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 Post subject: Re: So, what did I miss?
PostPosted: Fri Dec 17, 2004 10:18 pm 
k liz u can punish me...:punish

Christ Liz drag it out much..

I want to see a chick fight dammit... hehe


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 Post subject: Re: So, what did I miss?
PostPosted: Fri Dec 17, 2004 10:27 pm 
Oh crap...that chocolate was blocking the exits??? Umm...sorry:p

*taking up Reds' chant* chick fight! chick fight!

hee hee


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 Post subject: Re: yay
PostPosted: Fri Dec 17, 2004 10:34 pm 
yay...updatey...yay *does the happy snoopy dance*

:bow :bow :bow i love this fic... and i'm so so sorry for not leaving feedback to your previous updates... *goes off and hides from flying tomatoes*... i really am... forgive me? *goes off and hides again*

go Tara!!! Tara in amazon warrior outfit...* :drool starts to drool*... ok, I'm getting off track again... did I just say I love this fic?... is it ok to say it over and over?... I so love this fic... and amazons...*:drool drools...again*

What if I never get to tell Tara I love her?

aaaawwwww....that was soooo sweet....

can't wait for the next update...:wink

btw, I love this fic...


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 Post subject: Re: yay
PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, 2004 4:20 pm 
If you keep those updates coming i can certainly keep bowing :) looooove looove looove this fic! :bow :bow :bow :bow :bow :bow :bow :bow :bow

*sits down to patiently wait for more*

Not quite broken but i'd still like to be fixed


 Post subject: Re: yay
PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, 2004 5:25 pm 
*slinks in wearing a guilty expression*

I've been away way, way too long. Way too long. This is incredible. Of course, as I came in where I did, this is going to be driving me nuts. Gah!

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 Post subject: Re: yay
PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, 2004 6:46 pm 
wow, talk about excitment. i hope that brunette bitch gets killed by a random tree branch...

*waits for more!*

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 Post subject: Re: yay
PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, 2004 7:01 pm 
Cool, Tar's got a plan. Or, she's just improvising, and wants to reassure Willow anyway. I love Buf' and Fa'aith's interactions, the whole subplot of Buf's attraction is really nicely placed within the main story, so it's not distracting from it, but still present. I wonder if Fa'aith is really as oblivious as Buf' thinks she is? Great work.

Chris Cook

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 Post subject: Uweljua. Ykia. Morta.
PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, 2004 11:18 pm 

Um....I'll just update. And I want to see a chick fight too...desperately.

tarawhipped-- Well, s'okay, I already started nibbling on the gingerbread walls.


Hee. Snoopy dances rock. And I'm SO happy you love my fic. That makes i me so happy--no tomatoes necessary--and I welcome you with open arms and um..updated fic goodness. Yay...I love amazon-Tara too. Yes, yes indeed. And hey, I can't remember if you saw or not, but somewhere on this thread is my sketch of amazon-tara. Just for dah visual, you know? Hee...Willow is my favorite character, yes, yes she is.

Miss Evanescent--

Yay. Okay, then to keep up my end of the bargain, I give you an update.

Tempest Duer--

See, the sad thing is when I saw the word "slinks" I at first thought it was referring to an article of clothing that was slinky and can imagine where my imagination took me with that one. So that's why the apology caught me off guard cause..well..urm...I hope you like the update!


Heh...I'm glad you liked it. LOL! Arandom tree..branch, eh? Hm...You don't want Tara to kick her ass? Ah, well, I'll rewrite it, if you like...but seriously, it's not gonna have the same POW it originally had.


Hee. Improvisation is the BEST way to execute a plan. The best. I'm positive about this. And I'm glad you noticed Buf's slight...feelings...towards that one gal. I've never understood the underground Slash fic fanatism of Faith and Buffy...but I already liked them as a comic duo. Why not through real emotions into that mix as well? Glad you're reading and enjoy the update!

Chapter 25

“Fighters, take your stance.”

Tar’airah strode smugly to her mark on the left side of the rink.

“When the ceremony begins, you’ll receive a sword, I’ll already have mine. Perhamia will most likely begin with telling us to ‘take our stance,’ or ‘Brelhas nuesos ascasis.’”

“Brelhas nuesos ascsis, right, gotcha.”

She walked forward, holding up her sword as the capture received his.

“You stand opposite of me, just follow whatever I do…”

The foreigner, to Caranthia’s surprise, mimicked the amazon girl perfectly in sync.

“And when you hear…”

“Raise your hands, believe in your struggles thus far, and do not let fear control your actions…”

“That means you need to hold your hands open…like this, it’s a sign of respect and our acceptance of fate.”

“How romantic.”

“Shush, this is important. After a few more words you will hear three commands,” Tara’s hand rose counting off on each finger.

“One: Uweljua”


“Two: Ykia”


“Three: Morta”


“And then what happens?”

“We fight.”


It was an easy dance, circling one another, balancing on how much looked as if they were judging each other’s fighting capabilities. The crowd was cheering wildly, throwing out insults left and right at Willow.

Good thing she can’t understand them.

