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 Post subject: Re: This time really, it the actual update so there.
PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2002 3:46 pm 
throws a bottle ;)

God, that was soooooooo mean! I was all happy reading this fic, and the way it was going and you have to go and throw in some disturbing Sheila Rosenberg!

Please, don't leave me hanging for too long!

(ps...the bottle was a rubber one that does not hurt, because I DO absolutely love this fic :p )



W-what were they looking at?

-The hotness of you doofus!!!

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 Post subject: Re: This time really, it the actual update so there.
PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2002 10:32 pm 
Argh nooooooo!!! Grrr evil - like the kitties from American Tail. That movie always makes me when his dad is walking like a floor above him, or when he thinks its his dad playing the violin awwww ok dont get me started *sniff*

More soon; I need my vicarious smoochies!!

love Aly xxxxxx

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 Post subject: Re: This time really, it the actual update so there.
PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2002 2:38 am 
Evil....... *notices the horns and the pointy tail* well maybe a little :devil

I remember watching an American tail like all the time when I was a wee little whipper snapper. I totally love that flick.

Hopefully another couple of updates over the weekend but then I get pull back into the drudgery that is work on Monday so less writing time will be available.

Also a personal promise to the fans of this fic.... Actual Willow and Tara smoochies in the next part guaranteed. ;)



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 Post subject: Update City here we are.
PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2002 9:20 am 
Okay a promise is a promise and let it be said i stick by what i say. Also you little kitties, you'll be glad to know there is no cliffhanger for this part so you will be able to rest easy, though it is no way near the end of where i see this fic going. Anywayz without much further ado : Part 5 of course.

Title - More than a Feeling

Author’s Name - Nathan

Rating - M15+ recommended for mature viewing audience. But hey I’m not ya mum so I ain’t gonna spank ya, unless ya want me too.

Disclaimer - These Char’s belong to Joss and ME and totally not mine.

Also title is also a song by Boston but so also listen to it if you get the chance cause its good.

Feedback - Totally, unless you don’t wanna say anything, but u could if u wanted to.

Summary - Totally AU, this fic doesn’t have a hellmouth, demons the weekly apocalypse or even vamp’s for that fact. It’s set the summer before senior high (I may not be a Yank but I’m pretty sure I know how ya calendar runs). Oh yeah lots of Willow & Tara goodness.

Part 5 where there are plenty of Willow and Tara smoochies to be had.

Willow stared at the roof above her bed, not that she actually took any notice of what she was looking at, it was just the direction her head was pointing, as she laid on her bed in deep thought.

She had, had the coldest shower she had ever taken when she walked into the house right behind her parents. Neither of them noticed her catatonic like state but she was slightly grateful for that. Getting a third degree on what was bothering her was the last thing she wanted at that point in time. She was however glad that her dad had taken such a liking to Steve Maclay and of course Tara.

All through her shower Willow’s mind seemed like it was running at a million miles an hour and going nowhere at the same time. She couldn’t take her mind off the golden tresses that were Tara’s hair, the deep blue ocean that was her eyes, the flushing red that was her cheeks.

“I would have done it, I actually would have kissed her had mom not come in tonight.” Willow stated to herself, with almost a proud look on her face.

“Those soft beautiful lips, those soft luscious lips.” She sighed to herself. “I actually wanted to kiss them.”

All the complicating thoughts were pushed out of Willow’s head at the moment and all she wanted was Tara right at that moment.

“What if she thinks it was a mistake, what if she’s glad my mom walked in like that, what if she would have pulled away anyway, what if she doesn’t really want anything like that to do with me?” Willow’s train of thought had quickly changed. She wasn’t worried what she thought about herself, she was only worried what Tara thought of her, and that truth be told, scared the crap out of her.

Willow just lay there in the dark on her bed, sleep the furthest thing from her mind as she heard a knock at her door.

“Can I come in sweetie?” Willow’s dad called through the door.

“Yeah go ahead, it’s open.” She called back, still unable to take her mind off of Tara.

“Your friend Tara just called, she said that if you still wanted to get a lift to school tomorrow that she’d be leaving a half hour early to run a few errands or not to worry about it if you couldn’t quite manage to pull yourself out of bed.” He said with a smile.

“Is she still on the phone, did she say anything else, what sort of errands did she say?” Willow let fly with a flurry of questions.

“No she said she was tired and if she started speaking to you she’d be up all night, she just wanted to leave that message with you.” He chuckled as he could imagine the two girls talking to the wee hours of the morning.

“Oh okay then, thanks.” Willow said trying her best not to look too despondent at the fact Tara didn’t want to talk to her but failing miserably.

Ira Rosenberg noticed the gloom look upon his daughter’s face as she answered him. Not one to pry into her personal life, he was sure if it was doubly important that she would talk to him about it. Still though the sad look on his daughter’s face pulled his smile into a frown.

“You gonna be okay sweetie?” He asked in a concerned voice as he continued to look at his daughter.

“Yeah I’ll be fine thanks, just had a long day is all. I think I might try and get some shuteye too. Probably a good thing she didn’t keep me up all night hey.” She replied and cracked a small if unconvincing smile.

The small smile she produced however seemed to content her father although he was still worried about her, she obviously wasn’t going to tell him what was troubling her so he just sighed. “Okay then sweetie, you get a good nights rest.” And with that he gently shut the door behind him and made for a little shuteye himself.

Willow still wasn’t able to sleep however. She was still concerned that Tara had not wanted to talk to her when she rang up, but she was glad that she had still offered to drive her to school in the morning as she had been doing for the past two weeks. She was still a bit surprised that Tara had not mentioned any errands while they were at the blonde’s place, but thought that her dad had probably asked her to do something for her after she had left and thought nothing more of it.

After another forty-five minutes of lying in bed thinking of Tara, she finally managed to drift into sleep, funnily enough to dream about the blonde she was suddenly falling head over heels for.


Tara waited nervously in her lounge room hoping against hope that the redhead would show up this morning. She had hardly slept a wink the previous night, her mind constantly fixated on the dazzling redhead that had popped into her life just over two weeks ago.

She was infatuated with everything Willow at the moment, and she didn’t seem to care one tiny bit. “Who cares if she’s a girl, with that gorgeous shoulder length red hair, those dazzling emerald eyes that sparkle when she looks at me, when she babbles about all thing nonsensical when she was nervous?” She questioned herself. “Not me.” As she answered her own question.

It was two minutes past the time she’d hoped Willow would be there, not that she didn’t want Willow there before that, just 7:32 flashed on her watch as she hoped to leave at 7:30.

Tara was really nervous at this point, really beginning to fret that Willow wouldn’t show up and that she’d be forced to drive to school by herself for the first time since she’d returned.

“No point waiting forever, I can’t just stay here, things to be done.” She muttered to herself, although she knew she’d easily wait forever for the redhead.

She gathered her car keys and schoolbag and headed out the front door. Just as she turned around from closing the door, she lost her breath. Standing at the start of her driveway Willow stood, nervously looking at the ground.

Tara’s face instantly broke out in a smile as she raced over to the redhead. “I didn’t think you were gonna come, with the intenseness of last night and all.” Tara said as she stopped just in front of the redhead and broke out into the same nervous stance that Willow was in, not able to take her eyes of the pavement in front of her.

“Kinda to lazy to walk to school these days.” Willow chuckled which in turn caused the blonde in front of her to break out into her own set of giggles.

“So errands to be ran then Miss Maclay?” Willow said looking up at Tara for the first time since she spotted her coming out the front door.

“Yes errands to be run, and run them we shall.” Tara replied nervously as she opened the boot to her Saab convertible, so they could throw their school bags in.

Tara drove around for about five minutes before they pulled into the rather empty parking lot at the Sunnydale mall.

“Tar, the shop’s don’t open till eight, if we wait till then, we’ll probably be late for school.” Willow said to Tara a little suspiciously.

“That’s okay were not here to shop.” The blonde said looking down at the steering wheel in front of her, not able to look into the green eyes she knew were baring down at her.

“If were not here to shop for, then what are we doing in the mall parking lot?” Willow asked not sure what was going on.

“Well no cars or people around, I needed to talk to you somewhere private.” Tara replied not sure how Willow would react.

“Private.” Willow eked not exactly sure what was happening, but feeling her heart beat about a zillion times faster than it was just a moment ago, which in normal standards was extremely fast anyway.

“Why with the private, not that privacy is a bad thing, it just seems weird to be in a parking lot looking for privacy. I kinda feel like a drug dealer, not that you sell drugs, it’s just this seems a little extreme. I mean your room, or my room is relatively private in the fact that parents walk in at inappropriate moments but still relatively private.” Her babbling cut short by the blonde next to her breaking out into a giggling fit.

