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 Post subject: Beta wanted!
PostPosted: Sun Jun 16, 2013 4:22 am 
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Hey gang!

Looking for a beta writer for an in-progress story.

Story is 80% written, so it is my very serious intent to finish it, short of a random, unexplained outbreak of death.
This does not mean that you can't contribute, not at all!
I've already rewritten a huge part of the story based on suggestions from my first beta.
In fact, book 2 is his fault!
Thanks Matty.

Book 2? seems a bit grandiose for a 1st time writer doesn't it?
Um, 342,000 words so far, so, not in danger of running out of things to do.
Nope nope.

Uh, so, you wanna know about the story then?

Ok, the Story is called 'Coming Home' and is set post Chosen.
Like Jetwolf's series, it's focus is making the Scoobies a family again.
The main chars are Willow and Tara (duh, though more Tara than Willow)

The premise: Tara comes back. Not by a wish, or even by being actually alive all along. she died.
And she's not happy about it.
And she overturns the heavens to get back to Willow,

Book one has one chapter left, and is a relatively linear re-telling of Tara's voyage home, told in 'How I Met Your Mother' format (the TV series, not Julie/Ariel's snuggly epic).

i.e: Tara has made it home and is telling the story from her journal.
There are numerous comments from the peanut gallery (the rest of the Scoobies) and Willow is right there with her.
with little snippets of Scoobie life.

Book 2 was meant to be the epilogue, but i just couldn't stop. And there was a Matty, who gave me so many ideas.
so now the Scoobies get to settle some old issues, find love (aided by a couple of witches) and declare war on an old enemy.
One they didn't know was an enemy.
That one popped up out of a discussion of "You know, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that..."

Couples: the usual, no weird stuff, threesomes or anything. Also: lesbians everywhere!
No, it's not gay-world, but there is an explanation for all the lesbians, i promise. :)

It also crosses over a little with angel, in that Cordelia and Angel make an appearance at some point.
Cordelia is an ascended being, just like in Angel, the series.
However: no creepy incestuous stuff, no Spike (Sorry Spike/Spuffy lovers) and not a whole lot of them to be honest.
It's mainly about our girls and their new life together, surrounded by their family.
With occasional detours to see what the others are doing (Mainly Faith and Buffy, but the others get things to do).

Family. a bit of drama, a chunk of adventure, lots of cuddles, and lots of friends poking fun at each other, amidst disaster.

I've made a conscious effort to avoid most of the bad tropes i'm aware of, but i might need help there.

One thing: Buffy is short!
Based on someone who actually met SMG and measured her up, height-wise as 5'0" to 5'1"
Because she sure as hell ain't 5'4".
Nope, check some cast photos.

What do i need?
Grammar checking.
plot checking.
'Hey you forgot something,' checking.
'this is kinda clichéd,' checking.

Well, to be discussed. i can send you a chapter and you can send it back covered in notes, or you can pre review it and just email me some thoughts, whatever works for you.

Release schedule:
there isn't one. Fast enough to keep interest, slow enough to not annoy folks.

So, if you're interested, leave a note here, ask a question, PM me or lob an email at me:


Hope to see someone soon! :bounce

Thankyou for listening :bow

:moo just because.

“All I feel is sunlight. All I hear is music.” Willow
How i Met Your Mother - By Ariel

My Story: Coming Home

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