Willow heard the voices, and could only speculate what was intended by the foreign words being shouted.

Too bad I can’t understand them.

She realized after a few minutes of 'juding' her opponent it was time for the first move.

Here goes nothing.

Tar’airah, immediately recognized Willow’s action: she let her head slightly turn away, as if distracted by something her foot had stepped on. With one fell swoop, the amazon was upon the redhead, swiftly knocking her sword to the ground, being sure to not touch one hair on the redhead’s arm.

Tar’airah backed off, triumphantly, grasping the other sword in her hand. She raised the two swords to the crowd: A sign of victory of the first level of battle, upon which the crowd of women responded in full-blown cheer. She discarded the weapons to the side of the rink as demand for hand-to-hand combat.

Phase one complete—sharp, painful objects taken out of the picture and away from Willow.

Willow, upon loosing her weapon, raised herself up again, taking in the sight of bloodthirsty amazons within twenty feet of her in every direction.

Phase two: surviving them.

Tar’airah stalked the redhead easily, as Willow feigned staggering away in fear. In one strong jump, Tar’airah was on top of Willow, tumbling them both to the ground, twisting and turning with each revolution their two entwined bodies took. The friction of dirt on skin stopped their momentum and Tar’airah up-righted herself on top.

Hoots and hollers could be heard from around the circle; Tar’airah had obviously won five minutes prior to the fight’s beginning, but it was still fun to cheer their winning side.

She looked down at the love of her life, as she raised her hand to punch the living daylights out of her.

God she is so beautiful.

Willow looked up and saw the clear blue eyes of the woman she loved, just as she saw the fist coming towards her face.

Could she be any more gorgeous?

Leaning slightly away from the swift hit, her helmet was slapped off.

Tar’airah up-righted herself for another hit when looking down at her ‘prey’ dramatically, stopped her movement.


Willow could feel the vibrations of her love’s voice shoot ripple through her ribcage as she bellowed the word she had been waiting to hear since this dreadful fight began, “Lie!”

“MENTIA!” came the holler again, and the crowd’s universal cheering was stifled. Caranthia came forward from her stand, and looked down at the scene before her.

“What are you talking about? Kill him! KILL HIM, you weakling!”

“This is no man…” Tar’airah grabbed Willow’s arm as she stood up, lifting her at the same time, pulling her towards Caranthia the torchlight flashing around the now silent arena, “this is a girl…you have made a mistake…” her voice grated with the rage she had been holding in since the beginning of the Sacrament, since the beginning of the ridiculous fight, “THIS, is an innocent. AN INNOCENT!” Tara’s voice bellowed. Willow had never heard anything like it come out of her sweet mouth before.

Caranthia stood still, then realizing her last chance was slipping away from her, “If you cannot kill a simple human from the outside world, than I guess I’ll have to, you weak slow-witted beast,” she shrieked.

In one swift movement, she raised her sword in her right hand towards Willow’s brow.

“You will NOT escape death!”

The redhead looked up.

What the…?

Fa’aith and Buf’aneah saw from across the arena in sudden alarm.

Oh fuck.


*sings* eeevil, evil is her one and only name...(besides elizabeth...)

-elizabeth :spin

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 Post subject: Re: Uweljua. Ykia. Morta.
PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, 2004 11:37 pm 
:gnome :gnome :gnome :gnome :punish :punish

:wtf :mad

AND??? AND?? AND??? WHAT NEXT!!! "runs around in a rampage" Gah cliffhangers!! EVIL EVIL EVIL! More soon youre KILLIN me! :p



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 Post subject: Re: Uweljua. Ykia. Morta.
PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, 2004 11:50 pm 


--elizabeth :spin

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 Post subject: Re: Uweljua. Ykia. Morta.
PostPosted: Sat Dec 18, 2004 11:59 pm 

another great update!!! and now, i am making sure i leave feedback! and thanks for sparing me from the evil tomatoes...

Now, as for Caranthia... is it possible to divert the direction of the flying tomatoes to that...ummm...that...ummm... evil evil woman...?

yeah! evil tomatoes for an evil amazon!

Oh fuck.

can't think of anything less...

waits for the next update...:bow :bow i love your fic


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 Post subject: Re: Uweljua. Ykia. Morta.
PostPosted: Sun Dec 19, 2004 3:47 am 
ahh...more!!! plleease *begs* :aww :bow :bow :bow :bow :bow :bow :bow

must know what happens!

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 Post subject: Re: Uweljua. Ykia. Morta.
PostPosted: Sun Dec 19, 2004 5:09 am 
I'm betting Caranthia's in for a world of hurt - you don't threaten Willow in front of Tar' and just get away with it. Kind of ironic that she doesn't think Tar's a proper fighter, when I suspect she's about to get a personal demonstration. I just hope Tar' doesn't let Caranthia get any cheap shots in in return :pray

Chris Cook

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 Post subject: Re: Uweljua. Ykia. Morta.
PostPosted: Sun Dec 19, 2004 6:08 am 
Oh no! It happen again :ashamed I had missed again a update aww.:aww

Je je je, but again I found two chapters up :banana Fantastic chapters by the way :bow If it is my punishment...I will be a supercriminal to you now :laugh . Just kidding :P I don't want to miss a thing. THe story is sooooooooo cool.

