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 Post subject: Surprises and Secrets (Completed)
PostPosted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:09 am 
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AUTHOR: Alex_Vixen
DISCLAIMER: All characters belong to Joss Whedon. Only Gabrielle and some others invented characters belong to me. And if Willow and Tara DID belong to me, they would be in a beach by now, married and maybe with a couple of cute little kids around. And a few Ducks too, because every beach should have some... (that was my friend Ducky getting into my posting)
FEEDBACK: yes, please...but I do beg for mercy :pray
RAITING: R...maybe will get to NC-17.
SUMMARY: AU story. Set 8 years after Tabula Rasa and Wrecked. Willow left Sunnydale after the accident where Dawn got hurt, leaving behind friends and the love of her life. Now, 8 years later, the moment has come to make things right and find out the truth about what really happened in Sunnydale... Willow and Tara have the chance to be together again, even when a big secret is revealed? (hell yes, they'll be together again)
NOTES: Thanks to my friends, Ducky-Duck, Chris, I know I bothered you enough so I wanted to thank you, Rick, for being my official Beta and Meg for the sugestions and the othe help.
I was too stupid and forgot to write this before, lol, so im doing it now.

CHAPTER 1- Surprise!

The Gang was getting together for dinner just like every Friday night. Xander and his wife, Gabrielle, were already there; Buffy wasn’t back from patrol yet and Tara was making dinner with Dawn in the kitchen like always.

“Tar, can I ask something?” Dawn asked to the older witch she always saw as a surrogate parent. The blonde stopped cutting vegetables and looked at the younger girl to give her all her attention.

“What’s up, Dawnie”

“Mark wants us to like together” the brunette blurted out before she began to get upset again. Tara actually looked surprised.

“Well, um… How do you feel about that? Do you want to live with him?” Tara asked knowing by the expression on the girl she loved as a sister that the answer was a big NO.

“I…well, if I have to be honest… We’ve been dating for only 8 months and… Well, Im not…”

“You don’t love him?” Tara simply asked.

“I think I do, but… What do I know about love? Besides, what makes him think that is the right thing to do now? We’re young and we’re not… How do I know I’m not gonna screw it all up? I mean, it’s not like I’ve seen so many couples that actually worked living together. I guess there’s Xander and Gabrielle, they’ve been living together for a few years but who else do I know that makes a good example? Nobody. My parents didn’t work; even…ah…you get what I mean…”

“You can say it, Dawn, not even my relationship with Willow worked” Tara looked down, maybe unconsciously, for a moment and then smiled again at Dawn. Although the brunette knew that smile was forced, didn’t comment anything.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring that up, Tare” Dawn apologized honestly, knowing that it still affected Tara a great deal to talk about her former girlfriend. So much that the former Key had sometimes wondered if Tara was really over Willow, as she always assured to be. And the answer was always the same, a big fat NO.

“Don’t worry, Dawnie. It’s been 8 years. Don’t you think I should be able to say her name without falling apart by now?” Tara tried to sound cool but her eyes never looked at Dawn, like she would always do, and the younger girl knew she was lying. However, once again, she decided not to say anything about it.

“Can you, Tara? For real?” that was as far Dawn would push, not wanting to run out of luck with her best friend.
Tara smiled for real this time.

“C’mon, Dawnie, we got a dinner to prepare”

Buffy entered the house complaining how a vampire ruined her new shirt beyond repair. To her friends, it was the only thing she did that reminded them of the old Buffy; complain about how her wardrobe would be Slayed by the demons.

The Gang was there having dinner and just like every Friday night, the friends would steal glances at the empty seats around the table: the head opposite to Buffy, where Giles used to sit since Joyce was alive; but since the older Watcher had gone back to England years ago, or as Buffy liked to say ‘since he chose HER over us’, the relationship had been kept strictly business only. The only personal contact with the young group was with Xander, but of course only Gabrielle knew about that.

The other empty space was by Tara’s right side, Willow’s seat; the seat nobody dared to sit on, except for Tara herself if it was necessary. Nobody actually realized they did it, it was a subconscious act and nobody dared to change it.

Right after the Tabula Rasa spell and the car crush where Dawn resulted injured, the redhead had left to get help and get over her addiction, or that’s what the letter she left behind said… A while later, the Gang had find out that Willow was with Giles in England and was working with a coven. This have been a relief for Xander, Tara and Dawn, who wanted to know where and how she was, the only one who didn’t care and actually fought with Giles about it was Buffy. The blonde Slayer hadn’t been the same since she came back and apparently she was still blaming Willow for that.

Tara wasted no time in asking if she could talk to her, she was even willing to fly over to see her; after all, she still loved Willow with all her heart, but the Watcher they had learnt to love like a father had said that it was necessary for her recovery to not have any personal contact with them. Willow needed to learn how to get back on her feet again on her own.

Buffy had been the only one who didn’t show any kind of interest in her former best friend well been. As she had said to the Gang, ‘Willow betrayed them all and she would never forgive her for that’.
So for the first four months, the Gang only heard about Willow from Giles from time to time, until the redhead was good enough to slowly start sending an e-mail sometimes; after six months they got the first phone call, in which Willow wanted to speak to Tara, but they didn’t say much and it was a short conversation since something cut Willow off and made her hang up…leaving a confused Tara on the other end to wonder why she had left so soon.

The phone calls and the e-mails continued for a few months after that, they were always awkward and short, but it gave a sense of peace to the group, especially to Tara, who was trying desperately not run to England to see her… They abruptly ended a little more than a year after Willow had left. Nobody understood why.

The only one who had kept contact with Willow through all this years had been Xander, and still pained the dark-haired young man to keep it a secret from his friends; but Willow had been his best friend, his sister since he had a memory and if she didn’t want anybody to know, then he would respect and keep that promise. Again, only his wife Gabrielle knew about it, and the times the married couple had made the trip to meet with Willow, they had gotten along just fine.

After the failure of his relationship with Anya, the former vengeance demon, who still ran the Magic Box but didn’t hang out with the Gang anymore, Xander had been lonely and depressed… until he met Gabrielle seven years ago. The brunette was the daughter of a witch, who used to be friend of Tara’s mother, but she didn’t have much power and never had much interest in practicing the craft, although she had a deep knowledge of spells and enchanted artifacts.

Now, they had their own construction company, Gabrielle was an architect and Xander took care of the construction part. They’ve been married for three years now and neither of them had ever been happier.

During the dinner, Dawn glanced at Tara a few times and could see how the blonde witch kept glancing almost subconsciously to the empty seat next to her… The former Key knew Tara was still in love with Willow; otherwise, how could she explain that in 8 years she had gone out only in three dates and those dates never had a second... Dawn sometimes wondered what happened to Willow to convince her to never show up again, to cut all kind of communication with her former lover and friends, and the brunette was almost sure it had something to do with Buffy’s suppose trip to LA years ago. After that, Willow had stopped sending signals of life, except for the always present Christmas and birthday gift. They never had a note or something to indicate It was from Willow, but they knew they were from here… they had to be…

After Willow disappeared, Tara had been devastated, but it was easy for her to concentrate in her studies, to give herself to writing full time, to lose herself into that fantasy world she created in her books and not feel anything else… When her novels were published, nobody had much faith they would be successful, but they had been wrong. Some said she had become in the new J.K Rowling, but it wasn’t true. Tara had created that fantasy world where two simple young women, a computer hacker and an archeologist got together to solve the mystery of an artifact only to discover themselves into a world full of legends, romance, mysteries, estrange creatures, dark enemies and full of magic… Everyone thought she was a great writer. Truth was, for Tara was a way to escape from everything, and deal with all the love and feelings she still had within her…
The blonde Wiccan knew how excited Dawn and Xander got every Christmas and birthdays, because there would always be a present without note or address, only the name of who it was for, waiting in the porch of the Summers household. A clear signal from Willow that she still cared about them. Tara always blushed when Dawn teased her because her present seemed to be a little ‘more especial and personal’ than the others. The blonde’s heart always skipped a beat every time she saw the blue box with her name on it…

The doorbell rang and Tara went to answer the door. Dinner was over and she was about to serve desert with Dawn’s help. The blonde Wiccan froze after opening the door, not expecting to see the Dark Slayer, Faith, standing a few feet away from the door with a heavy looking leather backpack. The dark-haired woman hadn’t changed much; her hair was a little longer but her usual leather pants and black tank top and dark demin jacket hadn’t changed.

“Faith...Hi. Didn’t expect you to come here tonight” Tara said.

“Hi, T. I mean, Tara, keep forgettin’ you don’t like to be called like that” Faith said and took a couple of steps towards the door.

“It’s okay, you can call me T. Do you want to come in? We’re about to have desert, but there’s food still, if you want some” Tara stepped aside to let her in but the Slayer stood on the doorway, barely leaning against the doorframe.

“Is B here? Fang-boy sent me” was all Faith said.

“She is, come inside”

Faith entered the house and followed Tara to the dining room.

“Guys, we have a visitor” Tara said and indicated the only empty seat by Xander’s free side, where Faith chose to place her backpack and didn’t sit.

“What’s up, guys? Sorry for interruptin’ your dinner” Faith said, standing by the chair where she left her backpack.

“Faith, always good to see ya, buddy” Xander said, smiling at the Slayer.

“Nice to see ya too, Xand-man. How you doin’? You too, Gab” the brunette simply smiled at her and then adds.

“Nice to see you too, Faith”

“Faith, would you like something to eat or drink?” Tara offered.

“A cold beer if you have or just water, T, thanks” Faith said and watched how the blonde went to the kitchen to return a moment later with a cold beer. Faith looked at Dawn and tried hard not to gulp at how beautiful she looked. “What’s up, big D? All cool?”

“All cool, Faith. You?” the young girl said, smiling slightly.

“The usual. Fang-Boy sent me to bring some stuff, ya know an-”

“What the hell are you doing here, Faith? Make it quick” Buffy cut Faith off, her eyes throwing daggers at her.

“Kay, B…” the Dark Slayer began to chant inside her head to not lose her control.

