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 Post subject: Re: The Lovers, The Dreamers And Me - Ch. 47 (10/05/13)
PostPosted: Sat Oct 05, 2013 3:55 pm 
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AUTHOR: Wimpy0729


FEEDBACK: Yes, please.

DISCLAIMER: Willow, Tara and all other BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enema, etc. The story and all other characters, human and otherwise, belong to me.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hi guys. I'd like to thank you for sticking with me through this story, which started as a simple idea that came as a result of boredom but has become so much more to me and I hope you too. I'd like to once again thank the lovely and talented Kitten, Heather (vampyregurl73) for all her help and input on this difficult chapter. All mistakes are still my own, so for any glaring errors, please PM me.

As you come to the end of this chapter, I ask you to remember that this is not the end of their story and try not to hate me too much. Now I am going to go hide behind the strongest barrier I can find after I type this next line...

ANGST WARNING: High: Character death.

Thanks once again to everyone for reading and/or replying.



"Good Lord! Good Lord! Bloody hell! Good Lord!!"

"Quit screaming like a little girl, Rupert, and watch out for that street light!" Sofia yelled from beside him as the SUV flew threw Braun, literally.

Giles cautiously pried one eye open and instantly closed it as the sweat on his brow rolled down stinging his eyeball. "Bloody hell! I can't see and I can't steer this bloody thing!"

"Oh for Pete's sake, if you don't stop saying 'bloody', I'm gonna make you bloody. Now scoot over and let a real woman drive!"


Before Giles knew what was happening, Mary climbed between the seats, plopped down in his lap and took the wheel.

"Which way, Sofie?"

"Up six blocks and hang a right, Mario."

"Hold on tight, ladies!" Mary yelled and the occupants were thrown back in their seats as the SUV became nothing but a blur in the sky as it closed in on The Glory Hole. "That includes you, Rupert."

Sofia, Giles, Diana and Hester each grabbed onto their "oh shit" handle and leaned, wide eyed, as Mary hit the turn full speed and the vehicle was tipped completely sideways.



"HA! My worst nightmare?" Glory scoffed. "Girlies, I hate to break this to you, but anybody dreaming about you, sure ain't havin' a nightmare. are looking a little rough around the eyes," she teased as she waved her finger back and forth between Willow and Tara. "You might try a little more foundation...and maybe some Visine."

Willow and Tara remained unfazed by the strange woman's taunts as she paced in front of them. They could see their friends directly behind her and were relieved to see Buffy had struggled back to her feet and was shaking off the pain in her right hand. They noticed the two Guardians stealthily slipping off to each side and knew if they separated hands and did the same, they'd have the woman surrounded. It seemed like a good plan at the time.

Reluctantly, Willow and Tara's hands slipped apart and they took a step away from each other, their red eyes never leaving the woman standing in the middle. Seeing that Buffy and Faith were clear of her path, Willow's hand shot out and she released a quick blast. Her hope for a satisfying result was immediately snuffed out though as the woman raised her hand, easily deflecting the attack.

"Oh come on, is that all you..."

Her words were cut short as Faith hit her high and Buffy hit her low. They wrestled her to the ground, Buffy holding the woman down as Faith's fists rained down a series of incapacitating anyone else. In the blink of an eye, Buffy found herself bouncing roughly off the ceiling and Faith thudded across the hard surface of the marble desk. She kept rolling until she landed against Buffy and threw a protective arm across her unmoving body.

Not wasting any time, Tara and Willow hit her with simultaneous blasts of fire to the head knocking the woman backwards and into the wall. Their fleeting moment of triumph changed to shock as the woman stumbled away from the wall...leaving part of herself behind. They wrinkled their noses as the smell of cooking vegetables filled the air.

The woman shrieked when she turned and looked behind her at the burning blob melting into the wall. She grabbed the top of her very shiny, very bald head and screamed again. She ran to the now cracked mirror behind the huge desk and screamed once again. "That was my best wig!"

She turned back toward Willow and Tara with pure hatred in her eyes. "You two better be ready...cause now you're gonna die!"

Before they knew what was happening, the bald lunatic lifted the gigantic desk and threw it effortlessly across the room. Willow's eyes grew wide and she didn't have time to react as the huge marble desk came hurtling right at her at blazing speed. She squeezed her eyes closed tight waiting for the end and only had time for one last thought. I'll love you forever, Tara!

Out of nowhere, Willow felt a hard thump against her side, knocking her out of the way and into Tara's arms right before the marble desk crashed into the wall right behind where she had been standing.

A second later, Willow and Tara felt a vice-like grip on their throats constricting all air flow as the bald woman lifted them high off the ground. Before darkness consumed them, they clasped hands and tried to summon their last bit of strength.


"Purple truck! Purple truck! There they are, Mary, set it down!" Sofia yelled excitedly.

"Set it down where?! The parking lot's full!"

The group anxiously scanned their surroundings and finally Hester pointed straight ahead. "Roof entrance!"

The SUV hovered along the side of the building long enough for Mary to get a good look through the large windows and her heart clenched at the sight.

"D, throw me that bundle from the back, NOW!"

The tall woman tossed Mary what she asked for and they all looked on bewildered as she quickly reached out the window and tied the long rope to the roof rack. A few seconds later and she was wrapping the other end of the rope around her hands, climbing through the opening and barking orders.

"Okay, when I say the word, you guys get this thing to the roof as fast as you can. See you all inside."

She wiggled her legs the rest of the way out, stood on the edge of the window, held onto to the roof rack and waited until the time was right. "Now!" She yelled and let go of the rack as the SUV sped upwards and toward the building.


Glory frowned and began loosening her grip as fiery pain shot from her connection with Willow and Tara. "What...what are you doing to me?!" She yelled as she finally couldn't take anymore, dropping the girls and stumbling backwards.

Willow and Tara fell hard to their butts gasping for air. They looked to each other then quickly back up at the befuddled woman.

"You shouldn't be able to hurt me! I'm a GOD for Hades' sake!" She cringed as her hands spasmed and the pain shot up her arms causing her heart to constrict. "Just who the hell are you two?" She growled.

"Oh shit," Tara gasped and threw herself protectively over the redhead, followed quickly by Faith doing the same to Buffy.

Glory smirked cockily, thinking the girls were cowering in fear, right before a loud battle cry pierced the air.


The window exploded inward showering the room with shards of glass. Glory was in shock as she was knocked to the ground and quickly found a foot pressing hard into her chest. She looked up into eyes flickering with blue flames, and for the second time in a matter of seconds, was genuinely afraid.

"These are MY GIRLS...and NOBODY! FUCKS! WITH MY FAMILY!!" Mary roared down at the bald woman, then quickly checked on the girls. "You all okay?"

Tara was about to answer but screamed out a quick warning instead. "Look out, Mama!"

To everyone's horror, Mary went flying through the air hitting the wall hard. She slid down to the floor and shook her head to clear the cobwebs. She slowly looked up at the grinning face of the gloating woman above her, then began laughing hysterically.

"What's so funny, sweetcheeks? Did you hit your fragile human head just a little too hard?" Glory sneered as she looked down at the still laughing woman.

Mary held her stomach and finally curbed her laughter enough to answer. "Nope, my head's just fine, but have you looked in a mirror lately, sweetcheeks? I mean, seriously...just what are you trying to say with that look?"

Glory looked aghast and ran her hands self consciously over her slick scalp.

"Mom?" Tara said cautiously as she stood and helped Willow to her feet. "You uh...might wanna lay off. She's a lot stronger than she looks."

Mary stood and looked directly at the woman in front of her. "Oh, I know who she is alright. And honestly, The Glory Hole -- do you even know what that really means?"

"Hey! I named it after me, and the hole is just like a watering hole where people come to drink, and...sing the blues!"

Mary just couldn't keep from laughing again. "Oh, Glory...Glory, Glory, really are an idiot."


"Don't worry, dear. I'm not scared of Ms. Cueball here. As a matter of fact, she's the one that should be shaking in her stilettos," Mary said matter-of-factly as her eyes drifted to the doorway.

"And just why is that, huh? You're nothing but an old woman, and these four are just a bunch of girls with a...little bit of power." Glory attempted to taunt, but quickly remembered the unexpected pain the blonde and redhead had inflicted on her. She tried to regain her cockiness one more time. "The only being that can really hurt me is..."


"And me."

The Goddesses stepped boldly into the room, followed immediately by the Watchers and Xander leaning heavily on Giles.

Buffy finally regained her feet with the help of Faith and smiled in relief at the newcomers. "And don't forget Giles -- he's a real hair puller. Oh wait, you don't have to worry about that," Buffy snickered as Glory's face turned red.

"A stupid side effect of skipping through three dimensions to get to his frickin' place all because of her!" Glory spat venomously as she pointed at Hester. "I came to keep you from getting your precious Blessed Vestals, and you can't stop me!" Glory screamed as she shook her fist at the Goddess and stomped the floor like a petulant child, effectively breaking the heel of her expensive shoe.

The group just stared at the flustered bald woman, doing their best not to burst out into laughter as she released a string of colorful expletives. Hester sighed and reached her hand out to Willow and Tara. "Girls, if you would please. The rest of you better get over here too."

Mary hurried to help Faith with the injured Buffy and they quickly joined the rest of the group, finishing up the powerful line of Goddesses, Blessed Vestals, Guardians and a Mama Bear witch.

Hester smiled as they all clasped hands and looked back at the one-time hell God. "Glory, let me introduce you to my family. You know my niece, Diana, the Huntress and Goddess of fertility, childbirth and wild woodlands. Then we have Willow and Tara, my beloved children and the now Blessed Vestals, followed by Faith and Buffy, the Guardians of the Blessed Vestals, and last but not least, is Mary Maclay, the biological mother of Tara, and a powerful witch.

Glory just stood there, mouth agape, as her eyes scanned the line of people that made up her worst nightmare.

"No! No! No! This can't be!"

"Oh, but it is," Hester said, smiling brightly. "Take a good, long look and say goodbye, Glory."

"No! I won't go!" Glory screamed and made one last desperate lunge toward the group.

Their hands tightened together and as one, they sent a powerful burst of energy towards the ex-hell God. They watched in fascination as Glory exploded into millions of effervescent sparkles then dissipated into nothingness. The only thing left of her was the lone broken heel of her shoe lying amongst the rubble of the destroyed room.

They all released a huge sigh of relief and turned smiling at one another before cheering loudly.

"Is she really gone?" Faith finally asked, just to be sure.

"Oh, she's really gone alright," Hester answered with a huge smile. "She was literally blown to smithereens. No more dimension jumping for her skanky ass. Great job everyone."

Once they settled down from all the excitement, they began looking around at the complete destruction.

"Wow, what a mess," Buffy said as she kicked at the broken pieces of wood and chunks of marble.

"Yeah, it's gonna take somebody days to clean all this up," Faith agreed as she took it all in.

Buffy knelt in the remnants of the marble desk as something caught her eye. "Look...part of her wig even blew all the way over here," she said as she reached down and tried to pick up the blonde hair.

"Oh, that's odd," Buffy whispered as the piece of hair didn't move far. She dropped it and tentatively began removing chunk after chunk of marble from the shattered desk that covered the yellow hair. She gasped as more blonde hair then the form it was attached to was revealed. As reality hit, her hand flew to her mouth trying to conceal the cry that threatened to emerge next. She took a few quick, deep breaths then reached up to tug on Faith's shirt to get her attention.

The brunette dropped to her knees as soon as she noticed the tears filling Buffy's eyes. "B, what's wrong?"

Buffy pointed hesitantly down to the form without saying a word. Faith froze as she took in the crushed and unmoving body that had been beneath what was left of the massive desk. She stared intently, praying to see something, anything to prove her fears wrong but to no avail. Her eyes slowly looked over at Willow, who was joyously locked in Tara's embrace. Faith dropped her head and swallowed hard several times as tears flowed down her cheeks. She wiped roughly at the tears, slowly rose and made her way over to the redhead, dreading this more than anything before in her life.

She cleared her throat and fought hard to get even a single word out.

"Will?" She whispered. "I..." Faith choked up, shaking and unable to continue...unable to meet Willow's eyes once she had her attention.

Tara couldn't remember seeing Faith this distraught in all the years she had known her. The girl was falling apart and it terrified her because she knew it was bad. She held Willow tight and waited for her best friend to say something...anything.

Willow also had a sinking feeling. She held her breath and held on to Tara as she waited.

Faith's tears fell freely as she swallowed hard and tried once more.

"I'm so sorry. She's...she's gone."

Willow and Tara both looked frantically around the room taking stock of the remaining occupants. All of them were still here, albeit some a little bruised and battered, but they were all here...weren't they?

The sinking feeling grew and Willow became lightheaded.

No...she wasn't here. She was at home, she was sure of it. Then Willow had a flashback of the desk heading straight for her, a thump and she was in Tara's arms. The shove that saved her life.

No. Willow shook her head. It couldn't be.

Dreading the answer, but needing to know for sure, Willow managed to croak out the horrible question.


Faith dropped her head and her tears fell hard, spattering wet spots among the dust and debris covering the once pristine floor. She woefully lifted her hand and pointed to Buffy sitting sobbing in the rubble from the desk and whispered the name reverently.


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Dibs! (Long time I know! :/ )

So good to see you back and have this story continued! Now excuse me while I go find things to break over the loss of Chosen :'(

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Damn I was so close to getting dibs! Lol
Great update but very sad to see Chosen die, she is a true hero


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Oh no, why did you have to kill of Chosen?! At least she finally suceeded in doing what she couldn't manage all those centuries before, saving Willow's life, but it's still so sad!!! Poor Willow will be absolutely devastated! Now I'm really hoping the godesses can bring her back again - maybe even in human form...
Yay that Glory was blown apart without having the chance to make everyone insane before!

I really love your story (just in case I didn't say that before)!

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Great update but it was heartbreaking to see Chosen sacrificing for Willow. Thankfully Willow have Tara with her to support her through the pain.
I agree with Will redemption. Maybe Goddesses can bring her back as W/T child... And Glory got what she deserved.

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I was worried that Mary Maclay was going to die for some reason. I know Willow is devastated that Chosen died; her time spent with him was not long enough. Happy to see that Glory died and we will not be seeing her anymore.

