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 Post subject: Re: Meant To Be - Ch 6 Updated 10/12/2013
PostPosted: Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:00 am 
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Yeah! Keep'em updates comin'! I love this fic. :)

-s the Escapist
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 Post subject: Re: Meant To Be - Ch 6 Updated 10/12/2013
PostPosted: Tue Oct 15, 2013 11:20 am 
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Okay, the Angel a vampire idea is obviously a BtVS show reference, but is it also a reference to the "Marshall thinks Carl the bartender is a vampire" storyline on HIMYM?
A day like this is a useful way of getting over characterization details, well done here. I like the vague simialrities in their backgrounds and especially that both are buttoned up way too much over single bad past relationships. I can empathize :-(.
Liked Buffy's description fo what she and Angel wanted to do to Oz - rmeinds me of the reaction Buffy, in one of my so-far unposted stories, has when a 9-momths pregnant Dawn, on the same day she's graduating med school, gets served with divorce papers.

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 Post subject: Re: Meant To Be - Ch 6 Updated 10/12/2013
PostPosted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 2:33 pm 
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JustSkipIt: Flirting is a big part of the fun!! I couldn't resist the Angel being a vampire part. I hope you enjoy this next chapter. :flirt

loislan1: Welcome to the party!! :banana Thanks for reading!!

Phantasyland: As long as you keep reading and reviewing I will do my best to keep the updates coming! :kitty

DaddyCatALSO: Oz deserved some pain for breaking Willows heart, though, had he not she may not have realized how perfect her and Tara are together! :)

:smash <--- too cute!

Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating:  PG-13 - NC-17
Author:  Branny72
Feedback:  Pretty please…it helps me improve

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: Thank you to Willara4ever for all your help with this story. I appreciate your reading it and helping me with the idea.

Chapter 7

“Hey Willow,” said Angel as they walked up and he gave her a hug.

“Hi Angel, do you have a table for two open?” she asked.

“For you, always,” he said.

“Oh, Angel this is Tara Maclay,” said Willow.

“Yes, you were in here a couple of weeks ago with your brother and a um brunette right?”

“Yes, that was us,” said Tara.

“Well, welcome back. Follow me, I have your table open Willow,” Angel said as he led them to a secluded table.

“Thanks Angel, you are the best,” smiled Willow.

“Can I get you something to drink?” asked Angel.

“Iced Tea,” said Willow.

“I’ll have the same,” said Tara.

“Great, I’ll get your drinks and be back for your order,” said Angel as he disappeared into the kitchen.

“This is a nice table,” said Tara.

“Yeah, I like to stay in the background so when Angel built this place he put this table in for me.”

“Wow, so literally meant it when he said he had your table open.”

“Yep, he does sit people at it of course, but he is nice enough to keep it open as long as he can.”

“That is really sweet of him. So, what do you recommend?” asked Tara.

“My favorite isn’t on the menu, but Angel always gets the chef to make it for me. How much do you trust me Ms. Maclay?” asked Willow wiggling her eyebrows.

“After the coffee, I’m going to say enough to let you order dinner,” Tara said offering Willow a lopsided smile that made the redheads breath catch.

Angel came back with their drinks and Willow told him what they wanted and he told her he’d put in the order.

“So, when we were in here before Angel said his son managed The Bronze. He doesn’t seem old enough to have a grown son.”

“He was married briefly and Connor was his step-son. When Connors mom bailed on them Angel took over and raised him.”

“Wow that is a sweet story. How did you meet him?”

“Angel used to date Buffy when we were in High School,” said Willow.

“Are they still close? I mean you seem to have a really good relationship with him.”

“Yeah, they have a ‘we're cursed; we’ll always be in love, but we’ll never be together’ type relationship. I don’t know why they don’t just get back together, but I’m not one to give relationship advice.”

“Oh come on Willow, I’m sure you have had your pick of people to date,” said Tara realizing that this was dangerous territory or at least territory she may not like to be in. “Careful Maclay, you don't know what you are getting yourself into here.”

“Um, not really, I dated one person and they cheated on me and I haven’t had a relationship since,” admitted Willow.

“I can understand that. My ex did the same to me,” said Tara wondering if she should be saying anything, but she just felt so comfortable with her.

“I can’t believe that anyone would cheat on you,” said Willow. “I just said that out loud didn't I? Crap, what if she thinks I'm...ugh.”

“Oh yes, but let’s not discuss that over dinner.”

“You’re right, we have awesome food on its way,” said Willow as she spotted Angel walking towards them and nodded her head in his direction.

“Ladies, I bring you your Irish Monte Cristo,” he said as he put the plates in front of them.

“Thank you,” they both said to Angel.

“This smells amazing,” said Tara. “What is in the sandwich?”

“Let’s see, turkey, rasher bacon, swiss cheese, on french toast, dusted with powdered sugar, and lingonberry jam on the side.”

Tara took a bite of the sandwich and let out a very soft moan of pleasure that caught Willow's attention. “Ok, I now trust you implicitly,” said Tara.

“I know my food and my caffeine, what can I say,” laughed Willow as she took a bite of her sandwich.

They ate their dinner and talked about the day and how nice it was.

After dinner, they walked around Sunnydale enjoying being with the other and they found themselves over near Tara’s apartment.

“Hey, we made it to my place on the tour.” laughed Tara.

“Wait you live here?” asked Willow in a slightly shocked tone.

“Yeah, why is that bad?” asked Tara with a frown starting to form.

“No, Buffy and I live in the apartments around the corner,” laughed Willow. “We're practically neighbors.” “YAY ME!” thought Willow.

“Wow, I’m surprised we haven’t run into one another more often then,” said Tara. “Oh my goddess, she lives close to me,” thought Tara.

“Well, I did just move in a week ago and I know this may come as a shock to you, but I am not a big outdoorsy person.”

“You aren’t? Are you sure?” joked Tara.

“I know, it is just shocking, this scrawny physique fools a lot of people,” laughed Willow as they stood outside of Tara's apartment.

“I am totally shocked that your scrawny physique doesn't mean you are an outdoorsy type,” laughed Tara. “I've had an amazing day with you today. Thank you!”

“I had an amazing day too! I think we're going to have to plan another day to see the rest of what Sunnydale has to offer.”

“I'd like that,” smiled Tara.

“Well, I should get going and let you enjoy your evening,” said Willow not wanting to leave.

“Thank you again Willow. I know you didn't have to, but I really appreciate you showing me around today.”

“It was my pleasure, it was nice to get to know you outside of work,” said Willow. “Yeah, that doesn't make it obvious that you are flirting with her.”

“I agree it is great to get to know you outside of work as well. I should get going, I'll see you at work on Monday?” asked Tara.

“I'll see you there Monday, we have a campaign to build,” Willow said as they smiled at one another and then she turned and headed down the street towards her apartment and Tara watched her walking away for a moment before heading inside.


Tara practically ran to her apartment and opened the door she couldn't wait to call Faith.

“T, where the hell have you been? It's almost 8,” said the brunette as she answered her phone in a slight panic.

“What do you mean where have I been? Don't answer that just get your ass over here,” squealed Tara.

“You squealed? Really Tara?” laughed Faith.

“Shut up and get over here please,” whined Tara.

“I'll be there in a few minutes,” said Faith as she hung up the phone.

Tara poured herself a glass of wine and sat down on the couch and thought about her day with Willow while she waited for Faith to arrive.


Willow bounced into her apartment full of grins.

“Will, where have you been?” asked Buffy.

“Buffy, today was amazing,” smiled Willow as she closed the door and sat next to her best friend on the couch.

“Where have you been?”

“What do you mean?”

“Willow, it is 8 PM, you have been gone for almost twelve hours,” stated Buffy.

“Wow, it didn't seem like we were out that long,” said Willow smiling as if she were drunk.

“You were with Tara that whole time?”

“Yep, and today was amazing!”

“Okay, I get that, now give me details Rosenberg,” laughed Buffy. She had never seen her best friend like this.

“Buffy, we started at work, and then I started giving her the tour, you know Ethans and then we stopped by the Espresso Pump,” started Willow.

“Did you see Dawnie?” interrupted Buffy.

“Yeah, she was very helpful in embarrassing me.”

“Ah, good, I've trained her well! Wait, did you get the Willow-Style Mocha?” asked Buffy as she saw the redhead grin evilly.

“Oh yeah, and Tara was brave enough to get one as well. Then I showed her the sites on the way to the zoo.”

“Willow, you did not get hyped up on caffeine and go harass the animals again?”

“No, WE got hyped up on caffeine and harassed the animals. We almost had a poo-flinging moment by the monkeys too. We spent the day there walking around talking having fun, then we went to dinner at Angel's and I walked her home,” Willow said with a sly grin.

“You walked her home? My, my, Miss Rosenberg aren't we bold.”

“Not really, we were just walking and talking after dinner and she pointed out that we were in front of where she lives, which happens to be right around the corner from us.”

“No way!”

“Oh yeah! And the best part?”

“You kissed her?”

“What? No. Buffy I don't even know if she is gay let alone interested in me,” said Willow. “No, we only got through part of Sunnydale so she agreed that we will have to go out again.”

“Willow, I'm impressed, you got a second date already.”

“It isn't a date Buffy,” Willow playfully scolded.

“Sure it isn't Will, I don't buy that for a second. So, when are you going out?”

“We didn't decide, but I am working with her again on Monday.”

“I would ask if you are happy, but that goofy grin on your face says it all.”

“Best day ever, Buff,” Willow said as she hugged a pillow to her chest.


Faith knocked on Tara's door pulling her out of her daydream. She let the brunette in and got her a beer and they sat down on the couch.

“So, tell me every detail,” said Faith noting the smile on Tara's face.

“Today was incredible! I don't know that I have laughed as hard and had as much fun as I did with her. Sorry,” started Tara.

“Wow, we've had some pretty good times and today beat those, Red must have some stills,” laughed Faith.

“I don't doubt that, but that wasn't what I was referring to. She showed me around, I met one of her friends when we stopped at the Espresso Pump to get a 'Willow-Style Mocha' before we headed to the Zoo.”

“A 'Willow-Style Mocha' is?” asked Faith.

“That is what Dawn called it. The friend of Willows that works there. It was a mocha with triple the caffeine and extra chocolate.”

“T, are you going to sleep ever again? Was it good?”

“It was probably the best mocha I have ever had, and as for the sleep, I'm not sure on that yet.”

“So after she hyped you up on caffeine what happened?”

“Well then we made our way towards the zoo. Did you know that Anya lives next to Lovers Lane?”

“That doesn't surprise me. Did Red give you details on her going down to Lovers Lane?” asked Faith wiggling her eyebrows.

“She pled the 5th. Then confessed that she had been down there once,” laughed Tara taking a drink of her wine. “Then we went to the zoo and my stomach hurt so bad from laughing. I am scared what it is going to feel like tomorrow. Willow made fun of one of the monkeys and it almost flung poo at us.”

“Gross T,” said Faith.

“Yeah, and you laugh at burps and farts, but me mentioning poo-flinging is gross? Whatever!”

“Burps and farts are funny,” mumbled Faith.

“We had so much fun at the zoo, we had lunch, we went to the kiddie zoo and pet the animals. Then when they closed at 5 we decided to go out to dinner together.”

“You went to dinner together?”

“Yeah, we went to Angel's. She is really close with the owner and when he built the place he built in a table just for her.”

“Wow, I may have to get to know Red if things with you two don't work out,” joked Faith until she saw the look on Tara's face.

“Not funny,” said Tara.

“Sorry,” Faith said and she chugged her beer and went and got herself another one.

“So, we had dinner and then we were just walking and talking and we ended up outside my building. When I told her that I lived here she was shocked, she lives around the corner.”

“Seriously? She is just around the corner?”

“Yeah, can you get more perfect?”

“So, did you set up a second date?” asked Faith.

“It wasn't a date Faith, but yes, we are going out again because we didn't get the full tour done.”

“Any clue on if she is seeing anyone?”

“She is single. She got cheated on when she just starting college and after that break-up she stated that she hasn't dated since.”

“Did you state male or female?”

“No,” said Tara.

“Did you tell her?”

“I thought about it, but I didn't. The timing wasn't right, but I will the next time we get together outside work.”

“So, fantabulous day, and you get to do it again with her sometime. I'm really happy for you T. Even if this is just a friendship with Willow, I think from what I've seen at work and what I've heard from you, she'll be a great friend if not a great girlfriend.”

“I hope so on both accounts,” laughed Tara.

They got comfortable and talked about Faiths' day and what they should do on Sunday.


Sunday arrived and it was the type of day that made Sunnydale's name fitting for the city. The sun was shining, there was a slight breeze to keep the temperatures from feeling too warm and allowing people to go out and enjoy the day.

Willow awoke with a smile on her face as she remembered the dream she had of Tara and the incredible day they had on Saturday.

“Good morning Buffy,” said Willow as she entered the kitchen to find Buffy staring into the refrigerator looking for something to eat after her morning run.

“Someone is still on a high from their day with a hot blonde,” teased Buffy as she closed the door and saw the goofy grin on her redheaded roommates face.

“I am, and I hope to stay this way for the rest of the day,” Willow said in a dreamy voice.

“Just for the day, my Rosenberg, you are going to give up that feeling so quickly?” asked Buffy.

“No, but tomorrow I get another dose of it since I will be working with Tara all day,” said Willow as her goofy grin grew even larger.

“Do I need to get the hose from the sink?” asked Buffy laughing.

Willow glared at her and then the two of them started to laugh.

“So, what do you want to do today?” Willow asked Buffy as they made their way to the living room.

“Well, I would like to find food and coffee, then, I have no idea. It was absolutely gorgeous out while I was on my run. We could go down to the beach and hang out,” said Buffy.

“Espresso Pump for breakfast? My treat as employed-girl.”

“Well, I am never going to pass up someone else paying for food and coffee for me,” giggled Buffy.

“Okay, let me get ready and then we can head out,” said Willow.

“Works for me, I'm going to shower quick too,” said Buffy.

“Please, otherwise I'm not claiming to know you in public,” teased Willow as she tried to get away from her best friend.

Buffy tackled Willow on the couch and pinned her down.

“Don't make me hurt you,” said Buffy staring down.

“You love me too much,” laughed Willow as she squirmed trying to get out from under the blonde.

“True,” said Buffy as she got up and headed to take her shower and Willow went to her room to get ready.


“Hello?” said a groggy voice.

“Hey Sis,” said a very cheerful male.

“Donnie, what time is it?” she asked.

“It is almost 8:30 Tara, I can't believe you are still sleeping,” said Donnie.

“Well, I'm not anymore. What is up big brother,” asked Tara as she wiped the sleep from her eyes and sat up in bed.

“I was wondering if you would like to hang out with your older brother today and maybe go to the beach,” he asked. “It is a gorgeous day out already. I even went for a run this morning.”

“Donnie, since when do you run? And what did she look like.”

“I started a few months ago, but with the new office opening and everything I haven't had time. There was no 'she' that I was looking at.”

“Well, I'm happy you enjoyed your run, don't ever expect me to go with you,” laughed Tara.

“You aren't coordinated enough little sister,” teased Donnie.

“That is a very good point. So, the beach huh?” said Tara.

“Yeah, do you think Faith would like to go with?”

“I think she would, but why don't you call her and asked and I'm going to shower and get dressed.”

“Sounds good, call me back when you are ready,” said Donnie

Tara hung up the phone, let out a loud sigh and then headed to take a shower and get ready for a day at the beach.


“Hey Donnie,” Faith said answering her phone.

“Good morning, Faith,” said Donnie.

“How are you doing?”

“I'm good, calling to see if you would like to join Tara and I at the beach today.”

“Sounds like fun,” said Faith.

“So, have you talked to my sister in the past week?”

“Yeah, I was over at her house the past couple of nights. Why? What's up?” asked Faith concerned.

“I was just wondering if you noticed a change in her.”

“A change how?”

“She seems happier,” said Donnie.

“Yeah, I think it is her finally settling in and finding her groove with the new branch,” said Faith unsure if she should tell him about Willow or not.

“Maybe, but I think it's more than that,” said Donnie.

“Have you asked her?”

“No, I was afraid if I asked her it would jinx the mood and well, I like my sister happy and smiling.”

“We both do. What time are we doing this beach thing?”

“Tara is going to call me when she gets ready, then I will pick her up, then we can get you and maybe some coffee and head to the beach.”

“Sounds good, I'll see you both in a bit,” said Faith and she hung up the phone and went to her closet to get her swimsuit and get changed.


“Buffy, Willow,” said the bubbly teen as they entered the Espresso Pump.

“Hey Dawnie,” they said together.

“Table for two?” she asked.

“Yes please,” said Buffy.

Dawn led them to a corner table and they told her they wanted their usual and she headed off to get them their coffee and bagels.

“Tara, hi,” said Dawn as she was passing the blonde.

“Hi Dawn,” said Tara receiving a confused look from her brother and Faith.

“Are you guys looking for a table?”

“Yep,” said Tara.

“Great follow me,” said Dawn as she led the trio over to the table next to Buffy and Willow. “Let me get their order and I'll be back to get yours.”

“Willow?” said Tara noticing the pair sitting at the next table.

“Tara! Hey,” said Willow as she smiled and saw the blonde.

“Hey Red,” said Faith.

“Faith, Donnie, hey!”

“Good morning Willow,” said Donnie.

“Oh Buffy, this is Faith, Donnie, and Tara from work. Um, this is my roommate Buffy,” said Willow as everyone exchanged pleasantries.

“Here you go Wills,” said Dawn as she set a large mocha down in front of the redhead and a cinnamon bagel with cream cheese. “And here is yours,” she set down in front of Buffy a large mocha and a cinnamon raisin bagel.

“Thanks Dawnie,” said Willow.

“So, what can I get you guys?”

“Willow, would you two like to join us?” asked Donnie before turning to Dawn. “I'll have a large coffee, black and a blueberry scone.”

“Sure, thanks,” said Willow as she and Buffy moved to join the other table, Faith and Buffy strategically placing Willow and Tara next to one another.

“I'll have a mocha and a cherry scone,” said Faith.

“I'll have a mocha willow-style, and a cinnamon bagel,” said Tara.

“Willow-style?” asked Donnie as he saw Dawn start to giggle and Willow blush.

“It is a mocha with triple the caffeine and extra chocolate,” Willow said sheepishly.

“Not something that she needs because she is a hyper spaz without it, er sorry Will, I forgot Tara was your boss,” said Dawn.

“Actually Dawn, I'm only her boss for the project she is working on now. This is my brother Donnie, he is actually the head of Willow's department, and Faith here heads up HR,” said Tara trying to help the brunette, but only making her blush more.

Willow groaned and turned a slightly darker shade of red.

“Oh, Will, I am SO sorry. I'm going to go get their your order,” said Dawn as she quickly made her way away from the group.

“So, Willow,” started Faith.

“Faith be nice,” mumbled Tara under her breath.

“So Sis, how do you know Dawn?” asked Donnie cutting Faith off.

“Willow gave me a tour of Sunnydale yesterday and we stopped in here,” said Tara.

“She's my sister,” said Buffy.

“I can't believe you admitted that,” giggled Willow.

“Well, someone has to claim responsibility for her,” laughed Buffy.

“I heard that both of you,” said Dawn glaring at her sister and her best friend as the others at the table smiled.

“Sorry,” Willow said with a timid smile.

“Here is your order,” said Dawn setting the stuff on the table, glaring again at Buffy and Willow before heading back to work.

“So, what are you two up to today?” asked Donnie.

“Not much,” said Willow.

“Well, would you two like to join us at the beach? It is always more fun with more people,” said Donnie as Faith heard Tara audibly gulp.

“Um,” started Willow.

“That would be great, we were thinking of going there as well,” said Buffy a little overly cheery for Willow's liking.

“Great,” said Donnie.

“So, do you guys need to get changed?” asked Faith.

“Actually we are bikini ready,” said Buffy before she realized what she was saying.

“Oh goddess, she did NOT just say that,” thought Willow.

“Willow in a bikini, I have died and gone to heaven. Please goddesses, don't let me drool noticeably,” thought Tara.

Faith glanced over at Tara to see a multitude of emotions run across the blondes face.

“So, Buffy, what do you do?” asked Faith trying to divert the conversation and help her friend.

“I'm a personal trainer,” said Buffy.

“That sounds interesting,” said Donnie.

“I have dreamed about doing it since I moved to Sunnydale,” said Buffy.

Everyone ate and talked, Dawn came back and refilled their drinks. The group headed to the beach, Buffy and Willow showing them their favorite spot.

“I like this spot,” said Donnie.

“Yeah, Willow found it,” said Buffy winking at her best friend.

“It seems pretty private,” said Faith.

“That is the appeal,” said Buffy. “Willow and I used to come out here and watch the sunset when we were in school or when we wanted to be alone.”