Faith took a deep breath to calm herself and opened the backpack, pulling out two wooden thin small boxes and two notebooks.

“What the hell is that, Faith?” Buffy asked rather harshly.

Faith simple opened the wooden boxes and showed it to them. There was one elaborated dagger in each box, one with a big ruby shinning in the center of the handle, and the other a sapphire.

“These…are the daggers of Aurelious the King” Faith said, her voice showing a glint of respect and most of all fear.

“Who?” Xander asked when nobody seemed willing to say anything else.

“I have no idea. Who the hell is that, Faith?” Buffy spitted. The blonde looked at Tara. “Have you heard something about that guy?” she asked the blonde witch, her voice suddenly sounding tender and caring.

“In this notebook” Faith pointed the first one. “There’s the whole background on whom the King was. But to make it short, Aurelious was a King from somewhere in Asia; don’t ask me how he got a sorcerer’s powers, killing the sorcerer in the process. Seeing how easy was to take sorcerer’s powers, he went around killin’ every sorcerer he found ‘till he became some kind of demon. The Slayer back then and I am talkin’ in the century… in the Middle Age. The Slayer had a hard time killin’ the bastard and in the end, she took him down, keepin’ his daggers to herself. With these daggers, she was one of the Slayers that lived the longest, that’s it ‘till you and me, B. When she finally died, at the age of almost 60 her Watcher kept them hidden from everybody, even the Council. That’s it ‘till Fang-boy found them a few days ago”
Faith ended her short story with a certain air of pride, especially when she was talkin’ about her ancestor Slayer.

“What do they do?” Buffy asked, her voice sounding harsh again.

“The legend says that the two daggers together are invincible or some shit like that and that they have magical powers” Faith answered, getting tired of Buffy’s tone, but she wouldn’t lose it. She kept taking deep breaths just like her friend taught her to.

“Okay. And why did Angel send those things to me?” Buffy asked again.

“‘Cause this daggers are Slayer’s weapons, B. In LA we got everything under control without them and don’t need ‘em. We got the best protection spells our own Wiked Witch of the West casted so nobody can mess with us and more weapons than you can imagine. Angel said that you knew a safe mausoleum where you could hide ‘em”

“That’s cool, Faith, but I don’t care about LA. We’ll take care of that tomorrow. You got anything else or you just like to waste my time?” Buffy arched an eyebrow and Faith loved to see the suspicious in B’s eyes.

They hadn’t notice that Tara and Dawn had cleared the table and now were bringing the desert, flan. Buffy smiled kindly at Tara when the blonde Wiccan set the yellow desert in front of her but all trace of kindness was gone a second later when she looked at Faith again.

“Faith, would you like some flan?” Tara kindly asked.

“Thanks, T, I never tried it so I think I’ll pass”

“Try it, Faith; Tara’s flan is the best!” Xander encouraged her. Buffy was still looking at her, her flan in front of her, untouched, and it was making her nervous and harder to keep under control the fit of insults that were threatening to burst out from her mouth.

“Kay, I guess I’ll try it” Faith said and took the cup of flan Tara gave her, lifted the spoon and ate the yellow desert. “Wow! This is awesome! Fucking delicious, T!”

“Thanks, Faith. Why don’t you sit, Faith, you’ve been standing since you got here” the blonde with a kind firm voice told her, indicating the seat where Faith’s leather backpack rested. The Dark Slayer was about to sit when Buffy spoke again, making her stop dead in her tracks and stay standing.

“Faith, can you stop wasting my time and tell me if you’re finished so you can get the hell out of here?”

“Sorry, B. ‘Kay…” Faith took another deep breath, thanked Tara for the flan and opened the notebook to make sure it was the right one. Actually, she was taking a little moment to breathe and calm herself down. Red’s voice kept reminding her in the back of her head.

Finally, the Dark Slayer showed them the notebook, pushing it a little so Tara could easily reach out and take it.

“This notebook has two spells to keep the daggers hidden. One for each dagger, apparently they look the same but are way different” Faith began passing the pages to show different sections. “This part in blue ink is the spell, see, this one says ruby and the other sapphire. This part in red is the instructions of how to make every spell. And this part in yellow….well, I’m not sure of what really is, only Fred understand her system, but I think you’ll get it, T”

Tara reached out to grab the notebook and when her she took her eyes shot wide open.

“You okay, Tara?” Xander asked looking from Tara to Faith.

“There’s something wrong, Tara?” Buffy asked, her voice suddenly becoming tender and caring and worried about her friend. Faith arched an eyebrow but played cool and didn’t comment; she simply looked at Tara.

“Im fine, guys, don’t worry” Tara relaxed and began reading the notebook, not paying attention to her friends anymore.

“Did you sense something? Something evil?” Buffy asked and her eyes threw daggers at Faith.

“Don’t worry, Buffy. There’s nothing wrong. I just didn’t expect to feel Fred’s magical signature, that’s all” Tara told her friend, and the only who didn’t see the lie in her words was Buffy, who was too busy looking at Tara with hungry eyes to notice anything else. Faith thought, noticing the way the blonde slayer was looking at the clueless blonde Wiccan.

“Don’t worry, B. It’s clean stuff and T would have sense if there was somethin’ evil” Faith said and grinned at Tara.

“You should know… don’t you, F?” this time Buffy grinned, but her grin wasn’t friendly. The Dark Slayer’s stomach sank at this, but she still smiled teasingly.

“Of course I do, B. Im Faith” The Dark Slayer laughed softly and her hair covered her eyes for a moment but she pulled it away smirking softly.

“If you don’t have anything else to give me, you know the way out” Buffy said after her grin disappeared.

“Nope, that’s all, B. Im leavin’. My puppy must be lonely with Fred and Blue” Faith closed her backpack and hangs it on her shoulder. “See ya all, guys”

“Faith, wait” Tara got up and walked over to her. “Please, you’re welcome to stay, you must be tired”

“Nah, T, im fine really” Faith said, not wanting to stay and having to stand Buffy anymore, especially when she was in this kind of mood. Faith thought.

“Let her go, Tara” Buffy whispered firmly.

“You can stay with us, Faith, rest for tonight” Gabrielle said, not having said anything in the whole conversation just like her husband. The brunette actually liked Faith and she didn’t care what mistakes she may had done in the past. Gabrielle respected her because Faith had decided to change…Any person who takes the responsibility of their actions and tries to change deserves a second chance in Gabrielle’s book.

“Of course, Faith, we have enough room in our house” Xander added.

“Really, guys don’t worry. I better get goin’ now. Night to y’all”
Faith only took a couple of steps towards the door before Tara put her hand in the Slayer’s shoulder.

“I insist, Faith. You took the trouble to come all the way here to deliver these precious artifacts to us. The least we can do is to offer you to stay so you can rest for tonight…” And while saying this her eyes were fixed on Buffy, who couldn’t do anything but to nod and stood up.

“Whatever…” the blonde Slayer walked past the Wiccan and the other Slayer, put on her leather jacket and took her keys from the hook by the door, where she stopped and looked at Tara. “She can stay tonight but if I were you, I’d lock my door before going to bed and you” she looked at Faith “Stay the hell away from my room”

A moment later, she was gone.

“Come, Faith, sit down, please”

“We better get going, guys. We had a long day” Xander said and her and his wife stood up.

“We were about to have coffee, guys” Dawn said. The brunette had barely said two words in the whole night, especially since Faith showed up. The Dark Slayer seemed to have that effect on her…besides others affect that’s it…

“Sorry, Dawnie, but we’re really tired” Gabrielle smiled sweetly at the younger girl, knowing that her husband probably wanted to be alone to talk and wasn’t truly tired.

“Are you sure we can’t convince you with homemade cookies? I made them” Tara was about to clear the table of the desert and although a part of her wanted to be left alone with Dawn and Faith so she could talk to the Slayer, she couldn’t help to feel like they didn’t need to leave yet without having coffee.

“We had four meetings today, Tare… Sorry, but this big boy needs his beauty sleep more than I do” Gabrielle joked and patted her husband arm with her free hand, the other was holding his.

“Yeah, sorry guys. But we’ll see ya tomorrow, okay?” Xander added.
The young couple hugged their friends and left the house. Only moments later, Faith’s cell phone rang and the Slayer pulled it out from her jacket pocket and read the text message Xander had just sent her, asking her to meet with him for lunch at the next day. She answered him she’d meet him in front of the Espresso Pump to talk and simply stood there, looking at the cell phone screen, that showed Ozzy Osbourne face and logo.

“Cool phone, Faith. Did you buy it or someone gave it to you as a present?” Dawn asked, holding a small plate with homemade cookies. Faith followed the former Key into the living room and sat down on the couch by her side.

“I bought it, D. It’s cool, isn’t it? 8 GB of memory and got tons of music and space to save more” Faith grinned as Dawn checked out the music she had and transferred songs to her own phone by Bluetooth.

“You have a lot of different songs here, Faith, how cool…” the younger girl nodded her approval.

“Yeah, kinda like to have some of everything, like a song for every mood, ya know”

“Totally agreed with ya. I do that too” Dawn agreed. The brunette took a cookie and put it into her mouth. “Oh, God… this is delicious!” Dawn somewhat moaned in a obscene way and the Slayer raised an eyebrow, trying hard to block the naughty thoughts running through her head. “Faith, try one of this! I love it when Tara makes her especial recipe!”

“You do realize that sounds kinda-“The Slayer tasted the cookie and stared at Dawn, her eyes widening in surprise. “WOW!”

Tara appeared with a trail with the coffee mugs, placed it on the coffee table and noticed her two friends staring at her as she sat down.


“I love your especial recipe, Tara” Dawn said taking her coffee mug and took a sip. “A perfect coffee, I don’t know how you do it, but I love it, Tare”

“Vanilla?” Faith tried to guess, smelling with her Slayer nose the sweet relaxing scent from the mug she was holding.

“Wouldn’t be my especial recipe if I gave away my secrets, guys, would it?” Tara gave them a small smile and took another sip of her tea. This would be a long night, Tara knew that, and hoped everything would go as she planned, otherwise, her heart would be broken again. And the blonde Wiccan didn’t know if she could bear to feel like that again… Tara thought, busing herself in drinking her tea.

