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 Post subject: DarkChild's Collected Works
PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2003 10:59 am 
Originally posted by DarkChild

Something like ‘Hope’

I'd like to let you all know that neither Willow or Tara will appear within the first few chapters. Willow will appear first, then Tara. Fear not, they will end up together.

Disclaimer: C’mon, I mean, it’s in the fanfiction section for crying out loud!

Key Words: FAN and FICTION? Ok, alright, fine! I do not own BTVS. You

All happy now?!?! Well, are you?!

Summary: AU I suck at summaries. It takes place after the battle with the First (No Chosen or Home from Angel).


        The battle was over. The battle had ended. There were so many dead. So many. Too many to count. Too many to even know. To even think of knowing. Too late. If only. If only it had turned out differently. If only we were more prepared.

If only…if only…

        Darkness had fallen. Permanately. Not a black darkness though. No. A red one. A blackish-red haze had been draped over the sky. Inside the temple lay the bodies. Thousands of them. Potentials, Bringers, even fellow scoobies. Not all the foes had been destroyed though. All around lurked the surviving Bringers and Turak Han. As well as other demons that had decided to make use of this newfound darkness. Their ally. Our enemy.

It was hell on earth…

Willow: I'm a blood-sucking fiend...look at my outfit!!!

Author’s Note: This is my interpretation of what should happen after the final fight. I have yet to see it so when I do, I may or may not make changes. Also, the Season four Finale of Angel did not happen. Remember that.


-Turak Han is the proper name for the UberVamps

-Sorry it was so short. I’ll try to make the rest longer. The more reviews I get, the more motivation I’ll have to write.

I will take suggestions from people.

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 Post subject: Something like 'Hope'
PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2003 11:09 am 
Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t see why I have to do this again. Oh Well. “The almighty Joss Whedon owns Buffy. Not me.

A/N: Willow will appear within the next few chapters.

Thoughts of the old slayer were cut off as the wailing ran through the corridors of the once abandoned Initiative. Dawn picked herself off the couch and brought herself to Hope’s room. Inside, she saw the baby cuddled into Faith’s arms. Dawn never got tired of seeing Faith hold the youngster. The badass was, when it came to babies, well, bad. The look on the older slayer’s face was priceless. She looked plain miserable standing there holding the squirming baby.

“ I think she’s hungry…or maybe she needs to be changed.” Faith had no clue. Babies were a giant mystery to her. Dawn reached out to take the burden from the slayer. It was hard to believe that Hope was almost five months old. There was also the fact that she was born only a week after being conceived. She was also the spitting image of Buffy. Thinking of her sister made Dawn’s heart sink. Buffy and Spike would never get to see their daughter.

You were right the first time.” Dawn told the older woman. “ I think she’s hungry.” Dawn walked over to the mini-fridge and took out a bottle. “C’mon Hope.” The child refused to feed.

“ I guess she’s not hungry,” was Faith’s response.

“ I don’t she needs to be changed though.” Dawn shot back.

“ I think she just wants some company.” Both women turned to see Conner. Dawn had to smile at the sight of her boyfriend. He had arrived with the rest of Angel’s crew right before they all went off to fight. He was the only survivor.

It was kind of funny though. Buffy and Angel had loved each other, and now she and Angel’s son were. It was a little ironic.

“ What makes you think that?” Dawn asked him.

His response was, “She has that look.”

Faith beat Dawn to asking, “ What look?”

“ It’s like she looking at something.”

“At what though?” Dawn asked.

“I don’t know. She’s just…well…looking at…something.” He finally finished and took a deep breath.

Faith snickered, “ Whoda thought Angel’s kid would be such a baby expert?” Conner blushed.

“ I think it’s sweet.” Dawn tried to ease her boyfriend’s embarrassment. It wasn’t working.

“ You know so much about babies?” Faith asked. She didn’t give him a chance to answer. “ You take care of her.” With that said, she left the room.

“Yeah, we’ll leave it to you.” Dawn gave Conner a peck on the cheek, and leaving him with Hope, went after Faith.

Dawn quickly caught up to the older slayer. “What do you say, “ she suggested, “ you up for some slaying?” The grin on Faith’s face was the answer.

As the two walked through the old graveyard, thoughts of the past ran through Faith’s head. It still amazed her the B’s little sis became a slayer. The girl hadn’t shown any hint of being a Potential. In a weird way though, it made sense. Dawn had been created from Buffy, and after she had died, Dawn had been Called.

Faith gave the younger slayer a motion to stop. She shot Faith a questioning look. “Vampire.” Dawn nodded her head in understanding.

“ Aw man!” came the vamp’s voice. “ Just my luck, slayers.” That was the end of him. Faith staked. She then looked to the shadows. “What do you want?”

Out of the darkness emerged a vampire. “Just though you’d want some help.”

The two slayers looked at each other and exclaimed, “Eddie!” Standing in front of them was a thirteen year-old vampire. He was one of the few demons that had decided to help the humans. Because the vampires drunk human blood and the humans were becoming scarce, they decided that they should help keep their food supply up. They helped, and in return, were given blood. So far, most of them didn’t drink or kill anyone they weren’t supposed to.

Faith walked up to him and glared. “ What are you doing out here?!” He deVamped and ran his hand through his sandy hair.

“I said-”

Faith cut him off. “I asked what?!”

“ I was looking for something to beat up.”

Dawn decided to break it up before got an unneeded staking. “Maybe you should just head back Eddie.” He gave her a glare and left.

“ Damn D!” Faith exclaimed, “ You really can deal with the Vamps!”

Dawn chuckled, “Well, I learned from the best!”

“Damn straight!” Faith paused. “ Ya know, I hate to sound all responsible and all, but we should probably head back too.” Dawn agreed, and the two girls headed back to the initiative.

Willow: I'm a blood-sucking fiend...look at my outfit!!!

 Post subject: cool
PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2003 4:17 pm 
just saying that i like where ur going with this...please continue...u now have gotten me interested




 Post subject: Something like 'Hope'
PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2003 5:50 pm 
Chapter Two

A/N: I just saw the finale for Buffy. In my opinion, I feel they left way too many things out, so from now on, ignore the finale, in my fic, it didn’t happen.

Disclaimer: Grrrr! I do not own Buffy or Angel!

And now, on to the story…

Want. Wanting something that was unobtainable. That was how Conner described the way Hope behaved. It was unnatural for a baby to want something besides food and warmth.

" What is it?" he just couldn’t figure it out. "What do you want?" He got no reply.

"Hi!" Conner turned around to see the two slayers. They had left him with Hope to go out to have fun. He was mad, so he did the only thing he could think of to show it. He scowled.

Dawn pouted, "Is that anyway to treat your girlfriend?"

" You left me to watch the baby. Again."

"Sorry Sweety."

" Well, the little tyke seems to be fine now, so whatever the punk is doing, it’s working." Faith made herself know to the two.

Conner blushed. Dawn turned to look at him and stated, "You really should just take that as a compliment." He blushed even more.

Faith looked over to where the two lovebirds were training some Potentials. Hope put an end to that. She tilted her head up and in a soft voice whispered, " Geez B, that kid of yours has got some mouth."

She left the training hall and went to the nursery. Yep, that kid definitely had some set of lungs.

The inside of the nursery didn’t feel right. The air felt…thick. Full of static. She looked around the room and saw…no, that couldn’t be right. But she knew she was. Faith didn’t know how she knew, she just did. Her voice came out in a hushed whisper, "Red?" She blinked, and whatever she had seen, was gone. She looked over to where Hope lay. The baby was sleeping peacefully.

Dawn and Conner looked up as Faith entered the infirmary. The two of them were tending the wounds of a young girl that had been found outside. Something didn’t look right to the two of them. Faith was as white as a sheet.

" You look like you’ve just seen a ghost." Dawn stated.

Faith chuckled a bit at the younger girl’s choice of words. " I was just with Hope. She was crying and I saw…at least I think I saw…Willow.

Dawn walked up to her, confusion filling her face. " How?"

" I don’t know, " Faith replied, " it was only for a second.