“I’m babbling aren’t I?” She posed the question to the blonde who could only nod as she tried hard to compose herself.

After a short moment and Willow becoming more embarrassed by the second Tara was finally able to muster up a few words of her own.

“I love how you babble, it’s endearing and god just hearing your voice makes me want to smile so you gotta just imagine how happy I am when you can’t shut-up.” She said with all the love in the world. Willow suddenly shot her head up at the blonde’s and looked into her eyes so she could listen intently to everything that she had to say.

“It’s just one of the many reasons why I was gonna kiss you last night and why I’m trying so hard to not kiss you right now.” She said as she also looked deep into the pools of green in front of her.

“Don’t.” Willow replied as they their faces slowly crept closer together, neither able to breath let alone take their eyes of the other.

“What?” Tara responded with in little more than a whisper as their faces drew agonisingly close.

“Try so hard.” Willow whispered as their lips met for the briefest of seconds, then again, and again and then Tara brought her hand up to gently cup Willow’s cheek and they settled into a tender kiss. Just lips against lips as they both fell into the moment, which they both hoped, would last forever.

Willow gently backed away much to the dismay of the blonde on the other side of the car. It did however give both of them time to catch their breath as they both just flopped back into their seats.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since last night.” Tara said this time unable to take her eyes of the redhead in the seat next to her. Maybe to gauge for her reaction but more likely just because she was the most stunning thing she could possibly be looking at right at that moment.

“You too huh?” Willow replied nervously also unable to break eye contact with the blonde.

“It’s all pretty sudden, I mean I wasn’t even really thinking like this a few days ago, well at least I don’t think I was, and then Wham, I can’t help to not think about it.” Tara tried to explain.

“But not a bad kind of Wham right?” Willow responded her voice barely able to clearly make the words out.

“No, definitely not bad.” Tara smiled as did Willow at her response.

“So no errands then, just make out time then?” Willow said as she teased the blonde with a sly smile.

“No, no errands but it wasn’t exactly meant to be make out time, not that your not a bad kisser and not that I didn’t like kissing you, it’s just I only really wanted to talk. Looks like not many words needed to be said.” Willow cut her off with a giggle.

“See now your babbling.” Her words brought that adorable smile that she knew she would never ever get sick of seeing.

“Your contagious.” Tara said not able to hold back her own giggle-fest at her babbling.

They both just sat there laughing at themselves not sure what to do next. “I think school starts in like four minutes.” Willow stated as she noticed the clock on the dashboard.

“Oh shit, hold on.” Tara said as she pulled the car out of the parking lot with haste and Willow just sat back and looked at her with a very content smile on her face.


Willow slipped into class a few minutes late and quietly sat herself down in the seat next to Buffy.

“Where the hell have you been, I thought you were sick, it’s so not like you to be late for class?” Buffy whispered to the girl next to her, not noticing the extreme glow radiating from her best friend.

“Tara had a few errands to run this morning, and I’m just way to lazy to walk. I figured hey what’s a few minutes of school time when I’m with Tara… not walking.” She stumbled out correcting herself at the last moment.

Buffy had not noticed the glow on her best friend’s face immediately but after her friends little stumble their she became increasingly intrigued.

“What kind of errands exactly Miss Rosenberg?” She asked in her most curious tone.

“Oh you know personal stuff, she didn’t really let me in on it. You know I think it was family stuff, they kind of stuff that you know is just family.” She babbled out, trying oh so hard to hide the nervousness at Buffy’s sudden line of questioning.

“So what exactly did she do on these errands? Did she talk to anybody, pick anything up?” She pushed further.

Willow hoping her last reply would get Buffy off her back was now in a spot of bother and tried desperately to think up something.

“She dropped some stuff of at some old ladies, probably her grandma or something.” Willow said of the fly hoping that her response would be sufficient. Unfortunately for her it wasn’t.

“So you didn’t ask Tara who the lady was then? Not like you Will, with your curious nature and all.” Buffy responded back to her.

“Well you know what they say, curiosity killed the kitty.” Willow nervously laughed as she responded to the blonde’s questions.

Buffy not ready relent just yet decided to just jump out into left field.

“This wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with the whole conversation thingy we had on the weekend would it?” Buffy asked with a sly smile crossing her face as she watched the redhead’s checks turn a similar colour to that of her hair.

“Do I have to separate you two, or are you kindly going to refrain from your conversation so I can continue my lesson?” The teacher at the front of the class queried in the direction of the two girls.

“I should probably move up front, else you know I’d probably be all distracto girl. Do you mind Mr. Giles? The redhead asked the tall British teacher standing at the head of the class.

“A wise decision Miss Rosenberg, there’s a seat at the front here if you’d quickly pack your things up.” He said in his strong English accent.

Willow quickly gathered her stuff and moved to a table just in front of the English teacher’s desk, not noticing the glare that her best friend was giving her but relieved to be out of her line of questioning, for the time being anyway.

“This is far from over Rosenberg.” Buffy mouthed to Willow when she caught the redhead looking back at her with an “I’m sorry” face. Willow knew it was either gonna be a long day waiting to see Tara again or an extremely short one so Buffy could pounce on her the first chance she got. She decided she hoped it went quick, she could take Buffy pouncing on her if it meant she got to see Tara again soon.


“You look totally flushed, you’re either coming down with something or you and Willow have been making out this morning.” Anya shot towards Tara as soon as she walked into class and found her seat in between her and Cordelia, who shared the same look that Anya had on her face.

“You look majorely flushed girl. I feel insulted who could walk in here and sit between us and not expect to found out.” Cordelia added with a look of hurt upon her face.

Tara tried intently to focus on Miss Calendar’s class but found it nigh on impossible with her own inquisition going on, on either side of her head.

Now that she thought about it, it wasn’t exactly the smartest place to sit, Anya and Cordy had been the one’s that spotted out that her and Willow were becoming increasingly close. After her most intimate experience with the redhead she should have known that there was no way of hiding it from these two.

She tried as hard as she might to concentrate on her class at hand to escape the current flow of questioning coming from her two friends but was easier distracted by the thoughts of Willow and the possibility of more Willow kissage later. She just let out a content sigh and her right hand through her hair.

“Are you even listening to us here?” Cordelia questioned the girl besides her as she noticed her stare of into space and let out another sigh.

Tara was brought back to earth but a pinching feeling in her side as she slid of her seat and let out a rather loud “Hey!”

“Are you quite alright back there Miss Maclay, or would you feel a bit better standing out in the hall for the rest of the period.” Miss Calendar asked in a mock caring type voice.

“I’m sorry Miss Calendar, I promise it wont happen again.” Tara replied as she found her seat and sent daggers towards Anya who was happily teasing her with the fingers that had just pinched her.

“See that it doesn’t.” The teacher replied, her voice softened as it lit with a small smile.

“So we want details and we want them now.” Cordelia whispered to the blonde next to her.

“Nothing to tell really, we were parked in a parking lot and just talked, I swear.” She whispered back with a telling blush breaking out on her cheeks again.

“And what may I ask were you talking about, in a car park, all alone I assume?” Anya added with a knowing smile on her face as she seen the already red face of the blonde go even redder.

“Just you know, stuff. It’s a very complicated thing we got here.” Tara added.

“Pfft, what’s so complicated, you like her, she likes you, nothing complicated about that is there?” Cordelia added as if it was the simplest thing in the world.

Tara just looked at each of them both and smiled and shook her head. “I just can’t believe you two of all people, aren’t freaked by something like this.”

“So you admit it then, there is something definitely going on between you and Willow then?” Anya prodded.

“Something but I’m not sure what yet.” Tara added a little apprehensively.

Anya and Cordelia let out a little shriek each and embraced a rather shocked blonde, who noticed a rather confused Miss Calendar looking straight at them. All she could do is meekly grin at the teacher as the girls on either side of her slowly removed themselves from the blonde and straightened themselves up. By this time the whole class was staring at all of them and all any three of them could do is meekly smile back, as embarrassed as ever.


Willow didn’t think that the day was ever going to end, at the end of her lesson she had quickly ducked out of class before Buffy could catch her and headed straight for the cafeteria. She found Tara there and they got their lunch and found their own table away from their friends and just ate in silence looking up at each other with knowing smiles on their faces.

Buffy had wanted to go over and interject after the way Willow had brushed her off during class but was promptly halted by Anya and Cordelia. Who despite themselves sat with the blonde, if for nothing more to keep an eye on her to make sure she didn’t mess things up for their friend.

