want to see you get hurt at all either.”

“She isn’t going to hurt me,” said Tara.

“Maybe not, but you didn’t think that Erin was going to either,” said Faith seeing Tara flinch at her words.

“That was a cheap shot Faith,” said Tara. “Willow is nothing like Erin and you damn well know it.”

“Whoa,” said Faith putting her hands up. “I am sorry. I didn’t mean it as a cheap shot or a low blow. I just meant that I need to see your relationship grow more than it has so far. I know you have been blissfully happy for the past three months, but that is the honeymoon stage.”

“Fine, but please don’t compare her to Erin anymore.”

“I said I was sorry, I won’t do it again,” Faith promised. “So, I am thinking of asking Emily to move here and move in with me.”

“Wow, that’s great Faith. I know you two seemed to be doing pretty well when we were in Seattle.”

“I love her and I miss her when she isn’t nearby,” Faith blushed.

“I understand the feeling. I, um, well, I asked Willow to move in with me,” Tara said before quickly diverting her eyes from Faith.

Faith sat there stunned for a moment trying to process what Tara had just said. “You wanna run that past me again?”

“I asked Willow to move in with me,” Tara repeated still not looking at Faith.

“Wow, that is, wow. That is huge Tara. What did Red say?”

“She said yes, but then she said she had to make sure that it wasn’t just because of the fight she and Buffy had. I told her it wasn’t and she’s going to move in. We didn’t set a timeframe for when it would happen. I know she has a lease with Buffy and that this is going to be a huge change for them.”

“Buffy was pretty upset by Willow leaving and such. I don’t think it helped that you wouldn’t tell her if Willow was staying here or not.”

“Willow didn’t want Buffy to know and it wasn’t my place to tell her. I told Willow that I ran into Buffy and what I said. I also encouraged her to talk to Buffy. Willow is stubborn and needed time.”

“Great, like you need another stubborn person in your life,” teased Faith.

“Yeah, after you most people are pretty tame,” Tara teased back and Faith stuck her tongue out in response.


“So, would you like to plan a night or weekend just us?” Willow asked.

“I’d love that Will, but are you sure that this isn’t going to take away from you and Tara? Or, did things not go well for the two of you for the couple of days you stayed with her?” asked Buffy now concerned on why her friend would be willing to give up time with Tara.

“No, things were amazing living there with her. Buffy, I am so in love with her. It also wasn’t the first time we’ve lived together. We were essentially living together in Seattle. We shared a bed, we cooked dinner together, we just spent time together…”

“True. I didn’t really think about your time in Seattle. Wow, you move quick Rosenberg. You lived with your girlfriend before you had even been together a month,” laughed Buffy.

“Yeah, and speaking of Tara and I living together. Buffy, she asked me to move in with her…” Willow said hesitantly.

“Um, er, wow…” stammered Buffy.

“I said yes, but we never discussed when. She wanted you and I to talk before any plans were made.”

“Is this because of the fight we had?” asked Buffy still stunned by what Willow had just told her.

“No, it wasn’t because of the fight. Tara said that she has thought about it for a long time, the fight just pushed her into making it happen now and not in a week or two.”

“I love living with you Will, but I won’t stand in the way of you and Tara either. I just don’t know what to say...I’m happy for you, but sad for me.”


“So, was Red going to tell Buffy today about moving in with you?” asked Faith.

“I think so, I hope it goes well,” Tara said nervously.

“I’m sure it will. When I talked with Buffy she seemed to be more receptive to things with you two.”

“I appreciate that. So, you and Emily? Do you think she is going to be willing to move here?”

“Oh, well, I’m hoping so. I love her and I miss her. Things were really nice in Seattle.”

“I’m happy for you. I suppose with you being in HR you’ll be able to get her a good position within TDM,” teased Tara.

“I wish it were that easy. I just want her close.”

“I am glad I got to know her while we were in Seattle. What is she doing while you are here? I don’t want to take away from your time together.”

“Tara, chill. Emily understands how the relationship between you and me is close. She also knows that it is changing because of you and Willow, and she is supports that. She really likes Willow, she was glad that you found someone who makes you so happy.”

“Well, I’m looking forward to all of us going out,” said Tara smiling over at the brunette.

“Me too. Have you and Willow told anyone else about moving in together?”

“No, not at all. I wanted Willow to talk with Buffy before we even made plans as to when she would be moving in. I am just afraid of how Buffy is going to react.”

“T, she wants Willow to be happy and she sees that you make her happy. It will all work out, trust me,” Faith said placing a hand on the blondes shoulder.

“I’m trying to be optimistic, I really am.”

“What do you think your dad and Donnie are going to say about you two moving in together?”

“I’m hoping that they will be happy for us. They adore Willow,” gushed Tara.

“Well, she does have that quirkiness about her,” laughed Faith.

Tara laughed at Faith’s description of Willow. “I love her quirkiness, and her sexiness, and her wittiness...”

“I get it, you love her you goober,” teased Faith.

“Yes I do!”


Thursday rolled around. Willow had spent the past two nights hanging out with Buffy to help the blonde understand that she did understand what had gone on and that she wanted to keep their friendship and closeness. Tonight they were going out as a group with Faith and Emily.

“Buffy, does this look okay?” asked the redhead as she entered her roommates bedroom.

“Whoa, Willow, you look hot,” said Buffy as the redhead stood before her in a pair of form-fitting black leather pants, a deep green crop top shirt that was about two inches of above the waist of her pants.

“So, you think Tara will like it?”

“She is going to love it. I am guessing that you’ll be staying at her place tonight?” asked Buffy laughing.

“Maybe,” blushed the redhead.

“Well, if it doesn’t work then I am going to take Tara to get her eyes tested!”

“Thanks Buffy,” smiled Willow as she went back to her room to put on her make-up and finish her hair.


“Yo T, you almost ready,” called Faith as she and Emily entered Tara’s apartment.

“Yeah, I’ll be out in a minute,” Tara called from her bedroom.

Faith and Emily made their way to the couch and were cuddling when Tara came out of her room.

“Wow, Tara you look great,” said Emily as the blonde came into the living room wearing tight blue jeans, a deep blue silk camisole, and a short denim jacket.

“Yeah T, you clean up well,” teased Faith.

“Shut it,” said Tara as Emily hit Faith on the arm.

“Faith behave,” said Emily. “So, are Buffy and Willow meeting us here or at the restaurant?”

“Here,” said Tara.


“Come on Will, we’re going to be late,” said a frustrated Buffy trying to hurry the redhead along.

“Alright, I’m ready,” said Willow grabbing her purse and heading towards the door.

Buffy and Willow walked over to Tara’s building and Willow knocked on the door. Faith was on her way back from the kitchen when she heard the knock and answered the door.

“Hey B, Willow,” said Faith ushering them in and towards the living room.

“Hi Buffy,” said Emily.

“Hi Emily. Hi Tara,” said Buffy a little tense. This was the first time that Buffy had seen Tara since that afternoon outside TDM before she had talked with Willow.

“Hi Buffy,” Tara said averting her eyes.

“Hey Baby,” said Willow as she caught Tara’s unease.

Tara looked up and saw Willow and her breath caught. She couldn’t stop staring.

“Baby?” asked Willow.

Tara felt Faith kick her foot and it brought her attention back to the group. Tara quickly got up walked over and hugged Willow.

“You look incredible,” Tara whispered in the redheads ear.

“Thank you,” Willow said smiling.

“So B, are we all set to go?” asked Faith.

“Yep,” said Buffy as Willow and Tara separated from their hug but their hands joined.

The group headed out of the apartment and off to Angel’s for dinner.


The group was sitting around the table, they had finished eating and were enjoying a drink before heading off to The Bronze.

“How was everything?” asked Angel as he came over to the table.

“Fantastic as always,” said Tara who was sitting very close to Willow.

“It was very good. You have an amazing chef,” said Emily and Faith agreed.

“Buffy?” asked Angel.

“Angel, I have never had less than an amazing meal here. I don’t know how you find the chef’s, but it is always perfect,” said Buffy smiling at the brown-haired man.

“I’m happy to hear that. Are you ladies headed to The Bronze next?”

“Yeah, we are,” said Willow.

“Well, have a great night,” Angel said with a smile and then he left them.

“So, shall we head to The Bronze to dance off that dinner?” asked Buffy.

“Yes, I think we should,” said Tara.

The group paid the bill and then started down the block towards their destination. Willow and Tara were cuddled together, Faith and Emily were holding hands, and Buffy was in-between the two couples.

When they arrived at the club the bouncer let them in and they found a table near the dance floor and Fred took their order and brought their drinks.

“Willow, you are looking awesome tonight, Tara had better appreciate that look,” Fred said leaning towards the redheads ear.

“She does,” Willow said smiling at Fred as she walked away.

“What was that about?” asked Tara.

“Oh Fred told me I looked good and she hoped you appreciated it,” laughed Willow.

Tara’s eyes narrowed and she turned in the direction Fred had walked away in.

“Baby, I told her you did. Fred had a crush on me years ago, but you are the one and only woman I have and will ever want,” said Willow leaning in and kissing the blonde softly on the lips.

“Alright you two, stop with the kissy face and lets boogie,” said Buffy putting an arm around each girl.

The group made their way to the dance floor and the DJ played music that kept them dancing for an hour. Willow and Tara had been grinding on one another and felt they needed to take a break or they were going to end up having sex right there in The Bronze.

Fred seeing the two exit the dance floor brought them each a tall glass of ice water and an oatmeal cookie shot.

“Thanks,” said Willow as she reached for her wallet and Fred told her they were on the house.

Tara again narrowed her eyes at Fred as she walked away.

“Baby, please,” said Willow seeing the look on Tara’s face. Willow took the shot in her hand and handed Tara hers and they downed the shot and then they drank some of the water that Fred had brought them.

“I’m sorry, but you are mine,” Tara growled pulling the redhead closer to her and kissing her passionately.

A couple of very drunk guys sitting nearby whistled at the two women kissing and started to harass them. Angel stepped in and asked them to leave. There was a confrontation and the men threw punches at Angel who dodged the punches and knocked the men on their ass. Connor caught wind of the altercation and had the bouncers escort the two men out and put them in a cab while Angel made sure that Willow and Tara were okay.

“Are you sure you two are okay?” asked Angel for the third time.

“Yes, we’re fine,” said Willow.

“Thank you,” Tara said as she hugged Angel.

“Dad, are you okay?” asked Connor after seeing the men out.

“I’m fine, they didn’t touch me.”

“Will? Tara?” asked Buffy noticing the look on Angel and Connor’s face.

“Some guys were being jackasses and Angel took care of them. It is over,” said Willow.

“Well, I think we should call it a night. It is starting to get late and we do all have to work tomorrow,” said Faith.

“Speak for yourself Sweetheart,” said Emily smiling. “My ass is sleeping in while you all get up and go off to work.”

“I’ll be sure to make extra noise if you want to be that way,” said Faith as the group laughed and the tension from the recent encounter went away.

Tara leaned forward and whispered in Willow’s ear asking if she wanted to spend the night with her. Willow smiled and leaned in and took Tara’s earlobe with her teeth and growled deeply. Tara hearing this felt her breath catch and her desire for the redhead grow.

The group left and Willow, Tara, and Buffy went towards their place while Faith and Emily headed toward Faith’s house.

“Tonight was fun,” said Buffy as the trio walked.

“It was,” agreed Tara.

“Will, are you going to come home to get dressed in the morning or do you want me to drop something off early?” asked Buffy unable to contain a laugh.

“I’ll actually wear what I have left at Tara’s thank you,” Willow joked back.

“Fine, I was just trying to be helpful,” Buffy said pretending to be offended.

“Thanks for the offer Buffy, and thanks for understanding what Willow means to me,” said Tara.

“I get it and she is happy and that is what is most important to me.”

“Hello, I am RIGHT here people,” said Willow.

“I hope so otherwise I’m grabbing someone else’s ass and well, I don’t think my girlfriend would approve,” laughed Tara who received a hip bump from the blonde.

“Smart ass,” said Willow as Tara leaned over and kissed her.

“Take it inside ladies,” laughed Buffy as they reached Tara’s apartment building. “I’ll talk to you later Willow. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” said Willow and Tara as Buffy headed towards her apartment and Willow and Tara went inside and up to Tara’s apartment.


“That was a lot of fun,” said Emily as she and Faith entered the apartment.

“Yeah, it was a lot of fun. We could do that more often if you moved in with me…”

“I know and I am still thinking about it. What am I going to do for a job though? Or are you going to going to be my ‘Sugar Mama’,” laughed Emily.

“Well, I could or we could get you in at TDM,” said Faith.

“That is an idea, but let’s talk about it when I’m not drunk and you aren’t buzzed.”

“Deal,” said Faith.


Willow and Tara entered the apartment and Willow felt herself pulled into Tara’s arms. Their lips pressed together and tongues fighting for dominance.

“Mmmm,” moaned Willow as Tara’s hands worked their way down and cupped her butt.

“You need to wear that outfit more often,” said Tara pulling out of the kiss and trailing kisses along Willow’s jawline and down her neck and began sucking on the redhead's pulse point.

“Oh yes, but you have to wear those jeans more often,” said Willow tilting her head to the side to allow the blonde more access to her neck.

With Tara’s lips nibbling on Willow’s neck they slowly walked towards the bedroom. They were briefly halted by the closed door, but opened it quickly and made their way to the edge of the bed. They sat down and Tara brought her lips to meet Willow’s.

Willow eased her hands up the blondes body and helped Tara out of her jacket. She moved her hands along the Tara’s sides then gently cupped her breasts through the camisole causing Tara to groan and arch into their kiss.

Tara ran her hands along the hem of Willow’s shirt feeling the redheads skin. She could have sworn that the redhead’s skin was on fire beneath her fingertips.

“I love how soft your skin feels,” Tara said pulling back from the kiss and then slowly eased Willow’s shirt up and over her head.

“I love how you touch me,” said Willow helping remove the camisole that Tara had worn and her bra. The redhead moved her hands back to Tara’s breasts and began kneading the plush flesh. Tara could only arch into the redhead’s touch.

“Oh Willow, I love how you touch me,” said Tara before recapturing the redheads lips and removing her bra.

Willow moaned at the way that the blondes hands caressed her body and then cupped her pert breasts allowing the blondes thumb to stimulate Willow’s nipples.

“Oh…yes…harder,” panted Willow.

Tara brought her lips down to one of the taut nipples, wrapping her lips around it and sucking gently while flicking it with her tongue. The other nipple wasn’t lonely, Tara was rolling the nipple between her fingers and massaging the breast. Willow let out a loud moan of enjoyment. Tara was now alternating between Willow’s nipples sucking and flicking with her mouth and using her fingers to stimulate the other.

Willow kept arching into Tara’s mouth. Willow let her hands slide down Tara’s body and she quickly unbuttoned Tara’s jeans and lowered the zipper before easing her hand inside and feeling the wetness between the blondes thighs.

“Oh...oh...Willow...I want you...inside me...oh…” panted Tara into one of Willow’s breasts.

