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 Post subject: Fic: Songs For A Mix Tape
PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2003 6:01 pm 
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Title: Songs For A Mix Tape

Author: Sarah (unionjill30)


Rating: PG - PG13ish?

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters from ME, and really I don’t own the other characters so much either. Though Kim would like to think she owns me. I'd also like to add that I don't own the bands mentioned nor do I own any of their songs. I only own a third of my own band and very few songs. Sorry, I'm not as cool as the other bands. Also, brand names and all that jazz don't belong to me either. Apparently not much does belong to me.

Feedback: Yes please.

Summary: So basically this is an AU fic that I dreamt up one day while I was having a cup of coffee. It starts off around spring of 2004, and Willow and Tara are both 23. Other BtVS characters pop up as well, but the whole vampire/Hellmouth thing doesn’t exist here. I’m really bad at these kinds of things so I’ll give the Reader’s Digest version. Willow and Tara meet, get together, fall in love, happy story, the end. And it seems I’ve ruined the ending, but then again this is Pens (and me writing it) and it wouldn’t happen any other way. Besides, it’s not always the ending but the stuff that happens on the way to that ending that is fun.

Notes: This pretty much started out very far from a W/T fic, but somewhere along the line I decided I’d convert it to one. Once I got started, my original story kind of fell by the wayside and the whole thing took off in a new direction. So, if this sucks, I’m sorry, and I’ll stick to my own stuff considering my writing professor liked the original piece. Also, anyone who has ever really gotten to know me is aware of this slight obsession with music I have. It tends to come out a little bit in this story. I personally recommend the music mentioned, but I know not everyone will like it. I’m going to try to give each chapter a track number and song that kind of reminded me of the chapter to go along with the title of the story, which is actually inspired by an Ataris song of the same title.

Thanks: I have so many people to thank. First, I’d like to thank that girl who ran into my table at the coffee shop and gave me the original idea. You really would creep me out because you stared a lot and never said anything, but thanks anyway. You were a real inspiration. Thanks to Kim for just being you. Thanks to Sarah Headley (I don’t care if you did get married, I’m still calling you by your maiden name). Headley, you’re going to school to have a career where you play with dead bodies. I think that’s just gross, but I still love you and you’ve been a real fountain of knowledge. Thanks to Garner for being my beta reader. You’re a huge help in improving my writing, and I greatly appreciate it. Thanks to Kasey for listening to me talk about nothing for hours on end and sometimes instigating insane conversations that only a select few would probably understand. I get a lot of crazy and creative ideas when I talk to you. Last I’d like to thank all the people I’ve met who have helped create characters for me to write about. Thanks everyone.

Track List

Track 1: Dream Girl by Jeffries Fan Club

Tara was having a horrible day. It was only three o'clock on Wednesday afternoon, but she, along with the other three members of the band she was in, had already auditioned five people to replace Corey, the drummer with an attitude problem who abruptly quit four days prior. Apparently, Corey didn't care that they had a show lined up a mere week and a half away. That gave zero time to find a replacement, let alone teach them even a handful of songs. It was quickly becoming obvious that they would have to cancel, which upset Tara beyond belief. They never cancelled. It was unheard of.

What Tara needed was a little time to herself to relax and forget about the stress that she called life. The secret to banishing stress had been discovered a few years previous to be a steaming mocha and a good book. Who would have thought a commercial for international coffee actually held a little truth? In order to fulfill her needs, Tara was walking the few blocks in the direction of Penny Lane, a local coffee house that had become a regular haunt for her in the two short years she'd lived in Sunnydale. The place was actually a small, old house that was converted into a business establishment. It wasn't extremely spacious, with only room for about ten small tables and a few comfortable chairs, but there was enough room so it didn't feel cramped. Also, it had a warm and cozy feel to it. This was one of the main reasons Tara loved the place. That, and they made great mochas. Sure, Sunnydale had the Espresso Pump, one of the more trendy places to hangout, but it just didn’t have the intimacy of Penny Lane.

As she walked through the door, Tara quickly realized that she wasn't the only one who wanted a cup of coffee. Nearly every seat and table in the place was occupied. She was feeling hopeful that she'd find a place to sit and braved her way to the front counter to place her order. Standing behind the counter was Adam, one of her friends who worked at Penny Lane. She smiled brightly at him as she stepped up to the counter.

"Tara, sweetie, how are you?" Adam asked.

"Hey, Adam. Let's just say I've been a whole lot better," she sighed.

Adam put his elbows down on the counter and looked up at Tara with a face that showed he was ready to listen. "What's the problem? Is it trouble with the ladies because you know I'd love to help you with that?"

Tara knew he was just joking around to try and get her to laugh. She couldn’t help but smile. “To have trouble with the ladies, I’d have to actually have a lady. But seriously, you know how Corey quit? Well, we've been listening to potential replacements all day, and it's been horrible."

"No luck talent wise, or what's the deal?" he pushed.

"Let's just say that a two year old banging on pots and pans probably has more rhythm than most of these people," she said in all seriousness.

Adam kept himself from laughing at the comment recognizing she wasn't joking about the talent. "That bad, huh?"

"That bad, and probably worse," she added.

"Well, what can I get you to make your day a little brighter? The usual?" he asked.

"Actually, I was thinking grande instead of tall, and I missed lunch so throw in a banana as well." She had to admit it had been a while since she'd eaten and her stomach was starting to protest. The banana wouldn't be much, but it would hold her over until she had a chance to eat a real meal.

"Okay, that leaves only the one huge question remaining. Do you want to drink this here and fight the crowd or do you want me to put it in a styrofoam cup so you can take it to go?"

She wanted to stay and have a seat, but she hesitated at the question. Looking over her shoulder, Tara spotted a single empty table across the room. With her mind made up, she turned back towards Adam. "I'll stay here."

As Adam turned to fill her order, Tara turned back to the room and began scanning over the crowd of people. As her line of vision tracked toward the empty table she planned to occupy soon, her eyes fell upon a redheaded woman sitting alone at a table that fell in the path from the counter to the empty table. The woman had a laptop on the table and was intently focused on whatever was on the screen. Hello. Amazingly beautiful woman at twelve o'clock, Tara's inner dialogue voiced. Hearing Adam approach the counter, she turned back to pay for her order.

"It's gonna be $4.56, hon," Adam said.

Reaching into her bag, Tara pulled out a five-dollar bill and handed it to her friend. "Thanks. Keep the change, sweetie."

The two smiled at each other, and Tara turned to make her way to the empty table. From the moment she turned, her eyes locked on the redhead once more. Walking and watching apparently wasn't one of Tara's strong suits because as she neared the redhead's table she failed to notice the angle of the table. One of the corners was turned just slightly causing it to jut out into the walkway. The outside of her left leg barely clipped the corner causing the table to shift. Fortunately, she was able to keep her balance and didn't spill any of her mocha. Unfortunately, the table shifted enough to tilt an open bottle of water causing it to take a graceful dive into an unoccupied chair and spill its contents almost completely.

