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 Post subject: Re: Meant To Be - Ch 54 Updated 11/27/2017
PostPosted: Mon Dec 04, 2017 2:20 pm 
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zampsa19752001 - Wedding time! I hope you enjoy the update.

:smash<--- too cute!

Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Author: Branny72
Feedback: Pretty please…it helps me improve and if I get stuck it gives me ideas on where you would like to see the story go!!

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: I’m trying to do more frequent updates. I hope that is okay.


Chapter 55

Morning arrived and Willow was stretching on the couch where she had fallen asleep the night before as Buffy came out of her room preparing for her morning run.

“Willow? What are you doing up at six in the morning?” asked a startled Buffy.

“I’m just so excited, I couldn’t sleep. In twelve hours, Buffy, Tara and I are going to be getting married.”

“I’d ask if you wanted to go for a run with me to burn off some of that extra energy, but we all know that you and running aren’t a good mix.”

“You go run, I’m going to start going through my checklist and see what I have to do today and when I have to do it.”

Buffy smiled and headed out of the apartment as Willow pulled out her tablet and she brought up her checklist. Willow was pleased to see that the day had very few items on it. They had already paid for everything.

“It pays to have friends doing the catering and providing the DJ and reception venue,” thought Willow. “You can pay them ahead of time because you know you are going to get quality service.”

The previous night after the rehearsal and dinner, Buffy and Willow had made sure that they had all the items and jewelry ready. Willow’s dress was hanging up in Dawn’s room along with her accessories, Buffy’s tux and accessories were in her room ready to go. Today, Willow just needed to get her hair done, practice her vows, get dressed, and make it to Kingman’s Bluff on-time. Tara had the same tasks, plus making sure that Faith brought the wedding rings.

“This time tomorrow I’ll be Mrs. Willow Rosenberg-Maclay,” Willow said, out loud to herself. Hearing it out loud took on a whole different feeling. She was already excited and proud to be marrying Tara but saying it out loud made it that much more real.


“Morning T,” said Faith as Tara came out of the guest room and into the living room where Faith was having her morning coffee.


“How are you feeling this morning?” asked Faith as she poured Tara a cup of coffee.

“I’m elated. Today, I’m marrying the woman I love, combining my life with my soulmate,” said Tara, dreamily.

“Oh god, you got it bad Ms. Maclay.”

Tara threw a pillow at Faith almost causing her to spill her coffee. “Hey, liquid gold here. No spilling.”

“Then deal with the fact that I am in lover’s bliss.”

“Faith, stop tormenting the bride,” commented Emily as she passed through the living room toward the kitchen to get a coffee mug.

“But Babe, she makes it so easy.”

“Tough, it is her day. When it is our day she has to be nice to you.”

“Raw deal,” both Tara and Faith said in unison as Emily laughed.

“So Tara, do you have everything all ready to go? You know the something new, old, borrowed, and blue?” asked Emily sitting down next to Faith with her coffee.

“Yeah, it was on my checklist from last night. And now that Faith found the rings--”

“I put them there for safe keeping, I just forgot that I put them in my pocket,” Faith said, sheepishly.

“Today, all I have to do is get my hair done, practice my vows, get dressed, get the rings and myself to Kingman’s Bluff by six this evening.”

“That sounds like a nice relaxing day.”

“Yeah, T, it looks like you and Willow planned this pretty well. Maybe you’ll have to give us pointers for ours when we decide to set a date.”

“I’ll make sure Willow keeps the checklists for you,” Tara said, winking at her best friend.


Willow and Buffy walked into Split Ends Hair Salon ready to get their hair done for the wedding. Willow had set up the appointments so that she and Buffy were first to get their hair done and Tara and Faith would be in at least an hour after Willow and Buffy left. This way there was no chance of them running into one another should her appointment run long.

“Hi, Willow,” greeted Lindsay, the stylist. “I’ll be with you two in just a few minutes. I’m just finishing up with Fred.”

“Hey, Willow, Buffy,” Fred said, waving from the chair.

“Hey, Fred.” Willow and Buffy said in unison.

Once Lindsay was finished with Fred she called both Buffy and Willow back and put them in chairs next to one another. Lindsay then asked how they wanted their hair. Buffy and Willow had agreed that their outfits looked better with their hair down, so they told this to Lindsay who said she would get some body into their hair and get them on their way. She started by washing Buffy’s hair and then combing it out before giving it a slight trim and then curling it so that it was still down, but had some body and bounce to it. She then moved to Willow and did the same thing.

“I can’t believe you’re getting married today,” said Lindsay. She had known Buffy and Willow for years as their hair stylist.

“I know, it just doesn’t seem real at times,” Willow responded, with a dreamy look on her face.

“And we lost her folks,” joked Buffy as Willow slipped into her happy daydream about Tara.

Once Lindsay was done the women left and headed back to Buffy’s to practice Willow’s vows so that she may not need the tiny cue cards she’d created.


Tara and Faith got their hair done, both opting to do the opposite of Willow and Buffy and go with an up style. They didn’t know that it was different as Lindsay didn’t tell them what she had done for Willow and Buffy, just that they had been in and that she was really happy for the couple.

“So, now do we go home and practice your vows, or do you want to get something to eat?” asked Faith as they were leaving the hair salon.

“Eat, please. I’m starved and I have a feeling that I’m not going to be able to eat the closer we get to the wedding.”

“You aren’t nervous are you?”

“No, just really excited.”

The pair stopped by the Espresso Pump to get a sandwich and some coffee for lunch. As they were walking in they saw that Janice was working so they made sure to sit in her section.

“Wow, you guys look great,” commented Janice as she came to take their order.

“Thanks,” said Tara.

“What can I get you?”

“I’ll have a peppered turkey and cheese sandwich with a mocha,” Faith said.

“I’ll have a roast beef and cheese sandwich with a mocha, Willow-style, please.”

“You got it. I’ll be back shortly.” With that Janice left to put in their orders.

“So, what do we have to do after this?” asked Faith as Tara was checking her tablet to make sure that they were on schedule.

“Practice my vows, then get ready. Not much left to do,” Tara said, smiling.


After practicing their vows it came time for Willow and Tara to start to get dressed.

“Willow, do you need help?” asked Sheila peeking her head into the room where Willow was getting changed.

“No, but thank you, Mom. This dress is easy to slip on.”

Willow slipped on the white sheath style dress. It accentuated her lean figure, without making her too self-conscious.

After getting her dress on, Willow then sat down for Buffy to do her make-up and help her get her jewelry on.


Tara and Faith were starting to get ready when Joyce arrived at Faith and Emily’s place.

“Joyce, hello,” said Faith.

“Hi, Faith. I know that Tara’s mom can’t be here today, so I thought I would stop by and see if there was anything either you or Tara needed help with.”

“Joyce, that is so sweet,” said Tara entering the room in her wedding dress, looking for help zipping it up.

“Here, let me get that for you,” Joyce said, hurrying over to Tara’s side and zipping the dress up for her. “You look absolutely stunning, Tara.”

“Thank you!”

“Is there anything else that I can do to help?”

“I think we have it all. I just need to do my make-up and then we’ll be ready to go.”

“Well, if you need anything, please let me know.” With that Joyce left Tara and Faith to their preparation.

“That was really nice of Mrs. S to stop by like that,” commented Faith.

