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 Post subject: Initial development and short, smutty intro: "Witchaways"
PostPosted: Tue May 08, 2018 8:39 pm 
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Title: Witchaways
Spoilers for my fanfic and for "Lost" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (pretty much every season).
Rating: NC-17
Feedback: Yes, please! That's why I'm posting in Beta Pens!
Disclaimer: I own nothing. "Lost" is owned by ABC/Jeffrey Lieber/J. J. Abrams/ Damon Lindelof and the respective screenwriters, and "Buffy" is owned by Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy and the respective screenwriters. I don't own the characters, settings, plot, script, or anything else contained therein. Please don't sue me for having a good time with your characters. It's done out of love.
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Hello, Kittens!

So, I'm working on a new concept for a "Lost" and "Buffy" cross-over piece. Our beloved ladies will be traveling on a Hawaiian vacation when their plane gets diverted to a very mysterious island. Our girls have no witchy powers on the island, and the ever-present Man-in-Black uses the allure of the island's particular brand of magic to try to seduce Willow into setting him free. Various mysteries of the island and its connection to ancient Egyptian mythology are uncovered. The girls must survive being castaways, separation from one another, and the temptation for Willow to revert to using magic. It's a bare-bones plot that's still in the initial stages, but to make up for all of that: here! I'm giving you the introduction, with all its smutty, first-drafty goodness. Please enjoy and give me feedback! I'm new to writing prose, so I'd love to hear how I can improve. Thank you!


“Sweetie, is this bikini just the right amount of itty bitty, or am I going to be showing off the goods just a teensy bit too much?” Willow asked the question in one ginormous breath, her cheeks flushed a glowing rose from the oppressive heat and her flurry of activity.

It was the middle of the hottest summer anyone could remember, on the muggiest day of July, and she was already close to having a panic attack cramming her suitcase full of the essential and not-so-essential (but still so essential!) items for their impending beach vacation. She held up an emerald-green bikini for Tara’s assessment, her eyes a bit frantic and worried.

Tara was standing bemused in the doorway, a sultry smirk rising to her face as she walked across the room to Willow, trailing her slender fingers up Willow’s arm in a brushing caress. “Honestly? I’d have to see it on....”

“Oookay, not that we really have the time—I mean, gosh, look at the schedule, it says in red that we should be on the way to the airport by 4 PM and it’s already close to 1. I know I’m padding the timetable a little bit to account for the unexpected and traffic and marauding armies of demons, but I haven’t even packed my carry-on yet!”

Tara looked pointedly at the suitcase that was spilling over. “Do you think you’re maybe going just a little too Willowtastic on the preparedness?”

“Who, m-me? Over-prepared? Only in the sense that I’m accounting for every possible scenario, which I realize is exactly what that means, and now I’m standing here stating the obvious when I really should be packing….” She fidgeted nervously, chewing her lip unconsciously. Tara’s hands assumed a soothing rhythm as she stroked Willow’s upper arms and leaned in to place a tender peck on Willow’s forehead.

“Sweetie, we’re going to be all right. You’ve got this, and I’ve got you. We’re like two very supportive, pretzely-shaped things, and we’re going to be just fine. Besides,” she added with a wink, “the best part about you putting it on is me getting to take it off.”

Willow gulped hard as she completely lost her breath. “But—the schedule—I’ve left very little room for—for—oh, forget it!” she exclaimed, as Tara’s mouth began to gently nibble at her neck, her teeth just grazing the downy hairs. As she sucked at the pulse point of her throat, Willow gave a small groan of pleasure.

“That was easy,” Tara mumbled as her fingers trailed their way down the buttons of Willow’s sleeveless purple blouse, her kisses quickly claiming every inch of flesh that she uncovered. Her hands paused momentarily at her lover’s breasts, and she gave them a brief, teasing brush with the palms of her hands before moving lower. By the time she had divested Willow of her shirt, Willow’s chest was rising and falling heavily and warm shivers had begun to run up and down her body.

“Hey, who needs a schedule anyway?” Willow murmured dazedly, tossing the laminated paper over her shoulder as Tara guided her lover’s hips to sit on the bed. Kneeling in front of her flame-haired vixen, she turned her focus to unbuttoning and shimmying off her lover’s blue jeans. Willow’s navy blue satin briefs were already soaked through, so Willow slid them off, too. Tara unhooked her matching bra from behind Willow’s back with one hand, while her other hand rubbed up and down Willow’s ribcage.

Giving an assenting moan, Willow arched her back as Tara’s mouth descended on the sensitive twin summits of her breasts. A sweet sensory assault commenced, as Tara’s mouth alternated between languid licks and gentle sucking. The blonde witch’s hands traversed the taut expanse of Willowbelly, down lower to lovingly caress the insides of her lover’s thighs.

“Darling,” she murmured in a husky voice, her hands parting her lover’s thighs for her mouth to deliver new splendors of passion. The clock on the bedside table went unnoticed for another hour, as the two labored in service to the gods of love.

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