Tara and Faith shared a glance at the words the blonde was saying.

“Are or were Willow and Buffy dating? Did she tell me she was single because she was afraid of how I would react to her being gay?” thought Tara.

“Well, I think it is a great spot. I say we strip and enjoy some sun,” said Donnie.

“DONNIE,” squeaked Faith and Tara as Buffy and Willow's eyes got wide.

“That sounded so much better in my head,” said Donnie blushing a deep shade of red.

Everyone giggled at the embarrassed man as they all put their towels down removed the extra clothes until they were in their swimsuits.

“Oh goddess, Tara looks, wow, that blue bikini makes her eyes stand out. Goddess she is so beautiful,” thought Willow.

“Wow, Willow in an emerald-green bikini. I have died and gone to heaven,” thought Tara.

“I brought a frisbee, who wants to play?” said Buffy as Donnie and Faith jumped up.

“We will,” said Faith catching a pleading look from Tara and not seeing the same look being given to Buffy from Willow.

The three left to go play frisbee while Willow and Tara sat on their towels.

“S-s-so, you and B-B-Buffy come here a lot?” asked Tara.

“Yeah, we haven't spent much time here lately, but we used to spend a lot of time here in high school,” said Willow.

“Hey Will,” called Buffy waiting to see her best friend look over her direction. “Don't forget to put on your sunscreen.”

“Thanks,” Willow called back. She pulled the sunscreen out of Buffy's bag and started to apply it, Tara was transfixed watching the redhead rub the lotion over her skin.

“D-did you n-n-need help with y-y-your back?” asked Tara before she could stop herself from asking.


~ Branny72
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I like this story. And this was such a sweet update. Thank you! :)

-s the Escapist
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That was just cruel with that cliffhanger. I hope Willow will be able to put sunscreen on Tara's back also. Loving how well the conversation is seeming to flow between Willow and Tara.

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Good update. I like how the 2 groups keep meeting up. I think that Tara's suspicion of Willow and Buffy is pretty unfounded. I hope she realizes that easily. I'm curious if you're going to get Buffy and Donnie together with Donnie just starting to run and Buffy being a runner and personal trainer. And let me say, better Buffy and Donnie than Buffy and Faith!

I'm looking forward to more.

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Phantasyland: I'm happy to hear you like the story!! :sigh

love_2003: I am sorry for the cliff hanger, but it was a cheap ploy to get you to come back and read the next chapter. :D I hope you enjoy the next update.

JustSkipIt: Thanks for continuing to read! There will be no Fuffy in this story – that I know for a fact. :sigh

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Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating:  PG-13 - NC-17
Author:  Branny72
Feedback:  Pretty please…it helps me improve

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: Thank you to Willara4ever for all your help with this story. I appreciate your reading it and helping me with the idea.

Chapter 8

"Hey Will," called Buffy waiting to see her best friend look over her direction. "Don't forget to put on your sunscreen."
"Thanks," Willow called back. She pulled the sunscreen out of Buffy's bag and started to apply it, Tara was transfixed watching the redhead rub the lotion over her skin.
"D-did you n-n-need help with y-y-your back?" asked Tara before she could stop herself from asking.


“D-did she just offer to put sunscreen on me?” thought Willow. “Tara hands on my body? I, oh my goddess, please don't let me hyperventilate and embarrass myself in front of her.” Willow still didn't understand what it was about Tara that turned her insides into molten lava.

Tara sat there trying to figure out what it was that made her be so bold to offer to put sunscreen on the redhead's back. Yes, Willow is very attractive and made her feel things that she hasn't felt in years, but this girl worked for her and she barely knew her.

They both sat in stunned silence for a couple of minutes until they Buffy brought them out of their thoughts by yelling at them to look out as she missed the frisbee and it was headed right towards them.

Willow quickly reached out and blocked the rogue frisbee from hitting both her and Tara. She couldn't believe that she was able to block it since coordination wasn't one of her better skills.

“Sorry about that,” said Buffy running over to grab the frisbee from Willow as she stared at the round plastic disk.

“Oh hey, let me put that sunscreen on your back Wills,” said Buffy motioning to Faith and Donnie that she would join them in just a minute. Buffy took the sunscreen from Willow's hand and positioned herself behind her and put the sunscreen on the redheads back. “There you go! Now we won't have a 'well done Willow' on our hands.” And then Buffy jumped up and headed over to the open beach area to join Donnie and Faith.

Tara had sat there in silence watching the interaction between Willow and Buffy. She was starting to wonder what the real relationship was between the two. Is Willow dating Buffy? Are they more than friends?

Willow turned and gave Tara a sheepish grin and Tara forced herself to return a smile though her insides were in turmoil.

“So, you, um, b-burn easy?” asked Tara trying to fill the silence to keep her mind off of what she had just witnessed.

“Yeah, it sort of goes with the red hair and fair skin,” replied Willow digging her feet in the sand in front of her.

“I understand. I burn pretty easy myself.”

“Did you need some sunscreen,” Willow said offering Tara the bottle of SPF50 in her hand.

“No, thanks though. Faith helped me get some on before we left her place this morning.”

“Well, if you need some later, just let me know.”


Buffy, Donnie, and Faith came back and joined Willow and Tara the group now sitting in a circle.

“B, you kicked our asses out there,” said Faith who was sweating and out of breath.

“Well, I am a personal trainer so I do have extra strength, speed, and stamina,” answered the petite blonde. “It helps me also keep up with Willow when she has had her 'willow-style' mochas.”

Tara felt her breath rush out of her body when Buffy used the words stamina and keeping up with Willow so close together.

“How long has she had a mocha addiction?” asked Donnie laughing.

“Since we were in high school.”

“I wouldn't call it n addiction,” Willow said trying to defend herself to the others.

“Willow, you have triple the caffeine in your drink. I believe that is a strong definition of an addiction,” teased Tara giving the redhead her special and seductive lopsided grin.

“I did not hear you complain at all yesterday Ms. Maclay, nor did I hear a complaint this morning when YOU ordered it again,” Willow said sticking her tongue out playfully at the blonde.

“Willow-tongue,” thought Tara as she felt her inner temperature rise.

“She has you there Tara,” laughed Faith as the rest joined in and both Willow and Tara blushed.

“Hey, I needed that after Friday night. Faith, as I recall it was your fault,” Tara said raising an eyebrow at the brunette.

“What the hell did you do to my baby sister?” asked Donnie.

“Hey, she was a fully willing party,” giggled Faith. “And she is the one that kept me up most of the night.”

“Faith, it wasn't like that and you know it,” said Tara.

“Wasn't like what, T?”

“It wasn't like I forced you to stay up.”

Willow and Buffy exchanged looks. Buffy could tell that Willow's mind was in full Willow-babble mode.

“Are Tara and Faith a couple? They are so that why they are so close. Duh Willow. They have also known each other for years. What if Tara just told me she was single because she didn't know how I would feel about her dating a woman. I don't understand why people make such a big deal about that. Love is love. If Tara is with Faith, how am I going to get passed these feelings. Her eyes are so hypnotizing and that beautiful mouth of hers. I wonder if her lips are as soft as they look like they would be..” thought Willow.

“So, what is the water like here? Is it really cold?” asked Donnie oblivious to the inner debates going on between the redhead and his sister.

“It depends on the day. A day like today, it will be pretty warm. The sun warms it up really well,” answered Buffy. “I think we are in need of some drinks and food to make this party more exciting.”

“Hey B, I'll go with you to get some stuff,” offered Faith as she got up from her towel and followed Buffy out of their semi-private beach area into the mainstream crowed of beach goers..

“I'm going to go for a swim quick,” said Donnie as he hopped up and made his way to the edge of the water.

Willow and Tara just sat there looking at the sand and trying to avoid the other seeing the stolen glances they were sending towards the other.

“You got pretty quiet,” said Tara after everyone was gone and it was just her and Willow.

“Sorry, talking about the past brings up some stuff that I should be over or deal with and I just can't seem to make myself do it.” Willow couldn't make eye contact with Tara, she desperately wanted to, but she was ashamed of not dealing with her relationship with Oz years earlier.

“I know we haven't known each other long, but I'll listen if you need someone to talk to,” said Tara.

“Thanks. You were pretty quiet too,” said Willow.

“Yeah, well, I um, I k-know how you f-feel about not dealing with stuff.”

“I'm always here to listen as well.”

Tara and Willow stared into one another eyes, both getting lost and not realizing that they were lost. Tara felt her heart start to race while she looked into the orbs of intense green and Willow felt her breath catch as she thought she couldn't drown in the pools of blue known as Tara's eyes.

Buffy and Faith returned with provisions for them to enjoy the day and to cook out. Just as they arrived Donnie returned from his swim his teeth chattering and his lips had a blueish tint to them.

“Okay, Buffy, I would love to know your definition of cold if that is warm,” said Donnie as Tara laughed at her brother and tossed him a towel.

“It wasn't warm?” asked Buffy trying to hide a smirk.

“Not at all,” said Donnie still trying to warm up.

“Donnie, Buffy has a habit of talking out of her ass, I guess I should have warned you about that,” teased Willow.

“Watch it Rosenberg,” Buffy warned with a smile.

“Whatever Summers',” laughed Willow.

“Be nice or I will call Dawn and tell her NOT to deliver mocha's once she gets done with work.”

“She is very sorry,” answered Tara.

“HEY,” said Willow.

“Shush, she said mocha and delivered in the same sentence,” said Tara.

“Willow, you have corrupted my sister. I may have to pull you off your project,” joked Donnie.

“The hell you will big brother. Don't make me tell dad.”

“Really? You are in your 20's and you are STILL threatening to tell dad on me?”

“Do I have to separate you two,” said Faith.

“Try it Lehane,” said Donnie.

Buffy and Willow laughed at the interaction between the three.

“You three seem to have such an amazing relationship,” said Buffy.

“That is only because we've known each other for so long,” said Donnie.

“How did you meet?” asked Buffy.

“Well, I met Tara because my parents felt sorry for this ugly little girl and brought her home from the hospi...OW!” said Donnie as Tara backhanded him in the stomach.

“Serves your right,” Tara said raising and eyebrow at her brother.

“No, that was totally uncalled for. I can name ten reasons why you shouldn't have done that,” said Donnie.

“Is one of them because you are a big baby?” asked Tara.

“Can you imagine the business meetings with these two?” asked Faith as Buffy and Willow started to laugh.

“Oh my,” said Buffy as Donnie and Tara continued to pick on one another.

“Hey, Maclays,” Faith said interrupting Donnie and Tara. Once she saw she had their attention she continued. “If you two are done showing why MOST of us are happy to be an only child.”

“Right, sorry,” said Donnie.

“I understand, my sister and I are the same way,” said Buffy.

“We met Faith when our dad moved us to open a new office,” said Tara. “We had a lot of classes together and I am really shy most of the time, so it was hard for me meeting people. She sat next to me and we started talking.”

“I don't have the shyness issues that my sister does, so I met Faith when Tara brought her over to the house so that they could study or do some girlie thing.”

“Yeah, but tell them how you hit on me as well,” laughed Faith.

“I thought we agreed never to mention that again?” said Donnie.

“We did, but it amuses me so therefore I must keep bringing it up.”

“Donnie tried so hard to get a date with Faith, but she never gave in.”

“Yeah, I even tried to get her to go to Prom with me, but instead she went with Tara,” said Donnie.

“Really? I went to Homecoming and Prom with Willow,” said Buffy with a cheesy grin on her face.

“You did?” asked Tara.

“Yeah, for a geek she was a surprisingly good dancer,” added Buffy smiling at the redhead.

The conversation continued about high school until Dawn came strolling down the beach holding a tray full of caffeinated goodness for the group.

“Did someone order delicious liquid refreshment?” asked Dawn.

“Yes,” they all said at once.

“Well, here you go. Buffy told me to bring what you had this morning, I hope that is ok with everyone.”

“Definitely,” said Willow jumping up and grabbing hers. While she was grabbing hers she grabbed Tara's too and handed it to her, their fingers touching for a long moment.

“T-thanks,” said Tara. Faith noticed the stutter and her heart broke. She knew the reasons that the blonde stuttered and that in school people had made fun of her because of it.

The others grabbed their drinks from Dawn and then the teen left.

“Thanks for getting Dawn to deliver the drinks,” said Donnie.

“No problem, that is what a kid sister working at the Espresso Pump is for,” laughed Buffy.

Willow noticed that Tara's mood had changed, hers had as well, but she knew why that was. Willow just couldn't believe that Tara and Faith were dating, and that she had lied to her telling her that she was single. Yes, they seemed close, but this took things to a whole new level.

Tara could tell that Willow was thinking something and she had no idea what was going through the redheads mind, but the look on her face made it look painful.

Faith and Buffy decided that it was time to go set up the grill, Donnie received a call from Jesse that there was a problem and they needed him to come in to help. Willow and Tara were left alone, together.

“Are you okay Tara?” asked Willow. “If Buffy or I did something wrong, you can tell me and I will apologize for it and I promise that whatever we did will never happen again. I don't know what changed but your amazing smile is gone.”

“I'm fine Willow, just t-talking about the past reminds me that m-my Mom is gone and I miss her,” Tara said. It wasn't a complete lie, she did miss her mom daily, but today, that wasn't the cause of her mood change.

“Tara, I'm so sorry,” said Willow moving closer to the blonde and tried to offer her as much support as she could without talking.

“I-i-its okay, r-really,” Tara said hoping that Willow wouldn't push the subject.

“If you, um, ever need someone to talk to, you know, about your mom or anything, even though we really just met, you can always talk to me,” said Willow.

“How do I talk to you and tell you that you are the most amazing, gorgeous, sweetest person I have ever me. You take my breath away and you don't even know it,” thought Tara.

“Thanks, I appreciate the offer.”

“You two want burgers?” Faith asked.

“Sure,” said Willow.

“That's fine,” said Tara.

“Okay,” said Faith as she went over by Buffy and they got the burgers put on the grill.

“Hey Will, can you give me a hand,” Buffy asked.

“Sure,” said Willow and as she got up she placed a comforting hand on Tara's shoulder and she saw a hint of a smile from the blonde.

Willow went over to help Buffy and Faith made her way over to Tara.


“You okay T?” asked Faith.

“Ducky,” said Tara staring down at the sand.

“Talk to me Tara,” said Faith taking one of Tara's hands into her hands.

“It's nothing, really,” said Tara.


“Please Faith, not here, not now.”

“This has to do with Red doesn't it?”

“If I say yes, will you let it go for now?”

“Only if you tell me she didn't hurt you,” said Faith.

“She didn't,” Tara said. Faith could tell by the look on Tara's face that she shouldn't pressure the blonde and let her work through the issue or wait until she was ready to talk.


“You okay Wills,” asked Buffy, her attention was on the burgers.”

“Yeah, I'm finey mcfine,” said Willow hoping that she said it convincingly.

“No, you aren't,” said Buffy.

“Can we just discuss it when we get home? Please?”

“Okay, but I think I know what has you so upset and it will work out, I can feel it.”

“I wish I could believe you Buff, I really wish I could, but I can't, not this time,” Willow said as she watched the blonde flip the burgers.


The group ate their burgers and then it was getting close to sunset, Buffy and Willow suggested that they stay and watch the sunset.

“I remember that night that I saw you here at sunset, your blonde hair shimmered in the sunlight and you looked like an angel,” thought Willow. “Now, I know you are her angel.”

“You were so beautiful that night that I saw you here at sunset. I wished you were in my arms and we could watch it together,” thought Tara.

The group watched as the sun slowly set over the horizon.

“Those were some amazing colors,” said Faith.

“Yeah, I love to come down here and watch the sun set,” said Willow.

“Maybe I will have to do that myself,” thought Tara.

“Well, I have to get up and be at work early tomorrow so I think I am going to call it a night,” said Faith.

“Me too,” said Tara.

“Yeah, thanks for inviting us,” said Willow to Tara and Faith.

“It was a lot of fun Red,” said Faith.

“It was really nice to meet you both and your brother too,” said Buffy.

“Yes. Today was a great day with great company,” Tara said trying to seem enthusiastic even though she felt the lump in her throat when she thought of Willow and Buffy going back to their apartment.

“I'll um see you at work tomorrow,” said Willow. She could tell that there was something more bothering Tara than what she had said earlier, but she didn't know how to get the blonde to open up to her.


“T, do you want me to come up?” Faith said after they had walked from the beach back to Tara's apartment and were now standing out front.

“Thanks, but I think I need some time alone,” said Tara.

“Okay, but if you change your mind, call me and I will be here as soon as I can,” said Faith.

“Thanks,” Tara said as Faith pulled her into a hug and held her close.


Buffy and Willow walked back to their apartment slowly.

“Will, are you sure you are okay?”

“No, I'm not, but it is something that I'm going to have to deal with,” answered the redhead.

“Talk to me, let me in, let me help.”

“She is dating Faith, from the sounds of it she has dated her for a long time, and she lied to me. I think that is what hurts the most. She told me she was single and she isn't.”

“Will, I know it seems like they are together from what they said, but I didn't see them try to steal a kiss, or hold hands, or even get overly close like couples do without thinking. I think you need to give this some time,” said Buffy as they came up to the corner of their street and Tara's street.

Willow without thinking glanced down the street in time to see Faith pull Tara to her and hold her close, so close that the silhouette looked as though they were one. Willow froze in her tracks and stared down the street watching Faith and Tara.


~ Branny72
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DIBS? My first one ever. :)
Oh, such a cruel cliffhanger.

But we'll wait for the next update hoping it will be happier... *hopeful


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They just have to torture themselves, don't they? They can't just open up and be honest. One of them needs to grow a pair and just ask/be honest.

I'm very interested to see where this is going. I'm glad the boss/employee dynamic isn't messing with their situation.

"“Oh hey, let me put that sunscreen on your back Wills,” said Buffy motioning to Faith and Donnie that she would join them in just a minute. Buffy took the sunscreen from Willow's hand and positioned herself behind her and put the sunscreen on the redheads back. “There you go! Now we won't have a 'well done Willow' on our hands.” And then Buffy jumped up and headed over to the open beach area to join Donnie and Faith."

^Buffy just had to perform the infamous "cock" block move with that one.

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Well now they are both being a little silly!

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Phantasyland: Congratulations on the 1st ever dibs!! :D I am sorry it was a cruel cliffhanger!! I hope you enjoy the update. :sigh

fhiwda: Buffy did perform the infamous “cock” block – you are right. I promise she will learn not to at some point. :smash

JustSkipIt: Silly is something they do best! :sigh

Since the last chapter was a bit short I decided to make up for it with this chapter – I hope nobody minds. :sigh
:smash <--- too cute!

Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating:  PG-13 - NC-17
Author:  Branny72
Feedback:  Pretty please…it helps me improve

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: Thank you to Willara4ever for all your help with this story. I appreciate your reading it and helping me with the idea.

Chapter 9

Buffy looked down the street and saw what Willow was staring at, Faith and Tara holding one another close outside of Tara's building. Buffy's heart broke for her best friend.

“Come on Will,” said Buffy wrapping an arm around Willow's shoulder moving her forward.

Willow couldn't stop staring at the two down the street, but she allowed herself to be moved forward by Buffy.

Once they reached their apartment Willow sat down on the couch and put her head in her hands. Buffy moved forward and sat on the coffee table in front of Willow and put her hands on her friends shoulders.

“I know she isn't and was never mine, I know I have no reason to be upset, but Buffy, there was something inside that for the first time felt alive. I felt truly alive,” said Willow into her hands.

“I know Willow, I know,” Buffy said comforting her friend.

“I am going to go shower and go to bed,” said Willow.

“Will, are you going to be okay?”

“I'll be fine, I just need to get passed this. I have to...I mean we...fuck Buffy, we work for the same company, I am solely working with her on a project at work. I am going to see her, be in the same room as her alone, smell her amazing perfume, hear her infectious laugh...”

“You are one of the strongest people I know Willow, you will figure out how to make this work,” said Buffy hugging her redheaded best friend.


Holding Tara close Faith felt the joy that she had seen in the blonde’s eyes escaping her.

“T, it will work out,” started Faith.

“There is something about her though, something special,” said Tara into Faith's shoulder.

“I know,” Faith said pulling Tara a little closer.

“I need to get inside. I have to figure out how I am going to handle work tomorrow.”

“Why? What about work tomorrow?”

“Faith, we are working on that campaign together. Just Willow and I, trapped in a room together, just us,” said Tara.

“I'm so sorry, I totally forgot that. Do you want me to get Donnie or Jesse to put someone else on the project?”

“No, definitely not. I need to learn to control my emotions and Willow was chosen for this project because she is the best choice. I'm not going to hurt her career because I can't control my heart and feelings.”

