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PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 3:08 am 
this was so beautiful. dawn memorizing tara and being able to use her power at the same time to bring her back... buffy getting back to life... willow and tara being willow and tara. i loved them being out in the rain and wet and giggly. i miss giggly willow and tara. thank you so much for this wonderful fic, tulipp! hugs

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 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 3:15 am 
Wow, Tulipp...I've been reading your story right along, and even with that wonderful, touching, eloquent ending I'm still sad to see it come to fruition. That's one of the things I remember from writing fanfiction...getting responses from readers was what kept me going, kept me focused, on days when I didn't feel like writing, or that I didn't think I could get any helps to have external, enthusiastic motivation from comments of those who read your work. As an aspiring writer, I too crave comments/feedback, but on some level I also fear them...I don't know if that makes any sense. But let me just comment on your well-crafted tale.

To me, Season 6 was exactly what Tara said to Willow "Like a bad afterschool special. What, I'm dead and you're evil?" So much went wrong, we all felt and still feel betrayed by a show that is so much more than, well...a show. That becomes apparent in its fans willingness and need to continue the characters stories with their own imaginations to what they don't see onscreen. It's because we care. We can't help but. So when the framework of our beloved characters are so horribly misguided by their creators, no less, you can't help but feel a little lost. Okay, a lot lost. I think for so many of us, the anger still exists over Tara's death, and rightly so...and as such, at least for me, we haven't truly begun to accept her untimely exit and appreciate her for the character she was, what she meant to the other Scoobies, and also to us...because we want her back. And that's fine, and it shows a testament to the wonderful Amber Benson and what she brought to life. But anyways, to make a long explanation short--your story allowed for me to make sense of a dissarrayted season, and you put a lot of it into perspective...and you not only dealt with what ME canonized onscreen, you took the steps to fix it and it was Logical...and it fit...and now I'm screaming in my head how can ME not see what you saw. That this is a group of people who are so lost, and so without focus that they need something to come back to. Tara didn't just pop in and say "I'm here..." it made sense.

And thank you so much for giving Dawn her true purpose...I've always liked her character, she just seemed, well...underused. Like Anya. I mean, we can make fun of Dawn all we want with her shiny hair and her screechy voice, which, btw, thanks for not including in your fic. :) But the fact remains is her true potential has not been untapped by the writers. They built up this whole key thing, and then threw it to the side...why? I want to quote you on one passage from your last chapter that I think sums up completely and I can't even begin to express what an accomplishment that is in such a simple, yet wise analysis:

That was what had always attracted her to objects, to the small weight of bracelets or necklaces or key chains or lipsticks. It wasn’t just that she could take them without people seeing, although that had been kind of fun, too. In a super evil way, she quickly corrected herself, ducking her head so that Willow and Tara wouldn’t see the way her cheeks flushed with shame. But those trinkets… they had shape. She could put her hands in her pockets and feel them there, and they weighed her down. They kept her from blowing away.

How poetic, yet true to life is that. You give Dawn and the fans who wonder about certain just makes so much sense in my mind. And then this:

Watching Willow and Tara kiss….well, it made Dawn feel shivery. It made her hold her breath. She wondered if she would ever meet someone who would make her feel like that. Did healers get true love, she wondered? Did Keys?

You make Dawn so...human. So childlike, yet with the resolve of an adult. Hell, you even gave Janis life...that's great right there.

And thank you for your writing of Buffy. It's nice to see her finally look beyond her own world and truly understand that the others, her family, has been suffering...and to not only accept her own suffering, but to be resolved, and fight the good fight...and know that she has a purpose...and it's not to die. And it's not even just to rid the world of evil. It's to be a sister, and a best friend, and to be part of a family.