The redhead made a futile attempt to catch the bottle before it fell, but she was too late and could only shout an angered "Hey!" before looking up at the culprit.

Tara immediately placed her mug on the table and grabbed a handful of napkins so she could mop up the mess. She felt like a complete idiot with her clumsiness. "Oh my god! I'm s-so incredibly s-s-sorry."

As the redhead looked up, her eyes locked on most beautiful sight she'd ever seen. A blonde haired, blue-eyed goddess was bent down beside her attempting to soak up water in a chair. Her anger seemed to be replaced with stupidity because she suddenly forgot how to properly use the English language. "I, uh, you, no, uh, yeah." Form sentences you moron, she chastised herself. Slowly regaining her composure, she was able to muster a quick, "It's ok."

Tara stopped what she was doing and both women seemed frozen in place for a moment just staring at each other. Breaking the trance, Tara slowly stood with a handful of wet napkins. "Um, I-I should throw these away a-and get s-some more. There's still q-quite a bit of w-water on the floor," she explained.

"Yeah," the redhead muttered, still in a dreamlike state. Suddenly she snapped out of it and jumped up. "I'll go get some while you throw those away, and I can help you out," she said as she nearly ran to the front counter.

When the redhead reached the counter, Adam was standing there with a bottle of water in one hand and a handful of napkins in the other. He held them out for her to take while saying, “Tell Tara she owes Adam a bottle of water.”

The redhead had no idea what he was talking about and stared dumbfounded.

Adam, realizing he should probably clarify, added in a slow voice that made him sound like he was explaining something to a child, “I’m Adam. The clumsy girl over there is Tara. She knocked over your water, so I’m giving you this bottle to replace it. That means Tara owes me a bottle of water. The napkins are to soak up the water that was spilled.”

Too caught up in wanting to get back to the beautiful blonde, the redhead didn’t even register that Adam was deliberately being sarcastic and merely nodded while taking the offered items and telling him, “Okay.”

As she reached the table, the redhead bent down to help clean up the mess. Tara grabbed some napkins as well and started mopping up the moisture again. Neither said a word as they soaked up the water. After a few moments, the redhead decided to fill the silent void. “Tara, Adam told me you owe him a bottle of water since he replaced the one you spilled, but it’s really no big. I can pay him for it since I’m going to be the one drinking it.”

“Oh, no. That’s okay. I s-spilled your water and you were probably thirsty, s-so I’ll just have him put it on my tab,” Tara started. Suddenly something struck her as odd. “How did you know my name?”

The redhead’s eyes went wide “Oh, um, that guy up there, Adam. He said you were Tara when I went to get the napkins.” Not wanting to be rude by knowing the girl’s name and not offering her own she added, “I’m Willow, by the way,” as she offered her hand to Tara.

Tara took the offered hand and shook it firmly as she said, “Nice to m-meet you, Willow. I really am s-sorry about disturbing you. When we get this cleaned up I’ll g-go find a seat and let you get back to what you were doing.”

For some reason, Willow felt saddened by Tara’s words. She had hoped that maybe Tara would stick around and have a seat with her so they could talk and possibly get to know one another better. Then again, Tara was basically just a random stranger who had bumped into her table. She couldn’t really expect the blonde to stick around.

The two finished cleaning up the mess in silence. Once everything was dry again, Tara began gathering the wet napkins to dispose of and placed the unused ones in the center of the table. As she walked back to retrieve her mocha and belongings, she saw a couple sit down at the empty table where she had originally planned on sitting. She quickly glanced around the room and saw that all the other seats were still occupied.

Somehow, even though Tara hadn’t said anything, Willow knew the other girl didn’t have anywhere to sit. Well, I guess I could give it a shot, she thought before offering, “You can always sit here, you know. I mean, there’s this previously damp, extra seat just sitting here without anyone to occupy it.”

Tara couldn’t help but giggle at Willow’s words. However, she wasn’t sure if the redhead really wanted her to share the table or if she was just being polite. With hesitation she said, “You really l-looked busy before. I wouldn’t want to interrupt or intrude or anything.” Then she thought how that must have sounded and began stumbling over her words. “I m-mean... I wasn’t... It’s n-not like.... um... I didn’t m-mean that like I was totally w-watching you before or anything, y-you know? I j-just meant... uh... yeah.” Great, now she thinks you’re some kind of weirdo or something who was ogling her earlier, Tara mentally berated herself as she attempted to use her long hair to hide her furiously blushing face.

Despite Tara’s obvious discomfort, Willow was now soaring with joy. She was doing a happy dance inside her head as she thought, Oh my god, she totally noticed me before she came careening into my table. She was trying her best to suppress the huge grin that threatened to plaster itself across her face and decided she should say something before Tara died of embarrassment. “It’s okay. Really. Despite what you may or may not have seen, I really wasn’t all that busy. I’m just getting ahead on a project. You wouldn’t be bothering me, and I’d be more than happy if you’d like to sit here.” Willow leaned down slightly in an attempt to look through the blonde locks in order to make eye contact to let Tara know she was being honest.

Tara looked up slowly and locked eyes with the redhead. Somehow, she trusted that Willow actually would like to share the table. The left side of her mouth quirked up in a small smile as she told the other woman, “Thanks.”

Willow smiled back and reclaimed her seat behind the computer screen. Tara sat down in the other chair and began fishing around in her bag for the book she was currently reading. Finding the book, she opened to the page where she had last left off, took a large drink from her mocha, and began reading.

Several minutes passed in silence as the two were wrapped up in their respective worlds; Willow engrossed with her computer screen and Tara far away in a distant land created by another person. The silence didn’t last, however, as Tara let out a frustrated “Ugh” and began grabbing for the pile of napkins in the middle of the table.

Willow glanced up at the noise and noticed Tara furiously dabbing a napkin at a page in a book. Wondering what was going on she asked, “What’s wrong?”

In an annoyed tone Tara replied, “Apparently my m-mouth isn’t as big as some people tell me because somehow I’ve managed to miss it completely, spilling liquidy brown fun all over my favorite book.”

Trying to lighten the situation, Willow joked, “If you want, I can go ask Adam if he has any of those sippy cups that parents always give to toddlers.”

Tara’s irritation faded almost immediately and started laughing. “You know, that might not be a bad idea.”

Still playing around, Willow began to stand. “I’ll get right on that,” she said with as much seriousness as she could fake.

Tara laughed even harder and somehow managed to get out a sentence between her laughter. “I wasn’t being serious.”