Oh! The comment is :geek :sheep :thud :sheep :sh eep


Wooaa! Caranthia sure don't know how to lose.

Wish Tara stop somehow the *:rage piii* or if she hurt a Willo's hair she's gone to regreat that very much. (Tara berserk! Tara berserk! :bounce :D )

Hope to read more soon. this time I will be waiting attentive. ;)

 Post subject: Re: Uweljua. Ykia. Morta.
PostPosted: Sun Dec 19, 2004 8:47 am 
My gosh girl! I'm in update heaven :D I hope Tara throttles Caranthia - she just needs some really good smacks to the head (I mean, hello, B. I. T. C. H.) And hopefully Caranthia's mental problems will become obvious to the whole tribe. They really need to see that her actions are really only guided by one thing - to hurt Tara. It's too bad Tara's previous rights of passage didn't involve her as her opponent - I doubt Tara would have as much problem (generally speaking) to kicking her ass.

I am generally a believer that cliffhangers are evil, but since I know you will be updating again very, very soon - you are forgiven ;)


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 Post subject: Re: Uweljua. Ykia. Morta.
PostPosted: Sun Dec 19, 2004 1:58 pm 
gah! you had to stop there.. of course...

yeah, tar shouldnt have to waste her energy on that scum, a random tree branch would be quite satisfactory, *squish*

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 Post subject: Um..."Some Cool Title"...yea...that works...
PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2004 1:11 am 

Thankyee. need to worry 'bout the tomatoes, I leave those for throwing at worthier those who weild the power of the Heat at my dorm. Oh. Nevermind, then. I'll throw them at Caranthia....although, from this update, I'm not sure it will be necessary.... Hope you enjoy!

Miss Evanescent--

Hee...sure! Here's the next part-y...hope you like it.


Hmm...Caranthia manages to just fall into these traps of doom with Tar..and she never even realizes it. THAT's the funny part. The not so funny part?! Heh, I hope you enjoy the update Chris.


Hello! Heh, no prob dude, you just get to read two in one go! Thankyou, I'm glad you liked them. Caranthia...yes, she does have sore-looser issues. I think Tara will definitely do what she feels is necessary...everyone needs to go a little beserk now and then! Glad you liked the update, and I hope you like this one!


Hee. I'm an updating fiend. Fiend I say! Man...the violence I've got coming towards one of the my ECR (Elizabeth-Copy-Righted) just fills me with this wonderful gooey warm feeling. Course, that could be the hot chocolate. Not sure. Hmm...Hee...I'm sorry you don't like cliffhangers...and well, I'm not gonna lie...there are more to come...but *shrugs* eh...It's me. What are you gonna do?


Of course I had to stop there. Where ELSE would I stop? In the next part where an alien swoops down and electricutes Caranthia? Wait...that's...that doesn't happen. I lie. See, this is why I stopped it there. I wasn't sure about the next part. Hee...Right, I'll get you a tree, but in the mean time, let's let Tar' do what she can for us both. 'Kay?

Chapter 26

Tar’airah noticed the movement and quickly jumped in front of the redhead, letting the sword graze her left arm.

Caranthia noticed the protective move and her eyes widened into hysteria, “you…you protect her? YOU PROTECT THIS OVER ONE OF YOUR OWN?!" She backed up, in disgust. "You...YOU KNEW!” she screamed.

The crowd around stood in silence watching the scene unfold. Caranthia was walking around the couple in the center, growing more hysterical by the second.

“Knew? Knew what?” She stood directly in front of Willow, covering every possible hit Caranthia could attempt to make.

“YOU KNEW SHE WAS THE KEY!” She screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Key…?” This time Tar’airah couldn’t keep up with Caranthia’s ramblings. All that mattered was keeping Willow out of the aim of the insane brunette slowly stalking her every back-step, sword raised. Blood slowly trickled down her arm where the blade had touched.

“YOU WILL NOT DESTROY MY WORLD AGAIN! YOU WILL NOT DESTROY MY WORLD!” With that, Caranthia came rushing forward, sword raised straight for Tara’s heart.

Tar’airah had to think quickly, it seemed as though everything was happening in slow motion as she saw the face of death running straight at her. In a quick rush of thoughts, she did the only thing she could think of before dying. She turned her head slightly to the figure behind her and spilled the words, “I love you.”

That done, she pushed Willow with all her strength clear across the rink, backing away from Caranthia’s racing body. She looked down, looking furiously for a weapon of any kind.

Where did I throw those damn swords?

Searching furiously, she spotted a glint on the ground about ten feet to her left, but just as she saw it, Caranthia was upon her.

She caught the brunette’s raised arms as the sword was falling down to her brow.

Caranthia pushed down with all her strength upon Tar’airah’s hands, slowly lowering the blade closer and closer to skin, “you…will…die…too. Right…before…I kill her.”