“Yeah, it was.”


Willow and Buffy arrived at Kingman’s Bluff to find a small grouping of chairs set up for the wedding and two canvas huts for her and Tara to hang out in until the wedding so they didn’t see one another.

“Buffy, this looks great,” said Willow.

“Yeah, that wedding prep company did a great job. Although, I think they went above and beyond hoping for referrals from Angel and Conner.”

“I’m okay with that,” said Willow, laughing.

The pair heard a car pull up and quickly made their way to the hut so that nobody would see Willow’s dress before the wedding. Buffy had arranged for Dawn to seat the few guest that were going to be at the wedding.


“Are you ready?” asked Faith, checking her pocket again for the rings.

“Yes, I think I am,” said Tara exiting the spare bedroom having finished her make-up and preparations.

“Tara, you look, wow!”

“Thanks, but if you make me cry and ruin my makeup Willow is going to kill you.”

The pair climbed into Emily’s car and made their way to Kingman’s Bluff.


Once everyone had arrived and were seated the officiant took her place at the front of the group. Everyone quieted down. Willow was the first to walk down the aisle with Ira at her side. She was glad that her parents had finally taken part in her life and that they had accepted Tara so willingly.

Once Willow was down the aisle, Buffy and Faith came down together and then it was time for Tara to make her entrance. Donald and Tara exited the hut and made their way over to the aisle. As they reached the end they stopped and looked at the friends and family that had assembled.

“Last chance to run,” joked Donald.

“Not a chance in hell, Dad,” replied Tara, anxious to get to the end of the aisle so that she could see Willow and they could finally get married.

Father and daughter walked down the aisle, as they neared the end of the aisle and Tara got a good look at Willow she couldn’t help but stumble a bit, taken aback as to how beautiful Willow looked.

Willow’s breath caught as she saw Tara coming down the aisle. She laughed to herself as Tara was wearing the exact dress that Willow wanted and Sheila said she didn’t have the chest for.

Donald and Ira stood with their daughter's in front of everyone, proud as it was possible to be.

“Who gives these women away?” asked the officiant.

“We do,” said the fathers together.

With that Donald and Ira kissed each of their daughter's and then gave their hands to the bride’s leaving Willow and Tara standing their hold the others hand and smiling.

“We are gathered here today to join Willow Danielle Rosenberg and Tara Marie Maclay together in matrimony. I was told not to ask if anyone objected because neither girl cares,” said the officiant to a group of laughs. “Willow and Tara met by fate and have loved with their full heart and soul. When I first met them I saw what everyone else has seen, two souls that complete the other. It is my honor to wed this couple.”

“Willow and Tara have chosen to say their own vows rather than go with the standard union vows. Willow, you may now state your vows.”

“Tara, this has been the most amazing year of my life,” started Willow, her voice carrying a slight quiver to it. “The most amazing part of all was finding and falling in love with you. I thought my life was destined for me to be alone, but then seeing you at The Bronze that first time. Watching you laughing and dancing, you were so alive and carefree. You were breathtaking. Then came the day that I met you, the love of my life. I, to this day, still get light headed thinking about that day. I remember Donnie introducing us, I remember seeing those amazing blue eyes looking back at me, but I’ll admit, I don’t remember much after looking into your eyes. I was mesmerized. I was yours at that moment. The day you said ‘yes’ to marrying me was one of the happiest days of my life. I didn’t know that I could love someone as much as I love you and I have never felt as loved as I have from you. You make me complete. I love you with all my heart and soul. You are truly my soulmate. My forever.”

“Tara,” instructed the officiant.

“Willow, where do I begin?” started Tara, confidence projecting through her words. “From the night I first saw you at The Bronze I have been in love. I know that in my heart and feel it in my soul. The day that Donnie brought you into my office and introduced us, that was one of the happiest days of my life, thus far. I knew that day that I had met my soulmate. The day you gave me the grand tour of Sunnydale was one of the happiest days I had had in a long time. It didn't have to do with seeing Sunnydale, although we won’t tell the monkeys at the zoo that. No, it had to do with the person showing me around. You made me feel comfortable and alive. The night of our first kiss you took my breath away. The night you proposed to me, I had no clue it was coming. I know you and secrets and even though Buffy says you can’t keep them, or at least the big ones, you kept that one. I mean, you conspired with my dad to make it perfect. Now, we stand here together pledging our love for one another and committing our lives to being one. You are my best friend, the one that I want to tell everything that goes on in my head and heart to, you complete me. I love you.”

Everyone was silent except a lone sniffle coming from the seats before the couple. Anya took the kleenex offered to her by Xander.

“Those were lovely vows. Now, onto the rings.” Faith handed the officiant the rings and she blessed them and then handed one to Willow and one to Tara.

“Willow, please place the ring on Tara’s finger and repeat after me.”

“I, Willow Rosenberg, take you Tara to be my wife from this day until eternity passes,” repeated Willow.

“Tara, please place the ring on Willow’s finger and repeat after me.”

“I, Tara Maclay, take you Willow to be my wife from this day until eternity passes,” repeated Tara.

“By the power vested in me, by the state of California, I now pronounce you married. You may kiss your bride.”

Willow and Tara leaned in and kissed. As they kissed Willow heard Buffy comment. “Like those two need a reason to kiss. I’m surprised they made it that long.”

“I now present to you, Mrs. Willow and Tara Rosenberg-Maclay.”

With that, the couple made their way down the aisle hand-in-hand.


Now that they were married it came time for the photos. Tara, not wanting to risk missing any part of the day not being photographed had a professional photographer from LA come in to take their pictures. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust the people in Sunnydale, it was she wasn’t willing to risk her special day on something going wrong. This was one of the few things that Tara explicitly wanted and got for the wedding.

“Photo time,” called Willow trying to round up the people needed for the pictures.

They started with pictures of Willow and Tara, then moved to pictures of the wedding party, then they got the families in there.

“I think we should get one with both families in the picture,” suggested Donald.

“I think that is a superb idea,” Sheila agreed.

The photographer had Willow and Tara stand in the middle and their families surround them. It was a little lopsided with Tara having one more person than Willow, but the photographer adjusted them so that it didn’t look out of place.

Once they finished with the family photos, Tara told everyone to meet her and Willow at The Bronze for the reception.


“Good day?” asked Willow as she and Tara sat in the back of the limo that she had rented to take them to the reception and later to their apartment since their house was still a couple weeks away from being completed.

“Best day,” Tara said, kissing her bride softly. “I love your dress, it is very sleek.”

“I love yours, too. I actually looked at getting that one, but Mom said I didn’t have the breasts to fill it properly.”

“As I told you before, they are perfect for my hands.”

Both women laughed and came together for another long and sensual kiss. “Mmmm, I get to kiss those lips for the rest of eternity.”

“Eternity and beyond,” said Tara.


The limo, after taking the scenic route, pulled up outside The Bronze and the chauffeur opened the door for the newlyweds.

“You ready to go in, Mrs. Rosenberg-Maclay?” asked Willow, extending a hand to Tara to help her out of the car.

“I’m ready to celebrate us,” Tara said, stepping out of the car and into Willow’s waiting arms. The couple kissed and then headed up the stairs and into The Bronze. As they entered the DJ started to play “Raise Your Glass,” by P!nk.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, our brides, Willow and Tara Rosenberg-Maclay,” said the DJ. Everyone applauded as the couple danced their way in.