“This cookies are the best! Fuck Oreos, these are my new favourite from now on” Faith declared after swallowing a handful of cookies.

“I’m glad that you like them, Fa-“Tara was cut off by the sound of her phone ringing. The blonde Wiccan pulled it out of her jeans pocket and frowned while reading the text message.

“Something wrong, Tare?” Dawn asked looking at her friend.

“Nothing wrong, Dawnie. Buffy just wants me to take a look at a name… I’ll be right back” Tara left the room with her phone and tea mug and

Faith looked at Dawn.

“B’s got a crush on Tara”

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 Post subject: Re: Surprises and Secrets (Chapter 1, March 17)
PostPosted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:04 am 
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Really interesting beginning... I'm wondering what kept Willow from reconnecting to Tara, JFK maybe... So Willow is working for Angel in LA...

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 Post subject: Re: Surprises and Secrets (Chapter 1, March 17)
PostPosted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:47 am 
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Wow, like holy macaroni Alex, this is really good. The characters are all in interesting new places, faith working with Willow, Xander maried to someone else and what a cliffhanger, Buffy in love with Tara, or at least has a crush on her. I can't wait to read what happens next :wtkiss

 Post subject: Re: Surprises and Secrets (Chapter 1, March 17)
PostPosted: Wed Mar 17, 2010 12:49 pm 
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Wow. That was good. I have no idea how you managed to establish your characters so firmly in the first chapter, but whatever, that was awesome! I was so shocked to see that Buffy was crushing on Tara. I hope that somehow, someone will get the stick out of her ass, cuz she's a bitch and I don't like her. Can't wait for more!

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 Post subject: Re: Surprises and Secrets (Chapter 1, March 17)
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Wow.... I'm trying to write my own stuff but I want more of urs.... So let me get the relationships here right...

Faith likes dawn...
Buffy likes tara...
Tara likes willow...
Xander likes gabby...
Gabby likes xander...

And plus buffy's just a bitch to everyone who isn't tara and the immediate scoobies like dawn and xander and his wife....

I get all that right???

More puhlease?!?!?!
:pray :peace

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Thank you very much, guys! That you like my story means so much to me, even if just the beginning...

I have almost done the first part of the second chapter. Yes, I divided the Second chapter in two parts because the second part will be the longest and the most important one.
The first part will be done for tomorrow, so I hope you like it like you did this first one.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read it. It makes worthy the time I spent writing it. And thr fact that you like it, well, it makes my week.

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Fun.Thank you for writing it.

 Post subject: Re: Surprises and Secrets (Chapter 1, March 17)
PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 2:03 am 
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Alex let me start by saying Bienvenido a la Kitten Board! De Argentina huh? Pues mucho gusto!

Dude! What is up with Buffy? I already can't stand her. I do like everyone's interaction with Faith though. I also like that you have her and "The Key" jonzin' for each other. That's HOT! I can't wait to read more! Muy bien! Muy bien!

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 7:16 am 
3. Flaming O

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Oh im loving this already. Loved the interaction with Buffy and Faith, but Buffys not crushing on Tara... is she? Can't wait to see more!

 Post subject: Re: Surprises and Secrets (Chapter 1, March 17)
PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 9:31 am 
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Okay, guys... THis is the First part of the Second chapter... this wont be very interesting because is more like to introduce what's going to happen, and it's short. The Second part will be longer and the most important so I wont promise it will be completely done for tomorrow, I may take a couple of days to make it work just like I want to.

CHAPTER 2- Revelations or more questions? Part I

“B’s got a crush on Tara”

Dawn listened Faith saying the words and sighed, she knew the Dark Slayer had noticed and Faith knew that if somebody noticed, that was Dawn.

“I know, we all know, Faith. The only one who doesn’t seem to notice is Tara herself” Dawn commented. Then the brunette shook her head sadly. “I told Tara a million times Buffy has a crush on her, but she just won’t believe me. How can such a smart woman be THAT blind sometimes? I have no idea”

“Maybe she just doesn’t want to see it, D… B’s been her close friend for a long time and she doesn’t want to see that B wants more from her”

“Since when are you all with the insight and all that stuff, Faith?” Dawn asked, not being able to hide the surprise in her voice.

“Im not, big D. But if there’s one thing that I’ve always was good at, is reading Buffy Anne Summers” Faith explained the younger girl.

“I told Tara a few days I was thinking about moving out and Mark, my boyfriend, remember? He wants us to live together, but no way im doing that. Although moving away alone scares the shit outta me”

“Well, I guess that if you don’t want to live with your boyfriend, that’s cool. You have to do things when you’re ready. And I guess it can be kinda scary to move out alone, it’s a whole new experience, D… I don’t know, you know im not good with this stuff, sorry”

“No… I didn’t mean it that way. I meant that…moving out, leaving Tara alone, scares me. If I leave…” the brunette trailed off and Faith noticed the look on her face; she was trying hard to understand…

“You’re scare of leavin’ Tara alone? D, Dawn, I’m sure she understands that you’re a grown up woman and-”

“That’s not it either” Dawn cut her off. Suspicion hit Faith’s mind, her eyes and mouth widening in shock.

“D, you mean, leavin’ her alone… with B?” the brunette simply stared at her. “D, Dawnie, Buffy’s your sister. You can’t be thinking… B may not be the same but I don’t think… She could never get to that point, right?”And in that moment, Faith got scared; scared that something may happen to Tara; scared that the Buffy they all met was really THAT gone; scared of what Red would do if… The Slayer forced herself to stop thinking about that possibility.

“She’s not my sister anymore, Faith” Dawn quietly admitted. “My sister, my Buffy, died after jumping from that tower…and she never came back. This…person she is now is not my sister… She’s cold, empty, dead inside…”

“Like a vampire with a pulse…” Faith couldn’t help to say.

“Exactly. And, to be honest, I don’t know what she’s capable of” Dawn finished, a small tear running down her cheek. Only one…

Faith reached out with her hand and placed it over Dawn’s, not really knowing what to say.

“She’s right” Tara’s voice made them jumped on their sits. Tara was leaning slightly against the door frame with her arms wrapped around herself and her phone in her hand.

“Tara, how much did you…” Dawn couldn’t finish her sentence and her voice became a barely inaudible whisper that not even Faith’s Slayer hearing could understand.

“Only the last part. I don’t need to sneak around and listen behind doors to know what you think, Dawnie” Tara walked over and knelt in front of Dawn. The younger girl hugged tightly for a moment and after the friends let go of each other, Faith moved to sit in the armchair in front of them so Tara could sit by Dawn’s side.

“You know that what I’m saying it’s true, right? Sometimes I see her looking at you in such a way that scares the shit outta me, Tare” Dawn told her friend, holding her hand.

“I know….I’m not as blind as you may think” And the older girl smiled to let her know that everything was okay.

“Tara, I’m not leaving this house until you do. Please, come with me, we have to leave. This place is killing us all” Dawn begged, suddenly sounding like a scared little girl. The former Key obviously had wanted to say this for a long time now. “Please, Tare. You have a lot of money, I have my savings, and we can go to someplace else…”

“Dawnie, sweetie. Im leaving soon… I’ve been thinking that is time for me to live, especially since you started making plans. And don’t worry, Buffy can’t lay a hand on us”

“You casted a spell, right? On us” Dawn said, just wanting to confirm what she thought.

“No. I only recharged the one we already had. Remember when I casted that protection spell on us? Because of that green demon…” Dawn nodded “I recharged the spell… this time to keep us safe from human attacks as well…in case Buffy, she…”

“She went loco like I did?” Faith chuckled, obviously joking. When the Slayer noticed the looks on the other girl’s faces she added. “Just jokin’ guys. Sorry, I always make jokes about stuff…part of the process, y’know, talk about it… And maybe I should shut up, I’m sorry, really. Just keep talkin’. Want me to go? I can go. I’ll go grab a beer, yeah, I’ll go get a beer and leave you guys alone…yeah”

both Tara and Dawn thought at the same time, watching the Slayer leave the room.

Faith thought going to the kitchen. She was spending way too much time with Red…

“So, you’re leaving… Where are you going to go?” Dawn asked. “Because I so want to go with you”

“You want to go with me? But Dawnie… you have friends here, your boyfriend, Mark, don’t you want to stay with him?”

“Tara, you’re like a sister, a mother and a friend all together for me. I’ll follow you anywhere, I can’t stay here any longer, and this place is killing me too”

“I love you, Dawnie, and you’re more than welcome to come with me”
The friends hugged and after they pulled away, Dawn lowered her tone.

“Can I ask why you insisted Faith so much to stay?”

“Well, she deserved to rest for tonight, and since she took the job to come and deliver the daggers to us, I simply thought that we should be kind and offer her to rest here for tonight” Tara tried to keep her tone neutral but Dawn raised an eyebrow and stared at her.

“And the other reason?” the former Key asked.

“I want to talk to her. I need to know”

“This chat… Are we thinking the same thing?”

Tara didn’t hesitate to answer but she knew the look of triumph in Dawn’s face when she sighed and nodded.

“And what are you gonna do if she agrees to talk?”

“I need to know… Right now, that’s all I know. But if…we still have a chance, by the Goddess I’ll go wherever I need to”

“And I’ll go with you, you know that”

“I just…I need to know, Dawnie…” and for the first time in a long time, Dawn could hear the emotion behind her friend’s words. She knew how much Tara had tried to shield her emotions from showing up and it finally was catching up on her. “If there’s a chance, I need to get my soul back, Dawnie…”

“I know, Tare. I always knew…” Dawn smiled and didn’t let go of her friend’s hands.

“Now… I just need Faith…” Tara whispered.