Willow had walked Tara to her next lesson and wasn’t sure exactly what the proper protocol or procedure here was. In the end she decided that a brief hug would suffice for now as she noticed that Buffy had not let them out of her sight. Despite the fact Cordelia and Anya were trying to restrain her.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me.” Buffy blurted rather upset when she found her seat next to Willow at the start of their next lesson.

“Not much to tell really.” Willow felt a lot more confidant now after just spending time with Tara during lunch. Buffy was her best friend and she owed her honesty if nothing else.

“What do you mean not much to tell, I seen you making with the puppy dog eyes all lunch with Tara, and you tell me there's nothing to tell. Seriously Will, throw me a freaken bone here.” The blonde added with a desperate sound to her face.

Willow looked up at the girl beside her with a hurt look in her face. She didn’t like leaving Buffy out of something this big in her life and let out a wry smile.

“Seriously Buffy, we… we like each other.” She paused for a bit still sounding rather nervous. “In that way.” She added on top. “But we haven’t really talked about it yet so like I said there’s nothing really to say until we do.” She finally finished, her smile growing a bit broader but still with the nervous glint in her eyes.

Buffy’s face reddened, she’d over-reacted so she thought to her self and found herself capitulating under the face her best friend was giving her. “I’m sorry Will. I have no idea how big a thing for you this is and here I am making things ten times worse. Some best friend huh?” She said in a sorrowful voice.

“Buffy, this is big, not just because Tara’s a girl, but because I feel pretty strongly about her. This isn’t something to get over Oz, this is above and beyond that.” Willow answered in an understanding tone as Buffy just shyly nodded her head in understanding.

“I swear Buffy when I get all this figured out inside you’ll be the first person I go to, you know that right.”

Buffy looked up at her friend and smiled at her.

“Come her you.” She said as she pulled the redhead into a hug.

“Is this national hug day or am I just totally missing something here?” Miss Calendar asked from her position at the front of the class.

Buffy and Willow just blushed at each other as they noticed that they also had captured the whole classes attention and adverted their eyes to the books in front of them. Their faces so many shades of red it wasn’t funny. Miss Calendar just stood at the front of the class, not sure what was going on exactly, but smiled no the less as she could sense the love in the air.


Willow flung her school gear into her room and rushed down the stairs. “Where do you think your going young lady?” Her mother’s voice stopping her in her tracks.

“Tara’s, were gonna study.” She replied, hoping that would be enough.

“Without you school gear?” Sheila Rosenberg questioned as she noticed that Willow wasn’t carrying any school supplies.

Willow caught a little off guard quickly pulled something out of her metaphorical hat. “Tara has everything I need, don’t wait up.” She said as she took off out the door and literally sprinted up the road to Tara’s place.

A knock at the door and Tara was there in a flash, when she’d dropped Willow off at her place, she’d said she’d be right over.

Tara broke out into a huge grin when she seen the redhead standing at her door. “Hi.” Was all she could say as she stood staring at the redhead in her door.

“Hi.” Willow replied, still waiting patiently in the doorway. “You gonna let me in or do you just want me to go home?” She asked with a big teasing smirk crossing her face.

“Well you could go home if you wanted too.” Tara replied in her own teasing tone.

“What if I don’t want too?” Willow asked as she stepped closer to the door.

“Then I guess I better let you in then, huh?” Tara answered as she opened the door and Willow embraced her in a kiss right then and there.

Tara however happily surprised at the boldness of the redhead broke away from her and smiled at her. “I think we should probably go to my room, I went and brought a lock last night after your mom barged in on us.” She smiled as she noticed Willow’s face light up.

“A lock, quite ingenious Miss Maclay.” Willow added as she followed her up the stairs to the bedroom.

They quickly entered and Tara put her new lock to good use straight away and turned around to be embraced by Willow’s lips straight away.

She was becoming fond of these little surprises as she felt Willow’s tongue flicking against her top lip as she parted her lips slightly as she engulfed it into her own mouth, a classic sword fight ensuing between the two tongues as they fought gallantly.

Willow finally backed off, if for nothing else a chance to catch her breathe as she looked up at the blonde. “Tara I feel, I feel so alive around you, you make me want to live every moment like it’s my last. I’m not trying to freak you out here but I feel something and I’ve never felt it before and I’m not sure what it is, but if you give me the chance I want us to find out together.” Willow said in a heartfelt moment.

Tara just looked at her lovingly, “Only if you help me too.” She said as she pulled the redhead into another of what is sure to be many deep embraces she thought to herself.


I hope i appease you all. :)

Cheers Nath

If life was meant to be a bed of daisy's we'd have chicken crap thown on us all the time.

 Post subject: Re: Update City here we are.
PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2002 10:33 am 
Willow listens to the Corrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Very good music choice lol

Anyway, I really love your fic :D It's nice to see Tara has a cool family :) She deserves that!


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 Post subject: Re: Update City here we are.
PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2002 11:16 am 
Yeah, that was awesome! :D Liked it a lot!!

Oh baby, want me to rub your tummy? She likes it when I ... stop explaining things.

Hi, um are you? well...I was wondering maybe you want to go out some time...for coffee? food? Kisses and gay love?

 Post subject: Re: Update City here we are.
PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2002 6:32 pm 
Wooohooo!! They kissed!! Yay!! That has just so made my crap day so much better. More soon please!!

love Aly xxxx

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 Post subject: Re: Update City here we are.
PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2002 7:35 pm 
:grin Very nice. And I love Willow and her constant kissing. :) And it's so very nice to see their friends supportive of them and happy for them. Looking forward to the next part.


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 Post subject: Re: Update City here we are.
PostPosted: Sat Jun 29, 2002 12:25 am 
very appeasing... and completely adorable

i so appreciate that Cordy and Anya are on the 'go tara' bandwagon... very appropriate



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 Post subject: Re: Update City here we are.
PostPosted: Sat Jun 29, 2002 12:46 am 
Mmmmm Smoochies!

Thank you Spazz07 for a great update.

Mmmmm Smoochies!

Im really enjoying this, Im glad it didnt take them long to realise they're meant for each other!

And Mmmmm Smoochies!

Love and hugs

Lola xxx :love

 Post subject: Re: Update City here we are.
PostPosted: Sat Jun 29, 2002 1:15 am 
I must say that writing that last chapter rated a very high on my getting better, nothing like a little Willow and Tara kissage to cure what ails ya.

I am about to start out on the next part, I had an epiphany last night as to the perfect ending for this fic, though not to worry as it is still some distance of. Besides with the way of today’s society always leave the door open for a sequel.

Feedback has been great and to show my gratitude my responses.

Little M – Doesn’t everyone listen to “The Corrs” with there total hotness and actual music ability. :)

Snuggle79 – Oh so glad you liked it. I thought after two clifhangery type endings you kittens deserved a good OLE’ plate of Willow and Tara smoochies. :)

Ally02 – Makes my day better knowing I helped make your day better too. :bounce

LeatherQueen – Hey I like Willow just kissing, the constant has just gotta be a bonus right. ;) Nothing like supportive friends to help make life’s journey just that little bit easier.

KathleenWolf – Thanks Kath, yeah I’m sure everyone is on the “go Tara” bandwagon, I wanna give Cordy and Anya a decent role to play in this fic and Tara really deserves to have best friends, not just being Willow’s right arm which you couldn’t help but feel that, that was the way Joss portrayed her. :)

Lola19 – No probs. Glad your really enjoying this, I see that your going on a holiday so have fun on that and I promise lots of updates for you to read when you get back. :bounce

Okay now i'm gonna try and get the next update before i go out this afternoon. Gonna go see Scooby heh. :) anywayz i should probably get to writing if i wanna keep you kitties happy. :)

Thanks again for the feedback and i luv yas all.



If life was meant to be a bed of daisy's we'd have chicken crap thown on us all the time.

 Post subject: Re: Update City here we are.
PostPosted: Sat Jun 29, 2002 4:17 am 
i love how tara has a good family in this fic. i think she really deserves it.

yay for kissing.

 Post subject: Update City here we are. again.
PostPosted: Sat Jun 29, 2002 8:54 am 
Got the next part in before the world cup final, so i'm pretty happy about that. No promises on the next update sorry as tomorrow mark's my return to work after a two week break. A little angst in this part but I decided no cliffhanger this time as tempting as it was. :grin

So without much further ado here for you enjoyment; Part 6

Title - More than a Feeling

Author’s Name - Nathan

Rating - M15+ recommended for mature viewing audience. But hey I’m not ya mum so I ain’t gonna spank ya, unless ya want me too.

Disclaimer - These Char’s belong to Joss and ME and totally not mine.

Also title is also a song by Boston but so also listen to it if you get the chance cause its good.

Feedback - Totally, unless you don’t wanna say anything, but u could if u wanted to.

