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 Post subject: Re: Actions and Consequences - Ch 15 Updated 09/14/2013
PostPosted: Sat Sep 14, 2013 8:43 pm 
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Dun dun dun!

Ok, wasn't expecting.
I figured it was a nurse who didn't know she had magic, or some thing like that.

But a dead fiance returns from the dead to heal you?


Heh, the family fort sounds like a blast.
Nice to see the scoobies letting their hair down :)

Kids are good that way :)

I can imagine the look on Giles' face when he comes in in the morning and sees them all snuggly under the table.

Also : phone camera = blackmail :)

As i read in another story "I may not overly enamoured with technology, but even i can push a button with a little picture of a camera on it."

Should be good :)

Looking forward to more :bounce

R :flower :flower

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 Post subject: Re: Actions and Consequences - Ch 15 Updated 09/14/2013
PostPosted: Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:36 am 
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Ah, the plot thickens. (Not really that similar but it reminds me of the scene in _Dollhouse_ where a dead wife, downloaded into Echo, gives her widower outright permission and encouragement to move on. Also, I'm working on a scene where Tara uses healing magick on Buffy.) Other than Kellie's near-death experience, is somethign deeper causing the dead fiance to return. (I love when cliches are subverted.)

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 Post subject: Re: Actions and Consequences - Ch 15 Updated 09/14/2013
PostPosted: Mon Sep 16, 2013 5:56 pm 
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Very interesting cliff hanger you left us on.

 Post subject: Re: Actions and Consequences - Ch 15 Updated 09/14/2013
PostPosted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 1:53 pm 
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Cliffhanger ...Return of dead fiance is definitely interesting.
Eagerly waiting for more updates... :grin

 Post subject: Re: Actions and Consequences - Ch 16 Updated 09/20/2013
PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 3:12 pm 
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Azirahael: So it wasn’t what you were expecting – is that good or bad?? As for the fort, I stole the idea from my 17-year-old daughter – she built one in the living room the night I wrote that. It sounded like fun! :wink

The look on Giles face – oh wait that would be this update. :sigh

I love using my phone camera for blackmail!! :grin

DaddyCatALSO: "Also, I'm working on a scene where Tara uses healing magick on Buffy." Great minds think alike!! :letter

love_2003: Cliffhangers are nice once and a while!! I used to think they were an authors’ way of making sure you came back…now I know it is just evil fun. :lmao

lilyred: There have to be some twists and turns, it can’t be all hugs and kitties! :kgeek

Authors Notes: Thank you to Willara4ever for always being willing to read or help when I get writers's drama's do NOT help with writing, but having great helpers/collaborators does!

Title: Actions and Consequences
By: Branny72
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 - NC-17 (will vary per chapter) – PG-13 This Chapter (some bad words)
Couples: W/T
Summary: AU – Tara didn’t die she left town…set 5 years after Tara left…Actions have consequences, everyone has to live by their choices.

Feedback: Pretty please…It helps me to know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong!!

Chapter 16

"Mommy," Ceri said as they were watching the movie in their fort in the Summers' living room.

"What honey?" asked Willow.

"Something is going on with Mommy. I can feel it, something isn't right," said Ceri as her voice started to shake and tears welled up in her eyes.

"It's ok, why don't we let Buffy and Faith sleep and go into my office and give Mommy a call. Will that make you feel better," asked Willow as she grabbed her phone and took her daughter's hand.

"Yes, I'm scared Mama."

"Oh honey, there is no reason to be scared, we'll call Mommy and it'll be ok."

They sat down in Willow's office and she called Tara putting her on speakerphone so that their daughter would be able to hear her Moms voice right away.


"Tara, your phone is going off," said Kelly.

"Oh, sorry," said Tara grabbing her phone and looking at the caller id and seeing that it was Willow calling.

"Who is it? Is there a problem?" asked Jackie.

"I am sure everything is ok, I'll be back in a minute," said Tara.

"Where is Ceri," said Kelly to Jackie as Tara was stepping out of the room.

"Hey Will, is everything ok?" asked Tara.

"Hi Mommy," said the little redhead.

"Hi Baby," said Willow.

"Well hi both of you, is everything ok?" asked Tara.

"I asked Mama to call, are you ok Mommy?"

"Yes sweetheart, I'm ok, why did you think I wasn't?"

"We were watching a movie and I got a feeling that something was wrong," Ceri said sheepishly.

"How long ago was that baby girl?"

"A few minutes before we called is when she said something, so maybe 10 minutes ago is when she said she noticed something," said Willow.

"Well, you are very perceptive my little girl, Mommy had just gotten a big shock at about that time, that is what you felt. It is ok now though," said Tara as a small smile crossed her face.

"Promise," said Ceri.

"Yes baby girl, I promise."

"I love you Mommy."

"I love you too baby," said Tara.

"Ceri, why don't you go back to the fort and get settled I want to talk to Mommy for a minute and then I'll be out and we can continue to watch our movie."

"Ok," said the little girl and she left the room.

"You sure you're ok baby?" asked Willow.

"Yeah, I'll explain when I understand more, but everyone here is ok. I can't wait to have you here though, I need a Willow-hug right now," said Tara.

"I wish I could wrap you in my arms right now," said Willow.

"I love you Will."

"I love you too."

"I have to get back, but I'll call you two when I get a moment tomorrow," said Tara.

"Ok, we look forward to it," said Willow as she hung up the phone.

Tara stood in the hall for a moment composing herself and looking in at her friends unsure if she should give them more time or not when she saw them both look towards her.

"Is everything ok?" asked Jackie as Tara entered the room.

"Yeah, Ceri just felt she needed to talk to me," Tara said with a smile.

"So, where is my baby munchkin?" asked Kelly.

"She's in Sunnydale; she'll be back in a couple of days though."

"You left her in Sunnydale?" said Kelly.

"She's well protected, trust me," said Tara with a knowing smirk.

"Ceri felt she needed to talk to you? Is she special like her Mommy," asked Jackie raising an eyebrow.

"Yes," Tara said softly.

"We're going to have a long talk on that in the very near future," Jackie said as a smirk crept across her face.

"I figured as much," said Tara shaking her head.

"So, fiancé?" asked Jackie turning back to her wife.

"It was a long time ago my love, and I thought she had died," said Kelly as she brought her wife's hand up to her mouth and kissed her knuckles and played with her wedding ring.

"Should I be concerned?" asked Jackie trying to keep it light, but the fear in her voice was clear.

"No, I married you, I love you, and you are my future," Kelly said reassuringly looking deep into her wife's eyes.

"I love you too," Jackie said leaning down and kissing Kelly on the lips softly.

"Why don't you get some sleep and then you can explain things more," said Tara raising an eyebrow telling Kelly that she was not happy about this latest development in their lives.

"Ok, and Tara, thank you for being here," said Kelly.

"I wouldn't be any place else," Tara said offering her friend a smile.

Jackie and Tara sat down on the couch and watched Kelly sleep. After a couple of hours, she started to stir and they both went over to her bedside.

"Hey beautiful ladies," she said opening her eyes and looking at them both.

"Hey cutie," said Jackie as she leaned down and kissed her wife.

"How are you feeling?" asked Tara.

"My head is a lot clearer," said Kelly.

"That's good," said Tara.

"So, fiancé?" asked Jackie.

"Wasting no time on that huh Jackie," asked Tara giving her friend a lopsided grin.

"Hell no, she's had over four years to tell us about this," said Jackie.

"Ok, I will tell you the story. As you both know like you Tara, I had a less than stellar childhood. I left for University as quickly as I could, that was 10 years ago. Kasey was my roommate, we fell in love, got engaged after two years," started Kelly. "Kasey had a similar childhood only one of the guys from her past had a pretty violent attachment, he found us and I thought she was murdered by him 8 years ago."

Just as Tara was about to start asking questions Kasey came into the room and checked Kelly's vitals.

"Kase, I thought you were dead," said Kelly squeezing her wife's hand.

"I know, and that was what you were supposed to believe," said Kasey adjusting the monitors.


"Because, if you knew I was still alive you wouldn't have moved on, you would have tried to find me and your life would still have been in jeopardy," said Kasey not making eye contact with anyone in the room.

"I was ready to spend my life and future with you and you, you just abandoned me. I suffered for years, grieved for years," Kelly said as the heart monitor continued to rise.

"Kel, calm down please," Tara said getting her friend's attention, and blocking Kasey's path to retreat.

"But," started Kelly.

"No buts do it for me," Tara looked intently at her friend while sending some soothing magic into her.

"Don't magic me Maclay," said Kelly pulling her hand away from the blonde.

"Then calm down and I won't have to," Tara snapped back.

"Listen, when I got the call from Morrigan that she needed a strong healer for someone she cared deeply about, I didn't know it was you Kelly. Honestly, I thought it was for Tara. Morrigan talks so highly of her and about her as if she were her own child. I didn't know it was you until I got here, by then you were in surgery and I thought I could help you and be gone before you knew anything of me or my help. I didn't count on Tara showing up and infusing you with healing magic as well."

"So, you were just going to help get me better, then go away again?"

"Yes," said Kasey.

"Why?" asked Jackie.

"Why what?" asked Kasey.

"Why would you come and help her if you were just going to leave her again?"

"I came because Morrigan said she needed a healer, I was going to leave without Kelly knowing anything because I'm not part of her life now, she was supposed to believe I was dead, and she has you; I've never seen her happier than when she looks at you."

"Does Morrigan know of your past with Kelly?" asked Tara.

"No, I never told her or anyone of my past. When I arrived at her coven, I started working with several of the other healers and they told me I had talent and they sent me around the world to learn methods from other healers. I've spent the better part of the past 7 years traveling."

"So, let me see if I have this right; you and Kelly were engaged, you faked your death to get some violent creep to leave you and her alone. Then you joined Morrigan's coven and have trained in healing methods from around the world for years; and somehow you know she is happy and whatnot, then you end up being the healer that Morrigan brought in to help Kelly," said Tara.

"That sums it up," said Kasey.

"How did you know I was happy or how I look when I look at my wife?" asked Kelly her voice sounding both hurt and angry.

"I have watched you over the years, plus I'm sure Tara can attest that your aura is astoundingly bright whenever you look at her or touch her," Kasey said staring at the ground.

"That is so unfair. I don't understand how you could do any of this. I need time to process, but we are NOT done with this, not even close," said Kelly glaring at Kasey.

"I figured, Morrigan knows how to reach me," said Kasey softly as she left the room.

"How do you do that to someone you love?" asked Kelly as tears streamed down her face causing Tara and Jackie to lean over and hug her.


Willow could tell that there was more going on in London than Tara was even letting her know. She heard the strain in Tara's voice, she knew her girlfriend well enough after all these years together and apart. She shook it off knowing that Tara would talk to her when she was ready.

When Ceri returned to the fort, she started the movie again and was completely engrossed in it when Willow returned. Willow took a quick picture of the sleeping slayers and then snuggled in next to her daughter and they watched movies until they fell asleep.

Buffy awoke to find herself wrapped in Faith's arms. As she tried to move, Faith pulled her closer. She lay there enjoying the closeness until she felt the other Slayer start to wake up.

"Morning," said Faith as she kissed the nape of Buffy's neck.

"Morning," said Buffy.

"This fort was a great idea," said Faith.

"I agree. Check out the redheads," said Buffy pointing to Willow and Ceri.

Faith looked over and saw Willow and Ceri curled up together sharing a pillow. Willow was holding Ceri and Ceri was holding Sparky her brown and white stuffed puppy.

"That is adorable! Did you get a picture," asked Faith.

"Oh yes, several. I thought we could send the best one to Tara."

"That is a great idea. I wonder how she and Kelly are doing."

"I get to approve any picture before it's sent," said a sleepy but awake Willow.

"Whoa crap Will, you're awake," exclaimed Buffy.

"Yep," smiled Willow.

"How is Tara doing?" asked Faith.

"Tara is good, when I talked to her last night she said that Kelly was doing better and she would call us today when she had time."

"I'm glad all is going well there. When are you and Ceri heading to London?" asked Faith.

"Plans are that we would leave tomorrow morning once Giles got here. Are you staying here for a bit or flying back with us?"

"B and I need to talk about that yet," Faith said as she felt Buffy adjust in her arms.

"Are you all packed?" asked Buffy trying to defer the topic away from Faith leaving.

"Yeah, Ceri and I managed to get it all done yesterday. Today we're going to go see Xander and Anya."

Willows phone beeped and she saw it was a text from Tara and couldn't help but smile.

"That has to be from T," laughed Faith looking at the goofy grin on Willows face.

"Maybe," she said reading the message. "Good Morning Beautiful! I love you! I can't wait to see you and Ceri tomorrow!"

Willow quickly replied. "Good Morning Gorgeous! I love you too, so much! We can't wait to see you tomorrow!"

"Morning Mama," said Ceri as she stretched.

"Morning Sweetie," said Willow hugging her daughter.

As they were getting ready to get up, they heard the front door open and close.

"I brought, oh my, hello?" stammered Giles as he entered the living room and found the room sized fort.

"Grandpa," called Ceri as she ran out of the fort and into Giles' arms.

"Hello my sweet little girl," said Giles as he picked her up.

"Hey Giles," said Willow as she extracted herself from the fort followed by Buffy and Faith.

"Hello," he said. "I um brought breakfast."

"Yay donuts," said Ceri.

"I'll go grab plates and napkins," said Buffy.

Moving to the table, everyone sat and waited for Buffy to return so they could eat.


Back in England, the doctor had come into Kelly's room to check over her charts, informing them that she would be able to go home the following day if she kept up her progress.

"Do you guys need me to get you anything?" asked Tara.

"I could use a stiff drink," joked Kelly.

"Yeah, I'm thinking you need to take that up with your wife," Tara said as Jackie shook her head.

"I think we're good. When does Ceri get back?"

"They will be leaving Sunnydale in the morning, but with the time changes and everything it won't be until tomorrow night that she arrives home."

"I bet you are missing her more than anything," said Jackie.

"I've only been away from her a couple of times since she was born so, yeah, this is pretty different."

"What was it like to be back in Sunnydale?" asked Kelly.

"Surreal to be honest, but I'll tell you all about it once you get out of here."

"I sense avoidance," said Jackie laughing.

"I agree with my wife. What's up Maclay?" said Kelly.

"That is fine, sense what you want, but I'm still not talking about it right now," Tara said with a smile.

"I'm injured and it would take my mind off the pain," said Kelly trying to get Tara to talk.

"Nice try for the guilt trip, but I will talk to you about it once you get out of here. I do want to thank you for calling Faith and having her come to Sunnydale though."

"She made it in time to help?"

"Yeah, and she was a fantastic help in getting through to those that needed to get past some stuff."

"I'm glad she could help."

"Tara, show her the picture of Faith, Ceri, and the blonde," said Jackie.

"You mean Buffy?" asked Tara as she pulled her phone out and made sure to have it only open the picture of Faith, Ceri, and Buffy and showed it to Kelly.

"So, she really is very well protected. I can't think of many safer places than in between two Slayers," said Kelly.

"I told you she was safe," Tara said as she winked at her friends.

The three spent the day with Tara infusing Kelly with more healing spells and her resting. As night arrived Tara told them that she was going to head home and get some sleep, but if they needed her to call.

Once she arrived home, she went to her room and cleared out a couple of drawers for Willow. She couldn't believe that this time tomorrow her full family was going to be here. Tara checked her email and saw she had an email from Morrigan telling her that she had found a couple of places for her and Willow to check out. Tara responded and asked her to schedule it for a couple of days after Willow and Ceri got back so that they could get over the jet lag.

"I miss my girls," thought Tara as she looked at the time and decided it would be a good time to call and talk with them.


After breakfast, Willow and Ceri got showered and dressed and headed over to Anya and Xanders'.

"Mama, is Xander mad at Mommy?"

"No, he isn't, he just doesn't like change," said Willow.

"He seemed like he was mad at Mommy the last time I saw him."

"Well, how about when we get there you can ask him," suggested Willow.

"Will he be mad at me if we ask him?"

"No, he won't. I think that if he gets a chance to know you more it may help him accept some of the changes too."

"Do you think he'll play outside with me?"

"I know he will," Willow said with a smile.

They arrived at Anya and Xanders' and they talked for a few minutes before they decided that they would go to the zoo and then have a picnic at the park.

Once they arrived at the zoo they started to look at the animal, but there were a lot of people and Ceri was having a hard time seeing.

"Ceri, would you want to sit on my shoulders so you can see better," asked Xander.

"Um, are you sure you don't mind? I-I-I d-don't want to be any trouble."

"I am positive," Xander said crouching down to the little girls' level. "Why would you think you would be any trouble?"

Anya and Willow knew that Xander and Ceri needed to do this together, to build their relationship or at least for him to have a better perspective on Willow's leaving.

"I know that you were mad at Mommy even though Mama says you weren't. I know that part of it is because of me..." started the little redhead shifting her eyes at the ground more than at the man kneeling before her.

"Hey," said Xander with his finger under her chin making her raise her head up and look at him. "I was wrong in being mad at your Mommy. I was hurt that she hadn't told us about you, but I was never mad at you nor did I ever want to hurt or upset you. Your Mama is one of the people I love most in my life; I've known her since I was your age. You are a part of her and a part of your Mommy and that makes you the most special person in the world."

Willow heard a sniffle and looked over at Anya who was trying to hide her tears.

"Allergies," whispered Anya to Willow who just smiled at her telling her she didn't believe it for a second.

"So, you aren't mad at Mommy anymore?"

"Not at all, your Mommy was always the best part of us. She is a super amazing person and when she left to go live with your Grandpa in London she took that special part away from us. Now I know and understand why she did it, I'm not mad; I admire her for having the strength to do it. I promise you that I will make sure that I tell her that again when I see or talk to her."

"Ok," Ceri said as Xander picked her up and gave her a huge hug.

"Can we be friends?" Xander asked Ceri.

"Will you be my Uncle Xander?"

"I would love to be your Uncle Xander," he said hugging her again and then putting her up on his shoulders.

"Mama, why are you and Auntie Anya crying," asked Ceri.

"We have allergies," responded Willow avoiding looking Xander in the eye.

With Ceri on his shoulders Xander pulled Anya and Willow into a hug and then they continued through the zoo checking out all the animals, going through the petting zoo where Xander and Ceri fed the baby goats.

After the zoo they went to the park and had a picnic lunch and they all played on the swings. Xander and Willow had a competition on who could go higher while Anya and Ceri judged.

"Today has been amazing," said Willow as they walked to the Summers' house, Anya carrying the very tired Ceri on her back.

"I still think you should have let me bring that baby goat home that seemed to like you so much Xander," said Anya.

"Ahn, we talked about this. We aren't allowed to have pets in our apartment and we definitely cannot have a goat."

"Fine, but he was cute and I want him!"

As they arrived at the house Willow's phone rang.


"Hi Baby," answered Willow.

"Hi Sweetie! Is this a good time to talk?" asked Tara.

"Yep, we're just getting home."

"What have my favorite redheads been up to today?"

"Well, Ceri and I went to the zoo with Anya and Xander, and then we went for a picnic in the park, and just got home as you called."

"Sounds like a lot of fun. Is Ceri around so I can say HI?"

"Yep," said Willow handing the phone to Ceri.

"Hi Mommy," said the little girl.

"Hi baby girl! Did you have a good day?" asked Tara.

"Yeah! Mama and I went with Uncle Xander and Auntie Anya to the zoo and I got to feed the baby animals, well Uncle Xander helped and Auntie Anya tried to steal one of the baby goats."

"She did?"

"Yeah, she thought he was really cute and he licked her hand, but Uncle Xander wouldn't let her take him. Then we went to the park and had food and played at the playground."

"Sounds like you have had a really busy day. I miss you so much!" said Tara wiping a tear from her eye.

"I miss you too Mommy. Mama and Grandpa and I are coming home tomorrow to see you," said the little girl.

"I know and I can't wait to see you. Why don't you put Mama back on? I love you!"

"I love you too Mommy," said Ceri as she handed the phone back to Willow.

"Hey, how are things going there?"

"Things are going good. Kelly gets to leave tomorrow so I'll spend most of the day getting her settled."

"You sound tired," stated Willow.

"I am. I never liked this place when I was here alone. It always feels so big and empty. I'm looking forward to tomorrow night when it is full with my family."

"Twenty-four hours my love."

"I can't wait! So it sounds like Ceri and Xander worked stuff out."

"Yeah, they had a good heart to heart at the zoo. I miss you!"

"I miss you too! So what are you going to do tonight?"

"Eat pizza and relax. I have all my stuff ready to go to the airport and Ceri is packed so we can leave early tomorrow morning."

"Is Faith coming back with you or is she staying?" asked Tara.

"I don't know. This morning it was something that she and Buffy needed to discuss."

"Sounds intense! Oh, Morrigan sent an email that she has a couple of places for us to check out. I told her to give us a couple of days after you get here and then we'd go check them out."

"I can't wait!"

"Me either. I think I'm going to head to bed, it has been a long couple days and that hospital is not at all comfortable to sleep in! I love you! Give Ceri a big hug and kiss for me."

"Get some sleep and we'll see you tomorrow night. I love you too!"


Once Willow hung up she went and joined the others in the living room Faith and Ceri were playing a game on the floor, Buffy was talking with Anya and Xander.

"Hey Will, how's Tara?" asked Xander.

"She's good, tired. She said that Kelly gets to go home tomorrow."

"That's good," said Faith.

After dinner Ceri and Willow said their goodbyes to Anya and Xander. They promised that they would Skype and talk often and Ceri promised to send them a picture every month. Once Xander and Anya left, Willow and Ceri got ready for bed. Willow tucked Ceri in and then she decided to read until she was tired.

Morning came and Giles arrived to help them load up the boxes into Buffy's jeep and then head to the airport. Faith had decided to stay a few more days, but told them she would be home by the end of the weekend.

Arriving at the plane Doug greeted them and helped them load everything in and helped them get settled. Willow sent a text message to Tara letting her know that they would see her at the flat once they got there.


Tara awoke excited that her family was coming home today. She was going to get to help Jackie and Kelly get home and then though she hadn't told them she was going to go to the airport and greet the plane once it landed.

After getting up, showering, and getting dressed Tara made breakfast, called to see if Jackie and Kelly needed anything, she checked her email for any new orders. She had one email from Morrigan stating that she had set up the appointments and was giving them a couple of days to get adjusted before they went looking.

"It is amazing how quickly things change and fall into place." thought Tara as she grabbed her purse and headed out the door for the hospital.

Arriving at the hospital Tara was heading to Kelly's room when she saw Kasey heading away from the room.

"How is she doing today?" asked Tara.

"Medically she is fine, emotionally, I really wish she wouldn't have seen me," replied Kasey.

"I think fate was telling you it was time to face your past. I know all too well about fate and facing the past."

"You do?" asked Kasey.

"Oh yeah," started Tara nodding for them to sit down at a table nearby. "Five years ago I left my friends, my family, and my soul mate and moved here. Willow, my soul mate was abusing magic and I just couldn't stay and watch it happen. After I moved here I spent a lot of time at the Council reading in their library and that is where I met Morrigan. Shortly after that I found out I was pregnant. Fast forward five years, I went to the airport to get my "daughter" and of all people to run into I ran into Willow. At the time she had no clue that she had a daughter, that I was living here in London, nothing."

"Wow, how did she take it?" asked Kasey.

"Better than I anticipated she would. Yes, she yelled and screamed, but that is to be expected. She and our daughter are actually coming home tonight on Morrigan's plane. I don't think there was any reason other than fate that put Willow and I in that airport terminal at the same time. I am not stating that your situation is at all like mine, but I am saying that maybe, shutting Kelly out now isn't what fate wants you to do. You've spent a lot of time over the past seven or eight years alone, maybe fate is saying it is time to come back."