All the pain, all the worry, and all the anger were finally being relented onto the one person she despised above all. I'm here for you, shall live again with her death... Thoughts and images spurted through the girl's brain as she came closer and closer to ending her suffering and revenging her mother's senseless slaughter.

Caranthia was sweating under the pressure of her muscles straining against Tar’airah’s. She stared directly into the eyes of her enemy and saw something spark within the blonde’s eyes. Something she had tried to pull out several times before, had tried to provoke on many an occasion during sparing events, but always failed.

Tar’airah let a feral growl rip through her body.


“Hatred can be a very powerful thing.”

Tar’airah launched Caranthia’s arms up off of her.

“It can easily be used to manipulate.”

As Caranthia back-peddled, Tar’airah was upon her, knocking the sword out of the brunette’s hand, and then kicking her sharply in the stomach.

“It can give immense strength to those that wield it for a period of time.”

Caranthia fell towards the ground with the received blow.

“But above all, it can be very, very dangerous, Kaleh. Do not use or abuse it, my child.”

Tar’airah kicked the face of the brunette swiftly.

“Yes Mama.”

Coughing for air, clutching her stomach as blood dribbled down her chin Caranthia could see Tar’airah backing away a few feet, stooping for something.

The form of Tar’airah came back into plain view as she stood hovering over the form of Caranthia, huddled on the ground, raising her hands upward.

Looking up, the brunette saw the blade that would cut into her skin glinting in the flickering light of the torches. The warm liquid slowly descended down her face, as she lifted up a hand in mercy against the oncoming long.... She had waited so long for her triumph. For her mother's rebirth through victory. And it would end like this? All end...

But before any further movement could be made, a scream bellowed over the ground, up the trees and into the sky, “NO!”

The crowd sharply looked towards the owner of the voice. The figure of a slight, strangely dressed woman raced forward, her red hair now let loose from the confines of her even stranger hat.

Tar’airah looked up, and saw Willow running towards her.

No…Willow, you don’t understand…

Willow stopped abruptly between the blonde and the whimpering brunette on the arena ground, glaring profusely, “Are you INSANE? Put the sword down NOW!”

The crowd of women around the rink stood in awe as they watched their finest warrior be yelled at—be talked down to—by…an OUTSIDER?

“Tara, put it down. Now,” Willow’s anger dissipated and worry replaced it, “Please…you’ll never live with yourself if you do this.”

Tar’airah looked up into the green eyes pleading with her as her own flooded with tears. Why did this have to be so hard?

“Please, I don’t want to loose you to this…” Willow looked down at the huddled figure of Caranthia below, “ She’s not worth it…you know that.”

The blonde mumbled something incoherently.

"What?" Willow asked desperately trying to make eye contact.

“She threatened you,” came the soft voice again, tears dribbling down her cheeks, as if to excuse her actions.

“It wouldn’t be the first time,” Willow softly added, “Please, Tara, give me the sword.”

Several seconds passed. Finally Tara looked directly into Willow's eyes, as if to ask the question was this really happening? It didn't feel real. It felt like some surreal dream she couldn't wake from.

"Please," came the whisper and open hand.

Without breaking eye contact, Tara handed the weapon over. She stepped away from the huddled form of Caranthia, who in turn scuttled away in the direction of the Calethia’s closest rink side.

Willow quickly tossed the weapon away, and grasped Tara’s hands. She noticed the blonde was shaking. She was looking down again at the ground, letting the swift flow of tears fall to the ground.


The blonde quietly cried, clinging to Willow's hands, resting her head on the redhead's shoulder.

"Tara? Please, talk to me."

She did not answer. Instead another voice spoke up.

“I think…explanations are in order.”

Willow looked up to the gruff voice, as it had been the only other one to speak English to her in over a week.

Tara looked up as well, seeing the grand purple robes, hearing the sage voice, knowing the face.



-elizabeth :spin

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 Post subject: Re: Um..."Some Cool Title"...yea...that works...
PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2004 11:55 am 
Yeah! I can't believe it! I make it in time :party


What a fight! I was reading it while listening to Lacrimosa (you know, that epic music used on Spiderman2's trailer) so the impact was bigger. I enjoy it very much.

How cute when Willow comes to Tara and demand her her sword :luv (Amazon tribe weren't so happy though, more confused and shocked than anything I think :laugh ).

For a moment you had me worried then. I mean, between Tara and caranthia (back to the second one) is not very wise... If the dement of Caranthia wasn't all beaten up by Tara she could have hurt Willow... And in front of Tara :eek

What will happen now with Thea and all? Mmm will Willow nurse Tara's wounds? :drool

Yay! Wishing for the next update :bounce

 Post subject: Re: Um..."Some Cool Title"...yea...that works...
PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2004 2:28 pm 
woot! go tara with her bad ass amazon moves!

i must admit, a lot better then a tree, lol.

this explanation will be quite intresting to hear, and to see how the tribe is going to react.

but Caranthia sucks and tara rules so its all good.

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 Post subject: Re: Um..."Some Cool Title"...yea...that works...
PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2004 3:32 pm 
Woot what an update liz.. I got a to see a girl fight with pointy objects... hehe and now whats gonna happen???