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No! :cry

* looks for something to throw at wall*

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I was loving this chapter...up until the end part. WHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY?????????? :sob :sob :sob :sob :sob :sob :sob :sob :sob

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Okay you have officially gotten me to delurk. I have rather enjoyed reading this story and after reading what happened to Chosen/Libby I thought, "I have to comment." I always hare seeing an animal die in a story but in this case o think I do understand. Libby has spent 2000 years trying to protect Willow and to get the two vestials together. Here at last she succeeds in saving Willow and etting the girls together. Her work is finally done. How many times.has she come back and faced abuse and liberation followed by failure? Now maybe on her next trip around onto planet Earth she"ll have some fantastic karma and a great happy life as a person. Anyhow...enjoying the story and looking forward to the next chapter.

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leos_pride: Hi Leo! Congrats on the dibs. It's good to be back and good to see you too. Go ahead and break whatever you want. I don't blame you a bit. Thanks for the feedback!

kimmy_s: Yes, you were sooo close on the dibs. It was definitely sad because Chosen was very special. Thanks for the feedback.

Wills redemption: Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying, and I do apologize for doing that to Chosen. It was rough for me to even write that. She's become very special. Thanks for the feedback.

lilyred: Yes, that was definitely a rough one. You're right, Willow is lucky to have Tara comfort her during this hard time. Yep, it was bye-bye Glory, and good riddance. Thanks for the feedback.

love_2003: I don't blame you for worrying about Mary. She sure put herself in harm's way didn't she? But she's a pretty tough cookie and it was just natural for her to go into Mama Bear mode. Losing Chosen was rough. She was very special. Thanks for the feedback.

Grimm: Hi Grimmy! Is it safe for me to come out of hiding yet? No? Okay, I'll head right back there for just a little bit longer. But please, don't hurt yourself hurling any heavy objects. Thanks for the feedback.

Finey_McFine: Dear Shelby, can you ever forgive me? Maybe this next chapter will make you feel a little bit better. *cough* naughty bits *cough* Thanks for the feedback.

loislane1: Hi there and welcome! Thank you so much for delurking for this story. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Yes, you definitely hit the nail on the head regarding Chosen/Libby. She's been through a lot, so we'll just have to wait and see what karma has in store for her. Thanks for the feedback.

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AUTHOR: Wimpy0729


FEEDBACK: Yes, please.

DISCLAIMER: Willow, Tara and all other BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. The story and all other characters, human and otherwise, belong to me.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: My apologies for upsetting the kittens. Losing Chosen was very difficult and she was truly special.

I'd like to thank my own personal devil's advocate, the most patient beta ever, the lovely and voluptuous vampyregurl73 for letting me bounce my crazy ideas off her head and setting me straight, in a manner of speaking, when needed. And also for poking me with a sharp stick to get me motivated. Thanks, Heather! All mistakes are still my own, so for any glaring errors, please PM me.

Thanks again to everyone for reading and/or replying.




The quietly spoken word seemed to ring out and cut through the cacophony of the other excited conversations going on in the room. The rest of the group stopped everything and turned toward the only sounds in the room. Buffy and Faith were both sniffing loudly and wiping roughly at the tears on their cheeks.

Willow hadn't moved a muscle, hadn't taken a breath since Faith said the name. She felt Tara's grip tighten around her waist giving her strength and the next thing she knew, she was kneeling beside Buffy with no memory of how she got there.

She didn't feel the sharp edges of the broken marble cutting into her knees.

She didn't feel the salty tears pouring down her cheeks.

She didn't notice Faith sit down on the floor beside her.

The only thing Willow felt at all was Tara standing behind her, squeezing a shoulder in silent support. Through blurry eyes she stared down at the battered, lifeless body of the friend she held so dear. Willow mentally shook her head as she corrected herself. Not just a friend. Too special to be just anything. Their relationship far exceeded that of friendship. What the two shared was nothing less than the bond of blood family.

Sobs wracked Willow's body as she tenderly reached out a hand and stroked the soft blonde hair one more time. There was no steady beat of the once strong heart, no head turning to her and placing excited kisses all over her face, and no eyelids fluttering open revealing warm brown eyes with flecks of bright green. Her chin fell to her chest as she finally had to avert her eyes from the heartbreaking sight.

Diana smiled sadly at Vesta before silently joining the girls. She gave them a few more moments then laid a comforting hand on Willow's shoulder and the other on Faith's, giving them both a gentle squeeze.

"She loved you very much, Willow," Diana said quietly. "I cannot begin to count the times she told me that all she wished for was to see you see you whole once more. She was truly a remarkable soul."

Willow's shaking slowed as the Goddess's words began to sink in. She rubbed her eyes with the palms of her hands and slowly nodded in agreement.

"She has gone through so much, given everything so many times, and she finally got to see that day. It's her time to finally be at peace. She would not want you to grieve, Willow. Remember her and honor her by going on to live the happy life she wanted so much for you. I give you my word, as I gave to her, she will be rewarded for her sacrifices."

Willow sniffed away the last of her tears and sat up straighter. She reached up and covered Tara's and Diana's hands with her own and a smile began to spread across her lips.

"I will."

Diana smiled and lovingly squeezed their shoulders once more.

Slowly, steadily Willow's heart began beating faster as a warmth filled her and flowed throughout her veins. She closed her eyes and smiled as the memories flooded her mind. Libby/Chosen would never be forgotten.

Faith swallowed hard as a hot flush hit her face and a wave of dizziness swept over her. This was all just too much. They had rescued this abused dog, nursed her back to health and found her a new life. That was Faith's sole purpose for so long. Then to find out everything else. She was never just a dog, but so much more, and now...Faith felt like she failed her. She wanted to rescue them all or die trying but she let her down. Let them all down. Just too much. She felt the heat rise in her face once more and the dizziness intensified. She threw a hand over her mouth, stumbled to her feet and raced from the room as fast as she could.

Buffy stared at the back of her hastily retreating girlfriend completely confused. She wiped away the last of her tears and her eyes met Diana's who, surprisingly, gave her a sly smile. Now she was even more confused.

"Give her a moment, Buffy. Perhaps she just needs some time to herself," Diana said calmly.

Buffy hesitated and decided Diana was right. "I'll give her two minutes, then I'm gonna go check on her."


"The key! Where's the damn key?! I know I left a spare under one of the mats," Smarmy whispered loudly after he and Snark had limped their way out the back door and found the Pacer.

"Maybe those idiots found it and took it," Snark said in a strangely high voice, still holding gingerly to his damaged privates.

"I put the spare key there before I loaned them the car, and I have a feeling those two were too stupid to find anything. Ah ha, here it is! Hollywood, here we come!"

The Pacer sputtered to life just as the back door of The Glory Hole flew open wide. The ex-minions screamed and Smarmy threw the car into reverse as the brunette came tumbling out and dove behind the dumpster.

Faith dropped to her knees, too busy to notice the gravel flying or the Pacer speeding away. A few minutes later the door groaned open once more as Buffy stuck her head out and looked around in search of her girlfriend. She found Faith leaning weakly against the old brick building, pushing her sweaty hair back out of her face.

"Hey," Buffy whispered as she slowly approached. "You okay?"

Faith stood up straighter and tried her best to look normal. "Yeah, I'm...I'm sorry, B. I just couldn't stay in there any longer," she mumbled as her eyes darted anywhere except Buffy's.

"I get it," Buffy said as she shuffled a little closer. "I don't know about you, but I sure could use a hug right now," Buffy whispered as she maneuvered the last little step and wrapped her arms tentatively around her girlfriend's waist. Instantly, she felt strong arms circle around her, pulling her close as Faith buried her face in her neck.

"Shh, it's going to be okay," she whispered as she held the shaking woman tighter. "It has to be."

Faith nodded and pulled back slightly. "Yeah, it will be. She looked after them for so long, now it's our turn. I'll do everything in my power to keep them safe and make their life easier, B, I swear," Faith said with complete resolve.

Buffy smiled and cupped both sides of her face. "We both will, Baby. Do you think we should get them home? It's been a long, rough day for everyone."

Faith nodded and wiped the last of her tears away, quickly returning to her role as Guardian. She took Buffy by the hand and led her back inside, where they found Willow in the middle of a group hug. "Is everyone ready to get out of here? We should all go home and get some rest."

Willow pulled back from the group and sadly looked back down at Chosen. "I can't...I don't want to leave her," she whispered sadly.

"As I told you, Willow," Diana said caringly. "It will be my honor to take care of her. I've done it many, many times, and she trusted me to do it again."

Willow sighed and finally nodded up at the tall Goddess. "I trust you too. Just let me..." Willow's words were cut off as she swallowed back another sob. She knelt back down in the rubble and gently kissed the soft hair on Chosen's head one last time. "I can never thank you enough. Words could never do justice to what you mean to me, Libby. Just know that I love you and you're forever in my heart," Willow whispered low in the dog's ear then wiped away more tears.

She reached out a hand and Tara was there, helping her up and pulling her into her arms.

"Come on, sweetie. Let's go home."


It was a very sad group that loaded up in the SUV and headed out of Braun that night. Vesta and Diana stayed behind to take care of Chosen, and would return Tara's truck the next morning. It was a very quiet trip as Giles drove the packed vehicle back to the Rainbow Rescue. He and Xander were going to stay one more night due to the late hour and the exhaustion of the day having caught up with them. Sofie decided to head back to her own home and Faith loaded up Bubba and drove the rest of the girls back to their place.

Very few words were spoken as they entered the dark house, the events of the day replaying over and over in all of their minds. They sat silently at the kitchen table, all acutely aware of the missing body that should be curled up beside Bubba at the back door.

Faith finally stood up and headed to the refrigerator, getting Buffy an ice pack and retrieving bottles of water for everyone. "You guys should drink something," she said quietly. "I'll fix dinner if anyone's hungry." Not surprisingly, none of them had any appetite and barely even sipped at their waters.

"Alright then. I'm gonna grab a shower. B?"

"Yeah, I'll be right there," Buffy said, wanting to spend just a few more minutes with Willow and Tara.

Faith headed downstairs for clean clothes and noticed the rec room was still a mess. She poked her head in the bedroom and shook her head. Quickly and efficiently, she had the broken bed frame taken apart and carried out the back door. She placed the box springs and mattress directly on the floor and had the new sheets covering the gigantic bed in no time. One less thing for the girls to worry about. They'd deal with the rec room later.

Faith grabbed her clean clothes and made her way back up to the kitchen. She caught Buffy's eye, who nodded and stood, leaning over to give Willow and then Tara a hug. "You guys just let us know if you need anything, okay?"

"Thanks, Buffy," Willow said as she stood and hugged her best friend tightly one more time. She watched them go then turned to see Tara's concerned blue eyes.

"Anything I can do, sweetie?" Tara asked and didn't hesitate as Willow nodded and held out her hand. Tara took the offered hand and was led quietly down into the basement, past the mess in the rec room, past the bedroom and straight into the bathroom. Willow flipped on the light, locked the door and wordlessly began undressing the blonde.

Tara watched curiously as Willow tenderly removed every piece of her clothing, the freckled hands shaking the entire time. Tara stood there completely naked, bare, but when she looked in those sad green eyes, could see that Willow was the vulnerable one. She took the shaking hands in her own and brought them to her lips then reached up to cup her face. She kissed her softly then reached for the hem of her shirt, and within minutes Tara was leading Willow into the large shower stall. She diverted what was left of the broken showerhead until the water was nice and warm then redirected the stream, turning her back to take the brunt of the powerful flow before pulling Willow into her arms.

For the longest time, Tara just held Willow tightly as the water poured down on them and their tears fell just as hard. She finally reached for the body wash and began cleaning the physical remnants of the day off of the slim frame with the gentlest of touches. The emotional remnants, she knew, weren't going to be that easy.


Something woke Tara early the next morning long before the sun had begun to rise. With the moon still shining in through the small window, she looked down to see Willow still wrapped securely around her body. The redhead was melded into her bare chest and their limbs were entwined to the point where you couldn't tell where one ended and the other began. It was a moment of pure bliss. Her heart swelled and she wrapped her arms even tighter around the woman she loved, placing a gentle kiss on her forehead.

She reveled in the joy of the moment until a niggling sensation began in the back of her brain. She glanced at the clock thinking she had slept through the annoying alarm and was going to be late for work. The niggling continued, then she remembered she hadn't even set the alarm, but why? She was on days this week so she should have. What was today anyway? The past few days had gone by in such a blur with everything that had happened. Then she finally remembered that yesterday was Monday, so today would be...

Her eyes grew wide and she covered her mouth after her "oh, shit" had slipped out a little too loudly. Luckily Willow was still sleeping soundly, the light snoring sounds making her incredibly cuter, if that was even possible. Tara slowly and ever so carefully extricated herself from the sleeping redhead. She threw on a t-shirt and grabbed her robe before tip-toeing silently from the room. She made a quick pit stop to the bathroom then padded quietly up the stairs to the dark kitchen. The distinct smell of fresh coffee brewing instantly caught her attention and she flipped the light on, surprised to see Faith sitting at the counter with both hands wrapped around a mug.

"Good morning," Tara whispered as she reached in the cabinet for her own mug then filled it up.

"Hey," Faith grunted back, definitely not thrilled to be up so early. "Sorry, I think made it too strong. It doesn't taste very good," she said as she nodded down to her still nearly full cup.

Tara added her creamer and took a careful sip before smiling widely as the caffeine hit her system. "Nope, tastes fine to me. What are you doing up so early?"

Faith stared down at the brown liquid for a few seconds obviously avoiding the question. "I uh, have to work today."

Tara frowned and glanced at the clock above the sink before looking closely back at Faith. " three hours," she said pointedly.

"I had trouble sleeping, so I decided to get up. I just didn't want to disturb Buffy, okay?" Faith answered somewhat grumpily.

"How is Buffy?" Tara asked carefully, not quite sure what was going on with her best friend.

"She's sleeping like a baby. What about Willow?"

"Same. Thanks for taking care of the bed by the way," Tara said smiling as she reached into the cabinet pulling out several skillets.

"No big. So why are you up so early? I thought you'd be sleeping in."

Tara moved over to the refrigerator and started pulling out everything she wanted and put it on the counter beside the stove. "I'm making a special breakfast today, then I have things to do."