Conner came closer. "But you saw her?"

"You’re sure?" Dawn asked.

Faith took a deep breath and replied, " I’m sure."

Willow: I'm a blood-sucking fiend...look at my outfit!!!

 Post subject: Re: Something like 'Hope'
PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2003 10:07 pm 
Ok im hooked now. So far im quite interested in this fic. But i really wanna read more so PLEASE update soon!:grin

 Post subject: Something like 'Hope'
PostPosted: Thu Sep 25, 2003 2:46 pm 
Chapter Three

Disclaimer: see others

Who amI?

Who are we?

I can’t remember.Neither can I.

Why are we here?

I don’t know. Why is anyone here?Where is here?

…I don’t know.Neither do I.

You said that already.

I did? I must have forgotten…Are we real?I don’t know.Who does.

Maybe were imagining each other.

Could be. How will we ever know?

Is this Hell?

I don’t know…what’s Hell?I can’t remember.I was just trying to help…Who?What?

Help who?

I don’t know…who am I?I don’t know. Do you know who I am?No.

Am I imagining this? Or maybe it’s you.Who knows.

…who am I again?

A/N: You all like. Please tell me. I need motivation.

I am in a very good mood right now. I just got IM so I'm like all IM Happy and stuff. If anyone wants to say hi my IM is DarkChld72

 Post subject: Something like 'Hope'
PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2003 3:11 pm 
Hi everyone! I thought I was gonna die of hunger. Yesterday, I did something I thought I'd never do. I fasted. I didn't eat till 6:30 at night. Scary huh?

Chapter Four

Disclaimer: do I really have ta tell you?

The days passed. The months passed. The years passed. They grew, they learned, and they lived. That was life. Five years. It had been five long years since Buffy’s death.

Dawn stared at her niece. The child had finally calmed down. It was official, she was a slayer.

She was snapped out of her reverie as Faith entered the room. Addressing the child, she said, " Hey Squirt, you up for some training?"

Hope’s attention was removed from whatever she had been doing. Her blue eyes focused on the slayer. " Really?!" She was glowing.

" Faith chuckled at the child, "Hey, I asked, didn’t I?"

" Okay!" She began to run forward then stopped. "Hold on a sec, I gotta tell ‘er!" With that, the young girl ran to the corner and bid farewell to her imaginary friend.

Watching. That was all she ever did. All she could ever do. That despicable word! It made her feel so helpless. She wanted to help but she couldn’t.Over the years, she had grown fond of the child, and the child, much to her surprise, returned the feelings.

A wave of sadness washed over her. How she wished that she could tell them that she was there. Let them know that she was watching them. The only one that knew of her existence was a small child. But, if the child could sense her, then there was still hope.

She smirked. Now one knew but her. The child’s true nature was that of her name. The child was the world’s salvation. She only wondered how long it would be until she was back in the game…

" You’re doing very well!" Faith told the youngster.

In response, Hope exclaimed, " Of course!" She paused, and with confusion written on her face asked, " How come you never see her?"

Faith was about to ask the child what she was talking about when she realized that Hope was serious. " Who do I never see?"

Hope was looking at her like she was crazy. "You’ve got pictures of her. She’s in with the rest of them.

Faith lowered herself so that the two of them were leveled. "Who Squirt? The child looked her in the eyes and walked away.

Running. Must run. Get away. Away from their stares. Their strange words. Them. Must get away. Danger! Danger coming! Need to get away! It coming!

She stood watching as the child shrieked in bed. Tossing and turning, moaning and crying. How she wished take the child into her arms and banish her tears. But she couldn’t. All she could do was watch…and wait.

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 Post subject: Something like 'Hope'
PostPosted: Sun Oct 12, 2003 2:02 pm 
Chapter Five

Disclaimer: I only own the clothes on my back.

A/N: So, what do you think? Please review!!! I need motivation.

Faith and Hope sat on the floor looking at an old photo album. The child eagerly scanned the page, obviously looking for someone. Faith decided to bring up what she had been meaning to ask. " What was all that crying for last night?"

Hope’s eyes didn’t budge from the page. "I had a bad dream."

" Do you want to tell me about it?"

" No." a pause. "Who’s this?" she asked, pointing to one of the pictures.

" Him?" the child nodded. " That’s Angel."

The young girl giggled. " He’s got stupid hair! It looks silly!"

At that remark, Faith burst into laughter. "What?" the child was scowling.

" Oh, its just," Faith managed to control herself, " your father always said that!" The child’s smile faded. "What’s wrong?"" I don’t want to hear

about my father. He’s gone." Their conversation had ended.

Who am I?

I don’t know.

Who are you?

I don’t know that either.

Do we feel?


Do we exist?

We’ll never know.

I want…


I can’t remember.

Are we happy…or sad?

Is there a difference?

I wouldn’t know.

Who would?


…What were we talking about again?

I don’t know. Why do we always forget?

I don’t know, but I don’t like it.

Who would?

Dawn looked at her niece. The child was sulking in the corner. Faith had filled her in on what had happened and she wanted to have a talk with the younger slayer. The child, however, had different ideas in mind. She had sensed her aunt’s approach, and ran off.

" You seem down." Dawn saw Conner standing by the door. " What’s wrong?"

"It’s nothing. I’m just worried about Hope, that’s all."

" She’ll be fine." Conner gave her a reassuring smile. " She just doesn’t want to hear about things she’ll never have."

" You’d better be right."

" I know I am."

This is strange.


I feel…funny?

How? Is there a way to tell?

I don’t know.

You’re mad.

Most likely. We probably both are.

We’re insane?


" Faith," Dawn ran up to the older woman. " You up for some slaying?"

" Sorry D, can’t." Faith responded. " Promised the Potentials some training. I’ll meet you out there in a bit though, Ok?"

" See ya!"

" Damn!" Dawn pulled herself off the ground and quickly dodged the incoming fist. The vamp just refused to be dusted. She dodged another fist and rolled to the ground, grabbing her stake in the process. She ran over to the vamp and let him have it. She felt a sting but thought nothing of it as the demon crumbled into nothing.

She had begun walking when her legs gave out. Her vision blurred and she began to sweat. She looked down and saw the cause. Her stomach was wide open. She sank to the ground as her life spilled out around her. She tried to call for help but her cries were weak and filled mostly with moans.

Then everything felt strange. The air felt thick, heavy, like it was full of static. And that’s when it happened. Dawn looked up and saw her. Someone she wasn’t ever supposed to see again. It was impossible. But there she was. Standing right in front of the slayer was Willow.

Dawn squinted but the vision didn’t fade. She could vaguely see the outlines of the tombs behind the witch. She didn’t understand how could Willow be there, she was dead.

 Post subject: Something like 'Hope'
PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2003 2:40 pm 
Chapter Six

Disclaimer: I won’t legally own anything until I turn 18.

A/N: Thax so much for the feedback guys. I could use some more. (Big puppy dog eyes) Enter Willow!!!

Dawn awoke to find Faith and Conner hovering over her. " Are you alright?" Worry was etched into his face.

" Yeah," Dawn answered slowly. " I’ve felt better though."

Faith laughed, " I’m sure of that! You scared the hell outa me!"

Dawn smiled, " Sorry."

" It’s alright."

" Just don’t let it happen again." Conner encouraged her.

" Okay," turning to Faith, Dawn asked, "Did you see her?"

" Who?"

"…Willow," was Dawn’s response. Faith and Conner looked at each other.

" Dawn," The older slayer began, "You were on the verge of death."

" I know I saw her." Faith’s mind flashed back to one night years ago.

" I believe you," she paused, " I think we’ve all seen her at one time or another.

Conner stood up. " I’ll ask our coven about it." He gave Dawn a quick kiss and was out the door.

Two days later, Conner, Faith, Dawn, and two of the coven’s witches’ were seated in the infirmary. The older slayer started. " Did any of you find anything?"

One of the witches began to speak. " We found something. It may or may not be of any use, but it is something."

Conner growled. " What is it?"

The second witch spoke up. " A spell."

" What does it do?" Dawn readjusted her position on the cot.