“I thought you really wanted one,” Willow feigned disappointment. It wasn’t until she said, “They come in an assortment of fun colors to choose from, you know,” that she finally broke down and started laughing along with Tara.

As their laughter died down, Tara began flipping through the pages of her book to inspect the extent of damage. “Well, it looks like pages 275-282 are nice and stained,” she observed.

Curiosity got the best of Willow, and she asked, “What book are you reading?”

I, Claudius,” Tara answered.

“Hmm. Which part did you spill on?”

“When Germanicus is dying and thinks Plancina is practicing witchcraft against him,” she replied. “You know the book?”

“Oh yeah. Fabulous book. Great mini-series as well,” Willow answered.

Tara was amazed. She only knew a few people who had heard of the book, let alone read it. “Wow, that’s a shocker,” she said with a smile. And I’ve stop stuttering like a fool. Double shocker. Explain that one, she thought.

“What?” Willow had no idea what Tara was talking about.

“Well, usually when I mention something like I, Claudius most people just kind of look at me and wonder what in the world I’m talking about,” she clarified.

Willow let out a short laugh and said, “Well, that’s probably because most people lack any kind of culture and are more interested in reading about tips for better sex in Cosmo and watching the next episode of Days of Our Lives than reading or watching something that may actually hold a small amount of educational value. If everyone only knew that stuff like I, Claudius has just about as much sex and drama as any soap opera episode or issue of Cosmo they might actually give it a try. And I’ll be stepping off of my soap box now.”

“No, no. You’re right,” Tara agreed then laughed. “You just have an interesting way of putting it. So, how do you know about Cosmo and tips for better sex?” she teased.

Willow’s face turned bright red to match her hair and she started spluttering. “I, uh, don’t, uh... I’ve heard, uh, rumors. Yeah, rumors, from friends.”

“Riiiight. Friends. Sure.” Tara continued with her teasing.

“Alright, you’ve caught me, but in my defense, when your best friend is constantly leaving issues of magazines like that on the coffee table you can’t help but thumb through in moments of boredom,” Willow defended herself. “It’s not like I’d actually go out and buy an issue myself.”

“Okay, I’ll believe you,” Tara said. “But, just this once,” she continued with a sly smile. Looking to switch the subject and get to know the redhead better, Tara ventured with an attempt to find out Willow’s last name in the process, “So, Ms....”

“Rosenberg,” Willow supplied.

“So, Ms. Rosenberg, if you don’t mind my asking, what brings a girl into a hole in the wall coffee shop with a computer? There isn’t even an internet connection here. Do you work with computers or something exciting like that?” Tara was trying not to sound extremely nosy.

Willow didn’t mind answering the questions because she was curious to get to know Tara as well. “Yes and no,” she answered. Off of Tara’s confused look she continued, “Yes, I work with computers. Usually. But not today. Actually, the computer is because I’m doing some editing on a current film project.”

“Film? So you’re into the whole big Hollywood film scene then?” Tara pressed. She was hoping the answer was no, because she herself wasn’t interested in what Hollywood had to offer. She was more of a small-time, independent film kind of girl. Hollywood was too interested in where its next million was coming from in her eyes.

Willow almost laughed at Tara’s question. She couldn’t be any farther away from the Hollywood scene. “Actually, I tend to shy away from the Hollywood film scene. To be honest, I don’t really like Hollywood that much. It took an art and manipulated it into a moneymaker. I’m trying to keep it an art.” The fact of the matter was, Willow was incredibly disinterested in making money in the film industry. That wasn’t the point of what she was doing. Film was merely a side venture for her. Sort of like a hobby per se. Of course, it she happened to make some money from a project she’d welcome it. However, she was an intelligent woman and could find a more stable, steady income elsewhere.

Tara was impressed. Willow had given her the answer she desired and then some. This girl just keeps getting better and better, she thought. “How eloquently put. I couldn’t agree more,” she said as she smiled.

Willow smiled in return and thought to herself, Now I get to ask some questions. Willow used the same tactic Tara had used to find out her last name. “Well, Ms....”

“Maclay,” Tara answered laughing in her head at how Willow was obviously doing the same thing she had done to the redhead.

“Well, Ms. Maclay, now that you know a little bit of what it is I do, would you mind if I ask what it is you do?”

Tara searched for the right way to answer. She suspected this question was probably coming when Willow was telling about herself, and she felt inadequate for some reason. She was in a band and worked in a bookstore and didn’t feel like that was on any level near working with computers or filmmaking. She answered in the best way she knew how. “I don’t mind. I do a few things actually. For the most part, I play in a local band. Also, I work in a bookstore that a friend and I are planning on buying soon and turning into a book and record store.” Now she waited for Willow to tell her just how lame she was.

It never came though. Instead, Willow looked her straight in the eyes and said, “That’s really interesting. What kind of band are you in?”

Tara was thrown for a loop. She was so used to people, including her family, telling her that she was just wasting her time with a no-name band that wouldn’t amount to anything and that she should get a real job. Her mind went blank for a few seconds and she couldn’t even remember the name of the band she was in let alone the type of music they played. She eventually regained her ability to think and replied, “It’s actually kind of debatable what kind of music we play. Nobody likes to be pigeonholed, but I’d say it’s mostly punk to a certain extent, but we don’t necessarily categorize ourselves into one genre per se.”

“But if you did have to categorize yourselves....” Willow prodded.

“If we had to categorize, I would say it’s like a sort of an punk/emo/post-indie-rock thing. And that’s a really horrible description, I know.” Tara stopped to think for a moment then continued, “Let me try to find a band to compare it to. Okay, think Something Corporate minus the piano, which is kind of stupid to say considering they’re all about the addition of a piano. Then if you add in maybe some Tsunami Bomb and The Anniversary, I’d say we’re kind of like that.”

Willow scanned her memory banks to try to pull up anything she knew about a band called Something Corporate. It sounded extremely familiar, and she was almost positive she had a CD by a band with that name. At the moment, however, she was coming up blank. She knew The Anniversary but had never heard of the other band. Not wanting to look like a total idiot, she figured she could look everything up later and said, “So you play good music then.” Wow, that was incredibly lame, she thought.

“I’d like to think we do. We all like it anyway, and I suppose that’s what really matters,” Tara said.

Just then, Willow’s cell phone rang. She pulled it out of the bag at her feet and gave Tara an apologetic look before flipping the phone open to answer it. “Hello?”

On the other end was the voice of her best friend Buffy. “Will, where are you? It’s almost 4:30. The flight leaves at 9:00, so we need to be out of here by 6:00 if we’re going to make it to the airport in time.”