And what can I say about Tara and Willow...your Tara is just written wonderfully...the part where she asks Willow if she's just an accessory...I just loved that. And her conversations with Xander-I always felt that they understood each other, on some level. From that moment in "The Body" where she says "It hurts." There's a look that Xander gives her that speaks volumes above his reply of "yeah." He'll always care for Willow, maybe even love her, but I think he understands just what Tara means to not just Willow, but to everyone. And that's what was missing from this season. Tara was...she meant a lot to me, to everyone who watches and is a fan. I wanted the characters to feel that as well. And I just wasn't getting that. And it hurt. But your story helped smooth that out, a lot.

What else do I wanna say...characterizations are's very hard to do that really gotta have a good feel for them. I know some people who write a really good Willow, or Buffy, etc...but I think what you did is you came at it from understanding what the characters were, where they were headed, and what they wanted...and that's what brought them to life. You allowed them to write themselves. That to me is the essence of writing. Even if we don't hear Spike talk at all...we understand where he is at a certain place.

Oooh, and good job with the whole Doc/Professor thing. He always creeped me out, I always loved when he sees Buffy in the end of "The Gift" and says "This should be interesting" and she just pushes him off the scaffolding. This story was like Season 5, when everything came together, like the troll hammer and the connected a series of seemingly unconnected dots and made them a cohesive whole. You fixed a lot of what ME did wrong. And I wish that you were on their writing staff. I wish I was on their writing staff. Or any of the authors here.

Anyways, long rant aside. Beautiful job. I appreciate all the work you've put into it, and I hope to hear from you soon.

I'll leave you with this last quote:

Unlike so many of the days of the past months, tomorrow had a shape she could recognize.

Such a great line.

Sigh. Cluelessnes, thy name is Joss.

Justin (ready4scully)

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 4:45 am 
Tulipp - that was WOW, beautiful and amazing...pretty much speechless at describing how good it truly favorite part of it though:

“You steady me,” she said softly,...

To me - that says it all. THANK YOU. :)


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 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 6:03 am 
Wow. Tulipp, I've said it before, but I'll say it again - you write beautifully. The elegance of this story was breathtaking. Truly. I'm not eloquent enough to be able to put into words all the ways this story moved me, but it did. Your writing moved me. You write with a poet's heart. Thank you.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 6:17 am 
I don't think I've ever been so sad to see a story end.

Keep writing. You have a real talent. And I know this was one of the stories on Pens that helped heal some wounds.

Beautiful work. I hope I'm lucky enough to read more of what you write.

Thanks so much.



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 Post subject: Re: Fic: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 6:42 am 
I loved the ending of the storm in the beginning of this chapter. You've brought us safely through the storm that was season 6 into a safer and better place to stand on firm ground, terra firma.

I haven't said this enough, but your quotes are always perfect and I don't know how you always find just the right one for each chapter. I loved the first images of Willow and Tara, together and giddily happy, the rain unable to touch their joy and togetherness.

The flashback scenes work very well for Giles and Xander. I liked the image of Giles watching over them all and I liked Xander overcoming his fears to help Tara in a way that shows his own strengths. Someone has to build the world as well as defend it.

On to the core of the chapter.

I loved the elemental imagery that runs through this whole chapter. Each element was chosen perfectly to fit each person and I loved all the little details that remind us of their element and how it fits them in each individual's scene. You've taken the care to bring us closure with each and every one of the protagonists here in a wonderful way that highlights their individuality yets brings them together with a common theme.

Dawn's insubstantiality clearly makes her air and I liked how you took the care to explain Dawn's klepto phase in terms of weighing her down so the wind wouldn't carry her away. That's so much better. Buffy is definitely the rock that the group stands on so she must be the Earth and her ambivalent feelings about her element are so right, especially after digging herself out of it after her resurrection.

I loved Tara as water and starting her scene in the bath was so right. She's soft and yielding, calm and powerful, permanence in motion, deep like her element. She doesn't achieve victory through conflict, she wins by accepting and understanding. Though it's not something about her element, I had to laugh at her "showing off" to Willow.

Willow had to be fire, the conflagration that without water to balance it almost consumed them all as the storm reached its peak at the end of season 6. She's marked by the fire of her hair, but it's the fire of her soul that makes us love her, her enthusiasm for life and how much she cares. Fire can consume, but we need a candle (hopefully an extra-flamey one :-) to light our way through the darkness, to illuminate our joys and fears.