"I never thought about it like that. I just don't want to mess up her life any more than I have already. She seems really happy..." started Kasey.

"Losing you took its toll on her, like you said, she is happy with Jackie, but I think she'd be even happier to have you in her life. She's been my friend since shortly after I moved here, she's been missing a piece and I know you saw it in her aura, I think you are that piece. I know you don't know me, nor do you owe me anything, but think about it, think about letting her/them into your life."

"I'll think about it," Kasey said with a smile.

"That is all I can ask," Tara said smiling back at the brunette.

"Tara thanks. I think I understand what Morrigan sees in your heart and soul. You are truly a shining light in a place that doesn't have many."

"Thank you, but I'm just me."

"Well, those around you are very lucky. I hope to meet your soul mate and daughter sometime. I must get going, I got a call to heal another person," Kasey said as they stood.

"Well, thank you for listening, and I look forward to getting to know you," Tara said as she hugged the other witch and then headed to Kelly's room.


"Good morning Tara," said Jackie as the blonde entered the room.

"Morning Jackie! Where is the patient?" asked Tara.

"They took her out back to hose her down, she was getting a little ripe," laughed Jackie.

"Very funny 'she who can sleep on the couch.' Good morning Tara," said Kelly entering the room.

"Morning Kelly," Tara said as she hugged her friend in the wheelchair.

"So, Kasey was in this morning," said Kelly.

"Yeah I ran into her in the hall on my way in. She said you were doing better and were ready to be sent home."

"Very ready! I still can't believe that she is alive."

"Once you get healed and everything, I'll have Morrigan help us get in touch with her and we'll sit down and talk with her. I spoke with her a little before I came in here," said Tara unsure what to expect for a reaction.

"How did that go," asked Jackie.

"What'd you say to her," asked Kelly.

"Well, I told her that maybe like Willow and I it was fate trying to tell her that she's spent enough time alone and it is time to bring you back into her life. I told her about Willow and I and about fate intervening. I told her we'd talk once you are healed. She seemed receptive to it at the time. I'm not saying that once she thinks about it she isn't going to change her mind, but for now, it's something."

"Thanks Tara," said Kelly.

"No problem. So, when do you get to leave?"

"Within the next half hour," said Jackie.

"Great, we'll get you home and settled, get you hyped up on good drugs, and then I can go to airport and surprise them as their flight gets in."

"They don't know you are meeting them? Or they didn't expect it?" asked Kelly.

"No, they said that they'd meet me at home instead, but I don't want to wait that long."

"I don't blame you."

The three talked and waited for the doctor to come in and tell them they could leave. After about a half hour the doctor came in and gave them the discharge papers and allowed them to leave. Tara drove Jackie's car to their house since Morrigan insisted on a driver escorting her to and from the hangar.

After getting inside and getting Kelly settled in bed she drifted off to sleep, partly from the moving around and partly from the medication she was given for the pain. Jackie and Tara went and sat in the living room.

"What a hectic few days huh?" asked Jackie as they sat down.

"I can say that I have never had a day like them before," laughed Tara.

"Thank you for coming, for helping her, for being there for me," Jackie said as she leaned forward and hugged the blonde.

"We're family that is what you do. You would have done it for me," Tara said.

"Yes, the magic healing I would have pulled out of my ass to help you with. Tara, really, you saved her life."

"Actually, I think Kasey did more of that than I did, she was with her in the critical time," Tara said as she leaned back on the couch.

"That is another thing, thank you for talking to her. I'm not going to say that I'm not still shocked, threatened, or nervous, but it is all so surreal."

"I agree. I can't believe that Kelly never told either of us about Kasey or her past, well that part of her past. Once Kelly is healed and ready I'll have Morrigan get in touch with Kasey and either you two or all three of us can talk with her. From speaking with her today, her magic ability is very intriguing to me."

"I can't judge, I have kept my share of secrets over the years. Yeah, we're going to talk about those too," Jackie said.

"Yeah, but not today," laughed Tara.

"No, because you are going to leave me soon and go get that little girl we all love so much."

"I am, and I cannot be more excited." Tara said practically bouncing out of her seat.

"Well, give her a big hug and kiss from us."

"I will. I should get going just in case they get in early," said Tara.

"Ok, I'll call you if anything changes with Kelly," Jackie said walking Tara to the door.

"I'll check in with you tomorrow and see if you need anything," Tara said hugging her friend and then heading out the door to the waiting car.


Traffic was light on the drive from Jackie and Kelly's house. Though to Tara it still seemed to take forever. They arrived at the hangar and within a half hour they was a radio call that he plane would be arriving at the hangar within 15 minutes. Tara couldn't control the smile that crept across her face.

"Finally, my family is home," she thought.


~ Branny72
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OMG! So unbearably cute!

And the sleepy snuggling slayers were fun.

Though i was expecting Giles to take a photo and have it on his desk, as a reminder of how embarrassingly cute they can all be :P

Sparky's kinda cute too. Every child needs a cute stuffed animal :) :moo

*cough* Mr Gordo *cough*

Looking forward to seeing how Faith and Buffy sort things out. :kiss1
I figure Faith's prob gonna stay on the hellmouth for a while, give Buffy a hand and all that.

Wheeee! :bounce

R :flower

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Yay! Willow finally moving with Tara and Ceri. They get to live happily ever after and hopefully without any more trouble.I wish Faith can stays in Sunnydale with Buffy helping her with Hellmouth problems. Can't wait for more updates.

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I know this can't happen at the Kitten, but I couldn't help flashing on "Ebony Eyes" by the Eberly Brothers. (My ex l;oved crying to that song; I tried reading the lyrics yesterday and had to stop..)

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Azirahael: Mr. Gordo huh?! Sparky was mine as a kid. :)

lilyred: I hope you enjoy the update – more on moving in together!! :wtkiss

DaddyCatALSO: That is a great song!! :flower :flower

Authors Notes:  Thank you to Willara4ever for always being willing to read or help when I get writers's drama's do NOT help with writing, but having great helpers/collaborators does!


Title: Actions and Consequences
By:  Branny72
Disclaimer:  I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 - NC-17 (will vary per chapter) – NC-17 This Chapter
Couples:  W/T
Summary:  AU – Tara didn’t die she left town…set 5 years after Tara left…Actions have consequences, everyone has to live by their choices.

Feedback:  Pretty please…It helps me to know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong!!


Chapter 17

Tara stood in the hanger anxiously waiting as the plane taxied in. As soon as the plane stopped and the stairs lowered, she saw door open and a little redhead bolt out of the door and down the stairs. Tara crouched down, Ceri ran into her outstretched arms, and Tara scooped her up into a big hug.

"Mommy," squealed the little girl as she hugged her mom tight.

"I missed you so much," said Tara as she held her daughter tightly.

"I missed you to!"

Willow smiled as she made her way down the stairs and over to where Tara and Ceri were hugging and she then quickly found herself pulled into the hug as well. As Tara tightened her hold on her two favorite redheads, she leaned forward and captured Willow's lips. Ceri was now sandwiched between her two moms.

"Mommy...Mama...stop kissing, you're squishing me," squeaked the little girl.

"Sorry baby girl," said Tara as she and Willow separated enough so as not to be squishing their daughter, but they were still very close.

"Is that better sweetie," asked Willow her arms wrapped around both Ceri and Tara.

"Yeah, lots better," said the four-year-old.

Giles beamed as he watched the events from the top of the plane stairs, happy that Tara and Willow had found one another again and they truly looked happier and more in love than he had ever seen them.

“Grandpa come and get a hug,” called Ceri.

Giles made his way down the stairs and over to the trio where he was quickly wrapped into an embrace.

“Welcome home,” said Tara.

“It is very good to be home,” said Giles.

The ground crew unloaded the boxes that Willow had brought with of her stuff and put them into the waiting car for transporting to the flat.

“Mommy, I’m hungry,” said Ceri.

“Well, then I guess we better get home so that I can make you something to eat,” said Tara who still hadn’t let the little girl out of her arms.

“Let’s just order in tonight,” suggested Giles.

“I second the ordering in,” Willow said.

“Ok, well, then we need to get home so we can get food ordered,” said Tara motioning to the car behind her that Morrigan had sent for them to get home in. She had told Tara that she wouldn’t take no for an answer because she knew that the travelers would be tired and there was no way Tara was going to be able to concentrate with those two redheads nearby.

The drive from the airport to the flat was short; once they arrived at the flat, the driver and his assistant brought the boxes up and stacked them in a corner in the library. While they were doing that the group, ordered dinner and Ceri took her bag to her room while Willow and Tara took Willow’s to what was now their room.

“Who knew that three days could be so long,” Willow said as wrapped her arms around Tara’s waist and Tara wrapped her arms around Willows neck.

“I can say that I will be perfectly ok with not having you two out of my sight for a very long time,” said Tara as she leaned forward and kissed Willow softly.

“You’ll get no complaints from me on that.”

“Maybe later I’ll show you just how much I missed you,” Tara said in a husky sensual voice causing Willows eyes to shut and her to try to contain a full body shiver at the thought.

“Oh, yes, please,” said Willow her eyes still shut and her breathing a bit shallower than it was before.

“We should get back out there,” whispered Tara into Willows ear.

“I know, but I need a moment to regain control of my hormones,” admitted Willow causing Tara to laugh.

“I want to say I’m sorry, but I’m really not,” laughed Tara as she kissed the frustrated redhead.

“You will pay at some point for that,” said Willow as she extricated herself from the hold, took Tara’s hand, and led her out of the room.


They ordered dinner and ate, Ceri told Tara all about the stuff they had done after she left, then Tara got Ceri ready and tucked into bed before joining Giles and Willow in the living room.

“She should be asleep soon,” said Tara sitting down on the couch and pulling Willow into her arms.

“I’m not sure if she was more excited on the flight there or back,” said Giles.

“How is Kelly doing?”

“Well, physically she is getting a lot better. Morrigan had called in one of the coven healers to help as well as what I was able to help with. Emotionally, that I’m going to say she is not ok by a long shot.”

“That’s good that Morrigan got a healer to help her, but why is the emotional toll so big. I know that getting hit by a car is traumatic, but I sense more is going on,” said Giles as he took his glasses off and cleaned them.

“Oh, there is definitely more for the emotional toll. The healer that Morrigan had come in turned out to be Kelly’s thought to be dead ex-fiancé.”

“I’m sorry, what,” responded Giles as Willow adjusted to look at Tara better.

“You met this woman,” asked Willow.

“Yes, I met her and she is a very nice and talented witch. Back to my story though, the healer Kasey had been infusing healing magic into Kelly from the moment she hit recovery. Kasey had planned that she would heal Kelly to a certain point then sneak out before Kelly woke up, what she didn’t count on was me also infusing healing magic into Kelly. Kelly woke up earlier than Kasey planned and saw her in her room checking her vitals. It was quite a shock to Kelly and then after Kasey pretty much bolted from the room Kelly told us it was her dead ex-fiancé. That was the shock that I got that caused Ceri to call the other night.”

“I’d call that a definite shock,” said Willow.

“Yeah, I agree. Did Jackie know about her?” asked Giles.

“Nope she was as shocked and clueless as I was or still am. Turns out that Kasey faked her death to keep Kelly safe from some violent stalker she had.”

“Did she know she was going to help Kelly?” asked Willow.

“No, from how she explained it the urgency of Morrigan’s request made her believe it was me she was being called to help. When she found out it was Kelly; she wasn’t going to let her suffer or wait for another healer. According to Kasey Morrigan has no clue of her past or connection to Kelly.”

“And you trust this Kasey?” asked Giles.

“Yeah, I do. Once Kel is better I told her I’d help her get in touch with Kasey and they can discuss what they need to.”

“How is Jackie dealing?”

“Better than I would be. She was nervous at first, but Kelly told her that she had nothing to worry about and that she was with the one she loved,” Tara said offering a wink to Willow.

“Well, I am glad she is doing better under the circumstances. I think I am going to head to bed,” said Giles.

“Good night,” said the two girls cuddled together on the couch.

“I now get why you didn’t want to explain that stuff on the phone,” said Willow.

“Yeah, it was complicated. I am looking forward to you meeting Kelly and Jackie.”

“I can’t wait to meet them, they seem like really good friends,” said Willow.

“They are. Now, how about we move to the bedroom where it is much comfier,” Tara smiled seductively.

“Yes ma’am,” Willow said jumping up and extending her hand to help Tara up.


As Willow and Tara entered their room, Tara did a silencing spell on the room. Tara pressed her body to the back of Willows, wrapping her arms around and pulling her closer, as she did that her lips made contact with Willows neck.

“Ooohhhhh,” groaned Willow as every thought in her head disappeared and she leaned into the embrace of the blonde.

As Tara’s lips continued their exploration of Willow’s neck, Tara’s hands worked at unbuttoning the redheads shirt and removing it, moving to unbutton her pants and dropping those and her silk underwear to the floor, and then her hand expertly unhooked the front hook of Willows bra. Within the span of two minutes, Tara had managed to get the redhead very turned on and naked.

While Tara was working to get the redhead out of her clothes Willow leaned into every touch, every movement making her groan in desire.

“I want you,” Tara growled into Willows ear.

“Oh please, take me,” panted Willow as she felt Tara’s hands cup her breasts.

“Do you want me to take you now,” whispered Tara as her hands started teasing the redheads erect hard nipples, rolling them through her fingers.

“Oh goddess, yes, oh please take me,” panted Willow.

“Mmmm, I love the feel of my hands on your skin,” moaned Tara as her hands moved from Willow’s breasts down towards her copper curls and back up, slowly.

Willow couldn’t think, she couldn’t speak she was so turned on she could just whimper and moan.

“Do you want to feel your naked body against mine?” asked Tara grinding into Willows backside as the redhead nodded her desire to feel the blondes naked body against her own.

Tara smiled to herself and walking around in front of where Willow was standing and slowly started to take her clothes watching the green eyes getting deeper in color and she could see the arousal growing. Her shirt fell next to the pile of Willow's clothes, next she removed her pants, she stood before her lover in just her matching silk and lace bra and panty set.

“You are so beautiful,” breathed Willow.

Tara took off the remaining garments and stood before Willow,allowing her to see her fully. Tara walked around behind Willow again and pressed herself against her, Willows breath caught and she let out a strained moan.

“Shall we take this to bed my love,” asked Tara in Willows ear.

“Goddess yes,” said Willow as they moved to the bed.

Willow lay on her back her body being covered by Tara as their lips came together in a searing kiss causing them both to moan. Tara's hips rocked in rhythm with Willows, their tongues dueling for dominance, their breathing growing more and more shallow. Tara pulled back from the kiss and made her way along Willows jawline and down her neck to her pulse point. Willow started to suck on Tara's pulse point causing the blonde to moan.

Willow snaked her hand down Tara's body and in-between her legs, lightly touching the outer folds, feeling the heat and wetness, knowing that she was the cause of it. Parting the folds and running her them the length of her center, feeling Tara's body shudder as she brushes across her clit.

“Oh dear goddess,” cried Tara at Willows touch.

“Does that feel good?” asked Willow enjoying the feeling and sounds Tara was making.

“Oh yes, please don't stop,” panted Tara.

“Oh baby, I have no desire to stop,” said Willow as she felt Tara's hand snaking down her body and caressing her center.

“Inside,” gasped Tara. Between what Willow was doing to her and feeling the heat and wetness between Willow legs was making it hard for her to form any thought.

Willow thrust two fingers inside Tara causing the blonde to cry out her name. Willow continued to thrust at a steady pace hitting the blondes sweet spot with every thrust.

“Oh, Willow,” moaned Tara as she thrust two fingers inside Willow.

“Tara,” Willow cried out in pleasure as Tara hit her sweet spot with the first thrust.

Both thrusting and rocking into the other, their breath catching, their minds only registering how good the other was making them feel.

Tara felt Willows walls start to tighten telling her the girl was close; Willow felt Tara's walls tightening which caused her to move even closer to the edge.

They both added a third finger and started to thrust faster and harder, their breathing becoming more and more haggard.

Willow and Tara came together, shuddering, and screaming out the others name.

Tara collapsed on top of Willow as they both fought for breath. Tara slowly slid off to Willows side allowing the redhead more of a chance to catch her breath.

“I love you so much,” said Tara kissing the side of Willow's head.

“I love you too,” said Willow pulling Tara into a soft kiss.

The both moved and lay on their side facing the other. Hands were running along the others body,

“I don't think that I will ever get enough of you,” admitted Tara.

“I am not complaining on that fact either,” Willow said with a smug look on her face.

They made love another five times effectively wearing out the other and drifting off to sleep wrapped up together.


Morning arrived and Tara exhausted from making love to Willow most of the night extricated herself from the redheads’ arms, put on a shirt, boxer, and robe and quietly opened the door and went out to check on Ceri and make breakfast.

As she was approaching Ceri’s room, the little girl was coming out of the bathroom.

“Morning Mommy,” said the little girl.

“Morning Sweetie,” Tara said leaning down and hugging her. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, I liked seeing Sunnydale, but I love being home.”

“I know how you feeling, being home is always really nice.”

“Is Mama up?”

“No, not yet. Why don’t we let her sleep a bit longer and I’ll make everyone breakfast,” said Tara knowing that Willow needed the extra sleep. Jet lag mixed with all they had done that night, she was beyond exhausted.

“Ok, can we have banana muffins?” asked Ceri.

“I think I still have some of the mix in the freezer. If I do we can definitely have them.”

“Yippee,” said the little girl running towards the kitchen with Tara behind her.

“Let’s see, you are a very lucky girl, I found the last batch of them,” said Tara after hunting through the freezer.

“We have to make more soon then.”

“We will, I promise,” laughed Tara.

Tara proceeded to defrost the batter and make the muffins. While the muffins were cooking, she brewed a pot of coffee and drank a cup before going back for a second cup and prepping one for Willow as well.

“I’m going to go see if Mama is ready to wake up yet, why don’t you go watch some cartoons and when I get back the muffins will be ready to eat,” Tara said.

“Ok,” said Ceri.


Tara made her way into the bedroom, removed her robe and clothes before climbing back into bed. She positioned herself between Willows legs and hovered over the sleeping redhead. Tara lowered herself on to the redhead, her lips gently pressing against the pressure point at the base of the redheads’ neck. She felt Willows pulse increase as she continued to place chaste kisses on her.

After a few minutes, Tara felt Willows hips start to rock and her eyes slowly start to open.

“Mmmm, baby,” Willow said before leaning up and capturing the blondes lips into a searing kiss.

“Good morning my love,” Tara said trying to control her hormones.

“You taste like coffee. Why do you taste like coffee?” Willow asked as she wrapped her arms around Tara.

“Because I have already been up, started breakfast cooking, and made coffee.”

“Oh really. You left me here all by myself?”

“But I made you a mocha and I did come back and get naked just to wake you up,” said Tara leaning down and kissing the redhead again.

“Well, there is that. How long do we have before you have to go back out?” pouted Willow.

“About 5 minutes,” said Tara as she captured the bottom lip that Willow had stuck out in her pout.

After kissing for another couple of minutes Tara broke the kiss and moved to get up.

“It hasn’t been 5 minutes yet,” scoffed Willow.

“No, but by the time I finally get out of this bed and dressed again it will be,” laughed Tara.

“Not fair, after such an amazing night I need snuggles,” pouted Willow.

“And our daughter needs breakfast,” Tara said raising and eyebrow.

“Well, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to get up and get some extra nourishment wouldn’t hurt so that I can make you scream my name again later,” said Willow with a devilish smirk.

“Oh yes,” Tara said feeling her pulse begin to race and then glancing at the clock and seeing she had a minute before the timer went off.

Tara and Willow both got dressed and made their way to the kitchen just as the timer was going off.

After breakfast Tara and Willow showered and put on some sweats to lounge around in. Neither had the energy to do much else.

Ceri played on her laptop and put together a puzzle with her mom's before she fell asleep on the loveseat.

“Guess someone else has a touch of jet lag,” smiled Willow.

“Yeah Will, that is what has made you so tired today,” laughed Tara as she pulled Willow closer.

“Well, it may have something to do with this hot little number that I'm head over heals in love with, I'm just not sure,” laughed Willow.

“Let me help you remember for certain,” Tara said as she captured Willows lips and thrust her tongue into the redheads mouth causing her to moan with pleasure.

“Oh yes, definitely the blonde,” Willow said kissing Tara again.

As they lay there kissing Tara's phone rang.

“Hello,” answered Tara.

“Hey Tara,” said Jackie.

“Hey Jackie, is everything ok with you and Kelly?” asked Tara as her and Willow sat up on the couch.

“Yeah, she has been sleeping most of the time since you left. I just wanted to make sure that Ceri and Giles made it home ok,” said Jackie.

“They did, Giles had some errands to run and right now Ceri is crashed on the couch.”

“No wonder you sound so content. Kelly asked me to find out if you want to go out some night next week.”

“Sure, but only if she is healed enough,” laughed Tara.

“You know how bad she wants to hear about your time in Sunnydale, I don't think anything would keep her from going out.”

“Well, how about you keep me updated on how she is doing and I'll decide from your reports if we are going out or not.”

“Sounds like a deal to me,” laughed Jackie.

“Ok, go take care of your wife,” laughed Tara.

“Give our baby munchkin a hug and kiss from us.”

“I will. Give your wife a hug for me and tell her she had better get better quick,” said Tara as she hung up the phone.

The rest of the day was spent with the three of them lounging around and relaxing. Willow and Tara spent some time going over the few places that Morrigan had lined up for them to look at and figuring out what was a realistic budget for them for a place.


The next day Willow and Tara got up, had breakfast with Giles and Ceri and then told Giles that they were going check out a few of the places that Morrigan had found for them. He said that he would be happy to watch Ceri while they went out looking.

Morrigan met Willow and Tara at the first apartment and the three of them looked around and tried to picture them living there. It was a nice four bedroom place with a nice sized kitchen, plenty of room, but it just didn't fell right; Willow just couldn't feel a connection with it. They moved to the next place, it was a bit closer to where Giles and Faith lived, there was a park down the street for Ceri to play at, but Tara just didn't have a good feeling for the place. Morrigan had a smirk on her face as she listened to the two talk about the different places.

“You know you two are just too cute,” laughed Morrigan.

“And what makes us 'just too cute',” asked Tara.

“Well, if you listen to yourselves you would hear that you have turned down these first two places because they aren't like the Summers' house nor are they like Giles' flat. You two are too cute because neither of you will admit that the warmth that you have felt in the homes you have lived in together is what you long to have.”

“, she's right,” conceded Willow.

“I know, but I also can't think of a place that is going to be close to Giles and Faith that we'll be able to afford and will have enough space,” said Tara as Willow wrapped her into a hug.

“Well there is one more place that I have for you two to look at, but I am not going to let you see where we are going to what it looks like until we get into the place,” smiled Morrigan as she handed them both blindfolds.

“Seriously, you want us to put on blindfolds?” asked Tara.

“Oh, I am very serious. Get in the car and put them on.”

Willow and Tara put on the blindfolds and sat close together in the back of the car while Morrigan instructed the driver on where to go. After driving around for 15-20 minutes the car came to a stop and they heard the door open and each felt a nudge to move out the door.

“Ok, now keep those blindfolds on until I tell you that you can take them off.”

“Yes ma'am” said the two younger women.

Morrigan led them into the building and into an elevator and it felt like it took them a long time to get to where they were going. Once they arrived on the floor Morrigan led them through a door and into a room and stood them next to one another. The need to touch being what it was between the two they instinctively wrapped an arm around the other.

“Now what do you feel in this room,” asked Morrigan.

“It feels comfortable, like some place I know,” said Tara.

“It feels warm,” said Willow.

“Good, now lets move to another area,” said Morrigan as she led them to another room.

“And this room?”

“Safe,” said Tara.

“Secure,” said Willow.