Tara stopped her ministrations on Willow’s breasts and after extracting the redheads hand from her pants she stood and quickly removed her pants and the thong she had worn. Willow seeing the thong groaned in desire and took the opportunity to remove her own pants and panties. When both girls were naked they made their way onto the bed, Willow pushed Tara onto her back and then while straddling Tara’s leg Willow leaned down and kissed Tara with all the passion she could. Willow pressed her thigh into Tara’s tender center causing the blondes hips to buck and as they did Tara’s thigh pressed itself into Willows wetness. They let out a collective groan into their kiss. Both girls were moving their hips and pressing and grinding hard into the others leg.

“Oh Tara,” moaned Willow as she broke the kiss and looked down into the dark blue pools. She could see the love and lust the blonde had for her.

“Willow,” whispered Tara her eyes meeting the deep green eyes of her lover.

“Tell me...what you...want,” panted Willow as she was getting closer and closer to her release.

“,” Tara grunted out. Willow could tell she was getting closer too.

“Oh being...inside you,” said Willow as she slid her hand down Tara’s body, flicking the still very erect nipple as she made her way down between the blondes thighs.

“Please,” begged Tara just before Willow thrust two fingers inside her. Tara’s hips stopped moving for a second while she processed the feeling of the redhead inside her. She always felt so complete and alive when they made love. Tara needed to feel closer to Willow and slid her hand down between the redheads thighs and thrust two fingers inside Willow.

“Yes,” cried out Willow.

They were moving their hands and hips faster and faster. Their breathing becoming more labored with each thrust.

“Don’t stop,” commanded Tara.

“So close,” whimpered Willow as Tara added a third finger. Willow did the same for the blonde feeling the tightness and wetness growing.


“Oh yes Baby,” said Willow as they both climaxed and rode out the bliss as long as they could before collapsing together.

They lay there catching their breath for a long time before they adjusted so that they could kiss softly.

“I love you Tara. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you,” said Willow bringing Tara’s hand up to her mouth and kissed the blondes knuckles.

“You are the love of my life Willow. I never want to live my life without you,” said Tara before capturing the redheads lips with her own.

They continued to kiss and hold one another until exhaustion overtook them and they drifted into a blissful sleep.


~ Branny72
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Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Author: Branny72
Feedback: Pretty please…it helps me improve and if I get stuck it gives me ideas on where you would like to see the story go!!

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: Thank you to Willara4ever for all your help with this story. I appreciate your reading it and helping me with the idea.[/b]

Chapter 29

Morning arrived and Tara’s alarm went off causing both girls groaned as Tara leaned over and turned it off.

“When did you set that damn thing?” asked Willow as she tried to hide under the covers.

“After I got up yesterday...before I knew I was going to get a little tipsy and have hot and passionate sex with the gorgeous redheaded woman I am madly in love,” said Tara pulling Willow towards her and kissing her deeply.

Willow responded to the kiss and found herself moaning into Tara’s lips. The sound of Willow moaning caused arousal flood Tara’s system and senses.

“I want you,” Tara whispered as she rolled them over so that Willow was on her back and she was on top of the redhead.

“Oh baby...make love to me,” groaned Willow thrusting her hips upwards into the blonde as Tara started to nibble on her earlobe and neck.

“My pleasure,” growled Tara.

They made love, slowly, worshiping each others body. Willow paid close attention to Tara’s breasts and nipples. She couldn’t get enough of them. Tara couldn’t help arch into the redheads touch. She used her hands to separate the redheads nether-lips and thrust two fingers inside the redhead causing her to bite down on Tara’s nipples harder than she had planned. Both finding the move highly erotic.

“Fuck yes,” cried out Tara. “That feels so amazing.”

“Faster...harder,” panted Willow riding Tara’s fingers as the blonde responded to Willow’s request. Willow lowered her left hand down Tara’s body. Feeling how wet and turned on Tara was Willow thrust three fingers inside the blonde.

“Yes,” whispered Tara as her hips kept pace with the thrusts from the redhead.

Willow and Tara rode the others fingers until they couldn’t hold on anymore and they climaxed together calling out the others name and riding out the orgasm.

“I love how you make me feel,” said Tara once she regained control of her breathing.

“I love how you make me feel too,” Willow said smiling at the blonde.


“Willow, can I talk to you in my office for a moment?” asked Jesse.

“Sure,” said Willow as she got up and followed her boss into his office.

“Have a seat,” said Jesse motioning to the chair across from his desk as he sat down in his chair.

“If this is about my being late today, I am really sorry,” said Willow afraid she was in trouble for arriving an hour late to work.

“No, honestly Willow you put in more hours than anyone else in this department. I actually wanted to commend you on the exemplary work you have done since you were hired on. Your attention to detail and willingness to take on any project has been amazing and well so refreshing. We have a lot of people who have become complacent in their job. The others just don’t have the talent and knowledge you do.”

“Thank you, but I am just here doing my job,” said Willow.

“Well, it hasn’t gone unnoticed. I am promoting you from a Security & Design Analyst to a Security & Design Senior Specialist.”

“You are? Wow, um, thank you.” Willow was stunned. She hadn’t been with the company for that long and had no idea she was even up for a promotion.

“The campaign that you and Tara have drawn up is amazing, the job you did in Seattle was impressive.”

“Thank you.”

“I won’t even hold it against you that you made comments about the monkey that put together that network,” teased Jesse causing Willow to blush.

“Sorry, you weren’t supposed to know about that,” mumbled Willow softly.

“I built the network in a hurry and we never corrected it. I appreciate your efforts to clean it up.”

“It was my job, nothing more.”

“Well, I appreciate your efforts and that is why you are being promoted. Congratulations,” Jesse said extending his hand to shake Willow’s hand.

“Thank you,” said Willow shaking his hand.

“The paperwork will be submitted tomorrow, and will be official starting on Monday. I know that you are friends with and spend time outside work with Tara and Donnie. I don’t mind you telling them, but if you could keep it a secret from others until Monday I would appreciate it.”

“No problem. And thank you again,” said Willow.

“You’ve earned it. Now, back to work with you,” laughed Jesse.

“Yes, sir,” said Willow with a huge smile on her face.


“Tara, can you come over to my office,” said Donald when his daughter answered her phone.

“Sure Dad, when?”

“Are you able to come over now?”

“I’ll be there in a minute,” said Tara as she hung up the phone and grabbed her tablet and headed over to her father's office.

Tara walked down the hall to the office with the word CEO on the door. She knocked and heard her dad tell her to enter.

“Hey Dad. What’s up?” asked Tara entering and closing the door behind herself.

“Well, have a seat. I have looked over the notes from the campaign that you and Willow put together. I would like to send you both on a tour of sorts to promote it.”

“You want to send us out on tour for it? What do you have in mind for the tour?”

“Well, I was thinking of having you go to four or five major cities and having a roll-out presentation for the vendors in the area. Do you think that you and Willow could do that?”

“What are you looking for when we are out there promoting the campaign?”

“I was thinking of TDM hosting a launch party and showing the vendors what you two have put together. Then Willow said we could launch the site links and point some to the new information.”

“I think that sounds like a fantastic idea. Have you suggested this to her or talked with Donnie and Jesse on this?”

“I have talked to Jesse on it and although he has several projects and jobs keyed for Willow to work on, he is very supportive of her going out and promoting the site that the two of you put together. I think that the two of you being out there will be good visibility for the company.”

“Are you going to talk to Willow or did you want me to?” asked Tara her mind going back to earlier that day and starting the morning with Willow in her bed.

“I will talk to her. I was actually thinking of having a dinner meeting tonight and having you, Donnie, Jesse, and Willow over. Unless you two have other plans.”

“Not that I’m aware of. Do you need me to bring anything for dinner?”

“Just you and Willow,” smiled Donald.

“Sounds good. I’ll let you get back to work and we’ll see you tonight at what time?”

“How about you two get there at 6:30 and we’ll talk and have dinner afterwards?” asked Donald.

“That sounds great.”

“I’ll see you later Honey.”

With that Tara left the office and went back to her office to look over the campaign and her schedule for the upcoming weeks.


“Hey Will, you’re home early,” said Buffy as Willow entered the apartment. “How was your day?”

“It was awesome and amazing,” Willow said sporting a goofy grin.

“Alright, give me details on that goofy grin...unless they are that you and Tara had a quickie someplace, because that is TMI and I don’t want to know…”

“And you give me shit for babbling?” joked Willow as Buffy blushed.

“Yep, you babble, I over explain - huge difference,” teased Buffy.

“Well, you are now looking at the newest Security & Design Senior Specialist at TDM.”

“You got promoted?” asked Buffy as Willow nodded frantically. “Will that is awesome! I am so happy for you. We should celebrate. Tonight, let’s go out and party.”

“I would love to Buffy,” started Willow.

“But you have a date with Tara,” said Buffy slightly deflated.

“No, I have a business dinner meeting. Tara doesn’t know about the promotion yet. YOU are the first person I’ve told.”

“Wait, you told me before telling your girlfriend?”

“Yes, you are the first person that I have told since I found out this morning.”

“Wow, you managed to keep it in ALL day,” laughed Buffy.

“I can keep a secret you know. It isn’t like I have told anyone about how you like to dance and sing around the apartment in your underwear while you are cleaning.”

“That isn’t embarrassing,” said Buffy.

“No, but dancing and singing to the soundtrack for Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ is a bit much though.”

“Hey! You are the one that made me watch the movie over and over again,” Buffy laughed and blushed.

“Fine, but it is still embarrassing! Will you help me find something to wear tonight? I don’t want to go in business attire, but I don’t want to be to casual either.”

“Sure thing! Let’s go see if you have anything fitting in your closet,” said Buffy taking the redhead’s hand and pulling her into Willow’s room and closet.


Willow arrived at Tara’s apartment at 6pm to allow them a few minutes together before they headed over to Tara’s dad’s place.

“Hey gorgeous,” said Tara as she opened the door and motioned for Willow to come in.

Instead of answering, Willow wrapped her arms around the blonde and kissed her passionately.

“Mmmmm, now that is what I call a hello,” said Tara holding on to Willow for stability.

“Today was too long to go without kissing you,” Willow said placing butterfly kisses along Tara’s jawline and down her neck.

“Yes it was,” said Tara guiding Willow backwards toward her bedroom and then pushing the redhead back onto the bed and crawling up onto the bed and straddling her.

“Oh god Tara,” said Willow as she felt her body start to yearn for the blondes touch.

“We have time to fool around before we have to leave,” said Tara as she leaned down and sucked on Willow’s neck.

“Vixen,” said Willow before groaning as Tara pressed her body against Willow’s and continued to suck and lick Willow’s neck and earlobes. “I have...oh Tara...something to tell you...don’t stop...after dinner.”

“What do you have to tell me?” asked Tara sitting up.

“Hey, I was enjoying that attention,” said Willow grabbing ahold of Tara’s collar and pulling her down and kissing her.

“Mmmm,” moaned Tara before pulling back a little. “What do you have to tell me?”

“It’ll wait. Kiss me, we only have a few minutes before we have to leave.”

“Yes ma’am,” said Tara before pressing her lips to Willow’s.


Donnie and Jesse arrived at the same time. The three men were sitting in the living room when Willow and Tara arrived.

“Hi Honey,” said Donald rising and hugging and kissing Tara on the cheek. “Hi Willow.”

“Hello,” said Willow as she waved at the three men.

“Do either of you want a drink?”

“No thanks,” said Tara and Willow in unison.

“Alright, well, let’s get started here. The reason that I called you here is that I want to send Willow and Tara out to promote and launch the new campaign.”

“That sounds like a good idea,” said Donnie.

“I am going to set up probably eight launches. Willow I would like for you to set up links for the areas we launch at to have them go to the new site and leave the others going to the current site until we are able to do the launch in their area.”

“No problem,” said Willow.

The doorbell rang and Donald got up and opened the door.

“Hello sir, I have your delivery,” said the man at the door.

“Great, come in for a moment.”

“Hey Connor,” said Willow as she got up and took the pouch from the man.

“Hey Wills. Hi Tara,” said Connor smiling towards the blonde.

“Hi,” Tara said waving over at the man.

“You know one another,” said Donald as he came back into the room holding a check.

“Yes sir. Willow and I have known each other for years.”

“Connor and I went to school together. He manages The Bronze and his dad owns Angel’s,” said Willow.

“Well, it is nice to meet you, I’m Donald Maclay,” said Donald shaking Connor’s hand.

“It is nice to meet you sir. Your company has really helped the community with jobs and to revitalize the area.”

“Thank you. I’m astounded at how attentive you, Willow, and several others of your generation are to what is going on in the community.”

“Well, I run a business so it is my job to know what is going on. As for Willow, she is just a genius,” said Connor winking at Willow.

“You are biased Connor,” laughed Willow.

“I am and you wouldn’t have it any other way,” said Connor smugly.

“True,” Willow said smiling.

“Well, I won’t keep you any longer. Please enjoy your evening.”

Connor left and the group sat down to eat.

“How long am I going to be without my star programmer?” asked Jesse.

“I’m thinking that they will be gone for about three weeks,” said Donald.

“What are you going to do without Willow for that long?” asked Donnie looking towards Jesse.

“Well, seeing as she was promoted to a Security & Design Senior Specialist today, I am going to be hurting, but I will survive,” said Jesse.

“Congratulations Willow,” said Donald.

“Way to go,” said Donnie.

“Sweetie, that is fantastic,” Tara said as she leaned over and kissed Willow. “Is that what you were going to tell me later?”

“Yeah,” Willow smiled lovingly at Tara.

Tara took Willow’s hand and squeezed it and then brought it to her mouth and kissed the back of it.

“Um, Tara...I’ve known you for years and you have never kissed the back of my hand,” said Jesse causing both girls to blush.

“U-u-um,” stuttered Tara.

“So, you two obviously knew about them,” Jesse said looking between Donald and Donnie.

“Yeah, it wasn’t our place to say anything,” said Donnie.

“Hey, it explains why Tara has been so happy lately.”

“You don’t have a problem with this do you Jesse?” asked Tara.

“No. You have never asked for special treatment for Willow nor has anyone tried to influence my decisions. I have no issues with it as long as you are happy.”

“I am,” said Tara. “Very happy.”

“Me too,” smiled Willow squeezing Tara’s hand.

“Well, since everyone is here I might as well tell you that Willow and I are going to be living together soon too.”

The room went quiet for a moment and then a round of congratulations came out of the three men.

They finished dinner and discussing the plans for the promotional tour and then everyone went their own way.


“Hey Mom,” said Buffy as Joyce answered the phone.

“Hello Buffy,” said Joyce. “How are you doing tonight?”

“I’m good. Willow had a work dinner so I’m having pizza.”

“Buffy, you need to learn to cook at some point.”

“Why should I? I have you to feed me when I get hungry for something other than pizza and ramen.”

“Very funny. Would you like to come over for dinner tomorrow night?”

“Yes please,” smiled Buffy.

“Why don’t you invite Willow and Tara as well.”