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 Post subject: Re: Um..."Some Cool Title"...yea...that works...
PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2004 6:41 pm 

amazing update!!! i mean, how often do you read fics with ... ehem... amazons kicking each other's asses?:drool ... not that Caranthia was able to do it though... *snickers*

*goes over to Caranthia's huddled form* What are you now, huh? What are you now? Nuthole!

okay... i just thought i'd tell that biatch off...

anyways, back to the feedback...

I am so impressed with the way you portrayed hatred in this update... I was so caught up... It was like watching a remarkable movie, only I was reading it... Different scenarios working together as one to depict such a vista...

And how adorable was it that Tara cried in Willow's shoulder? It's sad to see Tara cry, but still, the interaction is simply beautiful...

And yes, I believe next update would be full of explanations...

I'm guessing someone's in trouble...*looks over at Caranthia*

I totally, absolutely love your fic...:bow


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 Post subject: Re: Um..."Some Cool Title"...yea...that works...
PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2004 8:16 pm 
Huh, EZBoard ate my feedback last night... oh well, I finally get to use the 'Grrr EZBoard' smiley :ezsucks

Now, onto what I was saying a few hours ago - love the fight scene. Especially how it was all about the emotions involved, not just who was parrying and slashing and stuff. And yay for Willow talking down Tar' - I bet no-one else could have done it, what with Caranthia having threatened Willow. Frankly, a lot of people would've just let Caranthia get what's coming to her, but Willow knows what that'd mean for Tar'. That's very sweet, she cares more about Tar's happiness than about the fact that, half a moment ago, Caranthia was looking to turn her into a Willow Kebab. Yay Willow.

And of course Yay Tar', for saving both their lives.

Explanation time with Thea now? I'm thinking Caranthia's not really in much of a state to explain why she shouldn't be quietly bundled into a hut with padded walls.

Chris Cook

Through the Looking-glass

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 Post subject: "Luke...."
PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2004 12:52 am 
AS I promised, two updates for the missed night--I had a final. Couldn't get back to a proper computer in time, with the right amount of brain power. Forgive me?

Replies shortly after!

Chapter 27

“That’s Thea?” Willow said disbelieving turning to Tara.

“Young lady, if you’re going to talk to an elder, you might learn some mode of respect,” came a sharp upper class English reply the standing before her. The words pushed out of her haggard mouth as if sticking to the walls of the almost hollow cheekbones that were carved into her withered face. The grey hairs were whizzing out each which way, and wild eyes betrayed her true emotions. Yet, even among the extreme chaos that was Thea’s outsides, there was a majestic quality to her as she stood before the now parting crowd.

“Yes, mum,” Willow replied instinctively.

The long grey-haired woman turned her attentions to the blonde the redheaded stranger had been holding dearly and spoke softly, “Tara?”

Tara did not look up immediately as shame started to sink in. Not again...not again...How…how could I have let this happen? What am I? I-I-I am w-what she says…a beast…no better than the man that murdered…mama. She’d be ashamed to see me now…

“Tara, look at me,” she raised her hand to touch the girl but as she did so her redhead companion flinched, instinctively jerked her arm around Tar’s torso to keep the intruding hand away.

“I won’t hurt her, stranger,” she softened her gaze at Willow then, “she is one of mine.” Willow stood her ground, surmising how much power this woman actually had. After several split second calculations the redhead deduced enough to toss her about like a Caesar salad. So she loosened her grip—but only a little.

“Tara, we need to get you cleaned up, and I think…I think some clarification as to what’s just happened should come shortly after—“

“Oh nu-uh, you’re not forcing a word out of her, not until she’s out of shock-mode and well fed, plus a nice bath and did I mention ‘nu-uh’?”

“I meant…” The old woman grunted appreciating this sudden protectiveness. Apparently Tara’s found herself a spokes-person and bodyguard in one. “I meant from me,” she said simply, “Please, Tar’airah, follow me,” She looked back to the redhead and added, “I promise, I will not harm a hair on her head,” but upon seeing the tight grip the redhead wielded over the now sullen blonde she tacked on, “You can accompany her, if you like. Just as long as she follows me.”

Willow seemed to agree with that idea, and looked towards Tara for confirmation. When she received a small, almost imperceptible nod, she looked up at the old woman and said reaffirmed, “I stay with her. That’s the rule.”

“Fine by me. Please, come this way,” the old woman lead the two out of the Calethia, past the questioning murmurs of the crowd that was slowly dissipating.

This will be interesting…


“Our walls have been protecting this small world for almost a century, blocking the dangerous forces of the outside since the original group of girls sought out safety in numbers—and self defense. A spell was placed on the jungle’s outer rim, with seven trees lined in a large circular formation, the last one being the largest and strongest…”

Willow sat with Tara on the soft animal skins within Thea’s large hut. After disbanding the crowd, promising a talk with the other tribe elders at a later date, (due to one Thaliemehia’s constant whining of never being “in the know” with Thea’s actions) the woman escorted the two girls to her dwelling for further discussion. For several hours the girls had recounted their story to the old woman, who patiently listened. When the topic of their developing relationship came up, though, both Willow and Tara remained lock-lipped. When her time to speak came she took in a long breath, wanting to savor the last few moments Tar’airah’s innocence of the truth that remained.