The first witch spoke again. "It lets the eye see what cannot be seen. The second part of it gives the subject form.

The three of them looked at each other. " Let’s give it a try." Faith grinned.

Conner jumped back into the conversation. " What will we need?"

The coven was preparing itself for the spell. Dawn, Conner, Faith, and Hope were there as well, waiting impatiently to see the spell’s outcome. It began

" Darkness, we beseech thee,

Come our way and reveal,

Show our eyes that which cannot be seen.

Give form to she that has none…"

Something’s happening.


I don’t know.

You never do.

WE never do.

" Show us what

Is forbidden to our eyes…"

I hear something.

That’s funny.

What’s funny?

I don’t know.

" Touch her senses,

Give her sight, smell,

Touch, and sound…

My mind…


It feels…

Feels what?

It just feels.




I just remembered.


How to scream…

Dawn squinted as a shape began to take form inside the summoning circle. Dull at first, the images seen behind slowly faded from sight, and it began to take on a more solid shape. Willow. It was Willow.

Hope was the first one to react. She ran right up to the poor girl and jumped onto her. Willow looked from face to face, with a look of absolute terror, and screamed.

Conner ran forward and caught the girl the moment before she hit the ground. He turned to face the witches. " What’s happening?"

One spoke. " She was dead, was she not?" He nodded. " Then she’s probably just reacting to being back on a plain with the living."

Faith spoke up. " Let’s get her out of here."

Voices. Such loud voices. Hurts to think. Hurts to hear, to open eyes. Hurts to be.

The three of them had sent Hope to go off and train. They, a member of the coven, and Willow, were the only ones left. They were discussing what had happened when the dead girl’s eyes opened.

Faith and Dawn ran up to her. She stared at them. There was no recognition in her eyes.

"Willow? Dawn asked. She got no response.

Faith turned toward Marissa, a witch from the coven. " Is she alright?"

" I’m not sure." Was the reply.

" Is she…alive? Because-I mean-she looks alive."

Marissa looked Faith in the eyes. " What makes you think she is alive? You saw her die." A pause. " We just gave her form shape."

" Even so," Conner began, " Why doesn’t she respond to anything?"

" I don’t know."

Something’s…different. I can…feel. I can…think. Is this real…or not? I don’t know. I think…I think it might be. There’s something warm near. I can feel it. It’s nice.

" I think she’s getting better." Dawn told Conner and Faith.

" She is?!" All three adults turned to see Hope.

" I though we told you to go and train." Faith scolded the child.

" You did, but I wanted to see ‘Low."

‘Low?" Faith turned to look at the redhead. It all made sense. The imaginary friend! That was Willow!

" Hope," Conner started, " Can you go and tell the Potentials what’s going on?"

" Alright." The young slayer gave in. " But I’m coming back!"

" Alright." Conner agreed. Hope ran out, eager to get her job done so that she could come back.

Cold. So cold. It was warm not long ago. Not now. Now it cold. Too cold. Loud too. Think I have eyes. Can’t open them though. Too bright. Hurts. Don’t know how to use them anyway…

" Willow!" Faith was trying to get… whatever Willow was to wake up. " Red!" a pause. " God! Why won’t she react to anything. Why’d she suddenly decide to go to sleep?" Her voice was filled with frustration.

" I’m back!" in ran the little slayer. " ‘Low wake up!" she shouted. She slowed down and looked at Dawn. " Does she know how to wake up?"

" I’d think so."

" ‘Low! Open your eyes! C’mon, wake up! Open your eyes!" a pause. "I’ll help you!" The child jumped onto the table that the witch was on and grabbed her eyelids. The reaction was not pleasant.

Willow snapped up instantly and started screaming, hitting the child away as she went to cover her eyes. Hope ducked behind one of the adults as the witch continued to thrash about. A moment later the movement stopped, and she sat…and stared.

 Post subject: Re: Something like 'Hope'
PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2003 3:49 pm 
Wow, this is such a powerful story! I love the Hope character, and I even like Dawn and Conner even though I didn't like them on T.V. Faith is always cool in my book.

I really hope Willow regains her composure soon.

How sweet that Hope always saw her and knows her.

Please, please keep this story going!

BRAVO!!!!!:clap :bow :party

Thanks, rock on , Marie:cool

 Post subject: Something like 'Hope'
PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2003 2:39 pm 
Chapter Seven

Disclaimer: So, I was walking around one night when I ran into Angelus. Well, me being…um, me, I threw myself at his feet and began to worship his good looks. I said I would put him in my Bishi-Box (bishi = pretty boy). He didn’t take it too well. He grabbed me by the throat and forced me to say that I didn’t own Buffy or Angel.

It had been two weeks since Willow had returned to them. She had remained in a catatonic state ever since. Why she did, no one knew. It had been decided that if anyone could reach the witch, it would be Hope. The child was the only thing that the witch would respond to. On occasion, her blank eyes would follow the young girl around the room. Also, at certain times, the small slayer would say something and she would repeat it. They doubted that the words meant anything to her though.

Hope ran into the room where they kept the redhead. " ‘Low, I’m here!" She didn’t see the woman. " ‘Low! Where are you?"

"W-What’s g-g-going on?" There in the corner of the room, shivering, was Willow. She looked mad. Her skin was pale beyond belief and her hair was unkempt. Insanity danced within her eyes.

" ‘Low, what’s wrong?" the woman continued to shiver. " Do ya want me to get Aunt Dawn?" Still no response. The child went to back toward the door, then stopped. She looked at the witch’s pitiful form, sat in her lap, and gave her a big hug. The trembling stopped. A little anyway.

After a moment, the dead girl spoke. Her voice came out in an eerie, hushed whisper. " We like you."

Hope’s head snapped up. " I like you too." A pause. "Who’s we?" She got no answer. She laid her head back down, and the two of them were soon asleep.

When Dawn and Faith came in, that’s how they found the two. Faith was the first one to speak. " Do you think Red’s getting any better?"

Dawn looked over to where Hope and Willow laid. " I think so."

" Dawn?" the voice cracked. Both slayers turned to see the witch looking at them.

" You’re awake!" Dawn beamed at the older woman.

" Is it r-r-really you?" The redhead had a look of confusion on her face.

Dawn knelt down so that the two of them were eye-level. " Of course it."

The witch looked past the slayer. " Faith?"

" Hey Red! Long time no see."

" You look…different." A pause. " Both of you."

Faith and Dawn looked at each other and the latter spoke. " Yeah, I guess we do…to you anyway." A pause. " I mean, it’s been five years."

Confusion flashed across the dead girl’s face. " Five years?" The look on her face was replaced with one of embarrassment. " How…How long is five years?"

Faith groaned. " An eternity!" Dawn smacked the older slayer across the arm. " Well, it feels like one."

" So we were gone for five years. An eternity." The two slayers stared in bewilderment at the witch. Her hair was no longer red, but black. She was the spitting image of her dark-self.

Dawn backed away. " W-Willow? Are you evil again?"


Faith arched an eyebrow. " What are you talking about?"

Dawn sighed, " Remember when I told you about evil Willow?" Faith nodded. " Well, that’s what she looks like."

Faith looked at Willow. " So…are you evil?"

The now raven-haired girl continued to stare at them. "I don’t think we’re evil." She turned to Dawn. "Are we?"

Faith had a confused look on her face. " Who’s…we?"

The response was simply, "Me." The raven hair suddenly returned to its rightful shade of red.

Both slayers looked at the other, each expression matching the other’s. Blush filled the witch’s face. " What?"

The two slayers’ confusion matched the other. Faith spoke up. " Your hair…was black." The redhead’s hands immediately moved to inspect her hair. Finding herself satisfied with the color, she focused her attention back to the slayers.

" It isn’t now."

" Isn’t what?" The adults turned to see that Hope had woken up and was now readjusting herself in Willow’s lap.

The witch answered her. " Black."

The child looked confused. " Why would it be black?" She didn’t wait for an answer, instead, she moved to a different topic. " Let me show you around." Her pudgy hand grabbed the witch’s and they slowly exited the room.