“Okay. Thanks Mom.”

“So was that your reason for calling?”

“No, but since I am going to see you tomorrow I will just wait until then to tell you.”

“Fine, you girls be here by 6:30 at the latest,” said Joyce.

“We will, thanks again,” said Buffy as she hung up the phone and sent a text message to Willow telling her that they were having dinner tomorrow at her Mom’s and that Tara was to come as well.


“Willow, I am so proud of you,” said Tara as they entered the blondes apartment. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me you got promoted. When did Jesse tell you?”

“Jesse pulled me into his office this morning and told me. I was going to surprise you with the news tonight, that is why I didn’t tell you. Then your dad called the dinner I figured that I would wait until after that and we were alone to tell you.”

“Well, I was very pleasantly surprised,” said Tara kissing the redhead soundly.

Willow’s phone beeped and she checked the message and saw it was from Buffy.

“Um, do you have plans tomorrow night?” Willow asked Tara.

“Not that I’m aware of. What’s up?”

“Buffy just messaged and said that Joyce has invited you and I over for a family dinner,” Willow said hesitantly.

“Should I be concerned?” teased Tara trying to calm the redhead’s fears.

“I don’t think so. I am sure that she just wants to get to know you better or Buffy told her about my promotion.”

“Oh, you told Buffy before you told me?”

“I, er, um…”

“Will, Sweetie, I’m teasing you. I don’t have a problem with you telling Buffy first,” Tara wrapped her arms around the redhead.

“So, dinner tomorrow night?”

“I’d love to. Ask her if we need to bring anything,” said Tara as she looked longingly at Willow and then moved towards her bedroom.

Willow messaged Buffy and told her they would love to come and asked if they needed to bring anything. Buffy quickly replied telling them that they had everything covered. Willow messaged back that she wasn’t going to be home tonight and then powered her phone off and headed towards Tara’s room.


Tara entered her room hoping that Willow would know enough to follow. She quickly lit a couple of candles and then slipped into a sexy, silky, red negligée, and they positioned herself on the bed. Tara was laying on her side, her legs bent, and her head being supported by her hand.

“Hey...holy hot and sexy blonde…” said Willow as she started to enter the room and was stopped in her tracks at the door.

“Hey sexy,” said Tara in a sultry voice. “Now that I have told you how proud of you I am, let me show you.”

Willow was still standing in the doorway as Tara patted the bed hoping to get the redhead to join her. Willow just nodded and moved forward towards the bed, her eyes never stopping the roaming of the blondes body.

“You are so gorgeous,” Willow finally said.

“So are you,” said Tara sitting up and starting to remove Willow’s shirt and then her pants. Once Tara had Willow fully undressed she pulled her onto the bed and leaned over her. “I love you!”

“I love you too,” said Willow before sliding her hands under the hem of the negligée and slowly easing it off the blonde. Willow then pulled Tara down on top of her kissed her deeply.

They made love until early morning and fell asleep in one another’s arms.


“Will, are you sure we don’t need to bring anything?” asked Tara for the fifth time since they had gotten to her apartment after work.

“Yes Baby, I called Joyce on my lunch and verified that we didn’t need to bring anything,” chuckled Willow. “Are you nervous about tonight?”

“Um, yes?” Tara said sheepishly hiding behind her hair.

“You have no reason to be,” said Willow brushing the hair Tara was hiding behind back and putting it behind her ear. “You never have to hide from me. I love you.”

“I love you too. I’m sorry I’m nervous, but this is the first time since Joyce got sick that we are going to be having dinner. I just want to make a good impression.”

“Baby, she knows that you make me happy and that is what is important to her,” Willow said wrapping her arms around Tara’s waist from behind and kissing her softly on the neck.

“Are you sure?” asked Tara.

“Positive,” said Willow turning the blonde around and kissing her soundly.

“Thank you,” said Tara. “Even when I’m insecure, you manage to make me feel safe and confident.”

“That is my job. It was part of the ‘Girlfriend’ agreement I signed when we started dating.”

“Really? And what else was in this agreement?”

“Hey if you didn’t read your agreement then why should I tell you what is in mine,” teased Willow.

“Oh really? I have ways of making you talk you know Rosenberg,” said Tara leaning her head down and sucking on Willow’s earlobe causing the redhead to moan in pleasure.

“Tease, you know we have to go,” groaned Willow.

“Consider it a promise for later,” Tara whispered into the redheads ear.

“Yes, please,” whimpered Willow as Tara pulled away and went to get her purse so that they could head over to the Summers house.


“Buffy, can you hand me the skillet under the counter,” said Joyce as she started to prep dinner.

“Sure,” said Buffy reaching under the counter into the cupboard and pulling out two skillets. “Um, do you have a preference?”

“The square one please.”

Joyce took the skillet from her daughter and put it on the stove and started to brown the ground beef. After she was done she drained the grease and added the veggies.

“I can’t believe you are making Willow Shepherds Pie for dinner,” said Dawn entering the room.

“It is her favorite and since she is bringing Tara with I want to make something special for them.”

“What about me? Am I not worthy of a special dinner?” pouted Buffy.

“You are, but not tonight,” said Joyce sticking her tongue out at her daughter as she heard the doorbell ring. “You two go get the door and play nice with our guests. I’m going to finish up on dinner and then I will be in shortly.”

“Yes mother,” said Dawn as she and Buffy left the kitchen to answer the door.

“What am I going to do with those two,” Joyce said to herself.


Willow and Tara walked up the walkway to 1630 Revello Drive. Tara was squeezing Willow’s hand tightly.

“Baby, it is going to be okay. Buffy and Dawn already adore you and Joyce wouldn’t have invited you if she didn’t like you or want to get to know you better.”

“What if Buffy told her you are moving in with me and she wants to talk you out of moving in with me…”

Willow turned and took Tara’s other hand in hers and pulled the blonde into a hug.

“She could try, but she would ever succeed. I love you and I cannot wait until we are living together and I get to wake up with you in my arms daily.”

“I can’t wait either,” said Tara as Willow leaned forward and kissed her.

Tara’s nerves now calmed a bit Willow led them to the door and rang the doorbell and turned and smiled sweetly at Tara.

“Hi Willow! Hi Tara!” said Dawn as she answered the door and Buffy came up behind her.

“Hey Dawnie, Buff,” smiled Willow.

“H-hi D-dawn. H-hi B-buffy,” Tara said nervously.

“Hey guys! Mom is finishing the prep for dinner and said for us to entertain you in the living room.”

The four made their way into the living room. Buffy had already set out a selection of drinks for everyone to choose from. Willow and Tara both grabbed a soda, Dawn grabbed a juice, and Buffy a bottle of water.

“Hello girls,” said Joyce as she entered the room, her enigmatic smile calming Tara’s nerves.

“H-hello Mrs. Summers,” said Tara.

“Tara, please call me Joyce,” smiled the older woman.

“Hi Joyce,” said Willow smiling over at her and then taking Tara’s hand and holding it offering the blonde some moral support.

“Dinner should be ready in about 30 minutes.”

“Yeah Will, she even made Shepherd's Pie for you,” said Buffy laughing as the redheads face lit up.


“I know it is your favorite,” Joyce said. “So, how was everyone’s week?”

“LONG,” exclaimed Dawn.

“It was a good week. Membership and personal training opportunities at the gym are up,” said Buffy. “Although I think that Willow had the best week of us all,” said Buffy.

“Why is that?” asked Joyce.

“I got a promotion on Thursday,” Willow said nonchalantly.

“Really? Oh Willow that is fantastic,” said Joyce who stood and went over and hugged the redhead.

“I suppose sleeping with the owners daughter didn’t hurt either,” teased Dawn.

“I had nothing to do with it. I didn’t even know about it until Jesse told us all last night at dinner,” said Tara.


“Yep, I was the first person that Willow told,” Buffy said smugly.

“And you couldn’t clue in your own mother?” Joyce asked teasingly.

“Hell no! I wanted everyone here to see the bright red color Willow is sporting right now .”

“You are an evil woman you know that Buffy,” Willow said as Buffy stuck her tongue out.

“Yep and you love me more for it.”

“So, Tara. You have to be pretty proud of Willow,” said Joyce.

“I am. She does such an amazing job that it really doesn’t surprise me that she totally skipped from an Analyst to a Senior Specialist.”

“You meant that Willow wasn’t promoted to the next level?” asked Dawn.

“I wasn’t?” asked Willow.

“No Sweetie. Most people start like you did as an Analyst then they get promoted to a Specialist, then they move to a Senior Specialist.”

“Oh,” said the stunned redhead.

“That makes tonight even more special,” said Joyce before exiting the room to check on dinner.

“Geez Will, way to underachieve,” teased Dawn as Willow just turned a darker shade of red.

“Oh Sweetie,” said Tara as she put her arm around Willow and pulled her closer and kissed Willow’s temple.

Joyce was standing in the doorway watching Willow and Tara. She was filled with joy when she saw the way Tara took care of Willow. She had wanted Willow to find happiness for so long. After watching the loving display between the two women Joyce re-entered the room.

“Dinner is going to be about another 10 minutes,” said Joyce taking her seat again. “Well, Willow isn’t the only person with news.”

“What news do you have Mom?” asked Buffy.

“Well, I have been offered a job in LA and I think I’m going to take it.”

“Congratulations,” Willow and Tara both said.

“Since when are you looking at jobs in LA?” asked Buffy.

“Does that mean you are selling the house?” asked Dawn.

“I wasn’t looking for a job in LA Buffy. I have been working with a couple of art galleries lately and one of them was impressed with my knowledge and attention to detail that they offered me a position in their gallery. I drove up there yesterday and met with the board and was offered the position on the spot.”

“That’s great Mom,” said Buffy hugging her mother.

“Thank you, Buffy. And to answer your question Dawn, yes I will be selling the house.”

“Great, I cancelled my need for a dorm room two weeks ago. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get a room now.”

“Why would you cancel your dorm room?” asked Willow.

“I was going to stay here at the house and save some money.”

“Well, I might be able to help you with a place to live Dawnie,” said Willow.


“Yeah, my other bit of news this week is that I am moving in with Tara,” said Willow.

“Wow, really?” said Dawn.

“Yeah, so you can have my room at the apartment. That is if Buffy is okay with you as a roommate.”

“You want me to live with HER again?” joked Buffy.

“Yep, and I plan on paying my portion of the rent until the lease is up so you’d just have to pay for utilities and food.”

“Will, you don’t have to pay rent for the rest of the lease,” said Buffy.

“We talked about it Buffy and we feel it is the fair thing to do. Willow doesn’t need to pay rent where I live since TDM pays my rent for now.”

“That is very generous of you Willow. Dawn, Buffy, I think you two need to discuss this,” said Joyce. “I am going to put the house on the market in a couple of weeks. When were you going to be moving in with Tara?”

“Well, it will either be in the next week or it will have to wait a few weeks. Tara and I are being sent out on a promotional tour for the campaign that we worked on.”

“That is fantastic. I am so proud of you Willow and the opportunities that TDM has given you to shine. Tara, your company has been an amazing addition to this town and to to Willow. It is so nice to see her talents recognized and utilized,” Joyce said proudly.

“I think TDM is the lucky one for getting Willow.”

“I think TDM isn’t the only one getting lucky,” Dawn said under her breath giggling.

“Dawn,” warned Joyce.

“Sorry,” said the brunette.

“Well dinner should be done so why don’t you come and set the table Dawn,” said Joyce as she rose and headed towards the kitchen.

“What am I going to do without you here for several weeks?” Buffy asked a pout forming over her lips.

“I’m going to miss you too,” Willow said as she got up and went and hugged her best friend.

“I’ll make sure that she emails, calls, and video chats with you several times per week if not daily while we are gone,” Tara said.

“Thanks Tara,” said Buffy as Willow sat back down next to her girlfriend.

They had dinner and Joyce had made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting for dessert.

“Joyce, everything was amazing,” said Tara as she and Willow started to gather the plates.

“Thank you. You two leave those dishes right where they are. The house elves will get them later.”

“By house elves she means Buffy and I,” added Dawn.

“Nuh uh, she means you squirt,” laughed Buffy.

“Buffy Anne Summers,” Joyce said sternly causing Willow and Tara to giggle.

“Fine, I will help,” Buffy said glaring at the two giggling women.

Dawn and Buffy started to clear the table as Joyce, Willow, and Tara moved back into the living room.

“Tara, I want you to know that I am so happy you are in Willow’s life. I have always wanted to see her happy and I have never seen her happier,” said Joyce.

“Thank you. I don’t know w-what I did so r-right to deserve her, but I’m not giving her back now,” said the blonde as she pulled the redhead close and kissed the side of her head.

“Thank you for your support in this Joyce. You have no idea how much it means to me to have your approval,” said Willow.

“Y-yes, thank you,” added Tara.

Buffy and Dawn joined the others and they decided to watch a movie before Willow and Tara headed back to Tara’s apartment.


~ Branny72
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1- Well, TDM *is* a family business so this makes a very fascinating amount of sense when you think about it.

2- 4 or 5 major cities in 3 weeks? That has its good and bad sides ya you betcha

3- butterfly kisses - I apologize but that had me flashing on the song and well, I remember when Shenandoah's version was in heavy rotation on the country stations and Col. Ollie North also played the pop version on his talk show and it wasn't the best of times for many reasons. Sorry, my stuff.

4- "Warm in this apartment - must be the Sisters Summers."

Nice way to move the story to possibly very interesting places.

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I didn't read this until now, b'coz you write the best start for my week! Thank you again! :kiss1

And now they'll be touring together! :balloons Wow! But the schedule may be a bit too tight. I've been to some launch conferences, and they each lasted like 3 days. I'm just guessing we might like the girls to have a bit of free time in between travelling and meetings... :luv2

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Wow. That's quite an awesome promotion. It's good that they are all so confident and not worried that it will appear to other employees that Willow is getting special treatment. That would suck.

So Joyce is moving to LA and Dawn and Buffy will room together. That should be interesting and volatile.

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Glad to see that Willow's work is being acknowledged with a promotion. Tara being nervous about dinner with Joyce is understandable, but she had nothing to worry about. Buffy and Dawn living together again will be interesting. Looking forward to Willow and Tara going on their tour promoting the campaign.

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Phantasyland: I’m happy I started your week out on a good note! They won’t start the tour until I am thinking Chapter 32, but yeah, it will be interesting!! :sigh

JustSkipIt: Hard work deserves to be rewarded appropriately. Appreciating employees and their work helps build goodwill with employees. I am hoping that Dawn and Buffy have matured enough that they can make it work living together again. :wink

love_2003: Willow has been working hard and management appreciates it. Tara just wants to make a good impression knowing how much Joyce means to Willow. Thanks for reading!! :sigh

:pride :balloons

:smash <--- too cute!

Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Author: Branny72
Feedback: Pretty please…it helps me improve and if I get stuck it gives me ideas on where you would like to see the story go!!

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: Thank you to Willara4ever for all your help with this story. I appreciate your reading it and helping me with the idea.