“For years…” Thea began slowly, “the Walls captured those we could not nor would not trust…” she looked at the girls’ expressions and heard a sharp clarification burn through her ears from the redhead.

“You mean men.”

“Yes,” the answer gritted through her teeth at the now prejudice comment it seemed to be. She looked down then, almost ashamed of the lives lost to benefit the protection of her women. But then her resolve rekindled, they do not deserve pity—we received none, “We disposed of them every time they were captured by the Trees. After a while, it became clear to natives that those that loose themselves here, loose their lives.”

Willow looked on plaintively, wondering how long “a while” was, how many lives were lost just so a colony of frightened and battered women could be left alone.

“Thea, what does this have to do with what Caranthia said? She kept shouting about some sort of key?” Tara interjected.

“I’m getting to that, my child,” The sage rose up and began walking to and fro in front of the two girls, “when the spell was set, there was also a remedy to the spell fated to come one day. A key, if you will, that would break the walls down, so our tribe no longer would live cut off from the rest of the world. You have to realize Caranthia lived in fear of this—her whole world had become this tribe…”

“That’s no excuse for attacking Willow,” Tar’ shot back.

“I’m not saying it is, dear…please, understand, Caranthia has fought for all her life to protect and serve her people—being…being who she is, it was impossible not to want to ward off the impending destruction of the Walls…they were her protection as well, you see…and it’s not as though she wouldn’t overreact—”

“Thea….” Tar’airah rolled the name off her tongue warningly. She could tell when Thea was trying to hide information, “What are you not telling us?”

The woman looked pointedly at the young girl as Willow’s head bobbed back and forth between the two. She’s not telling us everything? Thea made a sort of ‘harumph’ and scowled mildly at the blonde’s inquisition. Why we couldn’t have just skipped intuition and cunning completely in her training I’ll never know.

“The thing is, well,” Thea hedged scrapping at her robes nervously, “I do believe…at least as far as calculations are correct in the spell’s age and when there were last storms of this measure…I…Mrs. Rosenberg, you are key.”

“What?! That’s not true, the Tree thing was a flukes! The spell’s all old and…broken.”

Tara quirked her eyebrow at the last comment, but allowed the redhead’s worried eyes to sooth away all doubts of the redhead’s seriousness.

“The Trees are only set to capture men, my dear, you said it yourself,” Thea calmly replied.

“But I was—am—wearing pants, with a…a helmet! And did I mention the mud?” Tara didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the naiveté words tumbling out of Willow’s mouth by the second, she was still rambling when she stole a look at Thea for a sign of comfort.

“The Trees don’t need clothes to know a person,” Willow looked pointedly at Tara who for some odd reason wasn’t meeting her gaze, “They breathe your identity into the roots. That’s how the spell works.”

I knew I shouldn’t have kicked the damn thing.

“How do you know I’m this key-thing? If you ask me it sounds like a phony pass off for an inexplicable plot twist to your psycho story.”

“Willow, calm down,” Tara soothed the redhead. She doesn’t understand, “You being the Key does not change who you are one bit, you’re just the link—“

“And so are you, my dear.”

“What?” Tar’airah’s head shot up at that. Since when do I get pulled into the psycho story?

“You two are the bridge between both worlds. With your connection the tribe can finally live within and without the boundaries of the jungle. It is time our women stop living in fear—the world is ready for us, as the Walls are already starting to fall…” Thea said standing in her large robes.

“When did you first know?”


“When did you first see that the Walls were breaking?”

“I didn’t, not really. I suspected there were problems with them, warning signals had been shot up and I did not recognize them for what they were.”

“The air-fire…” Tar’airah whispered. Thea nodded in agreement, “It’s been decades since we’ve had storms like that, let me tell you,” she nodded sagely.

“But I did not know it, that is, believe it until today…I found Perhamia’s body laid below the sheets of Caranthia’s bed, worn with the backlash of magic that was used on the Tree’s bark. That was when I knew.”

“Perhamia’s body? Is she…?”

“Dead?” Thea breathed out shortly, wondering how to continue. Once you start a fire, it must burn until all the leaves are crackled, lest unnatural smoke rise in the wake. The grand lady, burdened with remorse for her passing friends and family slowly began again “…it seems Caranthia had employed her powers to hide the spell’s disintegration. But I don’t think…I don’t think Perhamia knew what she was getting into at the time…she would’ve told me, she would’ve…” Thea’s brow crunched together, as it was rare for her to show her emotions openly, she let the tears recede back into her eyes. No need…not now.

“I should have known Caranthia would try to stop it from happening…since childhood she was overprotective, too controlling even within our small world. Then again, in the most protected environment, control is the root of all power.”

Silence seeped in, but just as the buzz of bugs outside started to creep in sync with their breathing Willow’s brow furrowed with a rush of anger.