“Great, you both are doing so well. Now there is one more place that I'd like to lead you and then I will let you take off the blindfolds.”

Morrigan led them to another room and put them at the window overlooking the London skyline.

“Ok, now I want you to take off the blindfolds and tell me what you think,” smiled Morrigan.

Willow and Tara removed the blindfolds and gasped at the view. Then a knowing smile crept across Tara's face.

“Morrigan, this is the place across the hall from Faith,” said Tara.

“Yes my dear, it is.”

“This view is incredible,” said Willow.

“I know,” whispered Tara.

“Morrigan, there is no way that this is in the budget that Tara and I have,” said Willow.

“Well, now I do believe that as the owner of this place and the one who can sell it for what I damn well please, I believe it is in your budget. Think about how you describe this place, how it felt when you were just wearing the blindfolds and didn't know where you were. You said it was safe, secure, warm, comfortable. That is what a home is supposed to feel like, and I believe that this is where you home was meant to be.”

“Morrigan this place is more what we can afford,” said Tara.

“Tara, I bought this place months ago, I was going to have you and Ceri move in here after I got done renovating and furnishing it. Now, it turns out that the renovations are done, it's furnished, and you are looking for a place to buy. I would gift it to you both, but I know that neither of you would consider accepting it, so, let me sell it to you within your budget and so that you will have a payment that you are comfortable with.”


“This is amazing and close to Giles and Faith,” said Willow.

“I'm going to go up and see my grand-daughter and Giles while you two discuss this,” said Morrigan as she exited the front door.

“I can't believe this place,” said Tara.

“I know, it is amazing,and it feels so...” started Willow.


“Yeah Baby, that is exactly what I was thinking. It has a place for an office, plenty of rooms, a great view, it's safe,” Willow said as she was pulled into Tara's arms.

“What do you want to do?”

“I would love to buy this place with you,” Willow said and then buried her head in Tara's chest.

“Then I guess we found our place,” Tara said squeezing the redhead close.


“Yep! Shall we go discuss this with Morrigan?”

“Yeah, I love you, Tara.”

“I love you too Willow,” said Tara as she kissed the redhead.


A knock on the door brought Ceri running towards it with Giles right behind her. He looked through the peep hole and saw Morrigan standing there.

“Morrigan, please come in,” said Giles opening the door and motioning for the older woman to enter.

“Thanks Giles,” said Morrigan.

“Grandma,” called Ceri as she ran over and gave her a hug.

“Hello my sweet!”

“Weren't you taking Willow and Tara out looking at places?”

“I did and I believe they have found their place, but I'm letting them talk it out, it is a big deal for them.”


“Next door to Faith's,” Morrigan said with a smile.

“They can't afford that, it is bigger than Faith's place,” said Giles.

“I own it, they can afford it,” Morrigan said with a wink.

“Do you think they'll take it?”

“Yeah, I think they will. They look good together.”

“Yeah, I think the are happier and more in love now than they were five years ago,” said Giles.

“Well, Tara deserves all the happiness in the world.”

“So does Willow. What she has overcome mostly by herself just shows what a strong amazing woman she is.”

“I guess we're both saying the same thing – they are meant to be together and now it is time to make sure it happens,” chuckled Morrigan.

“I believe you are right.”


Willow and Tara made their way back to Giles place and saw Morrigan and Giles smiling as they entered the room.

“You were talking about us weren't you?” asked Tara her arm wrapped around Willows waist..

“Why would you think that,” asked Giles.

“The goofy grin on your faces gives you away,” said Willow.

“Fine, we were discussing if you were going to buy my place or not,” said Morrigan.

“We would be honored and thank you so much,” said Tara as she crossed the room and hugged the woman who was like a second mother to her.

“Really Morrigan this is more than either of us could ask for and we are so very grateful for you doing this for us,” added Willow joining in the hug.

“My pleasure both of you. There is a slight catch, you must promise to do all you can to love one another and make your family a happy family.”

Tara pulled back from the embrace and smiled at Willow.

“That is not a problem,” said Tara as Willow broke from the hug and leaned over and kissed her girlfriend.

“Then I will have my banker draw up the papers and it will be yours. We can start moving you in at any time.”

“Thank you,” both girls said

“Oh, and Willow, the office is already equipped with an E1 connection,” said Morrigan receiving a knowing look from Tara.

The group sat in the living room, Ceri coloring at the coffee table in the middle of all of them, they talked and laughed, enjoying time as a family. Morrigan was getting to see the dynamic between Willow and Tara and to see how they truly are soul mates.


“I can't believe that Morrigan is going to sell us that place,” said Willow as she and Tara got ready for bed.

“I'm not surprised that she would sell it to us, I just had no idea that she was the one who bought that place and was renovating it. She has good taste though.”

“I already knew that, she loves you,” said Willow leaning over and kissing the blonde.

“Mmmm, I could use another one of those,” Tara said with a sly smile.

“You can have all you want in a minute,” said Willow as she lit a candle to illuminate the room and crawled into bed.

They lay there facing one another, their hands entwined together.

“Does it scare you that we've been back together officially for about a week and we're living together and buying a place together?” asked Willow.

“You would think that it would, but no, it doesn't. Does it scare you?”

“No, you are my always and everything, it seems like the right thing to do.”

“I agree. It isn't like we dated while we were apart either. Were you ever tempted to start dating again?” asked Tara.

“No, I already had the best, why would I settle for less,” said Willow as they leaned together and kissed softly.

“Charmer,” said Tara.

“Were you ever tempted to start dating again?” asked Willow.

“Not at all. You are my true love and soul mate, I didn't want anyone else. Although, both Jackie and Kelly did try to date me,” laughed Tara.

“Oh they did. I'm not large with the butch, but if I have to...” started Willow until Tara cut her off with a kiss.

“I solved that one sweetie, that is why they are married,” Tara said winking at the redhead.

“Nice solution.”

“I thought so. I can't wait for you to meet them.”

“Maybe when Faith gets back the 5 of us can go out for dinner or drinks. Well that is if Kelly is feeling up to it,” suggested Willow.

“That sounds like a lot of fun. I'm sure in a few days Kelly will be driving Jackie nuts and will be ready for a night out. She was never one to stay in,” laughed Tara.

“Now, enough talking, more kissing,” said Willow.

“Mmmm, yes ma'am,” Tara said leaning forward and capturing the redheads lips and slowly moving their bodies together.


The next day Willow and Tara moved the boxes Willow had brought with down to their new place and started to pack Tara's stuff.

Giles though he was happy for them finally realized that they were really moving and he was going to have his place back, it was just going to be him for the first time in 5 years.

“Hey,” said Tara walking up next to Giles who was looking out the window of his library.

“Oh, hello,” said Giles.

“How are you doing?”

“I'm fine,” said Giles taking his glasses off and cleaning them.

“We are going to miss living with you. I don't know how to thank you or if it is even possible to thank you for all that you have done for Ceri and I. Giles, you are the best dad and grandpa we could ask for,” Tara said as she hugged the older man.

“My dear child, it has been my pleasure and you both gave me something I was missing that I didn't even know I was missing.”

“We're only going downstairs, but it feels so weird.”

“I know, but this will be so good for you both, well all three of you.”

“I'm excited and scared about that,” admitted Tara.

“What are you scared about?” asked Giles.

“I'm scared that this is all a dream and I'm going to wake up and be very unhappy.”

“I promise you that this isn't a dream; you are no longer a single parent, you and Willow are going to build a relationship, a life, and a family together. I know that this is what is right for you both right now,” said Giles as he hugged Tara and kissed the top of her head.

“It feels different than it was last time,” said Tara.

“That's because it is,” laughed Giles.

“I meant with Willow, not the fact that we have a child.”

“I figured, but you are both older and more mature this time around. You learned who you are and now you are going to learn who you are as a couple and parents.”

“When did you get so wise?”

“Years and years of living,” laughed Giles.

“Well, I am very grateful!”

“Come on, lets get you packed and moved so that you can start your life as a family,” said Giles.

“Ok, let's go!”

They walked out of the study and went to help Ceri and Willow with the packing and moving. They got a large amount moved and Ceri asked if they could stay at the new place and if she could sleep in her new room. Willow and Tara agreed to stay there and finish the packing and move the following day.


“Mama, will you and Mommy tuck me in?” asked Ceri.

“Of course we will,” Willow said scooping her daughter up into her arms.

The three went into the room that Morrigan had designed for Ceri and put her into bed.

“Would you like us to read you a story?” asked Tara.

“Yay! Can you read me Peter Pan?”

“Yep,” said Tara as the three of them got comfortable on Ceri's bed and they read until she fell asleep and then Willow and Tara went to their room down the hall from Ceri.

“How does it feel to have your own place?” asked Willow as they changed for bed.

“Odd. How does it feel for you?”

“Odd. Though I love the idea of the three of us living together.”

“Me too! I still can't believe that Morrigan did all this for us,” said Tara.

“She did it for you and Ceri because she loves you two as if you were hers. I'm so glad that you have had her and Giles.”

“Me too. Now I have you and my family is complete,” said Tara as she pulled Willow into bed and captured her lips into a tender heartfelt kiss.


~ Branny72
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Woo and hoo!

Happiness & joy all around!

Now all we have to do is find out what Buffy and Faith are going to do.

Is Faith going to split her time?
Move to Sunnydale?
Or maybe they can close the Hellmouth, and the Scoobies can move at last.

A new adventure :-)

I can't wait. :bounce

R :flower

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Great update..nice to see all three of them so happy together. Looking forward to more updates.

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Azirahael: More on Fuffy in this chapter... :grin

lilyred: More happiness to come... :bounce

Authors Notes:  Thank you to Willara4ever for always being willing to read or help when I get writers's drama's do NOT help with writing, but having great helpers/collaborators does!


Title: Actions and Consequences
By:  Branny72
Disclaimer:  I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 - NC-17 (will vary per chapter) – NC-17 This Chapter
Couples:  W/T
Summary:  AU – Tara didn’t die she left town…set 5 years after Tara left…Actions have consequences, everyone has to live by their choices.

Feedback:  Pretty please…It helps me to know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong!!


Chapter 18

“Hey B,” said Faith as she entered the kitchen seeing the other Slayer sitting at the island lost deep in thought.

“Hey Faith,” said the blonde slayer.

“You looked deep in thought. Anything you want to talk about?”

“Do you have to go back to London?”

“Yeah, B, I have to go back,” said Faith wrapping her arms around Buffy.


“I have responsibilities there.”

“The Hellmouth is here and you're a Slayer, what responsibilities do you have there that could be more important?” asked Buffy.

“I have responsibilities to Tara, Giles, and Ceri for starters.”

“What responsibilities do you have to them? You are friends, family, whatever you call it,” said Buffy pulling away from Faith.

“Yeah B, and my responsibilities are partly to keep them safe.”

“Keep them safe? I'm sure Willow, Tara and that big witchy person...”

“Morrigan?” asked Faith.

“Yeah, I'm sure they can keep themselves safe.”

“They probably can, but I love it there and I love being apart of Ceri's life...”

“So, Tara and London win again,” Buffy said angrily pulling further away from Faith.

“There isn't a winning or losing Buffy. It isn't a competition, I care very deeply for you and the connection I feel when we touch or kiss, it is like nothing I've ever felt before, but I spent most of my life either feeling like an outcast or being alone. For the past four years I've had a family, Giles, Ceri, Tara, they showed me what I was missing.”

“I get that family feeling and connection, but what about what we've started here.”

“B, this doesn't change my feelings for you, it is just where I have to be and what I feel I have to do,” said Faith.

“So, what are we just having a fling? Trying a long distances thing?”

“What do you want this to be?”

“You here and us having a relationship.”

“B?” pleaded Faith.

“I don't want to waste what time we have left with this, we'll figure it out later, for now I just want to enjoy the time we have together,” said Buffy as she wrapped her arms around Faith.


“Hey Tara,” called Willow.

“Yeah Sweetie,” said Tara as she entered Willows office.

“I need a hand with where to put some of these books,” said Willow standing near her bookshelves.

“Well, for starters the books go on the shelves,” said Tara as she wrapped her arms around Willow's waist from behind and kissed her neck softly.

“Mmmm, that is helpful too,” said Willow enjoying the feel of Tara's lips on her skin.

“So, what else do you need help with?” asked Tara still nibbling on her girlfriends neck.

“Well, I was wondering if you would help me put the books on the shelves since there are quite a few of them. And I missed your beautiful face.”

“Well, how can I refuse after that,” laughed Tara as she looked at the boxes of book.

“Great! The books are already alphabetized by subject, so we just need to get them put on the shelves.”

“Seriously Will? You alphabetized them by subject?”

“What? There is nothing wrong with being organized,” pouted Willow.

“Oh no, not the pout,” said Tara as she went over and sucked Willow's lower lip in her mouth.

“Mmmm, I need to pout more often,” moaned Willow.

“Or you could just ask for a kiss,” laughed Tara.

“That takes some of the fun out of it.”

“Well, we wouldn't want that now would we,” said Tara releasing Willow and swatting her on the butt as she moved to the boxes and started to unpack the boxes.

Ceri had opted to spend the day with her Grandpa rather than unpacking and setting up their new place with her mothers.

After getting the office set up they moved to the kitchen.

“We're going to have to go get food at some point soon,” said Tara.

“Yeah, Ceri might like to eat,” said Willow.

“What about you?”

“Hmmm, are you on my menu,” Willow asked as she pulled Tara close.

“I could be, but I think you may need something else as well,” Tara said leaning forward and capturing Willows lips.

“Mmmm, I'm not sure about that,” moaned Willow into Tara's lips.

Tara pushed Willow up against the pantry door, running her hands up and down the sides of her body, eliciting moans as she gently touched the sides of the redheads breasts. Their lips pressed together, their tongues battling for dominance. Tara moved to Willows neck, kissing her way up and down, feeling Willows pulse increase as she sucked on her pulse point.

“Oh goddess, Tara,” groaned Willow as her hips started to grind into the thigh that Tara was pressing in-between her legs.

“Oh Willow,” panted Tara as Willow adjusted her leg to allow the blonde some friction.

“Oh goddess yes,” they both moaned as they continued to grind and touch one another.

Ring ring

Tara's cell phone started to ring, it was the ringtone she had set for when Giles called.

Panting and trying to catch her breath she pulled away from Willow, they pressed their foreheads together briefly while gaining composure.

Tara took a deep breath and answered the phone. “Hello,” she said.

“Hi mommy,” said Ceri.

“Hi baby girl,” said Tara leaning into Willow's embrace.

“Mommy, can I stay at Grandpa's tonight?”

“Does Grandpa know that you are calling and asking,” asked Tara.

“Yeah, he's right here,” said Ceri handing the phone over to Giles.

“Hello Tara,” he said.

“Hey Giles.”

“I was hoping that Ceri could spend the night with me tonight, as a sort of oh, I miss the dear girl and want her to myself for the night,” admitted Giles.

“Let me check with Willow,” said Tara laughing at the mans outburst. “Giles wants Ceri to spend the night, are you ok with that?”

Willow looked at her girlfriend as if she had just gone insane, “You mean we'll have the house to ourselves and we can finish what we were starting? Um, yeah, I am ok with that. I love our daughter, but I need some of her mother's special attention too,” growled Willow.

Tara stared at Willow and let out a loud gulp as she brought the phone back up to her ear. “Ok, I checked and Willow agrees that it will be good for you and Ceri to have some alone time. Once we finish stuff here we'll bring up her overnight bag.”

“Great,” said Giles who turned and told the little redhead that she was staying and she started cheering in the background. “As you can hear she's happy.”

“Well, that is all we ever want,” said Tara smiling.

“We'll see you when you are done,” said Giles as he hung up the phone.

“We should finish this and then we can take Ceri her overnight bag and then oh goddess the things I plan to do to you Ms. Rosenberg,” Tara growled into her lovers ear which caused Willow to close her eyes whimper as the wetness between her legs grew.


Willow and Tara dropped of the Ceri's overnight bag so Ceri could spend the night with Giles and were making their way down to their flat, neither was able to keep their hands or lips off the other.

They bounced from wall-to-wall their lips roaming all over the other. They didn't realize that in their wall bouncing they had bounced into Faith's door alerting her to someone being in the hall. Faith moved to the door to get a look at who her new neighbors were since she had been home for a week and hadn't seen or met them. Faith was shocked to see that it was Willow and Tara.

“Keys, Sweetie,” growled Tara loudly into Willow's neck.

“Feels too good to think...Oh goddess baby,” moaned Willow digging in her pockets to find her keys.

Tara pulled Willows hands out of her pockets and thrust her hands in, feeling the heat and wetness coming from between the redheads legs.

“Key, unlock,” said Tara as she pulled the key out of Willows pocket.

“Trying,” panted Willow as she unlocked the door and they fell inside barely closing the door behind themselves.


Faith was sitting in her living room getting more than she bargained for as her Slayer hearing allowed her to hear Willow and Tara and the love that they had for one another. It made her yearn to find that level of love with someone, though she never truly believed she deserved it or would find it.

“Go Red and T,” thought Faith with a giggle. “Damn I had no idea that T had that wild streak in her, had I known I may have tried harder to get a date or two with her.”


It was late morning when Willow and Tara finally woke up after their night of passion. They were cuddled up together in the bed, no sign of their clothes and Tara's mind was a bit foggy on how they got to the bedroom. She remembered dropping off Ceri's overnight bag and pressing Willow up against the door because it was taking her too long to get the door unlocked, she remembered making love in the living room on the rug in front of the fireplace, she remembered taking Willow up against the wall in the hallway, she had a vague memory of Willow taking her in shower, then it was a bit too fuzzy to remember.

“I don't know that I'm going to be able to walk or move today,” Willow said squeezing Tara close.

“Well, then I guess I'll just have to have what is in my bed for breakfast...” started Tara before capturing Willows lips with her own.

“Mmmmm, Tara,” moaned Willow into the blondes lips. After several minutes they broke for air.

“I love you,” said Tara.

“I love you, too,” said Willow in her soft sexy voice.

“How did we survive the past 5 years apart?” asked Tara.

“No clue, but I vow never to do it again!”

“I agree!”

“I think I need another shower,” Willow said with a smirk.

“I'm sure we both do since from what I remember we were doing more than just showering in there,” blushed Tara.

“Oh yes, I remember that well,” Willow said.

“That is the last place I remember us being in our quest for the bed.”

“So, you don't remember taking me on the floor, and then the bed,” asked Willow.

“Not really, I think my mind was so consumed by that time that it just shutdown.”

“Well, I can understand that, you had one powerful orgasm in the shower,” laughed a very proud Willow.

“And after all that, I still want you,” laughed Tara.

“We're just making up for the missed time,” Willow said.

“What do you say we get up, shower, get dressed, and go see how Ceri is doing and then go do some grocery shopping?” asked Tara.

“Baby, what part of I don't think I'm going to be able to walk today says that I'm going to be able to do any of what you just suggested?”

Tara smiled at Willow, leaned over and captured the nipple of Willows exposed breast with her teeth and after a small nibble she sucked hard on the nipple and as she did she heard Willows breath catch and a soft moan escape her loves lips.

“Because you want more of that when we get done,” said Tara as she released the nipple and sat up looking down at the redhead whose eyes were closed and her breathing had shallowed.

“Ms. Maclay you do NOT play fair,” Willow managed to get out.

“I never said I did,” laughed Tara as she got up and headed towards the shower.


After getting ready Willow decided to get a head start since she was moving slower than Tara. She opened the door of their apartment as Faith was about to knock on the door.

“Oh, hey Faith, come in,” offered Willow.

“Hey Red, what are you and T up to tonight,” asked Faith.

“I don’t know that we have any plans, but I can check with Tara. Whatcha got in mind?”

“I was just wondering if you guys wanted to go out for a drink or something. You know be actual adults and do something fun. I mean you’ve been in town a little bit now and we haven’t had a chance to even go out.”

“Sounds like fun to me! I’ll check with Tara and see what she thinks,” said Willow.

“Check with me on what,” said Tara entering the room and giving Willow a quick kiss.

“I was wondering if I could interest you and Red into going out for a drink or something adult like tonight,” said the brunette Slayer.

“I think that sounds like fun. I’ll check with Giles to see if he can babysit,” smiled the blonde.

“Hey, has Willow met Kelly and Jackie yet?”

“No,” asked Willow.

“We should invite them too, if Kelly is up for it,” smirked Faith.

“Should I be scared about that smirk? Faith smirking in the past has never been good,” asked Willow nervously.

“No sweetie, they are safe. I think it’d be fun to have them there tonight if they don’t have plans.”

“Cool, I’ll give them a call and how about 7-ish I stop over and we head out,” said Faith.

“That sounds great,” said Tara noticing how quiet her girlfriend was being.

“Cool, see you guys then,” said Faith as she headed out of the flat.

“Sweetie, why are you so quiet?”

“Um, what if your friends don’t like me,” Willow said sheepishly.

“Oh sweetie, they are going to love you.”

“How do you know that? If they are your friends they obviously know about our past, and if they know about our past they know what an ass I was…”

“Sweetie, come sit by me,” said Tara patting a spot on the loveseat next to her and waited for Willow to sit down before she took her hand and kissed her knuckles. “They are going to love you because you are an amazing person, smart, funny, caring, but most of all, you love me and make me happy – that is going to be all those two need.”

“How do you know them again?”

“Well,we met at school and then Kelly was one of my store managers until she decided to manage Jackie’s company. You and Jackie are both programmers, so you’ll get along just fine.”

“So she’s a geeky nerd like me?”

“Baby, nobody is like you, but in terms of technology you have the same interests. Kelly was in my business classes when I was in school and Jackie was a TA for the computer class they forced me to take,” smiled the blonde. “She realized that I was a ‘special’ case when it came to my technology skills, so we spent some time working together and getting to know one another. After I became less of a hopeless case we started to hang out just as friends and I decided to set Jackie and Kelly up on a blind date to get them to stop asking ME out. They got married a couple of years ago.”

“You are special in many ways baby,” Willow said in a husky voice causing Tara to shudder.

“Yeah, I am, but they are two of my best friends. After school Kelly came to work for me and Jackie got a job at a software company doing design. After a while Jackie got tired of the restrictions and decided to form her own company and then stole my best manager to manage her own business,” laughed Tara. “They adore our daughter and kidnap her from time to time, namely when Kelly wants to go play on the swings at the park or in the playground area at McDonalds.”

“Kelly likes to play at the park and in the playground area at McDonalds? Oh boy,” laughed Willow.

“Like I said Sweetie, you have nothing to worry about.”

Tara quickly called and confirmed that Kelly was feeling up to going out and that they would meet them at the pub. Then Willow and Tara went up and said hi to Ceri and asked if Giles would be able to watch her again. Both Giles and Ceri were elated to spend another night together and wished Willow and Tara a fun night out.

Willow and Tara went back to their flat and got ready for their night out.


Faith arrived and the three of them headed out to the pub that Willow had seen Faith sing at.

“Have you been back here since you moved here Red?”

“Nope, but it will be nice to not sit by myself and get hit on by strangers,” laughed Willow.

“Point out who and I’ll kick their ass,” said Tara taking a tighter hold on Willow’s hand.

“Geez Tara, it isn’t like they stand a chance in hell anyway,” laughed Faith.

“Well there was only one that told me that if I liked your singing Faith that I should stick around to hear your extremely hot girlfriend sing,” Willow said raising an eyebrow before laughing.

“My girlfriend?” asked Faith.

“She meant Tara,” said Willow.

“I am not…” started Tara.

“Finish that statement blondie and I will make you get up and sing open mic or not,” threatened Faith.

“And I’ll help her,” said the redhead.

“Alright, alright,” Tara said raising her hands in defeat.

Once they arrived at the bar they found a table that would hold all five of them and then Tara went to get them drinks and Faith headed to use the restroom. While she was sitting there alone the girl from the last time she was there stopped by the table.