Chapter 30

“Hey Will, how do you want your books packed?” asked Tara.

“Just put them in a box, I’ll organize them when we get home…” said Willow as a huge smile crossed her face.

“What’s that smile for?” asked Tara wrapping her arms around the redhead and pulling her close.

“I get to come home to you nightly,” said Willow as she leaned forward and capturing Tara’s lips with her own and wrapping her arms around the blondes neck.

The two stood there kissing, enjoying the moment.

“Ugh! Get a room,” scoffed Dawn as she walked into what would soon be her room.

“I’m in my room,” Willow said into Tara’s lips.

“Nuh uh. This is my room now, you just need to get your crap out of it,” said Dawn crossing her arms, smirking, and staring at the two women who were still kissing.

“Dawn behave,” said Joyce which caused Willow and Tara grudgingly to separate.

“Mom, they are making out in my room,” whined Dawn.

“Technically Dawn, this is Willow’s room and because of her kindness you will be living here rent free, so I would be nice,” said Joyce winking at Willow and Tara.

Willow hearing Joyce’s statement to Dawn made her smile and she stuck her tongue out at the teen only to be pinched by Tara and given a mock stern look. Willow looked at Tara and her eyes conveyed that she was sorry (that she got caught).


“Alright Willow, that is the last of the boxes,” said Angel as he, Connor, and Donnie put down the boxes they had just brought in.

“Thanks guys! I really appreciate your help,” said Willow bringing three beers out of the kitchen for the men.

“Hey, you make my sister happy,” said Donnie grabbing the beer and taking a long drink.

“My pleasure Willow,” said Angel taking his beer and giving her a genuine smile.

“As long as you are happy, that is all that truly matters,” Connor said resting a hand on Willow’s shoulder before taking the beer.

Tara came out of the bedroom and wrapped her arms around Willow’s waist from behind and kissed the side of her head.

“I’ve never been happier,” said Willow placing her hands over Tara’s and glancing over her shoulder at the blonde and smiling.

“Dinner is on me,” said Tara. “What do you guys want for your help?”

“Pizza,” called out Dawn as she entered the apartment.

“I think that sounds good,” said Angel.

“Angel, you never eat pizza,” said Buffy looking wide-eyed and her ex.

“A guy can change,” Angel said smiling at her.

“Yo T,” called Faith as she carried in a stack of pizza’s followed by Emily who had soda and beer.

“Faith? Is this how you now spend your weekends? You’re doing pizza delivery,” laughed Tara as she took the pizza’s from her best friend.

“Very funny. Your dad sent me to bring you and your little band of helpers dinner.”

“That was nice of your father,” said Joyce grabbing some napkins off the counter.

Tara set the pizza’s down on the dining room table and then moved back to holding Willow.

“Yeah, he’s okay,” said Donnie as he was starting to open the pizza boxes.

“Just okay?” came a voice from the front door that was open.

“Daddy,” said Tara letting go of Willow and hurrying over to hug her father.

“Hi Honey!”

Tara hugged her father tight before escorting him inside and closing the door behind him.

“When did you get back in town?”

“About an hour ago. I had asked Faith on Friday to get pizza’s for everyone when you and Willow started the move,” said Donald smiling at his daughter.

“You are the best,” said Tara hugging her father again.

“I know,” laughed Donald. “And there is nothing that I won’t do for my little girl.”

“Thank you,” said Willow walking over to Tara’s side.

“You are very welcome,” smiled Donald and placed his hand on Willow’s shoulder. “So, I know most of the people here, except those three.”

“This is my best friend Buffy, her sister Dawn, and their mom and essentially my mom over the years Joyce Summers,” Willow introduced him to her family.

“It is very nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you,” said Joyce shaking Donald’s hand.

“Depending on whom it is from I would suggest only believing the good stuff,” laughed Donald.

“It has all been good. The happiness that your daughter and your company have brought Willow is beyond words. I have waited so long for her to find true happiness.”

“Well, I believe it was fate that was waiting for the right time for the two girls to meet. I don’t believe that I had anything to do with it,” said Donald as both Willow and Tara blushed.

The group gathered around the small table and grabbed slices of pizza and ate and talked. Tara and Willow noticed that Donald and Joyce had spent a lot of time talking. They were both happy to see their parents laughing and having a good time.

Donnie noticed that Tara was looking around the room and smiling.

“Whatcha smiling at Sis,” Donnie said as he made his way through the group and over to where Tara was standing.

“It feels nice to have so many people in our life...I miss Mom, but this reminds me of all the friends she used to make wherever we lived and the parties she and Dad used to throw.”

“Yeah, it does sort of feel like that,” agreed Donnie.

After a couple of hours of eating, laughing, and enjoying each others company the group helped Willow and Tara clean up the pizza and cans from dinner and then headed off leaving the girls alone for their first night officially living together.


“So Dawn, are you staying at the house or at Buffy’s apartment tonight?” asked Joyce as the three walked back towards Buffy’s place and where Joyce was parked.

“Um, I think I’ll stay at the house tonight so that I can finish packing.”

“How much do you have left to pack?” asked Buffy as they stopped at Joyce’s car.

“Just a few clothes in my closet and my small bookshelf,” said Dawn registering the look of approval from her mother.

As soon as Dawn learned that she was going to be moving in with Buffy she had started to gather boxes and pack things so that she could move as quickly as needed. She knew that her mom wanted to get the house on the market and it would be easier if the brunette had her stuff out of the house.

“Did you want some help moving stuff tomorrow?”

“That would be very nice of you Buffy,” said Joyce smiling at both of her daughters.

“I’ll call you when I have finished my run with Donnie and showered,” said Buffy to her sister before hugging Dawn and Joyce before they got into the car.

“Thanks Buffy,” said Dawn as Joyce pulled away and Buffy turned and went into her apartment.

“First and last night living alone,” thought Buffy as she entered the apartment.

Buffy looked around the apartment and realized that it felt truly empty without Willow there. The two women had lived together for so long that she wasn’t sure what she was going to do without the redhead there. Yes, Willow hadn’t been around a lot since she started working at TDM and dating Tara, but she still lived here and the blonde always felt her presence. Buffy moved towards the front closet and opened the door and found one of Willow’s old hoodies hanging there. She pulled the hoodie out and held it close sniffing and smelling the redhead on it.

“I want you to be happy Willow, I just don’t want to lose your friendship. You are my best friend and the first person that I think to tell anything to. I hope that you and Tara are happy, but don’t forget me,” thought Buffy as she curled up on the couch holding the hoodie.


“Hey Will,” said Tara as she came out of the kitchen headed towards the office/spare bedroom where the redhead was unpacking her books and placing them on the bookshelves they had gotten the day before..

“Yeah Baby,” Willow said looking up at the blonde as she entered the room.

“I was wondering if you needed any help.”

“Well, I could use a hug and a kiss from a sexy blonde…”

“Mmmm, I think I can help with that,” said Tara as she extended her hand and pulled Willow up from where she was kneeling. Once Willow was standing up Tara wrapped her arms around the redhead’s waist and pulled her as close as she could. “How is this?”

“Well,” started Willow wrapping her arms around the blonde’s neck. “I am definitely enjoying the closeness. Now, what do you say we work on fulfilling that kissing request.”

Without another word Tara leaned forward and captured Willow’s lips with her own and kissed the redhead passionately. Willow felt her legs weaken as her tongue dueled with Tara’s tongue.

“Mmmm, that definitely helps,” said Willow as she pulled away from the kiss and rested her forehead on Tara’s.

“Well, that was the plan,” Tara smiled before leaning in and kissing the redhead a couple more times. The kisses were chaste, but they both felt them deep inside.

Willow stepped out of Tara’s embrace and knelt back down and went back to organizing her books. Tara noticed that the redhead had a notepad on the floor and several colored pens.

“Sweetie, what are all those pens for?” asked Tara sitting down in a chair near where the redhead was working.

“Oh, you see whenever I set up my books I create a drawing for myself as sort of a reference key for how they are organized. Sometimes it is nice to re-organize them. Let me show you. Blue is for fiction books, not that I read a lot of them. Red is for encyclopedias, because they contain important information and facts. Green for textbooks, growing knowledge and understanding. And black is for miscellaneous books. Joyce one year for my birthday got me a beginners cookbook. I was going to keep in fiction, we all know my cooking, but I put it in miscellaneous. Stop looking at me like that. I am not crazy or insane,” said Willow blushing.

“I never said you were crazy or insane. I think I would call you quirky,” laughed Tara.

“Watch it Maclay, you no longer sleep alone,” said Willow who stood up and made her way over to the chair that Tara was sitting in. Willow placed her hands on the arms of the chair and leaned forward so that her eyes were level with Tara’s and then after looking into Tara’s darkening blue eyes Willow felt herself gulp at the intense look of passion growing in Tara’s eyes.

“Let’s go to bed and you can remind me of how I no longer sleep alone over and over,” Tara said licking her lips and seeing Willow’s eyes watching the very movement of her tongue.

Willow nodded, unable to speak. Tara stood and taking Willow’s hand led her out of the office, through the apartment and into the bedroom.


Morning arrived and Buffy was outside stretching when Donnie arrived for their morning run. It was another sunny but not too warm morning. Buffy was grateful that they had only had a few days where it was either too wet or windy and they couldn’t run. On those few mornings they went to the gym and ran on the treadmills. Donnie had stayed true to his word and was working diligently on his training. He was eating better, drinking more water, and not pushing himself too hard so that he could avoid injuries.

“So, how was it having the apartment to yourself last night?” asked Donnie as he started his stretches.

“It was different. I’ve lived with Willow since we graduated from High School. I’m used to her and all of her quirks.”

“I can imagine. I bet it will be a transition for you to live with your sister again.”

“Do you think you could live with Tara again?” Buffy asked Donnie.

“I don’t know honestly. We are both very set in our ways. I know that she loves Willow and they are going to be fine, but I don’t know that I would be able to live with Tara or anyone else at the moment. Right now bachelor life is working out pretty well for me.”

“Willow is great to live with. Your sister is lucky,” said Buffy as they set out on their run.

“Is that because you broke her in?” teased Donnie.

“Of course, but don’t let either of them hear that being said.”


“Dawn, are you packed?” asked Joyce as she stuck her head in the teens bedroom noticing the bare walls and the empty desk.

“Yeah, I just finished packing,” Dawn said as she fastened down the tape sealing the last box.

“Great. I left a message for Buffy. I bet she is still out running with Donnie.”

“Yeah, they tend to start their run later and run longer on the weekend.”

“Well, once we get you moved I am going to meet with the realtor to discuss selling the house.”

“I can’t believe you are moving to LA,” said Dawn a tear in her eye as she sat down hard on the bed. Joyce made her way over to the teen and sat down next to her.

“Dawn, this is an amazing opportunity for me. Do you want me to pass it up while Buffy has started her life and while you start college?”

“Well, no. I just...I’m going...I’ll miss you.”

“Dawnie, I am only going a short distance to LA and we’ll stay in touch and you can come visit every weekend if you want,” said Joyce as she pulled the teen into her arms. “I love you and I will miss you too.”


Willow woke as a stream of sunlight broke through the curtains and streaked up the bed and across her eyes. She looked around the room and saw her stuff intermixed with Tara’s. She smiled to herself realizing that it really happened, she was living with Tara, the woman she was madly in love with. She had never known how intense and captivating true love could be until she met Tara.

“Look at her. Her face is so peaceful and angelic. The sunlight just highlights blonde strands of her hair. She is so beautiful and amazing. I can’t believe that she is mine. That she is in love with me,” thought Willow.

She lay there watching Tara sleep for about 20 minutes before the blonde started to stir.

“Morning beautiful,” said Willow leaning over and kissing the side of the blondes head.

“G’morning,” Tara replied her voice still full of sleep.

Willow smiled at the blonde fighting to keep her eyes open, but they kept closing. Reaching up Willow ran her fingers through the blonde’s hair. Tara let out a soft groan of appreciation for the attention.

“You look like an angel when the sunlight hits your hair while you are sleeping,” Willow said leaning up and kissing Tara softly on the lips.

Tara lifted the covers revealing their naked bodies. “Um, I don’t believe I’m all that angelic. We both appear to be naked and I have a very vivid memory of doing some very *cough* naughty things to you last night.”

Willow blushed remembering the “christening” of THEIR bed. They had spent hours making love and worshiping one another’s body.

“Sweetie, that shade of red tells me that I’m not the only one who remembers last night,” laughed Tara and leaned in and kissed Willow her tongue running along the redheads lower lip requesting entrance.

Willow feeling Tara’s tongue on her lower lip smiled and opened her lips granting access. Their tongues rubbing against one another. They moaned and their bodies entwined together. As things were heating up Willow’s phone rang out.

“Don’t answer it,” Tara said pulling Willow on top of her and pressing their bodies together tightly.

“I have to, Baby. I’m on-call this weekend,” said Willow reaching for her phone on her nightstand.

“Fine,” Tara relented letting her grip on the redhead relax, but not letting her move from laying on top of the blonde.

“Hello, this is Willow,” said Willow answering her phone.

“Hey Willow, it’s Tyler. I’m really sorry to bother you. We have a server that is unreachable and I haven’t got a clue what to do. I have tried bouncing ports as well.”

“Hi Tyler. I know you wouldn’t call if it wasn’t important. Which server is down?”

“I’m connected to Scooby and I’m trying to talk to Shaggy and it won’t respond. I wouldn’t be concerned, but we have a lot of processes running on that server.”

“Okay, I’ll log in and see if I can do anything from here otherwise I’ll come in.”

“Thanks Willow,” said Tyler and then he hung up.

Willow leaned down and kissed Tara soundly.

“Don’t tease, go do your work,” said Tara kissing the tip of Willow’s nose while running her hands up and down the redheads arms.

“I love you. I’m so sorry.”

“I love you too and I understand.”

Willow got up, grabbed her robe and laptop and headed to the office to log in and check on the trouble.


Buffy finished with her run and took a quick cool shower before checking her messages. When she finally listened to her messages she heard one from her Mom about moving Dawn in. Buffy took a deep breath and then headed over to her Mom’s to start moving Dawn’s stuff in.

“Buffy, good morning,” said Joyce as her eldest daughter entered the house alerting her that she was in the kitchen.

“Good morning Mom! I got your message about helping Squirt get moved in,” said Buffy as she entered and quickly poured herself a glass of orange juice.

“You know I hate it when you call me Squirt,” said Dawn entering the room and glaring at her sister.

“Yep and I don’t care,” laughed Buffy who received a disapproving look from her mother.

“Well, then you get to carry the heavy boxes,” said Dawn.

“Why me?”

“Because I am telling you too,” said Joyce sternly.

“Fine,” said Buffy in defeat.


Tara lay in bed listening to Willow in the other room type on her laptop. Every couple of minutes she would hear the redhead talking to her computer and it amused her. After twenty minutes Tara decided that Willow wasn’t going to be coming back to bed soon so she got out of bed, grabbed her robe, and went into the kitchen to start the coffee. Tara knew that if she wanted Willow to be most alert Willow would need her morning coffee.

