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 Post subject: Fic Club - Inevitable - Impact
PostPosted: Sat Jun 11, 2022 10:48 pm 
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A bit different this week.

In honour of Fic Club currently discussing Inevitable by Laragh.

I thought best to try and coagulate the interconnectivity of the board by making a poll about the story and a thing Laragh does so well is write simple lines but with maximum impact.

I was going to go through and make a list for the poll however I think for every reader, every line hits different and so instantly 'Other' would win.

The poll question this week is:

Which Line in Inevitable has the most impact for you?

The impact can be something that makes you think, something that resonates deep, something that makes you laugh to yourself when you think about it.
its a short line that has a impact for you.

Lets see if there is an outright favourite.

There are a few contenders for me, I haven't finished it yet so it could change but ultimately I think the winner will not change.

Its Willow's line in chapter 10 - "I don't cry anymore."

It has so many levels in one sentence. you have the instant thought of growth. you see how far Willow has come in accepting herself even if only a tiny bit.
It shows how Tara has helped just by showing Willow love.
You have the shock of thinking uh oh you just said that in front of Tara.
Its heart-breaking because you know how much Willow hates herself but also that she hasn't realised until this moment that its not 100% hate anymore. it could be 99% but those tears have gone.
Its also joyous though because it shows things get better.

The fact that's is almost a whisper makes it chilling. Bangs have a grandiose instant hit but they fade away, whispers linger and cruise the never ending breeze that strokes past peoples ears. Bangs are forgotten, Whispers are unforgettable.

Its a very simple line of self observation but it says so much.

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