“Welcome back there cutie,” said the girl.

“Um, hi,” said Willow hoping that Tara or Faith would be back soon.

“So, did you stick around to hear Faith’s hottie sing?”

“I did, she was amazing,” said Willow with a smirk. “She was definitely a hottie as well.”

“Yeah, but I wouldn’t let Faith hear you say that, she is pretty over-protective of people looking at her girlfriend from what I hear.”

“I don’t think I have to worry about Faith too much, she doesn’t seem that tough,” laughed Willow as she spotted Tara.

“Hey, it’s your funeral,” said the girl as she moved on to a table a couple down from their table keeping her eye on Willow though.

“Hey sexy,” said Willow as Tara made her way over to the table.

“Hey gorgeous,” smiled Tara as she placed a soft kiss on Willow’s lips as Faith came up behind them and put her arms around both girls and put Willow into a friendly headlock. The girl who was talking to Willow earlier watched the interaction between the three, her eyes bulging when she saw Faith put Willow into the headlock.

As the three sat down with Tara in-between Willow and Faith, Willow told them about the girl and her conversation with her. Faith and Tara decided to have a little fun with it, and Willow of course went along with it.

Tara leaned over cuddling with Faith as they talked and then when Faith looked away she leaned over and gave Willow a kiss, but made it look like she was trying to hide it from Faith. When Faith turned back Tara went back to playing the attentive girlfriend. They did that a few times while the girl watched them and shook her head astonished by what was going on. Finally Faith turned around while Tara was kissing Willow and loud enough for the girl to hear told them to get a room. They all laughed as the girl got up and left and Willow excused herself to the bathroom.

Tara and Faith were still laughing Kelly and Jackie walked up to the table.

“Should I be offended that you are laughing at us,” asked Jackie.

“We weren’t laughing at you, though you are kinda funny looking,” teased Faith.

“Not as funny looking as you though,” said Kelly.

“Hey you two,” said Tara as she got up and gave them both a hug.

“Tara, why are you all smiley and in such a good mood? Not that we are complaining, but it just isn’t like you,” asked Kelly as her and Jackie sat down.

“Blondie is finally getting some,” said Faith as Tara hit her in the arm.

“Huh, wha…” they both said together.

“From you Faith,” asked Jackie jokingly.

“I wish, but no,” said Faith as she saw a look cross Tara’s face. “What? I heard you two the last night, and you are smokin’ hot.”

“Don’t let my girlfriend here you say that,” said Tara as she rolled her eyes.

“Huh, wha…” they both said together again.

“You heard me, I want you to meet my girlfriend.”

“Since when do you have a girlfriend,” asked Kelly.

“Since about almost three weeks ago,” said Tara smugly.

“What the hell blondie,” started Kelly. “You get a girlfriend and don’t tell us for almost three weeks. I’m not sure if I should be offended that you didn’t tell us or happy that you are finally getting a life.”

“Go with happy,” said Faith as she saw Willow heading back to the table.

“Whoa, red-hot redhead headed this way,” said Jackie.

“Damn, you aren’t kidding baby,” said Kelly.

“I can’t believe you two still talk like that,” said Tara as she turned and saw that it was Willow they were referring to and she turned back to them.

“Older and married, not dead, big difference,” said Jackie and Kelly nodded her head in agreement.

“Well, eyes off the redhead, she’s mine,” said Tara as she grabbed Willow’s arm and pulled her on to her lap and gave her a kiss that made the other three blush.

“Damn Tara,” said Jackie and Kelly together as Tara smiled at them as Willow moved back to her own seat.

“Kelly, Jackie, this is my girlfriend Willow, Willow, these are my good friends Kelly and Jackie.”

“Nice to meet you,” said Jackie as she shook Willow’s hand.

“Wait a frilly freaking minute,” said Kelly. “Willow as in THE Willow – the old love that you have been pining after for over five years, the ‘love of your life’ Willow?”

“Thankfully yes, because if it wasn’t, wow wouldn’t this be awkward,” laughed Tara.

“Wow, and she’s freaking hot…damn blondie,” said Kelly. “Willow it is nice to finally meet you.”

“It’s nice to meet you both two. I'm glad your feeling better too.”

“So, how – we demand and deserve details,” asked Jackie.

They proceeded to tell the couple about the full story of the airport, Willow meeting Ceri, their trip to Sunnyhell, and that they had bought the flat across the hall from Faith.

“Wow, well congratulations you two,” said Kelly as she got up and hugged Tara.

“So, Willow, how are you liking London,” asked Jackie.

“I love it, though I’m certain that it has a lot to do with the company that I’m keeping,” she said smiling at Tara as Faith made a gagging noise.

“Shut it Faith,” said Tara as she hit the Slayers leg.

“Have you started looking or found a job yet,” asked Jackie.

“I actually have my own business so I just moved it over here with me.”

“Very nice! So, what do you do,” asked Jackie.

“I’m a Security Analyst. I go in and analyze companies inter and intranet security and offer suggestions, write programs to fill the holes I find in their network and then ongoing I get to try to hack their security to ensure that my recommendations are being used and ensuring their safety. If I can’t get in pretty much nobody will.”

“Ok, see I thought owning my software business was cool, you just put that to shame. And um, Tara, how is it that she is a computer nerd and you were one of the most computer illiterate people I have ever met,” laughed Jackie as her and Willow went off into their own geeky nerdy world of technical speak as Tara, Kelly, and Faith moved on to their own conversation.

“I have never seen you so happy,” said Kelly.

“She glows doesn’t she,” added Faith.

“I am very happy, in love, giddy,” said Tara blushing.

“I’m surprised after all these years I had never seen a picture of her. She’s definitely a looker,” laughed Kelly.

“I seem to recall you said she was a red-hot redhead when you Jackie were gawking at my girlfriend.”

“Hey, we didn’t know she was your girlfriend, that therefore gives us a free pass for our gawking,” Kelly said as the three laughed and Kelly saw the looks of love and devotion that were passing between the two.


“So, what kind of software do you write,” Willow asked Jackie.

“I mostly do program customizations, sometimes I customize office products, accounting software, graphics programs, and some audio programs. I have had a couple requests to help with Anti-Virus/Firewall stuff, but I just don’t know enough about them to do anything. Though, now I may just have to pick your brain or send you some business.”

“Sounds like a plan and I can send you some of my clients that are looking for the app customizations that I just don’t have the time to do,” said Willow.

“I think we may have a good partnership starting here,” laughed Jackie.

“I think you might be right,” said Willow.

“So, how does it feel to have Tara back?”

“Like I can breathe again and my heart finally started beating again.”

“She’s glowing, I think the only time I’ve seen her do that was when Ceri was around.”

“Yeah, she definitely glows when Ceri is around. Though I can understand why, she is amazing.”

“She is a great kid. Kelly and I love having her around.”

After a while Jackie and Willow joined the other three in their conversation.


“Hey sexy,” said Willow into Tara’s ear causing the blondes eyes to close in delight.

“Hey yourself,” Tara responded. “Did you and Jackie have a nice chat?”

“Yeah and we actually formed a little partnership since I have clients who are looking for what she does and she has clients looking for what I do. We decided to do some referrals.”

“I knew you two would hit it off,” Tara said as she gave Willow a quick kiss.

“You two are just too cute,” said Kelly.

“T, I’m going to run and get in a quick patrol. You guys be ok getting home?”

“Yeah, we will. Be safe,” said Tara.

“Awwww, you care,” joked Faith.

“Well yeah, just a little though.”

Everyone said their goodbyes to Faith and then the four went back to talking and getting to know Willow.

“So, Tara, Willow is really Ceri’s other parent?”

“Who else could or would it be,” laughed Tara.

“I’m thinking Faith, you had a one night stand with her and Ceri is what come of it,” joked Kelly.

“Ew, ew, eeeewww,” shuddered Willow.

“Sweetie, it isn’t that repulsive of an idea. Well, not now at least.”

“She has changed since I first met her in High School,” laughed Willow. “Though I still prefer NOT to think of you and Faith in a romantic setting; it just doesn’t sit right. You are mine and only mine.”

“Wait, you’ve known Faith since High School,” asked Jackie.

“Yeah, I’ve known her longer than I’ve known Tara.”

“Wholly crap, you knew her in the cleavagey slut-bomb days? There has got to be some good stories from then,” laughed Kelly.

“I knew her, we weren’t friends though.”

“Oh, Faith told us what she was like. Tara said that when she first met Faith that you two had just started dating and Faith had done some spell to change bodies with someone named Buffy.”

“Yep, that was my best friend that she body swapped with. Tara was the one that noticed that something wasn’t right and that was one of her first meetings with my friends.”

“Sounds like an interesting first meeting,” said Jackie. “So, what was going on that Kelly had to send Faith to save the day?”

“The Sunnydale gang didn’t want Willow to move so they blamed me and treated me like crap,” said Tara.

“Are they now toads? I think that there is valid justification for it you know,” said Kelly trying to lighten the mood some.

“They aren’t, but it isn’t still out of the realm of possibilities,” said Willow.

“Sweetie, we can’t turn them into toads, Xander has already had his bug eating experience.”

“True,” she giggled and then told Kelly and Jackie the story of Dracula and him making Xander his man-bitch.

“I always thought the stories Tara told us about Sunnydale were exaggerations, but I guess not.”

“Nope, they were all true,” said Willow kissing her girlfriends hand.


~ Branny72
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Finally Willow and Tara are so happy together and have a life they deserved. Kelly and Jackie are great and I'm glad they hit it off with Willow. Problems with Fluffy. I wonder what Faith is gonna do...

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Yeah, i second Lillyred's comment:

I'm really happy for the girls, but what are the others (& Buffy!) gonna do?

That blasted Hellmouth is a frikkin' anchor.
Buffy is never gonna feel like she can leave with it drawing in all the baddies in the area.
And Faith's life is with Tara.

They need to close it down for good.

Preferably without reducing the whole place to a crater.
a lot of people keep their stuff there :)

Roll on the Fuffy! :bounce

R :flower

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Azirahael: 2nd to the last chapter...thank you so much for reading and giving feedback!! :grin

lilyred: Almost done with the fic – thank you so much for reading and giving feedback!! :bounce

Authors Notes:  Thank you to Willara4ever for always being willing to read or help when I get writers's drama's do NOT help with writing, but having great helpers/collaborators does!


Title: Actions and Consequences
By:  Branny72
Disclaimer:  I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 - NC-17 (will vary per chapter) – NC-17 This Chapter
Couples:  W/T
Summary:  AU – Tara didn’t die she left town…set 5 years after Tara left…Actions have consequences, everyone has to live by their choices.

Feedback:  Pretty please…It helps me to know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong!!


Only one chapter left after this one!!


Chapter 19

Willow and Tara had settled into a good routine over the next few of months. Willow was enjoying working from home and getting to spend some quality time with their daughter. Tara was loving having Willow there, in her life, in her bed. She couldn't believe that life was so good.

Willow and Jackie's 'partnership' was evolving as well. They found that their services together were extremely beneficial for their clients. They had even partially discussed jokingly merging their businesses and forming a single entity.

“Tara, have you seen my notes for my meeting today?” called Willow from her office.

“Where did you last have them Sweetie,” Tara called back from the bedroom.

“I thought they were in my briefcase, but they aren't in there.”

“Where else were you at with them,” said Tara as she met Willow in the living room.

“I don't remember and today is a huge meeting,” Willow said her voice rising in pitch.

“We'll find them,” Tara said reassuring her girlfriend. “Ceri, get moving, Faith is going to be here in a minute to take you to school.”

“Faith is here,” said Faith walking in the door. “Where's the kid?”

“Aunt Faith,” Ceri said as she came running into the room.

“Ready to head off to school?”


Tara bent down and hugged her daughter and gave her a quick kiss. “Have a great day today my beautiful girl. I love you!”

“I love you too Mommy,” Ceri said as she pulled away from her mothers hug.

Willow bent down as well and hugged and kissed her daughter. “I love you! Go learn as much as you can.”

“I will Mama, I love you too!”

“Okay enough of this mushy stuff,” laughed Faith. “We're leaving.”

“You can pick her up after school too right?” asked Tara.

“Yep, I will pick her up and we'll hang out at my house until you get home.”

“Thanks again,” said Tara as Faith and Ceri left.

“Baby, I have to leave in soon and I still don't know where those notes are,” said Willow.

“Okay, let me do a check,” said Tara.

Tara checked in the living room, the kitchen, Willow's office, Ceri's room and then she went into their room to look.

“Found them,” called Tara.

“Where?” asked Willow rushing into the bedroom.

“Under the bed. You must have brought them into the room,” said Tara.

“Oh yeah, that was before I knew there was this smoking hot blonde naked in my bed,” Willow said kissing Tara softly on the lips.

“You saying that you don't have one in your bed nightly?” asked Tara raising her eyebrow.

“Well most nights, although the past couple weeks I haven't seen much of her.”

"I'm sorry Sweetie, but things have been really crazy with the stores. I am... will probably be late again tonight as well."

“Tara, you can't keep up this schedule. You have been home before midnight twice in the past two weeks and that includes you working 7 days per week. You are going to burn out baby,” Willow said.

“I can't help it, I hate being gone from you and Ceri.”

“Then don't be,”

"It isn't that easy Willow. I don't work out of the house. I have to physically be at the stores," Tara said.

“I know, but you have a family that you need to be concerned with as well.”

“You don't think that I'm concerned about my family?”

“I didn't mean it like that,” Willow said realizing how poor her phrasing was.

“Well then what the hell did you mean by it?”

“We miss you baby. Ceri needs her mommy around.”

“I know that and I want to be here, but between the couple of employees who have left and then the two mixed up orders I'm having to spread myself a bit thinner.”

“A bit? Seriously Tara? Today was the first morning that you were home to see our daughter off to school and then you say you are going to work late again. Is it because I'm here that you think you can avoid our daughter and become a workaholic?”

“Excuse me,” said Tara her voice rising.

“Do you think that now because Ceri has me you can just throw yourself into your career?”

“No, if you weren't here I would have to be doing the same thing. That is where Faith and Giles being close came in really handy.”

“Yeah, I bet it was, not that I would know since I wasn't here or aware she existed,” Willow said her voice rising to meet Tara's.

"I'm not going to argue that with you this morning. We've been through this. I'm sorry you missed out on her life as a baby. I can never make it up to you," Tara said exasperated.

“I just don't understand where the perfect mother went,” snapped Willow.

“I was never perfect, and her Mommy is still right here she just has a lot going on and would rather have support than guilt from those around her,” snapped Tara.

“When does it end though?”

“It ends when I get the orders corrected and people hired and trained. Being here fighting with you over something that I can't control is pointless and wasting both of our time.”

“Oh, so talking with me is a waste of time now?”

“No, us fighting like this is a waste of time,” said Tara.

“Well, let me stop wasting your time today then. I guess when you manage to remember Ceri and I we'll be here,” yelled Willow as she grabbed her notes, her briefcase and headed out the door.

“Ugh,” yelled Tara in frustration as she went to finish getting ready and head off to work.


Tara went to the shop near her flat, the one that she had taken Willow to for them to talk. She walked in and saw Kelly in there and she offered a pained smile and nodded for her to follow her to the office.

“Alright, what's wrong?” asked Kelly as she sat down on the couch.

“Willow and I had a fight before leaving today,” replied Tara sitting at the desk and absently taking the picture of her, Ceri, and Willow and started to trace Willows face.

“I'm guessing you don't fight that much so it takes its toll.”

“More that there were cheap blows thrown today,” said Tara as she replayed the fight to Kelly.

“Ouch, so she just left after that?”

“Yep,” said Tara putting the picture back.

“Do you have any idea why she was so short with you?”

“She's stressed, I'm stressed, we barely see one another with me being here most days from 6 AM until easily midnight six or seven days a week.”

“Whoa, back up. Why in the hell are you putting in so many hours? And why haven't you called me to let me know so that I could come back and help you out?” asked Kelly slightly offended.

“With losing two people and then trying to get that whole shipment issue resolved I have to cover a lot of bases.”

“Ok, and why haven't you asked for help from me? I ran this place with you for a couple of years.”

“You got hurt a few months ago, you are still healing from that AND you have stuff going on with Jackie's business.”

“Tara, that business will run itself for a while without me, you however cannot keep doing this. I'm going to call Jackie and tell her that I need to come back and help you out until you find someone.”

“Kel, please, I can't ask that of you,” said Tara.

“You didn't, I seem to recall I told you I was doing it. Suck it up Maclay, we are here to help and support you, that is what a real family does. You understood that until your trip to Sunnydale.”

“I still understand it, but it has never been easy for me to ask any of you for help.”

“Lose the pride,” said Kelly as she got up and pulled Tara up into a hug.

“Thank you,” Tara whispered.


Willow left the flat frustration oozing out of her. She took the Underground to meet Jackie for their meeting.

“Hey Jackie,” said Willow as she walked into Jackie's office.

“Hey Willow! You ready for the meeting today,” asked Jackie.

“Yeah, I am.”

“What's up? You look frazzled.”

“Tara and I had a fight this morning and I kind of walked out without us resolving it.”

“Kind of?”

“Okay, I walked out before we resolved it and there were several cheap blows that were thrown.”

“Well, we have time, I'm willing to listen,” offered Jackie.

“Yeah, but aren't you going to be on her side, no offense it is just that you have known her longer and better than you have known me. I also don't want to put you into that sort of position.”

“Well, for starters, I am friends with BOTH of you. I don't pick sides, we're programmers Willow, we look at this shit logically and analytically.”

“Yeah, one of the two of us in this room forgot that this morning,” Willow said with a tired laugh as she sat down and told Jackie what happened.

“Well, that wasn't pretty. I can't believe that Tara is putting in those kind of hours. Your girlfriend is insane if she thinks she can keep that up.”

“I know, she gets home, she peeks in on Ceri, gets ready for bed and then comes to bed. I feel bad for wanting to talk to her to just hold her because she is so exhausted. Last night she got home at an early hour. And when I say early I mean 10 PM.”

“Now from what Faith told me you two have a fairly healthy love life, is that part of the frustration as well?” asked Jackie.

“Um, er, no,” Willow said turning several shades of red as her mind went back to the previous night.

Jackie seeing the embarrassment on Willows face started to laugh.

“Hey, no laughing lady,” Willow said jokingly.

“Sorry, you and Tara just need to talk this through and figure out a solution. You also need to apologize for the cheap blow about Ceri.”

“Yeah, I know, I was an ass on that one.”

Jackies phone started to ring. “Hey Baby, what's up?”

Willow stepped out of the room to give her some privacy and to try to figure out how to resolve this issue.


Tara left the office to go pull the receipts from the weekend and Kelly grabbed her phone.

“Hey Baby, what's up?” said Jackie.

“Hey sexy! I am here at the shop with Tara and her...”

“And Willow had a fight, I just got the story from Willow.”

“Good, that means you know what is going on. Well, since your business can run without me for a bit I am going to fill in and help Tara out until she can get things resolved here.”

“That is a fantastic idea! I think we should start tonight and get her home at a reasonable time so that they can talk about this.”

“I agree. I love you,” said Kelly grateful for having and understanding wife.

“I love you too. I have to go to my meeting with Willow now, I'll see you later.”

“Bye sexy.”


“Mama, does Mommy have to work late again?” asked Ceri as Willow picked her up from Faith's.

“Yeah, I'm afraid she does,” Willow said letting the into their place across the hall.

“Why is she having to work so much?”

“Well, she has to cover for a couple of people who no longer work there.”

“But I miss her,” said Ceri as Willow put her briefcase in her office.

“We both do baby girl. What did you and Faith have for dinner?” asked Willow.

“She made a pizza,” said Ceri.

“Well then let's get you into the tub so that you can get all clean and then maybe we can read some before bed,” said Willow as she looked at the clock and saw it was already 6:30.

After the bath Ceri and Willow made themselves comfy on the couch and read together. Ceri with her book and Willow with hers. At 7:30 Willow saw Ceri yawn and told her it was bedtime.

Willow tucked Ceri in and made herself something to eat quick and then went into her office to go over the papers from her meeting with Jackie and the lawyer today. Willow glanced up at the clock and saw it was already close to 11. She hoped that Tara would be home soon so that maybe they could talk to resolve their fight.


Kelly came back to the shop to take over and send Tara home at 8, but there was still so much work that needed to be done that Tara just went to the office to get going on that. After the store closed Kelly went into the office and asked Tara if she could see about setting up the talk with Kasey and she also requested that Tara be there. Tara agreed and called Morrigan who set it up for the following day at 10 AM. They were to meet Kasey at St. James Park to talk. Tara sent Kelly home at 10 and told her she would be leaving shortly.

Tara finally called it a night at 12:30 AM and by the time she got home she was beyond exhausted. She quietly snuck into the house and went into Ceri's room and watched her sleeping for a bit and then kissed her on the head and went to get ready for bed herself.

Tara was crawling into bed as quietly as she could when Willow turned over towards her.

“Baby, is that you,” asked the sleepy redhead.

“Yeah, sorry, I didn't mean to wake you,” said Tara.

“I tried to wait up for you so we could talk, what time is it?”

“It's about 1 AM. I'm too tired to talk tonight Will, I just need to get some sleep.”

“Okay,” Willow said with a sigh. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Tara said before they both drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Tara was up and out of the house before Willow and Ceri woke up. Ceri found a note to her and Willow taped to the refrigerator.

Willow and Ceri,
I love you both and I'm sorry I had to leave so early this morning. Kelly is going to be helping me at the store so hopefully I will be home at a decent time tonight.

Have a great day my loves,

“Well baby girl, lets get your ready for school, Faith will be here in a bit to take you.


Tara got to work a little after 5:30 AM, she wondered why she had even bothered to go home to sleep, but then she remember the two redheads that she had left sleeping this morning. Her heart was breaking she wanted so badly to be home with them. She pushed that out of her mind and continued to go through settling the stores from the day before and getting the store ready for opening.

Kelly arrived at 8 AM to help. Tara put her to work at facing and stocking the shelves while she set up the register and finished the other small display designs.

At 9:30 Tara and Kelly left the store headed for their meeting with Kasey.

They arrived at the park and saw that Kasey was already there.

“Hi Kasey,” said Tara as they walked up to the table where she was sitting.

“Hi,” said Kasey diverting her eyes down.

“Kasey,” said Kelly as she pulled the brunette up and wrapped her arms around her and they both started to cry. After several minutes of shedding tears they composed themselves and sat down.

“Why?” asked Kelly.

“Kel, I did it for your safety,” started Kasey.

“If you didn't want to marry me, there were easier ways to get out of it. You didn't have to make me think you were dead. I'm not that bad of a person, I would have been hurt, but goddess Kasey, I thought you were dead. I thought you had been murdered and I spent years grieving for you.”

“I'm sorry,” said Kasey timidly.

“Kelly, calm down and why don't we let Kasey explain,” interjected Tara hoping to calm both women down.

“I don't know, well I guess I do know how you could think that I didn't want to marry you, but you are wrong. There is nothing that I wanted to do more than marry you. Goddess Kelly, I was so in love with you that it hurt being away, and then to know that I had to leave you to protect you. I don't know that I will ever emotionally heal from that. It was and remains the hardest thing I have ever had to do.”

“Then please, help me understand why. Kasey, we were a team, you and me against the world,” said Kelly as a tear rolled down her face.

“Patrick came into the bar one night and told me that unless I went away with him he was going to kill you. I didn't believe him, I told him to leave us alone. He pulled out pictures of you walking down the street, you at work, you in our apartment. He had followed you everywhere. I didn't know what to do, then one day I was on my way home and he pulled up, showed me a picture of you from like 10 minutes earlier, he told me to get in or he would kill me and then kill you. I got in the car and he took me out to a cottage,” Kasey said as she looked at Tara and then her eyes locked on to Kelly's eyes. “The cottage was pretty far from Dublin and very remote. He had been prepping his plan for a while. After we got there he locked me in a room and told me that I had to stay there until I was ready to leave you and stay with him.”