“So what happens now? What about all the traditions? The Sacraments? Your beliefs? What about everything that you have taught to these girls? Are you going to just throw it all away and dump them into the ‘real’ world without any preparation or training that will actually do them good?”

“It will take time, years...decades perhaps....but this is the beggining. At the least, we have a start. We shall never loose our beliefs, we shall never loose what we are: we’re Amazons, women warriors bred to be who we are. But now, we have the choice—don’t you see? By giving us the link to the outside world, you give each and every one of us a choice.”

“So why isn’t Caranthia okay with the bridge if there’s a choice?” Willow fumed.

“Because she knows that over time, the tribe…our world will disappear. She will disappear as Caranthia and become just another woman. At least…that’s what she fears will happen.”

Silence enfolded the room.

Softly, Willow spoke up, realizing her new role in all of this, “What do we do now?”

“My dear girl, you don’t ‘do’ anything. By becoming friends with my Tar’airah, you have already started, as they say, the beginning of the end.”


“And it seems, I should explain to you the other half to this maddening story you’ve become entwined in…”

The girls looked up expectantly as the old woman inhaled a large breath.

“Tar’airah, do you remember when you first came to us?”

Chapter 28

“Tar’airah has been with us for more than twenty years—she came to us in the spring of eighteen hundred and ninety, barely a child. We did not know her exact age, or date of birth, but we knew she was of Scottish decent, and that her mother’s name was Clair Maclay.”

While Tara sat mute barely listening to the quick summery of her life, Willow was entranced with every word that described the blonde’s past.

“…on the night she was recovered, there were three others…all found…eventually dead…” Thea’s voice became heavy, worn with the decades and pain she had witnessed. Yet, in all her years, she had never experienced so much anguish in one night, that is, not until this morning.

“Mama…” Tar’ spoke softly. Willow turned and looked at the girl, who was silently tearing up. The redhead let her arms fall about the blonde’s waist and arms, clutching her for love and comfort. Tar’ raised her head and looked directly into the eyes of her surrogate grandmother and asked pointedly, “But who were the other two?”

“A man and another woman. The woman was one of the most beautiful creatures that ever lived in our tribe. She was also the best warrior the tribe had seen since it’s founding…the first of our squadron leaders to raise up an army suitable to fight any oncoming threat,” Thea spoke proudly nostalgic.

“Ranthia…” Tar’airah added in softly. She had heard of the woman more than once; she was a legend. The same that tragically died in battle. How though, had never been discussed, at least not around her. Tribe members who had known the glorious woman would hint at murder, glance awkwardly to the jungle’s treetops and pretend she had been asking about the whether instead. Why, to this day, Tar’ still didn’t know. Eventually she gave up on investigating the issue as Caranthia already had it in for her—bringing up her mother’s death was no way to win affection from the brunette.

Thea nodded in agreement, “Caranthia’s mother,” she clarified for Willow sitting, quizzically trying to decipher the names.

“Caranthia being the one that we had the run-in with earlier this evening…” the redhead speculated.


“But how did Ranthia die? Why was she even near my mother and her attacker?”

“The truth is, Tar’ she was protecting you and your mother.”


“She came, saw the lightning bursting within the air, knew the call for innocents in danger, crying out. She could always read the signs better than me…” Thea sighed inwardly, “but she did not wait…she did not wait for the others,” the woman drew herself up, huffing, “She believed she could handle the disturbance on her own. And very easily, Ranthia should have…”


“But, arriving on the scene, it was too late for…your mother…not for you, though…so she fought…she fought him. And failed to win,” Thea tactfully explained, “there will always be a fight, a moment for each warrior to loose their step, if only for a second. It seems Ranthia lost hers then, when most she needed it.”

“So then what happened? How did…he die?” Willow was becoming morbidly curious in this tale-tell night over fifteen ago.

“Well, Ranthia’s squad caught up with her…” Thea’s eyes drew together, as if to explain the lingering sentence.


Silence enfolded the room.

Tar’airah’s mind swam with thoughts and questions, but one would not be abated. Why? It didn’t work out. Why was there a man attacking us in the first place? Who was he? She was already emotionally exhausted but wanted to press on. She had to know. She had to understand.

“There’s something you’re not telling me…again,” Tara chose her words carefully so as to not scare Thea’s confidence away, “…Something that I think you know would explain Caranthia’ actions.”

Willow saw the determination in Tara’s eyes and then quickly looked to Thea, who flinched slightly at the words. The old woman stayed very still as the two young women looked at her. She was judging her next move. She broke her resolve and began with a chuckle.

“Honestly, Tar’ you’re too intelligent for your old grandmother.” Willow’s mouth dropped slightly at the admission. I’m not.

“Then explain.”

“The man…your mother’s attacker?” Thea looked up into expectant eyes, “His name was Donald, Donald Maclay,” she sighed, “he was your father.”


"Luke....I am your father's uncle's next-door neighbor's dog watcher's baseball coache's nephew." "So what does that make us?"

"Absolutely nothing."