“Let me get her for you…”

Dawn stood up, kissed her friend’s forehead and left the room. The blonde Wiccan sighed. This was gonna be a long night…

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2. Floating Rose

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Great story i'm loving it already
I wonder what happen to this Buffy and if she gonna change or something?
What about Anya ?
Please keep going ! ! !
Kisses :blush

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Wait.... I'm a bit confused... Tara doesn't have a soul?? How and when did that happen?? Or is her soul just a metaphor for willow? Eh.... :happy help me out here... But please do continue... :peace

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Sooo loving this,can't wait to till you introduce willow into all this. Its a shame about Buffy being so cold, that even Dawn can't trust her and looks like she's afraid of her. Can't wait to read more.!!

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Thanks guys for all the good coments. The Second part will take a couple of days because is longer and the most important part, so I want to make sure I get it right.
By the way, the sould thing was a metaphor related to Willowm, they are souldmates, after all, duh! lol.

And my friend said that I shouldnt say this now, but I want to say it and I dont care, honestly. Buffy does have a crush on Tara, but dont worry, she'll get what she deserves and Tara loves Willow, so nothing will EVER happen there.

To be honest, I feel like a little girl. Im just so excited about this. I want to do my best for you guys so I promise to give 110%. I feel like... :pinky :pinky lol...

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Yay for great update-y goodness... Good that both Dawn & Tara realized that Buffy is like a "vampire with a pulse"... I truly hope that they both leave the house very very soon. Maybe with Faith to LA where they reunite with Willow...

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This is such a great story with so much going on and the charactes in all new places and I've been wondering how they got there from the start, especially Buffy. I'm pretty sure you'll tell us in your own sweet time Alex, but for now thiis story is just awesome and I can't wait to read your next update. :wtkiss

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This is such an awesome story. Your characters are thought out, unique and yet true to form. This story is so different... I really like what you have written so far and I am looking forward to the upcoming chapters :)

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Really nice story...
I can't believe Buffy has a crush on Tara. It's so weird...
And Faith and Dawn would make a nice couple, though I have never thought about it.
Well, I'm curious to know how and when Willow is gonna appear.

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could you post more?cause I really like this story and can't wait to see what next.. :blush
Glad that Tara needs her soul back..
sure it won't be easy to rekindle the relationship with Willow, but she would give it a try, right?
and I'm willing to wait and keep reading until it happens :kdevil

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great start. can't wait to see what is to come. buffy needs an attitude check. she is really annoying me. what is her problem? i am hoping that dawn and tara go back to la with faith. i need some willow and tara time. i hope they are together soon.

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Interesting start so far. Buffy has the hots for Tara and it looks like Faith and Willow are friends.

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I just caught up on this story and I must admit, my curiosity is peaked.
Look forward to more!

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Really, guys. I am really sorry it took me so long to finish this damn chapter. I tried to make it the best that I could, I hope I not sure if I did but....lets have hope...
First, I would like to write a note...

1-NOTE:: Many thanks to my dear Beta Rick, dude, I owe you one. You're always supporting and helping me and encouraging me to write and do my best. And to my dear buddy Chris, dude, you're awesome. I dont know how you bear with me, you're always helping me so I really wanna thank you. For real, you're awesome.

2-NOTE:: The situations with Dawn and Faith, especially the fist one in the couch (you'll see) is kinda like to break the tension. And something like that actually happened to me. lol.. I added two small flashbacks to show how the situation was like when Faith got to England, maybe they're not much, but I hope I didn’t screw it up...

I hope the wait was worthy, if it wasn’t....the insults please at this address... (dont want public insults). Now, here is the chapter...

CHAPTER 3- Revelations or more questions? Part II

“This is a conversation I’m not gonna like, right?” Faith asked unnecessarily, standing in front of the other two women who were sitting on the couch.

“You probably won’t, Faith. Please, sit down” Tara indicated the Slayer to sit and after hesitating a moment Faith obeyed.

“Who wrote the notebook, Faith? And don’t tell me Fred did because it wasn’t her magical signature what I felt”

“Fred wrote it, T” Faith answered. “You’ve seen her handwriting, it was Fred”

“Do not try to fool me, Faith. Yes, that was Fred’s handwriting, but we both know she’s not that good with magic. And you can’t fool me when it comes to magic, especially Willow’s” Tara calmly said, focusing her blue eyes on Faith.

Faith sighed, suddenly feeling trapped.

“I don’t know what you want me to tell you, T. I can’t tell you anything, I don’t know anything” Faith lied, trying hard to hide the sudden nervousness in her voice.

“We know Willow is with you in LA or that at least you know where she is. We know that the two of you have become friends, Faith. Please, just tell us the truth” Dawn added.

“I can’t tell you anything, ‘kay? I made a promise. I won’t break it; I promised and won’t break it!” Faith snapped.

“Why? Why doesn’t she want us to know about her well being?” Tara snapped back. “Why? We all know she’s the one that sends those Christmas presents… Why would Willow do that if she didn’t care?” The blonde took a deep breath and tried to calm her tone. “Please, Faith. We need to know, I need to know…” Tara’s eyes were looking right into Faith’s, showing her the pain and suffering they held within, but also something the Slayer couldn’t put her finger on it… love, maybe?

“Tara, you, Dawn, Xander… you guys have been great to me. You forgave all my mistakes and have become really good friends. But although it may sound weird to hear this from me…Will became my family, and I won’t break the promise I made to the only family I ever had” Faith finished saying this and ran one of her hands through her dark hair, looking down. Then she rested her elbows on her knees and tried to control her breathing and her now racing heart. She wouldn’t break her promise…

“What the hell…” Faith looked around, but nobody had said anything, and that voice didn’t belong to either of the women in front of her.

“What’s wrong, Faith?” Dawn asked.

“What happened?” Tara also asked.

“Nothing guys… I’ll go get another beer, ‘kay. Just need a minute”

Faith ran to the kitchen to get another beer from the fridge and began pacing around, wondering how the hell she would get out of that mess. She couldn’t break the promise she’d made…

“It is time, Faith…” a voice said from behind her and the Slayer almost drops her beer bottle. Right there, standing in front of her was Cordelia Chase, former cheerleader and member of Angel Investigations crew, now a member of the Powers that Be. The young brunette was wearing a long white robe with a golden pattern all over and golden sandals.

“Holy shit, Cordy! What the fuck are you doing here?” Faith asked dumbstruck.

“Hello to you too, Faith” Cordelia rolled her eyes at her. “I came to talk to you. Why else would I be here?”

“To talk to me? Why?”

“Geez, you can be dense sometimes, Faith” Cordelia stopped herself from rolling her eyes again. “I’ve seen your little chat with Tara and Dawn”

“What’s the deal with that? I won’t say a shit to them, even if I have to be a bitch. I won’t break my promise”

“You have to, Faith” Cordelia said.

“What? Are you crazy? I won’t do that!”

“You have to. It’s time for the truth to come out, Faith. Tara deserves to know it all and you have to tell her”

“Everything?” And Faith’s eyes strangely showed fear for a moment.

“You have to tell her about what happened 8 years ago, how Willow grew up. You have to explain to her because you’re the only one who can. You were sent here because you’re the only one who can”

“I was sent?”

“Yes. I gave Angel the idea of sending you in his place. You can be mad at me if you want to but you need to understand. You’re the only one who can explain to Tara what Willow went through because you were there the whole time, Faith”

“I have to tell her… everything? Including…that not so little detail?” Faith lowered her voice in case of the other women in the house decided to come looking for her.

“No. There are some secrets that only Willow can explain, Faith” Cordelia said before sighing and looking down for a moment. When she looked up again, her eyes met Faith’s and added. “It’s time, Faith, for them to go home”

“So…it’s over, then? You said before, that only when the danger was gone, would be time for the truth to come out” Faith hesitated, wanting to make sure that there was no danger before doing one of the biggest things of her life.

“The danger is over, Faith” Cordelia confirmed and her lips curled into a small smile.


“Yes. And now I must go, you have work to do and don’t worry, everything will be fine”

“Thank you, Queen C. I hope you’re right”

“Give Lil’ Red a kiss for me”

And the Power that Be simply vanished in the air. Faith looked up at the ceiling and joked.

“No sparkles, no blinding light? That must be frustrating, right, Queen C? You always liked big entrances!”

The Slayer laughed and took a deep breath. If Cordelia asked her to break her promise then she was telling the truth, the danger was really over, and it was time for the truth to come out to the light…

Red’s voice said in the back of her head…

“Faith, we were thinking you ran away or something” Dawn joked when the dark-haired Slayer appear again in the living room and sat down in front of them again.

“I needed to think. And I got a deal for ya”

“What’s the deal?” Tara asked.

“I get to ask you two things. It’s not really my place, but I need to know before I say anything. Then I’ll tell you everything and you can ask anything you want, I can’t guarantee I’ll answer all you ask though.”

“Sounds fair” Tara agreed, already anxious to hear all she’s been missing during those long years.

“‘Kay. Are you completely, 100% sure that…Have you forgiven Red for the mistakes she made?”

“Faith, it’s been 8 years! 8! Don’t you think that I wouldn’t be talking about this if I wasn’t over what happened? For a while I thought that I had to be angry at her, but I can’t… I just can’t be mad at Willow. And I had 8 years to forget and forgive, Faith”

“Good. You still love her? You still love her in such a way that even after Willow tells you the things that I can’t you’ll be willing to take the risk?”

“Faith, Willow is my soulmate. I love more than life. I need her…I need her to breathe, to live… Without Willow I only exist, Im not complete…” Tara said confidently. Faith looked at her, not being able to hide her surprise but a moment later she smiled.

Faith thought.

“There’s something wrong that Tara needs to know, Faith?” Dawn asked, her eyes watching every move Faith was doing and noticing the sadness that clouded her eyes for a second.

“No guys” Faith answered. “But there’s a lot of stuff that you and Red need to talk about. And I really hope that you remember what you just said… it all happened 8 years ago…”

“Goddess Faith! You sound like she killed somebody” Tara’s eyes shot wide open. “She didn’t, did she?”