“Sick rotting bastard,” mumbled Kelly as Kasey took one of her hands and Tara the other.

“I wouldn't cave into his demand to say I would stay, he beat me, badly,” Kasey said as she lifted her shirt slightly to show Kelly and Tara three four-inch scars on her side. “He did that because I didn't scream loud enough when he hit me. After a couple of weeks he realized that he wasn't going to break me, so he just let loose and thought he killed me and then dumped where I was found by a coven of witches from London that were on a retreat and taken to the hospital in London.”

“You were the other case the Doctor talked about that healed so quickly,” said Tara.

“Yes, that was me. Once I was there and stable I was able to start healing myself. Once I was healed enough I sought out the coven of witches that had found me. I met with them, I proved myself and my healing abilities. It was Morrigan that realized I had a talent for healing and allowed me to join the coven and sent me off for training.”

“So, you obviously knew you had a little witchy in you, did you know that Kelly?”

“No, not a clue. Though, you haven't mentioned your abilities either Tara I know you have them because you own four flipping magic stores, but that isn't something that you have told me either.”

“I know, and we will still have that talk, but not right now,” said Tara.

“Whenever I was near you Kelly, I would check on you, make sure that you were ok.”

“If you knew I was safe and he thought you were dead, why not come back to me?”

“I didn't come back to you because I figured that Patrick would either be watching you or that as long as he didn't see me with you, you'd be safe.”

“So, you stalked me,” said Kelly bitterly as she lowered her head and started to play with her hands.

“I watched you, I saw you eventually meet Tara, then I saw you start to smile and laugh more. She seemed to make you happy, but her aura told me that there was something missing in her life. Then she introduced you to Jackie and I saw your aura brighten like I hadn't seen it in years, it was as bright or maybe brighter than it was when we were together. I knew then that you were going to be ok. I was at your wedding on the beach.”

“Excuse me?” Kelly said her head snapping up.

“I was there, I saw you and Jackie get married. I know I shouldn't have, but I just needed to see you happy. Once I saw that I knew you were going to be okay and safe. That was when my traveling went into high gear. I spent most of my time traveling from one coven to another learning their healing methods. I had been back here about three days when Morrigan called for a healer.”

“You were at my wedding...I...Kasey...oh my god. I don't know how to process all this.”

“It is going to take time Kel,” said Tara her hand rubbing Kelly's back.

“I'm sorry I hurt you and left you, I'm not sorry that I did it to keep you safe,” said Kasey.

“Have you been alone this whole time? Or are you alone?”

“I met someone on my travels that I have been involved with,” admitted Kasey.

“Have been involved with?” asked Kelly.

“We haven't ever defined our relationship. She is the only person that I have been involved with since I left you, and I am the only person she has been involved with, but we never defined our relationship.”

“How long have you been together?” asked Tara.

“Six years last week,” said Kasey.

“I'm glad you haven't been alone.”

“Did you always know you were a witch?” asked Tara.

“No, I found out in high school when I was out with some friends. They were into the goth scene and we met up with some people who they believed were from a fake coven, turned out they were a real coven. I didn't flaunt it and rarely used magic, I was content to live my life as everyone else around me did.”

“Well, I'm happy you found someone,” started Kelly. “I think you should know it was Patrick that was driving the hit-and-run car.”

“WHAT?” said Kasey and Tara.

“Yeah, the sick bastard is the one that hit me.”

“Why are you just telling me this now,” snapped Tara. “You know that Willow and I could have been protecting you. Seriously Kelly.”

“Why didn't you tell me sooner?”

“Because you left me, you walked out on me, you lost your rights. And Tara, you just got back with Willow and I know she hadn't used magic in years, since oh say Ceri was conceived.”

“Kelly, you are in danger,” said Kasey.

“No more than you my little pet,” came a scruffy voice from the trees behind Tara and Kelly. As Kasey registered who it was Tara felt a rough hand grab her around the throat and then she felt a gun thrust into her side.

“Patrick?” said Kasey.

“Let her go,” yelled Kelly.

“Nope, blondie here is going to be my little insurance policy that you two behave,” said Patrick as he hit Tara in the back of the head with the gun and knocked her out. “Follow me ladies.”

Kelly and Kasey were helpless, they couldn't and wouldn't leave Tara. They followed Patrick and when he told them to get into the trunk of his car they complied, he then put Tara in the front seat next to him and drove off.

“Kasey, how about a little magic hear,” said Kelly.

“I am a healer, I don't do other magic.”

“Great,” scoffed Kelly as she pulled her phone out and dialed Willow's number.

“Hello,” came the voice on the other line.

“Willow,” said Kelly.

“Kelly, what happened to Tara? I got a call from Ceri's school saying she was in tears stating that something was wrong with her Mommy.”

“Kasey, Tara, and I have been kidnapped by the sick rotting bastard that hit me with his car.”

“Is Tara with you? Is she ok?” Willow's panic rising.

“Kasey and I are in the trunk of his car and Tara was knocked out and put in the front area. Will, we're in a lot of trouble here and could you some help.”

“Do you know where he is taking you?”

“Kasey any clue where he is taking us? Kasey says no.”

“Okay, I'm going to call Morrigan and see what we can do. Tell Tara I love her and I'm sorry we fought yesterday.”

“I will, what about Ceri?”

“Faith is going to pick her up and she is going to stay with her and maybe the three of them will go up to Giles' place.”

“Okay, if I know anything I'll let you...” the phone cut out and Kelly saw she had no signal. “Son of a bitch.”


“I lost signal.”


~ Branny72
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Lots of interesting things going on.

Perhaps too much?

Especially this late in the story.
It feels kinda choppy, almost like 4 or 5 ministories stuck together. could use a little work to smooth the joins over.

And what's happening with Faith/Buffy? it's like they just forgot each other!

I look forward to a happy ending.

R :flower

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Azirahael: Sorry, no ending in this chapter, I need a little more time...I hope that is okay. :grin

Authors Notes:  Thank you to Willara4ever for always being willing to read or help when I get writers's drama's do NOT help with writing, but having great helpers/collaborators does!


Title: Actions and Consequences
By:  Branny72
Disclaimer:  I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 - NC-17 (will vary per chapter) – NC-17 This Chapter
Couples:  W/T
Summary:  AU – Tara didn’t die she left town…set 5 years after Tara left…Actions have consequences, everyone has to live by their choices.

Feedback:  Pretty please…It helps me to know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong!!


I couldn't tie it up the way I wanted to so there will be a couple more chapters! :glasses


Chapter 20

Willow hung up the phone and called Morrigan to tell her what was going on.

“Willow, dear, how are you?” said the older woman.

“Morrigan, help,” said Willow.

“What is going on?” asked Morrigan noting the fear in Willow's voice.

“Tara has been kidnapped along with Kasey and Kelly.”


“Just a little bit ago. I got a call from Kelly, she said that Tara had been knocked out my the rat bastard that had them and that she and Kasey were in the trunk of the car. She said they had no clue where they were headed. Ceri's school called and said that the was crying and stating something had happened to her Mommy. Faith is going to get her, but I need help in finding Tara.”

“I will be there in a few minutes, hang tight. Are you at home?” said Morrigan already out the door and on her way over to meet the redhead.

“Yeah, I'm here. I'm going to call Jackie and have her come over here as well to see if she has any ideas on what is going on.”

“Okay, I will see you soon child.”

Willow hung up the phone with Morrigan, she began pacing in her office as she dialed Jackie's number.

“Hey Willow,” she answered.

“Jackie, can you come over here? There is an issue involving Tara, Kasey, and Kelly,” started Willow.

“What do you mean an issue? And what do you mean it involving Tara, Kasey, and Kelly? Explain,” Jackie said her voice rising as was her panic and fear.

“I got a call from Kelly...” started Willow as she explained about the call from Kelly and her call to Morrigan. Jackie stated she would be right over and hung up the phone. Willow continued pacing back and forth in her office.

“What is pacing doing for you Willow? You need to save your energy. You have barely floated a pencil with Morrigan, there is no way that you can do more without being fully rested,” thought Willow.

Morrigan and Jackie arrived at the flat at the same time.

“Have you heard from them again?” asked Morrigan.

“No, I've tried calling Kelly and Tara back, but I can't reach them. I hacked into the cellular network to try to pinpoint where they were, but it didn't help me much either.”

“We'll find them,” said Morrigan as she put her hand on Willow's shoulder.

“What can I do to help,” said Jackie.

“Take Ceri upstairs and hang with Giles, I'm helping them,” said Faith as she entered holding the crying four-year-old.

Willow rushed over and grabbed her daughter out of the brunette slayers arms and hugged her close.

“Mama, is Mommy ok?” sniffled the little girl.

“Mommy will be ok, I promise,” said Willow kissing the top of her daughters head.

“Take her upstairs and explain to Giles what is going on and we'll keep you updated. You can help us more by protecting that precious little girl so we don't have to worry about her,” Morrigan said to Jackie.

“Okay. Come here baby munchkin,” said Jackie holding her arms out towards the two redheads.

“It's okay sweetie, Aunt Jackie is going to take you up to Grandpa's and we're going to go get Mommy and Aunt Kelly,” Willow said handing her daughter over to Jackie.

“Promise they will be okay?” asked Ceri.

“You have my word,” said Faith letting the little girl know how serious they were. She knew without a doubt that Faith wouldn't let anything happen to her Mommy.


“Kelly, what happened?” asked Kasey.

“The phone cut off,” said Kelly her look showing how mad and frustrated she was.

“I'm sorry I ever got you into this and now that Tara is involved I feel even worse.”

“Kasey, you didn't do this on purpose. You didn't have any control over what Patrick did, so stop blaming yourself. You can have a pity party after we get out of here and everyone is safe.”

“I'm not having a pity party you jackass,” snapped Kasey.

“Fine, I don't want to argue,” said Kelly as she noticed the scowl on Kasey's face.

“How long has we been driving,” asked Kasey.

“About 20 minutes.”


“Wha...” said Tara as she started to regain consciousness.

“Shut up and don't make a move or your friends in the trunk are dead and so is your little girl,” snapped Patrick.

Tara glared at him but didn't say a word.

After another hour on the road they pulled off and headed through a heavily wooded area to a large house. The house looked very out-of-place. It wasn't a cabin, it was larger than that. The house resembled something that you would find on any suburban street in a high-class neighborhood.

Patrick pulled the car into the garage and then tied Tara's hands behind her back and yanked her out of the car. He then took her to a small concrete room within the basement of the large house.

As he shoved her into the room he growled that he'd be back. Patrick then went and got Kelly and shoved her into the room with Tara and finally he brought Kasey to the room as well.

“Get comfortable ladies,” sheered Patrick. “Oh and don't think that your magic and mobile phones are going to work here, I have had wards put up.”

With that Patrick slammed the steel door closed leaving the three women trapped together.

“Well fuck,” snapped Kelly.

“Yes, that is going to help us,” snapped Kasey still pissed at Kelly.

“Okay, you two need to go to separate sides of the room and calm down,” said Tara. “Oh and one of you needs to untie my hands.”

“I'll do it Tara,” offered Kelly her tone more normal.

“Thank you,” said Tara as she rubbed her wrists from the rope that had just been removed.

“Are you ok?” asked Kasey.

“I'll be fine. So, do you two want to explain the added tension?” asked Tara.

“She's a jackass,” said Kasey pointing towards Kelly.

“Yeah, you walked out on me and let me believe you were dead and I'm the jackass,” snapped Kelly.

“I seem to recall I said you both need to calm down or I will make you both calm down. It is entirely your choice.”

“Tara, you...” started Kelly before Tara grabbed her and pinned her to the wall in one swift move.

“I have spent years helping two different slayers deal with vampires and various other disgusting demons. I know how to take care of myself and I know how to handle myself. Do you want to continue to patronize me or do you want to calm the fuck down so that we can discuss our options and figure out a way out of this place?”

Kelly and Kasey were both shocked at both the move and the tone that Tara was using.

“Calm please,” said Kelly.

“We're sorry,” said Kasey.

“Thank you,” said Tara stepping away from Kelly. “Now, do either of you have any thoughts?”


“So, what are we going to do?” asked Faith a slight quiver in her voice.

“We're going to get Tara back,” said Willow.

“Yeah, but how?” asked Faith.

“Morrigan?” asked Willow.

“I have tried to sense where Tara is, but I can't. It is like she is blocked by something.”

“So, can someone tell me what happened?” asked Faith.

“Right, I forgot you didn't know. Tara, Kelly, and Kasey have been kidnapped and the person that did that knocked Tara out.”

“Dude is so dead,” growled Faith.

“Save the seething anger for later Faith, right now we need to focus our energy on figuring out where to find Tara and the others,” said Morrigan in her motherly tone.

“Yes ma'am,” Faith said through gritted teeth.

Willow watched the interaction between Faith and Morrigan as well as their fear for Tara's well-being and even in the light of this situation she felt her heart warm a bit knowing that these two really did love Tara.

“Morrigan, is there a locator spell that would work?” asked Willow.

“Since I can't feel her, I don't think we can use a locator spell. I have a fear that she is being blocked by something, some sort of ward and a very powerful one at that.”

“So you think that the guy that took them knows about her magical abilities?” asked Faith.

“I do, and if he doesn't know about hers he definitely must know about Kasey's. I have spoken with Kasey over the past couple months on her past and what she hadn't revealed to us and what we hadn't already pieced together about it. From what she told me, this Patrick guy is very resourceful and connected,” said Morrigan the frustration coming through in her words.”

“Well, we are more resourceful and we are going to find them,” Willow said confidently.


Kelly investigated the door to see if she could find anything that might be a “weak link” or give them any advantage. While she did that Tara and Kasey tried to do some simple and complicated spells, but to no avail. They heard the sound of Patrick coming down the stairs and they moved to the far side of the room away from the door.

“So, does anybody want something to eat?” Patrick asked with a grin so sinister on his face that it made the three women's blood go cold.

“No thank you,” the three said in unison.

“Fine, you don't deserve anything to eat tonight anyway. I may come back and see you three tomorrow, I may not...get comfortable ladies,” he said as he stalked back up the stairs.

“Does anyone else feel like they dodged a bullet there?” asked Kelly turning and seeing both Tara and Kasey nod their head.

“Well, hopefully that is the last time he comes down here tonight,” said Tara.


Jackie arrived at Giles' flat and while Ceri was coloring in the living room she explained to Giles what she knew of what was going on.

“I know you feel helpless, but I have to agree that you taking care of Ceri is going to help them all be able to focus on getting Tara, Kelly, and Kasey back,” said the Watcher.

“That doesn't make it any easier nor does it make me feel any less helpless,” replied Jackie.

“I understand that, but if anything happened to that little girl you know that it would kill Tara...”

“Kelly too. I sometimes wonder if she is avoiding us having kids because she has Ceri,” Jackie said giving a forced smile.

“Have you asked her about that?”

“Hell no, do I look like I want to start a fight with my wife?”

“Good point,” Giles said with a smile and one broke out on Jackie's face as well.


“So, there are six pillows, two blankets, and one gross looking mattress. How are we going to do this sleeping thing,” asked Kasey.

“Well, since they are large pillows, I think we can lay them out side by side and then lay one of the blankets over the top and then lay on it,” suggested Kelly.

“That is fine, but I am sleep in-between the two of you. I don't trust you not to try to strangle one another,” said Tara.

“And what makes you think we won't still try to do it with you in the middle,” asked Kelly.

“I didn't say that you still wouldn't try to kill one another, but if I am in the middle and get caught in the crossfire, you have to tell Willow,” Tara said with an evil smirk.

“You fight dirty Maclay,” Kelly said in a huff.

“I'm curious about you and Willow,” said Kasey.

“Curious? Why?” asked Tara as the three of them made the bed the way that had been suggested.

“Well, I just see the love in your auras for one another and I'm wondering about your history and about Ceri.”

“You really can see love in someone's aura?” asked Kelly.

“Yeah, it is part of what makes some brighter than others,” answered Tara.

“Is that why you set me up with Jackie? You saw what are aura was like when we were together,” asked Kelly.

“No,” Tara said flatly.

“So, why did you set them up then Tara,” asked Kasey.

“I set them up so they would both stop asking me out. You would think after a hundred times saying 'no' or 'I've already given my heart to someone' or even 'my soul mate lives in Sunnydale' they would leave me alone,” Tara said deadpanned and held the face for a few seconds and then offered a smirk to the two women looking at her.

“We're persistent,” said Kelly.

“They really wouldn't stop asking you out?” asked Kasey with a smile growing on her face.

“No, it was getting pathetic even. This one would send flowers, the other one would bring me coffee and snacks. Not that I minded either, but come on ladies, take the hint.”

“You were hot, we didn't realize it was the pregnancy glow that was causing it at first,” said Kelly.

“Were? So you are saying I'm not hot anymore?” teased Tara.

“I didn't, erm, ah,” stammered Kelly as Kasey started to laugh. “Shut it woman.”

“Oh no, you dug this hole and I am going to enjoy every pain staking moment that you are suffering in it.”

“Weren't you curious about Willow and Tara?” asked Kelly trying to divert the attention from herself and onto Tara.

“Fine, I will bail your ass out of the hole you dug. Tara, please tell me about you and Willow,” said Kasey seeing relief in Kelly's eyes.

“What would you like to know?” asked Tara.

“When and how did you meet?”

“We met at a wicca group in college. Granted we were the only two that actually wanted to study spells and such, the rest of the group was more interested in having bake sales and fund-raisers.”

“Seriously?” asked Kasey.

“Oh yes. The first time we touched was probably the most intense feeling I had ever experienced prior to that moment. I knew that there was meant to be at that point for us. We dated for a while and she hadn't told her friends much about me, sort of keeping me to herself. Then her ex came back and that turned out to be a turning point for our relationship. She told her best friend about us and that she was in love with me, then she chose me over her ex. I can say the elation that I felt that night was shocking.”

“And I bet the sex wasn't bad either,” chimed in Kelly.

“That was always amazing,” Tara said before she could stop herself.

“Horn-dog,” muttered Kelly under her breath just before receiving an elbow in the ribs from Tara. “OW!”

“Serves you right,” said Tara as Kasey laughed.

Tara went on to tell Kasey and Kelly about moving in with Buffy, her death, taking care of Dawn, Buffy being brought back, and then about life and Willow's growing magic addiction.

“So, she was doing both light and dark magic?” asked Kasey.

“Yep,” said Tara.

“I can't imagine being with someone who is using dark magic,” said Kasey.

“That is why I left her,” said Tara.

“Wait, so light and dark that the same and good and evil magic?” asked Kelly seeing a confused look cross both Tara and Kasey's face. “You know Glinda versus The Wicked Witch? I just want to understand how bad what Willow was doing is.”

“It is the same as innocent Ceri compared to Patrick,” said Tara.

“Oh,” said Kelly.


“I have called the covens and I have them doing research on how we are going to locate them,” said Morrigan as she put her mobile down on the table in Willow's office. “How is the book research going?”

“This shit sucks,” said Faith.

“We aren't having a lot of luck. I wish we had the Scoobies here,” said Willow.

“The Scoobies?” asked Morrigan, she had heard the name/term before, but she wasn't clear on it.

“That is what we called ourselves. It was myself, Anya, Xander, Buffy, Dawnie, Tara, and Giles. We did research on the demons and apocalypses that Buffy was fending off.”

“We're you any good?” asked Morrigan.

“They rocked in all honesty,” Faith said causing Willow to look at her with a shocked look on her face. “What? I was brash I wasn't stupid Red. I knew how great you guys were, I was jealous as hell.”

“You were jealous of us?”

“Yeah, between the friendship and closeness you shared, you always had one another's back. I always wanted that.”

“We didn't know,” Willow said softly.

“And I didn't tell you,” said Faith.

“Well, can you call them and either get them here or have them research from where they are?” asked Morrigan.

“I'll call B and see what she thinks they can do,” said Faith as she headed out of the office.


“Hello,” said Buffy.

“Hey B,” said Faith.

“Faith,” said Buffy in a wispy voice.

“How's the sexiest Slayer doing?” flirted Faith.

“Um, I don't know, how are you doing?” Buffy flirted back. Buffy covered the phone a bit and Faith heard her tell someone she would be right back.

“I miss you,” said Faith.

“I miss you too! You sound stressed.”

“Who is there with you?”

“Xander, Anya, and Dawn. We were planning to grill out,” said Buffy. “Babe, talk to me. What is going on?”

“Are you alone at the moment?”

“Yeah, I'm in what was Willow's office. You're scaring me.”

“Tara has been kidnapped,” Faith blurted out and her voice cracked.

“She's what?”

“She was kidnapped with Kelly and Kasey.”

“Someone obviously has a death wish,” said Buffy.

“Yeah, I know.”

“How are Willow and Ceri doing?”

“Well, the kid knew something was going on with Tara and I had to go get her from school because she was crying. Willow is fuming as you would expect.”

“How can we help?”

“Willow said that research would go a whole lot better if we had the Scoobies on it instead of just Willow, Morrigan, and myself.”

“Do you need us there or just to research from here? I can get Angel or Spike to cover for me here,” offered Buffy.

“Is it wrong for me to selfishly say here?”

“No, I was hoping that would be your answer. Let me go tell the others and we'll get the soonest flight we can and I'll call you back.”

“Thanks B,” said Faith.

“Faith, I care about all of you and I don't want anything happening to any of you. Thank you for calling and letting me in and letting us help.”

“Go talk to the others and call me back,” Faith said softly as she hung up and went back into the office.


Buffy composed herself after the phone call and headed back out to the living room where the others were talking.

“Who was that Buffster?” asked Xander.

“Faith,” said Buffy.

“She coming to town to give you a few much needed orgasms?” asked Anya as Xander and Dawn giggled.

“No, she called to tell me that Tara and a couple of her friends were kidnapped and they need the Scoobies to help with research,” Buffy blurted out stopping everyone from laughing and effectively quieting them all.

“Repeat that?” said Dawn as she started to shake.

“Willow said that Tara and a couple of her friends were kidnapped.”

“Which friends?” asked Dawn having spent a fair amount of time in London over the years she knew several of Tara's friends.

“Kelly and Kasey.”

“Oh my god, Kelly. Jackie has to be going nuts.”

“Wait, is this the same Kelly that was hit by the car when Tara was here?” asked Anya a tear rolling down her face.

“I didn't ask,” answered Buffy.

“It has to be, Tara only has one friend named Kelly that I know of.”

“Well, what do they need,” said Xander.

“Us to go to London to help them research and find Tara,” Buffy said offhandedly.

“I'll pack for us Buffy,” said Dawn as she headed upstairs.

“I'll go home and pack for us,” said Xander as he headed out the door.

“I'll call the airlines and get us the next flight out,” said Anya.

“I'll call Angel and Spike to have them watch the Hellmouth while we are gone,” said Buffy.

Everyone rushed to complete their task so that they could help Willow as quickly as possible.

“We leave in three hours,” said Anya as every made it back to the living room.

“Great, I'll call Faith and let her know when to expect us,” said Buffy taking the piece of paper from Anya that she had the flight information written on.

“I'm going to call Jackie,” said Dawn.

“I can't believe that someone is dumb enough to kidnap Tara. Don't they realize what a talented witch she is? Or who she knows?”

“I don't think so Ahn, if they did they wouldn't have kidnapped her,” Xander said consoling his wife.


“Buffy is going to get everyone on board and call me with their flight information,” said Faith.

“Great,” said Morrigan.

“Hopefully they can be here soon,” said Willow.

“Hey B,” said Faith answering her phone on the first ring.