Of course, you, Juli, as the author, are the quintessence that underlies and brings these four elements together in a more perfect union.

The ending is perfect with the promise of a new day as Tara and Willow watch the sun rise. The last word of the story is "Always", a wonderful promise sealed with a kiss and confirmed by all the details of Tara's presence touching Willow. It couldn't be any better.

Thank you so much for this story, Juli. I've loved it from the beginning and I will miss it deeply now that it's complete, but I take comfort in the knowledge that I can return to it and read it again when I need to. You dedicated your first chapter to those who write the good stuff and you've certainly shown that you're one of that group with Terra Firma.

I hope I can one day make it to firm ground too.

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 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 6:49 am 
I know I'm being repetitive but that was a beautiful ending. I really loved the way you focussed on individuals and finished each of their stories. I feel like you gave us closure. Thank you.


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 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 6:50 am 
Tulipp~ Thank you so much for this wonderful piece of writing. You managed to bring peace to a Buffyverse brought to ruins in season 6... and you did it so magnificently. I loved it from beginning to end...the wonderfully deep characterizations of the Buffy players, the reaffirmation of friendship and love amongst the characters, and, most of all, the language and tone of the piece. Your writing style is simply mesmerizing. Thank you for sharing your time and talents. :clap


 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 9:17 am 
But now, the storm was over; the winds had calmed. I love that image, that what has passed was a terrible force of nature, but now there is peace. Giles will be a good person to help Dawn discover her abilities. He's probably as excited about it as she herself is.

Buffy's thoughts about earth, turning wonderfully to thoughts of how grounded she now feels. Brilliant.

I like that you've ascribed water to Tara, generally calm, soothing and life-giving, but also capable of great power. Willow, the fiery, passionate one - but fire can also have purging properties.

Tulipp I thank you so much for this amazing story.

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 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 12:24 pm 
Tulipp that was an amazing story! The writing was brillient, the storyline original. I really really loved this! I'm hoping for more from you sometime soon! (Well okay maybe we'll let you rest...)

Thank you so much!!


 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 1:10 pm 
Tulipp, what an amazingly beautiful ending. The imagery of the elements was so incredible and so perfectly matched with each character. Simply brilliant.

"Dawn always made things better." I really liked this line.

Your style of writing is so lovely and I will certainly look forward to reading something else from you in the future. Thank you for a wonderful story.


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 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 1:32 pm 
You know what I think, don't you? Tears and stuff. Bah. In a way I could hate you for doing that to me, and yet you know, I really don't. It's good to have such a powerful manner and style that you can elicit emotions in people. And I know that's what you did with this story. made me love Xander. Damn you.

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 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 2:55 pm 
Hi Juli - There's not a whole lot I can add that hasn't already been said. But I'll second Ruth's tears - you made me cry and that's a good thing, 'cause that means that I really, really liked it. And I did it straight thru which as far as I can recall I've only done one other time: from the curtain rise to the curtain down in Les Miserables (I've seen it 3 times now - cried all the way thru).

This...I'm burning to CD because it's a keeper. Thanks very much for putting the Kittens on firm ground.

Ciao, Melissa


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 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 3:14 pm 
Well, Kittens, I am frightfully longwinded in my response, but that’s really your fault because you have been so, so generous with your feedback. I really feel lucky to have had such kind people reading this thing.


Nicole, I didn’t see it coming really, but in the end, it all came down to family. I’m so glad you liked it, and thank you for the encouragement. I think I will not be able to stop myself from writing more; it’s completely addictive.

WiccansIllusion, hmmm. A sequel? Did I leave things open? Me? I love the idea of romantique writing; thanks for that. And I think maybe it did get better over time, although I still have a soft spot for the chapters right when Tara came back. Thank you for reading.