“Okay, but if you change your mind you let me know and I will get it fixed,” said Faith.

“You are the best friend a person could ask for,” said Tara.

“I learned from you – the best,” Faith said as she smiled.

Tara let go of Faith and went up to her apartment as Faith stared at the building for a moment and then headed home.

Once inside Tara went and stood looking out her patio window at the trees and the stars. The combination had a calming effect on her.

“Mom, here is where I really wish you were still around. I don't know what to do. I feel alive when I am with Willow, like my past is really gone and I am able to move on and enjoy life again. She has someone though and I don't know how to accept that or move past it. I really wish you were here to talk to,” thought Tara.

After staring out the window for a long time, Tara knew she had to get some rest so she headed to bed.


Morning came quickly for Willow. She heard her alarm go off and for the first time she didn't want to get up and go to work. She didn't want to see the gorgeous blonde that she alone was working with.

“Today is going to be the longest day of my life,” thought Willow.

She grudgingly got up and got ready for work. As she went into the kitchen she saw Buffy was already up and had gone and gotten her a mocha and muffin from the Espresso Pump.

“It pays to have a sister that opens,” said Buffy offering her friend a smile.

“Thanks Buffy,” smiled Willow as she took the coffee and muffin and sat down at the bar to eat.

“Do you want to meet for lunch today?”

“No, but thanks. I know you are trying to help and be supportive, but I can handle this. I got through Oz, I can get through Tara, especially since she was never more than a wonderful dream that I had.”

Will, you shut down when you broke up with Oz. I don't want to see that happen here. Please, don't go back to that person. Tara may not be yours, but she brought out that fun loving Willow that I have missed since High School.”

“I'll try not to go back. I am just going to need a little time.”

“Okay, but if you try to go back I am going to call you on it,” laughed Buffy.

“I would expect nothing less. Thanks for breakfast,” said Willow hugging her best friend before making sure she had everything and heading off to work.

“Have a great day,” Buffy called from the balcony of their apartment as she saw Willow pass.


As her alarm went off Tara reached over and shut it off. She lay there for a long time thinking about what she could do to get through the day, how to handle being close and in that conference room with Willow. The thought of the redhead still put a smile on her face even though she knew she wasn't and wouldn't be hers.

Tara got up and got dressed, just as she was finishing getting ready she heard a knock on her door and went and opened it to find Faith standing there with coffee and a scone.

“I thought you might need a little pick-me-up to get your day started,” Faith said casting her eyes down.

“You know me a little too well, Ms. Lahane,” smiled Tara.

“That is what a best friend is for,” said Faith as she followed Tara inside and they sat on the couch and ate breakfast. After they ate Faith drove them to work.


Willow arrived at work and went to her desk to log in and get set for the day. As she was logging in Xander came in.

“Hey Willow,” said Xander as he came over and leaned against her cube.

“Hi Xander,” said Willow. “How was your weekend?”

“Not bad, I had a date and it went pretty well, I think. How was your weekend?”

“It was a good weekend overall,” said Willow as she finished logging in to her computer and bringing up her files on the campaign she was working on with Tara.

“Just overall? You know if you need to talk, my cube is right over there,” offered Xander pointing to his cube.

“Thanks Xander, I appreciate it. So, tell me about this date you went on,” said Willow leaning back in her chair as Xander sat down in the chair at the edge of her cube.

“Well, it was with Anya. She works in finance here. We've run into one another a few times here at work and outside of work and well, I was having a really good day last week so I asked her out and she said yes.”

“Anya, blondish, very opinionated, that Anya?”

“Yeah, have you met her?”

“My first day I met her, she scared the crap out of me,” laughed Willow.

“She is just misunderstood. Well I asked her out and she said yes, so we went out Saturday night. I took her dancing at that place you suggested, The Bronze. That place is amazing. Well after that I took her home and was a gentleman and gave her a kiss and asked her out again and she said she'd love to.”

“That sounds great Xander. You should take her to Angel's for dinner,” suggested Willow.

“I'll definitely do that, thanks Willow. I better get logged in, but again, if you want to talk to someone who is probably as far removed from anything that could be going on, my cube is right over there.”

“Thanks Xander.”

With that Xander headed to his cube and Willow went back to looking over the scripts that she had prepared for the website campaign. After about an hour she heard a knock on her cube.

“Hey Willow,” said Jesse.

“Hey Jesse, what's up?”

“I just wanted to check to see how the campaign stuff is going?”

“Pretty good,” said Willow. “I was just reviewing a couple of the scripts that I have put together for it.”

“Great, I know that when I talked to Tara last week she was really impressed with your work.”

“That is great to hear,” said Willow.

“Well, I just wanted to touch base to see how it is going. I'll let you get back to work.”

“Thanks,” smiled Willow.

Just as Willow was about to go back to her scripts her phone rang.

“Hello,” said Willow.

“Hey Willow, it's Tara,” came the voice on the other end.


Once Tara arrived at the office Faith walked her to her office.

“It'll be okay T, you can do this. You are a professional,” said Faith.

“And when did you become a motivational speaker?” laughed Tara.

“You smiled, that was all I needed. I am just down the hall if you need a sanity check,” said Faith.

“You want me to come to YOU for a sanity check? I have known you long enough to know that you are anything but sane.”

“Watch it blondie,” Faith said with a grin as she left Tara's office and headed for her own.

Tara logged into her computer and started to go through her email. She had a few from people regarding the campaign and suggestions. Tara knew it was time to bring Willow in, she had to be professional and remember she had no claim or anything on her, just a crush.

Tara picked up the phone and called Willow.

“Hello,” said the voice on the other end.

“Hey Willow, it's Tara.”

“Good morning,” said Willow trying to sound upbeat.

“Good morning. I was wondering if you had time to come up here and go over the campaign and a few of the emails that I have received with suggestions from some of our advertisers and partners.”

“Sure, did you want to meet in your office or the conference room?”

“Let's go into the conference room.”

“Sounds good, let me load the stuff I have been working on to the server and I'll be up,” said Willow.

“Great, I will see you shortly,” said Tara.

They hung up and Tara let out a loud sigh just as Donnie entered her office.

“Hey Sis, that sounded like a troubled sigh. Anything I can help with?” asked Donnie sitting down in the chair across from Tara.

“No, just stuff with the campaign. Willow and I were headed in a specific direction and now the advertisers and partners have suggestions and I don't know how to incorporate them into what we have set so far.”

“I'm sure Willow can figure it out,” smiled Donnie.

“I'm hoping so,” said Tara. “Did you need anything?”

“No, I was just stopping in to say good morning.”

“Good morning big brother,” Tara said with a smile.

“Okay, I have a meeting with Dad to prep for, I'll talk to you later.”

“Have fun with Dad,” laughed Tara.

“You are an evil woman Tara, I think you have some demon in you,” joked Donnie as he left her office and said good morning to Willow as he passed her on her way to the conference room.


Willow got herself situated in the conference room, her seat a little further away from where it was last week. She tried not to make it obvious, but she didn't think she could handle touching Tara's hand or their shoulders bumping right now. Once she had time to calm her feelings, maybe, but now things were just too raw.

Tara came into the room and saw Willow's chair was over a bit more than the previous week, her heart sank a bit. She knew that Willow being with Buffy meant that she shouldn't enjoy the flirting, the 'accidental' touches, but she hadn't felt alive like she did when Willow was around in a very long time.

Willow watched as Tara entered and saw the faint look of disappointment when Tara saw the chairs. Willow wondered if she was reading it as that was the disappointment or if there was something else. She was trying to convince herself that it was that, but she had no real indication.

“Stop it Rosenberg, you know she has a girlfriend, she isn't going to be upset that you two aren't sitting close to one another and aren't accidentally touching. You are just trying to project your wants into this,” thought Willow.

“She moved, does she know? Could she tell that my feelings for her were more than professional. Of course they are more than professional you idiot, you two spent all day Saturday and most of the day Sunday together. You are starting to build a friendship. Don't blow this,” Tara thought to herself.

“Good morning,” Tara said as she entered the room and sat down near Willow.

“Good morning!”

“Thank you again for the tour on Saturday. I think that is about the most fun I have had in years.”

“I had a lot of fun too, and we still have the other half of Sunnydale to tour if you are still interested,” said Willow.

“I am definitely interested!”

“Great, we'll um, find a day and finish the city tour.”

“Awesome, so, now for the unpleasant stuff,” said Tara switching to her business face and tone. “Every year when we have to do the campaign stuff we send out a questionnaire to our partners and advertisers to get their feedback and what they liked and didn't like about the past years campaign. Well, this year they have some interesting feedback and I am hoping that you will have some ideas and suggestions on what to do. I read through a few and I'll be honest, I have no clue how we would make it work with what we are doing.”

“Well, that is more my issue than yours,” said Willow. “Show me what they have to say and I'll see what I can do to make it all happen.”

“For some reason, I don't doubt that you can make this all work,” Tara said smiling at Willow.

Willow and Tara spent the next ten hours going through the requests, tweaking the scripts, testing different options on the parts of the site they had built already.

“Okay, Willow, I give up, I can't focus on this anymore,” said Tara putting her hands in the air.

“I agree, I am starting to confuse the programming code I am working with.”

“You're who what?”

“The scripts are written in different languages and I am starting to forget what language I am supposed to be writing in.”

“Ooohhh, yeah, still Greek to me,” Tara said giving the redhead a lopsided smile and then scolding herself for flirting.

“No, Greek isn't one of the languages, but close,” teased Willow.

“Watch it Rosenberg,” laughed Tara as she opened the door and saw her father just about to knock.

“Tara,” he said.

“Daddy, hi,” she replied.

“I didn't expect to see you here this late.”

“Willow and I were working on the surveys that came in and their suggestions,” said Tara. “Have you met Willow yet?”

“No, I haven't,” said her father.

“Daddy, this is Willow Rosenberg, Willow this is my father Donald Maclay.”

“It is very nice to meet you sir,” said Willow shaking the older man's hand.

“It is nice to meet you too. Have you been with the company long?”

“She is Donnie's new hire, the one he was bragging about,” smiled Tara as Willow blushed.

“Ah yes, now I remember. Well, welcome to the company, from what Donnie was saying about you I expect we will be seeing great things from you.”

“Thank you sir. I will do my best to meet those expectations,” gulped Willow.

“She already has done a bunch to help the company and the campaign.”

“Well, fantastic and now as the owner of this company I am sending you both home,” Donald said raising an eyebrow in the same way that Tara did.

“Yes sir,” said Willow internally smiling at the eyebrow quirk that appears to be a Maclay trait.

“Yes Daddy,” said Tara.

“Oh, and Willow, don't let her be a slave driver, she never stops working and she needs to get out and enjoy life some.”

“I do, Willow gave me a tour of part of Sunnydale on Saturday even,” said Tara.

“Good, now get out of here before I ban you both from the building,” he laughed.

“Goodnight sir,” said Willow as she continued to gather her stuff.

“Willow, I'll see you tomorrow and we'll continue this. Tell Buffy I am sorry I kept you here so late,” said Tara.

“Um, okay,” said Willow unsure what Tara meant about telling Buffy she was sorry. “Goodnight then.”

After Willow left Tara's father looked at her. “You like her don't you?”

“Yes,” said Tara looking towards the ground.

“She seems like a better choice than the last one,” he said lifting her chin.

“She would be, but she is involved already.”

“Well, stick with it honey, you are due for some good luck,” said Donald as he hugged his daughter close.

“Thanks Daddy.”

“Now, I meant it – get the hell out of here,” he laughed.

“Leaving now,” said Tara laughing.


As Willow walked home she tried to understand what Tara meant. “What did she mean by me telling Buffy she was sorry for keeping me so late? Did she think we had plans tonight? Does she think that Buffy has some...oh fuckstockings...the sunscreen...she has to think that there is something going on with Buffy and I.”

With this revelation Willow sped up her walk home, she needed to talk to Buffy and get her thoughts.

“Buffy! Buffy,” called Willow as she entered the door.

“Will, what's up?” asked Buffy racing out of her room. “Is everything okay? And why the hell are you so late?”

“I had to work late, and I met Tara and Donnie's dad...”

“What was that like?”

“He's really nice, he does that cute eyebrow thing that Tara does,” giggled Willow as her and Buffy sat down on the couch facing one another.

“You are obviously in a better mood than you were this morning. Tell me about the day.”

“Tara and I worked together on the campaign and then as we were calling it a day her dad came and she introduced us and then he told us to leave. The odd thing is that when I was leaving Tara told me to tell you that she was sorry she kept me there so late.”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“I'm not certain, but I thought about it on the way home and I think that she thinks that we are a couple.”

“I love you Will, but not like that,” said Buffy.

“Eww, Buff. Gross,”

“Hey, I am a good catch!”

“I didn't mean it like that, but I'm sorry, you are like a sister to me and the thought of dating my sister is just wrong.”

“I agree, and I love you as a sister too. So why do you think that she thinks we are a couple?”

“Yesterday, you reminded me of the sunscreen and then came over and applied it for me, you are very attentive when we are out together.”

“Will, I have to be otherwise you pull inside yourself, you've done that since we were in High School.”

“That is why I think that she thinks we are a couple though.”

“Are you going to tell her the truth?”

“Yeah, I just need to figure out when and how.”

“Why not invite her to The Bronze on Wednesday night. They are having a new band play. I can't remember the name, but Connor said that they are supposed to be awesome.”

“Okay, I'll ask her tomorrow. Thanks Buffy.”

“Anytime, and remember I am a good catch dammit,” said Buffy as they both laughed.

They called it a night and Willow went and got ready for bed and dreamed of Tara.


As Tara was heading out her dad caught up to her and offered her a ride home. After arriving home she decided that a hot bubble bath and some wine would help her relax. She opened a bottle of white zinfandel wine to let it breathe while she went and started the bath running. Once Tara the got the water set she went and poured herself a glass of wine, turned on some background music and got in the tub. She lay back thinking about the day, about how it felt working with Willow and how even though she was dating Buffy she loved spending time with her, then she opened a book of poetry that she was enjoying.

After finishing her wine and relaxing a bit more in the tub Tara got out and got ready for bed. As she was getting into bed her phone rang.

“Hello,” said Tara.

“Hey Tara!”

“Faith, what's up?”

“I just wanted to see how you were doing and how the day went with you and Red.”

“It went okay, we ended up staying pretty late and as we were leaving we ran into my dad.”

“Did you introduce him to Red?”

“Yeah, he told her not to let me keep her late anymore,” said Tara.

“He is a smart man,” giggled Faith.

“A little too smart, he guessed that I liked her.”

“Uh oh!”

“Actually it was pretty cool, he told me to stick with it and that I was due for some good luck,” said Tara. “I'm not sure what he knows, but I liked the sound of it.”

“I like the sound of it too. I think I need to get some sleep. I'll see you tomorrow.”

“Good night,” said Tara.

“Night T!”


The next morning Willow and Tara met in the conference room to continue working on the surveys.

“Did you leave like your dad said to or did you stick around last night?” asked Willow.

“I left, but only because he told me he was driving me home,” laughed Tara.

“Well, it is good that he cares enough to send you home. My parents are the exact opposite.”

“Well, that is their loss,” Tara said offering a smile to the redhead.

Tara pulled up the surveys that they had worked on the previous day and the new ones that she had received that morning.

“Hey, there are more there than there were yesterday,” noted Willow.

“Yeah, a few more came in. I estimate we have about 2/3 of them in.”

“Wow, that is a lot of surveys!”

“I know, but at least a lot of them are saying the same thing so we don't have to reinvent the wheel too many times,” laughed Tara.

“Easy for you to say, I'm the one that has to make it happen,” teased Willow.

“Well, that is your issue not mine,” giggled Tara.

They were both enjoying the relaxed feeling that the day had brought. Most of the tension had subsided and they were able to work without worrying that they were going to say or do something wrong. Willow had started a spreadsheet to compile a list of what the surveys were requesting. The had managed to get through most of the surveys that had previously come in and then those that had arrived before they had started working that morning. It had been another long day, but not as long as the previous day.

“Well, I think we should call it a day before my dad catches us working late again,” said Tara.

“Yeah, I wouldn't want to see him ground you, that could be embarrassing,” teased Willow.

“Very funny! I also think you probably have better things to do instead of hanging out here.”

“Not really, but do you have plans tomorrow night?” asked Willow.

“Outside of working, no, I have nothing going on,” said Tara.

“Well, there is a new band playing at The Bronze tomorrow night and I was wondering if you would like to go see them with me and maybe we can talk and get to know one another?”

“Um, yeah, that would be great. Do I have to dress any special way?” Tara asked embarrassed.

“Nah, jeans and a t-shirt would be fine,” smiled Willow.

“Great, well then I guess I will see you tomorrow for work and then tomorrow night.”

“Sounds good,” said Willow.


Willow headed out and met up with Dawn coming from the Espresso Pump.

“Hey Willow,” called Dawn.

“Hey Dawnie,” said Willow.

“Are you just leaving work?” asked Dawn.

“Yeah, Tara and I are trying to get the new campaign worked out.”

“So, you really like it there huh?”

“Yeah, I really do.”

“That's great. I'll walk with you since I am going to your place to hang with Buffy for a while.”

“Cool, let's go,” said Willow.

They walked home and Dawn and Buffy made themselves comfortable in the living room while Willow went and got ready for bed. Two long days in a row had taken their toll on the redhead and she needed to sleep.


“Hey T,” Faith said answering the phone.

“Hi, can I come over?”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I just really need to talk and I don't feel like the phone is the way to do it.”

“Sure, are you at home?”

“No, I'm at work, so I could be there in 15 or 20 minutes.”

“Just hang out there and I'll come get you. I don't like the idea of you walking around at night by yourself.”

“Okay, thanks,” said Tara.

A few minutes later Faith pulled up and Tara got in the car and they drove back to Faith's place in silence. Faith grabbed a beer and handed Tara a glass of wine.

“So, what's up?” asked Faith as they got situated on the couch.

“Willow asked me to go to The Bronze with her tomorrow night to talk and hear a new band play,” Tara blurted out.


“Yeah, I'm sort of unsure what to think of it.”

“Well, what are you feeling?” asked Faith.

“Elation, fear, nervous...”

“Why are you feeling any of that?”

“Because, even if she is with Buffy, I still want her,” admitted Tara seeing the brunette sitting across from her smile.

“Exactly. There is nothing wrong with having an interest in her Tara. Acting on it while she is with someone, yeah, that is wrong, but having an interest and getting to know her better, that isn't wrong. You know what it feels like to be cheated on, so I know you won't act on anything. Just get to know her better, then see where it leads you two.”

“And when did you get so wise?” asked Tara smiling at her best friend.

“I went to college with this really smart chick, blonde hair, blue eyes, killer rack,” joked Faith. “But most of all, she has a heart like nobody I have ever know. She's the most caring, kind, and sweet person I know.”

“She sounds pretty cool.”

“She is, wish you could have met her,” laughed Faith as Tara threw a pillow at her and hit her in the face.

“Hey,” exclaimed Faith as she threw the pillow back.

“Killer rack huh?! Do I need to tell my brother that you have been checking me out again?” asked Tara giving the brunette her trademark raised eye-brow and lopsided grin.

“Hell no, he about kicked my ass the last time I got caught checking you out, I had to make a deal with him that I would never do it again and I would look out for you so he wouldn't...oops,” admitted Faith.

“So he did threaten you back then,” said Tara.

“Yeah, but that is what big brothers are supposed to do for their little sister.”

“He is a good big brother isn't he?”

“Yeah T, you got lucky with him. I know so many people where their brothers are mean, cruel, abusive. Your brother doesn't have that in him. Now, someone disrespects you or something, I don't envy what Donnie will do to them,” laughed Faith.

“That is very true,” agreed Tara.

“So, what are you going to wear on the faux date with Red tomorrow?” asked Faith.

“I have no clue, she said just jeans and a t-shirt would be fine.”

“I know just the outfit, I'll get it ready for you.”

“Faith, you know when you grin like that you scare me right?”

“Yep, I know,” Faith said still grinning. “I gotta get home, but I will come over tomorrow after work and get your outfit together.”

“Please no cleavagey slut-bomb.”

“I swear T, it will be very you and very respectable.”

“Thanks for tonight and for tomorrow,” said Tara pulling Faith up to stand near her and then hugging her.

“That is what I am here for. Good night,” said Faith as she left Tara's apartment.

Tara went and got ready for bed and as she got in and lay there her mind drifted to Willow.


Wednesday seemed to drag for both Willow and Tara, both anxious and nervous about going out to together.

“I can swing by your place on my way to The Bronze tonight if you'd like and we can walk there together?” asked Willow.

“T-that sounds g-good.”

“Great, say 7?”

“I'll see you at 7,” smiled Tara.