“Hey, so we leave here in three hours,” started Buffy and then she told Faith their flight information and asked if Willow thought they needed to bring anything for research assistance. Willow told her no and Faith relayed the message.

“B, thanks and tell everyone else thanks for me too,” said Faith.

“We are a family Faith, this is what we do. I'll see you soon,” said Buffy.

“I can't wait,” Faith said in a dreamy voice forgetting where she was and who was in the room with her.

Willow and Morrigan exchanged glances and then started to giggle.

“Shut up both of you,” said Faith as she hung up the phone. “Here is the flight information.”

“Great. I'll set up a program to track their flight so we can be sure to pick them up on-time,” said Willow.

“Yeah, because dreamy over here is going to forget that they are coming,” teased Morrigan.

“Ugh,” exclaimed Faith as her face turned red and she buried her face in her hands.

“You know I saw Tara sit like that once while we were in Sunnydale,” giggled Willow at the memory and then she started to blush.

“Oh, Willow, I don't think I have EVER seen you turn that shade of red and I've seen quite a few shades.” said Faith.

“Yes, I agree with Faith. Please tell us,” said Morrigan.

“Erm, I can't.”

“Why not?” asked Faith.

“Tara will kill me. No, killing me will be a nicer thing to do than what she will have planned to do to me.”

“Can you give us a hint and we can ask her about it once she gets back here?” asked Morrigan.

“No,” said Willow as the word 'mind-blowing' flashed in her head and Morrigan got a knowing smirk on her face.

“Mind-blowing huh?!”


“Strong thoughts I can sometimes read,” confessed Morrigan.

“Oh god, Tara is going to kill me.”

The other two in the room laughed as some of the tension was relieved and they got back to doing their research.


The flight from Sunnydale to London was long and bumpy, but when they arrived in London Buffy and the rest of the Scoobies were greeted by Willow, Faith, and Ceri.

“Aunty Dawnie,” said Ceri as she ran into Dawns arms.

“Hey kiddo,” said Dawn hugging the little girl.

“Will,” said Xander as he engulfed Willow into his arms. Anya came up next to them and patted Willow on the back.

“B,” said Faith as she hugged the other Slayer.

“How is it going?” asked Buffy.

“We are still no further than we were when we talked before you left Sunnydale,” said Faith.

“Well, we're here so we're going to find her,” Buffy said confidently.

The group made their way out to Morrigan's limo. She knew they were in no condition to drive and so she insisted that they take her car to pick up the others.

Once they arrived back at the building Dawn took Ceri back to Giles flat and said she wanted to see how Jackie and Giles were holding up, the rest went to join Morrigan in doing research at Willow and Tara's.

“Wow, nice place Willow,” said Anya as they entered the flat.

“Thanks,” Willow said with a smile.

“You guys bought this?”

“Yeah, we got an amazing deal on it,” smirked Willow as Morrigan came out of the office to greet the new arrivals.

“Yes, you must have done something right,” said Morrigan.

“Everyone, this is Morrigan. Morrigan, this is Anya, Xander, and Buffy.”

“Hi,” everyone said and shook Morrigan's hand.

“That has to be the biggest smile I've seen on your face in years Faith,” commented Morrigan.

“Yeah, it is,” agreed Faith as she kissed Buffy's temple and pulled the blonde slayer closer to her.

“I'm happy for you my dear,” said Morrigan and everyone could see the warmth and love that she had for Faith.

“Okay, so let's get down to research,” said Buffy.

Willow led them all into her office.

“Damn,” said Anya looking around the room. “Xander you need to build me an office like this.”

“Someday Anya, someday.”

The group sat down around the table and started to pull out different books as Morrigan and Willow filled them in on what they were hoping to find.

“Well depending on what type of ward they are using, you would think there would be a magical signature that could be detected,” started Anya. “I mean in my 1000 years as a vengeance demon I saw plenty of wards put up by people I was going after and the magical signature was always the hidden give away.”

“You were a vengeance demon?” asked Morrigan.

“Yeah, and I was the best at my job,” bragged Anya.

“Do you still have connections?”

“Of course, why? Have you been wronged?”

“Oh, I think after we find Tara that I may have a wish or two that need to be placed,” Morrigan said with an eerie calm in her voice.

“Once we find Tara I'll call for Halfrek and she can assist you,” Anya said happy that she was able to assist Morrigan with something.

“Now, back to that magical signature,” said Willow. “Do you think we should do some research on that?”

“Of course you should,” said Anya.

“The former demon is right,” agreed Morrigan and the group got started researching magical signatures and how to locate and trace them with regards to wards.


~ Branny72
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I am so happy you decided to go a few more chapters instead of rushing to the end. The pacing in this chapter is a bit smoother than the last. I am also glad you reconnected Faith and Buffy and did not leave that relationship hanging. I am curious why Patrick would kidnap all three women - Tara being friends with Kelly or simply that the opportunity presented itself for Patrick to grab the others and Tara got caught in the middle? I remember in an earlier chapter that someone followed from Buddy's house to the park and watched them - was that Patrick and why would he be tracking Tara?

Anyway - happy to read the new chapter and I am curious to see where things go from here.

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Hey, more story is good, just that if there must be an ending, it should be a happy one.

R :flower

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Just wondering; shouldn't they be checking out the hospital for a possible trail, somethign the wards wouldn't cover up? But very exciting chapter nonetheless.

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loislane1: I hope you enjoy the new chapter. :sighagain

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Title: Actions and Consequences
By:  Branny72
Disclaimer:  I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: PG-13 - NC-17 (will vary per chapter) – NC-17 This Chapter
Couples:  W/T
Summary:  AU – Tara didn’t die she left town…set 5 years after Tara left…Actions have consequences, everyone has to live by their choices.

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Chapter 21

“Tara, why would Willow start to use dark magic?” asked Kelly after she had processed what Tara said.

“Well, she started for me ironically enough.”

“For you?” asked Kasey. “You don't have a hint of dark in your aura. How could she have started it for you?”

“This isn't an easy story for me, you see we were going up against a 'Hell Goddess' named Glory,” explained Tara as she heard the two women gasp.

“Literally a god or just figuratively description?” asked Kasey.

“Literally,” answered Tara. “Glory was trying to find a key or body of energy to allow her to well, to sum it up she was going to literalize the phrase 'Hell on Earth' once she got the key.”

“Not good,” said Kelly as the three made themselves comfortable on their makeshift bed. Tara was in the middle laying on her back staring up at the ceiling while the other two lay on their sides facing Tara.

“Nope. Willow and I had a fight and I left the house and ran into Glory. She would feed on peoples minds, and I unfortunately was one of her victims. She thought I was the key and then when she found out I wasn't she broke my hand, and tried to get me to talk, when I wouldn't she feasted and my mind, right in front of Willow who was coming to apologize. I was left with the mind of a small child, maybe Ceri's age if not younger. Willow took care of me, she got my hand looked at, she would bathe and dress me, feed me, tolerate the tantrums and mumblings that I had because of what Glory had done. She was incredible from what I have been told, but she wanted me back so she started researching and learning and eventually found a way to get my mind back. That was the big start of her getting into the dark magic.”

“Wow, I, that is beyond true love,” said Kasey.

“She's my soul mate,” Tara offhandedly said.

“So, she got your mind back, then what happened?” asked Kelly realizing how much she truly didn't know about the woman she had thought of as her best friend for years.

“Well, to defeat Glory, Buffy sacrificed herself and died.”

“Whoa,” said Kasey.

“We tried to survive without Buffy, but we couldn't and the demons were starting to realize that something was amiss in Sunnydale. We had been using a Buffy-bot to fool the demons, but Willow just couldn't get all of the bugs in the programming worked out, at that point, we knew we needed a Slayer in town, we needed Buffy.”

“What about Faith? She's a Slayer,” said Kelly.

“Yes, but Faith was having her own issues at the time. She hadn't learn to be the person that she is now,” Tara said with a wistful smile.

“So, you needed a Slayer in town,” Kelly prompted Tara to keep going with her story.

“Well, Willow found out how to bring Buffy back from what we thought was some hell dimension.”

“Bringing someone back like that is really going deep into the dark magic,” said Kasey astonished that Willow didn't become a dark witch from even trying let alone succeeding in the resurrection spell.

“Yeah, it was a huge spell, what we didn't know was that we were pulling Buffy out of heaven,” said Tara before stopping to let her words process.

“Wait, you, you, took her from heaven?” asked Kelly.

“Yeah, we thought she was in some hell dimension being tortured and in reality she was in heaven. Willow being Willow blamed herself solely for Buffy being taken from heaven and pulled back to deal with the bullshit here. I think that is when the dark magic was able to get its talons into her and she spiraled for a while there out of control. She gained control for a while and then started to abuse magic.”

“How was she abusing it,” asked Kasey.

“Simply put, she did very few things without magic. She would get dressed using magic, make our bed, make breakfast, move things, you name it. I asked her to go one week without using magic, she swore she could, then she did a forgetting spell on us that backfired and almost got us killed. That was it, that was when I left. After I left this bitch and I am using that term as one of the nicest ways to describe her. This bitch Amy took her to a dealer and Willow became a magic junkie. She ended up hurting Dawn and that was when she hit the low of lows, and when she started to get herself clean...and knocked me up.”

Silence filled the room until both Kasey and Kelly saw tears streaming down Tara's face.

“You will see her again, I promise on my life that you will,” said Kasey.

Kelly found herself taken aback by what Kasey had just said, but as much as she wanted to comment on it, the sight and sound of Tara crying was killing her. She reached out and pulled Tara into her and held her close while she cried.

“Tara, sweetie, it will be okay,” Kelly said trying to calm the blonde down.

“I just got her back a few months ago,” cried Tara.

Kelly and Kasey exchanged looks and then the both hugged and held Tara.


The Scoobies were seated around Willow's office. Morrigan sat at the round conference table that Willow had in there for when clients met with her, Anya and Xander sat on the couch with piles of books on the coffee table in front of them, Buffy and Faith had made themselves comfortable on a couple of floor pillows Willow had in there for days that Ceri came to hang out with her. Willow was at her desk looking through the Watchers' Council files and trying to find out if they knew anything. They had been researching non-stop for three hours when there was a small knock at the office door just before it opened.

“Mama,” whispered Ceri as she entered the room hoping not to interrupt anyone so she wouldn't get in trouble.

“Come here baby girl,” said Willow opening her arms and scooping her daughter into her arms.

“Can I have a hug? I miss you and mommy and I know that Grandpa, Aunt Jackie, and Aunt Dawn are trying to help, but I need a hug and theirs just aren't as good as your hugs or Mommy's hugs.”

“Of course you can have a hug,” said Willow unaware that all eyes were now on her and Ceri.

As Willow hugged her daughter the hearts of everyone in the room swelled and they could see the love that Willow had for Ceri.

“Willow, I don't mean to add to your stress, but Ceri...” started Giles as he entered the room and saw the site that had captivated the others.

“What Giles?” asked Willow as she pulled out of the hug, but still held Ceri close to her.

“Well I was going to say that Ceri somehow went missing, but Jackie, Dawn, and I were looking for her,” he said as they heard the door close out in the living room and were quickly joined by Dawn and Jackie.

“Baby girl, did you leave Grandpa's without telling anyone or having someone bring you down?” asked Willow softly.

“I'm sorry, but I really, REALLY needed a hug and they weren't going to let me come down. I know this because I asked them several times if I could come down here and they kept telling me no and that I needed to stay up there with them. They told me that if I disturbed you that it would take longer to get Mommy home, but I needed a hug from you. Please don't be mad at me Mama,” babbled the little redhead.

“Damn Willow, that is some strong babble gene you passed on to her,” said Faith receiving a glare from several people and then covering her mouth realizing that she had said something she shouldn't have.

“It's okay Ceri, but in the future you need to have one of those three with you,” Willow said motioning towards the trio standing by the door. “As for you three, she gets a hug from anyone when ever she needs it, understood?”

“Certainly,” said Giles.

“I promise,” said Dawn.

“Of course,” said Jackie.

“So, how is the researching going?” asked Dawn.

“Slow, but we are making progress,” answered Morrigan.

“Is there anything we can do to help?” asked Giles.

“What do you know about magical signatures or magical blocking wards?” asked Willow.

“I have a book on both upstairs, would that be of assistance?”

“Very much,” said Morrigan.

Giles hurried passed the two new arrivals and headed up to his flat to get the book.

The room was an eerie silence as they all waited for Giles to return. Ceri was still curled up in Willow's arms.


Tara had cried herself to sleep being held by both Kasey and Kelly. The emotional toll on the three was greatly increased by the words that Tara had spoken and her tears. Kasey and Kelly continued to hold the blonde while both wrapped up in their own minds.

“I'm sorry,” Kasey said softly. “I did what I did because I loved you so much that I couldn't handle the thought of something happening to you because of me. It was wrong and I'm sorry.”

“Thanks. I'm sorry for being so difficult and everything since you have come back into my life. You know I am not one that handles change and being out of control of situations well.”

“We all know that,” mumbled Tara.

Kelly smiled and Kasey rubbed Tara's back and she drifted back to sleep.

“Well, she may have been asleep, but she was right,” laughed Kasey.

“We're going to get through this, but I don't want you to disappear again,” said Kelly, her eyes pleading with Kasey's eyes.

“Are you sure your wife will be okay with that?” asked Kasey.

“I am certain that Jackie is going to want an opportunity to get to know you. I want the opportunity to get to know who you have become.”

“I'd like to get to you know all of you too,” said Kasey.

“All of us?”

“You, Jackie, Willow, Tara, and little Ceri,” Kasey said with a huge smile on her face.

The tension started to subside and they drifted off to sleep like Tara, all close together holding on to one another.


“Okay, I found two books in my library,” said Giles as he entered the office.

“Great, have you read either of them?” asked Buffy.

“Um, well, no,” Giles said as he pulled his glasses off and started to clean them.

“Hand one to me and one to Willow them,” said Morrigan.

Ceri was still sitting on Willow's lap with no intension of moving and Willow could tell that and allowed her to stay. She loved her daughter beyond words and it drove her nuts that Ceri could sense that something was wrong or if Tara was hurt or upset. She wanted to shield her daughter from this stuff while she was a kid and let her enjoy her childhood.

Jackie and Dawn took seats at the table with Morrigan and Giles sat in the leather chair across from Willow's desk.

Willow and Morrigan started looking through the books that Giles had brought down. Each time one of them found they thought was worth researching they would read it out loud and someone would volunteer to start the research. By the time they got through both books everyone had a list of stuff to look up. Ceri had designated her self as beverage girl and was running to get drinks for people as they needed. Willow thought that this would be good for her to have something to do to distract her and it allowed her to feel like she was helping.

Buffy was watching the interaction between Willow and Ceri and smiling at how far her friend had come in such a short time.

"B, you keep staring at her like that and people are going to talk," whispered Faith.

“I can't help it. I never thought that I would see Willow like she is with Ceri,” Buffy whispered back.

“She is amazing with Ceri. Red has really taken to family life well.”

“So, things with Willow and Tara are still going well.”

“Of course, why wouldn't they be?”

“Well, with Willow starting up with magic again, the stress of a family, buying this place, work, and just balancing their relationship that has been non-existent for 5 years. I just think it would take its toll on them.”

“B, it is Willow and Tara. The only thing that may have suffered is that they only have sex every other night instead of nightly,” giggled Faith not realizing that Willow was standing at the bookshelf next to where she was sitting.

“It is always twice daily once in the morning and once at night, though we usually try for three times if she can get home for lunch or if we don't totally exhaust each other at night, but thanks,” Willow whispered to Buffy and Faith shocking them into silence. As she looked at their faces and saw that she had gotten the reaction she was looking for she walked away with a smug smile on her face.

“Willow,” said Morrigan.

“Yes,” said Willow walking over to the older woman.

“I think I found a spell that you and I can do if we can get Anya's 'friend' here.”

“Let me see,” said Willow as Morrigan slid the book over to her and pointed to the spell she was talking about. Willow read through the spell and her face lit up.

“Anya, we need Halfrek as soon as you can get her here,” said Willow. “I will head to Brigid's Box to get the supplies we need.”

“Nonsense, I will call and have one of the witches from my Coven bring us the supplies. I know we have all of the ingredients.”

“Okay, thanks Morrigan,” Willow said as she hugged the older woman.

“Don't thank me, Tara is like my daughter and I want my daughter safe!”

Morrigan called and requested the ingredients and advised that this was a top priority. While they waited Anya tried to get reach of Halfrek and the rest started to discuss who was going to do what for protecting the spell casters and the others going after Tara, Kelly, and Kasey.


Kelly woke to the sound of Tara softly crying.

“Tara, are you okay?” whispered Kelly as her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she located the blonde sitting in a corner away from them.

“No,” answered Tara.

Kelly hurried over to her friend and wrapped an arm around her. Neither woman knew, but Kasey was awake as well, but she didn't want to disturb the moment that she could tell Tara needed.

“What's wrong?”

“I had a nightmare like the ones that I used to have before I got pregnant with Ceri. The ones about Willow and her magic use.”

“Oh, Tara, come here,” said Kelly as she pulled the blonde even closer and held onto her while Tara cried on her shoulder. “It was just a dream.”

“I know, but it felt so real,” said Tara.

“Do you want to tell me about it? Sometimes it helps to talk about the bad dreams.”

“I dreamed that I was walking towards Willow who was standing at the edge of a cliff with Ceri in her arms, and when I reached them and they turned towards me Willow saw a dark version of me and Willow stepped back away from me, falling off the edge of the cliff, taking Ceri with her.”

“Oh, Tara,” said Kelly as she pulled Tara even closer. “It was just a dream, a very bad one, but just a dream.”

“It felt so real Kel, I could feel the wind, smell the air, the flowers, the water below the cliff, all of it...what if it was a prophetic dream and that is going to happen,” Tara said as fear started to grip her again and she tried to pull away from Kelly's hold.

"It can't be true, you are too amazing of a person to turn to dark magic and go all dark witch," said Kelly.

“Kelly is right Tara. You don't have the darkness inside you to allow you to do dark magic. I didn't mean to invade your conversation, I woke up when I heard you crying.”

“It's okay,” said Tara trying to contain the fear that was still overtaking all of her sense.

“I think the dream was fueled by you telling us about Willow and your past with her. Tara, sweetie, that was a lot of emotions for you to bring up and face again. Especially with us being trapped here,” said Kelly. “Can we move you out of this corner and over to the pillows?”

“I don't think I can go back over there, the memories and the dark images are all around there,” said Tara.

Kasey knew the fear that Tara was feeling, she had felt it more times than she could or would admit. She knew that Tara could never do anything involving dark magic, her magic wouldn't allow it. Kasey got up from their makeshift bed and cautiously went over to where Tara and Kelly were at. She waited for Tara to let her know she was okay with her sitting down near them. Once she had that approval she sat down and prepared herself.

“Tara,” said Kasey as she waited for the blonde to look at her. “Would you be willing to let me help you, to show you why I can say without a doubt that your dream is never going to happen?”

“You can do that?” asked Kelly.

“In a matter of speaking, yes. If Tara is willing, I can even allow you to see what she and I will see and the proof of what I am saying.” Kasey saw Kelly's eyes widen and she knew that inside Kelly was praying to any and ever deity to allow Tara to be willing.

“I guess so, but only because I know Kelly trusts you. No offense,” said Tara.

“None taken, I would be skeptical if I were in your place. As a matter of fact what I am about to show you I learned because I was in your place at one point.”

“So. What do we do?” asked Tara.

“First we need to sit with our knees touching, then take one of my hands and one of Kelly's, and close your eyes until I tell you that you can open them,” said Kasey.

“Kase, didn't Patrick say we couldn't use magic here?” asked Kelly.

“He did, but this is a different type of magic, one that cannot be blocked, but has limited uses.”


“Okay, now both of you close your eyes and I will tell you when you can open them.”

Tara and Kelly followed what Kasey had told them to do and then they waited for her to allow them to open their eyes. They heard a quiet chant and then a sensation similar to being light-headed took over their body.

“Okay, you can open your eyes,” said Kasey as she heard a gasp from the other two and she even felt a smirk appear on her face. “Tara, can you see my aura?”

“Yeah, I can,” said Tara.

“I can too,” said Kelly.

“Good, now Kelly I want you to look at Tara. Do you see her aura?”

“Yeah, and I have to say that it is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.”

“You should see it when she is with Willow, this is nothing.”

“When we got out of here will you show it to me?” asked Kelly.

“Only with Tara and Willow's permission. Someones aura is a very personal thing.”

“I'm okay with you showing her,” said Tara.

“Okay, now Tara I want you to look deep into my eyes and see yourself and your aura reflected in them.”

Tara looked deep into Kasey's eyes and saw herself reflected in her eyes and she saw her aura. Kasey was right, not a hint of dark.

“Wow, there is no darkness or dark tones,” whispered Tara, relieved finally.

“Can I see mine,” asked Kelly.

Kasey turned towards Kelly and they locked eyes and Kelly saw her aura and she was in shock at the sight of the colors.

“You guys see that all the time?”

“No, we have to concentrate, but we can when we need to. Having the ability to see a persons aura is a big responsibility and one that you should only do with permission,” said Kasey.

“I still can't believe that you both get to see this. What is mine like with Jackie?” asked Kelly.

“Your colors become brighter and more vibrant,” said Tara.

“Do you feel better now Tara?” asked Kasey.

“I think so. The dream just felt so real,” said Tara.

“It was the stress of you and Willow fighting, then us being kidnapped and locked in here,” said Kelly moving over and wrapping her arm around Tara again.

“We're going to get out of here safely,” said Kasey.

“They might, but you sure as hell won't,” said Patrick from the other side of the door startling all three women.


The courier from the coven arrived with the ingredients that Morrigan had requested and as she prepared them, Anya continued to try to reach Halfrek.

“Hallie, get your ass over here now,” demanded Anya. “Hallie I mean it, if you don't get here soon I am going to call D'Hoffryn and make him send you.”

“Geez Anyanka, you always had such a flair for the dramatic,” said Halfrek as she materialized in the office.

“What took you so long?” asked Anya.

“I was busy giving some guy a case of...” started Halfrek.

“Auntie Anya, do you know where my Mama is?” asked Ceri interrupting Anya and Halfrek.

“Well, who is this little cutie?” asked Halfrek as she knelt to Ceri's level.

“Back away from her Halfrek,” said Willow entering the room and seeing Halfrek near her daughter. She remembered what happened when Hallie tricked Dawn.

“Willow, I was just trying to find out who this little cutie is,” said Hallie.

“She's my daughter and I would prefer if you left her alone. I haven't forgiven you what happened with Dawn,” said Willow as Dawn walked into the room hearing her name.

“Did someone say my...” said Dawn as she spotted Hallie.

“Dawn, any wishes that I can assist you with?”

“No, thank you.”

“Mama,” said Ceri as she walked over to Willow who bent and picked up her daughter. “When is Mommy going to be home?”

“Soon baby girl, very soon,” said Willow hugging Ceri. “I need you to do something for me, I need you to go with Auntie Dawn up to Grandpa's place and stay there until either Grandpa or I come and get you. Will you do that for me?”

The little redhead nodded and hugged Willow again before she was handed over to Dawn.

“Come on kiddo, let's go upstairs and watch a movie.”

Dawn and Ceri went upstairs and the others went into Willow's office where Morrigan had just finished prepping the ingredients for the spell.

“Are we set?” asked Giles.

“I have the ingredients prepped,” said Morrigan.

“Is someone going to tell me why you were so demanding Anyanka?” asked Hallie.

“We need your help with a spell to find someone and then after she is safe we will need some vengeance,” said Morrigan.

“Consider it a personal favor for me,” said Anya.

“Of course,” smiled Hallie.

Morrigan explained to everyone that the spell would use Halfrek unique abilities for vengeance to break through the protection spells and then allow them the ability to locate Tara and the others. Once everyone was up to speed and understood their part, they got started.