“No, she didn’t. Why would you think that? But there is stuff only Red can explain and you’re gonna be REALLY pissed at her…”

“I don’t care whatever it is. We can work it out. I only want to understand… See if I still have a chance…”

Faith was silent…

“‘Kay, I guess it’s my turn…” Faith hesitated for a second, wondering again if this was really the best thing to do, but she cleared her throat and said. “Well, you know how everything changed when Percy became the head of the Council; he sure kicked those bastards’ asses. Traver’s face…that was priceless… I wish I could have seen that and taken a picture, that mother fucker… When Percy came to LA and told me they wanted to give me a second chance I couldn’t believe it. I thought that it was some kind of trap or somethin’. It wasn’t. They cleaned my record, took me to England and explain what the plan was. I would work with the G-man and a coven friend of his. He would be my babysitter, basically. During the trip to his house, I was sure it was all a set up to kill me or somethin’. After all, Giles hated me. So I asked him…”

* * * *
Giles was driving towards his house, which was just outside of London. The Watcher glanced at Faith, who was sitting in the passenger seat in complete silence staring at the world outside the window.

“Are you alright, Faith?” Giles asked his silent companion.

“Yeah. Im fine, G-man” Faith absently answered, not looking at him.

“I can imagine this past few days have been very confusing, Faith. And I hope that we can-”

“Why are you here, Giles? Why did you volunteer? You still want revenge for all the shit I did?” Faith cut him off angrily. “Whatever you’ve planned, let’s get over with it”

“Faith, I understand how you might think that this is some kind of trap but I assure you that my intentions towards you are not of that kind” at first his tone was polite but after saying this, the older man sighed and seemed lost in thoughts for a moment, which after he added. “Faith, I know I used to see everything as black or white, but I realized that I also made mistakes the first time. So I am begging you, let me help you. I want to do things right this time, Faith”

“Why the sudden change, G-man? What’s in it for ya?”

“I truly want to make amends with you, Faith and I hope that helping you, you can forgive me for the mistakes I did and-”

“What’s the catch?” Faith interrupted him.

“Excuse me?”

“Yeah…There’s always a catch. I know you want somethin’ G-man. Out with it, just say it”

“I don’t request anything from you, Faith. But I will be honest with you, I was hoping that while we’re helping you to get back on your feet, you would be able to help me with a…a dear friend of mine, who is going through a very bad time of her life”

“You want my help? It must be some heavy shit if you’re that desperate…”

“No, actually, I had other options, but I thought that you would be the right person to help me with her”

“What’s her deal? What did she do?” A now curious Faith asked.

“Well…she has made some bad choices lately and…”the British man pondered for a second if he should explain everything. “Just like you, she is trying to make amends, redeem herself for the mistakes she’s made and learn how to get back on her feet. You won’t have to help much, Faith, she only needs a…um…a woman’s help, if you understand what I’m trying to

“Let me guess… withdrawals?” Giles nodded silently and Faith thought about it for a second, now she understood what the Watcher was asking her. She had seen too many girls and boys suffering the withdrawals, shaking until they couldn’t even dress by themselves or do something as simple as feed… “She did drugs, then”

“You could say so, yes. She has been living with me for the past two weeks and started to work with the coven, but she is still weak. And I am afraid that I can’t help her all the time, I can’t be with her always and of course, sometimes she doesn’t let me help her at all”

“She’s stubborn, huh? And been with ya for only two weeks? What did she do to decide to get clean?” Faith asked. “C’mon, G-man, every junkie has to mess up really bad before decide to get clean”

“Well…” Giles sighed again and cleared his throat. “I don’t know if I should be the one to tell you that, Faith…”

“C’mon, Giles. I killed a guy, been in jail, nothin’ can surprise me anymore” Faith said bluntly.

“She used magic to manipulate her girlfriend’s mind and almost killed her best friend’s sister” the Watcher sighed, suddenly seeming more tired and older than Faith had ever noticed. The Dark Slayer thought about this for a moment, and realization hit her…

“NO WAY!” Faith exclaimed, her eyes widening in shock.

* * * *
Dawn had gone to the kitchen to get a round of beers, sensing they would need them and returned a moment later handling the beers to her friends. Faith took a moment to enjoy the cool taste in her mouth before continuing with her story… As the words left her mouth she saw every single memory rising in front of her eyes like they were part of some old movie, not part of the same reality…it all happened such a long time ago…

“When I realized that it was Red who was livin’ with him, I was shocked, to say the least… Giles told me everything…” Faith trailed off not wanting to talk about how much she understood what happened to Willow, the pull of the power, the rush…and how wonderful it felt back then… “We got to his house and heard a loud noise comin’ from somewhere. We ran to what I noticed was the kitchen. It was a mess, food was all over the island and we found Red on the floor curled up into a ball, huggin’ her knees to her chest tryin’ to control her body. She’s got an attack while she was tryin’ to cook somethin’ for me as a welcome. She was shakin’ so badly…”

* * * *
The Watcher pulled the key from his jacket pocket and opened the door to the large house. They were in front of the stairway to the upper floors, a door to enter the garage by their right and the living room to their left.

“Eh...well, now allow me to see where Willow is and then, I’ll take your stuff up to your room, Faith, please…this is your house” Giles left his keys on the table by the door and hung his jacket on the little hook.

“Nah, don’t worry, G-man. I’ll take care of that later, but I’d love a beer right now” Faith walked into the living room taking in her new ‘home’. The living room consisted of one large couch and two comfy looking big armchairs facing each other from opposite corners of the couch. Directly in front of the couch there was a new plasma TV, no doubt Willow had gotten it and a Playstation with several video games, no doubt also her property.

There was a loud noise coming from somewhere and Faith followed Giles into the kitchen, which was separated from the living room by a door. The Watcher and the Slayer ran inside to find food spread on the kitchen island and what seemed to be lasagna all over the floor. They heard sobs and rounded the island… Willow was laying on the cold floor curled up in a ball, her arms hugging her knees to her chest and still shaking uncontrollably.

Something inside of Faith broke when she saw the sweet naïve redhead there on the floor shaking, crying and with bags under her eyes, looking weak and broken…

“Dear Lord, Willow… Come here, sweet child…” Giles knelt by her side and pulled her into his arms. At first Willow didn’t want to let go of the hold she had on her knees but her arms couldn’t take anymore and had to let go.

“I’m so… sorry, Giles. I wa-as tryin’ to pre-epare dinner. I’m so, so sorry, Giles...I’m so stupid, so stupid…”

“No, no, no, my dear…relax, Willow, let it flow through you…” Giles was telling her in a low voice while holding the redhead. Slowly Willow’s body relaxed and the shaking ended just like the tears… “Do you feel better, Willow?”

“Yes, Giles. Thank you… I just wanted to prepare some dinner before you and Faith arrived but when I was taking the lasagna out of the oven…I lost it. Im sorry. I’ll clean everything up and then make something else…” Willow was starting to babble, trying to stand and falling down again and stuttering all at once. What had happened to the perky always happy redhead? Faith felt a pang of something inside of her but she couldn’t put her finger on it…

“No, no, no. You young lady are going upstairs and have a bath. I will make sure this gets clean and I’ll order some food from that Italian place you like so much. Now, can you stand?”

Willow tried again to stand up but ended up falling down on Giles again.

“Sorry, Giles. You know how my legs get after a big attack…” Willow apologized, her voice raspy and tired.

“Let me take care of that, Red” Faith finally said, slid one arm under Willow’s knees and her other arm around her waist to lift her up without effort.

“Are you sure, Faith?” Giles asked, looking at her as if asking if she was going to help or not.

“Yeah, I’ll take Red upstairs” Faith said before walking out of the kitchen through the living room and up to the upper floor. “Which one?” The Slayer asked and Willow simple pointed to the second door on the right side of the hallway. She was awfully quiet but Faith didn’t comment anything.

Willow reached out to grab the door knob and open the door, still being carried by Faith.

The bedroom was simple, a big comfy bed in the middle of the room, one nigh table on each side of the bed, a closet and a bathroom and a shelf with books, double french doors leaded to the balcony and a small desk with Willow’s laptop was placed by the doors.

“Nice room, Red” Faith said placing carefully the redhead on the bed.
Willow again didn’t answer but instead she lowered her gaze to the floor and simply stood there. “I’ll go and run you a bath, ‘kay?” Again, the redhead simply nodded.

Faith went to the bathroom, ran Willow a bath and came back to the room, shifting from foot to foot wondering if she also had to help Willow taking her clothes off…

“Red, can you take your clothes off or you need my help?” Faith asked trying to be gentle with the fragile looking redhead.

“No, I can…thanks, Faith…” Finally Willow spoke in a low voice that didn’t sound like hers at all. But when the redhead tried to undone the first button of her shirt her hands started to shake slightly so Faith asked.

“You sure you don’t need help, Red? Looks like you do”

“No, I’m fine Faith” Willow stubbornly said trying again to undone the button.

“Here, let me help you, Red” Faith said, she knelt in front of Willow and helped her to get rid of the shirt. “Don’t worry, I’m not tryin’ to cop a feel, Red, you’re not my type” The Slayer joke actually made a little smile appear in Willow’s lips and blush a little.

“Help me to get up” Willow asked and carefully Faith helped her to stand and walk towards the bathroom, still wearing her jeans and her bra. Faith helped her to sit down on the edge of the tub stood up.

“I’ll be right outside, when you’re done, just call me. And don’t worry, I’ll close my eyes” Faith joked and that little smile showed up again in Willow’s lips.

Faith sat on the bed waiting patiently for the redhead to finish. Now she understood why Giles wanted her to help her, now she understood that they had more in common than they always thought. After hearing from Giles what happened in Sunnydale and seeing the usually perky redhead so…broken, she understood they were the same and that the only way to redeem themselves from the mistakes they did was to actually help each other…

* * * *

“Since that first night we started to get along, we were surprised to be honest, we never thought we could become friends but we did. Durin’ the following days and weeks, I tried to make every single joke I could just to see her smilin’, I noticed that every time the smile would last a little longer and her mood would be happier, so that was a good goal” Faith was explaining. “She was gettin’ better and better, she would shake only a little or not at all until they simply disappeared, just like the depression. About after three months is when she started to have contact with you guys. I gotta say that it was priceless to see her so nervous before sendin’ an e-mail and I teased her without mercy for it. She kept gettin’ better; we both were working with the coven, meditatin’, learnin’ about the nature of the darkness and the light, the Earth. It was kinda cool actually, if I gotta be honest. I started working with Giles, Red went back to school. Hell she even convinced me to go back to school”

“Really?” Dawn couldn’t help to show the surprise in her voice.