Tara poured herself a cup of coffee and then poured a second cup and added some cream and sugar and headed towards the office. She stood in the doorway watching Willow work and amazed at how fast the redhead’s fingers were flying across the keyboard.

“Hey Sweetie, I brought you some coffee,” Tara said smiling and setting the mug down on the coaster and kissing the side of Willow’s head.

“Thanks Baby,” smiled Willow looking up from her computer. “I should be done here soon. I am just reading through the log to see if I can figure out why the server went down.”

“I didn’t mean to interrupt you.”

“Hey,” said Willow standing up and walking over to where the blonde stood.

“Will, you’re working,” said Tara

“You never interrupt me. I love you and there is nothing more important than you in my world,” said Willow wrapping her arms around Tara’s neck and pulling the blonde into a sensual kiss.

“Finish your work and then I will make us breakfast.”

Willow winked at the blonde. “I could just have you for breakfast.”

“Then you better hurry. I’ll be waiting in bed,” Tara said slipping her hand inside Willow’s robe and ran her fingers up the redheads stomach to the underside of one of the redheads breasts.

Willow audibly gulped causing Tara to smile as she pulled her hand back and left the room. After standing there for a minute Willow regained use of her mind and quickly went back to finish her work.


Buffy, Dawn, and Joyce were moving some boxes from Joyce’s car towards the apartment when Willow and Tara rounded the corner.

“Hey Wills,” said Dawn setting down the box she had been carrying.

“Good afternoon ladies,” said Joyce turning towards the two that had just arrived.

“Made it out of bed did ya,” said Buffy causing the two women to blush. “I didn’t think you would.”

“Buffy,” exclaimed Joyce who then started to smirk seeing the color Willow and Tara had both turned.

“I will have you know I was up and out of bed early this,” said Willow.

“She was,” confirmed Tara seeing the look of disbelief in the former roommates eyes.

“Oh, that’s right, you’re on-call this weekend aren’t you?” giggled Buffy as her best friend was still red and unable to make eye contact with her.

Dawn, Joyce, and Tara each grabbed a box and started to make their way up to the apartment leaving Willow and Buffy talking.

“Yeah, I’m on-call. Talk about a way to ruin the morning.”

“So you were ‘busy’ when the call came in huh?”

“Very busy,” confirmed Willow with a coy smile.

“Well, you two now live together and you can have all the ‘busy’ time you want,” teased Buffy.

“Yes we can,” gloated Willow as she bumped shoulders with Buffy and they each grabbed a box and headed upstairs.


As Joyce, Dawn, and Tara made their way into the apartment they put the boxes in Dawn’s room. The room already had several boxes stacked along the far wall. There were boxes labelled clothes, books, shoes, and school.

“Thank you Tara for helping us carry the boxes up,” said Joyce smiling at the blonde. She still didn’t know Tara well, but she could sense that she was a good person and that was what was important to her.

“No p-p-problem,” Tara smiled back at her. “Is there m-much m-more to move?”

“No, the boxes we just brought up and the boxes that are downstairs are all that Dawn has left.”

“I can’t believe that it only took us four hours to move all my stuff over here,” said Dawn.

“Dawnie, you have four boxes labeled shoes?” said Tara cocking her head to one side.

“Buffy always told me that you need to have many shoes to choose from so that you are always stylish.”

“Awww, you do listen to little me?” said Buffy as she and Willow entered with the last two boxes.

The two women that had just entered the room set their boxes over with the others and then Willow walked over and wrapped her arm around Tara’s waist and she felt the blonde wrap her arm around the redheads shoulders. Tara without thinking kissed the side of Willow’s head.

Joyce, Buffy, and Dawn watched the loving exchange between the blonde and redhead. They knew deep inside that they were witnessing the love between soul mates. These two were truly meant to be together.


Willow and Tara had only been living together for a few days, but they had their morning routine down for getting ready for work. Each day they would get up, shower, get dressed, have breakfast, clean up, and then head to the office together. At the end of the day one of them would meet the other at their desk and they would head home, make dinner, and cuddle. Tara was amazed at how in a matter of days they had become perfectly domesticated. The best part was that neither of them minded the domestication.


Jesse made his way through the maze of cubes over to Willow’s desk. He saw the redhead working at the computer, her fingers flying along the keyboard.

“Willow, I’m sorry to interrupt you, but I’d like to talk with you about the campaign tour and a few projects that I would like you to work on during that time.”

“Of course,” said Willow saving her work and grabbing her tablet and following Jesse to his office.

The meeting took longer than either had planned. Jesse hadn’t anticipated Willow have so many questions and suggestions. They blocked out the three weeks for Willow to be gone and they had agreed on the projects that she would be responsible for while she was gone.

“We’ll get you a new laptop and I’ll make sure that everything is loaded for you and that we get you the necessary access cards.”

“Thank you,” Willow said excitedly.

Willow exited Jesse’s office and when she got back to her desk she looks at the clock and is surprised to see that she was in there for 2-½ hours. It is close to 6 pm and she sees a note from Tara. Willow opened the letter and read it.

I stopped by to get you when work was over and Tyler told me that you were in with Jesse. I waited for a while, but I’m exhausted *wink* because of the ‘early’ start we had to the day. I’ll see you when you get home. Shoot me a text when you are leaving and I’ll get dinner started.

Love you,

Willow smiled to herself remembering earlier that morning. She had awoken before Tara again and watching the blonde sleep sparked her arousal and she woke the blonde by kissing her neck softly.

“Um Willow,” said the man coming up to her cube causing the redhead to jump.

“Huh?” asked Willow.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” smiled the man.

“It’s okay, I was just lost in thought. What can I do for you Tyler?” asked Willow noticing the intimidated look the thin man had on his face.

“We are having problems with Scooby and Shaggy again. I know that rebooting Shaggy worked over the weekend, but today it isn’t working. I w-w-was h-hoping you might h-have some time to help us figure it out.”


“Well, myself and two other server techs,” said Tyler stepping backwards slightly.

“Sure. Give me two minutes to make a quick call and then I’ll meet you guys in the server room.”

“T-thank you,” said Tyler. He quickly left the area and returned to the server room.

Willow picked up her phone and dialed Tara’s cell number.

“Hello,” said Tara answering her phone.

“Hey Sexy,” said Willow.

“Sweetie! Hi!”

“I just wanted to call to let you know that I’m going to be here even later than planned. I am out of my meeting with Jesse, but those two servers from over the weekend are acting up again so I’m going to try to help the server guys figure out what is going on.”

“Alright Sweetie. Text or call me when you are heading home and I’ll start dinner.”

“I don’t want you to wait for me. I don’t know when I’m going to be done here. Please, just eat and I can warm something up with I get home.”

“Are you sure?” asked Tara.

“Yep. I have to get going. I love you,” said Willow smiling as the words left her mouth.

“I love you too! Hurry home,” Tara said. The love in her voice caused their breath to catch.

Willow hung up the phone and headed to the server room.


“Thanks for the ride home Tyler. Getting a cab in Sunnydale at this time of the night is next to impossible,” Willow said as he pulled up outside the apartment building.

“It was the least I could do. I can’t believe you stayed so late to help us.”

Willow glanced over at the dashboard clock and saw that it was 2 in the morning and she internally groaned.

“Well, we needed to get the servers back up and running. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, er, later today.”

“Thanks again Willow,” said Tyler as the redhead exited the car. Tyler watched until he was certain Willow was inside and up to her apartment, although he had no clue which one was hers.

Willow quietly opened the door to the apartment. She saw it was dimly lit for her to safely find her way throughout the apartment. She put her purse on the handle of the closet door and stopped in the kitchen and grabbed a cold bottle of water before making her way to the bedroom.

“You’re home late,” mumbled Tara sleepily mostly into Willow’s pillow that she was curled up with.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you,” said Willow as she finished changing into her sleep clothes and started to slip into bed.

“I never sleep well without you by my side. What time is it?”

“A little after 2 in the morning.”

“Did you just say it is a little after 2 in the morning?” asked Tara as Willow cuddled up to her.

“Yes, unfortunately I did.”

“Oh Sweetie! Did you eat? You have to be exhausted. Did you get things fixed?” asked Tara her mind now more awake.

“Baby, I just need to be as close to you as I can be. That is what I truly need. And yes, we got the damn things working again.”

Tara leaned over and kissed the redhead gently before pulling their bodies together which allowed them both to drift off to sleep.


Willow and Tara walked into the Espresso Pump and Tara’s face lit up when she saw that Dawn was working. The young brunette saw the two women enter and smiled in their direction.

“Hey Willow, Tara,” Dawn said when they reached the counter.

“Good morning, Dawnie,” Tara cheerfully said as Willow half heartedly waved at Dawn.

“Geez Will, you look like crap,” laughed Dawn.

“I didn’t get home until 2 this morning,” Willow said softly.

“And you are headed in to work now?”

“Well yeah. I have a job to do,” said Willow.

“She wouldn’t stay and sleep in like I told her to,” added Tara.

“So, am I making 1 or 2 Willow specials?” asked Dawn.

“Two please,” Tara said as Dawn nodded and went to make their drinks as Tara escorted Willow over to a nearby table.

Dawn finished making the drinks and brought them over to the table. Tara paid for their drinks and the two women headed to the office.

Tara pulled into the parking ramp and into her reserved spot and looked over at the redhead who was looking at her smiling.

“What are you smiling at?” asked Tara as she turned the car off.

“The hotness of you,” replied Willow before leaning over and softly kissing Tara on the lips.

“I love you, Sweetie,” Tara said pulling back from the kiss.

“I love you too. I’ll see you after work,” Willow smiled and quickly kissed the blonde again.


“Hi Jesse,” said Willow as her boss walked up to her desk with a smile on his face.

“Hi Will. I wanted to say thanks for staying last night and helping the guys get Scooby and Shaggy fixed.”

“No problem. I am just glad we finally got things up and running. How’d you know I was here so late?”

“Tyler stopped by and filled me in on things. I can’t believe you were in so early this morning,” said Jesse.

“Well, just because I stayed late didn’t mean that my regular workload went down any,” Willow smiled tiredly at her boss.

“Well, don’t push yourself. If you need to go home, please do so,” Jesse stated as he left Willow’s desk.

Willow stared at her computer trying to remember where she was in her program and where she was headed with it. She knew that she wasn’t 100% today, but she had a job to do. Tara had Dawn deliver another coffee and a sandwich for Willow mid-day so that Willow would eat something and to help her stay awake. After the delivery Willow text messaged Tara thanking her and telling her that she needed tonight as a quiet night. Tara said she would take care of dinner and draw a bath for them to share. Willow was smiling at the message when she heard someone headed towards her desk. Since Xander was gone anyone who came back that way could be heard clearly.

“Good afternoon, Tyler,” Willow said looking up as Tyler walked up to her desk.

“Hi Willow. How are you doing today?”

“Exhausted, but okay. How are you doing?”

“A-about the same.”

“Thanks for talking to Jesse, but you really didn’t have to. It was what being on-call entails.”

“Yeah, but you taught all of us a lot and nobody ever takes that k-kind of time for us. Hell, most people avoid eye contact with us. We’re just the lower guys on the corporate totem pole.”

“That isn’t true. You three are the ones that keep us up and running.”

“T-thanks. Um, I d-do have one q-question for you…”

“What’s up?” Willow asked as her phone beeped signifying that she had another message from Tara.

“W-would you um, like to go out for um dinner and stuff with me some t-time?” asked Tyler as he quickly looked away avoiding eye contact with the redhead.

“Are you asking me out on a date?” asked Willow stunned by the man’s question.

“Yes,” said Tyler his palms starting to sweat.

Willow continued to stare at the man trying to figure out how to let him down easily without making him feel embarrassed.


~ Branny72
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DIBS again, I guess! I found out there was an update, and I just dropped everything again! Patience is so not my middle name!

The idea of FATE bringing the girls together was sweet.

I also appreciate it that Joyce doesn't have to sacrifice her opportunity and her life for her offspring. That happens too often.

As to what to say to Tyler (isn't Willow out yet?) - can't she just say she is seeing someone?

I love this story, and even if I try not to read it until Monday, it makes any day way better. Thank you! :flower

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This story just makes me happy. It's well written, and the story line is plausible. Keep up the good work!

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Heather (vampyregurl73): I am glad that my story makes you happy! :banana I hope you continue to enjoy the direction it goes in. Thanks for reading :sighagain

Phantasyland: I like the idea of fate as well! You’ll have to read the update to find out what Willow says to Tyler. Yep, I’m a brat that way. Thanks for being a loyal reader and reviewer. :flower

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Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Author: Branny72
Feedback: Pretty please…it helps me improve and if I get stuck it gives me ideas on where you would like to see the story go!!

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: Thank you to Willara4ever for all your help with this story. I appreciate your reading it and helping me with the idea.

Chapter 31

“W-would you um, like to go out for um dinner and stuff with me some t-time?” asked Tyler as he quickly looked away avoiding eye contact with the redhead.

“Are you asking me out on a date?” asked Willow stunned by the man’s question.

“Yes,” said Tyler his palms starting to sweat.

Willow continued to stare at the man trying to figure out how to let him down easily without making him feel embarrassed.


“Tyler, I am flattered, I truly am, but I’m already seeing someone. We actually just moved in together over the weekend,” Willow said knowing how it felt to be rejected and hoping that she was letting the man down easily enough.

“Oh,” Tyler said blushing and looking down at his feet. “Now that I have completely embarrassed myself I am going to go back to the server room.”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about,” Willow said standing and placing a hand on the man’s shoulder. “You didn’t know that I was seeing anyone.”

“Have you been together long? Is it serious?”

“We’ve been together for going on four months now. And yes, it is very serious.”

“Well, congratulations,” Tyler mumbled and then hurried out of the cube and over to the door labeled ‘Mystery Machine’ for the server room.

Willow stood there contemplating what just happened and she hoped that she had let him down better than she had been let down in the past. She hadn’t really had any luck with dating before Oz came into the picture. She had found a lot of rejection in her early High School years, but then she found Oz. Not that it worked out to be a completely pleasant relationship, they did have their good times and that she would cherish.

Willow’s phone beeped again and she remembered that she had a message from Tara yet to read. Reaching down and picking her phone up she read the message from Tara.

“So, do you want scented bubbles for that bubble bath we are going to enjoy tonight? I was thinking either vanilla or lavender. Thoughts?

Willow closed her eyes as a smile crept across her face imagining how exquisite the bath was going to be. Willow glanced at the second message she received from Tara.

“You didn’t fall asleep did you? If so, please tell me you put a napkin under you so that it will absorb the drool.”

Willow laughed and quickly responded. “Vanilla definitely. I didn’t fall asleep I was daydreaming about your sexy body pressed against mine while bubbles floated up from the water while I did very, very naughty things to you. Oh and I don’t drool.”

Willow was amused with her response and sitting back down in her chair she smiled waiting to see what the gorgeous blonde sent back. Thankfully she didn’t have to wait long.