Willow and Morrigan began the chant while Halfrek concentrated on a picture of Tara. Anya and the others watch and waited for some clue that it was working.

After a few minutes they saw a glow from around Halfrek and then the map they had placed on the floor started to glow outside of town.

“Is that where Tara is?” asked Faith.

“Yes,” said Morrigan putting a hand on Faith's arm to stop her from rushing out the door. “We need to be careful in how we go about rescuing them. We have no idea how stable this man is and what condition everyone is in.”

“I swear if he hurt her there won't be anything left for Halfrek,” spit Faith.

Buffy moved and wrapped Faith into her arms hoping to calm her.

“I think that Faith and I should go, Willow you should stay here along with...” started Buffy.

“The hell I am staying here,” interrupted Willow.

“Will, Ceri need you safe. If something goes wrong she need to have one of her parents safe,” said Buffy.

“That is the love of my life and the mother of my child, I am going,” Willow said and put on her 'resolve' face.

“If I let you go you will listen and do as I say,” said Morrigan.

“What do you mean by 'if you let me go' Morrigan?”

“You need to let Buffy and Faith do what they do best in order to get everyone out safe and sound.”

“Fine, but can we get going?” snapped Willow.

“Anya, Xander, Jackie, and I will go up and make sure that Ceri is not alone and is well protected,” said Giles.

Buffy, Faith, Morrigan, and Willow headed out of the building and got into the car that Morrigan had waiting for them. Morrigan told the driver where to go and the all sat anxious about what they were going to find.


Patrick gazed through the little window in the door to where the three women were being kept.

“Patrick, you have me here, let them go,” said Kasey.

“I don't think you understand, none of you are ever leaving here,” Patrick said and he closed the window he was speaking to them through and opened the door. The women moved backwards away from him, which just caused him smile at their fear. He loved to see women fearing him, he felt so powerful.

As she stepped backwards Kelly tripped over the corner of their makeshift bed and Tara lunged at her to keep her from falling. Patrick took this opportunity and grabbed Tara by her forearm yanked her away from Kelly. Kasey tried to move forward to help the others, but she was so scared, she had been through years of his torment and abuse.

Tara cried out as he grabbed her arm, but she knew is she cried out to loud she would give him the satisfaction of knowing that he hurt her. She wasn't willing to do that.

As Kelly lay on the floor, she saw that Kasey was frozen with fear.

“You are so pathetic,” said Patrick to Kasey as he shoved Tara towards her, the blonde stumbled, but managed to regain her balance. Those years of helping Buffy and Faith had finally paid off.

After glaring at all three again Patrick left the room locking them in again and headed upstairs.

"Tara, are you okay," said Kelly racing to the blonde witch's side seeing her cradle her arm close to her body.

“I don't know,” said Tara.

“Kasey,” said Kelly trying to get her attention, but Kasey didn't hear her, she just stood there shaking.

Tara moved over to Kasey and put the arm that Patrick hadn't grabbed around her. This caused Kasey to flinch and pull away at first, but this brought her out of her fear and the three of them sat along the farthest wall from the door.


The car pulled along the side of the road, they were still about a quarter-mile from the location of Tara and the others. The plan was that Faith and Buffy would go check out the area and then come back and get Willow and Morrigan.

“B, if he has hurt Tara he is dead,” Faith said as they made their way towards the building in a small clearing.

“No you will not,” said Buffy pulling Faith to a stop. “I know what Tara means to you, but you cannot take care of that yourself. Halfrek is here and she will deal with him when they are safe.”


“No! Do you think Tara would want you that?”

“Fine, let's get them out of there,” said Faith.

They walked up to the cabin and saw that it was heavily reinforced, but they thought that their Slayer strength could easily get them in. The didn't see or hear anyone other than Patrick who was just coming up the stairs from what they guessed to be the basement.

Buffy and Faith went back to the car and relayed to them what they saw. Morrigan encouraged Willow to stay back, she didn't tell her to stay in the car, but she wanted her out-of-the-way as much as possible, but close enough to be there for Tara once they got her out.

They moved back to the house and Buffy kicked in the front door while Faith kicked in the back door. Patrick rushed towards Buffy who shoved him out the door and Morrigan cast a spell that knocked the air out of him and allowed the Slayers to start looking for Tara, Kasey, and Kelly.

“Tara?” called Faith as she barrelled down the stairs to the basement. Once she got down the stairs she heard Buffy right behind her and they both saw the a large heavy-looking door. Faith raced to the door and tried to open it, but it wouldn't budge. She started to look around for a key to open the door.

Buffy spotted the little window in the door and opened it. The room was dark, but she thought she could make out the form or three women huddled together at the far side of the room.

“Tara?” asked Buffy.

“Buffy?” asked the blonde.

“Faith, she's in here,” Buffy called over her shoulder and then heard the brunette slayer racing towards the door.

“Tara, are you okay?” asked Faith.

“I will be once you get us out of here,” said Tara.

“B, go see if Morrigan can get him to give up the key so we can get them out of here.”

“Okay,” said Buffy as she ran up the stairs and out of the cabin.

“We are going to get you out of here,” said Faith. “I swear I will not leave you alone here T.”

“I'm not alone Faith, Kasey and Kelly are here too,” said Tara in a calm tone to try to get Faith to relax some.

“Are you all okay?” asked Faith.

“Kasey and I are, but Patrick grabbed Tara's arm pretty hard and she's in a lot of pain,” said Kelly receiving a glare from Tara.

“I'm fine,” Tara said in a clipped tone.

Buffy came back down holding a key and quickly unlocked and opened the door and then her and Faith rushed in the room and over to help the three women out. Faith carefully pulled Tara into a hug and Tara could tell that Faith was on the verge of crying.

“I'm okay, you and Buffy got here in time,” whispered Tara into Faith's ear.

“Let's get you out of here so I can be certain.”

“If you hurt any of them and I will make sure that you never have a peaceful minute until the day you die,” threatened Morrigan who was standing next to Willow and Halfrek.

The five women exited the cabin Faith holding tightly to Tara who was cradling the arm that Patrick had grabbed.

“Tara,” Willow said as soon as she saw the blonde. She quickly moved to take Faith's place holding the blonde.

“Willow,” cried Tara.

The two came together, Willow noticing how Tara was cradling her left arm. Willow turned towards Morrigan quick to see if she was seeing the same thing. When her eyes met the older woman's eyes she saw the fury behind them.

“Baby, are you okay?” asked Willow.

“I am now that you're here,” said Tara turning and placing a soft kiss on Willow's lips.

“Tara, what is wrong with your arm?” asked Morrigan walking over to where Willow and Tara were standing.

“Patrick grabbed her arm and squeezed it pretty tight before using it to shove her around the room,” said Kasey as Buffy helped her and Kelly find a seat on a nearby tree stump.

“I warned you,” said Morrigan. “Halfrek, I would like to have my wish now.”

“This is my favorite part,” said Halfrek.

“I wish that Patrick would suffer the pain and fear that he has inflicted on others for the rest of his life,” Morrigan said in a calm and clear voice.

“Wish granted,” said Halfrek.

Patrick wailed and cowered from the women.

“Get inside,” growled Faith, sensing how serious she was, Patrick picked himself up and hurried inside.

Willow and Tara were still holding each other their foreheads pressed together, they were in their own world. Kasey turned to Kelly and took her hand and allowed her to see the aura of the two women together. Kelly's mouth dropped open, she had never seen anything like their aura together, it was the most beautiful thing she could ever imagine.

“I'm so sorry,” said Willow.

“I'm sorry too,” said Tara.

“I love you,” said Tara as she leaned forward and kissed Willow softly.

“I love you too,” Willow said as they broke the kiss.


Once the group arrived back at Willow and Tara's, Faith went and brought Ceri and the others down.

“Mommy,” cried the little redhead as she ran towards Tara and hugged her.

Everyone else joined them in a family hug, everyone grateful to be there and that everyone was okay.

“Xander and I have an announcement since we are all together,” said Anya.

The group turned to face them, Tara had a good idea what the announcement was.

“We're having a baby,” said Xander.


~ Branny72
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To be honest, I'd been wondering why X&A didn't already have a child.

That wish sounds like the closest thing to a safe wish dealing with a Vengeance Demon, least likely to some back and bite them.

Hope Tara's arm is "hurt, not broken,"

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Authors Notes:'s drama's do NOT help with writing, but having great helpers/collaborators does! This is the last chapter – I truly appreciate all who read and have read the story and taking the time to leave reviews. THANK YOU!!

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Title: Actions and Consequences
By:  Branny72
Disclaimer:  I do not own any of these Characters, just borrowed them and wish I did own them.
Rating: NC-17 This Chapter
Couples:  W/T
Summary:  AU – Tara didn’t die she left town…set 5 years after Tara left…Actions have consequences, everyone has to live by their choices.

Feedback:  Pretty please…It helps me to know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong!!

Thank you to all who have and are reading this and for the reviews!!


Chapter 22

After the announcement that they were having a baby everyone hugged Anya and Xander. Willow motioned for everyone to sit down, she knew that Tara was exhausted and even though Kasey had used her healing powers on Tara's arm, there was still some minor discomfort. Willow knew Tara well enough to know that she still hurt and that she would never tell anyone.

“How far along are you?” asked Tara.

“Three months,” said Anya beaming with excitement. “And I am blame both you and Willow for this.”

“Hey, I did nothing to knock you up,” Willow defended quickly as everyone else laughed.

“EW, Willow, really, ew,” exclaimed Xander.

“Hey, watch that ew-ing Harris, you could be so lucky,” defended Tara pulling Willow onto her lap and holding her closer.

“I MEANT that Xander was so taken with Ceri that he wanted to have one of his own.”

“Because of me?” piped in Ceri from her spot on Anya's lap.

“Yes, because of you,” said Xander taking the little girl off Anya's lap and setting her on his lap. “We had so much fun at the zoo when you were in Sunnydale that I decided that I wanted to have a kid of my own.”

“Will we get to play together?” asked Ceri.

“Of course, whenever you come to Sunnydale or when we come here.”


Everyone watched the interaction between Xander and Ceri and knew that he was going to be a fantastic father.

“I believe this calls for a party,” said Faith.

“How long are you guys going to be in town,” asked Kelly.

“I got Angel and Spike to cover for me for a couple of weeks, if you guys can handle us for that long,” said Buffy.

“Really?” asked Faith shocked that she would be able to spend a couple of weeks with Buffy.

“Awesome,” said Willow.

“Well, Dawn has her room with me and Xander and Anya you can have Tara's old room,” said Giles

“B, you can stay with me if you want,” said Faith quietly receiving a nod from the blonde Slayer.

Kasey sat there watching the interaction between the group and felt her heart fill with sadness on what running from Patrick had truly cost her. Morrigan and Tara sensed the change in the newcomers mood. Morrigan moved to Kasey and quietly took her into Willows office. Tara saw this and excused herself.

“Is everything okay?” asked Tara as she stepped into the office seeing Morrigan and Kasey sitting on the couch and the older woman holding the younger woman as she cried.

“It is fine my dear. Kasey is finally processing everything that has gone on the past couple of days and well over the last ten years,” said Morrigan.

Tara went over and sat on the coffee table in front of the two women. After a few moments Kasey looked up at Tara.

“Kasey, I know that this all has to be overwhelming for you, but we're all here for you, to help you in whatever way we can.”

“That is nice of you to offer Tara, but you already have a pretty large family out there,” started Kasey.

“And one more member is only going to make it better,” interrupted Tara.

Morrigan's heart filled with such pride, she was in awe of Tara's heart and its ability to accept others.

“I don't want to...” started Kasey as Tara held up her hand stopping the woman and quickly exited the room leaving Morrigan and Kasey wondering what was going on.

Tara returned with Willow, Jackie, and Kelly.

“Kase, what's going on?” asked Kelly as she let go of her wife's hand and moved over to the coffee table where Tara had been sitting.

“She is finally getting to deal with all that has gone on and realizing that she now has a free future to think about,” said Tara. “I told her that we would all be there for her in whatever way we could, she seems to think that adding one more member of our dysfunctional family is too much.”

“Kasey, you helped Kelly learn to love, and grow into a stronger person when you two were together, then you helped her heal after the car accident, and I'm assuming that you probably protected both her and Tara during the ordeal of the past two days. You are already part of this family. Accept that you are going to be plagued by this bunch of freaks for the rest of your life,” said Jackie as she sat next to her wife and took Kasey's hand in her own.

“She's right, thought I hate to admit it when she is right,” said Willow. “You made sure that one of the most important and special people in my life came home safe.”

“If it weren't for me she wouldn't have been in trouble,” said Kasey.

“And if it weren't for you I'd be dead,” Kelly pointed out bluntly.

“Tara is the best judge of character we all know, if she says you are part of the family, accept it, they won't go away,” laughed Jackie. “We all would be so happy if you would. Plus, I am betting you have some great and embarrassing stories about my wife that you could share.”

“She has none, I was and will always be the angel of the group,” said Kelly.

“Seriously? You think that ANYONE would believe that Kel? What about the time we went camping?”

Kelly turned five shades of red and sent Kasey a glare like none had ever seen. “You swore you would NEVER repeat that story.”

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn't, but honey you are no angel,” said Kasey as the room erupted into laughter.

“So, do we have an understanding?” asked Willow.

“Yes,” said Kasey.

“Good, now if you want you can stay here, we have a spare room.”

“She'll be staying with me, I think I could use another protegé to train,” smiled Morrigan so proud of everyone in the room and to be a part of all of it.

They rejoined the others and explained that there were just some overwhelming emotions to be dealt with. Ceri sensed that Kasey was the one struggling and went over, crawled up into her lap.

“Thank you for helping to bring my Mommy home safe,” said the little girl and she hugged Kasey causing several people to wipe away a tear or two.


Tara and Kelly were spending a lot of time together working on some ideas that Kelly had come up with in her brief time managing the stores for Tara. Willow and Jackie continued to work at merging their companies. Kasey had started to work with Morrigan on learning to expand her magic beyond healing.

Much to everyone's surprise Buffy and Faith took the lead at planning the party for Xander and Anya. They had chosen Friday night as the night for the party. Faith had rented a private room at the pub where they usually went.

“Xander look, there are little baby booties all over the room,” squeaked Anya. “Oh, and look the cake is shaped like diaper.”

“What flavor cake did you get?” Tara asked suspiciously as everyone at the party quieted down and looked from the cake to Buffy and Faith.

“Chocolate,” said Faith.

“You made my cake a poopie diaper?” exclaimed Anya.

“Well, it is going to be a little Harris and I remember the stories that Xanders mom used to tell,” said Willow as the room erupted into laughter.

“Will, I told you never to repeat those stories again,” said Xander.

“I know you told me, but I never said that I wouldn't ever tell them,” Willow said walking away from him with a smug smile on her face.

The party went off without a hitch, Willow and Tara were going to go away for a couple of days to get back in sync with one another after everything that had happened. Kelly and Jackie jumped at the chance to babysit for them.

Willow and Tara said goodbye to Ceri and the others and ducked out of the party.


“Tara, where are we going?” asked Willow as they drove to the private hanger that contained Morrigan's plane.

“Well, that is for me to know and you to wait and find out,” Tara said taking Willow's hand in her own and bringing it to her lips and kissing the knuckles.

“But Baby,” whined Willow.

“Nuh uh, this is my surprise for you,” said Tara as they got onto the plane and were seated next to one another.

“It will still be a surprise if you tell me, because I don't know yet and therefore by telling me you will in fact be surprising me. You know that surprises are the hardest thing for me to handle. Why are you laughing at me, I don't think it is nice of you to laugh at me while I am in distress about where we are going...” babbled Willow.

“My love, you will have to wait, but your Willow-babble is just so adorable,” Tara said and then leaned over and kissed the redhead deeply and passionately.

“Mmmm, want to become a member of the mile high club?” Willow asked in a seductive tone.

“You mean in all our years together we haven't done that yet?” asked Tara unbuckling her seatbelt and straddling Willows lap since the plane was now in the air.

“Nope,” Willow said leaning forward and capturing Tara's lips.

"We should definitely change that," Tara said as she pulled back slightly and gave Willow that one look that made her instantly wet.

Willow didn't waste time with replying she captured Tara's lip and hungrily kissed her as her hands worked their way under Tara's shirt and one unhooked her bra while the other one slid under the bra and cupped Tara's breast. Tara moaned as she felt Willow's hand on her now freed breast. Willow quickly removed Tara's shirt and bra and leaned the blonde back in her arms a bit.

“You are so beautiful,” said Willow before pulling Tara back towards her and taking Tara's nipple in her mouth and sucking on it while one hand supported Tara's back so she didn't fall and the other hand made sure the other nipple wasn't lonely.

“Oh Willow,” moaned Tara as her hands made their way to Willows chest. Tara was frustrated as she felt the clothes with her need to feel skin burning through her. “Willow, your shirt and bra need to go, I need to feel skin.”

Willow pulled back and quickly removed her shirt and bra before going back to continue her attention to Tara's breasts. Willow moaned as she felt Tara's hands cup her breasts and start to softly rub across her already aroused nipples. Both were becoming very aroused and needing more attention and more skin.

Tara stood up and removed the rest of her clothes and motioned for Willow to do the same. Once they were both naked Tara lay Willow down on the seats and then covered her with her own body. The moment she was on top of Willow she felt Willows hands grip her waist and pull her closer and they began to rock together, their lips touched, their breasts rubbing together. Soft moans were becoming louder as their hunger and need for release grew. As if choreographed they both snaked a hand down between their bodies and down into the wetness, the heat that their bodies created when they were together.

“Oh...Tara...” panted Willow. “”

“You...too,” panted Tara as she thrust two fingers inside Willow causing the redhead to arch her body up into Tara's and groan loudly.

“Oh yes,” cried out Willow and then she thrust two fingers into Tara.

“Willow,” panted the blonde.

They set a semi-hurried pace, both needing a release of their tensions and they knew that they had the weekend to enjoy one another in an up-close and personal way. Thrusting, grunting, moaning they brought each other to the height of climax and then rode the climax out until they were both panting and unable to move.

“I love you so much,” said Willow placing a kiss on the top of Tara's head.

“I love you too, Sweetie,” replied Tara kissing Willow's chest where her head was resting.

“Do you love me enough to tell me where we are going?”

“Willow, I love you enough to NOT tell you where we are going to allow it to be a surprise,” said Tara propping herself up on her elbows, still laying on the redhead.

“I had to try,” giggled Willow.

“You did, but even with mind-blowing sex, I am not going to tell you where we are headed,” smiled Tara before leaning down and licking Willow's nipples causing them to pucker up again. “I love how attentive your nipples are to the touch of my tongue. I may have to test other parts to see if they are as attentive,” mused Tara causing Willow to whimper and her hips to grind upwards into Tara. “Later my love, I believe we are getting close and as much as I adore your naked body, I am not willing to share it with anyone else we may encounter.”

"You want me to move? Let alone get dressed after all that?"

Tara reached down between her legs into the wetness and coating a single finger and then brought it up for Willow to suck on. As Willow did her eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned at the taste.

“If you want to taste more of that later, you will find a way to get up and dressed,” said Tara as she pulled herself off Willow and started to collect their clothes for them to get dressed.


Once they landed Tara blindfolded Willow and led her out of the plane to an awaiting car that was to take them to where they would be spending the weekend. Tara was grateful that Morrigan had been willing to help them with their getaway even though Tara hadn't told her all that was planned for the weekend.

The car took them about an hour from where they landed to a remote cottage. Tara thanked the driver, took their bag inside and then came back out and got Willow.

“Do I get to take the blindfold off yet?” asked Willow.

“Soon, unless,” Tara said in a seductive voice directly in Willows ear then running her tongue around the edge of the ear causing Willow to shutter.

“Oh goddess,” whimpered Willow.

“It's ok baby, you can take the blindfold off in a minute.”

Tara took Willow out back of the cottage and wrapped her arms around the redhead from behind and whispered for her to take the blindfold off. Willow reached up and removed the blindfold and gasped when she saw the site. There was a small slate rock wall, beyond that was the field of green and trees leading to an area that you can see the ocean.

“Tara, this is amazing,” whispered Willow.

“I was hoping that you would like it.”

“Where are we?”

“It is Ireland. We are in Killeen, Sheeps Head, in County Cork.”

“How did you find it? Have you been here before?”

“No, I haven't been here before, I found it online. I was looking for someplace romantic for us.

“Tara, I love this,” said Willow turning around and kissing the blonde.

“I'm glad, Sweetie. I wanted to make this weekend about us, something romantic for us to reconnect.”

“I love you,” said Willow.

“I love you too.”

Tara took Willow's hand and they walked out into the garden lane and towards the end to get a better view of the ocean and the area.

“Are we alone out here?”

“Yep, just us, I made sure that everything is stocked, so we don't need to leave until the driver comes back on Sunday.”

“This is so sweet,” said Willow as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Baby, come here,” Tara said as she wrapped the redhead into her arms.

They stood there holding one another for a long time. Willow broke the embrace took Tara's hand and walked them back to the cottage and they went to the couch and Willow sat Tara down and then curled up against her and they cuddled, just the two of them, holding each other.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Willow.

“I was thinking about how much has changed in the past six months.”

“All good thoughts I hope.”

“Best thoughts,” said Tara as she kissed the side of Willows head. “I never thought I would have you in my life again, let alone have you loving me.”

“I never stopped baby,” said Willow turning and kissing Tara softly on the lips. “Lets go to bed, I need you to make love to me.”

Tara smiled and they made their way to the bedroom and slowly removed their clothes and made love until they were exhausted and fell asleep on the others arms.


The next morning Tara woke to feel the sun streaming in through the curtains warming their naked bodies. She was on her back with Willow laying half on her, it would take the slightest adjustment and she could either be underneath and positioned to make love to Willow again, or she could slip out from under here and go make them coffee and breakfast. She knew that she had most of the day planned for them, but a little Willow-loving was always a good way to start the day. Tara knowing what the day would entail decided to slip out from under Willow and put on a robe and went to the kitchen.

Tara went about making the coffee, making eggs, bacon, and toast, and then putting two plates and two cups of coffee on a tray she went back into the bedroom. Willow was laying on her back, Tara could tell that Willow was starting to wake up. She placed the tray on the dresser and got back in bed and started kissing Willow on her neck, slowly moving up to her ear and sucking on the redheads earlobe which is what she was doing when Willow finally woke up.

“That feels so good baby,” groaned Willow.

“Good morning my love,” Tara said before leaning over and softly kissing Willow. “Mmmmm, Willow-lips.”

“Mmmmm, good morning,” purred Willow. “Do I smell coffee and bacon?”

“I made breakfast,” said Tara hopping up and grabbing the tray of food.

“Yum, though I think you are pretty tasty too,” said Willow as she leaned over and nibbled on Tara's neck.

“As much as I want and love you doing that, eat your breakfast I have something planned for us today.”

“Does it involve naked time?”

“Later it most definitely does,” Tara smiled.

“Well, then let's get this day started,” smiled Willow as she started to eat her breakfast.

After finishing breakfast and cleaning up the dishes the two showered together placing soft kisses all over the others body. Then they got dressed and Tara grabbed the picnic basket and blanket and they headed out.

“Where are we going?” asked Willow.

“I thought maybe we could take a walk and find some place to sit, cuddle, and when we were ready have some lunch.”

“That sounds amazing,” smiled Willow as she took Tara's hand and they headed out of the cottage.

The couple walked around the area enjoying the peacefulness of the area, the greenery, the way nature and time had created this whole area. They found themselves in a secluded area blocked by trees on three sides, but open to the ocean. They could hear the waves crashing, smell the sea air.

“How about here?” asked Tara.

“I was thinking the same thing,” said Willow taking the blanket and putting it down for them.

