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 Post subject: Developing: (untitled at the moment)
PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2006 4:30 pm 
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OK, so this is a fun one…I started writing a short description, intending to post it here for critique and comments…but it kept growing. At first it was a simple ‘getting together if S4 had been slightly different’ fic…then a big bad appeared all of it’s own accord…then the watcher’s council got involved…then some new characters appeared…then I shoved in some bits from the ufinished ‘Connections’ fic I started…then…you get the picture. The short description turned into this massive plan of what was to happen…which got edited, edited again, more bits added, more detail, more of everything…it turned into a plan, which turned into most of the story. I haven’t actually written any dialogue yet, but a LOT of the rest of the stuff (setting, background, sequence of events etc etc) is there. So I had to go back and condense it down to a reasonable size for posting here. So here it is.

The first difference between this fic and S4 (i.e. the place where it starts to diverge from Canon a bit) is the fact that Tara has already noticed Willow around campus before Hush. This being a non-canon fic, Tara blows off Wicca group to go sit in the cafeteria, hoping to catch a glimpse of Willow and say ‘Hi’ (although she’s not entirely certain why she’s drawn to Willow yet, the word ‘attraction’ hasn’t crossed her brain yet). ‘Course, in an ironic twist of fate, Willow has gone to her first Wicca group meeting…hence Tara misses her.

Anyway, that’s where it all changes. The main idea of the fic is that there will be lots ‘From The Journal Of Tara Maclay’-esque Tara and Willow thoughts, each obsessing over the other, but the realisation as to why they’re obsessing and the fact that they are in love with each other will take SOME time. Like, ‘Neverland’ lengths of time (except that it WILL happen, and hasn’t yet in Neverland ;) ). Anyway, a chance meeting at the point that a new big bad enters town in an explosive fashion throws them together, and they start hanging out a bit. Cue the usual awkwardness about explaining who they are/what they do/magic/slaying etc.

This kinda develops while they’re trying to find out what’s going on with this new big bad; some slightly modified (to add the things that I thought should have been there to start with) canon scenes will crop up here and there. Will and Tara start doing spells together, and as a result their feelings start to develop. Cue Angst.

Tara is scared of freaking Will out (because Tara’s now realised that she’s attracted to Will) via her actions and being overly emotional, and Will is in denial (refuses to believe she’s attracted to Tara). Thus, much friction ensues.

By this point they’ve figured out that the big bad is a Chaos Sorcerer…and I mean someone that makes Ethan Rayne look like a dabbler. We’re talking a serious, dimension-hopping more-powerful-than-your-mother guy here. This guy regularly kicks Buffy’s ass. Some as-yet-unnamed other characters move into town about the same time that the Sorcerer starts getting noticed.

Said Sorcerer is looking for an artefact that only Tara has the power to use. This thing is capable of destroying planets (and the sorcerer has actually done this in other dimensions). The gang only find this out when the Sorcerer points at Tara and marks her out as the key to his artefact. The guys (especially Will) feel a bit betrayed that Tara knew about this all along but never said a word.

The two new characters are at first under suspicion of being accomplices to the sorcerer, but it soon becomes obvious that this isn’t the case when they help the scoobies escape by the skin of their teeth from an attack by this sorcerer & his minions/demons.

Anyway, a post-fight-debrief happens, and the new characters explain that they are here to help. For some reason they and Willow don’t get on too well. Meanwhile, Tara packs up and does a runner and isolates herself to try and take the danger away from Willow, the gang, and Sunnydale.

Tara by this point is also becoming uber-powerful, so much so that she’s having difficulty controlling it. One of the new characters offers to help Tara.

By this time another battle is happening with the Sorcerer. Luckily, Tara turns up halfway through and unleashes some of her mighty power on the guy with the help of one of the new characters. Someone (probably Giles) has died during the battle. Or, more specifically been zipped off to another dimension. Tara speaks briefly to one of the new characters to agree to her help, then vanishes. Will is in panic-mode.

Tara and one of the new characters go off to try and learn to control Tara’s new found power (a bit like Giles & Willow in S7, but less sucky obviously). As a result, Will becomes a bit jealous when the new character starts to relay details of her time with Tara, but refuses to let the gang know where Tara is for their own safety.

This all escalates until Will is pretty much hating the new character, but it makes her question her denial, and eventually she figures out she’s in love with Tara. Cue angst, hurt (she’s convinced Tara and this new character have something going on), general sucky feelings etc…She decides to come out to Xander, who takes it pretty well.

When finally Tara reappears, she’s all friendly and eye-contacty and huggy with the new character…cue the ‘final straw’ with Will, who just spirals into depression. As a result she avoids Tara and the gang.