“Oh my…*gulp* It appears to be a little warm up here. I am definitely looking forward to your version of the bath tonight. Maybe I’ll have to get some chocolate covered strawberries to feed you while your hands are all over my body.”

Willow read the text several times. She blushed each time and could feel the temperature in her part of the office definitely rising.

“Touché,” was all Willow could think to send in her reply to Tara. She knew the blonde was laughing as she read it.

“I love you, Willow. I’ll swing by your desk in about an hour and we’ll head home,” replied Tara.

“I love you too! I’ll be counting the minutes.”

Willow looked at the clock and knew this was going to be a very long hour.


Tara had just set her phone down when she heard a knock at her door. She stated for the person to come in. When the door opened she saw that it was Donnie.

“Do you have a minute for something non-work related?” asked her brother.

“Of course. Come in and have a seat.”

Donnie entered and took a seat in the chair on the opposite Tara.

“Well, I need some sisterly advice…” he started seeing his sister raise an eyebrow. “I was thinking about asking Buffy out on a date. I just don’t know if it is a good idea or if I am going to make an ass out of myself.”

“Personally Donnie, I think it is a good idea. I wasn’t aware you had feeling for her. I thought you said that it was just a trainer/trainee relationship.”

“It is/was...I don’t know Sis. I enjoy spending time with her, but I don’t know if it is romantic feelings I’m experiencing or if it is just a true friendship. We both know it has been a long while since I’ve had either. And after seeing how happy you and Willow are I thought I might try it again.”

“So, I say ask her out. The worst she can say is no.”

“Do you think she’ll say yes?”

“You know her better than I do. You spend every morning running and training with her. I think if you want to go out with her you should ask her though.”

“Will it make things awkward for you and Willow if I go out on a date with her best friend?”

“I’m not certain why you think it would be awkward, but no. Both Willow and I just want you and Buffy to be happy. If it is together, great...if it isn’t as long as you are happy we’re happy,” Tara said as she rose and walked around her desk to sit next to her brother.

“I’m nervous. I never get nervous,” laughed Donnie.

“Call the woman and ask her. Do you want me to sit here for support?” asked Tara giving her brother a reassuring smile.

“Yes please,” said Donnie. He knew that the connection between him and his sister was a unique one and he loved that they were each others best friend and confidant.


Donnie picked up his phone and after taking a deep breath he pushed the button to call Buffy.

“Hey Donnie!”

“Hi Buffy. I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time.”

“Not at all. I was just trying to decide beans ‘n weenies or mac ‘n cheese for dinner.”

“Sounds nutritious,” Donnie laughed nervously as Tara put her hand on his shoulder and that seemed to calm him. “I was um wondering if you had plans Saturday night.”

“None that I know of. What’s up?” asked Buffy.

“I was wondering if you would like to go out on a date with me?”

“Sounds like fun,” responded Buffy causing Donnie to physically relax.

“Great, I’ll pick you up at say 7? We’ll go to dinner and then maybe a walk on the beach or something.”

“Sounds great. I’ll see you then. Oh, and for your runs leading up until then.”

“Okay. See you later,” said Donnie a huge grin plastered on his face.

“Bye,” said Buffy before both parties hung up their phone.

Donnie turned to Tara and smiled.

“Thanks Sis,” said Donnie.

“That is what little sisters are for,” she smiled.

“Really? I thought it was to annoy the hell out of their older brothers. Huh...who knew,” teased Donnie as Tara playfully swatted his arm.

“Get out of my office,” Tara said laughing at her brother as he stood up and started walking towards the door.

“You’re the best Sis,” Donnie said as he turned, smiled at Tara and then left.


Willow had been working on her computer so lost in the coding that she didn’t notice the time until Tara was standing next to her.

“Are you ready?” asked Tara as Willow looked up and smiled at her.

“Let me just save this program and shut down. Sorry I got lost in code for a bit there.”

“That’s fine.”

Willow saved her program and exited her computer. She turned and grabbed her stuff and she and Tara headed towards the elevator. Tyler was already standing there waiting for the car to arrive. His eyes widened when he saw Willow and Tara walking towards him. Willow was trying not to react, but Tara could tell something was up.

“H-hi Willow. Ms. Maclay,” said Tyler before looking down.

“Really Tyler, please, call me Tara,” said Tara offering the man a warm smile. “How was your day?”

“I-it was okay,” said Tyler trying to keep his focus on Tara, but he could still see Willow off to the side. “How was yours?”

“Long, and I’m very happy it is over and the weekend is here!”

Willow was quiet and avoiding eye contact with either person. She didn’t want to embarrass Tyler, and she wanted to remain professional with Tara while they were in the building. The last thing Willow would ever want is for people to think she was getting ahead for reason other than her performance. She took great pride in her reputation and wasn’t willing to compromise it.

Tara wasn’t sure why Willow was so quiet. She hoped it wasn’t anything she’d done. As the elevator doors opened Tyler allowed Willow and Tara to get on before him, both girls thanking him. Once the doors closed Willow felt the elevator closing in on her. She hoped this was the quickest ride ever.

As they reached the main floor Willow hurried out of the elevator with Tara closely behind her.

“Will? What’s going on?” asked Tara as they reached the car.

“I’ll explain at home,” said Willow as she got into Tara’s car just as Tyler entered the parking ramp on their level.

“Alright,” Tara said confused on what had changed from the redheads desk and the elevator.

Willow was silent on the drive home and Tara not wanting to push anything remained quiet as well.

Once they entered the apartment Willow quickly put her stuff down and went into the bedroom and started to change out of her work clothes. She was standing in her bra and panties when Tara came up behind her and wrapped her arms around the redhead and placed a few tender kisses to her neck.

“Wanna tell me what is going on?” asked Tara finally as she felt Willow leaning into her embrace.

“Tyler asked me out on a date this morning,” Willow said as she watched Tara’s reaction in the mirror in front of her.

“Really?” smirked Tara kissing along Willow’s neck. “I must say he has great taste. What did you tell him?”

“I told him that I was already involved with someone. He then asked if it was serious, and I told him it was and that we had just moved in together over the weekend.”

“All of which happens to be true. So, what is the issue?”

“I don’t know, I just felt bad for the guy. I know what it feels like to put yourself out there and to be rejected.”

“Willow, Sweetie, turn and look at me,” said Tara as the redhead turned in her arms. “I know that you are sympathetic to other people’s feelings, especially when you yourself have been in that situation. Your kindness is one of the many things I love about you. I’m certain that however you let him down, you did it with the utmost care and sensitivity.”

“I tried to make it as painless as I could. I just still feel bad,” said Willow hugging her girlfriend and enjoying the closeness.

“Give it time Sweetie. Now, how about we get started with that dinner and bath you were promised?”

“I think I need a kiss first.”

“Mmmm, yes ma’am,” said Tara as she leaned over and kissed the redhead soundly.


Buffy hung up the phone and sat there staring out the window of her office lost in thought until she heard a knock on the door and the gym receptionist poked her head in.

“Buffy, there is someone named Faith Lehane wanting to speak with you. Do you have time or would you like me to tell her you are busy?”

“Send her in,” Buffy said smiling.

Faith entered the office and Buffy stood and shook her hand and they exchanged the normal pleasantries.

“What can I do for you Faith?” asked Buffy as she sat back down behind her desk and motioned for Faith to have a seat across from her.

“Well, I wanted to see if you might be able to start those self-defense classes when Willow and Tara get back from their trip.”

“Willow and Tara are going on a trip?” asked Buffy. “Oh wait, is this that promotional tour thingy?”

“Yeah, they are going to be gone for three weeks, but once they get back I’d like to get started. I would also like to get Em in there as well.”

“So, Emily is sticking around for a while?”

“I think I have her convinced to move in with me. We’re going to discuss it fully this weekend,” Faith said grinning.

“Well, I’m ready to start the classes whenever you have a group ready.”

“Sounds good to me. I’ll send out an announcement at work and let you know what sort of interest we have.”

“That works for me. I can start a class while Will and Tara are gone as well, I’m willing to do one night per week while they are gone and then I can start another class on another night when they get back and we can make sure that they are in that class.”

“That sounds great B,” smiled Faith. “I’ll send out the email on Monday and let you know what response I get.”

“Great,” said Buffy jotting down a note in her calendar to follow-up with Faith the following week.


Tara handed Willow a silk robe and told her to put it on and only the silk robe. Willow smiled at the blonde as she left the room and Willow heard the water start running.

After changing into just the robe Willow made her way to the bathroom door and as she was reaching for the doorknob Tara opened the door enough to slip out without Willow seeing what was going on inside the bathroom..

“Are you ready for your bath my love?” asked Tara.

“Only if you are joining me,” Willow replied in a sultry voice.

Tara grabbed the ties of Willow’s robe and led her towards the bathroom. When the door opened Willow saw that the room was lit by candles, there was a bottle of wine chilling and two glasses next the tub that was full of bubbles.

“Your relaxing bath awaits,” Tara said softly as she untied Willow’s robe and eased it off her shoulders and hung it up on the back of the door. Tara then removed her own robe and hung it up next to Willow’s.

Tara took Willow’s hand and escorted her over to the tub. Tara got into the tub first and then Willow got in and sat in-between Tara’s legs enjoying the warmth of the water and the warmth of her lover’s body wrapped around her. Willow closed her eyes and let the stress of the day evaporate.

“This feels incredible,” Willow said so softly it was almost a whisper.

“Would you like some wine?” Tara whispered into Willow’s ear.

“No, thanks, I just want to be here in your arms,” said Willow leaning her head back and kissing Tara softly.

As they ended the kiss Tara reached over and poured herself a glass of wine and after taking a sip she set her glass down on the table next to the tub. Tara then moved her hands to Willow’s shoulders and started to massage the stress away. Tara placed several soft kisses on Willow’s neck.

“I love you,” Tara whispered into Willow’s neck.

“I love you so much,” Willow said as she adjusted and kissed Tara passionately.

The couple kissed and made love to one another until the water started to cool off. Tara then helped Willow out and toweled her off and then she dried herself off. They both put their robes on and blew out the candles. Tara took Willow by the hand and led her to their bedroom and removed Willow’s robe and told her to get comfortable on the bed and she would be right back. Willow did as she was told and Tara quickly returned with a tray of cheese and chocolate fondue and various items for them to dip in.

After feeding one another and cuddling Willow fell asleep in Tara’s arms.


Faith arrived at home after talking with Buffy to find Emily working on her computer in the living room.

“Hey Babe,” said Faith. “Whatcha working on?”

“Well, if you are serious about me moving in with you and finding something here in Sunnydale to do, I need to write my letter of resignation.”

“You mean you’ll really move here and in with me?” Faith exclaimed as a huge smile shown in her face.

“I love you and I miss being with you. The opportunity you have at TDM greatly outweigh the opportunities I have in Seattle, so yeah, I’m thinking I’ll move in...unless the offer doesn’t…”

“Finish that sentence and you are in trouble.”

“Thank you for the best news I’ve had in weeks,” Faith said as she leaned forward and kissed Emily. “I love you too!”


Tara woke up early on Saturday morning and eventually slipped out from under the redhead she had been watching sleep. After putting on her robe she went into the kitchen, grabbed an apron and after securing the ties proceeded to make bacon and eggs for her and the sleeping beauty in the other room. She poured two glasses of orange juice and added them to the tray containing the food.

Carrying the tray into the room Tara saw that Willow was now laying on her back. She set the tray down on the dresser, removed her robe and slipped back into bed. Tara ran her fingers lightly across the redheads stomach, up the valley in-between her breasts and along her collarbone. Willow started to stir. Tara leaned down and put a soft kiss on the sleeping woman’s lips. After a few seconds Willow started to respond.

“Good morning, love,” said Tara.

“Mmmm, good morning, Baby,” responded Willow as she opened her eyes and smiled seeing Tara’s face.

“Did you sleep well?” asked Tara.

“Very. I’m sorry if I fell asleep early or ruined your plans at all.”

“You ruined nothing. Last night was about you getting to relax and us being together.”

Willow’s stomach chose that moment to voice that it has smelled the bacon in the room.

“I guess I’m a little hungry,” blushed Willow.

“That’s good. I made you breakfast in bed,” said Tara as she got up and retrieved the tray. Upon seeing this Willow quickly sat up and adjusted the pillows for both her and Tara so they had something soft to lean against.

“It smells amazing,” said Willow.

“Bacon always smells amazing,” laughed Tara.

Willow agreed with her. They ate their breakfast and Tara set the tray back on the dresser. They cuddled together again, enjoying the closeness, exchanging soft kisses.


Saturday afternoon Buffy realized that she had a date with Donnie that night and she wasn’t sure what to wear. She thought about asking her sister, but Dawn was at work. Her mom was in LA meeting with the gallery. Buffy hated to interrupt Willow and Tara’s time together, but this was important.

Buffy called Willow and asked her to come over and help her get ready for her date with Donnie. Willow was surprised when she heard who Buffy was going out with. After getting off the phone with Buffy Willow went and got dressed. Tara had received a call from Donnie who was having his own dilemma. They exchanged several kisses before parting ways. Tara went to help Donnie while Willow went to help Buffy.


“Alright, what is the emergency?” Tara said as she entered her brothers apartment.

“I don’t know what to wear?” squeaked Donnie.

“Oh my god, let me see your room,” giggled Tara as she raced past her brother and into his bedroom.


“Because if you had clothes tossed all over I was going to start calling you my big sister instead of my big brother.”

“Very funny. I didn’t say I didn’t have anything to wear, I said I don’t know WHAT to wear. Ass,” teased Donnie.

“Fine, it is just semantics.”

Donnie waited for Tara to turn her back and start looking through the closet before he walked quietly over to her and gave her a head noogie.

“I give, I give,” laughed Tara.

“So, now what should I wear?”

After discussing the night’s plans Tara went back to Donnie’s closet and chose a pair of faded blue jeans and a black and red rugby. Tara then texted Willow what Donnie was wearing so that she could coordinate what Buffy wore.

“Thanks Tara. I think I’m all set for the date,” said Donnie.

“Did you get her flowers?”

“Yeah, I’m picking them up when I head over to get her.”

“Okay. Have a great date and let me know tomorrow how it went,” said Tara as she started to make her way to the door.

“I will. I love you Sis,” said Donnie hugging Tara.

“I love you too,” said Tara and then headed out the door.


“Alright Buffy, what is the dilemma?” asked Willow as she entered her former apartment.

“What am I going to wear? Do I need to go shopping for something new? Do I wear my hair up? Why the hell am I so nervous?” babbled Buffy.

“Oh my, did you accidentally get a Willow-style coffee today?” teased Willow.

“Shush you. I still have that photo from High School that I could show Tara,” threatened Buffy.

Willow gave her a look of mortification. She couldn’t believe that Buffy had kept that picture all these years. Willow also couldn’t believe that she hadn’t managed to get ahold of the original and destroyed it. Thinking back Willow remember that Halloween that she let Buffy choose her costume. Buffy had chosen that short, short mini skirt, those fishnet stockings, and that extremely low-cut top.