“Yes. With her help, I finished high school and even went to college. Oxford. Impressive, huh?” Faith grinned. “Anyway. After a little more than a year, Willow started to practice again with the coven, she didn’t want to do magic again, but she had to. There were…um…things that forced her to understand that she needed to start practicin’ again”

“What happened?” Tara was the one to ask this time.

“Some big Bad that tried to kick our asses, she was needed, she knew, we all knew it. Red had to start again. She worked her ass off with the coven, you’d be proud of her, T” her own mind replied. “Anyway… so, Red started to work in the Council, buildin’ their security mixin’ tech stuff with magic. We really had fun doin’ that…” Faith chuckled.


“Cause I was helpin’ her. She did the whole deal and I tried to break in, it was a hell lot of fun!” Faith chuckled again and fell silent again.

Of course Faith forgot to mention all the times she had held Willow while the redhead cried, all the times she had to carry her because her body would shake in such a way that she could harm herself, all the nights they had stayed up talking until late, how many nights she had to calm her friend after the nightmares, or how Willow sometimes wasn’t able to feed by herself and she and Giles would always be there to help…No, of course she hadn’t mentioned that…

“Faith” The Slayer looked up, Tara’s voice making her snapped out of her trance.

“Yeah, sorry. Kinda spaced out for a sec”

“Why did Willow cut all contact with us?” Tara asked.

“Well…” Faith actually choked trying to get the words out of her mouth. How could she explain what happened without revealing too much?

“It was Buffy, wasn’t she?” Dawn asked. “You were in LA when she made that trip years ago” It wasn’t a question; it was a statement the former Key made, sadness pouring from every word.

“I always thought you were a smart cookie, big D” Faith nodded at her.

“Buffy? Goddess… What did she do? Beat Willow up?” Tara frowned, she couldn’t believe this! Buffy? The friend who had looked after her so many times was the one responsible that Willow had cut all contact? She knew that Buffy was a little bit obsessed with her but…that was something completely different.

“Red and I were in LA, yes. Things were goin’ good, the mails, the phone calls, Red wanted to go slow and try to make it up with you guys, especially you, T” Faith began. “She didn’t want you to know we were in the States ‘cause she wanted to go slow. Patience was never her best virtue but y’know…she was doin’ it for her and you. That afternoon she was alone in the hotel, we were gone to kill a nest of vamps we found the night before. B showed up, as soon as she saw Red alone started to yell at her all this bullshit… B yelled how she had to stay the hell away from you, she said that Red had betrayed you all and your lives were better without her. B told her that she wasn’t worthy of any of you…that if she still cared a little about you guys she would leave you all alone, especially you T”

“And…” Tara knew Faith wasn’t over and she wanted to hear it all.

“B reminded her of what she did. Went yellin’ around how she was…a rapist, how she ruined everyone’s lives and that didn’t deserve to be forgiven…” By now Faith’s hands had become fists, fighting back the anger that made her blood boil and didn’t even bother to wipe away the tear rolling down her cheek.

“My God…Buffy…” Dawn shook her head and wiped away her own tears.

“How could she? How could she do that?” Tara whispered, trying hard not to feel sick by what Faith was telling her.

“We came back and found Red on the floor cryin’ and B still yellin’ at her. I made the others leave and started fightin’ with B. That stupid bitch wouldn’t keep her mouth shut and kept yellin’ that Red was…” Faith gulped some air. “Worse than your family and…Glory together…”

“Don’t continue if you don’t want to, Faith” Dawn told her to help her calm down. This obviously affected Faith more than she was trying to let on, but the Slayer wasn’t doing such a great job…

“In the end, B and I were fightin’ with our fists…I didn’t want to, I tried makin’ her leave without gettin’ there, but I lost it when she saw…” Faith realized what she was about to reveal and stopped, took a deep breath and continue. “Fang-boy stepped in between us. I went to Will to make sure she was okay while Angel tried to make Buffy leave without havin’ to kick her ass out. My big Red was no fool though ‘cause she stood up, looked at B right in the eye and said ‘I know I don’t deserve Tara, but you don’t either and she’ll never love you as more than a friend. You’re dead inside, Buffy’…”

This time Faith smiled, obviously proud of her friend while Dawn wrapped one of her arms around Tara, offering her silent support.

“So that is why Willow stopped trying to contact us?” Tara asked.

“Yeah, that and well.. B told her you were movin’ on, datin’ again…”

“I’m so kicking my sister’s ass in the moment she enters this house” Dawn muttered.

“I should kick her ass, Dawnie. She’s your sister, after all” Tara whispered. “I hate her right now…” The blonde Wiccan added through gritted teeth.

“Let it go, T. She doesn’t deserve it”

“I know… I’m just so…pissed at her right now…I need to drink some water…” Tara ran to the kitchen.

Faith sighed, tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear and looked at Dawn from the corner of her eye. The Slayer tried in vain to shut the part of her brain that remained aware of how beautiful the younger girl was and how hot she looked in those tight jeans and fitting dark blue shirt, opened just the necessary to show some collarbone and just the beginning of her full breasts... Faith cleared her throat and took a deep breath, trying not to look at Dawn.

In front of her, Dawn was having some similar thoughts. The former Key was getting worried about Tara, the blonde had taken the news too well for her taste. She knew Tara was angry, and she also knew that the blonde Wiccan would never show it if she could stop herself. A part of her was feeling hopeful at the chance that maybe her favourite couple, the one she looked up to as a role models, could after all be together again…The brunette still held the childish hope that love may win in the end…

Dawn noticed that Faith was staring at her and the intensity in the Slayer’s eyes but she didn’t look back. Dawn’s eyes roamed down a little and the brunette almost jumped of the surprise when she saw Faith’s nipples standing erect through the fabric of the tank top and she silently gulped.

Dawn insulted herself for letting those long lost thoughts invade her mind, especially in a moment like this…

A loud crash made them look in the direction of the kitchen and then to each other.

“Maybe you should go after her, D”


Dawn went to the kitchen to find Tara picking up the pieces of the broken glass and throwing them into the trashcan.

“What happened Tara?”

“Nothing, I just…lost control I guess…” Tara wouldn’t look at Dawn when the brunette walked closer so former Key put her hands on Tara’s shoulders and made her look at her. Tears were rolling down Tara’s cheeks and the brunette’s heart just broke. They hugged and held each other while Tara quietly sobbed.

“Feeling better?” The brunette asked when she felt Tara calming and her body relaxing.

“Yes, I just needed to…let go” Tara cleaned her tear strained cheeks and took a deep breath.

“Are you sure you’re up to keep talking?”

“Yes, I need this…I do” This time her voice sound firmer and Dawn remember Tara had her own resolve-face.

“Let’s go back, then”

“You alright, Tara?” Faith asked her when they returned to the living room.

“Yes, I’m okay, Faith” Tara didn’t waste time and asked. “So, what happened after?”

“After what happened with B, Red was kinda depressed for a few weeks, the only person who actually got her out from that was… Fuck, you’re gonna find out anyway. It was the Xand-man. He was the only one who could get her out of that state”

“Xander?” Both Tara and Dawn couldn’t help their surprise.

“Don’t be mad at him, Red made him promise that he wouldn’t say anythin’… He never liked keepin’ secrets from you guys but Red had been like a sister since they were like 5…”

“They’ve kept the contact all this years?” Dawn asked but strangely didn’t seem angry.

“Yes. He’s been a very good friend stayin’ in touch all this time, visitin’… Please, don’t be mad at him”

“We could never be mad at him for being a good friend, Faith” Tara reassured the Slayer with a small but sincere smile and Faith clearly relaxed.

“Yeah, Faith. He was keeping his promise, we’d have no reason to be mad at him” Dawn agreed, although deep inside she was planning on getting him back for not telling her.


“Xander helped her, then?”

“Yes. Don’t ask me how, but the dude got to the hotel and in a couple of hours, everything was normal again, like no shit happened. I didn’t care as long Will was okay”

“So, you stayed with Angel and his crew all this time?” Dawn asked.

“No way, no. We went back to England. Red didn’t wanna be here anymore. So went back to the lives we had there, both of us workin’ with the Council, training with the G-man (you’d be surprised at how good Red is at karate), Red was always studyin’ some new crap, workin’ with the coven… That was it ‘till about four years ago, Angel needed some help, we came back to help him, we decided to stay in LA. Percy-boy made the Council built us a house, the Xand-man took care of that. I think he was happy when we told him he could spend the money of the Council” Faith laughed remembering the face of the young man when they told him. “Willow’s been working in creatin’ computer programs and that kind of shit, I’ve been working teaching karate in a local gym in West Hollywood. The last year, Red was in the cover of that magazine… Today’s Technology because of the software she created and Microsoft bought the software”

“We saw that magazine. Tara still has like five copies of it in her room. I think she uses them as porn” Dawn joked and covered her face with her hands when the now blushing Tara hit her arm playfully.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about, Dawnie” Tara replied.

“Red does the same with your books, Blondie” Faith teased a little noticing how the tension left her.

“Shut up, it’s not about that and you two know it” Tara said seriously, although a little smile appeared in her lips.

“We know, Tare, we’re just joking” Dawn said still giggling a little.

“Yes, Blondie, we are. And congrats for the last book, by the way. Totally forgot about it” Faith said.

“Really? You read my books?” Tara couldn’t hide her surprise and after a moment her eyes widened in fear. “Willow read my books?”

“She loves ‘em, of course she does. I remember when the first one came up, Red was nervous about buyin’ the damn book for like…a week. She wouldn’t say anythin’ to me, but I knew she was tryin’ to get it but she was too much of a big chicken to go and buy it. So I went to the book store, got the damn book and drop it in front of her on the couch. ‘A present, let me borrow it later to read it’ I said and left her alone. She cried all the time she spent readin’ it. She did the same with the second…”

“She cried?”