Willow glanced at the clock on her computer screen. Was it almost 4:30 already? The last time she had looked at the time it was only a little after 3:00. She and Buffy, along with Buffy’s husband Liam, were taking a short vacation for a few days to Willow’s uncle’s beach house on Captiva Island in Florida. It seemed like a stupid idea considering they lived only a short drive from the beach in Sunnydale, but the trip would provide some relaxing time away from home and work along with the seclusion of a private beach. “Sorry, Buffy. I didn’t realize it was getting so late,” she apologized as she started shutting down her computer.

“Where are you?” Buffy asked again.

“I’m at a coffee shop a few blocks away. You told me I wasn’t allowed to bring anything in the form of a laptop with me, so I thought I’d get some stuff done before we left. I just lost track of time,” she said.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you in a few minutes then. I cooked so we could eat before we left for the airport,” Buffy said.

“You cooked?” Willow asked suspiciously. Buffy hardly ever cooked, and when she did, it was either not very good or it was something pre-made that she could just microwave.

“Okay, I microwaved,” Buffy confessed.

Willow smiled and said over the phone, “I’ll be home in a little bit. Bye, Buffy.”

“Bye, Will.”

Willow closed the phone and placed it back in her bag. As she began packing up her computer, she explained to Tara, “That was that friend I mentioned earlier who supplies me with the naughty reading material.” Tara laughed as Willow continued, “I’ve got to head out now or she’ll tear my head off.”

Tara nodded her understanding. “So, I’ll see you around then?” she asked.

“Definitely. I come in here a lot, and judging by how well you know the guy who works here, I’d say you’re here a lot too. Just look for me. I’ll be the nerd huddled over the computer,” she joked.

“I’ll look for you then.” Tara smiled as she extended her hand toward the redhead. “It’s been a pleasure meeting you, Willow.”

Willow accepted the hand and shook it as she said, “It’s been my pleasure.” As she stood to leave, she turned and reiterated, “I’ll see you around,” before walking towards the door.

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 Post subject: Re: Fic: Songs For A Mix Tape
PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2003 6:19 pm 
:clap More! I'm loving this. The music, coffee, our girls, what more could I ask for? :grin


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 Post subject: Re: Fic: Songs For A Mix Tape
PostPosted: Wed May 28, 2003 10:08 pm 
greeing with Washi here totally good :) ;) More please!


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 Post subject: Re: Fic: Songs For A Mix Tape
PostPosted: Thu May 29, 2003 2:41 am 
unusual idea. But great story.





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PostPosted: Thu May 29, 2003 9:38 am 
More please?!?! :pray


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 Post subject: Re: Fic: Songs For A Mix Tape
PostPosted: Thu May 29, 2003 12:12 pm 
What a great start. I hope Tara will join into that vacation they would have lots of fun I guess.

And Tara is the singer isnt she?! Wonder who will join the band:grin

And Buffy beeing married wow. How old are they???

Hope to :read an update really soon.



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 Post subject: Re: Fic: Songs For A Mix Tape
PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2003 2:06 pm 
Hey Sarah,

I wanted to say congratulations on posting your first story! :D

This is an excellent start and I look forward to the next part you have to offer. Should be an interesting journey you have in store for us. :)


 Post subject: =o)
PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2003 6:56 pm 
I really like the idea for this story! It's unlike others I've seen so far. I can't wait for more!

Kita :eek

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 Post subject: Re: Fic: Songs For A Mix Tape
PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2003 7:10 pm 

great start! I'm usually not a AU person, outside of Final Exam and a few others, but this is really cute. I'm glad you worked up the nerve to post it, and you definetly have enough ;) I'm looking foreward to more.


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 Post subject: Re: =o)
PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2003 8:50 pm 
Great fic!!

Our girls are so perfect for each other, once again.

And how cool is it that Tara plays in a punk band woohoo! I'm guessing she's singing ?! ;) I'd definitely go see them if they'd play around here hehe!

By the way, Jeffries Fan Club rock !

 Post subject: Re: Fic: Songs For A Mix Tape
PostPosted: Sat May 31, 2003 12:08 am 
this is awesome i like that Tara is in a band and that there was coffee and woohoo yes the coffee shop is awesome :dance i would like an update see where this is goin cuz its really cool :bounce

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 Post subject: Part 2 and Replies
PostPosted: Sun Jun 01, 2003 12:53 pm 

Washi – Music and coffee… two of the most important things in life. I’m glad you liked it.

willntlover – More on the way.

the vamp nurd – Unusual ideas are kind of my thing. I’m happy you think it’s great.

littlecrazy80 – More coming.

Stroke of Luck – Tara can’t really come on vacation with Willow. They kind of just met the day she’s leaving. That would just be weird. Tara might be the singer. You’ll just have to wait and find out. As for who’s joining the band, you’ll find out in the next update. It’s no one you’d guess though. I will say that. If you’re still wondering how old they are, in the summary before the first part it says Willow and Tara are 23. Buffy’s also the same age, though Liam is a year older.

kbk3022 – Kasey, Kasey… thanks for reading it again and telling me you like it again. Don’t congratulate me for posting it though. You’re a big reason I got off my butt and actually did it. Congratulate yourself for motivating me. That’s an accomplishment, sweetie :) . By the way, how’s the mobile home and propane business treating you? ;)

Kita830 – I’m glad you like the idea. More soon.

WiccansIllusion – Brooke, I’m glad you like my AU and think it’s cute. Thanks for being amongst the few who told me I should post it. Even after doing it, I’m still nervous as hell though. I just hope I can keep up with the additions and stay way ahead of the updates. I still worry about not having enough even though I know I do. I’m a worrier. It was nice seeing you in Chicago. Hopefully I’ll see you the next time everyone gets together.

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Title: Songs For A Mix Tape

Author: Sarah (unionjill30)


Rating: PG - PG13ish?

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters from ME, and really I don’t own the other characters so much either. Though Kim would like to think she owns me.

Feedback: Yes please.

Track 2: Chasing Amy by Allister

After Willow left the coffee shop, Tara quickly drained her mocha and walked toward the counter to Adam. Somehow, he knew she was coming and was standing at the counter leaning on his elbows waiting for her. “So....” he said with a knowing grin.

“So what?” Tara eluded.

“Oh, c’mon. You’d have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to notice you like the girl. You two were all with the smiling and laughing. I could tell all the way over here. And besides, did you look at her? She was gorgeous.” Adam had been watching over his friend from his position at the counter almost the entire time she’d been here. He’d seen the way the two had talked and joked, and he knew Tara. She was generally shy and reticent when she was around people she didn’t know. She only saved her outgoing side for when she was in the company of people she knew very well or when she was on stage. For some reason she’d opened up to the redheaded woman, and that had to mean only one thing. Tara was attracted to her.

“She was nice,” Tara avoided.