Kasey, I wasn’t sure about bringing in Janice in like that, but in the end, I wanted to show Dawn making a conscious choice to respect Willow and Tara’s relationship, and Janice seemed to provide a natural way to do that. And thank you so much for saying you’ll be looking for future stories; it’s very encouraging. I appreciate it.

Rane thanks so much. I’ve hardly given myself a chance in this story for anyone to feel lighthearted, but I figure a week passes, and everyone starts to feel a little euphoric. Hugs to you, too, and thanks for reading.

Justin, wow. I’m overwhelmed by your response, in a good way. Thank you for the time it must have taken you to write all of that. I think I’m going to have to go look for your fanfic now…. I think I know what you mean about craving but also fearing comments/feedback…and not just the flames, either, right? There’s a fear that in the responses, you as a writer won’t recognize the story that you are being shown. Not in the good way, where readers always see things you didn’t intend to put there, but in another way….that readers read something essentially different from what you wrote. At least, that’s what I thought of when I read that. It makes me so happy to see when readers see closure here, and perspective, and steps taken to fix a mess. That’s what I wanted t do so, so much, and I think I’ve been really lucky that the story I’ve seen coming back to me in feedback is the one I really hoped people would see.

As for Dawn, I have a lot of ideas about Dawn and her purpose and her Keyness…I think I’ve become so immersed in my version of her that I’ve blocked out the screechy voice altogether. Thanks for reminding me. :)

I think that what I found so interesting about the characters as they were left to be fixed at the end of S6 was that with D, B, W and T, as connected and interdependent as they are, they are in such different places. It’s really a best of all four, or three, worlds. That’s what hurts the most to me about the way the show has gone; the characters were so very rich, so suggestive. And now, it seems, they are not. As for Doc…well, I didn’t really give that too much closure here, but I always loved him. He had so much potential. And I loved the scaffolding scene you mentioned…he thought of himself as a threat, but he was just an insect to Buffy. I just loved that.

So thanks for your comments. And thanks so much for reading.

Branny, thank you for reading. And thanks for quoting. It’s strange…I see a quote, and I look at it, and then I think, “wow, I wrote that. Hee hee.” There’s a little thrill, you know? Thank you so much.

Autumn, seriously, if people will read what I write, then I’m the lucky one. I mean it. Thank you so much for reading this whole thing, really, and thanks for making a fairly recent newcomer feel so welcome here. You and so many others really are generous in letting new people in. Thank you for that.

Blameburner, now see, my mother always told me, growing up, that I talked too much. So now I want to say, “hey Mom, look? I have a poet’s heart! So there!” But, sigh, I will never say that to her, so it will have to just be my little secret happy thing. :) Thank you so much for reading.

Darkmagicwillow, I’m glad it worked. I really wanted to play with the elements, and the characters just suggested them to me so naturally. I know that it doesn’t entirely mesh with the colors (in that air is supposed to be yellow, but I can’t help but think of Dawn as green), but a little poetic license, perhaps. But for the other things you said abut the elements…it makes me think that I got across what I wanted to, and so I feel relieved. As for what you said about the union of the elements, well just see me blush. Sweetness.

As for the quotations….I couldn’t possibly say. :) That would require admitting that I have more than once gone to a quotation database and punched in keyboards. And as a teacher who spends a lot of time on quotation practices, I know that I shouldn’t do that. Because it’s wrong.

I love what you say about someone building the world as well as defending it; what a gorgeous reading of Xander’s character; you just made me see him in a whole new way. And I love the idea of Tara as “permanence in motion.”

Anyway, thank you for your comments all along and for challenging me to think more deeply about certain elements of this story. In the end, I didn’t do more with Doc, but there’s always next time…. And somehow, your signature just seems so right at this point. I love it.

MadeinNZ, it’s never repetitive to hear that someone liked it. Really! It means a lot. Thanks for what you said about closure; that was the main thing for me. Thank you for reading.