“With every page. But it was a good thing, they were…happy tears. She may don’t say it but she’s proud of ya”

“I always…I always thought about the possibility of Willow reading my books. I…I don’t know…I always hoped she liked them”

“She does, she loves them” Faith reassured her with a smile neither Tara nor Dawn had ever seen before.

The three young women fell into a strangely comfortable silence for a few minutes until Tara spoke again.

“You said that I could ask questions”

“And I also said that I didn’t promise I’d answer everything” Faith replied.

“So…Willow life is good, right?” Tara asked, suddenly feeling a little nervous.

“She’s okay… She’s got a good job, friends who take care of her, yeah…”

“You’re always with her, are you? You’ve been always by her side…”

“It may sound weird to hear this from me, but Red became my family. The only one I ever had. She never turned her back on me” Faith explained softly, obviously not very comfortable with the topic but she knew it was necessary.

“You mean like we did to her?” The blonde Wiccan snapped and the hurt in her voice was worse than a punch for the Slayer.

“I’m not saying that, Tara. I’d never say that. Who would I be to judge?” Faith took a deep breath and stood up, pacing around the room.

“Im sorry, I didn’t mean…I am really sorry Faith…” Tara tried to apologize. She hadn’t meant to say that to her and she didn’t even know why she said it…

“It’s cool, T. Don’t sweat it” Faith waved a hand and ran said hand through her hair to pull it away from her face. The Slayer sat down on the couch again.

“Is… Is Willow seeing somebody?” As soon as the words left her mouth Tara’s heart began to beat faster and louder and the blonde Wiccan was scared the others may be able to hear it.

“Red hasn’t dated anybody since you, T. In 8 years nobody could make Red go on more than one date. She had a few but never dated the same girl twice and don’t get me wrong. She’s not like me in the whole use ‘em and leave ‘em”

“Sounds familiar…” Dawn muttered under her breath and raised an eyebrow at Tara.

“Really? I knew it! I told Red you were alone…. Damn, I’m good…”

“You think Willow still feels something for me? You think there’s still hope for us?”

“T, I know Red still loves you. I don’t get all that soul-mate crap but you and Red have that. She loves you and even if she was with somebody, she could never love ‘em like she loves ya”


“Yes, T. She does love you. Trust me I know. Red and I talked about this lots of times” The Slayer confirmed, feeling uncomfortable with the topic of the conversation. After all, the only person she ever talked about this kind of things was Willow, and always hearing her redhead friend’s thoughts not talking about hers… But they were friends, they had welcomed her and she could trust them…

Just like Willow, she had also come a long way….

“You think that…if I call her…she’ll want to see me?”

“You should just go, Tare. I mean, Willow won’t expect you and you’ll have the surprise factor on your side. Don’t forget what she thinks” Dawn suggested.

“That I’m a mega-bitch who turned her back on her and didn’t even wait more than a few weeks to start dating again?” Tara ironically guessed.

“Probably” The former Key nodded.

“Hey, no she doesn’t” Faith contradicted them. “Haven’t you heard a shit of what I been tellin’ ya? Willow doesn’t think that you turned your back on her. She knows you did the right thing. Period. What she does think is that you stopped lovin’ ‘er. She won’t say nothin’ to me but I know it kills ‘er to think that you stopped lovin’ ‘er and moved on, Tara” Faith added seriously.

“But I do love her…” Tara whispered, feeling sad and knowing that Willow’s fears were also hers…

“I don’t know about you guys but that couch is lookin’ really comfy and I’m dead tired” Faith said yawing.

“Want me to wake you up for breakfast, Faith?” Tara asked kindly.

“No, wait… What time is B comin’ back? I wanna get outta here before I strangle her” Faith chuckled.

“She won’t be home ‘till the afternoon. It’s always like that” Dawn answered and Faith looked at her not quite understanding. “She leaves every night after dinner and comes back the next afternoon or night. Nobody knows where she goes or what she does”

“Whoa. Not even I did that. She’s really that…um…”

“Dead inside” Dawn completed what Faith didn’t say.

There was a moment of silence, the three women thinking what to do next…

“I really hope Red’s not kickin’ my ass for this” Faith thought out loud.

“What you mean?” Dawn asked.

“I wasn’t supposed to say anything. I promised. But still I opened my big mouth. I hope Red doesn’t get mad at me”

“She won’t, Faith” Tara tried to make her feel better. She understood how much the Slayer was actually risking by telling her all this…

“How are you gonna do that, Tare?” Dawn asked and she and her friend locked gazes. “Okay, let’s do it”

“What? What the hell just happened?” Faith asked, because she knew something happened between the two girls but she didn’t quite understand what…

“Give me a minute to do one phone call and I’ll tell you” Tara left the room, leaving behind a Dawn who wouldn’t say a thing and a confused Faith.

The former Key and the Slayer were left alone in a room full of silence, stealing glances at each other and silently wondering what the future would have in store for them…

Tara returned to see her friends lost in each other’s eyes and looking away as soon as she entered the room. The Blonde Wiccan shook her head tired of them acting like teenagers and spoke to get their attention.

“It’s all set up” She told Dawn.

“T. What the hell are you talking about?” Faith asked obviously a little upset at not understanding what was happening.

“We’re leaving with you to LA. Angel said we could stay with him for as long as we want to. Dawnie, you don’t have to go…but you’re more than welcome”

“I’m in. Got nothing to keep me here anymore” Dawn told her firmly. “No job, I’ll talk to Mark tomorrow and I’m not willing to keep wasting my life worrying about Buffy when she doesn’t even care”

“Wait…. WHAT?” Faith kept looking from Tara to Dawn and back to Tara. “T… You lost it, right? Are you fucking crazy? OH fuck me… Red’s sooo kickin’ my ass now…” Faith hit her forehead with her palm and ran her hand through her hair.

“Everything’s gonna be fine, Faith. Please, Faith…I have to do this”
The Slayer and the Wiccan locked gazes.

“‘Kay. Tomorrow I’m meetin’ the Xand-man for lunch. After lunch I come back and we leave…if you’re not ready, then I’m leavin’ alone, ‘kay?”

“Sounds fair to me. I only need to pack everything in my car and I’ll call Evelyn from the car” Tara greed.


“My editor. Dawn, is that okay with you?”

“Sure, Tare. No problem” The younger girl agreed.

“Great. Faith, Angel said to remind you that tomorrow is Saturday. What does that mean?”

“Holy shit! Saturday!”

“And what does that mean?” Dawn asked.

“Every Saturday Will, I and the others go to Caritas to have a drink and just chill. If some gets a little drunk, usually sings a song. And from time to time, Lorne allows Red and Me to set up the instruments and play a few songs. Tomorrow, Red and I are playin’ with two friends” Faith explained. “The regulars in Caritas love us. When they see the instruments in the stage is ‘cause we’re singin’ and they go crazy…”

“You serious?” Dawn looked at her with wide eyes.

“Hell yeah! Red and I gave that song Drive and whole new meanin’, ya know…” Faith gave her one of her best and sexiest grins, making Dawn gulp air and lick her suddenly dry lips.

“What do you mean?” She dared to ask. The former Key hoped Faith wouldn’t notice the husky tone.

“Let’s just say that I can make a crow go wild. Red and I played in a friend’s club a few times and damn…they went wild!” Faith laughed out loud. “And then went all romantic when Red started singin’ one of those love songs…”

“Since when Willow sings in front of people? I used to have to beg her!” Tara NOW was shocked! Willow wouldn’t even sing in the shower because she was afraid somebody may hear her and now she was a regular singer in not just one but two clubs?

“Red decided to take lessons a few years ago and begged me to go with her, the big chicken. We took singing lessons and the G-man taught us how to play guitar and bass. I know what you’re thinkin’. Who would’ve thought, right? Me and Red doin’ that kind of shit? But it was fun and we have lots of fun sometimes”

“Wow…I never thought that…She never said anything about…” Tara stuttered.

Faith stood up and place and hand on Tara’s shoulder. The small smiled on her lips was so unusual in the Slayer and showed a sweetness that only Willow had ever seen.

“There’s something you need to understand, T. Some things will never change. But she’s a whole different person now. She’s not that Willow anymore. Your Willow, is still there somewhere, but changed. Just like you’re not the same girl who couldn’t say two words without stutterin’”

“I do understand that, Faith”

“Great. Now, guys…I’m really tired and it’s gettin’ late, y’know…” Faith yawned and stretched her arms behind her head.

“Yes, I’ll bring you a blanket and a pillow” Tara said.

“Or you could sleep in my room” Dawn blurted out before she could stop herself. “I mean… You can stay in my room and I’ll stay in Buffy’s”

“Nah, don’t worry, big D. The couch is fine” Faith smile at her. The Slayer took her backpack and said. “I’ll go change in the bathroom”

The former Key couldn’t stop herself. Her eyes were glue to Faith’s butt as the Slayer walked past her to go upstairs. Tara noticed this and raised an eyebrow to her surrogate sister.

“Still has some effect on you, huh?” The blonde Wiccan asked softly so in case Faith returned she wouldn’t be able to hear her.

“Yeah…” Her brain finally registered what Tara had just said. “What?”

“Faith… She still affects you” It wasn’t a question.

“I have no idea what you mean”

Tara raised an eyebrow again and smiled amused at the cute intent to look innocent.

“Sweetie, we spend way too much time together, c’mon…”

“Well…I will admit that she does look…nice in those clothes. Especially in those leather pants, she looks so hot. Her butt looks so delicious I’d love to…ehhh… There’s no way I’m digging out of this hole now, right?” Dawn looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“I don’t think so, darling”

“‘Kay, she’s hot, so what?”