“Thank you, everyone for sharing this day with us,” said Willow, over the music.

As the DJ adjusted the music, the group started to mingle with one another. Willow and Tara making their rounds to make sure that everyone knew how grateful they were to have them share their day with them. Then came the dinner portion, Willow and Tara sat at the head table with Buffy and Faith. Their families sat at one table and their friends at another.

“Thank you, everyone, for coming and sharing this special day with Willow and me,” started Tara. “Thank you to Angel for catering this event and Conner, thank you for closing down tonight so that we could celebrate our special day at the place where we started. One year ago today, I saw this gorgeous redhead dancing and having a good time. Little did I know how seeing her was going to change my life.” Tara looked down lovingly at Willow who was sitting next to her, holding one of her hands. “I love you, Willow. You make me complete.”

“Wow, I have to follow that,” Willow said, laughing. “I agree, thank you, Angel and Conner, for making our special day that much better. We’re so blessed to have such amazing family and friends. Thank you all for sharing our day. Tara, what do I say to the woman who is my everything? Today is the happiest day of my life. I feel like I didn’t truly start living until I first saw you. I can’t wait to see what our future holds.” Willow leaned down and kissed Tara softly. “Everyone, please enjoy this amazing night.”

Willow sat down and Angel’s catering staff came out and started to deliver the plates of food.

“Thank you, everyone, for coming,” said Faith during the meal. “I know that it is customary for the maid-of-honor to make a speech and sometimes to embarrass the bride. I thought about all of the stories that I have of Tara over the years.” Tara groaned. “I thought about telling about the first time Tara and I snuck out of the house and went to a gay bar or the first time Tara got drunk.”

“They were the same night,” said Tara, out loud mistakenly. This caused the crowd to laugh.

“Oh yeah, they were, weren’t they. There is the story about Tara coming out to me that comes to mind...but, I’ll save those stories for another day. When I first met Tara, she was this quiet unassuming girl, new to Boston. I have watched her grow into this confident amazing and successful woman. Tara, you were there for me when I was on the streets, you have been my best friend and someone I’ve looked up to over the years. I’ve never seen you happier than I have since we came to Sunnydale. I know Willow, a lot of that has to do with you. I’m glad you found one another and I wish you both a lifetime of joy and happiness.

“I guess that makes it my turn to speak,” said Buffy taking the microphone from Faith. “I’m curious about that sneaking out story, Tara. You may have to tell me that sometime.”

“Not a chance in hell,” replied Tara, blushing.

“Well, folks, we all know that I had to try. For the record, for the parents in the room, Willow and I never snuck out of the house. I just wanted to clarify that. Willow is the type of friend that most people wish for, but rarely ever find. I’m lucky to have her as my best friend and as my sister. When I first moved here, it was Willow that took pity on me and showed me around the school. It was Willow who volunteered so many hours tutoring me since I arrived in the middle of the first semester and was totally lost in almost all my classes. She was always there whenever I needed a friend, even at two o’clock in the morning, on a school night after I had a fight with my boyfriend. Oh hey, I guess we did sneak out of the house once or twice, my bad.” Buffy looked down and smiled at Willow. “Willow, Tara, I want you both to know how happy I am that you found one another. Take care of one another’s heart. I love you, both.”

“Thank you, Buffy,” said Willow.

Dinner went off as planned, everyone had a good time. There was plenty of glass clinking for Willow and Tara to kiss throughout the meal, mostly by Dawn. Once they were done eating they made their way to the dance floor for the Father-Daughter dances.

Willow and Ira danced to, ‘Just The Way You Are’, by Billy Joel while Tara and Donald went a little less traditional and danced to an acoustic version of, ‘My Hero,’ by Foo Fighters. When they were done Willow led Tara to the center of the dance floor for their first dance. The music started playing, ‘You and I Tonight,’ by Faber Drive and the couple melted together.

“Good day,” whispered Willow in Tara’s ear.

“Best day,” Tara replied, leaning in and kissing Willow sensually, not caring who was there. This was their day.

After their dance, the DJ turned up the beats and got everyone out on the floor dancing.


“They look happy,” said Sheila to Joyce.

“I’ve never seen Willow look happier,” replied Joyce.

“Ladies, you’ve been off the dance floor for far too long,” Donald said, standing next to Joyce and Sheila. He offered a hand to both of them and pulled them up onto the dance floor with him.

“Look at Dad,” said Tara to Willow as they were dancing with their friends. Willow glanced over and saw her Mom and Joyce dancing with Donald and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh my, at least they look to be having a good time,” Willow said, pulling Tara closer and kissing her softly. “I don’t think I will ever get tired of kissing you.”

“You better not.” The couple laughed together and went to join Donald, Joyce, and Sheila.


The night had gone off without a hitch and the DJ was winding down the night and slowing the beats, “last song, folks” said the DJ as he started to play, ‘By Your Side,’ by Faber Drive.

As the song ended, Tara grabbed the microphone, “thank you, everyone, for sharing in this day with us.”

“I can’t believe that you are going back to your apartment and not staying at some hotel in the honeymoon suite,” said Emily.

“We talked about it, but this way we’re home and we have everything we need,” Willow smiled.

“You don’t need anything your wedding night,” said Faith causing Willow to blush.

“No, we don’t, but if you guys want us in actual clothes for the gift opening, we need to go home.”

“You could have packed a bag, Red.”

“I didn’t want to,” said Tara coming to her wife’s defense. “We will get plenty of time in a hotel when we go on our honeymoon.”

“Which you aren’t leaving for three or four weeks,” added Donnie.

“Well, I had to go with how it was going to work out best for us. Not everything I wanted to do was happening if we left right away.”

“Okay, okay, enough harassing my wife,” Willow interrupted, wrapping her arms around Tara from behind.

The couple made their way over to the door to thank everyone as they were leaving. Once the crowd was gone they told Conner they would see him the following day at the brunch and gift opening.


As the couple neared their apartment door Tara started to laugh.

“Care to share the joke?” asked Willow.

“Well, which one of us is going to carry the other over the threshold?”

Laughing, Willow said, “How’d we forget to figure that out?”

Tara unlocked and opened the door as she scooped Willow up into her arms. They made their way over the threshold of the apartment. Tara put Willow down quickly and found herself pressed against the back of the door and Willow’s lips moved to Tara’s lips, both women moaning into the kiss.

“Mmmm, baby,” said Tara as Willow’s lips moved to her neck. “Let’s take this to bed. I want to make love to my wife.”

That was all that needed to be said, they made their way to the bedroom and undressed one another and made love until the sun came up.

tbc... :sigh

~ Branny72
I found younger-me still exists in the archives as SlayerTazz...
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Yay for excellent update-y goodness... Awesome wedding! Can't wait for honeymoon and other adventures...

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zampsa19752001 - I’m glad you enjoyed the wedding. Honeymoon location has yet to be decided...I’m stumped on where to send them. :hmm

:smash <--- too cute!

Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Author: Branny72
Feedback: Pretty please…it helps me improve and if I get stuck it gives me ideas on where you would like to see the story go!!

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: I’m trying to do more frequent updates. I hope that is okay.