Summary - Totally AU, this fic doesn’t have a hellmouth, demons the weekly apocalypse or even vamp’s for that fact. It’s set the summer before senior high (I may not be a Yank but I’m pretty sure I know how ya calendar runs). Oh yeah lots of Willow & Tara goodness.

Part 6 already. I can’t believe the next one will be part seven and the one after part. Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves though. Here’s part 6 for your reading enjoyment.

Still enjoying the last few warm day’s before the fall weather officially started to become winter. The gang found themselves at the beach, much due to the fact that Cordelia and Buffy could enjoy the scenery while Xander and Anya and of course Willow and Tara were all coupley.

“How many more time’s do you think we’ll be able to come out here this year?” Cordelia asked to no one in particular from her position, lying on her towel soaking up some rays.

“This could be the last time we do it. The weather forecast said a change was coming through tonight and it may not get this hot again till next spring.” Willow responded from her spot, cuddled up next to Tara, sharing the same towel.

“So I say we make the most of it then.” Buffy added, not looking at any of them as she was engrossed in making a little sandcastle of to the side.

“What do you suggest then exactly Buff?” Xander added as all eyes turned back to the small blonde waiting to hear her response.

“I don’t know, maybe since were at the beach and all, maybe we could actually go in the water this time.” She said, sounding like it was some crazy wicked idea that nobody did.

“I don’t know what if we get stung by a jelly-fish or something? I’m not sure if we should take that risk.” Cordelia sounded rather afraid of the jiggly fish that packed a pretty mean bite.

“You seen on friends how to take care of that, you won’t have a worry in the world.” Buffy responded with a smile on her face.

“That’s exactly why I’m afraid of them, there is nobody and I do mean nobody peeing on my leg is that understood?”

Cordelia’s response got the whole group into a fit of the giggles even Anya, which Cordelia hated cause she was supposed to stick up for her in these situations.

“Well I hope you all get stung then, and then you can all pee on each others legs.” She said in a huff as she lied back down on her towel and put her shades over her eyes, zoning out and ignoring the others.

“So who’s coming for a swim then?” Buffy said as she reached out and pulled Xander and Willow up whom in turn pulled their conjoined mates up with them.


Later that night at Tara’s place, Willow and Tara were lying on Tara’s bed in the middle of a little smooch fest before the blonde pulled apart sighing.

“What is it baby?” Willow asked out of concern.

“It’s just this past week has been great and all, and don’t get me wrong this isn’t some speech about how I like it but don’t wanna continue doing it because I do you know, wanna keep doing it.”

“Then what is it?” Willow asked again with even a bit more concern than before.

“It’s just…” She began.

“It’s just here I am totally fallen for you, and all I want to do is hug and kiss you and here we are, running around hiding it. I wanna scream out to the world just how much I like you.”

“We were kinda with all the snuggles at the beach today.” Willow responded as she pulled back a bit, a little confused.

“I know, and I loved that, but at school, around your place, even here. Were just whispering so dad or Donnie don’t hear us. I don’t want to lie to my family Will.”

“So don’t lie, just don’t say anything. That’s not like lying, that’s just adverting the truth.”

“Are you ashamed of me?” Tara asked, more than a little hurt by Willow’s obvious discomfort at being seen publicly as a couple with her.

“No, I’m concerned about you. Not everyone in this world are as tolerable as you and I. Some people would feel threatened by us because they don’t understand us, and they probably don’t want to understand us. The world is one big scary place and you gotta play your cards right to make things as easy as possible for yourself and the people you care about. I don’t want some self-righteous prick that doesn’t understand what we have to hurt you because they think what were doing is wrong.” Willow pleaded with her girlfriend.

“Will, god it’s like the turn of the millennia here and these are different times. In general society is a lot more accepting. Look at how well our friends have taken to us being together. We’re not in the fifties any more Will.”

“All good points there baby, but it doesn’t matter how far along we go and how accepted we feel, there are always gonna be people out there who are gonna be idiots about this.”

“Will that can’t be the reason your holding back here, everyone who is not a white middle aged person in a straight relationship is part of some sort of minority, and they all seem to be doing pretty well for themselves. I know you Will, at least I think I do and you’re not a bigot and you don’t treat people badly because they’re not the same as you, and I know you know that.”

“Okay so if that’s not it what am I holding back for?” Willow asked a little peeved off.

“I don’t know Will, that’s kinda why I’m asking you. I mean at least let’s tell our parents. They have a right to know, and they wouldn’t hurt either of us. In fact I’m pretty sure they’ll be pretty understanding about all of this.”

Willow’s face turned to a compromising type look as she softened at Tara’s words.

“Just our parents then?” She asked meekly.

“Just our parents, we can have a dinner like before with them all there and we can make it and we’ll tell at the same time. It’ll be fun.”

Willow’s face turned a wry smile, “You actually want me to help cook.”

“Well you don’t actually have to cook, could use someone to peel some vegies and set the table.” Tara teased with a sly smile crossing her face.


Buffy and Willow were sitting in Buffy’s room doing a bit of study for the following day’s school. Buffy not being the brightest spark in the fire was often grateful of the help that Willow gave out so willingly.

“I’ve missed this over the past few weeks.” Buffy said as she looked up at Willow typing away at her laptop. Buffy’s voice brought Willow out of her study trance and she locked eye’s with the blonde.

“Not that I’m not happy about you and Tara.” She interjected quickly. “It’s just I miss this Willow and Buffy best friend time.” She added with a sorrowful look taking over her face.

“I miss it too.” Willow added, “It’s been a bit full on and I’m really glad you’ve hung in there for me when I needed it most.” She added as she took the blondes hand.

“So things going great guns with you and Tara then, you looked so happy at the beach yesterday?” Buffy asked.

“Yeah, she’s great isn’t she?”

“You two seem to really fit well together, I hope it goes well for you.” Buffy added.

Willow jumped back at this a little taken back. “I didn’t say anything about telling our parents, how did you know, what do you mean you hope it goes well?” She jumped out a little accusingly.

“I didn’t say anything about you telling your parents Will, I was just saying in general I hope you and Tara do great. Is that why you’ve been all quiet on me today?”

Willow just looked up at Buffy with a pained look in her eyes, “Kinda just put my foot in it, huh?”

“Just a bit, so wanna talk about it?” Buffy asked.

“It’s just I’m not sure I’m ready to tell ‘em yet. We’ve been going out for like a week and she want’s me to come out and tell my folks I’m gay.” Willow quickly shot out, barely making it audible for her friend.

“Kinda what you do, do when ya come out isn’t it?” Buffy asked not sure what the problem was.

“It’s just, I know I like Tara, a lot. I just haven’t really been able to think about much else with her occupying like 99.9% of my mind.”

“So, what is it then?” Buffy prodded for more information.

“I’m seventeen Buff, I’m not sure what I want for my life yet. Tara’s great now but we probably wont even end up at the same college next year. I mean it’s not to say I don’t want Tara in my life after high school, it’s just after the whole Oz thing I’m not sure any more.”

“As much as I love being your best friend Will, and I do, and you know I’ll sit here and listen and help you through all of life’s problems. I don’t think I’m the one you should be discussing this with.” Buffy said as she was kinda bummed that it couldn’t be her to help her best friend in her time of need.

“If you and Tara are gonna tell your parents and you don’t think your ready, tell her that, I’m sure she’ll understand.” Buffy added.

Willow got up and hugged her, “Of course your right, you don’t mind if I…” She trailed of as she pointed towards the bedroom door.

“Go on get, if you two didn’t work this out on my behalf I may never be able to study again.” She said as a smile crept onto her face.

“Oh thank you Buffy, you truly are a best friend.” She hugged the blonde again and picked up her stuff and raced out the front door.


Tara heard a knock at her door and got up to answer it. She was a little surprised to see Willow standing at her bedroom door.

“Hey you.” She said in a flirtatious voice, “I thought you were helping Buffy with her English.”

“I kinda needed to talk to you about what we talked about last night.” Willow responded in a more serious tone.

“Of course, come in.” The blonde offered as she moved out of the way so that Willow could enter. She locked the door behind them and grabbed a chair and pulled it close to Willow who was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“What’s the matter sweetie?” Tara asked as she took Willow’s hands in her own.

“I don’t want to do it, I don’t wanna tell our parents.” Willow let out in one go as she noticed Tara let go of her hands.

“What, why, I thought we talked about this last night. I was gonna cook, you were gonna set the table, why?” the blonde asked again.

“I’m not ready.” Was the only response Willow could come up with.

“What do you mean your not ready? I thought the kissing and the hugging kinda indicated that you were. I don’t understand.” Tara said in a concerned voice.

“I like you, I like spending time with you, I’m just not ready to stamp “Gay Now” on my forehead is all.”