Tara headed home to get ready, she was nervous so she wanted to take a relaxing bath before Faith arrived to help her get ready.

Once she was done with her bath Tara put on her fluffy cotton robe from college and waited for Faith to arrive.

“T, you here yet,” called Faith as she let herself in the door.

“Yeah, I came home a bit early,” said Tara sheepishly.

“Nerves? Butterflies?”

“More like bats,” laughed Tara.

“Well, let me get what you are going to wear together and then you can finish getting ready. You stay here while I go get things set.”

“Okay, thanks again.”

Faith went into Tara's room and rifled through her closet and drawers to find exactly what she had planned for Tara to wear.

“Alright Tara, come in and get dressed, don't ask, don't complain, just put it on,” said Faith.

Tara went into her room and put on what Faith had set out for her and then she went out into the living room where Faith was sitting.

“Damn T, you look hot,” said Faith.

“Are you sure this is the right thing to wear?”

“Trust me!”

“Fine, you better go, Willow will be here in about 20 minutes and you staring at me like that is going to make me even more nervous.”

“Staring at you like what?” asked Faith.

“You look like you could drool at any second. It is a little disconcerting!”

“Fine, you had better call me no matter what time it is when you get home...unless you don't come home alone,” Faith said with a wink.

“You are horrible,” laughed Tara as she shoved her best friend out of her apartment.


Willow entered her apartment to find Buffy there waiting for her.

“It is about damn time you got home,” said Buffy.

“Hey, some of us had to work today,” said Willow.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. Now have you decided what you are going to wear?”

“No, I haven't got a clue,” Willow said looking down at the ground.

“Great, I have. Now, I want you to go shower and I'll get everything ready.”

“Thanks Buffy,” said Willow as she headed towards the bathroom to shower while Buffy went into Willows room and picked out what she had in mind for the redhead to wear.

Once Willow finished with her shower she went into the bedroom and saw what Buffy had picked out for her.

Willow finished getting ready and then went into the living room.

“Well,” said Willow.

“Looking hot there Rosenberg!”

“Are you sure this is the right outfit Buffy?”


Willow looked at the clock and she knew it was time to get going.

“Good luck Will, I'll be here when you get home.”

“Thanks Buffy,” said Willow as she headed out of the door to go meet Tara.


Willow arrived at Tara's apartment and knocked on the door.

Tara jumped at the sound of the knock and walked over and opened the door.

“H-h-hi,” said Tara as she opened the door and saw the redhead standing there wearing tight black jeans and a green fitted t-shirt. Tara felt her heart begin to race. “Oh dear goddess, she is gorgeous and look at that body,” thought Tara.

“Hey,” said Willow as she took in the site of the blonde wearing a blue low-cut v-neck t-shirt that was showing a little more than a hint of cleavage and tight stonewashed blue jeans. “Please don't drool, please don't drool,” Willow thought to herself.

“I just need to grab my purse and I'm ready,” said Tara.

“Great,” said Willow.

Tara grabbed her purse and the walked to The Bronze discussing music they like and their favorite bands. There was a long line at the door and Tara was a bit bummed that they were so far back. Willow took her arm and led her to the front of the line.

“Hey Connor,” said Willow.

“Looking good Willow,” replied Connor. “And who is this?”

“This is Tara, we work together.”

“Well, hello and you guys can go in. I set up the upper V.I.P. area for you.”

“Thanks! It looks like you are going to have a full house tonight.”

“That is what I'm hoping. If you need anything Will, let me know. Tara, it was very nice to meet you,” said Connor as he turned back to the line of people waiting to get in.

“You seem to have some pretty good connections,” laughed Tara as she followed Willow up to the area Connor had set aside for them. Tara noticed it was close to where she was sitting when she first saw Willow. “In those pants, this view is even better than it was the first day I met her,” thought Tara.


As Willow escorted them to the V.I.P area she saw one of the waitresses and motioned for her to stop by.

“Wow, this is an amazing spot and view of the stage,” said Tara.

“Yeah, it is a pretty nice spot. Did you want a drink?”

“Um, what do you recommend?”

“I usually get a Malibu and pineapple.”

“That sounds good,” said Tara as she saw the waitress coming their way.

“Hi Willow,” said the waitress.

“Hey Fred, can we get 2 Malibu and Pineapples?”

“Sure, large?”

“Of course,” Willow said smiling at the girl.

“Great, I'll be back with the drinks and Connor has me working up here tonight so if you need anything, just let me know.”


After the waitress left Tara looked at Willow perplexed.

“What's wrong?”

“Did you call her Fred?” asked Tara.

“Yeah, her real name is Winifred, but she hates to be called that so she just goes by Fred.”

“Alright, makes perfect sense,” laughed Tara as Fred delivered their drinks.

Willow reached for her money and Fred told her that tonight was covered thanks to the work she had done on the computer system for Connor a few weeks ago.

“Great, thanks Fred.”

“So, what band is playing?”

“I believe it is a band called Werewolf Moon. I haven't heard them, but I head they were pretty good and from the size of that line outside, they must be.”

“Interesting name,” said Tara.

“Tara, I want to apologize for how awkward things were on Monday,” started Willow.

“You have nothing to apologize for. I should have been upfront and told you right away.”

“Your personal life is your business.”

“No, Willow, I'm sorry,” Tara said as she reached out and took the redheads hand. “I should have told you I was gay. I'm sorry I didn't, I don't know what clued you in, but I'm sorry I didn't tell you upfront.”

“I don't care about you being gay, it doesn't change who you are, just who you date,” Willow smiled squeezing the blondes hand. “I just was a little surprised that you and Faith were a couple when you told me you were single.”

“Me and Faith? A couple? No, no, no, she is like a sister. That is kind of ew actually,” said Tara.

“Oh, you just seemed so close,” said Willow.

“We are, she helped me through a lot of stuff, she helped me basically survive when my mom died, then when my ex Erin cheated on me , she helped me get through it.”

“She sounds like a good friend,” said Willow leaning towards Tara a bit to hear her over the band playing below.

“She is!”

“So, Erin, I am assuming is a girl,” started Willow receiving a nod from the blonde. “I think it is also safe to assume she is a moron?”

“Faith would agree. Erin was my college sweetheart I guess you would call her. We met our first year and were inseparable right away. She knew the right things to say and do. She told me that I was her true love, we lived together, and we had most of our classes together. I was deeply in love with her, and then one day Faith told me that she had seen Erin and someone else making out. I didn’t believe her and when I confronted Erin she denied it and said she would never do that to me. We were together for three years before Faith proved to me how blind I was and that Erin was cheating on me.”

“That is just horrible, and I was right she is a moron,” said Willow taking a big gulp of her drink.

“Yeah, I felt horrible for not believing Faith. She told me she understood why I didn’t, but I still felt horrible. After Erin and I broke up I swore that I wasn’t dating again for a long time and when I did it would be someone who I trusted completely, and who Faith approved of,” laughed Tara as she took a sip of her drink.

“I have a feeling not many people are going to meet with Faith’s approval,” said Willow.

“Probably not, but I’m certain that there is someone who will.”

“I understand what it feels like to be cheated on. Oz and I started dating in our junior year of high school, he was a guitarist for a local band, I thought all was good with us, I thought he loved me, but then in our first year of college I caught him in bed with someone else. I was devastated, I swore off dating at that point and threw myself into my studies and well, you’ve seen my college transcript,” Willow smiled shyly.

“So this Oz was dumb enough to cheat on you? Wow, he is an idiot,” said Tara taking a larger sip of her drink this time.

“After all these years I can say I agree with you, at the time and for a long time after I always thought it was my fault, that there was something wrong with me. Buffy and Dawn spent a lot of time over the years convincing me that it was all him.”

“So, when did you and Buffy start dating?” asked Tara

“Buffy and I aren't dating,” said Willow. “She is my Faith. She is like a sister and ew.”

“I'm sorry I just thought that since she p-put t-the...” started Tara completely embarrassed.

“She put the lotion on my back and is very attentive,” Willow said and saw the blonde nod.

“She is straight, just very protective.”

“And you?”

“I used to say I was straight, but I saw this woman that took my breath away and now I'm thinking I might be kind of gay.”

“Does the woman know this?”

“Hell no,” giggled Willow starting to feel some of the alcohol.

“Why not?” asked Tara feeling her alcohol as well.

“Because, I don't really know her, I've never thought about a woman in that way before, I don't have a clue what to do.”

“Sweetie, you just do the same thing you would with a guy.”

“Hello, single for four years, one boyfriend, I don't know what to do there either,” giggled Willow and Tara joined in.

“You just have to find something you have in common and start talking to her, get to know her, what she likes, are they the same as your likes,” Tara started looking deep into the green eyes next to her. “It isn't like we are characters being written in a story or in a script where actors are portraying us; this is real life. There is no set way.”

“What if she rejects me?”

“Anybody who rejects you Willow is an idiot. They would be lucky to have someone like you,” said Tara.

“She's flirting with me, oh my goddess, she's flirting with me,” thought Willow.

“Oh hell, I'm flirting and she has told me she already has a crush on someone and I'm flirting with her, what is wrong with me,” thought Tara.

“Would you reject me?” Willow boldly asked.

“Would I reject you if you told me that you were interested in me?” asked Tara to confirm what she had heard was what Willow meant.

“Yeah,” said Willow holding her breathe.

“Well, I...” started Tara before a red-haired man walked up to the table and interrupted.

“Willow,” said the man.

“Oz...” said Willow.


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Another DIBS and another cliffhanger, ay? ;)

A great update, I liked it. Good to have some things cleared, but why does there have to be an Oz lurkin' and showing up just now?

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Yipee for good progress. Both of them know that the other is really single now and that Tara is gay and that Willow is interested in "someone". Awesomeness.

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Grrrrrrr... you and your cliffhangers. When they said the name of the band I wondered if it was the one Oz is in. Loved how Tara's dad already knows that Tara has a crush on Willow and encouraged her to not give up hope. Looking forward to the next update.

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Oh snap!
I'm glad they are finally opening up and being honest with each other.
Nice foreshadowing with the band name, too.
I honestly hope that Tara does something spontaneous to make Oz super jealous.

Great update.

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Never big Oz fan anyway, but I'm hoping for the sake of his karma that he's stopped by to make a long overdue face-to-face apology ha-ha.
Was it intentional -each top matches or at least complements the wearer's eyes? (Is it Poor Tara or Careful Tara who assumes the secret crush is not on here?)

Willow's "Hello" followed by reasons she doesn't pursue another relationship reminds me of a scene (in anon-W/t story) I wrote where Anya asks Harmony to swear an oath and Harmony starts giving reasons why vampires don't do that until she realizes Anya wants Harmony to swear on her honor as a Cordette.

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Phantasyland: Congrats on the 2nd dibs! :banana I promise that this chapter isn't a cliffhanger...well it could have been, but some people were threatening to hunt me down. :fallen

JustSkipIt: I'm glad you like the progress, enjoy the update! :sign

love_2003: Cliffhangers are your friend. :D I want Tara's dad to be a good guy in this story, so he has to know his daughter and see her happiness or the potential for her happiness. :kitty

fhiwda: I could only drag out the drama of the misunderstanding for so long before it became a distraction to the story. :geek

DaddyCatALSO: I was never an Oz fan either. He just was too awkward! And yes, it was intentional that the shirts matched or complimented the wearers eyes. I think I would lean more towards Careful Tara assuming the secret crush is not on her. She's been hurt and we all know, if you are hurt bad enough, the scars take a long time to heal. Some you never fully recover from...yeah, I know that one well from personal experience. :flower

:smash <--- too cute!

Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating:  PG-13 - NC-17
Author:  Branny72
Feedback:  Pretty please…it helps me improve

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: Thank you to Willara4ever for all your help with this story. I appreciate your reading it and helping me with the idea.

Chapter 10

“Oz...” repeated Tara as she averted her eyes and went to pull her hand away but Willow kept a firm grip on it and gave the blonde a pleading look.

“Willow, can we talk? Please?” asked Oz urgency in his voice.

“There is nothing to talk about Oz. We have been over for years. You had your chance and ruined it. Now please leave,” said Willow.

“Willow, please, just hear me out,” Oz pleaded.

“You heard her Oz, she said to leave,” came a male voice from behind them surprising everyone.

“Angel, this doesn't concern you,” snapped Oz looking over at the taller man as he made his way closer.

“Willow concerns me. She nicely asked you to leave and you didn't. That fact is upsetting her. Willow being upset concerns me, a lot. So, yeah, it concerns me.”

Willow was overcome with emotion and anger. As she sat there the combination had cause her to start to shake. Tara felt her gut twist knowing that the redhead was fighting with herself inside. She didn't know the man standing near Willow, but because of the redheads reaction she wanted to toss him over the balcony, but instead Tara moved her chair closer and put her arm around Willow and pulled her close. She knew this would help Willow more, but in her head she was still picturing tossing him over.

“Oz, either get you ass back downstairs to play your set or get the hell out of my club,” said Connor in a commanding voice as he entered the V.I.P area and saw how upset Willow was.

“Fine, whatever! Willow, I'm in town for a couple of days and I really want to talk to you,” said Oz before he stalked off looking back twice hoping to catch Willow's eye.

“Willow, are you okay,” Angel asked in the most gentle way Tara had ever heard a man speak as he knelt in front of them putting a hand on her knee.

Willow nodded slightly, but due to the emotion running rampant inside her, she couldn't speak. Tara pulled her a little closer hoping to comfort her enough so she would stop shaking or at least feel comforted.

“Do you want me to call Buffy?” Angel asked in the same gentle tone.

“Yeah, just tell her w-what happened, but not to come down here. Please. Tara is here, I'll be okay,” said Willow softly and feeling Tara pull her even closer.

“Okay, I'll call her and tell her what happened and that you want her to stay home, but if you need her you will call her,” said Angel as he took one of Willow's hands and squeezed it and then stood up and left to make his call.

“Willow, I am so sorry. I thought, or I hoped that by putting you up here he wouldn't see you. I forgot that he is like a tracking dog and he can smell you and track you down,” said Connor the sincerity in his voice showed how much he cared for the redhead and how he would never put her in harm's way or do anything to upset her.

“It's okay Connor. It isn't like it hasn't been over for years and I don't still have feelings for him. I just don't ever want to see or hear from him,” said Willow offering a small weak smile.

“I know, but he still upset you and I don't like you were my first real friend here. I take care of my friends, but you are special Will, you stood by me when nobody else would,” said Connor his voice giving away the level of emotion he was feeling towards the redhead.

“I'm okay,” said Willow as she stood and hugged him. “Just make sure that he stays down there and keep his ass here at the club after we leave. I don't trust him not to follow me to try to talk.” Willow sat back down and Tara put her arm around the redhead again.

“You got it. Tara, I'm really sorry about this.”

“It's okay Connor. I know that you wouldn't do anything to hurt or upset Willow and you and Angel have shown how much you truly care for her. I'm glad I could be here to help and support Willow as well,” said the blonde holding the redhead close.

Connor smiled and left Willow and Tara in the V.I.P area alone.

“I'm really sorry about that Tara,” said Willow as she pulled back from the blonde having felt the weight of her concerned stare.

“It's okay Willow, really, you didn't know it was going to happen.”

“I really hadn't planned for that in how the night was going to go,” laughed Willow. “I was more hoping for kissing and cuddles, not anger and shaking,” she thought.

“So, you had a plan for tonight?” asked Tara raising an eyebrow at her. Seeing the raised eyebrow melted Willow's heart.

“Well, I thought maybe we would come, hear some good music, and get a chance to talk and get to know one another better.”

“That sounds like a pretty good plan,” laughed Tara.

“So, um, before Oz brought the drama to our evening, you were um, about to answer a question...” said Willow looking at the blonde hesitantly.

“I was, and as much as I want to answer it now, I can feel your ex glaring at us, and I know that you aren't comfortable here knowing he is just downstairs, so what do you say we get out of here, go back to my place and I'll answer you question there.” “Where it is private and there will be NO ex's causing interruptions,” thought Tara.

“Okay,” said Willow as they grabbed their stuff and headed towards the door. “She invited me back to her place. What does that mean? Should I be worried? Does she just want to give me bad news in private so that I don't freak out? Oh my goddess, what if she says she wouldn't reject me? What then? I really should have planned this out more. I can't believe I didn't think of that variable in this,” Willow babbled in her head.

“Hey, are you two leaving?” asked Angel shaking Willow out of her mind babble.

“Yeah, we could feel Oz glaring up and basically ruining what had been an extremely pleasant night, plus I can't relax knowing that he is that close,” said Willow.

“Do you want a ride home?” asked Angel.

“No, we're going to walk, I think it will help clear my head a bit. If you could help Connor keep Oz here, I'd appreciate it,” smiled Willow.

“No problem, dog-boy is going to stay here for a few hours yet. I may also have a little chat with him and remind him that nobody messes with people I care about. Especially ones my son is so fond of,” said Angel and then he hugged both Willow and Tara.

“Good night Angel,” said Tara.

“Good night Tara.”


Willow and Tara left The Bronze and started to walk side by side towards Tara's apartment in silence, both caught up in their own thoughts.

“Are you okay?” asked Tara breaking the silence when they were about half way to her apartment.

“Yeah, I think for once I am truly okay,” said Willow as she flashed a smile towards Tara.

Once they reached Tara's apartment went upstairs to continue their talk and night together.

“Can I get you something to drink? I have wine, soda, or...” offered Tara after they entered her apartment.

“Just water, thanks,” said Willow as she sat down on the couch.

Tara brought in from the kitchen two bottles of water. She handed one to the redhead and then sat down near the her on the couch setting her water on the coffee table.

“Are you doing b-better n-now?” asked Tara.

“I'm here, with you, no more dramatic interruptions, I'm great,” Willow said with a reassuring smile.

“Good. I am surprised to see the level of compassion that Angel and Connor have towards you. Not that you don't deserve to be that, it is just not something I'm used to seeing. Outside of Faith I have never had anyone like that, plus we moved a lot before my mom got sick, so that didn't help either. It was really nice to see though,” said Tara.

“I'm glad you have had her for support. As for Angel and Connor, we've all been through a lot together, I know they have my back and they know I have theirs.”

“Connor seemed to take it really personally.”

“Yeah, when he first moved here with his mom, he didn't have any friends, he wasn't popular in school, he wasn't a rich kid so people made fun of him. He stood up for me one day when I was getting picked on by some of the snobby rich kids. Then a couple of hours later I found myself sticking up for him and we just sort of became friends. Once his mom started dating Angel and eventually married him people started to come around and were nicer to him, but he knew it was just because of Angel. When his mom left, he was completely crushed. I remember him showing up at my house at 2 in the morning crying because he felt like nobody cared. My parents were gone so I had him come in and we talked the rest of the night. People of course started rumors, but we didn't care, we knew the truth. We've always looked out for one another since then.”

“That is really sweet. You have an amazing heart Willow,” said Tara softly causing Willow to blush.

“Thank you for not running when Oz ambushed us. It means a lot to me. I am also very interested in your answer to my previous question,” said Willow softly a hint of a smile gracing the corners of her mouth.

“I would never run from anything involving you. And to answer your question on if I would reject you if you told me you were interested in me,” Tara said staring deep into Willows eyes as she moved a little closer. “I would and could never reject you.”

After seeing the words register in Willow's mind, Tara leaned forward and her lips softly touched Willow's lips before she started to pull back. Willow relishing the feeling of Tara's lips on hers and not ready to break the contact leaned forward and captured the blondes lips with her own. They were only touching with their lips, both of them could feel their hearts racing, their minds racing, neither believing that this was real and how amazing it felt.

When they finally broke the kiss, Tara took Willow's hand in her own, threading their fingers together, and looked at the redhead.

“I am really hoping that I am the one that you are interested in,” giggled Tara.

“How could you not be? You are smart, funny, so incredibly gorgeous,” Willow said with a goofy smile on her face. “But Tara, I have to admit that I'm a bit scared. I've never done anything like this before. You know, been with a woman. Hell, I've barely got any experience with a guy.”

“I know Sweetie,” started Tara, playing with Willows hand.

“I um,” started Willow.

“We'll take it slow and make sure we do it right and that you are comfortable. I have only done this once before, so I am not claiming to know it all, but we'll get through it together,” Tara said reassuringly.

“When you say slow, does that allow kissing?” asked Willow. “Because, you are a really good kisser and I really like kissing you.”

“Oh, there is definitely going to be kissing,” smiled Tara as she leaned forward and kissed the redhead again.

“Mmmm, I could get used to this,” murmured Willow into Tara's lips.

“Mmmmm, me too,” said Tara pulling back slightly from the kiss. “I wish we didn't have to work tomorrow.”

“I know, staying here and kissing you all night and all day tomorrow seems like a better idea than going to work,” laughed Willow as she and Tara leaned back on the couch together, Tara put her arm around Willow and pulled her close.