Chapter 56

“Mmmmm, I know that I should be tired, but I’m not,” said Willow, her head on Tara’s shoulder and her arm draped across Tara’s naked body.

“Is it me, or does making love to your wife seem more, I don’t know, more intense?”

“No, baby, it is definitely more intense.”

“I love you, Willow.”

“I love you, too, Wifey.”

Tara laughed and rolled them so she was draped across Willow’s body. “Too bad we can’t stay like this all day.”

“That would be nice, but no, we agreed to meet everyone for brunch and open gifts. Who came up with this cruel idea anyway?”

“It’s a family tradition, Will. Tomorrow we can stay like this, right?”

“Tomorrow is no clothes, Saturday!”

“Mmmm, I like the sounds of that,” Tara replied, laughing. “We can either go shower and cuddle until it is time to go, or, we can make love again, shower, and then rush out the door...thoughts? Suggestions? Preferences?”

“You had me at making love again,” Willow said, leaning and kissing Tara soundly.

“Mmmmm, yes, ma’am.”


Willow and Tara arrived at Angel’s about five minutes before their families were supposed to arrive.

“Good morning, ladies,” said Angel, cheerfully.

“Great morning,” Willow replied, as she and Tara walked hand-in-hand up to the restaurant.

Angel showed Willow and Tara in and back to the private room he had set aside for them.

“Can I get you two something to drink?”

“Coffee,” they said in unison.

“Wow, look who beat us,” Faith commented, receiving a playful hit from Emily.

“Faith, remember what we talked about? Be nice to them now and they’ll be nice to us.”

“Yeah, but we aren’t getting married yet,” whined Faith. “They’ll forget by the time we get married.”

“Did you guys sleep at all?” asked Buffy, seeing both women shake their head no.

“I have something to help with that,” Angel said, handing Willow and Tara each a cup of coffee.

“Mmmm, I love the taste of Willow…,” Tara whispered, just loud enough for Willow to hear, but nobody else.

“T-thanks, Angel,” said Willow, blushing from Tara’s comment. “And thanks for hosting the brunch for us.”

“My pleasure.” Angel smiled at the girls and went to make sure that everyone else was taken care of.

“You were my pleasure all night long,” whispered Tara, again.

“Stop it,” Willow responded, under her breath. Tara just chuckled and drank her coffee.


After brunch the couple was seated in front of the others, both savoring the love that was in the room for them. Dawn was seated nearby so that she could take down who gave them what for the thank you cards.

“Gift time,” said Dawn, trying to get the groups attention.

“Thank you, everyone, for joining us today,” Tara said, getting the groups attention. “Willow and I both appreciate you spending yesterday and today with us.”

Willow leaned over and grabbed the first gift.

“This is from Faith and Emily,” said Willow, reading the card on the package.

Tara opened the package and saw that it was a decorative Waterford crystal vase.

“Wow, guys, this is really nice. Thank you!”

“We thought it would go nicely in your new house,” Emily said.

“I know just where to put it,” Tara added.

“The next gift is from Donnie.”

Tara opened the gift and found a silver picture frame engraved with Rosenberg-Maclay on the nameplate.

“Donnie this is beautiful, thank you,” said Tara, hugging her brother.

“I thought it would be a nice place to put a wedding photo of you two.”

“Thank you.”

“Next we have one from Buffy and Dawn.”

Tara opened the gift and found a toaster.

“I know you get a toaster for converting Willow, but we thought you’d like a high-end one as well. I hear the ones for conversion are pretty cheap,” Buffy explained as everyone laughed.

“Thank you, Buffy. We actually didn’t get the toaster for Willow’s conversion,” said Tara. “I’m not sure why.” Tara playfully looked at Willow.

“What?” Willow asked, seeing Tara’s look.

“Nothing, Sweetie. I’m just messing with you.”

“The next gift is from my parents,” Willow said, smiling.

Tara opened the present and saw it was a leather photo album with their names engraved on it. When she opened it up there were pictures of her and Willow as babies and kids.

“Ira, Shelia, this is amazing. How’d you get all these pictures?”

“Your father was kind enough to go through and make duplicates of several of you so that we could start the album for you. Now, I expect you both to keep up with the pictures.”

“We will, Mom. Thank you and Dad. This is truly special.” Willow smiled as she looked at the pictures.

“It looks like the last gift is from my Dad,” Tara said, picking up an envelope with their names on it in her father’s handwriting.

Tara handed the envelope to Willow to open. Willow opened the envelope and stared at what was inside, her face showing surprise.

“What is it, Sweetie?”

“Your Dad got us a two week trip to New Zealand.”

“I know that you love to travel Tara, and Willow I know you love to learn, so this present encompasses both. The tour hits wineries, volcanos, the glacier, all of the major highlights of the country. Plus, this is one place that I know you have never been, but your mother and I always wanted to take you.”

“Thank you, Daddy.” Tara jumped up and hugged her father as a few tears escaped her eyes.

“Thank you, everyone,” Willow said, smiling at the group and seeing Tara wiping her eyes.


The weekend passed in a blur filled with nakedness, lovemaking, and just enjoying one another’s company. When the alarm went off Monday morning Willow let out a grunt and pulled the pillow over her head.

“Make it stop,” whined Willow.

“I’m trying,” Tara said, trying to find the alarm and knocking her phone to the ground. “Dammit, stupid phone.”

“You okay over there?”

“No, I’m having a bit of trouble getting the alarm to shut off.” Tara reached down and picked up her phone and silenced the alarm. She sat up in bed, now almost fully awake after struggling to get the alarm turned off.

“Will, we need to get up.” Tara tried lifting the pillow off her wife’s head, but Willow held it in place.

“Don’t wanna. Too tired…”

“I know, Sweetie. I’m tired too. Tonight we’ll make it an early bedtime.”

“Tara, we went to bed at six last night,” said Willow, peeking out from under the pillow.

“Honey, we may have come to bed at six, but we didn’t actually go to sleep until almost one this morning. Tonight we won’t stay up that late making love.”

“But, but, but, we’re newlyweds, that is what newlyweds do. They have lots of hot sex.”

“I’m not saying we won’t, we’ll just go to bed at a more reasonable hour. Plus, we do need to store up some energy for our honeymoon in a few weeks.”

“Mmmm, honeymoon.”

With that, Tara kissed Willow’s bare shoulder and got out of bed. As she was getting into the shower she heard Willow coming into the bathroom.

“Decided to join me?”

“Yeah, being in bed alone isn’t nearly as much fun as it is with your gorgeous wife in there with you.”


Willow and Tara walked into work and headed right for the elevator. As luck would have it they were the only two in the glass elevator.

“I’m going to miss kissing you,” Willow said, looking up at Tara.

“I know, I’m going to miss kissing you, too. But, maybe we can sneak away at lunch?”

“I can’t, I have a meeting with Jesse and Xander today.”

“Well, poop. Now, what am I going to do on my lunch break?”

“Daydream about me, probably,” Willow said as the elevator dinged for the fourth floor. “This is my stop.”

“I love you! I’ll see you after work,” said Tara forgetting where they were and leaning and kissing Willow.

“Dammit T,” said Faith, coming up to the two women.

“I gotta run. I love you, too!” With that Willow practically ran to her desk. She didn’t want a lecture from Faith.

“It was a little kiss, Faith.”