“Since she got out of jail and the first time she came back you’ve been acting like this…You’ve had the biggest crush on her for years, Dawn. I may not say some things but I notice everything that happens around us, my friend”

“I don’t know about a crush, but she sure gets me all hot and bothered” Dawn admitted and didn’t look at Tara. “She always got me like that”

“Totally understandable, sweetie. She’s a strong good looking woman, confident and sensual. I understand that you feel attracted to her”

Dawn thought. “But you don’t want her” The former Key said instead.

“No, but she’s not my type. And I am still in love with Willow, Dawn”

“That’s my point…”

“I think that you just need to think about what you want and then make up your mind, honey. Otherwise you’ll drive yourself crazy. I’ll go get those blankets for Faith now”

Tara went upstairs and Faith came down a second later wearing nothing more than a black sports bra and black boxers shorts. Dawn almost died right there…

“I thought you’ll be in bed by now, big D” Faith told her and dropped her backpack onto the floor by the couch.

“I was about to go. You don’t wear anything but black, Faith?” Dawn tried to joke to forget the fire that woke up within her at seeing Faith’s tan skin and strong muscles with every move the Slayer made.

“I usually sleep naked, D. This is my chill outfit” Faith grinned at the open mouthed Dawn.

“Well…is a good thing you’re not naked, then. ‘Cause Tara would die of the heart attack” Dawn joked.

“And you, big D?” Faith flirted before she could stop herself. “You’d have a heart attack?”

“Me? Nah! You have nothing I haven’t seen before, Faith. I bet you got good stuff but nothing I haven’t seen before in the showers at school” gulp

Faith walked past her heading to the kitchen and stopped for only a second to whisper huskily in her ear.

“Too bad you have a boyfriend. Or I could show you what a great…stuff I got…” The Slayer grinned while leaving the room.

Dawn tried to speak. She opened and closed her mouth but no sound came out. Tried clearing her throat and it worked enough to mutter ‘oh god’.

Tara came back holding sheets, a blanket and a pillow under her arm.

“Dawnie, you still here? I thought you’d be in bed by now” Tara told her friend and began to prepare a bed on the couch for Faith.

“Yeah…it’s just…We were talking and…Faith…she’s…” Dawn tried to speak but she couldn’t blush, gulp and talk at the same time.

“Yo, T! You didn’t have to do that. I could’ve done it myself” Faith was drinking her beer while walking into the living room again and sitting in the loveseat and crossing her legs Indian style.

“Don’t worry, Faith…” Tara held back a fit of laughter after she saw what the Slayer was wearing. No wonder Dawn was acting like a horny teenager again…

“Okay, this is all set up…” Tara walked over Dawn and squeezed her arm momentarily.

“Thanks, T. I really thank you” Faith stood up and looked at the other two girls. “You too, D”

“No problem, Faith. It’s a pleasure to help you” Dawn blurted out before Tara could say something.

“And I thank you, Faith” Tara added. “Have a good night”

“You too, guys”

Dawn tried to say ‘good night’ as well but right on time Faith hand bent over to stretch before going to bed and the speak was lost in Dawn, so instead she stuttered something unintelligible before being dragged upstairs by Tara…

So, this was the chapter. I hope you liked it, guys. I tried to mix some humor, I didnt want a super dramatic chapter or something like that. I dont like too much drama, y'know...

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Yay for great update-y goodness... Good that Faith was there to help Willow through the rough patches... Big yay for Queen C for tellibng Faith to tell Tara and Dawn truth about where Willow is and what she has been doing for the last 8 years... I truly hope that before Tara and Dawn leaves Sunnyhell they slightly kill soulless-Buffy...

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Interesting;at least 2, maybe 3, unrelated fics with a crazy-nasty, domineering Buffy causing problems for Our Girls running on Pens at about the same time. In either case, bad 'cess to 'er.

Nice to see someone else recognizes that any storylines generated by Cordelia's dying could have happened just as well or better by her walking away and taking her own path.

Good luck on the surprise!

And I'm guessing the song "Drive" Willow and Faith were singing isn't the one by Alan Jackson :-).

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thanks for reading. And I had no idea about the other stories....I honestly like to read the stories when they are finished, I sooo have no patience. lol...kinda ironic, I know...

And yes, the song Drive is sooo not that one.... I was thinking more of Melissa Ferricks Drive....thats a sexy song...I thought it was perfect for Faith...

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Really not liking Buffy at the moment. Wondering what other secrets Faith is keeping for Willow. Hopefully Tara will be able to convince Willow that she does deserved to be loved by her.

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Okay, people...Im adding a short chapter 4. this will be really short, this one and a couple more will be short ones....I promise, what you all are waiting for is coming...soon there will be LOTS of :wtkiss :wtkiss kay.... lol... I took painkillers so im feeling a little :pinky :pinky some more.. :pinky :pinky :pinky :pinky LOL

Im sorry....I'm just in a VERY good I'll leave you with the chapter...

CHAPTER 4- The next morning

The next morning came a hell lot faster than anybody wanted to, since they all went to bed late and the night before had been emotionally exhausting.

Faith was awaken by Tara before ten o’ clock and after a quick shower Faith appeared in the kitchen still wearing her bathrobe.

“Faith, good morning. How did you sleep? I hope the couch was fine” Tara said.

“It was great, T. That couch is awesome” Faith answered.

“Why aren’t you dressed?”

“Yeah, I wanted to ask if you had a shirt or t-shirt that I could borrow. Don’t wanna wear the sweaty tank top, y’know and didn’t bring any spare”

“Sure. Pants as well? I don’t have leather ones but jeans…”

“No, thanks. My pants are fine. If I’d known I was gonna stay over I would’ve bring something more”

“Then, I’ll be right back”

Faith poured some cheerios into a bowl and some milk and began eating slowly.

A minute later, Tara came back with a black shoulders free blouse, a red fitting shirt and a black tank top.

“You pick the one you like, Faith. I thought these would be more your style, I didn’t think you’ll like my other shirts” Tara joked and left the clothes in front of Faith in the counter. “You already ate? I was going to prepare something” The blonde Wiccan was almost pouting now.

“Just some cheerios, but my Slayer tummy wouldn’t mind more food” Faith grinned while looking at the clothes. And you look cute when you pout, T. Whatcha say? I feel like wearing somethin’ different today” The Slayer held up the black lose blouse for Tara to see it.

“You’d look nice in that” Tara agreed.

“Cool, I’ll put this on. You’re gonna cook something?”

“I feel like cooking, anything you want?”

“Well, if it’s not a bother…But Red always spoke highly of your pancakes…” Faith said trying to use her best manners. “But I was thinking I would stop by the Food’s House. Those are the best!”

“Oh no, missy. That’s because you haven’t tried mine, buddy. Now is personal” Tara put on her own Resolve-Face and began pulling the items out of the fridge.

“Awesome, T. I’m gonna change in the bathroom”

Dawn ran into the kitchen a moment later fully clothed and smiling like a five year old…

“Is that the smell I think it is?” The former Key asked excited.

“Funny shaped or rounded?” A smiley Tara asked looking from over her shoulder.

“FUNNY SHAPE!! FUNNY SHAPE!!” Dawn was screaming and jumping up and down because of the excitement. The former Key ran towards Tara and hugged her from behind, the blonde Wiccan turned around and returned the hug.

“Oh, shit! Sorry guys…Am I interrupting?” Faith asked from the doorway.

“No, no, come, pancakes will be ready in a minute” Tara let go of Dawn and kept cooking her pancakes.
Dawn looked at Faith as she sat down in one of the stools. The black lose blouse hang from her shoulders leaving her neck, shoulders and collarbone bare for everyone to see. The blouse may be lose but still it couldn’t hide the generous curves of her breasts and the beginning of her hips.

“Why are ya all smiley, D?”

“Tara’s making pancakes, why else?” Dawn answered excited like a little girl in Christmas day.


“SO?” The former Key repeated and looked at Tara. “You didn’t tell her?”

“No, I didn’t, Dawnie” Tara didn’t even turned around.

“Tell me what?” Faith asked and Dawn looked back at her.

“Tara hasn’t prepared her funny shaped pancakes in more than 3 years, Faith”


“Why else? Because of Buffy” Dawn bitterly answered and frowned.

“What did she do?”

“We had a fight, she yelled, I yelled back. That was all. Can we not talk about this? Let’s not ruin such a nice day, please”

Tara placed a plate with all kinds of shaped pancakes and a bottle of chocolate syrup in front of the others and sat down as well.

“You’re right. Let’s not ruin the day” Dawn agreed and smiled like a little girl in Christmas when she grabbed a cactus shaped pancake.

“T, this is amazing! God, T, seriously…Never tasted something like this!” Faith was eating pancake after pancake and her mouth and cheeks were covered in syrup…

“Thank you, Faith…” Tara seemed lost in thoughts for a moment. “Could I ask you a question?”

“Sure T”

“What is that you’re hiding from me?” Tara bluntly asked, suddenly turning dead serious.

“What… What are ya talking about, T?” Faith asked, trying to look as innocent as she could.

“I didn’t say anything last night because we all were tired…but I know you’re hiding something from me, Faith. And I want to know what that is” Tara looked at her right in the eye and Faith couldn’t help to feel like being watched with X-rays…

“T, look. There are things I didn’t say last night, some doesn’t really matter, but there are a few that do. I told ya last night… There is stuff only Red can tell you about, even if I wanted to…I just can’t! Only Red can tell you what is that I’m hidin’. It’s her right…”

“Is it that big?” Tara asked, sighing.

“Yes. But I can’t and won’t say anything to you” Faith looked at the watch in the wall. “I have some things to do before lunch, I’ll come back after lunch so we can get the fuck outta here, ‘kay?”

“Sure” Dawn said, since Tara seemed lost inside her own head…

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Yay for good update-y goodness... I guess the bad stuff is linked to how Willow defeated the big bad (Darth Rosenberg perhaps?)... Okay now I'm really really pissed off at Buffy for taking away Tara's funny-shaped pancakes... I truly truly hope that Tara, Faith & Dawn :smash that stupid vampire with a pulse to the ground...

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Oww I love it.. :luv

I'm so curious to know what is Faith is hiding!!!

Please more update.. :pray

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