“Do you want me to walk you home?” Tara asked placing a soft kiss on the side of Willows head while still holding the redhead close.

“No, but thank you for the offer. If I know Buffy as well as I think I do, she is pacing at the corner as we speak waiting for me.”

“Well, I for one approve of that,” said Tara as they stood up and Willow wrapped her arms around the blondes waist.

“Thank you for going out with me tonight,” said Willow a goofy grin playing across her face.

“Thank you for inviting me and for a very interesting night,” said Tara as she gently kissed the redhead. “We will take it slow.”

“Can we keep this just between us for a while? It isn't that I'm ashamed or care what others will think, I just like the idea of having you to myself for a while.”

“I think that is a good idea. It is going to be hardest at work, but we can be professional. Would you maybe like to have dinner here with me Friday night? We can rent a movie and spend the night in,” asked Tara.

“I'd love to,” Willow said as she held Tara close and kissed her gently. “I'll see you tomorrow at work.”

“Good night,” said Tara as they walked to the door and kissed one more time before the redhead left.


Once Tara closed the door she leaned against it wondered how could a night that started off with misunderstandings, then ex drama, turn into something so perfect. As Tara stood there she realized that she needed to call Faith before she got the idea that Willow was either spending the night, kidnapped her, or that she was dead on the street some place. Tara knew it was going to be hard to keep this from Faith, but she felt special knowing that Willow wasn't ready to share her yet.


Willow exited Tara's building and looked towards the corner and saw Buffy standing there anxiously looking down the street for Willow's return home. Willow quickly made her way to Buffy who hugged her friend.

“Are you okay?” asked Buffy the level of her concern coming through in her voice.

“Yeah, I'm okay. I'm glad that Angel, Connor, and Tara were there.”

“I really want to go down to the club and show Oz what happens to people who hurt my friends,” Buffy said through gritted teeth breaking the hug.

“I know you do, but that isn't going to do anyone any good.”

“It will make ME feel better,” said Buffy.

“For a little while, but you aren't a violent person, more importantly, it isn't what I want,” said Willow looking Buffy in the eyes.

“Fine, so how did it go with Tara?”

“Once we get inside I will tell you all about the night,” said Willow realizing how hard it was going to be to hide how happy she was.

“Sounds good,” said Buffy grabbing the redheads hand and pulling her towards their apartment.

Once they got inside they sat down on the couch and Buffy stared at Willow waiting for her to start.

“Hello, are you going to tell me about your night or what?”

“Or,” answered Willow giggling.

Buffy threatened to tickle Willow and so she caved.

“Well, I picked her up at her house, oh my goddess Buffy she was stunning. I mean take your breath away stunning. We left her place and went to The Bronze, and Connor had the VIP section set up for us, with Fred manning the upstairs. Thank you for calling him. We talked and she told me that she is gay and she was sorry for not telling me sooner. I told her it didn't make any difference in my eyes. She said that she isn't dating Faith, though she stated that she thought WE were dating. I told her only in your dreams," giggled Willow as Buffy's eyes bulged.

“Why did she think that we were dating?” asked Buffy. “And HEY! I am a good catch too.”

“She thought it because of the sunscreen and how attentive you were. Then we talked about our ex's. We were both cheated on and hurt badly. And then Oz came up and brought the drama.”

“Are you serious? That guy has some nerve.”

“Angel and Connor took care of him, and Tara wrapped her arm around me to help comfort me as well,” smiled Willow.

“Way to capitalize on the situation Will!”

“That is not what I was doing, though it didn't hurt things either,” smirked Willow.

“So, then what happened?”

“Well Tara decided we should leave, we could both feel Oz glaring up at us and I just wasn't comfortable, so we went back to her place.”

“Uh huh,” Buffy said bouncing in her seat.

“So, we went upstairs, we sat down on the couch together and...I think it's bedtime I have a long day ahead me tomorrow,” said Willow as she started to get up.

“Freeze Rosenberg, finish the story,” said Buffy glaring at the redhead.

“And we talked,” said Willow. “We still don't know a lot about one another and so we talked. She did ask if I wanted to come over and hang out with her on Friday night and I told her I would.”

“You talked? Did you tell her that you are attracted to her? That you had the hots for her?”

“No, after everything that happened at The Bronze, I decided that I want to get to know her on the friend level before getting to know her on the romantic level if she is open to that.”

“I guess that makes sense. I was expecting you to come home and tell me you went to her place and made out,” laughed Buffy.

“Not tonight, but I'm hopeful someday we will,” said Willow. “I'm going to head to bed, emotionally, dealing with Oz drained me. Good night Buffy.”

“Good night Will,” said Buffy as she watched her friend walk into her room.


Tara composed herself and the grabbed her cellphone and sat on the couch and called Faith.

“Damn T, I was starting to wonder if I was going to hear from you tonight or if I was going to have to come and stake out your place to see if it was you or Red doing the walk-of-shame,” laughed Faith.

“Very funny Faith,” said Tara rolling her eyes.

“So how did the date go?”

“It wasn't a date,” stated Tara. “It was an interesting night though.”

“Interesting by your standards or by my standards?” asked Faith.

“Believe it or not, I think by your standards.”

“Wow, details please!”

“Well, she got here and WOW did she look amazing. When we got to The Bronze and there was a huge line, but she walked us to the front and Connor let us in and had a VIP section set up just for us.”

“Wow, Red has some connections! And are you sure this wasn't a date? It is sounding pretty date-like,” laughed Faith.

“Yeah, I'm sure it wasn't a date. And yeah, she has some good connections. So, then we talked and listened to the music. I came out to her and she had already guessed it, and she actually thought you and I were a couple.”

“Us? Why?”

“She saw how close we were and I guess her and Buffy were walking past the corner and she looked down the street this way and saw us hugging.”

“Oh, shit, sorry T,” said Faith.

“It's okay. I told her you were like a sister to me, then I asked about her and Buffy dating and she said Buffy was her Faith.”

“Well that is good for you right?” asked Faith.

“Well eventually, but then the night got interesting. The band we went to see Werewolf Moon, turns out her ex-boyfriend is in it. When they took a break he came up and harassed her.”

“That's not cool, what happened?”

“Angel and Connor came and took care of him, but he upset her a lot too. I ended up holding on to her while she shook. She has some pretty amazing friends. Angel when he was making sure she was ok, he talked to her so gentle, and then Connor is pretty over protective of her as well. They were going to keep the jackass there while her and I left.”

“So, you got to hold her? That sounds promising,” Faith said. Tara was able to hear the smirk on Faith‘s face from her voice.

“It wasn't anything like that, perv. She was really upset. We left and came back here to my place and talked. I asked if she wanted to have dinner and hang out here Friday and she said yes.”

“So, you got a second date. Way to go Tara!”

“Tonight wasn't a date and neither is Friday. Right now we are just getting to know one another. If something is going to happen between us, I really want it to be done right, us building a friendship and then we can go for more.”

“You always were the more responsible one out of the two of us.”

“Yes, we all know that,” laughed Tara.

“I'm sorry Red had a hard time at The Bronze, but I'm glad you two got stuff cleared up and are going to be getting together again.”

“Thanks Faith. I'm going to head to bed, I'm beat,” said Tara.

“I'll see you tomorrow at work. Good night,” said Faith.

“Good night!”


Thursday morning Willow got up early and went to the Espresso Pump on her way to work and got both her and Tara a mocha. When she got to work she went up to the conference room and got things set up and started working on some of the scripts while she waited for Tara to arrive.

“Hey Willow,” said Tara with a huge smile on her face as she came into the room.

“Good morning,” Willow said as she smiled softly at Tara and reached over and offered her the mocha.

“You are amazing,” said Tara as she winked at Willow and closed the door.

“I know,” Willow said smugly causing Tara to laugh.

“Well, we only got three new surveys, so we can continue working with what we were yesterday,” said Tara getting down to business.

“Great, I may also have a solution on a couple of the suggestions,” said Willow.

“Again, you are amazing,” said Tara.

“So are you,” Willow said sneaking a glimpse at the blonde.

“How are you doing after last night?”

“Which part?”

“Oz,” said Tara.

“I am okay, like I said last night, it has been over for a long time,” said Willow as she looked into Tara's eyes so she could see that she meant what she was saying.

“And about us?”

“I can't wait until tomorrow night,” said Willow.

“Me either.”

“Did you talk to Faith last night?”

“Yeah, I told her about our night, but I left out the kissing and told her we were going to build a friendship and then see where that leads to.”

“I told Buffy the same thing. I'm hoping that Oz left town, I don't want Buffy to get her hands on him. She was pretty mad last night when I told her what happened.”

“I think she's justified and I don't even know the guy. I saw how he upset you.”

“Yeah, but this hot blonde held me and made it all better,” giggled Willow.

“I did what I could,” smiled Tara.

“We need to get back to work or we aren't going keep that professionalism that we said we could.”

“I agree,” laughed Tara.

They spent the rest of the day working on the campaign and then late in the afternoon they heard a knock on the conference room door and then the door opened.

“Hey Tara, Willow,” said Faith smiling at the two women.

“Hi Faith,” said Willow giving the brunette a small wave.

“What's up Faith?” asked Tara.

“What do you have going on tomorrow?”

“Personal or professional?” asked Tara seeing Faith fight back a smirk.


“Working on the campaign. What's up?”

“Well, I am going to have to steal you for the day. We have an issue with one of the other offices and we need to meet to discuss how to fix it. I've already told your dad and Donnie.”

“Okay, I'll clear my schedule for tomorrow,” said Tara jotting a note quick to herself.

“Sorry, I know that you need to get this campaign done as well,” said Faith looking between Willow and Tara.

“It's okay, really. It'll give me some time to do some more research on the scripts and get some stuff built,” said Willow.

“Thanks for understanding Red,” said Faith as she exited the room and closed the door behind her.

“Tomorrow is going to be so long,” said Tara sighing deeply.

“Yeah, but just think of how nice it will be when we get to see one another tomorrow night,” said Willow winking at the blonde.

“That will be nice, but I am still going to miss spending the day with you,” pouted Tara.

“I'll miss you too,” Willow said placing her hand on Tara's and squeezing it. “And pouting like that is SO not fair.”

“I'll see you tomorrow night Sweetie,” said Tara as she started to clean up her stuff.

“What time works for you?” asked Willow.

“How about 6? Unless that is too early.”

“That is a great time, I don't want to wait any longer than I have to,” said Willow smiling.

“I'll see you at 6 tomorrow then. Have a great night,” said Tara grabbing her stuff and heading towards the door.

“You have a great night too,” said Willow.


Friday for Tara involved a meeting with Donald, Donnie, Faith, and on conference call the management staff of the office having the issue.

For Willow it involved reading scripts, searching websites for ideas, and making sure the clock was going forward instead of backwards which is how it felt.

Once the day was over, Willow hurried home to get ready to go to Tara's.

Tara rushed home to make sure everything was set for the night.

At 5:45 Willow left her apartment and walked over to Tara's. She knocked on the door and Tara answered quickly.

“Hi, I know I'm early, but I missed seeing you today,” said Willow as Tara motioned for her to come in.

Tara closed the door behind Willow and then pulled her into a hug.

“I missed you too,” said Tara holding the redhead close and feeling Willow’s arms wrap around her.

“How was your meeting,” asked Willow as Tara led her into the living room and they sat down on the couch cuddled up together.

“Well, it was stressful, but I think we got most of the key items figured out. I was never confident with the management staff we had there anyway. How did it go with the campaign stuff?”

“Pretty good, I have some ideas to show you on Monday,” smiled Willow.

“Enough work! Can't you just be kissing me now?” asked Tara softly.

“I definitely can,” said Willow leaning up and capturing Tara's lips.

They sat there kissing for a long time and then Willow decided to deepen the kiss and started to move her lips. This caused both women to groan softly.

“I have never enjoyed kissing anyone as much as I like kissing you,” said Tara as she broke the kiss.

“You have such incredibly soft lips,” said Willow smiling at the blonde.

“I need to go start dinner,” said Tara, also needing a minute to calm her emotions down.

“Okay, is there anything I can do to help?”

“Nope, it is all prepped,” said Tara as she stood up.

“Hurry back then,” said Willow looking up at Tara.

Tara leaned down and kissed the redhead again. “I will, trust me,” said Tara.

Tara went into the kitchen and tossed a salad and checked to make sure that the chicken and rice were about done baking. Tara brought the food out to the table and then went into the living room to get Willow. They sat down at the table and ate, mostly in silence enjoying the closeness, then moved to the couch and cuddled together. Tara was holding Willow as they started the movie, they eventually adjusted to spooning on the couch, and after a while Tara pulled Willow closer and started to kiss her neck, softly. She just couldn't resist her lips on the redheads skin.

“Is this okay?” the blonde whispered.

“Mmmm, that feels so good,” said Willow leaning into the kisses.

“I'm glad,” said Tara nipping at the redheads neck.

Willow turned around and faced Tara and their lips were like magnets drawn together. They were laying close together, their lips moving together, Willow was loving the feeling of Tara's lips on hers, feeling her body against her own. After a while Willow took the kissing to the next level by running her tongue over Tara's lips and requesting entrance. Tara opened her mouth and felt Willow's tongue on hers and couldn't believe how good it felt. Both women groaned. The movie ended and neither woman noticed. When they finally broke apart, they were both breathing heavy. They pressed their foreheads together while they worked to catch their breath.

“What are you doing tomorrow,” asked Willow.

“I don't know, what about you?”

“No plans unless you wanted to tour the rest of Sunnydale,” said Willow brushing her lips lightly across Tara's.

“Are there any places to sneak in some kissing?”

“Oh yes, several,” said Willow.

“Then I would love to tour the rest of Sunnydale,” said Tara placing a soft kiss on Willows lips.

“Mmmm, great. I can come over here and get you and maybe we can have a little smoochie session before we head out.”

“Definitely! How about you come by between 9 and 10?”

“I think that sounds good,” said Willow pressing her lips to Tara's quickly. “I should get going, though I really want to just stay here kissing you.”

“I would rather you stay and kiss me too, but if we are going to keep this between just us for now, you should probably go.”

They slowly got up and Tara walked Willow to the door and they hugged and kissed a few more times before Willow opened the door.

“I'll be back between 9 and 10,” said Willow smiling.

“I can't wait,” said Tara watching the redhead leave.


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Dibsy-DIBS! It's probably the time difference... :dumbo


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Well first, yay! They kissed and both like the other. That is awesome. I am glad it didn't last any longer before they came clean and are together.

That said - 2 things. First, Willow, Angel, Connor, and Buffy 's reactions to Oz wanting to talk to willow all either indicate that he was abusive or are completely disproportionate. That kind of reaction with the shaking etc sort of seem like he beat her OR that she is still on love with him. Four yes later she should be able to just say she won't talk to him. Or get some therapy.

2 why keep it a secret? There is no reason for that except a need to take Willow off the project with Tara at work. She should not be in her command chain but beyond that, it seems fraught with problems to keep it a secret. I don't get that.

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I love that at the sight of Oz, Tara didn't shrink away and instead was there for Willow to lean on for support. I kind of understand why they would want to keep their budding romance to themselves. Looking forward to Faith and Buffy's reaction though when they realize they are dating.

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I'm loving this story more and more.

The taking their time thing and keeping just between them is nice.

Can't wait for the next update!

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I am loving this story! Keep up the great work :D

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Phantasyland: Congrats on the another dibs! :banana I am glad you liked the update or at least the kiss that finally happened. :wtkiss

JustSkipIt: I can only draw out the angst and awkwardness for so long before it starts to drive me bat shit crazy er, crazier than I am, so they needed to come clean. :sigh

To respond to your two points -
On the first explained in this update and in a couple of later updates.
On the second has been a while since I have experienced this, but when I was in a new relationship getting to spend as much time as possible with my honey was a bonus. Now, I admit that I do miss it miss it. :flower

love_2003: Tara isn't as timid here as she was in the show, so she didn't need to shrink away. No reaction from Faith and Buffy this time, maybe in the next chapter or two. I have it planned, I just haven't decided where I want to put it in yet. :hmm

fhiwda: Thank you for loving my story! :bounce

inlovewithtara: Thank you for reading and loving my story. Enjoy the update! :bigwave

:smash <--- too cute!

Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating:  PG-13 - NC-17
Author:  Branny72
Feedback:  Pretty please…it helps me improve and if I get stuck it gives me ideas on where you would like to see the story go!!

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: Thank you to Willara4ever for all your help with this story. I appreciate your reading it and helping me with the idea.

Chapter 11

As Willow walked down the hallway she could feel Tara watching her. Part of her wanted to turn around and go back, but she knew that she would be back tomorrow morning. She exited the apartment building and walked toward her apartment she replayed the night in her head. Dinner, kissing Tara, being close to Tara, how amazing she smelled. She was so lost in her thoughts that she almost missed turning the corner to her go to her apartment.

“Hey Wills,” said Buffy from the living room as the redhead entered.

“Huh?” said Willow, Buffy's voice bringing her out of her Tara induced haze.

“Um, I said hey. You okay?”

“Oh, hey. Yeah, I'm okay, I was just lost in thought.”

“Would that have anything to do with a hot blonde that you spent the evening with?” asked Buffy wiggling her eyebrows at Willow.

“We are friends Buffy,” said Willow.

“Well, you can't blame me for hoping,” said Buffy.

“I can, but I won't,” laughed Willow as she sat down next to Buffy.

“So, what do you have planned for the weekend roomie?”

“Tomorrow I am going to finish the tour of Sunnydale with Tara,” said Willow.

“Finish the tour?”

“Yeah we didn't make it through everything last time. We got caught up at the zoo,” Willow said with a smile remembering the day and the fun that they had.

“Well, that will give you two more time to get to know one another,” said Buffy.

“Yeah, I really enjoy spending time with her,” said Willow. “And kissing her is even more enjoyable,” thought Willow.

“I'm glad Will, I really am,” Buffy said trying to stifle a yawn.

“Looks like it is bedtime for you,” laughed Willow.

“Yeah, I think so. You want me to leave stuff on out here?”

“Nah, I'm gonna go to bed myself.”

“Well, good night then,” said Buffy turning off the TV and putting the remote on the coffee table.

“Good night Buffy,” said Willow getting up and heading to her room.

Willow got ready for bed and curled up and fell asleep almost immediately.


After Tara watched Willow leave she went and cleaned up and loaded their dishes into the dishwasher. She was humming to herself thinking about how lucky she was to have found someone as amazing as Willow, and even better, Willow wanted a relationship with her.

After doing the dishes Tara went and got ready for bed and then turned on the TV in her room for background noise and she replayed Wednesday night and Friday night in her head. The sparkle in Willow's eyes, her gorgeous red hair, the taste of her lips. Tara fell asleep hoping to dream of the redhead.


Willow woke to birds chirping outside her window. She immediately started to smile because in a couple of hours she was going to see Tara and spend the day with her.

“Where should we start,” thought Willow. “We ended at the zoo the last time, that leaves UC Sunnydale Campus, the bluffs, movie theater...”

“Dammit,” yelled Buffy from the kitchen pulling Willow out of her mental planning. “Son-of-a...”

Willow got out of bed and went to see what the problem was.

“You okay out here Buff?” asked Willow as she made her way to the kitchen.

“Don't come any further,” said Buffy holding a hand up towards Willow. “I dropped a glass jar and it shattered.”

“Do you want help cleaning it up?”

“No, go get ready for your date with Tara,” giggled Buffy.

“Grrr arghhh, it isn't a date,” growled Willow mock glaring at her best friend.

“Fine, just go get ready.”

“Okay,” said Willow as she went to shower and get dressed for her day.


Tara awoke, she went into the kitchen to start the coffee brewing and then moved to the bathroom and started the shower.

“A whole day with Willow, I am so lucky,” thought Tara.

After her shower Tara put on her robe, combed her hair, and then moved to the kitchen and prepared a cup of coffee, before going to get dressed. Looking through her closet she decided on a pair of faded jean shorts and a green and blue stripped shirt. She looked at herself in the mirror, pleased with her choices she went into the bathroom and put on some makeup and then moving to the living room she opened the patio door and sat down outside to enjoyed the light breeze and morning air while she waited for Willow to arrive.


Willow finished her shower, she moved into her room and pulled out a pair of black cargo shorts and a cream-colored UC Sunnydale t-shirt. She went back into the bathroom did her hair and put on some light make-up.

“Hey Buffy, I'm going to head over to Tara's unless you need help,” said Willow from the kitchen door where the blonde was still cleaning up.

“Nah, I got it almost all cleaned up. Go, have fun, I'll talk to you later,” said Buffy smiling up at her roommate.

“Okay, I'll see you later,” said Willow as she headed out the door.