“Nice?” Adam wasn’t going to let it go. “You’re telling me that you, Tara Maclay, sideswipe some little redheaded hottie’s table and instead of fleeing from embarrassment, as most people who actually know you would expect, you actually sit and have a conversation with her then come over here with some line about how ‘she was nice’? Is that it?”

“Geez, what’s your deal? All right, I liked her. Happy?” She thought Adam was overreacting slightly and had no idea what his problem was.

“Sorry.” Adam realized he was acting irrationally and was probably being just a little annoying. “It’s just that I’ve known you for almost two years now, and in that entire time I’ve seen you attempt to date only once and we all know how horribly that turned out. Actually, now that I remember correctly that was actually her attempting to date you and you avoiding her. Therefore, I’m subtracting that bringing the grand total to zero.”

Both Adam and Tara shuddered at the memory they shared. A little over a year previous, Tara had been walking out of a club after finishing a show. A young looking girl had approached her to tell her she had enjoyed the show. The two stood and talked about music and eventually the girl had asked Tara if she wanted to go get coffee. Not understanding her intentions, Tara had said sure and then invited the rest of the band along. Later Tara had found out that the girl had actually been trying to ask her out on a date. Unfortunately for the girl, Tara wasn’t really interested. She’d had nothing but bad experiences with dating in the past, and, as tacky as it sounded, she was waiting for ‘the one’ to come along and sweep her off her feet. This girl wasn’t ‘the one’ for multiple reasons; the main one being that she was only seventeen while Tara was twenty-two. The girl kept coming to shows and waiting for Tara outside. After attempting to plain avoid her, Tara realized she couldn’t take a hint and, as nicely as possible, broke the news that it just wouldn’t work out between the two of them. Finally the pseudo-stalking stopped, and Tara had been relieved.

“All I’m trying to say,” Adam continued, “is that you’re supposed to be this big ol’ lesbian, but doesn’t being a lesbian mean you date women? Frankly I’m not seeing the women or even the singular woman.” Tara had opened her mouth to say something, but Adam just kept going. “Then you walk in here and meet this girl, and you’re both with the talking and the laughing. But then you brush it off like ‘la la la she was nice’ when I got my hopes up and thought ‘hey, maybe Tara’s going to finally let herself go and try to be happy,’ but then no, you go and dash them all to pieces. Please, sweetie, I’m begging you, find this girl and ask her on a date. It’ll make me feel better, and plus, when she says yes, you’ll feel good as well, which will only serve to make me feel even better.”

“So what you’re saying is that you only want me to ask her out to serve your own purposes of making yourself feel good?” Tara questioned.

“No that’s not what I’m saying at all!” Adam exclaimed. “I just want you to be happy, Tara. You deserve to be happy.” He loved Tara to pieces and hated how she just wouldn’t let herself find happiness.

“Let me talk to Kim first,” was all Tara said as she stepped toward the door. Seeing Adam reach for the phone, she stopped with her hand on the door handle and turned, warning, “Don’t you dare call her.” She knew Adam would try to call Kim before Tara got to her and convince her to tell Tara what he wanted her say. When she saw him step away from the phone, she continued out the door and began walking to the bookstore where Kim would be working.

About ten minutes after Willow left Penny Lane, she walked up the back steps at Day Funeral Home and walked through the door. No one was on the main level, so she trekked up the front staircase to the second level as she announced her presence. “Buffy! I’m home!” She stopped off in the kitchen and found a dish of macaroni and cheese waiting on the counter. It didn’t necessarily look appetizing, so she grabbed an apple instead for the drive to the airport.

Willow lived in the upper two levels of the three-story funeral home with Buffy and Liam. Buffy was a funeral director, and when the three had moved to Sunnydale from Indiana a year and a half prior, Buffy had gotten a job with Day Funeral Home through her uncle who knew one of the directors. By luck, the director who had quit, leaving the position open for Buffy, had also lived with his family in the funeral home. They had moved out leaving the area available for the trio to move in. Originally planning on renting an apartment or a small house, the three decided the opportunity with Day was just too good to pass up. The building was gorgeous on the inside as well as the outside, and the cost was extremely low for the spacious two levels they were getting. Apparently the only people who wanted to live in funeral homes were funeral directors or other people in the funeral business, so the Day family kept the rent low for its employees. Buffy loved the fact that she lived where she worked, and for some reason, Willow didn’t really mind the fact that there were always dead bodies in the basement. Liam only wanted to make Buffy happy, although he didn’t really mind either. As long as Buffy was happy, he was happy.

From behind a closed door down the hall she heard Buffy yell, “I’m in here, Will!”

As Willow turned the knob to the door she was pummeled by a silver blur. She felt hot breath on her face and looked up to see two big blue-grey puppy eyes staring back at her.

“Somebody’s glad you’re home,” Buffy said, standing inside her bedroom and throwing various items into a suitcase lying on the bed. “Metzger, sweetie, you’re going to have to get off of Aunt Willow so she can get up.”

The normally obedient five-year old Weimaraner “puppy” didn’t move and, instead, leaned down and began trying to lick Willow’s face. Willow began squealing and attempted to shield her face from the slobbery tongue. This only excited Metzger further as he began to feverishly nuzzle at her face and neck with his snout. Willow picked up on his excitement and wrapped both her arms around him before beginning to roll around on the floor of the hallway in a mock wrestling match.

Buffy walked to the doorway, leaning against the frame to observe the fun being had in the hallway. “I swear. Why have children when I have the two of you?” she asked with a giggle.

Metzger finally pinned Willow to the ground and stood triumphantly over her panting like crazy, and if Willow didn’t know any better, she could have sworn it looked like he was smiling. “Hey, buddy, looks like you won,” she said as she reached up to scratch him behind his ears. She looked up at Buffy. “It’s a shame we can’t take him with us. You know how he hates staying at the kennel.”

Typical of most Weimaraners, Metzger was extremely unhappy in a kennel, and Willow felt bad leaving him there. Truth be told, however, Willow was more upset that she wasn’t going to get to see the dog for the short time they’d be in Florida. She’d become extremely attached to him over the years since Buffy and Liam came across him as a puppy at a local humane society in their hometown and didn’t like the thought of him not being around. It was sad to think about, but Metzger almost hadn’t been allowed to live in the funeral home. They had never had occupants with pets before, and they were unsure if it was a good idea to allow such a big dog to stay. Also, they were worried about barking during funeral services and other events at the funeral home. However, Metzger had been through obedience classes as a puppy and was extremely well behaved. After a short trial period, it was determined that the dog would be allowed to live in the upper levels of the home as long as there were no incidents. So far, Metzger had a flawless record much to the delight of his human housemates.