Faith nodded knowingly before taking a sip of her coffee and grimacing at the bitter taste. "Damn, that tastes like ass," she grumbled as she took the cup and dumped it down the sink. "Trying to cheer her up?"

Tara frowned at Faith's odd actions, then leaned back against the counter and smiled sadly. "I'm afraid food won't even begin to cheer her up. But in all the mess, I nearly forgot about today being her birthday."

"Oh, man. I'm so sorry. And I didn't think this could be any worse," Faith said quietly, shaking her head. She looked in the fridge finding what she was looking for, got a glass and filled it with apple juice before sitting back down on the high stool at the counter.

"I know, but I'm going to at least try to do something special for her. Plus I didn't get her a present yet, so I need to run out and see if I can find something."

Faith nodded and took a big drink of juice, trying to erase the nasty taste lingering in her mouth. The cool, sweet juice was just what she needed to quench her thirst, so she quickly downed the entire glass and went back for more.

Tara was watching her curiously out of the corner of her eye as she uncharacteristically gulped down the second glass then refilled it once more. "Are you dehydrated? There's more Gatorade down in the drawer," Tara said as she got two skillets going with bacon and sausage, hoping she had enough to feed everyone. She definitely needed to do some grocery shopping while she was out today. "Is there any special food or anything you want me to pick up today? I'm going to start a list."

"Yeah, some more of this would be great, and maybe some of that...oh, what's it has grape juice and those little apple things?"

"Cran-Grape?" Tara asked, not able to hide the surprise in her voice and looking closely at the brunette. "Faith, the only time you drank that was when you had a bladder infection and couldn't stand the taste of the plain cranberry juice. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, sure. It just sounds good right now," she explained as she drained her third glass.

Tara turned her attention back to the stove and started turning the sizzling sausage and flipping the bacon. "I hope we have enough eggs," she wondered aloud as the grease spattered and popped.

Oh...that's not...good. Faith thought as the juice suddenly hit her stomach like a rock. She swallowed hard as the once tasty juice became something completely different. And that damn stinking coffee...and the...grease!

"Does Buffy prefer scrambled or fried? Or I could make omelets. What do you think?"



Tara frowned as she turned down the heat and covered the skillets. She walked over to the now open sliding door but the only thing she could see was Bubba outside doing his business before rambling over toward the side of the house. Then in the early light of the sun, she could make out the form of Faith rounding the corner with something in her hand.

Tara smiled as Faith walked by her and placed a single, beautiful red rose in the palm of her hand.

"Here. I thought you might want to give this to your birthday girl."

Tara brought it to her nose, inhaling deeply before turning to Faith, who had already made it to the stairs. "Faith!"

She stopped with her foot on the first step and turned to look at the blonde. "Yeah, T?"

"Thanks, you big softy."

Faith just shrugged and smiled, flashing her trademark dimples that quickly faded and the smile never reaching her eyes. "I'd do anything to give her what she really wants."

"I know you would, Faith," Tara whispered sadly. "So would I."

The two shared knowing looks before Tara suddenly had an idea. "Hey, could you tell Buffy I'd like to speak to her as soon as she gets up?"

"Sure thing. I better go get ready," Faith said then finally headed back up the stairs, her mind a jumble of thoughts.

"Don't you want any breakfast?"

"No thanks. I gotta get movin'. Don't want to be late."


Tara stood there baffled as Faith disappeared from view, then rushed back to the stove as the smell of burning bacon reached her nose. "Well, crap. Maybe Buffy likes hers extra crispy," she said to herself as she placed the overdone batch on a plate before finding a small vase for Willow's flower. She added new strips of bacon to the skillet then attended to the sausage before starting on the eggs. A few minutes later, she turned to put the empty carton in the trash and jumped when she saw the blonde sitting at the island covering a big yawn with her hand.

"Geez, Tara. I know I'm a little scary in the morning, but you're gonna give me a complex."

"I just didn't hear you, silly. And you're not that scary," Tara teased as she pulled down a mug and filled it for the other blonde, who looked like she really needed it.

"Oh, bless you," Buffy said before taking the first sip. "God this is good."

"Your girlfriend made it."

"She's a woman of many talents. Speaking of my woman, she said you wanted to see me?"

Tara switched off all the burners and put all the contents on separate plates before turning to Buffy and giving her all of her attention. "Yes, I did. I was hoping you could help me with something."


Mary sat at her yellow kitchen table drinking her second cup of coffee of the day with a look of pure amusement on her face. She nearly laughed out loud as Giles stumbled around the living room trying to put on his sock and walk at the same time.

"Xander, get up!" He yelled, smacking the carpenter in the face with the other sock, who still continued to snore away.

"Rupert, just who was that on the phone that has you all frazzled?"


"I'm up! I'm up!" Xander shot straight up and looked around frantically. "Where is she?!"

"She called. We have to get home right away."

Xander leaned back against the sofa and groaned, rubbing his hands over his tired eyes. "Why? Did she lose the key to the cash register again?"

"No. It seems she has a...a guest."

Xander stood up and stretched, groaning again as his back popped and cracked, an unpleasant reminder of the abuse his body suffered the day before. "Oh no, that's not good. She doesn't do well with guests, especially when she's unsupervised. Well, not even when she's supervised actually."

"Exactly. Now hurry up. The sooner we get home the better."

"Surely you boys have time for a cup of coffee, Rupert. I made my cinnamon swirl cream cheese coffee cake."

Both men stopped everything, their eyebrows rising identically as their curiosity was piqued.

"Did you say cinnamon?"

"And cream cheese?"

Mary smiled as she walked over and retrieved cups and plates from the cabinet. She served the men then sat back down and took another sip of her own coffee.

"Now, tell me about this guest."


Tara carried the tray carefully down the stairs and pushed the bedroom door open with her foot. She paused and smiled at the peaceful look on her girlfriend's face. After everything they had been through, especially the tragic events of yesterday, it warmed her heart to get to see that look again. She sat the tray on the dresser, laid her robe and shirt on the chair and gently slid back into bed. She carefully eased her pillow out of Willow's arms that she had latched onto in her absence and wiggled back into her earlier position. She closed her eyes and sighed contentedly as she raked her fingers lovingly through the red hair that was draped across her chest. Yes, definitely pure bliss.

"I missed you," Willow murmured into the side of Tara's breast, her lips tickling the sensitive skin.

"Hey, you're supposed to still be asleep."

"I missed you," Willow repeated, as if that would explain it all.

"I missed you too. Happy birthday, Baby," Tara whispered and placed a loving kiss on her forehead.

Willow raised up with a start, her big green eyes wide. "What?"

Tara giggled at the adorable girl and spoke very slowly and deliberately. "Happy. Birthday."

"It's Tuesday? Really?!"

Tara just smiled and nodded. "Yep, all day long. So what would the birthday girl like to do today?"

"Well, it is my birthday," Willow said, waggling her eyebrows and smiling lasciviously.

Tara gulped and felt the heat rising like an inferno. "Yes...yes it is. It's just, I made you breakfast and I need to run errands...and are you sure you're..." Tara was floundering in a raging battle with her body and mind. Of course she wanted Willow. She always wanted her, but after the emotional day that they had been through, the tragic loss, she really hadn't thought that Willow would be ready to make love just yet. Last night had been perfect, just holding each other, the connecting and comfort. It was beautiful and what they both needed at the time.

Willow could see the uncertainty in the blue eyes and knew what she needed to do. She cupped Tara's cheek and closed her eyes, bringing their lips together, gently at first, then slowly growing in intensity. Tara was slow to respond, still not sure. She was almost a little scared that she would be taking advantage and that Willow really wasn't ready and needed more time. She was fighting so hard to do the right thing. That was nearly impossible when she felt her lips being parted by a warm tongue and then gentle nibbling on the full flesh.

"Will?" She whispered desperately, twisting the sheets in a death grip to keep her hands from going where they really wanted to go. She arched her head back, moaning loudly as Willow's mouth moved down her neck, kissing, tongue swirling and licking as it worked its way teasingly up toward her ear. Her body felt like it was turning into molten lava, melting into the soft mattress when she felt the hot breath whispering into one of her most sensitive areas.

"Baby...I am so sure," Willow panted before wrapping her lips around the fleshy lobe and sucking sensuously. She smiled as Tara whimpered and her hips rose up, circling helplessly meeting nothing but air. She released the flesh and whispered the words she needed to say. "I had a dream last night...a beautiful dream. She's so deliriously happy, and I could feel it all. It was amazing. She has everything she ever wanted and wants us to have the same."

Willow pulled back just far enough to find those blue eyes that were shining with unshed happy tears. She ran her fingers up the long neck and into the soft blonde hair and brought her lips so close that Tara could feel their hot breath mingling. Tara stared, mesmerized, as the lust-filled dark green eyes that were looking back at her were sparkling with lighter bright green flecks that she had never noticed before.

"And Tara, the love of all my lives...I want you."


Mary stood on her porch waving goodbye to the two men as they headed back to Sunnydale in the early morning light. Looked like the Hellmouth was getting a new Slayer within a matter of days after Buffy moved on to be a Guardian. She glanced over to the large building beside her garage and sighed. She had a big day in store. She needed to feed and water all of these dogs, then clean out their kennels before heading to the vet. The little ones were going to need a lot of special attention, so she would need the heat lamp and the little dog crates from the barn and would need to pick up blankets and a playpen on the way there. She'd get the other supplies she needed for them from the vet.

She made her way into the barn and got to work, although she was moving a little...okay, more like a lot slower than usual. In all the excitement and rush of adrenaline, she was just now realizing that being tossed around by a hell God had done some damage to her not-so-young body. She leaned her shovel against the wall and cringed as she tried to stand up straight.

"Damn that Kojak reject!" She swore as she massaged her tender lower back. She could heal it to some degree but knew it was never easy to work on herself. She would need a little help from Tara, who she didn't plan on bothering today if she could help it at all. She knew the two girls had enough to deal with.

She was finishing up and went to lift the 44-pound bag of dog food to put it away and screamed as her right shoulder gave way and the food went scattering everywhere. "Sonofabitch!"

"Mary Maclay, what the hell were you thinking?!"

Without even looking, Mary knew exactly who the voice belonged to. She turned to see Sofia standing at the barn door holding two cups of steaming coffee.

"I do this 20 times a week with no problem. It just slipped," Mary lied.

"Bullshit! And that's not what I'm talking about. Who did you think you were dangling from a rope and crashing through a window like that?"

"I had to. You saw what that bitch was doing, and besides it's not that bad." Mary lied again.

"Right," Sofie sighed. "Sit down and drink your coffee before it gets cold."

Mary grudgingly complied and took a seat on the bale of straw against the wall. Sofie held the cup just out of Mary's reach and smirked knowingly as her friend cringed when she tried to lift her right arm very high.

"Not that bad, huh?" Sofie said as she sat beside her on the straw and carefully put the mug in Mary's left hand.

"So I'm a little stiff," Mary said defensively. "You would be too if you'd been thrown against a wall by a hell God."

"She threw you into a wall?!"

"Oh, oops. You didn't know about that, did you? Just forget I said that part," Mary whispered, ducking her head to take a sip of coffee.

"Mary Elizabeth Maclay," Sofie scolded and just shook her head. "What in the world am I going to do with you?"

"Well, Sofia Shay MacLeod, you could come with me to get a litter of pups."

Sofia smiled and stood up. "I still can't believe you stuck Tara with my middle name and she still speaks to you. I'll clean this mess up and then we can go get those pups."

"Hey, it rhymed. That's the only reason I did it," Mary teased and Sofie instinctually smacked her best friend, hitting her right arm without thinking.

"Owwww! Ow, ow, ow!"

"Sorry! So sorry! Are you okay?"

"No, but I will be in a second."

"Hey, you know what you could use?" Sofie asked excitedly.

"Don't you dare say lobotomy. I can still kick you in the shins."

"No, although that's a close second after yesterday's stuntwoman performance. Hot tub!"

Mary's eyebrow quirked. "And margaritas?"

"Of course. I think we've all earned a little relaxation time. What do you say?"

Mary's excitement quickly faded as she remembered where they needed to go shortly. "Can't leave the new babies right after we bring them home, Sofie," she said sadly, thinking of the already precarious situation the pups were in.

"Well, we don't have to leave them. They can go on their first roadtrip."

Mary perked up a little. "We'll see what the vet says, but don't get your hopes up. Jean said the mama was a stray and didn't make it, they're only a few days old and some of them have problems. It's going to be like having five preemies all at once," she sighed.

Sofie got the last of the spilled dog food cleaned up, hung up the broom and dust pan then helped Mary up by her good arm. "Well then, looks like we're going to be losing some sleep for a few weeks."

Mary smiled warmly at her old friend. "We?"

"Of course. I can't leave an old, invalid, crazy woman alone with five preemies now, can I?"


Sofia laughed as she dodged the feet heading directly for her shins. She jogged to the shelf and tucked the heat lamp under her arm, then picked up the two small crates Mary already had sitting beside the door.

"Face it, Mary. You're getting too old for this," Sofia chuckled as she saw her friend struggling to close the heavy door.

"I think you may be right," Mary grumbled as she finally pulled the door shut with a loud groan. She got in the SUV, looked over at her best friend and smiled. "Just remember we're the same age, Sofie. Now let's go get these little guys because you know there's nothing that'll make us feel young again like babies."



Willow lifted her head slightly and smiled at her squirming girlfriend. "Yes, it is your butt, and I'm going to kiss every square inch of it."

Tara gave up trying to talk and dropped her face back down into the pillow to muffle her screams as Willow's lips peppered kisses all over the sensitive skin and her slim fingers found her opening once more.

Willow wanted to play. Willow wanted to drive her crazy. Willow told her she wanted to fuck her stupid, and she was well on her way.

Somehow, (and right now Tara couldn't remember exactly how it happened) what had started out as Tara intending to make tender love to the birthday girl, Willow had reversed their positions and turned into a wild woman.

Willow raised up and pulled on Tara's left hip bringing her to her knees. Her free hand flew to the now dangling breast and began teasing it mercilessly, rolling the nipple, twisting and pulling as the other hand thrust repeatedly into the wetness. Oh, how she wished she had more hands right now. So many delicious things she wanted to feel and taste all at the same time.