“Yes, but in the workplace, that isn’t okay. I know you guys just got married, but please, don’t make me be the bad guy and have to write one or both of you up for misconduct. Kiss her before you walk in the building, not after. Please? For me?”

“I’m sorry. I will kiss my sexy wife before we walk into the building tomorrow.”

“Thank you. I hate being the bad guy here, but we have rules in the company and we have to abide by them even if you are newlyweds.”

“I get it. So, how was your weekend?”

“It was good. The house should be done today or tomorrow, so we spent the weekend planning what furniture we needed to get and where to place the stuff we have.”

“That sounds like fun.”

“Did you two do anything other than have sex?”

“We cuddled...does that count?” Tara said, a smile overtaking her face.

“No, that doesn’t. I know you two and that was just the interlude.”

“Well, yeah, you’re right, it was.”

The two arrived at Tara’s office and said their goodbyes. Melissa, Tara’s assistant was already at her desk waiting for Tara to arrive.

“Good morning, Melissa,” said Tara, cheerfully.

“Good morning. How are you doing?”


“I’m glad to hear that. I’m also glad you are in such a good mood.”


“Because I received a call from a couple vendors last week for the campaign and they weren’t happy about something and they demanded to speak to you first thing this morning.”

“Do we at least know what they aren’t happy about or am I going into this blind?”

“It has to do with the website, that is all I know.”

“That isn’t much to go on.”

“It was the best I could get out of them last week.”

“Thank you,” Tara sighed. Her day had started out off, and it looked like it was going to stay there.


“Hey, Sweetheart,” said Donald, sticking his head in the door of Tara’s office.

“Hi Daddy,” Tara said, her voice weary as she looked up from the papers on her desk.

“How’s your day going?”


“I sent you to college and the most you can tell me is ‘ugh’?”

“Sorry,” Tara said, sighing. “The morning started out rough and it hasn’t really gotten any better. We have a couple of vendors who have issues with their website and they’re blaming us. I haven’t had a chance to talk to Willow yet to get her thoughts on the technical side of this. I tried calling her after I got off the phone with the vendors, but I forgot she had a meeting with Jesse and Xander today. I spent the morning on the phone with the vendors and then catching up on the paperwork from last week when we were out for the wedding.”

“Tara, don’t run yourself ragged before you go on your honeymoon. Willow probably wants her wife there more than a zombie.”

“We’re going to be gone for two weeks, Daddy. We just need to get some stuff done before then.”

“Tara, you have an entire department at your disposal, Donnie and Jesse have other programmers. You two could have gone now. Does Willow know how long you guys are going to be gone for? Or where you are going?”

“Nope, she doesn’t know--”

“Who doesn’t know what?” asked Willow as she joined Donald and Tara in Tara’s office. “Sorry, Melissa said to come right in.”

“You don’t know how much I love you,” replied Tara, a loving smile gracing her face.

“Sure I do, it’s a little bit less than I love you. You need to step up your game…”

“Oh, I am getting outta here.” Donald laughed before continuing. “You two get the hell out of here and enjoy the evening.”

“We will,” Willow called as Donald left the office.

“So, you love me more than I love you, huh?”

“Oh yes,” said Willow, leaning over and kissing her wife softly. “But I won’t hold it against you.”

“Watch yourself, Mrs. Rosenberg-Maclay. I still have time to change the honeymoon plans. I could take us to some swamp in Florida instead of where we are going.”

“Yes, you could, but then you’d be stuck in a swamp with me as well.”

“As long as I’m with you, it’ll be a perfect honeymoon.”

“Awww, I love you, gorgeous.”

“I love you, too! What do you say we do as your father-in-law says and get outta here?”

“Yes, ma’am! You look tired baby, why don’t we stop at Angel’s and pick up dinner on the way home?”

“I am mentally exhausted, I think that is a perfect idea.”

The couple exited Tara’s office and made their way to the parking garage. Once they were in the car, Willow called in their order at Angel’s and they headed over to pick up dinner.

“What does your day look like tomorrow?” asked Tara as they drove.

“I have a meeting in the afternoon, but my morning is semi-open. I have some coding to finish up for Jesse from our meeting today.”

“Would you have a little bit of time to squeeze me in?”

“Baby, you can have all the time in the world. Seriously, whatever you need, my love.”

“I’m not thinking I’ll need a lot of time, I just need you to look over a couple of complaints we got from some vendors and give me your thoughts on it.”

“Did you need me to do it tonight? I can log in when we get home.”

“Nope, tonight you are all mine,” a mischievous grin crossed Tara’s face.

“Mmmm, I like how you think,” said Willow, leaning over and kissing the side of Tara’s head as she pulled to a stop outside Angel’s.

The couple picked up dinner and went home. After eating Willow drew them a bath and tried to help Tara forget the day. After the relaxing bath, they made their way to the bedroom and Willow gave Tara a sensual massage before they made love and drifted to sleep holding one another.


“Hey,” said Tara.

“Hey, sexy. Did you want me to come up now to discuss those vendor issues?” asked Willow.

“If you have the time…”

“Tara, I told you last night that I have all the time in the world for you.”

“I know, but you also said you had coding to do for Jesse today. I don’t want to interrupt that.”

“I’m at a breaking point, I’m starting to confuse my PERL with my Python. I’ll be up in a minute.”

“Thanks, Sweetie.”

Tara hung up the phone and rifled through the papers on her desk finding her notes from the previous day. A few minutes later there was a knock at her door and Willow popped her head in.

“Hey, Beautiful,” said Willow.

“Hey, Sweetie. Come in and have a seat.”

“So, what’s up?”

“Well, we have two vendors that claim that their sites aren’t performing correctly and that they aren’t being given the same promotion as other sites. I have no clue what that means, but I’m hoping you do and that you can either disprove it or fix it.”

“I think I know what they are talking about for the promotional stuff. I can check the algorithm that I wrote to randomly promote vendors and make sure that they are indeed getting as much time as others.”

“Sweetie, I have no clue what you just said. Can you say it in English?”

“Sorry, our site has banners promoting each of the vendors. It puts them up at random intervals. I wrote the algorithm that rotates the banners. I’m going to check it to make sure that it is showing everyone for the same amount of time.”

“I think I got that. So, will that take care of their sites not acting right?”

“That I’ll have to call them and ask what they mean. I can do that before my meeting today.”

“Thanks. I appreciate you running with this. I’m out of my league when it comes to this stuff.”

“That is why you have me,” Willow said, laughing.

Willow went back to her desk and called the vendors and was able to resolve the issues in the space of the phone call. As it turned out the vendors own sites were the issue and not anything that TDM had done or had access to.


The rest of the week passed without too much stress for the couple. Friday night arrived and they felt the need to go out and dance off the week's stress.

Willow called Buffy and invited her to join them at The Bronze. Tara called Faith, and Donnie and invited them. Donnie bowed out citing a rough week and a need for a quiet night in. Faith and Emily said they would meet them at The Bronze at eight.

“Willow, does this look okay?” asked Tara, coming into the living room wearing a pair of fitted blue jeans, a blue silk camisole, and a white shirt over the top.

“Mmmmm, there is my sexy wife.” Willow stood up from the couch and walked over, wrapping her arms around her wife from behind and kissing her neck.