-elizabeth :spin

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 Post subject: Re: "Luke...."
PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2004 1:09 am 

Yay! You're on time! And I'm....really not. But the point is at least one of us is, and now I have updated doubly (is that a word?) indeed. Hee...I just watched Spiderman 2, too. So, I getcha about the powerful music and all. I shall now advise all kittens to do so when reading my fic for the full impact, heh. I know! I love romantically endearingly sweet and worrisome Willow, yes, yes I do. True, Caranthia would've hurt/killed readily while the other girls were more hesitant about the violence...but that makes them all the more loveable to us, right? I hope you enjoy the updates!


Hee. I Heart Amazon-Tara. No, really, I do. She makes me all happy, and truly believe some butch amazon will come along and beat up any one I don't like or hates me...or...not. And yay, I hope you like the "explanation" session. Hee. "Caranthia sucks and tara rules"...hmm...that just about sums up the story, I guess.


Thanks, hope you like this more talkative update!


Cail! Hiya again! I'm so glad you're enjoying this, oh yes indeed. If I'm keeping you happy then I'm happy. And I do believe Chris (Artemis) has a fabulous Amazon fic that I have still yet to read if you like this kind of AU...*blush* thanks....and...*sees Cail taunting Caranthia* Uh....I...I wouldn't do that if I were you, she's kind of...violent. Has, you know, issues too. *puts up sign, that reads "Please, do not provoke the insane."*

Erm....and wowzer *blushes into mush* Thankyee. And funny you should mention "movie." I think one of the positives (and negatives) of my fics is that I always see them performed in my mind--as if on screen. It's probably the reason why sometimes I don't describe scenery or appearance as much as I use quotes, I just already see them inherently in my head, so obviously everyone else should too.'ve made me think about my writing style. And THINK. Go you. And thanks again, always a pleasure to write for you, as you erm...can guess...from my long reply...


Ackers. Well, can I use that excuse (although it's not true for me) too? I'm glad you liked the fight scenery, it was fun to write. And YES! I knew I wanted Willow to some how have a part in all of this...and then she just came up out of nowhere--I had no control over her actions at all. Heh, very intuitive of you, Chris. I'm blown away by your analysis, that even I couldn't quite put into words. At least, not directly, I write updates? Bah, I've confused myself again. Heh. I hope you like the explanation session as I'm calling it now...and um...thanks for reading!

You shanked my janga ship!

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2004 1:53 am 
YESSSSSSSSS two updates in one!!!!!!!! :thud :thud :thud :thud :thud :thud :thud :bow :bow :bow

Not quite broken but i'd still like to be fixed


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PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2004 6:38 am 
I disappeared for a while sorry, but i'm all caught up and wow, all the little dark secrets are coming out now! Is this coming to the end because Willow and Tara have managed to stay alive during the ritual fight, or is there still more to come with the 'key' stuff. Me want more. I love protective Tara!

 Post subject: Re: "Luke...."
PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2004 6:48 am 
dont ask me why but i knew the minute she said that theire was a man with them that he was taras father and that they were fighting him i just knew it i do love this story but i cant wait till we see smoochies

Edited by: Warduke at: 1/18/05 8:22 pm

 Post subject: Re: "Luke...."
PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2004 7:49 am 
Well, that's the Maclay Y chromosome for you, there's definitely something defective in it... Neat explanation chapter - chapters in fact, two of them, cool! :) So there was something to Caranthia's ravings after all, who'd ha' thunk it?

I liked Thea's amused observation of Willow as well - 'spokes-person and bodyguard', heh :D Willow's certainly got plenty of courage when it comes to standing up for Tar'. Now I'm thinking Tar's going to need her help, what with dealing with her own willingness to go berserk in defence of her beloved, once there was no other choice, and now finding out that her father killed her mother.

Chris Cook

Through the Looking-glass

A Willow and Tara for every world.

 Post subject: Re: "Luke...."
PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2004 4:47 pm 
Elizabeth...this seems to be quickly approashing its climax, which is cool coz it's been such a great ride, but I don't want it to end!!! How clueless am I that I didn't notice your update title, and when I got to the end I was giggling like an idiot. Then I saw the TBC and was like "oh...she planned that."

Protective Willow was awesome, and I can't wait to see what the outcome of the prophecy is.

U rule!


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 Post subject: YAY
PostPosted: Wed Dec 22, 2004 5:43 pm 

wow!!! two updates in one... yey yey!!!:banana :bounce

this update is definitely full of smiles...and laughters... and awwww's...

protective Willow was soooooo cute...

Apparently Tara’s found herself a spokes-person and bodyguard in one.

HAHA!! Loved that!

So, Willow and Tara are the bridge between both worlds... Hmmmm... that explains a lot...

“What?” Tar’airah’s head shot up at that. Since when do I get pulled into the psycho story?

:lol that was absolutly hilarious!!

And Caranthia is willing to kill just so she maintains her power in the tribe? Just goes to show how narrow-minded and despiteful she could be...

if you didn't remind me not to provoke an insane and apparently evil woman, I would be there right now and... well...ummmm... taunt her? (I can't do the whole fight thing... I leave that to the experienced - and sexy - amazons :drool )

And now, I am more intrigued to know the whole story about Tara's past...

I love love love your fic!!!



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