Sandbox, thanks. Peace…that’s a nice description. In the end, I really did little else for the last few months than work on this, so it means a lot that you liked it. In the end, I wanted all our girls happy. And now they are. :)

Mollyig, thank you. I have this image of Tara and Willow as water and fire, blue and red, perfectly matched. That’s why I love those two so much….they can handle anything we put on them, you know? But I wanted to thank you, too, for being such a committed responder. You gave me feedback every time, I think, and I really appreciated that. As you know, it can be scary to put something out there, and just knowing that there are readers who read everything…well, it’s a comfort. It really is. So thank you.

Kath, thanks. Thanks especially for “original”; having not written fan fiction before, I had no idea how anyone ever comes up with an original idea, even though people do it all the time. So that means a lot. Thank you!

Tiggr, thanks so much. As I’ve said, I got a little carried away with the elements…even did some research on them…but it felt right for me. The elements are so connected, all depending on one another for balance, and that’s just how I wanted to feel here. Thank you for reading!

Ruth. Don’t hate me. Because then you’d have to hate yourself. So much of the little things that went right (I hope) in these last 7 chapters have been due to your reading and chats and comments. You’re a damn good reader, and that’s all there is to it. As for you loving Xander, well, I hardly ever get to say this, but Mwahahahaha. See, now I’m starting to think there’s a challenge in here. If I can make a few people like Xander again, then what can I do with Mr. Finn? The wheels are turning already. Hmmmm….season five, here I come.

But you know, you also commented every time, even before you knew who I was, and as I said to Autumn above, I feel really lucky. You all have been around for a long time, and this is your place, but you make new people feel welcome. So thank you.

Melissa, wow; burning to a cd…thanks. For reading and for commenting and for saying you liked it. All three things matter to me, and all three I appreciate. As for Les Mis…well, I’ve only seen it once, but I’ll tell you, my girlfriend and I, somewhat creepily, have all the characters divided up, and we each know all the lyrics. So when we go on roadtrips (nerd city), we sing the whole thing in the car. We’re terrible singers, but there’s nothing more satisfying than belting out “One More Day” on an interstate highway. That’s the good stuff. Thanks again.

You all have been so great. I have to thank you again. And now I have to catch up on all the reading I've been neglecting...other threads, here I come. :)

 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 3:27 pm 
Tulipp, great story :grin

loved the last chapter and how you showed everyones thoughts on the events that happened to them

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 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 3:33 pm 
An amazing final chapter. I loved the imagery of the storm, the calm, the fire. It just ties it up so wonderfully.

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 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 5:11 pm 
*Em covers her eyes and starts tra la la-ing happily to herself, pretending that Terra Firma isn't really over*

Dammit. It's not working. It's really over isn't it? I could have convinced myself as well, if that last chapter hadn't been so freakin' good. Damn you, Tulipp. Erm, in a nice way :)

Seriously, I don't get the emotional response I had to your work very often. I'm stiff upper lippy, you see. Honest.

Emotionally, it's perfect. Your characterisations are so true and their thoughts, fears, passions, their everything, are so beautifully realised.

And the rich, lyrical style of your writing gives them life, takes them right off the screen. It's so tangible, this story.

So thank you. I count myself blessed to have enjoyed your talent. I hope there'll be more of it.

If only to stop me tra la la-ing around the place. It's disturbing the neighbours ;)

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 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 5:34 pm 
:cry say it isn't over :bounce :(

beautiful last chapter :clap hope you write something again soon.


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 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 6:36 pm 

After the end of last season, I couldn't see a redemption for the characters or a way back for the show. I really couldn't. The writers took the joy out of BtVS for me, and I was so angry about that, along with inconsolably sad. And frustrated that even in my own imagination, I didn't know how to fix it.

You've not only written a gorgeous story, but you've repaired with loving care the havoc wreaked by S6. I couldn't understand how to make sense of any of it. But you did--with elegance, humor, beauty, and a depth of understanding that even the show's creators don't have.

So thanks for that. Terra Firma is canon, as far as I'm concerned.


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 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma 18
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 6:54 pm 
Grimaldi, I really appreciate the fact that you responded the whole way through this story; thanks for doing that.