“You keep that up and we aren’t going to make it to The Bronze,” warned Tara, her tone sensual and full of desire.

“Sorry, but you are just irresistible.”

Tara turned in Willow’s arms and kissed her softly. “Let’s go dance.”

The couple made their way to The Bronze. Once inside they found Faith, Emily, Buffy, and Angel upstairs.

“Hey, guys,” said Willow.

“Hey, Red. Hey, Tara,” replied Faith.

“Hi, Wills, Tara,” Buffy said, snuggling closer to Angel.

“I was just about to go get drinks. What do you two want?”

“I’ll just have a water,” answered Tara.

“I’ll go with you and help you carry the drinks,” offered Willow.

The pair made their way to the bar downstairs. As they neared the bar they saw Cordelia and Harmony standing there. Willow tried not to tense, but those two women had tormented her most of her life. Although, since Tara made good on her threat and created Maclay Realty they had left Willow alone.

“Well, if it isn’t little Willow Rosen-nerd,” Harmony said, her tone snide and condescending.

“It’s Rosenberg-Maclay now,” Willow said, proudly, flashing her wedding band in front of Cordelia and Harmony.

“Congratulations,” said Cordelia, softly, so soft she was almost unheard.

“Thank you.”

“When did you get married?” asked Harmony.

“Last week.”

“Leave her alone, Harmony. I don’t want her wife causing my parents more trouble. They already lost a lot of major properties because of Maclay Realty,” Cordelia said, trying to pull her friend away from the redhead.

“Yeah, that wasn’t cool of your girlfriend.”

“Wife, she’s my wife. And she warned you not to mess with her. It isn’t my fault that you didn't listen and that Emily is an aggressive businesswoman.”

“Grab that tray, Willow,” said Emily, motioning to the tray of drinks on the bar.

“Gotta go, ladies,” Willow said, smugly.

The group drank and danced the night away. Around midnight they decided to call it a night and everyone went their own way. Willow and Tara showered together when they got home and then curled up together in bed, both falling asleep within minutes.

TBC… :sigh

~ Branny72
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Yay for great update-y goodness... I'm glad that they didn't have too rough week back at work after wedding...

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zampsa19752001 - Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy the update.

:smash<--- too cute!

Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 – NC-17
Author: Branny72
Feedback: Pretty please…it helps me improve and if I get stuck it gives me ideas on where you would like to see the story go!!

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: I’m trying to do more frequent updates. I hope that is okay.


Chapter 57

“Tara? Baby, do you realize we still have more rooms than we do furniture?” asked Willow as she exited the master bedroom after the movers had moved the last of their boxes into their new house.

“Yeah, but that just means that we get to go do more shopping,” Tara said, a grin crossing her face. She wasn’t huge on shopping, but this was their house and their new life together. The apartment that she had was a furnished apartment so they were starting from scratch and loving every minute of it.

“Just don’t go overboard like Emily did when she and Faith went out shopping,” replied Willow, laughing. “She told me she still isn’t sure where they are going to put some of the stuff.”

“No promises…” Tara gave Willow a mischievous grin.

Willow walked up and wrapped her arms around Tara from behind. Pulling her wife close she rested her head on the blonde's shoulder.

“I can’t believe we got married two weeks ago, we’re moving into our house, and next week we leave for our honeymoon. Life is so good,” commented Willow, before tilting her head and kissing the side of Tara’s head.

Tara turned in her lover’s arms, “Life is better than good.” Tara leaned forward and softly kissed her wife.

“Mmmm, yes ma’am.”

“What time is the last of the furniture being delivered today?” asked Tara as a truck pulled into their driveway.

“Right now,” answered Willow, before she headed out to meet the movers and direct them where to put the furniture.


“Hey Wil...oh my god, where?” stammered Tara, coming out of the master bathroom. Willow was standing in their bedroom wearing a burgundy lace bra and panty set. The set left very little to the imagination, not that Tara minded or needed any help.

“You like?” Willow asked, posing for Tara.

“Like is an understatement. Sweetie, we’ve been together for over a year now, where in the world has this little number been?” asked Tara motioning to what Willow was wearing.

“Oh, I just found it while I was unpacking. I guess we never really unpacked all my stuff when we were at the apartment.”

“Sweetie, I am deeply sorry I didn’t give you more drawer space so that we could have found that months ago.” Tara walked over and wrapped her arms around Willow from behind. Running her hands over the lacey fabric, feeling Willow arch into her touch.

“You keep that up...” started Willow as Tara’s lips brushed lightly against her neck.

“Mmmm, tasting your skin is addicting,” said Tara into Willow’s neck.

“Please don’t stop,” whispered Willow as she tilted her head to the side as Tara continued to kiss her neck.

“Not planning on it.” Tara continued to run her hands over Willow’s mostly naked body. Sliding them up to cup her breasts and with ease, Tara was able to unhook the front clasp.

“Oh god,” moaned Willow, leaning into her wife’s touch. “Yes, Tara…”

“Mmmm, I need to have you,” moaned Tara as she moved them to the bed. They removed one another’s clothing and then Tara covered Willows body with her own. The feel of skin on skin was almost as intoxicating as it was kissing her wife.

“Tara,” Willow groaned as she felt Tara’s body on her own. Arching up into Tara, needing to feel more. Willow let her hands roam over Tara’s body as she felt Tara grind into her hips. “Oh yes.”

Willow flipped them over and kissed her way down Tara’s body. When she got to her breasts she made sure to take her time, kissing them, teasing her nipples, sucking on them. She could feel Tara arching trying for more contact. Willow continued down the blonde's body until she reached the blonde wet curls. Smelling Tara’s arousal overtook Willow and she leaned in and gently ran her tongue across Tara’s clit, feeling her hips rise. Willow let out a groan of approval as she continued to lap at her wife’s wetness. Willow took Tara’s clit in her mouth and sucked on it causing Tara to call out Willow’s name. Willow felt a hand on the back of her head and pressure to keep sucking. As Willow sucked harder and teased the bundle of nerves with her tongue she slid two fingers inside Tara. Willow moaned at the wetness and the tightness as she started to slowly thrust hitting Tara’s sweet spot with each thrust.

“Oh god, Willow. Faster baby,” whispered Tara as her hips rocked in sync with the pressure Willow was applying to her clit and the thrusting inside her. Tara felt Willow moving faster as her wife had requested. She loved the feel of Tara when she was this turned on.

“Mmmm, baby,” Willow said into Tara’s clit. The vibration adding another sensation to the blondes already alert center.

“Oh, I’m so close. Faster Willow, make me…” With that Willow started to thrust faster and harder making Tara unable to speak and just moan at the intensity of what she was feeling.

As Willow felt Tara starting to tighten around her fingers she sucked harder and helped Tara ride out her orgasm. As Tara started to come down, Willow moved her hand and started to thrust inside Tara again. This caused the blonde to orgasm again. As Tara came down from the second orgasm Willow made her way back up the blonde's body until they were face to face. She smiled and then softly, but hungrily kissed her wife.

“I love you,” Willow said, pulling back slightly.

“I love you, too,” replied Tara as her hand touched Willows copper curls and then she slid inside her, catching the redhead by surprise and almost sending her over the edge.

“Oh, yes,” cried out Willow as they adjusted so that Tara could thrust harder and faster into the redhead. Willow orgasmed twice before Tara was too exhausted to continue.