Once outside Willow couldn't contain the smile any longer and with a spring in her step made her way around the corner and down the street towards Tara's.

“Willow,” called a voice from down the street. “Willow, please.”

Willow looked over and saw Oz rapidly making his way towards her. Her smile rapidly turned into a scowl.

“Oz, I told you that we didn't have anything to talk about. Leave me alone,” snapped Willow.

“I didn't mean for what happened to happen. I didn't mean to hurt you, and I know that I shouldn't have cheated on you. Willow, it has been several years, how long are you going to hate me?” he asked.

“Well, since you aren't getting the clue to stay the hell away from me, I can't say how long, but it may be forever.”

“I am sorry I hurt you. I just want a chance to make things right with us,” he pleaded as he tightly grabbed Willow's arm.

“Please remove your hand, that hurts,” growled Willow. “I have plans today and they don't involve you. I need to get going.”

“Just listen to me, give us a chance,” said Oz squeezing her arm a little tighter.

“Oz, there is no us, there will never be an us, now I said remove your hand you are hurting me,” said Willow wincing a little.

“You heard her, remove your hand,” said a voice followed by someone coming across the street.

“This doesn't involve you,” growled Oz.

“Willow?” said Faith looking at Willow.

“Hi Faith,” said Willow.

“Is he bothering you?” asked Faith glaring at Oz and looking between him and his hand that was squeezing Willow's arm.

“Who is this chick? Willow, just listen to me, please,” said Oz.

“She's a friend and co-worker. Oz, I want you to let go of my arm and leave me the hell alone,” said Willow.

Faith reached over and tightly gripped the wrist that Oz was holding Willow with. He let out a yelping noise and then let go. Willow rubbed her arm where he had gripped her.

“Now, she has said to leave her alone multiple times, I am thinking she meant it. And if you ever lay a hand on her again and I will make sure you won't be able to use either hand again,” threatened Faith.

“Who are you?” asked Oz holding his wrist.

“Not someone you want to fuck with, now go away and never come back.”

Oz looked over at Willow hoping she would take pity on him.

“Just go Oz, she means what she says and I wouldn't fuck with her,” said Willow still holding her upper arm.

“Fine, Devon has my number, get it from him and call me,” said Oz backing away.

“It will never happen, just leave,” Willow said again and she watched Oz hurry over to his van, get in, and pull away quickly.

“Are you okay?” asked Faith.

“I will be,” Willow said, her breath shaky. “I was on my way over to Tara's.”

“I'll walk you there. I have to stop to pick something up from her anyway,” said Faith putting an arm around Willow's shoulders and moving them to Tara's building and door. Faith knocked and Tara answered with a smile that faded quick when she saw that Willow was upset.

“Hey T,” said Faith as they entered her apartment. “Red needs a bag of peas.”

“Willow, what happened? Are you okay?” asked Tara taking Willow's hand.

“I'll be fine. Oz hasn't left town yet. He stopped me outside,” Willow said looking towards the ground.

“He h-hurt you?” asked Tara her anger flaring.

“When I came up he was squeezing her upper arm. I made it clear that if he ever touched her again I was going to make it so he couldn't use either hand,” said Faith handing Willow a bag of peas and moving her hand and the peas to her upper arm. “Hold it there Willow. Trust me, I have had plenty of martial arts injuries it will help.”

“Thank you Faith for both the help outside and the peas,” Willow said forcing a smile.

“No problem,” Faith said smiling. “T? You are very quiet.”

“I just don't like that he hurt Willow,” said Tara. “Has he hurt you before?”

“Yes, a couple of times. That is one of the reasons that everyone reacted the way they did the other night. And our break-up wasn't pleasant either.”

“How bad are you hurt? Do you need to go see a doctor?” asked Tara letting her imagination take over.

“I'm okay, really,” Willow said trying to calm Tara. She went to set the peas down and take Tara's hand, but received a glare from both Tara and Faith.

“She'll be fine Tara.”

“I'm trusting you on that Faith. So, what brings you by this early?” asked Tara.

“Oh, well I needed to borrow your telescope.”

“No problem, it is in the closet. You are using it to look at the sky right?”

“Yes! You act like I'd use it for other purposes. Especially after you caught me the one time I wasn' Thanks Tara,” said Faith opening the closet and pulling out the telescope. “You two have a good day, and Tara, don't dwell on what happened, I don't think he'll be back any time soon.”

“Thanks again Faith,” said Willow.

“No problem,” said Faith as she left the apartment.

Wrapping an arm around Willow's shoulders Tara escorted her over to the couch and sat them down pulling Willow close and kissing the top of her head.

“Are you sure you okay Sweetie?” asked Tara.

“I am now,” Willow said tilting her head up and kissing Tara.


Faith exited the apartment complex and was putting the telescope in her car when she saw Buffy walking down the street in her direction.

“Hey B,” called Faith as she jogged from her car across the street to where Buffy was walking.

“Hey Faith! How are you doing?” asked Buffy.

“I'm doing okay, but there is something that I'd like to talk to you about dealing with Willow.”

“Um, okay. Care to give a girl a clue?”

“There was an incident this morning,” said Faith.

“Is Willow okay? Where is she?” asked a panicked Buffy.

“She is fine, she's upstairs at Tara's. Is there someplace more private we can talk?”

“Sure, our apartment is just around the corner. We can talk there.”

With that Buffy and Faith silently walked to Buffy's apartment.

“Come in and have a seat. Did you want anything to drink?” asked Buffy.

“Nah, I'm good.” said Faith.

“So, now that you have my curiosity peaked and my panic rising, what did you want to talk about?”

“Well, I was headed over to Tara's this morning when I saw Willow and this scruffy looking short red-haired man we'll say 'talking' in a way. He had a tight grip on her arm, it was hurting her. She had asked him to remove his hand and he wouldn't,” started Faith seeing the anger cross Buffy's face.

“Oz...” mumbled Buffy the anger in her voice ringing out loud and clear.

“Yeah, that was the name she used. I know that her and Tara are spending time together and I just want to make sure nothing is going to happen to either of them. What is his deal?”

“Oz is Willow's ex and apparently isn't taking 'no' and 'go away' as seriously as he should. He hurt Willow a couple of times, he has a temper and loses control sometimes,” said Buffy through gritted teeth.

“Well, I told him if he ever laid a hand on Willow again I would make sure he can't use either of his hands again,” Faith said with a smug smile.

“Can I help?” asked Buffy with an evil grin.

“Of course,” laughed Faith. “Maiming is always more fun with two.”

“Does Willow know any self-defense?” asked Faith her concern for the redhead coming through in her voice.

“No, I have tried to get her to take one of my classes, but she always comes up with an excuse not to.”

“Tara wouldn't take one either. Maybe we can work together to get them into one. Would you be open to coming down to TDM and teaching a course?”

“If you can get Willow and Tara to take the course – I will definitely teach one.”

“Great, here is my card, shoot me an email with your rate and the specifics for the class and I'll get it set up,” said Faith pulling her business card out of her wallet and handing it to Buffy.

“Now to figure out what to do with Oz,” said Buffy.

“Well, as he was leaving he told Willow that um Evan had his number.”

“Oh Devon, yeah, they were in a band together in High School.”

“Cool, well, thanks for talking with me. I'll let you get back to your day,” said Faith.

“Thanks for looking after Willow. She's my best friend and I'd be lost without her. Now I am off to prep some stuff at the gym before one of the other instructors gets in.”

“Tara means as much to me as Willow means to you. Email me and we'll get those two some self-defense lessons.”

“Thanks for telling me about Oz, I don't know if Willow would have.”

“No problem, I'll talk to you later,” said Faith as she left the apartment. Buffy stood there for a few minutes thinking about what Faith had told her and then she looked at the clock and realized she had to hurry.


Willow and Tara were enjoying their make-out session on Tara's couch after the drama Oz had brought.

“Mmmm, as much as I am loving this Sweetie, I do believe you offered to finish showing me Sunnydale,” said Tara pulling back from Willow's lips causing the redhead to pout. “Willow, you know that pout isn't fair don't you?”

“Maybe,” Willow said in her pouty voice.

“Sweetie, there will be plenty of time today for kisses. You promised me that there were several places that we could stop to kiss.”

“I know, I know, I just really enjoy the feel of your lips on my lips,” Willow said before placing a feather light kiss on the blondes lips.

“Okay, now that was just a tease,” scoffed Tara trying to capture Willow's lips again but being denied.

“I just wanted to leave you wanting more,” giggled Willow.

“Vixen,” said Tara.

“And proud of it,” Willow said before kissing the blonde soundly.

“You do NOT play fair Ms. Rosenberg,” said Tara trying to catch her breath from the kiss.

“I never said I did.”

“So, shall we go for our tour?” asked Tara.

“Yes ma'am,” answered Willow standing up from the couch and then pulling Tara up. Tara grabbed the bag of peas and went into the kitchen and marked the bag with a marker saying 'ICE PACK' so she didn't try to cook them sometime.

“How is your arm?” asked Tara as she came back in the living room.

“It is fine, but maybe later I'll let you kiss it to ensure that it gets better,” said Willow in a playful tone.

“Deal,” said Tara wrapping her arms around Willow and holding her close.

After they held one another for a couple of minutes they headed out of the apartment and set out for UC Sunnydale.


“How far is the campus?” asked Tara as they left her apartment.

“Not far, really. We're practically on campus,” laughed Willow.

“Well, hopefully not too close. I don't want to risk losing you to some hot college student.”

“Never going to happen!”

“So, what was it like going to school here,” asked Tara as they walked close to one another.

“It was nice I guess. I have nothing to compare it to really. I enjoyed my time there. Buffy was the one that was always going out to the frat parties and the sporting events on campus. I stuck more to the computer lab and library.”

“I think you were right when you said Buffy was your Faith,” laughed Tara as Willow looked at her in confusion. “Faith was the same way in college, and I was like you, only not so much the computer stuff. I spent my time in the library and art studio.”

“What type of art did or do you do?”

“I did paintings, and a little sculpting. Every sculpting class I took wanted to do nudes and I am just too shy for that,” laughed Tara.

“I don't think I could handle doing nudes either.”

“Will, just me saying the word made you blush,” giggled Tara as they came up to the campus entrance.

“Be nice or I won't show you the best spot on campus where we can have some serious smoochie time,” Willow threatened with a smile.

“Awww, but you know you want to kiss and cuddle with me,” said Tara with a pouty lip and batting her eyelashes at Willow.

“Oh goddess, and you say I don't play fair.”

“Why would I play fair if you aren't going to?” asked Tara.

“You are much too smart for your own good there Ms. Maclay,” said Willow as they started to walk through campus.

“So, here we have The Grotto.”

“Let me guess, coffee shop?” said Tara smelling the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans.

“Yes, and the amount of time Buffy and I spent here, well it is obscene and maybe embarrassing. During our senior year sometimes, Buffy would go out running and stop by here on her way back and grab us a mocha and occasionally a scone or muffin.”

“That was pretty nice of her,” Tara said.

“She owed me for helping her get through her Psych class with our psycho professor,” said Willow.

“A psycho Psych professor?”

“I know it sounds odd, but Professor Walsh was one fry short of a happy meal,” Willow said causing Tara to laugh. “She had this 'project' she was working on. She was trying to create a human/android hybrid. Sort of a new age Frankenstein. I was playing around, well, okay, I was hacking to find some code that I needed for a program. Don't look at me like that, our computer science professor used to hide stuff on the campus servers for us to find to help us with our assignments. Like I could break the rules like that.”

“I didn't say a word Sweetie,” Tara said smiling as they sat down on some benches.

“You didn't have to, I saw that look on your face. Anyway, I was hunting for the code that I needed and I stumbled across the files that she had out there containing her research. She had specs on what parts she thought she could use as machine and what parts needed to be flesh.It was REALLY creepy.”

“Okay, I will agree that she is a bit psycho sounding, though I think she has all the fries for the happy meal, she's missing the cheeseburger,” agreed Tara as they laughed together and started to move on with their tour.

“This is the frat and sorority area.”

“Did you ever want to be a part of a sorority?”

“No, though Buffy did drag me to a few parties. The Lowell house here was where one of Buffy's college boyfriends lived. Riley wasn't a bad guy, just, well he was from Iowa and was too wholesome.”

“So, did Buffy pledge a sorority?” asked Tara as they were now standing in front of the Beta Delta Gamma house.

“No, but she did pledge to see how many frat boys she could out drink. She got so drunk at Jack's Bar one night that she walked around for a month saying 'Beer Bad' – she wouldn't even go to The Bronze because the smell of beer made her gag.”

“Did you ever get that drunk?”

“No, I'm enough of a spaz sober, do you really think it would be a good idea to add alcohol?”

“Point taken,” Tara said giving the redhead a lopsided grin.

“Here are the resident halls. We have Fischer Hall on your left, and Dunwirth Hall on the right. I have never actually been in either. And down here we have Kersge Hall, home of the jackass Parker,” said Willow glaring at the building as if she could make it crumble with her mind.

“Who is Parker?”

“Parker Abrams was a guy who thought he was smarter than everyone else and he used people. Well, he used Buffy a couple of times. Then one night he made some inappropriate comments about Buffy and Riley punched him in the face. I think that is when Riley won my vote for a boyfriend for Buffy.”

“Where did you and Buffy live?”

“Right here. Stevenson Hall.”

“Were you always roommates?”

“No, when we started college Buffy was rooming with this crazy girl named Kathy. I never did find out what happened to her, but she moved out and I moved in. That was the one hacking thing I did do that wasn't for class. I hacked into the schools residence records and arranged for Buffy and I to be roommates.”

“My dad arranged for Faith and I to share a room. It was nice and since we were both on accelerated tracks for school it allowed us the peace and quiet we needed to study.”

“You were on an accelerated track? Are you hungry? We have the Rocket Cafe. We can get something to go and have a nice picnic lunch in my favorite place on campus and you can tell me about this accelerated track.”

“I think that sounds perfect,” said Tara excited to see where Willow's favorite place was.

Willow and Tara got some sandwiches, chips, and a drink and then Willow led them through campus, up some stairs, through a small forest of trees and into a clearing. The view of Sunnydale, the campus, and even TDM from there was amazing. Tara gasped as she took it all in.

“I spent a lot of time here, studying, hiding from people, staring at the stars. It is a place that isn't well hidden, but hardly anyone knows it exists.”

“Willow this is amazing. You used to come here to look at the stars?”

“Yeah, I took an astronomy class in high school and ever since I've loved to watch the stars.”

“I love star-gazing. Although I have to tell you that the regular constellations never made much sense to me, so I made my own,” said Tara as they found a shaded spot underneath a tree to have their picnic.

“Maybe some night we can come up here and you can show them to me,” suggested Willow feeling a warmth inside her at the thought of being here at night with Tara.

“I would love that.”

“Great, it's a date!”

“I really like the sound of” said Tara hiding behind her hair coyly watching Willow.

“Please don't hide from me baby, you are to beautiful,” said Willow brushing Tara's hair back behind her ear and leaning forward and kissing her softly.

“You make me feel so special and comfortable,” said Tara. “I don't know how you do it.”

“Magic,” said Willow before Tara pulled her close for a longer and more passionate kiss.

They ate their lunch and discussed how this was the second weekend that they had perfect weather. Once they finished eating Tara sat leaning against the tree and pulled Willow to sit in front of her between her legs so Tara could hold her while they talked more.

“So, the accelerated track. You know that my dad has always had Donnie and I involved with the business in some way. Well once Faith and I became friends he allowed her in as well. Because I was home schooled for a long time I graduated high school early and Faith is just that smart; she was able to as well. My dad got us into a program where we could finish college in half the time. It was rough, we were under a lot of pressure to keep a 3.6 or higher GPA or we would be dropped from the program. Faith never had to study, I on the other hand had to read, re-read, and read again to make sure my mind had all the information. Well, after two years we graduated college with a bachelor's degree. Mine in marketing and Faith's in Human Resources.”

“Wow, that is amazing. So, how old were you when you graduated?”

“I graduated high school at 16 and college at 18. I really owe it all to my mother, she was an amazing teacher for both Donnie and I.”

“So, you were both home schooled?”

“Yeah, with dad opening different divisions we moved around a lot and instead of uprooting us from schools and making us try to fit in to new schools they chose to home school us.”

“That is really cool,” said Willow leaning back into Tara's embrace.

“I've lived in several countries, but when we moved to Boston it was the first time that we stayed in one place. That is where I met Faith.”

“I've lived here and you have had all these amazing experiences. I can't even imagine what it must be like to travel like that.”

“Well, if you play your cards right, maybe someday we'll do some traveling together,” said Tara as she softly kissed Willow's neck right at the pulse point.

“And if you keep doing that I am going to just be a puddle of mush here,” giggles Willow. “There is another place that I would really love to show you.”

“I am all yours Ms. Rosenberg. Lead the way,” said Tara nudging Willow up and then taking the hand the redhead offered to help her up. They picked up their trash and as they returned to the outskirts of campus they threw their trash away and Willow casually took Tara's hand while they walked towards the outskirts of what Tara thought was town. Willow pointed out various highlights along the way, like the airport, and the creepy large cemetery that they had to pass.

“Will, where are we headed?” asked Tara.

“Another amazing place,” she answered with a smile as they walked up a grassy hill to a bench that overlooked a cliff and a very large body of water. “This is Kingman's Bluff.”

“I-is that the ocean?”

“Yep, you can sit here on the bench and overlook the nice high drop and the Pacific ocean.”

“I bet the sunsets are amazing here,” said Tara.

“Well, maybe we'll have to stick around tonight and find out. Unless you have other plans,” said Willow realizing that she had assumed that Tara was spending the full day with her and not just part of the day.

“Spending as much time as I can with you are the only plans I have.”

“Yay me!”

“Do you come here often?”

“No, but sometimes the view and the sound of the ocean just can't be passed up.”

“Tell me about your family,” Tara said wanting to learn more about Willow.

“There isn't a whole lot to tell. My mother is a psychologist ironically does research and writes papers on child psychology and development. She is always off learning about new methods, teaching methods, or doing research. She wasn't really involved in a lot of my childhood or my adulthood at this point either. My father is also a psychologist and travels like my mother doing research and testing. He doesn't do child development though, he focuses on people with brain related injuries and diseases.”

“Wow, smart family,” Tara said.

“Lonely family! They were always gone so once Buffy moved here I would go over and spend my time with her and Dawn. Her mom Joyce has been more of a mother to me than my own mother and father have been.”

“I can't even imagine what that is like. My family is so close, and we have always been close. My parents always made sure that no matter how busy they were or what we had going on that they made time for us and made us feel like we were the most important people in the world. I remember one time when Donnie and I were little, I think I was 7 and he was 11. We had just moved to Seattle and dad was trying to get the business up and running there, mom was trying to get the house set up and find out what the school curriculum was in the area for us. Donnie and I wanted to go to the Space Needle so bad, we had done research on it from the moment we found out we were moving there. We could see it from the house we had, which didn't help with our patience. We knew our parents were busy and Donnie and I didn't want to take them away from what needed to be done. One day, it was in the middle of the day too, mom and dad came into the den where Donnie and I were reading and told us that it was family time and they were taking us to see the Space Needle. Donnie asked them what about all the stuff they had going on and they said that for the next four hours the only thing they had going on was spending time with their kids. I remember running up and hugging them both and then Donnie and I proceeded to spew out every fact that we had found about Seattle, the Space Needle, Pike's. And they just smiled and listened.”

“That is an amazing memory. I am jealous of that type of relationship. I don't know that I have been close to anyone like that. Not even Buffy.”

“Well, now you are part of the TDM family and my dad carries those same principles into the business.”

“That's amazing,” said Willow.

The sun was starting to set. The sky filled with oranges, purples, blues, and reds. The two women silently sat on the bench cuddle together and watched it disappear into the horizon.

“Thank you for an amazing day,” said Tara just before leaning over and kissing Willow.


~ Branny72
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Dibsety-dibs again! It must be the time zones workin' in my favor... ;)

Anyways, this story is sooo sweet, and then you pull some buffyverse facts in there just like that. Like with Professor Walsh, that was hilarious!! :dumbo

Thanks for another great start for a Saturday! :bigkiss

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Nice update. I don't like the secrecy because there is the part that implys there is something to hide. On the other hand, I like the something special to keep to myself part.

Hmmm. Oz is a problem. He's got to be pretty crazy to think that he and Willow are still together after 4 years. I mean, get the clue, dude. I'm glad she's got people to help out and hope Buffy & Faith can get some defense classes for W&T.

Well done.

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Phantasyland: I agree it must the timezone thing. Sorry if I messed it up this week. I almost didn't get an update put together for this week. My 17-year-old cat got really sick. He is doing better so here is your update!! I hope you enjoy it.