" So she’s better?" Conner looked at the two women in front of him.

" I think so." Dawn responded.

" I don’t." Dawn and Conner turned to look at Faith. " I don’t see how she could be. She was dead. She still is." A pause. "We don’t even know to what extent the spell worked, or how long it will last. You told me about B after she was brought back."

" She was in heaven, Faith." Dawn cut in. " She was confused.

" And you don’t think Red is? She was gone a lot longer than B." Faith looked away. " Besides, we all know what she tried to do. A spell like that…who knows what the effects could be." A pause. " I just don’t think Red’s completely here, especially…" Faith pointed to her temple.

The two of them had barely left the infirmary when Willow’s legs buckled beneath her and she collapsed. The child ran up to her. Fear raced through her eyes. " ‘Low! What’s wrong?!" The redhead had a look of panic on her face and attempted to stand again, but failed. The child began to wail. Willow gave the girl a pained smile as she tried to drag herself into a standing position using the wall as a support. Her legs refused. If they had had any veins, they would have been bulging out. Instead, her legs remained close to a porcelain-white color.

Hope looked at the witch with a terrified expression. The poor child had no clue what was going on. The older woman tried again with no success. The child took one last look at the helpless witch as she ran to get help.

A/N: Questions? Comments? Requests? Thoughts?

 Post subject: Re: Something like 'Hope'
PostPosted: Wed Oct 22, 2003 10:36 pm 
Neat update! OK--why did Willow avoid the "WE" question?? They all need to keep a better eye on Willow and not leave her alone with little Hope! Is Willow gonna be ok?!?:cry

This is a great story, I really enjoy it so far.

Thanks, Marie

 Post subject: Something Like 'Hope'
PostPosted: Tue Oct 28, 2003 12:54 pm 
Chapter Eight

Disclaimer: As usual, I don't own Buffy or Angel.

A/N: And now, on with the show…err story. ^^

The three adults were thrown out of their conversation when Hope burst through the door. The child was waving her arms frantically and speaking so quickly, that no one could make sense of what was being said.

Faith was the first of the three to speak. She had to put her hands onto the child’s shoulders and give them a small shake to get her attention though. " What is it?"

" I-It’s ‘Low." The child took a deep breath. " She can’t walk! She could, and then she couldn’t!"

Connor arched an eyebrow. " I’d say it could be a side-effect of the spell, but since she could do it before…" The little slayer grabbed faith’s arm and led them to the witch.

It didn’t take long to get to her. She was only a few feet from the door. She sat on the floor looking ashamed and embarrassed. The witch looked up at Dawn. " I forgot," a pause, " I could…and then I forgot." She stared at the floor as she said this.

Dawn looked at her surrogate sister with worry. She knew the answer, but she had to ask the question. " Forgot what?"

Willow returned her eyes to the floor. " " I forgot…how to walk…" Her eyes were filled with shame.

None of the adults knew what to say. Hope did. She looked at her aunts and uncle and said, " We’ll just have ta teach her." Willow smiled at the child. Hope was beaming with the idea of being a teacher. " Say, ‘Low…You know magic, right?" Willow nodded, worried where this was going. " Do you think you could teach me some?" The witch was afraid that would be the question. Before she could really think about it though, the child was gone, off murmuring things about spells, magic, and frogs.

Unlike the little slayer, the witch wasn’t so enthusiastic about this new task. It had been ages since she had last cast anything. Not since the spell that… She shoed the memory away. She didn’t want to think about that. Right now she needed to find a way to break it to the little girl that she couldn’t teach her magic. First off, she didn’t remember how to and even if she did, she wasn’t sure that she could.

It had been about eight days since they had given her the walking lessons. After a few days, the dead girl had finally begun to make progress. Now, she could fully walk again. At the moment, Dawn was showing the redhead the living quarters. Since the witch had been staying in the infirmary, she had yet to see the new Initiative.

" Weren’t these the containment cells?"

Dawn looked her companion. " Yeah." A pause. " We remodeled them though." The witch could tell. They looked nothing like they had when they had all went in to rescue Oz. They were like little dorms. " There are two beds and two bedstands in each one. There are four bathrooms." Dawn continued. " Two for the girls and two for the boys. There are about twelve stalls in each one." Dawn stopped outside one of the rooms. " This one will be yours." The slayer chuckled. " Do you have any objection to rooming with Hope?" Willow shook her head.

" Do you have a roomie?"

Dawn grinned at that. " Yep!"

" Who?"

Dawn smirked. "Connor."

" Isn’t that a little strange?"


The witch looked down. " I mean, isn’t he Angel’s son. I don’t know how Angel could have a son, but he does." Willow smacked her forehead. " Argg! Sorry. I guess I went into babble mode."

The slayer grinned. " It’s good to know that some things haven’t changed." A pause, " And yeah, I get what you’re saying." She paused, obviously thinking about something. " I have a surprise for all of you." She grinned. " But you’ll have to wait to hear it." With that she left the witch to explore the rest of her new room.

The inside was very cramped and, as Dawn had said, were two beds and nightstands. The bed to the left had a doll lying on it. Willow assumed that that was Hope’s bed. Taped onto the walls were pictures that the child had drawn. Many of them were quite inappropriate for a child her age, as they consisted of monsters being killed.

Suddenly, she was glad that she was in her room, for she was seized with a sudden exhaustion. She collapsed onto the floor, and everything become nothing more than a distant memory.

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Chapter Nine

Disclaimer: You can’t make me say it. Not now, not ever! (WACK!) Okay! Okay!

(looks up at Angelus) I don’t own Buffy or Angel. ARE YOU HAPPY!!!

A/N: Sorry it took so long to post. I can be quite lazy and I keep getting stuck

on certain parts. I’d also like to say that, yes, I know the story is moving pretty slowly, but it’s supposed to.

The first thing that the witch saw when she opened her eyes was the worried face of a child. Her mind told her that she knew the girl, but when she tried to remember who she was, she came up with a blank. " Who are you?"

The child blinked. " You know who I be, ‘Low." She giggled.

" Below? Below what?" a pause. "Where am I?"

"Our room silly!" The little girl continued to stare at her.

" Our room?" The redhead’s voice came out in a hushed whisper. She looked the child in the eyes. " Who am I?"

" You’re ‘Low." a pause. " Your eyes are funny. So’s yer hair. It looks white." The witch’s hands gripped a piece of her hair. She burst into tears. "What’s wrong?"

"I-I couldn’t remember! I tried and I tried, but I…I just couldn’t! I forgot how to!"

" You remember now?" Willow nodded. " How’d you ferget?"

" I don’t know! I-I just…I…"

The child hesitated before she responded. " Do you want…to be my mommy?"

Willow stared wide-eyed at the little girl. Now THAT was random. The instant the question sank in however, the witch already knew her answer. Without question, she knew that she and Hope shared some kind of connection, a connection she hadn’t felt since…no! It wasn’t the same though. That was a romantic connection, this one…it was the kind that a mother and daughter shared. She knew all of this, knew her answer, yet she couldn’t figure out why she didn’t tell any of this to the little girl sitting beside her.

She didn’t know why…and then she did. She was afraid. The last connection she’d had that had been this strong, it had been ended horribly. Destroyed. And then she’d lost it, lost control, control of herself. She could still remember how she had felt. Remember her motives for losing that control. Nobody had realized it then, or after. The only one that knew was her. She still regretted that what she had wanted…hadn’t happened. And now she walked with a piece of her ripped out. And it hurt.

She was scared. Scared that it could happen again. That if she and Hope took that connection…and made it more…that if something happened to the child…she would lose control again. And this time there was no one that would save her.

And then she looked at the little slayer, a child that was part of that…and part of what she was chosen to destroy, the little girl in the eyes, and agreed.

"C’mon!" The witch’s now-daughter was dragging her towards the cafeteria where the remaining scoobies (and many other people) were. " I want you ta meet Uncle Connor!" While the red-haired witch had met Dawn’s boyfriend, it had been brief and the two of them hadn’t really spoken to each other.