Tara bucked back turning Willow on even more. She leaned forward and licked as far up Tara's spine as she could reach. She watched the sweat-slicked muscles jerking beneath the skin and just had to take a bite. Not too hard, just enough to...oh yeah, there it was. Tara's back arched and her head flew back as she released a loud moan of pleasure. Willow almost came at the sexy sight and sound. She adjusted her fingers, adding one more as she slid the middle finger out and started swirling it around the swollen clit. Willow watched in fascination as Tara's body jerked and rolled. She knew what was coming and wanted to feel every bit of it. She laid lightly over Tara's back, still giving her room to move against her and it was pure heaven. She increased the pressure and speed on the bundle of nerves and Tara's body shook and stuttered. Willow bit down once more and pressed firmly into the clit...and Tara roared.

Seconds later, Tara's arms finally gave out and they both collapsed down onto the huge mattress. Willow gently kissed the slight red mark she had made, which only made her want to taste more of the blonde. She leaned back and rolled the limp, sated body over. She smirked at the lazy smile gracing Tara's beautiful face for just a moment before her mouth began blazing a trail down the tan, toned body. She paid extra special attention to the large, full breasts with the nipples rising up and reaching out to her just begging for attention. She growled as she engulfed the first one, the fleshy morsel pure ambrosia in her warm, wet mouth. She sucked and Tara moaned. She swirled her tongue round and round and Tara groaned. She finally took it between her teeth and lightly bit down and Tara screamed and bowed off the bed.

Willow had never felt so ravenous and wanted to completely devour every bit of Tara. She moved to the other breast and gave it the same tantalizing treatment before finally moving further down. She slid her hands down the shaking thighs, spreading them further and positioned herself for her feast. Her heart thundered in her chest at the sight of the bare, swollen outer lips slick with Tara's juices, the pink, velvety soft inner lips beckoning her closer, and then that clit...that magical little piece of flesh that held all the little nerve endings that she knew would send Tara crashing over that amazing edge.

Willow spread the muscular thighs a little bit more completely exposing Tara's most intimate place and gasped. She paused a moment to take in the beauty of it all before diving right in. She buried her face in the wetness, her tongue a whirlwind, bestowing unbelievable pleasure to Tara, who was squirming and writhing uncontrollably. Her screams became one long keening interspersed with occasional profanities that Willow couldn't make out due to the strong thighs clamped tightly around her head.

Tara's hips rocked up hard against Willow's face and she happily took the hint. Her tongue delved inside, the smooth muscles pulling her in deeper and she felt the fluttering begin. As much as she loved that feeling, she knew that Tara needed more. She slowly slid the tongue out, ran it up her pussy with a wide, flat stroke and went straight to her clit. She swirled and flicked repeatedly then sucked the swollen nub hard as she entered her firmly with three fingers. Tara grunted so loudly that it caught Willow's attention causing her to freeze. She looked up at the sweaty blonde, chest heaving and hips still thrusting.


"More! Fuck me with more, and don't you dare stop!" Tara panted out as loud as she could.

Willow didn't hesitate and gently tucked her pinky in with the others. She started a slow rhythm, quickly speeding up as her fingers slid easily through the copious wetness. Tara grunted again at the amazing feeling of fullness and Willow moaned as her fingers were enveloped by the hot flesh. She wrapped her lips back around the clit and her hand began pumping, sending Tara into a frenzy. Willow looked up at the beautiful vision and managed to smile around the swollen flesh. This is the best birthday present ever!


Buffy reached down and turned the volume on her headphones up once again. She sighed as she reclined comfortably in the chaise lounge she had moved from the deck to way out in the backyard. She had tried sitting on the deck and then swimming. She had even tried playing with Bubba far out in the yard but nothing had worked. She finally pulled out her iPad and headphones and found the loudest music she could on YouTube. She turned the volume up as loud as it would go and decided this new Guardian hearing was a blessing and a curse as Tara screamed again.

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Hey Wimpy!

Loved the update, wonder who the mystery guest is (I'm guessing the new slayer?).

Enhanced hearing definitely a curse for Buffy while our girls are still exploring each other.

Can't wait for more!


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vampyregurl73: Hey Heather!

kimmy_s: Hi there. I'm glad you enjoyed, and yep, you guessed it about the new Slayer. More on the newest Chosen One coming right up. Yes, poor Buffy. She may be wearing super duper headphones for a while. Thanks for the feedback!

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AUTHOR: Wimpy0729


FEEDBACK: Yes, please

DISCLAIMER: Willow, Tara and all other BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. All other characters, human and otherwise, belong to me.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hi guys. Glad to be back after one of those lovely little things called a computer crash. Too much delay already, so this one hasn't been beta'd. For any glaring errors, please PM me.

As usual, thanks to everyone for reading and/or replying!



Willow smiled and sighed happily as she melted back into the mountain of pillows propped up against the wall. The long, low moan to her left drew her eyes over in time to see the blonde blow several puffs of air upward in a failed attempt to dislodge the sweaty hair plastered to her forehead. Tara finally gave up and sluggishly lifted her arm to swipe it away. She dropped her arm back down onto the mattress and licked her parched lips.

"Give me...just a sec," Tara panted. "Be right with you."

"Nah, I'm all kindsa good," Willow said and propped herself up on her elbow. She smiled smugly as Tara slowly raised an eyelid and finally managed to get the eyebrow to arch with it.

"Did you remember your name yet, baby? Cause I really don't think it's 'no more, no more', is it?" Willow teased as she ran a finger over Tara's kiss-swollen lips.

"At the moment, I really didn't care what my name was. But, honey you didn't come, and I did and did and did, and it's your birthday."

"I think you forgot a couple of 'dids'," Willow smirked. "And I did too, just from watching you. You're just so hot and the most beautiful thing I've ever seen when you let yourself go like that."

Tara blushed and Willow pulled her in for a long, slow kiss. They savored the taste of each other once more before the redhead forced herself to break the kiss. "Mmm, keep that up and we won't be getting out of bed at all today."

"I don't even think I can...oh crap!" Tara checked the time and threw back the sheet, suddenly rejuvenated. "I need to run into town for a while, baby. I'm so sorry. You just stay right here in bed and I'll be back before you know it."

Willow stared happily at the perfect round backside, the normally fair skin now covered in little purple mouth-shaped marks, until her vision was obscured by Tara's hastily donned robe.

"Would you like me to heat up your breakfast, sweetie?"

"Huh?" Willow looked up guiltily as the blonde turned, the open robe revealing the same purple marks adorning her belly, breasts and neck.

"I can reheat it or even make you something fresh," Tara said as she tied the belt.

"No, don't go to any trouble. It's fine like that, really. I'm starving today for some reason," Willow murmured, trying not to stare openly at her still visible handiwork.

Tara placed the tray over Willow's lap then handed her the rose. "Happy birthday, baby. I love you," she whispered and kissed her softly.

Willow's heart fluttered at the sweet sentiment and she felt tears come to her eyes. "I love you too, Tara. How did we ever get so lucky?"

Tara's thumb brushed away the lone tear from the freckled cheek and she kissed her again. "Obviously meant to be, and we had a lot of help from a lot of amazing people."

Willow closed her eyes and nodded her head. She opened them and smiled at the blonde. "Yeah, we are and we did."

"Willow, are you sure you're okay?" Tara asked gently. "You don't have to put on a strong front for me. I know you're hurting, baby."

Willow smiled and took Tara's hand. "Yes, I was, but ever since I had that dream, it's hard to explain. This peaceful feeling just came over me and the hurt was gone. She was telling me she was so happy, and had everything she dreamed of, so how could I be sad about that? She told me...she said she'd always be with me, Tara. And I can feel her, really feel her, in here." Willow smiled and placed Tara's hand over her heart.

Tara smiled and sniffed back her tears. "That's beautiful, Willow. I know how it feels to be in your heart, so I understand why she's happy. As long as there's room enough for the both of us," Tara teased before kissing her softly.

Willow sighed into the kiss then pressed their foreheads together when their lips finally pulled apart. "Don't you worry. There's plenty of room, and she's snuggled in nice and cozy beside your place in here."

"I love the thought of that. I know you'll keep us both safe."

Willow smiled and kissed her again. "Forever," she whispered earnestly.

"Forever." Tara smiled and finally had to pull away before she gave in and crawled back in bed to cuddle with the redhead all day long.

"I need to shower and get going. What would you like to do for dinner tonight, birthday girl? Your wish is my command."

"Can we just stay home, have a quiet night in?"

"Sounds perfect to me."


"Giles! Thank God you're here! She's driving me absolutely crazy!"

The Englishman cringed at the high-pitched screaming and held his hand up to try and calm her down. "Anya, please do settle down and explain."

"Xander, it's about time you came back! I was on the verge of calling Hallie to transport her ass out of here."

"Anya, what the hell is the problem?"

Just then a squeal erupted from the door of the training room.

"THAT is the problem!" Anya yelled, covering both ears with her hands. "She does that all the time. She found a Twilight marathon and completely loses her water every time Edward is on the screen! Please take her away!"

All three of them cringed as the squeal rang out again.

"Just what is this Twilight and who is this Edward fellow she's so obsessed with?" Giles finally asked once the annoying sound stopped.

"Well, if you'd get your nose out of those dusty old books and into reality, you'd know it's a movie and he's a vampire that glitters when he's in the sunlight. Apparently the young girls think he's dreamy." Anya said, completely annoyed at the whole situation.

Giles laughed. "Glitters? Well, that's absolutely absurd and not realistic at all." He pondered the situation and his brow furrowed. "Dear Lord, a Slayer that thinks vampires glitter. The earth is doomed."

Xander just banged his head on the counter muttering to himself. "Not again."

Giles braced himself and walked to the phone. He dialed the Council's number then turned back to Anya. "Just what is this girl's name?" He listened patiently to the ringing and arched a curious eyebrow as Anya started laughing.

"Honey Pye," she finally answered after catching her breath and Xander raised his head.

"Yes, dear?"

"Not you, her, Honey Pye."

"What about her, sweetie?" Xander asked, the confusion written all over his face.

"That's her name, Xander. Her name is Honey."

The two men's jaws dropped as it sunk in.

"Honey, the Vampire Slayer?" Xander whispered incredulously.

Giles rolled his eyes and sighed as his call was answered. "This is Rupert Giles. Honey Pye is here. No, this isn't an obscene call, you twit. It's the new Slayer that just arrived in Sunnydale. Yes, I'm serious. No, Buffy isn't dead. Of course, I'm sure! I'll explain later. A new Watcher? What? I can't possibly find them a place by tomorrow! You'll pay what?!"

Another eardrum-splitting squeal came from the training room.

"Can he be here any sooner than that?" Giles nearly pleaded. "Very well," he said and hung up the phone.

"Well?" Anya said impatiently.

"Her Watcher should be here by tomorrow, so it looks like Sunnydale will have two new residents."

He glanced through the doorway just in time to see the new girl tumble from her handstand on the pommel horse as she squealed once more.

He sighed and stood there shaking his head.

"Oh, Honey."


"I told you, I called them last night and they took them away."

"How in the world did you explain it, Mary?"

"They saw Xander all beat up, so I told them our big strong men took care of them," Mary said chuckling. "Giles told the cops they both knew martial arts, and that he and Xander taught them a lesson for trying to accost a poor, defenseless woman. I showed them the knot on the back of my head, and viola! I pressed charges for assault and bad guys went bye-bye."

"How do you know they won't tell them what really happened?"

"There may have been some flamey eyes and threats before the cops got here. I'm pretty sure they got the message," Mary said, smirking as they turned in Tara's driveway.

Sofia laughed then put the SUV in park and looked up at the house. "How do you think she's doing?" She asked quietly.

"Hard to say really. It may take her a while. Let's just play it by ear. If she needs to talk about it, we'll be there for her."

"Yes, we will. Okay, we better get these guys inside," Sofia said as she got out and opened the back hatch to the SUV. "I'll get the playpen and heat lamp set up if you can get the rest."

"Yes, this old woman can manage one small dog crate and a bag all by herself," Mary said as she grabbed the bag then gingerly lifted the small crate from the backseat.

They had left the vet's office with one small crate containing four tiny pups of unknown descent and all the necessary supplies. Sadly, one of the pups had passed away during the night, leaving only these four remaining. Three of them were doing remarkably well but one had an obvious injury to a back leg. At this age, there wasn't anything the vet could do for it, but Mary had her own ideas.

Sofia shut the hatch and turned at the sound of tires on the gravel drive. Two vehicles, Tara's truck in the lead, pulled in right behind them.

Diana jumped from the truck and ran straight to Mary, cooing at the new arrivals. "Ooh, look at you little lovelies. May I?"

Mary handed her the crate and laughed as Diana talked baby talk to the puppies as she carried them toward the house. "In the kitchen, Big D," she instructed. "And you can have first feeding detail," she teased.

"New babies?" Hester asked as she fell into step beside Mary.

"New babies," Mary nodded. "Four of them. They're gonna be a handful."

"I think you're going to have some help. She can't resist the little ones."

"Hey, the more, the merrier." She glanced over at the Goddess, who looked back to her usual self. "Your hair?"

"It was only temporary. Happens every once in a while when I get my dander up, then goes back to this old woman hair," Hester explained.

"Good morning, Buffy," Mary said as she walked up the steps of the deck where the tired-looking Guardian was sitting. "I hope we're not disturbing you. I was wondering if I could use the hot tub. Is Tara around?"

"Kitchen," Buffy sighed and pointed over her shoulder with her thumb.

Mary was still looking at Buffy and proceeded to run into the back of Hester, who was stuck in a pileup at the doorway behind Sofia and Diana, who stood there frozen. Mary looked around the other women and smiled then cleared her throat very loudly.

Willow and Tara jumped and looked up guiltily at the faces staring back at them. Willow slowly peeled herself off the blonde, who then peeled her back off the counter she was pressed against and hurriedly fixed her collar. Willow had devoured her breakfast in no time at all then joined her girlfriend in the shower for a more satisfying meal. Her appetite for Tara was insatiable and the blonde sure wasn't complaining.

"I was just uh, making out my store list," Tara explained with a blush as she turned back to the counter and added 'showerhead' and then 'hot water handle' to the paper. She still wasn't sure how that happened.

"Anybody need anything?" Tara asked as the women filed into the kitchen.

"Coke, please."

"Iced tea."