“Will, you know we can’t take him with us, and there won’t be anyone here to take care of him. I know he hates the kennel, but we don’t really have much choice,” Buffy said. “Do you want to stay home from vacation and keep him company while Liam and I soak up the sun in Florida?”

Considering her options for about a millisecond, Willow looked the dog in the face. “Sorry, Metz. As much as I love you and feel bad for you, I’m not passing up my vacation time.” Metzger promptly huffed in her face then sauntered out of the hallway to another a room.

“Looks like you’ve gone and pissed him off,” Buffy laughed.

Willow shrugged her shoulders and said, “He’ll get over it. He always does. So, are you almost finished with your packing so we can get out of here?”

Buffy was notorious for her last minute packing. Frankly, it got on Willow’s nerves, as she was the type of person who would pack days in advance to give time to make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything.

“Yes, I’m almost done Ms. I-Never-Procrastinate,” Buffy teased.

Willow put her hands on her hips and mock-glared at her friend. “Oh sure, tease me now, but when we get there and you’ve forgotten half of your stuff because you don’t plan ahead, don’t come crying to me.”

“Don’t worry, Will. If I’ve forgotten something I won’t whine to you. That’s what Liam’s for,” Buffy said.

“Don’t I know it.” Both Buffy and Willow turned to the voice coming from the doorway. Liam stood there with a small boyish pout on his face having heard Buffy’s comment.

“Aww, Honey, you know I love you,” Buffy consoled as she made her way to her husband to make him feel better. She placed a small kiss on his nose as she wrapped her arms around him. “I was just playing around, and I promise, no Whiney-Buffy on vacation.” She then continued to comfort him by placing small, chaste kisses on his lips that soon escalated into deeper, more passionate kisses.

As much as Willow loved the two, she had no desire to watch them start with the making-out and the groping. “Will you two get a room?”

Buffy stopped and turned towards Willow. “We have a room. You’re standing in it.”

“Great. Then I’ll just be leaving said room so you two can do... whatever it is you two do,” she said as she moved to leave.

“Oh, c’mon, Will. If Liam was a hot girl you’d be glued to your spot drooling over us,” Buffy shouted to Willow who had made it to the bottom of the staircase to the upper-most level of the house.

Willow covered her ears and made retching noises. “Oh my god, Buffy! You’re practically my sister!” she whined as she made a mad dash up the stairs.

When Willow made it to the top, she walked to the room at the end of the hall where she kept all of her film and computer equipment as well as her movie and CD collections. She had already packed a few of her CDs for the trip, but she made her way over to the shelf containing the alphabetized plastic CD cases. She was curious to determine which band Tara had been talking about. Making it to the ‘S’ section, she began thumbing through the titles. Saturday Morning Cartoons Greatest Hits, Saves The Day, Sex Pistols, Simple Plan, Ska Sucks, Smashing Pumpkins... there, Something Corporate.

She pulled the case from its position and took it to the CD player across the room. After pressing play she walked over to the recliner that rested in one corner of the room and sat down. Immediately she was bombarded with keyboards, electric guitars, and the deep chords of a piano quickly followed by a melodic male voice. The song picked up pace as drums joined the mix. She suddenly remembered the band and picked up the remote to shuffle through the CD and reacquaint herself with it. It had been about two years since she’d last listened to the CD and wondered if they’d come out with anything since. As she listened to the various tracks, she remembered why she’d liked Something Corporate in the first place. After seeing them at The Warped Tour one summer during college she’d bought their album “Leaving Through The Window” and found the CD to have the most eclectic selection of music she’d ever heard. It was sad, funny, deep, and angry as well as a plethora of other emotions all wrapped up in one.

After doing a quick skim of the CD, Willow removed it from the CD player and went to her bedroom to pack it in with her other CDs so she could listen to it in more depth at some point on vacation. She then proceeded to do a final once over of her luggage to ensure that she hadn’t forgotten anything.

Twenty minutes later, Buffy’s voice floated up the stairs. “Will, we’re ready to load up the car if you want to bring your stuff down!”

“I’m on my way down!” Willow yelled back.

It only took a few minutes before everyone’s bags were loaded into the back of Liam’s Ford Explorer. Liam headed back inside and minutes later reappeared with Metzger attached to a leash. The four of them got into the SUV, and Liam started the engine. All that needed to be done was a short trip to drop Metzger off at the kennel and they’d be on their way to a relaxing vacation.

Tara walked from Penny Lane to Maureen’s Books in a matter of minutes. The bell over the door announced her presence, and a girl with short black hair swiveled around on the chair she was perched on behind the counter revealing a large white stripe of hair contrasting sharply amongst the black.

Stopping dead in her tracks, Tara uttered, “Well that’s new.”

The girl smiled widely and said, “Do you like it? I bleached it last night.”

“Kim, honey, one of these days your hair’s going fall out from all the stuff you do to it,” Tara said.

“Yeah, well, I’d like to see that bitch Kelly Osbourne top this one,” Kim said. Kim had an ongoing hate for the rock star’s daughter turned pop star. For years she was convinced the singer must be stalking her and stealing her hair styles because it seemed like every time Kim did something to her hair, the next issue of Teen People or Seventeen magazine had a picture of Kelly Osbourne sporting a very similar or even the same hair style. Of course everyone knew there was no connection between Kim’s hair decision and Kelly Osbourne’s, but it was impossible to convince Kim of that. It was a source of humor amongst all of Kim’s friends.

“Let it go, Kim. Let it go,” Tara laughed. “Adam didn’t call you did he?” she asked quickly changing the subject.

“No. Why? Was he supposed to?” Kim asked.

“No, I just left Penny Lane and wondered if he’d called since I left,” Tara replied. She was glad he hadn’t called because she wanted to tell Kim about the redhead herself. “So what are you doing back there?”

Kim turned back towards where she’d been facing when Tara came in and came back around with a sketchbook in her hands. Tossing the book on the counter for Tara to see she pointed out what she was doing. “It’s been extremely slow in here, so I’ve been working on this all day.” On one of the ivory pages of the sketchbook was a pencil sketch showing an outside view of The Metro in Chicago. Kim didn’t say anything but just stared at Tara.

Tara looked up at Kim staring back at her. “You miss home, don’t you?” was all she said.

“Maybe a little,” Kim replied absently. “Anyway,” she jumped topics quickly, “how’d today go?”

Tara just rolled her eyes and sighed.

“That bad, huh? Well, have I got news that’ll cheer you right up,” Kim said on the verge of excitement.

“Oh great… what is it?” Tara was reluctant to ask. With Kim, news could mean anything ranging from something life changing to her latest T-shirt from Goodwill. Guessing it was probably something along the lines of the latter, she guessed, “Did you buy something?”