Thanatopsis, thank you. It’s good to hear what people liked. And I’ve appreciated your feedback all along. Thanks again for reading.

Emma, Ooh, see, it’s a real compliment when a stiff upper lippy becomes a tra-la-la-ing eye covery. I’m SO glad you liked the last chapter; I kept delaying posting it because I didn’t want it to be over. I got all maudlin when I posted. Thank you for the emotional response. And thanks for reading. And hey, I don’t mind if you disturb your neighbors. :) Oh, and have I ever said how much I love your avatar? It's Willow at her best.

ISABIG, Thank you for the little sad guy. And thank you for reading this!

Ruby, I'm thanking you. I would never have posted in the first place if you hadn’t encouraged me, and for that matter, the day I registered and proceeded to make an ass of myself by creating a new thread instead of a reply to something, you took my panicky phone call in stride. :) I will never understand why the creators of BTVS failed in the end to have even the most basic understanding of the characters they gave us. But at this point, I’m not giving them back. And I’ve said this before, but thank you for Tara. I think I learned to appreciate her from you in the first place, and her appearances in TF always got better when you were involved.

Last but not least, thanks for reading so many chapters under pressure! I was never very good about getting things to you in advance, but you always did your best anyway. Okay, I’m getting all sentimental now, so I’m stopping. Thanks, babe.

Thanks everyone for reading!


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 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 6:56 pm 
See now, you made me love Xander. I know you can make me want Riley. Heh. I say go for it. Damn the prospectus and syllabus and anything else that belongs to real life. The one you write is so much better right now. Thank you. :)

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 6:58 pm 
* sniffle *

Dammit, first you got to Ruth, now me. Pass the Kleenex.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 7:01 pm 
*hands Ruby some tissues then blows her own nose very loudly*

You have a miraculous story! They're so good, and together, and alive...and together and good...

*cries uncontrollably again*

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 7:05 pm 
Y'know, if I a) knew how to do them and b) could bear the sight of them, I'd post one of those horrendous green bouncing things.

Mmm, Riley. It's been said in certain circles, Juli, that you are responsible for my newfound Riley love. I'm saying nothing, naturally. Ahem.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 7:08 pm 
Ruth, you must resist! Don't make Rally repost that Eliza-in-a-bikini pic to bring you back to girlstown.

(On second thought, that wouldn't be such a bad idea.)

R (wondering how tommo and Tulipp both manage to be in several places on the board at once)

Edited because I am a spaz.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 7:19 pm 
Okay, last one, I swear.

Ruby, I notice that you seem to be everywhere that us other two are. Hmmmm. I think maybe you two are the two. Oh wait, I knew that already. :)


On ME's treatment of Tara:
"She shared something very intimate with you. And you act like it's nothing more than a bag of some kind of snack food."
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 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 7:33 pm 
Well the end has come... I can say I absolutely Loved this fic!! It was amazing and just a beautiful ending!! :clap Thanx 4 sharing it!! :grin


Willow: We can come by between classes. Usually I use that time to copy over my class notes with a system of different colored pens. But it's been pointed out to me that that's, you know... insane.
Tara: I said quirky.

 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 7:42 pm 
If anyone could get me to like Riley, it's you Juli, but please don't take that as a challenge to write a Riley-centered fic. (-; I'd prefer more Willow and Tara...

"Omnia mutantur, nihil interit. "   "Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost."

 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 7:49 pm 
:clap :clap :clap There's nothing else I could possibly say, Tulipp, except, of course, THANK YOU.

"Live or die, but don't poison everything..." -Anne Sexton

 Post subject: Re: Terra Firma
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2002 7:53 pm 
*Belatedly jumping into this thread to add my unworthy praise for this wonderful fic*

" she leaned into the cool blue of her beloved." Pretty much leaves me reaching for tissues and wishing it would never end. What a wonderful way you have healed the gaping wound that was Season 6. Thank You so much for writing this, and please keep writing...although not sure I could cope with Riley in excess, but with you writing it...who knows...

*jumps back into my dark corner of lurkdom...for now*


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