Everyone stopped and turned to the small blonde head poking through the door. "Darker foundation," Buffy said, looking knowingly at Tara, then turned to Willow. "Having a good birthday, Will?" She smirked.

Both girls blushed furiously and Tara ducked her head, writing the orders down quickly. "Gotta run," she said then kissed Willow and rushed out the door.

"The keys are in it," Big D yelled then went back to fussing over the puppies.

After a moment of awkward silence, Mary finally made the first move. "Happy birthday, Willow. Welcome to the family," she said warmly as she hugged her tightly. "Sorry for the intrusion. I just wanted to use the hot tub but we can get out of your hair if you want."

"Thank you," Willow whispered, trying not to get too choked up. She pulled back, a beaming smile growing on her face. "And you're not intruding at all. I'm glad you're all here." Her heart swelled with every hug and birthday wish each woman gave her.

Buffy approached her last. She hugged her best friend tightly and whispered in her ear. "You are so totally glowing, Will. I see something is agreeing with you," she smirked.

Willow pulled back, blushing once again and nodded emphatically. "Yes, there has been much agreeing. Tara's a very agreeable kinda girl."

"Yes, I heard her agreeing with you over and over," Buffy teased.

"Shush, you," Willow whispered, smiling brightly at her best friend. "Hey, whatcha got in the box?" Willow quickly changed the subject and went over to check out the other action in the room.


Faith sat on the hard concrete with her back against the brick wall outside the ER. Her elbows rested on her bent knees and she held her head in her hands. She groaned as the diesel fumes from the running ambulance made her situation worse and she grabbed the small blue basin beside her once again.

A few minutes later, she saw the black steel-toed boots of her partner step into her line of vision.

"I'm sorry, Randy. I don't know what happened to me."

"Something you ate? Here, take this Maalox," the stocky man said as he handed her the small cup.

She downed the contents then took the damp cloth her partner offered. She wiped her face and shook her head. "I don't think so. Maybe I have that stomach virus again."

"Come on. I'm taking you home."

"No, just get me to my truck. I'll be fine." She tried to stand then swayed as the dizziness swept over her again.

Randy reached out and steadied her quickly. "You're not driving on my watch, now get your ass in the bus. I'll call it in and get you home safe and sound."

She finally nodded, knowing he was right. She felt like shit and just wanted to get home and curl up in bed. She buckled herself in, leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She wracked her brain trying to figure it out. She definitely hit her head hard several times yesterday. Maybe it was just a concussion. All of her cuts and bruises had healed within hours, so she thought something like a concussion would've been taken care of too. She was still trying to understand all of this Guardian stuff. Maybe she needed to talk to Hester and Big D.

She breathed a sigh of relief when Randy finally turned into her driveway, but that relief was short lived once they parked and she saw all the people gathered around on her deck. "Shit."

"Weren't expecting company?" Randy knew Faith pretty well, and if he was right, she didn't want anyone else knowing exactly what happened. "Can you walk okay?" He whispered as he opened her door.

"Yeah," she answered then hesitated. "But can you..."

"I got your back, don't worry. I'll just stay close, okay?"

"Thanks, Randy. You're the best."

"Hey, it's what we do. Come on, we'll just go slow."

Faith nodded and took her first step, thankful when the dizziness didn't return.

A stealthy entrance was entirely impossible when you arrived in a big red ambulance, so she plastered on her best fake smile as Buffy and Tara both rushed to meet her.

"Hey, you're home early," Buffy said happily and hugged her tightly.

Faith groaned inwardly as the nausea started to rise once more.

"What's wrong?" Tara asked worriedly.

"She heard there was a party going on and just couldn't stay away," Randy joked loudly.

Tara frowned and looked closely at her best friend. "Something wrong with your truck?" She asked suspiciously.

"No, I'll just bring it by in the morning when my shift is over like we agreed, right Faith?" Randy helped out again.

"Yeah, yeah. Thanks again. Here's the keys." Faith handed them to her partner and gave him a grateful nod.

"No problem. And don't worry, I'll take good care of Black Beauty for you."


That was it? No word of warning? No threat of bodily injury to someone other than Faith driving her beloved truck? Tara knew her friend better than that.

Buffy grabbed Faith's hand and started pulling her excitedly toward the deck. "Come on, babe. We have steaks and burgers and all kinds of birthday dinner goodies. Are you hungry?"

"You know, that sounds great, but I really want to go upstairs and change first," Faith said, hoping to make a fast get-away before her stomach contents erupted again. Fake smile still plastered on, she greeted the guests then headed straight for the stairs. She shut her bedroom door and grabbed a change of clothes. Her stomach had started churning as she passed all the usually appetizing food in the kitchen and what little she had left in there was about to make a hasty exit. She made a dash for the bathroom and barely made it to the toilet in time. She heaved violently until nothing was left except for the last bitter remains. She closed her eyes and rested her face on the refreshing coolness of the seat.

A few minutes later, Faith managed to get her uniform off and pulled on a T-shirt and shorts. She splashed cold water on her face and brushed her teeth. She slipped her toothbrush back in the holder then looked up in the mirror at the sallow, pasty face staring back.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" She whispered to herself and sighed. She shuffled back into her bedroom, carefully laid down and closed her eyes.

"That's exactly what I was going to ask you myself."

Faith's eyes popped open and she wasn't entirely surprised to see Tara standing beside her bed with a bottle of Pepto in one hand and Gatorade in the other.

"Which one do you want first?" Tara asked kindly as she sat gently on the edge of the bed.

"I'm dry," Faith croaked out and sat up slowly.

"Gatorade it is," Tara said as she unscrewed the lid and helped her take a sip. "Not too fast yet."

Faith took one more sip and Tara sat the bottle on the nightstand beside the Pepto. "You ready to talk?"

"It's nothing, T. Probably a stomach bug like I had before. How'd you know?"

Tara arched an eyebrow and ticked off her fingers one at a time. "You passed up a breakfast of sausage, bacon and eggs, said the perfectly fine coffee tasted like ass, you get carted home in your ambulance, AND you're going to let Randy drive your truck. Red flag, red flag, red flag and oh yeah, bright red waving flag. You never let anyone drive your truck unless it's an emergency. What's going on?"

Faith rolled to her side and brought her knees up, easing some of her discomfort. "Don't make a big deal, okay? I don't want to mess up the party."

Tara nodded and waited for Faith to continue.

"Okay, it started last night. I just thought I was, you know, upset. I got dizzy and clammy and real nauseated, then tossed my cookies behind the dumpster. Then I couldn't sleep last night. I kept tossing and turning and then the same thing happened early this morning with the nausea and vomiting. That's when I finally got up and put the coffee on. I thought it might help, but the smell, God that smell, then all that grease really did me in."

Tara smiled sadly and laid her hand across Faith's forehead. "I don't think you're running a fever but I could get the thermometer. Any diarrhea?"

"No, just the nausea and vomiting, and sometimes I'm dizzy. I'm not aching so I don't think it's the flu. Probably just a virus, but this is way worse than the last time."

Tara nodded and took Faith's hand. "You're definitely dehydrated, so keep taking small sips. Now close your eyes and just relax."

"Wait. I need to know something before you do this. How is Willow doing?" Faith whispered sadly.

Tara's lips quirked into her half smile, which confused Faith at first. "She's doing great actually. Libby came to her in a dream and told her that she was very happy, was where she wanted to be and would always be with her. She's at peace with it all."

"She's really happy and Willow's okay?" Faith asked hopefully.

Tara nodded and Faith smiled and closed her eyes. "I'm so glad. Okay, T, do your thing."

Tara closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She let her healing energy move through her and into Faith. A few minutes later, Faith's breathing slowed and became deeper and just before she dozed off, Tara heard her last mumbled words.

"Nice hickeys, T."

"Shut up, Faith." Tara whispered, smiled at the light snoring and quietly left the room. She would make excuses for her friend, explain that she was just tired from the day before, then she had some Goddesses she needed to talk to.


"This one's the cutest!"

"No, this one is!"

Mary and Sofia argued playfully as they each sat with a puppy bundled up in a towel watching them suck vigorously from the bottles.

"I think they're all beautiful," Big D said as she worked to get her little guy to latch on to the nipple. "That's it, there you go. Good boy." She held him close, careful of his damaged leg, and whispered in his ear. "Don't worry, you are definitely the cutest."

Tara got up from her seat beside Willow at the counter and tapped Hester on the shoulder. She nodded toward the living room and waited for the woman to follow. They stood at the doorway watching the happy group in the kitchen until Tara finally spoke up.

"This may be nothing, but I'm kind of worried about Faith," she whispered.

Hester quirked an eyebrow. "What's wrong with her, dear? I thought she was just tired."

"She's having some stomach problems. She's had nausea and vomiting since last night and some dizziness," Tara explained quietly.

"Already?" Hester breathed out, barely loud enough to be heard.

"What do you mean already?"

"How's Willow feeling, dear?" Hester asked, smoothly sidestepping the question.


They both looked over at the redhead in question, who was working on her second hamburger of the day, on top of the steak she had earlier. Tara's eyebrows climbed as she watched her girlfriend scoop a large spoonful of her broccoli with special cheese sauce into her mouth, quickly followed by another.

Tara smiled as Willow inhaled the green vegetable, then immediately dug into her salad.

"She's great. Maybe a little on the hungry side today."

"I noticed that," Hester chuckled lightly. "Anything else?"

"No," Tara answered, avoiding the older woman's gaze.

Hester quirked an eyebrow disbelievingly and stared the blonde down. "Is that so?"

Tara felt the eyes burning into her and backed further into the living room, Hester following closely. "Don't be embarrassed, dear. I don't want details."

Tara wrapped her arms around her middle and suddenly found the carpet very interesting. "Well, she has been rather...energetic today," she mumbled. She knew that was putting it mildly after this morning in bed, the shower, and then the quickie they snuck in downstairs while the others were occupied with the puppies and her mom was soaking in the hot tub.

"Energetic, you say?" Hester asked, barely concealing her sly grin and watched the blush quickly rise to Tara's cheeks. She glanced over to the counter and noticed Willow take a sip of her beverage, laughing as the others playfully discussed the merits of the pups they currently held. "Is that lemonade?"

Tara smiled fondly at her adorable girlfriend and barely heard the question. "Um, yes, I believe it is, why?"

"Good, good. Just making sure it wasn't alcohol. I think she should avoid that for now until I check something out. And can you see that she takes a multivitamin daily?" Hester asked like it was perfectly normal.

Tara looked at Hester then over at Willow, then back at Hester. She knew her girlfriend was still a little on the thin side, but with the way she was eating, she'd be back to her normal size in no time at all.

"Are you worried about Willow?" Tara asked, completely flummoxed. "She's doing great, I think. Faith is the one upstairs who was throwing her toes up not too long ago and now you have me worried about Willow too," Tara whispered anxiously.

"Nothing to worry about, just humor an old woman, my child," Hester said, smiling gently. "Just some healthy living tips for those I hold dear. Faith should feel better soon. Give her some saltine crackers and have her avoid greasy foods for a while.

"Hester, please tell me what's going on," Tara pleaded, trying to keep her voice down.

Hester smiled at the blonde and took her face in her hands. "Do you trust me, Tara?" A simple question.

Without hesitation, Tara answered. "Yes."

Hester smiled and gave her a nod. "Give me just a few days. I promise I'll tell you everything soon. But I would like a daily update on those two, okay?"

"Yes, ma'am. But um, what about Willow's, you know?" Tara mumbled uncomfortably.

Hester laughed heartily and patted Tara on the back as they made their way toward the kitchen.

"If I'm not mistaken dear, it's a lovely little thing called hormones. Enjoy it while you can."

Hester kept on walking and tried to hide her grin as Tara bounced off the corner of the kitchen wall.


Tara stared smiling at the redhead as she giggled at the other women's playful banter over the cuteness of the new puppies. Sofia's phone ringing could barely be heard over Mary's rising voice as she adamantly claimed the one she held was the best of the bunch. The Watcher carefully handed her pup off to Buffy then reached in her pocket for the device.

"Hello? Oh, Giles! This better be good because I am terribly busy," she teased as she tickled Mary's pup behind the ears. "She's what?" Sofia exclaimed as her eyebrows rose. "And a new Watcher? Well, it looks like you can finally retire and just be the stodgy, old bookstore owner full time now. They what? By when?"

Sofia paused and looked over at Willow, who was still eating her burger with gusto. "Yes, she's right here. Of course. Willow, it's Giles for you."

Willow swallowed hastily and took the phone. She greeted him happily then listened quietly for a few minutes, her eyebrows rising with each passing second. "Are you serious?" She asked, the shock evident in her voice, then she reached over and took Tara's hand. She smiled at the blonde and squeezed her hand tighter. "Yes! That's great, Giles! Of course I'm sure. I have everything I need right here."

She thanked the Watcher and ended the call then threw her arms around Tara's neck. "You'll never believe it!" She kissed the blonde then did a happy dance all over the kitchen.

"Willow, what?" Tara asked, giggling at the excited girl's antics.

"I sold my house! New Slayer! Council bought it!" Willow sing-songed as she continued her impromptu dance. "Sold my house, sold my house, oh yeah, oh yeah!"

"Willow!" Tara squealed happily as the redhead picked her up and spun her around several times. Suddenly Willow stopped and sat her down then flopped back down in her chair. "Whoa, head rush," she said smiling as she ran her hand over her stomach.

Upstairs Faith's eyes popped open. "Oh shit." She jumped from the bed and ran back to the bathroom in a flash. She heaved violently several times, expelling the little bit of stomach contents she had left. She laid her head on the cool seat and stared at the blue Gatorade swirling down the drain with a flush. "This sucks."

An hour or so later, after the cake and ice cream and when the laughter began to die down, the guests went their separate ways. Willow and Tara made their way back downstairs and the redhead sat impatiently on the bed with her eyes closed and hands out. Tara laughed at the childish excitement of her girlfriend. At the mention of a present, Willow was absolutely giddy, her smile beaming and that cute little tongue peeking out playfully between her lips.

Tara stood there holding the carefully wrapped box for a little longer, just enjoying the moment. Her brow furrowed as she looked down at the gift, wondering once again if she should've gone with jewelry or clothing. She looked back up at the redhead who could barely contain herself, sitting there on the big bed bouncing in anticipation. She smiled at the sight and gently placed the package in the outstretched hands.