The couple lay cuddled together, spent, but very satisfied.

“As soon as I get rested, I’m taking you again,” said Tara as she felt Willow shudder in her arms.

After a short nap, Tara woke Willow and the couple made love the rest of the night until the sun started to come up. As it did, they drifted to sleep in the others arms.


Willow cheerfully walked into the Espresso Pump to get a coffee and wait for Tara who was outside talking to Dawn outside.

“Can I get two mocha’s and two orange scones to go, please?”

“Sure thing,” said the woman behind the counter.

“Willow?” said a male voice.

“Oz…” Willow said, almost inaudibly as she turned to face the man standing next to her.

“Please, can we talk?” Oz moved to touch Willow’s arm, but she pulled away from him, Willow hadn’t forgotten the last time she had seen him and how he forcefully grabbed her arm.

“There really isn’t much to say. I think we’ve said all there is to say to one another.”

“I want us to try again. I’m changing and I can be what you need now. Please, give us a chance. Give me another chance.”

“Oz, there is no us. I don’t mean to be rude or insensitive, but it’s been years, you need to get passed this. Passed us. Move on with your life.”

“Just give me a chance,” pleaded Oz. “I still love you.”

“I’m sorry, I can’t, not now, not ever.”

“Why? Give me one good reason why we can’t just try again.”

“Oz, I got married two weeks ago, and I’m leaving on my honeymoon in less than a week.”

“You w-what?” Oz stammered, his eyes going to Willow’s left hand in disbelief.

“I got married,” Willow said, raising her left hand and showing Oz her wedding ring. “I’m sorry, but there will never be an us again.”

“W-who did you marry? Was it Conner?” The venom in his voice didn’t go unnoticed by Willow.

“No, I didn’t marry Conner. Oz, I married a woman named Tara.”

“You, what? A woman? Seriously?” The skepticism in his voice was thick with disbelief.

“I’m very serious,” stated Willow as Tara walked over to them. Willow wrapped her arm around Tara’s waist and kissed the side of her head. “Oz, this is my wife Tara Rosenberg-Maclay, baby, this is Oz.”

“H-hi,” said Oz, taking Tara’s extended hand.

“It is nice to finally meet you,” said Tara, shaking his hand. “You almost ready to go, Sweetie? Don’t forget you have that meeting with Jesse right away this morning.”

“Yeah, I just need another minute.” Willow handed their breakfast and coffees to Tara and the blonde walked away.

“When did you start dating women? Her?”

“Well, there is and has been just Tara and we were on our first date the night you confronted me at The Bronze just about a year ago.”

“Willow, are you sure about this? Sure about her? That lifestyle? It isn’t an easy lifestyle to live.”

“Oz, I’m happier than I have ever been in my life. I’ve got a fantastic job, a gorgeous wife, a new house...there isn’t a single thing not going for me right now. As for the lifestyle, I’m very certain. Tara is my soulmate and the one that I was destined to find. She completes me.”

“What do your parents think of this? They can’t be happy with it. What about Buffy? Conner?”

“My parents are fully supportive as are all my friends and my in-laws. I need to go Oz, Tara is waiting and I don’t like to keep her waiting.”

“Yeah, okay,” said Oz, his gaze looking passed Willow to where Tara was standing.

Willow looked over her shoulder to see what he was staring at and smiled when she saw Tara laughing and talking with Dawn. Willow walked over and joined the women. As she reached them her arm went around Tara’s waist and they shared a quick, but loving kiss.

“Are you okay?” asked Dawn. “I saw you talking to Oz.”

“Yeah, I’m okay. I’m not sure he is, but I’m glad that I finally got my closure.” Willow glanced over at Oz who was still staring at them.

“I have a meeting first thing this morning with Emily, I’d better get going,” Dawn said as she hugged the two women and headed toward the Maclay Realty building.

“Now, how are you really doing?” asked Tara, knowing her wife better than anyone else.

“I’m not going to say that wasn’t one of the hardest things I’ve had to do or that I’m not waiting for him to explode, but I’m glad that I got the closure that I needed. I wish him well, but I don’t feel burdened anymore. Oz is a part of my past, you, my love, are my future. I don’t know how more to explain it.”

“That’s okay, I think I get it. Let’s head to work.” Tara handed Willow her coffee and scone so that she had a free hand. Once Willow got the stuff in her hand situated she reached over and took Tara’s hand and the couple made their way toward work. Neither seeing the unassuming red-haired man following and closely watching them.

The couple stopped just before they got to work and shared several loving kisses. Tara had kept her promise to Faith and made sure to kiss her wife before they set foot on company property.

“I love you, I’ll see you later,” said Tara.

“Love you, more. See you after work.”

The couple walked into work as Oz stood there still watching them. Shaking his head, his anger stunted by his feeling of loss. He could tell that he had truly lost Willow to this woman she called her wife.


“So, Willow,” started Xander peeking into Willow’s cube. “Has Tara given you any hints as to where you are going for your honeymoon?”

“Hey, Xander. No, she still won’t give me even a hint of a clue.” Willow turned in her chair to face the dark-haired man.

“Well, that isn’t fair. How are you supposed to know what to pack? Or what to get your best work buddy as a ‘haha, I was here and you weren’t’ gift?”

Willow laughed, “Tara said she would do the packing for us. Which I’m okay with. She packed when we went out for the campaign tour and she got everything for both of us in one suitcase.”

“For both of you? That’s impressive.”

“That’s my wife,” Willow said, smiling wistfully at the thought of Tara.

“Uh oh, she’s gone folks,” teased Xander.

“Nope, just blissfully happy. How are things going with you and Anya?”

“Well, since your wedding she has been hinting about wanting us to get married…”

“Wow, how do you feel about that? Are you ready to take the plunge?”

Xander sat in the spare chair in Willow’s cube. “That’s a hard question. I know that I’m an adult, but sometimes I’m not sure I’m mature enough to get married and handle that much responsibility. Don’t get me wrong, I love Anya and want a long future with her, it is just that marriage seems so grown up.”

“It’s a big step, but as a newlywed, I am biased in saying it is so worth growing up for. I get where you are coming from though. It has to feel right for both of you for it to work.”

“Yeah, I have some deep soul searching to do.” Xander looked at Willow and smiled. “Well, that got a bit more serious than me harassing you about your honeymoon.”

“Yeah, but I’m here for you if you need to talk.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that. I have to get back to work. I’ll talk to you later,” with that Xander got up and left Willow’s cube leaving the redhead to think about her life and how much it had changed in the past year.

Willow: Hey sexy.
Tara: Hey beautiful. How’s your morning going?
Willow: Not bad. I miss you.
Tara: I miss you, too. Are you going to be able to get away for lunch today?
Willow: Yep. See you at noon?
Tara: Meet me at my office?
Willow: I’ll see you there. I love you!!
Tara: Love you, too.
Willow: You know, Faith had better never see our IM’s or we’ll probably get talked to.
Tara: What she doesn’t know, doesn’t hurt us. See you soon, Sweetie.


“Hi,” Willow said, peeking her head into Tara’s office. “Melissa is away from her desk so I’m just checking to see if you are ready for lunch.”