“You better not show her that,” said Willow as her former roommate laughed maniacally.

“Don’t give me a reason and I won’t.”

Willow’s phone beeped then and she smiled when she saw it was Tara. She read the message and told Buffy that since she now knew what Donnie was wearing she could help her get ready. Willow pulled out a pair of faded black jeans, a white camisole, and a green sweater.

“Call me tomorrow and give me the scoop,” said Willow as she hugged her best friend and headed home to wait for Tara to be done at Donnie’s.


“Hey Sweetie,” said Tara as she entered the apartment and saw Willow working on her computer on the couch.

“Hey Beautiful! How’d it go with Donnie?” asked Willow as she closed her laptop and pulled Tara down to sit next to her.

Tara pulled Willow’s legs across her lap and leaned over and kissed the redhead.

“It went well. He was really nervous.”

“Buffy was nervous too. Are you okay with your brother going out on a date with Buffy?” asked Willow.

“Yeah, I like Buffy. Are you okay with Donnie and Buffy dating?”

“I’m fine with it. I just don’t want to see Donnie get hurt if Buffy is still hung up on Angel. We’ve been trying to get the two of them to move on for years.”

“What is their reasoning for not being together?”

“It depends on whom you ask,” started Willow curling up in Tara’s arms and nuzzling her head into the blondes neck. “Angel says it is because he is older and carries too much baggage and Buffy doesn’t need to be burdened down by his shit. Buffy says that he is successful and she doesn’t want to hold him back.”

“So basically they are both full of shit?” giggled Tara.

“Pretty much,” laughed Willow.

“Well, Donnie isn’t a whole lot better. He hasn’t been involved with anyone in ages because he claims he is so career driven and it would be rude not to be able to invest the time needed to build a relationship.”

“You’re right, he is full of shit too,” laughed Willow. “I told Buffy to call me tomorrow to tell me how it goes.”

“I told Donnie the same thing,” laughed Tara.

“You told him to call me to tell me how it went?” teased Willow.

“No, smartass! I told him to call me,” Tara said as she started to tickle Willow’s sides.

“I give, I give,” laughed Willow as she squirmed and almost fell off Tara’s lap.

“Your punishment for being a snot is that YOU have to pick out the movie we are going to watch and put it in,” smiled Tara.

“But, but, but, I’m comfy,” pouted Willow.

“Oh no, stop that pouting. That is not playing fair Willow,” said Tara closing her eyes.

“I know,” said Willow knowing that Tara was helpless against the pout.

“You will have to move no matter if you go or I go…” rationalized Tara.

“Fine, I’ll pick the movie and put it in,” said Willow.

“Oh and since you are up, how about making some popcorn and getting us some drinks,” Tara said smiling innocently.

“I’ve been played haven’t I?” scoffed Willow.

“No, I’ll show you what being played with is like later,” Tara said in a sultry voice and then licking her lips slowly.

“Oh god…” said Willow before quickly leaving the room to start the popcorn. From the kitchen she could hear Tara laughing.

“You are evil Maclay, very evil,” Willow called from the kitchen.

“And yet you still love me,” Tara called back.

“That is only because you are so damn hot and amazing in bed,” Willow said leaning over Tara who was now laying down on the couch. With the way she was leaning Tara could see right down Willow’s shirt and the redhead knew it and pulled back after a minute and went to get the movie set up.

“Tease…” said Tara.

“Yep,” said Willow as she put the movie in and went and curled up on the couch with Tara.


~ Branny72
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DIBS it is. :D

I just love the way you write the girls together! Helps me face reality for another week again. :flower

It's a nice idea for Buffy to date Donnie, and I hope Buffy can pull it off without thinking too much of Angel.

And yes, Willow handled the Tyler situation honorably. She is a nice person, and nice people wind up in trouble. Sometimes it's self-inflicted, sometimes not.

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“Tyler, I am flattered, I truly am, but I’m already seeing someone. We actually just moved in together over the weekend,” Willow said knowing how it felt to be rejected and hoping that she was letting the man down easily enough.

“Oh,” Tyler said blushing and looking down at his feet. “Now that I have completely embarrassed myself I am going to go back to the server room.”

“You have nothing to be embarrassed about,” Willow said standing and placing a hand on the man’s shoulder. “You didn’t know that I was seeing anyone.”

“Have you been together long? Is it serious?”

“We’ve been together for going on four months now. And yes, it is very serious.”

“Well, congratulations,” Tyler mumbled and then hurried out of the cube and over to the door labeled ‘Mystery Machine’ for the server room.

Well as a women it tech, this won't be the last time Willow will have to turn somebody down. She did extremely well. Quick and to the point yet not giving out any details. Now the question becomes what kind of guy is Tyler? Is he going to be a good co-worker and be cool and not spread gossip or is he going to be vindictive? So far, he seems like a good guy, however, asking if it was serious after being told Willow had moved in with somebody is a bit of a red flag. Who after less than one full week of moving in with their S.O. is not serious about the relationship. Hopefully, it not a problem and just stilted social skills. Sooner or later, employees are going to realize that Willow and Tara are leaving / riding together to and from work or an employee might run across them at the grocery store, etc. Decent employees will not spread gossip. The more employees that see them being professional at work, the less nasty rumors will stick.

The Buffy and Donnie emergency support team was cute. I think it is a big deal that Buffy does call Willow for advice. If their friendship is going to remain strong even though aspects of it are changing, she still needs to reach out for important matters. The friendship is a two way street where they do help each other and not just hang out for fun times or to stop from being lonely. My thoughts that during the big fight was that all three of them were not behaving maturely and had points when they stepped in it. Now it seems they have overcome that hurdle and that is fantastic as far I am concerned. A combination of good talking and listening plus the fact that Willow removed any financial issues seems to have done the trick. Plus it is great that Willow can help Dawn, it really ties in that the three of them are very much sisters, even if by choice.

I think Buffy and Donnie could be a very good and interesting mix.

Hmmm, sexy bath time. Well, I've had a grueling day, and I was planning on a nice relaxing bath, but after reading your story, I think my bath would just seem disappointing :eyebrow Also, I'm so tired, I'm afraid I fall asleep in the tub :happy

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Lacking social skills myself( over 30 years later I still wonder how some things I said were taken, and what I could've said that I didn't,), I'm hoping Tyler doesn't turn out to be a bad guy here.

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I kind of feel bad for Tyler, I'm sure it took some courage to ask Willow out. Buffy should just go ahead and show Tara that picture of Willow from Halloween. I like the idea of Buffy and Donnie dating; it seems to make sense. Looking forward to reading more.

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Phantasyland: Congrats on the dibs!! I'm glad I was able to help with 'reality' again. I hope you enjoy the update...I had a lot of fun writing it. :devil :lol

MochaVamp: I agree, being a woman in a male dominated field is definitely a challenge. I haven't decided what type of guy Tyler is yet, but I am hoping that he'll be a decent guy. :hmm I work in a department of 14 and I'm the only least 3 of the guys are decent. I agree that Willow and Tara need to show their professionalism at work. I have always gone with the "leave the personal stuff at the door" motto. That being said I'm putting this post together while I'm at work. :lol

I had to put something in showing Willow and Tara supporting Buffy and Donnie's decision to go out on a date. During the fight it is true that they did lack maturity, but being young, they don't always go for the rational thought, they tend to go with the here and now. I remember that from being in my early 20's. Now that I'm *cough* older, I am able to rationalize things better...most of the time. There are also those times when you can think logically and the bitter fairy sits on your shoulder and eggs you on for her own entertainment.

Sorry to hear about the grueling day. Hopefully if you didn't have the sexy relaxing bath you at least had calming and refreshing sleep! :sigh

DaddyCatALSO: I am also in the over 30 and lacking social skills category. I write better than I speak. I think knowing that we lack the social skills on some things makes us more careful on what we say and do. :glasses

love_2003: I agree it took courage for Tyler to ask, but it would have been unfair and cruel for Willow to lead him on or give him false hope. Yes, Buffy could show Tara the picture, but sometimes blackmail is a whole lot of fun! I hope you enjoy this weeks update!! :sighagain


:smash <--- too cute!

Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Author: Branny72
Feedback: Pretty please…it helps me improve and if I get stuck it gives me ideas on where you would like to see the story go!!

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: Thank you to Willara4ever for all your help with this story. I appreciate your reading it and helping me with the idea.

Chapter 32

“Hey Will,” Tara said as she exited the bedroom and joined the redhead in the living room.

“Yeah Babe?”

“What do you want to do today?”

“Well,” said Willow as she pulled Tara on to the couch with her. “We could cuddle, but it looks pretty nice out. We could go to the beach?”

“Hmmm, your sexy body in a bikini…” Tara said rolling Willow on top of her and kissing the redhead.

“Who said I was going to wear a bikini?” teased Willow dipping her head down and nipping at Tara’s neck.

“Mmmm, I said so. That feels really nice.”

Willow nibbled on Tara’s neck a little while longer before both of their phones beeped.

“Buffy and Donnie?” Willow asked pulling back.

They sat up and grabbed their phones. They both smiled when they saw that Willow was right.

Tara opened Donnie’s message and laughed. Willow looked at her questioningly and Tara showed her the message. “Do you know how hard it is to come up with a witty smart ass comment when the person I am teasing you about works for me? Ugh! Call me when you are done corrupting my employees.”

“That’s funny,” said Willow as she looked at her message from Buffy and started laughing. “Hey Wills. When Tara finally lets you get dressed call me.”

“Okay, do I want to know what she wrote?”

“Probably not,” said Willow grinning at the blonde.

“Hand it over Rosenberg,” Tara said holding her hand out for Willow’s phone. Willow handed over her phone and Tara read the message. “What the hell? Like I have to force you to be naked around me.”

“She said nothing about you forcing me to be naked. She just said that when you let me get dressed to call her.”

“Well, maybe I shouldn’t let you get dressed at all then,” said Tara handing Willow back her phone.

“You won’t hear me complain. If I have to spend the day naked, so do you and that is just a YUMMY idea,” Willow said in a sultry sexy voice.

“That is so tempting,” Tara said as she leaned over and kissed Willow on the tip of her nose.

“So, beach after we talk to Donnie and Buffy?”

“Will you wear the bikini?”

“As long as you wear one too,” Willow said waggling her eyebrows and allowing her eyes to go up and down the blondes body.

“Deal,” Tara said. They both leaned forward and kissed softly.

Willow got up and went into the office while Tara got up and went into the bedroom.


“Hey Buffy,” said Willow when the blonde answered her phone.

“Willow! I’m surprised that you called so quickly.”

“Very funny. So, how’d the date go?” asked Willow as she leaned back in the office chair making herself comfortable.

“Well, I’m not sure.”

“What do you mean you aren’t sure?”

“Well, it was a nice date. He showed up with flowers. They were gorgeous. He opened the car door and helped me in and opened it and helped me out. That was different. You know how Angel always just got in and said ‘yeah, it’s unlocked, get in’ when we would go places.”

“Yeah, he thought that it was polite and romantic that he told you it was unlocked,” laughed Willow.

“Exactly. Turns out that I like Donnie’s way better. We actually went to a place out-of-town for dinner. It was a little restaurant overlooking the ocean. I think it was called Maggie’s.”

“I’ve heard of that place, was the food good?”

“Yeah, it was pretty good. We ate dinner and then went for a walk on the beach. We then went back to his place and he made Banana’s Foster. Oh my god Will, that was like the best dessert, and the fact that he apparently can cook was nice too. We talked for a while and then he took me home, he walked me to the door and then he kissed me goodnight.”

“So, I’m lost Buff, how are you not sure if it was a good date or not?”

“I don’t know if I felt a spark or not…”

“Oh. Do you need to feel a spark on the first date?”

“Did you?

“With Tara. I felt all sorts of things.”

“TMI Will! And I didn’t mean with Tara, I meant with any of your other dates,” said Buffy.

“That would be Oz...Buffy, are you confusing me with someone who went on dates?”

“I thought you went out on other dates…”

“I’ve had two real dates Buffy. One with Oz and one with Tara. With Oz there was no spark at first, but there was later. With Tara there were fireworks from the moment I first saw her,” Willow said in a dreamy lovesick tone.

“Gagging here,” teased Buffy.

“Shut up. Are you going to see him again?”

“I’m hoping to give it another try. I don’t know how he feels though.”

“Well, Tara is on the phone with him now. You both texted us at the same was kind of creepy.”

“Well, why don’t you go find out what he told Tara and then let me know if he might want to go out again or not.”

“Alright. I’ll talk to you soon.”

“Thanks Will!”

Willow hung up the phone and went into the bedroom and spooned Tara while she finished her conversation with Donnie.


“Hey Sis,” said Donnie answering Tara’s call.

“Hey, so I’m done corrupting your employee for now. I may have to test my corruption later though,” said Tara in a playful tone.

“Ewww, don’t tell me that. Gross. I have to work with her.”

Tara just laughed at her brothers rant. She knew that she was just egging him on, but it was fun and it wasn’t like he didn’t get his fair share of taunts and torments in.

“So, how was your date?” asked Tara trying to get her brother back on track.

“It was okay.”

“It was okay is not a promising review. Tell me what happened.”

“Well, I picked her up, we went to a place outside of town called Maggie’s. I wasn’t going to take her to her ex’s place. That seemed tacky to me.”

“I agree,” said Tara.

“So we had a table that overlooked the ocean. After dinner we went back to my place and I made her Bananas Foster.”


“Yeah. After dessert we talked and then I took her home,” said Donnie.

“Did you kiss her goodnight?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t feel a spark.”

“So, does that mean that you don’t want to try to build a relationship with her?”

“I didn’t say that. What do you think I should do?”

“Donnie, I’ve dated Erin and Willow. I don’t know that I am really one to give you advice.”

“Well, what was it like with Willow?”

“It was love at first sight,” started Tara. “I saw her long before I met her and I fell in lust and love with her that first moment I saw her. Kissing her...there were fireworks.”

“How long did it take for the fireworks to go away when you were kissing?” asked Donnie.

“I still see fireworks when I kiss her,” Tara said wistfully.

“I don’t know that anyone has ever found a love like the one you and Willow have,” admitted Donnie.

“It’s magical,” said Tara seeing Willow walk in the room and feeling her cuddle up behind her. “So, are you going to ask her out again?”

“I want to, but what do you think?” asked Donnie.

Willow leaned up on her elbow and nodded for Tara to tell Donnie to ask Buffy out again.

“I say ask her out again. No, it isn’t the love that Willow and I have, but you don’t know that it won’t turn into something more.”

“You’re right. Thanks Tara,” said Donnie.

“Anytime. I gotta run. I’ll talk to you later,” said Tara.

“Alright. Talk to you later,” said Donnie.

Tara set her phone down on the bed and turned to face Willow.

“Hey Sexy,” said Tara as she leaned forward and kissed the redhead.

“Mmmm, I missed you,” said Willow pushing Tara onto her back before rolling on top of the blonde.