"Whatever you do, don't..."

"What is it?" Willow asked excitedly as she started to shake the box.

"Shake it!" Tara yelled, stopping her girlfriend's hands mid motion.

"Oops, sorry. What is it?" Willow whispered.

"Just a little something," Tara said shyly as she sat cross-legged on the bed. "Open it, sweetie."

Willow leaned in for a quick kiss before carefully peeling off the colorful paper. "Thank you, baby." Once the entire thing was exposed, she sat there staring quietly at the ornate wooden frame and all the treasures held within. She started to tremble and gingerly laid her present down before she dropped it. Her tears flowed freely, soaking Tara's shirt as Willow hugged her desperately and buried her face in her neck. Long moments passed as Tara held the sobbing redhead and soothingly rubbed her back until she started to calm down.

"You okay?" Tara whispered. Willow nodded her head as she sniffed and rubbed her nose against the blonde's shoulder. "I didn't mean to make you cry."

Willow looked up through her teary eyes and cupped Tara's cheeks. "Happy tears, Tara. These are very happy tears. It's perfect. How did you do all this?"

Tara shrugged. "I had a little help. Buffy gave me this one," she said, pointing to the picture of Willow the day she delivered Chosen. Willow was standing in her backyard wearing her bright yellow dishwashing gloves with the clothespin firmly attached to her nose. "I love it."

"Yes, because the stylish gloves and clothespin pinching my nose were such an attractive look for me," Willow giggled, shaking her head.

"It was. You were absolutely adorable and I could barely keep from kissing your cute little nose."

Willow laughed and sniffed away the last of her tears. "Maybe I'll wear them for you again sometime if you play your cards right." She smiled and pointed down at another picture. "I really love this one. I'm so glad Faith got it."

"Oh my God, I was soaking wet," Tara giggled. "She shook that water all over me, but she was so pretty when I was finished. Her hair was finally starting to look back to normal."

"You're both beautiful," Willow whispered as she snuggled into the blonde's side. Tara wrapped her arm around her girlfriend's shoulder and squeezed her lovingly. "Where did you get this one?" Willow asked, pointing at the picture she had never seen before.

"Buffy snapped a bunch that day. I thought you might like it." Tara smiled as she watched Willow run her finger lovingly over the glass above the picture of her sitting on the grass and kissing Chosen on the head.

"I love it," Willow said, sniffing back more tears. Her eyes drifted to the bottom left corner of the shadow box and she smiled sadly. "Oh, Tara, how did you get it?" She whispered.

"Diana saved it for you. I picked it up this morning."

"It's pretty isn't it? Buffy didn't think I should get blue because she was a girl, but I couldn't resist. I thought it would look good on her and it reminded me of you." Willow sighed and looked up into those mesmerizing blue eyes. "Thank you so much, Tara."

"You're welcome, sweetie. Now, what do you think of this last picture?" Tara asked, curling her lip up into the smile that Willow loved so much.

Willow smiled at the picture Tara was pointing to and giggled. The two of them kissing in the back of the purple truck, the night sky filled with stars twinkling above...and those sparks.

"I think I really, really love that one too. That's when I found out what a sweet, hot, sexy woman you are and just how great you could kiss. And you know what else?" Willow asked slyly as she leaned over and carefully placed the precious shadow box in the chair beside the bed.

"What?" Tara whispered as her heart began to race.

Willow turned back to the blonde and gently pressed her down into the soft bed, covering her body with her own. She held her upper body up with her arms as her leg slipped between the muscular thighs. She slid her leg up higher and smiled wickedly as Tara moaned.

"I found out how wet you could make me and how badly I wanted to do all sorts of naughty things to your body," Willow breathed hotly into her girlfriend's ear as she rocked sensuously into her. "Like I'm going to do right now."

Tara's head flopped back into the pillow as she released a long, deep groan. She managed one coherent thought before her mind was completely blown once more that day.

Hormones are good


The next few days passed in much the same way. Aside from the nuisance of that horrible thing called 'work', Willow and Tara spent the rest of the hours wrapped in each other's arms thoroughly satisfying and being satisfied by the other.

Saturday morning found an exhausted but fulfilled Tara passed out snoring lightly as Willow awoke refreshed and smiling as usual. She quickly showered and made her way up to the kitchen, whistling a happy tune and nearly skipping into the room.

"Beautiful day, isn't it?" Willowed said, smiling brightly at Faith who was sitting at the counter nursing a cup of lukewarm tea.

"Sure it is, unless you spent all morning with your head in the toilet," Faith said sarcastically before taking a tiny bite of her dry toast.

Willow switched the coffee on and turned to look at the brunette, who groaned as she stretched and rubbed her lower back.

"You still got that stomach bug?"

Faith scowled at the evil coffee machine as it gurgled to life and began filling the room with its foul stench. She picked up her mug and quickly headed for the deck and some fresh air. Willow followed her out and waited as she took several deep, cleansing breaths.

"I guess that's a 'yes', huh?"

"Some days it's not so bad, but this morning was a doozy. All I had to eat yesterday was a couple pieces of toast and crackers but I swear it had a spicy taste to it when it came back up. This is some weird shit," Faith said, rubbing a hand over her stomach as just the thought of it set off the rumbling once again.

"Speaking of spicy, Tara took me to El Rancho Grande last night for dinner. Their steak fajitas are sooo good," Willow said, rubbing her stomach for a completely different reason.

"Well I'm glad at least someone is enjoying their food at the moment. Where is T anyway?"

"She's still sleeping," Willow said with a little smirk. "She was kinda tired this morning."

Downstairs Tara was awake and just ending her daily call to Hester, updating her on Willow and Faith. Always the same thing -- Willow was eating like a starving woman and still very energetic, and Faith was having almost daily nausea and vomiting with the occasional dizziness. Tara was relieved when the Goddess told her she would be over later today and wanted to talk to all four girls together.

Several hours later, the small group was gathered down in the basement. Faith was lying across Buffy's lap on the sofa and Willow was sitting in Tara's lap on the new faux fur rug they had bought earlier in the week. The four girls looked up expectantly at the two Goddesses, who each stood holding a small paper bag in their hands, one marked with an 'F', the other with a 'W'.

Diana nudged Hester with her elbow, urging her to go first. "Okay, girls, I suppose you've been wondering about the somewhat odd occurrences this past week."

Faith, Buffy and Willow looked around at each other and shrugged, but Tara had her suspicions. She knew the signs and symptoms, just wasn't sure of the 'how'.

Diana and Hester handed Willow and Faith their respective brown bag. "Please go in the bathroom and follow the instructions. Place it back in the bag and bring it straight back to us. We'll answer all your questions afterwards." Hester said and smiled at the confused look on the girl's faces. "Now would be good."

"I'll go first," Willow said as she stood with a little help from Tara. She went in the downstairs bathroom and cocked her eyebrow when she saw the contents of the bag. "Well this is absolutely ridiculous. There's just no way," she whispered to herself but still followed the directions on the box. She washed up then took the bag straight out to Hester, looking at the Goddess like she was crazy.

Faith took her turn, and everyone's eyes opened wide as they heard the string of curse words flying from the brunette's mouth all the way from the bathroom.

"I think she just opened her bag," Willow giggled.

"What the hell's in those bags?" Buffy asked but before she could get an answer Faith came storming out of the bathroom and shoved the bag in Diana's hand.

"This better be a joke," she grumbled as she sat back down on the couch and crossed her arms, giving the Goddesses a death glare.

Hester cast a glance up at the clock above the fireplace which sat right above Willow's shadow box of Chosen treasures sitting proudly front and center on top of the mantle.

"Let us explain," Hester started quietly. "There were many facets to the Incendere Amor, girls. One of those facets came from Diana, who being the Goddess of fertility, gives the gift of reproduction to the Blessed Vestals when the time is right. The 'right time' meaning when the right soul is ready."

Buffy, Faith and Willow sat there with mouths gaping open and Tara tightened her arms around the redhead.

Hester continued. "The first bolt of fire that hit Buffy and Faith did what it was supposed to do in order to bring you back as the Guardians. The second bolt, however, gave them an even stronger connection to the Blessed Vestals. This connection enables them to take on certain aspects, aspects such as protecting Willow and Tara from things that cause them pain or suffering."

"We'd do that anyway," Faith whispered as she reached for Buffy's hand and squeezed it tightly.

"Of course we would," Buffy agreed. "But what does that have to do with anything?"

Hester checked the clock and nodded at Diana. Each Goddess reached in the bag they were holding and pulled out the little white stick, smiling brightly at the results.

"Faith, this was just for your peace of mind more than anything. See, yours is negative," Diana said, showing Faith the minus mark in the little window.

"Oh thank God," Faith said, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Willow, my's yours," Hester said smiling as she held the stick towards the redhead with the plus sign shining brightly in the little window.

Tara smiled and squeezed Willow tighter, waiting for it to sink in as she sat there staring wide-eyed at the little positive sign.

Buffy looked completely confused looking back and forth between her best friend and her girlfriend and the sticks the Goddesses held. "I don't get it," she finally said.

"Bottom line," Diana explained. "Willow is pregnant but Faith was chosen to bear all the negative symptoms associated with it."

"ALL of them?" Faith gasped.

Willow's heart raced as the pieces clicked into place and she finally regained her ability to speak. "I'm really pregnant? And the...right soul?" She asked breathlessly as she waited for the answer she was hoping for.

Both Goddesses smiled and Hester responded.

"You have been given the gift of bringing Libby's soul back into this world once more, as your and Tara's child. It is what she wished and her well-deserved reward."

The happy tears flowed from both Willow and Tara as they hugged desperately. Willow pulled back, cupped Tara's cheeks and brought their lips together softly.

"We're bringing her back, as our baby," Willow whispered reverently, her smile absolutely radiant as she stared deeply into the sparkling blue. "I hope she has your eyes."

"I hope she has yours," Tara's said, breathlessly. "She really is with you, baby, and she's going to be beautiful," Tara added as she placed her hand over Willow's belly, a freckled hand immediately joining it.

Faith smiled and squeezed Buffy's hand. "Yeah, beautiful," Faith said happily, then a strange look came over her face. "But a pain in my ass," she added as she dashed to the bathroom once again.

"And no more Mexican!"

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Very nice way to incorporate Chosen/Libby back into the fold

Honey Pye? Really? *shakes head* the squealing was too much, very funny.

Aces, lady.

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I had a suspicion that Willow was pregnant. Looking forward to reading how Faith handles her side as the pregnancy progresses.

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This story is insanely good and I feel remiss for not reviewing before. So happy for Willow and Tara, but sucks to be Faith. This story gave me the image of Tara in a cowboy hat; and for that, I will forever be grateful.

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Thank you for the update!
What a great way to explain the 2nd bolt :kgeek :bounce
Very special & many questions now, but I'll just watch them play out (I must have patience)
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Ok Wimpy, you open with Tara having multiple orgasms? Now how do you expect me to give feedback after that?? *runs off for a cold shower*
Honey Pye the Vampire Slayer, hilarious!
Poor Faith didn't sign up for that lol. How fitting and beautiful that their child will have Libby/Chosen's soul.
Great update as always!

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Love it!

I knew it.. :banana .lmao

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vampyregurl73: Hi Heather! Congrats on the dibs! Thanks. You know I couldn't just do that to Chosen/Libby and not bring her back.

Yes, "Honey Pye". lol I had to think of something that was even more silly than the name Buffy for the new Slayer. Thanks for the feedback and everything else too numerous to mention.

love_2003: Hi there. Yep, you were right. It was only appropriate for Willow to bring Chosen/Libby back. You'll get to see how Faith handles everything in the update below. Thanks for the feedback!

harper12: Hi there and thank you very much for the compliment. You're very welcome for the image of Tara in a cowboy hat. It was one of my favorites too. Thanks for reading and the feedback!

bluepaintbox: Hi there, and you're very welcome. Yes, I finally got around to explaining the 2nd bolt. I'm glad you liked it. I hope this next and last chapter answers your questions. Thanks for sticking with me and all the great feedback!

kimmy_s: Hi Kim. Wish I could apologize for the image of Tara having multiples causing you to take a cold shower, but I really can't. lol

As I said to Heather above, I had to think of a name that was even more silly than Buffy, thus Honey Pye the Vampire Slayer. I'm glad you liked it.

Of course, I always had the intention of bringing Chosen/Libby back to be part of this family. More on how Faith handles the pregnancy hormones directly below. Thanks for the feedback!

Grimm: Grimmy! Thanks a bunch. HA! I knew you would figure it out. Thanks for sticking with me and all the wonderful feedback!

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AUTHOR: wimpy0729


DISCLAIMER: Willow, Tara and all BtVS characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. The story and all other characters, human and otherwise, belong to me.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Well, here we are at the end of this little story. Thanks for joining me on the ride. Please stay tuned for the epilogue. All mistakes are my own. For any glaring errors, please PM me.

A very special thanks again to Heather (vampyregurl73) for her beta-ing, bannering and motivating me with her sharp, pointy stick when I needed it. You're the best! :flower

Again, a huge thanks to all for reading and/or replying.



"Ugh!" Faith groaned as the pressure on her bladder became unbearable and could no longer be ignored. She rolled out of bed and rubbed her lower back as she shuffled wearily to the bathroom. She sighed as she relieved herself and looked up through bleary eyes at the clock on the wall. "Well, shit," she grumbled, knowing it was too early to get ready for work but there was no way she would be able to go back to sleep now. She stretched and rubbed her lower back once more as the muscles ached and throbbed.

This was her usual morning routine now -- up way too early to empty her full bladder and a hot shower to ease the tight muscles that caused her to toss and turn most of the night. At least the vomiting had stopped after nearly two very long months at the beginning. Whoever named it morning sickness certainly had no idea what they were talking about, as it came on at all different times of the day and night.

So now instead, her feet would swell, she was tired and moody all the time, had to pee every hour, her back hurt, and her boobs...oh, how her boobs ached. She stood under the hot water and sighed as the forceful stream pounded against her lower back for a long time before she turned the pressure down and let it run lightly over her tender breasts. She gently massaged the flesh and looked down examining them closely. They looked exactly like they always had but they hurt like hell. She didn't even want to think about what they'd feel like when Willow's milk came in.