“Will you don’t have to tell ‘em your gay, I just want to tell them about us.”

“Isn’t it the same thing though, they’re totally gonna misconstrue one for the other.” Willow added.

Tara had a hurt look in her eye as she looked back up at Willow. “If you don’t wanna tell them then I can take that. I just need to know that I’m not getting into some rebound thing from Oz or else I don’t think I can do this.”

Willow looked up at Tara and then looked back down at her knees. “I’m not sure, I like what we do, but it’s always there at the back of my mind you know. What if this is all because of him? I don’t want to hurt you Tara and I want us to be close. I’m not sure if this is gonna work out.” She finally blurted out as tears started to roll down her checks, this in turn got Tara going as she also started with the crying.

“So you’re breaking up with me?” Tara said in between sobs.

“I don’t wanna but, I think it’s for the best. I care for you a lot and I don’t wanna see you get hurt if I did something stupid because I’m not sure where my life is at, at the moment.” Willow responded in between her own sobs.

Tara couldn’t bring herself to look up at Willow and Willow couldn’t force herself to look Tara in the eye either. Willow got up and made her way to the door, and stopped and turned around.

“I didn’t mean for this to happen.” She said still not able to look at the blonde.

“What, us?” Tara spat out, more than a little angry.

“No, I mean I came here just not wanting to tell our parents and now here we are talking to each other for probably the last time in a while.”

“So you don’t even wanna talk to me either any more?”

“No! I do, I just hate myself now for making you feel like this, but I just run things through my head and think if I let it drag on then I hurt you even worse. I do still wanna be friend Tara, don’t ever think that I don’t.”

“I don’t understand what’s happening here Will, I mean I didn’t plan to fall for you like I did but I have and I don’t wanna get up. Please don’t walk out that door?” Tara said pleading with the redhead to stay.

Willow couldn’t say anything and just turned around and ran down the stairs and straight out the house. Tara just doubled over on her bed and cried herself into a restless sleep.


“Knock, Knock.” Willow heard Buffy’s voice on the other side of her door as she said the same words that her fist made when they lightly tapped her door.

Buffy walked into Willow’s room and spotted the redhead lying on her bed with her head tucked in under her pillow.

“Are you okay Will, how’d it go with Tara?” Buffy asked as she made her way over to the bed and sat on the edge.

Willow looked up at her best friend with tear stained eyes. She didn’t have to say anything, Buffy could tell just by looking at her, not that it was that hard to tell.

“That well huh?” Buffy said as she inched a bit closer to her friend and put her hand on Willow’s leg for support.

“I broke up with her Buffy.” Willow finally said still, the crying not out of her system.

“I thought you only wanted to cancel telling the folks.” Buffy said a little confused.

“So did I, then I realised why I didn’t want to tell them and I got scared that I was pulling Tara into something where she didn’t need to be. She deserves the world Buffy, and look at me, I’m a mess. I got so scared about not wanting to hurt her that I’m not sure what I want any more.”

“Will, you can’t be in a proper relationship if you don’t take a few risks. Sometimes to win big, you have to bet big.” She tried to simplify.

“I don’t wanna bet Tara, she’s not a gaming chip Buffy.” Willow replied a bit angry at Buffy’s comparison.

“That’s not what I mean Will, she obviously makes you happy and it’s plain as day that you make her happy. What I’m trying to say here is that I know Oz going to college and being away is probably still hurting but that doesn’t mean you can’t let anyone else in. Not everyone is going to leave you Will, you fall down sometimes but you crawl for the rest of your life, you get back up on your feet and try again. Will she care’s about you and you care about her, shouldn’t that be enough?” Buffy said in an outpour of emotion.

“Buffy we leave for college in less than a year, I don’t wanna build a relationship that I’m not gonna be able to walk away from and Tara deserves more than that. This doesn’t feel like some high school crush Buffy, it feels so real, so pure. It’s all so easy when you just think one day at a time, but I can’t do that Buffy. I’m thinking next year with college and 5 years down the track and that she won’t be able to be there. It’s just gonna be Oz all over again when we say goodbye.”

“Will you gotta let her decide if she’s gonna be there, college is a year away and what if you end up at the same college and you hook up their. Then your gonna regret that you spent this year apart. Life’s a casino Will, sometimes if you put all your eggs in one basket, you walk away with the jackpot.”

Willow softened at Buffy’s words. “You really think we could end up at the same college?” Willow asked as she stopped crying for the first time that afternoon.

“It’s not like her families poor, and she seems pretty smart.” Buffy tried to reason.

“I would regret not being with her if we did get back together later.” Willow said as she tried to make a smile out of the glum expression on her face.

“So what are you still doing here, go get her back then, no regrets?” With that Willow made her way over to her bedroom door and turned around again.

“What if she doesn’t take me back, what if she thinks what I said before actually made sense and she doesn’t take me back?” Willow said with a panicked expression on her face.

Buffy opened Willow’s closet and pulled down a monopoly board game. She opened it up and took out the dice and handed them to Willow.

“Big casino remember Will, sometimes you have to bet big to win the house.”

Willow grasped the dice in her hand, gave of a quick smile and bolted out the door.


Steve Maclay knocked on his daughter’s door. She’d been crying all afternoon and he wasn’t quite sure what to do. He’d been so relieved when Willow showed up on the front doorstep that he hadn’t noted the obvious fact that she too had been crying. She now stood behind him as he knocked again, waiting for a response from his daughter.

After he didn’t hear anything for the third time, he twisted the doorknob and slowly poked his head around the corner.

“I just want to be alone please dad.” Tara said, not lifting her head from her pillow.

“I got someone here who wants to talk to you, says it’s pretty important.” He added.

“Tell them to come back later, I don’t feel like talking to anybody at the moment.”

“Even me?” Willow asked as she stepped in front of Steve and made her way over to the bed.

“Can you give us some time please dad?” Tara asked slowly getting up from her laying down position.

“Sure sweetie, I’ll just be in the kitchen if you need anything.” He said as he shut the door behind him on his way out.

Tara pulled a tissue out from the box that sat on her dresser and wiped her eyes then blew her nose. “Turn around, I don’t want you to see me crying.” Tara said to Willow.

“That’d mean I can’t look into your beautiful eyes then.” Willow replied.

Tara softened a bit at the redhead’s beautiful words but didn’t relent in her efforts to get the redhead to look away.

“Please just don’t look at me, I’m a mess.” Tara pleaded.

“You look more beautiful than I’ve ever seen you before.” Willow kept at it, not willing to give up yet.

“Will, we talked already today, you kinda made your point then, if you’re just here to rub it in, forget it.” Tara’s tone was straight out and serious.

“You know I’m not, and it hurts a bit that’d you’d say that” Willow added quite frankly.

“Well then what are you here for then?”

“You.” Willow added in a softened and loving tone.

“Okay you can look at me now.” Tara said looking into Willow’s pale green eyes.

“You know I couldn’t take my eyes off you if I wanted to right?”

“Something like that.” Tara said with a small giggle.

“Is that a smile and a giggle from you there Miss Maclay?” Willow asked playfully.

Tara straightened her face and brought out her most serious tone. “Talk to me Will, I’m not sure what to make of all this, I mean before you were breaking up with me and now what? I don’t understand.”

Willow took Tara’s hand in her own and ran her thumb lightly over the blonde’s knuckles.

“Buffy came and had a talk with me and helped me realise some pretty important things.”

“Such as?”

“Such as, that I was totally in love with Oz and he did what he did to me and I’m afraid that it will happen to us.”

“Will I’m not going to go around sleeping with other people, I can’t believe that you’d think that.”

“It’s not really about trust, because I do trust you, I just don’t wanna go falling in love and have to walk away from it again. It hurt so much, and I don’t wanna put you though it and I don’t wanna go through it either.”

“Will we’ve known each other for three weeks, I’m not gonna lie to you, I care about you, I care about you a lot. I’m not prepared to say that after three weeks I’m in love with you cause that’s not fair on either of us. Will we don’t have to fall in love, we may but it’s nice to know that you have someone, especially during a part of your life as difficult as high school. I am totally in like with you, and I wanna be your girlfriend but I don’t wanna say that this is the rest of my life yet.”

Willow just nodded in agreement at Tara’s words, each one making perfect sense.

“I’m totally in like with you too, I mean we don’t have to fall in love but that doesn’t mean we can’t right. Cause I don’t think it’d be to hard to imagine falling head over heels in love with you?”

“I could totally imagine falling head over heels in love with you too.” Tara answered, a smile starting to break through her tear stained face.

“I guess were in like then, huh?” Willow said, also a smile crossing her face as they inched a bit closer to each other.