The moment the two of them entered the not-so-small room, Willow felt her entire body freeze up. All around them were people, so many people. Too many.

" What’s wrong ‘Low?"

Willow gave her companion a weak smile. " I…do you th-think we could somewhere else. There…There are too many people here." Her face, still its sickly white color, had panic etched into it.

" There ain’t that many people in ‘ere. Don’t be scared. I’m here." The witch looked at the child’s face and gave in. The two of them slowly made their way towards the three people sitting near the back. Willow moved slowly, still feeling panicked by all the people in the room, with Hope, all the while grasping the child’s had tightly, holding on for dear-life.

When the two of them reached their destination, the little slayer snuck behind her uncle and tackled him.

" Hey!" Connor did not appreciate the girl’s playful nature.

" Play!!!" the child chirped. Dawn and Faith chuckled. Even Willow snickered as Connor grabbed the collar of Hope’s shirt and removed her from his back.

He glared at the youngster and she mimicked the look. " Not now, later." He turned to face the three women. " What are you looking at?"

" Nothing Kid. Just you!" The dark slayer let out another laugh. " You’re just…so tough, and, well, you try to be but…" Faith stopped as soon as she noticed the way Willow was looking at her. It was just wrong when the crazy one was looking at you like YOU’RE the one that’s nuts.

While she didn’t voice this out loud, Connor did. " At least the crazy one isn’t looking at me like I’M the loon." Dawn slapped him. " Ow!!! Hey! What’s that for?!" His response was a glare. " Wha…oh." What he had said sunk in. He looked at the witch. " I…uh…sorry."

The redhead continued to stare at the floor. "It’s alrigh-"

" No it’s not!" Hope didn’t like her uncle’s apology. " That wasn’t a nice thing ta say and that wasn’t a good sorry!!! You need a timeout!" She looked over to Dawn. " Give him a timeout!"

Dawn chuckled. " Don’t worry Hope. I’ll find some way to punish him." She gave Connor a wink and he turned bright red. Hope didn’t catch the meaning behind this however and was satisfied that her uncle was to be ‘punished’.

Faith turned to her niece and in a teasing voice asked, "Why so protective of her anyway?" She tipped her head in Willow’s direction to indicate who she was talking about.

The child beamed. " She's my mommy!!!"

Faith lowered herself so that the two of them were equal in height. " Kid, ya know who your mom is. Red…Willow can’t be your mom. She’s-"

" I know that. She’s not my REAL mommy. Fluffy is."

" Buffy." Faith sighed. The kid always refused to say her mother’s name right.

" Fluffy!"

" Buffy."

" Buffy." Weird name." She continued talking so that Faith could say anything about her comment on Buffy’s name. " ‘Low’s my," she scrunched her face up as she attempted to say the word. " Sugarette Mommy."

" It’s surrogate, Hope." Dawn corrected.

" Surr-o-gate Mommy. She’s not my REAL mommy, but she is my mommy."

Dawn smiled at the two. " Yeah? That’s good."

Connor sat on the bad as Dawn walked into the room. " Sorry about earlier."

" Let’s just forget about that, okay?"

" Alright."

Dawn took his hand. " I was going to tell you this in a much nicer way, but, I promised Hope I’d punish you." Her eyes found her lover’s. " We’re gonna have a baby."

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Chapter Ten

Disclaimer: Once upon a time there was a girl who owned no TV shows. The End.

Once the news was out, there were two questions hanging in the air. One, boy or girl? The second, how big could Dawn’s stomach possibly get? Both questions were soon answered as Dawn’s belly grew bigger and bigger and with the birth of Alexander Rupert Summers. The bouncing baby boy proved he deserved his namesakes. He had been blessed with a wonderful sense of humor, but was capable of being serious in situations that were very important. He always seemed to know how he was supposed to behave. At the tender age of four, he had begun to learn how to fight.

By this point in time, it had become unsafe to leave the Initiative to go up to the outside world. For all four years of his life, little Alex had never once set foot on the surface. Hope had only been there twice and had been to young at the time to remember it.

The creatures that roamed up there were too many. And deadly. Too deadly. Many had come from the Hell Mouth when it opened up. Called upon from who knows where, they seemed to just come and come. It was nearly impossible to kill one. There was hardly any hope to destroy them all.

What are we going to do?

I don’t know. I don’t care either.


Why what?

Why don’t you care?


Because…I’m mentally glaring at you.

I don’t care.

Argg! Why do you have to be so DIFFICULT!

Me?! You’re the one that’s difficult!

Can’t you just leave me alone?!

Sorry Honey, can’t. We’re stuck together.

I know. I know…don’t call me honey.



I can’t resist! It’s sooo much fun to see you…err…squirm?


Mentally Squirm?

Shut up!

Hey…I’ve been wondering. Um…when can I come out?


I’m mentally giving you sad puppy-dog eyes.

Soon. If you promise to behave.

That’s no fun!

Giggle. Tough.

-Hi everyone. Sorry for the long wait. Here is chapter ten for all who are interested. I'm kinda thinking of discontinuing this story. I'm writing another version of it as an original story. If anyone is interested in hearing about it or wants me tofinish this version as well, please tell me.


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i just re-read this story. and i really do love it. i would love it if you completed this fic. however, you said that you're just gonna do another version of it? that would be cool. just please keep writing...anything. well can't wait to see what you come up with.


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Please continue in some form or way!!

Your disclaimers at the beginning of each story are hilarious!

Thanks, Marie

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Chapter Eleven

Disclaimer: How many times do I have to tell you people that I don’t own BtVS or Angel!!!

Sorry for the really really long delay. I keep getting new ideas and I'm trying to update the fics that get the most feedback.

" Aunt Faithie! Aunt Faithie!" into one of the many training rooms ran the screaming little boy. At least twenty heads turned his way.

The figure in the center instantly froze then turned around to face her roommie. " What Alex?!"

" Bradley’s being mean ta me!!!" Faith sighed. Brad was Marissa’s nephew and two years Alex’s senior. The two little boys were normally attached at the hip, but every so often the older child decided to bully his friend. The slayer prayed that their new spat would end shortly.

Inside the conference room sat five individuals. Marissa Kage, the head witch sat at the head of the table. To her left sat Willow Rosenburg, the leader and Guardian of all the magick users. Though she rarely cast, power emanated off of her. On the other side of Marissa sat Rueben Von who was in charge of the food divisions. Since everyone lived underground and there was no way to get food from the surface (if there was any) they relied on magick to grow it. Next to Rueben sat Jamie who was in charge of the clothing divisions.

The outfits that were created were simple and made from a silk/leather-like substance. The outfit itself was a one-piece. At the top of what would be the shirt were about ten snaps going down to the waist. A little before the knees the material got harder to form the boots. They were in four different colors: black, red, blue, and green.

The final person sat with his ankles and wrists were shackled. Many of the people had heard about him from Dawn and Willow. Many didn’t see how he could still be a threat since he was always watched, but they all believed in their leaders. Sitting at the end of the table was Ethan Rayne, the one in charge of the offensive magicks used for protection. He and Willow were the two that knew the most about the magicks and he was a good ally. He spent most of the time in his cell performing small tricks for the small children. They called him ‘Grandpa Ethan’.

The warlock leaned back in his chair and smirked. "Well, you called us all here, what is it you wanted to tell us?"

The former hacker sighed. " We…" a pause. " Dawn…she…she has an…idea." She tried to think of how to explain.

" Oh just talk already!" Ethan sneered.

Marissa glared at him. " Let Lady Willow finish!"

She did.

It’s disgusting! These people really think they can change things?! They can’t! Not now, not ever.

It’s human nature to try though. Hope is all they have left. Once that goes away, the last of the human race will be reduced to nothing on the inside. Just like my ‘sister’. She’s a shadow of what she once was. She’s almost dead on the inside. The only thing that’s saving her is that little girl. It doesn’t matter though…she’ll be dead soon too.

…so why do I wish things were different?…

" Great Thespia, guide us with your brilliance…Thgil!" All around the small group appeared a bunch of little lights. The small children were all in awe. Willow smiled at the children sitting around her. They had all come for another magick lesson.