The depression starts to manifest itself in a parallel dimension, which somehow enables the Sorcerer to reappear (yet to work out the exact details on this one, but it’ll be good…) bigger and badder than he was; this is also partly due to the fact that Ethan has appeared on the scene with some followers to try and take advantage of the situation. Unfortunately it ends up that the sorcerer is feeding off Will’s depression; the sorcerer knows this and erects some sort of defence around Willow (who doesn’t really care anyway).

Xander and Tara have a chat where he finds out that a) Tara isn’t going out with this new character, but b) she IS gay. Xander explains that so is Will, that’s why she’s depressed…Tara is about to go and see Will, but the Sorcerer makes an untimely appearance, so she has to go help deal with him. As a result, she ends up in a bad way, but now knows that the Sorcerer’s power is coming from Will’s depression. They defeat him for the time being, but he’s still out there recharging his power.

Anyway, Tara somehow gets through to Will and explains that she’s not going out with the new character…but fails to come out to Will. Haven’t quite figured out why, maybe she’s afraid of her own power still, plus it’s a big step.

Will cheers up a lot, but the Sorcerer realises that his power is waning and comes after the scoobies with more conventional weapons and a truly immense demon he’s summoned.

At this point the Initiative make an appearance to take on the big demon (which they’ve been tracking since it’s apprearance – hard to hide something this big). Up until this point everyone is completely oblivious to the Initiative’s existence (although Riley and Buffy are still an item).

Meanwhile, once again, Tara and her new cohorts are facing the sorcerer again. They only defeat the sorcerer when Tara unleashes a massive power blast as a last-ditch attempt (that she was trying to avoid). As a result someone dies, and there’s absolute carnage for quite a large area around them. Tara is barely able to sit up, but has a massive guilt build up already. The rest of the gang (and even the new characters) are in shock as to the amount of power Tara has unleashed. We’re talking like bomb-proportion power here, like, dangerous to the public.

The upshot of that is that the government decide to cart Tara off and ‘look after her’ because she’s now classified as a dangerous weapon. The gang have to agree, as sad as they are to see her go, they realise that Tara being around is just too dangerous. They don’t realise that she had the power under control and that it was only a last-ditch attempt. They think it was an uncontrolled release. Obviously Will tries to stop them, but the gang hold her back. Yep, this is gonna be one emotional scene.

Life carries on for a short while, with everything being bad. Tara is experimented on by the government in a bad way…Willow is of course very depressed. Some time passes.

Anyway, while they were fighting the Sorcerer, he managed to release one final chaos spell before he got wiped out; it takes some time for this to manifest, but in the true spirit of chaos, it’s a time travel/dimensional skip spell that zips the scoobies forwards and backwards in time and between dimensions, seemingly randomly at first, but later it becomes obvious that they are intentionally designed for a purpose. The ‘zips’ are usually pretty short in duration before the victim returns to the current time/space. At this point the scoobies just think it’s time travel, not dimensional…so they think that the following is inevitable:

Will, during a zip, sees Tara killed in a gun battle.

Tara gets caught mid-zip, and sees Will take her own life (but there’s nothing she can do about it) through depression at losing her. As a side effect of this, she’s zipped out of the hands of the government, and is now on the run.

Tara is utterly disorientated and in no fit state to be out walking around, let alone walking through a graveyard where she gets attacked by a vamp and is promptly saved…by Faith.

Faith reunites her with the Scoobies (Will is mid-zip somewhere else at this point). I have a good reason for Faith being there, but I’m not gonna go into it coz it’s a bit long and I’m trying (but failing) to keep this short.

Tara is really fragile, flinchey, and scared of just about everything as a result of the experiments done to her. She trusts no-one and nothing, and her brain is pretty scrambled. About the only thing she can remember is Willow and her love for her.

Eventually one of the new characters figures out what’s going on, and they come up with a spell to end the zips. A side effect of this is that the people who died during the Sorcerer battles are brought back. Details yet to be worked out. Problem is, they need Tara in a useful state to be able to do the spell. They are also concerned that Tara’s power may now be uncontrolled.

They come up with a spell to return Tara to her old self, but they need someone who she shares a mutual love with to do it. Everyone comes up blank, but finally Xander decides that he has to tell someone, and has a word outside with one of the new characters to explain about Willow.

They find Willow post-zip and tell her everything that’s happened. Will is over the moon, instantly agrees to help get Tara back to normal.

There’s a more intense ending, but I ain’t gonna put it here because it will spoil it a bit :)

But there you go, a fully planned out fic. And that’s the SHORT version. Obviously, this may take me some time to write properly (I’ve spent weeks, nay, MONTHS planning it so far), but I’m a lot more confident with where this one is going than I was with Connections, which just kinda meandered along in any way that it wanted to (and as a result I lost interest in it).

So, thoughts, ideas, comments?

Thanks guys.

"Bugger, I thought you'd gone!" - Ethan Rayne

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