They lay down on the blanket close to one another and they started to kiss, neither seeking more than kissing, but both enjoying the closeness and the feeling of the others lips on them. They kissed for a long time before they heard Willow's stomach growl.

“I believe your stomach is ready for lunch,” giggled Tara.

“I think so too,” said Willow.

Tara pulled out a couple of sandwiches, some fresh fruit, and a couple of bottles of water. They ate their sandwiches and fed one another the fruit. After they had finished eating they lay cuddled up together, enjoying one another's body so close.

“Tara, this is so perfect,” said Willow as she adjusted to look at the blonde. Willow loved how the blue of the sky matched the blue of Tara's eyes.

“I agree, this is perfect. It is mostly perfect because you are here in my arms,” said Tara as she leaned forward and kissed Willow.

“I love you,” said Willow.

“I love you too,” said Tara. “Can we talk for a bit?”

“Sure baby, what's up?” said Willow sitting up and Tara did the same.

“I think back to when we were dating in college and how happy we were back then, we had our magic, the Scoobies, and we made it work, then I think about that past few months and how happy we are now, we have each other, Ceri, great family and friends. I just can't help but feeling like life is almost perfect and complete. Do you feel that?”

“Every day Baby,” Willow smiled.

“We've had our ups and downs, but I don't think that I would trade them for anything. I missed you even though I didn't let myself admit it when we broke up and for those years we were apart, but I think that it helped shape who we are today and where we are headed in the future,” said Tara seeing the redhead listening intently and nodding her agreement. Tara reached out and took Willow's hand in her own and continued. “When we were stuck in that basement, all I could think about was what if we didn't get out, the last words we spoke to one another were harsh. I was afraid that it was going to be the last thing you had to remember me by. Will, that ate at me the whole time. Yes, it gave me the drive to keep going on and to fight to get back to you, but it also scared the hell out of me. When we got out and I saw you were there, all I could think about was getting you in my arms, telling you how sorry I was that we fought and to beg you for forgiveness. I have a lot to ask you for forgiveness on. You and Ceri are the most important aspects of my life, I want you to know and believe that, forever.”

Willow was listening intently, she wanted to interrupt the blonde and tell her to stop being so hard on herself, but she could tell that this wasn't the time to interrupt.

Tara paused for a moment, she moved closer to Willow, her blue eyes captivated by the green eyes. “I know in my heart that you believe how much I love you, and how much our family means to us. I don't think I could ever survive without you, not again,” said Tara as a tear slid down her cheek but her gaze was still locked with Willows. “Willow, I love you, will you marry me?”

Willow was stunned, did she just hear Tara correctly? Then Tara dropped one of her hands and pulled a ring out of the picnic basket and held it up for the redhead.

“Yes,” Willow managed to choke out before grabbing the blonde's shirt and pulling her close and pressing their lips together. When they broke the kiss Tara placed the ring on Willows hand and brought it up to her lips and kissed the ring and finger.

“I love you Willow Rosenberg!”

“I love you too, Tara Maclay!”

“Come on, lets go back to the cottage,” said Tara.

The couple walked back to the cottage holding hands, Willow kept looking at Tara and smiling. Once they got back to the Tara unpacked the picnic basket and Willow set a fire in the fireplace in the living room and grabbed a blanket for the two cuddle under. 

Tara sat on the couch her back against the arm rest and pulled Willow down to sit in-between her legs. Tara leaned forward and captured the redheads lips, the kiss was soft, sensual, and it promised more without the hunger and need. When the kiss ended Willow pulled back and looked at her ring again. It was a princess cut diamond raised and set in white gold with a Celtic Trinity Knot on the shoulders.

“Do you like it?” asked Tara.

“Baby, I love it. When did you do all of this?”

“Well, a few of my meetings with Kelly didn't have to do with the stores,” Tara said giving Willow a lopsided smile.

“So, Kelly and Jackie knew about this?”

“Kelly did, I don't think she told Jackie. If she had you would have known something was up, Jackie is horrible at keeping secrets.”

“Well, I'll remember not to tell Jackie any secrets then,” laughed Willow as she leaned up and kissed Tara again this time Willow deepened the kiss. “Make love to me, my fiancé.”

Tara slid off the couch and picked Willow up and carried her into the bedroom and they made love the rest of the day and most of the night.

Morning arrived quickly for them. Tara knew that the driver would be there around 11 to take them to the airport.

“Willow, Sweetie, we have to get up and start getting ready to go. The driver will be here in a couple of hours,” Tara whispered into her lovers ear.

“I'm not done celebrating our engagement,” Willow said with a seductive smile causing Tara's breath to catch.

“Well, how about you come and shower with me and we can continue the celebration there,” offered Tara.

“Wet Tara, oh yeah, lets go get you wet,” said Willow standing up and taking Tara's hand.

“That happened the moment I felt your naked body on mine Sweetie,” Tara said causing them both to laugh.

“Well, then I want soapy slick Tara,” Willow said leaning up and kissing Tara while leading her back into the bathroom and over to the shower.

Once they were in the shower Tara pressed Willow up against the wall and started to kiss her, grind her hips into her, and she let her hands roam all over Willow's body. She played with her breasts and once the nipples were hard Tara broke the kiss and brought her lips down and covered one of the nipples giving a little nip to the top and then moving to the other one, she repeated this until she heard Willow panting. Tara moved down her lovers body until she knelt before her. Tara looked up and saw Willow watching her, lust and desire showing in her eyes causing Tara to become even more wet. Tara smiled and then leaned forward, placing one of Willows legs over her shoulder and with her tongue she tasted her lover, running her tongue back an forth dipping inside her, then teasing her clit. Tara captured the bundle of nerves in her mouth and sucked hard causing Willow to cry out her name. As she continued she heard Willow panting that she needed her inside. Tara thrust two fingers inside Willow and felt the redhead moving her hips in the rhythm that Tara had set. As Willow got closer to her release Tara added a third finger and then alternating between sucking and letting her tongue tease Willow's clit. She heard the redhead call out her name and then the inner walls shuddered and she helped her lover ride out the climax and then a second climax. Willow panting pulled Tara up and kissed her tasting herself on the blondes lips.

“Oh Baby,” moaned Willow at the taste and then she broke the kiss and knelt before Tara. “My turn.”

“Oh goddess, Willow,” Tara cried out as Willow thrust two fingers inside the blonde and started to tease her bundle of nerves with her tongue. Tara had already been overly aroused from tasting Willow so it didn't take long for her to climax. She pulled Willow up and they kissed and washed one another before getting out and drying off and getting ready to go. They finished just minutes before the driver arrived.

Once they were back on the plane they cuddled together.

“So, what do you want to do when we get back to London?” asked Tara.

“Can we go get Ceri? I've missed her,” Willow said sheepishly.

“I've missed her too,” said Tara kissing the top of Willow's head.

The plane landed and Willow and Tara got in the car that Morrigan had sent for them. They told the driver where they wanted to go and then settled back and enjoyed the closeness.


Twenty minutes later Tara and Willow were knocking on Kelly and Jackie's door to get their daughter.

“Hey,” said Jackie opening the door and inviting them in.

“Mommy! Mama!” screeched their daughter as she ran at full speed towards them.

Tara caught their daughter and pulled her into a hug and stood up.

“Hi baby girl! Were you good for Kelly and Jackie?”

“She was an angel as always,” said Kelly as she came into the room with Ceri’s bag. “So, how was your weekend.”

“I’m sure you have a pretty good idea how our weekend was,” laughed Willow and Tara blushed.

“Well, someone should tell me because I have no clue what you guys are talking about,” said Jackie.

“Wow, Kelly I thought you would have told her,” laughed Tara taking Willow’s left hand and putting it in front of Jackie's face.

“Oh…my…god,” she squealed. “You got engaged? Seriously?”

“Yup and your wife schemed with my fiancé to get the ring and plan this weekend,” said Willow as Jackie inspected the ring.

“Very nice Tara, you have really good taste. Kelly, please spend more time learning from her,” laughed Jackie.

“Excuse me,” laughed Kelly.

“Babe, did you see the ring that Tara chose for Willow?”

“Yes, I was with her when she bought it,” said Kelly.

“Now, I’m telling you to take notes because Tara has impeccable taste in jewelry and we do have an anniversary coming up,” laughed Jackie.

“I wanna see the pretty ring,” piped in Ceri.

“Well of course honey,” said Willow taking her daughter from Tara and showing her the ring on her left hand.

“That is really pretty, and Mommy bought it for you?”

“Yep she did,” smiled Willow looking over at Tara.

“Mommy you have good taste in pretty things,” said Ceri.

“Thank you!” laughed Tara. “Thank you guys for watching her this weekend, we truly appreciate it.”

“Anytime, she is always such a joy to have over here,” said Jackie.


Willow, Tara, and Ceri got back to their place and put their stuff inside and decided to see if everyone was up at Giles' and tell them there good news.

“Okay Sweetie, remember when we get up there you can't tell anyone that we are engaged or that Mommy gave me a ring,” Willow told Ceri.

“I won't Mama,” promised the little girl.

“You ready?” asked Tara.

“More than ready,” Willow said.

They left their flat and went upstairs and knocked on the door. Giles' answered and motioned for them to come in. Ceri quickly went over and sat next to Dawn.

“Hey look who came home,” laughed Faith who was cuddled up on the couch with Buffy.

“Did you guys have a good weekend?” asked Xander.

“It was an amazing weekend,” Willow grinned.

“So, where did you go?” asked Morrigan. “Tara wouldn't tell me a thing, just that she needed to borrow my plane.”

“I rented us a cottage in Ireland on the coast,” Tara said as she sat down on the bar stool and pulled Willow into her arms.

Anya turned and hit Xander on the arm. “How come you never do anything romantic like that for me?”

“Ow, and because I never thought of it,” Xander answered rubbing his arm where Anya had hit him.

“Big baby,” Anya mumbled as she watched him continue to rub his arm.

“It sounds beautiful,” said Buffy.

“It was,” said Willow.

“Tara, you are pretty quiet over there,” noticed Faith.

“Sorry, just reliving part of the weekend in my head,” she admitted.

“Which part is that?” Willow asked and then felt Tara play with the ring. “Oh.”

“Come on, share with the family,” said Dawn. “Well, unless it isn't PG-13, then I don't want to know.”

“There was a purpose to the trip,” started Tara.

“More than relaxation and reconnecting?” asked Morrigan leaning forward and searching the two women's eyes to see if she was right in what she was thinking.

“Well, there was definitely a lot of relaxation and reconnecting, but on Saturday we took a walk and found this secluded spot surrounded by trees on three sides and it opened up to a cliff overlooking the ocean. Tara had packed a picnic for us,” started Willow.

“Awwww,” came the chorus from the group.

“Yeah, well, she,” started Willow and stopped when she got choked up.

Tara pulled Willow closer and just lifted her left hand for everyone to see. The room went silent for a good minute while everyone processed what they were seeing and there were gasps and giggles and then came the congratulations.

Buffy was the first to reach Willow and pull her into a hug while Faith pulled Tara into a hug.

“T, you really proposed?” asked Faith feeling the blonde nod her response.

“Oh my god, Willow. Let me see the ring,” said Buffy pulling out of the hug and grabbing Willow's hand.

Morrigan was next to pull Tara into a hug. “My dear, I am so happy for you,” she gushed. “You are very sneaky.”

Anya grabbed Willow's hand and inspected the ring that Tara had given her. “Damn, Tara you have really good taste in jewelry,” said Anya.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Wills, you are getting married,” started Xander pulling Willow into a hug. “Are you happy?” he whispered.

“I have never been happier,” answered Willow.

“I guess this means we are going to have to have another party before you all head back to Sunnydale,” said Faith.

“I agree, but you two are NOT handling it this time,” said Anya pointing at both Faith and Buffy.

“Why not?” asked Buffy.

“Hello, you made my cake a poopie diaper,” said Anya as everyone giggled.

“It was funny,” said Willow.

Everyone started talking and throwing out ideas for the party, Tara pulled Willow into her arms and held her close.

“See, this is perfection,” whispered Tara.

“I agree,” said Willow.


Anya, Xander, Buffy, and Faith agreed to plan the party together, Morrigan suggested that they do it at the Coven's retreat where she works with Tara, Willow, and Ceri.

Faith took care of the invites since she knew most of Tara's friends. Faith made sure to invite Kasey and told her to bring the girl that she was 'seeing' as well. Kasey was shocked to receive the invite, but Morrigan explained to her that she was part of the family and part of their lives now. Morrigan helped Kasey arrange for the person she was seeing to join them.

The details of the party were kept from Willow and Tara, they had only been told that it would be on Saturday and that they were supposed to dress comfortable. Saturday morning arrived and Willow and Tara helped Ceri get ready and then they got ready and waited for Faith to arrive.

“Alright you two it is blindfold time,” Faith said with an evil grin.

“Oh no, you are NOT blindfolding me. I remember what happened the last time you did,” said Tara.

“T, I will not let you fall this time,” giggled Faith.

“I'll take care of you Mommy,” said Ceri.

“Does someone want to tell me why Faith blindfolded my fiancé?” asked Willow. She loved to call Tara her fiancé and took every opportunity to do so.

“We had a surprise birthday party for Tara one year and I was to bring her to the party, but not tell her where we were going. I blindfolded her and I wasn't paying attention to the ground and she tripped over the curb and down she went.”

“And Faith stood there and laughed at me for a good five minutes,” added Tara.

“I promise I won't let either of you fall this time,” said Faith. “Even the munchkin here will help.”

“Fine,” both Tara and Willow relented and put on the blindfolds.

Ceri and Faith escorted them to the car and then they headed out to the Coven's retreat. When they arrived Morrigan escorted them safely to the large building that was used for meetings. Once inside they seated Willow and Tara at the far end.

“Okay, when we tell you two, you can remove the blindfolds,” said Anya.

Tara took Willow's hand as they waited. When they finally received the word they removed the blindfolds and found that the room was transformed into Tara's dorm room, complete with fairy lights and stars glowing on the ceiling.

“You guys this looks amazing,” said Tara.

“Look Baby, they even put a spot on the floor like we had when we used to do spells in your room,” said Willow pointing to a spot on the floor.

Tara wrapped her arms around Willow from behind and held her close. Faith was manning the music, Dawn was on Ceri duty, Buffy and Anya were setting out the food and Xander was making sure everything stayed running.

“We're pretty lucky aren't we,” Tara said into Willow's ear.

“What do you mean?” asked Willow.

“Look at all our friends and the love we have around us, they are here, for us, to celebrate our happiness.”

“You're right, we are very lucky.”

As they watched everyone enjoying themselves they saw Jackie and Kelly heading over towards them, then the saw Kasey and a stunning brunette enter.

“Hey you two,” said Kelly hugging the happy couple. “So, you have been engaged for almost a week now, how does it feel?”

“Amazing, incredible, surreal,” said Willow glancing up at Tara who kissed her forehead.

“You two are too cute,” said Jackie.

“We know,” answered Tara as they all laughed.

“We are off to mingle,” said Kelly grabbing her wife's hand and heading over to where Giles and Morrigan were standing.

“I love you,” Willow said turning in Tara's arms and kissing her.

“I love you too,” Tara responded and kissed the redhead again.

Willow turned around to face the group again and leaned against Tara. They saw Kasey and got her attention and beckoned for her to join them.

“Hey Kasey,” said Willow as she hugged her and then Tara did the same.

“Hi. This place looks amazing. Is there a story behind the decorations?” asked Kasey as the woman who had arrived with her walked up.

“Hi honey,” she said as Kasey wrapped an arm around her.

“Kris, this is Willow and Tara, it is their engagement party. Willow, Tara, this is my girlfriend Kris,” said Kasey.

“Nice to meet you,” said Willow and Tara as they shook the hand of the new woman.

“Congratulations,” said Kris. “This place looks incredible.”

“Thank you,” said Tara. “They modeled it after my college dorm room. Willow and I had our first kiss in that room.”

“Among other firsts,” said Willow as both her and Tara blushed. “That sounded better in my head. It was where we did some of our first spells. That is what I meant.”

“No it isn't,” said Kelly.

“You weren't supposed to be listening,” said Willow.

“I always listen when you are embarrassing yourself, it is almost as fun as watching Tara embarrass herself,” laughed Kelly receiving a mock glare from the blonde.

“Kelly, this is my girlfriend Kris,” said Kasey. “Kris this is Kelly.”

“It is nice to finally meet you,” said Kris shaking Kelly's hand. “Kasey has told me a lot about you over the years.”

“It is nice to meet you too. This is my wife Jackie,” said Kelly as Jackie joined the group.

“Hi Jackie, I'm Kris, Kasey's girlfriend.”

“So, now that introductions are done, what were we talking about?” asked Jackie.

“Willow was embarrassing herself and I was enjoying it,” smirked Kelly.

“Kelly, be nice or I will tell them the camping story,” threatened Kasey.

“You will not,” said Kelly turning a deep shade of red.

“Okay, I have never seen my wife turn that shade of red before, this has to be a good story,” laughed Jackie.

“It is,” smiled Kasey putting an arm around Kris.

Jackie wrapped her arms tightly around her wife, Willow and Tara positioned themselves in a way to quickly block Kelly should she get out of Jackie's grip. Kris just smiled at the interaction, it was the first time in the six years they had been together that she had ever seen Kasey relaxed around people.

“Well, we were on one of our first holidays away together, it was just after we had started dating and Kelly thought it would be fun to go camping though neither of us had ever really 'roughed' it,” started Kasey.

“Please stop,” whimpered Kelly.

“Nope,” said Kasey with a smirk. “So, Kelly got a tent, camping gear, she reserved a spot for us at a campground, she went all out. We got out there and we were about to start setting up the tent when I realized we had no instructions. Kelly had left them at home thinking she knew better and wouldn't need them. We struggled for about an hour before some kids from a nearby camp came over and put it up for us,” said Kasey as the others laughed. “That wasn't the embarrassing part. We went for a walk along the trails, we walked by some amazing flower beds, a waterfall, and some cool nature designed rock art. On our way back passing the waterfall the sound of the running water made someone realize they had to pee. Thinking there was nobody around, Kelly went into these bushes and crouched down and started to pee when a troop of boy scouts came up the trail as she was pulling up her pants. Those poor kids got a quick female anatomy lesson, THEN we started back to the campsite and Kelly started to tell me how much she was itching. When we got back to the site we went into the tent and she had me look at her legs and stuff and she had a huge rash forming. The family in the campsite next to us overheard our dilemma of her itching and they asked where she had gone and after we described it, the father told us that the area around there was restricted because it was full of poison oak. Yes, you guessed it she had peed in a field of poison oak. She was a big rash from her knees to her boobs. The father was a nice guy and gave us some lotion and told me to rub it on the rash once an hour for the next twelve hours and it should take care of the issue.”

“Oh baby, is that why you hate camping?” laughed Jackie.

“I know what to get you for your birthday now,” giggled Willow.

Kelly was very red and hid her face in her hands as the others enjoyed her embarrassment.

“Kasey, you are evil,” said Kelly.

“You bring it out in me,” she said.

Soon after Buffy and Faith came over to talk to Willow and Tara.

“Red, T, I am really happy for you two,” said Faith hugging them both.

“Me too. You guys were made for one another,” said Buffy hugging the couple and then wrapping her arm around Faith.

“Thanks,” said Tara. “You two seem cozy.”

“We're enjoying our time together and trying to figure out a way to make this work,” said Buffy.

“Giles,” said Tara as the former Watcher came over.

“I am so happy for you both,” said Giles as both girls hugged him together.

“Thank you,” said Willow.

“More than being happy for you both, I am so proud of you. You have endured so much throughout your entire relationship and you are more in love and more committed to each other than you were five years ago back in Sunnydale.”

“That means a lot to me Giles,” Tara finally managed to say.

“I love you both and look forward watching your love continue to blossom and being a part of your family.”

“Giles you are the dad we always wanted and needed, you are family and we love you,” said Tara and Willow nodded her agreement.

Morrigan was next to drop by and talk to the happy couple.

“I am so very happy for you. I have never seen you so alive as you have been since Willow came back into your life. You two are a blessing to one another, you need to remember that and grow that.”

“We will,” said Tara hugging Morrigan close.

“Willow, Tara is stubborn and headstrong as you know, please always remember that and how much you love one another now, it will help you both in the future.”

“I promise I will.”

“Dawnie,” said Tara opening her arms and letting the brunette walk into the and hug her close.

“Tara, you have no idea how many times I have dreamed of you two getting married. I love you both and know that you are going to make it work this time. Tara, you have always been there for me, showed me love, compassion, you were strict when I needed it. Without you, I don't think I would be where I am today. Thank you for loving me as a daughter,” said Dawn as tears streamed down her face.

“Dawnie, you are everything I ever wanted in a daughter. I am so grateful for you in my life and you will always be my daughter in my heart.”

“Willow, you have been my best friend and like a sister to me. I owe you a lot as well. You were there when I needed someone to keep me strong. Thank you! And thank you for loving Tara so much,” said Dawn as the redhead pulled her into a hug unable to speak.

Xander and Anya were next.

“Tara, you were the first person to ever make me feel like I wasn't a freak and an outcast. I love you for that and you had better be there when this spawn comes out because I have no clue what the hell I am doing and from how Dawn and Ceri act, you have this stuff figured out,” Anya said hugging the blonde.

“I love you too and I will be here for you when the baby arrives,” said Tara.

“Willow, what can I say. You have been my best friend since we were five years old. I have only ever seen you truly happy when you were with Tara. I couldn't be happier for you,” said Xander hugging the redhead.

“I love you too Xander, and there is nobody I would have rather had by my side since we were five,” Willow said as tears rolled down her face.

“Alright, you get the blonde hottie and I get the sappy redhead now,” said Anya as the group that had formed around them laughed.

“Tara, you make my best friend happy, you make her glow. You have always been the best part of us, I think you will always be the best part of us. We are all better having you in our lives and loving us, take care of my best friend, she is precious and a rarity in this world.”

“That I know Xander. I am so glad you are in my life,” said Tara hugging the construction worker.

“Willow, don't screw this up. You have something good here and Xander is right, she makes us better. You are a better person with her in your life, she makes you smile and not be mean.”

“Thank you Anya. I love you too,” said Willow as she hugged Anya.

“Well, I guess that leaves me,” said Kasey. “I have listened to what everyone has said about you two as a couple and as individuals. I am grateful to know you both and that you accepted me into your family. Tara, you were the first person that I allowed in other than Kris. After all that happened in my past, I didn't think I was worthy of true love, not even when it was being given to me,” said Kasey looking at Kris. “That day in the hospital when you sat down and talked to me and showed such kindness, it made me see what I was missing in my life. I think they are all right, you do make everyone around you better because of your caring heart.”

Tara had tears streaming down her face as she pulled Kasey into a hug and then let her go.

“Willow, I see the love that you and Tara share, the love that you show your daughter, and I believe that the universe got it right. You two are perfect for one another and I don't think that there are forces in this universe that could drive you apart now. Thank you for letting me be a part of your family.”

Willow hugged Kasey, “You are more than welcome, our family is better because we are bigger with you in it.”

“I just met you,but I see the love that everyone here has, I see the changes in Kasey since you all came into her life. Thank you for doing the one thing I couldn't – thank you for reminding her that the hardest thing in this world is to live in it, but it is also the most rewarding.”

“Thank you all for being here and celebrating with us,” said Willow.

“Mama, I get to say something too don't I,” asked Ceri.

Willow bent down and pick up her daughter and Tara came over and wrapped her arms around both of them and kissed each on the head.

“Of course you do sweetie,” said Tara.

“I love you both and am happy we are a family. Mama you make Mommy smile and laugh. Mommy, you make Mama happy and glowy. Most of all, you both make us all, everyone here, you make us a family.”


~ Branny72
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