You don’t like teaching them.

No. I feel like I’m condemning them.

To what?


A tap on the arm snapped the redhead out of her reverie. She looked over and smiled at the girl next to her and smiled. Both souls did.

" Talking to Eya again?" Hope asked the witch. The older woman nodded at the ten-year-old.

" When will you teach us REAL magick?!" Both slayer and witch turned to look at Jacob.

Willow scowled at him. " When I feel you’re ready."

" Jacob!" The dead girl sighed. Now the boy’s sister had decided to cut in. " You know you’re ‘spose ta treat Lady Willow with respect!"

The witch couldn’t take any more. " Lesson’s over for today. We’ll continue tomorrow."

The redhead collapsed onto her bed. Hope sat down next to her. " ‘Low, you okay?"

The witch stared at the blond. " Yeah kid, I’m fine."

" Can I talk to ‘Low?"

" Hi Hope."

Hope looked at her surrogate mother. " Are you nervous…about the spell." The witch nodded.

" I feel guilty I guess."

The young slayer took the witch’s hand. " You shouldn’t. It’s for the best."

Willow laughed and brought her hand to the girl’s cheek. " You’re not supposed to be so grown up." The tears threatened to fall.

Hope changed the subject. " Have you spoken with Cordelia? I mean, has her voice popped up in your head lately?"

" Yeah, she said that the spell wouldn’t damage anything." A pause. " I’m scared though."

" You shouldn’t be. You have more than enough power to work the ritual. You’re a goddess."

Willow shook her head. " No I’m not."

" You may not admit it, but you are. I mean, the Powers did offer you that job."

" I turned it down. I’m not exactly their favorite person anymore."

" You still have the power."

" You know it’s not mine." Goddess, she loved this child.

" Channeling is power."

" I know. It’s just not my power that I’m using."

"Does it really matter that much?"

"No." Such a grown up child.

" Love ya ‘Low." A pause. " Mommy."

All those inside the Initiative were woken that night by the alarm system. Hope slowly opened her eyes. The ceiling seemed to be…shaking. No, that couldn’t be right. But it was. " ‘Low! Wake up!"


Fear filled the child’s eyes. "I think the barriers broke." The witch snapped up. The two of them left the room. Outside, every one was gathered in the halls. Panic was in everybody’s eyes. It was only a matter of time now.

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this is very strange but oddly very interesting.

please continue.


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all previous disclaimers apply

Chapter Twelve : Shattered Dreams

"When Innocence is Shattered…Madness is Inevitable"


I promised.

Promises are meant to be broken.

I didn’t want to break mine.

You still did.

…I know.

It makes you sad.



I wish I could.

Me too.

Can you remember anything new?


Me neither. I still think that Hope’s eyes were light blue.

I still say dark. …Why are we still doing this?

To remember. So we don’t forget.

We already have.

Not everything.

We will eventually.

How will we do it?


…Kill them.

As the ages pass, some memories remain more vivid than others. No matter how much you fight it, they’ll

eventually disappear. All that’s left is to remember, but that doesn’t always work. Sometimes the mind refuses

to. Some memories are buried so deep that they’ll never be found.

The mind has many defenses. Forgetting is one of them. No matter how much you fight, some things just fade


Dulled eyes met their surroundings. They were dead. So very dead. As were their owners. They glared at the

beasts around them. No, not beasts, monsters. Vicious creatures that killed on sight. She wanted to kill them, all of

them. Both of them did. It was their only purpose. The monsters had killed everything that mattered. They had killed

her a thousand times over.

Freedom didn’t feel any different from her captivity. The world was dead. The ashen sky glared at her. As she

walked, the bare earth crunched beneath her feet. All the while her face remained blank. No emotion resided there.

She was alone. Her only companion was her ‘sister’. The girl, what was her name? The one that worked for the Powers

had long since stopped talking to her. She was alone. How long it had been she didn’t know. She had lost track of time.

The girl’s feet took her to the old cemetery. Even though the head stones were long gone, she knew where each grave was.

The first one she went to belonged to the Watcher’s love. She had forgotten both their names. It killed her. The next two she

went to belonged to mother and daughter. One however, had been empty for a long time. She gave both the slayer and the

mother both a silent prayer. The final grave she went to belonged to the other half of her soul. She had no words for the

despair she felt. The girl slowly laid herself on top of the soil. Sleep never came and the tears never fell. The expression on

her face never changed.

The emptiness never left. It never lessened. It only grew. Consumed. The girl was nothing but a shadow. She had no name,

for she couldn’t remember it. There was only she and her ‘sister’. And the monsters. Everything else was dead. She would kill

all the monsters. They had killed everyone.

I promised.

I know.

I promised to protect her.

The girl stood outside what was once the high school. She shut her eyes. Squeezed them tightly. The memories of that battle never


She entered the rubble. Slowly digging her way through, she crawled down to the temple below. Inside lay the dust, dust that had

once been her family. They were nothing now.

The girl dropped to her knees and began to dig. Her body was in there somewhere. As she dug, her hand hit something. It was

sharp. She pushed her hand down farther. She grabbed it. A dulled pain shot through her palms. She pulled. It seemed to take

forever, but finally the item emerged. The slayer’s ax. The girl looked at her hands. They were firmly clasped onto the blade. She

didn’t feel it.

Everything suddenly faded to black. Then came the pain.

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Hi everyone, I hope that everyone is enjoying this. I haven't gotten much feedback so I don't really know.

TWO chapters. TWO and then Tara arrives!

:willow +:tara =:luv2

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ok I finally got around to reading all of this and i'm really liking only two more chapters and then tara goodness...well jeez where are the two chapters then i want tara...hehe...good job hope to see an update soon.

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Okay first I'd like to say that I love all your stories.

Next, I think this story rather interestinG. I went back and read it all together and I must say that I am truly captivated. I can not wait until there is more of this wonderful story.

In other words:


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Chapter Thirteen

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy. Never have, never will.

"It’s a good fight and I want in."

"I mean, okay?"

"Bored now."

"I’m a blood-sucking fiend…look at my outfit!!!"

"It hurts too much not to try."

"I am."

"No more snuggles?"

"I may have overestimated the you liking her factor."

"Oxygen becoming an issue."

"One down…"

Memories flashed before the girl’s eyes as the pain hit. Pain. The word came out of nowhere as the actual feeling hit. She screamed. The sound shot through her ears. The pain only made her scream more.

Her hands clasped around her ears in an attempt to drown out the sound. She still screamed. The girl was shaking uncontrollably. The screaming continued. Her eyes frantically darted around the room. Her screams ceased as she lunged over the bed. Her stomach began to empty itself.

She remained leaning over the bed for some time as she waited for her stomach to finish. Once it did, the girl still stayed as her insides screamed for release. It never came. She silently cried. Though her face did not show it, she was terrified.

Two things…no, not things, people, had just entered the dwelling. Her mind screamed ‘How?!’ There were no humans left. They were all gone. They couldn’t be real. They were though; their essences proved that. She probed further, searching for whether there was some spell at work or not, she didn’t know.

She was about to pull away when more essences caught her attention. One more than others. It was a brilliant blue. And warm. She closed her eyes and allowed a tiny smile to rest on her face. She basked in the warmth. After being alone for so long, she felt…safe. Almost content. Not even Hope’s essence felt like this. She felt…something return to her. What it was she didn’t know. All she knew was that she didn’t want it to go away. To let it go.

She had to though. One of the humans was coming. She silently screamed as she broke the connection. Tears threatened to fall. She refused to let them. She hadn’t in forever.

She got off the bed and dizzily made her way to the door. It opened just as she got there. In front of her stood a young woman. She had long brown hair and green eyes. Her aura was a beautiful green. The girl standing there looked so familiar. She knew this person. It killed her that she couldn’t remember.