“Well, yeah. But that’s not the news I’m telling right now. We have time for show-and-tell from shopping later. This is way better. You’ll love it!” Kim beamed.

“Okay, let’s get with the news then.” Tara just wanted her to spit it out already.

“All right. Well, you know Jeremy’s band Maybe Forever?” Tara nodded. Jeremy was Kim’s boyfriend as well as the drummer for the emo band Maybe Forever. “Well, they should be called Maybe Not Forever.” Kim left it at that assuming Tara would get what she was saying.

Apparently Tara didn’t get it because she looked incredibly confused as she asked, “What do you mean?”

“Do I have to spell it out for you? They’ve split up,” Kim explained.

“Why?” Tara wondered. She figured they’d never break up. They had been together for years.

“Brady’s wife got a job offer in Phoenix, and they decided they could really use the money if they’re planning on having kids. So, the rest of the guys decided it wasn’t the same without Brady and figured they would just split up and go their own ways; therefore, no more band.”

“Wow, that’s some news.” Tara sounded shocked. After a second she said, “Wait, how’s that supposed to cheer me up? I thought you had good news.”

“Geez, don’t worry. I’m getting to that.” She paused for dramatic effect, but it only got on Tara’s nerves.

“Just tell me!” she nearly shouted.

Kim was startled by the outburst and quickly started telling Tara the rest of the story. “Corey quit your band. Jeremy no longer has a band. Corey’s a drummer. Jeremy’s a drummer. Should I go on?”

“If you’re telling me what I think you’re telling me, then I think I may just love you forever,” Tara said. Wanting to make sure she asked, “What are you telling me?”

Kim smiled broadly. “What I’m saying is that you’ve got a show coming up that appears to be destined for a cancellation. Jeremy has played with you before so he already knows a few of the songs. He wanted me to tell you that if you didn’t find anyone he’d play with you next Friday, and after that if you don’t find anyone and if it’s cool with everyone else he’d like to see about a permanent place as drummer.” During the whole speech Tara’s face had lit up in a huge smile. Kim noticed and said, “So… what do you think?”

Tara grabbed Kim in a huge hug and screamed, “I love you! I love Jeremy!”

“I take it you’re happy,” Kim said nonchalantly as she hugged Tara back.

Tara pulled back from the hug and moved for the phone. “I have to call Ro and Ross and Anya to tell them the news. I’m sure they’ll be all for it.” Ro, who’s full name was Hiroya, and Ross were the two guitarists in the bad while Anya played keyboard when they needed it and helped with a lot of backing vocals. Tara wanted to clear the issue with them before she said anything for sure. She knew they’d be more than happy with the news, so she grabbed the phone and started dialing.

When Tara had finished calling everyone and clearing the issue of Jeremy playing with them, she decided to take the opportunity to tell Kim about Willow. Walking to the back room, she found Kim digging through her purse.

“Can I talk to you?” Tara asked.

Kim stopped her apparent search for something and looked up. “Sure. Can we go out front so I can smoke a cigarette?”

Making an unpleasant face, Tara replied, “Only if you promise to stand downwind from me with it.” Tara hated the fact that Kim smoked. She hated that anyone smoked. In her opinion it was incredibly nasty. A small portion of her friends were smokers. She also had one of two older sisters who smoked like a chimney, which only added to her loathing for the bad habit. She had been working on getting Kim to quit for years, but the mission was futile.

“Promise.” Kim finally found her pack of cigarettes and pulled one out, holding it high as if it were the most glorious thing she’d ever possessed.

The two made their way out the front door of the shop. Standing in the front of the building would allow them to know when customers entered.

“So, what’s up?” Kim asked after lighting her cigarette and taking a long drag.

“I might have sort of met someone today, but I... I don’t know.” Tara looked nervously down at the sidewalk while she spoke.

“Someone as in the girly type of someone?” Kim asked excitedly.

“Yes, the ‘girly type of someone.’ But, like I said, I don’t know.” She continued looking downward as she leaned back into the building.

“Um, what’s not to know?”

“Well, there are questions. Like, would she even be interested in me? Is she seeing someone? Heck, is she even interested in women in general? I hate this kind of thing.” Tara finally looked up at her friend. “You’ve always been good at the whole dating thing. Help. Please.” Her eyes held a pleading look.

“First off, you need to calm down. Take a deep breath.” To emphasize her point, Kim blew the smoke from her lungs and pulled in a deep cleansing breath.

Tara followed suit and appeared calmer. “Okay.”

“Now, you have to tell me about this girl before we make any decisions. What has you so worked up over her? I need details,” she pushed while putting out her cigarette and motioning for the two to move back inside. Once they made it back through the door Kim said, “Now, start from the beginning.”

Tara proceeded to fill Kim in on what had happened at the coffee house.

“I think I like her,” she said when she finished the story. “I know we only talked for a little while, but wow.” Tara went into dreamy mode before suddenly snapping to attention. “Oh! I forgot the weirdest part. After I sat down and really started talking to her, my stutter just got up and walked away. It was like I felt so comfortable around her.”

“Whoa, that’s new,” Kim said before bending under the counter to retrieve something. A second later she popped back up and dropped a phone book in front of herself. “Call her,” she demanded.

Tara started to panic, “W-what? N-no, I c-can’t.”

“Why not?”

“B-because.” She took a breath to calm herself. “I can’t call her because it would make me look all desperate or something. Besides, I doubt she’s even listed.”

“It wouldn’t make you look desperate. Believe me.” Kim started flipping through the pages. When she landed on the desired page she began reciting out loud, “Rosenberg, Willow. 875 West Terrace Street, Sunnydale. 539-2...”

“She’s in there?” Tara practically yelled as she jumped up from her seat to investigate Kim’s discovery. “People like her aren’t just in the phone book for anybody to look up.”

“That makes no sense whatsoever,” Kim said with confusion. Ignoring her friend’s request to not call the redhead, she grabbed the phone and started dialing before shoving the phone into Tara’s hand. “It’s ringing,” she said in a singsong voice.

Tara just stared at the phone for a second with eyes as wide as dinner plates before slowly putting it to her ear. Having absolutely no idea what she would even say, Tara stood with a blank expression on her face.

“Hi, this is Willow. I can’t come to the phone right now...” Willow’s answering machine picked up.

Tara immediately slammed the phone down and proclaimed, “She’s not there,” before taking a large breath of relief.

“Well that sucks,” Kim said disappointedly. “We’ll just have to try again some other time.”

Tara rolled her eyes.

“Now,” Kim started, switching subjects, “we get to play show-and-tell.”

“Oh, fun,” Tara said with mock enthusiasm, expecting the worst, as Kim walked to the back room to retrieve a bag from Goodwill.