"That little pain in my ass," she murmured to herself for about the hundredth time and a huge smile emerged. "She chose me. Chose me because she trusted me. She knew I could handle it. I can't wait til that little shit gets here."

"You know, they say it's a sign of insanity when you talk to yourself."

Faith smiled as another body joined her in the shower and strong hands began massaging her lower back. Another part of her new usual morning routine.

"When I start answering myself is when you have to really worry, B," Faith said as she turned and wrapped her arms around the smaller blonde.

"Do these need massaged too, babe?" Buffy purred and Faith couldn't resist.

"Yeah, just go easy."

"I know. I always do."



"No, I don't think it was you," Faith said as she glared down towards the floor.

Downstairs at the same time...

"How can that not hurt, Will? They're huge!"

"They're not huge, they're just big for me. They're not even half your size. Come on, baby, please? We're gonna be gone all day long," Willow whined and brought Tara's hand back up to her breast.

Tara couldn't resist the playful pout and big green eyes. Her hand started out gently squeezing first one then the other large, firm breasts. She slid up to the nipples, dragging her palm over them slowly at first then raked her nails over the very swollen buds.

"Oh yeah. God, that's so good, baby. Harder," Willow panted.

Tara laid on her side and stared, entranced at the already writhing redhead and gave her what she wanted. Taking a nipple between her fingers she began squeezing and twisting it slowly. They were so sensitive, even just the slightest touch elicited the most delicious response. Tara twisted harder.

"Oh yeahhh!"

"Ow FUCK! Ow! Ow! Ow! Damnit why can't I ever feel the good stuff?" Faith stepped quickly from the shower, cupped her sore breasts and began jumping up and down. "HEY! Cut it out, you're killing me up here!!"

Tara pulled her hand away and looked guiltily up toward the ceiling. Faith's loud, and very unhappy voice easily carried down the two stories to the basement.

"But baby," Willow whined, trying the pout again.

"I can't do that to her, Willow. You know they have to be tender," Tara explained and tried to stay strong, but it was so hard to not give in to the look her girlfriend was giving her.

"She can't feel the things that don't hurt," Willow whispered and ran her hand up the long neck and into the blonde hair.

Tara arched an eyebrow and smiled, curling her lip up sensually. "And what would that be?"

Willow smiled back and ran a finger slowly over the blonde's full bottom lip. "Your wonderfully soft mouth never, ever hurts," she whispered.

Tara sighed and rolled Willow gently from her side onto her back. Her breathing and heartbeat sped up and she looked down at her with lidded eyes. "Now how can I refuse you?" She breathed out then tenderly captured Willow's lips. Just about everything now pretty much had to be done gently and tenderly given Willow's size and Faith's side effects.

As their tongues swirled and played, Tara's hand drifted down and lovingly caressed the ever-growing round, freckled belly. Her lips trailed downward, across the jawline and down her slender neck. She smiled inwardly as Willow released long, low moans of pleasure and began writhing uncontrollably. With Willow's persistent urging, Tara wasted no time moving lower. The fingers clutching her hair and tugging her downward were highly motivating. She wrapped her lips around a nipple and held on tight as Willow arched wildly off the bed.

With Willow's hormones making her even more impatient than usual, Tara reluctantly released the oversensitive nipple and moved lower. She took a moment to place a soft kiss on the large belly and the precious life growing inside before scooting off the bed. She carefully slid Willow to the edge, took her hand and helped her into a sitting position. Willow leaned back, rested her palms on the mattress and smiled down at the blonde as she lifted a leg over each shoulder.

There was only one thing Willow really missed due to her growing belly, and that was the vision of Tara's face between her legs. It was such a beautiful sight. For just a little while longer, she had to settle for the slightly tilted mirror on their dresser giving her at least a rear view of Tara loving her, which was still pretty damn good.

Tara took just a moment to run her hands up the trembling thighs, over the large belly to the firm, swollen breasts. She cupped them gently, then slid her hands down to her ass. She lifted her eyes to meet Willow's lust-filled gaze and smiled knowingly. No, this wasn't going to take long at all.

Buffy crawled back under the warm covers while Faith finished getting ready for work and went downstairs to put on the coffee. She was just dozing off when she was abruptly startled wide awake again.


She shot straight up, threw off the covers and reached for her robe.


Buffy flew down the stairs, tying her robe on the way. She slid to a stop at the kitchen doorway, her heart pounding in her chest. She stood staring at Faith, who was sitting in a kitchen chair, her whole body shaking as she sobbed into her hands.

Oh, not again.

Buffy approached her slowly and knelt between her knees. "Faith, babe, what's wrong?" Buffy asked gently and Faith sniffed and raised her head, the tears still flowing from her sad brown eyes.

Faith sniffed again. " boots," she hiccupped out through her trembling lips.

Buffy looked down at Faith's work boots and frowned. "Honey, there's nothing wrong with your boots."

"They shrunk," she said pitifully.

Buffy's eyebrows rose in disbelief and she shook her head. "No, Faith, look," Buffy explained as she began untying the snug boots. "All we need to do is loosen the laces a little, see?" Buffy patiently undid each boot lace a little and retied the bows. "All better," she said happily and was nearly knocked backward as her girlfriend threw her arms around her neck. "You're welcome," she said, giggling at the heartfelt thanks Faith whispered in her ear.

They both looked up as they heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The perfectly round ball that emerged through the doorway first was a dead giveaway, accompanied by the tell-tale signs of enthusiastic crunching.

"Hi, guys. What's all the hub-bub?" Willow asked before shoving another chip in her mouth.

"Willow Danielle Rosenberg!" Buffy yelled then stormed over and yanked the bag of salt and vinegar potato chips from the very pregnant woman's hands.

"Hey, I was hungry!"

"You know you're supposed to cut back on your salt!" Buffy shot back as she rolled up the bag and threw it on a top shelf in a cabinet.

"Oh, oops. Sorry, Faith," Willow apologized to the brunette, who was smiling brightly at her, without a trace of the earlier tears.

"No worries, Willow. It's all good," Faith said happily as she poured herself a cup of coffee and kissed Buffy on the cheek. "B fixed me up real good. She's such an angel," Faith said, nearly swooning at her girlfriend then caught her reflection in the sliding glass doors. "Is my ass getting bigger?" Faith asked worriedly as she twisted and turned to get the best angle of her backside.

"For the hundredth time, your ass hasn't changed a bit," Buffy huffed in exasperation. "Dear Lord," she whispered in a very good imitation of Giles as she flopped into a seat at the island. "These mood swings really freak me out sometimes."

"Not my fault. You can blame it all on PITA," Faith said grinning as she took a seat beside Buffy and casually sipped her coffee.

"Would you please stop calling our baby that?! She's not a Pain In The Ass!"

"Not in yours anyway," Faith snarked as her mood changed once again.

Willow gave her a death glare and grabbed the broom, opened the cabinet and knocked her bag of chips down into her waiting hand. She stared Faith down as she opened the bag and began munching loudly on a handful of chips.

"Hey, you're gonna make my feet blow up like balloons!"

"Not again," Buffy groaned and buried her head in her hands.

Tara stood with arms crossed at the kitchen doorway taking in the familiar scene. Willow glaring at Faith and shoving chip after chip into her mouth, Faith's trembling lips indicating an impending tearfest and Buffy at her wits' end. She took a deep breath then took control.

She walked over to Willow, arched her eyebrow and wordlessly held out her hand. The redhead looked like a scolded pup, rolled up the bag and handed it over. She went to Faith and took her firmly by the chin.

"You are Faith Lehane, Guardian of the Blessed Vestals and their child. Do you cry over a little bit of swelling in your feet?"

Faith sat up straighter and squeezed her eyes closed. She took a deep breath, opened them and shook her head as she looked her best friend in the eyes. "I do not."

Tara smiled and smacked her playfully on the cheek. "That's right. Now get your shit together. We have a lot to get done and only a month to do it."

"Woo hoo! One more month!" Faith yelled as she jumped up and grabbed Tara, hugging her excitedly. She suddenly stopped and looked over to see Willow downing a large glass of water. "Shit!"

Willow, Tara and Buffy giggled as Faith sprinted up the stairs, off to the bathroom once again.

"She must have a bladder the size of a peanut because it never hits me that quick. Oh, who am I kidding. I'll be right back," Willow said, blushing as she headed to the downstairs bathroom to relieve herself too.

Tara smiled goofily as she watched Willow waddle away. "Isn't she just the cutest thing?"

"Yes, and the most adorable and sexy, blah, blah, blah," Buffy sighed with a dramatic eye roll. "We go through this every single day. Now let's get with the breakfast making for those two non-stop eaters before we have to go. Think you can stop drooling long enough to help me?"

Tara laughed at the well-deserved teasing and slapped Buffy on the arm. "Big breakfast it is, then we need to hit the road. Mom should have those two dogs ready to go by the time we get over there. Thanks for going with us."

"I wouldn't miss it. I'm sticking close to her until she pops that kid out. Not taking any chances, especially now that it's almost time. You think we'll have everything ready by then?"

"Are you kidding?!" Tara laughed, spatula in each hand and expertly flipping two pancakes at once on the jumbo griddle. "With all the help we've had, it'll be ready. I don't know who's more excited besides me and Will -- Mom and Sofie, Diana and Hester or you and Faith."

"Well, can you blame us?" Buffy said, popping the next round of bread into the massive toaster. "That's one special baby, so naturally we're all ga-ga over it, but I swear sometimes I think you're mom is going to literally burst from excitement."

Tara laughed and flipped two pancakes onto the plate then smoothly poured more on the griddle. "Oh, I know," Tara said, smiling from ear to ear. "Did you see her and Hester racing to see who could paint my old room faster? They were both wearing more paint than they got on the wall!"

Buffy snorted at the memory while she buttered the toast. "I never knew those two old women could move so fast. I'm just glad we put the plastic down. I gotta admit they really had that room looking nice by the time they were done though."

"It's perfect," Tara said, glowing with happiness as she slipped the last of the pancakes onto the tall stacks. "We just have a few more little things to do, and Xander said he's bringing the crib next weekend." She carried the plates to the table then turned to the smaller blonde. "Buffy, are you sure you guys don't mind moving down to the basement?"

"Tara, we've told you guys over and over, we're looking forward to it. Plus, you guys will need the tub for the little munchkin and all the rooms are on one level, so it'll be perfect for all of us. And of course, there's the bonus of being two floors away and not hearing her crying in the middle of the night," Buffy teased.

"I know better," Tara said with a giggle. "With your Guardian hearing, you'll hear her cry a mile away."


"Speaking of crying," Buffy sighed as Tara bolted downstairs and she flew upstairs. Faith passed her, stomping down each step and continued down to the basement.

"Sonofabitch! This. Really. Fucking. Sucks!" She said, forcefully punctuating each word with a stomp.

"Faith, settle down. What's wrong?" Buffy asked frantically as she chased after her.

Tara found Willow perfectly fine as she was finishing up in the bathroom and her heart finally returned to a somewhat normal rhythm. That is, until Faith suddenly appeared in the doorway, arms crossed and glaring at the redhead, who was innocently drying her hands.


"Lift up your shirt," she ordered Willow, and got three sets of very wide eyes staring back at her in return.

"I will not!"

"Okay then, pull down your pants!"

"Faith, are you out of your mind?! She's not pulling her pants down for you!" Tara said as she assumed a similar stance as Faith in front of her girlfriend.

Buffy smacked Faith on the arm none too gently, finally getting her attention. "You need to tell us what's going on right now or I'm gonna go over there and give Willow a titty twister!"

"Hey!" Willow and Tara both shouted and the redhead instantly covered her boobs with both hands and hid behind her girlfriend even more.

"Oh God, please don't! It's just, well look!"

Faith lifted the tail of her shirt and pulled her pants down in front just enough to show the light purple stretch marks over each side of her lower abdomen.

"Oh," Willow said sympathetically, finally understanding, and pulled down her ever-so-stylish maternity pants below her round belly. She looked at herself in the mirror then turned to show the others. Her pale, freckled skin was stretched taut but completely unblemished by any similar marks. "I'm really sorry, Faith. Really."

Faith's lip started the all-too familiar trembling before she threw herself into Buffy's arms and burst into tears. She blubbered something into Buffy's neck then went right back to her sobbing.

Buffy rubbed her back and sighed. She place a finger under her chin, lifting her face and wiping away her tears with her thumb. "Oh, babe, of course I still want you and I'll always think you're beautiful."

Willow moved out of Tara's embrace and over to the still crying brunette. Buffy turned her girlfriend into Willow's arms, who hugged her warmly. "I know I've told you many, many times, but I'll say it again. I can't thank you enough. It's an amazing thing you're doing for me, and she's gonna love her Aunt Faithy."

That finally got the intended result, and Faith chuckled as she pulled back and wiped the last of her tears away. "That little PITA better never call me Aunt Faithy. I'm gonna be the cool aunt, and it'll be just 'Faith'."

"And you better never call her PITA," Tara added playfully as she moved in to take her turn at hugging her best friend.

"Well, you won't tell us what you are going to name her, so that's what she is until you do," Faith said as she squeezed Tara tight and started to tear up again. "Damn, I hate these fucking hormones. They're turning me into a big bawling baby."

"They just make me horny," Willow murmured very quietly, but the two Guardians easily heard.

"No shit," Buffy and Faith groaned, and Tara just smiled.

"Besides, we won't know for sure what name fits her until we see her, right Tara?"

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, absolutely." Tara nodded emphatically to appease her girlfriend, but in her heart she was 99% sure she already knew what the baby's name would be. She just couldn't wait to see her mother's face when they told her.


Three and a half looong weeks later...

"I'm telling you, Mary, she'll be lucky to deliver on time, and chances are she'll be at least a week late. First ones never come on time and you should know. Tara was more than a week later than your due date."

"And I'm telling you, Sofia, she's not going to be that late. It's either going to be on her due date or a day or two late, that's it."

The two friends were bantering playfully back and forth like they always did about their favorite subject as they took care of the dogs that morning.

Faith hung up the hose and sighed as she took a seat on the bale of straw. "I think she's gonna be late, unfortunately," Faith groaned her two cents worth as she rubbed her progressively worsening aching back. "I can't tell she's even dropped yet, but maybe we should ask the expert. What do you think, Big D?"