JustSkipIt: I promise that they won't keep it a secret too much longer. As for Oz...he does need a clue and to realized that it is over! :sigh

:smash <--- too cute!

Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating:  PG-13 - NC-17
Author:  Branny72
Feedback:  Pretty please…it helps me improve and if I get stuck it gives me ideas on where you would like to see the story go!!

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: Thank you to Willara4ever for all your help with this story. I appreciate your reading it and helping me with the idea.

The sun was starting to set. The sky filled with oranges, purples, blues, and reds. The two women silently sat on the bench cuddle together and watched it disappear into the horizon.

"Thank you for an amazing day," said Tara just before leaning over and kissing Willow.

Chapter 12

After watching the sunset Willow and Tara sat there looking out over the ocean for a bit and then decided that it was time to head back.

“Willow, today has been amazing,” said Tara as she entwined her fingers with the redheads as they started to walk back to Tara's apartment.

“I know it was, you were here. I know that sounds cheesy, but it is true. Any time I spend with you at work or just us is amazing.”

“I know the feeling, Sweetie. What are you doing tomorrow?” asked Tara.

“Buffy's Mom invited us over for as she put it 'a real meal and not one that comes out of a package or can' and she is curious as to what we have been up to. I want you to meet Joyce sometime.”

“You want me to meet your pseudo-Mom?”

“I know it may seem fast, but well, I have already met your Dad and brother,” Willow said sticking her tongue out between her teeth.

“Willow, you work for them goof. I would love to meet Joyce sometime though. I know how important she is to you.”

“She is very important. I know she is going to love you though,” smiled Willow swinging their hands as they were now about a block from Tara's apartment.

“Would you like to come up? Or do you have to head home?” asked Tara. “Please come up, please, please, pretty please,” pleaded Tara in her head.

“I'd love to come up for a bit,” Willow said smiling.

They went up to Tara's apartment. She unlocked the door and they went and curled up together on the couch. They lay there facing one another.

“Thank you again for an amazing day,” whispered Tara before capturing Willow's lips with her own.

“Mmmm, my pleasure,” said Willow into Tara's lips. Willow brought her hand up and caressed Tara's cheek while their tongues dueled.

Tara pulled Willow on top of her, wanting to feel more of the redheads body on hers. Feeling their bodies so close caused the both to moan. Their breathing became ragged, but they were enjoying the closeness. Willow managed to flip them over so that Tara was on top of her. Tara braced herself with her arms so as not to overpower the redhead who was smaller framed than she was. Tara rolled them to their side again, not breaking the kiss or the flow of their make out session.

When they finally broke for air Willow noticed the clock on the wall said it was almost 1AM. They had been lost in one another for over 4 hours.

“As much as I want to stay here and keep kissing you, I should probably get home,” Willow said regretting the words before they even left her mouth.

“I know,” sighed Tara still holding Willow's body close to her own.

“I will text and call you if you want though,” said Willow.

“I want! I don't think that I could go a full day without hearing from you,” admitted Tara.

“I know the feeling,” said Willow leaning and placing a soft sequence of kisses to Tara's lips.

“Mmmm, you better get up and go before I pin you down and make you stay,” said Tara.

“That may be easier if you loosened your hold on me...although being pinned and made to stay definitely sound better than going home to a lonely empty bed.”

“I know the feeling,” said Tara letting go of her hold on the redhead as they both sat up.

Willow tried to tame her wild hair and then stood up and went to put on her shoes while Tara tried to contain the flood of emotions coursing through her body. Once she had control and Willow had her shoes on Tara got up and walked over to the door where Willow was standing.

“Thank you again for today,” said Willow. “Thank you for taking care of my arm, for making me laugh, and for spending the day with me.”

“You don't have to thank me for any of it, I look forward to spending time with you and being close to you.”

They stood there looking into one another's eyes for a long time before Willow leaned up and softly placed a kiss on Tara's lips.

“I'll talk to you soon,” said Willow.

“Call or message me that you get home safe,” said Tara pulling Willow in for one last hug.

“I live around the corner Baby,” smirked Willow.

“Humor your girlfriend,” Tara said winking at Willow. She was trying to contain the giddiness that saying the word 'GIRLFRIEND' brought her with regards to Willow.

“Anything for you,” smiled Willow.

They kissed again and Willow left the apartment and made her way home. While she was on her way home, Tara went and got changed for bed. Just as she was about to go brush her teeth she heard her phone beep.

“I miss you already, but I am home safe. Sweet dreams Baby!” said the text message.

“She is too cute,” Tara said aloud to herself and then messaged Willow back. “I miss you too, Sweetie! Thank you for letting me know you made it safe. Sweet dreams!!”

Tara finished getting ready for bed and then went and curled up hugging a pillow and replaying the day in her head to allow her to feel closer to Willow, eventually drifting off to sleep.

Willow got ready for bed and lay on her back replaying the make-out marathon her and Tara had and how amazing it felt to kiss the blonde. She drifted off to sleep with a smile on her face.


“How'd it go yesterday with Tara?” asked Buffy as her and Willow left their apartment and headed over to see Joyce and Dawn.

“We had a great time. I showed her campus, told her some of our stories...most of them made you look bad, but I looked good,” giggled Willow.

“HEY! Rotten redhead,” mumbled Buffy.

“I am not rotten, you are just too easy to pick on,” said Willow sticking her tongue out.

“Maybe Tara and I need to spend some time together discussing YOU.”

“That would not be nice and you know it.”

“Fine, what else do you do?” asked Buffy.

“Well, we had lunch and talked some more, then we went and watched the sunset over the bluffs and then we went back to her place and just hung out.”

“Sounds like a romantic night,” giggled Buffy. “So, did anything else happen yesterday?”

“Nope, that was it. I just had another awesome day with Tara.”

“I ran into Faith yesterday...”

“Crap,” said Willow suddenly finding her feet VERY interesting.

“Why do I have to hear from her what happened and not you, my best friend?”

“Because, I wasn't going to dwell on it. I had an amazing day with Tara, that was what was important to me. Running into Oz, not important in the scheme of things.”

“Him hurting you is not important?” asked Buffy loudly as she opened the door to go into her Mother's house.

“Yes, scream it a bit louder Buff,” said Willow.

“Who is hurting who?” asked Joyce as she came out of the kitchen.

“Hi Joyce,” said Willow waving at the older woman.

“Hello Willow. How are you doing today?”

“I am fine. How are you?” asked Willow as she received a tense glare from Buffy.

“I'm doing well. So, is someone going to fill me in on why the tension?”

“Oz hurt Willow yesterday and she is playing it off like it isn't important and like it didn't happen,” said Buffy.

“I am choosing not to dwell on it. Faith took care of him, issue resolved.”

“Who's Faith?” asked Joyce ushering the two women into the living room where Dawn was watching TV.

“Faith works with Willow,” said Dawn.

“She is the head of HR at TDM,” said Willow. “We've hung out a couple of times and she is best friends with my current boss Tara.”

“Tara is awesome Mom,” said Dawn. “She and her brother are really nice.”

“That's good. Do they both work for TDM?” asked Joyce.

“Tara is the head of marketing and Donnie is the head of IT where I work. Right now I am on 'loan' to Tara to help with their new marketing campaign.”

“I am so proud of you Willow,” said Joyce walking over and hugging the redhead tightly.

“Thank you,” blushed the redhead.


“Hello,” said Tara answering the phone.

“Hello dear,” said the voice on the other end.

“Hi Daddy! How are you doing today?”

“I am doing good. How is my little girl doing?”

“I'm good.”

“I was wondering if you had plans today or if you would like to come over and we can have a family day. Donnie is going to be over in a couple hours.”

“Sounds like fun!”

“Great, I'll see you around 11 then?”

“I'll be there. Bye Daddy.”

“Bye honey,” said Donald as he hung up the phone.

Tara smiled as she thought about how lucky she was to have such an amazing family and then to have Willow in her life.

“Willow...” thought Tara.

She picked up her phone and decided to send the redhead a message.

“Good Morning Sweetie! I hope you slept well and have fun with Buffy today. I'll be thinking about you,” she typed in and then sent it. Tara hoped that she didn't sound too needy or clingy, but she had never felt a connection like she had with Willow.

Tara went and got ready to go over to her Dad's. Before she left she called to see if he needed her to bring anything, he asked her to maybe stop and bring a fruit salad or something along those lines. She told him she would stop and get something and see him soon.

Tara grabbed her phone checking to see if Willow had replied, when she didn't see a message she put it in her pocket, grabbed her purse and headed out to the store.


After Joyce broke the hug she told Buffy that she needed her help in the kitchen to finish preparing the stuff for the grill. Willow offered to help, but Joyce told her to relax and it would only take a few minutes. Dawn quickly disappeared outside to prep the grill.

Willow was sitting in the living room waiting for them to return when her mind wandered to Tara as it frequently did. Smiling to herself Willow decided to send Tara a message. When she pulled out her phone she saw that there was already a message waiting. She opened it up and read Tara's message and smiled.

“Good morning beautiful. I hope you have a great day! I'll be thinking about you too.” Willow wrote and sent the text to Tara.

“So, Willow, it seems you are settling into your new job pretty well,” said Joyce as she and Buffy returned to the living room.

“Yeah, the job is great and so are the people there,” said Willow.

“So, tell me about it.”

“Well, my second week there is when my department loaned me out to the Marketing department to help them with their new campaign.”

“What are you doing for that?” asked Joyce showing her genuine interest.

“Right now Tara and I are working on putting together a website, well websites since I think I am going to do a couple depending on if people click on links from some of our sponsors and such. I am building scripts as well.”

“That is all greek to me, you know that.”

Willow started to laugh, “Tara said the same thing one day when I told her I was getting the programming languages mixed up.”

“So, tell me about Tara?”

“Tara is the head of Marketing and who I am working on the campaign with,” said Willow. “She is one of my bosses, and her Dad is the one that started the company.”

“So, she is the owners daughter? Wow, you went straight to the top,” Joyce said impressed. “I'm curious on what TDM stands for.”

“I asked Donnie that same question in my interview,” laughed Willow. “It stands for Tara Donnie Maclay. He said his Dad wasn't real original and since he was starting the business for them...”

“THAT is what TDM stands for?” said Dawn coming in from the backyard.

“Yeah,” said Willow.

“It sounds like they are pretty hands on with employees,” said Joyce.

“Oh they are very hands on and neither Donnie or Tara have that snooty attitude like Cordelia had/has.”

“Dawn, how do you know them?”

“Willow and Tara came in to get some coffee last weekend and then the next day Buffy and Willow came in then Donnie, Faith, and Tara came in and sat in my section.”

“We ended up going to the beach with them and hanging out for the day,” added Buffy.

“Well, I must say that it sounds like Sunnydale is lucky to have the company and them here.”

“I think so,” said Willow sharing a smirk with Buffy.

“Have you met Mr. Maclay yet?” asked Dawn.

“Yeah, I met him this week. He is just as nice as Tara and Donnie are.”

“So, Buffy, how are things going at the gym for you?”

“The gym is great, the personal trainer stuff is progressing and I am in talks with Faith for some partnering with TDM as well,” said Buffy.

“Faith? The HR person,” said Joyce.

“She and Tara have been best friends for like 10 years. So when we hung out with them last Sunday she was there.”

“How old are these people?” asked Joyce. “I don't mean to be rude, but to be the head of a department usually takes time. Unless because of their Father they just got put into the job.”

“Actually, Tara and Donnie have been part of the company since it started and they all have their degrees. Tara and Faith are I believe a year or two older than Buffy and I, Donnie is a four years older than Tara.”

“They have been involved since the start?” asked Joyce.

“I don't mean they were making decisions, but Mr. Maclay made sure they learned the business from the ground up. When Tara and Faith became friends they allowed her into the company to learn as well. Tara said that her and Faith both graduated high school at 16 and then they were on some accelerated program and graduated with their 4-year degree two years later.”

“Wow, really?” said Buffy.

“Yeah, so for them already being department heads isn't that far-fetched,” said Willow a hint of pride in her voice.

“I'm impressed,” said Buffy.

“Now I know this is the right company for you,” said Joyce as she went to grab the stuff for the grill.


Tara arrived at her Father's house a few minutes before 11. She rang the doorbell since he hands were too full to open the door.

“Hi Honey,” said Donald as he answered the door and took one of the bags from Tara.

“Thanks,” said Tara as she leaned over and kissed her Dad on the cheek.

“I said bring a fruit salad, not that you had to make one,” he laughed as they headed into the kitchen.

“They didn't have anything I wanted, so I just thought it would be easier if I made it.”

“Well, thank you. Donnie and Faith should be here soon and then we can have a nice relaxing day together.”

“Have I told you recently how you are the best Dad there ever was?”

“No, and not that I am disputing it or mind hearing it, but why am I the best Dad there ever was?” asked Donald.

“I love that you include Faith on family day,” said Tara.

“Well, she is family. Maybe not by blood, but for everything we have been through and everything she has helped with. She is my second daughter!”

“I love you Daddy,” said Tara throwing her arms around her Father and hugging him close.

Donnie and Faith chose that moment to arrive.

“What did you do to make her all mushy now? She can't have been here too long,” teased Donnie.

“Can't I just appreciate having the best Dad in the world?” said Tara sticking her tongue out at her brother as she broke the hug and went to make the fruit salad.

“Where do you want me to put these?” asked Faith holding two bags of ice.

“The cooler is out on the patio. Donnie did you bring the drinks?”

“Yeah, I will put them in the cooler as soon as Faith is done adding the ice.”


Tara finished making the fruit salad and put it in the refrigerator and then went and joined the others out on the back deck. The three of them were nursing beers and Donnie had set out a wine cooler for Tara. She thanked him and sat down next to Faith.

“So, how was your tour with Willow yesterday?” asked Faith.

“It was good.”

“You took another tour with Willow?” asked Donnie.

“Is there that much of Sunnydale to see?” asked Donald.

“Well, the first time we went she showed me a lot, but then we hit the zoo and you know me and animals,” said Tara as the others rolled their eyes and laughed. “Yesterday she showed me the campus and told me about going to school there and then we went to this neat place called Kingman's Bluff.”

“I've heard of that place,” said Faith. “I heard you can see the ocean from it.”

“Yeah, it was amazing up there and then we talked about our families and watched the sunset. I think I may take my telescope up there some night.”

“Was it that great of a place to see the stars from?” asked her brother.

“It was fantastic. There aren't any trees to block any view.”

“Sounds better than where I went last night to check out the stars,” laughed Faith.

“You are becoming good friends with Willow aren't you Tara?” asked her Father.

“Yeah, she is a lot of fun to hang out with.”

“I like her friend Buffy,” said Donnie.

“Who is this Buffy?” asked Donald.

“She is Willow's best friend. Sort of her Faith.”

“I see. What does Buffy do?”

“She is a personal trainer and works at one of the gyms in town,” said Donnie. “I was thinking of seeing if she could help me train and then I can join the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge and run in the Boston Marathon.”

“Why in Boston?” asked Faith.

“Well, it was one of the first places I remember feeling at home, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute there helped Mom so much when she was sick. I want to give back something,” Donnie said choking up some at the loss of his Mother.

“I think that is a fantastic idea,” said his Father putting his hand on his son's shoulder.

“I know Buffy would help you with that dude,” said Faith.

“That is a great idea Donnie,” said Tara.

“Tara, can you give me a hand getting the grill going and starting the food,” asked her Father.

“Sure Dad.” As Tara went in to help her dad she checked her phone and saw the message from Willow and smiled.

Tara and her Dad got the food and he grilled lunch for the group and then they moved to the yard to play a little badminton. It was guys versus girls. The girls winning and both Donnie and Donald claiming they let them win, but everyone knowing that the girls won fair and square.


After eating lunch Willow and Buffy cleaned up and did the dishes for Mrs. Summers' since she had cooked and had gotten a headache she said from the heat.

“Will, have you noticed that Mom gets a lot of headaches?” asked Buffy.

“I don't know. I never really thought about it,” said Willow.

“Dawn said she gets several per week but she can't convince Mom to go to the doctor to get it looked at.”

“Do you want me to try?”

“I think she might listen to you,” said Buffy.

“When she gets up I'll talk to her then.”

“Thanks Willow. What do you say we go watch a movie or something on Netflix?”

“Sounds like a plan to me.”

Willow and Buffy joined Dawn in the living room and the three turned on Netflix and when they couldn't find a movie, they agreed on Dawn's suggestion that they continue watching the 'Lost Girl' series they had started a couple of weeks prior.

Dawn and Buffy discussed how they thought the lead male was hot and how him changing to a wolf didn't matter to them. Dawn left the room to get more drinks in-between episodes.

“So, obviously Dyson isn't who you find hot,” said Buffy.

“No, he isn't. I think Lauren the Doctor is cute,” smiled Willow.

“You have a thing for blondes huh?!”

“I have a thing for one blonde, but I can appreciate the beauty of others,” smiled Willow.

“So, things with you two are going well. In the friendship category?” asked Buffy.

“Yeah, I really enjoy spending time with her.”

“You seem happier. I'm glad you guys are friends.”

Dawn came back and Joyce passed through headed to the kitchen waving as she went by.

“I'm going to go chat with Joyce quick,” said Willow.


“Hi Willow,” said Joyce as Willow entered the kitchen.

“Hey Joyce. Can we talk for a minute?”

“Sure, is everything alright?” asked Joyce as they sat down on the stools at the island.

“That is what I want to ask you. I heard that you have been getting a lot of headaches.”

“You've been talking with Dawn.”

“Actually Buffy, but that doesn't make the seriousness or my caring any less. How long has it been going on?”

“I have been getting these regular headaches like today for about two months.”

“Two months? Joyce, that isn't normal. Have you seen a doctor yet?” asked Willow and Joyce just shook her head. “Will you go see a doctor?”

“If I thought it was serious I would,” answered Joyce.

“For me?” asked Willow pouting slightly knowing that Joyce was powerless to this.

“You are going to hound me until I go aren't you?” asked Joyce receiving a nod from the redhead. “Fine, for you and to get my daughters off my back I will go.”

“Thank you,” said Willow hugging the older woman. “If you want me to go and hold your hand, just say the word and I am there.”

“I'll think about it,” said Joyce.

“That is all I ask,” said Willow hugging the woman again and then bouncing out of the room as Joyce shook her head wondering how it was Willow could always get her to do stuff she didn't want to.


“So, how are you and Red doing?” asked Faith when her and Tara were alone.

“Really good. Yesterday was a blast,” said Tara.

“So, how long are you going to pretend to do this friend thing?” asked Faith.

“It isn't a pretend friendship, Faith. Willow is my friend.”

“That didn't come out right. I just want to see you happy and I know that being involved with her would make you happy.”

“I know and I love you for it, but let's just give it some time,” said Tara.

“Alright, I won't pressure you or push it anymore. How was she doing after the Oz thing?”

“It shook her for a bit and then she moved past it. I asked her before she left last night how her arm was and she said it didn't hurt,” Tara said a hint of anger in her voice.

“We should all go out some night. I want to get to know Red outside of work. I know she is nothing like Erin, but she is not going to get the Faith sign of approval until after I get to know her.”

“I would like that idea. I'll see if her and Buffy can join us some night. Maybe dinner and a movie?”

“That sounds like fun.”

Tara pulled out her phone and messaged Willow. “Hey Sweetie! I hope your day is going well. Faith and I were talking and we were thinking that maybe you, Buffy, Faith, and I could do dinner and a movie some night. Faith wants to get to know you better.”

It was only a minute and Willow replied. “Hey Baby! I am having a good day, I hope you are too. Buffy said that the 4 of us going out some night sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe I can call you later tonight to talk about it?”

“Willow said that her and Buffy are in for the dinner and movie,” Tara told Faith after reading Willow's reply.


“I'll give her a call later or talk to her tomorrow at work about when we should do this,” said Tara shooting Willow a quick text that she would love to talk to her later.

The guys came back outside and as always the discussion turned to work.

“Do you think things are going to get better after our 'intervention' with the Seattle division?” asked Tara.

“Not really,” answered her Father. “If they don't start to turn around soon I am going have to send one or two people out there to overhaul the system and the management.”

“Who are you thinking of sending,” asked Donnie.

“Well, Tara, I think I am going to send you because you are my marketing genius and we are going to need to do damage control.”

“Dad, I do marketing not PR.”

“I know, but you have an amazing rapport with the staff and community there. Donnie, who do you think I should send for overhauling the computer system and securing it?”

“Willow, without a doubt. I know I say this a lot, but dammit Dad she is the brightest Analyst or Specialist I have. We got majorly lucky when we snagged her.”

“And she can handle the system overhaul? I mean she is so new to the company,” questioned Donald.

“Trust me Dad, Willow can more than handle it,” said Tara.