And then she could. Dawn? It couldn’t be her though. Dawn was dead. And this girl was years younger. She hadn’t been worn down by a battle she could never win. This girl didn’t have any scars, hadn’t ever been in love, and had certainly never had a child! It was Dawn, but it wasn’t the one that she remembered. This Dawn wasn’t a Slayer. Had never been a Slayer. Had never seen that side of the world. This Dawn was only a child. Her essence may be old and wise, but this…child even begin to grasp that power. She was eons away from that. More than anything else though, this Dawn was alive.

The two stood there staring at each other. One utterly confused and the other in a state of bewilderment. The girl was vaguely aware of Dawn speaking to her but the words were nothing but gibberish.

Dawn looked a little scared. The girl probed the room for any unseen danger but found none. Then she knew. This Dawn feared her. But why? She would never hurt one of family. Didn’t this Dawn know that?

Dawn stared wide-eyed at the witch in front of her. Willow’s room reeked of black magick. Even Buffy could sense it. She was scared. The wiccan’s normally green eyes were now pitch black and her face showed no emotion. Questions raced through her mind. She had thought that then redhead had sworn off magick. She jumped back as the witch reached a hand out to her. Dawn did the first thing she could think of. She called for her sister.

Buffy sighed. She and Dawn had just come back from yet another mini-scooby meeting. Even before the two had reached the house, they had felt the magicks. Neither she nor Dawn had any talent in that area and had never before sensed any magick. They could sense this though. It was incredibly dark, and coming straight from Willow.

Despite her better judgement, she had allowed her sister to speak to the witch first. She didn’t know what had possessed her to do so. The slayer had a terrible feeling in her gut. The moment he heard Dawn scream, she ran.

The girl didn’t understand why this Dawn didn’t see that she was safe. This Dawn yelled something. Something about a Buffy. The word sounded familiar, but the girl couldn’t place it. Another girl burst into the room. She knew her too. This girl was a slayer. THE Slayer. There was no mistaking her aura. She reached out a hand to show the slayer…no, Buffy! The slayer’s name was Buffy!!! …that she wouldn’t ever hurt them. The slayer grabbed her wrist. The girl wanted to ask why but couldn’t. All she could do was stand and stare.

A/N: Anyone ever wonder why Dawn was never any good at magick. I mean, wasn’t she the essence of magick or somethin'. Even if she wasn’t, she’s still the Key. That’s got to give her some magick. So I had Willow regognize some of her power.

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Great job. Oh oh Tara's next. Yay.:applause

Update soon, please.


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Chapter Fourteen

Disclaimer: Grrr. Me no own Buffy. Unfortunately.

The slayer stood between the witch and the key. She glared at her sister in arms. "What did you do Willow?" She got no response. The Wiccan reached a hand out to the slayer. It was slapped away. "Willow!" What the blond didn’t know was that her words held no meaning to the girl in front of her.

"What’s wrong with you?" The redhead’s hands flew out and grabbed onto the slayer. Buffy jerked back, pulling the other girl along with her.

The blond looked at her friend’s face. It no longer held no expression. Plastered onto the witch’s face was a maddening grin. She took off. The slayer followed.

She ran. All the while, the smile remained. So that’s the Slayer, huh? The other one was taking over, and their selves once again blended together. She needed to get away from the Slayer and this Dawn. They were a threat to her. The Slayer was not the way she should be, and this Dawn wasn’t the same.

Buffy watched as her friend ran. Ran right into the street.

Buffy entered the room in the Magic Box where her friends had gathered. Xander looked worried. "I…I just got off the phone with Giles. " Anya was fiddling with the cash register. Dawn was just sitting. "He said he’d come back as soon as he can." And Tara…Tara looked devastated.

The blond witch looked over at the unconscious girl. "I-Is she g-g-gonna be okay?"

"Yeah." Physically. "She’ll be fine." Liar. She knew. They all knew. Willow would never be ‘fine’. The car had simply knocked her out. The magick had done so much more. The slayer sighed. And she hated herself for not seeing it sooner. For not seeing until it was too late. For not wanting to see.

Tara looked away from the resting girl. "I thought s-she was getting better…" Resting in her eyes were unshed tears.

Dawn looked at the witch. "…we all did." A pause. "We-" Everyone turned to see what had caught the young girl’s attention. Willow was awake.

There were people. Lots of them. Living people. Breathing people. And they all seemed to be staring at her. Three of them had really pretty essences. Dawn, Buffy and…She knew that aura! She stared at its owner. This was who she’d sensed earlier! She had to get to her!

Tara could only stare in wonder at the heap in her arms. The redhead had randomly thrown herself into them. The witch had to keep reminding herself what the other girl had done to her. What she could do again. No matter how much she didn’t want it, she and Willow had to be apart. For both their sakes.

The girl was helpless as she was dragged out of the other woman’s lap. The slayer was yelling at her and the black haired man was leading the blue essence out of the room. Dawn and the old essence were yelling now too.

She wanted to ask why, to tell them to stop, but she couldn’t. She didn’t have the words to do so and another part of her mind was trying to remember the other woman’s name. She couldn’t see hoe anyone could ever forget that girl’s name.

I did though.

Yes, you did.

I don’t see how that’s possible.

Anything’s possible. Just look at The Slayer. She’s not supposed to be here, but she is.

Look, this isn’t what I want to be thinking about right now, okay.


Can you remember any other names I’ve mentioned to you?

Let’s see, names right? Well there’s Hope and…Hope.

You’re no help.

I’ve never met the girl!

She’s the other one you talk about, isn’t she?


"Willow!" The slayer turned the Wiccan around to face her. "Willow!" Why wouldn’t her friend answer? "What were you thinking?!" Still no response. Buffy waved her hand in front of the hacker’s face. The redhead glared at her. "You know how hard this is for her!" The glare deepened. "…don’t you?"

The red-haired witch finally focused on the petite blond. She spoke. "W-w-what h-h-h-h-hap-p-pening?" Her words came out cracked and raspy. Then she passed out.

A memory entered the girl’s mind. One she thought of often. It had occurred some time after her despair had reached its peak. It had saved her.

Wondering was what she did. She killed the monsters wherever she could find them. It was her only purpose. Sometimes she killed them; sometimes they killed her. She knew everything and knew nothing at the same time.

The figure had appeared out of nowhere. Her eyes held a deep fire and glittered like rubies. Her hair was a pale blue and her skin was tanned.

The girl was almost sure that the being was there to drag her down to Hell. It would probably be better than where she was anyway.

The being did not though. Instead, she took the broken girl into her arms and returned a glimmer of light to the shadows. She whispered into the girl’s ear. "I will set you free." Then she was gone.

Buffy was the first one up as the witch began to come to. Everyone was at her side by the time she’d sat up.

"A-Are you a-alright?" The blond witch’s eyes were full of love and concern. The redhead stared at her, eyes full of love. Willow reached a hand out to her. It hovered a few inches away from her face. Every person in the room could see how conflicted Tara was.

The girl was confused. Why was the woman in front of her so…uncomfortable? So…ill at ease? She reached out a hand, not sure whether or not it was okay to touch. The last time she had, everyone had gotten mad. She didn’t know why, but it made her nervous. They didn’t know about her did they? They couldn’t! If they had somehow found out…

What do you think?

I don’t see how they could know.

I don’t either, but it’s the only reason they’d be scared of me!

It could be something else.

Like what?

Don’t know. Maybe they can sense me.

I don’t think that’s it.

Then what else could it be?

…when are we?

The girl stared at the dark-haired man in front of her. He had come forward and had begun to talk to her. She didn’t understand

any of what he said. For some reason, her eyes were drawn back to the blue eyed girl.

"Death cannot stop true love. It can only delay it."

The Princess Bride

 Post subject: Chapter Fifteen
PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, 2004 1:55 pm 
Chapter fifteen

Disclaimer: it’s called a fanfic for a reason. Sniff. It means I don’t own it.

She felt like crying as she watched Xander speak to the hacker. It shouldn’t have to be like this. Tara didn’t know how much longer she could stay there. She didn’t ever want to remember Willow like this. Didn’t want to the hurt in her lover’s eyes. Ex-lover. She corrected herself. She couldn’t stay. She knew she’d break down and surrender to her emotions.