“So do I get a kiss for being in like with my girlfriend, we are still girlfriends right?” Tara asked pulling back a bit.

“Only if you want me to be.” Willow said as she leant in and planted a soft kiss on Tara’s lips.

Willow pulled back a bit, just so she was millimetres away from Tara’s lips.

“I wanna do the parent thing, I don’t wanna hide you. Well maybe at school but here I think I wanna be able to walk in your front door and plant a big fat kiss on you as soon as I see you.”

“You don’t have too you know. If your not ready for it I can wait, I don’t wanna take this too fast.”

“It’s not too fast, beside their our parents, as weird as they are they have a place in our lives weather we like it or not. So I say let ‘em know, I know it may shock ‘em but they’ll get over it.”

“You really wanna do this?” Tara asked with a really pleased tinge to her voice.

“I know you wanna do it, so it makes me wanna do it, besides I get to eat your cooking, total bonus on my part.” Willow added with a smile as she leaned in and planted a peck on Tara’s lips.

“So were good then?” Tara asked, not able to tear herself away from the emerald pools in front of her.

“I think were better than okay, I think were pretty super dooper.” Willow giggled as she leant in and planted a little more passionate kiss on Tara’s lips.



I've made 'em in like as I feel that it will be much more special once they have gotten into the relationship and know all there is to know about each other, so building a relationship for them is gonna be an important part of the process through this fic. So please once again no bottle's or bone breaking material thrown at my body for not making them in love yet. I do so hope that it doesn't turn you off this fic. Anyway thanks for reading so far and more to come in the next few days, maybe tomorrow but maybe not. :)



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 Post subject: Re: Update City here we are. again.
PostPosted: Sat Jun 29, 2002 11:26 am 
Wow, this was awesome! :D I kinda had a clue, that Willow was afraid of other people's reactions, so first i didn't really understand why she broke up with Tara. But, thank you, for letting them fix their problems right away!

Can't wait for more!

Oh baby, want me to rub your tummy? She likes it when I ... stop explaining things.

Hi, um are you? well...I was wondering maybe you want to go out some time...for coffee? food? Kisses and gay love?

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very nice up and down and then up again collection of scenes... you captured the whole dilemna of them getting ahead of themselves but still thinking about the future really well...



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PostPosted: Sat Jun 29, 2002 5:38 pm 
I am loving this fic, it seems very real (if ya get what i mean?)

 Post subject: Re: Update City here we are. again.
PostPosted: Sat Jun 29, 2002 6:21 pm 
Yay!! Great update. I nearly had a heart attack when Willow broke up with Tara. Glad they got back together though!

love Aly xxxx

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Thanks for all the feedback. Part seven is well and truely underway and may or may not be posted later tonight. I prosmise i'll try but about all i can do i'm sorry. I'm glad you guys liked it, i also was happy that they could find a way out and patch things up. Also i totally know what you mean when you say it's very real as its the vibe i'm trying to get from this fic. Anyways keepreading and thanks again to you all.



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Awesome Fic!! Love the interaction and major smoochies!!

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i think that was a great choice, to put them "in like" instead of "in love". a lot of times, when you're in highschool, or even after, you say that you're in love too quickly, and i think both willow and tara know it's love, but they don't want to say so to jinx it or otherwise make it smaller than it is. it shows they both know that they're going down a long road together, and they don't know what's coming next.

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Blah, sorry kittens no update tonight, i got halfway before Buffy started, were upto normal again here. After that i was reading some other updates and before you know it, its just turned midnight here. Anywayz hopefully i can finish the next half tomorrow night and get it posted for ya. Until then have fun kitties. :)



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 Post subject: Part Seven
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Lucky me got it finished tonight. Anyway i wont go into a Willow like babble. So without much further ado.

Title - More than a Feeling

Author’s Name - Nathan

Rating - M15+ recommended for mature viewing audience. But hey I’m not ya mum so I ain’t gonna spank ya, unless ya want me too.

Disclaimer - These Char’s belong to Joss and ME and totally not mine.

Also title is also a song by Boston but so also listen to it if you get the chance cause its good.

Feedback- Totally, unless you don’t wanna say anything, but u could if u wanted to.

Summary - Totally AU, this fic doesn’t have a hellmouth, demons the weekly apocalypse or even vamp’s for that fact. It’s set the summer before senior high (I may not be a Yank but I’m pretty sure I know how ya calendar runs). Oh yeah lots of Willow & Tara goodness.

Part 7 of this fic.

“So it’s this Sunday?” Willow clarified to Tara as to when exactly they were going to be putting on dinner for their parents.

“Yes, I’ve already arranged with both our parents, they think that we are just going to be displaying our culinary skills.” Tara was sitting on her bed flipping through an old recipe book, while Willow just sat in the chair in the corner of Tara’s room looking at her.

“But you are doing all the cooking right, no need for me to poison them before hand is there, although that may not be such a bad idea.” Willow needed to make sure her culinary skill or lack off would not be needed.

“No sweetie, we don’t want to kill them, we just want to tell them were dating is all.” Tara giggled back at her.

Willow moved over and sat on the floor in front of Tara, taking the blonde’s hand within her own. “About that, we haven’t exactly been on a date so, I was wondering on Saturday night before our parents ban us from ever seeing each other again…. Would you have dinner with me?” Willow asked and quickly looked to the floor, afraid of being shot down.

“You’re asking me out on a date, a real date?” Tara asked as if it wasn’t obviously clear the first time.

“Yeah, I mean a restaurant, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, you know McDonalds would be fine, just as long as it’s the two of us, alone.” Willow slowly lifted her head to look at the blonde, gauging her response.

Tara’s face lit up, “I would love to Miss Rosenberg, it would be an honour.” Tara’s response lit Willow’s face up as well. She quickly got up out of her seat and raced over to Tara. She pecked her on each side of the check and on the lips, saying “thank you” in between each peck.

“So what are we making our folks on Sunday, and when I say we, I actually mean you?” Willow smiled as she sat next to Tara still cuddled up next to her on the edge of the bed.

“I was thinking of making a roast lamb, does everyone in your family eat lamb?” Tara asked, making sure that her plans for a perfect dinner would not be undone by the fact that Willow’s parents wouldn’t like what they were eating.

“Well last time we had it for tea, neither mom or dad fed theirs to the dog under the table. Which would be real odd because we don’t own a dog under the table in fact we don’t own a dog at all and I’m babbling and what I’m trying to say is yes, yes they eat roast lamb.” She babbled out as Tara tried hard to contain the giggling fit that was coming but ultimately was unsuccessful, due largely to the fact that Willow had started tickling her for starting in the first place.

Willow leant over a now lying Tara who had succumbed to the cunning redheads, tickling tactics. “Has anyone told you about just how beautiful you are?” Willow asked as she looked deep into the ocean blue eyes before her.

“Well I do recall this gorgeous redhead going on all day about it.” She giggled in response.

Willow rested her head on Tara’s shoulder as Tara gently started running her fingers through the fine red hair atop Willow’s head.

“Do you mind if I just lay here for like ever?” Willow asked, shifting her head only the slightest so she could once again look deep into Tara’s eyes.

“Not in the slightest my sweet, not in the slightest.” Tara responded, looking down at the redhead not quite sure how she became this lucky.


Friday was the longest school day of the week for Willow. It along with Monday, were the two school days of the week were she didn’t share at least one class with Tara, and with the weekend fast approaching all she could think about was her date with Tara the following night.

They decided on the little Italian restaurant where it would be totally causal. Willow knew it could be behind a Dumpster eating scraps and as long as it was with Tara she’d be happy. Tara deserved a quaint little restaurant though she thought to herself.

Buffy had been sitting next to her, stealing notes and being generally annoying with her overloud chewing of the piece if gum in her mouth. They had just broken of into pairs to start an assignment and Buffy had jumped at the chance of snaring Willow as a study partner. “An easy A all the way.” Was the school motto when teaming with Willow Rosenberg on an assignment.

“So looking forward to ya big date tomorrow night then?” Buffy asked after they’d shifted into a private position in the classroom to talk about their assignment.

“Buffy I think we should be discussing the biology assignment, not my love life.” Willow responded.

“Yeah but cells and how they divide and make more cells and stuff like that is boring, you can’t sit there and seriously expect me to think you haven’t thought about tomorrow night once.”

Willow just smiled and looked up at Buffy, “If it wasn’t for Mrs. Graham’s totally weird laugh, I could’ve sworn we were in history.” She giggled, as she couldn’t stop thinking about the next night.

“I so knew you were in outer space world today.” Buffy added as she entered her own state of giggling.

“Oh god Buffy, I can’t wait, I mean it’s an actual date, with Tara.” Willow said in a very excited tone.