“I agree with those two. She is sharp,” said Faith.

“Well, then I will keep her in mind. I thought maybe Jesse would be a good choice as well.”

“Willow is stronger in programming and security,” said Donnie.

“Alright then, if we have to do the overhaul I will send her. Faith, I want you to head out there and crack some heads around this week. I was thinking of sending you Thursday morning.”

“That isn't a problem,” said Faith.

“Great! Thank you for understanding. We'll meet tomorrow and I can go over what I want done there. Donnie, can you start getting Willow up to speed on what she may need to do if we need the overhaul done?”

“Sure, but is that going to cause an issue with the campaign?” asked Donnie looking at his sister.

“No, she has a lot of things already in place after spending Friday scoping out scripts...whatever that means,” Tara said laughing.

“Great! So, now that we have that taken care of. Enough business talk,” said the older Maclay.

“I agree,” agreed Tara.

“So, is anyone dating or found interests?” asked Donald.

“Tara saw someone,” said Donnie receiving a glare from Faith and Tara.

“Yes, I saw someone the first night we went out, that was it,” said Tara.

“That is a start,” said her Dad. “Faith? Donnie? Anyone for you two?”

“None for me,” said Faith.

“I haven't looked honestly,” said Donnie.

“So, Tara, the one who hasn't been interested in ANYONE since that woman broke her heart has looked, and neither of you have? Have we entered an alternate universe?” teased Mr. Maclay. Everyone laughed when they realized how true what he was saying was.

As evening set in the group said their goodbyes and headed home. Tara was anxiously awaiting her phone call with Willow. She still wasn't sure how to handle how the redhead had become so important in her life so quickly.


As nightfall set over the Summers' house, Willow and Buffy made dinner and then after cleaning up they decided it was time to head back to their apartment. Willow was antsy to talk to Tara, and Buffy just wanted to go home to relax. They said their goodbyes and walked back to their apartment discussing how the day had gone and the conversation Willow had with Joyce about the Doctor.

As they were walking into their apartment Buffy called dibs on the bathtub. She wanted to soak away here stress.

Willow went to her room to change into her pajamas and then she got comfortable in her bed and sent Tara a text asking when she wanted to talk. No sooner had she sent the message when Tara replied with a single word. “NOW!”


~ Branny72
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Ha! Dibs again! I love their relationship developing! :wtkiss

And I hope your poor kitty is doing better! :kitty

Keep up the good work! And Thank You for the update again. :flower

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Thank you for the update!
I really enjoy reading this fic, I love the creative ways of AU.

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Phantasyland: Sorry this update is a little late. Sorry that it is shorter than usual. the holiday cut into my writing time. I wanted to make sure I got something out though. I haven't missed a week yet this year. ;)

I am glad you are loving the how their relationship is developing. I hope you enjoy this update as well. :wtkiss

BTW – the kitty is doing better!! Thank you! :kitty

bluepaintbox: I'm glad you are enjoying the story. I hope you enjoy this update. :bounce

:smash <--- too cute!

Title: Meant To Be
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating:  PG-13 - NC-17
Author:  Branny72
Feedback:  Pretty please…it helps me improve and if I get stuck it gives me ideas on where you would like to see the story go!!

Summary: AU – Willow is graduating from college at UC Sunnydale and has accepted a job with a company that is new in town. One night, while out with some friends Willow sees an attractive blonde who turns her life upside down. (No Vamps, No Hellmouth, No Magic...)

Authors Notes: Thank you to Willara4ever for all your help with this story. I appreciate your reading it and helping me with the idea.

As nightfall set over the Summers' house, Willow and Buffy made dinner and then after cleaning up they decided it was time to head back to their apartment. Willow was antsy to talk to Tara, and Buffy just wanted to go home to relax. They said their goodbyes and walked back to their apartment discussing how the day had gone and the conversation Willow had with Joyce about the Doctor.

As they were walking into their apartment Buffy called dibs on the bathtub. She wanted to soak away her stress.
Willow went to her room to change into her pajamas and then she got comfortable in her bed and sent Tara a text asking when she wanted to talk. No sooner had she sent the message when Tara replied with a single word. "NOW!"

Chapter 13

Willow smiled to herself. She was so happy that Tara wanted to talk to her right away. She adjusted in her bed and took a deep breath before calling Tara.

“Hey Sweetie,” said Tara answering the phone.

“Hey Baby,” said Willow grinning like a little kid as Buffy opened her door.

“Hey Will, do you...oh, you are on the phone. Sorry,” said Buffy embarrassed.

“Do I what Buff?” asked Willow.

“Do you need anything from out here before I shut stuff down?”

“Nah, I'm good.”

“So, who are you calling baby?”

“What? Oh, I called Tara a big baby.”

“Ooohhhh, so THAT is who you are on the phone with,” whispered Buffy.

“Get out,” giggled Willow.

“HI TARA,” yelled Buffy as Willow tossed a pillow at the door as it closed.

“Sorry about that,” said Willow hearing Tara laughing. “And you are laughing why?”

“Sweetie you are too cute when you and Buffy get going. Why was she so excited that you were talking to me?”

“Well, she may have found out that I had a crush on a certain amazing blonde before I even met her.”

“You had a crush on Anya?”

“What? Ewww! Gross Tara.”

“She isn't that bad Willow,” said Tara.

“Alright, if you insist on me giving Anya a look-see I guess I can check her out tomorrow when I get to work,” teased Willow.

“You had better not,” said Tara.

“You said she isn't that bad...”

“Willow,” warned Tara.

“I am very happy with the amazing blonde I have already,” gushed Willow.

“Well, that blonde is very happy with having you as her redhead. Did you have a good today with Buffy?” asked Tara adjusting in her bed to lay on her side.

“It was a lot of fun. I love going over there and seeing her family and spending time with them,” said Willow her mind quickly replaying some of the day with the Summers' clan.

“I think it is safe to call them your family as well,” Tara said smiling.

“Yeah, I think you are right. Did you have a good day?”

“Yeah, it was a lot of fun.”

“And what did you do Ms. Maclay?” asked Willow adjusting to lay on her back.

“My Dad invited Donnie, Faith, and I over to spend the day and grill out.”

“You have such an amazing connection with your family,” said Willow.

“I'm sorry, I forgot...” blushed Tara as she buried her head in her pillow.

“Tara, really. It's okay. I accepted my family limitations a long time ago,” said Willow with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“Tell me all about your day. I missed you.”

“I missed you too! My day huh?! Well, Buffy and I argued about Oz on the way over to her Mother's house.”

“What did you argue about?”

“It was nothing important and he is gone now. Then Joyce grilled me on TDM, my job, and you.”

“A-a-about m-me?”

“All good. You also seem to have made a big impression on Dawnie. She really seems to like you.”

“Is that good or bad?” asked Tara.

“It's good, very good actually. Do you think once we tell people about us you would be okay with meeting Joyce? I know, I mean, that it is fast and I don't want you to think it is to forward or fast...and I know that Joyce technically isn't one of my parents so that should take some of the pressure off, but it also may add pressure because I really value her um thoughts and opinion...she is more like a Mom than my own Mom...”

“Will? Willow? Sweetie, I would be honored to meet Joyce,” said Tara sitting up in her bed.

“You would?” asked Willow surprised by Tara's response.

“Of course I would. She is important to you. It is a huge step though.”

“I know it is and if it is too fast just tell me,” said Willow.

“It isn't Sweetie,” said Tara hoping to calm the fears of the redhead.

“Um, Buffy has to work tomorrow night...would you like to come over here and have dinner with me?”

“I'd love to,” Tara said smiling.

“Great! I can't wait.”

Both girls yawned and then laugh.

“We should get some sleep. I can't have you falling asleep at work,” said Tara.

“Okay, will I see you tomorrow or are you in meetings all day?”

“I have a meeting in the morning, but then I will give you a call and we can meet in our conference room,” giggled Tara.

“Our conference room? I like that.”

“Me too. Good night Sweetie,” said Tara.

“Good night Baby,” said Willow and they hung up and drifted off to sleep.


“Good morning,” Donnie said as he stopped by Willow's cube finding her deep in code.

“Oh, good morning,” said Willow.

“Is that code for the campaign?”

“Yeah, I'm tweaking some of the scripts to benefit the various sponsors and sites we affiliate with.”

“That is great. I have a feeling this is going to be an amazing site.”

“Thanks,” said Willow turning towards Donnie as he sat down in the chair in her cube. “I don't think you are here to discuss my coding though.”

“No, I'm not. I was wondering if I could get Buffy's work number or cell number. I was thinking of seeing if she could help me train so that I can join the Boston Marathon.”

“I'm certain she can find the time to help with that. Here are both her cell and work number. She is working the late shift tonight so she won't be heading to work until noon-ish.”

“Noon-ish?” asked Donnie.

“I would just call her cell.”

“Great, thanks!”

Willow smiled and waved as Donnie grabbed the piece of paper with Buffy's numbers on it and left her cube.


“Hey Faith,” said Tara as she peered into the Head of HR's office.

“Hi Tara,” said Faith smiling and motioning for Tara to come in and sit down.

“Sorry to bother you...”

“You never bother me. Is this personal or professional?” asked Faith with a smug smirk on her face.

“Personal,” said Tara.

“What's up?”

“Well, since you will be going to Seattle on Thursday I was wondering if Tuesday or Wednesday would be better for the four of us to go out? I'll be working with Willow later today and I figured her and I could talk about it.”

“Either works for me. Why don't you and Red figure out the details and then let me know.”

“Okay, I just wanted to make sure,” said Tara.

“Thanks for checking. I'll pack tonight so that no matter what night I will be set,” said Faith.

“Great. I have to go prep for the meeting, I'll see you in there,” said Tara as she rose out of the chair and headed towards the door.

“Later T.”


“Hello?” said Buffy.

“Hello Buffy. It is Donnie Maclay.”

“Oh, hi Donnie. Is everything okay with Willow?”

"Yeah, I am actually calling to talk to you to see if I can hire you as a personal trainer," said Donnie. "I was thinking of joining the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge and running in the Boston Marathon."

"Why in Boston?" asked Buffy.

"Well, it was one of the first places I remember feeling at home, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute there helped my Mom so much when she was sick. I want to give back something," Donnie said. “I have a long way to go before I am in shape, but hopefully you can help.”

“Sure. When would you like to start training?”

“Would a week from today work for you?” asked Donnie.

“Sure. How about I meet you at TDM at 6 AM?”

“Sounds good. Thanks again Buffy.”

“Hey, it is what I do.”


Tara, Donald, Donnie, Faith, and Jesse met to discuss the overhaul of the Seattle branch and how to minimize the impact on the staff out there and how to make it efficient so that Tara and Willow wouldn't be gone too long if or when they needed to be sent. Jesse agreed with the others that Willow was the best choice to send. Having everyone backing her made Mr. Maclay feel better.

After their meeting Tara went back to her office and called down to Willow to tell her that after lunch they would meet in their conference room.

When Faith got back to her office she saw she had an email from Buffy regarding the self-defense classes. Faith responded and asked Buffy if she would be able to come by around 12:30 for a lunch meeting and then she would give her a tour of the place. Buffy told Faith that she would see her then.

Donnie and Jesse went to discuss what they would need to do for the computer system in Seattle.


Willow watched the clock and at 12:50 she headed upstairs.

“Hey,” said Willow as she entered the conference room only to find that Tara was already in there.

“Hey,” said Tara with a huge smile as Willow entered and closed the door behind her.

“How was your meeting this morning?” asked Willow sitting down next to Tara, their fingers entwined subconsciously.

“Well, it was informative. Dad is sending Faith to Seattle Thursday to see if she can get them back on track.”

“Yikes,” said Willow.

“Yeah, and if she can't get them to fall in line he is going to send me and someone from your department there to overhaul the systems and do some damage control.”

“Tara, does you Dad realize you are in Marketing and not PR?” asked Willow giggling.

“I pointed the same thing out to him Sweetie,” said Tara squeezing Willow's hand. “He said that because of the relationships I have with them there, I would be the best choice.”

“How long would you be gone?”

Tara heard the concern about being apart in Willow's voice even if she didn't come out and say it. “I don't know, but you don't have to worry.”

“Why wouldn't I have to worry? I had a hard time yesterday and this morning without you, now you want me to go indefinitely without you?”

“No, because everyone stated that YOU would be the best choice to go with me.” Tara said watching the news process in Willow's head.

“You mean, you and I will be ALONE in Seattle for an unknown amount of time...just the two of us?”

“Yes,” said Tara who was unable to handle her hormones any further and leaned over and softly brushed her lips against Willow's.

“Mmmm, you know Ms. Maclay you should be very careful about kissing your staff,” teased Willow as she pulled back from Tara's kiss only to have the blonde lean forward and kiss her again.

Just as Willow and Tara were pulling away from the second kiss Faith and Buffy came through the conference room door.


Buffy walked up to the large office building. Willow was right, it definitely was more impressive the closer you got to it. She entered the main doors and went to the reception desk.

“Good afternoon, welcome to TDM Enterprises. May I help you,” said the receptionist.

“Hello, I have a 12:30 appointment with Faith Lehane,” said Buffy.

“May I tell her who is here?”

“Buffy Summers.”

“I will let her know Ms. Summers. If you would like to have a seat over there,” said the receptionist motioning towards a set of leather sofas near the fountain.

“Thank you,” said Buffy as she made her way over to the seats.

The receptionist picked up the phone. “Ms. Lehane, Ms. Summers is here for your 12:30 appointment.”

Faith hung up the phone and rode the elevator down to greet Buffy. As she exited the elevator the receptionist pointed towards Buffy and Faith nodded at her.

“Buffy,” said Faith extending her hand.

“Hi Faith,” said Buffy shaking her hand.

“Thanks for being available today. I am going out-of-town on Thursday so I am cramming a bunch of stuff in. This is a priority for me though. Let's go upstairs and talk,” said Faith leading Buffy towards to elevators. She stopped briefly at the reception desk to tell them to hold all her calls and requests until she was done with this meeting. The receptionist agreed, Buffy could see the admiration the receptionist had for Faith.

Faith let them to the elevator and punched the 8 button.

“Wow, Will wasn't kidding when she said that this was an impressive view that got better as you went up,” said Buffy.

“Yeah, Mr. Maclay is very good at choosing his locations. Although Tara chose this location,” replied Faith.

“She did? Why?”

“You know, I have never asked her. After we get done talking would you like a tour?”

“I'd love one. Thanks Faith,” said Buffy.

Faith and Buffy sat around the table in Faith's office and discussed the classes. They agreed that one per week and they would hold the courses Wednesday nights since that was Buffy's guaranteed free night from the gym. The course would last 5 weeks and there could be a max of 20 people, held in the workout space within the TDM building. Faith said that TDM would pay and offer it free to the employees hoping to spark more interest.

Once they finished their meeting Faith took Buffy on a tour.

“Let's start the tour at the bottom and work our way up. Maybe we'll run into Tara and Willow,” said Faith as they headed downstairs in the elevator.

“I am really excited to see this facility after seeing what I have of the building,” grinned Buffy.

The elevator stopped on the basement floor and the two women got off the elevator and headed down the hallway.

“Well B, here is the workout facility,” said Faith opening the large double doors and escorting Buffy into a full size gymnasium. Buffy saw each area was labeled. The Sports Prep section contained half of a basketball court, tennis practice wall, racquetball court. The Strength Training area contained free weights, weight machines, and a rock wall. The Cardio area contained elliptical machines, treadmills, and exercise bikes. The Resistance Training had resistance bands of all types. There was also a sauna, whirlpool, and lap pool.

“Wow,” exclaimed Buffy. “This place is better than the gym I work at.”

“Well, if we set up personal trainers I'll keep you in mind,” laughed Faith.

“You may be teasing, but I would so work or live in this facility,” said Buffy.

“I am glad to hear that it meets your approval. Shall we continue?”

“Yeah, but again WOW!”

Faith and Buffy went back to the elevator and Faith hit 4 on the wall panel.

“Hold that elevator,” called a voice that sounded like it was rushing towards them. Faith cringed recognizing the voice.

Anya entered the elevator and smiled at Faith.

“So, are you new here? What department do you work in?” asked Anya getting right in Buffy's face.

“I...” started Buffy before Faith took over.

“Anya, she is from the gym nearby and will be teaching some self-defense classes here at TDM.”

“Oh, well, there are some crazies where ever we seem to go. What are your qualifications?”

“You don't have to answer, Anya here is just nosey,” snapped Faith.

“It's okay. I have my degree in physical education and as a dietician, I am ACE certified, and I am also certified as a teacher and have a black belt in Kenpo, Karate, and Jujitsu,” said Buffy as both Anya and Faith's mouth dropped.

“Okay, I will not piss you off,” said Anya.

“I wouldn't piss off Willow either,” said Faith.

“Why not?”

“This is her roommate,” smiled Faith as Buffy smirked.

“Thanks for the warning,” said Anya as the elevator stopped on the 3rd floor and she got out.

They continued up to the 4th floor and when they reached Willow's cube and she wasn't there Faith knew where to find her.

“The other floors are boring, let's go find Willow and Tara,” said Faith punching 8 on the elevator board. Once they reached the 8th floor they headed past Faith and Tara's office to the conference room at the end of the hall.

Once they reached the door Faith half knocked and opened the door and her and Buffy entered the conference room containing Willow and Tara.


“Faith, Buffy, hello,” said a surprised Tara as Willow turned a slight shade of red as they were almost caught kissing at work.

“Hey,” said Buffy waving at the two women. She couldn't place it for certain but both women seemed on edge.

“Hey Buff! What brings you here? Aren't you supposed to be at work?” asked Willow.

“I actually am working. I had a meeting with Faith and then she offered to give me a tour. WOW, that workout facility you have here is AMAZING.”

“That was one of the things I spearheaded,” said Tara. “I wanted to make sure that the employees had any and everything they needed.”

“If the world had more owners like you Tara, I think the world would be a much happier place,” said Buffy causing the blonde to blush.

“It is nothing really,” said Tara modesty taking over.

“T, she's right. You care more about the people who work here than any other boss. That is the main reason that your Dad is going to send you to Seattle if I can't get the management to get their heads out of their asses.”

“Is that where you are going this week?” asked Buffy.

“Yeah, I'm leaving Thursday morning. I want to know when the four of us are going to go out?” asked Faith.

“I work tonight, but how about tomorrow night?” said Buffy.

“That works for me,” said Willow.

“Me too,” said Tara.

“So, what do we want to do?”

“We could do dinner and a movie or we could do dinner and Xbox at our apartment,” suggested Buffy.

“No, we cannot do that. I suck at those and you usually spend more time laughing at me,” whined Willow.

“I think we have a winner for tomorrow night,” laughed Faith as Willow buried her head in her arms as Tara giggled.

“How about 6:30?” asked Buffy.

“That works for me,” said Tara.

“Me too,” said Faith.

“Fine, but Buffy you get to arrange dinner then,” said Willow.

“Fine, I'll stop by Angel's on my way back to the gym and get it set up with him. It truly pays to have an ex-boyfriend that will still do anything for you.”

“Alright, we need to get back to work,” said Tara.

“Me too,” said Buffy as she and Faith exited the room.


“Are you okay Sweetie?” Tara asked Willow.

“Sure,” Willow said her face still buried in her arms.

“Will, honey, look at me.”

Willow looked up to see the caring eyes of her girlfriend looking at her. She had never seen such and angelic and caring look directed towards her in all her life.

“I'm sorry,” said Willow taking Tara's hand and squeezing it.

“Now, tell me what is wrong,” said Tara.

“I am really bad at video games, and Buffy has the Kinect and we are using our body to do stuff and well, I'm a dorky nerd.”

“Sweetie, you are going to be fine. We are all going to make asses out of ourselves. That is the fun part.”

“You say that now, but it will change once you see me,” said Willow.

“Well, I am coming over for dinner tonight. Maybe we can play tonight and then we'll both know what we are getting ourselves in to.”

“You are so very smart,” said Willow grinning.



“Great, now back to work minion.”

“HEY! Who are you calling a minion?” asked Willow as they both were laughing.

“You my gorgeous redhead,” said Tara

They went back to working on the campaign. Thanks to Willow they were further ahead than they thought they would be and further then they were the previous year. Tara thought that within a week or so they may even be ready to present the preliminary workup to her dad.

“So, I will see you at 6?” said Willow as their day was coming to an end.

“I will be there,” said Tara smiling.

They parted ways and Willow went home to make sure everything was set for the night. Tara went and told her Dad that they were getting close to being ready to do the preliminary presentation. She then headed home to change and get ready for her date with Willow.


~ Branny72
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DIBS again! Ha! :dumbo

This is so irresistibly sweet! I smiled again all the time I read.

Thank you! For a smile on a cold Monday. :bigkiss


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