Upon her return, Kim pulled out an extremely old looking blue ringer T-shirt that had in Old English lettering written on the front, ‘And on the eighth day God created Tupperware.’ “Don’t you just love it?” she asked.

“Oh. My. God,” Tara managed to get out before dissolving into uncontrollable laughter.

An hour into the flight, Willow was off in her own world listening to one of the CDs she had brought along and looking out the window. As the last song ended, she looked past Buffy and saw that Liam had fallen asleep. Looking at Buffy, she realized her friend appeared extremely bored with no one to talk to. Feeling bad for leaving Buffy like that, she put away her CD player and decided to strike up a conversation.

“So, Buff, how’s it going?”

Buffy jumped slightly at the sound of her friend’s voice and seemed to break out of what was possibly a daydream. “Oh. Hey, Will. I didn’t realize you’d taken the headphones off. What’s up?”

“Not much. I just noticed you looked kinda bored with Mr. Sleepy over there and thought I’d help you out a little.”

Buffy laughed slightly. “I swear he sleeps all the time.”

Willow laughed as well. “Oh, he’s just tired because he actually has a job where he has to get up at the crack of dawn every day of the week, unlike the two of us who get to sleep in occasionally.”

Buffy looked at her friend skeptically. “Occasionally? Will, you sleep in practically every day except when you have the rare meeting that requires you to actually go somewhere.”

“You’re just jealous.”

“Am not.”

“Are so.”

“Am not.”

“Okay, you win,” Willow conceded.

“Are you feeling okay today? ‘Cause you never let me win that quickly,” Buffy said.

“I’m okay.”

“Are you sure? I mean, you’ve been kind of quiet since you came home earlier, and you weren’t very talkative in the car either.”

“I’ve just been thinking,” she revealed.

“’Bout what?”

“A girl,” Willow whispered.

It wasn’t said quietly enough for Buffy’s ears to miss, however. “A girl!” she shouted before realizing nearly everyone around them looked directly at her due to her outburst. Liam remained sleeping, though. Apparently he could sleep through anything. “A girl?” she said again, much more quietly this time. “A girlfriendy-type girl?”

“I don’t know yet. I just met her today.”

“Is that why you lost track of time earlier?” Buffy asked and received a head nod in return. “What’s her name?”

“Tara Maclay.”

“You have to tell me all about her. I want total spillage.”

The rest of the flight was spent with Willow describing everything that had happened at the coffee shop earlier and explaining how wonderful she thought Tara was.

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Wow, part 2 so quick? Cool stuff. This was a fun part, the introduction of new characters and all. But the best part ever is this line right here:
“She’s in there?” Tara practically yelled as she jumped up from her seat to investigate Kim’s discovery. “People like her aren’t just in the phone book for anybody to look up.”

This line is so funny. :laugh :D

Keep up the good work.

sweetie J. :p

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Hey I totally liked the update!!

This is just perfect! ;)

This fic contain everything I adore, music, coffee, books store and our 2 girls!

Keep on writting such good stuff!! ;)

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Hehehe, yay for update! Now, please tell me that the vacation isn't going to be written in detail, although, it's cool if it is, but I wanna see them both, together, talking or smooching or doing stuff... :grin

Great update, can't wait for more. :clap


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Great fic. I can really see Tara as a musician. I love the self doubt that will eventually turn into quirky dates and smoochies tales.:willow :tara :heart

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Wow, quick update! I really liked this one, it was very funny. I love the characters of Adam and Kim and of course "Liam." =o) I hope Tara and Willow hurry up and have that necessary talk. :tara :willow

Kita :eek


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Love this fic , it's great. I really like AUs where the characters have this complete life and the girls just kind of meet. I am also into long courtships and an entire part on just a coffee encounter is highly enjoyable. Thanks, hope to read more soon.

Ok, I realized you had another update yay! Now I worry that while Willow's on vacation , tara won't be able to get a hold of her and get discouraged. Loving how much they are both thinking of each other.

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loving this fic. can't wait for more.:clap

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Awesome update dude.

Loving all the diff chars. And Kim is pretty tight:lol tupperware.

thanks for the cool update:bounce


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Tara getting the courage to phone Willow. And she's not there. :rage

Sod's law.




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 Post subject: Re: Part 2 and Replies
PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2003 5:24 am 
Hey, I really like the start to your fic. I love the AUs (I think we know that...).

The first part was wonderful with the accidental meeting and clicking right off. Very wonderful and beautiful. What I loved about it so much was the fact that they both took some steps to make sure they would meet again. 1. Finding out last names! 2. Finding out the name of Tara's band. 3. Saying about meeting up at the coffee house again.

I'm really glad about that because... we have this part in the weekly paper here (the Chronicle) called "Shots in the Dark." Basically it is notes from people who met their soulmate at the 7-11 or Starbucks or whatever or made out after the show but forgot to get the other person's name or whatever! :smash All my friends laugh because that section makes me so crazy!

So none of that here; our girls show some initiative. I'm thinking, heck they can look each other's number in the book and lo and behold, part 2. Yay for Kim and Adam and their initiative and pushing Tara. Loving that.

My favorite line for ironic irony:

“First off, you need to calm down. Take a deep breath.” To emphasize her point, Kim blew the smoke from her lungs and pulled in a deep cleansing breath.

Great job :clap and update soon please. Debra


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 Post subject: Re: Part 2 and Replies
PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2003 10:59 am 
Great update!

Loved the fact that they already like each other. :heart

Please update soon. :pray


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 Post subject: Great
PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2003 1:53 pm 
I really like these kinda fics so keep it up :banana (dancing banana just cause it looks funny!)

 Post subject: More please!
PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2003 9:05 am 
Hey, how are you?

I'm really liking this story, especially with the musical side to it. I love the idea of Tara fronting a band.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

- Skye

 Post subject: Re: Great
PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2003 11:23 am 
Hey, im lovin this fic, its a really cool idea. Can't wait for more.



 Post subject: Re: More please!
PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2003 3:39 pm 
I also really like this fic, especially your knowledge of good music!

More please!!

willowsgirl xx

 Post subject: Re: Great
PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2003 2:27 pm 
I'm really liking this fic. It's quirky and cute and odd in just the sense that I like alot. Buffy working in a funeral home and everything and Willow being into filmaking is all very cool.To simplify: Me likey. Me want more.


 Post subject: Re: More please!
PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2003 2:57 pm 
Hi, please update this fic soon! I'm absolutely loving it and can't wait to see where you take the story!


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 Post subject: Re: Great
PostPosted: Fri Jun 06, 2003 5:55 pm 
cant wait for more update soon i want to read what happens cuz Willow is all out of town now and Tara is callin her and shes not there cuz shes on the plane and i really want more please soon :bounce :bounce :bounce :bounce :bounce

I love you now and forever and a week

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