“Yep, come on in.” Tara smiled as Willow joined her in her office. “So, do we want to take the blanket and go sit in the park for lunch. We walked so there is no racing home for a quickie.”

“The blanket at the park sounds great. I’d love a quickie, but something tells me that Faith wouldn’t approve of us using your desk or the couch over there.”

“Yeah, we may not want to press her too much,” replied Tara, standing and walking over to the couch and grabbing the blanket draped over the end.

The couple made their way outside to one of the vendors and grabbed a boxed lunch for each of them and headed across the way to the park. Finding a spot under a tree they laid out the blanket and sat down close together. Neither seeing the red-haired man that had been watching for them all morning.

As they are they talked about their morning. Willow told Tara about the projects that Jesse had lined up for her once she got back from their honeymoon. She told Tara about her conversation with Xander.

“I know Anya and she isn’t going to make this easy on Xander. If she has her mind set on them getting married, she is going to press him.”

“Oh, I don’t doubt that. I just hope he does it because he’s ready and not because she pressures him.”

Tara pulled the fresh fruit container out of the box and took out a sliced strawberry and fed it to Willow. “Mmmm, I love you,” said Willow leaning over and kissing Tara sensually.

“I love you, too.”

Willow and Tara took turns feeding one another fruit and exchanging kisses. As the time grew closer to the end of their lunch Tara smiled at Willow.

“What’s that smile for?”

“Because I’m so damn in love with you. You make me so happy.”

“The feeling is very mutual,” purred Willow.

“We need to go in, but I’ll give you and Xander one clue on where our honeymoon is going to be. If you can’t guess it by tonight I’ll tell you for certain.”

“Why the change?”

“Because I want you to be as excited as I am about where we’re going.”

“What’s my clue?”

“You chose where we’re going at Christmas.”

“What the hell kinda clue is that? I chose where we’re going at Christmas?”

“Think about it and let me know if you have any guesses.” Tara kissed Willow soundly and then stood up offering her wife her hand to help her get up.


Xander was surprised when Willow got back from lunch and told him the clue that Tara had given her.

“What did you do for Christmas?”

“We went and played in the snow. Tara rented us a house in the mountains.”

“So, maybe she is taking you to Alaska? They have snow there almost year round in some parts of it.”

“That wouldn’t be bad. Maybe an Alaskan cruise or something,” suggested Willow.

The two spent the rest of the day IM-ing one another with suggestions. Willow was completely baffled by the time that she and Tara were heading home.

“So, any guesses?” asked Tara as she joined Willow and Xander in the elevator going down.

“The best we came up with was an Alaskan cruise,” Willow answered, not sounding confident at all.

“Nope, but if you like that idea, we can do it at some point.”

“Then we’re stumped.”

Tara laughed and couldn’t help herself to give the pair one last clue. “The last clue is that it is an over ten-hour flight, god help me with your fear of flying.”

“Guess that shoots out the Alaskan cruise,” commented Xander. “If Willow has a fear of flying, how do you expect to keep her calm?”

“Oh, don’t worry Xander, I have my ways,” Tara said, laughing. “Willow will have to tell you tomorrow where we’re headed.”

The group said their goodbyes and the couple headed to their new house.

Oz still following at a distance. He still wasn’t convinced that this was really what Willow wanted for her life or that she was telling him the truth.


After arriving home, Willow and Tara changed and went and sat out on the back patio before making dinner. They sat close to one another, their fingers intertwining.

“So, do you have any other guesses as to where we’re headed?” asked Tara.

“Explain to me how I chose our honeymoon at Christmas. That is part that I don’t get. We were in the mountains surrounded by snow for Christmas.”

“You really want to know? Because if I tell you how you chose it, it will give away where we’re headed.”

“Tell me and I’ll make it worth your while…” flirted Willow.

“You got us tickets for Christmas.” Tara watched as Willow thought about it and then she saw it register in her wife’s eyes.

“We’re going to Ireland?”

“Yep. We’re going to Ireland for two weeks. Are you excited?”

Willow leaned in close to Tara and said, “Let me show you how excited I am.” Then she closed the distance and passionately kissed Tara.

“Mmmm,” groaned Tara, into the kiss. “Let’s take this inside to the bedroom.”

Dinner was all but forgotten as the couple spent the evening making love.


The following morning as Tara and Willow made their way to the elevator they saw Xander standing there waiting.

“So? Where are you going?” asked Xander, his excitement that more of a little kid than a grown man.

“Ireland,” Willow said, laughing at Xander’s excitement.

“Oh, wow. That is so cool. Please don’t tell Anya. I don’t think we’re ready for an international vacation just yet.”

“We’ll keep it our secret,” said Tara.

The three got onto the elevator and as it stopped at the fourth floor Willow took Tara’s hand and squeezed it and softly told her she loved her. Tara returned the sentiment and Willow and Xander got off the elevator.

“So, how did you choose Ireland?”

“Oh, I forgot that I got us tickets for Christmas. So, we’re going to use those and spend two weeks touring the country...or I think that is the plan. I didn’t think to ask more than where we were going.” The pair laughed and made their way to their desks.


“Ladies and gentlemen we are about thirty minutes outside of Dublin, from the crew of Aer Lingus, we thank you for flying with us.”

“I love you,” Willow said as Tara took the magazine that she had been reading to pack up in their carry-on.

“I love you, too. Are you excited?”

“Yeah, when were you here last?”

“I’ve just been here the one time. I was like ten when we were here, so this is going to be as new to me as it is to you,” said Tara.

“I like that idea. I wouldn’t want you to be seeing the same old stuff and be bored on our honeymoon.”

“Will, that would never happen. Even if I had been here last year it would still be new and different because I’m here seeing it with you. Through your perspective even.”

“Charmer.” Willow leaned over and kissed Tara. “So, do you have the whole two weeks planned?”

“Nope. I thought we could play it by ear and just do whatever. There are a few places that I’d like to see if we could go to, but mostly, I just want to be with you.”

“So, where do you really want to go?”

“I want to go to Sean’s Bar in Athlone, Co. Westmeath, it’s over a thousand-year-old bar. It is west of Dublin.”

“Whoa. A thousand-year-old bar? Seriously?”

“Yep. That is one of the reasons that I picked it as a place to go. How many people can say that they were in a bar that old? We could then go to Galway? I really have only a couple things that I really want to do while we’re here. The rest we can decide together.”

“What else is a must to do?”

“Maybe go to Belfast to see the special stuff they have on the Titanic. I love the documentaries on that.”

“Me too. When we get to the hotel, let’s plan out our time or at least where we want to go.”

The flight landed and the couple made their way to retrieve their luggage and make their way to the hotel.

“Welcome to The Merrion Hotel,” said the woman at the front desk of the hotel.

The couple checked in and was shown to the suite Tara had reserved for them. Once in the room Willow collapsed onto the bed and patted the spot next to her. Tara promptly joined her wife.

“What do you say we take a nap before we plan out our trip?”

“Deal,” said Willow, rolling on her side and leaning her head on Tara’s shoulder and draping an arm across Tara’s stomach.

“I love you,” said Tara, kissing the top of Willow’s head.

“I love you, too.” replied Willow as the couple drifted off to sleep.
TBC… :sigh

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Yay for excellent update-y goodness... Can't wait for their honeymoon... I have a feeling Oz is going to cause some trouble for our lovebirds...

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