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Which sin does Tara partake in the most?
Poll ended at Fri Sep 23, 2022 5:07 am
Pride 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Greed 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Lust 50%  50%  [ 1 ]
Envy 50%  50%  [ 1 ]
Gluttony 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Wrath 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Sloth 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Total votes : 2
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 Post subject: Succulent Sin Sequel
PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2022 5:07 am 
9. Gay Now

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"One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn't exist..... Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist."
--Stephen Hawking.

We need to find an imperfection and fast, Tara must exist!

Which sin does Tara partake in the most?

Pride - Level five witch.
Greed - She has not once offered to share Willow. (Don't want her but its nice to offer.)
Lust - Wear socks people other wise Tara will be on you like a rash. Huh, who started that sock bonfire?
Envy - Clearly jealous of Dawns milkshake but then again who wasn't. That's a lot of shake. (shhh lactose intolerants)
Gluttony - We all know why she didn't ask Buffybot to stop, she wanted all those PB&J sandwiches to herself.
Wrath - She can be a pissy missy.
Sloth - She was meant to work on the factors instead she picked up and then dropped a brick.

I find Tara a tough one to pick out. Rose tinted glasses play a part in that certainly however I find because she isn't as outspoken as the other main characters in the show I can always find a comparison that works in her favour. So if looking at moralistic she may pale to Buffy however if I change the comparison to Spike, its a different ball park.

Trying not to compare, I look at her motivations for her less upstanding actions and most are fear, survival and desperation. Its not a sin driven motivation.

Then there's how I went with Willow and insecurities and that being about her image to others all coming under pride. Tara has insecurities definitely, most if not all of the characters do throughout. Family does show she cares how people view her but again I think its more her never accepting she was a demon or that it didn't have to be a bad thing but knowing what the scoobies do and the fact she hasn't said anything this whole time, its a desperation/survival motivation instead of pride orientated.

Sloth, I don't think its called for to say any of them are slothish. She might not always be there but when she is she puts the work in.

Gluttony, lust, greed I don't think the show touches on any of these for her. Unless you count how how she chomps down on that apple sauce spoon in Tough Love but that doesn't say lust to me. might to certain fetish barers. Glutton, no and greed, no. she didn't snatch it out of Buffys hands and slam it down her gullet.

Then I think of All The Way and Tara is (rightfully so) pissed off but I don't think its what constitutes as wrath. Its frustration of not being listened to and seeing her partner with a problem that she is not willing to address. as opposed to vengefulness towards Willow for not listing to her.

Then I'm left with envy.
There is a moment in All The Way where she is on the sofa watching Xander, Anya, Dawn and Willow dance. maybe there's a longing in her for that, a carefreeness she cant have, or maybe it is she's reeling after a fight with Willow.
Who are you? There's a moment of Tara pointing out that Willow hasn't told the Scoobies about her. Again a potential longing to be known..
And all the time growing up believing herself to be a demon must of had an effect of wanting to be normal like everyone else. But that's purely speculation I don't think there's any source material to indicate that as her feelings predating the show.
But can this longingness be classed as resentful. I just can't see the resentful nature. Bitterness. Indignation however.
Tara definitely shows indignation when standing up for Willow in Older and Far Away. But is it envy driving the indignation. Maybe a longing for people to accept Willow needs to get better and stay better and there could be a resentfulness to that.
What if in the Tough Love fight there was an air of jealousy to Willow for overtaking her in magic.

Overall I have to go with Envy purely based on I have more to work with in that front. I don't think Tara partakes in Envy much if at all as it's a lot of speculation and interpretation however it's there and more to explore than the other sins in my opinion.

I googled a boat load of word definitions to dissect this. I'm not apologising Tara for finding flaws in you because I accept you for who you are (plus If I do, that means I'd have to apologise to Willow and it will become a thing and I'm not interested in creating a thing today, or any day, if it means apologising to Willow.)

Does Tara exist now? Good.

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