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 Post subject: Developing: Chase the morning... beta wanted
PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:13 pm 
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Buffy the vampire slayer characters or the plot and songs of Repo the genetic opera <<< watch the trailer giles is in it!!!

Setting/plot: (loosely based around the movie Repo the genetic opera) The not too distant future. In the year of 2056 (willow and Tara were not born yet only Buffy faith and dawn, giles was never her watcher) an epidemic of vampire breeding engulfs the world, millions die, few survive and they all come to live ironically in sunny dale for some weird reason...

The master, the oldest of the vampires, succeeds in killing Buffy and Kendra and keeps faith alive beyond her years by machines to prevent her from ever dying thus preventing the transfer of her slayer powers to the next slayer. He finds a way to curse the sun to be at an eternal eclipse stage so it's 24/7 darkness in the future. The new world is filled with Chaos.

The vampires become the master race and bully the humans around. Humans are forced to pay taxes in blood every week and the use of black magic becomes illegal for humans to use, because vampires are afraid the humans will try to rebel.

The vampires replace the police with legal assassins known as "Watch-men" who kill people who are caught not paying their blood taxes or for people who are caught practicing magic. They drain their blood and leave the bodies on the sides of the road for the garbage patrol to come along and clean up after them.

Rack- (from the episode in Buffy when Willow goes with Amy to get high off of dark magic) he is an illegal black magic dealer who sells spells and potions to costumers, pretty much like a drug dealer... except he kind of is a creeper who stalks Tara and Willow

Tara- She is 18 in this fic. Her father is Rupert Giles he tells her that she cannot go outside because he is afraid people will hurt her because she is a "demon"

The Master- The boss of Sunny dale he pretty much controls everything

Angelus- Son of the Master, he is a physco murderer and he gets away with it and he is constantly ripping off his shirt, stabbing someone and drinking mochas >.> maybe he stole them from willow....

Drusilla- Angelus' sister, she is a crazy person who talks in a british accent and speaks in riddles who goes shopping allot and is kind of a whore in this fic.

William the bloody/spike: The youngest son he is also a physco but a very big narcissist who carries around a mirror and dresses really well.

Rupert Giles/ Watch-man: The protective father of Tara who thinks he is a doctor, when he is actually working for the master as a watch-man. Rupert blames himself for the death of Tara's mother and he thinks of Tara as a baby and will not let her go outside he uses the excuse that Tara's mother was a "demon" and she is too. (not true but he lies to Tara all her life about this) when in reality he just doesn't want Tara to ever leave him because he misses his wife and it made him into a control freak when she died. Oh! and he hears voices in his head b/c "the Watch-man" inside of him develops over the course of 18 years into a multiple personality who bullies him around. He has that tattoo on his arm to show that he is a Watch-man and Tara eventually notices this.

Willow Rosenberg: sexy mysterious Wicca who offers to teach Tara magic after she catches Rack spying on Tara yet again and she hexes him away. Willow is also 18 in this fic and Tara develops a crush on her, Willow has no home so she secretly begins to stay with Tara in her room.

Main conflict: Willow eventually gets too addicted to the black arts after The master kidnaps Tara because he wants Tara to sing in his opera after having heard Tara singing to Willow one night in the park.

current questions I need help answering: should Xander, anya and or oz be in this fic? Should Faith re-appear and kill the master? What should I name Tara's mom? Should I have Tara's brother donnie be in the fic? This is loosely based off the plot of a musical so should I have it be a musical or only include some songs? or no songs at all?

I aslo need help with grammar and piecing together the story properly...

 Post subject: Re: Developing: Chase the morning... beta wanted
PostPosted: Fri Feb 11, 2011 4:25 pm 
4. Extra Flamey
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Hey there, I'm lurking around trying to find a beta myself and I had to stop myself from reading this cos SPOILERS!!!
But um if you want a quick read-over for grammar I'm around :) You PM or I'll PM for email addresses?

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