“Then there’s the big telling the folks thing on Sunday night so it’s gonna be pretty full on this weekend huh?”

“Yeah, I mean I’m so nervous that everything is gonna go wrong or something but still, I’m so excited I’d probably wet my pants if I hadn’t used the bathroom before class.” Willow giggled in response.

“I’m so glad you two love birds worked it out, you two are just so damn cute together. Kinda makes me wish I had someone special in my life as well.” Buffy’s tone turned a bit sorrowful as she thought about the lack of action in her love life.

“Well if you like tomorrow afternoon you can come over and help me get ready for my date but at the same time, we can talk about how men suck and that you’re better of without them.” Willow tried to cheer the blonde up.

Buffy cracked a smile at her best friend’s remarks; “You are better of without them.” She replied.

“Darn tootin’.” Was Willow’s response as the slayer broke out into a laugh at the proud look on her best friend’s face.

“Fine, I’ll be over ‘bout lunch time so we can hang out till you get ready and then I can help you with that bit as well.” Buffy said finally sounding content.

“We could always get an early start on our assignment as well tomorrow, might be good to bop it on the head early.” Willow added in a serious tone. Buffy broke out into a laugh, which died quickly, once she saw Willow go into her “resolve face”.

“Oh, your serious.” Buffy said in an embarrassed like tone.

“No!” Willow said as she watched Buffy’s face lighten up unbelievably, “As if I’m going to be able to think about school work with a date with Tara and the total probability of Tara kissage.” The redhead responded in her best teasing tone she could muster.

“You are such a tease.” Buffy replied with mock anger as she playfully hit Willow’s arm.

“Ow! For an amazingly petite girl, you are incredibly strong.” Willow said with her own mock anger as she rubbed the spot Buffy had just playfully punched.

“Yeah well you know me, being a super-hero and all, I forgot about my superhuman strength.” Buffy said getting into her own teasing mode.

“You wish.” Willow said with a smile as she gently kept rubbing her arm.


“She actually asked you out on a date, that is so romantic.” Cordelia said to Tara as her Tara and Anya walked to their next lesson.

“It really was, she was all, you know innocent and strong yet scared and frail at the same time. It’s those kinda looks that send shivers up your spine cause you don’t know what’s coming around the corner but your not afraid as long as they’re there with you.” Tara replied in a heartfelt moment.

“That is so gosh darn romantic, I wish Xander and I were more like you two, except for the lack of a penis.” Anya replied, walking on the other side of the blonde.

Tara just giggled at Anya’s straightforwardness and just how lucky she was to be with someone like Willow.

“So talking about the male appendage or lack off, do you think you and Willow may take your relationship to the next level after the big date.”

“Cordy!” The blonde almost screamed in embarrassment at the brunette, “I haven’t even given it any thought what so ever.” She stammered, hardly convincing.

“Yeah, right.” Anya shot out from the right of her.

“It’s a big deal, sleeping together. We’ve not been dating that long, I mean tomorrow is our first date. People don’t sleep together on the first date any more do they?” Tara queried, not quite sure if she was still in the dating loop.

“Pfft, that’s just for pent up frustrated chicks like our friend Cordy who wait, we know the pleasure of an orgasm and there is no point in delaying it for some stupid triviality.”

“Hey!” Cordelia shouted as Tara broke out into a fit of giggles over Anya’s inability to be less subtle than a SledgeHammer.

“I still don’t know if either of us are ready yet, neither of us have experience in this area. We’re still kinda finding our feet here. I’m sure it will happen and god knows I want it too. But I’m not gonna be rushed into this and I’m not gonna rush Will either.” Tara replied, letting her heart be known.

“That’s right, we don’t have to open our legs every time the opportunity presents itself, do we.” Anya said proudly wrapping her arm around Tara.

“Prude.” Anya whispered under her breath, which was still not quiet enough and got a giggle from Tara and a frown from Cordelia.

“Tramp.” Cordelia hit back. Anya reached over Tara and playfully hit Cordelia in the arm as all three broke into a giggling fit as they reached their class.


Buffy and Willow sat in the upstairs room Willow occupied at her parent’s house, getting Willow ready for her big date later that night, still some six hours away. Willow was sitting in a chair in front of her dresser and Buffy was standing behind her styling different hair-dos, trying to make Willow as pretty as possible for the night.

“Buffy, we agreed we were going casual, you don’t have to make a big fuss about everything.”

“Come on Will, it’s your first date, though a suppose if you want me to leave I could…”

“No!” Willow interjected, “You gotta make me look pretty for her, she has Cordelia and Anya over her place right now, there is no way they’d let her walk out the door without a total first date make-over.” Willow said with more than a hint of desperation.

“Oh, alright if you do so insist.” Buffy smiled with glee as she began shaping Willow’s hair into different styles.

“So decided on what to order yet?” Buffy asked as she continued moulding the redhead’s locks.

“I’m thinking just a good old fashioned spaghetti bolognaise. Maybe ravioli, I’m not quite sure yet.”

“I bet whatever it is, its hold the garlic right?” Buffy giggled as she saw Willow smirk in the mirror.

“Definitely no garlic.” Willow said as her cheeks turned a deep shade of red.

“So any chance of you bringing Tara back here for a bit of Willow lovin’?” Buffy said in a flirtatious voice.

“Buffy! It’s our first date, besides as it’s none of your business what we get up too in our after date time. She’s probably not ready for it anyway, I’m not sure I am.” Willow said, a hint of worry creeping into her tone.

“You’d tell me right though, I mean if you two were, right? I mean just because Tara’s a girl doesn’t mean I don’t wanna hear details. Not graphic vivid descriptions of what you two get up to. You know just enough to make me feel sorry for myself that I have no one at the moment.” Buffy sighed.

Willow giggled at Buffy who was still feeling sorry for herself, “This so reminds me of not last summer but the one before, when you and Riley were all over each other.”

“We were really that bad?” Buffy asked, feeling a bit ashamed.

“Bad? What do you mean that bad, I wasn’t implying that you and Riley were bad. Are you implying that Tara and I are bad? Tara and I aren’t bad, were good, were the goodliness of everything that’s good I tell ya.” Willow said a bit defensively.

“No, No you and Tara are good, I’m just glad ya know, were finally spending some good old fashioned best friend time together.” Buffy smiled meekly.

“Hey Buffy, were growing up is all. Were always gonna be best friends it’s just a matter of us adapting from being childhood friends into lifelong ones. I’m glad I have something special with Tara and I’m just as glad I can share it with you.” Willow said, honesty flowing freely as she spoke.

“I know Will.” Buffy smiled at the redhead and got a smile back in response. They leant in and hugged each other before Buffy grasped out a moan and let go.

“I don’t want Tara to walk in and get jealous now.” She smiled, “Besides we got a date to get you ready for.”

Willow smiled back up at Buffy, knowing that their friendship was stronger than it had been in sometime. She was knew Buffy was supportive of her relationship with Tara and that made her smile inside and out.


“Tara you cannot expect to be going out on your first date with someone without us giving you a first date make-over.” Cordelia said sternly.

“It’s tradition.” Anya added to standing next to Cordelia as they stood in front of Tara who was sitting on her bed looking at them.

“Willow and I decided that this was casual, so no make-over.” Tara said, refusing to budge in her resolve.

“Let me put it this way Tara, Willow knows that were here helping you prepare. She knows that we’re not going to let you out of here with out a make-over and she is probably begging Buffy to do god knows what with her hair. As scary as Buffy making Willow over, you don’t want Willow to feel stupid cause she’ll be dressed up and you wont and you do want to look sexy for her don’t you?”

Tara seemed to take all this in and think about it before her face crinkled into a worried frown. “Help me?” She murmured, bringing a grin to the two girls standing in front of her.

“MAKE-OVER!” They screamed in delight and quickly set about preparing everything that was conveniently handy.

“Why do I get the feeling I just signed a death warrant?” Tara asked in a “oh no” type of voice.

“Relax sweetie, it won’t hurt much.” Cordelia said, trying to sooth the blonde’s nerves.

“It’s going to hurt?” Tara said in a more worried tone than before.

Anya and Cordelia sat Tara in the chair that sit in the corner, only they had pulled it out to the middle of the room. Suddenly there were bowls of water around her and towels and the biggest make-up bag she had ever seen in her life, which was pretty big because she did have a big bag herself before she left the first time.

“Shouldn’t we be in a beauty parlour or bathroom at least?” The blonde asked none of her worry dissipating yet.

“Nonsense, Cordy and I know exactly what were doing, were experts in the field of cosmetics and fashion advice.” Anya’s reassurance did little to sooth Tara’s nerves but she did know that this was Anya and Cordy’s area of expertise and decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, for now.


