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 Post subject: Beta Reader needed and Beta Reader Offered/Ariel
PostPosted: Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:57 am 
11. Fish in the Bowl

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I got a suggestion to reach out for a beta-reader. So check out two of my stories and see if you're interested. They are incredibly different. One is on the completed archive list, "Courage" and the other is in regular pens called, "Sparring Partners" and is NC-17 so don't read it if that type of material offends.

In return, I offer my efforts on your behalf. Am I one of the best writers? No, but I can catch some basic spelling and grammar errors and have a fairly good vocabulary.

In addition, I have personal experience as a police officer, jailor, forklift driver, actress, improvisor, playwright, cannery worker, janitor, paid stage crew, fast food workers, theatrical show director, safety professional, etc.

Areas I know about (or can readily get info) are:
-Theatre terms, stage equipment
-Historical weaponry info (some experience w/ fight choreography)
-Speaking Elizabethan (Shakespearean) language. I understand it and can improvise in it
-Historical instruments like the lute, harpsichord, clavichord, etc.
-Ballads from England, Ireland, U.S., etc.
-Cockney slang (1800's, some modern)
-Wild west info (have done several environmental shows there)
-Improvisation, theatre techniques

And there's a lot of people I know who are either professionals in their discipline or internationally recoginized SME's (Subject Matter Experts).

Bottom line, I am looking for a relationship that's helpful to us both.

Again, it's fine to say, "G to PG-13 only" or "short pieces only" or whatever works for you. Also, even if the beta-reader relationship is not possible, I welcome specific feedback about my pieces because I want to build skills and improve and (I'll admit it) get the occasional positive comment, too. Hey, maybe we could be feedback buddies.

Let me know if you're interested.


 Post subject: Re: Beta Reader needed and Beta Reader Offered/Ariel
PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 8:12 am 
4. Extra Flamey
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I'm interested!
I've never been a beta before, but I occasionaly write (never finished a fic though, probably due to lack of incouragement).

Although I can't say I'm quite as expierenced as you are, I'm always the curious one, so research shouldn't be a problem. I've read your fics, and liked them ;). I'm not too shy for a NC-17, though writing it is still an issue waiting to be solved (but then again, here on the kitten you learn a lot about that stuff :p).

As I said, I've never done this before, so there may be some bumps on the road ahead, but then again, everyone's been at this point some time, right?

Ready if you are,
Helena :kitty

Less killy, more frilly

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