“I love feeling you on top of me.”

The two lay there kissing for several minutes before pulling apart to catch their breath.

“So, how’d it go with Buffy?” said Tara looking up at the redhead

“She didn’t feel a spark, but she’d like to try another date with Donnie. How about with him?”

“The same.”

“I’m so happy that I found you,” said Willow leaning down and kissing the tip of Tara’s nose.

“And I am happy I found you. So, do you still want to go to the beach today?”

“Yeah, but why don’t we invite Faith, Emily, Dawn, Donnie, and Buffy,” suggested Willow.

“I love that idea. Maybe we can invite Dad and Joyce to join us.”

“Does that mean I have to keep my hands to myself?” asked Willow with a mischievous grin on her face.

“Vixen,” said Tara as she flipped them over so she was on top.

“You make me that way,” Willow said smiling at the woman who had stolen her heart completely.

Tara’s phone started to ring and she rolled off Willow hearing a sound of disapproval as she did.


“Hi Sweetie,” said the voice on the other end.


“What are you up to today?”

“Willow and I were thinking of going to the beach. Why? What’s up?” asked Tara as she cuddled up close to Willow.

“I was thinking of getting a big boat and spending the day on the water. Would you and Willow like to join Donnie, Buffy, Faith, Emily and I?”

“Let me check with Willow quick,” said Tara as she hit mute on her phone to asked the redhead. “Daddy, we’d love to.”

“Great, can you two be at the dock in an hour?”

“Of course. Do you need us to bring anything?”

“Nope, I have it all covered.”

“We’ll see you in an hour then,” said Tara as she hung up the phone.

“Not that I’m complaining, but why the huge smile beautiful?”

“I haven’t been boating with my dad and brother since my mom died. We used to have so much fun going out together. It just brings back some really happy memories.”

Willow couldn’t help but smile at the way Tara was glowing with excitement. She leaned over and kissed the top of the blondes head.


Donald was headed down to the dock to meet the Harbor Master and get the keys to the boat a friend had loaned him when he saw Joyce and Dawn walking along the beach.

“Good morning ladies,” said Donald as they got closer.

“Hello Mr. Maclay,” said Dawn.

“Please, call me Donald. How are you two doing this morning?”

“We’re doing well. How are you?” asked Joyce.

“I’m doing great. What do you two have planned for the day?” he asked.

“No plans,” said Dawn.

“Great. Would you two like to join myself, Tara, Willow, Donnie, Buffy, Faith and Emily on a little boating adventure?”

“Boating adventure?” said Joyce an eyebrow raised.

“Well, I’m on my way to the Harbor Master now to get the keys to a yacht that a friend is loaning to me. You are both more than welcome to join us. Willow and Tara are going to be leaving in a couple of days for a three-week campaign tour.”

“So, they’ll be gone for three weeks?” asked Dawn.

“Yep. This is my last get together or send off for them. Please, join us,” said Donald.

“That sounds lovely. Is there anything we can bring?” asked Joyce.

“Nope, I have it all covered. We’re going to meet at the dock here in an hour.”

“Thank you, we’ll see you in an hour then.”

Dawn and Joyce headed home to get ready while Donald continued to get the keys and make sure everything was set.


Donnie and Buffy arrived at the dock and were talking when they saw Willow and Tara walking up the path.

“Hey,” said Buffy.

“Hi Buff, Donnie,” said Willow.

“Hello,” said Tara as she put her arm around Willow’s waist.

“Mom?” said Buffy as she saw Joyce and Dawn also coming down the path.

“Hello Buffy,” said Joyce. “Hi everyone.”

“Hi Joyce,” said the others.

“What are you two doing today?” asked Buffy.

“Well, we ran into Donald while we were out walking this morning…” started Joyce.

“And I just had to invite them to join us,” smiled Donald as he came from the boat area.

“Hi Daddy,” said Tara walking over and hugging her dad.

“Hi Sweetie,” said Donald wrapping his arm around his daughter and kissing the top of her head.

“So, outside of the fact that it is a gorgeous day. What’s up with the boat?” asked Donnie.

“Well, we haven’t done this since before your mother died, and with Willow and Tara going away for three weeks, I thought this might be a good get together.”

“Hi Mr. Maclay,” said Emily as she walked up with Faith.

“Hello,” smiled Donald. “Does everyone know everyone?”

“Faith, Emily, this is my mom Joyce and my sister Dawn. Mom, Brat, this is Faith and her girlfriend Emily.”

“Hi,” the four said.

“Now we do Dad,” said Donnie.

“Alright, follow me,” said Donald as he lead them all to a luxury yacht.

“Wow,” said Tara as she got on the boat and held her hand out to help Willow as well.

“Yeah, where’d you get this at Dad?” asked Donnie.

“You two remember Blaine?” said Donald seeing his kids nod their head. “This is his. We were golfing a couple of weeks ago and we bet on the outcome and I won so I got to borrow his yacht.”

“What would he have gotten had you lost,” asked Tara.

“Um, well…” Donald said sheepishly.

“DAD!” exclaimed Tara.

“Honey, I know you hate his kid and playing golf, but I knew I was going to win…”

“Sweetie?” asked Willow concerned about the red color her girlfriend had just turned.

“Dad bet the use of the yacht against me spending a day with Blaine’s snobby, pretentious snot-nosed daughter.”

“No, I bet the yacht against you AND Donnie spend the day with Blaine’s snobby, pretentious, snot-nosed kids,” Donald said realizing that he wasn’t helping himself now that both of his kids were glaring at him.

“Why Dad?” asked Donnie.

“I knew I would seemed like an easy bet.”

“How did you know you would win? Didn’t you think you were going to win two years ago when I ended up almost beating Blaine Jr with a golf club?” asked Tara seeing her girlfriend smirk at the idea of Tara beating someone with a golf club.

“Sweetie, I knew I was going to win because Blaine was distracted,” laughed Donald. “It turns out he’s going to be a grandpa and he wasn’t dealing with it well. Turns out his daughter isn’t as innocent as she claimed to be.”

Donnie and Tara looked at that father stunned.

“Oh,” said Tara an evil grin crossing her face.

“Alright, now that my kids are pacified, shall we get out on the water and enjoy the day?”

A chorus of “YES’” came from the others on the boat.

Donald carefully navigated the boat out and away from the harbor while the others sat and talked.


Joyce and Donald sat at in the cockpit area talking about art while the others scattered around the boat.

Donnie, Buffy, Dawn, and Emily were sitting in the back playing cards.

Faith was in the cabin taking a break from the sun.

Willow and Tara and migrated out to the front of the boat. They were cuddling and sharing occasional kisses.

“So, you guys used to do this before your Mom died?” Willow asked Tara.

“Yeah. Dad used to have a boat, nothing like this, but he had a boat and we used to spend entire weekends on it. We’d leave Friday after he got home from work and get home late Sunday night.”

“That sounds like fun. What did you do on the boat for the full weekend?”

“We’d play cards, swim, Mom and I would come out here and draw or just talk.”

“I’m glad we’re out here then. You seem so happy and relaxed,” said Willow as she brought Tara’s hand to her lips and kissed.


“I’ve never seen Willow so happy,” Joyce said to Donald as they watched the two girls.

“The same goes for Tara. She is finally understanding what a real relationship is and feels like. She was mixed up with one girl in college that I was afraid would turn her off of relationships entirely.”

“I remember Willow telling me about the girl...Erin right?”

“Yeah, that was her name. Now I couldn’t be happier. The added bonus that Willow works hard and is wicked smart makes it that much better.”

“I wish her parents saw that,” said Joyce shaking her head remembering all the years that Willow just wanted their attention for five minutes.

“They did seem a bit withdrawn from her when I met them,” Donald said offering a sad smile of understanding to Joyce.

“You met them?”

“Yes, I met them not long after Willow and Tara started dating. They were in town representing a company that we were thinking about partnering with. We signed a deal with them, but had they not been Willow’s parents I may have thought twice about it.”

“Did they meet Tara? Do they know about the girls?”

“Yes, they met Tara in both our meeting and Willow told them about her and Tara. They seemed indifferent to the news or the happiness of their daughter. I’m glad she has had you in her life,” Donald said making Joyce blush.

“She is a good kid and I’m lucky she is one of my kids,” beamed Joyce as they looked back at Willow and Tara who were sharing a tender kiss.


“Hey T,” said Faith popping up through the hatch in the cabin.

“What?” asked Tara breaking her kiss with Willow.

“Are you and Red going to just lay up here and kiss all day?”

“Sounds like a good plan to me,” said Willow sticking her tongue out.

“Come one. Come back and hang with the rest of us,” whined Faith.

“Fine, we’ll be back there in a few minutes. I just need to get a drink,” said Tara.

Faith left the hatch open so that Willow and Tara could get down into the cabin that way. Tara dropped down and then Willow dropped down and was pulled into Tara’s arms.

“Are you really having fun?” Tara asked Willow as she nibbled on her neck.

“Lots of fun, but if you keep doing that we a) aren’t going to make it out to hang with the others, and b) we’re going to defile the cabin and any other area I can get you in,” Willow said trying to remain composed.

“I can’t help it. I love you, I love kissing you, I love the taste of your skin...I just can’t help myself.”

“Later my love. Let’s go hang with the others,” Willow said kissing Tara softly before they made their way to the galley to get water and then headed to join the others.


“Hey, look who emerges from the cabin,” laughed Donnie as Willow and Tara came back on deck.

“Dammit, can you two go back in and come out a bit more disheveled?” asked Buffy.

“No,” said Willow.

“Why?” asked Tara.

“Because we had a bet on how long it would take for you two to get out here and as to what you may have been doing…” said Buffy.

“BUFFY!” Joyce said in that motherly tone.

“Mom! Sorry, I mean what?” answered Buffy.

“Buffy Anne Summers you did NOT just imply what I think you implied.”

“Huh? No of course not Mom,” said Buffy shaking her head as the others around her laughed.


“It was Donnie and Faith’s idea,” said Dawn.

“Faith Michelle Lahene and Donald James Maclay,” said Donald sternly trying to contain his laughter.

“Your middle name is Michelle?” Tara asked her best friend.

“Yeah,” said Faith looking down at the deck.

“You didn’t know her middle name?” Willow asked Tara.

“No, she wouldn’t ever tell us,” said Tara then turning to her dad. “How the hell did you know it?”

“Your mother told me.”

“She swore she wouldn’t tell anyone,” whined Faith.

“Faith, you know there were no secrets between us,” laughed Donald. “Now who all was in on this pool?”

Buffy, Faith, Donnie, and Emily all raised their hand.

“Dawn Elaine Summers were you involved as well?” said Joyce.

“Fine, yes.”

Willow started to laugh at everyone and received glares from several of the guilty parties.

“What are you laughing at?” mumbled Buffy.

“You got in trouble, you got in trouble,” Willow sang quietly to Buffy.

“Willow Danielle Rosenberg,” said Joyce in her normal tone, but it was enough to cause Willow’s head to snap up towards the older woman.

“Tara Marie Maclay,” said her father.

“What did I do?” asked Tara seeing her father start to laugh.

“Nothing, but since everyone else’s middle name was out there I figured yours may as well be too.”

Everyone laughed as Tara pouted. Willow turned and saw her girlfriend pouting and wrapped her arms around her and pulled her into a hug.

“It’s okay. You have a beautiful name to match the beautiful woman you are,” said Willow before kissing Tara softly.

“Okay, that was just nauseating,” said Faith who was then hit in the arm by Emily. “Ow, dammit that hurt.”

“Be nice Faith Michelle,” giggled Emily.

“Listen here Emily Anne,” teased Faith.

“Awesome middle name,” Buffy said.

After the laughter stopped Donald and Joyce joined the others in the back of the boat to play Apples to Apples.

“Why did you pick this game Donnie?”

“It was this, Kwizniac, or Dirty Minds. I remember you cursing at Tara and I when we played Kwizniac last time and there is no amount of money that I can be paid to play Dirty Minds with you.”

“You mean again…” Donald said with a smirk as Donnie and Faith blushed and Tara buried her head in Willow’s neck.

“Oh my god! You two played Dirty Minds with your Dad?” exclaimed Buffy laughing.

“And Mom,” added Tara blushing even more as she saw her father laughing harder.

“Oh, Baby,” Willow said comforting her girlfriend and trying not to laugh.

“What is Dirty Minds?” asked Joyce.

“Not a game you want to play mother,” Dawn said quickly.

Donald got up and grabbed the game and pulled out a card.

“The game gives you clues to an item and you have to guess what it is,” said Donald as he pulled a card out of the pack. “Here is an example: I’m spread before I’m eaten, your tongue gets me off, and people sometimes lick my nuts.”

“DAD,” exclaimed Donnie as Willow, Tara, and Buffy got up and walked to the edge of boat. “How far do you think it is back to shore? I’m game to swim.”

“Me too,” said Tara seeing nods from Buffy and Willow.

“Oh, you kids are so dramatic,” laughed Donald. “So, what is your guess Joyce?”
“I know what they are thinking. You are all grounded by the way,” said Joyce looking at all of the bright red younger adults. “Peanut Butter.”

“Correct,” Donald said as he put the card back in the box.

“Yeah, really not ever playing that game with you Mom,” said Dawn.

“Oh, we are all adults,” laughed Joyce.

“Alright, now that we have entirely embarrassed the kids, I think it is time to head back to shore,” said Donald seeing a sigh of relief from his kids. “Maybe some weekend when you are back visiting Joyce we can all get together grill out and play games again.”

“That sounds fantastic!”

Dawn cleaned up the game and handed it to Donnie who put it and the other games back in the boat cabin.

Once they docked the boat back at the Sunnydale Harbor everyone walked towards the parking lot. Donnie and Buffy, Willow and Tara, Emily and Faith all holding hands. Dawn skipped ahead of everyone and Donald and Joyce smiled as they walked behind the group.

Joyce was happy knowing that although she was moving to LA, her kids, all three of them were going to be well looked after and were all going to be close enough to look after one another. Donald was happy seeing the joy in his kids faces for the first time in a long time. He had waited for so long for Tara to find someone to spend her life with and he saw that in her relationship with Willow. Donnie was finally starting to get a social life and that was a huge step for him.

After saying their goodbyes everyone went their separate way.


“Today was an amazing day wasn’t it,” said Willow as she and Tara got into bed.

“Yeah it was. I’m glad that Dawn and Joyce went with. It was like a little family day before we go on our trip and Joyce moves. It even felt like Mom was there watching over us,” said Tara and she snuggled close to Willow.

“Well, if she was. Couldn’t she have stopped your Dad before he grabbed the Dirty Minds card.”

Tara groaned and then started to laugh. “No, Mom wouldn’t have because she and Dad loved nothing more than to embarrass the hell out of Donnie, Faith, and I.”

“Poor baby,” said Willow before tilting Tara’s chin upwards and kissing her. “I love you Tara Marie Maclay!”

“I love you too Willow Danielle Rosenberg!”


~ Branny72
I found younger-me still exists in the archives as SlayerTazz...
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