After three excruciating hours of shampoo, conditioner, manicures and hair dryers, Tara was ready to die, instead Anya and Cordelia proclaimed her ready for her date and smiled lavishly at her.

“Well seeing as this is a “casual” dinner then we decided against the formal dress.” Cordelia stated as a matter of fact.

“Excuse me, am I hearing this right, you two actually think you are going to dress me as well.” Tara was a little shocked at the comment made.

“It’s all part of the package sweetie, you cried out for help and now we’ve helped.” Anya said with a smile.

“Fine what am I wearing?” Tara asked in resignation, knowing that arguing with these two was like bouncing a ball in glue.

“We thought this over extremely carefully, we’ve picked your purple blouse and your pair of black hipsters with the bells around the waist.”

“I like the bells.” Tara cut off Cordelia smiling.

“Yes sweetie remind me we have to go shopping again tomorrow, your wardrobe is practically empty, I mean I know they say walk in wardrobe, that just means you fill it with extra clothes so you can’t.” Cordelia replied.

“Oh and we have your black trench coat, it might get a bit nippy out there tonight and your stiletto boots.” Anya chirped in smartly.

Tara just sat there looking at them and it sort of became uneasy in there before Tara added, “Are you guys gonna get me my clothes and let me get changed or am I just going to go wrapped in a towel?”

“As pleased as Willow would be if you turned up in nothing but a towel, I’m pretty sure the restaurant will have some sort of dress code that, that violates.” Anya responded.

Tara’s mind drifted off towards the dreamy redhead and how it would all go if she actually did show up at her place for their date in a bath towel.

“Earth to Tara, Earth to Tara do we have contact?” Cordelia’s voice brought Tara out of her Willow induced trance and she scowled at her for it.

“So are you ready?” Anya asked happily

“As I’m ever gonna be.” Tara answered nervously

“Good.” Anya said, dragging her out of the room towards the stairs down.


Willow sat nervously twiddling her thumbs watching the television in front of her but not paying any attention to it what so ever. Her mind was of in a far away corner, concentrating on a particular blonde who kinda occupied her whole mind not just the far away corner it was in now.

“Relax Will, everything’s gonna go fine, you’ll see.” Buffy reassured her. Willow’s parents had gone out to her Aunt Elizabeth’s house to see little Michael earlier in the evening, Willow knew when her parent’s ended up at Aunt Beth’s that a fair amount of wine would be swallowed that night meaning they wont be back till late if at all.

“What if I screw everything up Buffy? What if after this she never wants to see me again? I don’t think I can take it.” She replied nervously.

“Relax, everything will be fine, just be yourself, Tara seems to love when you do that.” Buffy reassured her friend again, this time it seemed to work, a smile appearing across Willow’s face.

“She really does like me for me, doesn’t she?” It was more of a statement than a question but it relaxed Willow so Buffy had to answer.

“She really does Will, I mean who wouldn’t you’d be crazy not to fall for Willow Rosenberg.” Buffy said as honestly and lovingly as possible.

Willow got up and ran across to her best friend and once again wrapped her up in a big embrace.

“Oh you are the best friend anyone could ever ask for. I don’t know what I’d do or how id get through this without your support Buffy.” Willow said holding back tears, not wanting her mascara to run.

Buffy pulled back and with the same honesty as before said, “Will, you’ve always been there for me no matter what, through everything good and bad you’ve always been there. That means I’m always gonna be there for you ‘cause that’s what best friends do right?”

“Right.” Willow answered, still holding back tears as she flung her arms around Buffy again and embracing her in another hug.

Their embrace was cut short by a ringing of the doorbell and Willow’s nervousness became apparent again.

“Oh God, Oh God, she’s here, she’s really here.” She said jumping up and down on the spot.

“Are you gonna let her in or just jump around like a baby kangaroo?” Buffy asked as she let out a giggle.

“Joey, a baby kangaroo is a joey.” Willow corrected Buffy as she calmed herself down and made her way over to the door. She braced her self and straightened the dress that she wore and opened the door to see Tara standing there with a bunch of flowers in her hands and Anya and Cordelia watching on in the background.

“Hey you look great, I mean wow great.” Willow said as she openly stared at Tara.

Tara blushed at the redhead’s remarks but still couldn’t gaze away from the stunning figure in front of her. Willow had worn a bright red cocktail dress and had a see through red cardigan over the top.

“Thanks. I thought this was casual.” The blonde smiled up at the redhead.

“I had to make myself as beautiful as possible for you tonight.” Willow responded shyly.

“You look beautiful no matter what you’re wearing, although you look exceedingly beautiful tonight, it seems every time I see you, you get more beautiful.”

Willow was fighting back tears of joy desperately and needed a way to release some of her emotions so she wrapped her hands around Tara’s neck and pulled her into a passionate kiss. Tara placed her left hand around Willow’s waist as she moved her right hand, which was still holding the flowers, out of harms way and fell into the embrace.

Buffy, standing behind Willow cleared her throat to remind the two girls that they were still there. Willow and Tara slowly parted as Tara offered the flowers to Willow.

“I brought you these.”

“They’re beautiful, let me just go put them in some water and we’ll go okay.” Willow said with a smile as she went as quickly as she could wearing high heels, into the kitchen.

“This is so exciting.” Anya said from her position behind Tara and received a swift elbow to the ribs from Cordelia as Buffy and Tara turned to look at her.

“Well it is.” She said, this time in a more mater of fact tone.

“All done.” Said a returning Willow who took hold of Tara’s hand captured their attention.

“Ready for our big first date?” Tara asked nervously.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Willow smiled as they made their way down the path to Tara’s waiting car.

“Have fun guys!” Buffy called from the doorstep.

“After you Milady.” Tara offered as she opened the passenger side door for Willow.

“Why thank you kind Madam.” Willow responded as she got into the car and Tara closed the door behind her. Tara quickly went to the driver’s side and got in. The car drove off as Buffy, Cordelia & Anya watched from the doorstep.

“Do you think they’ll be okay?” Buffy asked with a hint of worry in her voice.

“They’ll be fine.” Cordelia reassured as all three entered the house to await the return from the date.


In our next meeting we get to go on a date with Willow and Tara. :)

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 Post subject: Re: Part Seven
PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2002 2:25 pm 
Very sweet update! :D It was really lovely to see Cordy, Anya and Buffy helping Tara/Willow. I can't wait to see the romantic date!

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 Post subject: Re: Part Seven
PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2002 7:36 pm 
I just started reading ur fic today but its really good!! A really cute will n tara story, can't wait 4 ur next update!! =)

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 Post subject: Re: Part Seven
PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2002 9:00 pm 
Woooohooo!! Fantastic update! I cant wait to see what the date's gonna be like...I mean that literally I CANT wait so go update now! lol only joking, though I do want an update obviously. Ok leaving now.

love Aly xxxx

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 Post subject: Re: Part Seven
PostPosted: Mon Jul 01, 2002 9:31 pm 
Oh yeah, that was really, very sweet. :) Can't wait to see how they tell their parents.


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 Post subject: Re: Part Seven
PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2002 8:05 am 
great update - love the whole first date nerves!!

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 Post subject: Re: Part Seven
PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2002 12:03 pm 
Thanks for the feedback peoples, yous are great and your support is whole heartedly appreciated. The next part will have both the first date and the tea with the folks so it may take a few days but i'm on it believe me. Anyway this is a feedback response post no update yet :( though it is coming.

Snuggle79 - As you can see i'm trying to empisize the relationships with the best friends as i see the best friend relationship as very important to the story arch :)

MissQuirky - cant ever have enuf Willow and Tara cuteness i always say :p

Ally - just for you i'll but double effort into getting it up quick smart :)

LeatherQueen - the dinner will be in the next part as promised, i kinda had that part worked out before the date, but i've added the first date if for nothing else an excuse for extra W/T smoochies :)

SlayerTazz - just wouldn't be a real first date without all the added nerves for good fun would it. :)

Anyway i should return to my writing ways before Ally throws something at me :grin

If life was meant to be a bed of daisy's we'd have chicken crap thown on us all the time.

 Post subject: Re: Part Seven
PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2002 1:45 pm 
Tara's brave...I'd be a little scared to get a make-over from Cordelia and Anya....hehe. Awww...this is so cute...their first official date....heh..can't wait. :grin


 Post subject: Ni-i-ice
PostPosted: Tue Jul 02, 2002 7:24 pm 
Dude, I love this fic. I don't want it to end!

Hmm ... I'm torn. I want the next part, I really do. But I don't want it to end ... *sigh*


(I'm Sassy Eggs!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Sassy!!!! Yay!)

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