Once upon a time, Amber did post on the board.

Ok, so... to relive the glory days. In those days the board was at Inside The Web. There were just a few of us posting, loving w/t. I went to comic con last summer and came back very excited and with some pics. So, I wanted more people to come and visit the board so I started to post about the pics everywhere, with a link to the board so people would come. Anyway, I posted at the bronze. I posted to Amber in case she was reading. At the time, she was posting at the Bronze fairly regularly. I thanked her for being so nice and then I added an invite to visit my rant and my pictures. I didn't mean it as an invite for her, I was inviting bronzers to visit the board.

So, Amber reads that and goes over to the old board and reads my rant (mind you this is just the text):

Amber came out and looked beautiful as always. She had her hair down. She was wearing some kind of black sweater top and what looked like green cargo pants (I could be all wrong). She was gracious and sweet. She held babies even. My camera messed up so there you have it. I took extra rolls blah blah, but no extra batteries. I was bummed. So I don’t have any pictures from far away cause the zoom wouldn’t work. The flash wasn’t working either. As my turn got closer I got nervous. I had been waiting in a line since 10:10 and I think it now was 11:30. Plus earlier I stood in line from 7:30-10:00 to get in to the con. I bought 2 Tara pics and 1 Anya ($15 total). So I gave Anya her picture. She signed it and I smiled. Acted like I cared, but I had very little to say. Then, I wait for Vern to finish getting signatures and it is now my turn. I am super excited. I give her a card, I had bought for her. She says oh thank you and puts it on her lap (yes her lap) and says, “I’ll read it later.” I nod or something. Then I give her Tara’s picture to sign, she asks me my name and I point to my tag and say, “Zully’ she says, “oh that’s a pretty name.” J I am so thrilled now! Then, I say, something like, “You are wonderful on the show, and you have many fans around the world,” I don’t know what else cause I develop a case of diarrhea of the mouth. She says, “oh, god thank you, You are gonna make me cry,” and she gives the sad face like in NMR when willow goes to find Oz, who’s been captured by the initiative. I say, no you’re great or something. Then, she signs my magazine, you must see the scan. So I say, “I can’t wait to see your plays,” and she says, “oh, me too! I just don’t know when… blah...” I interrupt and say, “November?” And she says, “oh no, I don’t know. We’ll see, it’s hard and then Buffy keeps getting in the way, “and I say thankfully for us,” and she says, “oh no, I am grateful for Buffy,” or something. So then, she signs to Polaroids AM Glass had taken (she didn’t get in line on time) I tell her to make it out to her. Then, I say, “I’ve been at the bronze a couple of times when you’ve been there and you are great, and it’s neat that you do this for the fans.” She says, “oh no I love posting there. the fans are great. Everyone is so nice.” I interrupt again and say something stupid like, “yeah, it’s great” She asks me what name I go by there and again I point to my name tag and say, “Xita” and she says, “Xita, of course, I remember you,” so she takes my card and writes xita on the outside of it, and I don’t know what happens next, “I tell her to come back to the bronze and could we take a picture,” Vern takes a picture of me and Amber and Emma and I do the same with Vern. Those pics are in her camera, I don’t know when We’ll see them ;) And then I just left and took more pictures from the side. Very nice lady. Oh yeah, while taking the picture, I moved the table back into them and I turned my face up to smile and apologize and she smiled right at me real close to my face! WOW What a day! It was worth driving for 5 hours (round trip). Most people there, didn’t even know Amber’s name. I kept hearing the conversation in line. People were saying, Tara, or Willow’ girlfriend J. Others were commenting how much better she looked than on the show. She really is a thin girl. I loved how she was drinking a coke, Emma was drinking a diet coke! I met a substitute teacher there (one who subs where I teach). She came out to me, it was pretty funny. GREAT DAY!

And she replied to me at the old kitten board, I saved the exact page from Inside The Web. The link inside that webpage don't work as ITW doesn't exist anymore. Anyway, it was her because she mentioned stuff in the card I gave her. No one knew about the particulars in the card. She was very cool!

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