She couldn’t bring herself to leave either. Willow was looking into her eyes, and she couldn’t. She wanted the redhead’s eyes despair-free.

The blond witch somehow managed to get her next words out. “I’d l-like to take her with me. To talk.” Everyone had on faces of surprise. Everyone but Willow though. Willow just stared at her.

“Are you sure?” Buffy’s eyes were full of concern.

“Yeah.” A pause. “Do you think that I could spend the night at y-y-your h-house? I…I don’t want Willow to be alone.”

The slayer smiled at her. “Xander, can Dawn and I crash at your place?”

He smiled. “Of course.”

Anya scowled. “Xander!”

He sighed. “Ahn, I…please.”

The ex vengeance demon sneered. “Fine. But you OWE me later.”


The two witches entered the house. Tara looked over at he companion, not knowing what to do. She could feel the energy from whatever Willow had cast earlier. “You look tired.” The redhead looked at her, expression blank. It hurt to see her like that.

She watched as the redhead took in her surroundings. Almost like she hasn’t been here in a while. The girl fingered the photos on the wall.

The two of them headed upstairs to what was once their room. Willow began to whimper. With each step the whimpering increased. They entered the room.

Tara watched as the redhead stared at the window. Her eyes were screaming. “Willow.” The hacker didn’t look her way. Tara walked up to her ex and gently placed a hand onto her shoulder. “Willow…sweetie…you alright?”

Willow slowly shied away from the window. Tara identified…fear? her eyes. The redhead quickly grabbed Tara and led her out of the room, all the while glaring fearfully at the window.


Willow barely glanced up as Tara set the tea cup in front of her. The blonde sat herself down next to her.

“Willow.” Tara sighed in relief as the redhead finally looked up at her. “Willow, honey…what’s wrong? What’s going on?”

“I…” the redhead took a deep breath, “I missed you.”

Tara was about to say something when she noticed the look in Willow’s eyes. This wasn’t just about their break-up.

Willow looked over to her love. “Are you happy?” Ruby eyes met sapphire.

“I…I’m okay. I…miss you too.” The blonde was thankful that she’d worn her hair down that day.

“Tara…?” Willow looked at the blonde nervously. “Can I…Could I please…kiss you?”

She should have said ‘no’. She knew that. They weren’t together, and she shouldn’t lead Willow on. But she wanted to. She wanted to kiss her. And when she looked into her love’s eyes, she knew that Willow needed it, wanted it.

Tara’s hand slowly found its way to Willow’s cheek and slowly drew the other woman into her. It was bliss when their lips met.

And they once again gave themselves to the other.

"Death cannot stop true love. It can only delay it."

The Princess Bride

 Post subject: ...
PostPosted: Sat Aug 28, 2004 11:15 am 
hi everyone. I'd like to let everyone know that I am thinking of quitting this story.

If anyone is interested, I have been rewriting this as an original novel. If anyone is interested in hearing about it, please let me know.

"Death cannot stop true love. It can only delay it."

The Princess Bride

 Post subject: Fic: Rusted Tears
PostPosted: Tue Aug 31, 2004 1:43 am 
Originally posted by DarkChild

Rusted Tears

Disclaimer: I, in no way, own Buffy or any of its characters.

Rating: Pg-13 to R

Summary: She arrived there from another world, torn away from all that she had truly known. Then she met Tara.

Notes: Hey everyone! Here I am…again. I WILL finish something. I am planning on someday finishing everything. I am hoping to, once this one is done work on both a prequel and a sequel.

I work faster with encouragement.

His eyes darted back and forth, rarely, if ever, settling on his companion’s form. He couldn’t bear looking at her, her appearance to painful a reminder.

He let his eyes, for a moment, glance at the two people beside her. The man, for that was what he was, was animatedly speaking with the two ‘women’ beside him. Even he had a difficult time looking at the two. Yes, both were a bit unnerving, but William didn’t have the history with the two that he did.

Daniel sighed and quickly looked away. Once upon a time, things had been different. He’d had a life. Now, the only thing keeping him alive was her. He refused to see either ‘woman’ as a person.

“Do you need anything?” Glancing up, he saw ‘Buffy’ standing above him. She wasn’t the Slayer though. She never had been. The blonde robot had been, many years ago, rebuilt. He didn’t care about the details. All that it was, was a copy of Buffy. A Buffybot.

Apparently it had been one of William’s counterparts, a Vampire known as Spike that had had the thing built. When she had told them, the fair-haired man had burst into laughter.

“Odd.” He glanced up at the redhead. As usual, she stood before the massive computers, her face void of emotion.

He hated her.

She was nothing but a copy of his first love, the love he’d killed.

A Willow from one of the realities had apparently created the duplicate, Willow 4, and downloaded it with her memories and non-magickal skills. He found the replica a perversion.

“What?” William’s sharp British accent broke the silence.

Willow 4 looked up. “There’s a large flow of energy heading this way.” The supercomputer frowned. “I’m not quite sure of its properties though.”

The werewolf sighed. Computer talk. He just wanted her to give him a mission and be done with it. That’s what they were there, at The Beginning for anyway.

The computer had brought them there for that. Something out there was destroying the realities and when Willow 4 found out, she’d summoned them out of their worlds to fix the problem.

There had originally been more of them though, but the others had all died.

Anne, the Buffybot, had been there for years and years before they’d arrived, and then there was himself and William. Apart from them, there had been a Vampire Slayer, Faith, in one of the worlds Faith had had a sister Dawn, and then there had been Anyanka and a Wiccan Slayer called Marissa.

He hated what everything had been reduced to.

Daniel ‘Oz’ Ozborne stood up and left.



Vitals Not Present


Magickal Properties?=



Electromagnetic Wave?=





Unknown Source

Willow 4 slowly moved over to where Anne stood. Seeing her, the robot smiled and bounded towards her. “Hello!”

“Greetings.” The redhead responded.

Anne was silent for a moment. “Willow?”


Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be a human?”


“But you have all of those memories of the other you and-“

The supercomputer slowly exited Anne’s sleeping chamber. Unlike herself, the robot needed recharging in order to function. Willow 4 went back to work.

William sighed. The wolfboy was an idiot. And a poof. He was way too broody. He slowly moved over to his cot and sat down, pulling out a picture.

“Hey sis.” The redhead in the photo simply stared back.

Daniel sighed, his thoughts once again returning to Willow 4. He wondered what he’d need to do next that was wrong.

He understood, really, he did.

She was a computer, a machine. She had no conscience. What did she care for all the deaths her plan to ‘fix’ things caused. Anything that he could think of to say in argument of one of her missions had already been thought up by her, more so. She had weighed all the ups and downs within seconds.

Lives simply didn’t matter to her..

She was just a fucking toy.

Willow 4 sighed. The humans didn’t understand. Those were her last thoughts before the alarm went off and everything went out.

 Post subject: Re: Fic: Rusted Tears
PostPosted: Tue Aug 31, 2004 1:44 am 

1. Blessed Wannabe

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(6/8/04 8:10 pm)

        Re: Rusted Tears This is a very intriguing start and I look forward to more. Keep going!


"We live our lives, do whatever we do, and then we sleep - it's as simple and ordinary as that."

Michael Cunningham, The Hours


3. Flaming O

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(6/9/04 10:44 am)

        Re: Rusted Tears i'm liking this story so far. I think its defenatly interesting, with Willow being Willow4 a robot. Well looking forward to the next part.

Luv Hannah


2. Floating Rose

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(6/9/04 11:33 am)

l         Re: Rusted Tears :hmm i`m not really sure i understand this. :blush

so please more! `cause i`m really intrigued!

Can`t we not suck anymore?! Ellen DeGeneres


6. Sassy Eggs

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(6/9/04 12:30 pm)

        Re: Rusted Tears I'll admit, I'm a little lost as well. But you've got my attention, so please continue.


Tempest Duer

10. Troll Hammer

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(6/10/04 9:26 pm)

        Re: Rusted Tears This is quite fascinating. Willow is a computer?

Saying that up is down will not make up, down.

~Gene Burns

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