The tall Goddess easily slung two bags of large dog food onto the shelf then grabbed a couple more and added them to the growing stack. Diana had become a common fixture around the Rainbow Rescue the past few months for several reasons. The main reason being the proximity to Willow as she drew closer to her impending delivery. Of course, she also loved working with the dogs in the meantime.

"Ladies, I have learned over many centuries that babies get here when they are good and ready. I do not like to speculate, although there are usually signs." Big D looked over at Faith, whose face was contorted into a major frown and she was massaging her back roughly. "Every pregnancy is different. Sometimes they don't even feel the contractions in their abdomen right away," she whispered and stared hard at the brunette, who definitely looked very uncomfortable.

"Not me," Mary said. "I was fine, then all of a sudden my water broke and the contractions were nonstop until she came out six hours later."

"Six hours?!" Faith stood up and yelled then immediately grabbed her back. "Sonofabitch!"

"What it is?" Diana asked, trying to restrain her excitement.

"I think I pulled a muscle. It's like one spasm after another. I think I might have to go sit in the hot tub," Faith groaned, still massaging her back.

Diana's eyebrows rose and a wide smile spread across her face. She pulled out her phone and called Hester at the shop. "It's time!"

Mary, Sofia and Faith all turned to her, eyes as big as plates.


Meanwhile, about a mile down the road...

"Ohhh, Tara," Willow moaned as she melted back into the naked blonde spooning her from behind. "That was amazing, baby. My body is still humming."

Tara continued rubbing her hand gently around the big round belly and placed a kiss on the back of Willow's head. "Are you sure you feel okay, sweetie? You're getting awfully close."

"Trust me, I'm great," Willow said happily then groaned as she slowly rolled onto her back. She ran a finger teasingly up and down between Tara's breasts and smiled as the nipples immediately hardened. "Now it's your turn to feel great."

"Oh, no," Tara said, putting her hand over the roving digit. "You've had enough excitement for today."

"But baby, it's not like it's strenuous. You put on your cowboy hat and I'll just lie here and give you a little 'Willow wiggle'."

Tara's eyes glazed over for about three seconds as the image of one of her favorite positions flitted through her mind. That was until common sense won out and she finally had to giggle at the little red eyebrows waggling at her teasingly.

"No, no and..."

The ringing of her phone on the nightstand startled her just as Willow's cute pout nearly caused her to give in once more.

"No, now behave," Tara whispered as she answered her phone.

Willow continued to pout until she noticed Tara's blue eyes grow incredibly wide.

"Are you sure? She seems perfectly fine, are you fine, Will?" Tara asked nervously.

"Of course I'm fine. Great even," Willow answered with a naughty grin. "My body is still humming. That's how amazing you are, lover."

Diana frowned and pulled the phone away from her ear as she heard kissing noises coming from the receiver. "Tara Maclay, did you just give a nearly full-term pregnant woman orgasms?!"

Tara instantly turned the color of a bright red tomato and pulled her neck away from the insistent mouth of her girlfriend. "Well..."

"Just where is her body humming, Tara?" Diana asked as she helped load Faith into her truck. She nearly laughed as Sofia and Mary looked like two stooges scrambling over each other as they fought to get into the back seat.

"Where are you humming, Will?"

"Mmm...all down here," Willow answered with a huge smile as her hand motioned all around her lower abdomen and nether regions.

"Oh shit. Diana, I think you're right. Yes, okay." Tara threw her phone toward the nightstand, leapt from the bed and ran out the door.

Willow propped herself up on her elbows and cocked her head at the usually calm blonde's bizarre behavior. Mere seconds later, the out of breath woman came running back in.

"Sorry, sorry! Shower, bed, baby!" Tara yelled excitedly.

"Sounds good to me," Willow smirked and scooted to the edge of the bed and held her hand out for assistance.

Tara gently pulled her to her feet and wrapped her in her arms, taking a much-needed deep breath. "No, Will, baby, coming," she said, still failing to make complete sentences.

"Sounds even better," Willow said sensuously as her hands drifted down and she took a cheek in each one, giving them a good squeeze.

"Oh, Willow," Tara sighed and pulled back, taking Willow's face in her hands and giving her a quick kiss. "No, honey, listen. Diana thinks you're in labor. We need to get a quick shower and get upstairs to the bed. They're on their way."

"Ohhhh," Willow said, finally almost getting it. "I'm in labor."

At Tara's bright smile and nod, it finally sunk in. "I'm in labor?! As in 'labor-labor'?" Willow asked in disbelief.

Tara nodded again, her smile growing even wider. She cupped her hands around the large belly and dropped to her knees. "We finally get to see you, sweetie," she whispered then kissed the beautiful belly. She immediately pulled back as she felt the muscles twitch and a definite kick against her lips. She looked up at Willow's wide eyes.

"She's on her way, Will!" Tara said excitedly. "How do you feel?"

Willow laid her hands over Tara's and they both felt the slight tremble. "Ooh! It's kinda tingly!"

"It doesn't hurt?"

"Not one bit," Willow reassured her as Tara wrapped an arm around her and led her slowly to the shower.

"Shit!!" Faith screamed when the first real contraction hit as they turned in her driveway. "This ain't gonna be no picnic, is it?"

"Remember your breathing, Faith. I promise it'll help," Diana said calmly as she parked the truck.

It turned out the shower took a little longer than expected but was perfectly timed. Tara was washing Willow's back when the redhead began giggling. She hugged her girlfriend from behind and whispered in her ear. "What's so funny, sweetie?"

"It tickles."

"What does?" Tara had barely gotten the question out when she felt a gush of warm water hit her feet.

"Oh, wow," Faith gasped and Diana tightened her arm around her waist as they stopped walking.

"What is it?" Diana, Mary and Sofie asked worriedly at the same time.

"Uh, I think I just wet myself," Faith whispered as she looked down to her completely dry pants.

"Oh dear, oh dear," Mary said nervously. "Willow's water broke. We need to hurry!" She wrapped her arm around the other side of Faith and they helped her slowly through the sliding door into the kitchen.

"Hey, babe, what's up?" Buffy asked as she removed her headphones and laid them on the kitchen table. "You don't look so good."

Faith glared at her girlfriend and growled.

Buffy gulped.

"Willow's in labor, Buffy," Sofia explained as she followed the other three women up the stairs. "You remember the plan, right?"

Buffy tried to contain her squeal but failed miserably. "Baby's coming! Baby's coming!" She screamed and pulled her phone from her pocket, hitting speed dial as she ran to catch up with them.

"Randy! It's Buffy. Operation Baby is ON!"

Faith had set things up with her partner months in advance for the home birth. They would have an ambulance on stand-by for any complications. Randy threw his fast food in the trash and ran to his rig. He called the station then checked the clock. He knew exactly how long it would take him to get to Faith's house from here. They had run this scenario many times and had it down perfectly. He hit the lights and sirens, smiling as the big red ambulance flew down the road.

Faith, Diana, Mary and Sofie turned into Tara's old room at the top of the stairs and stopped cold. In what was now the nursery, the blonde's old bed that they had prepared for the birth was completely empty.

A moment of panic swept over them all as they looked frantically around the room.

"They're in the downstairs shower," Buffy said helpfully from the doorway just as a blur flew behind her back and smacked into the hallway wall.

"I'm okay," Hester mumbled as she peeled herself off the wall and finger-combed her gray hair back into place. "Did I miss anything?"

"OWWW!!! Shit! Shit! Shit!" Faith screamed and doubled over in pain.

"Let's get you to your room, Faith. Remember your breathing. Buffy?"

"I got this," Buffy said and helped her girlfriend slowly walk to their bedroom. Luckily she got her situated in bed before the next contraction hit. The blonde sat back against the headboard with Faith between her legs, cringing as her girlfriend nearly crushed her hand.

"Damn, B," Faith panted out once the pain began to fade. "This kinda hurts."

"What do you need, Faithy? What can I do for you?"

"Water would be good, and maybe a back rub?"

"WATER!!" Buffy yelled at the top of her lungs, causing Faith to laugh and forget about her pain for a moment.

"I coulda done that, babe."

"I didn't want to leave you for that long," Buffy whispered in her ear as she began rubbing Faith's lower back.

Sofia burst into the room less than a minute later juggling several bottles of water.

"Is this enough? How are you doing?"

"I'm okay until those damn contractions hit. How's Willow?"

"Tara's bringing her up right now," Sofie said then placed a kiss on Faith's forehead. "You can do this, Faith. I'll be right outside if you need me."

"Thanks," Faith whispered and Buffy felt her body starting to tense up.

"Here we go," Buffy said and cringed once more as Faith leaned forward and squeezed her hand. "Breathe, babe. Just breathe."

Sofie watched quietly until the pain passed and Faith relaxed back into Buffy. "Want me to ask Diana about an epidural?" Sofie asked teasingly on her wait out the door and laughed as Faith smirked and flipped her off.

Diana and Mary had thoroughly washed up and put on sterile gowns and gloves, then got all the delivery equipment ready. Tara had carried Willow upstairs and gently laid her in the specially prepared bed. Mary was pacing back and forth and Tara was stroking Willow's hair as she casually flipped through a baby name book while Diana checked her.

"Looking good so far. You're already 4 cm, Willow," Diana said as she pulled off her gloves.

"She is? Willow, you're almost half-way dilated already," Tara said and kissed her lovingly on the temple. "How do you feel, baby?"

Willow laid down the book and lightly rubbed her belly, smiling as she felt the muscles quiver. "It kinda tickles," she giggled.

"Son of a BITCH!!"

Every face grimaced in sympathy as Faith screamed out in pain.

Hester cautiously poked her head in the Guardian's bedroom trying to offer a helpful suggestion. "Breathe through it Faith -- hee hee, hoo hoo hoo, hee hee, hoo hoo hoo."

"FUCK BREATHING!!!" Faith growled and Buffy half expected to see her head start spinning around before she spewed pea soup all over the Goddess.

"Alrighty then," Hester said and quickly shut the door.

And that's how it went on for five more grueling hours. Willow hadn't dilated past 7 cm so Diana had her up walking around the room. All the redhead was feeling was a slight pressure between her legs with each step but Faith felt like a watermelon was squeezing its way out between hers.

On Diana's next check, Willow had made it up to 9 cm and the crown of her head could be seen. "Almost there, but don't push just yet," Diana instructed as she could now see the position of the baby's head. "A little bit more and I need to turn her just a smidge," the Goddess explained carefully.

"Okay," Willow said easily but Tara was immediately concerned.

"Just how much is a smidge, D?"

"Would you like to take a look? It's not much, I promise."

Tara looked to Willow for confirmation, who nodded and the blonde slid to the foot of the bed. Tears filled her eyes and her hands instantly flew to her mouth.

"Oh my God, Willow, I see her head and hair! She has hair!" Tara gasped as the tears started to roll.

That started a chain reaction among all the women and Diana had to sniff loudly and focus on her job. "Okay, so I just need to turn her from here to here," she explained to Tara, who wiped away her tears and looked up at Willow.

"It really is just a smidge, baby. She has to be in the canal just a little bit better to make it the rest of the way out, right, Diana?"

The Goddess nodded and Tara moved back up beside Willow, gripping her hand tightly. "She's almost here, baby," she whispered excitedly.

Willow's smile could've lit up a city block. She cupped Tara's face and kissed her softly. "Love you," she said quietly.

Tara kissed her back and leaned their foreheads together. "I love you too."

Diana hesitated then looked up at Mary before she started. "Someone might want to warn Faith."

"Oh shit," Mary cursed under her breath and went to the doorway. Hester and Sofia had both been pacing the hallway for hours but stopped when they saw Mary. "She needs to turn the baby a little. Tell Faith," Mary said then quickly disappeared back into the room.

Hester and Sofia looked at each other and sighed, neither wanting to do the deed. It was a stare off for several long seconds and Sofia finally spoke up. "I guess it's my turn." She slowly entered Faith's room, where Buffy was wiping her girlfriend's sweaty brow off with a cold wet rag. She wasn't going to leave the girls alone for this, so Sofia sat down on the other side of Faith, took her hand and tried to break the news gently.

Faith nodded and gritted her teeth. "Let's get this pain in my ass out finally. I'm ready."

Hester had been watching from the doorway and rushed down the hall to tell the others. Diana checked Willow once more and smiled when she saw she was finally fully dilated. The Goddess' long, slender fingers gently grasped the tiny head and rotated it counter-clockwise a few centimeters.

"Okay, push."

" Goddamn! Shit!!"

More of the tiny head came into view then stopped as Willow relaxed back into Tara.

"One more time," Diana instructed and held the head gently as more and more of the full head of hair was revealed.


Tara held her tight and Willow bore down with everything she had.


The whole house was eerily quiet as Diana and Mary stared down at the perfect little body that the Goddess held in her hands. Diana quickly suctioned out the airways, grabbed a towel and began wiping the baby off, and she didn't like it one little bit. The powerful little lungs released an ear-splitting cry and everyone else in the house breathed a sigh of relief and the happy tears began to fall.

Diana quickly finished cleaning the infant off and did a quick check before gently placing her in Willow's arms. Tara hugged Willow tighter and rested her chin on her shoulder as she stared down at their beautiful baby girl. Willow carefully held the precious life in her arms and lifted her closer to her other mother. They both placed a tender kiss on the tiny head, crying and laughing all at once. "We love you so much, beautiful girl."

Mary and Diana gasped as brilliant sparks began flying all around the new family.

"Welcome to the world, little one," Tara whispered reverently and Willow smiled radiantly at the loves of her lives.



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What's the baby's name?!?!?

Very nicely done.

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Wow. That was a fantastic story! Thank you.
Yes, what is the baby's name?

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Hey Wimpy!
Delay in feedback due to being in sunny Adelaide for the weekend with the Mrs and her son. Loved the update poor Faith was really copping it! Love the endearing nickname PITA that Faith is using for the baby. Very intrigued to hear what they'll be calling the baby and can't wait to read the epilogue. Am going to miss the story and checking for updates. Oh well guess you'll have to write another story right? *Nudge Nudge* *Wink Wink*

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*Sighs* How very sweet and the perfect ending to a really wonderful story. There was a lot to love about this last chapter and giggle about as well, but I think my favorite part was the obvious connection between the girls. One that you kept solid through out the entire fic. Very nicely done and I look for to a sequel. Hint, hint! Or at the very least...a new fic!!

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